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we need to design our systems so that they are continually creating telemetry, widely ~ Gene Kim
Creating quotes by Gene Kim
God's reason for creating Adam was the desire to reproduce himself. ~ Kenneth Copeland
Creating quotes by Kenneth Copeland
I've always loved film and wanted to work in film. I just love working and creating new characters, and trying different genres and different things. ~ Alison Brie
Creating quotes by Alison Brie
Me? I was obsessed with serial killers. More specifically, I was obsessed with the idea of female serial killers. Hear the phrase serial killer, and most of us probably picture a man. It's not surprising - let's be real, men are responsible for at least ninety-two percent of the evil in the world. For centuries, women have been socially programmed to be the nurturers, after all - the protectors, the emotional bridges - so when we hear of a woman who takes life instead of creating it, it's instinctively shocking. ~ Christina Lauren
Creating quotes by Christina Lauren
Improvisation helps because you get what's on the page and you make it a little more palatable to your tongue. And that's the beauty of creating and being spontaneous. That's the way I love to work. ~ Taraji P. Henson
Creating quotes by Taraji P. Henson
I have heard it said
There is an art which in their piedness shares
With great creating nature. ~ William Shakespeare
Creating quotes by William Shakespeare
I don't find any difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalists. I believe religion is the root, and from the root fundamentalism grows as a poisonous stem. If we remove fundamentalism and keep religion, then one day or another fundamentalism will grow again. I need to say that because some liberals always defend Islam and blame fundamentalists for creating problems. But Islam itself oppresses women. Islam itself doesn't permit democracy and it violates human rights. ~ Taslima Nasrin
Creating quotes by Taslima Nasrin
Living a life of peace could be a passion. Creating peace in the world is a goal. Living life in abundance could be a passion. Eliminating poverty on earth is a goal. ~ Janet Bray Attwood
Creating quotes by Janet Bray Attwood
The bar was crowded with theorizing Sherlockians, who in the absence of any actual evidence had created grand machinations to explain the crime. Minor points of canonical disagreement became reasons for brutal murder. Some tried to piece together their theories in small groups, hoping that with enough brainpower and expertise they might arrive at a solution. Others jumped straight over the "investigation" phase and landed square at the end of the story they were creating, instantly accusing the man across the table of some vile treachery. And, moreover, actually employing phrases like "vile treachery" in doing so. Everyone was a suspect. But at the world's largest Sherlockian gathering, everyone was a detective as well. ~ Graham Moore
Creating quotes by Graham Moore
The one thing emphasized in any creative writing course is 'write what you know,' and that automatically drives a wooden stake through the heart of imagination. If they really understood the mysterious process of creating fiction, they would say, 'You can write about anything you can imagine.' ~ Tom Robbins
Creating quotes by Tom Robbins
When you - when you - and this is still going on today - are making your money by pushing paper around, when you should be making your money by investing venture capital in various job-creating things, that makes it much harder to recover. ~ Howard Dean
Creating quotes by Howard Dean
A clear passion, a resolute determination, a can-do spirit; these are the rods for creating a great mark! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Creating quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
Be yourself, or whatever self you'd like to be. ~ Marty Rubin
Creating quotes by Marty Rubin
Marcelina loved that miniscule, precise moment when the needle entered her face. It was silver; it was pure. It was the violence that healed, the violation that brought perfection. There was no pain, never any pain, only a sense of the most delicate of penetrations, like a mosquito exquisitely sipping blood, a precision piece of human technology slipping between the gross tissues and cells of her flesh. She could see the needle out of the corner of her eye; in the foreshortened reality of the ultra-close-up it was like the stem of a steel flower. The latex-gloved hand that held the syringe was as vast as the creating hand of God: Marcelina had watched it swim across her field of vision, seeking its spot, so close, so thrillingly, dangerously close to her naked eyeball. And then the gentle stab. Always she closed her eyes as the fingers applied pressure to the plunger. She wanted to feel the poison entering her flesh, imagine it whipping the bloated, slack, lazy cells into panic, the washes of immune response chemicals as they realized they were under toxic attack; the blessed inflammation, the swelling of the wrinkled, lined skin into smoothness, tightness, beauty, youth.

Marcelina Hoffman was well on her way to becoming a Botox junkie.

