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#1. I trained like an animal, but the thing is focus and concentration. When the bell rings it's like when the little red light goes on over the camera. And I can usually nail my lines on the first or second take because I'm right there. - Author: Mickey Rourke
Firsts quotes by Mickey Rourke
#2. Recognizing that something is wrong is the first step toward changing the world. - Author: Shane Claiborne
Firsts quotes by Shane Claiborne
#3. Thus you may multiply each stone 4 times & no more for they will then become oyles shining in ye dark and fit for magicall uses. You may ferment them with gold and silver, by keeping the stone and metal in fusion together for a day, & then project upon metalls. This is the multiplication of ye stone in vertue. To multiply it in weight ad to it of ye first Gold whether philosophic or vulgar. - Author: Isaac Newton
Firsts quotes by Isaac Newton
#4. First, I'd like to see the basic tools such as compilers, debuggers, profilers, database interfaces, GUI builders, CAD tools, and so forth fully support the ISO standard. - Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
Firsts quotes by Bjarne Stroustrup
#5. America, can always be counted upon to do the right thing in the end, having first exhausted the available alternatives. - Author: Winston Churchill
Firsts quotes by Winston Churchill
#6. Do you believe in first love - or should I pass by again? - Author: Stephen Hawking
Firsts quotes by Stephen Hawking
#7. I opened the Woodstock Festival even though I was supposed to be fifth. I said, 'What am I doing here? No, no, not me, not first!' I had to go on stage because there was no one else to go on first - the concert was already two-and-a-half hours late. - Author: Richie Havens
Firsts quotes by Richie Havens
#8. The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first. - Author: Iyanla Vanzant
Firsts quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#9. When will women begin to have the first glimmer that above all other loyalties is the loyalty toTruth, i.e., to yourself, that husband, children, friends and countryare as nothing to that. - Author: Alice James
Firsts quotes by Alice James
#10. Dullness is the first requisite of a good husband. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Firsts quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#11. Here's the thing - the accent is cool. It's like a girl with big breasts - they get your attention first. - Author: Kevin Costner
Firsts quotes by Kevin Costner
#12. Kitsch is: a species of beauty, which, as it is florid and superficial, pleases at first; but soon palls upon the taste, and is rejected with disdain, at least rated at much lower value. - Author: David Hume
Firsts quotes by David Hume
#13. My first job was baby-sitting. I had a great time because I love kids. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I'm like: "Oh, you know what? I'm going to chuck it in and become a kindergarten teacher!" - Author: Anne Hathaway
Firsts quotes by Anne Hathaway
#14. Ours must be the first age whose great goal, on a nonmaterial plane, is not fulfillment but adjustment; and perhaps just such a goal has served as maladjustment's weapon. - Author: Louis Kronenberger
Firsts quotes by Louis Kronenberger
#15. We've taken disturbances and fluctuations and averaged them together to give us comfortable statistics. Our training has been to look for big numbers, important trends, major variances. Yet it is the slight variations - soft-spoken, even whispered at first - that we need to encourage. - Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
Firsts quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#16. There are several different kinds of painful feelings that we might experience, and learning to distinguish and relate to these feelings of discomfort or pain is an important part of meditation practice, because it is one of the very first things that we open to as our practice develops. - Author: Jack Kornfield
Firsts quotes by Jack Kornfield
#17. In order to be created, a work of art must first make use of the dark forces of the soul - Author: Albert Camus
Firsts quotes by Albert Camus
#18. I was a big fan of Ronald Reagan. He was the first president I got to vote for. - Author: Steve Daines
Firsts quotes by Steve Daines
#19. When I first filmed things, they were always slightly awkward. - Author: Ralph Fiennes
Firsts quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#20. Coming in second place just means you were the first person to lose ... - Author: Jeff Hawkins
Firsts quotes by Jeff Hawkins
#21. There's lots of people my age (and younger) that have grown up in chaotic environments and I just happen to be one of the first ones to make it to pro sports. It's more a societal thing than an athletics thing. - Author: Chris Kluwe
Firsts quotes by Chris Kluwe
#22. I remember reading Paul Fussell my first year teaching at U of Hawai'i and being like, oh, it has a turn! Why didn't anyone tell me? - Author: Juliana Spahr
Firsts quotes by Juliana Spahr
#23. To do anything, it is first necessary to be doing nothing. - Author: Nancy Hale
Firsts quotes by Nancy Hale
#24. Honey, you [Michael Jackson] gotta pick a race first. All of a sudden you're a black man, then you're Diana Ross, now you're Audrey Hepburn. Then he's got the little beard going on. He's like Lord of the Rings, the entire cast. Michael's about to jump species. - Author: Robin Williams
Firsts quotes by Robin Williams
#25. Adversity is a call to action, and your freedom lies in taking the first step. Don't worry about the entire staircase, just take one step, and then tomorrow take another. - Author: Kris Carr
Firsts quotes by Kris Carr
#26. My first novel was rejected by some of the most eminent publishers in the world. Starting again was a real wrench. - Author: Wilbur Smith
Firsts quotes by Wilbur Smith
#27. I'm an Air Force officer first, a pilot second and then Nicole. The female part is last ... My job is to be the best right wingman that I can be. - Author: Nicole Malachowski
Firsts quotes by Nicole Malachowski
#28. My drawings at first were made altogether in watercolors, but they wanted softness and a great deal of finish. - Author: John James Audubon
