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#1. The exaggerated faith in small samples is only one example of a more general illusion - we pay more attention to the content of messages than to information about their reliability, and as a result end up with a view of the world around us that is simpler and more coherent than the data justify. Jumping to conclusions is a safer sport in the world of our imagination than it is in reality. Statistics produce many observations that appear to beg for causal explanations but do not lend themselves to such explanations. Many facts of the world are due to chance, including accidents of sampling. Causal explanations of chance events are inevitably wrong. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
Accidents quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#2. Whilst accidents and assaults injure and kill people quickly and spectacularly, bullying and consequent prolonged negative stress injure and kill people slowly and secretively. The outcome, though, is the same. - Author: Tim Field
Accidents quotes by Tim Field
#3. I'm a professional bodyguard. (Leta)
Yeah, right. (Aiden)
Nope. All true. I know seventy-two ways to kill a man and sixty-nine of them look like an accident. (Leta) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Accidents quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#4. I got into the movies by accident. When I got an offer, I thought, 'Let's try this, too.' Everything in my life has happened by trial and error. I didn't even think I would win the Miss India title, so where's the question of thinking I'd come this far. - Author: Priyanka Chopra
Accidents quotes by Priyanka Chopra
#5. Dena seemed about to respond, but instead, she belched again, a smaller belch that seemed unequal as a harbinger to the monstrous chunky gush that erupted from inside her. I held her hair back and looked away as she finished retching. Working with children had made me less squeamish
they were constantly presenting their grubby hands to your, having accidents
but at some point, disgusting was still disgusting, Especially with an adult woman. - Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
Accidents quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#6. Money is a sort of instinct. It's a sort of property of nature in a person to make money. It's nothing you do. It's no trick you play. It's a sort of permanent accident of your own nature; once you start, you make money, and you go on ... But you've got to begin ... You've got to get in. You can do nothing if you are kept outside. You've got to beat your way in. Once you've done that, you can't help it! - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Accidents quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#7. Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, all these companies are businesses first, but, as a close second, they're demographers of unprecedented reach, thoroughness, and importance. Practically as an accident, digital data can now show us how we fight, how we love, how we age, who we are, and how we're changing. All we have to do is look: - Author: Christian Rudder
Accidents quotes by Christian Rudder
#8. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves as well. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen accidents, meetings and material assistance that no one could have dreamed would come their way. Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now. - Goethe, by attribution - Author: Gregory Maguire
Accidents quotes by Gregory Maguire
#9. I had teeth that stuck out so far, I used to eat other kids' candy bars by accident. - Author: Rita Rudner
Accidents quotes by Rita Rudner
#10. The ways by which you may get money almost without exception lead downward. To have done anything by which you earned money merely is to have been truly idle or worse. If the laborer gets no more than the wages which his employer pays him, he is cheated, he cheats himself. If you would get money as a writer or lecturer, you must be popular, which is to go down perpendicularly. Those services which the community will most readily pay for, it is most disagreeable to render. You are paid for being something less than a man. The State does not commonly reward a genius any more wisely. Even the poet laureate would rather not have to celebrate the accidents of royalty. He must be bribed with a pipe of wine; and perhaps another poet is called away from his muse to gauge that very pipe. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Accidents quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#11. Photography's history is bound to the mistake, to the accident. - Author: Taryn Simon
Accidents quotes by Taryn Simon
#12. So easy to go sailing off this road. A wonder more folks didn't. All that space, waiting. - Author: S.M. Hulse
Accidents quotes by S.M. Hulse
#13. Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Accidents quotes by Aldous Huxley
#14. But there are no real accidents, only decisions that feel like accidents, one after another, that take you down a certain road and take on a momentum that can't be reversed. - Author: Nichole Bernier
Accidents quotes by Nichole Bernier
#15. The No. 1 cause of preventable death for young black men is not auto accidents or accidental drowning, but homicide. - Author: Larry Elder
Accidents quotes by Larry Elder
#16. Nothing is or can be accidental with God. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Accidents quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#17. You swam in a river of chance and coincidence. You clung to the happiest accidents - the rest you let float by. - Author: David Wroblewski
Accidents quotes by David Wroblewski
#18. Don't be a scaredy-human," called Emerald. "Gran-Doyen says I can't burn you up, so I won't." Then under her breath, she added, "Though accidents do happen." (Emerald to Ethan) - Author: Jackie Castle
Accidents quotes by Jackie Castle
#19. We had a few tragic accidents in our state, as they've had in every state, from train crashes on down. And really, no text is worth dying for; that is our message to young people. And this is such a new phenomenon when you look at the number of texts and how they've increased exponentially in just the last few years. - Author: Amy Klobuchar
Accidents quotes by Amy Klobuchar
#20. The thing in the world I am most afraid of is fear, and with good reason; that passion alone, in the trouble of it, exceeding all other accidents - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Accidents quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#21. But everyone likes dogs," Cassandra protested.
"I don't dislike dogs. I just don't want one in my house."
"Our house." She braced her elbows on the table and massaged her temples. "I've always had dogs. Pandora and I couldn't have survived our childhood without Napoleon and Josephine. If cleanliness is what worries you, I'll make certain the dog is bathed often, and accidents will be disposed of right away."
That drew a grimace from him. "I don't want there to be accidents in the first place. Besides, you'll have more than enough to keep you busy- you won't have time for a pet."
"I need a dog."
Tom held the propelling pencil between his first and second fingers, and flipped it back and forth to make the ends tap on the table. "Let's look at this logically- you don't really need a dog. You're not a shepherd or a rat catcher. Household dogs serve no useful purpose."
"They fetch things," Cassandra pointed out.
"You'll have an entire staff of servants to fetch anything you want."
"I want a companion who'll go on walks with me, and sit on my lap while I pet him."
"You'll have me for that."
Cassandra pointed to the contract. "Dog," she insisted. "I'm afraid it's nonnegotiable. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Accidents quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#22. His life had seemed horrible when it was measured by its happiness, but now he seemed to gather strength as he realised that it might be measured by something else. Happiness mattered as little as pain. They came in, both of them, as all the other details of his life came in, to the elaboration of the design. He seemed for an instant to stand above the accidents of his existence, and he felt that they could not affect him again as they had done before. Whatever happened to him now would be one more motive to add to the complexity of the pattern, and when the end approached he would rejoice in its completion. It would be a work of art, and it would be none the less beautiful because he alone knew of its existence, and with his death it would at once cease to be.