Such a simple treat; the beauty salon was on the same block as Canal Quatro. Marcelina had pioneered the lunch-hour face lift to such an extent that Lisandra had appropriated it as the premise for an entire series. Whore. ~ Ian McDonald
Creating quotes by Ian McDonald
The hardest thing in photography is to create a simple image. ~ Anne Geddes
Creating quotes by Anne Geddes
Today's television sitcoms ... the father is typically depicted as a clumsy buffoon, an inane and even unnecessary appendage. In creating that caricature, producers and directors have done irreparable damage to the God-ordained image of what may be one of the most significant roles and offices in eternity - that of a father, that of a real man. ~ Robert L. Millet
Creating quotes by Robert L. Millet
Rousseau's ideas brought about-he moved the political process to the very centre of human existence by making the legislator, who is also a pedagogue, into the new Messiah, capable of solving all human problems by creating New Men. 'Everything,' he wrote, 'is at root dependent on politics.' Virtue is the product of good government. 'Vices belong less to man, than to man badly governed.' The political process, and the new kind of state it brings into being, are the universal remedies for the ills of mankind.49 Politics will do all. Rousseau thus prepared the blueprint for the principal delusions and follies of the twentieth century. ~ Paul Johnson
Creating quotes by Paul Johnson
Thankfully existing only in SMALL pockets within our discipline, is "intellectual" snobbery. It's a hushed but ugly truth that people are made to feel not worthy to be among a certain set – didn't attend the right school or don't have the requisite abbreviations to follow their name. I know what that feels like. Good thing I'm pigheaded, have a bigger vision and committed to my craft, or I would've succumbed to it long ago. That is why when I meet an emerging writer who's serious about developing their craft, I try to encourage them as much as I can. I say IGNORE the highbrow cliques and prove your mettle by growing, accepting balanced feedback and most of all, creating work that will stand the test of time. Period. ~ Sandra Sealy
Creating quotes by Sandra Sealy
How could any boy know that freedom is lost the moment you become a man. Things start to count. To press in. Constricting slowly, inevitably, creating a cage of inconveniences and duties and deadlines and failed plans and lost friends. I'm tired of people doubting. Of people choosing to believe they know what is possible because of what has happened before. ~ Pierce Brown
Creating quotes by Pierce Brown
When the United States cannibalize dollars from the defensive business of the NSA, securing our communications, protecting our systems, patching zero-day vulnerabilities, and instead we're giving those dollars to be used for creating new vulnerabilities in our systems so that they can surveil us and other people abroad who use the same systems. ~ Edward Snowden
Creating quotes by Edward Snowden
A lot of the struggle I had with movies is I really loved moments and tones and feelings in a scene, and I loved creating those, but I never really had great stories to string them together. ~ Louis C.K.
Creating quotes by Louis C.K.
following limitations: 1. These are AP films therefore; the cardiac size cannot be accurately assessed. 2. Pleural fluid lies posteriorly creating a denser hemithorax. 3. A pneumothorax lies anteriorly and so can be missed. 4. Upper lobe vessels will be prominent even in the absence of cardiac failure. 5. Good inflation of the lungs is difficult, even if the volumes are normal. ~ David Wilson
Creating quotes by David Wilson
A leader's most important job is creating and constantly adjusting this strategic bridge between goals and objectives. ~ Richard P. Rumelt
Creating quotes by Richard P. Rumelt
Later that year I happened to read a book by Dr. Neil Fiore that validated Bill's suspicion about being too careful. The book was called The Now Habit and was about overcoming procrastination. Dr. Fiore suggested that succeeding in a career is not unlike walking on a tightrope. The more success we achieve, the higher the rope. As we gain something, we have more to lose. Success causes a ravine beneath our careers that grows more deadly, creating a kind of fear of trying. He said the fear of letting people down is one of the primary reasons people procrastinate. ~ Donald Miller
Creating quotes by Donald Miller
We don't value craftsmanship anymore! All we value is ruthless efficiency, and I say we deny our own humanity that way! Without appreciation for grace and beauty, there's no pleasure in creating things and no pleasure in having them! Our lives are made drearier, rather than richer! How can a person take pride in his work when skill and care are considered luxuries! We're not machines! We have a human need for craftsmanship! ~ Bill Watterson
Creating quotes by Bill Watterson