Firsts quotes by John James Audubon
#29. The first billion is a helluva lot harder. - Author: T. Boone Pickens
Firsts quotes by T. Boone Pickens
#30. To put on the garment of legitimacy is the first aim of every coup. - Author: Barbara Tuchman
Firsts quotes by Barbara Tuchman
#31. Yeah, we shot ourselves in the foot right out of the gate. The guy who ran it at first misled pretty much everybody about how much capital we had. He said we had enough to go three years without making money, and we had enough to go three weeks. - Author: Al Franken
Firsts quotes by Al Franken
#32. You mustn't rely on your flowers to make your garden attractive. A good bone structure must come first, with an intelligent use of evergreen plants so that the garden is always clothed, no matter what time of year. Flowers are an added delight, but a good garden is the garden you enjoy looking at even in the depths of winter. - Author: Margery Fish
Firsts quotes by Margery Fish
#33. I mean, you can't have sex until you're married if you're Mormon. The first time I had sex, my parents found out. They were listening in on the phone while I was talking about sex to my girlfriend. They freaked out, man. They both cornered me in my bedroom. - Author: Bert McCracken
Firsts quotes by Bert McCracken
#34. So many American plays are about family. When you're in the first part of your life, you write about family a lot. I find with my absurdist plays that I was actually writing about my family, but so disguised I didn't realize it myself. - Author: Christopher Durang
Firsts quotes by Christopher Durang
#35. I like when people wear a WWJD bracelet, because it's like an example of the first thing Jesus wouldn't do, probably. - Author: Demetri Martin
Firsts quotes by Demetri Martin
#36. I don't usually fly in first class, but I fart in first class. - Author: Demetri Martin
Firsts quotes by Demetri Martin
#37. You want to defend citizenship? Don't persecute or isolate those without papers. Just live like a citizen. That'd be a first-class way to be American. - Author: Eric Liu
Firsts quotes by Eric Liu
#38. If man made himself the first object of study, he would see how incapable he is of going further. How can a part know the whole? - Author: Blaise Pascal
Firsts quotes by Blaise Pascal
#39. Almost all first ladies have had tremendous power on personnel issues, whether the public realized it or not, whether it was Barbara Bush or Nancy Reagan or whoever. - Author: Dee Dee Myers
Firsts quotes by Dee Dee Myers
#40. You may be trying to attain power in this world, then you start trying to attain power in that world. First you want to attain wealth in this world, then you try to attain wealth in that world. But you remain the same, and the mind and the functioning and the whole scheme remains the same: Attain! Reach! This is the ego trip. The achieving mind is the ego. - Author: Rajneesh
Firsts quotes by Rajneesh
#41. I was six years old when I saw my first Godard movie, eight when I first experienced Bergman. I wanted to be a director when I was fourteen. - Author: Julie Delpy
Firsts quotes by Julie Delpy
#42. My strength is basically my get off. It is overpowering. I can get after the quarterback on first, second and third down. I pride myself on being an every down guy. - Author: Darius Philon
Firsts quotes by Darius Philon
#43. Every photo, every 'ONCE' in time is also the beginning of a story starting 'once upon a time ... ' Every photo is the first frame of a movie. - Author: Wim Wenders
Firsts quotes by Wim Wenders
#44. Behind every individual closes organization; before him opens liberty,
the Better, the Best. The first and worse races are dead.The second and imperfect races are dying out, or remain for the maturing of the higher. In the latest race, in man, every generosity, every new perception, the love and praise he extorts from his fellows, are certificates of advance out of fate into freedom. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Firsts quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#45. I'll never forget my first time with you' Min said as she edged the doughnut off her finger. 'The earth moved, and then my mother asked my father who he was going down on at lunch. - Author: Jennifer Crusie
Firsts quotes by Jennifer Crusie
#46. I am grateful to theatre for making me what I am today. But it's not like theatre is my first love. I am equally attached to cinema, which is, actually, a child of theatre, since it borrows heavily from it. - Author: Om Puri
Firsts quotes by Om Puri
#47. I've been singing since I was two. Music was my first passion and I love writing, singing, creating and being creative. - Author: Jojo
Firsts quotes by Jojo
#48. In wonder all philosophy began, in wonder it ends, and admiration fill up the interspace; but the first wonder is the offspring of ignorance, the last is the parent of adoration. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Firsts quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#49. It seemed to Scobie that life was immeasurably long. Couldn't the test of man have been carried out in fewer years? Couldn't we have committed our first major sin at seven, have ruined ourselves for love or hate at ten, have clutched at redemption on a fifteen-year-old deathbed? - Author: Graham Greene
Firsts quotes by Graham Greene
#50. What is there? I know first of all that I am. But who am I? All I know of myself is that I suffer. And if I suffer it is because at the origin of myself there is mutilation, separation. I am separated. What I am separated from
I cannot name it. But I am separated. - Author: Arthur Adamov
Firsts quotes by Arthur Adamov
#51. Be demanding of the world around you; be demanding first of all with yourselves. Be children of God; take pride in it! - Author: Pope John Paul II
Firsts quotes by Pope John Paul II
#52. Be unselfish. That is the first and final commandment for those who would be useful and happy in their usefulness. If you think of yourself only, you cannot develop because you are choking the source of development, which is spiritual expansion through thought for others. - Author: Charles William Eliot
Firsts quotes by Charles William Eliot
