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#1. It is not unreasonable to look upon Concorde as a miracle. - Author: Brian Trubshaw
Aviation quotes by Brian Trubshaw
#2. I'm an Air Force officer first, a pilot second and then Nicole. The female part is last ... My job is to be the best right wingman that I can be. - Author: Nicole Malachowski
Aviation quotes by Nicole Malachowski
#3. A modern, autonomous, and thoroughly trained Air Force in being at all times will not alone be sufficient, but without it there can be no national security. - Author: Henry H. Arnold
Aviation quotes by Henry H. Arnold
#4. In less than twenty-five years ... the motor-car will be obsolete, because the aeroplane will run along the ground as well as fly over it. - Author: Philip Gibbs
Aviation quotes by Philip Gibbs
#5. The precedents for feminine self-expression run back through all the ages since the art of writing was invented ... The era may witness the first female engineer, motor truck chauffeur, radio broadcaster, head of an aviation school, or federal prohibition officer, but it has not produced the first thinking, creative, and writing woman by any means. - Author: Mary Ritter Beard
Aviation quotes by Mary Ritter Beard
#6. The airman must possess absolutely untroubled nerves. - Author: Francis Collins
Aviation quotes by Francis Collins
#7. Thou canst commit lift and defy gravity, but not indefinitely, lest the earth rise up and smite thee. - Author: A.V. Roe
Aviation quotes by A.V. Roe
#8. Most pilots learn, when they pin on their wings and go out and get in a fighter, especially, that one thing you don't do, you don't believe anything anybody tells you about an airplane. - Author: Chuck Yeager
Aviation quotes by Chuck Yeager
#9. Almost everything else I have done during my adult years has been affected to some extent by my name - by my father's position, if you will. But in the air, I had no name; to the Federal Aviation Agency I was simply Comanche Nine-Nine POP. The quality of my landings, navigation and judgment were mine alone. - Author: John Eisenhower
Aviation quotes by John Eisenhower
#10. We're at a real time of transition here in terms of future aviation. What's going to be manned? What's going to be unmanned? There are those who see [the JSF] as the last manned fighter/bomber. And I'm one that's inclined to believe it-whether it's right or not. - Author: Michael Mullen
Aviation quotes by Michael Mullen
#11. An aircraft which is used by wealthy people on their expense accounts, whose fares are subsidized by much poorer taxpayers. - Author: Denis Healey
Aviation quotes by Denis Healey
#12. My one concern is that when money gets tight, it's easy to cut R&D funding that isn't tied to a specific project - look at what's happened to NASA's aviation research. - Author: Henry Spencer
Aviation quotes by Henry Spencer
#13. Although no definite reason for the accident has been established, modifications are being embodied to cover every possibility that imagination has suggested as a likely cause of the disaster. When these modifications are completed and have been satisfactorily flight tested, the Board sees no reason why passenger services should not be resumed. - Author: John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon Of Tara
Aviation quotes by John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon Of Tara
#14. This is not a time when women should be patient. We are in a war and we need to fight it with all our ability and every weapon possible. Women pilots, in this particular case, are a weapon waiting to be used. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
Aviation quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#15. Even the most eminent persons are subject to the laws of gravity. - Author: Winston Churchill
Aviation quotes by Winston Churchill
#16. Never abandon the possibility of attack. Attack even from a position of inferiority, to disrupt the enemy's plans. This often results in improving one's own position. - Author: Adolf Galland
Aviation quotes by Adolf Galland
#17. Only one military organization can hold and gain ground in war-a ground army supported by tactical aviation with supply lines guarded by the navy. - Author: Omar N. Bradley
Aviation quotes by Omar N. Bradley
#18. In the coming era of manned space exploration by the private sector, market forces will spur development and yield new, low-cost space technologies. If the history of private aviation is any guide, private development efforts will be safer, too. - Author: Burt Rutan
Aviation quotes by Burt Rutan
#19. It is not enough to just ride this earth. You have to aim higher, try to take off, even fly. It is our duty. - Author: Jose Yacopi
Aviation quotes by Jose Yacopi
#20. Governments have supported airlines as if they were local football teams. But there are just too many of them. This is the only industry I know that has lost money consistently and makes money infrequently. - Author: Richard L. Hanna
Aviation quotes by Richard L. Hanna
#21. The wish to be able to fly is to be understood as nothing else than a longing to be capable of sexual performance. - Author: Sigmund Freud
Aviation quotes by Sigmund Freud
#22. We'd sit outside and watch the stars at night She'd tell me to make a wish I'd wish we both could fly. - Author: James McMurtry
Aviation quotes by James McMurtry
#23. It is as though we have grown wings, which thanks to Providence, we have learnt to control. - Author: Louis Bleriot
Aviation quotes by Louis Bleriot
#24. He did it alone. We had a cast of a million. - Author: Neil Armstrong
Aviation quotes by Neil Armstrong
#25. Since 1978 the record pretty well shows that no start-up airline ... has really been successful, so the odds of JetBlue having long-term success are remote. I'm not going to say it can't happen because stranger things have happened, but I personally believe P.T. Barnum was, in that respect, correct. - Author: Gordon Bethune
Aviation quotes by Gordon Bethune
#26. And like no other sculpture in the history of art, the dead engine and dead airframe come to life at the touch of a human hand, and join their life with the pilot's own. - Author: Richard Bach
Aviation quotes by Richard Bach
#27. No one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him. It inspires confidence at once. - Author: Otto Lilienthal
Aviation quotes by Otto Lilienthal
#28. It's all right if your automobile goes wrong while you are driving it. You can get out in the road and tinker with it. But if your airplane breaks down, you can't sit on a convenient cloud and tinker with that! - Author: Katherine Stinson
Aviation quotes by Katherine Stinson
