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#1. I don't know what's more embarrassing, these musicians and actors talking about politics in interviews or the media actually giving them credibility about it. It's absurd that a celebrity could speak out on the economy or politics with no more justification than a hit album or a movie. - Author: Paul Stanley
Economy quotes by Paul Stanley
#2. Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people. - Author: Richard M. Nixon
Economy quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#3. I've been through periods of stress, turbulence in the market for over the course of my career, various times, and never in any of those other periods have we had the advantage of a strong economy underpinning the markets. - Author: Henry Paulson
Economy quotes by Henry Paulson
#4. In economy, invisible hand is a set of wealthy men.
It's the puppeteer who's in charge behind the curtain. - Author: Toba Beta
Economy quotes by Toba Beta
#5. In 2006, the global economy was doing well. In India, the political and economic situation was stable. All key macroeconomic indicators reflected an economy that was in robust good health. - Author: Baba Kalyani
Economy quotes by Baba Kalyani
#6. We are a small, open economy, highly dependent on global flows. It is inevitably a demand that dramatically alters and that is reflected in what we feel here in New Zealand. So there is at its most basic level a limit to what we can do and that is true everywhere. - Author: John Key
Economy quotes by John Key
#7. Gorilla tourism is vital to Rwanda's economy: It's the third highest source of income. - Author: Andy Serkis
Economy quotes by Andy Serkis
#8. Through the radical undoing and debilitation of repeated pain we are reacquainted with the essentialities of place and time and existence itself; in deep pain we have energy only for what we can do wholeheartedly and then, only within a narrow range of motion, metaphorically or physically, from tying our shoelace to holding the essential core conversations that are reciprocal and reinforcing within the close-in circle of those we love. Pain teaches us a fine economy, in movement, in the heart's affections, in what we ask of ourselves and eventually in what we ask in others. - Author: David Whyte
Economy quotes by David Whyte
#9. If everybody in the world suddenly decided not to use their credit cards for three days, the whole global economy would be in serious trouble. (Recall how we were all urged to get out our credit cards after 9/11 and get back to shopping.) Which is why so much effort is put toward getting money out of our pockets and keeping it circulating. - Author: David Harvey
Economy quotes by David Harvey
#10. Life uses information (stored in DNA) to capture energy (which it stores in a chemical called ATP) to create order. Humans burn prodigious amounts of energy - we generate about 10,000 times as much energy per gram as the sun. The sun is hotter only because it is much bigger. We use energy to create and maintain intricate cellular and bodily complexity, the opposite of entropy, just as we do in the economy, where the harnessing of power from burning fuel enables us to build skyscrapers and aeroplanes. - Author: Matt Ridley
Economy quotes by Matt Ridley
#11. Everyone is always in favour of general economy and particular expenditure. - Author: Anthony Eden
Economy quotes by Anthony Eden
#12. Recognize that good economics cannot be divorced from good politics: this is perhaps a reason why the field of economics was known as political economy. - Author: Anonymous
Economy quotes by Anonymous
#13. I think that is the fight that we have to wage if we're to save the middle class. And I do have doubts about whether Hillary Clinton or whether any Republican candidate out there is prepared to take on the big money interests who control so much of our economy and as a result of Citizens United, our political process as well. - Author: Lindsey Graham
Economy quotes by Lindsey Graham
#14. Over the past two years, the House has passed more than 50 measures focused on stimulating the economy and expanding opportunities for American workers. The tax relief provisions in this package have been an important part of our pro-growth agenda. - Author: Roger Wicker
Economy quotes by Roger Wicker
#15. Indeed, the economy and the environment need not be seen in opposition. - Author: Jacob Rothschild
Economy quotes by Jacob Rothschild
#16. There's not a lot you can do about the national economy but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy. - Author: Zig Ziglar
Economy quotes by Zig Ziglar
#17. Europe was not born in the early Middle Ages. No common identity in 1000 linked Spain to Russia, Ireland to the Byzantine empire (in what is now the Balkans, Greece and Turkey), except the very weak sense of community that linked Christian polities together. There was no common European culture, and certainly not any Europe-wide economy. There was no sign whatsoever that Europe would, in a still rather distant future, develop economically and militarily, so as to be able to dominate the world. Anyone in 1000 looking for future industrialization would have put bets on the economy of Egypt, not of the Rhineland and Low Countries, and that of Lancashire would have seemed like a joke. In politico-military terms, the far south-east and south-west of Europe, Byzantium and al-Andalus (Muslim Spain), provided the dominant states of the Continent, whereas in western Europe the Carolingian experiment (see below, Chapters 16 and 17) had ended with the break-up of Francia (modern France, Belgium and western Germany), the hegemonic polity for the previous four hundred years. The most coherent western state in 1000, southern England, was tiny. In fact, weak political systems dominated most of the Continent at the end of our period, and the active and aggressive political systems of later on in the Middle Ages were hardly visible.

