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An abundance of peer-reviewed science is showing that a whole foods, plant-based diet prevents most heart attacks, strokes, and even many kinds of cancer. It gets you to your ideal weight easily and sustainably, reverses Type 2 diabetes, and even fixes erectile dysfunction (because it greatly improves circulation!). ~ Kathy Freston
Foods quotes by Kathy Freston
A Jewish deli should specialize in, first and foremost, Yiddish foods, the foods of the Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews. So, if it's a place that specializes in pizza or chicken wings or diner food and then does a corned beef sandwich on the side, it's not a Jewish delicatessen. ~ David Sax
Foods quotes by David Sax
A Cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second Coming of Christ; who frequently attends Bible studies; who has a high level of financial giving to a Christian cause; who home schools his children; who has accumulated survival foods and has a strong belief in the 2nd Amendment, and who distrusts Big Government. ~ Janet Reno
Foods quotes by Janet Reno
This getting straight not only applies to people but to things as well, such as favorite music, disliked foods, special treats, avoided places, all your toys, etc. Everything must be rerun through your compassion machine. ~ Ram Dass
Foods quotes by Ram Dass
Every credible scientist on earth says your products harm the environment. I recommend paying weasels to write articles casting doubt on the data. Then eat the wrong kind of foods and hope you die before the earth does. ~ Scott Adams
Foods quotes by Scott Adams
Gastronomers of the year 1825, who find sateity in the lap of abundance, and dream of some newly-made dishes, you will not enjoy the discoveries which science has in store for the year 1900, such as foods drawn from the mineral kingdom, liqueurs produced by the pressure of a hundred atmospheres; you will never see the importations which travelers yet unborn will bring to you from that half of the globe which has still to be discovered or explored. How I pity you! ~ Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Foods quotes by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
I'm really trying to respond to the foods that are in the stores and just pulling the things that are the very best and cook what looks beautiful and is seasonal. That's the way to go. I love going to the grocery store and the market. None of it's drudgery for me. Washing dishes is the drudgery. ~ Ted Allen
Foods quotes by Ted Allen
You want to be skinny and have a good body? You have to work out every day and say no to certain foods. ~ Shakira
Foods quotes by Shakira
I work out, and I try to stay active and fit so I can enjoy certain foods that I like to eat. I try to keep everything in moderation. I used to be insane about it. ~ Cameron Mathison
Foods quotes by Cameron Mathison
For many Westerners, "it's natural" seems to mean "it's good." This view is wrong and comes from shopping in supermarkets and living in landscaped environments. Plants evolved toxins to deter animals, fungi, and bacteria from eating them. The list of "natural" foods that need processing to detoxify them goes on and on. Early potatoes were toxic, and the Andean peoples ate clay to neutralize the toxin. Even beans can be toxic without processing. In California, many hunter-gatherer populations relied on acorns, which, similar to manioc, require a labor intensive, multiday leaching process. Many small-scale societies have similarly exploited hardy, tropical plants called cycads for food. But cycads contain a nerve toxin. If not properly processed, they can cause neurological symptoms, paralysis, and death. Numerous societies, including hunter-gatherers, have culturally evolved an immense range of detoxification techniques for cycads. By contrast with our species, other animals have far superior abilities to detoxify plants. Humans, however, lost these genetic adaptations and evolved a dependence on cultural know-how, just to eat. ~ Joseph Henrich
Foods quotes by Joseph Henrich
I love simple foods as well as grand. Dinners that take a half-hour from skillet to plate are as important as a five-course dinner. A meal that can materialize in an hour and be presented with care, love and pride is something every busy person longs to be able to do. ~ Anna Pump
Foods quotes by Anna Pump
strange and imported foods. ~ Tamar Myers
Foods quotes by Tamar Myers
We must make organic and farm-raised costs more affordable. We need to come to a level where people who don't have a lot of money can afford it. If we could eat just fresh foods, it would be wonderful. ~ Anna Pump
Foods quotes by Anna Pump
How did wheat convince Homo sapiens to exchange a rather good life for a more miserable existence? What did it offer in return? It did not offer a better diet. Remember, humans are omnivorous apes who thrive on a wide variety of foods. Grains made up only a small fraction of the human diet before the Agricultural Revolution. A diet based on cereals is poor in minerals and vitamins, hard to digest, and really bad for your teeth and gums. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Foods quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
