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#1. Employing your imagination is the first step to the fulfillment of any dream. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Dream quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#2. You're just a character in my dream."
"You wish."
"I didn't mean my love interest," she replied defensively. "You'd have better hair. You're the character I dreamed up because the rest of the dream was making me homesick."
"Maybe you're the character I dreamed up to scare myself awake."
"That's not very nice!"
"You made fun of my hair. I like it this way. Short and simple."
I don't mind short. Mine is short."
"Then what's wrong with mine?" Jason challenged.
"Maybe we should talk about something else."
"Like the guy on a horse coming to kill us?"
"It needs more style," she muttered.
"The horse?"
"Your hair."
"I forgot to bring my gel when I got eaten by a hippo. - Author: Brandon Mull
Dream quotes by Brandon Mull
#3. Dream big, as long as you do it in sync with your truth, with your heart, your brain. And you are not hurting anybody, go ahead and do it. - Author: Angelique Kidjo
Dream quotes by Angelique Kidjo
#4. Even in my dreams, I'm an idiot who knows he's about to wake up to reality. - Author: Tom Cruise
Dream quotes by Tom Cruise
#5. Uniqueness Leads To Great Success Some men see things as they are and say 'why?' I dream things that never were, and say, 'why not?' --George Bernard Shaw English Dramatist (1856-1950) - Author: John Paul Carinci
Dream quotes by John Paul Carinci
#6. The death of a dream can in fact serve as the vehicle that endows it with new form, with reinvigorated substance, a fresh flow of ideas, and splendidly revitalized color. In short, the power of a certain kind of dream is such that death need not indicate finality at all but rather signify a metaphysical and metaphorical leap forward. - Author: Aberjhani
Dream quotes by Aberjhani
#7. If you provide the drive, dream, and vision, with God's help, you can accomplish anything. - Author: Phil Robertson
Dream quotes by Phil Robertson
#8. Understanding how DNA transmits all it knows about cancer, physics, dreaming and love will keep man searching for some time. - Author: David R. Brower
Dream quotes by David R. Brower
#9. How happy he whose toil Has o'er his languid pow'rless limbs diffus'd A pleasing lassitude; he not in vain Invokes the gentle Deity of dreams. His pow'rs the most voluptuously dissolve In soft repose; on him the balmy dews Of Sleep with double nutriment descend. - Author: John Armstrong
Dream quotes by John Armstrong
#10. A thousand Dreams within me softly burn - Author: Arthur Rimbaud
Dream quotes by Arthur Rimbaud
#11. Mara," his arms gave me a squeeze, "baby, you've got to live in the now. Not in your head. Not controlled by your fears. You can't live for what might happen five months in the future. You got issues you gotta face today. You gotta deal with them now. You got two kids who count on you and their lives aren't gonna go perfect every day because you weigh every decision you make and tread cautiously. Those options are no longer available to you. You're gonna have to live day to day and make decisions on the fly. And I'm tellin' you I'm here to help. You need it and they need it. Are you honestly gonna say no? - Author: Kristen Ashley
Dream quotes by Kristen Ashley
#12. "How" is what kills vision and dreams. Don't ask "How" until we figure out the "What". The "How" can kill the "What". - Author: Andy Stanley
Dream quotes by Andy Stanley
#13. You couldn't hide from bad things and pretend they didn't exist–that left you with a dream world, and dream worlds eventually crumbled. You had to face the truth. And then decide what you wanted. - Author: Sarah Cross
Dream quotes by Sarah Cross
#14. It's like a kind of Barbie American dream. I have that childlike quality so a lot of little girls especially [like me]. I've always been a kid at heart. I think I always will be. - Author: Paris Hilton
Dream quotes by Paris Hilton
#15. In our wildest aberrations we dream of an equilibrium we have left behind and which we naively expect to find at the end of our errors. Childish presumption which justifies the fact that child-nations, inheriting our follies, are now directing our history. - Author: Albert Camus
Dream quotes by Albert Camus
#16. The goblins want girls who dream so hard about being pretty their yearning leaves a palpable trail, a scent goblins can follow like sharks on a soft bloom of blood. The girls with hungry eyes who pray each night to wake up as someone else. Urgent, unkissed, wishful girls. Like Kizzy. - Author: Laini Taylor
Dream quotes by Laini Taylor
#17. Darcy looked at her sister for a beat, deciding whether or not to tell her about her strange dream. Grace knew more than anyone about the dark secrets of Darcy's life, but not even her sister knew it all. And Darcy wanted to keep it that way. "I - Author: K.J. Emrick
Dream quotes by K.J. Emrick
#18. Youth, art, love, dreams, true-heartedness - why must they go out of the summer world into darkness? - Author: Willa Cather
Dream quotes by Willa Cather
#19. When question arise
Dream or not to dream
Always dream. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Dream quotes by Debasish Mridha
#20. Dreams haunted The Riverworld. - Author: Philip Jose Farmer
Dream quotes by Philip Jose Farmer
#21. Always be thankful for the little things... even the smallest mountains can hide the most breathtaking views! - Author: Nyki Mack
Dream quotes by Nyki Mack
#22. But there were some who went with her willingly, for there are other women who dream of lying with wolves. - Author: John Connolly
Dream quotes by John Connolly
#23. The people who put limits on your abilities, goals, or dreams, may not be the people you want to associate yourself with. - Author: Robert Cheeke
Dream quotes by Robert Cheeke
#24. I decided honestly that comic art is an art form in itself. It reflects the life and times more accurately and actually is more artistic than magazine illustration - since it is entirely creative. An illustrator works with camera and models; a comic artist begins with a white sheet of paper and dreams up his own business - he is playwright, director, editor and artist at once. - Author: Alex Raymond
Dream quotes by Alex Raymond
#25. Afterwards, go to a pub for lunch. I've got $260 in my savings account and I really want you to use it for that. Really, I mean it
lunch is on me. Make sure you have pudding
sticky toffee, chocolate fudge cake, ice-cream sundae, something really bad for you. Get drunk too if you like (but don't scare Cal). Spend all the money.
And after that, when days have gone by, keep an eye out for me. I might write on the steam in the mirror when you're having a bath, or play with the leaves on the apple tree when you're out in the garden. I might slip into a dream.
