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#1. If I could quietly kill her without anyone knowing, I would. - Author: Miranda July
Betrayal quotes by Miranda July
#2. While privacy strengthens all our bonds, secrecy weakens and damages connection. Lerner points out that we do not usually "know the emotional costs of keeping a secret" until the truth is disclosed. Usually, secrecy involves lying. And lying is always the setting for potential betrayal and violation of trust. - Author: Bell Hooks
Betrayal quotes by Bell Hooks
#3. I am. A child is helpless; I think it is the betrayal that destroys them. But a grownup is – usually – not helpless. Grownups expect betrayal. What they can't stand to be is powerless. That's what destroys them. - Author: B.G. Harlen
Betrayal quotes by B.G. Harlen
#4. Violent antipathies are always suspicious, and betray a secret affinity. - Author: William Hazlitt
Betrayal quotes by William Hazlitt
#5. There is a ruthlessness to the creative act. It often involves a betrayal of the status quo. - Author: Alan Watt
Betrayal quotes by Alan Watt
#6. Three aspects of the self betrayer's conduct always go together: accusing others, excusing oneself, and displaying oneself as a victim. - Author: C. Terry Warner
Betrayal quotes by C. Terry Warner
#7. Nature is evil. Nature is conflict, violence, betrayal; worms that crawl through the skin and breen in the gut; thorns that poison; snakes that fight in writhing, heaving masses until all lie dead from another's poison. From nature we learned to tear the flesh off the bone and suck out the blook - and to enjoy it. Do you want to return to that state? I do not. - Author: Donna Boyd
Betrayal quotes by Donna Boyd
#8. I was unhappy there and going through a rough transition, so I was desperate for any friend I could find that I could talk to. I thought that's what he was. We had this secret from my mom, who I didn't like much at the time. It was a harmless secret, so I didn't feel bad about it. All we did was go to the movies and hang out doing fun things all day. It wasn't until much later that the warning signs began, but I was still too young and stupid to see them for what they were at the time. Basically, he was patient as he built up the trust between us. He became a close friend and convinced me that he was on my side somehow. He took total advantage of my ignorance and totally betrayed me a few years later, when he slept with me. After my mom found out, she went psychotic and all she gave a fuck about was what had been done to her. She didn't care about anything except for how hurt she was by what had happened. She blamed me and him equally, telling me that sixteen years old was old enough to know better. Even though I never initiated a goddamn thing with him, and never would have. Even though it happened in the apartment she and I had gotten together, that he was not supposed to be staying in. - Author: Ashly Lorenzana
Betrayal quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
#9. Experiements that have been devised to inflict even mild social pain (like exclusion form a group task or betrayal by a partner in a gambling game) have demonstrated significant activation of the sinula and the anterior cingulate cortex. Emotional pain isn't just a metaphor: In terms of brain activation, it partially overlaps with physical pain. - Author: David J. Linden
Betrayal quotes by David J. Linden
#10. No failure in America, whether of love or money, is ever simple; it is always a kind of betrayal, of a mass of shadowy, shared hopes. - Author: Greil Marcus
Betrayal quotes by Greil Marcus
#11. That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets. - Author: Amy Tan
Betrayal quotes by Amy Tan
#12. ...No man is foolish when his friend betrays him because a man's world is most serene when he has people to trust and call friends. After all, is it not often said that a friend is another self? - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#13. It was a mistake, you said. But the cruel thing was, it felt like the mistake was mine, for trusting you. - Author: David Levithan
Betrayal quotes by David Levithan
#14. No." Her voice was a winter storm. "Understand life. You have lived, loved, lost and now live again. You are young and have suffered but you do not understand. You have the chance to live for hundreds of years, if you desire it. You have the spirit to do so. You will love and suffer again. You will know joy and heartache, trust and betrayal, the good and bad of all life. - Author: G.R. Matthews
Betrayal quotes by G.R. Matthews
#15. Betrayal is the deepest wound. Betrayal is what remains of love, when love has gone. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
Betrayal quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#16. If fans are going to turn on me because of this, they weren't my fans anyway. I couldn't betray a whole 25 years of record making and not do this. I had to. - Author: John Mellencamp
Betrayal quotes by John Mellencamp
#17. Juliette!" His voice is tighter, higher, laced with anger and terror and denial and betrayal. Realization is a new piece in his puzzled mind.