balanced diet of low-sugar, low-salt whole foods, little or no red meat, possibly fish, and lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as exercise, stimulates the production of neurotransmitters, hormones, and neurotrophic proteins.15 All of the above contribute to good brain chemistry. Exercise especially leads to healthy and even new brain cells that rid themselves of toxins and communicate well with each other. As a result of exercise and good nutrition, we become inoculated against stress, feel energized, and stay younger, healthier, and more focused. While in this context I can only hint at mind-body fitness, it is surely part of the foundation of our well-being. ~ Andrea Polard
Foods quotes by Andrea Polard
When I got to Zomick's Kosher Bakery I realized I didn't know very much about food at all. I'd never had a real cake. I'd had those cakes from cake mixes or the ones that have a lot of baking powder in them. A really good Zomick's challah doesn't have anything like that in it - it's all egg power. ~ Zomick's Bakery
Foods quotes by Zomick's Bakery
In the Apollo moon program of the late 1960s, the quality and variety of space food was greatly improved. Hot water was available for rapid reconstitution of freeze-dried foods, and the taste of the foods was much better. The astronauts carried "spoon bowls," pressurized plastic containers that could be opened with a plastic zipper and the contents eaten with a spoon. Because it had a high moisture content, the food clung to the spoon, making eating seem closer to the earthbound experience. ~ Andrew F. Smith
Foods quotes by Andrew F. Smith
Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'Little House' series is a national treasure, beloved by generations. But what I love most is the peek it provides into the planting, harvesting, hunting, and preparing of the foods that America's settler families ate in the late 1800s. ~ Isabel Gillies
Foods quotes by Isabel Gillies
A woman knows all about her children. She knows about dentist appointments, soccer games, romances, best friends, location of friend's houses, favorite foods, secret fears and hopes and dreams. A man is vaguely aware of some short people living in the house. ~ Matt Groening
Foods quotes by Matt Groening
We want to sell ourselves the idea of travel as shown in airline commercials, the one in which each journey is filled with bright and vibrant stimuli and an almost mandatory sense of discovery: Travel is supposed to mean new foods, new sounds, and new friends. But much of the time, travel and the places we find ourselves as we travel are remarkably boring. ~ Evan Rail
Foods quotes by Evan Rail
People come to New Orleans to forget themselves and party like a pagan. They gorge themselves on exotic spicy foods and five to seven course meals, taking hours to consume. They behave badly in bars and routinely encourage their willing female counterparts to flash their tits for cheap plastic beads. Beads women would never wear anywhere else but in New Orleans become triumphant symbols of one's insatiable allure. ~ Darwun St. James
Foods quotes by Darwun St. James
Once you introduce the issue to young people and suggest to them that they have the ability to vote with their forks, either by positively going for certain kinds of foods or rejecting other kinds of foods, they realize that this is a responsibility and an opportunity to shape the world a little bit by their own choices. ~ Michael Pollan
Foods quotes by Michael Pollan
I grew up in Louisiana, a lot of carbohydrates, fried foods, all very good. Butter, lots of homemade cakes and cookies. Here I am in Los Angeles and just really educating myself about food. Once you know better, you do better. ~ Ali Landry
Foods quotes by Ali Landry
I would avoid any product that contains genetically modified (GMO) corn, because there are still questions regarding the long-term health effects of genetically altered foods on the human body have not been thoroughly tested. Sugars are also sneaked into tons of different foods, especially foods marketed to kids. Again, study the labels carefully before buying. ~ Deirdre Imus
Foods quotes by Deirdre Imus
I find the older one gets the harder it is to keep the weight off, even if one isn't eating very fattening foods. Once, I was able to put foods like those away, and they didn't show up on the bathroom scales the next morning. But that was when I was very physically active, travelling all over the world and burning up more calories. ~ George Harrison
Foods quotes by George Harrison
I've got German, Cornish and Scottish ancestry. It might help explain my affinity for forests, the sea, and fatty foods. ~ Kyle MacLachlan
Foods quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
Ohan, as your doctor, I have to remind you that your body has only had to digest nutrient paste for some time, adopting other foods will take some adjustment.' His cheeks puffed wide. 'But as your - as your friend, there is no way I'd rather spend my afternoon than cooking a meal for you. With you, even, if you'd like. ~ Becky Chambers
Foods quotes by Becky Chambers
Twas the night before Thanksgiving.
All the food's in the oven.
