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As a kid, I was always listening to music. I would just go in to my room and put on an album, read the lyrics, and just spend hours and hours in there. Plus, my sister Laurie played piano (in fact she taught me my first few notes) so music was always around one way or another. ~ Andrew Hollander
Listening To Music quotes by Andrew Hollander
If you earned money listening to music, I'd be a millionaire. ~ Michael Kiwanuka
Listening To Music quotes by Michael Kiwanuka
How we absorb music is unique. I know what I do. When I'm listening to music, I tend to find myself in a song. That's what really makes you connect is if you feel what that song is saying. ~ Amy Grant
Listening To Music quotes by Amy Grant
And, I think, this greening does thaw at the edges, at least, of my own cold season. Joy sneaks in: listening to music, riding my bicycle, I catch myself feeling, in a way that's as old as I am but suddenly seems unfamiliar, light. I have felt so heavy for so long. At first I felt odd- as if I shouldn't be feeling this lightness, that familiar little catch of pleasure in the heart which is inexplicable, though a lovely passage of notes or the splendidly turned petal of a tulip has triggered it. It's my buoyancy, part of what keeps me alive: happy, suddenly with the concomitant experience of a sonata and the motion of the shadows of leaves. I have the desire to be filled with sunlight, to soak my skin in as much of it as I can drink up, after the long interior darkness of this past season, the indoor vigil, in this harshest and darkest of winters, outside and in. ~ Mark Doty
Listening To Music quotes by Mark Doty
I eat broccoli. I think about the plot. I pace in circles for hours, counter-clockwise, listening to music. I try to think of one detail in the scene I'm about to write that I'm really excited about writing. Until I can come up with that one detail, I pace. ~ Matthew Tobin Anderson
Listening To Music quotes by Matthew Tobin Anderson
If you go to Japan, they're still buying vinyl, and they want the education. They know who's playing on what tracks from the '60s and the '70s - who the guitar player is, who the drummer is, who the producer was, what studio it was recorded in. That's how I grew up listening to music. We bought albums. We read the liner notes. It was important to know the whole history behind it. ~ Lenny Kravitz
Listening To Music quotes by Lenny Kravitz
So how do people listen to music? How do the broad masses listen to it? Apparently they have to be able to cling to pictures and 'moods' of some kind. If they can't imagine a green field, a blue sky or something of the sort, then they are out of their depth. ~ Anton Webern
Listening To Music quotes by Anton Webern
A lot of times when people listen to music it's because they feel down, and that's when serious hip-hop comes into play. When times is hard, people can hear a rapper that inspires them to do what they [are] supposed to do. ~ Rakim
Listening To Music quotes by Rakim
I was one of seven, and we took a lot of road trips - long road trips. And this was before iPhones and iPads and DVD players in cars. I remember how novel it was when I got my own Walkman so I could listen to music. ~ Amy Adams
Listening To Music quotes by Amy Adams
If the main reason we listen to music in the first place is to hear passion expressed- as i've believed all my life-then what good is this music going to prove to be? what does that say about us? what are we confirming in ourselves by doting on art that is emotionally neutral? and, simultaneously, what in ourselves might we be destroying or at least keeping down? ~ Lester Bangs
Listening To Music quotes by Lester Bangs
I listen to music for emotion and I get zero emotion from rap. ~ Sebastian Bach
Listening To Music quotes by Sebastian Bach
When you are listening to music it is better to cover your eyes than your ears. ~ Jose Bergamin
Listening To Music quotes by Jose Bergamin
I can't just listen to music walking down the street unless I have a reason to. I can't just listen to music as a piece of junk in the background. It drives me insane. ~ Mika.
Listening To Music quotes by Mika.