Visit my grave when you can, but don't kick yourself if you can't, or if you move house and it's suddenly too far away. It looks pretty there in the summer (check out the website). You could bring a picnic and sit with me. I'd like that. - Author: Jenny Downham
Dream quotes by Jenny Downham
#26. Taking action is being alive. It's taking the risk to go out and express your dream. This is different than imposing your dream on someone else, because everyone has the right to express his or her dream. - Author: Miguel Ruiz
Dream quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#27. With courage, confident and commitment, the dream is possible. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Dream quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#28. I don't have any children, but I can leave my land to an animal sanctuary. That is what I dream about, not bags, not shoes. - Author: Marie Helvin
Dream quotes by Marie Helvin
#29. When working with an unknown situation, you have to identify known factors and work within their boundaries. - Author: Amy Plum
Dream quotes by Amy Plum
#30. I don't enjoy "Dust in the Wind"as much. But I do enjoy "Song for America," "Carry on, Wayward Son," and many songs- Kansas is really a drummer's dream to play in. And I like 'em all. - Author: Phil Ehart
Dream quotes by Phil Ehart
#31. If you have Palestinians who have no hope, who don't have a job, who've used up all their resources, the notion of getting rid of violence is a dream. - Author: James Wolfensohn
Dream quotes by James Wolfensohn
#32. The ten thousand states of mind are hallucinatory. Hallucinations are real. Dreams are real. But there are some things more real. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Dream quotes by Frederick Lenz
#33. But the dreams of designing diplomats do not always prosper, and we must trust the future . - Author: John Maynard Keynes
Dream quotes by John Maynard Keynes
#34. Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. - Author: William F. Longgood
Dream quotes by William F. Longgood
#35. Pursue your dream with great might. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Dream quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#36. As for the Republicans
how can one regard seriously a frightened, greedy, nostalgic huddle of tradesmen and lucky idlers who shut their eyes to history and science, steel their emotions against decent human sympathy, cling to sordid and provincial ideals exalting sheer acquisitiveness and condoning artificial hardship for the non-materially-shrewd, dwell smugly and sentimentally in a distorted dream-cosmos of outmoded phrases and principles and attitudes based on the bygone agricultural-handicraft world, and revel in (consciously or unconsciously) mendacious assumptions (such as the notion that real liberty is synonymous with the single detail of unrestricted economic license or that a rational planning of resource-distribution would contravene some vague and mystical 'American heritage' ... ) utterly contrary to fact and without the slightest foundation in human experience? Intellectually, the Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Dream quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#37. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America. - Author: Walt Disney
Dream quotes by Walt Disney
#38. The dream of life is really an illusion, and everybody lives in the reality he or she creates - a virtual reality that is only true for the one who creates it. - Author: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Dream quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
#39. Gaby wasn't having much luck with cats lately. The stray from yesterday had left her with red welts and a bad dream, and Lemon had just tried to eat her hair. - Author: Angela Cervantes
Dream quotes by Angela Cervantes
#40. He was a ruffled haired, stubble faced, woman's dream, tangled in sheets. So I stepped away from the Ryker and went for coffee instead. - Author: Sarah Brocious
Dream quotes by Sarah Brocious
#41. The dream appears to be real. It does really seem we are here in this world; but this is not so. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Dream quotes by Frederick Lenz
#42. This homosexual dream of perfect metaphysical union is not so much a reflected heterosexual ideal as it is the compensation for having wept in the darkness. - Author: Thomas E. Yingling
Dream quotes by Thomas E. Yingling
#43. A lifelong insomniac, I sleep like one newly dead every night and dream deeply harmonious dreams of swimming along with the current in a clear green river, playing and at home in the water. On the first night, I dreamed that the real name of the house was not Bramasole but Cento Angeli, One Hundred Angels, and that I would discover them one by one. Is it bad luck to change the name of a house, as it is to rename a boat? As a trepid foreigner, I wouldn't. But for me, the house now has a secret name as well as its own name. - Author: Frances Mayes
Dream quotes by Frances Mayes
#44. Sometimes, in the throes of a nightmare when unseen powers whirl one over the roofs of strange dead cities toward the grinning chasm of Nis, it is a relief and even a delight to shriek wildly and throw oneself voluntarily along with the hideous vortex of dream-doom into whatever bottomless gulf may yawn. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Dream quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#45. To him who in the love of Nature holds
Communion with her visible forms, she speaks
A various language; for his gayer hours
She has a voice of gladness, and a smile
And eloquence of beauty, and she glides
Into his darker musings, with a mild
And healing sympathy, that steals away
Their sharpness, ere he is aware. When thoughts
Of the last bitter hour come like a blight
Over thy spirit, and sad images
Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall,
And breathless darkness, and the narrow house,
Make thee to shudder, and grow sick at heart; -
Go forth, under the open sky, and list
To Nature's teachings, while from all around -
Earth and her waters, and the depths of air -
Comes a still voice -
Yet a few days, and thee
The all-beholding sun shall see no more
In all his course; nor yet in the cold ground,
Where thy pale form was laid, with many tears,
Nor in the embrace of ocean, shall exist
Thy image. Earth, that nourished thee, shall claim
Thy growth, to be resolved to earth again,
And, lost each human trace, surrendering up
Thine individual being, shalt thou go
To mix for ever with the elements,
To be a brother to the insensible rock
And to the sluggish clod, which the rude swain
Turns with his share, and treads upon. The oak
Shall send his roots abroad, and pierce thy mould.
