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I'm a big micro manager; I'm a stickler about organisation; everything needs a place, a purpose, and micro managing myself even when I'm in the studio. ~ Christina Aguilera
Bigs quotes by Christina Aguilera
The name America has definitely grown on me. I wish there was a big patriotic story behind it, but the truth is that my grandfather was a librarian who knew all sorts of random facts. ~ America Ferrera
Bigs quotes by America Ferrera
Big money, big Liberal Party politics and big media are trying to get rid of us, of course, by letting Packer take over Fairfax - a media-only company. But we're hanging in there and doing the best job we can for our readers while we can. ~ Margo Kingston
Bigs quotes by Margo Kingston
The cool thing about Watchmen is it has this really complicated question that it asks, which is: who polices the police or who governs the government? Who does God pray to? Those are pretty deep questions but also pretty fun questions. Kind of exciting. It tries to subvert the superhero genre by giving you these big questions, moral questions. Why do you think you're on a fun ride? Suddenly you're like how am I supposed to feel about that? ~ Zack Snyder
Bigs quotes by Zack Snyder
The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet. ~ Jandy Nelson
Bigs quotes by Jandy Nelson
As a remedy to life in society I would suggest the big city. Nowadays, it is the only desert within our means. ~ Albert Camus
Bigs quotes by Albert Camus
The big play comes with the pass. ~ Sid Gillman
Bigs quotes by Sid Gillman
We've taken disturbances and fluctuations and averaged them together to give us comfortable statistics. Our training has been to look for big numbers, important trends, major variances. Yet it is the slight variations - soft-spoken, even whispered at first - that we need to encourage. ~ Margaret J. Wheatley
Bigs quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
That's what separates out American democracy from dictators and horrible governments across the world and the reason why that works is that we have a president that can consult with congress before making big decisions. That doesn't just make a unilateral decision to go in for military conflict. ~ Charles R. Chamberlain
Bigs quotes by Charles R. Chamberlain
Leftist big-government policies have been disastrous for black America just as they were in the countries that most Hispanics emigrated from. But like the gambling addict who keeps gambling the more he loses, those addicted to government entitlements keep increasing the size of the government even as their situation worsens. ~ Dennis Prager
Bigs quotes by Dennis Prager
The big homie use a flash if you must. And I swear I aint askin for much. ~ Drake
Bigs quotes by Drake
Once a job it has begun, do not stop until it's done. Whether it is big or small, do it well or not all. ~ Bear Grylls
Bigs quotes by Bear Grylls
I was a big fan of Ronald Reagan. He was the first president I got to vote for. ~ Steve Daines
Bigs quotes by Steve Daines
People think that the ocean is big enough to sustain anything we throw at it - its hard to get into your head that it's actually finite. ~ Glenn Close
Bigs quotes by Glenn Close
I was not the most attractive child. I had two really big buck teeth. I was horrendous - long, lanky and gangly. ~ Angie Harmon
Bigs quotes by Angie Harmon
When you have a big, ugly problem, there's never going to be a neat, elegant solution that is totally painless or without a cost. ~ Henry Paulson
Bigs quotes by Henry Paulson
I think that is the fight that we have to wage if we're to save the middle class. And I do have doubts about whether Hillary Clinton or whether any Republican candidate out there is prepared to take on the big money interests who control so much of our economy and as a result of Citizens United, our political process as well. ~ Lindsey Graham
Bigs quotes by Lindsey Graham
I believe that the art market is in a place similar to the music industry in 2005. Big changes are coming and the art market will most likely be very different in ten years. However, if you are the art equivalent of Van Halen, you don't really have to change anything. But if you are not Van Halen, then it is time to figure how to adapt to all the changes. ~ Mark Edward
Bigs quotes by Mark Edward
If you are a big company, a big website, and lots of users come to your website, you will have attacks, and you have to deal with that. It just cannot be a reason to take actions to exit certain markets. ~ Robin Li
Bigs quotes by Robin Li