And I'm in the bedroom performin' self lovin'. ~ Craig Ferguson
Foods quotes by Craig Ferguson
And to use something as elegant as a tree? Imagine this design assignment: Design something that makes oxygen, sequesters carbon, fixes nitrogen, distills water, makes complex sugars and foods, changes colors with the seasons, and self-replicates. and then why don't we knock that down and write on it? ~ William McDonough
Foods quotes by William McDonough
I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Count them, Alice. One, there are drinks that make you shrink. Two, there are foods that make you grow. Three, animals can talk. Four, cats can disappear. Five, there is a place called Underland. Six, I can slay the Jabberwocky. ~ Lewis Carroll
Foods quotes by Lewis Carroll
I eat foods such as fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables while avoiding red meat, dairy and wheat. ~ Martine McCutcheon
Foods quotes by Martine McCutcheon
U.K. psychologist Daniel Nettle thinks of happiness as a carrot on a stick, designed by evolution to show the right way, and also designed so that we will never permanently reach it. We likely would just sit around and eat sweet and fatty foods all day, and that is simply not in the interest of evolution. ~ Stefan Sagmeister
Foods quotes by Stefan Sagmeister
The single greatest pleasure that I have in doing ('Bizarre Foods') is when I meet families with 6, 7, 8-year-olds, or teenagers, who say, 'It's something the whole family can watch, and it lets us show our younger children that one man's 'weird' is another man's 'wonderful,' and we all kind of live in the same place.' It's just the best part of my day. ~ Andrew Zimmern
Foods quotes by Andrew Zimmern
We're an odd match. Imagine Ronald Reagan and Jesse Jackson; imagine night and day. George has built nuclear reactors and believes in them fiercely. We stay away from this and other subjects the way I'd stay away from Three Mile Island. After all, I have plenty of friends who share my most impassioned opinions; we can have an orgy of agreement any day at the natural foods restaurant, over a sprout sandwich. But he's the one out here helping. ~ Sy Safransky
Foods quotes by Sy Safransky
The Possession Diet. It's fast. It works. It introduces you to new, healthier foods. And it's almost never fatal. ~ Chris Dolley
Foods quotes by Chris Dolley
We often view healthy eating as synonymous with restrictive eating, and we likewise view joyful eating as a guilty pleasure, something that begs for strict limits. I believe that real food allows us both the gift of nourishment, and the gift of pleasure, without unnecessary restrictions. Eating a diet of traditional foods helps us to develop a positive relationship with our food, not one born out of guilt and denial; rather, the traditional foods movement teaches us to purchase, prepare, and enjoy our food with intention. ~ Jennifer McGruther
Foods quotes by Jennifer McGruther
There's so many vegetarian foods now that are available at the market . The same with drive-throughs. Now, a lot of them serve veggie burgers just like the restaurants are doing. So, it's really very easy. ~ Kevin Nealon
Foods quotes by Kevin Nealon
One naughty little woodpecker
Another day pecking your holes
Ruining the the forest, tree wrecker
The angry wood god turned your little beak into a poison knife
Poor little wood pecker, your nesting holes are all tainted
Your foods with toxins rife
Touch your friends, and they all will die falling to your feet
Oh, sad little woodpecker
Poisonous tears, shining brightly as they stream down your cheeks ~ Shiro
Foods quotes by Shiro
When He had called all the multitude to Himself, He said to them, "Hear Me, everyone, and understand: 15 There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man. 16 If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!"* 17 When He had entered a house away from the crowd, His disciples asked Him concerning the parable. 18 So He said to them, "Are you thus without understanding also? Do you not perceive that whatever enters a man from outside cannot defile him, 19 because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is eliminated, thus purifying all foods?"* 20 And He said, "What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. 21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23 All these evil things come from within and defile a man. ~ Anonymous
Foods quotes by Anonymous
As for meat, I'm not going to become vegetarian. I'm telling you that right now. I want me a steak. I want me a pork chop. I want me a lamb chop, even a piece of duck every once in awhile. We used to have ham and salami, all that crazy stuff. I can't eat processed food. I've got to find local farmers and get natural foods. ~ Sharon Jones
Foods quotes by Sharon Jones
I eat the same foods almost every day. I have my favorites like Filipino beef broth, chicken soup with lots and lots of rice. ~ Manny Pacquiao
Foods quotes by Manny Pacquiao
I also like to eat very much, so I like all different types of foods. ~ Peter Steele
Foods quotes by Peter Steele
We consume far too many animal products, processed and refined foods, saturated fats, and empty calories. Industries that profit from both our ignorance and our misfortune spoon-feed us confusion and deception. ~ Kris Carr
Foods quotes by Kris Carr