Philip was happy. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Accidents quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#23. We were happy a hundred years ago. We knew that there were exploiters and exploited, wealthy and poor, and we had a perfect idea of how to get rid of injustice; we would expropriate the owners and turn the wealth over to the common good. We expropriated the owners and we created one of the most monstrous and oppressive social systems in world history. And we keep repeating that in principle everything was all right, only some unfortunate accidents slipped in and slightly spoiled the good idea. Now let us start afresh ... - Author: Leszek Kolakowski
Accidents quotes by Leszek Kolakowski
#24. Accidents did not just happen. From time to time they were carefully plotted, calculated, and arranged to one's advantage-all, of course, under the cloak of happenstance. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Accidents quotes by Jodi Picoult
#25. Because normal human activity is worse for nature than the greatest nuclear accident in history. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
Accidents quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#26. If we do not allow for a rhythm of rest in our overly busy lives, illness becomes our Sabbath - our pneumonia, our cancer, our heart attack, our accidents create Sabbath for us. - Author: Wayne Muller
Accidents quotes by Wayne Muller
#27. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents. - Author: Bob Ross
Accidents quotes by Bob Ross
#28. Although no definite reason for the accident has been established, modifications are being embodied to cover every possibility that imagination has suggested as a likely cause of the disaster. When these modifications are completed and have been satisfactorily flight tested, the Board sees no reason why passenger services should not be resumed. - Author: John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon Of Tara
Accidents quotes by John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon Of Tara
#29. My big concern is keeping people off the highways today, so that we have no further accidents - Author: Jim Hodges
Accidents quotes by Jim Hodges
#30. My father had not been outside the house except to drive back and forth to work or sit out in the backyard, for months, nor had he seen his neighbors. Now he looked at them, from face to face, until he realized I had been loved by people he didn't even recognize. His heart filled up, warm again as it had not been in what seemed so long to him- save small forgotten moments with Buckley, the accidents of love that happened with his son.

~pgs 209-210; Buckley, Lindsey and Jack on Susie - Author: Alice Sebold
Accidents quotes by Alice Sebold
#31. God overrules all mutinous accidents, brings them under His laws of fate, and makes them all serviceable to His purpose. - Author: Marcus Aurelius
Accidents quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#32. I tended to faint when I saw accident victims in the emergency ward, during surgery, or while drawing blood. - Author: Michael Crichton
Accidents quotes by Michael Crichton
#33. Coordinating there Events and objects with remote events And vanished objects. Making ornaments Of accidents and possibilities. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Accidents quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#34. The accidents of history are everywhere. The carnage all around us. - Author: Sari Wilson
Accidents quotes by Sari Wilson
#35. It wasn't by accident that the Gettysburg address was so short. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Accidents quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#36. It's no accident that new ideas pop into our heads when we least expect it. In our enthusiasm to be productive, we forget to give our mind/body moments to be "receptive" - that is, open to daydreaming, open to letting our minds wander. - Author: Linda Stone
Accidents quotes by Linda Stone
#37. Much of the uncertainty of law is not an unfortunate accident: it is of immense social value. - Author: Sonia Sotomayor
Accidents quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#38. I sometimes feel my entire life is a series of accidents and chances- not that I am complaining. One can be very happy having relinquished all expectation of control. - Author: Kate Morton
Accidents quotes by Kate Morton
#39. There is an ambush everywhere from the army of accidents; therefore the rider of life runs with loosened reins. - Author: Hafez
Accidents quotes by Hafez
#40. In his theory Perrow recognized that modern systems are made up of thousands of parts, including fallible human decision makers, which interrelate in ways that are, like Laplace´s atoms, impossible to track and anticipate individually. Yet one can bet on the fact that just as atoms executing a drunkard´s walk will eventually get somewhere, so too will accidents eventually occur. Called normal accident theory, Perrow´s doctrine describes how that happens – how accidents can occur without clear causes, without those glaring errors and incompetent villains sought by corporate or government commission. - Author: Leonard Mlodinow
Accidents quotes by Leonard Mlodinow
#41. The United Nations has estimated that there are 5,000 honor killings a year, almost all in the Muslim world. But that estimate appears too low, because so many of the executions are disguised as accidents or suicides. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
Accidents quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#42. Whether through the patterns left in snow, or geese honking in the dark, or through the brilliant wet leaf that hits your face the moment you are questioning your worth, the quiet teachers are everywhere, pointing us to the unlived portion of our lives. When we think we are in charge, the lessons dissolve as accidents or coincidence. But when we're humble enough to welcome the connections, the glass that breaks across the room is offering us direction, giving us a clue to the story we are in. - Author: Mark Nepo
Accidents quotes by Mark Nepo
#43. I think I started to approach time in a different way after the accident. Before I was more willing to give my time to people and things that I wasn't as interested in because somehow I allowed myself to be brainwashed into being forced to work with other people or on other projects that I had no interest in. So simply, the accident gave me the opportunity to do what I really wanted to do. - Author: Kanye West
Accidents quotes by Kanye West
#44. Occasionally a student writer comes up with something really beautiful and moving, and you won't know for years if it was an accident or the first burst of something wonderful. - Author: Howard Nemerov
Accidents quotes by Howard Nemerov
#45. I used to pray you know, pray to God that He would somehow stop it. All the nights of listening to my mother scream and things breaking. Of holding my brother and sister and listening to them cry and begging me to stop it.'
My voice is slow and steady like a freight train at night.
'I was too young, and we were always told that they'd put us in foster homes where people would rape us if we ever said anything. So we explained away the bruises and my mom wore big sunglasses whenever she left the house. And we invented car accidents if the bruising was too bad to cover with make-up. - Author: Emily Andrews
Accidents quotes by Emily Andrews
#46. I like to windsurf and ski, and most of all I love to ride horses. The wilder and faster the better! If I'm presented with a fast horse or a fast boat, I still get that shiver of excitement and I cannot resist. Luckily I never seem to have any accidents, and thank God for that. - Author: Andrea Bocelli
Accidents quotes by Andrea Bocelli
#47. You'll learn more from your accidents than anything that you could ever learn at school. - Author: Billy Joel
Accidents quotes by Billy Joel
#48. I'm saying that storms happen - cancer happens. Accidents happen. We can either run from them, hide from them, or....go through them. God is with us in all of those situations. But yeah, some of his best people are pressed out, shaken, fermented...aged through circumstances or time. - Author: Susan May Warren
Accidents quotes by Susan May Warren
#49. The longer a war lasts, the more things tend to depend on accidents. Neither you nor we can see into them: We have to abide their outcome in the dark. - Author: Thucydides
Accidents quotes by Thucydides
#50. Also, if you have an accident, you can't start to dance again at the top, you're too weak; you start with the easy things - the way you did them when you were young, and come up up up, the way you did then. - Author: Ninette De Valois
Accidents quotes by Ninette De Valois
#51. Human beings are social creatures - not occasionally or by accident but always. Sociability is one of our lives as both cause and effect. - Author: Clay Shirky
Accidents quotes by Clay Shirky
#52. Accidents happen. I will, um ... I will pay to have your house rebuilt."
"And my barn?" a woman called out.
Liam sighed. "Yes, and your barn, too."
"And my golden carousel?" shouted another man. "Will you pay for that?"
Liam raised an eyebrow. "The giant smashed your golden carousel?"