In the big leagues everyone has ability. It always comes down to mind games. Who ever is more mentally strong-wins. ~ Muhammad Ali
Bigs quotes by Muhammad Ali
A big lie is more plausible than truth. ~ Ernest Hemingway,
Bigs quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
I'm a New Yorker. I like the big streets and the big buildings. It's a great place to walk. ~ Ed Askew
Bigs quotes by Ed Askew
Stay fluid and roll with those changes. Life is just a big extended improvisation. ~ Jane Lynch
Bigs quotes by Jane Lynch
God has the Big Book, the beautiful proofs of mathematical theorems are listed here. ~ Paul Erdos
Bigs quotes by Paul Erdos
Republicans won big, running as Republicans, in 2004. But once they took control of Congress, they started acting like Democrats and lost big. There is a lesson in that somewhere but
whether Republicans will learn it is another story entirely. ~ Thomas Sowell
Bigs quotes by Thomas Sowell
We don't have a farm-to-table food safety system. I keep saying this. It came as a big surprise to the FDA that tomatoes were being grown in the United States, sent to Mexico for packing, and then sent back. I mean, they had no idea that our food chain worked like this. ~ Marion Nestle
Bigs quotes by Marion Nestle
I used to look out the window of my bedroom as a kid, and there were these stars that, in my mind, made a big "A" in the sky. I thought my destiny was to go there. ~ Helen Mirren
Bigs quotes by Helen Mirren
I am very suspicious of the notion that somehow bin Laden was a media creation ... Bin Laden's actions made him into a big deal. Not the media. ~ Peter L. Bergen
Bigs quotes by Peter L. Bergen
I'm not a big fan of western movies and I really don't like cowboy-indian movies. I have never watched them. ~ Heath Ledger
Bigs quotes by Heath Ledger
Little things make the difference. Everyone is well prepared in the big things, but only the winners perfect the little things. ~ Bear Bryant
Bigs quotes by Bear Bryant
Nerves are always a big problem for me, which is why I loved doing American sitcoms. Because you know when you do the take in front of the audience that you're going to do it again afterwards. A minute after you finish, you just go and do it again. So, there's that sort of safety net. And then if you made a little mistake or two, they'll go pick it up, so there's nothing to worry about. ~ John Cleese
Bigs quotes by John Cleese
In big companies projects have to scale and Lean Startup help us to do it ~ Beth Comstock
Bigs quotes by Beth Comstock
Dubai,I think is a big bore - a city deliberately built to appeal to tourism, and only built for that purpose, and not possessing a valid culture or history of its own. ~ Arthur Frommer
Bigs quotes by Arthur Frommer
I watched my head rolling on the floor. It landed face up and a big tear came out of one eye. ~ Shirley Maclaine
Bigs quotes by Shirley Maclaine
I have a big-picture outlook, I am willing to fall, and I understand it's ok to fall, but I am going to get back up, I may take a step back, but in the end, I am going to take a giant leap forward. ~ Tiger Woods
Bigs quotes by Tiger Woods
In modern American politics, being the right kind of ignorant and entertainingly crazy is like having a big right hand in boxing; you've always got a puncher's chance. ~ Matt Taibbi
Bigs quotes by Matt Taibbi
To live would be an awfully big adventure. ~ J.M. Barrie
Bigs quotes by J.M. Barrie
In fact, I think my life is always going to be difficult, because I am trying to do something ... "original" is a big word. It's kind of pathetic, but I have to love what I'm doing. ~ Ethan Hawke
Bigs quotes by Ethan Hawke
I really loved Twin Peaks. When I saw the two-hour pilot, they screened it in the big theatre. I said, I don't know what is going to happen. I'm in this and I don't understand it. This is never going to sell. Who's going to watch this thing? ~ Sherilyn Fenn
Bigs quotes by Sherilyn Fenn
One of my biggest lessons has been to be easier on myself and not make things such a big deal. ~ Renee Marino
Bigs quotes by Renee Marino
Thus when a barber and a collier fight, The barber beats the luckless collier-white; The dusty collier heaves his ponderous sack, And big with vengeance beats the barber-black. In comes the brick-dust man, with grime o'erspread, And beats the collier and the barber-red: Black, red, and white in various clouds are tost, And in the dust they raise the combatants are lost. ~ Christopher Smart
Bigs quotes by Christopher Smart
We need to be fearful of companies that get so big that they can actually be directing policy. ~ Rand Paul
Bigs quotes by Rand Paul
