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#1. Love can't mature in one room. It has to come out of the full sharing of everything: joys, aspirations, downfalls, all of it. That's the only real path to love. - Author: Leon Uris
Rooms quotes by Leon Uris
#2. Just when I despaired -- she was there, filling me as a melody fills a cottage. I was with her, running beside the Acis when we were a child. I knew the ancient villa moated by a dark lake, the view through the dusty windows of the belvedere, and the secret space in the odd angle between two rooms where we sat at noon to read by candlelight. I knew the life of the Autarch's court, where poison waited in a diamond cup. I learned what it was for one who had never seen a cell or felt a whip to be a prisoner of the torturers, what dying meant, and death.

I learned that I had been more to her than I had ever guessed, and at last fell into a sleep in which my dreams were all of her. Not memories merely -- memories I had possessed in plenty before. I held her poor, cold hands in mine, and I no longer wore the rags of an apprentice, nor the fuligin of a journeyman. We were one, naked and happy and clean, and we knew that she was no more and that I still lived, and we struggled against neither of those things, but with woven hair read from a single book and talked and sang of other matters. - Author: Gene Wolfe
Rooms quotes by Gene Wolfe
#3. Must the Earth forever be arranged like an ocean steamer, with large, luxurious rooms and luxurious food for a select few, and underneath in the steerage, where the great mass can barely breathe from dirt and the poisonous air? - Author: Various
Rooms quotes by Various
#4. One room is always enough for one person. Two rooms is not enough for two people. That is one of the conundrums in life. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Rooms quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#5. I feel a lot more comfortable at shortstop, but it's no problem, I'll move to make room. - Author: Jose Reyes
Rooms quotes by Jose Reyes
#6. The best bribe which London offers to-day to the imagination, is, that, in such a vast variety of people and conditions, one can believe there is room for persons of romantic character to exist, and that the poet, the mystic, and the hero may hope to confront their counterparts. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Rooms quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#7. Just think, IBM and DEC in the same room, and we did it. - Author: Ken Thompson
Rooms quotes by Ken Thompson
#8. The group-effort sound in recording of 'Sea Lion' is like, you really hear all the people in the room and hear them interlocking. There's a real freight-train energy of all these people at the same time playing. - Author: Feist
Rooms quotes by Feist
#9. Once you sign on as an actor, you know, you don't go to the editing room, you don't see how they cut, you don't see how they score, you don't see how they cast the rest of the movie. - Author: Albert Brooks
Rooms quotes by Albert Brooks
#10. Today, much of journalism and politics are in a kind of collusion to oversimplify and personalize issues. No room for ambivalence. Plenty of room for the personal attack. - Author: Ellen Goodman
Rooms quotes by Ellen Goodman
#11. I don't have any writing routine. Sometimes I go to my local coffee shop and I write there for some hours. Apart from that, I am traveling most of the time. I write in airports, trains, hotel rooms ... I can write anywhere. - Author: Jo Nesbo
Rooms quotes by Jo Nesbo
#12. There is no room in baseball for discrimination. It is our national pastime and a game for all. - Author: Lou Gehrig
Rooms quotes by Lou Gehrig
#13. I've got one more record. - Have you heard "So Long, Letty"? I suppose you have.'
'Honestly, you don't understand - I haven't heard a thing.'
Nor known, nor smelt, nor tasted he might have added; only hot cheeked girls in hot secret rooms. The young maidens he had known at New Haven in 1914 kissed men saying 'There!' hands at the man's chest to push him away. Now there was this scarcely saved waif of disaster bringing him the essence of a continent ... - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Rooms quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#14. Writers don't have lifestyles. They just sit in little rooms and write. - Author: Norman Mailer
Rooms quotes by Norman Mailer
#15. There is a magic in distance. Look back at the golden lamp-lit rooms of your home from the road of your life, and it all for a moment is exactly how you hoped it would be: warm, peaceful, safe. - Author: Kate Lord Brown
Rooms quotes by Kate Lord Brown
#16. It suddenly occurred to both Driggs and Lex, in that very same instant, that neither of them wanted anything more in the world than to tear off every single piece of each other's clothes and make wild, passionate, messy adolescent love under the radiant glow of the full moon.
Their chests rose and fell. A few seconds passed.
"I'm going to sleep," Driggs panted, clambering off the roof.
"Me too," Lex huffed, right behind him.
And without another word they fled to their rooms, slammed the doors, and threw themselves into bed, where they both spent the next five hours dazedly contemplating their respective ceilings. - Author: Gina Damico
Rooms quotes by Gina Damico
#17. There's not a lot of room anymore for what I call 'made-up' drama. The drama comes from real places now - marriage takes work and focus, the kid stuff takes patience and commitment. And if you don't grow as people and as a couple, within all of that, then you've got some real drama. - Author: Jeremy Sisto
Rooms quotes by Jeremy Sisto
#18. He loved mountains, or he had loved the thought of them marching on the edge of stories brought from far away; but now he was borne down by the insupportable weight of Middle-earth. He longed to shut out the immensity in a quiet room by a fire. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Rooms quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#19. Why dost thou heap up wealth, which thou must quit,
Or what is worse, be left by it?
Why dost thou load thyself when thou 'rt to fly,
Oh, man! ordain'd to die?
Why dost thou build up stately rooms on high,
Thou who art under ground to lie?
Thou sow'st and plantest, but no fruit must see,
For death, alas! is reaping thee. - Author: Abraham Cowley
Rooms quotes by Abraham Cowley
#20. The townsfolk in their darkened rooms were dazed as if by some cataclysm, some devastating earthquake, against which all wisdom and all resistance is of no avail. Such a feeling is produced every time the established order of things is upset, when security is destroyed and everything is hitherto protected by the laws of man or nature is suddenly at the mercy of wild unreasoning brutality. - Author: Guy De Maupassant
Rooms quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#21. Chris, soap people are like
us-they seldom go outdoors. And when they do, we only hear about it,
never see it. They loll about in living rooms, bedrooms, sit in the
kitchens and sip coffee or stand up and drink martinis-but never, never
go outside before our eyes. And whenever something good happens,
whenever they think they're finally going to be happy, some catastrophe
comes along to dash their hopes. - Author: V.C. Andrews
Rooms quotes by V.C. Andrews
#22. With cold eyes and indifferent mind the spectators regard the work. Connoissers admire the "skill" (as one admires a tightrope walker), enjoy the "quality of painting" (as one enjoys a pasty). But hungry souls go hungry away. The vulgar herd stroll through the rooms and pronounce the pictures "nice" or "splendid." Those who could speak have said nothing, those who could hear have heard nothing. - Author: Wassily Kandinsky
Rooms quotes by Wassily Kandinsky
#23. I want to make a world more magical than my own. I don't care if it makes sense, I don't care if it's ridiculed or if, rather than a neat round planet that goes around forever, it ends with a cliff that falls off into nothing. I want to have my eyes wide open, and I want to see this room and at the same time, not this room. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
Rooms quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#24. To provide touches of color in rooms with all-white walls. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Rooms quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#25. There's room for everyone. There's room for pop country, for 'rock & roll' country, for stone-cold country, and everything in-between. Great music is great music. - Author: Miranda Lambert
Rooms quotes by Miranda Lambert
#26. I'm at a point in my life where I have three kids. I'm a father, and you start to take stock and measure yourself as a man and see where there's room for growth. - Author: Greg Bryk
Rooms quotes by Greg Bryk
#27. Are your rooms to your liking? - Author: Kristen Callihan
Rooms quotes by Kristen Callihan