#53. To say that the cosmos was expanding is equally to say that its members were contracting. The ultimate centers of power, each at first coincident ... themselves generated the cosmical space by their disengagement from each other. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
Firsts quotes by Olaf Stapledon
#54. If something is wrong with anyone, look first to the stomach. - Author: Arnold Ehret
Firsts quotes by Arnold Ehret
#55. The things required for prosperous labor, prosperous manufactures, and prosperous commerce are three. First, liberty; second, liberty; third, liberty. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
Firsts quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#56. Use a screwdriver instead of a hammer. Try to untighten the nut with your hand. Utilize the path of least resistance first. - Author: Tim Allen
Firsts quotes by Tim Allen
#57. We've had one of these before, when the dot-com bubble burst. What I told our company was that we were just going to invest our way through the downturn, that we weren't going to lay off people, that we'd taken a tremendous amount of effort to get them into Apple in the first place; the last thing we were going to do is lay them off. - Author: Steve Jobs
Firsts quotes by Steve Jobs
#58. I think sometimes an artist can really lose sight of what made them popular in the first place. - Author: Chris Lowe
Firsts quotes by Chris Lowe
#59. If the world had two gods, it would surely go to ruin-this is the first premise. Now it is known that it has not gone to ruin-this is the second premise. From these premises the conclusion must of necessity follow, that is, the denial of two gods. - Author: Al-Ghazali
Firsts quotes by Al-Ghazali
#60. What sort of personality does one need to have, as a twenty-first-century mechanic, to tolerate the layers of electronic bullshit that get piled on top of machines? - Author: Matthew B. Crawford
Firsts quotes by Matthew B. Crawford
#61. The first language that I learned was Italian in Italy in the early and middle-'60s and I had to do that to keep up with the young men who were courting my wife. - Author: Clive James
Firsts quotes by Clive James
#62. The first step toward spiritual growth is to become aware of your emotions. - Author: Gary Zukav
Firsts quotes by Gary Zukav
#63. I make one image - though 'make' is not the right word; I let, perhaps, an image be 'made' emotionally in me and then apply to it what intellectual & critical forces I possess - let it breed another, let that image contradict the first, make, of the third image bred out of the other two together, a fourth contradictory image, and let them all, within my imposed formal limits, conflict. - Author: Dylan Thomas
Firsts quotes by Dylan Thomas
#64. Henry, this isn't about us. I mean it is, but they don't define you by the button you wear. They define you by what you do, by what your actions say about you. And coming here, despite your parents, says a lot to them- and me. And they're Americans first. They don't see you as the enemy. They see you as a person. - Author: Jamie Ford
Firsts quotes by Jamie Ford
#65. Gregory Peck is the hottest thing in town. Some say he is a second Gary Cooper. Actually, he is the first Gregory Peck. - Author: Gregory Peck
Firsts quotes by Gregory Peck
#66. What attracted me to Zen was my first teacher, Tim McCarthy. He was extremely genuine. It wasn't even really a Zen thing, that sort of came along later. - Author: Brad Warner
Firsts quotes by Brad Warner
#67. As a kid, I was always listening to music. I would just go in to my room and put on an album, read the lyrics, and just spend hours and hours in there. Plus, my sister Laurie played piano (in fact she taught me my first few notes) so music was always around one way or another. - Author: Andrew Hollander
Firsts quotes by Andrew Hollander
#68. In love, first please the eye, then win the heart. - Author: Norm MacDonald
Firsts quotes by Norm MacDonald
#69. That first movie I did, Lucas [1986], was probably the closest to me. And Beetlejuice a little bit, in the sense that I did look like that. All they did was like put a little white powder here. - Author: Winona Ryder
Firsts quotes by Winona Ryder
#70. After fifteen years of facing them (pitchers) you don't really get over them. They're devious. They're the only players in the game allowed to cheat. They throw illegal pitches and they sneak foreign substances on the ball. They can inflict pain whenever they wish. And, they're the only ones on the diamond who have high ground. That's symbolic. You know what they tell you in a war - 'take the high ground first.' - Author: Richie Ashburn
Firsts quotes by Richie Ashburn
#71. I first heard the term "meta-novel" at a writer's conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The idea is that even though each book in a series stands alone, when read collectively they form one big ongoing novel about the main character. Each book represents its own arc: in book one of the series we meet the character and establish a meta-goal that will carry him through further books, in book two that meta-goal is tested, in book three - you get the picture. - Author: Carolyn Wheat
Firsts quotes by Carolyn Wheat
#72. But, I think it's great to be able to work with established directors, and then also first-timers. I feel like you learn from both of them, but then you can go and share your knowledge with each of them. That's really fantastic! - Author: Juno Temple
Firsts quotes by Juno Temple
#73. In silence all our usual patterns assault us ... That is why most people give up rather quickly. When Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, the first things to show up were the wild beasts. - Author: Richard Rohr
Firsts quotes by Richard Rohr
#74. My mom thought I might be good for voiceover. She thought I had a cute voice, so maybe I could do a cartoon or something. And while we were looking into that, we also thought I should get into theater acting, so I tried it and the first audition I went on, I booked it. And it kind of just snowballed from there. - Author: Atticus Shaffer
Firsts quotes by Atticus Shaffer
#75. In my whole career, in fact, I can remember only two first nights when a show was at its peak on the first night. And I just wish we could devise a system where critics came not on a single evening but were given a choice of performances to attend. - Author: Richard McCabe
