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#1. The writer's job is to get the main character up a tree, and then once they are up there, throw rocks at them. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Jobs quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#2. I started to book good television jobs in 2010. I started to get really close to exceptional jobs in 2011, and then I got 'Arrow' in 2012. I know how lucky I am because just getting the lead in a pilot doesn't guarantee that that pilot is going to turn into something great. - Author: Stephen Amell
Jobs quotes by Stephen Amell
#3. Big money, big Liberal Party politics and big media are trying to get rid of us, of course, by letting Packer take over Fairfax - a media-only company. But we're hanging in there and doing the best job we can for our readers while we can. - Author: Margo Kingston
Jobs quotes by Margo Kingston
#4. If you have a profession that depends on what you look like, you can't blame somebody for caring about that. It's part of their job. So it's vanity but it's also not in a lot of cases. It's being professional. - Author: James Franco
Jobs quotes by James Franco
#5. You can't compare any job or any friendship or anything to another. I think if you do, it's kind of a recipe for disaster. - Author: Vincent Kartheiser
Jobs quotes by Vincent Kartheiser
#6. I think Republicans need to do a better job of reaching out to everyone in the United States. Politics is always about getting the support of the majority of our people. - Author: Marco Rubio
Jobs quotes by Marco Rubio
#7. If you're waiting for the job, you're dead. - Author: Dustin Hoffman
Jobs quotes by Dustin Hoffman
#8. I began auditioning for acting jobs at the ripe old age of 12. Thirty years later, including a 15-year run on television, I sometimes just get offers for work. Often, however, I am still required to run pell-mell around Los Angeles or New York, interviewing for film and TV jobs. - Author: Diane Farr
Jobs quotes by Diane Farr
#9. I think ultimately what you really want is a few people within any label that are into the band enough to really work on it every day for a long time and to actually try a little bit. But obviously, the major labels have more money to spend, so if they feel like spending it, they have bigger resources there when you need them. It doesn't always necessarily translate into them doing a better job for a band, but I think especially if you're playing the game of commercial radio and making videos and stuff like that, that's sort of an expensive proposition. - Author: Adam Schlesinger
Jobs quotes by Adam Schlesinger
#10. If you have Palestinians who have no hope, who don't have a job, who've used up all their resources, the notion of getting rid of violence is a dream. - Author: James Wolfensohn
Jobs quotes by James Wolfensohn
#11. I have always loved horror very much. I used to write stories for DC's House of Mystery. It was one of my first jobs writing for comics, and I loved it. - Author: Sergio Aragones
Jobs quotes by Sergio Aragones
#12. My first job was baby-sitting. I had a great time because I love kids. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I'm like: "Oh, you know what? I'm going to chuck it in and become a kindergarten teacher!" - Author: Anne Hathaway
Jobs quotes by Anne Hathaway
#13. Right now you can make a decision, ... If you truly decided to, you can do almost anything. So if you don't liike the current relationship you're in, make the decision now to change it. If you don't like your current job, change it. - Author: Tony Robbins
Jobs quotes by Tony Robbins
#14. Once a job it has begun, do not stop until it's done. Whether it is big or small, do it well or not all. - Author: Bear Grylls
Jobs quotes by Bear Grylls
#15. The thing that is really hard about adaptation is that I try to only pick things I love because if it is something where you think, "Oh, that sounds like an interesting idea but I don't love it," then I can't do my job well. - Author: Andy Weir
Jobs quotes by Andy Weir
#16. It is a formidable list of jobs: the whole of the spinning industry, the whole of the dyeing industry, the whole of the weaving industry. The whole catering industry and - which would not please Lady Astor, perhaps - the whole of the nation's brewing and distilling. All the preserving, pickling and bottling industry, all the bacon-curing. And (since in those days a man was often absent from home for months together on war or business) a very large share in the management of landed estates. Here are the women's jobs - and what has become of them? They are all being handled by men. It is all very well to say that woman's place is the home - but modern civilisation has taken all these pleasant and profitable activities out of the home, where the women looked after them, and handed them over to big industry, to be directed and organised by men at the head of large factories. Even the dairy-maid in her simple bonnet has gone, to be replaced by a male mechanic in charge of a mechanical milking plant. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Jobs quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#17. I keep forgetting I'm speaking in an American accent sometimes. The dangerous thing is that you end up forgetting what your real accent is after a while! It's really strange; I've never done a job in an American accent before. - Author: Robert Pattinson
Jobs quotes by Robert Pattinson
#18. I've done a lot of pilots. A lot of shows. You're young and you do a job just because you know someone gave you a job. - Author: John Slattery
Jobs quotes by John Slattery
#19. I don't know, man. Look at me. I've changed. I've grown up. I've got a job, got a career ... I drink coffee now. - Author: Bret McKenzie
Jobs quotes by Bret McKenzie
#20. After you get a job and before you have to do it. Nothing beats that. - Author: Jerry Seinfeld
Jobs quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#21. I come from a minimum wage working world, as we all did for at least some part of our lives, and that is never out of my rearview. I've never forgotten how much your feet hurt after you've stood on them for like 12 hours. And how the drudgery of a job you hate craps on your entire life; how you treat other people, how you treat yourself, and it really was getting to me. - Author: Henry Rollins
Jobs quotes by Henry Rollins
#22. If you must know, my parents came from pretty hardscrabble backgrounds in the southern Midwest. I certainly didn't grow up poor, but I did spend my 20s and early 30s juggling temp jobs and choking on massive student-loan debt. - Author: Meghan Daum
Jobs quotes by Meghan Daum
#23. Far from the richest rapper, but my biggest personal achievement thus far in my life has been retiring my mom early from her job at the Post Office. It's a tiny payback for the sacrifices she made that allowed me to chase a far-fetched dream of becoming a successful artist. I'm forever grateful, - Author: J. Cole
Jobs quotes by J. Cole
#24. If you know why someone is doing what they're doing, why they're behaving the way they are, then that's your job to reveal that, and often that's situational. The storytelling does that, and then some of it's your job as an actor to make that subtext come to life. - Author: Cate Blanchett
Jobs quotes by Cate Blanchett