#28. Of course our school life was not free from pranks. The property of the townspeople was moved to strange places in the night. One morning as the janitor was starting the furnace he heard a loud bray from one of the class rooms. His investigation disclosed the presence there of a domestic animal noted for his long ears and discordant voice. In some way during the night he had been stabled on the second floor. About as far as I deem it prudent to discuss my own connection with these escapades is to record that I was never convicted of any of them and so must be presumed innocent. - Author: Calvin Coolidge
Rooms quotes by Calvin Coolidge
#29. As a kid, I was always listening to music. I would just go in to my room and put on an album, read the lyrics, and just spend hours and hours in there. Plus, my sister Laurie played piano (in fact she taught me my first few notes) so music was always around one way or another. - Author: Andrew Hollander
Rooms quotes by Andrew Hollander
#30. All is forgotten in the stone halls of the dead. These are the rooms of ruin where the spiders spin and the great circuits fall quiet, one by one ... - Author: Stephen King
Rooms quotes by Stephen King
#31. As a little kid, I used to lock myself in my room and put on my Whitney Houston CD's and pretend to be her and try and hit every single note that she hit. I used to dream that one day that would be me. - Author: Ricki-Lee Coulter
Rooms quotes by Ricki-Lee Coulter
#32. A hotel is like a prison, he thought. The rooms are cells holding secrets and passions. Then something happens, the smallest thing, and the doors fly open. The explosion goes off. Panic. And fragments of truth. - Author: E. Howard Hunt
Rooms quotes by E. Howard Hunt
#33. Success is created in studio apartments and garages, at kitchen tables, and in classrooms across the nation, not in government conference rooms in Washington. - Author: Tim Scott
Rooms quotes by Tim Scott
#34. He just didn't look like the kind of creep that would messily murder a woman in her hotel room; he looked like the kind of creep that could line her up in the sights of an assassins rifle without a shred of emotion. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Rooms quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#35. I remember the day I discovered James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. I don't know why it affected me so strongly, but I walked down to the corner store and bought every poster of them, and I did my whole room up. Overnight. - Author: Gwen Stefani
Rooms quotes by Gwen Stefani
#36. I can sit in the room with the other writers and just keep saying no until there's something I really like or until I come up with something. In that respect the proportion of what's mine and what's other people's is controlled by me. It isn't even fair to talk about. - Author: Paul Reubens
Rooms quotes by Paul Reubens
#37. They sleep like children, mouths open, cheeks flushed. Breathing as rhythmic as swells on a sea. No longer allowed in the rooms, their mothers and fathers watch them through double-paned glass. Isolation - that's what the doctors call it: the separation of the sick from the well. But isn't every sleep a kind of isolation? When else are we so alone? - Author: Karen Thompson Walker
Rooms quotes by Karen Thompson Walker
#38. The momentary darkness gave way to scores of small glowing lights. Blaise stepped into a candlelit room filled with people and furniture.
'Where are we?" he asked Livia. "How can a whole other room be here? There were only two rooms on the top floor. - Author: Teresa Flavin
Rooms quotes by Teresa Flavin
#39. I was once making a burger for myself at my boyfriend's house and a lyric started pouring out and I had to catch it, so I ran to another room to write it down, but then the kitchen caught fire. His cabinets were charred, and he was furious. But it was worth it for a song. - Author: Jill Scott
Rooms quotes by Jill Scott
#40. It is ironic that Keynesianism originated as a weapon to combat depression, but became universally accepted and "successful" only during (and because of!) the postwar expansion. At the first sign of renewed world recession, Keynesian theory has proved itself to be a snare and a delusion that has gone into immediate bankruptcy. The resulting "post-Keynesian synthesis" is also the theoretical reason for the reactionary exhumation of the simplistic, neoclassical, and monetarist economic theory of the 1920s. This revival of old theory is highlighted by the award of Nobel prizes in economics to Friedrich von Hayek, whose theoretical work was done before the Great Depression, and Milton Friedman, whose lone voice echoed in the wilderness until the new world economic crisis put his unpopular and antipopulist theories on the agenda of business board rooms and government cabinet rooms in one capitalist country after another. The real reason for the recent interest in fifty-year-old theories is that capital now wants them to legitimize its attack on the welfare state and "unproductive" expenditures on social services, which capital claims to need for "productive" investment in industry, including armaments. - Author: Andre Gunder Frank
Rooms quotes by Andre Gunder Frank
#41. You can't really fake confidence. You know what I mean? Just be confident in who you are when you walk into a room, feel like you own it. - Author: Nina Agdal
Rooms quotes by Nina Agdal
#42. A room full of words that are nearly the truth but not quite, each note fluttering off the steam of its rose like a broken butterfly wing. - Author: Lauren Oliver
Rooms quotes by Lauren Oliver
#43. A fragrance is like a signature, so that even after a woman leaves the room, her fragrance should reveal she's been there. - Author: Oscar De La Renta
Rooms quotes by Oscar De La Renta
#44. You don't get rich, you don't often have much fun. Sometimes you get beaten up or shot at or tossed into the jail house. Once in a long while you get dead. Every other month you decide to give it up and find some sensible occupation while you can still walk without shaking your head. Then the door buzzer rings and you open the inner door to the waiting room and there stands a new face with a new problem, a new load of grief, and a small piece of money. - Author: Raymond Chandler
Rooms quotes by Raymond Chandler
#45. You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don't know what was in the newspapers that morning, you don't know who your friends are, you don't know what you owe anybody, you don't know what anybody owes to you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. This is the place of creative incubation. At first you may find that nothing happens there. But if you have a sacred place and use it, something eventually will happen. - Author: Joseph Campbell
Rooms quotes by Joseph Campbell
#46. It wasn't like the spare rooms of immigrants––packed to the rafters with all that they have ever possessed, no matter how defective or damaged, mountains of odds and ends––that stand testament to the fact that they have things now, where before they had nothing. - Author: Zadie Smith
Rooms quotes by Zadie Smith
#47. I remember performing in Russia when I was twenty, and I stayed at this hotel with 3000 rooms. There were sailors knocking on my room door, wanting to barter stuffed animals with Marlboros that I had been instructed to bring! - Author: Anne Akiko Meyers
Rooms quotes by Anne Akiko Meyers
#48. I started writing when I was 9 years old. I was like this weird kid who would just stay in my room, typing little funny magazines and drawing comic strips. - Author: R.L. Stine
Rooms quotes by R.L. Stine
#49. My mother has been moved out of intensive care and into a private room where she is being kept comfortable. Thank you for your continued support. - Author: Melissa Rivers
Rooms quotes by Melissa Rivers
#50. If you must reread old love letters, better pick a room without mirrors. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
Rooms quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
#51. She was a level-headed woman who saw the glass as neither half empty nor half full, but rather a glass with something in it and room to pour in more ... - Author: Joanne Fluke
Rooms quotes by Joanne Fluke
#52. Carmen glanced up and saw the room's open window, its balcony reflecting the sun's beams and the blue sky outside. She stood and walked over before sticking her head out and observing her surroundings. There was a huge drop from the window to the gardens below. There were no other balconies nearby either, only a slight ledge lining along from her window to the one next door. - Author: Robin Lane
Rooms quotes by Robin Lane
#53. Most of us will. We'll choose knowledge no matter what, we'll maim ourselves in the process, we'll stick our hands into the flames for it if necessary. Curiosity is not our only motive: love or grief or despair or hatred is what drives us on. We'll spy relentlessly on the dead: we'll open their letters, we'll read their journals, we'll go through their trash, hoping for a hint, a final word, an explanation, from those who have deserted us--who've left us holding the bag, which is often a good deal emptier than we'd supposed.