"No," said the man. "I'd just like to have a golden carousel. - Author: Christopher Healy
Accidents quotes by Christopher Healy
#53. Leaders live by choice, not by accident. - Author: Mark Gorman
Accidents quotes by Mark Gorman
#54. The most numerous accidents bear on the digestive system; it is easy to establish anorexias of various kinds, troubles of deglutition, spasms of oesophagus at various heights, vomitings; then intestinal phenomena - diarrhoeas, as well as constipations, distensions of the abdomen, paralyses, or sphincter-spasms, troubles of the same nature in the emission and even in the secretion of the urine, etc. - Author: Anonymous
Accidents quotes by Anonymous
#55. My grandfather used to say: Life is astoundingly short. To me, looking back over it, life seems so foreshortened that I scarcely understand, for instance, how a young man can decide to ride over to the next village without being afraid that -not to mention accidents- even the span of a normal happy life may fall far short of the time needed for such a journey. - Author: Franz Kafka
Accidents quotes by Franz Kafka
#56. I don't think there's any accidents in my life. - Author: Billy Ray Cyrus
Accidents quotes by Billy Ray Cyrus
#57. Money is neither god nor devil, that it should make one noble and another vile. It is an accident, and if honestly possessed, may pass from you to me, or from me to you, without a stain. - Author: Anthony Trollope
Accidents quotes by Anthony Trollope
#58. Sit back and get some sleep. Oh great. So if we have an accident and I'm asleep my resistance toward fighting death will be down and I'll wake up in a morgue. - Author: Melina Marchetta
Accidents quotes by Melina Marchetta
#59. The disaster in the Gulf was no accident. It was the result of years of oil money buying off politicians to lead to an unregulated and ill focused addiction to oil and drilling. The doomed fate of the local fisherman and the environment were foretold in the infamous chants of 'Drill, Baby, Drill.' - Author: Robert Greenwald
Accidents quotes by Robert Greenwald
#60. Accidents will occur in the best regulated families. - Author: Charles Dickens
Accidents quotes by Charles Dickens
#61. In the era of networks only, I cannot tell you the number of shows that we don't know about that did not survive. They got canceled. But there are a few that survived by accident, because they didn't have anything else to do, and they stayed with it. - Author: Henry Blodget
Accidents quotes by Henry Blodget
#62. In so many millennia, the humans never did figurs love out. How much is physical, how much in the mind? How much accident and how much fate? Why did perfect matches crumble and impossible couples thrive? I dont know the answer better than they did. Love simply is where it is. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Accidents quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#63. It was like passing the scene of a highway accident and being relieved to learn that nobody had been seriously injured. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
Accidents quotes by Martin Cruz Smith
#64. Nothing happens without intention, Willem. Nothing. This theory of yours - life is rules by accidents - isn't that just one huge excuse for passivity? - Author: Gayle Forman
Accidents quotes by Gayle Forman
#65. I am an American, not by accident of birth but by choice. I voted with my feet and became an American because I love this country and think it is exceptional. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
Accidents quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#66. Is it not indeed, possible that, while a high order of genius is necessarily ambitious, the highest is above that which is termed ambition? And may it not thus happen that many far greater than Milton have contentedly remained "mute and inglorious"? I believe that the world has never seen - and that, unless through some series of accidents goading the noblest order of mind into distateful exertion, the world will never see - that full extent of triumphant execution, in the richer domains of art, of which the human nature is absolutely capable. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Accidents quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#67. I'm not going to try and change your mind."
"If you're here, you accept it's my choice. This is the first thing I've been in control of since the accident."
"I know."
And there it was. He knew it, and I knew it. There was nothing left for me to do. Do you know how hard it is to say nothing ? When every atom of you strains to do the opposite? I just tried to be, tried to absorb the man I loved through osmosis, tried to imprint what I had left of him on myself. I did not speak ... - Author: Jojo Moyes
Accidents quotes by Jojo Moyes
#68. Romeo wants Juliet as the filings want the magnet; and if no obstacles intervene he moves towards her by as straight a line as they. But Romeo and Juliet, if a wall be built between them, do not remain idiotically pressing their faces against its opposite sides like the magnet and the filings with the card. Romeo soon finds a circuitous way, by scaling the wall or otherwise, of touching Juliet's lips directly. With the filings the path is fixed; whether it reaches the end depends on accidents. With the lover it is the end which is fixed, the path may be modified indefinitely. - Author: William James
Accidents quotes by William James
#69. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Accidents quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#70. Who would seriously want to listen to anything emanating from a quasi-chimpanzee's irrational bundle of mental accidents and energies? - Author: David A. Noebel
Accidents quotes by David A. Noebel
#71. Readers tend to tolerate such "accidents" ... when they get the characters into trouble but they're less accepting when the author uses them to rescue people. The "deus ex machina" ... in one stroke it renders meaningless all the efforts of the cast. - Author: Thomas McCormack
Accidents quotes by Thomas McCormack
#72. All great discoveries," the elder Marratta had once said, "are products as much of doubt as of certainty, and the two in opposition clear the air for marvelous accidents." At - Author: Mark Helprin
Accidents quotes by Mark Helprin
#73. Considering thus how much honor is awarded to antiquity, and how many times - letting pass infinite other examples - a fragment of an ancient statue has been bought at high price because someone wants to have it near oneself, to honor his house with it, and to be able to have it imitated by those who delight in that art, and how the latter then strive with all industry to represent it in all their works; and seeing, on the other hand, that the most virtuous works the histories show us, which have been done by ancient kingdoms and republics, by kings, captains, citizens, legislators, and others who have labored for their fatherland, are rather admired than imitated - indeed they are so much shunned by everyone in every least thing that no sign of that ancient virtue remains with us - I can do no other than marvel and grieve… From this it arises that the infinite number who read [the histories] take pleasure in hearing of the variety of accidents contained within them without thinking of imitating them, judging that imitation is not only difficult but impossible - as if heaven, sun, elements, men had varied in motion, order, and power from what they were in antiquity. Wishing, therefore, to turn men from this error, I have judged it necessary to write on all those books of Titus Livy... - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Accidents quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#74. There are no accidents; success is the result of doing the right thing, in the right way, over and over. - Author: Brian Tracy
Accidents quotes by Brian Tracy
#75. Not many people can lay claim to having broken Time, and we did it purely by accident. - Author: James A. Owen
Accidents quotes by James A. Owen
#76. Landscapes can be deceptive. Sometimes a landscape seems to be less a setting for the life of its inhabitants than a curtain behind which their struggles, achievements and accidents takes place. For those who are behind the curtain, landmarks are no longer only geographic but also biographical and personal - Author: John Berger
Accidents quotes by John Berger