Die Slowly' by Pablo Neruda:
He who does not travel, who does not read,
who does not listen to music,
who does not find grace in himself,
she who does not find grace in herself,
dies slowly. ~ Pablo Neruda
Listening To Music quotes by Pablo Neruda
I listen to classical music very much. There's a lot of jazz that I don't enjoy listening to. ~ Lee Konitz
Listening To Music quotes by Lee Konitz
Most of America don't even listen to music probably. They just go raccoon hunting or something. ~ Graham Coxon
Listening To Music quotes by Graham Coxon
The same areas which are active in listening to music are also active when you imagine music, and this includes the motor areas, too. That explains why earlier, even though I was only thinking of the mazurka, I was thinking in terms of movement. ~ Oliver Sacks
Listening To Music quotes by Oliver Sacks
I do have shout-outs to bands and musicians I like in my books, but the musical references can be misunderstood. Often, I have people listening to music that I would never listen to personally, because it fits and defines their character. ~ George Pelecanos
Listening To Music quotes by George Pelecanos
I'll always be into sports. Sports is part of my life forever. My TV stays on ESPN all day long, I'm one of those. I don't even listen to music in the car; all I listen to is sports talk. ~ Action Bronson
Listening To Music quotes by Action Bronson
I love being on the beach - it's my favourite place. I can chill out, read, listen to music, play with my daughter. ~ Geri Halliwell
Listening To Music quotes by Geri Halliwell
If music serves to convey feelings through the interaction of physical gestures and sound, the musician needs his brain state to match the emotional state he is trying to express. Although the studies haven't been performed yet, I'm willing to bet that when B.B. King is playing the blues and when he is feeling the blues, the neural signatures are very similar. (Of course there will be differences, too, and part of the scientific hurdle will be subtracting out the processes involved in issuing motor commands and listening to music, versus just sitting on a chair, head in hands, and feeling down.) And as listeners, there is every reason to believe that some of our brain states will match those of the musicians we are listening to. ~ Daniel J. Levitin
Listening To Music quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
I don't listen to music when I write - I find it distracting. ~ Khaled Hosseini
Listening To Music quotes by Khaled Hosseini
The implications are clear: Facebook wants to build an Internet where watching films, listening to music, reading books and even browsing is done not just openly but socially and collaboratively. ~ Evgeny Morozov
Listening To Music quotes by Evgeny Morozov
Kids today aren't listening to music audio-only. They're picking up a CD and looking at the lyric sheet and wondering why the pictures aren't moving around. Who wants to do that? It's like Bam Bam Flintstone hanging with the dinosaurs vs. Elroy Jetson who's flying around space. If I'm a kid, I wanna be kicking it with Elroy. ~
Listening To Music quotes by
I don't remember things initially when listening to music. Like, I don't remember where I first heard a song, I don't have nostalgic attachment to a song in that it reminds me of such and such a time or place. I think I probably did experience that somewhat when I was not a full-time, professional musician, but I don't think music works that way for people who are in it constantly. ~ Stephin Merritt
Listening To Music quotes by Stephin Merritt
My free time at home is usually spent emailing, listening to music, reading and talking on the phone. I wish I was on the phone less, but I have been fortunate to stay in touch with so many incredible friends. ~ Steve Nash
Listening To Music quotes by Steve Nash
I just can't write and listen to music at the same time. ~ Shane McCrae
Listening To Music quotes by Shane McCrae
I like to read books. I like to listen to music. ~ Haruki Murakami
Listening To Music quotes by Haruki Murakami
Formats are just illusions, and it's about the relationship between the person that makes music and the person that listens to music. Every time there's a new format, the iron is hot, and you can mold it. ~ Bjork
Listening To Music quotes by Bjork
When you're listening to music, you listen to it with a friend one day and it sounds one way. You listen to it with another friend the next day, and it sounds a little different. Sometimes the greatest pleasure of listening is not the music that you're listening to; it's the person that you're listening to it with. ~ Eyvind Kang
Listening To Music quotes by Eyvind Kang
I'm constantly listening to music and thinking about it and compiling my own cassettes and CDs in obsessively specific order. I have quite lunatic agendas for what I want to achieve. They won't make sense to anyone other than me, but it is what I've spent most of my life doing. ~ Michel Faber
Listening To Music quotes by Michel Faber
I've looked at pictures that my mom has of me, from when I was four years old at the turntable. I'm there, reaching up to play the records. I feel like I was bred to do what I do. I've been into music, and listening to music and critiquing it, my whole life. ~ Dr. Dre
Listening To Music quotes by Dr. Dre
I'm always listening to music to pump myself up. ~ Bella Heathcote
Listening To Music quotes by Bella Heathcote
Sounds of daily life are musical. I try to absorb the intricacies of sounds as if I were listening to music. ~ Tom Harrell
Listening To Music quotes by Tom Harrell
I like walking around and listening to music. When my steps coincide with a beat, in my head I feel in unison with the world that I'm living in. ~ Wesley Eisold
Listening To Music quotes by Wesley Eisold
I'm into heavy duty, psychedelic, foreign music. That's what I like listening to. ~ Action Bronson
Listening To Music quotes by Action Bronson
When I was growing up listening to music, it was 2004, when The Starting Line and Finch and The Used were kind of my favorite bands. ~ Kellin Quinn
Listening To Music quotes by Kellin Quinn
Does this mean that religious consumption will increase online? That could be. We do not know yet, but to expect religion to disappear because of online technology is like expecting people to stop listening to music because Napster, Spotify and Wimp are offering us all the music we want online ~ Torkel Brekke
Listening To Music quotes by Torkel Brekke
I have got to do something that makes me focus on one thing, and so I will sit and listen to music, or I will read, or I will go and make ammunition in my workshop. I have just got to keep myself busy. ~ David Feherty
Listening To Music quotes by David Feherty
I can't listen to music when I'm writing. I like music best in a car or on the train. ~ Nell Freudenberger
Listening To Music quotes by Nell Freudenberger
I'll read my books and I'll drink coffee and I'll listen to music, and I'll bolt the door.
