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#1. When intelligent people pride themselves on not understanding, it is quite natural they should succeed better than fools. - Author: Andre Gide
Understanding quotes by Andre Gide
#2. We understand now, we've been made to understand, and to embrace the understanding that who we are is who we were. - Author: John Quincy Adams
Understanding quotes by John Quincy Adams
#3. A woman is like a universe; there are many things that even she still needs to discover about herself. Men on the other hand are miners, which means they are in a better position to uncover, perceive and appreciate things about women that they themselves have not yet come to the full realization of. Men know more about women than they can tell (it's for their own safety that they keep their mouths shut and pretend like they don't know anything, lest they get slammed for claming to know anything at all about women in the first place). Sadly, women are losing out on a wealth of knowledge and understanding about themselves by debunking men's ideas and notions about them especially when it comes to their femininity and sensuality. I think there is a need for women to start gently and safely asking men what they 'inherently' know about their femininity. I'm not a chauvinist nor a proponent for men's rights, but I strongly believe that men hold the keys to a lot of treasure chests that most women are daily striving to open up. Perhaps you should start inviting your man to get a little bit more involved in your feminine/sensual journey. It's only a suggestion... - Author: Lebo Grand
Understanding quotes by Lebo Grand
#4. My understanding of God is an experience. God is. That's all I know. In the Biblical tradition, it would be expressed as, "Be still and know that I am God." God is the "I am" energy. Something huge is at play here - cosmic creativity, consciousness, God, whatever you want to call it. I do believe that it's a guided ride. We're on a guided tour of the universe. - Author: Elizabeth Lesser
Understanding quotes by Elizabeth Lesser
#5. I write because I admire the act of rationalization, of seeking clarity in one's understanding of the complexities of life, and I'm bad at it. I'm slow. Writing, which is an arduous and slow process, proceeds at the same rate as my sloth-like mind. - Author: Gregory Maguire
Understanding quotes by Gregory Maguire
#6. In teaching, regard must be had to the faculties possessed by the pupil. In childhood, memory; in youth, the understanding; in mature life, the reason is the predominating faculty. - Author: Joseph P. Bradley
Understanding quotes by Joseph P. Bradley
#7. Understanding how DNA transmits all it knows about cancer, physics, dreaming and love will keep man searching for some time. - Author: David R. Brower
Understanding quotes by David R. Brower
#8. A mature mind is one who understands the impossibility of knowing the ultimate, and with this understanding there is a new dimension: the dimension of being. - Author: Rajneesh
Understanding quotes by Rajneesh
#9. Spiritual literature can be a great aid to an aspirant, or it can be a terrible hindrance. If it is used to inspire practice, motivate compassion, ad nourish devotion, it serves a very valuable purpose. If scriptural study is used for mere intellectual understanding, for pride of accomplishment, or as a substitute for actual practice, then one is taking in too much mental food, which is sure to result in intellectual indigestion. (152) - Author: Prem Prakash
Understanding quotes by Prem Prakash
#10. Donald Saari uses a combination of stories and questions to challenge students to think critically about calculus. "When I finish this process," he explained, "I want the students to feel like they have invented calculus and that only some accident of birth kept them from beating Newton to the punch." In essence, he provokes them into inventing ways to find the area under the curve, breaking the process into the smallest concepts (not steps) and raising the questions that will Socratically pull them through the most difficult moments. Unlike so many in his discipline, he does not simply perform calculus in front of the students; rather, he raises the questions that will help them reason through the process, to see the nature of the questions and to think about how to answer them. "I want my students to construct their own understanding," he explains, "so they can tell a story about how to solve the problem. - Author: Ken Bain
Understanding quotes by Ken Bain
#11. The best goal for propaganda analysis is to develop such an understanding of the phenomenon that it will no longer be profitable for people to engage in it. - Author: Randal Marlin
Understanding quotes by Randal Marlin
#12. Not only does the universe have its own laws, all of them indifferent to the contradictory dreams and desires of humanity, and in the formulation of which we contribute not one iota, apart, that is, from the words by which we clumsily name them, but everything seems to indicate that it uses these laws for aims and objectives that transcend and always will transcend our understanding. - Author: Jose Saramago
Understanding quotes by Jose Saramago
#13. As for myself, what has died for me has died, so to speak, into my own heart: when I looked for him, the person who vanished has collected himself strangely and so surprisingly in me, and it was so moving to feel he was now only there that my enthusiasm for serving his new existence, for deepening and glorifying it, took the upper hand almost at the very moment when pain would otherwise have invaded and devastated the whole landscape of my spirit. When I remember how I - often with the utmost difficulty in understanding and accepting each other - loved my father! Often, in childhood, my mind became confused and my heart grew numb at the mere thought that someday he might no longer be; my existence seemed to me so wholly conditioned through him (my existence, which from the start was pointed in such a different direction!) that his departure was to my innermost self synonymous with my own destruction …, but so deeply is death rooted in the essence of love that (if only we are cognizant of death without letting ourselves be misled by the uglinesses and suspicions that have been attached to it) it nowhere contradicts love: where, after all, can it drive out someone whom we have carried unsayably in our heart except into this very heart, where would the "idea" of this loved being exist, and his unceasing influence (: for how could that cease which even while he lived with us was more and more independent of his tangible presence) … where would this always secret influence be more - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Understanding quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#14. The best answers often come only after we have discovered the correct questions. - Author: T Jay Taylor
Understanding quotes by T Jay Taylor
#15. If I could offer only one key to understanding this divine dialogue, it would be to remember that it takes place in the depths of consciousness and that Krishna is not some external being, human or superhuman, but the spark of divinity that lies at the core of the human personality. This is not literary or philosophical conjecture; Krishna says as much to Arjuna over and over: "I am the Self in the heart of every creature, Arjuna, and the beginning, middle, and end of their existence" (10:20). - Author: Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa
Understanding quotes by Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa
#16. If you find you are not understanding my explaination for a joke, hit F5 on your browser and the page will refresh and I will explain it again. - Author: Ryan North
Understanding quotes by Ryan North
#17. A child playing with dolls may shed heartfelt tears when his bundle of rags and scraps becomes deathly ill and dies ... So we may come to an understanding of language as playing with dolls: in language, scraps of sound are used to make dolls and replace all the things in the world. - Author: Velimir Khlebnikov
Understanding quotes by Velimir Khlebnikov
#18. I became a physicist to understand the world, then I became a writer to try and change it. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
Understanding quotes by Carla H. Krueger
#19. There's time for a boyfriend in my life. But he would have to be understanding. He would have to understand that often I will be travelling and playing. - Author: Anna Kournikova
Understanding quotes by Anna Kournikova
#20. When I read philosophy or neuroscience papers about consciousness, I don't get the sense we're any closer to understanding it than we were 50 years ago. - Author: Stuart J. Russell
Understanding quotes by Stuart J. Russell
#21. A day of peace and sharing can lead to greater understanding and cooperation among political parties, faith groups, and people of different races and economic class. - Author: John Conyers
Understanding quotes by John Conyers
#22. the whole point of literature, I think, is that it's the best technology we have for communicating what another person's life feels like from the inside. - Author: Garth Greenwell
Understanding quotes by Garth Greenwell
#23. Proper worship in any age is critically predicated upon adequate and accurate knowledge of the God worshiped. No matter how ceremonially elaborate, emotionally rousing, or sermonically eloquent, worship that is not offered from a proper understanding of who God is falls short. - Author: Andreas J. Kostenberger
Understanding quotes by Andreas J. Kostenberger
#24. Telling someone something he does not understand is pointless, even if you add that he will not be able to understand it. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Understanding quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#25. Maybe our telling of the story wasn't as clear as it should have been, but I don't think that's true. In terms of understanding the story, it comes across. - Author: Joel Coen
Understanding quotes by Joel Coen
#26. Other animals are exceptionally good at identifying and reacting to predators, rivals and friends. They never act as if they believe that rivers or trees are inhabited by spirits who are watching. In all these ways, other animals continually demonstrate their working knowledge that they live in a world brimming with other minds as well as their knowledge of those minds' boundaries. their understanding seems more acute, pragmatic, and frankly, better than ours at distinguishing real from fake. So, I wonder, do humans really have a better developed Theory of Mind than other animals? ...Children talk to dolls for years, half believing or firmly believing that the doll hears and feels and is a worthy confidante. Many adults pray to statues, fervently believing that they're listening. ...All of this indicates a common human inability to distinguish conscious minds from inanimate objects, and evidence from nonsense. Children often talk to a fully imaginary friends whom they believe listens and has thoughts. Monotheism might be the adult version. ...In the world's most technologically advanced, most informed societies, a majority people take it for granted that disembodied spirits are watching, judging, and acting on them. Most leaders of modern nations trust that a Sky-God can be asked to protect their nation during disasters and conflicts with other nations. All of this is theory of mind gone wild, like an unguided fire hose spraying the whole universe with presumed consciousness. - Author: Carl Safina
Understanding quotes by Carl Safina
#27. As long as scepticism is based on a sound understanding of science it is invaluable, for that is how science progresses. But poor criticism can lead those who are unfamiliar with the science involved into doubting everything about climate change predictions. - Author: Tim Flannery
Understanding quotes by Tim Flannery
#28. He had to do it in secret. He didn't want people to think he was buying forgiveness or understanding. Those two things should not be for sale, at any price. - Author: Barry Lyga
Understanding quotes by Barry Lyga
#29. I would like to propose that the reason our actions have been so manifestly unsuccessful in steering the world away from its present collision course is that we have not, generally speaking, been basing them on any true understanding. - Author: Charles Eisenstein
Understanding quotes by Charles Eisenstein
#30. Through mutual understanding, sincerity and goodwill, and with great wisdom and broad views, the leaders on both sides should jointly initiate new opportunities for peace, stability, cooperation and mutual benefit. - Author: Chen Shui-bian
Understanding quotes by Chen Shui-bian
#31. All prayer is responding to God. In all cases God is the initiator - "hearing" always precedes asking. God comes to us first or we would never reach out to him.92 Yet all prayers are not alike or equally effective in relating to God. The clearer our understanding of who God is, the better our prayers. Instinctive prayer is like an emergency flare in reaction to a general sense of God's reality. Prayer as a spiritual gift is a genuine, personal conversation in reply to God's specific, verbal revelation. - Author: Timothy J. Keller
Understanding quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#32. Many errors, of a truth, consist merely in the application of the wrong names of things. For if a man says that the lines which are drawn from the centre of the circle to the circumference are not equal, he understands by the circle, at all events for the time, something else than mathematicians understand by it. - Author: Baruch Spinoza
Understanding quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#33. I spent so many years just saying what I felt without thinking about the ramifications, without understanding that I have this opinion but not everyone might share that opinion and now they don't like me because of it. - Author: Katherine Heigl
Understanding quotes by Katherine Heigl
#34. Our country, if that is what we want, can now permanently radiate love, understanding, the power of the spirit and of ideas. It is precisely this glow that we can offer as our specific contribution to international politics. - Author: Vaclav Havel
Understanding quotes by Vaclav Havel
#35. Learning without understanding will make your vision of knowledge weak - Author: Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Understanding quotes by Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
#36. It seems to be in our nature to focus on how we were wrong over the fact that we're now smarter (as if we can't be works in progress), and we often attach our egos to what we believe. A view is just how you see something. It doesn't have to define you, and trying to detach from it to gain understanding can be a very good thing. - Author: Kal Turnbull
Understanding quotes by Kal Turnbull
#37. When I was in the Navy, everyone fell under the purview of "navy gray". It is the military's way of reminding its enlisted personnel that they are all equal. Man or woman, black or white, young or old, everyone was navy gray. With God's grace I can proudly say a better understanding of this concept has helped me ameliorate disputes, mend fences that appeared hopeless and find light in the midst of darkness. - Author: Carlos Wallace
Understanding quotes by Carlos Wallace
#38. And what excites me most is the type of public, the fact that the Parisian people have a broader cultural understanding than many Americans do. - Author: Herb Ritts
Understanding quotes by Herb Ritts
#39. At her tender age she was incapable of understanding such a history, - Author: Christine Feehan
Understanding quotes by Christine Feehan
#40. Do you understand what's going on here?"
Hodgesaargh took another slow look at the scene. "No," he said.
"In that case's not my job to understand this sort of thing," said the falconer. "I wasn't trained. Probably takes a lot of training, understanding this. That's your job. And her job. Can you understand what's going on when a bird's been trained and'll make a kill and still came back to the wrist?"
"Well, no - "
"There you are, then. So that's all right. Cup of tea, was it? - Author: Terry Pratchett
Understanding quotes by Terry Pratchett
#41. The first time you meet someone, they're a new acquaintance, the second time you have a bit of an understanding, and the third time you meet them, you're old hats. - Author: Kathryn Minshew
Understanding quotes by Kathryn Minshew
#42. Alex got angry at me because he said I didn't understand how hard it was. And you know what? He was right. I didn't understand. Not then. - Author: Andrew Klavan
Understanding quotes by Andrew Klavan
#43. My goofiest-sounding secret is that I also believe in magic. Sometimes I call it God and sometimes I call it light, and I believe in it because every now and then I read a really good book or hear a really good song or have a really good conversation with a friend and they seem to have some kind of shine to them. The list I keep of these moments in the back of my journal is comprised less of times when I was laughing or smiling and more of times when I felt like I could feel the colors in my eyes deepening from the display before me. Times in which I felt I was witnessing an all-encompassing representation of life driven by an understanding that, coincidence or not, our existence is a peculiar thing, and perhaps the greatest way to honor it is to just be human. To be happy AND sad, and everything else. And yeah, living is a pain, and I say I hate everyone and everything, and I don't exude much enthusiasm when sandwiched between fluorescent lighting and vinyl flooring for seven hours straight, and I will probably mumble a bunch about how much I wish I could sleep forever the next time I have to wake up at 6 AM. But make no mistake about it: I really do like living. I really, truly do. - Author: Tavi Gevinson
Understanding quotes by Tavi Gevinson
#44. Understanding others is knowledge, Understanding oneself is enlightenment; Conquering others is power, Conquering oneself is strength. - Author: Laozi
Understanding quotes by Laozi
#45. Agreeable then to my present inclination, I formed the object of my own worship, which was no other than my own understanding. - Author: Sarah Fielding
Understanding quotes by Sarah Fielding
#46. Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom. - Author: Clifford Stoll
Understanding quotes by Clifford Stoll
#47. Until you stop making it about you, you'll never understand. - Author: Chris Morgan (SON)
Understanding quotes by Chris Morgan (SON)
#48. The same God who loves us as we are also loves us to much to leave us as we are. Perhpas because we tend to hold to ideas about God that reflect our own suppositions and fears, more than God's self-revelation. We reduce God to our own dimensions, ascribing to him our own reactions and responses, especially our own petty and conditional kind of love, and so end up believing in a God cast in our own image and likeness.