National identities, too, were not widely prominent in 1000, even if one rejects the association between nationalism and modernity made in much contemp - Author: Chris Wickham
Economy quotes by Chris Wickham
#18. The transition to a low-carbon economy will be one of the defining issues of the 21st century. This plan sets out a route-map for the UK's transition from here to 2020 ... every business, every community will need to be involved. Together we can create a more secure, more prosperous low carbon Britain and a world which is sustainable for future generations. - Author: Ed Miliband
Economy quotes by Ed Miliband
#19. It is a game, the whole ball of wax is a game - your life, my life, politics, economy, hunger ... - Author: Mandy Patinkin
Economy quotes by Mandy Patinkin
#20. People understand what is good for them in the long run. In the long run, what is good for people is that India's economy continues to grow at clipping pace, 8% and above, that itself brings host of benefits to the people. It brings better roads, it brings better schools, brings more money to the communities, it brings more jobs. - Author: P. Chidambaram
Economy quotes by P. Chidambaram
#21. To think that the new economy is over is like somebody in London in 1830 saying the entire industrial revolution is over because some textile manufacturers in Manchester went broke. - Author: Alvin Toffler
Economy quotes by Alvin Toffler
#22. If we wish to preserve a free society, it is essential that we recognize that the desirability of a particular object is not sufficient justification for the use of coercion. - Author: Friedrich Hayek
Economy quotes by Friedrich Hayek
#23. In the economy of Heaven, God does not send thunder if a still, small voice is enough, or a prophet if a priest can do the job. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
Economy quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#24. Regarding quality, the following rule is very important: do each activity right at the first time with the aim of saving money and time. Regardless of the process under consideration, the activities that were carried out badly may cause repetitions with considerable additional costs. - Author: Eraldo Banovac
Economy quotes by Eraldo Banovac
#25. The Chinese public is deeply nationalist, which matters to China's unelected political leadership as much as U.S. nationalism does to American politicians. As China becomes the world's largest economy, there is meaningful public pressure for its power status to advance in parallel. Any alternative would be humiliating. - Author: Noah Feldman
Economy quotes by Noah Feldman
#26. It appears - because it has been the case for twenty years - that every problem is solvable ... that no matter how badly the world economy slumps there is a pain-free way out of it. Once the realization dawns that there is not, and that the pain will be severe, the question is posed that has not really been posed for twenty years: who should feel it? - Author: Paul Mason
Economy quotes by Paul Mason
#27. You'll know the economy is dead when industry stops and escalators turn into stairs. That'll be the day slinkies take over the world. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Economy quotes by Jarod Kintz
#28. Teachers started recognizing me and praising me for being smart in science and that made me want to be even smarter in science! - Author: Steve Wozniak
Economy quotes by Steve Wozniak
#29. A National Government cannot create good times. It cannot make the rain to fall, the sun to shine, or the crops to grow, but it can, by pursuing a meddlesome policy, attempting to change economic conditions, and frightening the investment of capital, prevent a prosperity and a revival of business which might otherwise have taken place. - Author: William Howard Taft
Economy quotes by William Howard Taft
#30. Retailers should not be filling their minds with all the things that are wrong, with how the economy is going, or with trying to get someplace in the business world. They should enjoy being in this moment and in this day and serving the people who come in. - Author: Wayne Dyer
Economy quotes by Wayne Dyer
#31. The problems of the global economy are not based in perception, but in the reality of prices, balance sheets and income statements, vast concentrations of wealth and power, precarious systemic imbalances, ruthless exploitation, and command economies mismanaged by Central State/Bank policy and manipulation. - Author: Charles Hugh Smith
Economy quotes by Charles Hugh Smith
#32. Failing to curb the impact of climate change could damage the global economy on the scale of the Great Depression or the world wars by spawning environmental devastation that could cost 5 to 20 percent of the world's annual gross domestic product. - Author: Nicholas Stern
Economy quotes by Nicholas Stern
#33. Economy: As an adjective, cheap; As a noun, that which compels us to render ourselves as such. - Author: CrimethInc.
Economy quotes by CrimethInc.
#34. Let's make sure that there is certainty during uncertain times in our economy. - Author: George W. Bush
Economy quotes by George W. Bush
#35. Unhappy voters thought the anemic economy, Obamacare, the collapse of U.S. foreign policy, the scandals in government, and the incompetent handling of everything from the Islamic State to Ebola were the only real issues. Democrats'€ refusal to acknowledge them did not make these failures go away. - Author: Victor Davis Hanson
Economy quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#36. We must surely appear to the world as exactly what we are: a nation that organizes its economy around consuming twice as much oil as it produces, and around the profligate wastefulness of the wars and campaigns required to defend such consumption. In recent years we have defined our national interest largely in terms of the oil fields and pipelines we need to procure fuel. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Economy quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#37. We have a debt the size of our economy, which makes us look a lot like Greece. - Author: Mitch McConnell
Economy quotes by Mitch McConnell
#38. Being a Midwesterner, I know that many of the middle-class manufacturing jobs that had been at the heart of our economy are either gone or going, and they're not coming back. - Author: Eli Broad
Economy quotes by Eli Broad
#39. I've been round Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China in the last few months and the message that I've been taking is that New Zealand is building an up market dynamic into a connected economy. And that we are not the old-fashioned, ship mutton kind of product the people associate their export in work. - Author: Helen Clark
Economy quotes by Helen Clark
#40. What we are left with is an overmanipulated economy that can't function normally. - Author: Kenichi Ohmae
Economy quotes by Kenichi Ohmae
#41. But the primary reason for wanting the dollar to become more competitive in the near future is that we may need an increase in exports this year and in 2007 to sustain the economy's current pace of expansion. - Author: Martin Feldstein
Economy quotes by Martin Feldstein
#42. Two decades after communism and the alleged end of the Cold War, Russia is still a cash economy. The preferred currency is dollars, though euros are also acceptable. - Author: Luke Harding
Economy quotes by Luke Harding
#43. Russia depends on natural resources way too much. Russian economy is not diversified enough - Author: Kenneth Rogoff
Economy quotes by Kenneth Rogoff
#44. Right now, the economy is a whole lot like a fairly good-looking brain-dead chick in a persistent vegetative coma. You can't really wake her up, but there's things she's still good for. - Author: Cintra Wilson
Economy quotes by Cintra Wilson
#45. Play may not have so high a place in the divine economy, but is has as legitimate a place as prayer. - Author: J.G. Holland
Economy quotes by J.G. Holland
#46. Our economic system and our planetary system are now at war. Or, more accurately, our economy is at war with many forms of life on earth, including human life. What the climate needs to avoid collapse is a contraction in humanity's use of resources; what our economic model demands to avoid collapse is unfettered expansion. Only one of these sets of rules can be changed, and it's not the laws of nature. - Author: Naomi Klein