#29. Nothing ever built arose to touch the skies unless some man dreamed that it should, some man believed that it could, and some man willed that it must. - Author: Charles Kettering
Aviation quotes by Charles Kettering
#30. There isn't a flight goes by when I don't stare out of the window and thank my stars for what I'm seeing and feeling. - Author: Richard Branson
Aviation quotes by Richard Branson
#31. A sea-green sky: lamps blossoming white. This is marginal land: fields of strung wire, of treadless tyres in ditches, fridges dead on their backs, and starving ponies cropping the mud. It is a landscape running with outcasts and escapees, with Afghans, Turks and Kurds: with scapegoats, scarred with bottle and burn marks, limping from the cities with broken ribs. The life forms here are rejects, or anomalies: the cats tipped from speeding cars, and the Heathrow sheep, their fleece clotted with the stench of aviation fuel. - Author: Hilary Mantel
Aviation quotes by Hilary Mantel
#32. The creative conquest of space will serve as a wonderful substitute for war. - Author: James Smith McDonnell
Aviation quotes by James Smith McDonnell
#33. Mission Control will be perfect. When you leave this meeting today you will go to your office and the first thing you will do there is to write -Tough and Competent- on your blackboards. It will never be erased. Each day when you enter the room these words will remind you of the price paid by Grissom, White, and Chaffee. These words are the price of admission to the ranks of Mission Control. - Author: Gene Kranz
Aviation quotes by Gene Kranz
#34. As of 1992, in fact-though the picture would have improved since then-the money that had been made since the dawn of aviation by all of this country's airline companies was zero. Absolutely zero. - Author: Warren Buffett
Aviation quotes by Warren Buffett
#35. Are you aware it is private property? Why you'll be asking be to bomb Essen next. - Author: Kingsley Wood
Aviation quotes by Kingsley Wood
#36. It is not easy to be the best. You must have the courage to bear pain, disappointment, and heartbreak. You must learn how to face danger and understand fear, yet not be afraid. You establish your goal, and no matter what deters you along the way, in your every waking moment you must say to yourself, "I could do it." - Author: Betty Skelton Erde
Aviation quotes by Betty Skelton Erde
#37. Nothing said I had to crash. - Author: Bob Hoover
Aviation quotes by Bob Hoover
#38. ...I stand looking at the aircraft, trying in vain to remember all the theoretical lore which i was supposed to have absorbed in school. The effort is discouraging. - Author: Ernest K. Gann
Aviation quotes by Ernest K. Gann
#39. If we lose the war in the air we lose the war and we lose it quickly. - Author: Bernard Law Montgomery
Aviation quotes by Bernard Law Montgomery
#40. I think Dwight loves being number two. I don't think he has any desire to be number one. He wants to be number two no matter where he goes. It's like Avis. 'We try harder.' That's Dwight. - Author: Rainn Wilson
Aviation quotes by Rainn Wilson
#41. You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back. - Author: Steve Prefontaine
Aviation quotes by Steve Prefontaine
#42. My message going forward is that I want to remind everyone in the aviation industry - especially those who manage aviation companies and those who regulate aviation - that we owe it to our passengers to keep learning how to do it better. - Author: Chesley Sullenberger
Aviation quotes by Chesley Sullenberger
#43. Flying is the best possible thing for women. - Author: Raymonde De Laroche
Aviation quotes by Raymonde De Laroche
#44. For years politicians have promised the Moon. I'm the first one to be able to deliver it. - Author: Richard M. Nixon
Aviation quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#45. The Boeing 747 is the commuter train of the global village. - Author: Hendrik Tennekes
Aviation quotes by Hendrik Tennekes
#46. We continue to subsidize highways and aviation, but when it comes to our passenger rail system, we refuse to provide the money Amtrak needs to survive. - Author: Corrine Brown
Aviation quotes by Corrine Brown
#47. All family stories are important, just as all people are important, and they deserve to be passed along. - Author: Karen Chamberlain
Aviation quotes by Karen Chamberlain
#48. Infantry, Artillery, Aviation
all that we have
are yours to dispose of as you will ... I have come to say to you that the American people would be proud to be engaged in the greatest battle in history. - Author: John J. Pershing
Aviation quotes by John J. Pershing
#49. Who was the best pilot I ever saw? You're lookin' at 'im. - Author: Gordon Cooper
Aviation quotes by Gordon Cooper
#50. At that time [1909] the chief engineer was almost always the chief test pilot as well. That had the fortunate result of eliminating poor engineering early in aviation. - Author: Igor Sikorsky
Aviation quotes by Igor Sikorsky
#51. The 20th Century was the century of Aviation and the century of Globalization. The next century will be the century of Space. - Author: Wilson Greatbatch
Aviation quotes by Wilson Greatbatch
#52. The airplane is just a bunch of sticks and wires and cloth, a tool for learning about the sky and about what kind of person I am, when I fly. An airplane stands for freedom, for joy, for the power to understand, and to demonstrate that understanding. Those things aren't destructable. - Author: Richard Bach
Aviation quotes by Richard Bach
#53. The first company to produce a certified two seat electric aircraft with a 1.5 hour range will dominate the aviation training market. - Author: Erik Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Erik Lindbergh
#54. The Constitution: it's not just a good idea, it's the law. - Author: Michael Badnarik
Aviation quotes by Michael Badnarik
#55. So it was that the war in the air began. Men rode upon the whirlwind that night and slew and fell like archangels. The sky rained heroes upon the astonished earth. Surely the last fights of mankind were the best. What was the heavy pounding of your Homeric swordsmen, what was the creaking charge of chariots, besides this swift rush, this crash, this giddy triumph, this headlong sweep to death? - Author: H.G.Wells
Aviation quotes by H.G.Wells
#56. Sir Richard Branson is probably the best communicator ever. He was an inspiration for me - contrary to some reports, we've never done business together, although we did discuss an aviation venture very early on. I don't think easyJet competes with Virgin - we're in different areas. - Author: Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Aviation quotes by Stelios Haji-Ioannou