But the true God, the living God, is entirely "other":. Precisely from this radical otherness derives the inscrutable and transcendent nature of divine love-- for which our limited human love is but a distant metaphor. God's love is much more than our human love simply multiplied and expanded. God's love for us will ever be mystery; unfathomable, awesome, entirely beyond human expectation.

Precisely because God's love is something "no eyes has seen, nor ear heard nor the heart of man conceived" (1 Cor 2:9), Mother Teresa meditated on it continuously, and encouraged us to do the same, to continue plumbing this mystery more deeply. To this end she invites us: "Try to deepen your understanding of these two words, 'Thirst of God.; - Author: Joseph Langford
Understanding quotes by Joseph Langford
#49. As men write letters they become more caring, understanding, and respectful; as women write letters they become more trusting, accepting, and appreciative. - Author: Anonymous
Understanding quotes by Anonymous
#50. I take my cues from the world around me and carefully paint a self-portrait that the world can't help but accept. However, I would be much wiser to put down all such artistic notions and hold up the portrait of me painted by God simply because that is a picture at which the world can't help but marvel. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Understanding quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#51. Congratulations, Jethro. Happy for you."

"Thanks, Drew."

The two men stared at each other and something passed between them, an understanding of some sort.

"Oh great, now Drew and Jethro can mind-meld. I'm getting out of here." I turned from the group and their chuckles.

"Come on, Cletus. Stick around. I'll gaze longingly into your eyes. Us single guys need to stick together," Beau called after me. - Author: Penny Reid
Understanding quotes by Penny Reid
#52. During our glorious year of 1974–5, while I was dithering over gravitational waves, and Stephen was leading our merged group in black hole research, Stephen himself had an insight even more radical than his discovery of Hawking radiation. He gave a compelling, almost airtight proof that, when a black hole forms and then subsequently evaporates away completely by emitting radiation, the information that went into the black hole cannot come back out. Information is inevitably lost.
This is radical because the laws of quantum physics insist unequivocally that information can never get totally lost. So, if Stephen was right, black holes violate a most fundamental quantum mechanical law.
How could this be? The black hole's evaporation is governed by the combined laws of quantum mechanics and general relativity - the ill-understood laws of quantum gravity; and so, Stephen reasoned, the fiery marriage of relativity and quantum physics must lead to information destruction.
The great majority of theoretical physicists find this conclusion abhorrent. They are highly sceptical. And so, for forty-four years they have struggled with this so-called information-loss paradox. It is a struggle well worth the effort and anguish that have gone into it, since this paradox is a powerful key for understanding the quantum gravity laws. Stephen himself, in 2003, found a way that information might escape during the hole's evaporation, but that did not quell theorists' struggles. Stephe - Author: Stephen Hawking
Understanding quotes by Stephen Hawking
#53. This power, this black power, originates in a view of the American galaxy taken from a dark and essential planet. Black power is the dungeon-side view of Monticello - which is to say, the view taken in struggle. And black power births a kind of understanding that illuminates all the galaxies in their truest colors. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Understanding quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#54. The coercive effect of this policy is particularly pronounced in the school setting given the age and impressionability of schoolchildren, and their understanding that they are required to adhere to the norms set by their school, their teacher, and their fellow students. - Author: Alfred Goodwin
Understanding quotes by Alfred Goodwin
#55. Out of an intuitive experience of the world comes a continuous flow of novel distinctions. Purely rational understanding, on the other hand, serves to confirm old mindsets, rigid categories. Artists, who live in the same world as the rest of us, steer clear of these mindsets to make us see things anew. - Author: Ellen Langer
Understanding quotes by Ellen Langer
#56. I particularly admire are Mark Twain and Jerome K. Jerome who wrote in a certain tone of voice which was humane and understanding of humanity, but always ready to annotate its little foibles. I think I'd lay my cards down on that, and say that it's that that I'm trying to do. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Understanding quotes by Terry Pratchett
#57. An understanding is perhaps better than an alliance, which may stereotype arrangements which cannot be regarded as permanent in view of the changing circumstances from day to day. - Author: Edward Grey
Understanding quotes by Edward Grey
#58. Religion [dharma] originates where there is doer-ship [to do], Moksha [ultimate liberation] originates where there is understanding (to understand). - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Understanding quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#59. Whether you're a believer or not, I think there's a huge value in understanding the quality of redemption. - Author: Joseph Fiennes
Understanding quotes by Joseph Fiennes
#60. The Buddha, in recovering his capacity for nonsensual joy, learned that this joy was limitless. He found that if he got himself out of the way, his joy completely suffused his mindful awareness. This gave him the confidence, the stability, the trust, and the means to see clearly whatever presented itself to his mind. In the curious bifurcation of consciousness that meditation develops, where we can be both observer and that which is being observed, the quality of joy that he recovered did not remain an internal object. It was not only a memory or merely a feeling to be observed; it was also a quality of mind that could accompany every moment of mindfulness. The more he accepted the presence of this feeling and the more it toggled between being object and subject, the closer the Buddha came to understanding his true nature. - Author: Mark Epstein
Understanding quotes by Mark Epstein
#61. Why is your face all red, Celia? You hot or something?"

"Liam," Koda growled. Go put on some clothes."

Liam spoke between chews. "Why it's warm in here."

"Because the girls weren't raised among beings that are frequently naked."

Understanding spread across Liam's boyish features. He shook his head. "Celia, you have to get over your modesty. The body is a gift. Here, take off your clothes so you can see how freeing--"

I threw my spatula in the sink. "Go upstairs, Liam. And don't come back down until you put on some damn pants! - Author: Cecy Robson
Understanding quotes by Cecy Robson
#62. The essential test of design is how well it assists the understanding of the content, not how stylish it is. - Author: Edward Tufte
Understanding quotes by Edward Tufte
#63. A man is wise not because of his intelligence, but because of his understanding and kindness. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Understanding quotes by Debasish Mridha
#64. Their [the Skeptics'] way of speaking is: "I settle nothing ... I do not understand it ... Nothing seems true that may not seem false." Their sacramental word is ... , which is to say, I suspend my judgment. - Author: Michel De Montaigne
Understanding quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#65. What makes me feel alive and connected to God's voice and spirit in this world is creating opportunities for the people I love to rest and connect and be fed at my table. I believe it's the way I was made, and I believe it matters. For many years, I didn't let it matter, for a whole constellation of reasons, but part of becoming yourself, in a deeply spiritual way, is finding the words to tell the truth about what it is you really love. - Author: Shauna Niequist
Understanding quotes by Shauna Niequist
#66. This was precisely the feature that got Pribram so excited, for it offered at last a way of understanding how memories could be distributed rather than localized in the brain. If it was possible for every portion of a piece of holographic film to contain all the information necessary to create a whole image, then it seemed equally possible for every part of the brain to contain all of the information necessary to recall a whole memory. - Author: Michael Talbot
Understanding quotes by Michael Talbot
#67. When I see memories, I see the past.
When I see thoughts, I see the present.
When I see intentions, I see the future.

When I see regret, I see the past.
When I see hope, I see the present.
When I see expectation, I see the future.

When I see habits, I see the past.
When I see actions, I see the present.
When I see character, I see the future.

When I see karma, I see the past.
When I see chance, I see the present.
When I see destiny, I see the future.

When I see knowledge, I see the past.
When I see understanding, I see the present.
When I see wisdom, I see the future.