Economy quotes by Naomi Klein
#47. I relate to what Gov. Romney brings. I know what it means to balance a budget. I know what it means to write a paycheck and not only cash one. I know what it means to create a job, and I know what it means to struggle with my business every day in terms of keeping our doors open any day but definitely in a difficult economy. - Author: Sher Valenzuela
Economy quotes by Sher Valenzuela
#48. A comprehensive national energy policy is critical to our nation's economy and our national security. Energy expenditures account for about 7% percent of our total economy and influence pricing in the much of the rest of the economy. - Author: Heather Wilson
Economy quotes by Heather Wilson
#49. Our system of private health insurance that fails to provide coverage to so many of our citizens also contributes to the double-digit health care inflation that is making America less competitive in the global economy. - Author: John Conyers
Economy quotes by John Conyers
#50. I would go one step further and say that the willingness to challenge professional economists - and other experts - should be the foundation of democracy. When you think about it, if all we have to do is to listen to the experts, what is the point of having a democracy at all? Unless we want our societies to be run by a body of self-elected experts, we all have to learn economics and challenge professional economists - Author: Ha-Joon Chang
Economy quotes by Ha-Joon Chang
#51. We transmit and catch moods from each other in what amounts to a subterranean economy of the psyche in which some encounters are toxic, some nourishing. - Author: Daniel Goleman
Economy quotes by Daniel Goleman
#52. We blame our bosses, the economy, our politicians, other people, or we write ourselves off as failures or our goals as impossible. When really only one thing is at fault: our attitude and approach. - Author: Ryan Holiday
Economy quotes by Ryan Holiday
#53. For example, the citizens will live out the value of diligence in their enterprises. They will live out the value of prudence in their finances. They will live out the value of industry in the economy. They will live out the value of love in their neighbourhood. They will live out the value of dignity of labour in the market place, etc. All these will go a long way into propelling both the economy and political life of a nation to the greatest height possible. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Economy quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#54. We won't make the weak stronger by making the strong weaker, as a very wise man once said. That applies to the economy as well. If Germany were less competitive, the euro area as a whole would lose, because less could be produced then. - Author: Mario Draghi
Economy quotes by Mario Draghi
#55. If government wishes to see a depression ended as quickly as possible and the economy returned to normal prosperity, what course should it adopt? The first and clearest injunction is: Don't interfere with the market's adjustment process. - Author: Murray Rothbard
Economy quotes by Murray Rothbard
#56. To maintain our own economy,we are disturbing the nature's economy - Author: Siddharth Seksaria
Economy quotes by Siddharth Seksaria
#57. We think we have a responsibility. And I think it's important for all of us in the Western world to realize that we've all been blessed a lot and if you go to these parts they don't have a lot, even before the tsunami. - Author: Kevin Rollins
Economy quotes by Kevin Rollins
#58. Not wishing to be disturbed over moral issues of the political economy, Americans cling to the notion that the government is a sort of automatic machine, regulated by the balancing of competing interests. - Author: C. Wright Mills
Economy quotes by C. Wright Mills
#59. Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green; all else is necessarily subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Economy quotes by Thomas Sowell
#60. [T]he economy remains the top issue for the electorate. - Author: Karl Rove
Economy quotes by Karl Rove
#61. As I see it today, Hitler and Goebbels were in fact molded by the mob itself, guided by its yearnings and its daydreams. Of course, Goebbels and Hitler knew how to penetrate through to the instincts of their audiences; but in the deeper sense they derived their whole existence from these audiences. Certainly the masses roared to the beat set by Hitler's and Goebbels' baton; yet they were not the true conductors. The mob determined the theme. To compensate for misery, insecurity, unemployment, and hopelessness, this anonymous assemblage wallowed for hours at a time in obsessions, savagery and license. The personal unhappiness caused by the breakdown of the economy was replaced by a frenzy that demanded victims. By lashing out at their opponents and vilifying the Jews, they gave expression and direction to fierce primal passions. - Author: Albert Speer
Economy quotes by Albert Speer
#62. I actually think that the economy has got some positives. It's got the market. It's got consumer confidence and it's got banks throwing - I mean central bankers throwing money at it around the world. - Author: Jack Welch
Economy quotes by Jack Welch
#63. Society at present suffers far more from waste of money than from want of it. There is dignity in every attempt to economise. It indicates self-denial and imparts strength of character. It produces a well-regulated mind. - Author: Morarji Desai
Economy quotes by Morarji Desai
#64. Our political economy and our high-energy industry run on large, general principles, on ideas - not by day-to-day guess work, expedients and improvisations. Ideas have to go into exchange to become or remain operative; and the medium of such exchange is the printed word. - Author: William F. Buckley Jr.
Economy quotes by William F. Buckley Jr.
#65. It's time to focus on real solutions that will create jobs and build our economy for real strength and stability - not just for the fortunate few, but for every American. - Author: Kirsten Gillibrand
Economy quotes by Kirsten Gillibrand
#66. Give not S. Peter so much, to leave Saint Paul nothing.
[Give not Saint Peter so much, to leave Saint Paul nothing.] - Author: George Herbert
Economy quotes by George Herbert
#67. We must be polite, Syen," he says. He's still smiling, but he's furious; she can tell because he's flashing too many teeth. "We're only orogenes, after all. And this is a member of the Stillness's most esteemed use-caste. We are merely here to wield powers greater than she can comprehend in order to save her region's economy, while she - " He waggles a finger at the woman, not even trying to hide his sarcasm. "She is a pedantic minor bureaucrat. But I'm sure she's a very important pedantic minor bureaucrat. - Author: N.K. Jemisin
Economy quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#68. Imperceptibly, the developed world's manufacturing base was gradually eroding and being replaced by securitized finance that destroyed itself and nearly its economies in 2008. - Author: Bill Gross
Economy quotes by Bill Gross
#69. domestic economy for her private study. - Author: H.G.Wells
Economy quotes by H.G.Wells
#70. The human species was not born into a market economy. Bees won't sell you honey if you offer them an electronic funds transfer. The human species imagined money into existence, and it exists - for us, not mice or wasps - because we go on believing in it. - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
Economy quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#71. They were looking after themselves, living with rigid economy; and there was no greater proof of their friendship than the way their harmony withstood their very grave differences in domestic behaviour. In Jack's opinion Stephen was little better than a slut: his papers, odd bits of dry, garlic'd bread, his razors and small-clothes lay on and about his private table in a miserable squalor; and from the appearance of the grizzled wig that was now acting as a tea-cosy for his milk-saucepan, it was clear that he had breakfasted on marmalade.