#25. If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#26. This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that's what I had. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#27. But sports photography isn't something you just pick up overnight. You can't do it once a year for fun and expect to do a good job. And I take pride in what I do. - Author: Drew Carey
Jobs quotes by Drew Carey
#28. Seeing what happens when you rip yourself open is what your job is all about. - Author: Ed Harris
Jobs quotes by Ed Harris
#29. Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#30. I don't come to work as an actor. There are many directors who can direct without ever having acted and do a great job and connect with their actors and lead them to excellent performances without themselves having had an acting background. - Author: Abdellatif Kechiche
Jobs quotes by Abdellatif Kechiche
#31. You just try to get the best jobs that you can get. Sometimes I produce my own movies, so that's your own sort of vision. That helps things. I don't know what it is. Probably just circumstance. I've definitely been aware of the fact that I want to do different things. - Author: John Cusack
Jobs quotes by John Cusack
#32. I'm an Air Force officer first, a pilot second and then Nicole. The female part is last ... My job is to be the best right wingman that I can be. - Author: Nicole Malachowski
Jobs quotes by Nicole Malachowski
#33. I can't wait to front my band with these new songs and play for fans, but I've decided to keep my day job too. - Author: Richard Marx
Jobs quotes by Richard Marx
#34. It's a great sacrifice to do what I'm doing. I'm not having fun at all ... What a brutal job! - Author: Silvio Berlusconi
Jobs quotes by Silvio Berlusconi
#35. When I build something for somebody, I always add $50 million or $60 million onto the price. My guys come in, they say it's going to cost $75 million. I say it's going to cost $125 million, and I build it for $100 million. Basically, I did a lousy job. But they think I did a great job. - Author: Donald Trump
Jobs quotes by Donald Trump
#36. I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great. It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can't capture, and I found it fascinating. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#37. I've never been jealous before I met you, it burns, luv. Like silver through my veins. Some nights, watching you with other men on your jobs, I think it will drive me mad. (Bones) - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Jobs quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#38. People understand what is good for them in the long run. In the long run, what is good for people is that India's economy continues to grow at clipping pace, 8% and above, that itself brings host of benefits to the people. It brings better roads, it brings better schools, brings more money to the communities, it brings more jobs. - Author: P. Chidambaram
Jobs quotes by P. Chidambaram
#39. I haven't had any bad jobs. I was a hairdresser before and that's it. I still cut my family and mates' hair when they want a trim. If I go up to Scotland to see my mum, I know she'll say, 'Bring your scissors!' - Author: Sharleen Spiteri
Jobs quotes by Sharleen Spiteri
#40. Every time you say yes to something you don't want to do, this will happen: you will resent people, you will do a bad job, you will have less energy for the things you were doing a good job on, you will make less money, and yet another small percentage of your life will be used up, burned up, a smoke signal to the future saying, I did it again. - Author: James Altucher
Jobs quotes by James Altucher
#41. I have never seen more Senators express discontent with their jobs ... I think the major cause is that, deep down in our hearts, we have been accomplices in doing something terrible and unforgivable to our wonderful country. Deep down in our heart, we know that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy. We have defrauded our country to get ourselves elected. - Author: John C. Danforth
Jobs quotes by John C. Danforth
#42. Hold yourself on your own. A man's job in a romantic dynamic is not to be your butler, bank account or your father. - Author: Amy Chan
Jobs quotes by Amy Chan
#43. Getting a job scared her but she was determined not to shy away from risk. That's what life's all about. Climbing out onto the airplane wing and jumping off. - Author: Wally Lamb
Jobs quotes by Wally Lamb
#44. Photojournalist? With a few exceptions, those of us working as photojournalists might now more appropriately call ourselves illustrators. For, unlike real reporters, whose job it is to document what's going down, most of us go out in the world expecting to give form to the magazine, or to newspaper editor's ideas, using what's become over the years a pretty standardized visual language. So we search for what is instantly recognizable, supportive of the text, easiest to digest, or most marketable - more mundane realities be damned. - Author: Eugene Richards
Jobs quotes by Eugene Richards
#45. If we don't figure out a way to create equity, real equity, of opportunity and access, to good schools, housing, health care, and decent paying jobs, we're not going to survive as a productive and healthy society. - Author: Tim Wise
Jobs quotes by Tim Wise
#46. Even though I didn't know I was applying for the job, I have somehow become the spokesperson for independent book stores. - Author: Ann Patchett
Jobs quotes by Ann Patchett
#47. The number one job of a leader is to protect the truth. - Author: Roy Spence
Jobs quotes by Roy Spence
#48. You can't stand for too many things. You can't use the bully pulpit for too many things. So, I promise you, every day, I am going to talk about jobs, spending, and education. - Author: Meg Whitman
Jobs quotes by Meg Whitman
#49. Our job is not to amuse our readers. Our mission is to stir them, inform and inflame them. Our task is to continually hold up our government and our leaders to clear-eyed analysis, unaffected by professional spinmeisters and agenda-pushers. In these times, when those of us who are members of the 'reality-based community' are under relentless attack from both the right and the left, we must encourage, and our work must reflect, independent and non-ideological thinking. - Author: Tony Auth
Jobs quotes by Tony Auth
#50. Butch didn't live in his own place. He didn't spend his own money. He had no job, no future. He was a well-kept pet, not a man. - Author: J.R. Ward
Jobs quotes by J.R. Ward
#51. In the economy of Heaven, God does not send thunder if a still, small voice is enough, or a prophet if a priest can do the job. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
Jobs quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#52. As I look back now on my coaching career, I think of my family, I think of the days that we spent together. I say this to coaches everywhere: If you ever have a chance to take your kids with you, take them. Don't miss that opportunity. Because when it's all over and done with, when you look back, those are going to be your fondest memories. - Author: John Madden
Jobs quotes by John Madden
#53. Ask for feedback from people with diverse backgrounds. Each one will tell you one useful thing. If you're at the top of the chain, sometimes people won't give you honest feedback because they're afraid. In this case, disguise yourself, or get feedback from other sources. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#54. What you see on the field is my job. - Author: Terrell Owens