When I see elders, I see the past.
When I see adults, I see the present.
When I see children, I see the future. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Understanding quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#68. Manifesting your desires requires an understanding of the universe's abundance and inherently giving nature. If you ask from a position of fear or desperation, you are sending out your fear and desperation, and the universe, giving, reflecting, and non-judgmental as it is, will send those right back at you. - Author: Stephen Richards
Understanding quotes by Stephen Richards
#69. There are lots of guys out there who write a better prose line than I do and who have a better understanding of what people are really like and what humanity is supposed to mean – hell, I know that. - Author: Stephen King
Understanding quotes by Stephen King
#70. A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it's not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Understanding quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#71. Men who shared the load at home seemed just as pressed for time as their wives, and torn between the demands of career and small children ... But the majority of men did not share the load at home. Some refused outright. Others refused more passively, often offering a loving shoulder to lean on, an understanding ear as their working wife faced the conflict they both saw as hers. - Author: Arlie Russell Hochschild
Understanding quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#72. If you wish to understand a philosopher, do not ask what he says, but find out what he wants - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Understanding quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#73. As a friend, you first give your understanding, then you try to understand. - Author: Robert Breault
Understanding quotes by Robert Breault
#74. Given the brevity of our time here, it does seem likely that our species, too, must have at best a blinkered understanding of the shape of things, the import of certain events and what distinguishes 'good' from 'bad' luck. - Author: Karen Russell
Understanding quotes by Karen Russell
#75. Agreement is the by-product of listening and understanding. - Author: Richard Tyler
Understanding quotes by Richard Tyler
#76. Isi is fast becoming my universe. We share the common denominator of completely understanding each other; and being able to feel the sincere perceptive acceptance of our individual composition. It is a connection I can't believe I was willing to live without. But with the experience now well within my reach, I'm salivating to secure it with both hands and hold onto it; like an oxygen mask delivering me life saving breaths, while I navigate the cavernous depths of an ocean of emotion.
~Silas Tayte, Fake.~ - Author: Criss Copp
Understanding quotes by Criss Copp
#77. If the man who observes the myriad stars, and considers that they and their innumerable satellites move in their serene dignity through the heavens, each swinging clear of the other's orbit-if, I say, the man who sees this cannot realise the Creator's attributes without the help of the book of Job, then his view of things is beyond my understanding. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Understanding quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#78. Everybody has opinions: I have them, you have them. And we are all told from the moment we open our eyes, that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Well, that's horsepuckey, of course. We are not entitled to our opinions; we are entitled to our informed opinions. Without research, without background, without understanding, it's nothing. It's just bibble-babble. It's like a fart in a wind tunnel, folks. - Author: Harlan Ellison
Understanding quotes by Harlan Ellison
#79. Innovation, sales and marketing are less about ideas and persuasion and more about understanding. We forget that. People don't want one more nudge in the direction we have decided they need to go. They need us to build our businesses around what we notice will make their lives better. WHERE - Author: Bernadette Jiwa
Understanding quotes by Bernadette Jiwa
#80. Chase, we don't believe that homosexuality is a sin. The Bible was inspired by God, but it was written, translated, and interpreted by imperfect people just like us. This means that the passing of this sacred scripture from generation to generation and from culture to culture has been a bit like the "telephone game" you play at school. After thousands of years, it's impossible to judge the original spirit of some scripture. We believe that when in doubt, mercy triumphs judgment. So your parents are Christians who study and pray and then carefully choose what we follow in the Bible, based on whether or not it matches our understanding of Jesus's overall message. - Author: Glennon Doyle Melton
Understanding quotes by Glennon Doyle Melton
#81. Mythos is the sum total of the early historic and prehistoric myths which preceded the logos. The mythos includes not only the Greek myths but the Old Testament, the Vedic Hymns and the early legends of all cultures which have contributed to our present world understanding. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
Understanding quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#82. And what of our understanding?" he demanded. "The handfasting?"
Lizzie's heart skipped a beat. She swallowed down her fear and lifted her chin. "I've no' cried off if that is what you mean. You sent me a bonnet
"Woman, I've never in my life imagine one could attach so much meaning to a bloody bonnet It was a hat! No' a jewel, no' a horse
"And I am still waiting to hear you say that you esteem me," she said stubbornly. "If ye donna, I will return to Thorntree today and you have my vow I shall never bother you again."
"I donna esteem you! he cried heavenward, and Lizzie's heart lurched. "What is in that head of yours, lass? I love you! - Author: Julia London
Understanding quotes by Julia London
#83. People who excel at book learning tend to call up from memory what they have learned in order to follow stored instructions. Others who are better at internalized learning use the thoughts that flow from their subconscious. The experienced skier doesn't recite instructions on how to ski and then execute them; rather, he does it well "without thinking," in the same way he breathes without thinking. Understanding these differences is essential. - Author: Ray Dalio
Understanding quotes by Ray Dalio
#84. For me context is the key - from that comes the understanding of everything. - Author: Kenneth Noland
Understanding quotes by Kenneth Noland
#85. It was the best kind of class to have in the afternoon, an exercise in almost pure language, demanding nothing more than fractional consciousness since there wasn't the slightest hope of understanding what those poems were all about, and we drowsed and smiled, happy in our own little angel-infancy, snug in our Thamesian punt, and when the sonic belch of experimental jets went ripping across the desert we came close to applauding the symbolism; but a trembling applause it would have been, for we knew that it signaled the death of our drowsy England and the beginning of a new mortality, just months away now, the start of job, mate, child, desk, drink, sit, squat, quiver, die. - Author: Don DeLillo
Understanding quotes by Don DeLillo
#86. The number one way a man can succeed in fulfilling a woman's primary love needs is through communication. By learning to listen to a woman's feelings, a man can effectively shower a woman with caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance ... - Author: John Gray
Understanding quotes by John Gray
#87. He paused, giving her a sweet smile of understanding. "You don't have to start with the crown jewels, you know. You could start with my lips then work your way down. - Author: Sara Daniel
Understanding quotes by Sara  Daniel
#88. Any doorway that leads you to a deeper understanding of who you are is worthwhile. - Author: Rodney Yee
Understanding quotes by Rodney Yee
#89. Most of the makers of the twentieth-century mind, figures such as Freud, Heisenberg, Picasso, Joyce, and Eliot, have in common an about-face on the subject-object question and the mindmatter question; they all reject the dualism that arbitrarily and irreversibly splits the world into pieces. This rejection of dualism and the corresponding reach for monism are of the essence in understanding the revolutionary nature of twentieth-century science and art. - Author: Jewel Spears Brooker
Understanding quotes by Jewel Spears Brooker
#90. If men and women are at all times supposed to be a kind of walking CV, constantly networking, constantly advertising themselves, then this 'body' is the prime locus for any understanding of the way in which the logic of employment overcodes our very comportment. - Author: Nina Power
Understanding quotes by Nina Power
#91. Generally speaking, I am not interested in the future and don't believe in it. First, I guess it is true that I don't trust the future, but, more to the point, I don't even trust the "myself" of tomorrow, nor, for that matter, of the day after. Basically, all I know, and all I am capable of understanding, is the "me" that is here, now, the "me" that has dragged his past with him to this point. - Author: Yohji Yamamoto
Understanding quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
#92. Insight into the two selves within a man clears up many confusions and contradictions. It was our understanding that preceded our victory. - Author: Vernon Howard
Understanding quotes by Vernon Howard
#93. Despite all the progress climate scientists have made in understanding the risks we run by loading the atmosphere with CO2, the world is still as addicted to fossil fuels as ever. - Author: Jeff Goodell
Understanding quotes by Jeff Goodell
#94. Am I so terribly insecure that every time life hits me I must immediately run off to some mirror and gaze into it in order to make certain that I am who I thought I was? Frankly, what I'd much rather do is rest in who God says I am. Then I can throw all my mirrors away instead of throwing away all my time looking into them. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Understanding quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#95. In it she told me, "Thanks a lot! I'm ruined - gloriously ruined." I nodded with sudden understanding. "that's it - that describes what has happened to me." I was ruined for life as I had known it before, but gloriously ruined! - Author: Kay Warren
Understanding quotes by Kay Warren
#96. One cannot speak about love for God and neighbor without having a standard of communication, respect, honor, and without understanding how precious every human being is. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Understanding quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#97. Shyness makes strangers of people who could have been more than friends. - Author: Amit Kalantri