Jack took off his coat, covered his waistcoat and breeches with an apron, and carried the dishes into the scullery. 'My plate and saucer will serve again,' said Stephen. 'I have blown upon them. I do wish, Jack,' he cried, 'that you would leave that milk-saucepan alone. It is perfectly clean. What more sanitary, what more wholesome, than scalded milk? - Author: Patrick O'Brian
Economy quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#72. Home purchases that are very highly leveraged or unaffordable subject the borrower and lender to a great deal of risk. Moreover, even in a strong economy, unforeseen life events and risks in local real estate markets make highly leveraged borrowers vulnerable. - Author: Ben Bernanke
Economy quotes by Ben Bernanke
#73. Our region's economy was built upon their entrepreneurial spirit, and our economy still depends on the continued success of the enterprises they have worked so hard to create. - Author: Doc Hastings
Economy quotes by Doc Hastings
#74. When your economy is subject to the whims of Libya and Nigeria and Venezuela, you have a problem. - Author: Jason Chaffetz
Economy quotes by Jason Chaffetz
#75. An ecological approach to the economy is about having enough, not having more. - Author: John Bellamy Foster
Economy quotes by John Bellamy Foster
#76. My formative years, until I was 12, was all shaped by Jamaican culture, by that economy, by the people in my family, who are agriculturalists, who were plantation workers, who harvested those crops and took them down to the boats run by the United Food Company, to load those ships at night, hence all the songs that I sing that come from that environment. - Author: Harry Belafonte
Economy quotes by Harry Belafonte
#77. A quote has an even more powerful effect if we presume not just a particular author behind it, but God, nature, the unconscious, labor, or difference. These are strong fetishes, each conjuring the powerful submedial in a particular way. Yet all of them must nonetheless be exchanged in a certain rhythm according to the laws of the medial economy. In order to create such fetishes, one does not have to use brilliant quotes by famous authors but can use anonymous quotes that stem from the author- less realm of the everyday, lowly, foreign, vulgar, aggressive, or stupid. Precisely such quotes produce the effect of medial sincerity, that is, the revelation of a deeply submerged, hidden, medial plane on the familiar medial surface. It then appears as if this surface had been blasted open from the inside and that the respective quotes had sprung forth from the submedial interior - like aliens. All of this, of course, refers to the economy of the quote as a gift that can be offered, accepted, and reciprocated. - Author: Boris Groys
Economy quotes by Boris Groys
#78. An economy should exist for the people who inhabit it, not the other way around. The purpose of an economy is to provide everyone with opportunities to live full, happy, and productive lives. Yet when most people come to view the economic game as rigged, this most basic purpose cannot be achieved. It is impossible to live happily in a society that seems fundamentally unfair or to live well in a nation rife with anger and cynicism. - Author: Robert B. Reich
Economy quotes by Robert B. Reich
#79. Within the stable economy it's necessary to eliminate all forms of sexual discrimination, and to provide women for the first time in our history with economic opportunities equal to those of men. - Author: Jimmy Carter
Economy quotes by Jimmy Carter
#80. When exactly did this downward cultural spiral begin, this loss of tact and refinement and understanding that some things should not be said or directly represented? When did we no longer appreciate that to dignify certain modes of behavior, manners, and ways of being with artistic representation was implicitly to glorify and promote them? There is, as Adam Smith said, a deal of ruin in a nation: and this truth applies as much to a nation's culture as to its economy. The work of cultural destruction, while often swifter, easier, and more self-conscious than that of construction, is not the work of a moment. Rome wasn't destroyed in a day. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
Economy quotes by Theodore Dalrymple
#81. The tragedy of government welfare programs is not just wasted taxpayer money but wasted lives. The effects of welfare in encouraging the break-up of low-income families have been extensively documented. The primary way that those with low incomes can advance in the market economy is to get married, stay married, and work - but welfare programs have created incentives to do the opposite. - Author: Michael Tanner
Economy quotes by Michael Tanner
#82. In a market economy, a main determinant of social standing is participation in the labor market and the associated willingness to 'self-commodify' (e.g., Esping-Andersen 1999), the latter term nicely emphasizing how market economies render all forms of worth, even self-worth, a function of market valuation. When individuals fail to self-commodify, they fall outside the most fundamental institutions of the society, thereby reducing them to nonentities and social ciphers. This is why a mere transfer of income to the underclass... is inconsequential in relieving feelings of social exclusion. If anything, such a transfer only draws attention to the initial failure to self-commodify. although a class map also embodies distinctions of social standing among those who have an enduring commitment to the labor market, the social divide between the underclass and all other classes looms especially large because it captures this fundamental insider-outsider distinction. - Author: Ravi Kanbur
Economy quotes by Ravi Kanbur
#83. The stock market is like a small row boat on a rough sea, bouncing around as it drifts, whereas the macro economy is like a large ocean liner, very ponderous and difficult to maneuver but without such a rough journey. - Author: Clive Granger
Economy quotes by Clive Granger
#84. Democrats in Washington predicted that tax cuts would not create jobs, would not increase wages, and would cause the federal deficit to explode. Well, the facts are in. The tax cuts have led to a strong economy. Real wages were on the rise, and deficit has been cut in half three years ahead of schedule. - Author: George W. Bush
Economy quotes by George W. Bush
#85. Wise people are able to give themselves gracefully to seemingly contradictory experiences, because they know that they belong to different seasons of life, all of which are necessary to the whole. Spring and winter, growth and decay, creativity and fallowness, health and sickness, power and impotence, and life and death all belong within the economy of being. - Author: Sam Keen
Economy quotes by Sam Keen
#86. The interesting thing is, while we die of diseases of affluence from eating all these fatty meats, our poor brethren in the developing world die of diseases of poverty, because the land is not used now to grow food grain for their families. - Author: Jeremy Rifkin
Economy quotes by Jeremy Rifkin
#87. There is no kind of freedom and liberty other than the kind which the market economy brings about. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Economy quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#88. When you talk about the security and safety of average Americans it doesn't do average Americans a lot of good to expand America's military footprint if the daily lives of average Americans are being undermined by the fact that we're no longer able to compete in a global economy. I think that's the kind of human security we have to pay more attention to. - Author: Peter Beinart
Economy quotes by Peter Beinart
#89. The great hatred of capitalism in the hearts of the oppressed, ancient and modern, I think, stems not merely from the ensuing vast inequality in wealth, and the often unfair and arbitrary nature of who profits and who suffers, but from the silent acknowledgement that under a free market economy the many victims of the greed of the few are still better off than those under the utopian socialism of the well-intended. It is a hard thing for the poor to acknowledge benefits from their rich moral inferiors who never so intended it. (p.272) - Author: Victor Davis Hanson
Economy quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#90. Now, I don't think President Obama and Vice President Biden get the credit they deserve for saving us from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. Our economy is so much stronger than when they took office. - Author: Hillary Clinton
Economy quotes by Hillary Clinton
#91. Low interest rates are a big opportunity for investment. But the issue is that this money should go to the real economy, not the financial economy. - Author: Carlos Slim
Economy quotes by Carlos Slim
#92. The debt and the deficit is just getting out of control, and the administration is still pumping through billions upon trillions of new spending. That does not grow the economy. - Author: Paul Ryan
Economy quotes by Paul Ryan
#93. As a general rule, man strives to avoid labor. Love for work is not at all an inborn characteristic: it is created by economic pressure and social education. One may even say that man is a fairly lazy animal. It is on this quality, in reality, that is founded to a considerable extent all human progress; because if man did not strive to expend his energy economically, did not seek to receive the largest possible quantity of products in return for a small quantity of energy, there would have been no technical development or social culture. - Author: Leon Trotsky
