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#1. Truth isn't confined to a specific religious organization or institution or individual. - Author: Clare Goldsberry
Organization quotes by Clare Goldsberry
#2. You are a free man, and let no organization come between you and your best interests. Do not let any man, or any body of men, tell you where you shall work, or where you shall not work, when you shall work, or when, you shall not work. If a man wants to belong to a labor organization, let him belong. If he does not want to belong to a labor organization, let him have perfect liberty to stay out. You own yourself. Let no man put a manacle on your hand, or foot, or head, or heart. - Author: Thomas De Witt Talmage
Organization quotes by Thomas De Witt Talmage
#3. The more workers you have in your organization, the better you are implanted in the working class, the more likely you are to come up with the concrete problems of the class. - Author: Ernest Mandel
Organization quotes by Ernest Mandel
#4. It is futile to judge the viability of a new movement by the truth of its doctrine and the feasibility of its promises. What has to be judged is its corporate organization for quick and total absorption of the frustrated. Where new creeds vie with each other for the allegiance of the populace, the one which comes with the most perfected collective framework wins. - Author: Eric Hoffer
Organization quotes by Eric Hoffer
#5. The worst way to fire somebody is to let it drag out. It's not good for that person because they're not succeeding in their role. And it's not good for the organization because it's just not working. - Author: Nick Woodman
Organization quotes by Nick Woodman
#6. A high-mature digital organization is shifting from "pushing" stuff to the digital channel into "pulling" resources up for problem-solving. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Organization quotes by Pearl Zhu
#7. After all, your company doesn't define customer experience. Customers do. Customer experience is based on how your customers perceive your organization and how well you meet their needs when they interact with, hear about, and do business with your company. - Author: Michael Hinshaw
Organization quotes by Michael Hinshaw
#8. If ethics are poor at the top, that behavior is copied down through the organization. - Author: Robert Noyce
Organization quotes by Robert Noyce
#9. The society of organizations is new-only seventy years ago employees were a small minority in every society. - Author: Peter Drucker
Organization quotes by Peter Drucker
#10. The United Nations was the thing I wanted to work for. Like the United Nations Commission for Refugees is what I was interested in. And then people said if you do that you'll hit glass ceilings all the time, because you are not Ghanian or Nigerian and that's the way to progress though a multinational organization like that. In any event, they said do five years' legal experience and come back. And after five years I decided to stay where I was. So I am really an accidental lawyer. - Author: John Gimlette
Organization quotes by John Gimlette
#11. In the early stages the sexual needs will have the upper hand, in later stages the compulsive moralistic inhibition. At times of political upheavals of the total social organization, the conflict between sexuality and compulsive morality becomes most acute. This will impress some people as the "collapse of morality," other people as "sexual revolution." At any rate, the idea of the "decline of culture" is the perception of the breakthrough of natural sexuality. The only reason why it is experienced subjectively as "decline" is the fact that it threatens the compulsive moralistic way of living. What happens objectively is only the downfall of the sexual dictatorship which maintains the compulsive moralistic forces in the individuals in the interest of authoritarian marriage and family. - Author: Wilhelm Reich
Organization quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#12. Generally, management of many is the same as management of few. It is a matter of organization. And to control many is the same as to control few. This is a matter of formations and signals. - Author: Sun Tzu
Organization quotes by Sun Tzu
#13. I'm not part of any organization that has initials. - Author: Noah
Organization quotes by Noah
#14. Villainy can win against one library, but not against an organization of readers. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Organization quotes by Lemony Snicket
#15. Behind every individual closes organization; before him opens liberty,
the Better, the Best. The first and worse races are dead.The second and imperfect races are dying out, or remain for the maturing of the higher. In the latest race, in man, every generosity, every new perception, the love and praise he extorts from his fellows, are certificates of advance out of fate into freedom. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Organization quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#16. The events in Prague, together with the Berlin blockade, convinced the European recipients of American economic assistance that they needed military protection as well: that led them to request the creation of a North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which committed the United States for the first time ever to the peacetime defense of Western Europe. - Author: John Lewis
Organization quotes by John Lewis
#17. UNICEF is such a special organization, and to spread the word just makes me so happy. - Author: Charlotte Sullivan
Organization quotes by Charlotte Sullivan
#18. In April the true labor began. He rose before dawn and was at work in the trees as the sun rose. On a ladder, with his shears, maneuvering into the farthest reaches of the understories. At times whistling, at times muttering to himself. But mostly silent. Always working in that calm, deliberate way that made it impossible to imagine that he would ever complete the row, not to mention the entire orchard, in time. How could he afford to be so careful? It's that it was just possible, but barely. The design, the organization he achieved in the rows, in each tree, pleased him like nothing else. It was his passion, his whole life. - Author: Amanda Coplin
Organization quotes by Amanda Coplin
#19. An organization with excellent internal communication will run smoothly, allowing its members to progress toward a mutual goal, which will ultimately affect the quality of external communication. - Author: Scribendi
Organization quotes by Scribendi
#20. You know, back in the 1950s and '60s, when J. Edgar Hoover was making the FBI the respected organization it used to be, oftentimes they would find a fugitive and basically have his house surrounded, and then put out a press release saying he was on the top 10 most wanted list. And 10 minutes later, he'd be arrested. - Author: Howie Carr
Organization quotes by Howie Carr
#21. The things you're accustomed to are dangerous. In applications intended for use within an organization, a design based on API calls works well and is easy to develop. The API call metaphor assumes away the network boundary and lets a client invoke a method on a remote computer just like it would call the API of a local code library. - Author: Leonard Richardson
Organization quotes by Leonard Richardson
#22. Finally, the functionalist organization, by privileging progress (i.e. time), causes the condition of its own possibility
space itself
to be forgotten: space thus becomes the blind spot in a scientific and political technology. This is the way in which the Concept-city functions: a place of transformations and appropriations, the object of various kinds of interference but also a subject that is constantly enriched by new attributes, it is simultaneously the machinery and the hero of modernity. - Author: Michel De Certeau
Organization quotes by Michel De Certeau
#23. Don't let ... anybody in the Cowboys organization fool you into thinking they support Greg Hardy. They don't. They support sacks. - Author: Katie Nolan
Organization quotes by Katie Nolan
#24. The White House has announced that they no longer recognize Fox as a news organization, which puts them about eight years behind the rest of us. - Author: David Letterman
Organization quotes by David Letterman
#25. Where some see a new world disorder, others see the opportunity to bring organization. - Author: Jeff Jarvis
Organization quotes by Jeff Jarvis
#26. No other youth group like the Scouts has trained so many future leaders while at the same time being a nature organization with its outdoor focus. - Author: Richard Louv
Organization quotes by Richard Louv
#27. Thankfully, over time, I have come to realize those skills initially dismissed as "soft" - communicating a vision, providing feedback, or leading a team - are fundamental to everything we try to do in business. You don't create a successful, sustainable, and scalable organization unless you can engage the people within the organization to work together. The "best friend at work" from the - Author: Morag Barrett