But what about those who plant such clues, for us to stumble on? Why do they bother? Egotism? Pity? Revenge? A simple claim to existence, like scribbling your initials on a washroom wall? The combination of presence and anonymity--confession without penance, truth without consequences--it has its attractions. Getting the blood off your hands, one way or another.

Those who leave such evidence can scarcely complain if strangers come along afterwards and poke their noses into every single thing that would once have been none of their business. And not only strangers: lovers, friends, relations. We're voyeurs, all of us. Why should we assume that anything in the past is ours for the taking, simply because we've found it? We're all grave robbers, once we open the doors locked by others.

But only locked. The rooms and their contents have been left intact. If those leaving them had wanted oblivion, there was always fire. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Rooms quotes by Margaret Atwood
#54. Every home should have a room, or at least a nook with two chairs, where it is a sin punishable by immediate expulsion to speak of money, business, politics or the state of one's teeth. - Author: Robert Grudin
Rooms quotes by Robert Grudin
#55. There's ten stuffed heads in my trophy room right now, two game wardens, seven hunters, and a cow. - Author: Tom Lehrer
Rooms quotes by Tom Lehrer
#56. You do not I will make an end of you, as I did of the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow. Dorothy followed her through many of the beautiful rooms in her castle - Author: L. Frank Baum
Rooms quotes by L. Frank Baum
#57. There is a difference between feeding someone and eating dinner with them. If every Christian at home just made room for the stranger we would end homelessness overnight. - Author: Shane Claiborne
Rooms quotes by Shane Claiborne
#58. Werner and his younger sister, Jutta, are raised at Children's House, a clinker-brick two-story orphanage on Viktoriastrasse whose rooms are populated with the coughs of sick children and the crying of newborns and battered trunks inside which drowse the last possessions of deceased parents: patchwork dresses, tarnished wedding cutlery, faded ambrotypes of fathers swallowed by the mines. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Rooms quotes by Anthony Doerr
#59. I never trashed a hotel room or did drugs. - Author: Sean Connery
Rooms quotes by Sean Connery
#60. A marriage was like a house under constant construction, each year seeing the completion of new rooms. A first-year marriage was a cottage; one that had gone on for twenty-seven years was a huge and rambling mansion. There were bound to be crannies and storage spaces, most of them dusty and abandoned, some containing a few unpleasant relics you would just as soon you hadn't found. But that was no biggie. You either threw those relics out or took them to Goodwill. - Author: Stephen King
Rooms quotes by Stephen King
#61. The hero whose attachment to ego is already annihilate passes back and forth across the horizons of the world, in and out of the dragon, as readily as a king through all the rooms of his house. And therein lies his power to save; for his passing and returning demonstrate that through all the contraries of phenomenality the Un-create- Imperishable remains, and there is nothing to fear (93). - Author: Joseph Campbell
Rooms quotes by Joseph Campbell
#62. That's our cue to depart."
"They know something " I pointed out.
"I know something too. I know we're going to attract a lot of unwanted attention if they keep screaming. And then we have to make up some ridiculous explanation about how we heard screaming through the vents in our rooms and we followed the sound back to the basement and we found these girls lying on the ground and pretending to be tied up by invisible rope because they're practicing for the regional mime championships."
I blinked at her. "Is that explanation more or less believable than we woke up because two girls who are actually evil magicians tripped a magical alarm wired to a door in the basement we aren't supposed to know about "
Scout paused for a minute then nodded. "Point made. - Author: Chloe Neill
Rooms quotes by Chloe Neill
#63. There are odd things in life, and one of them is pain. The odd thing about pain is this: you can't avoid it. You just can't. Maybe if you lived in a sealed room your whole life you could, but that would be lonely and cause you emotional pain, and it might mean you've been kidnapped, so...just don't live sealed rooms. can't avoid pain. - Author: Chad Eastham
Rooms quotes by Chad Eastham
#64. Without imagination, you live in a small room with the windows closed. Imagination opens the windows and shows us landscapes, horizons that we would not otherwise perceive ... I want education to empower people to see possibility. - Author: Maxine
Rooms quotes by Maxine
#65. Every family should have a room where Christ is welcome in the person of the hungry and thirsty stranger. - Author: Saint John Chrysostom
Rooms quotes by Saint John Chrysostom
#66. When Mama starts to move across a room, people pay attention. You can never be sure she's not going to grab you by the top of the head to steady herself. And she's pretty free with that walking stick, too. - Author: Bailey White
Rooms quotes by Bailey White
#67. We need to make sure we have the best people we can in our operations, and that is a constant challenge. There is always room to improve. - Author: James Packer
Rooms quotes by James Packer
#68. I think every once in a while country has lost its way, but found its way back. It's always going to drift away from the traditional side, but then find a way to return. There's room for all kinds of influences be it pop, blues, gospel or whatever. But I will always say that I think we need more traditional country music coming down the pike. - Author: Randy Travis
Rooms quotes by Randy Travis
#69. I don't believe makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience. - Author: Sharon Stone
Rooms quotes by Sharon Stone
#70. Most people have never known solitude ... But there are a few of the other kind who can go back to their rooms anywhere and close the door on the whole world, and feel that they need never emerge. - Author: Louis Aragon
Rooms quotes by Louis Aragon
#71. Give me the strongest cheese, the one that stinks best;
and I want the good wine, the swirl in crystal
surrendering the bruised scent of blackberries,
or cherries, the rich spurt in the back
of the throat, the holding it there before swallowing.
Give me the lover who yanks open the door
of his house and presses me to the wall
in the dim hallway, and keeps me there until I'm drenched
and shaking, whose kisses arrive by the boatload
and begin their delicious diaspora
through the cities and small towns of my body.
To hell with the saints, with martyrs
of my childhood meant to instruct me
in the power of endurance and faith,
to hell with the next world and its pallid angels
swooning and sighing like Victorian girls.
I want this world. I want to walk into
the ocean and feel it trying to drag me along
like I'm nothing but a broken bit of scratched glass,
and I want to resist it. I want to go
staggering and flailing my way
through the bars and back rooms,
through the gleaming hotels and weedy
lots of abandoned sunflowers and the parks
where dogs are let off their leashes
in spite of the signs, where they sniff each
other and roll together in the grass, I want to
lie down somewhere and suffer for love until
it nearly kills me, and then I want to get up again
and put on that little black dress and wait
for you, yes you, to come over here - Author: Kim Addonizio
Rooms quotes by Kim Addonizio
#72. I wanted stores that would feel like a comfortable room in my apartment, cozy and colorful and different. - Author: Tory Burch
Rooms quotes by Tory Burch
#73. You need a medic, Lieutenant."
"In a minute. Let me ask you something."
"Ask away." Having nothing else, he tore part of his ripped sleeve to dab at the blood on her shoulder.
"Do I come charging into one of your board rooms when you're having trouble with a business deal?"
His eyes flicked to hers. Some of the fierceness died out of them into what was almost a smile. "No, Eve, you don't. I don't know what got into me."
"It's okay. This once. - Author: J.D. Robb
Rooms quotes by J.D. Robb
#74. She told Everra that he had given her and Sallo the soul's hunger for books and thoughts, and must not deprive them now that Sallo was starving among the inanities of the silk rooms and she among the pomposities of merchants and the illiteracy of politicians. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Rooms quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#75. Agnes shut her eyes, clenched her fists, opened her mouth and screamed.