Economy quotes by Leon Trotsky
#94. From a business perspective, the question related to cities and sustainability is clear and compelling: can you have a healthy company in an unhealthy city? Arguably, no. Companies need healthy cities to provide reliable infrastructure, an educated and vital workforce, a vibrant economy, and a safe and secure environment to survive and thrive. Business executives have a lot to learn from cities, and a lot to contribute, and this book shows the way, chronicling the successes and the lessons learned about what it takes to make a city healthy, in every sense of the word. - Author: Joel Makower
Economy quotes by Joel Makower
#95. In France, this general climate of distrust toward private capitalism was deepened after 1945 by the fact that many members of the economic elite were suspected of having collaborated with the German occupiers and indecently enriched themselves during the war. It was in this highly charged post-Liberation climate that major sectors of the economy were nationalized, including in particular the banking sector, the coal mines, and the automobile industry. The Renault factories were punitively seized after their owner, Louis Renault, was arrested as a collaborator in September 1944. - Author: Anonymous
Economy quotes by Anonymous
#96. American [public] schools are failing because they are organized according to a bureaucratic, monopolistic model; their organizing principle is basically the same as that of a socialist economy. - Author: David Boaz
Economy quotes by David Boaz
#97. Many writers upon the science of political economy have declared that it is the duty of a nation first to encourage the creation of wealth; and second, to direct and control its distribution. All such theories are delusive. - Author: Leland Stanford
Economy quotes by Leland Stanford
#98. A free and open Internet should not have to be weighed down by legal challenges - its dynamism is essential to our economy. - Author: Anna Eshoo
Economy quotes by Anna Eshoo
#99. Avarice is more opposite to economy than liberality. - Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Economy quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#100. Peter the Great was probably the equal, in dedication, power and ruthlessness, of many of the most successful revolutionary or nationalist leaders. Yet he failed in his chief purpose, which was to turn Russia into a Western nation. And the reason he failed was that he did not infuse the Russian masses with some soul-stirring enthusiasm. He either did not think it necessary or did not know how to make of his purpose a holy cause. It is not strange that the Bolshevik revolutionaries who wiped out the last of the Czars and Romanovs should have a sense of kinship with Peter - a Czar and a Romanov. For his purpose is now theirs, and they hope to succeed where he failed. The Bolshevik revolution may figure in history as much an attempt to modernize a sixth of the world's surface as an attempt to build a Communist economy. The - Author: Eric Hoffer
Economy quotes by Eric Hoffer
#101. We have put our country on solid ground, but let me tell you: The next five years are much, much more important. The next five years are about turning the good news in our economy into a good life for you and your family. - Author: David Cameron
Economy quotes by David Cameron
#102. At President Obama's direction, the U.S Department of Agriculture is working hard to unleash the power of America's innovators and entrepreneurs to build a green energy economy. - Author: Tom Vilsack
Economy quotes by Tom Vilsack
#103. We must continue to fight for funding for health technologies so that they can continue to do what they do best - save lives - but also because they confer a real benefit to America's economy. - Author: Albio Sires
Economy quotes by Albio Sires
#104. I am not a capitalist in the simplistic left/right sense. But I do believe in the power of the global free-market economy and in using capitalist tools. I believe in the power of teh free market and the power of capital in the marketplace. I also believe that providing unemployment benefits is not the best way to address poverty. The able-bodied poor don't wan tor need charity. The dole only increases their misery, robs them of incentive and, more important, of self-respect. - Author: Muhammad Yunus
Economy quotes by Muhammad Yunus
#105. As Ohio's working families continue to recover from the worst economic recession in our country's history, we need a president who's committed to growing our economy by lifting up the middle class. - Author: Sherrod Brown
Economy quotes by Sherrod Brown
#106. I have always found that if I move with seventy-five percent or more of the facts that I usually never regret it. It's the guys who wait to have everything perfect that drive you crazy. - Author: Lee Iacocca
Economy quotes by Lee Iacocca
#107. Deficit financing proper is rather the process whereby a Government spends more money that it withdraws from the economy by taxation, borrowing, running down reserves, etc.; thereby causing in most circumstances, and very acutely in ours, monetary inflation and severe pressure on the balance of payments. - Author: John James Cowperthwaite
Economy quotes by John James Cowperthwaite
#108. Be it unto you, even as you believe.
In God's economy, we believe first and then see. - Author: Joyce Meyer
Economy quotes by Joyce Meyer
#109. Every man must decide for himself whether he shall master his world or be mastered by it. - Author: James Cash Penney
Economy quotes by James Cash Penney
#110. It is the institutions of society, not parental genes, that bestow the blessings of ownership of productive capital. - Author: Louis O. Kelso
Economy quotes by Louis O. Kelso
#111. We are three countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia - countries that are now in transition and must cooperate with each other, because our economies depend on each other. - Author: Stjepan Mesic
Economy quotes by Stjepan Mesic
#112. What I am saying every day to Malawians is that time has come for us to move from aid to trade. We have picked several sectors that we think we can focus on immediately in order for us to grow our economy. So we have decided to diversify agriculture, we decided to develop our tourism sector, we have decided to develop our mining sector. - Author: Joyce Banda
Economy quotes by Joyce Banda
#113. Over hundred years ago Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act. There was wide distribution of land and they didn't confiscate anyone's privately owned land ... We need an industrial Homestead Act. - Author: Ronald Reagan
Economy quotes by Ronald Reagan
#114. You've been four of the dearest, sweetest, goodest girls who ever went together through college,' averred Aunt Jamesina, who never spoiled a compliment by misplaced economy. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Economy quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#115. As soon as a thought or word becomes a tool, one can dispense with actually 'thinking' it, that is, with going through the logical acts involved in verbal formulation of it. As has been pointed out, often and correctly, the advantage of mathematics the model of all neo-positivistic thinking lies in just this 'intellectual economy.' Complicated logical operations are carried out without actual performance of the intellectual acts upon which the mathematical and logical symbols are based ... Reason ... becomes a fetish, a magic entity that is accepted rather than intellectually experienced. - Author: Max Horkheimer
Economy quotes by Max Horkheimer
#116. The stands are packed every weekend, year after year, even though the team's achievements have collapsed in line with the town's economy. And perhaps that's why - because everyone hopes than when the team's fortunes improve again, the rest of the town will get pulled up with it. Which is why places like this always have to pin their hopes for the future on young people. They're the only ones who don't remember that things actually used to be better. - Author: Fredrik Backman
Economy quotes by Fredrik Backman
#117. Politicians sre the same all over.They promise to build bridges, even where there are no rivers. - Author: Nikita Khrushev
Economy quotes by Nikita Khrushev
#118. Printing money creates inflation, which weakens an economy. Unfortunately, this kind of common-sense thinking never seems to penetrate academic circles. - Author: Peter Schiff
Economy quotes by Peter Schiff
#119. We don't sit down and go, 'People are uneasy about the economy. Let's write about that.' - Author: Chester Bennington
Economy quotes by Chester Bennington
#120. In my view, if you have one in 10 unemployed - something is wrong with the economy whether you call it recession or not. - Author: Amity Shlaes
Economy quotes by Amity Shlaes
#121. We see community organizations as major service providers and economic drivers rather than as recipients or distributors of charity, and coordinators of volunteers. Today they constitute what's referred to as 'the social economy'. - Author: Julia Gillard
Economy quotes by Julia Gillard
#122. As strange as it sounds, broken people are fixed by other broken people. It's God's economy. - Author: Charles Martin
Economy quotes by Charles Martin