Firsts quotes by Richard McCabe
#76. The whole point of a sacrifice is that you give up something you never really wanted in the first place. People are doing it around you all the time. They give up their careers, say - or their beliefs - or sex. - Author: John Osborne
Firsts quotes by John Osborne
#77. The joy of 'Crash' was that it was all about the work. It was my first real part. Before that, it was a line here and there, maybe a scene. 'Crash' was five scenes, a beautiful arc, a little vignette of my own. It really meant something. - Author: Michael Pena
Firsts quotes by Michael Pena
#78. All that we are and all that we've ever felt, words have felt it first. - Author: Kiki Dimoula
Firsts quotes by Kiki Dimoula
#79. You have to think about good storytelling and characters first. Then hopefully, the rest of that stuff will follow, some more than others. But if you don't have a good film and strong characters, then you don't have anything down the road. - Author: Pete Docter
Firsts quotes by Pete Docter
#80. In production, in the first couple of weeks of production, that it was more like making an internet musical. - Author: Joss Whedon
Firsts quotes by Joss Whedon
#81. Before something can become a habit it must first be practiced as a discipline. - Author: Ken Blanchard
Firsts quotes by Ken Blanchard
#82. The first mistake is trying to explain morality to a terrorist. Like trying to teach a rock to drive. It is impossible. - Author: Greg Gutfeld
Firsts quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#83. What were all the world's alarms To mighty Paris when he found Sleep upon a golden bed That first dawn in Helen's arms? - Author: William Butler Yeats
Firsts quotes by William Butler Yeats
#84. Inertia is the first law of history, as it is of physics. - Author: Morris Raphael Cohen
Firsts quotes by Morris Raphael Cohen
#85. Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, all these companies are businesses first, but, as a close second, they're demographers of unprecedented reach, thoroughness, and importance. Practically as an accident, digital data can now show us how we fight, how we love, how we age, who we are, and how we're changing. All we have to do is look: - Author: Christian Rudder
Firsts quotes by Christian Rudder
#86. When I first came into this world, Elvis was already fat. - Author: Jane Wagner
Firsts quotes by Jane Wagner
#87. The first rule of discovery is to have brains and good luck. The second rule of discovery is to sit tight and wait till you get a bright idea. - Author: George Polya
Firsts quotes by George Polya
#88. I love The Matrix, especially the first one. - Author: Cass Sunstein
Firsts quotes by Cass Sunstein
#89. A blaze first pleases and then tires the sight. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Firsts quotes by Samuel Johnson
#90. If you are melancholy for the first time, you will find, upon a little inquiry, that others have been melancholy many times, and yet are cheerful now. - Author: Leigh Hunt
Firsts quotes by Leigh Hunt
#91. Math was a two-part exam and I once didn't go for the second part. I knew I'd done so badly on the first it was hopeless. I re-took it about four or five times. I think I eventually got it by getting the top GCSE grade. - Author: Rob Brydon
Firsts quotes by Rob Brydon
#92. Hence, a generative grammar must be a system of rules that can iterate to generate an indefinitely large number of structures. This system of rules can be analyzed into the three major components of a generative grammar: the syntactic, phonological, and semantic components ... the syntactic component of a grammar must specify, for each sentence, a deep structure that determines its semantic interpretation and a surface structure that determines its phonetic interpretation. The first of these is interpreted by the semantic component; the second, by the phonological component. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Firsts quotes by Noam Chomsky
#93. The first time I made myself up, I was looking at my reflection in the mirror and it wasn't me looking back. It allowed me to do things I couldn't do as myself. I found out how powerful that was and how much that can mean to an actor. - Author: Rick Baker
Firsts quotes by Rick Baker
#94. Fundamentals in the gaming sector remained relatively healthy during the first quarter. - Author: Brian Gordon
Firsts quotes by Brian Gordon
#95. The first day's always the hardest, because it moves so much faster than a film does and once you get into that rhythm, though, you feel like you've accomplished so much in such a short period of time, so there a bit of comfort in that. You just have to find your rhythm. - Author: Jaimie Alexander
Firsts quotes by Jaimie Alexander
#96. Generally speaking, I am not interested in the future and don't believe in it. First, I guess it is true that I don't trust the future, but, more to the point, I don't even trust the "myself" of tomorrow, nor, for that matter, of the day after. Basically, all I know, and all I am capable of understanding, is the "me" that is here, now, the "me" that has dragged his past with him to this point. - Author: Yohji Yamamoto
Firsts quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
#97. The law is simple. Every experience is repeated or suffered till you experience it properly and fully the first time. - Author: Ben Okri
Firsts quotes by Ben Okri
#98. I remember being cast in the first "Harry Potter" film and being quite amused, because I was imagining that someone who'd been acting since they'd been crawling would be cast. The faith and trust that they'd put into everyone actually enabled you to gain confidence back, in the sense of feeling that sense of achievement, which is incredibly hard when you're young. - Author: Bonnie Wright
Firsts quotes by Bonnie Wright
#99. Mussolini is quite humiliated because our troops have not moved a step forward. Even today they have not succeeded in advancing and have halted in front of the first French fortification which put up some resistance. - Author: Galeazzo Ciano
Firsts quotes by Galeazzo Ciano