#77. I have suffered two grave accidents in my life, one in which a streetcar knocked me down ... The other accident is Diego. - Author: Frida Kahlo
Accidents quotes by Frida Kahlo
#78. Truly, it is a blessing and not a blasphemy when I teach that "above all things there stands the heaven of chance, the heaven of innocence, the heaven of accident, the heaven of wantonness". - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Accidents quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#79. The beauty of some women has days and seasons, depending upon accidents which diminish or increase it; nay, the very passions of the mind naturally improve or impair it, and very often utterly destroy it. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes
Accidents quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
#80. Medicine is a science which hath been (as we have said) more professed than laboured, and yet more laboured than advanced: the labour having been, in my judgment, rather in circle than in progression. For I find much iteration, but small addition. It considereth causes of diseases, with the occasions or impulsions; the diseases themselves, with the accidents; and the cures, with the preservation. - Author: Francis Bacon
Accidents quotes by Francis Bacon
#81. By education I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim & a Hindu only by accident of birth. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
Accidents quotes by Jawaharlal Nehru
#82. There are certain things that come along that take precedence over all other events, like natural catastrophes, car accidents, and unexpected meetings with rockstars. These things suck you entirely and leave no room for you to wonder how bored or worried other people might be while you are so completely engaged. - Author: Dakota Lane
Accidents quotes by Dakota Lane
#83. What reason, like the careful ant, draws laboriously together, the wind of accident sometimes collects in a moment. - Author: Friedrich Schiller
Accidents quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#84. There are relatively few things that kill people that are young other than car accidents and suicide. - Author: Kay Redfield Jamison
Accidents quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#85. The rational transparency and beauty of the universe are surely too remarkable to be treated as just happy accidents. - Author: John Polkinghorne
Accidents quotes by John Polkinghorne
#86. Life is a gamble. You can get hurt, but people die in plane crashes, lose their arms and legs in car accidents; people die every day. Same with fighters: some die, some get hurt, some go on. You just don't let yourself believe it will happen to you. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Accidents quotes by Muhammad Ali
#87. As for the military advantage of such a bombardment, I simply cannot grasp it. I have seen housewives disemboweled, children mutilated; I have seen the old itinerant market crone sponge from her treasure the brains with which they were spattered. I have seen a janitor's wife come out of her cellar and douse the sullied pavement with a bucket of water, and I am still unable to understand what part these humble slaughterhouse accidents play in warfare. - Author: Antoine De Saint Exupery
Accidents quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#88. I was born a human but this was an accident of fate ... since childhood I've been captivated by the study of robots and cyborgs. Now I'm in a position where I can actually become one. - Author: Kevin Warwick
Accidents quotes by Kevin Warwick
#89. It was not by accident that the greatest thinkers of all ages were deeply religious souls. - Author: Max Planck
Accidents quotes by Max Planck
#90. I never know what to tell young people when they come here. It could never happen for anyone they way it happened for me. It was all an accident. - Author: Al Hirschfeld
Accidents quotes by Al Hirschfeld
#91. Well, I started conducting kind of by accident. I wanted to give myself a special birthday present for my fortieth birthday, and I was living in San Francisco at the time and I started attending some of the concerts and then simply dropping hints. - Author: Bobby McFerrin
Accidents quotes by Bobby McFerrin
#92. The self-driving car is coming. And right now, our best supply of organs come from car accidents ... Once we have self-driving cars, we can actually reduce the number of accidents, but the next problem then would be organ replacement. - Author: Bre Pettis
Accidents quotes by Bre Pettis
#93. Things turn out better by accident sometimes. But you can't organize accidents. - Author: Jeff Beck
Accidents quotes by Jeff Beck
#94. I might act like it's an accident but the opposite is true. I'm incredibly calculated when it comes to my career. - Author: Eva Mendes
Accidents quotes by Eva Mendes
#95. I used to be a Catholic, and when I first started police work, I worried about that. I saw a lot of people dead or dying for no apparent reason . . . not people I killed, just people. Little kids who'd drowned, people dying in auto accidents and with heart attacks and strokes. I saw a lineman burn to death, up on a pole, little bits and pieces, and nobody could help . . . . I watched them go, screaming and crying and sometimes just lying there with their tongues stuck out, heaving, with all the screaming and hollering from friends and relatives . . . and I never saw anyone looking beyond. I think, Michael, I think they just blink out. That's all. I think they go where the words on a computer screen go, when you turn it off. One minute they exist, maybe they're even profound, maybe the result of a great deal of work. The next . . . . Whiff. Gone. - Author: John Sandford
Accidents quotes by John Sandford
#96. Decrements in attention and concentration, being able to learn more efficiently, that's just not as good. Also, there are motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, we see that a lot. - Author: Shelby Harris
Accidents quotes by Shelby Harris
#97. The names of virtues, with their precepts, were:
1.Temperance. Eat not do dullness; drink not to elevation.
2.Silence. Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.
3.Order. Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.
4.Resolution: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.
5.Frugality. Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.
6.Industry. Lose no time; be always employ'd in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
7.Sincerity. Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly.
8.Justice. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
9.Moderation. Avoid extreams; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.
10.Cleanliness. Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, cloths, or habitation.
11.Tranquillity. Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable.
12.Chastity. Rarely use venery but for health or offspring, never to dullness, weakness, or the injury of your own or another's peace or reputation.
13.Humility. Imitate Jesus and Socrates. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Accidents quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#98. All men are our brothers. As far as the discovery of the truth is concerned, they are all working for the same purpose; they may be separated by the accidents of space and time, and by the exigencies of race, religion, nationality, and other groupings; from the point of view of eternity they are working together. - Author: George Sarton
Accidents quotes by George Sarton
#99. Fortuitous circumstances constitute the moulds that shape the majority of human lives, and the hasty impress of an accident is too often regarded as the relentless decree of all ordaining fate. - Author: Olympia Brown
Accidents quotes by Olympia Brown
#100. It is possible that our race may be an accident, in a meaningless universe, living its brief life uncared-for, on this dark, cooling star: but even so
and all the more
what marvelous creatures we are! What fairy story, what tale from the Arabian Nights of the jinns, is a hundredth part as wonderful as this true fairy story of simians! It is so much more heartening, too, than the tales we invent. A universe capable of giving birth to many such accidents is
blind or not
a good world to live in, a promising universe. - Author: Clarence Day Jr.
Accidents quotes by Clarence Day Jr.