#123. Perhaps the most important principle on which the economy of a manufacture depends, is the division of labour amongst the persons who perform the work. - Author: Charles Babbage
Economy quotes by Charles Babbage
#124. Believe me," Dr. Tamalet summed up, "if you wanted that operation in France, you could get it"

Which is, of course, the boon and the bane of France's health care system. It offers a maximum of free choice among skillful doctors and well-equipped hospitals, with little or not waiting, at bargain-basement prices [in out-of-pocket terms to the consumer]. It's a system that enables the French to live longer and healthier lives, with zero risk of financial loss due to illness. But somebody has to pay for all that high-quality, ready-when-you-need-it care--and the patients, so far, have not been willing to do so. As a result, the major health insurance funds are all operating at a deficit, and the costs of the health care system are increasing significantly faster than the economy as a whole. That's why the doctors keep striking and the sickness funds keep negotiating and the government keeps going back to the drawing board, with a new 'major health care reform' every few years. So far, the saving grace for France's system has been the high level of efficiency, as exemplified by the 'carte vitale,' that keeps administrative costs low--much lower than in the United States. - Author: T.R. Reid
Economy quotes by T.R. Reid
#125. Republican leaders have made clear they have no plans to use the power of government to stimulate the economy, invest in job creation and spur job growth. The Fed's plan is to give banks more money to finance the private sector job creation. But banks have ample cash now; they aren't lending, and the private sector is not creating the jobs. That is why we have 15 million people unemployed. - Author: Dennis Kucinich
Economy quotes by Dennis Kucinich
#126. Being surrounded by educated people makes democracy stronger, and it benefits our entire economy. - Author: Seth Godin
Economy quotes by Seth Godin
#127. During my travels in Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and all over the United States, I have seen and heard the voices of people who want change. They want the stabilization of the economy, education and healthcare for all, renewable energy and an environmental vision with an eye on generations to come. - Author: Michael Franti
Economy quotes by Michael Franti
#128. CO2 is a minor player in the total system, and human CO2 emissions are insignificant compared to total natural greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, lowering human CO2 emissions will have no measurable effect on climate, and continued CO2 emissions will have little or no effect on future temperature ... While controlling CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels may have some beneficial effects on air quality, it will have no measurable effect on climate, but great detrimental effects on the economy and our standard of living. - Author: Jonathan Duhamel
Economy quotes by Jonathan Duhamel
#129. On the same bill and on the same side of it there should not be two charges for the same thing. - Author: Stephen Leacock
Economy quotes by Stephen Leacock
#130. I began to study again, and now for the first time really achieved an understanding of the content of the Jew Karl Marx's life effort. Only now did his Capital become really intelligible to me, and also the struggle of the Social Democracy against the national economy, which aims only to prepare the ground for the domination of truly international finance and stock exchange capital. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Economy quotes by Adolf Hitler
#131. We must ensure our system of higher education offers world-class quality for a world-class economy. - Author: Bob Taft
Economy quotes by Bob Taft
#132. Our mission is, in truth, historic and world changing - to build, over the next fifty years and beyond, a global low carbon economy. And it is not overdramatic to say that the character and course of the coming century will be set by how we measure up to this challenge - Author: Gordon Brown
Economy quotes by Gordon Brown
#133. The money economy thus leaves a large ecological footprint, defined as the amount of land and resources required to meet a typical consumer's needs. For example, with only about 4% of the world's population, the United States, the largest money economy, consumes in excess of one-quarter of the world's energy and materials and generates in excess of 25 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. - Author: Stuart L. Hart
Economy quotes by Stuart L. Hart
#134. It has been recognized since the dawn of microbiology that the soil is inhabited by a living microscopic population which is responsible for the numerous reactions that take place in the soil and that affect the life and economy of man in many ways. - Author: Selman Waksman
Economy quotes by Selman Waksman
#135. Words change their meanings, just as organisms evolve. We would impose an enormous burden on our economy if we insisted on payment in cattle every time we identified a bonus as a pecuniary advantage (from the Latin pecus , or cattle, a verbal fossil from a former commercial reality). - Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Economy quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#136. An economy made of paper could never be as strong as one of bricks, guns and widgets. - Author: Ivo Stourton
Economy quotes by Ivo Stourton
#137. Inflation usually helps the economy at large, but not the 1% if wages rise. So the 1% says that it is terrible. - Author: Michael Hudson
Economy quotes by Michael Hudson
#138. A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Economy quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#139. Many people in the world believe that in the 21st century, the Asia-Pacific - Asia in particular - will play a more important role in global economy and politics and that Asia will become an important engine for the world economy. - Author: Li Keqiang
Economy quotes by Li Keqiang
#140. The culturalization of politics analytically vanquishes political economy, states, history, and international and transnational relations. It eliminates colonialism, capital, caste or class stratification, and external political domination from accounts of political conflict or instability. In their stead, "culture" is summoned to explain the motives and aspirations leading to certain conflicts - Author: Wendy Brown
Economy quotes by Wendy Brown
#141. Let me say again that the relationship is asymmetrical: there's no democracy without a market economy, but you can have a market economy without democracy. - Author: Peter L. Berger
Economy quotes by Peter L. Berger
#142. We could have a greener economy, even a greener consumer economy by changing the rules - whether it's by taxing carbon or trading carbon, I'm not sure what - but in the end there's just a fundamental problem with the sheer amount we're consuming. - Author: Michael Pollan
Economy quotes by Michael Pollan
#143. When you tax capital gains income, you don't help the economy, you hurt the economy, which is why President Kennedy, President Reagan, President Clinton and President Bush all believed we should have a lower rate for capital gains. - Author: Rob Portman
Economy quotes by Rob Portman
#144. Blame the economy, blame bad luck, blame my parents, blame your parents, blame the Internet, blame people who use the Internet. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Economy quotes by Gillian Flynn
#145. Well into the 20th century, scholars viewed economic advances as resulting from commercial innovations enabled by the discoveries of scientists - discoveries that come from outside the economy and out of the blue. - Author: Edmund Phelps
Economy quotes by Edmund Phelps
#146. The most effective way to shake an economy out of a terrible downturn when we're at the zero lower bound is an aggressive change in policy that makes people wake up, say 'this is a new day' and change their expectations. - Author: Christina Romer
Economy quotes by Christina Romer
#147. People believe that through the American way of life they can work together to encourage wider ownership of economic activities. In this way, they believe they can develop an economy of abundance which will provide a maximum of security and freedom. - Author: Murray D. Lincoln
Economy quotes by Murray D. Lincoln
#148. Amtrak is extremely important to the economy of Southern Illinois and I will continue to work with state and local leaders and my colleagues in Congress to secure the necessary funding to maintain full service. - Author: Jerry Costello
Economy quotes by Jerry Costello
#149. Governments of all stripes want to deliver growth and rebalance their economies now that they have learned the hard way that, left to their own devices, markets pick expensive banking losers. - Author: Frances O'Grady
Economy quotes by Frances O'Grady
#150. We were born a nation of entrepreneurs. That is why so many
people came to this country from so many different nations and cultures
around the globe. The entrepreneur sees the opportunity, takes
action, and successfully learns from the experience. They go on to
create wealth. They become part of that demographic that is called
"the rich." They, not the government, drive the economy and create
jobs. Only a mind with an envious, greedy perspective would consider
punitively taxing the rich as a viable solution to our fiscal miasma.