"He can touch you?"
"Goddamit, Juliette, answer me!" Warner is writhing on the floor, unhinged in a way I never thought possible. He looks wild, his eyes disbelieving, horrified. "Has he touched you? - Author: Tahereh Mafi
Betrayal quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#18. This was the fall of 2004. The wider world was deeply fucked, and home also. Two American wars raging - bloodbaths each, bloodbath major and bloodbath minor, ugly, squirrelly hateful clandestine wars marked by betrayal, incompetence and corruption. Don't get me started. - Author: Claire Messud
Betrayal quotes by Claire Messud
#19. How shameful it is to hurt those who love us. - Author: Wayne Gerard Trotman
Betrayal quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#20. Nothing breaks the heart more than the betrayal of those we trust most. But we cannot permit such pain to consume us. Others' actions and decisions cannot break us unless we allow it, which we must never do. We must forgive and we must heal. we must learn to open our hearts and love again. Otherwise, our souls will become as dark as theirs. - Author: Kristie Cook
Betrayal quotes by Kristie Cook
#21. Sometimes we do not realize how many people give a damn until something horrible happens. And sometimes we realize that those who should give a damn, whom we counted on giving a damn, sometimes really don't - Author: Monika Basile
Betrayal quotes by Monika Basile

All that was ablaze in the Field of Flowers! Pluck forth a bloom, and think on what has been; on centuries of betrayal, and pain, and misunderstanding...

I am what I am, and what I am is what I am. I have a will to be what I am, and what I will be is only what I am. If I have a will to be, I will to be no more than what I was. If I was I am willed to be, yet they ever will be wondering what I am or what I ever was. I want to change the Wall, and make my Will.

That I am that same wall, the truth is so.
And this the cranny is, right and sinister,
Through which the fearful lovers are to whisper.

Each pair adds up to every jointed piece; the bottom left is a square; bottom right is a square; top left is a square; top right is a square. The heart is a square too.


And I am halfway through the orbit. And if you take half of the whole and make up pairs to equal me, you will soon use up all of the pairs.

Now, look no further than the day. My alpha and my omega. Make of these two halves a whole. Take the song of equal number in the old king's book. Equal number of paces forward from the start. Equal number of paces backwards from the end - omitting only the single exit word. Amen to that.

I am what I am, and what I am is what you will see.

Count on me very carefully.

Betrayal quotes by Titania Hardie
#23. Some of the streets are, however, genuinely narrow. These same streets may not be filled with machine-gun fire and the dramatic screech of violins, but they overflow with the invisible and innumerable longings of the human heart. Love continues to minister here, but betrayal still wears its perfidious face, hatred hollows out the weak man's breast, revenge pursues its self-defeating course; and the unfulfilled dreams of the multitude haunt the island like so many hungry ghosts. - Author: John Dolan
Betrayal quotes by John Dolan
#24. We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Betrayal quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#25. To be fair, if we had married then, who knows what would have become of us? I doubt I would have liked your running about the country as a spy, leaving me alone for weeks at a time. And I daresay you would have had trouble concentrating on your work for worrying about me."
His grateful smile showed that he appreciated her attempt to mitigate his betrayal.
"Of course, later you could have…well…come after me. Once you established your business. While I was still un-betrothed. Why didn't you?"
"I don't suppose you would accept rampant idiocy as a reason?"
"I would…if I really thought it were the reason." When he stiffened, she added archly, "You aren't generally an idiot. Daft and a tad overbearing, yes, but not an idiot."
A sigh escaped him. He leaned past her to pull the curtain open just enough so he could keep an eye on the street.
When it looked as if he might not answer, she added, "Tristan thinks you didn't come after me because you were afraid that I couldn't love you."
He cast her a startled glance. "You told Tristan the truth about us?"
She winced. "And Lisette and Max. Sorry. Tristan sort of…forced it out of me."
"Well, that explains why Max and Lisette were willing to bring you here in the midst of such a crucial investigation. They've been pressing me for a long time to give you another chance. Because they thought you betrayed me."
