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Amid these fading and decaying things, be the glass that rings out as it's breaking. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Poetry quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
Nobody can tell you about that sword all that there is to be told of it; for those that know of those paths of Space on which its metals once floated, till Earth caught them one by one as she sailed past on her orbit, have little time to waste on such things as magic and so cannot tell you how the sword was made, and those who know whence poetry is, and the need that man has for song, or know any one of the fifty branches of magic, have little time to waste on such things as science, and so cannot tell you whence its ingredients came. Enough that it was once beyond our Earth and was now here amongst our mundane stones; that it was once but as those stones, and now had something in it such as soft music has; let those that can define it. ~ Lord Dunsany
Poetry quotes by Lord Dunsany

First daylight on the bittersweet-hung
sleeping porch at high summer; dew
all over the lawn, sowing diamond-
point-highlighted shadows;
the hired man's shadow revolving
along the walk, a flash of milkpails
passing; no threat in sight, no hint
anywhere in the universe, of that

apathy at the meridian, the noon
of absolute boredom; flies
crooning black lullabies in the kitchen,
milk-soured crocks, cream separator
still unwashed; what is there to life
but chores and more chores, dishwater,
fatigue, unwanted children; nothing
to stir the longueur of afternoon

except possibly thunderheads;
climbing, livid, turreted alabaster
lit up from within by splendor and terror
-- forded lightening's
split-second disaster. ~ Amy Clampitt
Poetry quotes by Amy Clampitt
If I began to draw
myself away from you

we'd still be like
two mixed colors of paint
impossible to separate. ~ Sanober Khan
Poetry quotes by Sanober Khan
You were like the clouds
That made it difficult
For the stars in me to shine
To shine again
I had to let you go ~ Ambica Uppal
Poetry quotes by Ambica Uppal
Love and Death? What has great music or poetry ever been about, but those twin forces that undo a man? ~ Douglas Wynne
Poetry quotes by Douglas Wynne
Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake. ~ Wallace Stevens
Poetry quotes by Wallace Stevens
With rough hands and gentle heart, I'll seduce you. You will feel my power and surrender to desire. ~ John Mark Green
Poetry quotes by John Mark Green
The End of World War One
Out of the scraped surface of the land
men began to emerge, like puppies
from the slit of their dam. Up from the trenches
they came out upon the pitted, raw earth
wobbling as if new-born.
They could not believe they would be allowed to live,
the orders had come down: no more killing.
They approached the enemy, holding out chocolate
and cigarettes. They shook hands, exchanged
mess-kits, neckerchiefs.
Some even embraced, while in London
total strangers copulated
in doorways and on the pavement, in the ecstasy
of being reprieved. Nine months later,
like men emerging from the trenches, first the head,
then the body, there were lifted, newborn, from these mothers,
the soldiers of World War Two. ~ Sharon Olds
Poetry quotes by Sharon Olds
Poetry is all that is worth remembering in life. ~ William Hazlitt
Poetry quotes by William Hazlitt
The human spirit is poetry enough and I understand that, but I write to make it transparent to a world in love with bright screens and rising technology. ~ Christopher Poindexter
Poetry quotes by Christopher Poindexter
Let's take a sentimental journey. Don't forget to bleed. I have. ~ Ted Berrigan
Poetry quotes by Ted Berrigan
A fool will always find banana skins ~ Robert Priest
Poetry quotes by Robert Priest
Think it's so unfair when people think that you're not a "real artist" unless you're getting paid for it ... I personally know so many poets that work a 9 to 5 in a cubicle and come home and write poetry. Their poetry is just as powerful and moving as anything that I've ever written, if not more. ~ Sarah Kay
Poetry quotes by Sarah Kay
Nothing will sustain you more potently than the power to recognize in you humdrum routine, the true poetry of life - the poetry of the commonplace, of the ordinary person, of the plain, toilworn, with their loves and their joys, their sorrows and griefs. ~ William Osler
Poetry quotes by William Osler
Children's Song
We live in our own world,
A world that is too small
For you to stoop and enter
Even on hands and knees,
The adult subterfuge.
And though you probe and pry
With analytic eye,
And eavesdrop all our talk
With an amused look,
You cannot find the centre
Where we dance, where we play,
Where life is still asleep
Under the closed flower,
Under the smooth shell
Of eggs in the cupped nest
That mock the faded blue
Of your remoter heaven. ~ R.S. Thomas
Poetry quotes by R.S. Thomas
You will face hard times in life. Sometimes they are supposed to come, sometimes not. Get through them no matter what, 'cause the good life is always on the other side. ~ F.C.
Poetry quotes by F.C.
Nor can thy shame give physic to my grief;
Though thou repent, yet I have still the loss:
The offender's sorrow lends but weak relief
To him that bears the strong offence's cross. ~ William Shakespeare
Poetry quotes by William Shakespeare
The poetry was so ahead of its time no one has deciphered it yet ~ Harper Lee
Poetry quotes by Harper Lee
You're coming with me, poor thing. You don't know how to listen. You don't know how to speak. You don't know how to sing. I will teach you. I followed poetry. ~ Joy Harjo
Poetry quotes by Joy Harjo
A child playing with dolls may shed heartfelt tears when his bundle of rags and scraps becomes deathly ill and dies ... So we may come to an understanding of language as playing with dolls: in language, scraps of sound are used to make dolls and replace all the things in the world. ~ Velimir Khlebnikov
Poetry quotes by Velimir Khlebnikov
Poetry reveals to us the loveliness of nature, brings back the freshness of youthful feelings, reviews the relish of simple pleasures, keeps unquenched the enthusiasm which warmed the springtime of our being, refines youthful love, strengthens our interest in human nature, by vivid delineations of its tenderest and softest feelings, and through the brightness of its prophetic visions, helps faith to lay hold on the future life. ~ William Ellery Channing
Poetry quotes by William Ellery Channing
Witch-heart, are you gold or black? ~ Amy Lowell
Poetry quotes by Amy Lowell
Flying 1