The indifference of children towards meat is one proof that the taste for meat is unnatural; their preference is for vegetable foods ... Beware of changing this natural taste and making children flesh-eaters, if not for their health's sake, for the sake of their character; for how can one explain away the fact that great meat-eaters are usually fiercer and more cruel than other men; this has been recognised at all times and in all places. ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Foods quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
It wasn't enough to catch a glimpse of these lands and ideas through the small window of the pages she turned. She wanted to step through and feel the yellow waters of the Yangtze herself, to hear the celestial music of foreign pipes, to taste the foods described by adventurers who traveled purposefully into the areas on maps labeled 'Here be tygres. ~ Liz Braswell
Foods quotes by Liz Braswell
. You are overfed yet under-nourished. Your body needs specific nutrients to run properly
or you will get mentally and physically sick. I'm talking about illnesses such as heart
disease, some cancers, diabetes and depression, for starters. So, if you're not eating
the right foods - or your "toxic waste" is inhibiting nutrient absorption - your mind will
constantly "scream" at your stomach to eat more. It does this in the form of cravings
and hunger. Problem is, most people just eat more "nutrient-dead food" and your body
continues to starve and cravings spiral out of control. ~ Josh Bezoni
Foods quotes by Josh Bezoni
Wait for that wisest of all counselores, Time. ~ Pericles
Foods quotes by Pericles
One who loves Krishna will give Him whatever He wants, and he avoids offering anything which is undesirable or unasked for. Thus, meat, fish and eggs should not be offered to Krishna ... Vegetables, grains, fruits, milk and water are the proper foods for human beings and are prescribed by Lord Krishna Himself. Whatever else you eat, can not be offered to Him, since He will not accept it. ~ A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Foods quotes by A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
I suggest some of this broth that Cook made for Mademoiselle,' came Patrice's muffled voice. 'A little Toulouse sausage, some cheese perhaps...'
Gui wolfed down whatever was put in front of him, hunger a gnawing pit in his stomach. Fresh bread and butter, a savory broth made from chicken, then sausage and a slab of cheese, cake made with pears, milk to drink. ~ Laura Madeleine
Foods quotes by Laura Madeleine
If you put the wrong foods in your body, you are contaminated and dirty and your stomach swells. Then the voice says, Why did you do that? Don't you know better? Ugly and wicked, you are disgusting to me. ~ Bethany Pierce
Foods quotes by Bethany Pierce
Nike used to be known as Blue Ribbon Sports. What's now Sara Lee used to be Consolidated Foods. And Exxon was once Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. These were name changes that worked. But for all the ones that do, there are 10 or 20 that don't. ~ James Surowiecki
Foods quotes by James Surowiecki
This is getting out of hand. We are seeing more and more cases of orthorexia nervosa" - people who progressively withdraw different foods in what they perceive as an attempt to improve their health. "First, they come off gluten. Then corn. Then soy. Then tomatoes. Then milk. After a while, they don't have anything left to eat - and they proselytize about it. Worse is what parents are doing to their children. ~ Anonymous
Foods quotes by Anonymous
A million dollars. Think about it for a moment. It's not just a large number – it's a symbol of everything we've been told to want in this world. Foreign cars with doors that swing up like magical wings. Houses with in-ground pools and wine cellars. Wines that are older than you, and foods with names that can't be pronounced by mere mortals. A million dollars would open the kind of doors the general public doesn't even know exist. ~ Ana Spoke
Foods quotes by Ana Spoke
The "omnivore's dilemma" (a term coined by Paul Rozin) is that omnivores must seek out and explore new potential foods while remaining wary of them until they are proven safe. Omnivores therefore go through life with two competing motives: neophilia (an attraction to new things) and neophobia (a fear of new things). People vary in terms of which motive is stronger, and this variation will come back to help us in later chapters: Liberals score higher on measures of neophilia (also known as "openness to experience"), not just for new foods but also for new people, music, and ideas. Conservatives are higher on neophobia; they prefer to stick with what's tried and true, and they care a lot more about guarding borders, boundaries, and traditions. ~ Jonathan Haidt
Foods quotes by Jonathan Haidt
When Pidge wakes up, let me know, okay?" he said in a soft voice. "I got spaghetti,
and pancakes, and strawberries, and that oatmeal shit with the chocolate packets, and she
likes Fruity Pebbles cereal, right, Mare?" he asked, turning.
When he saw me, he froze. After an awkward pause, his expression melted, and his
voice was smooth and sweet."Hey, Pigeon."
I couldn't have been more confused if I had woken up in a foreign country. Nothing
made sense. At first I thought I had been evicted, and then Travis comes home with bags
full of my favorite foods.
He took a few steps into the living room, nervously shoving his hands in his pockets.
"You hungry, Pidge? I'll make you some pancakes. Or there's uh…there's some oatmeal.