We need many more intrepid women who set out to expand both their and our concepts of the world. We need them in writing just as we need them in politics. We need that sense of adventure, of reaching wider, delving deeper, pushing further afield, whether that field be geographical, intellectual, political, personal, or all of these and more. Enough with decorousness. Let us risk preconceptions and treasured philosophies, bodies and souls. Let us be big and bawdy and full of courage. Let's go. ~ Lesley Hazleton
Bigs quotes by Lesley Hazleton
No one had to tell me I was never going to be a home run hitter. I was hitting the same ball as the rest of the players, but when the big guys cracked one, it went out of the park. Mine went out of the infield. ~ Nellie Fox
Bigs quotes by Nellie Fox
I first heard the term "meta-novel" at a writer's conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The idea is that even though each book in a series stands alone, when read collectively they form one big ongoing novel about the main character. Each book represents its own arc: in book one of the series we meet the character and establish a meta-goal that will carry him through further books, in book two that meta-goal is tested, in book three - you get the picture. ~ Carolyn Wheat
Bigs quotes by Carolyn Wheat
When I was writing 'The Satanic Verses,' if you had asked me about the phenomenon that we all now know as radical Islam, I wouldn't have had much to say. As recently as the mid-1980s, it didn't seem to be a big deal. ~ Salman Rushdie
Bigs quotes by Salman Rushdie
A big market is something that doesn't really concern me too much. It's cool to think about, it's good for off-the-court deals. But I'm more of a basketball player. That's what I want to be known as. And this is the best place for me to play basketball. I'm glad I'm here. ~ Kevin Durant
Bigs quotes by Kevin Durant
There is less difference than many suppose between the ideal Socialist system, in which the big businesses are run by the State, and the present Capitalist system, in which the State is run by the big businesses. ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton
Bigs quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
It's a big deal when you finally get the chance to do the one thing you want to do -need to do- more than anything. It can kind of scare the crap out of you. ~ Sarah Dessen
Bigs quotes by Sarah Dessen
My dad was a soul fan and a singer himself, and he loved vocal harmony, stuff like the Beach Boys and Motown like the Four Tops, which was a big influence on me. ~ Katy B
Bigs quotes by Katy B
In the short run, the big windfall winners ... have been the Islamists. ~ Michael McFaul
Bigs quotes by Michael McFaul
Most headlines are set too big to be legible in the magazines or newspaper. Never approve a layout until you have seen it pasted into the magazine or newspaper for which it was destined. If you pin up the layouts on a bulletin board and appraise them from fifteen feet, you will produce posters. ~ David Ogilvy
Bigs quotes by David Ogilvy
I'm from the Bob Wills and the Little Richard school of music. Bob Wills did what the hell he thought, Little Richard did what he thought, and those were my big influences. ~ Buck Owens
Bigs quotes by Buck Owens
That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets. ~ Amy Tan
Bigs quotes by Amy Tan
Even wars, big conflicts that have drawn a lot of news coverage, sometimes seem to me to have a center that hasn't been described, that might yet be glimpsed if approached from some odd angle. ~ William Finnegan
Bigs quotes by William Finnegan
It is looking for the joys that come in small, precious packages and making the most of them, knowing that big packages of joy are few and far between. ~ Wilferd Peterson
Bigs quotes by Wilferd Peterson
One big reason is better than many little reasons. ~ Morton Blackwell
Bigs quotes by Morton Blackwell
Dreaming is great, but thinking big thoughts alone will not build a business, pay your bills or make you into the person you know in your heart you can be. ~ Robin Sharma
Bigs quotes by Robin Sharma
I think that the discovery of antimatter was perhaps the biggest jump of all the big jumps in physics in our century. ~ Werner Heisenberg
Bigs quotes by Werner Heisenberg
[W]hile people are making a big fuss over Gruber's calling Americans stupid, they ought to be far more outraged that he admitted the administration purposefully lied to us. This is the real story, and it reveals, once again, the character and mentality of this entire administration, for Gruber was speaking not merely for himself but about the entire administration, beginning with Obama. ~ David Limbaugh