The almond tree knows
before all the other trees

The almond tree knows
that Spring is coming
before all the other trees

The almond tree knows
that Spring is coming
so well
it blossoms
in the winter ~ Alexandra Psaropoulou
Poetry quotes by Alexandra Psaropoulou
I learned from Whitman that the poem is a temple--or a green field--a place to enter, and in which to feel. ~ Mary Oliver
Poetry quotes by Mary Oliver
Such was a poet and shall be and is
-who'll solve the depths of horror to defend a sunbeam's architecture with his life: and carve immortal jungles of despair to hold a mountain's heartbeat in his hand. ~ E. E. Cummings
Poetry quotes by E. E. Cummings
You call it hope - that fire of fire!
It is but agony of desire. ~ Edgar Allan Poe
Poetry quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
The world stops existing in your arms,
leaving me speechless…
In love with love. ~ Tatjana Ostojic
Poetry quotes by Tatjana Ostojic
I'm quite sure that most writers would sustain real poetry if they could, but it takes devotion and talent. ~ Marguerite Young
Poetry quotes by Marguerite Young
You spend your whole life convincing yourself you are a chapter worth following, and then someone comes along and doesn't want to read the ending, and suddenly the whole story falls apart ~ Courtney Peppernell
Poetry quotes by Courtney Peppernell
One of the surest evidences of an elevated taste is the power of enjoying works of impassioned terrorism, in poetry, and painting. The man who can look at impassioned subjects of terror with a feeling of exultation may be certain he has an elevated taste. ~ Benjamin Haydon
Poetry quotes by Benjamin Haydon
I was a late bloomer. But anyone who blooms at all, ever, is very lucky. ~ Sharon Olds
Poetry quotes by Sharon Olds
The power of verse stems from an indefinable harmony between when it says and what it is. ~ Paul Valery
Poetry quotes by Paul Valery
I am more interested in the insecure transparency in you than the pretentious character. Naked is surreal, it may make you feel vulnerable for a while yet it will take us on a journey worth remembering. ~ Suchet Chaturvedi
Poetry quotes by Suchet Chaturvedi
Every poem I write falls short in some important way. But I go on trying to write the one that won't. ~ Dorianne Laux
Poetry quotes by Dorianne Laux
I was too ashamed to eat from that tree, as I was more selfish than i thought I could be. ~ Tiffany Desiree
Poetry quotes by Tiffany Desiree
you'd take one look at me and whole pieces of the earth would break off and fall away finally leaving me alone with you. ~ AVA.
Poetry quotes by AVA.
The scholarship on music and poetry in Mexico - and Latin America more generally - has yet to receive substantial historical attention. ~ Stephen Neufeld
Poetry quotes by Stephen Neufeld
Let mine not be the saddest fate of all,
To live beyond my greater self; to see
My faculties decaying, as the tree
Stands stark and helpless while its green leaves fall
Let me hear rather the imperious call,
Which all men dread, in my glad morning time,
And follow death ere I have reached my prime,
Or drunk the strengthening cordial of life's gall.
The lightning's stroke or the fierce tempest blast
Which fells the green tree to the earth to-day
Is kinder than the calm that lets it last,
Unhappy witness of its own decay.
May no man ever look on me and say,
'She lives, but all her usefulness is past. ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Poetry quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Poetry is the way that we transcend language through language. And thus our freedom lies in the poetry of all things ~ Ilyas Kassam
Poetry quotes by Ilyas Kassam
Anyone who says, "Here's my address,
write me a poem," deserves something in reply.
So I'll tell a secret instead:
poems hide. In the bottoms of our shoes,
they are sleeping. They are the shadows
drifting across our ceilings the moment
before we wake up. What we have to do
is live in a way that lets us find them. ~ Naomi Shihab Nye
Poetry quotes by Naomi Shihab Nye
From nothing comes everything. ~ Dejan Stojanovic
Poetry quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
Probably the best nonsense poetry is produced gradually and accidentally, by communities rather than by individuals. ~ George Orwell
Poetry quotes by George Orwell
This fellow is wise enough to play the fool;
And to do that well craves a kind of wit:
He must observe their mood on whom he jests,
The quality of persons, and the time,
And, like the haggard, check at every feather
That comes before his eye. This is a practise
As full of labour as a wise man's art
For folly that he wisely shows is fit;
But wise men, folly-fall'n, quite taint their wit. ~ William Shakespeare
Poetry quotes by William Shakespeare
I know life isn't always about bright colors and fireworks. Sometimes the colors aren't always clear, and our days get so hard they hurt. But settle down with me, hold my hand, let me kiss you. All I want is to know you more.
Better than anyone else has before. ~ Courtney Peppernell
Poetry quotes by Courtney Peppernell
Understand the poem not the poet. ~ Christina Strigas
Poetry quotes by Christina Strigas
She was mined for the children
in her, one daughter, then another,
a short seam, quick to clay,
and not a single son to save them. ~ Robert Wrigley
Poetry quotes by Robert Wrigley
The Way It Is