( A Boy in France : Saturday Evening Post CCXVII, March 31, 1945) ~ J.D. Salinger
Listening To Music quotes by J.D. Salinger
I don't know you. The only thing I know about you is, you're reading this. I don't know if your happy or not; I don't know whether you're young or not. I sort of hope you're young and sad. If you're old and happy, I can imagine that you'll smile to yourself when you hear me going, he broke my heart. You'll remember someone who broke your heart, and you'll think to yourself, Oh yes, i remember how that feels. But you can't, you smug old git. Oh you'll remember feeling sort of plesantly sad. You might remember listening to music and eating chocolates in your room, or walking along the embankment on your own, wrapped up in a winter coat and feeling lonely and brave. But can you remember how with every mouthful of food it felt like you were biting into your own stomach? Can you remember the taste of red wine as it came back up and into the toilet bowl? Can you remember dreaming every night that you were still together, that he was talking to you gently and touching you, so that every morning when you woke up you had to go through it all over again? ~ Nick Hornby
Listening To Music quotes by Nick Hornby
Composing music changes nations, listening to music changes you. ~ Alin Sav
Listening To Music quotes by Alin Sav
People listen to music with cavemen ears: Is it a bird song or the call of a lion? The audience at a musical is dancing in their hearts. ~ Marsha Norman
Listening To Music quotes by Marsha Norman
Life will hack off your head and shit down your neck every chance it gets. I've found that consuming drugs and booze, listening to music and always having an excuse in the best way to tip the scales. ~ Dave Matthes
Listening To Music quotes by Dave Matthes
That's my fun time so, to me, doing my homework, studying on what I do, watching the movies, listening to music, all that inspires me so I focus a lot on that and practice. ~ Christina Milian
Listening To Music quotes by Christina Milian
Private listening really took off in 1979, with the popularity of the Walkman portable cassette player. Listening to music on a Walkman is a variation of the "sitting very still in a concert hall" experience (there are no acoustic distractions), combined with the virtual space (achieved by adding reverb and echo to the vocals and instruments) that studio recording allows. With headphones on, you can hear and appreciate extreme detail and subtlety, and the lack of uncontrollable reverb inherent in hearing music in a live room means that rhythmic material survives beautifully and completely intact; it doesn't get blurred or turned into sonic mush as it often does in a concert hall. You, and only you, the audience of one, can hear a million tiny details, even with the compression that MP3 technology adds to recordings. You can hear the singer's breath intake, their fingers on a guitar string. That said, extreme and sudden dynamic changes can be painful on a personal music player. As ~ David Byrne
Listening To Music quotes by David Byrne
I don't like to talk. every time i go somewhere with a friend they always expect me to talk to them. i like to sit quietly. when i watch a movie or read a poem i don't like to discuss it with anyone. i like to watch movies and then maybe sleep. no talking. occasionally i watch the same movie over and over again until i fall asleep. i prefer watching movies alone. i prefer reading alone. i prefer eating alone. i prefer walking alone. i prefer listening to music alone. i prefer singing alone. i prefer swimming alone. i prefer to eat small children alone. i like it when sean reads me poetry but i just like to listen quietly and not comment afterwards. sometimes i feel this makes him uncomfortable. ~ Ellen Kennedy
Listening To Music quotes by Ellen Kennedy
Reading is more of a left-brain process, and listening to music is a right-brain function. ~ Maynard James Keenan
Listening To Music quotes by Maynard James Keenan
When I was a kid, three years old, I couldn't walk by the piano without reaching up and trying to play a few notes on it. There are kids who are just drawn to listening to music and dancing to it and trying to conduct. ~ Michael Tilson Thomas
Listening To Music quotes by Michael Tilson Thomas
I listen to music constantly while writing. ~ Orson Scott Card
Listening To Music quotes by Orson Scott Card
Music as background to me becomes like a mosquito, an insect. In the studio we have big speakers, and to me that's the way music should be listened to. When I listen to music, I want to just listen to music. ~ David Lynch
Listening To Music quotes by David Lynch
My favorite thing to do in L.A. is to be in a car with friends listening to music. The perfect time is twilight, when the setting sun is filtering through the palm trees. Back in the day, we'd be listening to the Vandals, X, or Farside. Now it would be L.A.-based bands like Dum Dum Girls, Foxygen, or Ty Segall. ~ Liz Goldwyn