Jobs quotes by Terrell Owens
#55. The blank space can be humbling. But I've faced it my whole professional life. It's my job. It's also my calling. Bottom line: Filling this empty space constitutes my identity. - Author: Twyla Tharp
Jobs quotes by Twyla Tharp
#56. People need jobs, people need happy and successful lives; there should be marriage between one man and one woman, there should the value of person from conception until natural death. - Author: Alveda King
Jobs quotes by Alveda King
#57. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries you have these great nation states hurling their young men at one another. The victory was really going to rest on who could do the best job of bringing up their kids to become efficient and effective soldiers. That's pretty grandiose, I guess, but I do think that, and thank God it's been the armies of democracy that have emerged from this as the triumphant armies. - Author: Stephen Ambrose
Jobs quotes by Stephen Ambrose
#58. Comfort leads to complacency, and complacency kills. For this reason, I believe that we all should be a little uncoomfortable in our jobs. - Author: Stephen R. Lorenz
Jobs quotes by Stephen R. Lorenz
#59. There are certain jobs I don't take because I feel no connection to the person. But if somebody is open with me, and honest about their motivations, and has some level of self- awareness, then I'm going to understand them. - Author: Hilary Liftin
Jobs quotes by Hilary Liftin
#60. Baseball was my refuge. When I came on the field, I did my job, and did the best I could and focused on that. Then I went home and I was miserable. That was pretty much my routine every day.? - Author: Joey Votto
Jobs quotes by Joey Votto
#61. We've had one of these before, when the dot-com bubble burst. What I told our company was that we were just going to invest our way through the downturn, that we weren't going to lay off people, that we'd taken a tremendous amount of effort to get them into Apple in the first place; the last thing we were going to do is lay them off. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#62. It's my job as president and Congress's job to make sure that there's some rules of the road that people are gonna abide by, and that we've got transparency and accountability. But this stuff is being posted. And one of the things that we're gonna do is put together an independent board on the recovery package. - Author: Barack Obama
Jobs quotes by Barack Obama
#63. It's one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child... 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' As if growing up is finite. As if, at some point, you become something and that's the end. - Author: Michelle Obama
Jobs quotes by Michelle Obama
#64. Anyone who really wants to coach and have a lot of impact on people's lives, high school's the way to go. To be honest with you, of all the jobs I've ever had, the one I really, truly enjoyed the most was teaching and coaching in high school. It just doesn't pay as well. - Author: Charlie Weis
Jobs quotes by Charlie Weis
#65. Playing Elizabeth Taylor was probably the hardest job I've ever done. - Author: Sherilyn Fenn
Jobs quotes by Sherilyn Fenn
#66. Corporations don't create jobs, customers do. So when all the economic gains go to the top, as they're doing now, the vast majority of Americans don't have enough purchasing power to buy the things corporations want to sell - which means businesses stop creating enough jobs. - Author: Robert Reich
Jobs quotes by Robert Reich
#67. I guess because deejaying has become my job, I tend to listen to really horrible stuff on my spare time. If you heard my iPod you'd be like, "what the hell?" - Author: Neil Armstrong
Jobs quotes by Neil Armstrong
#68. Reading for me, was like breathing. It was probably akin to masturbation for my brain. Getting off on the fantasy within the pages of a good novel felt necessary to my survival. If I wasn't asleep, knitting, or working, I was reading. This was for several reasons, all of them focused around the infititely superior and enviable lives of fictional heroines to real-life people.
Take romans for instance. Fictional women in romance novels never get their period. They never have morning breath. They orgasm seventeen times a day. And they never seem to have jobs with bosses.
These clean, well-satisfied, perm-minty-breathed women have fulfilling careers as florists, bakery owners, hair stylists or some other kind of adorable small business where they decorate all day. If they do have a boss, he's a cool guy (or gal) who's invested in the woman's love life. Or, he's a super hot billionaire trying to get in her pants.
My boss cares about two things: Am I on time ? Are all my patients alive and well at the end of my shift?
And the mend in the romance novels are too good to be true; but I love it, and I love them. Enter stage right the independently wealthy venture capitalist suffering from the ennui of perfection until a plucky interior decorator enters stage left and shakes up his life and his heart with perky catch phrases and a cute nose that wrinkles when she sneezes.
I suck at decorating. The walls of my apartment are bare. I am allergic to most sto - Author: Penny Reid
Jobs quotes by Penny Reid
#69. The axis today is not liberal and conservative, the axis is constructive-destructive. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#70. I really enjoy writing lyrics, I enjoy harmonies and I enjoy hearing the organic side of production because I have to do so much non- organic for a living for other artists, it's just a break for me, for my ears and it confuses people that think my music is supposed to sound like the stuff I do for my day job, but that's just people that don't know me. - Author: Butch Walker
Jobs quotes by Butch Walker
#71. I would say that IQ is the strongest predictor of which field you can get into and hold a job in, whether you can be an accountant, lawyer or nurse, for example. - Author: Daniel Goleman
Jobs quotes by Daniel Goleman
#72. I come out before an audience and maybe my house burned down an hour ago, maybe my husband stayed out all night, but I stand there ... I got them with me, right there in my hand and comfortable. That's my job, to make them comfortable, because if they wanted to be nervous they could have stayed home and added up their bills. - Author: Fanny Brice
Jobs quotes by Fanny Brice
#73. Their words of encouragement were just what I needed. I was doing a great job, and I appreciated their cheers.I felt a dormlike camaraderie in the burn unit, since each of us knew the challenges we were facing like no one else could, and therefore how meaningful each triumph was. - Author: Stephanie Nielson
Jobs quotes by Stephanie Nielson
#74. I think death is the most wonderful invention of life. It purges the system of these old models that are obsolete. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#75. Acting is great. It's so much fun. It's a job where you literally get to do something that's a great experience, and then you try a new experience, and you take things from all of it. - Author: James Wolk
Jobs quotes by James Wolk