Understanding quotes by Amit Kalantri
#98. Painting several comparative images is a profitable way to begin to understand the concept of content. - Author: Gerald Brommer
Understanding quotes by Gerald Brommer
#99. third understanding of the imago Dei also gained popularity in the twentieth century, though it too had historical predecessors. In the early part of the twentieth century, Karl Barth argued that the central defining feature of the imago Dei is human relationality. Hence, this view is called the relational view of the imago Dei. Humans are created in the image of the Triune God and thus are meant to find their essence and destiny in community with one another and with God The following three essays offer arguments in favor of each of these views. - Author: Gregory A. Boyd
Understanding quotes by Gregory A. Boyd
#100. Tota est scientia," he said. "Knowledge is all. It either is, or it isn't; you can't say some knowledge is evil because it's inconvenient for you. And anyone who claims differently has no understanding at all of what the Great Library represents. - Author: Rachel Caine
Understanding quotes by Rachel Caine
#101. This and this and this. - Author: Madeline Miller
Understanding quotes by Madeline Miller
#102. It is you and clean, flowing water. It is you, inquisitive, in a wild world that is older than man, seeking greater understanding and finding not only an endless interest but a tranquility that comes, most of the time, to all nature?s wild creatures ... - Author: Lee Wulff
Understanding quotes by Lee Wulff
#103. For me planting a tree is a very doable thing. It's not complicated, it doesn't require technology, it doesn't require much knowledge, but it can be a very important entry point into communities understanding how they destroy their own resources, but how they can also restore those resources, and not wait for their government or international agencies to come and help them. - Author: Wangari Maathai
Understanding quotes by Wangari Maathai
#104. I feel an overwhelming compassion and understanding for another human being caught in a situation where the way out is so obvious to others but not to him. Dreams are so important in one's life, yet if followed blindly, they can lead to the disintergration of one's soul. - Author: Maria Campbell
Understanding quotes by Maria Campbell
#105. Righteousness doesn't mean being right. It means showing love, compassion and understanding no matter what you think is right. - Author: L.J. Vanier
Understanding quotes by L.J. Vanier
#106. How curious it was, how ironic, he decided, that the human brain seemed capable of understanding almost everything but itself. - Author: Edward B. Hanna
Understanding quotes by Edward B. Hanna
#107. My prime interests are in evolution and development. I use the cellular slime molds as a tool to seek an understanding of those twin disciplines. - Author: John Tyler Bonner
Understanding quotes by John Tyler Bonner
#108. The first thing that goes into shooting a scene is understanding whats on the page. - Author: Debbie Allen
Understanding quotes by Debbie Allen
#109. Nonviolence is an intensely active force when properly understood and used. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Understanding quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#110. The wood wide web has been mapped, traced, monitored, and coaxed to reveal the beautiful structures and finely adapted languages of the forest network. We have learned that mother trees recognize and talk with their kin, shaping future generations. In addition, injured tress pass their legacies on to their neighbors, affecting gene regulation, defense chemistry, and resilience in the forest community. These discoveries have transformed our understanding of trees from competitive crusaders of the self to members of a connected, relating, communicating system. Ours is not the only lab making these discoveries-there is a burst of careful scientific research occurring worldwide that is uncovering all manner of ways that trees communicate with each other above and below ground. - Author: Peter Wohlleben
Understanding quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#111. Whether it be the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute. - Author: Junius
Understanding quotes by Junius
#112. We can understand instrumental evil as the use of a particular set of means to pursue goals that, alternatively, might be pursued with acceptable means. The key question for understanding this form of evil then becomes: What makes people choose evil means rather than other, more acceptable ones? - Author: Roy F. Baumeister
Understanding quotes by Roy F. Baumeister
#113. Soul Abuse is the destruction of a victim's awareness of the strength within their soul. It stems from the abuser's intention to corrupt another's understanding of their own significance. - Author: Lorraine Nilon
Understanding quotes by Lorraine Nilon
#114. One of the tasks of true friendship is to listen compassionately and creatively to the hidden silences. Often secrets are not revealed in words, they lie concealed in the silence between the words or in the depth of what is unsayable between two people. - Author: John O'Donohue
Understanding quotes by John O'Donohue
#115. Thought is more important than art. To revere art and have no understanding of the process that forces it into existence, is finally not even to understand what art is. - Author: Amiri Baraka
Understanding quotes by Amiri Baraka
#116. You should not imagine that your reason can evolve to the extent of understanding God. Rather, if God is to shine divinely within you, your natural light cannot assist this process but must become a pure nothingness, going out of itself. Only then can God enter with his light, bringing back with him all that you have renounced and a thousand times more, including a new form which contains all things in itself. - Author: Meister Eckhart
Understanding quotes by Meister Eckhart
#117. Doormats. It was true that actors had a perception, an understanding of human motive, that normal people lacked. It had nothing to do with intelligence, and very little to do with education. - Author: Josephine Tey
Understanding quotes by Josephine Tey
#118. She has the kind of beauty that shames your understanding of the word.
She is the waking dream I've had for so long. - Author: Kirk Diedrich
Understanding quotes by Kirk Diedrich
#119. They'd fallen into an easy routine, the three of them. Breakfast together in the morning, then Hughie would leave for work and she and Nell would get started in the house. Lil found she liked having a second shadow, enjoyed showing Nell things, explaining how they worked and why. Nell was a big one for asking why-why did the sun hide at night, why didn't the fire flames leap out of the gate, why didn't the river get bored and run the other way?-and Lil loved supplying answers, watching as understanding dawned on Nell's little face. For the first time in her life, Lil felt useful, needed, whole. - Author: Kate Morton
Understanding quotes by Kate Morton
#120. Don't look for a life virtually free from discomfort, pain, pressure, challenge, or grief, for those are the tools a loving Father uses to stimulate our personal growth and understanding. - Author: Richard G. Scott
Understanding quotes by Richard G. Scott
#121. Historians of a generation ago were often shocked by the violence with which scientists rejected the history of their own subject as irrelevant; they could not understand how the members of any academic profession could fail to be intrigued by the study of their own cultural heritage. What these historians did not grasp was that scientists will welcome the history of science only when it has been demonstrated that this discipline can add to our understanding of science itself and thus help to produce, in some sense, better scientists. - Author: I. Bernard Cohen
Understanding quotes by I. Bernard Cohen
#122. Most consumers are simultaneously neophilic, curious to discover new things, and deeply neophobic, afraid of anything that is too new. The best hit makers are gifted at creating moments of meaning by marrying new and old, anxiety and understanding. They are architects of familiar surprises. - Author: Derek Thompson
Understanding quotes by Derek Thompson
#123. Self-interest and rational calculation can thus look like common sense, but there are other ways of understanding human motivations. - Author: Derek Wall
Understanding quotes by Derek Wall
#124. I also came to understand that our authenticity (or lack thereof) is made evident by the fruit that our life is bearing. - Author: Christine Caine
Understanding quotes by Christine Caine
#125. What does one person give to another? He gives of himself, of the most precious he has, he gives of his life. This does not necessarily mean that he sacrifices his life for the other - but that he gives him of that which is alive in him; he gives him of his joy, of his interest, of his understanding, of his knowledge, of his humor, of his sadness
of all expressions and manifestations of that which is alive in him. In thus giving of his life, he enriches the other person, he enhances the other's sense of aliveness by enhancing his own sense of aliveness. He does not give in order to receive; giving is in itself exquisite joy. But in giving he cannot help bringing something to life in the other person, and this which is brought to life reflects back to him. - Author: Erich Fromm
Understanding quotes by Erich Fromm
#126. Who reads short stories? one is asked, and I like to think that they are read by men and women in the dentist's office, waiting to be called to the chair; they are read on transcontinental plane trips instead of watching banal and vulgar films spin out the time between our coasts; they are read by discerning and well-informed men and women who seem to feel that narrative fiction can contribute to our understanding of one another and the sometimes bewildering world around us. - Author: John Cheever
Understanding quotes by John Cheever
#127. Understanding, above all, is a gift we should never offer uninvited. - Author: Nan Fairbrother
Understanding quotes by Nan Fairbrother
#128. Will he come to me, Dream Angus,
Come quietly through the evening light,
Come when I do not expect him, and I am sleepy,
Come when I am drowsy, when I am ready for rest;
Will he come to me, Dream Angus?
Will I see the birds about his head,
The birds that are his kisses?
Will I believe that each of us,
Even he who thinks himself unloved,
May be transformed, made different
By one who finds him marvellous? Will I think that?
Will he bring me some sort of quietus,
Some form of understanding; will he break my heart;
Will he show me my love; will he give
Me heart's contentment, the end of sorrow,
Will he do that for me; will he do that?
... - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Understanding quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#129. Then there's everything else. There are a ton of little things to keep in mind - having the right diapers on hand, ensuring you get their medicines, understanding their bed times, how they like their baths - a million things that are both unique to the child. - Author: William Gregory
Understanding quotes by William Gregory
#130. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it isn't so. - Author: Lemony Snicket
Understanding quotes by Lemony Snicket
#131. I would walk along the quais when I had finished work or when I was trying to think something out. It was easier to think if I was walking and doing something or seeing people doing something that they understood. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Understanding quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#132. My photographs at best hold only a small length, but through them I would suggest and criticize and illuminate and try to give compassionate understanding. - Author: W. Eugene Smith
Understanding quotes by W. Eugene Smith
#133. Though violent action is sometimes associated with nihilism, what makes such activity nihilistic, it seems, is the belief that ultimately nothing will come out of it. When nihlists throw themselves into activity it is with the understanding that its only goal is the expression and dissipation of their life's energy. Any creative product will eventually be consumed by decay. Since there is nothing that humans can do to mend the separation between themselves and reality, they can never actualize their supreme standards of worth and value. This world must remain substandard no matter what we do to try and change the situation. - Author: John Marmysz
Understanding quotes by John Marmysz
#134. However complicated you think it is, everything is always more complicated than that.
There are no shortcuts. Not to understanding and not to knowledge. You can't put anyone into a box.
Listen, even a stone isn't the same as any other stone, so I don't know where you all think you get off labeling humans with simple words and thinking you know everything you need.
But most people can't live that way, even some of the time. They say: only exceptional people can cross the borders. The truth is: anyone can cross, everyone has it in them. But only exceptional people can bear to look it in the eye. - Author: Naomi Alderman, The Power
Understanding quotes by Naomi Alderman, The Power
#135. The lay reader only wanted to have the illusion of understanding and to catch a few buzzwords to throw around at cocktail parties. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
Understanding quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#136. I think the most common meme is that it's too difficult to change. It's too risky to change. My nature doesn't allow me to change. When you're thinking that, you're not understanding what your nature is. All of us come from this place of well-being, love, and kindness. But we've taken on these other things, and we think that they're our nature. Our nature really is to be like God. - Author: Wayne Dyer
Understanding quotes by Wayne Dyer
#137. The paths we take in our lives are also in the hands of God, and He can guide our steps. Elder Richard G. Scott said, "The Lord has a purpose for you, individually. . . . Discover it and fulfill it. It will likely not be revealed all at once but will be unfolded line upon line. As you pray and work hard, you will find threads of understanding that will lead you to the path the Lord wants you to follow for the greatest enduring, meaningful attainment, contribution, joy, and peace of mind. Faithfully and courageously follow those threads of understanding and direction."2 - Author: Brad Wilcox
Understanding quotes by Brad Wilcox
#138. If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving and for once could do nothing, perhaps a huge silence might interrupt this sadness of never understanding ourselves and of threatening ourselves with death Perhaps the world can teach us as when everything seems dead but later proves to be alive. - Author: Pablo Neruda
Understanding quotes by Pablo Neruda
#139. Belief sometimes precedes understanding; faith sometimes precedes scientific evidence. - Author: Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Understanding quotes by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
#140. We need to approach the Bible each day with a spirit of deep humility, recognizing that our understanding of spiritual truth is at best incomplete and to some extent inaccurate ... we should approach the Scriptures in humility and expect the Spirit to humble us even further as we continue being taught by Him from His Word. - Author: Jerry Bridges
Understanding quotes by Jerry Bridges
#141. Outside our consciousness there lies the cold and alien world of actual things. Between the two stretches the narrow borderland of the senses. No communication between the two worlds is possible excepting across the narrow strip. For a proper understanding of ourselves and of the world, it is of the highest importance that this borderland should be thoroughly explored. - Author: Heinrich Hertz
Understanding quotes by Heinrich Hertz
#142. Obedience to God's Word begins by being determined to make no compromise with His ways. It requires a clear understanding that God's rules and laws are for your benefit, and for you to do all you can to live by them. - Author: Stormie O'martian
Understanding quotes by Stormie O'martian
#143. Today I will practice healthy giving, understanding that caretaking and compulsive giving don't work. I choose what I want to give, to whom, when, and how much. It takes time to learn how to give in healthy ways. It takes time to learn to receive. Balance will come. - Author: Melody Beattie
Understanding quotes by Melody Beattie
#144. Concern for the fate of the great rivers of the earth must lead us to reflect soberly on the model of development which our society is pursuing. A purely economic and technological understanding of progress, to the extent that it fails to acknowledge its intrinsic limitations and to take into consideration the integral good of humanity, will inevitably provoke negative consequences for individuals, peoples and creation itself. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
Understanding quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#145. Enlightenment is the realization that all is as it should be. Everything is perfect as it is. Enlightenment is not an effort to achieve. Enlightenment is a state of non-doing, of effortlessness. Enlightenment is the feeling that you are at home in existence. You are part of the whole. You don't exist separately, all separation has disappeared. Enlightenment is the understanding that all is good and that all is an tremendous harmony. - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten
Understanding quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
#146. Visual illusions, too, fascinated me; they showed how intellectual understanding, insight, and even common sense were powerless against the force of perceptual distortions. Gibson's inverting glasses showed the power of the mind to rectify optical distortions, where visual illusions showed its inability to correct perceptual ones. - Author: Oliver Sacks
Understanding quotes by Oliver Sacks
#147. I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Understanding quotes by Richard Dawkins
#148. A more appropriate question to ask a Buddhist is simply, "What is life?" From our understanding of impermanence, the answer should be obvious: "Life is a big array of assembled phenomena, and thus life is impermanent." It is a constant shifting, a collection of transitory experiences. And although myriad life-forms exist, one thing we all have in common is that no living being wishes to suffer. We - Author: Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
Understanding quotes by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
#149. Life is a miracle far beyond our limited understanding. - Author: C.B. Smith
Understanding quotes by C.B. Smith
#150. There are such beings in the world
perhaps one in a thousand
as the creature you and I should think perfection; where grace and spirit are united to worth, where the manners are equal to the heart and understanding; but such a person may not come in your way, or, if he does, he may not be the eldest son of a man of fortune, the near relation of your particular friend, and belonging to your own county. - Author: Jane Austen
Understanding quotes by Jane Austen
#151. God is a person [in Christ]. A person can be known only by personal understanding, not impersonal understanding. Personal understanding takes place through love, caring, willingness, intimacy, and relationship. - Author: Peter Kreeft
Understanding quotes by Peter Kreeft
#152. I'm afraid of love, because it involves things that are beyond our understanding; it sheds such a brilliant light, but the shadow it casts frightens me. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Understanding quotes by Paulo Coelho
#153. More has been screwed up on the battlefield and misunderstood in the Pentagon because of a lack of understanding of the English language than any other single factor. - Author: John W. Vessey, Jr.
Understanding quotes by John W. Vessey, Jr.
#154. Where there is no understanding there is hostility.
Where there is no brotherhood there is enmity.
Where there is no war there is serenity.
Where there is no abundance there is scarcity.
Where there is no shortage there is sufficiency.
Where there is no wealth there is poverty.
Where there is no greed there is humanity.
Where there is no falsehood there is integrity.
Where there is no prejudice there is diversity.
Where there is no tolerance there is bigotry.
Where there is no injustice there is equality.
Where there is no law there is disharmony.
Where there is no freedom there is slavery.
Where there is no order there is disharmony.
Where there is no government there is anarchy.
Where there is no republic there is tyranny. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Understanding quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#155. My forces are not enfeebled, I find no decay in my strength; my provisions are not cut off, I find no abhorring in mine appetite; my counsels are not corrupted nor infatuated, I find no false apprehensions to work upon mine understanding; and yet they see that invisibly, and I feel that insensibly, the disease prevails. - Author: Bill Vaughan
Understanding quotes by Bill Vaughan
#156. Heredity, to our understanding is not capable of giving to this illness (paraphilia) its characteristic form ... Heredity invents nothing, creates nothing anew; it has no imagination. - Author: Alfred Binet
Understanding quotes by Alfred Binet
#157. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do," said Jared, low enough so that Kami wasn't sure if she was hearing it or understanding it through Ash. "Your mom's not the boss of you."