This is a solution springing from the fount of ignorance and deemed
wise only by fools. - Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
Economy quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#151. You don't need to chase wealth, just become a real entrepreneur and the world is your oyster. - Author: Amah Lambert
Economy quotes by Amah Lambert
#152. The consumer, that is to say, must be kept from discovering that, in the food industry - as in any other industry - the overriding concerns are not quality and health, but volume and price. For decades now the entire industrial food economy, from the large farms and feedlots to the chains of supermarkets and fast-food restaurants, has been obsessed with volume. It has relentlessly increased scale in order to increase volume in order (presumably) to reduce costs. But as scale increases, diversity declines; as diversity declines, so does health; as health declines, the dependence on drugs and chemicals necessarily increases. - Author: Wendell Berry
Economy quotes by Wendell Berry
#153. I am fascinated to hear of the impact that ESOPs have had on work-force morale in corporations of all sizes such as Sears Roebuck, Potomac Electric Power, Lowe's Companies and the Dow Chemical Company. - Author: Robert S. Strauss
Economy quotes by Robert S. Strauss
#154. This is all about creating good jobs for middle income Americans, and it's a place where the President, frankly, has failed. His effort to put in place a series of liberal proposals he thought were historic kept his eye off the ball of getting the economy going again. It is the economy, and the American people aren't stupid. They want someone who can get this economy going again. - Author: Mitt Romney
Economy quotes by Mitt Romney
#155. None of our competitors have ever made two systems that run the same software. - Author: Trip Hawkins
Economy quotes by Trip Hawkins
#156. Growth is the mantra of our society because the economy can't remain healthy without growth.Impregnable monopolies aside (and these are few), profits are both the hallmark of capitalism and its Achilles heel, for no business can permanently maintain its prices much above its costs. There is only one way in which profits can be perpetuated; a business-or an entire economy-must grow. - Author: Robert Heilbroner
Economy quotes by Robert Heilbroner
#157. Providing tax relief and reducing regulations leads to job creation and new economic opportunities for our small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy. - Author: Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Economy quotes by Cathy McMorris Rodgers
#158. I mean, I'm a conservative. I believe that, you know, if you borrow too much, you just build up debts for your children to pay off. You put pressure on interest rates. You put at risk your economy. That's the case in Britain. We're not a reserve currency, so we need to get on and deal with this issue. - Author: David Cameron
Economy quotes by David Cameron
#159. I find that because of modern technological evolution and our global economy, and as a result of the great increase in population, our world has greatly changed: it has become much smaller. However, our perceptions have not evolved at the same pace; we continue to cling to old national demarcations and the old feelings of "us" and "them. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
Economy quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#160. Both free speech rights and property rights belong legally to individuals, but their real function is social, to benefit vast numbers of people who do not themselves exercise these rights. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Economy quotes by Thomas Sowell
#161. The rules of workplace democracy are founded in solidarity and mutual trust. They are at the core of a historic process which promises to introduce a new economy, and thereby a new society, after capitalism. - Author: Seymour Melman
Economy quotes by Seymour Melman
#162. Bill Clinton beat Bush's father, President George H.W. Bush, for the White House in 1992 by focusing on 'the economy, stupid' - and Clinton's victory led, in time, to the longest sustained boom in American history. - Author: Nigel Hamilton
Economy quotes by Nigel Hamilton
#163. The United States should encourage Israel to take further steps to improve the Palestinian economy. - Author: Elliott Abrams
Economy quotes by Elliott Abrams
#164. We've never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. So, what I think what is more likely is that house prices will slow, maybe stabilize, might slow consumption spending a bit. I don't think it's going to drive the economy too far from its full employment path, though. - Author: Ben Bernanke
Economy quotes by Ben Bernanke
#165. In art economy is always beauty. - Author: Henry James
Economy quotes by Henry James
#166. The air, soil and water cumulatively degrade; the climates and oceans destabilize; species become extinct at a spasm rate across continents; pollution cycles and volumes increase to endanger life-systems at all levels in cascade effects; a rising half of the world is destitute as inequality multiplies; the global food system produces more and more disabling and contaminated junk food without nutritional value; non-contagious diseases multiply to the world's biggest killer with only symptom cures; the vocational future of the next generation collapses across the world while their bank debts rise; the global financial system has ceased to function for productive investment in life-goods; collective-interest agencies of governments and unions are stripped while for-profit state subsidies multiply; police state laws and methods advance while belligerent wars for corporate resources increase; the media are corporate ad vehicles and the academy is increasingly reduced to corporate functions; public sectors and services are non-stop defunded and privatized as tax evasion and transnational corporate funding and service by governments rise at the same time at every level. - Author: John McMurtry
Economy quotes by John McMurtry
#167. The right kind of immigrants can benefit the British economy enormously, but no country can accept indiscriminate, unlimited immigration. - Author: Nigel Lawson
Economy quotes by Nigel Lawson
#168. Fascism has a contradictory character and carries within it strong elements of ideological and political dislocation and dissolution. Its goal is to recast the old bourgeois 'democratic' state into a fascist state based on violence. This unleashes conflicts between the old established bureaucracy and the new fascist one; between the standing army with its officer corps and the new militia with its leaders; between the violent fascist policies in the economy and state and the ideology of the remaining liberal and democratic bourgeoisie; between the monarchists and republicans; between the actual fascists (the blackshirts) and the nationalists recruited into the party and its militia; between the fascists' original program, which deceived the masses and achieved victory, and present-day fascist politics, which serve the interest of industrial capitalists and above all heave industry, which has been propped up artificially. - Author: Clara Zetkin
Economy quotes by Clara Zetkin
#169. The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without. - Author: Phillips Brooks
Economy quotes by Phillips Brooks
#170. We are spending more as a percentage of our entire economy, almost 25 percent, than we have spent at any time since the end of World War II. - Author: John Thune
Economy quotes by John Thune
#171. Health care costs are an issue both for the government and for our larger economy. - Author: Sylvia Mathews Burwell
Economy quotes by Sylvia Mathews Burwell
#172. Of course, presidents are always blamed or rewarded for the state of the economy. - Author: James Surowiecki
Economy quotes by James Surowiecki
#173. Private equity funds a substantial amount of new businesses and is the source of capital to rejuvenate failing businesses, which are major drivers of job growth in this economy. - Author: N. Robert Hammer
Economy quotes by N. Robert Hammer
#174. We become one body ; the enemy being separated into ten parts. We attack the divided ten with the united one. We are many, the enemy is few, and in superiority of numbers there is economy of strength. - Author: Sun Tzu
Economy quotes by Sun Tzu
#175. I read a lot, but I read about the areas that I'm interested in. - Author: Sanford I. Weill