Yet not to thine etern - Author: William Cullen Bryant
Dream quotes by William Cullen Bryant
#46. I connect the psychedelic dimension to the dimension of inspiration and dream. - Author: Terence McKenna
Dream quotes by Terence McKenna
#47. Gastronomers of the year 1825, who find sateity in the lap of abundance, and dream of some newly-made dishes, you will not enjoy the discoveries which science has in store for the year 1900, such as foods drawn from the mineral kingdom, liqueurs produced by the pressure of a hundred atmospheres; you will never see the importations which travelers yet unborn will bring to you from that half of the globe which has still to be discovered or explored. How I pity you! - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Dream quotes by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
#48. Far from the richest rapper, but my biggest personal achievement thus far in my life has been retiring my mom early from her job at the Post Office. It's a tiny payback for the sacrifices she made that allowed me to chase a far-fetched dream of becoming a successful artist. I'm forever grateful, - Author: J. Cole
Dream quotes by J. Cole
#49. Your dream has to be bigger than your fear. - Author: Steve Harvey
Dream quotes by Steve Harvey
#50. My favorite was Love Is ... Never Having to Say You're Sorry. This was,the good Lord knew, a dream of mine. But every time I refused to apologize for something, Love seemed to just fly out the window. - Author: Haven Kimmel
Dream quotes by Haven Kimmel
#51. Time weighs down on you like an old, ambiguous dream. You keep on moving, trying to sleep through it. But even if you go to the ends of the earth, you won't be able to escape it. Still, you have to go there- to the edge of the world. There's something you can't do unless you get there. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Dream quotes by Haruki Murakami
#52. I don't believe in the art-for-art's-sake philosophy. With the raw material before me and the gifts within me, I did my best to celebrate the voices and intelligence and sweetness and dreams of the children in spite of their chaotic, outer worlds ... - Author: Uwem Akpan
Dream quotes by Uwem Akpan
#53. If we raise our children to dream about getting that six-figure job, we just might be taking away their ability of having that seven-figure integrity. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
Dream quotes by Charles F. Glassman
#54. The impulse to dream was slowly beaten out of me by experience. Now it surged up again and I hungered for books, new ways of looking and seeing. - Author: Richard Wright
Dream quotes by Richard Wright
#55. The dream of reason produces monsters. Imagination deserted by reason creates impossible, useless thoughts. United with reason, imagination is the mother of all art and the source of all its beauty. - Author: Francisco Goya
Dream quotes by Francisco Goya
#56. We all dream of being exactly what we are – powerful, beautiful, and worthy. - Author: Vironika Tugaleva
Dream quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#57. The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who'll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Things occur to you. If you're sitting around trying to dream up a great art idea, you can sit there a long time before anything happens. But if you just get to work, something will occur to you and something else will occur to you and something else that you reject will push you in another direction. Inspiration is absolutely unnecessary and somehow deceptive. You feel like you need this great idea before you can get down to work, and I find that's almost never the case. - Author: Chuck Close
Dream quotes by Chuck Close
#58. Choice
I needed it like I needed air.
Bit no one could hear me.
No one could listen.
No words. No sound.
No voice.
I couldn't even dream myself away.
Choices were made.
None of them mine.
At first I wondered if it was hell.
And then I knew it was. - Author: Mary E. Pearson
Dream quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#59. I asked her, dreamily, if we had met, and when she told me that we had not, I gave her a little finger wave, the type a leprechaun might offer a pixie who was floating by on a maple leaf. "Well, hi there," I whispered. - Author: David Sedaris
Dream quotes by David Sedaris
#60. From personal experience, Kenzo knew about the state of racial equality in America. It was sound in theory, but not in practice. It was a glorious dream, but just a dream. It would never work. It had never worked
not anywhere, not anytime in history
and the US was the only country foolish and hypocritical enough to try. - Author: Don Lee
Dream quotes by Don Lee
#61. I love you so, you are so much yourself!
He is so afraid of his soul:
no "I" now but she. She is now within me.
And no "she" now but only my fragile "I"
At the end of this song, how much I fear that my dream
may not see its dream in her. - Author: Mahmoud Darwish
Dream quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#62. When earth as if on evil dreams Looks back upon her wars, And the white light of Christ outstreams From the red disc of Mars, His fame, who led the stormy van Of battle, well may cease; But never that which crowns the man Whose victory was peace. - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
Dream quotes by John Greenleaf Whittier
#63. Dream-travelers, there is no path, paths are made by dreaming. - Author: Antonio Machado
Dream quotes by Antonio Machado
#64. Most God-ordained dreams die because we are not willing to do something that seems illogical - Author: Mark Batterson
Dream quotes by Mark Batterson
#65. Truth and dreams are always getting muddled.
Mina - Author: David Almond
Dream quotes by David Almond
#66. Two days after your death, in a dream you text me many times. I read the first of them. ME! And so are the living comforted. - Author: Marion Coutts
Dream quotes by Marion Coutts
#67. I chose the specialty of surgery because of Matron, that steady presence during my boyhood and adolescence. 'What is the hardest thing you can possibly do?' she said when I went to her for advice on the darkest day of the first half of my life.
I squirmed. How easily Matron probed the gap between ambition and expediency. 'Why must I do what is hardest?'
'Because, Marion, you are an instrument of God. Don't leave the instrument sitting in its case my son. Play! Leave no part of your instrument unexplored. Why settle for 'Three Blind Mice' when you can play the 'Gloria'?
'But, Matron, I can't dream of playing Bach ... I couldn't read music.