Organization quotes by Morag Barrett
#28. When a leader makes the choice to put the safety and lives of the people inside the organization first, to sacrifice their comforts and sacrifice the tangible results, so that the people remain and feel safe and feel like they belong, remarkable things happen. - Author: Simon Sinek
Organization quotes by Simon Sinek
#29. Power in organizations is the capacity generated by relationships. It is an energy that comes into existence through relationships. - Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
Organization quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#30. Creativity involves missteps and imperfections. I wanted our people to get comfortable with that idea - that both the organization and its members should be willing, at times, to operate on the edge. - Author: Ed Catmull
Organization quotes by Ed Catmull
#31. I had the privilege and the honor of chairing the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs. And it is interesting to me, you know, Republicans give a lot of speeches about how much they love veterans. I work with the American Legion, the VFW, the DAV, the Vietnam Vets, and virtually every veterans organization to put together the most comprehensive piece of the veterans legislation in the modern history of America. That's what I did. - Author: Bernie Sanders
Organization quotes by Bernie Sanders
#32. You cannot prevent a major catastrophe, but you can build an organization that is battle-ready, where people trust one another. In military training, the first rule is to instill soldiers with trust in their officers - because without trust, they won't fight. - Author: Peter Drucker
Organization quotes by Peter Drucker
#33. Thanks to the growing strength of environmental organizations, there will always be some back country to provide us with a touch of wonder and a breath of fresh air. - Author: Wallace Stegner
Organization quotes by Wallace Stegner
#34. Taxpayers will not stand for - nor should they - the funding of poster sites, leaflets or advertising. What people will support is funding for political education, for training, for party organization. - Author: Peter Hain
Organization quotes by Peter Hain
#35. Machines are admirable and tyrannize only with the user's consent. Where, then, is the enemy? Not where the machine gives relief from drudgery but where human judgment abdicates. The smoothest machine-made product of the age is the organization man, for even the best organizing principle tends to corrupt, and the mechanical principle corrupts absolutely. - Author: Jacques Barzun
Organization quotes by Jacques Barzun
#36. I try to support any and all animal causes or organizations out there if they are good and reputable. Sadly, there are a lot of people and organizations that raise money but don't do much or don't have good intentions. I've worked with organizations such as Marine Animal Rescue in Southern California. - Author: Alison Eastwood
Organization quotes by Alison Eastwood
#37. The true man of science will know nature better by his finer organization; he will smell, taste, see, hear, feel, better than other men. His will be a deeper and finer experience. We do not learn by inference and deduction and the application of mathematics to philosophy, but by direct intercourse and sympathy. It is with science as with ethics,
we cannot know truth by contrivance and method; the Baconian is as false as any other, and with all the helps of machinery and the arts, the most scientific will still be the healthiest and friendliest man, and possess a more perfect Indian wisdom. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Organization quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#38. Many in the trans community are fed up with L.G.B.T. organizations that continue to erase trans identity or just give lip service to trans issues. We need our cisgender allies - gay and straight - to treat transgender lives as if they matter, and trans people need multiple seats at the tables in the organizations that say they're interested in L.G.B.T. equality; this absence has been painful since Stonewall. - Author: Laverne Cox
Organization quotes by Laverne Cox
#39. As a decision maker, you rely on information being passed to you by the people who report to you. As the CEO, however, you cannot rely solely on this information. You also need to 'dip' down into your organization and learn directly from employees at all levels and virtually all skill sets. - Author: Scott Weiss
Organization quotes by Scott Weiss
#40. We must "Bring Back Our Girls" and support Nigerians working every day to create change. Please donate now to support Nigerian organizations educating and standing up for girls - Author: Malala Yousafzai
Organization quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#41. For future Snowdens, we want to show there is an organization that will do what we did for Snowden - as much as possible - in raising money for legal defense and public advocacy for whistleblowers so they know if they come forward there is a support group for them. - Author: Sarah Harrison
Organization quotes by Sarah Harrison
#42. As a general rule, moderate levels of arousal facilitate deployment of skills, whereas high arousal disrupts it. This is especially true of complex activities requiring intricate organization of behavior - Author: Albert Bandura
Organization quotes by Albert Bandura
#43. Organizational culture is just like the "Operation System" of the organization, you need reboot periodically to keep it running smoothly. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Organization quotes by Pearl Zhu
#44. Albrecht's Law - Intelligent people, when assembled into an organization, will tend toward collective stupidity. - Author: Karl Albrecht
Organization quotes by Karl Albrecht
#45. A thrilled customer is the most potent marketing asset your organization can leverage. - Author: John Jantsch
Organization quotes by John Jantsch
#46. Every work needs proper organization. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Organization quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#47. Given the National Organization for Women's membership and proclivities, it's no wonder that people now view the NOW gang as being obsessed with only two issues: abortion rights and lesbian rights. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Organization quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#48. Plot-wise, there's nothing particularly groundbreaking about 'Scalped.' It starts off as something we've seen plenty of times before: the story of an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a criminal organization and the story of the guy at the head of that organization. The twist was always the setting: a modern-day Native American reservation. - Author: Jason Aaron
Organization quotes by Jason Aaron
#49. community, an organization, or a natural system - to prepare for disruptions, to recover from shocks and stresses, and to adapt and grow from a disruptive experience. As you build resilience, therefore, you become more able to prevent or mitigate stresses and shocks you can identify - Author: Judith Rodin
Organization quotes by Judith Rodin
#50. Dynamic capability is the ability to reconfigure your organization in the way that has the effect of increasing its variety. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Organization quotes by Pearl Zhu
#51. We're not like a nostalgia act, or the normal classic rock act - we're a really good musical organization, ... You're going to hear some blues, some jazz, a little of everything. The guys in the band are great musicians. When we play, we're there for real. It's not about posing, strutting in tights, that kind of stuff. It's all about music, and I've always respected my audience that way. - Author: Steve Miller
Organization quotes by Steve Miller
#52. I'd like to see every news organization, large and small, newspaper and blog, sponsor FOIA clubs in their communities to get scores, hundreds, thousands of citizens helping to open up data. - Author: Jeff Jarvis
Organization quotes by Jeff Jarvis
#53. Without the assumption that an advantage will be long-lived, the urgency of an organization to move quickly increases. - Author: Rita Gunther McGrath
Organization quotes by Rita Gunther McGrath
#54. To succeed consistently, good managers need to be skilled not just in choosing, training, and motivating the right people for the right job, but in choosing, building, and preparing the right organization for the job as well. - Author: Clayton M Christensen
Organization quotes by Clayton M Christensen
#55. Money is a function of value creation. The more value you create for other people, the higher the sales of your organization. - Author: Robin Sharma
Organization quotes by Robin Sharma
#56. There is an interplay between great leadership, events, trends, the organization, the people in it, the market 'out there' that goes far beyond one person exercising their will over others.