Some people think I am an issue-oriented writer, but I've never said to myself, I'm gong to write about such-and-such an issue - that would make for incredibly boring writing, at least to my taste. Creating someone I don't know and her made-up world shows us more about who we are - is actually a better mirror - than if I were to parade in front of you an instantly recognizable person in an instantly recognizable situation. I'm not saying, Let's make it all abstract and weird and difficult and thereby you will know more about yourself. My process is much more organic than that. ~ Suzan-Lori Parks
Creating quotes by Suzan-Lori Parks
Creating a data type ~ Nishant Neeraj
Creating quotes by Nishant Neeraj
One must have a high opinion of a work of art - not the work one is creating at the moment, but of that which one desires to achieve one day. Without this it is not worthwhile working. ~ Edgar Degas
Creating quotes by Edgar Degas
I've been singing since I was two. Music was my first passion and I love writing, singing, creating and being creative. ~ Jojo
Creating quotes by Jojo
You definitely do not do films for that particular reason. You do them for yourself, for your satisfaction of creating this thing with characters and watching these characters take on real life - that's all you care about. ~ Clint Eastwood
Creating quotes by Clint Eastwood
Corporations don't create jobs, customers do. So when all the economic gains go to the top, as they're doing now, the vast majority of Americans don't have enough purchasing power to buy the things corporations want to sell - which means businesses stop creating enough jobs. ~ Robert Reich
Creating quotes by Robert Reich
When feminist women told the world that patriarchy promotes woman-hating, the response was that feminists were being too extreme, exaggerating the problem. Yet when men who knew nothing about feminism claimed that feminists were man-hating, there was no response from the nonfeminist world saying that they were being too extreme. No feminists have murdered and raped men. Feminists have not been jailed day after day for their violence against men. No feminists have been accused of ongoing sexual abuse of girl children, including creating a world of child pornography featuring little girls. Yet these are some of the acts of men that led some feminist women to identify men as woman-hating. ~ Bell Hooks
Creating quotes by Bell Hooks
Anybody who tunes into Rush Limabaugh already knows what he's going to say and is already inclined to agree. So it winds up creating tribes. ~ George A. Romero
Creating quotes by George A. Romero
What makes me feel alive and connected to God's voice and spirit in this world is creating opportunities for the people I love to rest and connect and be fed at my table. I believe it's the way I was made, and I believe it matters. For many years, I didn't let it matter, for a whole constellation of reasons, but part of becoming yourself, in a deeply spiritual way, is finding the words to tell the truth about what it is you really love. ~ Shauna Niequist
Creating quotes by Shauna Niequist
Our emotional valence – positive or negative experiences – affects not only how we narrate childhood events, but also which memories we retain. The interplay between a person encountering environment experiences meshed with self-editing of various aspects of their complex memory system results in a person becoming more than a collection of memories: a person creates their personalized version of a self. A person integrates many experiences into creating their being. Personal encounters with other people as well as moments of personal solitude contemplating ideas and personal existence congeal to form the depiction of a self. ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Creating quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
The character you seem to have been born with is not necessarily who you are… The Promethean task of the powerful is to remake yourself into a character of power. Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable life tasks. It makes you in essence an artist - an artist creating yourself. ~ Robert Greene
Creating quotes by Robert Greene
However, these communities were also subject to the infusion of the world around them and their notion of tradition became altered in the very act of dissimulation. They 'falsely' believed they were protecting something old when, in fact, they were creating something new. ~ Shaul Magid
Creating quotes by Shaul Magid
Writing isn't about creating perfect characters. There's no such thing. It's about creating characters that are real; flawed
yet beautiful, in that they know they need another person. Needing someone else doesn't make them weak; if they believed all they needed was them self, they would be. A strong heroine isn't afraid to admit that a best friend, or soul mate, is exactly what they need at one moment or another. A strong heroine never stands alone. They stand tall; they believe in who they are. They are perfect in every human flaw, because as humans we are flawed. And in every flaw, I see the perfection of their souls. Writers breath life into simple words and create beings
flaws and all. ~ Cassandra Giovanni
Creating quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
My goal in going into the entertainment world is not solely on the aspect of fame and fortune. But, solely on the aspect that I love creating new things as both hobby and professionally; because my profession is my hobby.