There's a thread you follow. It goes among
things that change. But it doesn't change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can't get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt
or die; and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you do can stop time's unfolding.
You don't ever let go of the thread.

~ William Stafford ~ ~ William Stafford
Poetry quotes by William Stafford
Sometimes, the only things in this world that make sense are the moon, my madness and your hands messing up my hair, while your teeth sink into my soul. ~ Melody Lee
Poetry quotes by Melody  Lee
I travel, always arriving in the same place. ~ Dejan Stojanovic
Poetry quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
The ugly and alien logic of predestination. Poetry ~ G.K. Chesterton
Poetry quotes by G.K. Chesterton
May came home with a smooth round stone
as small as a world and as large as alone. ~ E. E. Cummings
Poetry quotes by E. E. Cummings
My mother carried on and supported us; her ambition had been to write poetry and songs. ~ Philip Levine
Poetry quotes by Philip Levine
A mighty flame follows a tiny spark. ~ Dante Alighieri
Poetry quotes by Dante Alighieri
Not only does a good army commander not need any special qualities, on the contrary he needs the absence of the highest and best human attributes - love, poetry, tenderness, and philosophic inquiring doubt. He should be limited, firmly convinced that what he is doing is very important (otherwise he will not have sufficient patience), and only then will he be a brave leader. God forbid that he should be humane, should love, or pity, or think of what is just and unjust. ~ Leo Tolstoy
Poetry quotes by Leo Tolstoy
With poetry and writing, the question isn't "do you know the right words?".
The real question is, "can you make words from the unwordable, chisel blocks of raw silence into shapes and touch our souls? ~ Jacob Nordby
Poetry quotes by Jacob Nordby
We were always eating expired things. Milk, bread, biscuits, cake. We forgot about them as they sat around the house and just as they had gone bad, we put them in our mouths. Chocolates I brought back with me from Australia, cheeses in last year's Christmas hamper, juice from the last time someone decided to go grocery shopping. We didn't always realize they tasted funny – not everything curdles and a two-month-old orange can be just as sweet. When we did, it was usually too late. Sometimes it wasn't. We finished what we had started anyway. ~ Cheryl Julia Lee
Poetry quotes by Cheryl Julia Lee
And what is the very essence of poetry if it is not this 'metaphorical language'-this marking of the before unapprehended relations of things? ~ Owen Barfield
Poetry quotes by Owen Barfield
You ask me to write you a poem,
I pen you an empty ocean,
You run away.
You ask me who I am,
I paint you a breaking sky,
You weep in the rain. ~ Jenim Dibie
Poetry quotes by Jenim Dibie
I was born doing reference work in sin, and born
confessing it. This is what poems are. ~ Anne Sexton
Poetry quotes by Anne Sexton
All mothers breed dead children.
They shall, perhaps, live later.
When no longer dead, they are born
Not - by coincidence, by choice. ~ Mie Hansson
Poetry quotes by Mie Hansson
Poetry is an investigation, not an expression, of what you know. ~ Mark Doty
Poetry quotes by Mark Doty
My father died and left me his blessing and his business. His blessing brought no money into my pocket, and as to his business, it soon deserted me, for I was busy writing poetry, and could not attend to law, and my clients, though they had great respect for my talents, had no faith in a poetical attorney. ~ Washington Irving