That's not what leadership is any more. - Author: Phil Dourado
Organization quotes by Phil Dourado
#57. When everything was laid out before her, she felt safe, loved even. She was always trying to be more organized than she was. She knew it was weird and blamed her mother, with the lists and
notes she'd leave whenever she and Dad went out of town. The labeled dinners in the freezer and the 20 emergency numbers on the phone showed she cared, even when absent, she cared. - Author: Victoria Kahler
Organization quotes by Victoria Kahler
#58. I'm honored and excited to be chosen to lead MLSE, a world-class sports and entertainment organization with the major league teams, premier facilities and employee team that rank with the very best across North America and internationally. - Author: Tim Leiweke
Organization quotes by Tim Leiweke
#59. Top-down approaches do not work. The bottleneck is at the top of the bottle. - Author: Iqbal Quadir
Organization quotes by Iqbal Quadir
#60. The academic literature describes marshals who "'police' other demonstrators," and who have a "collaborative relationship" with the authorities. This is essentially a strategy of co-optation. The police enlist the protest organizers to control the demonstrators, putting the organization at least partly in the service of the state and intensifying the function of control. (...)

Police/protestor cooperation required a fundamental adjustment in the attitude of the authorities. The Negotiated Management approach demanded the institutionalization of protest. Demonstrations had to be granted some degree of legitimacy so they could be carefully managed rather than simply shoved about. This approach de-emphasized the radical or antagonistic aspects of protest in favor of a routinized and collaborative approach. Naturally such a relationship brought with it some fairly tight constraints as to the kinds of protest activity available. Rallies, marches, polite picketing, symbolic civil disobedience actions, and even legal direct action - such as strikes or boycotts - were likely to be acceptable, within certain limits. Violence, obviously, would not be tolerated. Neither would property destruction. Nor would any of the variety of tactics that had been developed to close businesses, prevent logging, disrupt government meetings, or otherwise interfere with the operation of some part of society. That is to say, picketing may be fine, barricades are not. Rallies were in, riots - Author: Kristian Williams
Organization quotes by Kristian Williams
#61. Organization is a priority for me because it blesses my children. Even without considering the benefits of productivity or efficiency, the stability of my children depends on my organization. - Author: Jamie C. Martin
Organization quotes by Jamie C. Martin
#62. I'm delighted to be joining INVESCO, an organization that has been growing both in terms of assets under management and the breadth of investment capabilities offered. I see great potential in working with the accomplished investment centers within INVESCO and providing expertise to help develop strategic solutions for our clients. - Author: Diane Garnick
Organization quotes by Diane Garnick
#63. I see the Baldrige process as a powerful set of mechanisms for disciplined people engaged in disciplined thought and taking disciplined action to create great organizations that produce exceptional results. - Author: James C. Collins
Organization quotes by James C. Collins
#64. Every religious group, while perhaps a majority somewhere, is also inevitably a minority somewhere else. Thus, religious organizations should and do show tolerance toward members of other religious denominations. - Author: Russell M. Nelson
Organization quotes by Russell M. Nelson
#65. I think I'm lucky in life and not just in football. I was very fortunate to play for a great organization and a great team that was really good near the end of my career. - Author: John Elway
Organization quotes by John Elway
#66. When I heard your organization was recording testimonies, I knew I had to come. She died in my arms, saying 'I don't want to die.' That is what death is like. It doesn't matter what uniforms the soldiers are wearing. It doesn't matter how good the weapons are. I thought if everyone could see what I saw, we would never have war anymore. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Organization quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#67. It is clear that these are alternative methods of co-ordinating production. Yet, having regard to the fact that, if production is regulated by price movements, production could be carried on without any organization at all might we ask, why is there any organization? - Author: Ronald Coase
Organization quotes by Ronald Coase
#68. We see community organizations as major service providers and economic drivers rather than as recipients or distributors of charity, and coordinators of volunteers. Today they constitute what's referred to as 'the social economy'. - Author: Julia Gillard
Organization quotes by Julia Gillard
#69. For me, the peculiar qualities of faith are a logical outcome of this level of biological organization. - Author: E. O. Wilson
Organization quotes by E. O. Wilson
#70. What are the conditions that make for the superiority of an army? Its internal organization, military habits in officers and men, the confidence of each in themselves; that is to say, bravery, patience, and all that is contained in the idea of moral means. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
Organization quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#71. I am appalled by the great injustice being perpetrated by those Jewish organizations that engage in anti-Christian bigotry. - Author: Daniel Lapin
Organization quotes by Daniel Lapin
#72. You can play a particular sport as long as you take good care of your body and you're confident enough and still have that hunger to where you want to be a part of an organization, a group of individuals where you feel you can contribute to the success of that team. - Author: Alonzo Mourning
Organization quotes by Alonzo Mourning
#73. One of the functions of an organization, of any organism, is to anticipate the future, so that those relationships can persist over time. - Author: Kevin Kelly
Organization quotes by Kevin Kelly
#74. Society, community, family are all conserving institutions. They try to maintain stability, and to prevent, or at least to slow down, change. But the organization of the post-capitalist society of organizations is a destabilizer. Because its function is to put knowledge to work - on tools, processes, and products; on work; on knowledge itself - it must be organized for constant change. - Author: Peter Drucker
Organization quotes by Peter Drucker
#75. Many of the lower middle class are members of labor unions, churches, bowling clubs, fraternal, service, and nationality organizations. They are organizations and people that must be worked
with as one would work with any other part of our populations - with respect, understanding, and sympathy. - Author: Saul Alinsky
Organization quotes by Saul Alinsky
#76. Routine is not organization, any more than paralysis is order. - Author: Arthur Helps
Organization quotes by Arthur Helps
#77. ISIS went to school on how we were collecting intelligence on terrorist organizations by using telecommunications technologies. And when they learned that from the [Edward] Snowden disclosures, they were able to adapt to it and essentially go silent. - Author: Michael Morell
Organization quotes by Michael Morell
#78. There is no structural organization of society which can bring about the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth since all systems can be perverted by the selfishness of man. The Malvern Manifesto: Drawn up by a Conference of the Province of York, January 10, 1941; signed for the Conference by Temple, then Archbishop of York . - Author: William Temple
Organization quotes by William Temple
#79. I've worked with the Warrens. For about 20 years. I was really good friends with Ed. Ed and Lorraine. We went our separate ways, there were a few differences. In their organization, being that they were from Connecticut, I started the New York City chapter of the organization and handled things in New York. But eventually I was out on my own. But I've been friends with them for a long time. - Author: Ralph Sarchie
Organization quotes by Ralph Sarchie