It started low. Plaster dust drifted down from the ceiling. The prisms on the chandelier chimed gently as they shook.
It rose, passing quickly through the mysterious pitch at fourteen cycles per second where the human spirit begins to feel distinctly uncomfortable about the universe and the place in it of the bowels. Small items around the Opera House vibrated off shelves and smashed on the floor.

The note climbed, rang like a bell, climbed again. In the Pit, all the violin strings snapped, one by one.
As the tone rose, the crystal prisms shook in the chandelier. In the bar, champagne corks fired a salvo. Ice jingled and shattered in its bucket. A line of wine-glasses joined in the chorus, blurred around the rims, and then exploded like hazardous thistledown with attitude.

There were harmonics and echoes that caused strange effects. In the dressing-rooms the No. 3 greasepaint melted. Mirrors cracked, filling the ballet school with a million fractured images.
Dust rose, insects fell. In the stones of the Opera House tiny particles of quartz danced briefly...

Then there was silence, broken by the occasional thud and tinkle.
Nanny grinned.
'Ah,' she said, 'now the opera's over. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Rooms quotes by Terry Pratchett
#76. THE SIGNORA HAD NO business to do it," said Miss Bartlett, "no business at all. She promised us south rooms with a view close together, instead of which here are north rooms, looking into a court-yard, and a long way apart. Oh, Lucy! - Author: E. M. Forster
Rooms quotes by E. M. Forster
#77. My design has always been a derivative of people I meet. I want to translate who they are and their personality into a room. - Author: Jeremiah Brent
Rooms quotes by Jeremiah Brent
#78. He stopped and pointed an accusing finger at her. "I didn't ask for this. But I felt something in that back room with you, and it's stayed with me ever since. I want to be with you. I need to be with you." His tone was both angry and helpless. - Author: Scott Speer
Rooms quotes by Scott Speer
#79. The room within is the great fact about the building. - Author: Frank Lloyd Wright
Rooms quotes by Frank Lloyd Wright
#80. The afternoon had passed to a ghostly gray. She was struck by the immensity of things, so much water and sky and forest, and after a time it occurred to her that she'd lived a life almost entirely indoors. Her memories were indoor memories, fixed by ceilings and plastered white walls. Her whole life had been locked to geometries: suburban rectangles, city squares. First the house she'd grown up in, then dorms and apartments. The open air had been nothing but a medium of transit, a place for rooms to exist. - Author: Tim O'Brien
Rooms quotes by Tim O'Brien
#81. When I went to the University of Iowa in order to be a writer, I thought, This is the worst way to learn how to write. To sit in a room with a bunch of would-be writers, who want to write the Great American Novel, every one of them, and you read their stories and they read yours, and you're not living a life. I don't like that. I like learning on the job. The character of my work has definitely evolved from the character of my life. - Author: Joe Frank
Rooms quotes by Joe Frank
#82. Curiosity is essential for progress. Only when we look to worlds beyond our own can we really know if there's room for improvement. - Author: Simon Sinek
Rooms quotes by Simon Sinek
#83. The air was so damp that fish could have come in through doors and swum out the windows, floating through the atmosphere in the rooms. One morning Ursula woke up feeling that she was reaching her end in a placid swoon and she had already asked them to take her to Father Antonio Isabel, when Santa Sofia de la Piedad discovered that her back was paved with leeches. She took them off one by one, crushing them with a firebrand before they bled her to death. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Rooms quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#84. I only have room to do things that I have a love for in my life. - Author: Mae Whitman
Rooms quotes by Mae Whitman
#85. I was introduced to Mr. Davy, who has rooms adjoining mine (in the Royal Institution); he is a very agreeable and intelligent young man, and we have interesting conversation in an evening ... - Author: John Dalton
Rooms quotes by John Dalton
#86. Totem poles and wooden masks no longer suggest tribal villages but fashionable drawing rooms in New York and Paris. - Author: Mason Cooley
Rooms quotes by Mason Cooley
#87. Media were never allowed into an Australian dressing room until I became skipper. I changed that and invited them in at the close of play each day, thereby confirming for many administrators they had appointed a madman as captain. - Author: Richie Benaud
Rooms quotes by Richie Benaud
#88. But I can also write in crappy motel rooms, while standing in line, or sitting in the dentist's chair. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Rooms quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#89. DJ culture is all about collage - sampling, splicing, dicing - everything is part of the mix, and there are no boundaries between sound sources. When you apply the same logic to the environment, there's a lot of room for mapping sampling techniques to the environment itself. - Author: DJ Spooky
Rooms quotes by DJ Spooky
#90. I think it's good to have an old fashioned musical as well as new musicals. There's a lot of room for different shows. - Author: Laura Benanti
Rooms quotes by Laura Benanti
#91. In my dressing room, you'll definitely find some Starbursts and Skittles. I have a lot of candles that remind me of home, and a humidifier for my voice. I also have some digital Kodak albums where I have pictures of my friends and family. - Author: Trey Songz
Rooms quotes by Trey Songz
#92. What I want to be best at is being a dad. There's no room for sucky dads, and that's another thing I'm proud of my bandmates for - they're all really good parents. - Author: Adrian Young
Rooms quotes by Adrian Young
#93. Night-time train travel is wonderful again! No standing in the corridors for hours, no being shunted off for a troop train to pass, and above all, no black-out curtains. All the windows we passed were lighted, and I could snoop once more. I missed it so terribly during the war. I felt as if we had all turned into moles scuttling along in our separate tunnels. I don't consider myself a real peeper-they go in for bedrooms, but it's families in sitting rooms or kitchens that thrill me. I can imagine their entire lives from a glimpse of bookshelves, or desks, or lit candles, or bright sofa cushions. - Author: Mary Ann Shaffer
Rooms quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#94. We need to bridge the gap between the medical libraries and the hospital rooms; take the information out there already, add to it, focus it, harness it - and bring it to the patient who was just diagnosed today. - Author: Bruce Vento
Rooms quotes by Bruce Vento
#95. Trust him not with your secrets, who, when left alone in your room, turns over your papers. - Author: Johann Kaspar Lavater
Rooms quotes by Johann Kaspar Lavater
#96. I am really chained to my computer these days so I work in my bedroom, which is a room I have worked in for years and years. It is just as much an office as a bedroom, and during the day, my bed is rather like an extension of my desk. - Author: Margaret Mahy
Rooms quotes by Margaret Mahy
#97. Television is more interesting than people. If it were not we should have people standing in the corner of our room. - Author: Alan Coren
Rooms quotes by Alan Coren
#98. Great," Shane said. "Look i'd rather not be on janitorial duty. I have allergies to cleaners."
"And to cleaning," Michael said.
"Look who's talking, Didn't the do one of those Animal Planet documentaries about the roaches in your room? - Author: Rachel Caine
Rooms quotes by Rachel Caine
#99. You may concentrate on appearances all through the rest of your house, but in the bedroom comfort should be supreme. I think that bedrooms should also be very intimate rooms-they should express your personal preferences in every way ... Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours. - Author: Dorothy Draper
Rooms quotes by Dorothy Draper
#100. For as long as love takes up the whole heart, what room is there for sin therein? - Author: John Wesley
Rooms quotes by John Wesley
#101. How I feel is that if I wanted anything I'd take it. That's what I've always thought all my life. But it happens that I want you, and so I just haven't room for any other desires. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Rooms quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#102. The great thing about doing physical comedy for film is that if it doesn't work you're not exposed. It ends up on the editing room floor, so it gives you a lot more room to experiment I guess. But I really enjoy doing it. I'm very comfortable tapping into my inner idiot. - Author: Isla Fisher
Rooms quotes by Isla Fisher
#103. That's not necessary," Mr. Bradshaw said, "although you are all perfectly welcome in the guest rooms upstairs, I won't ask you to lie to your-"
"Mr. Bradshaw." Nathan grinned. "You've been asking us to lie to our parents from the moment we each set foot in this house. We're spies; we'll all find excuses to stay here. No one wants to leave the only place in the city where the Pentagon won't dare enter. Not tonight. Not after what happened. - Author: Embee
Rooms quotes by Embee
#104. I used to like to break into other people's houses and sit in their rooms. I found it very comforting to be in someone's empty house. - Author: Jared Leto
Rooms quotes by Jared Leto