Grabbing her hands, he gazed down at them with a haunted look. "And I suppose there's - Author: Sabrina Jeffries
Betrayal quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#26. Once a betrayer, always a betrayer. - Author: Petra Hermans
Betrayal quotes by Petra Hermans
#27. Every happiness is the child of a separation it did not think it could survive. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Betrayal quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#28. Humankind doesn't have a genuine intellectual memory. They don't need the Truth. They don't want to know the Truth. - Author: Robert Neil Fleischer
Betrayal quotes by Robert Neil Fleischer
#29. I did exactly what Hadia's being celebrated for. No! I did what I thought was so important to you. I chose someone for the community. And I loved her, Mama. I loved her. - Author: Fatima Farheen Mirza
Betrayal quotes by Fatima Farheen Mirza
#30. A man of God has many brothers. He is a wounded soldier - he is familiar with the pain one feels in his heart, as a close and loving brother, when a brother falls victim of evil men or turns to evil desires (the latter sometimes even betrayal). Because of this, too, he is and must be well-acquainted with and trained in the strengths of hope and the gentleness of forgiveness and mercy. - Author: Criss Jami
Betrayal quotes by Criss Jami
#31. Censorship & Torture.
Netherlands, Nuenen
August 17, 2016
P.C.M. Hermans - Author: Petra Hermans
Betrayal quotes by Petra Hermans
#32. At the negotiations in Irvine, it became clear to me that there was no side I could stand on. The English despise me and my countrymen don't trust me. Wallace and the others are rebelling in the name of Balliol. I cannot fight with them. It would be as much a betrayal of my oath as when I was fighting for England. I know what I must do. What I should have done months ago.'
Robert felt embarrassed, about to say the words. Inside, his father's voice berated him, but he silenced it. 'I want you to weave my destiny,' he finished. 'As you did for my grandfather.'
When she spoke, her voice was low. 'And what is your destiny?'
He met her eyes now, all hesitation and embarrassment gone. 'To be King of Scotland.'
A smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. It wasn't a soft smile. It was hard and dangerous. 'I will need something of yours,' she said, rising. - Author: Robyn Young
Betrayal quotes by Robyn Young
#33. I knew that what I was seeking to discover was a thing I'd always known. That all courage was a form of constancy. That it was always himself that the coward abandoned first. After this all other betrayals came easily. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
Betrayal quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#34. The rewards of tolerance are treachery and betrayal. - Author: Games Workshop
Betrayal quotes by Games Workshop
#35. Pride had kept her running when love had betrayed her. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Betrayal quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#36. I want to see her naked, " Mengele said pointing to Marlene. She cried and shock. My mother flung her body in front of Marlene's and said, "You can't have her. I love her, my daughter." My father said, "Take the younger one. She's smarter, " as he pushed me over forward.
Marlene cried because father said I was smarter even though he was just trying to manipulate Mengele. The doctor's chest grew large. - Author: Wendy Hoffman
Betrayal quotes by Wendy Hoffman
#37. The evolution of culture is ultimately determined by the amount of love, understanding and freedom experienced by its children ... Every abandonment, every betrayal, every hateful act towards children returns tenfold a few decades later upon the historical stage, while every empathic act that helps a child become what he or she wants to become, every expression of love toward children heals society and moves it in unexpected, wondrous new directions. - Author: Lloyd DeMause
Betrayal quotes by Lloyd DeMause
#38. Always seek less turbulent skies.
Hurt. Fly above it.
Betrayal. Fly above it.
Anger. Fly above it.