#80. To infiltrate the infiltrators would be to accept the fate of all spies: As always, if you or any member of your organization is apprehended by the enemy, the Secretary will deny any Knowledge, etc. ... - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Organization quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#81. Donate time, food, or money to organizations that fight the good fight. We can act individually for the collective good. We can all do something. - Author: Joy Bryant
Organization quotes by Joy Bryant
#82. If there is one point on which all authorities on Japan are in agreement, it is that Japanese institutions, whether business or government agencies, make decisions by consensus. The Japanese, we are told, debate a proposed decision throughout the organization until there is agreement on it. And only then do they make the decision. - Author: Peter F. Drucker
Organization quotes by Peter F. Drucker
#83. We tend to think of the mind of an organization residing in the CEO and the organization's top managers, perhaps with the help of outside consultants that they call in. But that is not really how an organization thinks. - Author: Kevin Kelly
Organization quotes by Kevin Kelly
#84. All organisms can make the most basic distinctions--between food and not-food, danger and safety, light and dark, same-species and not-same. But only people can use language to make the highly complex categorizations of, say, animals or physical forces, or however many different kinds of quarks there are now, putting them in separate piles and naming the piles. It's how we proceed; it's how we communicate. Organization into categories is, at bottom, human. - Author: Scott Huler
Organization quotes by Scott Huler
#85. Like resilience, self-organization is often sacrificed for purposes of short-term productivity and stability. Productivity and stability are the usual excuses for turning creative human beings into mechanical adjuncts to production processes. Or for narrowing the genetic variability of crop plants. Or for establishing bureaucracies and theories of knowledge that treat people as if they were only numbers. Self-organization - Author: Donella H. Meadows
Organization quotes by Donella H. Meadows
#86. Monumental achievements by humanity should be done by major organizations as much together as possible. - Author: Buzz Aldrin
Organization quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#87. Innovative ideas aren't generated in structured, authoritarian environments but in an adaptive culture based on the principles of self-organization and self-discipline. - Author: Jim Highsmith
Organization quotes by Jim Highsmith
#88. Only 20 percent of employees working in large organizations surveyed feel their strengths are in play every day. Thus, eight our of ten employees surveyed feel somewhat miscast in their role. - Author: Stephen Covey
Organization quotes by Stephen Covey
#89. Time Progression: Wasting >>Spending >> Managing >> Investing - Author: Elizabeth Grace Saunders
Organization quotes by Elizabeth Grace Saunders
#90. The organization of the Soviet Union was directly modeled on that of the German postal service. - Author: David Graeber
Organization quotes by David Graeber
#91. Power is the flower of organization. - Author: A. Philip Randolph
Organization quotes by A. Philip Randolph
#92. I believe that what makes the psychedelic experience so central is that it is a connection into a larger modality of organization on the planet, which is a fancy way of saying it connects you up to the mind of Nature Herself. - Author: Terence McKenna
Organization quotes by Terence McKenna
#93. Only one military organization can hold and gain ground in war-a ground army supported by tactical aviation with supply lines guarded by the navy. - Author: Omar N. Bradley
Organization quotes by Omar N. Bradley
#94. Information Management becomes the core capability of the digital organization, and it is the key differentiator between digital leaders and laggards. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Organization quotes by Pearl Zhu
#95. The reason social media is so difficult for most organizations: It's a process, not an event. - Author: Seth Godin
Organization quotes by Seth Godin
#96. To put it another way, I believe that purpose and principle, clearly understood and articulated, and commonly shared, are the genetic code of any healthy organization. To the degree that you hold purpose and principles in common among you, you can dispense with command and control. People will know how to behave in accordance with them, and they'll do it in thousands of unimaginable, creative ways. The organization will become a vital, living set of beliefs. - Author: Dee Hock
Organization quotes by Dee Hock
#97. Pro Publica distorts the relationship between organizations and their consultants, - Author: Scott Raab
Organization quotes by Scott Raab
#98. I was never an activist, in the sense that I didn't really join a lot of organizations. I wasn't out in the streets. But what I did become was a writer. My activism was in writing. - Author: Vivian Gornick
Organization quotes by Vivian Gornick
#99. If you find that your organization can't make the hard decisions that Scrum demands, then high-risk, uncertain projects have very little probability of success in your organization. - Author: Jim Highsmith
Organization quotes by Jim Highsmith
#100. Effective teamwork will not take the place of knowing how to do the job or how to manage the work. Poor teamwork, however, can prevent effective final performance. And it can also prevent team members from gaining satisfaction in being a member of a team and the organization. - Author: Robert Bales
Organization quotes by Robert Bales
#101. Their attitude toward another aspect of organization shows the same bias. What of the "group life", the loss of individualism? Once upon a time it was conventional for young men to view the group life of the big corporations as one of its principal disadvantages. Today, they see it as a positive boon. Working with others, they believe, will reduce the frustration of work, and they often endow the accompanying suppression of ego with strong spiritual overtones. They will concede that there is often a good bit of wasted time in the committee way of life and that the handling of human relations involves much suffering of fools gladly. But this sort of thing, they say, is the heart of the organization man's job, not merely the disadvantages of it. "Any man who feels frustrated by these things," one young trainee with face unlined said to me, "can never be an executive". - Author: William H. Whyte
Organization quotes by William H. Whyte
#102. Organizations exist to serve. Period. Leaders live to serve. Period. - Author: Tom Peters
Organization quotes by Tom Peters
#103. All too often, new hires have a different expectation of their job and responsibilities than the organization does. Any miscommunication during the recruiting process needs to be cleared up ASAP. Whenever possible, give new employees a written plan of objectives and responsibilities. - Author: Jay Samit
Organization quotes by Jay Samit
#104. We must change life,' the poet [Rimbaud] had written, and so the Situationists set out to transform everyday life in the modern world through a comprehensive program that included above all else the construction of 'situations'
defined in 1958 as moments of life 'concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organization of a unitary ambiance and a play of events'
but that also necessary entailed the supersession of philosophy, the realization of art, the abolition of politics, and the fall of the 'spectacle-commodity economy. - Author: Tom McDonough
Organization quotes by Tom McDonough
#105. There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization, and then there are people who are very analytic or focused on strategy. Those two types don't usually tend to be in the same person. I would put myself much more in the latter camp. - Author: Mark Zuckerberg
Organization quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
#106. I always knew that St. Jude was an amazing organization but meeting the kids and seeing how the hospital works first hand was truly beautiful. It doesn't feel like a regular hospital all dreary and sad. It's a colorful, beautiful, comfortable, fun place to live and the energy is wonderful. - Author: Ariana Grande