#57. Can build plane ... Delivery about three months. - Author: Donald Hall
Aviation quotes by Donald Hall
#58. On February 8, 1928, known as Lindbergh day since it was the day he crossed the Atlantic Ocean the year before, Charles A. Lindbergh landed at the Campo Columbia airfield near Havana. Lindbergh had visited many countries in his plane, and he had the national flags of each country painted in the fuselage. Having flown from Haiti, on a Goodwill Tour of the Caribbean in his "Spirit of St. Louis," he had the Cuban flag painted on his a single-engine Ryan monoplane. It was the last country he visited before he donated the "Spirit of St. Louis" to the Smithsonian Institution, where it is still exhibited at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. - Author: Hank Bracker
Aviation quotes by Hank Bracker
#59. Those were my children being slaughtered. - Author: Don Burr
Aviation quotes by Don Burr
#60. At the end of October 4 in 1957, when I was coming back from sea duty in the South Pacific, Sputnik went up. I realized that humans would be right behind robot aircraft or spacecraft even though I really had no plans of being in aviation or a professional aviator and certainly not in the military. - Author: Edgar Mitchell
Aviation quotes by Edgar Mitchell
#61. We realized what a spot we were in. We had to deliver the goods, or else there wouldn't ever be another chance for women pilots in any part of the service. - Author: Cornelia Fort
Aviation quotes by Cornelia Fort
#62. The E.U.-U.S. Open Aviation Area agreement therefore envisages the establishment of a broadly similar cooperation framework between the Commission and the Department of Transportation. - Author: Neelie Kroes
Aviation quotes by Neelie Kroes
#63. You can have computer sights of anything you like, but I think you have to go to the enemy on the shortest distance and knock him down from point-blank range. You'll get him from in close. At long distance, it's questionable. - Author: Erich Hartmann
Aviation quotes by Erich Hartmann
#64. An excellent weapon and luck had been on my side. To be successful, the best fighter pilot needs both. - Author: Adolf Galland
Aviation quotes by Adolf Galland
#65. Seaboard Air Line, which was thought by numerous innocents to provide a foothold in aviation, was another favorite, although, in fact, it was a railroad. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
Aviation quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#66. What the history of aviation has brought in the 20th century should inspire us to be inventors and explorers ourselves in the new century. - Author: Bertrand Piccard
Aviation quotes by Bertrand Piccard
#67. Never quit. Never give up. Fly it to the end. - Author: Chuck Aaron
Aviation quotes by Chuck Aaron
#68. I am going to have a cup of tea, like any good Englishman. - Author: Brian Jones
Aviation quotes by Brian Jones
#69. There's no such thing as a natural-born pilot. - Author: Chuck Yeager
Aviation quotes by Chuck Yeager
#70. In order to assure an adequate national defense, it is necessary - and sufficient - to be in a position in case of war to conquer the command of the air. - Author: Giulio Douhet
Aviation quotes by Giulio Douhet
#71. And if flying, like a glass-bottomed bucket, can give you that vision, that seeing eye, which peers down on the still world below the choppy waves - it will always remain magic. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#72. Somebody said that carrier pilots were the best in the world, and they must be or there wouldn't be any of them left alive. - Author: Ernie Pyle
Aviation quotes by Ernie Pyle
#73. Death is the handmaiden of the pilot. Sometimes it comes by accident, sometimes by an act of God. - Author: Albert Scott Crossfield
Aviation quotes by Albert Scott Crossfield
#74. I thought I would keep it on the ground until I became familiar with it, but on account of the wind, I unexpectedly took to the air, and the first thing I knew, I was flying. - Author: Arthur P. Warner
Aviation quotes by Arthur P. Warner
#75. Aviation constituted a new and possibly decisive element in preventing or fighting a war, and I was in a unique position to observe European aviation - especially in its military aspects. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#76. I believe, sir, in all the progress. Air navigation is the result of the oceanic navigation: from water the human has to pass in the air. Everywhere where creation will be breathable to him, the human will penetrate into the creation. Our only limit is life. - Author: Victor Hugo
Aviation quotes by Victor Hugo
#77. Long flights give you more time to reflect, look around, experience your surroundings. I got to know the nooks and crannies on Mir very, very well. - Author: Michael Foale
Aviation quotes by Michael Foale
#78. The best you can hope for is a great collaborator. - Author: Lauren Graham
Aviation quotes by Lauren Graham
#79. Which is now a more hopeful statement than Swift intended it to be. - Author: Will Durant
Aviation quotes by Will Durant
#80. The conviction of the justification of using even the most brutal weapons is always dependent on the presence of a fanatical belief in the necessity of the victory of a revolutionary new order on this globe. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Aviation quotes by Adolf Hitler
#81. That is the trouble with flying: We always have to return to airports. Thank of how much fun flying would be if we didn't have to return to airports. - Author: Henry Mintzberg
Aviation quotes by Henry Mintzberg
#82. Katha Pollitt wrote in The Nation, "Ron Paul has opposed almost every piece of progressive legislation that was passed in the last 200 years! He opposed Federal Deposit Insurance and continues to oppose Roe v. Wade. He would abolish the Environmental Protection Agency, governmental regulations on health and safety (OSHA), and the Federal Aviation Authority. - Author: Georgia Kelly
Aviation quotes by Georgia Kelly
#83. I ask people who don't fly, "How can you not fly when you live in a time in history when you can fly?" - Author: William Langewiesche
Aviation quotes by William Langewiesche
#84. There is no excuse for an airplane unless it will fly fast! - Author: Roscoe Turner
Aviation quotes by Roscoe Turner
#85. There is no hope for the fanciful idea of reaching the moon because of insurmountable barriers to escaping the earth's gravity - Author: Forest Ray Moulton
Aviation quotes by Forest Ray Moulton
#86. I'm probably just as good an atheist as you are," she speculated boastfully. "But even I feel that we all have a great deal to be thankful for and that we shouldn't be ashamed to show it."