You are the one who is flying the plane. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Betrayal quotes by Marianne Williamson
#39. You will never let go of the past by ignoring the most painful thing the person you loved has done to you. When you begin to minimize it, second guess yourself and others, ignore it or even pretend it didn't happen you cheat yourself out of healing. Naturally, your mind would rather believe the lies you are telling it, rather than accept the truth. The soul has a way of protecting itself from trauma, but if left in denial there is no growth or change. Healing requires going to that place you avoid and asking yourself why you are so afraid to accept the reality of what happened to you? Why have you minimized it like this person has wanted you to? What is it about your self esteem that allows you to continue being a doormat? - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Betrayal quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#40. I could never hurt him enough to make his betrayal stop hurting. And it hurts, in every part of my body. - Author: Veronica Roth
Betrayal quotes by Veronica Roth
#41. Then Lyra gave a cry so passionate that even in that muffled, mist-hung world it raised an echo, but of course it wasn't an echo, it was the other part of her crying in turn from the land of the living as Lyra moved away into the land of the dead. "My heart, Will ... " she groaned, and clung to him, her wet face contorted with pain. And thus the prophecy that the Master of Jordan College had made to the Librarian, that Lyra would make a great betrayal and it would hurt her terribly, was fulfilled. - Author: Philip Pullman
Betrayal quotes by Philip Pullman
#42. Growing up means realizing that no time of one's life is the best one, and resolving to savor every second of joy within reach. You know each will pass, and you no longer experience that as betrayal. - Author: Susan Neiman
Betrayal quotes by Susan Neiman
#43. It took me years to stop feeling the guilt she made sure I kept feeling about what happened with him. He is a sick person that molests children, but I felt so bad about it for so long. I couldn't talk to a single person about any of this. No one. And she made me feel so bad about it all that I felt I shouldn't talk about it, even if there was someone. I felt ashamed and thought I was an awful person. Sometimes I still do. My mother abandoned me in the worst ways possible. - Author: Ashly Lorenzana
Betrayal quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
#44. Otherwise the silence in the room was profound, the silence of places Brian had not yet been: gazing at the lifeless body of a beloved, the echo of a lost illusion, the tinnitus of betrayal. - Author: Rafael Yglesias
Betrayal quotes by Rafael Yglesias
#45. How naive Lore had been, despite being the daughter of a father no one spoke of, despite the strange, incomplete conversations at her mother's deathbed; how again and again she was caught up short by the discovery that other people had stories they didn't tell, or told stories that weren't entirely true. How mostly you got odd chunks torn from the whole, impossible truly to understand in their damaged form. - Author: Pamela Erens
Betrayal quotes by Pamela Erens
#46. Nicholas wanted to believe in fairy tales. She'd read her share, hoping for miracles, but in the end, there was no hundred acre wood to play in with her little stuffed animals. There was pain and crushing disillusionment and betrayal. - Author: Christine Feehan
Betrayal quotes by Christine Feehan
#47. Forgiveness is a choice you can make to free yourself from the shackles of your past, from pain, hurt and resentment. Forgiveness is your road to inner freedom. It does not mean that you need to forget, deny or condone what has transpired. You choose to forgive because forgiveness is the only way to transcend painful experiences and to attain inner peace and freedom. Transcending Abuse & Betrayal. - Author: Sasha Samy
Betrayal quotes by Sasha Samy
#48. Ah," she cried, "you look so cool."
Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in space. With an effort she glanced down at the table.
You always look so cool," she repeated.
She had told him that she loved him, and Tom Buchanan saw. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Betrayal quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#49. Sometimes life begins when the marriage ends - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Betrayal quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#50. I betrayed Gutenberg for McLuhan long ago. - Author: Chris Marker
Betrayal quotes by Chris Marker
#51. And even though body has entwined with body, vows have been whispered into the lover's ears in the throws of unimaginable passion, there's a pang still. One has not felt understood by the lover. And that is a different quality of loneliness. A constant dull hammering. Like static hum. Dissonance. Ultimately it translates into a plain inability to see the other's view. We shout betrayal. We shift blame. We feel inadequate. When it is plain inability. So their intimacy has a narrow gap running across, like a rift between two continents and it's only when you examine it from above, do you really see it. You realize that the gap could be the breadth of a hairline but it is deep. It's darkness stretches all the way down into a free falling abyss. - Author: Sakoon Singh
Betrayal quotes by Sakoon Singh
#52. Everest silences you ... when you come down, nothing seems worth saying, nothing at all. You find the nothingness wrapping you up, like a sound. Non-being. You can't keep it up, of course. the world rushes in soon enough. What shuts you up is, I think, the sight you've had of perfection: why speak if you can't manage perfect thoughts, perfect sentences? It feels like a betrayal of what you've been through. But it fades; you accept that certain compromises, closures, are required if you're to continue. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Betrayal quotes by Salman Rushdie
#53. In families, he realized, children are added to, not superseded. The addition of a child is not a betrayal of previous or current children. - Author: Joshilyn Jackson
Betrayal quotes by Joshilyn Jackson
#54. The liar's punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Betrayal quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#55. So, you are not so much interested in exploring your feelings about Joy's betrayal. Or the failure of your relationship. You are merely giving me a tour of the museum.'