#101. Being a display pilot is probably the thing I've been most proud of in my life. Don't really fly anymore now though. I have three small children and as most of my friends were killed in different accidents, I realised that it was probably just a matter of time before I went that way. - Author: Gary Numan
Accidents quotes by Gary Numan
#102. History was a series of decisions about what to tell and a series of accidents about what survived after telling. Not truth, but a historian could search for truth, and the search was as worthy as any other human activity. - Author: David Drake
Accidents quotes by David Drake
#103. Nevertheless, like the greater part of our misfortunes, even so serious a contingency brings its remedy and consolation with it, if the sufferer will but make the best, rather than the worst, of the accident which has befallen him. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Accidents quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#104. You can say what you want about all the guns in the country [the USA], all the drugs, all the crime, but we all know 400,000 people a year die of cigarette-related deaths. How many people died of drugs, guns, automobile accidents? You add them all together it doesn't come anywhere near that. Yet they let me smoke and get cancer, and they put me in jail for having drugs. What's going on? The government don't care. It's all about money and job security. - Author: Sonny Barger
Accidents quotes by Sonny Barger
#105. Slightest accidents open up new worlds. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Accidents quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#106. If I kept saying it; if I kept reaching out. My accident really taught me just one thing: the only way to go on is to go on. To say 'I can do this' even when you know you can't. - Author: Stephen King
Accidents quotes by Stephen King
#107. But over the years, I've learned not to believe too much in luck or accidents; T think everything happens for a reason. There's something to be learned from every moment, every experience we encounter during the brief time we spend on this planet. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you will; it really doesn't matter. - Author: Syd Field
Accidents quotes by Syd Field
#108. She saw that the people of this world moved about in an armor of egotism, drunk with self-gazing, athirst for compliments, hearing little of what was said to them, unmoved by the accidents that befell their closest friends, in dread of all appeals that might interrupt their long communion with their own desires. These were the sons and daughters of Adam from Cathay to Peru. - Author: Thornton Wilder
Accidents quotes by Thornton Wilder
#109. The Orientals have another word for accident; it is "kismet,"
fate. - Author: Thomas B. Macaulay
Accidents quotes by Thomas B. Macaulay
#110. What's wrong with technology is that it's not connected in any real way with matters of the spirit and of the heart. And so it does blind, ugly things quite by accident and gets hated for that. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Accidents quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#111. In order to understand how engineers endeavor to insure against such structural, mechanical, and systems failures, and thereby also to understand how mistakes can be made and accidents with far-reaching consequences can occur, it is necessary to understand, at least partly, the nature of engineering design. It is the process of design, in which diverse parts of the 'given-world' of the scientist and the 'made-world' of the engineer are reformed and assembled into something the likes of which Nature had not dreamed, that divorces engineering from science and marries it to art. While the practice of engineering may involve as much technical experience as the poet brings to the blank page, the painter to the empty canvas, or the composer to the silent keyboard, the understanding and appreciation of the process and products of engineering are no less accessible than a poem, a painting, or a piece of music. Indeed, just as we all have experienced the rudiments of artistic creativity in the childhood masterpieces our parents were so proud of, so we have all experienced the essence of structual engineering in our learning to balance first our bodies and later our blocks in ever more ambitious positions. We have learned to endure the most boring of cocktail parties without the social accident of either our bodies or our glasses succumbing to the force of gravity, having long ago learned to crawl, sit up, and toddle among our tottering towers of blocks. If we could remember those earl - Author: Henry Petroski
Accidents quotes by Henry Petroski
#112. I could have told him that nothing was safe and that no matter how careful you were and how hard you tried, there were still accidents, hidden traps, and snares. You could get killed on an airplane or crossing the street. Your marriage could fall apart when you weren't looking; your husband could lose his job; our baby could get sick or die. - Author: Jennifer Weiner
Accidents quotes by Jennifer Weiner
#113. This study began in an exact and precise manner only with the labours of Professor Charcot at the Salpetriere, on the traumatic accidents of the hystericals: the paralyses, the contractures, mutisms, or anorexias. Everywhere, as we have seen, he showed the importance of the fixed idea which produced and kept up the accident, the reproduction of identical facts by suggestion, the treatment by isolation, and the moral influences which modified not the physical state, but the mental pathological state of the hysterical. It remained to generalise somewhat more this conception - Author: Anonymous
Accidents quotes by Anonymous
#114. Fatal accidents never happen because of just one mistake. It takes a whole chain of stupids lining up just so to put a full stop at the end of an epitaph. - Author: Charles Stross
Accidents quotes by Charles Stross
#115. Andy was receptive, like a deep vessel into which life was poured. If this terrible particular thing hadn't been poured into her, she would have been happier
it goes without saying
but less of a person. She was filled out by her fate. I actually think that this is quite rare, the capacity to become the whole shape of the accidents that happen to you. - Author: Tessa Hadley
Accidents quotes by Tessa Hadley
#116. You are not an accident. Your birth was no mistake or mishap, and your life is no fluke of nature. Your parents may not have planned you, but God did ... Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God. He thought of you first. It is not fate, nor chance, nor luck, nor coincidence that you are breathing this very moment. You are alive because God wanted to create you! - Author: Rick Warren
Accidents quotes by Rick Warren
#117. All my brothers, my brothers-in-law, they're always telling me what a good-hearted guy I am. You don't get to be good-hearted by accident. You get kicked around long enough, you get to be a real professor of pain. - Author: Paddy Chayefsky
Accidents quotes by Paddy Chayefsky
#118. One, the search for the fang-free dragon taught me that fear and intimidation might not be the best way to train dragons. Two, the sword: that sometimes best is second-best. Three, the shield: that sometimes freedom must be fought for. Four, the ticking-thing: that when you fight for your friend, you are also fighting for yourself. Five, the ruby heart's stone: that love never dies. Six, the arrow from the land-that-does-not-exist: that you must make things right in the Old World before you go looking for the New, and sometimes the things that you are looking for are right at home. Seven, the key-that-opens-all-locks: that accidents happen for a reason. Eight, the Throne: that power can corrupt. Nine, the Crown: that you have to keep on trying even though you are beaten before you even star. And Ten, the dragon Jewel," finished Hiccup. "You need to know what it is to be a slave, before you can be a King. - Author: Cressida Cowell
Accidents quotes by Cressida Cowell
#119. Know that you have complete control over what you put in your mouth. No one ever ate anything by accident. - Author: Charles Poliquin
Accidents quotes by Charles Poliquin
#120. The perpetual stream of human nature is formed into ever-changing shallows, eddies, falls and pools by the land over which it passes. Perhaps the only real value of history lies in considering this endlessly varied play between the essence and the accidents. - Author: Mary Renault
Accidents quotes by Mary Renault
#121. But for sorrow there is no remedy provided by nature; it is often occasioned by accidents irreparable, and dwells upon objects that have lost or changed their existence; it requires what it cannot hope, that the laws of the universe should be repealed; that the dead should return or the past should be recalled. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Accidents quotes by Samuel Johnson
#122. It's just accidental, just temporary. Until the next accident sends me somewhere new. That's how life works. - Author: Gayle Forman
Accidents quotes by Gayle Forman
#123. On the drive home, she sat in the backseat, as she did on occasion. He said it was to protect her from more dangerous car accidents; she liked thinking for a moment that he was her chauffeur, that she had reached a state of adult richness where you did nothing for yourself anymore and returned to infancy. - Author: Aimee Bender