And I got you some of that pink foamy shit that girl's shave with, and a hairdryer, and a…
a….just a sec, it's in here," he said, rushing to the bedroom.
The door opened, shut, and then he rounded the corner, the color gone from his face.
He took a deep breath and his eyebrows pulled in. "Your stuff's packed."
"I know," I said.
"You're leaving," he said, defeated. ~ Jamie McGuire
Foods quotes by Jamie McGuire
[New Orleans.] Katrina changed everything. Life here is different, every face altered. Yet we feel and sense the landscape not only in its hurricane-leveled, sodden depressions but - perhaps even more so now in the strangely comforting depths of our shared history. Even in the worst hit areas, not all is dissipated. Dense intricate attachments burrow too deep to underestimate or overlook. This is no featureless town to be rubbed off the map and cast aside. Here the band plays on.

Our kindred colors speak to the values of justice, faith and power; to curious combinations of passion, openness, irreverence and loyalty, to the values of individuality, sharing and compassion. Not least, we still enjoy the sounds of music and respond to succulent foods, to the magnificent flowering gardens, to the elements of grace and dreamy escape, and to the languid Southern charm typical of faded days gone by. ~ T.J. Fisher
Foods quotes by T.J. Fisher
I am always trying to eat the right kind of foods that are going to keep me healthy. ~ Eartha Kitt
Foods quotes by Eartha Kitt
10 ways to raise a wild child. Not everyone wants to raise wild, free thinking children. But for those of you who do, here's my tips:

1. Create safe space for them to be outside for a least an hour a day. Preferable barefoot & muddy.

2. Provide them with toys made of natural materials. Silks, wood, wool, etc...Toys that encourage them to use their imagination. If you're looking for ideas, Google: 'Waldorf Toys'. Avoid noisy plastic toys. Yea, maybe they'll learn their alphabet from the talking toys, but at the expense of their own unique thoughts. Plastic toys that talk and iPads in cribs should be illegal. Seriously!

3. Limit screen time. If you think you can manage video game time and your kids will be the rare ones that don't get addicted, then go for it. I'm not that good so we just avoid them completely. There's no cable in our house and no video games. The result is that my kids like being outside cause it's boring inside...hah! Best plan ever! No kid is going to remember that great day of video games or TV. Send them outside!

4. Feed them foods that support life. Fluoride free water, GMO free organic foods, snacks free of harsh preservatives and refined sugars. Good oils that support healthy brain development. Eat to live!

5. Don't helicopter parent. Stay connected and tuned into their needs and safety, but don't hover. Kids like adults need space to roam and explore without the constant voice of an adult ~ Brooke Hampton
Foods quotes by Brooke Hampton
Sugar has no nutritive value and is addictive. It is one of the biggest enemies to your health. It is an addiction that is very hard to break. Sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup are in most processed foods. They ~ Elizabeth Gibbons
Foods quotes by Elizabeth Gibbons
My favorite food is macaroni and cheese that my grandma makes. My favorite drink has to be Vita Coco coconut water. ~ Sloane Stephens
Foods quotes by Sloane Stephens
Green strongly influences the heart and helps alleviate tension. Positive qualities associated with green are generosity, humility, and cooperation. Foods of the green vibration are all green fruits and green vegetables. ~ Tae Yun Kim
Foods quotes by Tae Yun Kim
energy. My beauty is radiant. I am a calm and patient parent. Today I will relish the small things. Today I will make my home beautiful. I choose to eat healthful foods today. My home is a sanctuary. I can remain effortlessly in the present moment. My creativity is inspiring. I can get through any situation with grace. No matter what happens today, I will cultivate inner peace. I can change the world. All is well. ~ Jennifer L. Scott
Foods quotes by Jennifer L. Scott
Three Miracles of weight loss and health gain
First, you were given a constantly-renewing body. Second, all the foods you need have been provided. And third, you have a brain that is operating to coordinate your body and life according to your instructions. ~ Celso Cukierkorn
Foods quotes by Celso Cukierkorn
Soon we're both frowning hard at the paperwork. "Middle name?" Noah says. "Does Gideon even have a middle name?"
"I don't know"
Noah turns to me and says, "Do you have a middle name?" his glare implying that, if I do, this whole thing is somehow my fault.
"I ... have no idea."
"Primary language spoken at home." Noah makes a face. "What does this mean? Our primary language? Gideon's? That's sort of why we're here ... "
"Um, it's under family, so I'm guessing ours?"
"Well ... " Noah lowers his pen. The paperwork has defeated him. "What's our primary language?"
"English? ASL? Physical affection?"
"Food?" Noah says.
"Food's a good guess."