"Name one thing I've got to be thankful for," Yossarian challenged her without interest.

"Well..." Lieutenant Scheisskopf's wife mused and paused a moment to ponder dubiously. "Me."

"Oh, come on," he scoffed.

She arched her eyebrows in surprise. "Aren't you thankful for me?" she asked. She frowned peevishly, her pride wounded. "I don't have to shack up with you, you know," she told him with cold dignity. "My husband has a whole squadron full of aviation cadets who would be only too happy to shack up with their commanding officer's wife just for the added fillip it would give them." Yossarian decided to change the subject. "Now you're changing the subject," he pointed out diplomatically. "I'll bet I can name two things to be miserable about for every one you can name to be thankful for."

"Be thankful you've got me," she insisted.

"I am, honey. But I'm also goddam good and miserable that I can't have Dori Duz again, too. Or the hundreds of other girls and women I'll see and want in my short lifetime and won't be able to go to bed with even once."

"Be thankful you're healthy."

"Be bitter you're not going to stay that way."

"Be glad you're even alive."

"Be furious you're going to die."< - Author: Joseph Heller
Aviation quotes by Joseph Heller
#87. During this period Steen and Fox were killed trying a single-engine instrument approach at Moline. Then Campbell and Leatherman hit a ridge near Elko, Nevada. In both incidents the official verdict was 'pilot error,' but since their passengers, who were innocent of the controls, also failed to survive, it seemed that fate was the hunter. As it had been and would be. - Author: Ernest K. Gann
Aviation quotes by Ernest K. Gann
#88. In September 1999, the Department of Justice succeeded in denaturalizing 63 participants in Nazi acts of persecution; and in removing 52 such individuals from this country. This appears to be but a small portion of those who actually were brought here by our own government. A 1999 report to the Senate and the House said "that between 1945 and 1955, 765 scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the United States under Overcast, Paperclip, and similar programs. It has been estimated that at least half, and perhaps as many as 80 percent of all the imported specialists were former Nazi Party members."

A number of these scientists were recruited to work for the Air Force's School of Aviation Medicine (SAM) at Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, where dozens of human radiation experiments were conducted during the Cold War. Among them were flash-blindness studies in connection with atomic weapons tests and data gathering for total-body irradiation studies conducted in Houston. The experiments for which Nazi investigators were tried included many related to aviation research. Hubertus Strughold, called "the father of space medicine," had a long career at the SAM, including the recruitment of other Paperclip scientists in Germany. On September 24, 1995 the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that as head of Nazi Germany's Air Force Institute for Aviation Medicine, Strughold particpated in a 1942 conference that discussed "experiments" on human beings. The experimen - Author: Carol Rutz
Aviation quotes by Carol Rutz
#89. Listen, my day job is also Chief Creative Officer for Marvel, and it's a very painful job because we publish a lot of books, and there are things I see where I can punch people out. Therefore, we have some new people now, and the kids are going to read our books. - Author: Avi Arad
Aviation quotes by Avi Arad
#90. Any girl who has flown at all grows used to the prejudice of most men pilots who will trot out any number of reasons why women can't possibly be good pilots ... The only way to show the disbelievers, the snickering hangar pilots, is to show them. - Author: Cornelia Fort
Aviation quotes by Cornelia Fort
#91. It's when things are going just right that you'd better be suspicious. There you are, fat as can be. The whole world is yours and you're the answer to the Wright brothers' prayers. You say to yourself, nothing can go wrong ... all my trespasses are forgiven. Best you not believe it. - Author: Ernest K. Gann
Aviation quotes by Ernest K. Gann
#92. I always felt Jimmy was trapped in Hollywood. He felt it himself. He loved aviation so much and he wanted to be able to do more of that. He somehow just got stuck here. - Author: Kim Novak
Aviation quotes by Kim Novak
#93. The joke in aviation is, 'If you want to make a million, you'd better start with £10m.' - Author: Bruce Dickinson
Aviation quotes by Bruce Dickinson
#94. I want to be remembered for only one thing: my contribution to aviation. - Author: Howard Hughes
Aviation quotes by Howard Hughes
#95. For all professional pilots there exists a kind of guild, without charter and without by-laws. it demands no requirements for inclusion save an understanding of the wind, the compass, the rudder, and fair fellowship. - Author: Beryl Markham
Aviation quotes by Beryl Markham
#96. Months of preparation, one of those few opportunities, and the judgment of a split second are what makes some pilot an ace, while others think back on what they could have done. - Author: Pappy Boyington
Aviation quotes by Pappy Boyington
#97. Make your decisions promptly. It is better to act quickly even though your tactics are not the best. - Author: Adolph Malan
Aviation quotes by Adolph Malan
#98. As a fighter pilot I know from my own experiences how decisive surprise and luck can be for success, which in the long run comes only to the one who combines daring with cool thinking. - Author: Adolf Galland
Aviation quotes by Adolf Galland
#99. A man who is not afraid of the sea will soon be drowned, he said, for he will be going out on a day he shouldn't. But we do be afraid of the sea, and we do only be drownded now and again. - Author: John Millington Synge
Aviation quotes by John Millington Synge
#100. If we had these rockets in 1939, we should never have had this war. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Aviation quotes by Adolf Hitler
#101. Give me fifty DC-3's and the Japanese can have the Burma Road. - Author: Chiang Kai-shek
Aviation quotes by Chiang Kai-shek
#102. Aviation is poetry ... It's the finest kind of moving around, you know, just as poetry is the finest way of using words. - Author: Jessie Redmon Fauset