Listening To Music quotes by Liz Goldwyn
Listening to music that I hate calms me down. ~ Joey Comeau
Listening To Music quotes by Joey Comeau
Music, for me, is vital. Punjabi, Bollywood, Sufi, RnB ... I listen to it all. When I'm not listening to music, you will find me chatting with friends. Off the field, I just let my instincts take over. I certainly don't think about batting, or which bowlers I'm going to face. ~ Virat Kohli
Listening To Music quotes by Virat Kohli
I listen to music two ways: As a person, you have an instinctive, personal, emotional response. But as a music supervisor, you have a secondary response, which is, 'Will this sit well under dialogue?' 'Can people die to this?' 'Can people kiss to this?' ~ Alexandra Patsavas
Listening To Music quotes by Alexandra Patsavas
. . . I bet I'm beginning to make some parents nervous - here I am, bragging of being a dropout, and unemployable, and about to make a pitch for you to follow your creative dreams, when what parents want is for their children to do well in their field, to make them look good, and maybe also to assemble a tasteful fortune . . .

But that is not your problem. Your problem is how you are going to spend this one odd and precious life you have been issued. Whether you're going to live it trying to look good and creating the illusion that you have power over people and circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, enjoy it, and find out the truth about who you are . . .

I do know you are not what you look like, or how much you weigh, or how you did in school, or whether you start a job next Monday or not. Spirit isn't what you do, it's . . . well, again, I don't actually know. They probably taught this junior year at Goucher; I should've stuck around. But I know that you feel best when you're not doing much - when you're in nature, when you're very quiet or, paradoxically, listening to music . . .

We can see Spirit made visible when people are kind to one another, especially when it's a really busy person, like you, taking care of the needy, annoying, neurotic person, like you. In fact, that's often when we see Spirit most brightly . . .

In my twenties I devised a school of relaxation that has unfortunately fallen out of favor in t ~ Anne Lamott
Listening To Music quotes by Anne Lamott
When I was in my early teens, I joined a cult. And we weren't allowed to listen to secular music or anything that wasn't made by us. So I spent a lot of time not listening to music, and by the time I could, I just didn't get into it. ~ Natalia Kills
Listening To Music quotes by Natalia Kills
You can learn to enjoy your sensuality in each and every moment. Right now, listening to music, let the music vibrate the pores of your skin. Washing dishes, let the suds bathe your hands. Walking the dog, learn to enjoy being pulled. Every day there are hundreds of things you can enjoy. You can enjoy the leisureliness of a stroll, or the sweat of jogging, or the tang of a breeze. Every moment can be an experience that lets you grow in sensuality. Right now you can feel this paper, this book, this space, the sounds around you, even your own breathing. Being open to all that and with all that will gradually turn you on to life more and more. ~ Paula Gunn Allen
Listening To Music quotes by Paula Gunn Allen
Then I got undressed and, crawling under the covers, sat up in bed and sipped my drink. I felt like I was going to fade out any second, but I had to allow myself this luxury. A ritual interlude I like so much between the time I get into bed and the time I fall asleep. Having a drink in bed while listening to music and reading a book. As precious to me as a beautiful sunset or good clean air. ~ Haruki Murakami
Listening To Music quotes by Haruki Murakami
Listening to music is such an uplifting, spiritual thing. It's far-fetched to some - I understand that. But the way dance music brings people together, it's not a big stretch from hymns. ~ Kaskade
Listening To Music quotes by Kaskade
I grew up listening to music and going to the theatre. ~ Cate Blanchett
Listening To Music quotes by Cate Blanchett
To be honest, because there's loud music in my ears probably three hours a day, between sound check and the show, I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music on the road. ~ St. Vincent
Listening To Music quotes by St. Vincent
My brain kind of rolls pretty fast when I'm conscious. It's constantly looking for stuff to do. Like if I'm in my house and I'm hanging out, I tend to be listening to music whilst watching a film whilst sending e-mails. ~ Dominic Monaghan
Listening To Music quotes by Dominic Monaghan
Until that time I had ascribed the reasons for my cultural eclecticism to my condition as a proletarian autodidact. As I have already explained, I have spent every moment of my existence that could be spared from work in reading, watching films, and listening to music.