He picks up the pen. "I'm writing food, comma passive aggressive."
"Good call. ~ Hannah Moskowitz
Foods quotes by Hannah Moskowitz
There are food stations around the room, each representing one of the main characters. The Black Widow station is all Russian themed, with a carved ice sculpture that delivers vodka into molded ice shot glasses, buckwheat blini with smoked salmon and caviar, borsht bite skewers, minipita sandwiches filled with grilled Russian sausages, onion salad, and a sour cream sauce.
The Captain America station is, naturally, all-American, with cheeseburger sliders, miniwaffles topped with a fried chicken tender and drizzled with Tabasco honey butter, paper cones of French fries, mini-Chicago hot dogs, a mac 'n' cheese bar, and pickled watermelon skewers. The Hulk station is all about duality and green. Green and white tortellini, one filled with cheese, the other with spicy sausage, skewered with artichoke hearts with a brilliant green pesto for dipping. Flatbreads cooked with olive oil and herbs and Parmesan, topped with an arugula salad in a lemon vinaigrette. Mini-espresso cups filled with hot sweet pea soup topped with cold sour cream and chervil.
And the dessert buffet is inspired by Loki, the villain of the piece, and Norse god of mischief. There are plenty of dessert options, many of the usual suspects, mini-creme brûlée, eight different cookies, small tarts. But here and there are mischievous and whimsical touches. Rice Krispies treats sprinkled with Pop Rocks for a shocking dining experience. One-bite brownies that have a molten chocolate center that explodes in the m ~ Stacey Ballis
Foods quotes by Stacey Ballis
Make sure you eat healthy food. You can have the occasional treat, but you also need to balance your diet with foods such as meat and vegetables. It will prevent you from getting colds and enable you to train and to do whatever you want in every day life. ~ Jenny Meadows
Foods quotes by Jenny Meadows
It is not a matter of indifference whether we like oysters or clams, snails or shrimp, if only we know how to unravel the existential significance of these foods. ~ Jean-Paul Sartre
Foods quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
Saw a man in Whole Foods yelling at his son, What are you doing?! You know I don't eat bread!! Is there such a thing as health food abuse? ~ Bob Saget
Foods quotes by Bob Saget
The existence of birthday cake ice cream suggests that we can no longer distinguish celebration foods from everyday ones. We are also not too sure whether we are children or adults. ~ Bee Wilson
Foods quotes by Bee Wilson
I don't eat & drink good clean food because I want my body to look more like Taylor Swift's. Actually, I am among a rare breed of humans that knows my worth is not determined by the size of my ass. That said, I eat and drink clean food because I love myself. Besides, when I eat shitty food, I feel like shit. Period. When I eat refined sugar and a bunch of processed foods, my mind gets all foggy and my body feels lethargic.
No thanks! I mean, how am I supposed to change the world for the better feeling like that? ~ Brooke Hampton
Foods quotes by Brooke Hampton
BASICS OF DIET AND HEALTH The basic principles of good diets are so simple that I can summarize them in just ten words: eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. For additional clarification, a five-word modifier helps: go easy on junk foods. ~ Marion Nestle
Foods quotes by Marion Nestle
Resist the temptation to stir in mashed bananas, applesauce, or fruit juices, or to buy prepared cereal with fruit (even down the road, after you've introduced these fruits), or your baby will quickly come to accept only sweet foods, rejecting all else. ~ Anonymous
Foods quotes by Anonymous
Truth, simplicity and love. These are the three main aspects of Eden Fruitarianism which the acolyte seeks to embrace, expand and better understand. ~ Mango Wodzak
Foods quotes by Mango Wodzak
There's one nutritional concept that seems to make a healthy relationship with food particularly difficult, and that's the idea that some foods are good while others are bad. ~ Linda Bacon
Foods quotes by Linda Bacon
I try to teach my son about sanitation, especially when handling foods like chicken that could be dangerous. I remind him to wash his hands all the time. When my son cooks with me, he stands on a step stool so he can reach the stove. I teach him about safety and fire. ~ Emeril Lagasse
Foods quotes by Emeril Lagasse
Still, Allen and the Greens are an example of foster care working exactly as it should: a foster home is meant to be only a temporary holding place while parents get the support they need to get back to being parents again. The foster family should provide the kind of bonding and love that the Greens gave Allen and then, wrenching as it is, let the child go. The biological parents may be imperfect - they may feed the kids inappropriate foods or leave the TV on too long - but as long as there's no abuse, a child belongs with his blood. ~ Cris Beam
Foods quotes by Cris Beam
I tell him I'd better get going, because Margot's coming home from Scotland tonight, and I want to stock the fridge with all her favorite foods.