'The museum? ... I don't follow you.'
'Your museum of pain. Your sanctuary of justifiable indignation.'
'I, uh ... '
'We all superintend such a place, I suppose,' she said, 'although some of us are more painstaking curators than others. That is the category in which I would certainly put you, Dominick. You are a meticulous steward of the pain and injustices people have visited upon you. - Author: Wally Lamb
Betrayal quotes by Wally Lamb
#56. Avoid people who hurt from an impulse. I mean people who have this tendency to relish their capacity to hurt the good souls of this world, and who after hurting, wake up the next day without a trace of despondent brooding, and then move on with life never thinking that they should show some remorse or try to repent. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#57. More dangers have deceived men than forced them. - Author: Francis Bacon
Betrayal quotes by Francis Bacon
#58. She'd betrayed her country because she'd believed it was the right thing to do. Yet would she have done this, if not for Arin?
He knew none of it. Had never asked for it. Kestrel had made her own choices. It was unfair to blame him.
But she wanted to. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
Betrayal quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#59. I could never release something on the label I didn't personally love. The label's really an extension of my own musical career, and I'm intensely involved with every aspect personally, so it'd be a betrayal to myself if I released something simply because I thought it would make money. - Author: Michael Gira
Betrayal quotes by Michael Gira
#60. When the inhabitants of some sequestered island first descry the "big canoe" of the European rolling through the blue waters towards their shores, they rush down to the beach in crowds, and with open arms stand ready to embrace the strangers. Fatal embrace! They fold to their bosoms the vipers whose sting is destined to poison all their joys; and the instinctive feeling of love within their breasts is soon converted into the bitterest hate. - Author: Herman Melville
Betrayal quotes by Herman Melville
#61. The Knife of betrayal tease from back and this Que prick every sec deep in heart why you get this pain from that person whom you love and intention to love every sec as crazy.when did not get Ans its create anger inside for self.And no one can't understand how this anger kills every day thousand time - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Betrayal quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#62. Far too often, the best thing I can have in my hand when someone makes a promise is a really big broom so that I can sweep up the broken pieces. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
Betrayal quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#63. Sympathy, conscience, disgust, despair, repentance, and atonement are for us repellent debauchery. To sit down and let oneself be hypnotized by one's own navel, to turn up one's eyes and humbly offer the back of one's neck to Gletkin's revolver - that is an easy solution. The greatest temptation for the like of us is: to renounce violence, to repent, to make peace with oneself. Most great revolutionaries fell before this temptation, from Spartacus to Danton and Dostoevsky; they are the classical form of betrayal of the cause. The temptations of God were always more dangerous for mankind than those of Satan. As long as chaos dominates the world, God is ananachronism; and every compromise with one's own conscience is perfidy. When the accursed inner voice speaks to you, hold your hands over your ears. ..." He felt for the bottle behind him and poured out an other glass. Rubashov noticed that the bottle was already half empty. You also could do with a little solace, he thought.