#76. Actually, no. I won't ever go digital. I work with thirty-five or large format. I like the hand-jobs, you know. And I still do most of my own printing. I've developed such a profound distaste for touch-up and modern artifice - comes from snapping too many derelicts and detritus, perhaps, but I love it. Photo bloody Shop can go stuff it. A picture should be honest, even if the subject is contrived on the ground, you know; not dolled-up for advertising punch or sex appeal. - Author: Pansy Schneider-Horst
Jobs quotes by Pansy Schneider-Horst
#77. Melons, peaches, apples, almonds, dates, Uighurs waiting in the shade, waiting for jobs, waiting for a drink of water, minarets above the rooftops. - Author: Atticus Lish
Jobs quotes by Atticus Lish
#78. This is about putting education absolutely in the centre of enterprise and then using the traditions of Birmingham to inspire and grow. If you have knowledge and business linked together you will grow well, you go further down the innovative path and actually you create more and more jobs. Those jobs will only be available for people with skills but they will be real sustainable employments. That is how important innovation is. - Author: Digby Jones, Baron Jones Of Birmingham
Jobs quotes by Digby Jones, Baron Jones Of Birmingham
#79. There are a lot of studies about small businesses and how they make a difference in their community and create a lot of jobs and values. So we need to focus on small businesses or entrepreneurs who want to start manufacturing or making things. - Author: Hamdi Ulukaya
Jobs quotes by Hamdi Ulukaya
#80. If the man who observes the myriad stars, and considers that they and their innumerable satellites move in their serene dignity through the heavens, each swinging clear of the other's orbit-if, I say, the man who sees this cannot realise the Creator's attributes without the help of the book of Job, then his view of things is beyond my understanding. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Jobs quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#81. I took a gamble in becoming an actor and my dream job has been realised. - Author: Brendan Coyle
Jobs quotes by Brendan Coyle
#82. A fan is someone who, if you have made an idiot of yourself on the pitch, doesn't think you've done a permanent job. - Author: Jack Lynch
Jobs quotes by Jack Lynch
#83. Being a Midwesterner, I know that many of the middle-class manufacturing jobs that had been at the heart of our economy are either gone or going, and they're not coming back. - Author: Eli Broad
Jobs quotes by Eli Broad
#84. I observed that the successful farmer worked at his job. He would do his plowing, disking, harrowing, seeding, and harvesting in the proper season and at the proper time, while his neighbor was procrastinating, or off hunting and fishing while the work was still to be done. We must learn to set our priorities straight. No one can be successful in his line of work unless he works at it in the proper season and plays in the proper season. - Author: Nathan Eldon Tanner
Jobs quotes by Nathan Eldon Tanner
#85. I've wanted to direct for a long time, but it had to be a story I wanted to tell. The writer's job is to find the story that he should tell. - Author: Peter Hedges
Jobs quotes by Peter Hedges
#86. Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. - Author: Jim Rohn
Jobs quotes by Jim Rohn
#87. Somewhere along the line, between the idealisms of youth and the realities of adulthood, we become pacified by our jobs; we tolerate how we hurt the world so that we can sustain our lives. At some point, blurred in the past, we traded the greater good for ourselves. - Author: Richard Beckham II
Jobs quotes by Richard Beckham II
#88. I'm an entertainer, not a commentator. If you're a comedian your job is to make people laugh. - Author: Johnny Carson
Jobs quotes by Johnny Carson
#89. The job of the artist is to point at things. - Author: Miranda July
Jobs quotes by Miranda July
#90. Rich white Protestant men have held on to some measure of power in America almost solely by getting women, blacks, and other disadvantaged groups to wear crippling foot fashions. This keeps them too busy with corns and bunions to compete in the job market. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Jobs quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#91. The big story today, Barack Obama was accused of insulting Sarah Palin when he criticized Republican policies by saying, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. Political experts say that if Obama keeps insulting Palin, he could lose the election and win a job at MSNBC. - Author: Conan O'Brien
Jobs quotes by Conan O'Brien
#92. Kate Winslet [for Steve Jobs movie, 2015] is the darling. If you wanna be the king you gotta kill the king. I think Charlotte [Rampling] is the dark horse on this one. No one does classic beauty better than her. - Author: Bun B.
Jobs quotes by Bun B.
#93. In terms of jobs, I'm an actor. There's gotta' be depth there. I'd never say yes to something just to play the hot guy. That's not what I'm interested in. - Author: Bill Skarsgard
Jobs quotes by Bill Skarsgard
#94. There are a couple of things I want to impart to ladies who want to be in comedy: One, you don't have to be weird or be quirky to get your job done. And two, comedy skill is not sexually transmittable. You do not have to sleep with a comedian to learn what you're doing. Male comedians will not like that advice, but it is the truth. - Author: Tina Fey
Jobs quotes by Tina Fey
#95. Microsoft's philosophy is to get it out there and fix it later. Steve [Jobs] would never do that. He doesn't get anything out there until it is perfected. - Author: John Sculley
Jobs quotes by John Sculley
#96. People tell me I have the best job in the world, which is true, but I also work with some of the best people in the world. - Author: Michael Silverblatt
Jobs quotes by Michael Silverblatt
#97. The notion that moving toward renewable energy will kill jobs is an absurdity on its face. The notion that we have to live smaller lifestyles; not have the American way of life or give up the American Dream is just ridiculous. It is the opposite of the case; a new energy paradigm will create opportunity. - Author: Marshall Herskovitz
Jobs quotes by Marshall Herskovitz
#98. The best social reform program in the world is a job. - Author: Ronald Reagan
Jobs quotes by Ronald Reagan
#99. Steve Jobs had been known to ask: What are you passionate about in your life? "If this is just a job to you, it's the wrong place, - Author: Carmine Gallo
Jobs quotes by Carmine Gallo
#100. The notion that women shouldn't care about personal success
or the work that gets them there
is disengenuous; it is impossible for women not to have jobs anymore, so it doesn't make sense to expect them to structure their lives around getting married. The real failure is our cultural incapacity to make room for women to live and thrive outside of traditional conceptions of femininity and relationships. After all, we can eat without marriage, but not without work. - Author: Samhita Mukhopadhyay
Jobs quotes by Samhita Mukhopadhyay
#101. Presidents don't have power. Their job is to draw attention away from it. - Author: Douglas Adams
Jobs quotes by Douglas Adams
#102. Josh [Gad] does such an amazing job playing a lovable idiot. Not many people can do that, as convincingly as he can. - Author: Josh Gad
Jobs quotes by Josh Gad
#103. A skilled worker, regardless of the job description, remains a treasure. - Author: Madeleine M. Kunin