#105. I can still catch the fragrance of many things which stir me with feelings of melancholy and send delicious shivers of delight through me - dark and sunlit streets, houses and towers, clock chimes and people's faces, rooms full of comfort and warm hospitality, rooms full of secret and profound, ghostly fears. It is a world that savours of warm corners, rabbits, servant girls, household remedies and dried fruit. It was the meeting-place of two worlds; day and night came thither from two opposite poles. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Rooms quotes by Hermann Hesse
#106. The human heart is like heaven; the more angels the more room. - Author: Fredrika Bremer
Rooms quotes by Fredrika Bremer
#107. I had an unusually large-sized head, though this was not uncommon for a baby in the Midwest. The craniums in our part of the country were designed to leave a little extra room for the brain to grow in case one day we found ourselves exposed to something we didn't understand, like a foreign language, or a salad. - Author: Michael Moore
Rooms quotes by Michael Moore
#108. They might have a long way to go before truly accepting gay people into their lives, but they have accepted the show into their living rooms each and every week. - Author: Sean Hayes
Rooms quotes by Sean Hayes
#109. I think writers, by nature, are more observers instead of participators. - Author: Ian Hunter
Rooms quotes by Ian Hunter
#110. At any rate, this was the weekend that things started to change, that the dark gaps between the street lamps begin to grow smaller and smaller, and farther apart, the first sign that one's train is approaching familiar territory, and will soon be passing through the well-known, well-lighted streets of town. The house was their trump card, their fondest treasure, and that weekend they revealed it to me slyly, by degrees – the dizzy little turret rooms, the high-beamed attic, the old sleigh in the cellar, big enough to be pulled by four horses, astring with bells. - Author: Donna Tartt
Rooms quotes by Donna Tartt
#111. The most beautiful rooms I have entered have been empty ones. Warehouses full of light and dust. Empty attics with a view. Coastlines. Prairies. - Author: Yann Martel
Rooms quotes by Yann Martel
#112. What happens in the band room stays in the band room. - Author: John Green
Rooms quotes by John Green
#113. It was odd and intimate, their hands connected, their heads in different rooms. They could talk. They could hold hands. But they couldn't see each other's faces. - Author: Jess Walter
Rooms quotes by Jess Walter
#114. I didn't know what to think about first: me seeing Claude naked, Claude seeing me naked, or the whole fact that we were related and naked in the same room.
(Sookie Stackhouse, Dead in the Family) - Author: Charlaine Harris
Rooms quotes by Charlaine Harris
#115. Pain is a new room in your house. - Author: Willa Gibbs
Rooms quotes by Willa Gibbs
#116. Cam let go of Evie and approached Sebastian as the room emptied. "You fight like a gentleman, my lord," he commented.
Sebastian gave him a sardonic glance. "Why doesn't that sound like a compliment?"
Sliding his hands into his pockets, Cam observed mildly, "You do well enough against a pair of drunken sots - "
"There were three to start with," Sebastian growled.
"Three drunken sots, then. But the next time you may not be so fortunate."
"The next time? If you think I'm going to make a habit of this - "
"Jenner did," Cam countered softly. "Egan did. Nearly every night there is some to-do in the alley, the stable yard, or the card rooms, after the guests have had hours of stimulation from gaming, spirits, and women. We all take turns dealing with it. And unless you care to get the stuffing knocked out of you on a weekly basis, you'll need to learn a few tricks to put down a fight quickly. It causes less damage to you and the patrons, and keeps the police away."
"If you're referring to the kind of tactics used in rookery brawls, and quarrels over back-alley bobtails - "
"You're not going for a half hour of light exercise at the pugilistic club," Cam said acidly.
Sebastian opened his mouth to argue, but as he saw Evie drawing closer something changed in his face. It was a response to the anxiety that she couldn't manage to hide. For some reason her concern gently undermined his hostility, and softened him. Looking from one to t - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Rooms quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#117. I don't believe that grief passes away. It has its time and place forever. More time is added to it; it becomes a story within a story. But grief and griever alike endure. - Author: Wendell Berry
Rooms quotes by Wendell Berry
#118. [On growing up in a large family with little money:] ... to take a bath ... we just had a pan of water and we'd wash down as far as possible, and we'd wash up as far as possible. Then, when somebody'd clear the room, we'd wash possible. - Author: Dolly Parton
Rooms quotes by Dolly Parton
#119. The dirty little secret about growing up as a boy is if you're not any good at it, they will torture you daily until you have the good graces to kill yourself. The posturing and the dominance games are almost inescapable. It's hard to walk from one end of school to the other without getting shoulder-checked in the halls. Locker rooms are a forgotten circle of Hell. God forbid anyone ever catch you sketching flowers in class, or reading a book that's "for girls." Maybe for people who really are boys, that stuff works. Maybe it fits for them. - Author: April Daniels
Rooms quotes by April Daniels
#120. Wanting to be on television is a mental illness. Wanting to be president of the United States, wanting to be an actor - these are degrees of the same mental illness. If you need to be approved of simultaneously by more people than are in this room now, there's a problem. - Author: Keith Olbermann
Rooms quotes by Keith Olbermann
#121. There are random moments - tossing a salad, coming up the driveway to the house, ironing the seams flat on a quilt square, standing at the kitchen window and looking out at the delphiniums, hearing a burst of laughter from one of my children's rooms - when I feel a wavelike rush of joy. This is my true religion: arbitrary moments of of nearly painful happiness for a life I feel privileged to lead. - Author: Elizabeth Berg
Rooms quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#122. There's something really creepy about the doors being open," Mark whispered. "And it's so dark inside the rooms." "What's your point?" Alec asked. "Ready to turn around and go home?" "No. Just saying that you should go in first. - Author: James Dashner
Rooms quotes by James Dashner
#123. That's how it is, Rocamadour: in Paris we're like fungus, we grow on the railings of staircases, in dark rooms with greasy smells, where people make love all the time and then fry some eggs and put on Vivaldi records, light cigarettes ... and outside there are all sorts of things, the windows open onto the air and it all begins with a sparrow or a gutter, it rains a lot here, rocamadour, much more than in the country, and things get rusty ... we don't have many clothes, we get along with so few, a good overcoat, some shoes to keep the rain out, we're very dirty, everybody is dirty and good-looking in Paris, Rocamadour, the beds smell of night and deep sleep, dust and books underneath. - Author: Julio Cortazar
Rooms quotes by Julio Cortazar
#124. He had every prejudice and aspiration of every American Common Man. He believed in the desirability and therefore the sanctity of thick buckwheat cakes with adulterated maple syrup, in rubber trays for the ice cubes in his electric refrigerator, in the especial nobility of dogs, all dogs, in the oracles of S. Parkes Cadman, in being chummy with all waitresses at all junction lunch rooms, and in Henry Ford (when he became President, he exulted, maybe he could get Mr. Ford to come to supper at the White House), and the superiority of anyone who possessed a million dollars. He regarded spats, walking sticks, caviar, titles, tea-drinking, poetry not daily syndicated in newspapers and all foreigners, possibly excepting the British, as degenerate. - Author: Sinclair Lewis
Rooms quotes by Sinclair Lewis
#125. You could not receive a young man in your room; you might be permitted to have him to tea in one of the public reception rooms, but you could accept no invitation from young men to tea or other entertainment without a chaperone from the College. - Author: Dora Russell
Rooms quotes by Dora Russell
#126. This was the kind of guy who should be someone's first love. Someone who brought you flowers and refilled your water glass without your having to ask. Someone who watched you across the crowded rooms just to make sure you were okay. Someone who loved you quietly from a distance, without pressuring you or wanting you to change. - Author: Una LaMarche
Rooms quotes by Una LaMarche
#127. It's really funny, I think to myself ... I've got my same guitar and amp, it's just a bigger room now! Some things don't change. - Author: Brian Setzer
Rooms quotes by Brian Setzer
#128. shortly I should be able to live at peace in my cottage, with all the twenty four hours of the day to myself. Forty-six I am, and never yet had a whole week of leisure. What will 'for ever' feel like, and can I use it all? Please note its address from March onwards - Clouds Hill, Moreton, Dorset - and visit it, sometime, if you still stravage the roads of England in a great car. The cottage has two rooms; one, upstairs, for music (a gramophone and records) and one downstairs for books. There is a bath, in a demi-cupboard. For food one goes a mile, to Bovington (near the Tank Corps Depot) and at sleep-time I take my great sleeping bag, embroidered MEUM, and spread it on what seems the nicest bit of floor. There is a second bag, embroidered TUUM, for guests. The cottage looks simple, outside, and does no hurt to its setting which is twenty miles of broken heath and a river valley filled with rhododendrons run wild. I think everything, inside and outside my place, approaches perfection. - Author: T.E. Lawrence