Aviation quotes by Jessie Redmon Fauset
#103. Cloud-flying requires practice, even if you have every modern instrument, and unless you keep calm and collected you will get into trouble after you have been inside a really thick one for a few minutes. In the very early days of aviation, 1912 to be correct, I emerged from a cloud upside down, much to my discomfort, as I didn't know how to get right way up again. I found out somehow, or I wouldn't be writing this. - Author: Charles Rumney Samson
Aviation quotes by Charles Rumney Samson
#104. Anyone who's not interested in model airplanes must have a screw loose somewhere. - Author: Paul MacCready
Aviation quotes by Paul MacCready
#105. I decided that if I could fly for ten years before I was killed in a crash, it would be a worthwhile trade for an ordinary life time. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#106. I take the paraglider to the mountain or I roll Daisy out of her hangar and I pick the prettiest part of the sky and I melt into the wing and then into the air, till I'm just soul on a sunbeam. - Author: Richard Bach
Aviation quotes by Richard Bach
#107. Darius was clearly of the opinion
That the air is also man's dominion,
And that, with paddle or fins or pinion,
We soon or late
Shall navigate
The azure, as now we sail the sea. - Author: John Townsend Trowbridge
Aviation quotes by John Townsend Trowbridge
#108. I believe the risks I take are justified by the sheer love of the life I lead. - Author: Charles A. Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Charles A. Lindbergh
#109. It's Bernoulli not Marconi that flies the airplane. - Author: Ralph Royce
Aviation quotes by Ralph Royce
#110. War is a nasty, dirty, rotten business. It's all right for the Navy to blockade a city, to starve the inhabitants to death. But there is something wrong, not nice, about bombing that city. - Author: Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
Aviation quotes by Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
#111. From now on we shall bomb Germany on an ever-increasing scale, month by month, year by year, until the Nazi regime has either been exterminated by us or - better still - torn to pieces by the German people themselves. - Author: Winston Churchill
Aviation quotes by Winston Churchill
#112. Beware the lessons of a fighter pilot who would rather fly a slide rule than kick your ass! - Author: Ron McKeown
Aviation quotes by Ron McKeown
#113. As you know, birds do not have sexual organs because they would interfere with flight. - Author: Dave Barry
Aviation quotes by Dave Barry
#114. All attempts at artificial aviation are not only dangerous to human life, but foredoomed to failure from the engineering standpoint. - Author: Simon Newcomb
Aviation quotes by Simon Newcomb
#115. Fly it like you stole it! - Author: Bill Stein
Aviation quotes by Bill Stein
#116. The fact that a cloud from a minor volcanic eruption in Iceland - a small disturbance in the complex mechanism of life on the Earth - can bring to a standstill the aerial traffic over an entire continent is a reminder of how, with all its power to transform nature, humankind remains just another species on the planet Earth. - Author: Slavoj Zizek
Aviation quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#117. some prominent aviation museums across India including the HAL Museum in Bangalore, the Indian Air Force Museum in Delhi and the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa which are storehouses of information - Author: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
Aviation quotes by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
#118. The engine is the heart of an aeroplane, but the pilot is its soul. - Author: Walter Alexander Raleigh
Aviation quotes by Walter Alexander Raleigh
#119. Ships are to little purpose without skillful Sea Men. - Author: Richard Hakluyt
Aviation quotes by Richard Hakluyt
#120. There always has been a mystique and a romance about aviation, but in terms of the principles involved of satisfying your customer there's no difference between selling airlines seats and chocolate bars. - Author: Mike Batt
Aviation quotes by Mike Batt
#121. I was surprised at the silence and the absence of movement which our departure caused among the spectators, and believed them to be astonished and perhaps awed at the strange spectacle; they might well have reassured themselves. I was still gazing when M. Rozier cried to me - "You are doing nothing, and the balloon is scarcely rising a fathom." - Author: Francois Laurent D'Arlandes
Aviation quotes by Francois Laurent D'Arlandes
#122. At the same time, as you know, unless you are a comic book reader, Daredevil is not a known thing. - Author: Avi Arad
Aviation quotes by Avi Arad
#123. Real flight and dreams of flight go together. Both are part of the same movement. Not A before B, but all together. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
Aviation quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#124. I owe a quenchless debt to him who bade me seize my fate And hang it on the faith that I to it was adequate For when he said -you're on your own- and sauntered on away I knew that here, in four short words, was youth-s first judgment day Not wit to learn, not test of skill, not pride to satisfy, But will to walk down life in faith that life is theirs who try. - Author: Gill Robb Wilson
Aviation quotes by Gill Robb Wilson
#125. Shipping is the greenest method of transport. In terms of carbon emissions per ton per mile, it emits about a thousandth of aviation and about a tenth of trucking. But it's not benign, because there's so much of it. So shipping emissions are about three to four percent, almost the same as aviation's. - Author: Rose George
Aviation quotes by Rose George
#126. But the community knew Blade, and everybody but us was shocked at the box office, and subsequently the DVD. That was the beginning of the DVD revolution, and Blade was just like wildfire. - Author: Avi Arad
Aviation quotes by Avi Arad
#127. I showed it is possible to fly a little bit like a bird. - Author: Yves Rossy
Aviation quotes by Yves Rossy
#128. Air power may either end war or end civilization. - Author: Winston Churchill
Aviation quotes by Winston Churchill
#129. If your opponent dives on you, do not try to evade his onslaught, but fly to meet it. - Author: Oswald Boelcke
Aviation quotes by Oswald Boelcke