Jobs quotes by Madeleine M. Kunin
#104. You don't want to look too chic at a Washington party or people will think you don't have a job worth losing. - Author: Judith Martin
Jobs quotes by Judith Martin
#105. I'd been rejected, but I was still in love, so I decided to start over. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#106. It's interesting to get older and realize that part of your job growing up in this profession is to help the next generation. More and more, with Boyhood and with Ellar Coltrane and with Emma [Watson], I start to see that role. There's no better way. Nobody wants advice, so you can't really give it. You just have to try to wish them well on their journey. - Author: Ethan Hawke
Jobs quotes by Ethan Hawke
#107. My mom had five kids. And she came home after working three jobs, and I'd rub her feet. We'd all rub her feet. We were lucky to get any time with her. - Author: Lee Daniels
Jobs quotes by Lee Daniels
#108. When I was a child I used to read books by Gerald Durrell, who founded Jersey Zoo. He had a job collecting animals for zoos and for a long time that is what I wanted to do. Later when I was a teenager I had a fantastic English teacher called Mrs. Stafford. Her enthusiasm made me decide to be a writer. - Author: Melvin Burgess
Jobs quotes by Melvin Burgess
#109. The Shiv Sena was the handiwork of a cartoonist named Bal Thackeray, whose main target was south Indians, whom he claimed were taking away jobs from the natives. Thackeray lampooned dhoti-clad 'Madrasis' in his writings and drawings; while his followers attacked Udupi restaurants and homes of Tamil and Telugu speakers. - Author: Ramachandra Guha
Jobs quotes by Ramachandra Guha
#110. I starved and slept on park benches. I wrapped myself in the pages of my manuscript to keep warm. For two and a half years I took odd jobs; nothing was going to deter me. - Author: Gary Jennings
Jobs quotes by Gary Jennings
#111. This is why he never took these jobs anymore, Wes realized. It was too much-he couldn't save everybody-he couldn't even keep his solders alive, let alone in a line. Daran was lost, and while he was a jerk and a lowlife, he had still entrusted his life to Wes and Wes had failed him. He couldn't keep doing this, there were so many ... and he was too young to watch so many kids die. Now he was being asked to save a few more ... for what? So he could watch them starve? - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
Jobs quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#112. I'm thinking about fucking your mouth, to be exact."
"Of course you are," she said drily. "You're a boy. Boys are delusional."
He smiled. "You're not going to let me feel what it's like to slide my cock in your mouth? That doesn't seem fair. I go down on you all the time."
"Oh, I won't deny you eat pussy like a champ."
He laughed. "Like a champ?"
"Totally. But you know, over seventy percent of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by having too many blow jobs."
"They are not."
"They could be. - Author: Suzanne Wright
Jobs quotes by Suzanne Wright
#113. More freedom means more jobs ... less government and less taxes. - Author: Todd Akin
Jobs quotes by Todd Akin
#114. I am lonesome so regular it's like a job I gotta report to every day. - Author: Alice Childress
Jobs quotes by Alice Childress
#115. It wasn't until after college that I started writing. I had just applied randomly for jobs in the media and got one on a magazine called 'Pensions World.' So I was writing for a living there and that's when I started my first book. - Author: Sophie Kinsella
Jobs quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#116. Therefore, although anxiety is part of life, never let it control you. If it comes too close, say: "I'm not worried about tomorrow, because God is there already, waiting for me." If it tries to persuade you that taking on lots of jobs means having a productive life, say: "I need time to look at the stars in order to feel inspired and to be able to do my job well. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Jobs quotes by Paulo Coelho
#117. I've found that giving 100% to your job isn't the same as giving 100% of your life to your job. Very often when I thought I was giving 100% of my life to my job, I was simply obsessing over something. - Author: Bruce Springsteen
Jobs quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#118. What I tell these young people is, the world is not as dangerous as the older generation would like you to believe. Anyone I know who has ever taken a risk and lost a job has ended up getting a better one two years later. - Author: Jonathan Kozol
Jobs quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#119. I took on cancer like I take on everything - like a mission and a job to accomplish. - Author: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Jobs quotes by Sam Taylor-Johnson
#120. Ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign sources of oil and is an important weapon in the War on Terror. By investing in South Dakota's ethanol producers, we will strengthen our energy security and create new jobs. - Author: John Thune
Jobs quotes by John Thune
#121. I always resent anybody interfering with anybody else trying to do his job. Everybody has his own job to do. If he's good, he'll do well, but if he's mediocre, he's not going to do as well as he should. - Author: Jack Kirby
Jobs quotes by Jack Kirby
#122. The web is just going to be one more of those major change factors that businesses face every decade. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#123. The president's grand experiment in trickle-down government has held back rather than sped economic recovery. He seems to sincerely believe we can build a middle class out of government jobs paid for with borrowed dollars. - Author: Mitch Daniels
Jobs quotes by Mitch Daniels
#124. I went to school to learn to be a hairdresser. I worked at a wholesale florist, where I delivered to florists all over New Jersey. I'd come home and go out to work down at the Shore. The early jobs, I remember, were $5, $6 a night. And I lived in the projects right until the time I became successful. - Author: Frankie Valli
Jobs quotes by Frankie Valli
#125. The NFL has done a great job in giving players information on how to go to a second career after football and how to invest their money while they're playing to ensure when their career is over, that they have something else in place to fall back on. One of the big things the NFL does is promote education in different fields. - Author: Kamerion Wimbley
Jobs quotes by Kamerion Wimbley
#126. The hood made me realise that crime succeeds because crime does the one thing the government doesn't do: crime cares. Crime is grassroots. Crime looks for the young kids who need support and a lifting hand. Crime offers internship programmes and part-time jobs and opportunities for advancement. Crime gets involved in the community. Crime doesn't discriminate. - Author: Trevor Noah
Jobs quotes by Trevor Noah
#127. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#128. To look for a job before looking deeply inward is likely to short-circuit the process of finding your calling. - Author: Dan Miller
Jobs quotes by Dan Miller
#129. That's a job that it makes a few friendships, but it probably breaks more. - Author: Michael McKean
Jobs quotes by Michael McKean