Poetry quotes by Washington Irving
Children delight in poetry if they are not frightened away by adults' fear of poetry. ~ Mary Crow
Poetry quotes by Mary Crow
From the life's pen
My ink flows and my feelings pour
Some call it poetry
I call it my boat's oar… ~ Neelam Saxena Chandra
Poetry quotes by Neelam Saxena Chandra
For a poet, style is the only morality. ~ Jennifer Stone
Poetry quotes by Jennifer Stone
Poetry is the art of substantiating shadows, and of lending existence to nothing. ~ Edmund Burke
Poetry quotes by Edmund Burke
Native Soil

Nobody simpler than us, or with
more pride, or fewer tears.

Our hearts don't wear it as an amulet,
it doesn't sob beneath the poet's hand,
nor irritate the wounds we can't forget
in our bitter sleep. It's not the Promised Land.
Our souls don't calculate its worth
as a commodity to be sold and bought;
sick, and poor, and silent on this earth,
often we don't give it a thought.
Yes, for us it's the dirt on our galoshes,
yes, for us it's the grit between our teeth.
Dust, and we grind and crumble and crush it,
the gentle and unimplicated earth.
But we'll lie in it, become its weeds and flowers,
so unembarrassedly we call it - ours. ~ Anna Akhmatova
Poetry quotes by Anna Akhmatova
Do you wonder where poetry comes from? Where we get the songs we sing and the tales we tell? Do you ever ask yourself how it is that some people can dream great, wise, beautiful dreams and pass those dreams on as poetry to the world, to be sung and retold as long as the sun rises and sets, as long as the moon will wax and wane? Have you ever wondered why some people make beautiful songs and poems and tales, and some of us do not? It ~ Neil Gaiman
Poetry quotes by Neil Gaiman
He does not always remain bent over the
pages; he often leans back and closes
his eyes over a line he has been reading
again, and its meaning spreads through
his blood. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Poetry quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
I wish I could tell the tale of your beauty as my rough hands caress your face ... ~ John Geddes
Poetry quotes by John Geddes
Some poets marry a language; some have affairs with it; some treat it as a parent, some as a child, some as an equal, or as a friend. ~ Stephen Burt
Poetry quotes by Stephen Burt
I shivered in those
when I heard
the voice
the salt
in the desert. ~ Pablo Neruda
Poetry quotes by Pablo Neruda
I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting. ~ Judith Minty
Poetry quotes by Judith Minty
Life is like facing two mirrors at each other: There is no beginning, no end. Just the beauty within the reflected infinity ~ Michael Biondi
Poetry quotes by Michael Biondi
I have never reached certain levels of fame, like Lindsay Lohan did, or even Brittany Murphy. My career has always been this sort of even-keeled, steady existence. I was also raised by poets, and I've been doing poetry as long as I've been acting. ~ Amber Tamblyn
Poetry quotes by Amber Tamblyn
In a sense, all poetry is positional: to try to express one's position in regard to the universe embraced by consciousness, is an immemorial urge. The arms of consciousness reach out and grope, and the longer they are the better. Tentacles, not wings, are Apollo's natural members. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Poetry quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
Say you could view a time lapse film of our planet: what would you see?