Rooms quotes by T.E. Lawrence
#129. To my mind, every emergency room should have a low-intensity laser for people with stroke or head trauma. This therapy would be especially important for head injuries, because there is no effective drug therapy for traumatic brain injury. Uri Oron has also shown that low-intensity laser light can reduce scar formation in animals that have had heart attacks; perhaps lasers should be used in emergency rooms for cardiac - Author: Norman Doidge
Rooms quotes by Norman Doidge
#130. There's always room for improvement, but the judges are looking for big airs and stylish tricks. - Author: Shaun White
Rooms quotes by Shaun White
#131. A library is a room where the murders take place. - Author: J.B. Morton
Rooms quotes by J.B. Morton
#132. For just a heartbeat I picture the life I could've had if I'd joined a sterile corporate law firm on the partner track. I imagined meeting my clients in paneled wood conference rooms instead of re-purposed storage closets that smell like bleach and pee. I imagine shaking the hand of a client whose hand isn't trembling from meth withdrawal or abject terror at a justice system he doesn't trust. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Rooms quotes by Jodi Picoult
#133. I used to sleep on the floor in friends' rooms, returning Coke
bottles for food, money, and getting weekly free meals at a local temple - Author: Steve Jobs
Rooms quotes by Steve Jobs
#134. No one is going to hear what she says whether she speaks or not. Simply she could close her eyes and never speak again. She could suck all of the air in this room-every dust mote, every atom-into her body and hide it inside her ... - Author: Laura Kasischke
Rooms quotes by Laura Kasischke
#135. You can't keep wanting to be 20 years old. Everybody knows that, but what's in the next room? - Author: Ethan Hawke
Rooms quotes by Ethan Hawke
#136. Beadle believed that genetics were inseparable from chemistry-more precisely, biochemistry. They were, he said, "two doors leading to the same room." - Author: Warren Weaver
Rooms quotes by Warren Weaver
#137. When you're running for president you have to take some risks and you've got to show people something fresh and you've got to stay interesting. - Author: David Brooks
Rooms quotes by David Brooks
#138. I'm an indoors person. I'm not afraid of the outdoors and I penetrate it easily and cheerfully. However, I must admit I like Central Park better than the wilderness, and I like the canyons of Manhattan better than Central Park, and I like the interior of my apartment better than the canyons of Manhattan, and I like my two rooms better with the shades down at all times than with the shades up. I'm not an agoraphobe at all, but I am a claustrophile, if you see the distinction. - Author: Isaac Asimov
Rooms quotes by Isaac Asimov
#139. I don't record (any type of genre of music) that I didn't hear in my family's living room by the time I was 10. It just is my rule that I don't break because ... I can't do it authentically ... I really think that you're just hard-wiring (synapses) in your brain up until the age of maybe 12 or 10, and there are certain things you can't learn in an authentic way after that. - Author: Linda Ronstadt
Rooms quotes by Linda Ronstadt
#140. So vast is that Being that there's enough room for every sensation to have its momentary play. - Author: Mooji
Rooms quotes by Mooji
#141. Are you looking for me?
I am in the next seat.
My shoulder is against yours.
you will not find me in the stupas,
not in Indian shrine rooms,
nor in synagogues,
nor in cathedrals:
not in masses,
nor kirtans,
not in legs winding around your own neck,
nor in eating nothing but vegetables.
When you really look for me,
you will see me instantly
you will find me in the tiniest house of time.
Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God?
He is the breath inside the breath. - Author: Kabir
Rooms quotes by Kabir
#142. I sat up in bed. My T-shirt was soaking wet. My pillow was wet. My hair was wet. And my room was sticky and humid. - Author: Kami Garcia
Rooms quotes by Kami Garcia
#143. Twelve experts gathered in one room equal one big idiot. - Author: Carl Jung
Rooms quotes by Carl Jung
#144. I have no direct knowledge of this, but I suspect that Apple will launch a living room product that redefines people's expectations really strongly, and the notion of a separate console platform will disappear concurrent with Apple's announcement. - Author: Gabe Newell
Rooms quotes by Gabe Newell
#145. Become the kind of person who brightens a room just by entering it. - Author: H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Rooms quotes by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
#146. I've the run of the place, and so i spend some time exploring, climbing steep stairs into thin turrets whose windows give me a bird's-eye view of the land surrounding Spence. I flit past locked doors and dark, paneled rooms that seem more like museum exhibits than living, breathing places. I wander until it is dark and past the time when I should be in bed, not that I think anyone shall be searching for me. - Author: Libba Bray
Rooms quotes by Libba Bray
#147. I'm never going to write a whole paragraph describing what a living room looks like. - Author: Steven Amsterdam
Rooms quotes by Steven Amsterdam
#148. Always say a kind word if you can, if only that it may come in, perhaps, with singular opportuneness, entering some mournful man's darkened room, like a beautiful firefly, whose happy circumvolutions he cannot but watch, forgetting his many troubles. - Author: Arthur Helps
Rooms quotes by Arthur Helps
#149. Our house is quiet, small and plain,
and yet its rooms run far and wide.
A hundred pencils, swift as rain,
writing on sheets of beaten gold
would not be quick enough to hold
the strange adventures
shadows hide ... - Author: Nancy Willard
Rooms quotes by Nancy Willard
#150. I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm not obstructing anyone's access. When I have a crowd I make sure that the crowd makes room for people. I'm an artist who cares about the cultural fabric of New York City. I care about New York as a harbor for street culture - and I care about street culture as a base-level populist diffusion of ideas. And I believe in making those ideas accessible to everyone. - Author: Kalan Sherrard
Rooms quotes by Kalan Sherrard
#151. I find as long as I acknowledge the truth of something, then that's it. I know what it is and then I can operate. But if I overestimate the downside of something or the challenge of something and I get too obsessed about the difficulty of it, then I don't leave enough room to be open to the upside, the possibility. - Author: Michael J. Fox
Rooms quotes by Michael J. Fox
#152. Now, 75 years later in an abundant society where people have laptops, cell phones, iPods, and minds like empty rooms, I still plod along with books. Instant information is not for me. I prefer to search library stacks because when I work to learn something, I remember it. And, Oprah, can you imagine curling up in bed to read a computer? Weeping for Anna Karenina and being terrified by Hannibal Lecter, entering the heart of darkness with Mistah Kurtz, having Holden Caulfield ring you up - some things should happen on soft pages, not cold metal. - Author: Harper Lee
Rooms quotes by Harper Lee
#153. I was barely in grade school when I helped my mother rearrange the living room furniture for the first time. - Author: Nate Berkus
Rooms quotes by Nate Berkus
#154. I like the chance to work on material. Sometimes it helps to not be going into a room cold and to know people. - Author: Patrick J. Adams
Rooms quotes by Patrick J. Adams
#155. Food is an implement of magic, and only the most coldhearted rationalist could squeeze the juices of life out of it and make it bland. In a true sense, a cookbook is the best source of psychological advice and the kitchen the first choice of room for a therapy of the world. - Author: Thomas More
Rooms quotes by Thomas More
#156. In life, a person will come and go from many homes. We may leave a house, a town, a room, but that does not mean those places leave us. Once entered, we never entirely depart the homes we make for ourselves in the world. They follow us, like shadows, until we come upon them again, waiting for us in the mist. - Author: Ari Berk
Rooms quotes by Ari Berk
#157. I have the picture of Barack [Obama] and me dancing right outside of my dressing room door, I see it every single day, and it makes me very happy. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Rooms quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#158. They self-isolate, your mum and dad
They like to tell you that they do
Because the air around is bad
Breathed in and out by folks like you.
But they were isolated years ago
By silences in chilly rooms
So always let the talking flow:
Life gleams when conversation blooms. - Author: Ian McMillan
Rooms quotes by Ian McMillan
#159. This was the sound he cherished when alone in the stillness of his rooms. He sought and guarded the stillness, so that it might prevail there till the inevitable sounds of life, once more, comparatively coarse and harsh, should smother and deaden it - doubtless by the same process with which they would officiously heal the ache in his soul that was somehow one with it. - Author: Henry James
Rooms quotes by Henry James
#160. God cannot catch us. Unless we stay in the unconscious room. Of our hearts. - Author: Patrick Kavanagh