Ash smiled, rueful and charming. "My mom's kind of the boss of me."

"Nope," Jared said easily. "We time-share bossing you around, and it's my turn. I say do whatever you want. - Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Understanding quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#158. Every author knows what a stimulus it is to have an understanding publisher. - Author: Gisela Richter
Understanding quotes by Gisela Richter
#159. The idea of childhood as a social invention, in retrospect, is hardly credible. In the Bible, in writings of the Greeks and Romans, and in the works of the first great educator of the modern era, Comenius, children were recognized as being both different from adults and different from one another with respect to their stages of development. To be sure, the scientific study of children and the increased length of life in modern times have enhanced our understanding of age differences, but they have always been acknowledged. - Author: David Elkind
Understanding quotes by David Elkind
#160. As far as our relation to the physical world, I doubt there will be much more improvement. Our basic survival needs have been met, and much of our current progress is superfluous or downright troublesome. Most advancement is performed out of comfort rather than necessity. What we are lacking, what the world so desperately needs now, is adjustments of the mind. We need to see the world again with fresh eyes, and come to an understanding of who we are as individuals, and what drives us. - Author: Chris Matakas
Understanding quotes by Chris Matakas
#161. Deep listening, compassionate listening is not listening with the purpose of analyzing or even uncovering what has happened in the past. You listen first of all in order to give the other person relief, a chance to speak out, to feel that someone finally understands him or her. Deep listening is the kind of listening that helps us to keep compassion alive while the other speaks, which may be for half an hour or forty-five minutes. During this time you have in mind only one idea, one desire: to listen in order to give the other person the chance to speak out and suffer less. This is your only purpose. Other things like analyzing, understanding the past, can be a by-product of this work. But first of all listen with compassion. Compassion - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Understanding quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#162. Doctors are crucial choice architects, and with an understanding of how Humans think, they could do far more to improve people's health and thus to lengthen their lives. - Author: Richard H. Thaler
Understanding quotes by Richard H. Thaler
#163. We can bring a heart of understanding and compassion to a world that needs it so much. - Author: Jack Kornfield
Understanding quotes by Jack Kornfield
#164. Rejoice, Micayon. Yours is a prophet's dream. The Great Nostalgia has made your world too small, and made you a stranger in that world. It has unloosed your imagination from the grip of
the despotic senses; and imagination has brought you forth your Faith.
And Faith shall lift you high above the stagnant, stifling world and carry you across the dreary emptiness and up the Rugged Mountains where every faith must needs be tried and purified of
the last dregs of Doubt.