Yes; the fame, fortune and chicks will come. But, the aspect of creating things is eternal and awesome. The fortune to thrive on earth and fame to get more projects, more friends, fans and meet new people. ~ Temitope Owosela Tim North Golden Phoenix
Creating quotes by Temitope Owosela Tim North Golden Phoenix
Most advertisers spend millions upon millions of dollars to buy commercial time during the Super Bowl, and millions in creating eye-popping ads, hoping to create catchy, unforgettable commercials. Unfortunately, most Super Bowl commercials end up being unmemorable. Costly mistakes for brands and creative flameouts for advertising firms. ~ Peter Diamandis
Creating quotes by Peter Diamandis
Art is love creating the new world and justice is love rolling up its sleeves to heal the old one. ~ N. T. Wright
Creating quotes by N. T. Wright
We each create our world by what we choose to notice, creating a world of distinction that makes sense to us. We then 'see' the world through the self we have created. ~ Margaret J. Wheatley
Creating quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
Anything is a waste of time unless you are fucking well or creating well or getting well or looming toward a kind of phantom-love-happiness. ~ Charles Bukowski
Creating quotes by Charles Bukowski
Every age has its own way of mythmaking. Ancient Egypt had its myths, the Sumerians and the Assyrians, the Christians and the Muslims, the North and the South
the style of creating myths always varies. What myths are being created as a shelter even in the chaotic atmosphere of today! Until doomsday humanity will create these shelters. What else could people do when they come from one darkness and travel to another? And with so much deprivation? Man remains man so long as he dreams. ~ Yasar Kemal
Creating quotes by Yasar Kemal
Being on stage is not creating, it's re-creating. ~ Al Jourgensen
Creating quotes by Al Jourgensen
A certain degree of physical harmony and comfort is necessary, but above a certain level it becomes a hindrance instead of a help. Therefore the ideal of creating an unlimited number of wants and satisfying them seems to be a delusion and a snare. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Creating quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Entrepreneurship is the engine fuelling innovation, employment generation and economic growth. Only by creating an environment where entrepreneur- ship can prosper and where entrepreneurs can try new ideas and empower others can we ensure that many of the world's issues will not go unaddressed. ~ Klaus Schwab
Creating quotes by Klaus Schwab
People go to YouTube to laugh, and as a YouTuber, your job is to figure out a niche and feed people what they want to see. Now that I know what kind of stuff people want to see, then I will keep going down that road and creating videos that are going to make people laugh. ~ Todrick Hall
Creating quotes by Todrick Hall
Creating art or something beautiful makes you a more fulfilled person than they can ever be because they're caught up in what they hate rather than what they love. ~ Andy Biersack
Creating quotes by Andy Biersack
You are fighting against nothingness all the time by creating a series of shields that you call personality, life history, feelings, ideas, and ways of seeing. ~ Frederick Lenz
Creating quotes by Frederick Lenz
I'm interested in creating a space through color contrasts, rather than by simple shadows of light and dark. ~ August Macke
Creating quotes by August Macke
But there's nothing more profound than creating something out of nothing. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Creating quotes by Rainbow Rowell
The truth doesn't matter because ideology isn't about truth or accuracy. Rather, its purpose is to support and perpetuate the status quo by making it appear normal and legitimate... And when someone dares to challenge that comforting reality, it's easy to confuse the bearer of bad news with the bad news itself. When people of color call attention to the divisions caused by white privilege, for example, they're often accused of creating those divisions, as if racism isn't a problem unless you talk about it. ~ Allan G. Johnson
Creating quotes by Allan G. Johnson
He said 'My kingdom is not of this world.' So did Bowie. It tapped into the whole Catholic idea of creating your own saints, finding icons of divinity in the mundane. As a religion, Bowieism didn't seem so different from Catholicism - the hemlines were just a little higher. ~ Rob Sheffield
Creating quotes by Rob Sheffield
By creating problems for others you will never able solve your own problem.