'No, Marion,' she said her gaze soft ... 'No, not Bach's 'Gloria'. Yours! Your 'Gloria' lives within you. The greatest sin is not finding it, ignoring what God made possible in you. - Author: Abraham Verghese
Dream quotes by Abraham Verghese
#68. I had intended to make another film, called Pocket Money, which was to be about children at a school.I was very much intrigued by the story [of Close Up] - it came into my dreams and I was very much influenced by it. So I called my producer and asked that we put aside Pocket Money and start something else, and he agreed. - Author: Abbas Kiarostami
Dream quotes by Abbas Kiarostami
#69. I love to receive a beautiful postcard from your place of voyage. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Dream quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#70. If you want to become a positive thinker, don't think lack, think abundance, for you and for everyone. Dream big; as bigger as the blue ocean. Become aware of your thoughts and you will be aware of yourself. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Dream quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#71. Al Gonzales is a dedicated public servant and exceptionally qualified to be our nation's next Attorney General. I know that a lot has been said about Judge Gonzales' life story. It is a story of the fulfillment of the American Dream. - Author: Mel Martinez
Dream quotes by Mel Martinez
#72. Like the good Reverend King
I too 'have a dream'
but when I wake up
I forget it and
remember I'm running late for work. - Author: Paul Beatty
Dream quotes by Paul Beatty
#73. My dream is for my flowers to act as beacons and rallying points across the planet - bringing people together on a global scale and through my art start a global conversation. - Author: Ana Tzarev
Dream quotes by Ana Tzarev
#74. Do not love half lovers
Do not entertain half friends
Do not indulge in works of the half talented
Do not live half a life
and do not die a half death
If you choose silence, then be silent
When you speak, do so until you are finished
Do not silence yourself to say something
And do not speak to be silent
If you accept, then express it bluntly
Do not mask it
If you refuse then be clear about it
for an ambiguous refusal is but a weak acceptance
Do not accept half a solution
Do not believe half truths
Do not dream half a dream
Do not fantasize about half hopes
Half a drink will not quench your thirst
Half a meal will not satiate your hunger
Half the way will get you no where
Half an idea will bear you no results
Your other half is not the one you love
It is you in another time yet in the same space
It is you when you are not
Half a life is a life you didn't live,
A word you have not said
A smile you postponed
A love you have not had
A friendship you did not know
To reach and not arrive
Work and not work
Attend only to be absent
What makes you a stranger to them closest to you
and they strangers to you
The half is a mere moment of inability
but you are able for you are not half a being
You are a whole that exists to live a life
not half a life - Author: Kahlil Gibran
Dream quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#75. The storyteller is deep inside everyone of us. The story-maker is always with us. Let us suppose our world is attacked by war, by the horrors that we all of us easily imagine. Let us suppose floods wash through our cities, the seas rise ... but the storyteller will be there, for it is our imaginations which shape us, keep us, create us - for good and for ill. It is our stories that will recreate us, when we are torn, hurt, even destroyed. It is the storyteller, the dream-maker, the myth-maker, that is our phoenix, that represents us at our best, and at our most creative. - Author: Doris Lessing
Dream quotes by Doris Lessing
#76. I grew up singing professionally since I was 7 years old and so to get to play a character who's living out their Rock star dreams as JEM was pretty much epic. - Author: Samantha Newark
Dream quotes by Samantha Newark
#77. My dream is that all South Africans from all walks of life will have the opportunity to read my books and use the information therein to successfully invest in property - Author: Jason Lee
Dream quotes by Jason Lee
#78. God's priority isn't your destination but your development. God's priority isn't the dream but the dreamer. - Author: Bo Sanchez
Dream quotes by Bo Sanchez
#79. Dream a bigger dream to reach uncharted success - Author: S.C. Ellington
Dream quotes by S.C. Ellington
#80. Finally, I couldn't imagine how I could live without books, and I stopped dreaming about marrying that Chinese prince ... - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Dream quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#81. Success Doesn't Just Show Up. Dream Big. Reach High. Achieve More Today! - Author: Wesam Fawzi
Dream quotes by Wesam Fawzi
#82. The great thing about fantasy is that you can drag dreams and longings and hopes and fears and strivings out of your subconscious and call them 'magic' or 'dragons' or 'faeries' and get to know them better. But then I write the stuff. Obviously I'm prejudiced. - Author: Robin McKinley
Dream quotes by Robin McKinley
#83. Our lives are part of a unique adventure ... Nevertheless, most of us think the world is 'normal' and are constantly hunting for something abnormal
like angels or Martians. But that is just because we don't realize the world is a mystery. As for myself, I felt completely different. I saw the world as an amazing dream. I was hunting for some kind of explanation of how everything fit together. - Author: Jostein Gaarder
Dream quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#84. I had the weirdest dream... - Author: Riley Grigg
Dream quotes by Riley Grigg
#85. The death of a dreamer does not always bring about the death of his dreams. - Author: Ogwo David Emenike
Dream quotes by Ogwo David Emenike
#86. I dream of writing a book like LOVERS some day. It is so spare but so rich. It is history made intimate, and a masterpiece of compression. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
Dream quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#87. I'm going to keep pursuing my dream, keep singing and, hopefully, move to L.A. - Author: Katie Stevens
Dream quotes by Katie Stevens
#88. No matter how tight the shot is, if I'm narrating it too much, there's a barrier between you and the experience, because the process of reading a book, or watching a movie, or watching a play is that you're watching a dream. - Author: Clark Gregg
Dream quotes by Clark Gregg
#89. I'm happy when I write. I've written my first novel, my pencil is down. My last work has been written. No turning back. No more hesitation. I'm writing my future one page at a time. Inspire. Dream. Live. Breath. Happy. Succeed. - Author: Missy Salick
Dream quotes by Missy Salick
#90. Hattie clambered from the train, her skirt still hemmed with Georgia mud, the dream of Philadelphia round as a marble in her mouth and the fear of it a needle in her chest. - Author: Ayana Mathis
Dream quotes by Ayana Mathis
#91. A dreamer born is a hero bred ... - Author: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Dream quotes by Mary Chapin Carpenter
#92. Do you wonder where poetry comes from? Where we get the songs we sing and the tales we tell? Do you ever ask yourself how it is that some people can dream great, wise, beautiful dreams and pass those dreams on as poetry to the world, to be sung and retold as long as the sun rises and sets, as long as the moon will wax and wane? Have you ever wondered why some people make beautiful songs and poems and tales, and some of us do not? It - Author: Neil Gaiman
Dream quotes by Neil Gaiman
#93. To dream of success is to set a goal of where you want to be; to wake up, take action, and achieve it is what true success is all about. - Author: Idowu Koyenikan
Dream quotes by Idowu Koyenikan
#94. What did it matter, anyway, he thought, whether this was a real place or a dream? It felt real, and that was all that mattered. - Author: Clive Barker
Dream quotes by Clive Barker
#95. After I went to bed I had a curious fancy as to dreams. In sleep the doors of the mind are shut, and thoughts come jumping in at the windows. They tumble headlong, and therefore are so disorderly and strange. Sometimes they are stout and light on their feet, and then they are rational dreams. - Author: James Boswell
Dream quotes by James Boswell
#96. His lifetime was less than a fraction of a second in infinity. Or maybe he did not even exist; maybe human beings, the planets, everything in Creation were a dream ... an illusion. He smiled with humility when he remembered ... - Author: Isabel Allende
Dream quotes by Isabel Allende
#97. But hey, at least we'll have this strange story to tell, love and death and blood and daddy-issues. And holy crap, I'm a psychiatrist's wet dream. - Author: Kendare Blake
Dream quotes by Kendare Blake
#98. In the world of dreams, I have chosen my part. - Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne
Dream quotes by Algernon Charles Swinburne
#99. If you have a dream, chase it no matter what it takes. - Author: James Harden
Dream quotes by James Harden
#100. The best thing in life is to go ahead with all your plans and your dreams, to embrace life and to live everyday with passion, to lose and still keep the faith and to win while being grateful. All of this because the world belongs to those who dare to go after what they want. And because life is really too short to be insignificant. - Author: Charlie Chaplin
Dream quotes by Charlie Chaplin
#101. For a country whose people ceased to believe in magic soon lost much of their ability to imagine and dream, and before long, they ceased to believe
or hope
for anything. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
Dream quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#102. If ever the adventure proves tiring, or you lose sight of your dream, look to the west at sunset. There, on days when the skies are clear, you might see upon the horizon a thin layer of amber mist. When it appears, you will know its purpose: it is the mist of believing. - Author: Fennel Hudson
Dream quotes by Fennel Hudson
#103. Anna was, Livia is, Plurabelle's to be. Northmen's thing made southfolk's place but howmulty plurators made eachone in per-son? Latin me that, my trinity scholard, out of eure sanscreed into
oure eryan! Hircus Civis Eblanensis! He had buckgoat paps on him, soft ones for orphans. Ho, Lord! Twins of his bosom. Lord save us! And ho! Hey? What all men. Hot? His tittering daugh-ters of. Whawk?