#130. Before I was famous I had a whole bunch of jobs where all I needed was boots. People would look right past me, or if they did look at me, it was with a mean look. But when I got famous, people would look at me and smile and wonder where they knew me from. If they flat-out recognized me, they'd laugh and dance like they'd won a prize, and I'd just stand there and smile and feel warmth from their love. So the fame made the world, which is a real cold place, a little less cold. - Author: Norm Macdonald
Jobs quotes by Norm Macdonald
#131. Sometimes it occurs to me that the job of a serious cultural critic mostly consists in telling the generality of people that their opinions - on films, on books, on all manner of widgets, gadgets and even the latest electronic fidgets - simply aren't up to scratch. - Author: Will Self
Jobs quotes by Will Self
#132. It's my job to make him look good. He's a very good looking man, so it's my job to keep him looking good. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
Jobs quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#133. There is not a moral to every story in animal behavior. Sometimes a snake is just a snake, and sometimes snake sex is only about sex in snakes, or sex in egg-laying reptiles. Although a biologist's job in part is to interpret what organisms do in a broader context, that context does not, and should not, need to include a lesson for human beings. This is true regardless of whether the lesson is something we would like to teach, which means that using animals as vehicles for nonsexist thinking is just as out of bounds as using them to keep women barefoot and pregnant. - Author: Marlene Zuk
Jobs quotes by Marlene Zuk
#134. It's time to focus on real solutions that will create jobs and build our economy for real strength and stability - not just for the fortunate few, but for every American. - Author: Kirsten Gillibrand
Jobs quotes by Kirsten Gillibrand

I don't know of people who do everything from going to school, learning different skills and basically develop themselves so that they stay at home. It's ingrained in every kid that they should study hard and excel so that they can get good jobs and live well. With that said, working is what makes us build nations and fulfill some our dreams so it's important to ensure that the work environment is kept safe and comfortable for workers so that they can remain productive for the longest time. However as long as we are living there will SWMS always be greedy employers who will take short cuts or fail to protect their employees and this is where OSHA(occupational safety and health administration)comes in to rectify these issues. Occupational safety is ensuring that employees work in danger free environment.

There are many industries of different nature and hence the possible hazards vary. For example in the textile and clothing industry, employees deal with dyes, chemicals and machines that spin , knit and weave to ensure production. In some countries there have been cases of sweatshops where people make clothes in poorly ventilated places for long hours. The tools of trade in all industries are still the ones that cause hazards e.g. machines can cut people, chemicals emit poisonous fumes or burn the skin and clothes etc.

Its therefore the mandate of employers to ensure work places are safe for workers and incase the ind - Author: Peter Gabriel
Jobs quotes by Peter Gabriel
#136. I'm never hard on people just because they annoy me on the show. I'm not emotional when I'm professional. Do I think there are people on the show who need to go home sooner than they do? Yes. I do. but I'm there to be professional and to be a judge and to give them my advice and my help and I take my job really seriously. - Author: Kelly Cutrone
Jobs quotes by Kelly Cutrone
#137. I do not define my job in any rigid terms but in terms of having the flexibility to what seems to me to be in the best interests of the company at any times. - Author: Henry Earl Singleton
Jobs quotes by Henry Earl Singleton
#138. I was in the White House for a year and a half. Up to that point, all my jobs had been very unglamorous. - Author: Desiree Rogers
Jobs quotes by Desiree Rogers
#139. I really feel like I haven't had a job. Playing [baseball] and then doing television. I watched my mom clean houses and stuff, so that's work. - Author: Harold Reynolds
Jobs quotes by Harold Reynolds
#140. Ad campaigns are necessary for competition. But good PR educates people; that's all it is. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#141. I think I have the best job in the world. Seventy-one percent of the planet is covered by water, we've explored less than five percent of the ocean, and there are so many fabulous discoveries that have yet to be made. - Author: Edith Widder
Jobs quotes by Edith Widder
#142. I don't think there was ever a moment when I was like, 'Yeah, I want to be a singer!' I guess it just happened. I performed a lot when I was younger and stuff, but I remember getting to the point where I thought I might have to get a normal job. - Author: Ellie Goulding
Jobs quotes by Ellie Goulding
#143. Bill Paley is not only the greatest boss I ever had, but he's the most brilliant, honest and warm human being I've ever met. And I'll say that to his face - even if it costs me my job. - Author: Jack Benny
Jobs quotes by Jack Benny
#144. When you're C.E.O., you have to have two conditions: first, shareholders need to trust you and want you to head your company. The second is that you need to feel the motivation to do the job. So, as long as both are reunited, you continue to do the job. And today, they are reunited. - Author: Carlos Ghosn
Jobs quotes by Carlos Ghosn
#145. I went to Tokyo three years ago. It was a job, though. I did an ad campaign for IBM, so they flew me out there to take pictures of me. It was IBM Global. It went to Australia, France, London, all over the world. But I think the ad campaign was a failure, because of me. - Author: Bobby Lee
Jobs quotes by Bobby Lee
#146. Nowadays children look at everyone in the magazines and they want to be a basketball star or on a television show, but there is only so many people who can do those things and not that you shouldn't aim or dream for these things, but there are so many other fantastic jobs. So it's good to talk about how to get there and how difficult it is to get there. - Author: Heidi Klum
Jobs quotes by Heidi Klum
#147. If one is a professional soldier, it is part of one's job to die sooner or later. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Jobs quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#148. The cultural insistence that parenting is the 'most important' job in the world is a smart way to satiate unappreciated women without doing a damn thing for them. - Author: Jessica Valenti
Jobs quotes by Jessica Valenti
#149. It's not that much of a difference. Basically, your job is the same as a film director. It's a triangle between creativity, money, and time. But they don't really change. You're ultimately trying to get the most creativity and time with the money that you have. - Author: Darren Aronofsky
Jobs quotes by Darren Aronofsky
#150. Advertising was fairly simple work, and I really just wanted a job where I could sit and write every day and not get fired for it like I had at other jobs, but it was fun. - Author: John Hughes
Jobs quotes by John Hughes