#130. The plane as an object has been a huge effort to make. It is a sculpture, a technological invention, a piece of aviation culture. But really, it only exists to be inserted into a variety of landscapes, to be a catalyst, to offset them. - Author: Aleksandra Mir
Aviation quotes by Aleksandra Mir
#131. We don't really have any kind of regulatory structure at all. - Author: Barack Obama
Aviation quotes by Barack Obama
#132. [Greenberg] knew that cultural legacies matter--that they are powerful and pervasive and that they persist, long after their original usefulness has passed. But he didn't assume that legacies are an indelible part of who we are. He believed that if the Koreans were honest about where they came from and were willing to confront those aspects of their heritage that did not suit the aviation world, they could change. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Aviation quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#133. When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system. - Author: Kalpana Chawla
Aviation quotes by Kalpana Chawla
#134. In the early days of aviation, there was a great deal of experimentation and a high death rate. - Author: Elon Musk
Aviation quotes by Elon Musk
#135. When anyone asks me how I can best describe my experiences of nearly forty years at sea, I merely say uneventful. I have never been in an accident of any sort worth speaking about ... I never saw a wreck and have never been wrecked, nor was I ever in any predicament that threatened to end in disaster of any sort. - Author: Edward Smith
Aviation quotes by Edward Smith
#136. The Wright Amendment is a pain in the ass, but not every pain in the ass is a constitutional infringement. - Author: Herb Kelleher
Aviation quotes by Herb Kelleher
#137. I have lifted my plane ... for perhaps a thousand flights and I have never felt her wheels glide from the Earth into the air without knowing the uncertainty and the exhilaration of first-born adventure. - Author: Beryl Markham
Aviation quotes by Beryl Markham
#138. If the Wright brother were alive today Wilbur would have to fire Orville to reduce costs. - Author: Herb Kelleher
Aviation quotes by Herb Kelleher
#139. This is my situation. I'm the kind of person who, for fun, writes articles called 'Aviation Club Soars into Orbit!' and an unhappy bully I've never heard of is sending out envoys. - Author: Mike Birbiglia
Aviation quotes by Mike Birbiglia
#140. South Wales is a hub of aviation. - Author: Bruce Dickinson
Aviation quotes by Bruce Dickinson
#141. The Americans cannot build aeroplanes. They are very good at refrigerators and razor blades. - Author: Hermann Goring
Aviation quotes by Hermann Goring
#142. As long as I look into the muzzles, nothing can happen to me. Only if he pulls lead am I in danger. - Author: Hans-Joachim Marseille
Aviation quotes by Hans-Joachim Marseille
#143. 4. Radicalism of forms. If a new model once created meets with much success on account of its greater efficiency than its predecessor, it lends certain neighbouring forms a formal radicalism, which attempts to borrow from the appearance of the new form: for example, bronze tools that had reached the furthest development of their utility had a disastrous influence on stone tools, warping them toward an elegance that could only be attained in bronze. Today aviation has imposed its aerodynamic forms even on baby strollers and irons. This radicalism of forms is a result of the fact that people become bored when they do not find some unexpected element in the familiar. This radicalism might seem illogical, as the advocates of standardization believe, but we must not forget that discovery is only made possible by this need of humanity. - Author: Tom McDonough
Aviation quotes by Tom McDonough
#144. One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow.
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which tells us the way to go.
Like the winds of the seas are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through the life:
Tis the set of a soul
That decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife. - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Aviation quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
#145. All the calculations show it can't work. There's only one thing to do: make it work. - Author: Pierre-Georges Latecoere
Aviation quotes by Pierre-Georges Latecoere
#146. Never fly anything that doesn't have the paint worn off the rudder Pedals. - Author: Bill Harry
Aviation quotes by Bill Harry
#147. I had no need of sails to drive me, nor oars nor wheels to push me, nor rails to give me a faster road. Air is what I wanted, that was all. Air surrounds me as water surrounds the submarine boat, and in it my propellers act like the screws of a steamer. That is how I solved the problem of aviation. That is what a balloon will never do, nor will any machine that is lighter than air. - Author: Jules Verne
Aviation quotes by Jules Verne
#148. We are going to scourge the Third Reich from end to end. We are bombing Germany city by city and ever more terribly in order to make it impossible for her to go in with the war. That is our object, and we shall pursue it relentlessly. - Author: Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
Aviation quotes by Sir Arthur Harris, 1st Baronet
#149. Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer. - Author: Thomas McGuire
Aviation quotes by Thomas McGuire
#150. The men flyers have given out the impression that aeroplaning is very perilous work, something that an ordinary mortal should not dream of attempting. But when I saw how easily the man flyers manipulated their machines I said I could fly. - Author: Harriet Quimby
Aviation quotes by Harriet Quimby
#151. I am drawn to the new chart with all of its colorful intricacies as a gourmet must anticipate the details of a feast ... I shall keep them forever. As stunning exciting proof that a proper mixture of science and art is not only possible but a blessed union. - Author: Ernest K. Gann
Aviation quotes by Ernest K. Gann
#152. I live for that exhilarating moment when I'm in an airplane rushing down the runway and pull on the stick and feel lift under its wings. It's a magical feeling to climb toward the heavens, seeing objects and people on the ground grow smaller and more insignificant. You have left that world beneath you. You are inside the sky. - Author: Gordon Cooper