When you will try to solve your enemy's problem, your problem will disappear. ~ Debasish Mridha
Creating quotes by Debasish Mridha
I'm just in the business of creating; creating new work inspires you to create new work. It's kind of funny. ~ Karen Walker
Creating quotes by Karen Walker
After Volcker's speech, bonds became objects of speculation, a means of creating wealth rather than merely storing it. Overnight the bond market was transformed from a backwater into a casino. ~ Michael Lewis
Creating quotes by Michael Lewis
Most consumers are simultaneously neophilic, curious to discover new things, and deeply neophobic, afraid of anything that is too new. The best hit makers are gifted at creating moments of meaning by marrying new and old, anxiety and understanding. They are architects of familiar surprises. ~ Derek Thompson
Creating quotes by Derek Thompson
Love life first, then march through the gates of each season; go inside nature and develop the discipline to stop destructive behavior; learn tenderness toward experience, then make decisions based on creating biological wealth that includes all people, animals, cultures, currencies, languages, and the living things as yet undiscovered; listen to the truth the land will tell you; act accordingly. ~ Gretel Ehrlich
Creating quotes by Gretel Ehrlich
The thinking that says, 'I will start building my ideal future tomorrow, or next week, or next month,' is fatally flawed. The future you are going to live is the one you are creating right now at this very moment. ~ Brian P. Moran
Creating quotes by Brian P. Moran
But after being on the run I've learned a life spent creating enemies isn't worth leading. Having allies is the best advantage in the world. ~ Chris Colfer
Creating quotes by Chris Colfer
Is there nothing the prodigiously talented Ann Patchett can't do? She's channeled the world of opera, Boston politics, magic, unwed motherhood, and race relations, creating scenarios so indelible, you swear they are right outside your door. ~ Caroline Leavitt
Creating quotes by Caroline Leavitt
Charles had climbed on a bench and was calling out that he had something to say, creating a racket that quickly got the attention of the room. Everyone looked immensely surprised, including Tessa and Will. Sona frowned, clearly thinking Charles was very rude. She didn't know the half of it, Cordelia thought darkly.
"Let me be the first to raise a glass to the happy couple!" said Charles, doing just that. "To James Herondale and Cordelia Carstairs. I wish to add personally that James, my brother's parabatai, has always been like a younger brother to me."
"A younger brother he accused of vandalizing greenhouses across our fair nation," muttered Will.
"As for Cordelia Carstairs - how to describe her?" Charles went on.
"Especially when one has not bothered to get to know her at all," murmured James.
"She is both beautiful and fair," said Charles, leaving Cordelia to wonder what the difference was, "as well as being brave. I am sure she will make James as happy as my lovely Grace makes me." He smiled at Grace, who stood quietly near him, her face a mask. "That's right. I am formally announcing my intention to wed Grace Blackthorn. You will all be invited, of course."
Cordelia glanced over at Alastair; he was expressionless, but his hands, jammed into his pockets, were fists. James had narrowed his eyes.
Charles went on merrily. "And lastly, my thanks go out to the folk of the Enclave, who supported my actions as acting Consul through our recent t ~ Cassandra Clare
Creating quotes by Cassandra Clare
Through its influence upon the unconscious, music can have a specific healing effect. It can help in eliminating repressions and resistances, and it can bring into the field of waking consciousness many drives, emotions and complexes which were creating difficulties in the unconscious. ~ Roberto Assagioli
Creating quotes by Roberto Assagioli
The plus-size revolution that has been happening lately is incredible but it's also creating this "other" beauty standard in which you have to be an hourglass, you have to be super sexy and fierce about showing off your curves. That's quite frightening to me, and I don't fit in it, I don't want to fit it. ~ Beth Ditto
Creating quotes by Beth Ditto
Creating new products and services differs from making minor enhancements to existing ones. The first must focus on innovation and adaptability, whereas the second usually focuses on efficiency and optimization. Efficiency delivers products and services that we can think of. Innovation delivers products that we can barely imagine. Efficiency and optimization are appropriate drivers for a production project, whereas innovation and creativity should drive an exploration-type project. A production mindset can restrict our vision to what appears doable. An exploration mindset helps us explore what seems impossible. ~ Jim Highsmith
Creating quotes by Jim Highsmith
I don't create art to get high dollar projects, I do high dollar projects so I can create more art. ~ Chase Jarvis
Creating quotes by Chase Jarvis
My passion for snacking and search for a great tasting, better-for-you snack sparked my interest in creating what has become popchips. ~ Keith Belling
Creating quotes by Keith Belling
Love is like a musical score, sometimes very tuneful, creating a harmony of sounds, sometimes extremely harsh, striking a hell of false notes. ("Love lying fallow ") ~ Erik Pevernagie
Creating quotes by Erik Pevernagie
Gaining energy is accomplished by meditating, by right actions, right thoughts, right deeds, by studying with a real teacher or by just studying the teachings, by creating happiness in your life, and by never giving up. ~ Frederick Lenz
Creating quotes by Frederick Lenz
We are the directors of our own life, creating our own version of truth, which can be humorous, pleasurable, miserable, brutal, or stupid. Reconciling loss and misfortune can provide a sense of sublimity or catharsis. ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Creating quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