Can't hear with the waters of. The chittering waters of. Flitter-ing bats, fieldmice bawk talk. Ho! Are you not gone ahome?
What Thom Malone? Can't hear with bawk of bats, all thim liffey-ing waters of. Ho, talk save us! My foos won't moos. I feel as old as yonder elm. A tale told of Shaun or Shem? All Livia's daughter-
sons. Dark hawks hear us. Night! Night! My ho head halls. I feel as heavy as yonder stone. Tell me of John or Shaun? Who wereShem and Shaun the living sons or daughters of? Night now!
Tell me, tell me, tell me, elm! Night night! Telmetale of stem or stone. Beside the rivering waters of, hitherandthithering waters of. Night! - Author: James Joyce
Dream quotes by James Joyce
#104. A man, whilst he is dreaming, believes in his dream; he is undeceived only when he is awakened from his slumber. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Dream quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#105. I really like the idea of being utilitarian. My dream is to edit down my wardrobe and be very Japanese, where you have one rolling rack and it's like your four T-shirts, your five dresses, your two pairs of jeans. - Author: Erin Wasson
Dream quotes by Erin Wasson
#106. I believe every single one of us has a choice in life and that we can all choose to live out whatever our exceptional minds dream up. - Author: Karni Liddell
Dream quotes by Karni Liddell
#107. Yes, the woman." Cunco took a deep breath. "Women like her don't come along that often, you know. Maybe only every two hundred years. She everything a man could dream of. Beautiful, clever, wise, considerate, passionate--absolutely everything. - Author: Nina George
Dream quotes by Nina George
#108. So when you're in REM sleep, your brain is very active, our body is quiet, but your brain is really processing a lot of things, a lot of emotions; we dream the most in REM sleep. And then you go back down in the deep stages, and so on and so forth. - Author: Shelby Harris
Dream quotes by Shelby Harris
#109. New Year, the season for changes in positions and advances in salaries, approaches. If you have in your employ some who deserve more salary, do not compel them to go through the unpleasant ordeal of asking a raise, but, rather, voluntarily increase their remuneration. A raise that comes from the boss without asking is worth a lot more than one that has to be gouged out of him. Is it not true that a great many employers who would not dream of overcharging their customers have no qualms whatever about underpaying their employees if the latter will submit without protest? - Author: B.C. Forbes
Dream quotes by B.C. Forbes
#110. There's always more."
"More money, more mayhem, more scores to settle. Was there never another dream? - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Dream quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#111. I have this dream where Little Chino keeps showing up at my door. I would have to kill him even though I was at home trying to have a nice meal with my family. Every time he (Chino) would come to the door, I'm like, 'you again!' But I was myself (not Dexter) in the dream. I'm rolling my eyes in the dream because it is so absurd. It was like, this is ridiculous because you (Chino) are not even real! - Author: Michael C. Hall
Dream quotes by Michael C. Hall
#112. A dream is such a driving force, it drives you to your future, to your purpose, to your destiny so you can't afford to let go to your dream. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
Dream quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#113. Dream your sacred dreams. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Dream quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#114. a billion brains may coax undeath
from fancied fact and spaceful time--
no heart can leap, no soul can breathe
but by the sizeless truth of a dream
whose sleep is the sky and the earth and the sea
For love are in you am in i are in we - Author: E. E. Cummings
Dream quotes by E. E. Cummings
#115. We slip into a dream, forgetting the room we're sitting in, forgetting it's lunchtime or time to go to work. We recreate, with minor and for the most part unimportant changes, the vivid and continuous dream the writer worked out in his mind (revising and revising until he got it right) and captured in language so that other human beings, whenever they feel like it, may open his book and dream that dream again. - Author: John Gardner
Dream quotes by John Gardner
#116. In the void of your absence,
Looking at your empty chair,
I always cherished,
A dream, an illusion,
Someone who is mine,
Is not present here,
Your arrival,
Will wake me up,
And break my illusions - Author: Bhumika Singh
Dream quotes by Bhumika Singh
#117. Your flour is your dream and your bread is your fulfillment. The environment in which your flour is baked can influence the shape of your bread ... Just take it as simple as that! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Dream quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#118. If you give up on your dreams, what's left? - Author: Jim Carrey
Dream quotes by Jim Carrey
#119. Sometimes a certain kind of dream can be even stronger than reality. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Dream quotes by Haruki Murakami
#120. VOREN'S BRUSHSTROKES BEAT a steady cadence against the canvas, pausing only to dip into globs of vibrant paint to be renewed in color, in life, in power. Power to translate reality into dream, dream into emotion, and emotion - transcending comprehension - into its own newly expressed reality. - Author: Nathan Garrison
Dream quotes by Nathan Garrison
#121. Honest to God, all my life I have had such a fear of spiders. In fact, I use to have a reoccurring dream about one. Very clearly, it was black with a red head. It would sit up in the corner of the bedroom and when it started getting closer, I would wake up in a panic. - Author: Tippi Hedren
Dream quotes by Tippi Hedren
#122. Nature, machine-like, works definitely and heartlessly, if in the main beautifully. Hence, if we, as individuals, do not make this dream of a god or what he stands for us real in our thoughts and deeds, then he is not real or true. - Author: Theodore Dreiser
Dream quotes by Theodore Dreiser
#123. Common sense tells us that the things of the earth exist only a little, and that true reality is only in dreams. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
Dream quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#124. For the wishers, the dreamers, the believers, the adventurers, and for the children that live inside us all. - Author: Trapped Magic: The Broken Blade
Dream quotes by Trapped Magic: The Broken Blade
#125. Jump for joy as we accomplish the dreams we adore. - Author: Patch Adams
Dream quotes by Patch Adams
#126. Just because some dreams never see light that doesn't make us nonbelievers, they are wings to our sky and fiction makes us dream. I know the truth is fatal, especially for the stubborn's but trust me the illusion is worse. - Author: Parul Wadhwa
Dream quotes by Parul Wadhwa
#127. To sleep perchance to dream - Author: William Shakespeare
Dream quotes by William Shakespeare
#128. Always stay strong to your dream because when you lose sight of it then that is when your dream dies! - Author: Stephen Richards
Dream quotes by Stephen Richards
#129. I've been labelled many times - a criminal, an anarchist, a rebel, sometimes human garbage, but never a philosopher, which is a pity because that's what I am. I chose a life apart from the common flow, not only because the common flow makes me sick but because I question the logic of the flow, and not only that - I don't know if the flow exists! Why should I chain myself to the wheel when the wheel itself might be a construct, an invention, a common dream to enslave us? - Author: Steve Toltz