#100. Unless souls are saved, nothing is saved; there can be no world peace without soul peace. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Firsts quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#101. Pride is more than the first of the seven deadly sins; it is itself the essence of all sin. - Author: John Stott
Firsts quotes by John Stott
#102. I had spent my entire career not wanting to talk about weight, not wanting to deal with it, wanting to be an actor first. - Author: Sara Rue
Firsts quotes by Sara Rue
#103. I had read a Tale of Two Cities and found it up to my standards as a romantic novel. She opened the first page and I heard poetry for the first time in my life ... her voice slid in and curved down trough and over the words. She was nearly singing. - Author: Maya Angelou
Firsts quotes by Maya Angelou
#104. Man mind yoursel is the first commandment. - Author: James Hogg
Firsts quotes by James Hogg
#105. The mere existence of an additional child or children in the family could signify Less. Less time alone with parents. Less attention for hurts and disappointments. Less approval for accomplishments ... No wonder children struggle so fiercely to be first or best. No wonder they mobilize all their energy to have more or most. Or better still, all. - Author: Adele Faber
Firsts quotes by Adele Faber
#106. Whenever I travel to the South, the first thing I do is visit the best barbecue place between the airport and my hotel. An hour or two later I visit the best barbecue place between my hotel and dinner. - Author: Jeffrey Steingarten
Firsts quotes by Jeffrey Steingarten
#107. I hadn't really been in that world for too long. It was fun for me, but definitely wasn't my world. When I went to my first Paris Fashion Week, I had been invited to the Louis Vuitton show by Nicolas. We met there. It was all organic and fun for me. - Author: Selena Gomez
Firsts quotes by Selena Gomez
#108. It's an old, established rule, but "golden hour" lighting is ideal because the first and last hours of sunlight are diffuse and warm. For that reason, women with photos taken outside during those hours tended to look great. - Author: Amy Webb
Firsts quotes by Amy Webb
#109. We were with Hayden Schlossberg enormous fans of that first American Pie. We were in college when it came out, and we watched it over and over and over again. - Author: Jon Hurwitz
Firsts quotes by Jon Hurwitz
#110. What would you have asked of me if I took the sea glass?'
'To save me all your firsts, - Author: L.J. Shen
Firsts quotes by L.J. Shen
#111. I guess most of us would rather not discuss cancer because we are all afraid we might be told we have it. It's hard for people to even say the word, and that's the first obstacle you have to overcome when you are diagnosed with the disease. I think once you understand a little more about it ... I don't mean it gets any easier ... but I think you give it more in-depth thought about how you're going to deal with it. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Firsts quotes by Arnold Palmer
#112. As an entrepreneur making decisions for your company, always go back to your first principles of what's important to you and why you started in the first place. - Author: Matt Mullenweg
Firsts quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#113. When anything is wrong with your child, your first instinct is to make it better. - Author: Didi Conn
Firsts quotes by Didi Conn
#114. In a very real sense my science does inform my knowledge of God. If you would allow me to say that we never know God, because if I claim that I know God, I know something other than God, because God is not knowable, he is unknowable. So we have to approach it in that sense first, that my knowledge of God is always limited. - Author: George Coyne
Firsts quotes by George Coyne
#115. The first thing that goes into shooting a scene is understanding whats on the page. - Author: Debbie Allen
Firsts quotes by Debbie Allen
#116. The first great chess players, including the world champion, got by perfectly well without constant coaches. - Author: Anatoly Karpov
Firsts quotes by Anatoly Karpov
#117. The man who first brought ruin upon the Roman people was he who pampered them by largesses and amusements. - Author: Plutarch
Firsts quotes by Plutarch
#118. For me, it started as a child with one of those little wooden jigsaw maps of the U.S., where's there's crocodiles on Florida and apples on Washington state. That was my very first map. - Author: Ken Jennings
Firsts quotes by Ken Jennings
#119. The first step in wisdom is to know the things themselves; this notion consists in having a true idea of the objects; objects are distinguished and known by classifying them methodically and giving them appropriate names. Therefore, classification and name-giving will be the foundation of our science. - Author: Carl Linnaeus
Firsts quotes by Carl Linnaeus
#120. From the first time someone says, Who do you think you are? we learn how to repress. - Author: Lauryn Hill
Firsts quotes by Lauryn Hill
#121. I had a dream, in 1985, I believe, when a friend I'd gone to school with was sick - one of the first people I knew who'd gotten the AIDS virus. I had a dream of him in his bedroom with an angel crashing through the ceiling. I wrote a poem called 'Angels in America.' I've never looked at the poem since the day I wrote it. - Author: Tony Kushner
Firsts quotes by Tony Kushner
#122. Men like to flirt with, and sometimes even date a wild child, but those women aren't usually first on their lists for marriage or motherhood. - Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Firsts quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
#123. First person narrative is a very effective tool but you have to know as a writer how to make it work. - Author: James McBride
Firsts quotes by James McBride
#124. 'Y Tu Mama Tambien' is one of the first unrated movies to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. But many video stores won't take a movie that's not rated, so I had to make the movie an R. - Author: Alfonso Cuaron
Firsts quotes by Alfonso Cuaron
#125. What turned me on to comedy was - well, first of all, I like being able to laugh, I like people who can make me laugh. - Author: Nathan Fillion
Firsts quotes by Nathan Fillion
#126. The first thing I notice is the sky, so full of blue and the kind of brilliant white clouds that make you ecstatic to have eyes. Nothing can go wrong under this sky ... - Author: Jandy Nelson