"The greatest criminals in history," Ivanov went on, "are not of the type Nero and Fouché, but of the type Gandhi and Tolstoy. Gandhi's inner voice has done more to prevent the liberation of India than the British guns. To sell oneself for thirty pieces of silver is an honest transaction; but to sell oneself to one's own conscience is to abandon mankind. History is a priori amoral; it has no conscience. To want to conduct history according to the maxims of the Sunday school means to leave every - Author: Arthur Koestler
Betrayal quotes by Arthur Koestler
#64. There is secrecy and betrayal but that's more part and parcel of the kind of anguish that the people go through. And maybe that's modes of survival, rather than modes of consciousness. - Author: Chang-rae Lee
Betrayal quotes by Chang-rae Lee
#65. Who would have thought that [director] Cameron Crowe had a movie as bad as Vanilla Sky in him? It's a punishing picture, a betrayal of everything that Crowe has proved he knows how to do right. - Author: Stephanie Zacharek
Betrayal quotes by Stephanie Zacharek
#66. Every time a man (myself) gives way to vanity, every time he thinks and lives in order to show off, this is a betrayal. Every time, it has always been the great misfortune of wanting to show off which has lessened me in the presence of the truth. We do not need to reveal ourselves to others, but only to those we love. For then we are no longer revealing ourselves in order to seem but in order to give. There is much more strength in a man who reveals himself only when it is necessary. I have suffered from being alone, but because I have been able to keep my secret I have overcome the suffering of loneliness. To go right to the end implies knowing how to keep one's secret. And, today, there is no greater joy than to live alone and unknown. - Author: Albert Camus
Betrayal quotes by Albert Camus
#67. Her idea of who's worth what ain't mine. - Author: Janet Morris
Betrayal quotes by Janet Morris
#68. It is childish to be surprised by something that you knew exists or is possible. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Betrayal quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#69. Did I ever tell you that my mother and father started out as pen pals? They wrote these long, unabashedly affectionate love letters to one another, peppered with clichés and pie-in-the-sky proclamations of eternal devotion. Despite my father's eventual dishonesty and unfaithfulness, I have to believe he meant every word he wrote at that time, and it was admittedly romantic, uncovering my parents' yellowed letters, all soft, crumbling corners and black ink stains, one rainy afternoon. Because how can anyone scrawl lies, really, in their own handwriting, the evidence of your own betrayal right in front of you? I sat cross-legged on the floor, holding my breath as I unfolded each letter, fragile and expectant, like a little girl opening her presents on Christmas morning. I sat there and soaked up my parents' love for each other, and then I wondered where all those feelings had escaped to. I wondered where love went when it was lost - did it travel far, across miles and oceans and forests and deserts, or did it linger somewhere nearby, just waiting for a chance to be summoned again? Wherever it was, I could only hope it had ended up settling somewhere quieter, safer. - Author: Marla Miniano
Betrayal quotes by Marla Miniano
#70. Lies destroy. But, you don't have to stay broken forever. - Author: Marjory Sheba
Betrayal quotes by Marjory Sheba
#71. It's funny, isn't it? So often men see betrayal in what you've done instead of how you feel. - Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Betrayal quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#72. You can always count on your family to love you. And to betray you. And then to feel guilty about it. - Author: Holly Black
Betrayal quotes by Holly Black
#73. Someday, your heart will pour out the same way it did for me till now. But by the time you shall realize it, I will be gone forever, with all the water in the river inside me completely dried up. You will call out my name to save you from getting washed away in the stream that has just started running inside you. But you will find no hands to save you from yourself. - Author: Akshay Vasu
Betrayal quotes by Akshay Vasu
#74. There are many ways to become mistress (or master) of one's fate after a betrayal, but they all have things in common: conscious effort and a fighting spirit, embodied in what I call 'the Affirmative No.' The Affirmative No incorporates self-enhancing outrage, independence, and courage. It is a stance through which a traumatized person actively proclaims her will by rejecting the role of victim.... Unable to change our predicaments, we actively changed their meaning and our relationship to them, and in the process, we discovered that we could exert power when we thought we had none. - Author: Jeanne Safer
Betrayal quotes by Jeanne Safer
#75. We feel like 'Lost' deserved a real resolution, not a 'snow globe, waking up in bed, it's all been a dream, cut to black' kind of ending. We thought that would be kind of a betrayal to an audience that's been on this journey for six years. We thought that was not the right ending for our show. - Author: Carlton Cuse
Betrayal quotes by Carlton Cuse
#76. Some secrets beg to be betrayed. The secret of undeclared love is like that. - Author: Robin Hobb
Betrayal quotes by Robin Hobb
#77. A child's (or an adult's) nervous system may detect danger or a threat to life when the child enters a new environment or meets a strange person. Cognitively, there is no reason for them to be frightened. But often, even if they understand this, their bodies betray them. Sometimes this betrayal is private; only they are aware that their hearts are beating fast and contracting with such force that they start to sway. For others, the responses are more overt. They may tremble. Their faces may flush, or perspiration may pour from their hands and forehead. Still others may become pale and dizzy and feel precipitously faint. - Author: Stephen W. Porges
Betrayal quotes by Stephen W. Porges
#78. I was glad I didn't have to return his gaze. Did he know I knew? And if he knew, then what would I see if I did look in his eyes? Blame? Indignation? Or, God forbid, what I feared most: guileless devotion? - Author: Khaled Hosseini
Betrayal quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#79. These were the things that built the world. Not to know or care about them was a betrayal of fundamental principles, a betrayal of gender, of species. What could be more useless than a man who couldn't fix a dripping faucet - fundamentally useless, dead to history, to the messages in his genes? I wasn't sure I disagreed. - Author: Don DeLillo
Betrayal quotes by Don DeLillo
#80. Besides," said Suriyawong. "This was not a rescue operation."