Accidents quotes by Aimee Bender
#124. The human race, my intuition tells me, is not outside the cosmic process and is not an accident. It is as much a part of the universe as the trees, the mountains, the aurora, and the stars. - Author: Richard E. Byrd
Accidents quotes by Richard E. Byrd
#125. The Columbia accident made us realize that we had been playing Russian roulette with the shuttle crews
that we had been very, very fortunate in the past that the foam did not cause critical damage. - Author: Wayne Hale
Accidents quotes by Wayne Hale
#126. Case in point: Byrdie, the son growing effortlessly into lifelong boyhood. Still a schoolboy, soon to be an old boy, blithely accepting accidents as privileges - for instance, his natural immunity to HIV. (Byrdie liked studious, upper-class females. They were not exactly high risk.) Byrdie was the phoenix edition of Lee, adapted to the novel environment, and Lee was a useless relic. He had positioned himself all his life as a rebel against a hegemonic order no one was interested in questioning anymore. It had lost its power to crush and all its clumsy weapons that inspired active fear. Its dominance was equal, but separate. - Author: Nell Zink
Accidents quotes by Nell Zink
#127. A man is the history of his breaths and thoughts, acts, atoms and wounds, love indifference and dislike, also of his race and nation, the soil that fed him and his forbears, the stones and sands of his familiar places, long-silenced battles and struggles of conscience, of the smiles of girls and the slow utterance of old women, of accidents and the gradual action of inexorable law, of all this and something else, too, a single flame which in every way obeys the laws that pertain to Fire itself, and yet is lit and put out from one moment to the next, and can never be relumed in the whole waste of time to come. - Author: A.S. Byatt
Accidents quotes by A.S. Byatt
#128. While tenderness of feeling and susceptibility to generous emotions are accidents of temperament, goodness is an achievement of the will and a quality of the life. - Author: James Russell Lowell
Accidents quotes by James Russell Lowell
#129. But I had no plans to end my own life, and accidents couldn't be predicted. Neither could murder, unless my aunt and uncle were planning to take me out themselves. - Author: Rachel Vincent
Accidents quotes by Rachel Vincent
#130. The emotional appeal of a conspiracy theory is in its simplicity. It explains away complex phenomena, accounts for chance and accidents, offers the believer the satisfying sense of having special, privileged access to the truth. - Author: Anne Applebaum
Accidents quotes by Anne Applebaum
#131. You ask me about tragic accidents? If I am on my tractor at my farm and it rolls over on me and kills me, that's a tragic accident. If I die in a race car, that's life. I died doing what I love. - Author: Dale Earnhardt
Accidents quotes by Dale Earnhardt
#132. Among all the accomplishments of youth there is none preferable to a decent and agreeable behavior among men, a modest freedom of speech, a soft and elegant manner of address, a graceful and lovely deportment, a cheerful gravity and good-humor, with a mind appearing ever serene under the ruffling accidents of human life. - Author: Isaac Watts
Accidents quotes by Isaac Watts
#133. In my opinion, neither organisms nor organizations evolve slowly and surely into something better, but drift until some small change occurs which has immediate and overwhelming significance. The special role of the human being is not to wait for these favorable accidents but deliberately to introduce the small change that will have great significance. - Author: Edwin Land
Accidents quotes by Edwin Land
#134. Yet something even more profound has happened in this ongoing story of later school start times - something that researchers did not anticipate: the life expectancy of students increased. The leading cause of death among teenagers is road traffic accidents, and in this regard, even the slightest dose of insufficient sleep can have marked consequences, as we have discussed. When the Mahotomedi School District of Minnesota pushed their school start time from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m., there was a 60 percent reduction in traffic accidents in drivers sixteen to eighteen years of age. - Author: Matthew Walker
Accidents quotes by Matthew Walker
#135. ... But don't be late, Troy, or I'll ... " She hesitated and laughed, not entirely happily. "I don't suppose I'll ever need to worry about you again, will I? I don't suppose I've ever needed to worry over a magician."
"There are always car accidents," Tabitha declared cheerfully. "A car could come around the corner and ... wallop! You'd need a terrific magician to get out of that one ... "
"Or eagles dropping tortoises," Troy added, looking amused. "That happened in Ancient Greece, you know. An eagle dropped a tortoise on some dramatist and killed him."
"No eagles or tortoises here," said Tabitha, "but a bit could fall off a plane. - Author: Margaret Mahy
Accidents quotes by Margaret Mahy
#136. Despite what you might think, NORMAL people do NOT cause problems, misfortunes, conflicts, distress or accidents. And when they do, they CAN apologize and recognize their negative influence. A person that causes these things and can't assume any responsibility for them is, apart from showing the cognitive and moral level of a child, deserving nothing more than abandonment, because she is dangerous at all levels and can hurt, or even kill, someone BY ACCIDENT, including herself and whoever is with her. A person like this DOES NOT deserve any TRUST for ANYTHING, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING. - Author: Robin Sacredfire
Accidents quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#137. Accidents and chance are words used by persons who do not think clearly when they attempt to account for certain happenings. Anyone who thinks must be convinced that in a world as orderly as this there is no room for the words accident and chance. - Author: Harold Percival
Accidents quotes by Harold Percival
#138. The most valuable discoveries have found their origin in the most trivial accidents. - Author: Pliny The Elder
Accidents quotes by Pliny The Elder
#139. It's ridiculous. My life's been a series of happy accidents. - Author: Lucas Neff
Accidents quotes by Lucas Neff
#140. For war is never some cosmic accident descending upon a people with all the chance and inevitability of asteroids falling like fire out of the heavens, but only the will and work of man. - Author: David Zindell
Accidents quotes by David Zindell
#141. Nothing in the many processes of Nature, whether she deals with men or with things, comes by chance or accident or is really at the mercy of external causes. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
Accidents quotes by Sri Aurobindo
#142. What - in other words - would modern boredom be without terror? One of the most boring documents of all time is the thick volume of Hitler's Table Talk. He too had people watching movies, eating pastries, and drinking coffee with Schlag while he bored them, while he discoursed theorized expounded. Everyone was perishing of staleness and fear, afraid to go to the toilet. This combination of power and boredom has never been properly examined. Boredom is an instrument of social control. Power is the power to impose boredom, to command stasis, to combine this stasis with anguish. The real tedium, deep tedium, is seasoned with terror and with death.

There were even profounder questions. For instance, the history of the universe would be very boring if one tried to think of it in the ordinary way of human experience. All that time without events! Gases over and over again, and heat and particles of matter, the sun tides and winds, again this creeping development, bits added to bits, chemical accidents - whole ages in which almost nothing happens, lifeless seas, only a few crystals, a few protein compounds developing. The tardiness of evolution is so irritating to contemplate. The clumsy mistakes you see in museum fossils. How could such bones crawl, walk, run? It is agony to think of the groping of the species - all this fumbling, swamp-creeping, munching, preying, and reproduction, the boring slowness with which tissues, organs, and members developed. And then the bored - Author: Saul Bellow
Accidents quotes by Saul Bellow
#143. Accidents on big mountains happen when people's ambitions cloud their good judgment. Good climbing is about climbing with heart and with instinct, not ambition and pride. - Author: Bear Grylls
Accidents quotes by Bear Grylls
#144. There are no accidents in my experience," she said. "Just plans other people make and don't tell you about. - Author: Debbie Viguie
Accidents quotes by Debbie Viguie
#145. The years move forward and everyone is attending to their life's priorities, focusing on how to be happy, make a living, raise a family. The years turn into decades and sooner or later, (hopefully later) sickness or accidents happen and all are again confronted with the big questions: Why? What's next? What has this life that I've lived been about? As one begins to consider their own eventual departure: What have I been able to do to make things a little better? What have I passed along to make others' lives more beautiful? - Author: Gene O'Neil