Organization quotes by Ariana Grande
#107. Reorganization to me is shuffling boxes, moving boxes around. Transformation means that you're really fundamentally changing the way the organization thinks, the way it responds, the way it leads. It's a lot more than just playing with boxes. - Author: Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Organization quotes by Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
#108. Even more then long hours in the kitchen, fine meals require ingenious organization and experience which is a pleasure to acquire. - Author: Elizabeth David
Organization quotes by Elizabeth David
#109. The organization and the environment are in concert. - Author: Kevin Kelly
Organization quotes by Kevin Kelly
#110. Remember, America: organization will set you free. - Author: Alton Brown
Organization quotes by Alton Brown
#111. I am but one member of a vast team made up of many organizations, officials, thousands of scientists, and millions of farmers - mostly small and humble - who for many years have been fighting a quiet, oftentimes losing war on the food production front. - Author: Norman Borlaug
Organization quotes by Norman Borlaug
#112. Fortunately or unfortunately, the one predictable thing in any organization is the crisis. That always comes. That's when you do depend on the leader: The job of the leader is to build an organization that is battle-ready, that has high morale, that knows how to behave, that trusts itself, and where people trust one another. - Author: Peter Drucker
Organization quotes by Peter Drucker
#113. After nearly 6,000 years of evidence on the subject, one thing stands clear: the people who end up as leaders in any organization, large or small, are often the craziest guys around. - Author: Stanley Bing
Organization quotes by Stanley Bing
#114. I automate some tasks and delegate many others. Doing research, job organization, data processing, field surveys, and plan preparation can be tedious, detailed work. - Author: Mark Mason
Organization quotes by Mark Mason
#115. Work hard to foster high levels of trust across the organization by stifling political battles, encouraging high-status people to admit and learn from mistakes, and not blaming or punishing those who come forward for help after good-effort failures. Create opportunities and spaces for people across disciplines and functions to interact informally and frequently. And use meetings or training sessions to teach people throughout the organization how to seek, find, give, and receive help effectively. - Author: Anonymous
Organization quotes by Anonymous
#116. Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led. - Author: Warren Bennis
Organization quotes by Warren Bennis
#117. More organizations die of indigestion than starvation - Author: David Packard
Organization quotes by David Packard
#118. There can be no justification to admit, in any way, the use of armed forced to intervene in the internal affairs of a WTO [Warsaw Treaty Organization] member country. The solving of domestic problems belongs exclusively to the Party and people of each country and any kind of interference can only do harm to the cause of socialism, friendship and collaboration among the socialist countries. - Author: Nicolae Ceausescu
Organization quotes by Nicolae Ceausescu
#119. In an increasingly connected world it is less likely that a few people 'manage' everyone else. The new environment requires a shift in the organization of both institutions and societies, one of flexible teams of teams that come together around whatever change opportunities exist and then reform around the next. - Author: Bill Drayton
Organization quotes by Bill Drayton
#120. The BoDs and business leaders must work with the right mindset to make good policies and create an inclusive organization with every dip in the business life cycle. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Organization quotes by Pearl Zhu
#121. And I'm a believer that you take a negative and turn it into a positive, and as it turned out, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And so I do appreciate the Ranger staff and the Ranger organization for giving me that opportunity. - Author: Nolan Ryan
Organization quotes by Nolan Ryan
#122. As soon as I got out of jail, as soon as my trial was over, first of all, during the time I was in jail, there was an organization called the National United Committee to Free Angela Davis, and I insisted that it be called National United Committee to Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners. - Author: Angela Davis
Organization quotes by Angela Davis
#123. All religions have based morality on obedience, that is to say, on voluntary slavery. That is why they have always been more pernicious than any political organization. For the latter makes use of violence, the former - of the corruption of the will. - Author: Alexander Herzen
Organization quotes by Alexander Herzen
#124. Showing leadership doesn't mean every employee will run the organization; that would lead to chaos. Businesses do need someone to set the vision and then lead the team to it. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
Organization quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#125. I won't belong to any organization that would have me as a member. - Author: Groucho Marx
Organization quotes by Groucho Marx
#126. If your project or organization depends on knowing things that other people don't know (but could find out if they wanted to), your days are probably numbered. Ask a travel agent The alternative, while difficult, is obvious. Provide enough non-commodity service and customization that it doesn't matter if the ideas spread. In fact, it will help you when they do. - Author: Seth Godin
Organization quotes by Seth Godin
#127. I'd rather work with a grassroots organization than in politics. I'm not sure I'd be the best politician because I don't think I'm good about tactfully tiptoeing around questions in the right way. - Author: Lauren Mayberry
Organization quotes by Lauren Mayberry
#128. Join Today/Now/Where to join The Illuminati Society +27736397556 ,Freemasons,Brotherhood,World Order in Durban/Pinetown/Umlazi/Chatsworth/Umtata/Umbilo/Glenwood/Berea/morning side Musgrave/Kwamashu/Inanda/Phoenix/Verulam/North beach/South Beach.

The New World Order is the outward goal and we are the secret behind the power government in the world. Many pseudo-entertainers are aware of Illuminati legends and work those symbols and myths into their acts to fuel further speculation. Supporters of this idea say organizations like the United Nations, European Union, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, G-20 Economic Group, the World Court, NATO, Council on Foreign Relations, World Council of Churches and various multinational corporations are pawns of the New World Order, driving the world closer and closer to this socialist,one-economy, one-future can visit on our members page,lodge,Temple. join today and enjoy - Author: Harry Potter
Organization quotes by Harry Potter
#129. As one travels up any one of the large rivers [of Borneo] ,one meets with tribes that are successively more warlike. In the coast regions are peaceful communities which never fight
save in self-defense, and then with but poor success, whereas in the central regions, where the rivers take their rise, are a number of extremely warlike tribes whose raids have been a constant source of terror to the communities settled in the lower reaches of the rivers.... It might be supposed that the peaceful coast people would be found to be superior in moral qualities to their more warlike neighbors, but the contrary is the case. In almost all respects the advantage lies with the warlike tribes. Their houses are better built, larger, and cleaner; their domestic morality is superior; they are physically stronger, are braver, and physically and mentally more active and in general are more trustworthy. But, above all, their social organization is firmer and more efficient because their respect for and obedience to their chiefs and their loyalty to their community are much greater; each man identifies himself with the whole community and accepts and loyally performs the social duties laid upon him. - Author: William McDougall
Organization quotes by William McDougall
#130. It's easy to be a spokesman and ambassador for a great organization like the NBA. I thank Commissioner David Stern for putting that trust in me to serve the NBA around the globe. - Author: Dikembe Mutombo