Bigs quotes by David Limbaugh
Having to act like an adult because I was directing a big movie but also feeling like a child because we had reindeer and big cameras and they had fake snow. I just wanted to go play in the snow. ~ Todd Strauss-Schulson
Bigs quotes by Todd Strauss-Schulson
I'm very short, so I just have to watch my weight because I have a big appetite. ~ Dolly Parton
Bigs quotes by Dolly Parton
My favorite kinds of stories are the ones that have these big crazy genre hijinks and then a real honest, meaty, emotional story where we're watching a character grapple with some real things. ~ Greg Pak
Bigs quotes by Greg Pak
But people who really know me, know that I am not a bad boy at heart ... I am a big teddy bear. ~ A. J. McLean
Bigs quotes by A. J. McLean
There are times when even the best manager is like the little boy with the big dog, waiting to see where the dog wants to go so he can take him there. ~ Lee Iacocca
Bigs quotes by Lee Iacocca
People were always pointing the finger at the fast food industry. And I was a big fan of personal responsibility - you know, no one is forcing you to eat. We're not geese being stuffed with corn. ~ Morgan Spurlock
Bigs quotes by Morgan Spurlock
I've walked a lot in the mountains in Iceland. And as you come to a new valley, as you come to a new landscape, you have a certain view. If you stand still, the landscape doesn't necessarily tell you how big it is. It doesn't really tell you what you're looking at. The moment you start to move the mountain starts to move. ~ Olafur Eliasson
Bigs quotes by Olafur Eliasson
This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard flight ... one, from ... here to there. We'll be cruising at a height of ten feet, going up to twelve and a half feet if we see anything big. And our copilot today is a flask of coffee. ~ Eddie Izzard
Bigs quotes by Eddie Izzard
I think it was a big revelation to me earlier in my life that people who appear to be evil are actually not. In other words, nobody wakes up in the morning and says, "Yuck, yuck, yuck, I'm gonna be evil." ~ George Saunders
Bigs quotes by George Saunders
Most people exist in very clouded states of mind. It's sort of like when you're underwater in a big swimming pool and you open your eyes, and you can't see very far and everything is distorted. ~ Frederick Lenz
Bigs quotes by Frederick Lenz
I've heard people, usually writers, say that no one wrote a great book after winning the Booker, but I honestly did not feel any big pressure. 'The Gathering' did hang over me in that it was darker than I thought at the time. ~ Anne Enright
Bigs quotes by Anne Enright
The best data we have [concerning the Big Bang] are exactly what I would have predicted, had I nothing to go on but the five books of Moses, the Psalms, the bible as a whole. ~ Arno Hintjens
Bigs quotes by Arno Hintjens
American companies will have a big shot at Iraqi oil, ~ Ahmed Chalabi
Bigs quotes by Ahmed Chalabi
If the world was an etch-a-sketch, glaciers are the big shake. ~ Joe Rogan
Bigs quotes by Joe Rogan
I don't mind a big fascinator. I think there is more scope for artwork in a fascinator rather than a hat. ~ Zara Phillips
Bigs quotes by Zara Phillips
I love my body as it is. People in the industry have been telling me to lose weight for years but I like the way I look. I give credit to my mom for helping me feel good about my appearance - for making sure I never felt embarrassed about my body, because she was never worried about looking too big. ~ Christina Hendricks
Bigs quotes by Christina Hendricks
It's the big question of every TV show, right, where you have these two people who it's clear the world wants to put them together and everyone wants to see them together, but also when you're telling these stories you can't throw these people together immediately. ~ Patrick J. Adams
Bigs quotes by Patrick J. Adams
Not getting bored of my own story and/or character is one of the main struggles I have had with novel writing, and I have put to bed big chunks of work that just didn't sustain my interest. ~ Aimee Bender
Bigs quotes by Aimee Bender
He was the first to reach the aircraft, and he went for the door that by some miracle was facing outward and not into the concrete wall. Wrenching the thing open, and getting out his flashlight, he didn't know what to expect inside - smoke? Fumes? Blood and body parts?
Zsadist was sitting rigid in a backward-facing seat, his big body strapped in, both hands locked on the armrests. The Brother was staring straight ahead and not blinking.