Peter's face falls. "You don't want to hang out a little longer? I can take you to the store."
"I still have to clean up the upstairs, too," I say, standing up.
He tugs on my shirt and tries to pull me back onto the bed. "Come on, five more minutes."
I lie back down next to him and he cuddles in close, but I'm still thinking about the yearbook. I've been working on his scrapbook for months; the least he can do is write me a nice yearbook message.
"This is good practice for college," he murmurs, pulling me toward him, wrapping his arms around me. "The beds are small at UVA. How big are the beds at UNC?"
My back to him, I say, "I don't know. I didn't get to see the dorms."
He tucks his head in the space between my neck and shoulder. "That was a trick question," he says, and I can feel him smile against my neck. "To check and see if you visited a random UNC guy's dorm room with Chris. Congrats, you passed the test."
I can't help but laugh. ~ Jenny Han
Foods quotes by Jenny Han
I didn't grow up vegan or vegetarian. I grew up with junk food! And because of the way I ate before changing my diet, I can truly understand the challenges of making changes and stepping away from foods that provided a form of comfort and happiness growing up, but finding out that most of what I loved was really bad for me! ~ Kim Barnouin
Foods quotes by Kim Barnouin
The fructose intake of the average American is currently close to 3 ounces (80 grams) a day. Our parents' generation, consuming just honey on their toast, far fewer processed foods, and a normal amount of fruit, took in no more than ½ to 1 ounce (only around 16 to 24 grams) a day. ~ Giulia Enders
Foods quotes by Giulia Enders
Everything in food works together to create health or disease. The more we think that a single chemical characterizes a whole food, the more we stray into idiocy. ~ T. Colin Campbell
Foods quotes by T. Colin Campbell
He lay back for a little in his bed thinking about the smells of food ... of the intoxicating breath of bakeries and dullness of buns ... He planned dinners, of enchanting aromatic foods ... endless dinners, in which one could alternate flavor with flavor from sunset to dawn without satiety, while one breathed great draughts of the bouquet of brandy. ~ Evelyn Waugh
Foods quotes by Evelyn Waugh
Once you start your exercise routine and you include in your daily diet foods rich in calcium and potassium, you will start losing weight in about a week ~ Jeannette Murueta
Foods quotes by Jeannette Murueta
When a body is in an alkaline state, it avoids disease, but when it's in an acidic state - where you're eating a lot of processed foods, meat, dairy - you're not going to have that hydration in your body, and you're not going to have that ability to fight off disease, and it's going to impact your immune system and the inflammation in your body too. ~ Vani Hari
Foods quotes by Vani Hari
When I develop my recipes I always look for ways to create what I call the Big Taste. While I enjoy eating simple grilled foods, what interests me when I cook are dishes with a taste that is fully dimensional. ~ Paula Wolfert
Foods quotes by Paula Wolfert
New Year is the time when we are high up on motivation and for that reason is the correct time for making a Brand-new Year Resolution! And also, since, over-weight has actually been a global issue. Let's join hands to make a pledge on healthy living. A life that is free of undesirable fast foods, and to adopt food products instead that are high on nutrition. As overweight or excess BMI is the primary reason for unhealthy food routines and the reason for our continuing distress.

So, friends if you also are one of the candidates falling under the over-weight category and is dealing with a consistent struggle to lose those extra unwanted extra pounds from your body. Then here are a few suggestions that might assist you shed those unfavorable body mass and aid you achieve the body you constantly desired for accomplishing, thereby making your resolution a success.
Idea No. 1: Weight Management Dietary Supplements: If you lead a hectic way of living and can hardly manage at any time to plan meals. After that right here is a Saviour. A team of leading health and wellness professionals have actually formulated the Safest, yet Many Effective Fat burning Dietary Supplements in alliance with leading wellness brands with the objective to help you slim down.