#151. He's a family man and a businessman. He spent his career building successful companies. Then, he saved the 2002 Olympics and brought pride to our nation. As governor, he balanced the budget, cut taxes, and created jobs. The president America needs is Mitt Romney! - Author: Reince Priebus
Jobs quotes by Reince Priebus
#152. The Middle East has the highest unemployment percentage of any region in the world we have the largest youth cohort of history coming into the market place that frustration does translate into the political sphere when people are hungry and without jobs. - Author: Abdallah II Of Jordan
Jobs quotes by Abdallah II Of Jordan
#153. ... you'll know when you find it. - Author: Steve Jobs
Jobs quotes by Steve Jobs
#154. Literature for me isn't a workaday job, but something which involves desires, dreams and fantasy. - Author: Antonio Tabucchi
Jobs quotes by Antonio Tabucchi
#155. New Orleans is a city whose basic industry is the service industry. That's why it makes its money. That's - it brings people to the city. People come to the city and experience the wonders of this extraordinary city and everything else. The question is that, how do we create jobs which are the jobs that have pay, that - living wages? - Author: Danny Glover
Jobs quotes by Danny Glover
#156. God's on the outside looking in. He doesn't have any legal entree into the earth. The thing don't belong to Him. You see how sassy the Devil was in the presence of God in the book of Job? God said, 'Where have you been?' Wasn't any of God's business. He [Satan] didn't even have to answer if he didn't want to ... God didn't argue with him a bit! You see, this is the position that God's been in Might say, 'Well, if God's running things He's doing a lousy job of it.' He hadn't been running 'em, except when He's just got, you know, a little bit of a chance. - Author: Kenneth Copeland
Jobs quotes by Kenneth Copeland
#157. Sometimes I think it'd be fun to do a completely different job for a while. You've got one life and you do the same job for the whole of it, and you think - was that a good use of a life? - Author: Juliet Stevenson
Jobs quotes by Juliet Stevenson
#158. We do not overidentify with our jobs. We may take pride in our work, we may stay late and come in on weekends, but we recognize that we are not our job descriptions. The amateur, on the other hand, overidentifies with his avocation, his artistic aspiration. He defines himself by it. He is a musician, a painter, a playwright. Resistance loves this. Resistance knows that the amateur composer will never write his symphony because he is overly invested in its success and overterrified of its failure. The amateur takes it so seriously it paralyzes him. - Author: Steven Pressfield
Jobs quotes by Steven Pressfield
#159. The American family is failing in its job of turning out stable human beings ... It is failing because Americans do not dare to cultivate in themselves those characteristics which would make family life creative and rewarding. To do so, would ruin them financially. - Author: Margaret Halsey
Jobs quotes by Margaret Halsey
#160. I am proud of the fact that women have been recognised as being as capable, as able to do the senior jobs in Europe as any man. - Author: Catherine Ashton
Jobs quotes by Catherine Ashton
#161. Give a man food, and he can eat for a day. Give a man a job, and he can only eat for 30 minutes on break. - Author: Lev L. Spiro
Jobs quotes by Lev L. Spiro
#162. The best compliment was Ben Kingsley coming up to me, putting his hand on the back of my neck, and saying, "Good job, son.". - Author: Aaron Stanford
Jobs quotes by Aaron Stanford
#163. That putt had more breaks than a government job. - Author: Brian Weiss
Jobs quotes by Brian Weiss
#164. If we look to the future, when we talk about outsourcing jobs, when we talk about global competitiveness and our efficiency, none of that matters very much unless we have appropriate training and education for our young people today who are the workforce of tomorrow. It is an economic reality, and we are failing. - Author: Bill Frist
Jobs quotes by Bill Frist
#165. There were no jobs created in America from 1945, when the war ended, through 2003. How could there be? Taxes were too high. Preposterously so under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan (who left office with a 28 percent rate on long-term capital gains) and Bush the Elder. - Author: Andrew Tobias
Jobs quotes by Andrew Tobias
#166. If you had your way you'd pass a law to abolish all the little jobs, the little things. But then you'd leave yourselves nothing to do between the big jobs and you'd have a devil of a time thinking up things to do so you wouldn't go crazy. Instead of that, why not let nature show you a few things? Cutting grass and pulling weeds can be a way of life, son. - Author: Ray Bradbury
Jobs quotes by Ray Bradbury
#167. The socially redeeming aspect of golf lies in the vast number of lawyers and bankers and managers who play it, and when you think of the damage they would do if they were at the job instead, you can see why golf courses are a wise investment for any municipality. - Author: Garrison Keillor
Jobs quotes by Garrison Keillor
#168. I do my job. I do what I'm paid to do and I show up and I'm always prepared. I prepare by learning the text so well that when I show up, I'm relaxed and focused for the part. Now, whether that's good or bad I don't know. Whatever I'm going to say is going to sound very egocentric and self-centered so I'd better shut up. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
Jobs quotes by Anthony Hopkins
#169. Don't torture yourself ... that's my job - Author: Carolyn Jones
Jobs quotes by Carolyn Jones
#170. Acting becomes my real job, writing becomes my second job, and then when I turn 50, I think I'm going to open up an interior decorating company. - Author: Ester Dean
Jobs quotes by Ester Dean
#171. I want my girls to love math. I want them to think that being a scientist is the coolest possible job on the planet. I want them to not be afraid to lean toward their femininity. - Author: Jennifer Garner
Jobs quotes by Jennifer Garner
#172. The issue is jobs. You can't get away from it: jobs. Having a buck or two in your pocket and feeling like somebody. - Author: Studs Terkel
Jobs quotes by Studs Terkel
#173. Visual cortex is fundamentally a machine whose job is to generate a model of the world. - Author: David Eagleman
Jobs quotes by David Eagleman
#174. There are a lot of different paths through the jungle, but ... the simplest thing you can do is make yourself useful. Be easy to work with, be a hard worker and help people get the job done. And do it with as much passion and quality as you can. - Author: Harrison Ford
Jobs quotes by Harrison Ford
#175. Every character lives in ever actor and if you're doing your job right, you're just accessing that part of your fantasy life. I can kill someone just as quickly as I can have sex with someone. You can switch that instinct, no matter what - you can pretend anything. - Author: Matthew Lillard
Jobs quotes by Matthew Lillard
#176. I was the chief sponsor of the Business Employment Incentive Program bill, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs here in New Jersey. - Author: Joseph M. Kyrillos
Jobs quotes by Joseph M. Kyrillos
#177. Being a goaltender is not a job that would interest any normal, straight-thinking human. - Author: Gump Worsley