The pact creating a North American free-trade zone was President Bill Clinton's signature accomplishment; but NAFTA is also the bugaboo of union leaders, grassroots activists and Midwesterners who blame free trade for the factory closings they see in their hometowns. ~ Nina Easton
Creating quotes by Nina Easton
Little details have special talents in creating big problems! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Creating quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Love is probably the most powerful force in the cosmos, capable of creating miracles. Love can manifest in so many ways - love between parent and child, husband and wife, partner and partner, teacher and student, service volunteer and recipient, God and one's spirit. The manifestations of love are innumerable. ~ Mike Love
Creating quotes by Mike Love
I like the fact that I can go away and lose myself so I don't have to live in the world of courage that everyone else does. I like creating, it's what I do, and acting allows me to stretch all those different muscles in all kinds of ways. That's pretty cool. ~ Roddy Piper
Creating quotes by Roddy Piper
A boddhisattva is someone who is on the way to becoming a buddha. All of us become boddhisattvas as soon as we start to take our Zen work seriously and the work we do contributes to creating a world in which all good actions become more efficacious. ~ David Brazier
Creating quotes by David Brazier
Fight only after creating conditions for victory. ~ Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Creating quotes by Toyotomi Hideyoshi
If some of these answers seem radical or far-fetched today, then I say wait until tomorrow. Soon it will be abundantly clear that it is business as usual that is utopian, whereas creating something very new and different is a practical necessity. ~ James Gustave Speth
Creating quotes by James Gustave Speth
You keep distracting from the main point, Vaida. I did not come to Harare to study other people's scars. I have my own to worry about. They make me sick. I will never recover from the events that carved them into my body. You should focus on healing yours instead of creating new ones. ~ Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
Creating quotes by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
As millions use social media as a primary source of information, the risk of falling victim to being misinformed is high. Readers who quickly scan newsfeeds tend to only read (and share information about) a headline: focusing on "the hook." Whether due to complacency or lack of time, few explore the content. This allows bogus media outlets to descend on the unsuspecting (and unprepared) seekers of instant information, creating false stories with dazzling one-liners, secure in the knowledge that there will be little effort to pursue confirmation or research an entire story. ~ Carlos Wallace
Creating quotes by Carlos Wallace
Words build a bridge between the imaginations of writer and reader, creating something unique between them. ~ Jane Lindskold
Creating quotes by Jane Lindskold
Driving home to Iowa from Marion, Indiana, I went through Chicago, sure, but it was far easier to find a field than a town. Far easier to find empty spaces than people. Even in my town, Cedar Rapids, the second-largest city in Iowa, you are never more than minutes from a cornfield. It's a bigness that can feel limiting if you are the only one of you that you see. But the internet is an equalizer - bringing together voices that once felt alone, realigning boundaries, creating spaces where there were none before.

There is a danger too of creating ideological bubbles. Of filtering out dissent. It's a criticism that was leveled heavily against blue states after the 2016 election. But when you are in the minority - the voice that is silenced - you are never in a bubble, even if you try. And finding a place where you don't have to fight for acceptance, where you can just be accepted, even if that is online is the difference between pain and hope. ~ Lyz Lenz
Creating quotes by Lyz Lenz
My touring isn't about collecting souvenirs and always being on the go. My souvenirs are writing in my journal and creating new music, because that fits easily into my backpack when I'm travelling around the world. It's something that I can share later with fans or with future family members. ~ Jason Mraz
Creating quotes by Jason Mraz
The doctrine of justification by faith - a Biblical truth, and a blessed relief from sterile legalism and unavailing self-effort - has in our time fallen into evil company and been interpreted by many in such manner as actually to bar men from the knowledge of God. The whole transaction of religious conversion has been made mechanical and spiritless. Faith may now be exercised without a jar to the moral life and without embarrassment to the Adamic ego. Christ may be "received" without creating any special love for Him in the soul of the receiver. The man is "saved," but he is not hungry nor thirsty after God. In fact he is specifically taught to be satisfied and encouraged to be content with little. ~ A.W. Tozer
Creating quotes by A.W. Tozer
Our painters skilled in extensive prep exertion for the finest finished painting results. Painting is cost-effective customs to ensure that your dwelling reflects a glance and feel you adore. Our Pasadena Painters in Ca will transform your home into a masterpiece. By creating or rejuvenating your own traits design statement. ~ Patrick Wilson
Creating quotes by Patrick Wilson
These emotions, this love, this fear, this gratitude, this relief, the grief – none of it really
exists. None of it has mass or location, none of it can be weighed or photographed. None of
these emotions last, none of them can be measured – except in that very moment when we're
feeling them. They're like music – once the notes are played, they disappear. They only exist
in that moment in time. Love isn't merely something we feel, it's something we create –
something we have to keep creating in each and every moment. It's a song we have to keep
Because we know it doesn't really exist. We can't hold it. We can't lock it away. We can't
insure it. It's just a melody we play on and on. Our own Songline. We can only go on playing
it, moment by moment, until we're all out of moments.