Aviation quotes by Gordon Cooper
#153. On the first movie we got good reviews, but we were still dealing with genre stuff. It's going away. Judge the movie - is it a good one or a bad one? We know we made a great movie and it's being judged for just being a good film. - Author: Avi Arad
Aviation quotes by Avi Arad
#154. The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't. - Author: Douglas Adams
Aviation quotes by Douglas Adams
#155. In a sense, when we started Virgin Atlantic, I was trying to create an airline for myself. If you try to build the perfect airline for yourself, it will be appreciated by others. - Author: Richard Branson
Aviation quotes by Richard Branson
#156. Whether outwardly or inwardly, whether in space or time, the farther we penetrate the unknown, the vaster and more marvelous it becomes. - Author: Charles A. Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Charles A. Lindbergh
#157. Air racing may not be better than your wedding night, but it's better than the second night. - Author: Mickey Rupp
Aviation quotes by Mickey Rupp
#158. Aviation in air, in water and in spirit. Its laws are different in all three cases. The spirit soars the more it weighs and sinks into itself. The heavier the spirit, the higher and farther it flies. - Author: Cesar Vallejo
Aviation quotes by Cesar Vallejo
#159. It is about a period in aviation which is now gone, but which was probably more interesting than any the future will bring. As time passes, the perfection of machinery tends to insulate man from contact with the elements in which he lives. The 'stratosphere' planes of the future will cross the ocean without any sense of the water below. Like a train tunneling through a mountain, they will be aloof from both the problems and the beauty of the earth's surface. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#160. So long his name and face are lost in memory-s afterglow; Nor do I recollect of pride or joy or doubt or fright Or other circumstance which marked that time for solo flight The cryptic words alone endure : he said -you're on your own- And down through time I've found it so - the test-s to walk alone - Author: Gill Robb Wilson
Aviation quotes by Gill Robb Wilson
#161. Aviation is for the common man. My goal is to enable everyone to fly. It shouldn't be only for the rich. - Author: Tony Fernandes
Aviation quotes by Tony Fernandes
#162. Earthbound souls know only the underside of the atmosphere in which they live ... but go higher - above the dust and water vapor - and the sky turns dark until one can see the stars at noon. - Author: Jacqueline Cochran
Aviation quotes by Jacqueline Cochran
#163. The thing I miss about Air Force One is they don't lose my luggage. - Author: George H. W. Bush
Aviation quotes by George H. W. Bush
#164. The sky over London was glorious, ochre and madder, as though a dozen tropic suns were simultaneously setting round the horizon ... Everywhere the shells sparkled like Christmas baubles. - Author: Evelyn Waugh
Aviation quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#165. To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home. - Author: Jerry Crawford
Aviation quotes by Jerry Crawford
#166. Such an experiment without actual conditions of war to support it is a foolish waste of time ... I once saw a man kill a lion with a 30-30 caliber rifle under certain conditions, but that doesn't mean that a 30-30 rifle is a lion gun. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Aviation quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#167. Splutter, splutter. Yes - we're off - we're rising. But why start off with an engine like that? But it smooths out now, like a long sigh, like a person breathing easily, freely. Like someone singing ecstatically, climbing, soaring - sustained note of power and joy. We turn from the lights of the city; we pivot on a dark wing; we roar over the earth. The plane seems exultant now, even arrogant. We did it, we did it! - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#168. People who aren't afraid to live aren't afraid to die. - Author: Carol Fiore
Aviation quotes by Carol Fiore
#169. One has the feeling of enormous safety. You don't have the torque from the propeller. You have no noise; it's almost like little electric motors humming inside, and you feel sort of safe. - Author: Erich Warsitz
Aviation quotes by Erich Warsitz
#170. Come back, come back, back to Jamaica
Don't you know we made a big mistaika
We would be so sad if you told us goodbye
And we promise not to shoot you out of the sky! - Author: Jimmy Buffett
Aviation quotes by Jimmy Buffett
#171. That idea is so damned nonsensical and impossible that I'm willing to stand on the bridge of a battleship while that nitwit tries to hit if from the air. - Author: Newton D. Baker
Aviation quotes by Newton D. Baker
#172. Every day kill just one, rather than today five, tomorrow ten ... that is enough for you. Then your nerves are calm and you can sleep good, you have your drink in the evening and the next morning you are fit again. - Author: Erich Hartmann
Aviation quotes by Erich Hartmann
#173. Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle. - Author: Igor Sikorsky
Aviation quotes by Igor Sikorsky
#174. In the U.S., the term 'general aviation' means its exact opposite, the way 'public school' does in England. An English public school is private and, on top of that, exclusive. Likewise, general-aviation airports in the U.S. are for everyone but the general public. - Author: Tom Wolfe
Aviation quotes by Tom Wolfe
#175. Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed I would do something important in aviation. - Author: Neil Armstrong
Aviation quotes by Neil Armstrong
#176. This is the most important aviation development since Lindbergh's flight. In one fell swoop, we have shrunken the earth. - Author: Juan Trippe
Aviation quotes by Juan Trippe
#177. There's a joke in the aviation industry that the ideal aircrew in today's modern aircraft would be comprised of a man and a dog. The dog is there to bite the man if he so much as tries to touch the controls, and the pilot's one remaining job is to feed the dog! - Author: Lim Khoy Hing
Aviation quotes by Lim Khoy Hing
#178. No one regards what is before his feet; we all gaze at the stars. - Author: Quintus Ennius
Aviation quotes by Quintus Ennius