"What was it, target practice? Chinese skeet?"
"An offer of transportation to an invited guest of the Hegemon," said Suriyawong. "And the loan of a knife."
Achilles held up the bloody thing, dangling it from the point. "Yours?" he asked.
"Unless you want to clean it," said Suriyawong.
Achillese handed it to him. Suriyawong took out his cleaning kit and wiped down the blade, then began to polish it.
"You wanted me to die," said Achilles quietly.
"I expected you to solve your own problems," said Suriyawong. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Betrayal quotes by Orson Scott Card
#81. We, humans, have come up with so many superficialities that are completely unnecessary for our existence and happiness on earth. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#82. I do here in the most solemn and bitter manner curse the Prime Minister of England for having cumulated all his other betrayals of the national interest and honour, by his last terrible exhibition of dishonour, weakness and gullibility. The depths of infamy which our accurst "love of peace" can lower us are unfathomable. - Author: Enoch Powell
Betrayal quotes by Enoch Powell
#83. I agree with Dante, that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a period of moral crisis maintain their neutrality. There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Betrayal quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#84. For too long, musicians have been the greatest enemy of music. Their lack of desire to proselytize is a kind of betrayal. - Author: Charles Hazlewood
Betrayal quotes by Charles Hazlewood
#85. I find it difficult to believe that Redditors don't understand that anonymity online is merely a facade; indeed, it's probably one of the reasons that revealing the identity of pseudonymous Redditors is looked on as such a huge betrayal. - Author: John Scalzi
Betrayal quotes by John Scalzi
#86. I have chosen a life that depends on one's awareness that every breath may be his last, every step may bring his downfall, and every word may stir betrayal. In truth, I must live in conscious ignorance of the mere thread that holds my life aloft, trusting that God alone has the power to sever it, and that He will do so only when my work on earth is complete. - Author: Nicole Sager
Betrayal quotes by Nicole Sager
#87. To the Memory of those faithful brown slave-men of the plantations throughout the South, Daddy's contemporaries all, who during the war while their masters were away fighting in a cause opposed to their emancipation, brought their blankets and slept outside their mistresses' doors, thus keeping night-watch over otherwise unprotected women and children
a faithful guardianship of which the annals of those troublous times record no instance of betrayal. - Author: Ruth Stout
Betrayal quotes by Ruth Stout
#88. His face was tense, his jaw flexed as he stared at her. She could hardly stand to meet his eyes. They were an ocean of betrayal. They probed her, searching for the smallest sign that she didn't mean it. That spark of hope that never seemed to go out. - Author: Aprilynne Pike
Betrayal quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#89. She never even told me how she felt," Valerie thought aloud, feeling the betrayal in her gut. How had she been so blind? Her sister had loved Henry silently. Did she know about the engagement? Did she overhear our parents planning? Valerie supposed it was possible, but it seemed unlikely since they were always together. Would it have broken her heart?
"Don't worry, you poor child," Madame Lazar said, seeming almost disinterested in the subject of Lucie's death. "I know you're worried about your sister, but Henry always had his eye on you. You are - were always the pretty one. - Author: Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Betrayal quotes by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
#90. Never look back; you may only find what you left or let you go. - Author: Stefanos Livos
Betrayal quotes by Stefanos Livos
#91. The thread of shattered hopes covered us with the masquerade of betrayal. As always we will start picking up the pieces of our worthless life, scattered over the last 150 days in the hope of deliverance. With so many of us blinded for life ,some of us taken away for life all together, (you broke your promise once again), And I shall close the eyes of my conscience so that I don't introspect about the distrust,
long term suffering we will have to endure ,for we will always remain the nation of the suppressed!