Firsts quotes by Jandy Nelson
#127. A man perfects himself by working. Foul jungles are cleared away, fair seed-fields rise instead, and stately cities; and with the man himself first ceases to be a jungle, and foul unwholesome desert thereby. The man is now a man. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
Firsts quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#128. One must first seek to love plants and nature, and then to cultivate that happy peace of mind which is satisfied with little. He will be happier if he has no rigid and arbitrary ideals, for gardens are coquettish, particularly with the novice. - Author: Liberty Hyde Bailey
Firsts quotes by Liberty Hyde Bailey
#129. A first-place team? You're always excited to become a part of that. - Author: Justin Morneau
Firsts quotes by Justin Morneau
#130. I have never started a novel - I mean except the first, when I was starting a novel just to start a novel - I've never written one without rereading Victory. It opens up the possibilities of a novel. It makes it seem worth doing. - Author: Joan Didion
Firsts quotes by Joan Didion
#131. Looking at a first assembly is kind of like looking at an overgrown garden. You can't just wade in with a weed whacker; you don't yet know where the stems of the flowers are. - Author: Walter Murch
Firsts quotes by Walter Murch
#132. I've gained first hand knowledge of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. It's made me understand that those of us who have full use of our physical faculties owe an enormous amount of respect and sensitivity to people who don't. - Author: William J. Clinton
Firsts quotes by William J. Clinton
#133. Pay no heed to the average photographer's remarks upon "flat" and "weak" negatives. Probably he is flat, weak, stale, and unprofitable; your negative may be first-rate, and probably is if he does not approve of it. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Firsts quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#134. You cannot prevent a major catastrophe, but you can build an organization that is battle-ready, where people trust one another. In military training, the first rule is to instill soldiers with trust in their officers - because without trust, they won't fight. - Author: Peter Drucker
Firsts quotes by Peter Drucker
#135. I conclude that the musical notes and rhythms were first acquired by the male or female progenitors of mankind for the sake of charming the opposite sex. - Author: Charles Darwin
Firsts quotes by Charles Darwin
#136. Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system. I am not from the East or the West, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all. I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next, did not descend from Adam or Eve or any origin story. My place is placeless, a trace of the traceless. Neither body or soul. I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know, first, last, outer, inner, only that breath breathing human being. - Author: Rumi
Firsts quotes by Rumi
#137. A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defense of custom. But the tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason. - Author: Thomas Paine
Firsts quotes by Thomas Paine
#138. From the first, I regarded myself as under obligation to my country to preserve the faces of its historic men and mothers - Author: Mathew Brady
Firsts quotes by Mathew Brady
#139. In my ideal world, it would be a soulful connection to the role because you've shared a lot of the same experiences as the character and you just feel so right in it. That's the first thing I look for. - Author: Giles Matthey
Firsts quotes by Giles Matthey
#140. From the very first time I rest my eyes on you, girl,
My heart says follow through. - Author: Bob Marley
Firsts quotes by Bob Marley
#141. When scholars study a thing, they strive to kill it first, if it's alive; then they have the parts and the'be lost the whole, for the link that's missing was the living soul. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Firsts quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#142. The servant-leader is servant first ... It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first ... - Author: Robert K. Greenleaf
Firsts quotes by Robert K. Greenleaf
#143. Coming from light into the dark, he was looking ahead of him, not down at me. My lunge, as I came to my feet, took him in the chest as I drove the sword upward with the strength of my legs. Even rusted, the sword slid through him, and I found, for the first time, how easy it is to kill a man. - Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Firsts quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
#144. My entire life has really revolved around music that was written about the time that I was born, 1908, to just before the First World War and shortly after it. This music I've always known, and it is that music that's most important to me. - Author: Elliott Carter
Firsts quotes by Elliott Carter
#145. I'll tell you what. I've been in combat. I've seen it, I've been close to it ... and if my unit is danger, and I've got a captured guy, and the guy knows where the enemy is, and I'm looking him in the eye, the guy better tell me. That's all I'm gonna tell you. The guy better tell me. If it's life or death, he's going first. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
Firsts quotes by Bill O'Reilly
#146. I don't doubt for a moment that the revolution will result in a nonracial society. I have just come from being a patient in Groote Schuur Hospital where they now have integrated wards. For the first time in my life, I have seen it working. The patients were mixed, the staff was mixed, and the medical officers were mixed; it was totally integrated. It was beautiful. White and black together. And it works. To me that is terribly exciting. - Author: Helen Joseph
Firsts quotes by Helen Joseph
#147. Most anthologists of poetry or quotations are like those who eat cherries or oysters, first picking the best and ending by eating everything. - Author: Nicolas Chamfort
Firsts quotes by Nicolas Chamfort