Dream quotes by Steve Toltz
#130. I gotta friend who spends his life, stabbing my picture with a bowie knife. Dreams of strangling me with a scarf, when my name comes up he pretends to barf. - Author: Bob Dylan
Dream quotes by Bob Dylan
#131. For the next century, the Republicans have agreed that we will promote the dignity and future of every individual by building a free society under a limited, accountable government that protects liberty, security and prosperity for a brighter American dream. - Author: Todd Tiahrt
Dream quotes by Todd Tiahrt
#132. Nobody dreams of music in hell, and nobody conceives of heaven without it. - Author: S. Parkes Cadman
Dream quotes by S. Parkes Cadman
#133. Shallow thinkers always seem to be obsessed by the stupidity that if anything is a shadow, dream, illusion, it ceases to exist. - Author: Aleister Crowley
Dream quotes by Aleister Crowley
#134. They were one unto the other, a circle whirling evenly, effortlessly, endlessly. He knew beauty and the intensity of a dream and he was meshed in a womb he called happiness. He did not think: This must come to an end in time. A circle had no beginning or end; it existed. He did not allow thought to enter the hours that he waited for her, laved in memory of her presence. He seldom left the apartment in those days. In the outside world there was time; in time, there was impatience. Better to remain within the dream. - Author: Dorothy B. Hughes
Dream quotes by Dorothy B. Hughes
#135. It was great working with Kevin Smith - just a dream. - Author: Guillermo Diaz
Dream quotes by Guillermo Diaz
#136. People really get myopic as they get older. We're not a culture that encourages dreaming or distraction. We're not ever good at just being. I remember reading some Adrienne Rich quote where she talks about how important it was just to watch bubbles rise in a glass. - Author: Karen Russell
Dream quotes by Karen Russell
#137. My dream girl ... well, I love eyes. And lips. She has to have nice lips! - Author: Prince Royce
Dream quotes by Prince Royce
#138. I felt like lying down by the side of the trail and remembering it all. The woods do that to you, they always look familiar, long lost, like the face of a long-dead relative, like an old dream, like a piece of forgotten song drifting across the water, most of all like golden eternities of past childhood or past manhood and all the living and the dying and the heartbreak that went on a million years ago and the clouds as they pass overhead seem to testify (by their own lonesome familiarity) to this feeling. - Author: Jack Kerouac
Dream quotes by Jack Kerouac
#139. I wanted to give people the ability once again to realize that they can still dream, but it has to be a new American dream that's based in honesty, integrity, and security - a dream that allows you to sleep at night, a dream that is attainable and allows you to stand in your truth. - Author: Suze Orman
Dream quotes by Suze Orman
#140. The happiness that came with the dream stayed with me all day. - Author: Andre Aciman
Dream quotes by Andre Aciman
#141. The dream of a planned, fair, moral, ethical, cash-free society remains strong, particularly among socialists and liberals. It clearly represents a fundamental human instinct. But feudalism just did not work very well, if only because powerful people will not always obey moral imperatives. - Author: Terence Kealey
Dream quotes by Terence Kealey
#142. Woodcutter. Cut my shadow from me. Free me from the torment of being without fruit. Why was I born among mirrors? Day goes round and round me. The night copies me in all its stars. I want to live without my reflection. And then let me dream that ants and thistledown are my leaves and my parrots. - Author: Federico Garcia Lorca
Dream quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#143. As a little kid, I used to lock myself in my room and put on my Whitney Houston CD's and pretend to be her and try and hit every single note that she hit. I used to dream that one day that would be me. - Author: Ricki-Lee Coulter
Dream quotes by Ricki-Lee Coulter
#144. Faith I have, in myself, in humanity, in the worthwhileness of the pursuits in entertainment for the masses. But wide awake, not blind faith, moves me. My operations are based on experience, thoughtful observation and warm fellowship with my neighbors at home and around the world. - Author: Walt Disney
Dream quotes by Walt Disney
#145. You've got one life, one shot, and all the power to make it happen. Get ready to dream big and live big. It's all up to you. And it starts now. - Author: Jolene Stockman
Dream quotes by Jolene Stockman
#146. I believe in one that all people are dreaming. This now, past and future is just a long dream, some people wake up by dieing, other by suicide everything is about a choice. But the people which are dead in our world, there aren't dead in the other they are still alive and watching us and they are smiling at us and they want we to make our choice. To think then to do it! - Author: Deyth Banger
Dream quotes by Deyth Banger
#147. Often the biggest dreamers get hurt the most. They were pure in their insanity and in their isolation. They were living the dream amongst themselves and didn't realize it. It's when they invited the public inside their world that everything went wrong. - Author: Harmony Korine
Dream quotes by Harmony Korine
#148. I wish I could tell you it doesn't matter. I wish I could hold you close and tell that you will be loved for what you do, that you are incredible and unique. I wish you knew how much you were needed, how much I miss you. I wish. You dream of desires and hopes, and that is why I dream of you - because you are my desire and hope. - Author: Matthew Laurence
Dream quotes by Matthew Laurence
#149. A year earlier my parents had moved us out of the city to a split-level on Long Island, their idea of the American dream, which meant it as now an hour-and-a-half commute via the 7:06 Hicksville to Penn Station every morning. (Dark City Lights) - Author: Jonathan Santlofer
Dream quotes by Jonathan Santlofer
#150. The Bible's was an unlikely, movie-set world alongside our world. Light-shot and translucent in the pallid Sunday-school watercolors on the walls, stormy and opaque in the dense and staggering texts they read us placidly, sweet-mouthed and earnest, week after week, this world interleaved our waking world like dream. - Author: Annie Dillard
Dream quotes by Annie Dillard
#151. You should dream more, Mr. Wormold. Reality in our century is not something to be faced. - Author: Graham Greene
Dream quotes by Graham Greene
#152. Like an image in a dream the world is troubled by love, hatred, and other poisons. So long as the dream lasts, the image appears to be real; but on awaking it vanishes. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Dream quotes by Samuel Johnson
#153. When you have a dream, you've got to grab it and never let go. - Author: Carol Burnett
Dream quotes by Carol Burnett
#154. Maybe for John McCain the American dream means seven houses-and if that's your America, John McCain is your candidate. But for the rest of us, the American dream means one home - in a safe neighborhood, with good schools and good health care and a little money left over every month to go out for dinner and save for the future. Does that seem like too much to ask? John McCain thinks it is. - Author: Tim Kaine
Dream quotes by Tim Kaine
#155. I took a gamble in becoming an actor and my dream job has been realised. - Author: Brendan Coyle
Dream quotes by Brendan Coyle
#156. Small people have small minds, and thus deride big dreamers.