And Faith so purified and triumphant shall lead you to the boundaries of the eternally green summit and there deliver you into the hands of Understanding.

Having discharged its task, Faith shall retire, and Understanding shall guide your steps to the unutterable Freedom of the
Summit which is the true, the boundless, and all-including home of God and the Overcoming
Man. - Author: Mikhail Naimy
Understanding quotes by Mikhail Naimy
#165. The reality of the ordinary progress of Christian understanding should not escape our notice: early believers "know no answers"; immature believers "know all the answers"; and mature believers "know the limits of our answers. - Author: Bryan Chapell
Understanding quotes by Bryan Chapell
#166. I remember just how bizarre my friendship with Tiffani has been - but then I remember that no one else but Tiffani could really even come close to understanding how I feel after losing Nikki forever. I remember that apart time is finally over, and while Nikki is gone for good, I still have a woman in my arms who has suffered greatly and desperately needs to believe once again that she is beautiful. In my arms is a woman who has given me a Skywatcher's Cloud Chart, a woman who knows all my secrets, a woman who knows just how messed up my mind is, how many pills I'm on and yet she allows me to hold her anyway. There's something honest about all of this, and I cannot imagine any other woman lying in the middle of a frozen soccer filed with me-in the middle of a snowstorm even - impossibly hoping to see a single cloud break free of a nimbostratus. Nikki would not have done this for me, not even on her best day. - Author: Matthew Quick
Understanding quotes by Matthew Quick
#167. Artificial Intelligence is not just learning patterns from data, but understanding human emotions and its evolution from its depth and not just fulfilling the surface level human requirements, but sensitivity towards human pain, happiness, mistakes, sufferings and well-being of the society are the parts of the evolving new AI systems. - Author: Amit Ray
Understanding quotes by Amit Ray
#168. Hiding your introversion is a bad idea because introversion itself is not a problem. It only causes problems if different needs affect factored into a burgeoning relationship and handled with respect and understanding. No doubt introversion-related issues will come up over time in a long-term relationship
healthy relationships are fluid and ever changing
but if you start out being honest with yourself and the other person, you will have built a foundation for later adaptation, compromise, and mutual comfort and happinesses. - Author: Sophia Dembling
Understanding quotes by Sophia Dembling
#169. I think many thinkers and activists, even in the Islamist parties like the Muslim Brotherhood, and the people who left the Muslim Brotherhood to follow Abou el-Fatouh, these people do have an understanding that the relationship between religion and the state must be re-thought and re-assessed. They're not going to use the concept of secularism in any straightforward way, because the concept of secularism is still far too loaded in that part of the world. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
Understanding quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#170. Jared, thus far it's my understanding that you've been raised by a family of assassins. You've spied on me, stalked me, installed microphones in my bedroom, and confessed to falling in love with me before I could drive. If I haven't left by now, I don't think I'm going to. - Author: Jamie McGuire
Understanding quotes by Jamie McGuire
#171. If you have days, you have riches.
If you have months, you have fortune.
If you have years, you have treasure.
If you have decades, you have wealth.
If you have time, you have affluence.

If you have excitement, you have luxury.
If you have pleasure, you have privilege.
If you have peace, you have comfort.
If you have happiness, you have prosperity.
If you have joy, you have triumph.

If you have knowledge, you have currency.
If you have understanding, you have capital.
If you have discernment, you have assets.
If you have insight, you have benefits.
If you have wisdom, you have profit.