#148. What mortal is there, over whose first joys and happiness does not break some storm, dispelling with its icy breath his fanciful illusions, and shattering his altar? - Author: Alphonse De Lamartine
Firsts quotes by Alphonse De Lamartine
#149. When you're C.E.O., you have to have two conditions: first, shareholders need to trust you and want you to head your company. The second is that you need to feel the motivation to do the job. So, as long as both are reunited, you continue to do the job. And today, they are reunited. - Author: Carlos Ghosn
Firsts quotes by Carlos Ghosn
#150. Surfboards were everywhere. When I got my first new board, I was probably in kindergarten. - Author: Brandon Cruz
Firsts quotes by Brandon Cruz
#151. The corncob was the central object of my life. My father was a horse handler, first trotting and pacing horses, then coach horses, then work horses, finally saddle horses. I grew up around, on, and under horses, fed them, shoveled their manure, emptied the mangers of corncobs. - Author: Paul Engle
Firsts quotes by Paul Engle
#152. Diplomacy should always be the first option, and every mission should have a clear, achievable objective that is in the interests of the United States. - Author: Mike Thompson
Firsts quotes by Mike Thompson
#153. I was definitely nervous turning up on my first day to shoot with Woody Allen. - Author: Ashley Madekwe
Firsts quotes by Ashley Madekwe
#154. Barack H. Obama is a landmark presidential figure as the first black, multiracial, multicultural president from Hawaii and the Pacific. - Author: Dinesh Sharma
Firsts quotes by Dinesh Sharma
#155. He was the first to reach the aircraft, and he went for the door that by some miracle was facing outward and not into the concrete wall. Wrenching the thing open, and getting out his flashlight, he didn't know what to expect inside - smoke? Fumes? Blood and body parts?
Zsadist was sitting rigid in a backward-facing seat, his big body strapped in, both hands locked on the armrests. The Brother was staring straight ahead and not blinking.
"Have we stopped moving?" he said hoarsely - Author: J.R. Ward
Firsts quotes by J.R. Ward
#156. I don't write easily or rapidly. My first draft usually has only a few elements worth keeping. I have to find what those are and build from them and throw out what doesn't work, or what simply is not alive. - Author: Susan Sontag
Firsts quotes by Susan Sontag
#157. When I first tried out some hash, smoked some then. And I'll do it again, if only I had some cash. - Author: Neil Young
Firsts quotes by Neil Young
#158. I'll play a character who is getting married to a woman to avoid the draft. Ultimately they fall in love with each other, but at first it's only out of practicality. - Author: Elijah Wood
Firsts quotes by Elijah Wood
#159. Nobody hopped into a wardrobe to find Narnia; they hopped in, thinking it was just a wardrobe. They didn't climb up the Faraway Tree, knowing it was a Faraway Tree; they thought it was just a really big tree. Harry Potter thought he was a normal boy; Mary Poppins was supposed to be a regular nanny. It's the first and only rule. Magic comes when you're not looking for it. - Author: Holly Smale
Firsts quotes by Holly Smale
#160. When you do your first book, you're just like, "This is my work." And it's just this whole other world that you throw yourself into. - Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley
Firsts quotes by Bryan Lee O'Malley
#161. To make another person hold his tongue, be you first silent. - Author: Seneca The Younger
Firsts quotes by Seneca The Younger
#162. 'Kit Kittredge' was an amazing experience because I got to go to Canada, and it was my first 'era' film, so I got to wear the 1930s clothes, the real vintage clothes. - Author: Madison Davenport
Firsts quotes by Madison Davenport
#163. When I first started teaching at Berkeley in 1958, I could not announce that I was gay to anybody, though probably quite a few of my fellow teachers knew. - Author: Thom Gunn
Firsts quotes by Thom Gunn
#164. We all get a little rush of excitement at the prospect of buying a brand-new outfit for a first date, but this is not the time. You're much better off wearing clothes, shoes especially, that you've already tested. - Author: Nina Garcia
Firsts quotes by Nina Garcia
#165. If we want sincere harmony, peace and joy in our lives, we can have them, but we must be willing to do the work. We must make maintaining an awareness of our spiritual natures first in our lives. Our inner world is the architect of our external world. We don't lose faith in the goodness of life because we become angry and depressed. We become angry and depressed because we lose faith in the goodness of life. - Author: Susan L. Taylor
Firsts quotes by Susan L. Taylor
#166. You have first to experience what you want to express. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Firsts quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#167. Legend has it that every new technology is first used for something related to sex or pornography. That seems to be the way of humankind. - Author: Tim Berners-Lee
Firsts quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
#168. Once I started playing the piano, after my first small competition, I realized that the piano was the right instrument for me. - Author: Rafal Blechacz
Firsts quotes by Rafal Blechacz
#169. None of the chase scenes that I did had any opticals. We had to do all of that physically. The first thing you have to do is see it in your mind's eye. You have to envision it. Imagine someone knitting a sweater or a scarf. They either have a pattern in front of them, or they see a pattern in their mind's eye. Then it's one stitch at a time. That's what shooting a chase is like. - Author: William Friedkin
Firsts quotes by William Friedkin
#170. Memory is both the curse of grief and the eventual talisman against it; what at first seems unbearable becomes the succor that can outlast pain. - Author: Gail Caldwell
Firsts quotes by Gail Caldwell
#171. is love at first sight truly possible ? - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Firsts quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#172. When I put out my first mixtape, '50 Cent is the Future,' it was the first tape where an artist did the entire tape in song format. - Author: Curtis Jackson