Economy quotes by Sanford I. Weill
#176. In the market economy the price that is offered is counted upon to produce the result that is sought. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
Economy quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#177. Roughly speaking, I think it's accurate to say that a corporate elite of managers and owners governs the economy and the political system as well, at least in very large measure. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Economy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#178. Zamanism is about creating power and private resources for all in society by destroying bureaucratic and monopolistic control on society. - Author: Zaman Ali
Economy quotes by Zaman Ali
#179. I don't mind being plagiarized as long as my work is used for the benefit of others. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Economy quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#180. I don't know if it's the economy, but finding work as a spiritual guru is really hard. Maybe I should grow my hair out. - Author: Dov Davidoff
Economy quotes by Dov Davidoff
#181. Ammonia worked better, but it was dangerous, and you couldn't easily get more of it in space. If the Cloud Ark survived, it would survive on a water-based economy. A hundred years from now everything in space would be cooled by circulating water systems. But for now they had to keep the ammonia-based equipment running as well. Further - Author: Neal Stephenson
Economy quotes by Neal Stephenson
#182. Our country today is at a cross-point of several crises that were triggered by three groups of causes: the effects of the 2008 world crisis, the external political and economic pressure, and the internal problems and constraints that have built up in our economy - Author: Dmitry Medvedev
Economy quotes by Dmitry Medvedev
#183. The American university inherits the missions of two very different institutions: the English college and the German research university. The first pattern prevailed before the Civil War. Curricula centered on the classics, and the purpose of education was understood to be the formation of character. With the emergence of a modern industrial society in the last decades of the nineteenth century, that kind of pedagogy was felt to be increasingly obsolete. Johns Hopkins was founded in 1876 as the first American university on the German model: a factory of knowledge that would focus in particular on the natural and social sciences, the disciplines essential to the new economy and the world to which it was giving rise. - Author: William Deresiewicz
Economy quotes by William Deresiewicz
#184. We must change life,' the poet [Rimbaud] had written, and so the Situationists set out to transform everyday life in the modern world through a comprehensive program that included above all else the construction of 'situations'
defined in 1958 as moments of life 'concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organization of a unitary ambiance and a play of events'
but that also necessary entailed the supersession of philosophy, the realization of art, the abolition of politics, and the fall of the 'spectacle-commodity economy. - Author: Tom McDonough
Economy quotes by Tom McDonough
#185. I saw America's economy last night, people raiding dumpsters at a higher rate than normal in my home town. Digging through garbage shouldn't be a career. Thanks Democrats. Thanks Republicans. - Author: Carroll Bryant
Economy quotes by Carroll Bryant
#186. But our waste problem is not the fault only of producers. It is the fault of an economy that is wasteful from top to bottom-a symbiosis of an unlimited greed at the top and a lazy, passive, and self-indulgent consumptiveness at the bottom-and all of us are involved in it. - Author: Wendell Berry
Economy quotes by Wendell Berry
#187. If drugs were legalized in the US, the Mexican economy would collapse since the earnings from drugs bring in more hard currency than its largest licit source, oil sales. Mexico is a corrupt state that has now become dependent on the earnings on an illegal product. But inevitably, the product will become legal and then Mexico will retain its corruption but must face the needs of its citizens now employed by the drug industry who have become steeped in violence and conditioned to higher incomes. - Author: Charles Bowden
Economy quotes by Charles Bowden
#188. Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep it to a minimum. No one has ever eliminated any of that stuff. - Author: Alan Greenspan
Economy quotes by Alan Greenspan
#189. There is no use in deceiving ourselves. American public opinion rejects the market economy, the capitalistic free enterprise system that provided the nation with the highest standard of living ever attained. Full government control of all activities of the individual is virtually the goal of both national parties. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
Economy quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#190. The key is to wait. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do nothing. - Author: David Tepper
Economy quotes by David Tepper
#191. The ultimate result of Africa's incorporation into the world capitalist economy was the destruction of the traditional pre-colonial communal mode of production. - Author: Sam Mbah
Economy quotes by Sam Mbah
#192. I would wager that my job has helped save our economy from the economic ravages of out-of-control environmental extremism. I view my job a little like a legislator, supported by the taxpayer, to protect the interests of the taxpayer and to minimize the role of government. - Author: Roy Spencer
Economy quotes by Roy Spencer
#193. It is crucial to have a strategy in place before problems hit, precisely because no one can accurately predict the future direction of the stock market or economy. Value investing, the strategy of buying stocks at an appreciable discount from the value of the underlying businesses, is one strategy that provides a road map to successfully navigate not only through good times but also through turmoil. - Author: Seth Klarman
Economy quotes by Seth Klarman
#194. Instead of engaging in cutthroat competition, we should strive to create value. In economic terms, this means a transition from a consumer economy - the mad rush for ownership and consumption - to a constructive economy where all human beings can participate in the act of creating lasting worth. - Author: Daisaku Ikeda
Economy quotes by Daisaku Ikeda
#195. Central bankers always try to avoid their last big mistake. So every time there's the threat of a contraction in the economy, they'll over stimulate the economy, by printing too much money. The result will be a rising roller coaster of inflation, with each high and low being higher than the preceding one. - Author: Milton Friedman
Economy quotes by Milton Friedman
#196. For it has come about, by the wise economy of nature, that our modern spirit can almost dispense with language; the commonest expressions do, since no expressions do; hence the most ordinary conversation is often the most poetic, and the most poetic is precisely that which cannot be written down. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Economy quotes by Virginia Woolf
#197. What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments of the 1950s and '60s: the interstate-highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public-education system that was the envy of the world and generous immigration policies. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
Economy quotes by Fareed Zakaria
#198. As from the 1970's onward, digital code started to drive the global economy, now life code is beginning to be the fundamental driver of the global economy over the next 10, 20, 30 years. - Author: Juan Enriquez
Economy quotes by Juan Enriquez
#199. My mother really didn't know a heck of a lot about business. She was a very good mother, that made sure we ate right and we had our cod liver oil, but didn't know a heck of a lot about what I did. - Author: Sanford I. Weill
Economy quotes by Sanford I. Weill
#200. Contrary to economists' beliefs, the informal sectors of the world's economies, in total, are predominant, and the institutionalized, monetized sectors grow out of them and rest upon them, rather than the reverse. - Author: Hazel Henderson
Economy quotes by Hazel Henderson

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