Developed with 100% safe, clinically proven, and also all-natural ingredients, these weight management nutritional supplements are the very best, and the Only Lawful Alternative to the drug, Phentermine, minus its ~ Phenaustralia
Foods quotes by Phenaustralia
Your foods shall be your 'remedies,' and your 'remedies' shall be your foods. ~ Hippocrates
Foods quotes by Hippocrates
We knew it was going to be a market, and we knew it was a food market. Well, what kind of food market? It's kind of natural foods, kind of organic foods. So, we eventually settled on Whole Foods Market. ~ John Mackey
Foods quotes by John Mackey
Nutrients from animal-based foods increased tumor development while nutrients from plant-based foods decreased tumor development. In ~ T. Colin Campbell
Foods quotes by T. Colin Campbell
Is Miami America? Is it a state? Is it the South? ... I love Miami for the same reason I love the places I love most around the world ... it's the mix here, this big, messy, dysfunctional hell broth of people from all over the world that make it so awesome and make it a place I want to keep coming back to. Also the food's good. ~ Anthony
Foods quotes by Anthony
Getting calcium from plants might seem a little strange in a society that is so focused on dairy foods as a source of calcium, but some research suggests that even omnivores get as much as 40 percent of their calcium from plant foods. While a strong dairy lobby has convinced many consumers that milk and other dairy foods are essential for a healthy diet, the ability to drink milk into adulthood is not the norm throughout the world. Normal development throughout most of the world involves a gradual loss of the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar after children are weaned from breast milk. We refer to the lack of this enzyme as "lactose intolerance." But that's definitely a western bias since this "intolerance" is not a lack or an abnormality; it's part of normal human development in most people. ~ Jack Norris
Foods quotes by Jack Norris
The reward centers of the brain
where the pleasure of those high-calorie foods registers
also respond to other substances that bring about pleasure ... But those reward centers also respond to other gratifying things, like watching a sunset or experiencing a loving touch ... So while you may not be able to change the wiring in your brain, you can "feed" those reward centers other pleasures ... Biology isn't destiny when you have effective strategies ... ~ Bob Greene
Foods quotes by Bob Greene
Delicious, nutritious recipes inspired by a plant based diet. Amazing clean and light feeling foods.

All recipes are… Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Guilt Free with a variety of raw recipes ~ Angelika Angie Hofmann
Foods quotes by Angelika Angie Hofmann
How much fiber should I be getting? A huge amount. The Institute of Medicine says thirty grams a day. Which is a challenge. An apple - one of the most high-fiber foods - has only three grams of fiber. ~ A. J. Jacobs
Foods quotes by A. J. Jacobs
Gale spreads the bread slices with the soft goat cheese, carefully placing a basil leaf on each while I strip the bushes of their berries. We settle back in a nook in the rocks. From this place, we are invisible but have a clear view of the valley, which is teeming with summer life, greens to gather, roots to dig, fish iridescent in the sunlight. The day is glorious, with a blue sky and soft breeze. The food's wonderful, with the cheese seeping into the warm bread and the berries bursting in our mouths. ~ Suzanne Collins
Foods quotes by Suzanne Collins
The medieval church imposed fast days on which sexual intercourse and the eating of flesh were forbidden, but eating "cold" foods was permitted. because fish came from water, it was deemed cold, as were waterfowl and whale, but meat was considered hot food. ~ Mark Kurlansky
Foods quotes by Mark Kurlansky
If you consume animal derived foods or use other animal derived products you are by no stretch of the imagination an "environmentalist." You are a rank hypocrite. ~ Will Hazlitt
Foods quotes by Will Hazlitt
UNDERLYING NEED "COPING" MECHANISM To have support in figuring out your talents Getting stoned to avoid thinking about it To be loved, held, appreciated Negativity, pessimism to "control" expectations To have feelings received Overeating as an attempt at self-soothing To be recognized as mattering Overwork to prove worth To forgive yourself Becoming perfectionistic to try and avoid mistakes To avoid punishment or disapproval Focusing solely on the needs of others so you don't take care of yourself by exercising Rest and rejuvenation Drinking alcohol to excess, "rewarding" yourself with fatty or sweet foods Solitude and contemplation Picking fights so you end up alone Stability in chaos Worrying as a way to feel in control A sense of purpose Overspending in an attempt to find meaning in material things ~ M.J. Ryan
Foods quotes by M.J. Ryan
But nutrition affects BDNF, too. Eating a diet high in sugar decreases BDNF. Eating foods with folate, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fats increases BDNF in the brain, just as exercise does. ~ John J. Ratey
Foods quotes by John J. Ratey
Adopting big-business practices is one thing, and adopting agribusiness practices that would dilute the meaning of 'organic' is another. On the whole, I think we're doing a pretty good job of preserving the integrity of organic foods. ~ Nell Newman
Foods quotes by Nell Newman
When I heard that heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined - when I heard that, I knew. The other thing that's very important is that heart disease ... is preventable. There are some specific lifestyle changes that women can make: losing weight, not smoking, exercising, eating healthy foods. Knowing the risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, [being] overweight. And if you have heart disease in your family, you should see your doctor. Because this disease is preventable. ~ Laura Bush
Foods quotes by Laura Bush
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