Transparent images moving through light, "an infinite storm of beauty."
The beginning is swaddled in mists, blasted by random blinding flashes. Lava pours and cools; seas boil and flood. Clouds materialize and shift; now you can see the earth's face through only random patches of clarity. The land shudders and splits, like pack ice rent by widening lead. Mountains burst up, jutting, and dull and soften before your eyes, clothed in forests like felt. The ice rolls up, grinding green land under water forever; the ice rolls back. Forests erupt and disappear like fairy rings. The ice rolls up- mountains are mowed into lakes, land rises wet from the sea like a surfacing whale- the ice rolls back.

A blue-green streaks the highest ridges, a yellow-green spreads from the south like a wave up a strand. A red dye seems to leak from the north down the ridges and into the valleys, seeping south; a white follows the red, then yellow-green washes north, then red spreads again, then white, over and over, making patterns of color too intricate to follow. Slow the film. You see dust storms, locusts, floods, in dizzying flash-frames.

Zero in on a well-watered shore and see smoke from fires drifting. Stone cities rise, spread, and crumble, like paths of alpine blossoms that flourish for a day an inch above the permafrost, that iced earth no root can suck, and wither in a hour. New cit ~ Annie Dillard
Poetry quotes by Annie Dillard
So how can a poet-an intelligent, serious poet-write mystical verse now? The poetry of Adam Zagajewski provides the beginning of an answer to this question. ~ Adam Kirsch
Poetry quotes by Adam Kirsch
Wine is bottled poetry, he thinks [...] He wonders if the poem of the circus could possibly be bottled. ~ Erin Morgenstern
Poetry quotes by Erin Morgenstern
Safety isn't always safe. You can find one on every gun. ~ Andrea Gibson
Poetry quotes by Andrea Gibson
your back to
the mirror-

you are the most
immortal death ~ Banoo Zan
Poetry quotes by Banoo Zan
Poetry is the alchemy which teaches us to convert ordinary materials into gold. ~ Anais Nin
Poetry quotes by Anais Nin
Life is as long as you live it. ~ Lashauna D. Hinton
Poetry quotes by Lashauna D. Hinton
a billion brains may coax undeath
from fancied fact and spaceful time--
no heart can leap, no soul can breathe
but by the sizeless truth of a dream
whose sleep is the sky and the earth and the sea
For love are in you am in i are in we ~ E. E. Cummings
Poetry quotes by E. E. Cummings
The Occupied Territories; you think there is absolutely no way you can get to it. Do you see how close it is? How touchable? How real?

When the eye sees it, it has all the clarify of earth and pebbles and hills and rocks. It has its colours and its temperatures and its wild plants too.

Who would dare to make it into an abstraction now that it has declared its physical self to the senses?

It is no longer 'the beloved' in the poetry of resistance, or an item on a political party program, and it is not an argument or a metaphor. It stretches before me, as touchable as a scorpion, a bird, a well; visible as a field of chalk, as the prints of shoes.

I asked myself, what is so special about it except that we have lost it? It is a land, like any land.