"Have we stopped moving?" he said hoarsely ~ J.R. Ward
Bigs quotes by J.R. Ward
Nobody hopped into a wardrobe to find Narnia; they hopped in, thinking it was just a wardrobe. They didn't climb up the Faraway Tree, knowing it was a Faraway Tree; they thought it was just a really big tree. Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy; Mary Poppins was supposed to be a regular nanny. It's the first and only rule. Magic comes when you're not looking for it. ~ Holly Smale
Bigs quotes by Holly Smale
Touring can be tough; the crew and I travel everywhere by a big pink bus, and live in petrol stations. ~ Marina And The Diamonds
Bigs quotes by Marina And The Diamonds
I came home every Friday afternoon, riding the six miles on the back of a big mule. I spent Saturday and Sunday washing and ironing and cooking for the children and went back to my country school on Sunday afternoon. ~ Ida B. Wells
Bigs quotes by Ida B. Wells
Do I think there is a heaven? Uh, yeah I do. Like a really big gymnasium. How do I see myself there? With really bad seats. ~ David Letterman
Bigs quotes by David Letterman
If you had your way you'd pass a law to abolish all the little jobs, the little things. But then you'd leave yourselves nothing to do between the big jobs and you'd have a devil of a time thinking up things to do so you wouldn't go crazy. Instead of that, why not let nature show you a few things? Cutting grass and pulling weeds can be a way of life, son. ~ Ray Bradbury
Bigs quotes by Ray Bradbury
I got in a fight one time with a really big guy, and he said, 'I'm going to mop the floor with your face.' I said, 'You'll be sorry.' He said, 'Oh, yeah? Why?' I said, 'Well, you won't be able to get into the corners very well.' ~ Emo Philips
Bigs quotes by Emo Philips
My last Olympics, I had a girlfriend - big mistake. Now I'm single, so London should be really good. I'm excited. ~ Ryan Lochte
Bigs quotes by Ryan Lochte
Science goes from question to question; big questions, and little, tentative answers. The questions as they age grow ever broader, the answers are seen to be more limited. ~ George Wald
Bigs quotes by George Wald
Little details have special talents in creating big problems! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Bigs quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Maybe it's just a humanising thing to realise that a ton of people in bands that make really exciting music, are just big nerds. And you know, maybe the Internet's done a lot in just exposing that long-held secret. ~ Chris Baio
Bigs quotes by Chris Baio
The entire Quran is a big joke. If it was not so violent, it would be the biggest comic book ever written. ~ Ali Sina
Bigs quotes by Ali Sina
Not to give too big of a spoiler, but I never find myself thinking, for example, Oh, remember that crazy time I stumbled on that closeted Republican candidate's sex tape? ~ Kathleen Rooney
Bigs quotes by Kathleen Rooney
There were a lot of big games. But I think one of the biggest was one that will go down as one of the biggest upsets in playoff history. We were 15-point underdogs going into Miami and upset them. That was a big one. ~ Chuck Knox
Bigs quotes by Chuck Knox
You were dead, you were sleeping the big sleep, you were not bothered by things like that, oil and water were the same as wind and air to you. You just slept the big sleep, not caring about the nastiness of how you died or where you fell. Me, I was part of the nastiness now. Far more a part of it than Rusty Regan was. ~ Raymond Chandler
Bigs quotes by Raymond Chandler
If I had a girl I should say to her, 'Marry for love if you can, it won't last, but it is a very interesting experience and makes a good beginning in life. Later on, when you marry for money, for heaven's sake let it be big money. There are no other possible reasons for marrying at all. ~ Nancy Mitford
Bigs quotes by Nancy Mitford
I couldn't get as big as a bodybuilder. I tried to put on as much weight in the right places as I could. My weightlifting was impressive for me, but not for some of the guys I see down at the gym. ~ Ralph Fiennes
Bigs quotes by Ralph Fiennes
Always keep a big bottle of booze at your side. If a bird starts talking nonsense to you in the middle of the night pour yourself a stiff drink. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
Bigs quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
The problem with big films is they snowball very rapidly and you can never pull back. It's a pipeline that needs to be fed. ~ Christopher Nolan
Bigs quotes by Christopher Nolan
I believe in God big time and I'm proud to say I believe in God. ~ Suze Orman
Bigs quotes by Suze Orman
That's the big difference between Christianity and other religions. The difference between Works and Grace or Do and Done. ~ Rick Warren
Bigs quotes by Rick Warren
I live in Sydney now. I came here for the show and never went home - I do like it, it's a big change ... it's a big city, it's very fast. ~ Kate DeAraugo
Bigs quotes by Kate DeAraugo
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