Rooms quotes by Patrick Kavanagh
#161. I never had any classes or went to theatre school like a lot of actors, so all of my training has been on stage with different directors. That was a pretty good school room. - Author: James Denton
Rooms quotes by James Denton
#162. I write pretty much anywhere - on planes, in hotel rooms, anywhere in my house. - Author: Jeffery Deaver
Rooms quotes by Jeffery Deaver
#163. Of course we women gossip on occasion. But our appetite for it is not as avid as a man s. It is in the boys gyms, the college fraternity houses, the club locker rooms, the paneled offices of business that gossip reaches its luxuriant flower. - Author: Phyllis McGinley
Rooms quotes by Phyllis McGinley
#164. The room was full of people. "Ninety-eight days," said the queen, folding her hands in her lap. "You said it would take six months." Eugenides picked at a nub in the coverlet. "I like to give myself a margin. When I can." "I didn't believe you," the queen admitted with a delicate smile. "Now you know better." The king smiled back. They might as well have been alone. The queen turned her head to listen. There was shouting in the guardroom. Costis tensed. His hand went to his belt, looking for his sword. "That will be Dite," said the king. "He must have been in the outer rooms. I may as well see him." The queen rose and stepped behind the embroidered screen in front of the fireplace. Her attendants withdrew. The king's attendants remained, digesting the fact that their helpless, inept king had promised his wife to destroy the house of Erondites in six months and had done it in ninety-eight days. - Author: Megan Whalen Turner
Rooms quotes by Megan Whalen Turner
#165. There are things that I canna tell you, at least not yet. And I'll ask nothing of ye that ye canna give me. But what I would ask of ye
when you do tell me something, let it be the truth. And I'll promise ye the same. We have nothing now between us, save
respect, perhaps. And I think that respect has maybe room for secrets, but not for lies. Do ye agree? - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Rooms quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#166. Like a lot of people in the computer industry, Keith Malinowski had spent his whole life being the smartest person in the room, and like most of his fellows the experience left him with a rather high opinion of his opinions. - Author: Rick Cook
Rooms quotes by Rick Cook
#167. Interiors speak! Rooms emphasize whether one exists or lives, and there is a great difference between the two! - Author: Van Day Truex
Rooms quotes by Van Day Truex
#168. I started to shed the monstrous aesthetic affectation of my youth so as to make room for the monstrous philistine postures of middle age, but it was some years before I was bold enough to decline an invitation to "Hamlet" on the grounds that I knew who won. - Author: Quentin Crisp
Rooms quotes by Quentin Crisp
#169. We all have to embrace the idea not to be worried about there being other women in the room. Gay men work with such solidarity. - Author: Rebecca Miller
Rooms quotes by Rebecca Miller
#170. The effort of building an ideal society always leads to violence, often to very extensive violence. Because, whether we like it or not, it is not possible to create an ideal society with imperfect people. And this, unfortunately, we are. So the main purpose for Nazism as well as for Communism was to create a 'new person'. In order to make room for it, the world needed to be rid of its non-perfect models. - Author: Mart Laar
Rooms quotes by Mart Laar
#171. Everyone in this room knows that Venus is probably one of the greatest people on the tour. She's really great. She's super professional. Complete opposite of me. - Author: Serena Williams
Rooms quotes by Serena Williams
#172. People are darkened rooms, and each person they choose to include in their lives is a beam of light, uncovering some new, previously hidden part of them. - Author: Abigail Barnette
Rooms quotes by Abigail Barnette
#173. Vanity was stronger than love at sixteen and there was no room in her hot heart now for anything but hate. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
Rooms quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#174. The neurotic feels as though trapped in a gas-filled room where at any moment someone, probably himself, will strike a match. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
Rooms quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
#175. Our family room, where we live, is about togetherness and ease. Nothing in my house is too formal. There are no coasters on tables; the kids can eat Popsicles on the couch if they want to. I let them ride these little cycles we got for them when they were 3 that have rubber wheels and no pedals. - Author: Cindy Crawford
Rooms quotes by Cindy Crawford
#176. The earth is our origin and destination. The ancient rhythms of the earth have insinuated themselves into the rhythms of the human heart. The earth is not outside us; it is within: the clay from where the tree of the body grows. When we emerge from our offices, rooms and houses, we enter our natural element. We are children of the earth: people to whom the outdoors is home. Nothing can separate us from the vigour and vibrancy of this inheritance. In contrast to our frenetic, saturated lives, the earth offers a calming stillness. Movement and growth in nature takes time. The patience of nature enjoys the ease of trust and hope. There is something in our clay nature that needs to continually experience this ancient, outer ease of the world. It helps us remember who we are and why we are here. - Author: John O'Donohue
Rooms quotes by John O'Donohue
#177. For me, there is a lot of room for improvement and there are a lot of things I would like to be better at. - Author: Geddy Lee
Rooms quotes by Geddy Lee
#178. The most important thing about a TV set is to get it back against something and not out in the middle of a room where it's like a somber fellow making electronic judgments on you. - Author: Bruce Jay Friedman
Rooms quotes by Bruce Jay Friedman
#179. I suspected that when something was a beginning and an ending at the same time, that meant it could only exist in the present. - Author: David Levithan
Rooms quotes by David Levithan
#180. Don't send your kids to Baylor. And don't send your kids to [Texas] A&M ... Texas A&M used to be a conservative university. It's lost all of its conservatism ... My daughter went there. You know, she had horrible experiences with coed dorms and guys who spent the weekends in the rooms with girls. - Author: Tom DeLay
Rooms quotes by Tom DeLay
#181. Oddly enough, white is a dead tone in a small room. Choosing something with a more medium tone will make the space feel larger. - Author: Emily Henderson
Rooms quotes by Emily Henderson
#182. Nothing pleases me more than to go into a room and come out with a piece of music. - Author: Paul McCartney
Rooms quotes by Paul McCartney
#183. They were standing in a very large room. The floorboards stretched in a pale expanse at their feet. There was so much dust on the floor that it had a pearly sheen.
"Even you could not nap on this floor," Kami told Angela.
"I don't know, a dust mattress might be very comfortable," said Angela. "Also possibly orthopedic. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Rooms quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#184. There's things people say in the barbershop they won't even say in their own living room, because it's just one of those zones where nobody's going to judge you too much about your dumb opinion. - Author: Ice Cube
Rooms quotes by Ice Cube
#185. Where there is knowledge, the rooms are
furnished with valuable, beautiful things.(GNB) - Author: Ikechukwu Joseph
Rooms quotes by Ikechukwu Joseph
#186. Trust me, lots of guys bring women up to their rooms when their wives are aren't there and get massages, it happens all the time. It means 'nothing'. - Author: Triple H
Rooms quotes by Triple H
#187. There's something so sweet about being on your yoga mat, whether that be at Jivamukti, Dharma Mittra, or in my living room. - Author: Stephanie Ellis
Rooms quotes by Stephanie Ellis
#188. Rockefeller and his associates did not build the Standard Oil Co. in the board rooms of Wall Street banks. They fought their way to control by rebate and drawback, bribe and blackmail, espionage and price cutting, by ruthless efficiency of organization. - Author: Ida Tarbell
Rooms quotes by Ida Tarbell
#189. Today I might lose both of them.
I try to imagine a world where both Gale's and Peeta's voices have ceased. Hands stilled. Eyes unblinking. I'm standing over their bodies, having a last look, leaving the room where they lie. But when I open the door to step out into the world, there's only a tremendous void. A pale grey nothingness that is all my future holds. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Rooms quotes by Suzanne Collins
#190. I was interested in theatre and media and came to Mumbai to get a job. I imagined that the film industry would be a white building with producers sitting in different rooms, and you could walk in and meet them, and they would interview you and select you. - Author: Imtiaz Ali
Rooms quotes by Imtiaz Ali
#191. Recovery is about making room for the real me to exist. - Author: Jenni Schaefer
Rooms quotes by Jenni Schaefer
#192. I guess you'll just have to get used to having a police car outside the grocery store, the gym, and wherever it is you go for lunch with your friends," Jack lectured. "And this goes without saying: you need to be careful. The police surveillance is a precautionary measure, but they can't be everywhere. You should stick to familiar surroundings, and be vigilant and alert at all times."