Firsts quotes by Curtis Jackson
#173. Great design is not democratic; it comes from great designers. If the standard is lousy, then develop another standard. - Author: Edward Tufte
Firsts quotes by Edward Tufte
#174. We become sad in the first place because we have nothing stirring to do. - Author: Herman Melville
Firsts quotes by Herman Melville
#175. When I was playing soccer at the age of 14, the first thing we'd do before going out onto the field would be to climb up on one another's thighs and massage the legs; it was a regular thing. None of us had a thought of being gay, absolutely not, and it's the same with most bodybuilders. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Firsts quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#176. USAGE, n. The First Person of the literary Trinity, the Second and Third being Custom and Conventionality. Imbued with a decent reverence for this Holy Triad an industrious writer may hope to produce books that will live as long as the fashion. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Firsts quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#177. We must nurture and love, if life is to have any real meaning. But First we must find a way to survive against the things that prevent us from doing so. - Author: Terry Brooks
Firsts quotes by Terry Brooks
#178. The first sentence of a book is a handshake, perhaps an embrace. - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
Firsts quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#179. If you intend to take the journey of mastery, the best thing you can do is to arrange for first-rate instruction. - Author: George Leonard
Firsts quotes by George Leonard
#180. Teach all men to fish, but first teach all men to be fair. Take less, give more. Give more of yourself, take less from the world. Nobody owes you anything, you owe the world everything. - Author: Suzy Kassem
Firsts quotes by Suzy Kassem
#181. If God did not act first, no one would be saved. - Author: R.C. Sproul
Firsts quotes by R.C. Sproul
#182. Whatever God wants to do through you, He will do in you first. You've got to be what you want to see. - Author: Mark Batterson
Firsts quotes by Mark Batterson
#183. Endymion, you are my first love, my only love ... even if we're reborn, in another life, we'll find each other ... and then ... We'll fall in love again ... - Princess Serenity - Author: Naoko Takeuchi
Firsts quotes by Naoko Takeuchi
#184. Let's go to Russia. She [Hillary Clinton] went to the Kremlin on her very first visit and gave them that stupid symbolic reset button. - Author: Chris Christie
Firsts quotes by Chris Christie
#185. For Christians, the first of books is the Gospel and the Rosary is actually the abridgement of the Gospel. - Author: Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
Firsts quotes by Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
#186. Be the first to seek to bring good, do not grow accustomed to evil, but defeat it. - Author: Pope Francis
Firsts quotes by Pope Francis
#187. For me to win at New Hampshire, first of all, is more than a stretch and more than a dream. This is probably one of my worst places. - Author: Matt Kenseth
Firsts quotes by Matt Kenseth
#188. Getting that first draft out is a horribly hard grind, but that (perversely) is where the joy of it lies. - Author: Jonathan Stroud
Firsts quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#189. At the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century in Austria, there was a lot of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism in Austria was much more pervasive than in Germany. And Austrians took to Nazi ideas and anti-Semitism much more readily than Germans did, really. - Author: Viggo Mortensen
Firsts quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#190. Most of us who turn to any subject with love remember some morning or evening hour when we got on a high stool to reach down an untried volume, or sat with parted lips listening to a new talker, or for very lack of books began to listen to the voices within, as the first traceable beginning of our love. - Author: George Eliot
Firsts quotes by George Eliot
#191. I would say courage first; then wisdom, which is a sense of knowledge and confidence; and also the wish and desire to uplift. The underlying notion is "How do I help?" That attitude really is a spiritual journey and a path. - Author: Sakyong Mipham
Firsts quotes by Sakyong Mipham
#192. In a sick world, it is the first duty of the artist to get well. - Author: Jean Toomer
Firsts quotes by Jean Toomer
#193. The more we engage in society, the more firsts we have, then there will be a moment when we have no more firsts. Or maybe there will always be new firsts. - Author: Juan Felipe Herrera
Firsts quotes by Juan Felipe Herrera
#194. First of all, Saddam did not win the war, even though he says he did, I mean, you know, that's a joke and everybody in the world knows it. - Author: Norman Schwarzkopf
Firsts quotes by Norman Schwarzkopf
#195. If at first you don't succeed - give it up. It isn't worth the pain. - Author: Matt Groening
Firsts quotes by Matt Groening
#196. When you first get into television it is a big deal, then you realize you are no better than anyone else, we just have a platform to use, to help other people. I use that platform for the work I do in the military, the work I do with cancer because I was fortunate enough to get that platform. - Author: Robert Irvine
Firsts quotes by Robert Irvine
#197. To change the world, Start with one step. However small, the first step is hardest of all. - Author: Dave Matthews
Firsts quotes by Dave Matthews
#198. A classic is a book which with each rereading offers as much of a sense of discovery as the first reading. - Author: Italo Calvino
Firsts quotes by Italo Calvino
#199. Ronan Lynch lived with every sort of secret. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Firsts quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#200. The first time I fired up a car, felt the engine shudder and the wheel come to life in my hands, I was hooked. It was a feeling I can't describe. I still get it every time I get into a race car. - Author: Mario Andretti
Firsts quotes by Mario Andretti

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