Muriel Barbery, translated by Alison Anderson, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, 2008 ~ Muriel Barbery
Listening To Music quotes by Muriel Barbery
I was listening to music long before rock 'n roll. ~ Bill Wyman
Listening To Music quotes by Bill Wyman
Over the past decade, American youth are spending much more time watching TV, listening to music, using a computer and playing video games
a total of 7 1/2 hours every day in front of a screen. The only thing they are spending less time on is reading! ~ Thomas L. Friedman
Listening To Music quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
Music is life. Music defines peoples' experience on this planet. Name one time in your life that wasn't punctuated by the music you listened to at the time. When people are down, they listen to music that commiserates that emotion. When people are amped up, they listen to more upbeat, loud songs. ~ Mark Hoppus
Listening To Music quotes by Mark Hoppus
That's what I love. Not being interrupted, sitting in a car by myself and listening to music in the rain. There are so many great songs yet to sing. ~ Alison Krauss
Listening To Music quotes by Alison Krauss
I don't listen to music when I write. I need silence. ~ Louis Sachar
Listening To Music quotes by Louis Sachar
I wake up late, say 10 or 11, because we've usually been out and about town until 2 or 3 A.M. listening to music at the jazz clubs or hitting the jazz clubs post-theater. ~ Tamara Tunie
Listening To Music quotes by Tamara Tunie
I make writing as much a part of my life as I do eating or listening to music. ~ Maya Angelou
Listening To Music quotes by Maya Angelou
I do think that music videos have a huge impact on the way you listen to music. ~ Devendra Banhart
Listening To Music quotes by Devendra Banhart
Deeply listening to music opens up new avenues of research I'd never even dreamed of. I feel from now on music should be an essential part of every analysis. ~ Carl Jung
Listening To Music quotes by Carl Jung
I know a lot of people don't listen to music when they're writing because it distracts them, but for me it's almost a way to get into the self-hypnotic state that I need to be in to write. ~ Dan Chaon
Listening To Music quotes by Dan Chaon
I'm a huge fan of a lot of different genres of music, and I really felt like somehow I had been pigeonholed a little bit - maybe of my own doing - and in a way where I felt like I was sort of falsely defined. What my music was being called wasn't really the music I was always listening to. ~ Kathleen Edwards
Listening To Music quotes by Kathleen Edwards
I think youth will always be connected to the strongest music at the time because ... I don't want to use the word 'tribal,' but there was this sort of familial affiliation that people would feel with the music they were listening to. ~ John Darnielle
Listening To Music quotes by John Darnielle
What if instead of reading, you wrote? Instead of watching TV, you made videos? Instead of listening to music, you learned how to play guitar? ~ Paul Jarvis
Listening To Music quotes by Paul Jarvis
At Bloomington, Indiana, I was invited to listen to music written in quarter tones for four harps and voices. I had to go out to be sick. ~ Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
Listening To Music quotes by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf
In our family, there wasn't anything else besides art. Nothing else in the world existed. My father never spoke about going to a movie or listening to music, other than my mother's singing. ~ Kiki Smith
Listening To Music quotes by Kiki Smith
I'm a big fan of cultural music, and that's how I try to expand my playing, by listening to music that is not conventionally American. ~ Steve Vai
Listening To Music quotes by Steve Vai
I think that listening to music or creating music is a spiritual undertaking, so the process of creating music, you know, involves listening. It involves sensitivity, it involves humility, you know, and then also it's something which is higher than words. ~ Matisyahu
Listening To Music quotes by Matisyahu
When I was 15, 16, 17 years old, I spent five hours a day juggling, and I probably spent six hours a day seriously listening to music. And if I were 16 now, I would put that time into playing video games. ~ Penn Jillette
Listening To Music quotes by Penn Jillette
To me, art and music inform each other continually, and when I was making more music there was an overall aesthetic that was shared by both mediums. Now I always listen to music when I work, so when I am working a lot, that is when I start searching out new music and finding new things to get excited about. ~ Neil Farber
Listening To Music quotes by Neil Farber
I like to be with my friends and my family, listen to music and read books. Things like that relax me. ~ Caroline Wozniacki
Listening To Music quotes by Caroline Wozniacki