Organization quotes by Dikembe Mutombo
#131. the organization of labor is only another word for the forms of life of the common people, this means that the development of the market system would be accompanied by a change in the organization of society itself. All along the line, human society had become an accessory of the economic system. - Author: Karl Polanyi
Organization quotes by Karl Polanyi
#132. I'm not into animal rights. I'm only into animal welfare and health. I've been with the Morris Animal Foundation since the '70s. We're a health organization. We fund campaign health studies for dogs, cats, lizards and wildlife. I've worked with the L.A. Zoo for about the same length of time. I get my animal fixes! - Author: Betty White
Organization quotes by Betty White
#133. It comes down to competitiveness. I hate to lose. We want people in our organization that hate to lose - that want to compete every single day, so you continue to strive to win. - Author: Bob Myers
Organization quotes by Bob Myers
#134. Today, the witch theory of causality has fallen into disuse, with the exception of a few isolated pockets in Papua New Guinea, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Tanzania, Kenya, or Sierra Leone, where "witches" are still burned to death. A 2002 World Health Organization study, for example, reported that every year more than 500 elderly women in Tanzania alone are killed for being "witches." In Nigeria, children by the thousands are being rounded up and torched as "witches," and in response the Nigerian government arrested a self-styled bishop named Okon Williams, who it accused of killing 110 such children. - Author: Michael Shermer
Organization quotes by Michael Shermer
#135. Finding the best person or the best organization to invest your money is one of the most important financial decisions you'll ever make. - Author: Bill Gross
Organization quotes by Bill Gross
#136. There is a theory that watching unbearable stories about other people lost in grief and rage is good for you - may cleanse you of your darkness. Do you want to go down to the pits of yourself all alone? Not much. What if an actor could do it for you? Isn't that why they are called actors? They act for you. You sacrifice them to action. And this sacrifice is a mode of deepest intimacy of you with your own life. Within it you watch [yourself] act out the present or possible organization of your nature. You can be aware of your own awareness of this nature as you never are at the moment of experience. The actor, by reiterating you, sacrifices a moment of his own life in order to give you a story of yours. - Author: Anne Carson
Organization quotes by Anne Carson
#137. You can't put a price on what Mark McGwire brings to the Cardinals organization. The responsibility he accepts is as great as any number of home runs. - Author: Tony La Russa
Organization quotes by Tony La Russa
#138. The words are strung together, with their own special grammar-the laws of quantum theory-to form sentences, which are molecules. Soon we have books, entire libraries, made out of molecular "sentences." The universe is like a library in which the words are atoms. Just look at what has been written with these hundred words! Our own bodies are books in that library, specified by the organization of molecules-but the universe and literature are organizations of identical, interchangeable objects; they are information systems. - Author: Heinz Pagels
Organization quotes by Heinz Pagels
#139. We are always creating new tools and techniques to help people, but the fundamental framework is remarkably resilient, which means it must have something to do with the nature of organizations or human nature. - Author: John P. Kotter
Organization quotes by John P. Kotter
#140. We as a nation need to be reeducated about the necessary and sufficient conditions for making human beings human. We need to be reeducated not as parents
but as workers, neighbors, and friends; and as members of the organizations, committees, boards
and, especially, the informal networks that control our social institutions and thereby determine the conditions of life for our families and their children. - Author: Urie Bronfenbrenner
Organization quotes by Urie Bronfenbrenner
#141. Rockefeller and his associates did not build the Standard Oil Co. in the board rooms of Wall Street banks. They fought their way to control by rebate and drawback, bribe and blackmail, espionage and price cutting, by ruthless efficiency of organization. - Author: Ida Tarbell
Organization quotes by Ida Tarbell
#142. On the Republican side, the emotional bonds of family launched a major social organization led by nietos, the Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory. Late in 2000 Emilio Silva and Santiago Macías began a personal search for the unmarked graves of their Republican ancestors.

[...] Descendants of executed Republicans told a journalist that "without the body, the pain never ceases." "Never," she reported, "have they spoken of vengeance, of revenge, or of anything that resembles that. In an exhumation, they never raise their eyes from the ground. They are not thinking of reopening wounds, but of closing, for once, their own." This journalist, Natalia Junquera, also quoted a distinguished professor of psychiatry who said, "The hatred dies, it is extinguished, but the necessity of putting a name to the dead, of honoring them, no. There always comes a moment in which one has to put an end to this interminable trauma." [63] - Author: Paul D. Escott
Organization quotes by Paul D. Escott
#143. Walls, towns, rules, and day-to-day life doesn't make us civilized ... That's organization and ritual. Civilization lives in our hearts and heads or it doesn't exist at all. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
Organization quotes by Jonathan Maberry
#144. I used to think that running an organization was equivalent to conducting a symphony orchestra. But I don't think that's quite it; it's more like jazz. There is more improvisation. Someone once wrote that the sound of surprise is jazz, and if there's any one thing that we must try to get used to in this world, it's surprise and the unexpected. Truly, we are living in world where the only thing that's constant is change. - Author: Warren G. Bennis
Organization quotes by Warren G. Bennis
#145. To be clear, civilization is not the same as society. Civilization is a specific, hierarchical organization based on 'power over.' Dismantling civilization, taking down that power structure, does not mean the end of all social order. It should ultimately mean more justice, more local control, more democracy, and more human rights, not less. - Author: Derrick Jensen
Organization quotes by Derrick Jensen
#146. Knowledge is merely brilliance in organization of ideas and not wisdom. The truly wise person goes beyond knowledge. - Author: Confucius
Organization quotes by Confucius
#147. Despite their inglorious end, the legions remain to this day, thousands of years after their creation, the most pre-eminent example of how detailed organization, tight discipline, and inspiring leadership can take a group of individuals and turn them into a winning team. - Author: Stephen Dando-Collins
Organization quotes by Stephen Dando-Collins
#148. To be a Christian in business, then, means much more than just being honest or not sleeping with your coworkers. It even means more than personal evangelism or holding a Bible study at the office. Rather, it means thinking out the implications of the gospel worldview and God's purposes for your whole work life - and for the whole of the organization under your influence. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Organization quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#149. I'm excited about being here in an organization that I grew up rooting for ... I'm excited about being an Atlanta Brave and pitching in Game 1. - Author: Tim Hudson
Organization quotes by Tim Hudson
#150. Prisoner of War guard companies, or an equivalent organization, should be as far forward as possible in action to take over prisoners of war, because troops heated with battle are not safe custodians. Any attempt to rob or loot prisoners of war by escorts must be dealt strictly with. - Author: George S. Patton
Organization quotes by George S. Patton