It seems sort of pointless, striving so hard for perfection in something that doesn't really
exist. But, my, what a symphony it is.
And it's funny really, because for something that doesn't exist, it seems to be the only
thing that human beings never run out of. As long as we have faith in its magic, love is the
only thing that lasts. ~ Sarah MacManus
Creating quotes by Sarah MacManus
Creating money and forcing us to accept it is worse than stealing because it attempts to hide how badly we are getting cheated. ~ Adam Kokesh
Creating quotes by Adam Kokesh
It should not be difficult to accept the idea that someone else is, in 'your experience of them', in part your self-creation. But it is difficult and sometimes impossible. Impossible because accepting the idea that you are in part creating your 'other' forces you to take on board a high degree of self responsibility. Few of us easily do that. p.234 ~ Stephanie Dowrick
Creating quotes by Stephanie Dowrick
Getting extraordinary results is all about creating a domino effect in your life. ~ Gary Keller
Creating quotes by Gary Keller
We do not know the future, but we are creating it now. How we align the vision we have for a livable place with intelligent actions is what the future of mankind will be. It is all we can do to perfect ourselves. Nature will determine the rest. ~ Helen Drayton
Creating quotes by Helen Drayton
If Allah created you for this world, He would have created you without death. ~ Habib Umar Bin Hafiz
Creating quotes by Habib Umar Bin Hafiz
In Russia, the person who put Sevastopol on the literary map was Leo Tolstoy, a veteran of the siege. His fictionalized memoir The Sebastopol Sketches made him a national celebrity. Already with the first installment of the work published, Tsar Alexander II saw the propaganda value of the piece and ordered it translated into French for dissemination abroad. That made the young author very happy. Compared with Tolstoy's later novels, The Sebastopol Sketches hasn't aged well, possibly because this is not a heartfelt book. As the twenty-six-year-old Tolstoy's Sevastopol diaries reveal, not heartache but ambition drove him at the time. Making a name as an author was just an alternative to two other grand plans - founding a new religion and creating a mathematical model for winning in cards (his losses during the siege were massive even for a rich person). ~ Constantine Pleshakov
Creating quotes by Constantine Pleshakov
Those who cannot think, have, in my opinion, a necessity (which goes very far towards creating a right) for amusement. ~ Sarah Josepha Hale
Creating quotes by Sarah Josepha Hale
Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void but out of chaos. ~ Mary Shelley
Creating quotes by Mary Shelley
I have my ethics and morals. I have my anchor point of what is right and wrong in real life, but I'm not afraid to entertain any and every aspect of personality in relationship to creating a character. ~ Corin Nemec
Creating quotes by Corin Nemec
Studies of people who have successfully started new exercise routines, for instance, show they are more likely to stick with a workout plan if they choose a specific cue, such as running as soon as they get home from work, and a clear reward, such as a beer or an evening of guilt-free television.2.13 Research on dieting says creating new food habits requires a predetermined cue - such as planning menus in advance - and simple rewards for dieters when they stick to their intentions. ~ Charles Duhigg
Creating quotes by Charles Duhigg
We define ourselves as intelligent. That's odd, because we're doing the definition - We're creating our own definition and saying, 'We are intelligent!' ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Creating quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
When I was a child, I pretended that I had my own cooking show. I would stand at the kitchen counter with an empty bowl and spoon and talk in a silly voice, explaining the concoction I was creating. ~ Kimberly Schlapman
Creating quotes by Kimberly Schlapman
The maker movement is mostly about building things (whether low-tech or high-tech), as well as creating art and music. But it's driven by project-based, peer-to-peer learning, which tends to happen as novice "makers ~ Warren Berger
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You're creating a different world and the actor's job is to be able to convince the audience to enter into that world, whether it be actually something that you recognize from your own life or not. ~ Christian Bale
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