If you have religion, you have influence.
If you have philosophy, you have muscle.
If you have will, you have strength.
If you have courage, you have might.
If you have faith, you have power. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Understanding quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#172. Whoever may still be sceptical whether knowledge of animal behaviour can help our understanding of man can find no support from Freud. - Author: John Bowlby
Understanding quotes by John Bowlby
#173. Just when I begin to imagine I have achieved some pinnacle of understanding, reached the summit of the highest climb . . . I scramble the last few feet to the top only to see that I have merely gained a foothold on a narrow plateau and that entire new mountain ranges rise before me, serried ranks of peaks, each one higher than the last. - Author: Stephen R. Lawhead
Understanding quotes by Stephen R. Lawhead
#174. Marinate in your own being, grow in your wisdom, mature in understanding, be firm in your conviction, be strong in your Self. - Author: Mooji
Understanding quotes by Mooji
#175. I'm almost 50, so I obviously don't have the same body that I had when I was 20. But I also don't have the same mindset either, when I was wracked with self-consciousness and insecurity. Now I really appreciate my maturity as a woman, my depth of spirit and soul and my understanding of who I am and what's important to me. - Author: Elle Macpherson
Understanding quotes by Elle Macpherson
#176. I asked her if she believed you could ever truly understand another culture. I told her the longer I stayed, the more asinine the attempt seemed, and that what I'd become more interested in is how we believed we could be objective in any way at all, we who each came in with our own personal definitions of kindness, strength, masculinity, femininity, God, civilisation, right and wrong. - Author: Lily King
Understanding quotes by Lily King
#177. I love the medium of photography, for with its unique realism it gives me the power to go beyond conventional ways of seeing and understanding and say, This is real, too. - Author: Wynn Bullock
Understanding quotes by Wynn Bullock
#178. When exactly did this downward cultural spiral begin, this loss of tact and refinement and understanding that some things should not be said or directly represented? When did we no longer appreciate that to dignify certain modes of behavior, manners, and ways of being with artistic representation was implicitly to glorify and promote them? There is, as Adam Smith said, a deal of ruin in a nation: and this truth applies as much to a nation's culture as to its economy. The work of cultural destruction, while often swifter, easier, and more self-conscious than that of construction, is not the work of a moment. Rome wasn't destroyed in a day. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
Understanding quotes by Theodore Dalrymple
#179. To the best of our scientific understanding, determinism and randomness have divided the entire cake between them, leaving not even a crumb for 'freedom'. The sacred word 'freedom' turns out to be, just like 'soul', an empty term that carries no discernible meaning. Free will exists only in the imaginary stories we humans have invented. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Understanding quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#180. It is very difficult to develop a proper sense of self-esteem in a dysfunctional family. Having very little self-worth, looking at one's own character defects becomes so overwhelming there is no room for inward focus. People so afflicted think: "I need to keep you from knowing me. I have already rejected me, but if you knew how flawed I am, you would also reject me…and since this is all I have, I could not stand any more rejection. I am not worthy of someone understanding me so you will not get the chance...so I must judge, reject, attack, and/or find fault with you. I don't accept me so how can I accept you? - Author: David Walton Earle
Understanding quotes by David Walton Earle
#181. In his experience, the initial bridge of trust and comradeship too easily splinters under the pressure of personal ambition or rots through as proximity leads to a greater understanding of the other's flaws. Before long, a promotion or a move to a different province sends the last planks sweeping down a river. - Author: Jenny White
Understanding quotes by Jenny White
#182. I think you also understand that one of the key things that's got to be done in Iraq is to build a mentality of understanding that the military needs to be subordinate to civilian control and respectful of its own people. - Author: John Abizaid
Understanding quotes by John Abizaid
#183. Step back in time; look closely at the child in the very arms of his mother; see the external world reflected for the first time in the yet unclear mirror of his understanding; study the first examples which strike his eyes; listen to the first words which arouse within him the slumbering power of thought; watch the first struggles which he has to undergo; only then will you comprehend the source of his prejudices, the habits, and the passions which are to rule his life. The entire man, so to speak, comes fully formed in the wrappings of his cradle. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Understanding quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#184. I hope we, the American people, can come to the understanding that we are not each other's enemies. The enemies are those who are stoking the flames of division, trying to divide us into every category. - Author: Benjamin Carson
Understanding quotes by Benjamin Carson
#185. It is through imagination that we transcend understanding and travel into the world of possibilities. - Author: Danielle Pierre
Understanding quotes by Danielle Pierre
#186. Every moment of our life has a purpose, that every action of ours, no matter how dull or routine or trivial it may seem in itself, has a dignity and a worth beyond human understanding ... For it means that no moment can be wasted, no opportunity missed, since each has a purpose in man's life, each has a purpose in God's plan. Think of your day, today or yesterday. Think of the work you did, the people you met, moment by moment. What did it mean to you- and might it have meant for God? Is the question too simple to answer, or are we just afraid to ask it for fear of the answer we must give? - Author: Walter J. Ciszek
Understanding quotes by Walter J. Ciszek
#187. The moment we understand life, we will begin to live. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Understanding quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#188. You realize that you don't understand yourself any better than you understand anyone else. - Author: Jonathan Tropper
Understanding quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#189. I recognize thart even you, yourself, will change. Your ideals will change, your tastes will change, your desires will change. Your whole understandings of who you are had better change, because if it doesn't change, you've become a very static personality over a great many years, and nothing would displease me more. And so I recognize that the process of evolution will produce changes in you. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
Understanding quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#190. But with Sydney ... with Sydney, I'd had it all- And lost it all. Love, understanding, respect. The sense that we'd both become better people because of each other and could take on anything so long as we were together. Only we weren't together anymore. They'd ripped us apart, and I didn't know what was going to happen now. - Author: Richelle Mead
Understanding quotes by Richelle Mead
#191. Wise words come from the lips of people with understanding, but those lacking sense will be beaten with a rod. 14 Wise people treasure knowledge, but the babbling of a fool invites disaster. - Author: Anonymous
Understanding quotes by Anonymous
#192. Always listen to your soul and feel the purity of that moment - no matter how sad or joyful - because it will speak to you further... a healing an understanding, a perspective or more will come out of it. Only because you listened. - Author: Angie Karan
Understanding quotes by Angie Karan
#193. Competing is exciting and winning is exhilarating, but the true prize will always be the self-knowledge and understanding that you have gained along the way. - Author: Sebastian Coe
Understanding quotes by Sebastian Coe
#194. Wearing a smile while claiming to not judge and condemn people as you equate their nature with no less than a carnal and immoral act rather than as understanding their orientation and identity as an intrinsic part of who they are doesn't lessen the harshness and cruelty of that rejection. - Author: Christina Engela
Understanding quotes by Christina Engela
#195. Meditation is not passive sitting in silence. It is sitting in awareness, free from distraction, and realizing the clear understanding that arises from concentration. - Author: Nhat Hanh
Understanding quotes by Nhat Hanh
#196. I went from one state of life to another state of life by obeying, understanding, and applying the principles that are laid down in the Bible. - Author: Myles Munroe
Understanding quotes by Myles Munroe
#197. Experience has shown repeatedly that a mathematical theory with a rich internal structure generally turns out to have significant implications for the understanding of the real world, often in ways no one could have envisioned before the theory was developed. - Author: William Thurston
Understanding quotes by William Thurston
#198. When you really listen to another person from their point of view, and reflect back to them that understanding, it's like giving them emotional oxygen. - Author: Stephen Covey
Understanding quotes by Stephen Covey
#199. There are plenty of days when I don't hear anything like that, but there aren't too many days when I don't feel as though . . . I don't know. It always feels like other guys want me to disappear. Every day. I can tell they just wish I didn't exist. - Author: Kenneth Logan
Understanding quotes by Kenneth Logan
#200. After a time he found and opened a book he had been reading that he had expected to end well, a romance which he wanted to end well, with the hero and heroine finding love, with peace and joy and redemption and understanding.
Love is two bodies with one soul, he read, and turned the page.
But there was nothing - the final page had been ripped away and used as toilet paper or smoked, and there was no hope or joy or understanding. There was no last page. The book of his life just broke off. There was only the mud below him and the filthy sky above. There was to be no peace and no hope. And Dorrigo Evans understood that the love story would go on forever and ever, world without end. - Author: Richard Flanagan
Understanding quotes by Richard Flanagan

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