Small people have small hearts, and thus disparage big chancers.
Small people have small souls, and thus disdain big achievers. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Dream quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#157. It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream. It is said that the world we live in is not a bit different from this. - Author: Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Dream quotes by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
#158. What if you wake up one fine morning only to realize that the life you have been living since the last few days was nothing but a dream of yours?

Would you go back to sleep then?

I wake up each morning only to realize you're not by my side. And if this emptiness is nothing but a nightmare, let me wake up and go back to the time we were together... - Author: Sanhita Baruah
Dream quotes by Sanhita Baruah
#159. Dreams make you click, juice you, turn you on, excite the living daylights out of you. You cannot wait to get out of bed to continue pursuing your dream. The kind of dream I'm talking about gives meaning to your life. it is the ultimate motivator. - Author: James C. Collins
Dream quotes by James C. Collins
#160. I grew up poor, but I didn't have poor dreams - Author: Magic Johnson
Dream quotes by Magic Johnson
#161. The well-known shrill voice startled Almayer from his dream of splendid future into the unpleasant realities of the present hour. An unpleasant voice too. He had heard it for many years, and with every year he liked it less. No matter; there would be an end to all this soon. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Dream quotes by Joseph Conrad
#162. She was someone's dream, who just chose to show up in someone else's sleep. - Author: Akshay Vasu
Dream quotes by Akshay Vasu
#163. If you want to fulfil your dreams, stay away from the people who look down on you. Those who try to finish every single sentence for you. Those people are called dream killers. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
Dream quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#164. Land of the Dead? Is that what you dream about?" she asks. "Boy who kills ghosts for a living?"
"No. I dream about penguins doing bridge construction. Don't ask why. - Author: Kendare Blake
Dream quotes by Kendare Blake
#165. Every moment away from you feels like time spent in a sort of cell. I can think of nothing, dream of nothing, but you. Unfortunately, I will have to remain in my self-inflicted prison a bit longer, since work will keep me from meeting you tonight. I can't seem to find a way to avoid this ... however, I hope this gift will make up for my unforgivable behavior. I saw this and though of you, and St. George. You have slain the dragon.
Until we meet again, I am your Lucien. - Author: Meg Cabot
Dream quotes by Meg Cabot
#166. I couldn't survive my own pessimism if I didn't have some kind of sunny little dream. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Dream quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#167. You may still be here tomorrow ... but your dreams may not. - Author: Yusuf Islam
Dream quotes by Yusuf Islam
#168. Nick stands up and offers his hand to me. I have no idea what he wants, but what the hell, I take his hand anyway, and he pulls me up on my feet then presses against me for a slow dance and it's like we're in a dream where he's Christopher Plummer and I'm Julie Andrews and we're dancing on the marble floor of an Austrian terrace garden. Somehow my head presses Nick's t-shirt and in this moment I am forgetting about time and Tal because maybe my life isn't over. Maybe it's only beginning. - Author: Rachel Cohn
Dream quotes by Rachel Cohn
#169. It was a complete dream to work with David LaChapelle. I collected his books as a teenager, and I fantasised that he would direct the video for 'Spectrum' from the moment the song was written. I still cant believe it actually happened, and I'm completely overjoyed that he felt such a connection with the song. - Author: Florence Welch
Dream quotes by Florence Welch
#170. Here: an exercise in choice. Your choice. One of these tales is true.
She lived through the war. In 1959 she came to America. She now lives in a condo in Miami, a tiny French woman with white hair, with a daughter and a grand-daughter. She keeps herself to herself and smiles rarely, as if the weight of memory keeps her from finding joy.
Or that's a lie. Actually the Gestapo picked her up during a border crossing in 1943, and they left her in a meadow. First she dug her own grave, then a single bullet to the back of the skull.
Her last thought, before that bullet, was that she was four months' pregnant, and that if we do not fight to create a future there will be no future for any of us.
There is an old woman in Miami who wakes, confused, from a dream of the wind blowing the wildflowers in a meadow.