Accidents quotes by Gene O'Neil
#146. 'The Names' is planned as a nine-part series. I have a kind of road map: I know the final scene of episode nine. But as to exactly how we get there, what detours or horrible accidents we might have to pass through, I like to keep that a little fluid. - Author: Peter Milligan
Accidents quotes by Peter Milligan
#147. I guess what I always found funny was the human condition. There is a certain comedy and pathos to trouble and accidents. Like, when a driver has parked his car crookedly and then wonders why he has the bad luck of being hit. - Author: John Prine
Accidents quotes by John Prine
#148. Good writing is formed partly through plan and partly through accident. - Author: Ken Macrorie
Accidents quotes by Ken Macrorie
#149. When you run into someone in NY it is usually a pleasant surprise. When you run into someone in LA you usually had a car accident. - Author: Susan Sarandon
Accidents quotes by Susan Sarandon
#150. A really companionable and indispensable dog is an accident of nature. You can't get it by breeding for it, and you can't buy it with money. It just happens along. - Author: E.B. White
Accidents quotes by E.B. White
#151. If you want to be a visionary, go out and have some accidents! - Author: Timothy C. Draper
Accidents quotes by Timothy C. Draper
#152. Miracles are propitious accidents, the natural causes of which are too complicated to be readily understood. - Author: George Santayana
Accidents quotes by George Santayana
#153. Sometimes accidents happen in life from which we have need of a little madness to extricate ourselves successfully - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Accidents quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#154. Jesus changes our history from a random series of sad incidents and accidents into a constant opportunity for a change of heart. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
Accidents quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#155. The Act of God designation on all insurance policies; which means, roughly, that you cannot be insured for the accidents that are most likely to happen to you. - Author: Alan Coren
Accidents quotes by Alan Coren
#156. Is it always the same story, then? Somebody loves and somebody doesn't, or loves less, or loves someone else. Or someone is a good soul and someone a villain. And there are just these episodes, anecdotes, places, pauses, hailings of cabs, overcomings of obstacles, or instances of being overcome by them, illnesses, accidents, recoveries, wars, desires, welcomings, rebuffs, baskings (rare, not so long), pinings (more frequent, perhaps, and longer), actions, failures to act, hesitations, proliferations, endings of the line, until there is death. Well, no. I have a wonderful, fond memory, about love and trust and books. - Author: Renata Adler
Accidents quotes by Renata Adler
#157. I suppose I might be a player-coach nowadays. I'm a great teacher, and I enjoy teaching. But I'm glad I got injured and ended up turning to cooking. It was an accident but the happiest one of my life. - Author: Gordon Ramsay
Accidents quotes by Gordon Ramsay
#158. There is always some accident in the best things, whether thoughts or expressions or deeds. The memorable thought, the happy expression, the admirable deed are only partly ours. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Accidents quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#159. This, dear Phaedrus, is the most important point: no geometry without the word. Without it, figures are accidents, and neither make manifest nor serve the power of the mind. - Author: Paul Valery
Accidents quotes by Paul Valery
#160. I don't know why liberals want to disarm the law-abiding population, but I do know that not a single argument proffered stands the light of facts. Armed citizens deter far more crimes than the police, and far more lives are saved by the intended victim being armed than are lost in firearm accidents. - Author: Paul Craig Roberts
Accidents quotes by Paul Craig Roberts
#161. I really feel that if it wasn't for the accident, I'd still be fighting. I would have handled some of these fighters. I would have made sure that the doctors would have declared me physically sound; and after that, I would have trained. - Author: Roberto Duran
Accidents quotes by Roberto Duran
#162. You're a rotten driver," I protested. "Either you ought to be more careful, or you oughtn't to drive at all." "I am careful." "No, you're not." "Well, other people are," she said lightly. "What's that got to do with it?" "They'll keep out of my way," she insisted. "It takes two to make an accident. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Accidents quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#163. Because God is sovereignly in control, accidents are just incidents in God's good plan for you. - Author: Rick Warren
Accidents quotes by Rick Warren
#164. There is in writing the constant joy of sudden discovery, of happy accident. - Author: H.L. Mencken
Accidents quotes by H.L. Mencken
#165. Transformation isn't a butterfly. It's the thing before you get to be a pretty bug flying away. It's huddling in the dark cocoon and then pushing your way out. It's the messy work of making sense of your fortunes and misfortunes, desires and doubts, hang-ups and sorrows, actions and accidents, mistakes and successes, so you can go on and become the person you must next become. - Author: Cheryl Strayed
Accidents quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#166. Life is messy. Would that every puzzle piece fell into place, every word was kind, every accident happy, but such is not the case. Life is messy - Author: Christopher Moore
Accidents quotes by Christopher Moore
#167. I view the major features of my own odyssey as a set of mostly fortunate contingencies. I was not destined by inherited mentality or family tradition to become a paleontologist. I can locate no tradition for scientific or intellectual careers anywhere on either side of my eastern European Jewish background. [ ... ] I view my serious and lifelong commitment to baseball in entirely the same manner: purely as a contingent circumstance of numerous, albeit not entirely capricious, accidents. - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Accidents quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#168. In pitch dark I go walkin' in your landscape Broken branches trip me as I speak Just 'cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there We are accidents waiting Waiting to happen - Author: Thom Yorke
Accidents quotes by Thom Yorke
#169. One of the things we can be sure of over the July 4th weekend is that news reports will keep telling us how many of us are going to die in automobile accidents. - Author: Andy Rooney
Accidents quotes by Andy Rooney
#170. A lot of things are inherent in life -change, birth, death, aging, illness, accidents, calamities, and losses of all kinds- but these events don't have to be the cause of ongoing suffering. Yes, these events cause grief and sadness, but grief and sadness pass, like everything else, and are replaced with other experiences. The ego, however, clings to negative thoughts and feelings and, as a result, magnifies, intensifies, and sustains those emotions while the ego overlooks the subtle feelings of joy, gratitude, excitement, adventure, love, and peace that come from Essence. If we dwelt on these positive states as much as we generally dwell on our negative thoughts and painful emotions, our lives would be transformed. - Author: Gina Lake
Accidents quotes by Gina Lake
#171. There's no question young drivers have far more accidents than older ones-but is it our aim to keep them off the roads? Or to allow only rich young people (who can afford the premiums) to drive? - Author: Andrew Tobias
Accidents quotes by Andrew Tobias
#172. If life is a checker game, someone else is moving the pieces. It isn't us. Don't be surprised by amazing coincidences. There are no accidents. Consider, as I learned to do, the incredible interconnectedness of all of life. - Author: Wayne Dyer
Accidents quotes by Wayne Dyer
#173. Where do the homeless have 90 per cent of their accidents? - Author: Bob Monkhouse
Accidents quotes by Bob Monkhouse
#174. Then there came a faraway, booming voice like a low, clear bell. It came from the center of the bowl and down the great sides to the ground and then bounced toward her eagerly. 'You see I am fate,' it shouted, 'and stronger than your puny plans; and I am how-things-turn-out and I am different from your little dreams, and I am the flight of time and the end of beauty and unfulfilled desire; all the accidents and imperceptions and the little minutes that shape the crucial hours are mine. I am the exception that proves no rules, the limits of your control, the condiment in the dish of life. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Accidents quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#175. If the world is an objective reality that exists independently of us, then humans themselves, even in their own eyes, are nothing more than objects, and their life stories merely a series of disconnected historical accidents, which they may wonder at, but which they themselves have nothing to do with. - Author: Imre Kertesz