A man is like a two-story house. The first floor is equipped with an entrance and a living room. On the second floor is every family member's room. They enjoy listening to music and reading books. On the first underground floor is the ruin of people's memories. The room filled with darkness is the second underground floor. How deep is it? Nobody knows. Going down to the first underground floor, people can write novels and music. However, I believe that such works cannot move people's hearts. ~ Haruki Murakami
Listening To Music quotes by Haruki Murakami
I listen to music all the time. I write while listening to music. And I tell myself that the music nourishes the art forms that I do master and domesticate, and have authority over. ~ Jonathan Lethem
Listening To Music quotes by Jonathan Lethem
Get into the music business. This is the business that you have absolutely no requirements. You listen to music, you need no college degree. ~ Curtis Jackson
Listening To Music quotes by Curtis Jackson
There was not too much to do as a kid when we arrived in Germany. Playing basketball and listening to music gave me something to do. ~ Shaquille O'Neal
Listening To Music quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
It's sad that people listen to music and decide how the singer should look. ~ Joss Stone
Listening To Music quotes by Joss Stone
There is no rest for the striver. Just beyond the completion of each goal on our life-achievement "bucket list" looms another goal, and then another. Meanwhile, of course, the clock is ticking - quite loudly, in fact. We become breathless. And we have no time left for a calm and reflective appreciation of our twilight years, no deliciously long afternoons sitting with friends or listening to music or musing about the story of our lives. And we will never get another chance for that. ~ Daniel Klein
Listening To Music quotes by Daniel Klein
You can leave your place you are sitting at without leaving that place either by playing music or by listening to music! Music is a migration to the unknown! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Listening To Music quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
I've never loved listening to music. ~ Casey Kasem
Listening To Music quotes by Casey Kasem
Art is the one place we all turn to for solace. We turn to it constantly, whether you are listening to music, or pop in a film; you want to escape reality, and if you thinking deeply, you want to engage in art in a complex way. Art allows us to navigate the more complicated parts of our lives in a way that is more palpable. We don't go to the movies just to see a movie; we go for the experience. I'm very interested in the experience. Art has saved my life on a regular basis. I wanted to offer that experience to children, to enlist them, to show them the possibilities that are in the arts, to persuade them to pursue it for both their own personal salvation and for changing the way we are understood. ~ Carrie Mae Weems
Listening To Music quotes by Carrie Mae Weems
To have your whole music library with you at all times is a quantum leap in listening to music. How do we possibly do this? ~ Steve Jobs
Listening To Music quotes by Steve Jobs
Punishing people for listening to music is exactly the wrong way to protect the music business. ~ Moby
Listening To Music quotes by Moby
You know I used to listen to music a lot more. ~ Brett Favre
Listening To Music quotes by Brett Favre
As an artist, I always just want to grow as a songwriter. I listen to a lot of music. I listen to music all the time, whether it's hip-hop or soul or rock or whatever. I'm always listening to music and trying to learn from other songwriters and how they tap into certain emotions and communicate more clearly. ~ Trip Lee
Listening To Music quotes by Trip Lee
I know what love feels like. That is one thing I have found. That is one thing that is much clearer because of fibromyalgia. Because once you experience real pain you recognize the vibration, the feeling of being healthy, happy and loved. If I'm not living from my heart, I get sick. I need to do things that feed my soul, like being with people I love, or playing my guitar, or listening to music. ~ A. J. Langer
Listening To Music quotes by A. J. Langer
The time I like listening to music most on headphones is, I have a game I play with my brother, he's a musician as well.And he sends me MIDI files of keyboard pieces. So, these are pieces where I just get a MIDI file; I don't know what instrument he was playing them on; I know nothing about his section of the sound of the piece, and then when I'm sitting on trains I do a lot of train travel I turn them into pieces of music. And I love to do that; it's my favorite hobby. ~ Brian Eno
Listening To Music quotes by Brian Eno
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