There are bones untouched beneath the warm French earth which dream of a daughter's wedding. Good wine is drunk. The only tears shed are happy ones. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Dream quotes by Neil Gaiman
#171. Mysteries make one dream of unendurable bewitchments, they have the fragrance of something quite, quite unspeakably beautiful. - Author: Robert Walser
Dream quotes by Robert Walser
#172. Not all Americans are living the American dream by a long shot. Many can't even imagine it. There are impoverished Americans, the poor and the homeless, the hungry and the hopeless, many unable to read and write. There are Americans gone astray, the kids dragged down by drugs, the shattered families, the teenage mothers struggling to cope. Then there are Americans uneasy, troubled and bewildered by the dizzying pace of change. - Author: George H. W. Bush
Dream quotes by George H. W. Bush
#173. The notion that moving toward renewable energy will kill jobs is an absurdity on its face. The notion that we have to live smaller lifestyles; not have the American way of life or give up the American Dream is just ridiculous. It is the opposite of the case; a new energy paradigm will create opportunity. - Author: Marshall Herskovitz
Dream quotes by Marshall Herskovitz
#174. You need to have dreams. Everything starts with a dream. - Author: Sheila Cornell-Douty
Dream quotes by Sheila Cornell-Douty
#175. The only time she has anything resembling a life is when she sleeps because when she sleeps she can dream. - Author: Donna Lynn Hope
Dream quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#176. Americans are hard working, innovative, proud people who want bad government policies and high taxes to get out of the way so they can take care of their families and pursue their dreams. - Author: Tim Walberg
Dream quotes by Tim Walberg
#177. Dreams do come true, even for someone who couldn't speak English and never had a music lesson or much of an education. - Author: Lawrence Welk
Dream quotes by Lawrence Welk
#178. I hope that the opening of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial will be a life-altering experience that inspires every American to rededicate themselves to the fulfillment of Dr. King's dream. - Author: Yvette Clarke
Dream quotes by Yvette Clarke
#179. Horses (thou say'st) and asses men may try,
And ring suspected vessels ere they buy;
But wives, a random choice, untried they take;
They dream in courtship, but in wedlock wake;
Then, nor till then, the veil's removed away,
And all the woman glares in open day. - Author: Alexander Pope
Dream quotes by Alexander Pope
#180. Birth is a dream, spontaneous and innate. Death, on the other hand, is a slow, false, divine calamity. It is like love. - Author: Kevin Moffett
Dream quotes by Kevin Moffett
#181. But no matter how inspiring a dream maybe, a dream that cannot come to life stays a dream. - Author: Simon Sinek
Dream quotes by Simon Sinek
#182. The famous speech Martin Luther King Jr. delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963, included the sentence: "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character". Today's left-wing, through identity politics, affirmative-action policies, and hiring quotas, has shattered that dream. - Author: Tammy Bruce
Dream quotes by Tammy Bruce
#183. I believe in being an innovator. - Author: Walt Disney Company
Dream quotes by Walt Disney Company
#184. Christians believe themselves to be the aristocracy of heaven upon earth, they are admitted to the spiritual court, while millions of men in foreign lands have never been presented. They bow their knees and say they are 'miserable sinners,' and their hearts rankle with abominable pride. Poor infatuated fools! Their servility is real and their insolence is real but their king is a phantom and their palace is a dream. - Author: William Winwood Reade
Dream quotes by William Winwood Reade
#185. She, whose life had blown up, emptying her of history and leaving in its place only that dark dream of majesty, that illusion so powerful that it demanded to enter the sphere of what-was-real - she, rootless Bilquis, who now longed for stability, for no-more-explosions, had discerned in Raza a boulder-like quality on which she would build her life. He was a man rooted solidly in an indeflectible sense of himself, and that made him seem invincible. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Dream quotes by Salman Rushdie
#186. Being a writer is a gift, being an author is amazing, becoming a best seller is everyone's dream - Author: LaQuita Cameron
Dream quotes by LaQuita Cameron
Dream quotes by Jesse Duplantis
#188. I had this dream to become a writer since I was a teenager. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Dream quotes by Paulo Coelho
#189. Almost all arguments for skepticism make reference to seemingly ridiculous possibilities - we are being deceived by an evil demon, life is just a dream, we are brains in vats. You might propose psychoanalysis, rather than philosophical reflection, for anyone who worries about these possibilities. - Author: Richard Feldman
Dream quotes by Richard Feldman
#190. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves as well. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen accidents, meetings and material assistance that no one could have dreamed would come their way. Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. - Goethe, by attribution - Author: Gregory Maguire
Dream quotes by Gregory Maguire
#191. Dreaming is great, but thinking big thoughts alone will not build a business, pay your bills or make you into the person you know in your heart you can be. - Author: Robin Sharma
Dream quotes by Robin Sharma
#192. ...the universe is energy. All of it. Everything is energy that can be altered simply by willing it to be altered. It's as if we are God's waking dream, each gifted with a small piece of his consciousness; the beauty of that arrangement is that we create the dream for him. If you can understand that, if you can wrap your mind around it, then you can conjure up anything you want from out of the ether. Provided there is material enough to do it. - Author: C. Robert Cargill
Dream quotes by C. Robert Cargill
#193. Some chase after their dream job, while others CREATE their dream job. - Author: Coco J. Ginger
Dream quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#194. Anon, to sudden silence won, In fancy they pursue The dream-child moving through the land Of wonders wild and new, In friendly chat with bird or beast - And half believe it true. - Author: Lewis Carroll
Dream quotes by Lewis Carroll
#195. Failure builds muscle,
determination, and dreams. - Author: Michael Jordan
Dream quotes by Michael Jordan
#196. At that time I told myself that I didn't want to fall in love ever again. But that night while praying for your happiness Nana, I thought that despite all the wounds and all the pains it could cause I wanted to dream again, and love someone with all my heart. - Author: Ai Yazawa
Dream quotes by Ai Yazawa
#197. Their constant outward-looking, their mania for radios, cars, and a thousand other trinkets made them dream and fix their eyes upon the trash of life, made it impossible for them to learn a language which could have taught them to speak of what was in their or others' hearts. The words of their souls were the syllables of popular songs. - Author: Richard Wright
Dream quotes by Richard Wright
#198. To me, the American Dream is being able to follow your own personal calling. To be able to do what you want to do is incredible freedom. - Author: Maya Lin
Dream quotes by Maya Lin
#199. If I was a cynic I would be wondering if sooner or later some charismatic douche-bag might stomp all over this Little House on the Prairie dream of yours. - Author: Stephen Baxter
Dream quotes by Stephen Baxter
#200. Please don't leave me, angel," I whisper, somewhere on the edges of sleep and the most beautiful dream. "I don't want to be in the dark anymore. - Author: S.L. Jennings
Dream quotes by S.L. Jennings

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