#151. In fact, I should say to begin with that the term anarchism is quite a range of political ideas, but I would prefer to think of it as the libertarian left, and from that point of view anarchism can be conceived as a kind of voluntary socialism, that is, as libertarian socialist or anarcho-syndicalist or communist anarchist, in the tradition of say Bakunin and Kropotkin and others. They had in mind a highly organized form of society, but a society that was organized on the basis of organic units, organic communities. And generally they meant by that the workplace and the neighborhood, and from those two basic units there could derive through federal arrangements a highly integrated kind of social organization, which might be national or even international in scope. And the decisions could be made over a substantial range, but by delegates who are always part of the organic community from which they come, to which they return and in which, in fact, they live. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Organization quotes by Noam Chomsky
#152. In an IT lead world, incumbents generally win because they have the existing relationship with the IT organization. - Author: Aaron Levie
Organization quotes by Aaron Levie
#153. No body of knowledge needs an organizational policy. Organizational policy can only impede the advancement of knowledge. There is a basic incompatibility between any organization and freedom of thought. - Author: William S. Burroughs
Organization quotes by William S. Burroughs
#154. Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution. - Author: Bill Drayton
Organization quotes by Bill Drayton
#155. What we need is not more learning, not more eloquence, not more persuasion, not more organization, but more power from the Holy Spirit. - Author: John Stott
Organization quotes by John Stott
#156. according to the unanimous opinion of anthropologists, the organization of enforced labor is one of the essentials of civilization. - Author: Stanton Coit
Organization quotes by Stanton Coit
#157. I worry that business leaders are more interested in material gain than they are in having the patience to build up a strong organization, and a strong organization starts with caring for their people. - Author: John Wooden
Organization quotes by John Wooden
#158. A goal of education is. to assist growth toward greater complexity and integration and to assist in the process of self-organization - to modify individuals capacity to modify themselves. - Author: Reuven Feuerstein
Organization quotes by Reuven Feuerstein
#159. The moral panic about supposedly unpatriotic educators was driven by international war hysteria combined with agitation over the growing domestic political strength of teachers unions. In 1917 and 1918, Congress passed the Espionage and Sedition Acts, which sought to ban public speech and actions "disloyal" to the United States military and government, especially among socialists, communists, pacifists, immigrants, and other groups perceived as affiliated with European leftism. More than any other force, the American Legion, a veterans' organization, pushed this ethos of unquestioning patriotism onto the nation's public schools. The Legion was influential: 16 U.S. senators and 130 congressmen identified as members. It promoted the idea that the Communist Party in Moscow actively recruited American teachers in order to enlist them in brainwashing the nation's youth. The Legion saw all left-of-center political activity as unacceptably anti-American. - Author: Dana Goldstein
Organization quotes by Dana Goldstein
#160. Don't give up. Research like crazy. Join a writer's organization. Read books on the publishing world. It all helps! - Author: Darynda Jones
Organization quotes by Darynda Jones
#161. Authentic leaders inspire us to engage with each other in powerful dreams that make the impossible possible. We are called on to persevere despite failure and pursue a purpose beyond the paycheck. This is at the core of innovation. It requires aligning the dreams of each individual to the broader dream of the organization. - Author: Henna Inam
Organization quotes by Henna Inam
#162. A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time. - Author: Ann Dillard
Organization quotes by Ann Dillard
#163. We are deceiving ourselves if we believe that a literary work written and published in a country where 70 per cent of the population is illiterate, can change the political and social life of the is up to political organization..and not to romantic literature.. to change the present situation. - Author: Zakaria Tamer
Organization quotes by Zakaria Tamer
#164. There were certain great principles involved in the organization of this earth, and one was that there might be a place provided whereon the children of our Heavenly Father could live and propagate their species and have bodies formed for the spirits to inhabit who were the children of God; for ... He is the God and Father of the spirits of all flesh. - Author: John Taylor
Organization quotes by John Taylor
#165. The combination of professionalism and technology may also result in narrow-minded specialization more suited to a debating society than to an organization whose task it is to cope with, and indeed live in, the dangerous and uncertain environment of war. - Author: Martin Van Creveld
Organization quotes by Martin Van Creveld
#166. A sales group with high morale and strong team spirit is a powerful unit, and team mentality is the cornerstone of success for any sales organization. - Author: John R. Treace
Organization quotes by John R. Treace
#167. We are swimming upstream against a great torrent of disorganization ... In this, our main obligation is to establish arbitrary enclaves of order and system ... It is the greatest possible victory to be, to continue to be, and to have been. No defeat can deprive us of the success of having existed for some moment of time in a universe that seems indifferent to us.
This is no defeatism ... The declaration of our own nature and the attempt to build up an enclave of organization in the face of nature's overwhelming tendency to disorder is an insolence against the gods and the iron necessity that they impose. Here lies tragedy, but here lies glory too ...
All this represents the manner in which I believe I have been able to add something positive to the pessimism of ... the existensialists. I have not replaced the gloom of existence by a philosophy which is optimistic in any Pollyanna sense, but ... with a positive attitude toward the universe and toward our life in it. - Author: Norbert Wiener
Organization quotes by Norbert Wiener
#168. People who represent social organization in a country are a force in that country - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Organization quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#169. after doing a good deed, assured me that all the credit belonged to me and that those many people who nowadays taught and preached that the individual good deed was of no significance were wrong. I was also very anxious to talk for a while. '"Whoever attacks individual 'charity'," I began, "attacks the nature of man and despises his personal dignity. But the organization of 'public charity' and the question of personal freedom are two different questions and are not mutually exclusive. Individual kindness will always remain, because it is a need of the personality, a living need for the direct influence of one personality on another. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Organization quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#170. 'The Economist' is a biased organization. - Author: Ali Babacan
Organization quotes by Ali Babacan
#171. Ronan's phone buzzed with a text: Gansey.
Reached out to a few peers, it said, as if he were sixty instead of the same age as Ronan. Image you sent confirmed logo for Boudicca. All-lady group involved in the protection and organization of women in business. Henry says his mother thinks they're pretty powerful.
Another text came in. Boudicca is actually a very interesting historical figure in her won right.
Another: She was a warrior queen of the Celts around 60 CE and she fought against the Romans
Another: Blue wants you to know Boudicca is
Another: Sorry sent too soon quote is 'Boudicca is the original goth. Ronan Lynch wishes he was that badass'
Another: Is badass one word or two
Ronan's phone displayed ellipses to show that Gansey was about to shoot off another text.