"I got it. No walking through dark alleys while talking on my cell phone, no running at night with my iPod, no checking out suspicious noises in the basement."

"I seriously hope you're not doing any of those things anyway."

"Of course not."

Jack pinned her with his gaze.

She shifted against the counter. "Okay, maybe, sometimes, I've been known to listen to a Black Eyed Peas song or two while running at night. They get me moving after a long day at work."

Jack seemed wholly unimpressed with this excuse. "Well, you and the Peas better get used to running indoors on a treadmill."

Conscious of Wilkins's presence, and the fact that he was watching her and Jack with what appeared to be amusement, Cameron bit back her retort.

Thirty thousand hotel rooms in the city of Chicago and she picked the one that would lead her back to him. - Author: Julie James
Rooms quotes by Julie James
#193. I don't do much else but stay in my hotel room. - Author: Layne Staley
Rooms quotes by Layne Staley
#194. Many a woman will pass for elegant in a ballroom, or even at a court drawing room, whose want of true breeding would become evident in a chosen company. - Author: Julia Ward Howe
Rooms quotes by Julia Ward Howe
#195. Are you a good human being, Gerry? I mean good in the sense that if you put everything in the scales, they'd tip that way?" It startled her. "I don't know. I haven't thought of myself that way. I think I like the lush life a little too much. That's why I married George. I'm vain. I like men to admire me. I've got a coarse streak that comes out at the wrong times. But I do try to live up to ... some kind of a better image of myself. And I try to improve. I came from nothing, Trav, from a little raggedy-ass spread in the Panhandle with too many kids and too few rooms. - Author: John D. MacDonald
Rooms quotes by John D. MacDonald
#196. A room is not a room without natural light. - Author: Louis Kahn
Rooms quotes by Louis Kahn
#197. Sonnet XXV
Before I loved you, love, nothing was my own:
I wavered through the streets, among
Nothing mattered or had a name:
The world was made of air, which waited.
I knew rooms full of ashes,
Tunnels where the moon lived,
Rough warehouses that growled 'get lost',
Questions that insisted in the sand.
Everything was empty, dead, mute,
Fallen abandoned, and decayed:
Inconceivably alien, it all
Belonged to someone else - to no one:
Till your beauty and your poverty
Filled the autumn plentiful with gifts. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Rooms quotes by Pablo Neruda
#198. Find the thing that stirs your heart and make room for it - Author: Joan D. Chittister
Rooms quotes by Joan D. Chittister
#199. When you get an idea, so many things come in that one moment. You could write the sound of that idea, or the sound of the room it's in. You could write the clothes the character is wearing, what they're saying, how they move, what they look like. Instead of making up, you're actually catching an idea, for a story, characters, place, and mood - all the stuff that comes. - Author: David Lynch
Rooms quotes by David Lynch
#200. All hospital emergency rooms have the same feel to them. They're all decorated in the same dull, muted tones and softened edges, which are meant to be comforting and aren't. They all have the same smell too: one part tangy antiseptics, one part cool dispassion, one part anxiety, and one part naked fear. They - Author: Jim Butcher
Rooms quotes by Jim Butcher

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