#179. I've learned that it is what I do not know that I fear, and I strive, outwardly from pride, inwardly from the knowledge that the unknown is what will finally kill me, to know all there is to be known about my airplane. I will never die. - Author: Richard Bach
Aviation quotes by Richard Bach
#180. We will provide aviation, construction, and logistics services first throughout Africa and then throughout the rest of the world. - Author: Erik Prince
Aviation quotes by Erik Prince
#181. Aviation is a dynamic profession. The rate of obsolescence of equipment is high and new aircraft have to be placed in inventory periodically in order to stay abreast of the requirements of modern war. - Author: Keith B. McCutcheon
Aviation quotes by Keith B. McCutcheon
#182. To propel a dirigible balloon through the air is like pushing a candle through a brick wall. - Author: Alberto Santos-Dumont
Aviation quotes by Alberto Santos-Dumont
#183. You come to Washington, there's a rail bill, there's a highway bill, there's a aviation bill. But when you go home, there's an airport, there's a highway, there's a rail, there's transit. It all has to work together. - Author: Anthony Foxx
Aviation quotes by Anthony Foxx
#184. It wasn't until the jet engine came into being and that engine was coupled with special airplane designs - such as the swept wing - that airplanes finally achieved a high enough work capability, efficiency and comfort level to allow air transportation to really take off. - Author: Joe Sutter
Aviation quotes by Joe Sutter
#185. I used my aviation contacts to open a travel agency. I used to book Caribbean flights. - Author: Joseph Force Crater
Aviation quotes by Joseph Force Crater
#186. This is why being a helicopter pilot is so different from being an airplane pilot, and why in generality, airplane pilots are open, clear-eyed, buoyant extroverts, and helicopter pilots are brooding introspective anticipators of trouble. They know if something bad has not happened it is about to. - Author: Harry Reasoner
Aviation quotes by Harry Reasoner
#187. You know they invented wheelbarrows to teach FAA inspectors to walk on their hind legs. - Author: Martin Caidin
Aviation quotes by Martin Caidin
#188. No country was ever easier to spy on, Tom, no nation so open-hearted with its secrets, so quick to air them, confide them, or consign them too early to the junk heap of planned American obsolescence. I am too young to know whether there was a time when Americans were able to restrain their admirable passion to communicate, but I doubt it. Certainly the path has been downhill since 1945, for it was quickly apparent that information which ten years ago would have cost Axl's service thousands of dollars in precious hard currency could by the mid-70s be had for a few coppers from the Washington Post. We could have resented this sometimes, if we had smaller natures, for there are few things more vexing in the spy world than landing a scoop for Prague and London one week, only to read the same material in Aviation Weekly the next. But we did not complain. In the great fruit garden of American technology, there were pickings enough for everyone and none of us need ever want for anything again. - Author: John Le Carre
Aviation quotes by John Le Carre
#189. For those of us who live in the shadow of this noisy monster, there aren't too many of us who are sorry to see it go. - Author: Anthony Weiner
Aviation quotes by Anthony Weiner
#190. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. - Author: Bee Movie
Aviation quotes by Bee Movie
#191. She flew like a bird, only faster. - Author: Alvin M. Johnston
Aviation quotes by Alvin M. Johnston
#192. When you're looking around for metaphor or simile, I do think it's often helpful to keep inside the world of the book, to gather your comparisons from the stuff particular to that world - be they king salmon and aviation fuel, or pot roasts and spatulas. - Author: Leigh Newman
Aviation quotes by Leigh Newman
#193. Aviation seems almost a gift from heaven to those Western nations who were already the leaders of their era, strengthening their leadership, their confidence, their dominance over other peoples. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
Aviation quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#194. President Obama dropped the term 'war on terror', and rightly so. Terrorism is not an enemy but a type of warfare that may or may not be adopted by an enemy. Imagine if, after Pearl Harbor, an attack that relied on aircraft carriers, President Roosevelt had declared a global war on naval aviation. By focusing on terrorism instead of al Qaeda or radical Islam, Bush elevated a specific kind of assault to a position that shaped American global strategy, which left the United States strategically off-balance.
Obama may have clarified the nomenclature, but he left in place a significant portion of the imbalance, which is an obsession with the threat of terrorist attacks. As we consider presidential options in the coming decade, it appears imperative that we clear up just how much of a threat terrorism actually presents and what that threat means for U.S. policy. - Author: George Friedman
Aviation quotes by George Friedman
#195. Not to have an adequate air force in the present state of the world is to compromise the foundations of national freedom and independence. - Author: Winston S. Churchill
Aviation quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#196. This is our foxhole, and in foxholes, sometimes faith is all you've got. - Author: James R. Hannibal
Aviation quotes by James R. Hannibal
#197. Aviation is fine as a sport. But as an instrument of war, it is worthless. - Author: Ferdinand Foch
Aviation quotes by Ferdinand Foch
#198. I put my bullets into the target as if I placed them there by hand. - Author: Rene Fonck
Aviation quotes by Rene Fonck
#199. When wild the head-wind beat, Thy sovereign Will commanding Bring them who dare to fly To a safe landing. - Author: Duncan Campbell Scott
Aviation quotes by Duncan Campbell Scott
#200. And this was the greatest gift that aviation could ever give me; not the sense of freedom but the sense of permanence, coupling, of being absolutely worthy, absolutely necessary to the one person in the world who hadn't needed anyone. Before. - Author: Melanie Benjamin
Aviation quotes by Melanie Benjamin

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