We sing for it only so that we may remember the humiliation of having had it taken from us. Our song is not for some sacred thing of the past but for our current self-respect that is violated anew every day by the Occupation. ~ Mourid Barghouti
Poetry quotes by Mourid Barghouti
Somewhere along the way, there develops within the soul a yearning that can no longer be ignored, a craving for the great love affair. We feel it drawing ever closer. It is the greatest of them all. It cannot fail. It is all consuming. It is incomparable. It is the love affair with our own true nature and the source from which it comes. The desire is in all of us but, more often than not, it is ignored for other interests. We wrestle with each interest, trying to make it work, growing with each adventure until the light has grown bright enough for us to reach for it. ~ Donna Goddard
Poetry quotes by Donna Goddard
Your soul is so bohemian, free and gypsy wild. Come swim with me in the calming sea, let's be mermaids for awhile. ~ Melody Lee
Poetry quotes by Melody  Lee
You weren't given wings
to see the world from a tree. ~ Atticus Poetry
Poetry quotes by Atticus Poetry
Why is every mom's concern about sex? There are more important things in life, like school, careers, poetry, books, ice cream, or learning how to make the perfect chocolate cake. It's so damn frustrating. ~ Isabel Quintero
Poetry quotes by Isabel Quintero
Trusty, dusky, vivid, true,
With eyes of gold and bramble-dew,
Steel-true and blade-straight,
The great artificer made my mate. ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Poetry quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
We hate poetry that has a palpable design upon us - and if we do not agree, seems to put its hand in its breeches pocket. Poetry should be great & unobtrusive, a thing which enters into one's soul, and does not startle it or amaze it with itself but with its subject. - How beautiful are the retired flowers! how would they lose their beauty were they to throng into the highway crying out, "admire me I am a violet! dote upon me I am a primrose!" ~ John Keats
Poetry quotes by John Keats
If I had another life
I would want to spend it all on some
unstinting happiness.
I would be a fox, or a tree
full of waving branches.
I wouldn't mind being a rose
in a field full of roses.
Fear has not yet occurred to them, nor ambition.
Reason they have not yet thought of.
Neither do they ask how long they must be roses, and then what.
Or any other foolish question. ~ Mary Oliver
Poetry quotes by Mary Oliver
I was sure the old man knew nothing about the beatitudes, ecstasies, dazzling reverberations of sexual encounters. Cut out the poetry was his message. Clinical sex, deprived of all the warmth of love - the orchestration of all the senses, touch, hearing, sight, palate; all the euphoric accompaniments, back-ground music, moods, atmosphere, variations - forced him to resort to literary aphrodisiacs. ~ Anais Nin
Poetry quotes by Anais Nin
Experience has taught me, when I am shaving of a morning, to keep watch over my thoughts, because, if a line of poetry strays into my memory, my skin bristles so that the razor ceases to act. ~ A.E. Housman
Poetry quotes by A.E. Housman
Logic has rid us of the absurdity of our clothes. That's progress, no irony, only now we are cold. Hale and ill trade bodies with unusual willingness, while in midair souls tangle. The young start out disgusted and Poetry is left to the memo-writers. ~ Odysseus Elytis
Poetry quotes by Odysseus Elytis
The ordinary man's experience is chaotic, irregular, fragmentary. [He] falls in love or reads Spinoza, and these two experiences have nothing to do with each other, or with the noise of the typewriter, or the smell of cooking; in the mind of the poet these experiences are always forming new wholes ~ T. S. Eliot
Poetry quotes by T. S. Eliot
Giving these students, teenagers, any form of power over the use of their own words, allowing them to turn everyday raw material into some form of beauty, is a gift beyond measure. ~ Gloria Ng
Poetry quotes by Gloria Ng
What happens if you take a cup? Put it to your lips. A cup of desire. Of dazzling colour. Of intoxicating aroma. You can't resist. Drink. And in the bottom of the cup. There is a fish. And the fish says "You have uncovered me! Now I am condemned. To die."
What happens if you find a box? 35mm by 35mm exactly. And are curious. You open it quickly. Of course. And inside there is an eye. And the eye seems to think that the box is its exclusive property. And fixes you with a terrifying glare.
What happens if you catch a soft sound? A voice whispering in the air. Above the tree tops. And you can't quite hear what it is saying. But you have to listen. So you float up. Then you find you can't come down again. When the conversation is finished. ~ Jay Woodman
Poetry quotes by Jay Woodman
Whatever you may say, genuine emotions are aroused by people. The first smile of a newborn, love confession, hang-loose chatting with friends, weekly meetings with dears, and a lot more other things initiated by two or several individuals trigger the feeling of happiness. There are more specific emotions native to females and males. Whereas the first ones are pleased at hearing sweet words. We live and work in the tradition of love and not hatred. As for us, it is the unconditional acceptance of all people, the scale of our love for them. Let's treat every person as a person in his uniqueness at eye level.
Love is one of the strongest feelings one can ever have. It comes over you all of a sudden and totally absorbs before you manage to realize the fact. Emotions which arise with the feeling require some way of expression. Furtive glances, sweet words, touching, and romantic dates are a usual manifestation of affection. Still, there is a more inventive way to expose oneself – dedicating a special beautiful love quote to your beloved. ~ Oscar Auliq-Ice
Poetry quotes by Oscar Auliq-Ice
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