Jobs quotes by Gump Worsley
#178. Dr. King's famous 'I Have a Dream' speech was delivered at 'The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,' a call to justice beyond the traditional civil rights movement's focus. - Author: Charles B. Rangel
Jobs quotes by Charles B. Rangel
#179. Collins, echoing Ed Catmull, "What separates people is the return on luck, what you do with it when you get it. What matters is how you play the hand you're dealt." He continues, "You don't leave the game, until it's not your choice. Steve Jobs had great luck at arriving at the birth of an industry. Then he had bad luck in getting booted out. But Steve played whatever hand he was dealt to the best of his ability. Sometimes you create the hand, by giving yourself challenges that will make you stronger, where you don't even know what's next. That's the beauty of the story. Steve's almost like the Tom Hanks character in Castaway - just keep breathing because you don't know what the tide will bring in tomorrow. - Author: Brent Schlender
Jobs quotes by Brent Schlender
#180. Any government has to be friendly with investors and the business community. They provide jobs, new investments; they keep the country running. - Author: Naguib Sawiris
Jobs quotes by Naguib Sawiris
#181. Completing a large or difficult survey can be a very satisfying thing, especially if there have been hurdles or setbacks along the way. In our work, we get to "tick" off jobs quite often, so the sense of completion can also be rewarding. - Author: Mark Mason
Jobs quotes by Mark Mason
#182. Consider the sexual harassment which continually occurs between a secretary and a boss ... while objectionable to many women, [it] is not a coercive action. It is rather part of a package deal in which the secretary agrees to all aspects of the job when she agrees to accept the job, and especially when she agrees to keep the job. The office is, after all, private property. The secretary does not have to remain if the 'coercion' is objectionable. - Author: Walter Block
Jobs quotes by Walter Block
#183. The ability to connect and influence people, that's the job of a leader. And we're all leaders at some level. - Author: Tony Robbins
Jobs quotes by Tony Robbins
#184. I had a deliberate plan to get into movies by becoming a model, so I went to New York and got a job pretending to be a mannequin in store windows. - Author: Geena Davis
Jobs quotes by Geena Davis
#185. I guess what inspires me most is the desire to draw out feelings that feel best expressed on the written page by really good authors, and I'm not a really good author. I feel like my job as a filmmaker is to eff the ineffable, to take feelings that only poets could describe with words and try to project them on the screen for viewers to feel. I don't think I've succeeded once but in the act of trying I've come up with all these other results which sometimes intrigue me. - Author: Guy Maddin
Jobs quotes by Guy Maddin
#186. Democrats in Washington predicted that tax cuts would not create jobs, would not increase wages, and would cause the federal deficit to explode. Well, the facts are in. The tax cuts have led to a strong economy. Real wages were on the rise, and deficit has been cut in half three years ahead of schedule. - Author: George W. Bush
Jobs quotes by George W. Bush
#187. Any acting job that I ever got, I always treated it like I was a neophyte; I didn't know what I was doing, and I was going to work just as hard as I do on my stand-up. - Author: Patton Oswalt
Jobs quotes by Patton Oswalt
#188. As digital equipment replaces the jobs of routine workers and lower-level professionals, technicians are needed to install, monitor, repair, test, and upgrade all the equipment. - Author: Robert Reich
Jobs quotes by Robert Reich
#189. I've always valued the input of the people I love. So in the past, whenever I'd make a decision - what to wear to an event, whether to pursue a job opportunity - I'd consult those closest to me, like my mother, husband, or manager. - Author: Alicia Keys
Jobs quotes by Alicia Keys
#190. If we want to understand the actions of a man in the early 1860's, put yourself back there in his shoes. As a young man he began piloting steamboats on the Mississippi, a job he loved and wanted to do the rest of his life, he said. The Civil War ended traffic on the River and his job. He wrote about it in A History of A Campaign That Failed. He said: "I joined the Confederacy, served for two weeks, deserted, and the Confederacy fell." His attachment to the Southern ideal of slavery does not appear very sturdy. - Author: Hal Holbrook
Jobs quotes by Hal Holbrook
#191. More generally, I made an effort to leave out things that weren't relevant to the main narrative themes of the book, namely that there were two sides to Steve Jobs: the romantic, poetic, countercultural rebel on one side, and the serious businessperson on the other. - Author: Walter Isaacson
Jobs quotes by Walter Isaacson
#192. Ultimately one has to pity these poor souls who know every secret about writing, directing, designing, producing, and acting but are stuck in those miserable day jobs writing reviews. Will somebody help them, please? - Author: David Ives
Jobs quotes by David Ives
#193. The crisis and recession have led to very low interest rates, it is true, but these events have also destroyed jobs, hamstrung economic growth and led to sharp declines in the values of many homes and businesses. - Author: Ben Bernanke
Jobs quotes by Ben Bernanke
#194. Do we have Steve Jobs to thank for the iPod and iPod shuffle? iTunes? I think so. He changed the way we hear and think about music ... - Author: John Taylor
Jobs quotes by John Taylor
#195. I can't watch other people doing comedy. As soon as somebody starts being funny I have to turn off because it upsets me. I get comedy indigestion. I just hate anybody else being funny. That's my job. - Author: Jenny Eclair
Jobs quotes by Jenny Eclair
#196. You've got criminal courts and child welfare officials refusing to do their jobs and protect children so they can shift the cases over to family court where predatory professionals can turn a dirty buck off the atrocities committed against children. - Author: Anne Stevenson
Jobs quotes by Anne Stevenson
#197. Schools, the institutions traditionally called upon to correct social inequality, are unsuited to the task; without economic opportunity to follow educational opportunity, the myth of equality can never become real. Far more than a hollow promise of future opportunity for their children, parents need jobs, income, and services. And children whose backgrounds have stunted their sense of the future need to be taught by example that they are good for more than they dared dream. - Author: Kenneth Keniston
Jobs quotes by Kenneth Keniston
#198. The writer's job is to tell the truth, - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Jobs quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#199. Take your job seriously, but not yourself - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Jobs quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#200. Despite what you've heard, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance leads to poverty, illness, poor jobs and broken relationships. - Author: Alan R. Zimmerman
Jobs quotes by Alan R. Zimmerman

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