Ronan texted back hurriedly, If you have to ask you aren't one. Thanks old man. I'll wiki it. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Organization quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#172. My father, a bookkeeper who never earned more than $11,000 a year in his life, sat there, writing out a $25 check to the NAACP. When I asked him why, he said discrimination against anyone is discrimination against us all. And I never forgot that. Indeed, his philanthropy was a gift, not just to that organization, but to me. - Author: Michael Bloomberg
Organization quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#173. There is plenty of research and data clearly demonstrating that while employees may choose to join an organization because of the brand, benefits, and other perceived rewards, they invariably choose to leave an organization because of their relationship with their immediate supervisor. I would also suggest that people choose to leave when they experience a toxic work environment and when they do not have a strong relationship (an Ally) among their peers. Employees, especially talented high performers, always have a - Author: Morag Barrett
Organization quotes by Morag Barrett
#174. The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious. - Author: Oswald Spengler
Organization quotes by Oswald Spengler
#175. Thankfully, President Obama has stood firmly behind women's health care issues by supporting coverage for contraception and reaffirming commitment to organizations like Planned Parenthood. - Author: Felicity Huffman
Organization quotes by Felicity Huffman
#176. Every organization has issues and concerns which are known about by many people who choose to remain silent. - Author: Margaret Heffernan
Organization quotes by Margaret Heffernan
#177. A duped newspaper or magazine could contend that a fiction-spouting journalist obtained part of his salary via fraud, and use a criminal proceeding to try and recoup that money. Given the profession's notoriously low wages, however, it's probably not worth the publicity headache and legal fees. No news organization has ever pursued such a case. - Author: Brendan I. Koerner
Organization quotes by Brendan I. Koerner
#178. this book itself is not a book on what people at the top do or should do. It is addressed to everyone who, as a knowledge worker, is responsible for actions and decisions which are meant to contribute to the performance capacity of his organization. - Author: Peter F. Drucker
Organization quotes by Peter F. Drucker
#179. When WHO works with the private sector, the Organization takes all possible measures to ensure its work to develop policy and guidelines is protected from industry influence. - Author: Margaret Chan
Organization quotes by Margaret Chan
#180. The growing complexity of science, technology, and organization does not imply either a growing knowledge or a growing need for knowledge in the general population. On the contrary, the increasingly complex processes tend to lead to increasingly simple and easily understood products. The genius of mass production is precisely in its making more products more accessible, both economically and intellectually to more people. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Organization quotes by Thomas Sowell
#181. All Freemasonry should be disbanded in America because our organization has been infiltrated by the Illuminati and they have bad intention for America and the World - Author: George Washington
Organization quotes by George Washington
#182. Chaos is the enemy of any organization the strives to be outstanding. - Author: Karen Martin
Organization quotes by Karen Martin
#183. Logic has never been idealism's strong suit. Every time I'd pointed out some inequity in our realtionship to Joe, something as basic as who had first dibs on the car, he said, "What are you going to do? Call NOW?" as he drove away, laughing. He thought the National Organization of Women was a joke, and feminism itself hysterically funny. It wasn't funny. It was nothing less than self-determination. It's what, in the end, we were all after. Me, Margo, Howie, Joe. We wanted equality. We wanted justice. We wanted not to be controlled by the world as it was. - Author: JoeAnn Hart
Organization quotes by JoeAnn Hart
#184. He [Osama bin Laden] is clearly an odd combination of a 12th-century theologian and a 21st-century CEO. He runs an absolutely unique organization in the Islamic world. It's multiethnic, multilinguistic, multinational. He is a combat veteran, three times wounded. He has a huge reputation in the Islamic world for generosity and leadership. He's a man who speaks eloquent, almost poetic Arabic, according to Bernard Lewis. - Author: Michael Scheuer
Organization quotes by Michael Scheuer
#185. The best single question for testing an organization's character is: What happens when people make mistakes? - Author: Robert I. Sutton
Organization quotes by Robert I. Sutton
#186. One has to work for years and decades, to conduct negotiations, to stand for positions and points of view, to jointly develop a civilized view on the administrative and state organization of Chechnya. - Author: Akhmad Kadyrov
Organization quotes by Akhmad Kadyrov
#187. Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart. - Author: Ross Perot
Organization quotes by Ross Perot
#188. If the real radical finds that having long hair sets up psychological barriers to communication and organization, he cuts his hair. If I were organizing in an orthodox Jewish community, I would not walk in there eating a ham sandwich unless I wanted to be rejected so I could have an excuse to cop out. - Author: Saul Alinsky
Organization quotes by Saul Alinsky
#189. I'm certainly thankful for what the Cubs did for me. I respect their organization. It's the same way with the Atlanta Braves, an awfully fine organization. I respect everybody who's down there, and that's still where I live today. But the Cardinals represent the best years of my career. - Author: Bruce Sutter
Organization quotes by Bruce Sutter
#190. To me, success in the job is setting a vision, guiding an organization through change - which is exactly what I did at Digitas, and I'm very proud of that - and bringing people together and with you. That, to me, is what it takes to be successful. - Author: Laura Lang
Organization quotes by Laura Lang
#191. I'm proud of everybody in our organization. Not every story has a happy ending. Doesn't mean it's a bad story. - Author: David Blatt
Organization quotes by David Blatt
#192. Every brand of religion maintains, and is, a permanent mechanism for transmitting ideas and values - whether one regards those values as admirable or ridiculous. Secularist organizations, with their generally looser, nonhierarchical structures, lack the power to hand down and disseminate their heritage in such a systematic way. - Author: Susan Jacoby
Organization quotes by Susan Jacoby
#193. I would love to see churches start using their Web sites to present video profiles of people within their congregations so that the average person could get a sense of what the life of the church (not the organization, but the people - the true church) is really like. - Author: Frank Minis Johnson
Organization quotes by Frank Minis Johnson
#194. I knew if I wanted to be a general manager, I was going to have to leave to work for another organization. - Author: Steve Yzerman
Organization quotes by Steve Yzerman
#195. It's important in any organization that if visions have any reality at all, it's because the organization believes that the vision is right and that they share in it. Otherwise, it becomes the good idea of one person, and that even more importantly contributes to the sense that it will not survive the departure of that individual. - Author: Eric Shinseki
Organization quotes by Eric Shinseki
#196. Reinvention takes place in the middle of the organization, so the first requisite is that there has to be a middle. I'll assume your organization still has one. Now pour in some slack, increase safety, and take steps to break down managerial isolation. Viola, the formula for middle-of-the-hierarchy reinvention. - Author: Tom DeMarco
Organization quotes by Tom DeMarco
#197. As Peter Drucker aptly said, "An organization, like a person, cannot just eat but also must eliminate. Perhaps the most important decisions are the ones to abandon unnecessary process, people, products, services, and other such things. One can do this humanely, but one must do this to survive let alone prosper." Reducing - Author: Deaver Brown
Organization quotes by Deaver Brown
#198. Do not exhaust your time, effort, and energy searching for the one ideal or perfect generic framework, model, or process to apply to your strategic planning endeavor. Create a new approach or adopt or modify an existing one to answer these important questions within the context of your organization, industry, and environment. - Author: B. Keith Simerson
Organization quotes by B. Keith Simerson
#199. John Foster Dulles had called on me in his capacity as Secretary of State, and he had exhausted every argument to persuade me to place Cambodia under the protection of the South East Asia Treaty Organization. - Author: Norodom Sihanouk
Organization quotes by Norodom Sihanouk
#200. Language makes it possible for a child to incorporate his parents' verbal prohibitions, to make them part of himself ... We don't speak of a conscience yet in the child who is just acquiring language, but we can see very clearly how language plays an indispensable role in the formation of conscience. In fact, the moral achievement of man, the whole complex of factors that go into the organization of conscience is very largely based upon language. - Author: Selma Fraiberg
Organization quotes by Selma Fraiberg

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