Accidents quotes by Imre Kertesz
#176. There are things in this universe that we cannot control, and then there are the things we can ... Let fate, coincidence, and accident conspire; human beings must act on reason. - Author: David Guterson
Accidents quotes by David Guterson
#177. At that time, I well remember whatever could excite - certain accidents of the weather, for instance, were almost dreaded by me, because they woke the being I was always lulling, and stirred up a craving cry I could not satisfy. One night a thunder-storm broke; a sort of hurricane shook us in our beds: the Catholics rose in panic and prayed to their saints. As for me, the tempest took hold of me with tyranny: I was roughly roused and obliged to live. I got up and dressed myself, and creeping outside the basement close by my bed, sat on its ledge, with my feet on the roof of a lower adjoining building. It was wet, it was wild, it was pitch dark. Within the dormitory they gathered round the night-lamp in consternation, praying loud. I could not go in: too resistless was the delight of staying with the wild hour, black and full of thunder, pealing out such an ode as language never delivered to man - too terribly glorious, the spectacle of clouds, split and pierced by white and blinding bolts. - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Accidents quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#178. The Museum is not meant either for the wanderer to see by accident or for the pilgrim to see with awe. It is meant for the mere slave of a routine of self- education to stuff himself with every sort of incongruous intellectual food in one indigestible meal. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Accidents quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#179. Beauty, which is what is meant by art, using the word in its widest sense, is, I contend, no mere accident to human life, which people can take or leave as they choose, but a positive necessity of life. - Author: William Morris
Accidents quotes by William Morris
#180. The way to find your calling is to look at the way you were created. Your gifts have not emerged by accident. - Author: Timothy Keller
Accidents quotes by Timothy Keller
#181. I made my first film McLibel independently but only by accident. I tried to get a commission from all the standard TV broadcasters but because they had been sued by McDonald's in the past none of them would commission me so I ended up making it by credit cards and rich boyfriends (I'm joking - about the boyfriends). - Author: Franny Armstrong
Accidents quotes by Franny Armstrong
#182. Great collections of books are subject to certain accidents besides the damp, the worms, and the rats; one not less common is that of the borrowers, not to say a word of the purloiners - Author: Isaac D'Israeli
Accidents quotes by Isaac D'Israeli
#183. You are not an accident. You are one of a kind. Your big dream is from God, and its irreplaceable. And you were born to seize it and celebrate it every day of your life! - Author: Bruce Wilkinson
Accidents quotes by Bruce Wilkinson
#184. Every disastrous accident alarms us, and sets us on enquiries concerning the principles whence it arose: Apprehensions spring up with regard to futurity: And the mind, sunk into diffidence, terror, and melancholy, has recourse to every method of appeasing those secret intelligent powers, on whom our fortune is supposed entirely to depend. - Author: David Hume
Accidents quotes by David Hume
#185. Accident is design / And design is accident / In a cloud of unknowing. - Author: T. S. Eliot
Accidents quotes by T. S. Eliot
#186. You have to know how to use the accident, how to recognise it, how to control it, and ways to eliminate it so that the whole surface looks felt and born all at once. - Author: Helen Frankenthaler
Accidents quotes by Helen Frankenthaler
#187. First of all, God inspires me, where he's brought me, it blows my mind. To know that He brought me this far, it could not have been an accident, to go forward, I'm excited to leap into the void, I'm excited about tomorrow, the unknown, excited to see what else He has for me. - Author: Columbus Short
Accidents quotes by Columbus Short
#188. The accidents are things that audiences always remember most, I've found on my own movies. The things that they like the most are the things that were just by accident. So you have to create a situation where nothing but accidents can happen the entire time. - Author: Robert Rodriguez
Accidents quotes by Robert Rodriguez
#189. Life is astonishingly short. As I look back over it, life seems so foreshortened to me that I can hardly understand, for instance, how a young man can decide to ride over to the next village without being afraid that, quite apart from accidents, even the span of a normal life that passes happily may be totally insufficient for such a ride. - Author: Franz Kafka
Accidents quotes by Franz Kafka
#190. If an accident happens in a plant, the aftermath will be unimaginable. - Author: Zhou Shengxian
Accidents quotes by Zhou Shengxian
#191. It is no accident that this homeplace, as fragile and as transitional as it may be, a makeshift shed, a small bit of earth where one rests, is always subject to violation and destruction. For when a people no longer have the space to construct homeplace, we cannot build a meaningful community of resistance. - Author: Bell Hooks
Accidents quotes by Bell Hooks
#192. My worst moments as a parent have been much like my greatest moments as a parent: the product of complete and perfect accident. - Author: Brad Meltzer
Accidents quotes by Brad Meltzer
#193. Here is a man," said the Captain, addressing himself to his fair auditors, and indicating the commander with his outstretched hook, "that has fell down more than any man alive; that has had more accidents happen to his own self than the Seamen's Hospital to all hands; that took as many spars and bars and bolts about the outside of his head when he was young, as you'd want a order for on Chathamyard* to build a pleasure-yacht with; and yet that got his opinions in that way, it's my belief, for there an't nothing like 'em afloat or ashore. - Author: Charles Dickens
Accidents quotes by Charles Dickens
#194. Progress, therefore, is not an accident, but a necessity ... It is a part of nature. - Author: Herbert Spencer
Accidents quotes by Herbert Spencer
#195. If liberals can seize our guns because they are dangerous, we have no chance of holding on to our cars and our homes. The total number of accidental fatalities (the majority of which are hunting accidents) of all types of firearms is infinitesimal compared to the number of fatalities from car and home accidents. More children die from playing with cigarette lighters than from playing with loaded guns. - Author: Paul Craig Roberts
Accidents quotes by Paul Craig Roberts
#196. When I was 21, I got into a motorcycle accident while traveling in Europe and I had to lie around a lot in the aftermath, which was really the first time in my life that I became really focused and inspired to write. - Author: Chantal Kreviazuk
Accidents quotes by Chantal Kreviazuk
#197. To see an almost certain horrible death
you know how crowds all sit at the edge of their seats, /praying/ subconsciously for a spectacular accident
and then to be whisked away from it so suddenly
brought to the edge of tragedy, and then to have their better natures win out, showing them how much nicer they always /knew/ they were
that was the supreme thrill. - Author: Harlan Ellison
Accidents quotes by Harlan Ellison
#198. Shakespeare is above all writers, at least above all modern writers, the poet of nature; the poet that holds up to his readers a faithful mirrour of manners and of life. His characters are not modified by the customs of particular places, unpractised by the rest of the world; by the peculiarities of studies or professions, which can operate but upon small numbers; or by the accidents of transient fashions or temporary opinions: they are the genuine progeny of common humanity, such as the world will always supply, and observation will always find. His persons act and speak by the influence of those general passions and principles by which all minds are agitated, and the whole system of life is continued in motion. In the writings of other poets a character is too often an individual; in those of Shakespeare it is commonly a species. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Accidents quotes by Samuel Johnson
#199. It's so easy to think that we're the only ones who suffer, while other people are somehow immune to pain, as though they'd been born with some kind of special knowledge about being happy, that, through some cosmic accident, we never received. Thinking in this way, we make our own problems seem much bigger than they really are. - Author: Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Accidents quotes by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
#200. Like children in a schoolyard, they want to know what was my accident, how much did it hurt, and what did I look like afterward ... I am not the only person I have known who has encountered emotional sightseers. - Author: Natalie Kusz
Accidents quotes by Natalie Kusz

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