Promises and lies!! - Author: BinYamin Gulzar
Betrayal quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
#92. Pain isn't remotely kind in that way: pain wants its promised pound of flesh, ounce for ounce. It won't settle until you're left with nothing but a flaky shell of who you were. The burn of betrayal and the sting of rejectionhurt, but nothing comapres to the pain of being empty. nothing hurts worse than not hurting at all, and that that make no sense and perfect sense at the same time convinces me i'm goin fucking crazy. - Author: Anna Todd
Betrayal quotes by Anna Todd
#93. Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime. - Author: Mineko Iwasaki
Betrayal quotes by Mineko Iwasaki
#94. We, the descendants of greed, when our own existence came out of betrayal and lies then expecting truth and honesty from people is like living in a coop with a venomous species and expecting them not to bite - Author: Dhananjay Singh
Betrayal quotes by Dhananjay Singh
#95. I finally started realizing that the pain of loneliness is much worse than the pain of betrayal and heartbreak that I was trying to avoid. - Author: Sawyer Bennett
Betrayal quotes by Sawyer Bennett
#96. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. - Author: Anonymous
Betrayal quotes by Anonymous
#97. Betrayal felt bitter and acrid in my throat, and the ghost of it was everywhere, taunting my reflection. How could he do this to me? How could he doubt me so much to expose me to the ridicule and glances of the celestial world? All this time, Amar said nothing. Our bed became a cold thing and my heart froze with it. - Author: Roshani Chokshi
Betrayal quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#98. Ha! And I bet you didn't even see it coming!"
– Dread Emperor Traitorous the First - Author: ErraticErrata
Betrayal quotes by ErraticErrata
#99. Betrayal and dishonor is usually an inside job. Keep it 'sucka-free', loved one! - Author: T.F. Hodge
Betrayal quotes by T.F. Hodge
#100. That odd alchemy of married love - passion, betrayal, fury, kindness, and companionship - lay there exposed between them. - Author: N.M. Kelby
Betrayal quotes by N.M. Kelby
#101. Besides, even if I blocked my thoughts, my eyes would give me away. It was easy to put on a brave face but the eyes were essentially the window to the soul.
Your eyes would always betray you; no wonder people avoided eye contact when they had something to hide. The eyes couldn't fake emotions – surprise, happiness, betrayal, remorse. The list went on and on. Mine were probably screaming anticipation with a hint of irritation. - Author: Shawnda Currie
Betrayal quotes by Shawnda Currie
#102. In the world of today, human desires far supersede human needs. Waste, as you can see, is the result of all of those contradictions. That is how we ended up complicating our world. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#103. With me being in so many pain from when you have a betrayal from your best friend - who was my husband - and the girl got pregnant, I couldn't even get out of bed. The only thing that saved me was my stand-up. I would get on stage and just talk about stuff, and I made people laugh. A lot of women e-mail me and say, 'How do you smile? How do you laugh at something like this?' That's how I do it. I laugh because that's how I get through pain. - Author: Sherri Shepherd
Betrayal quotes by Sherri Shepherd
#104. You renounce your friendship even in the hour of our need ' he said. 'Yet you were glad indeed to receive our aid when you came at last to these shores fainthearted loiterers and well-nigh emptyhanded. In huts on the beaches would you be dwelling still had not the Noldor carved out your haven and toiled upon your walls. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
Betrayal quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#105. Betrayals shatters illusions... It breaks your heart, but clears your vision. - Author: Steve Maraboli
Betrayal quotes by Steve Maraboli
#106. Betrayal does so many different things to people. - Author: Trai Byers
Betrayal quotes by Trai Byers
#107. There was too much noise. Sirens from police cars and ambulances. Shouts from the crowd on the street eighteen floors below. Traffic from other streets and all of the noises of San Francisco. Mostly, though, there were the voices. Whispering to him. Reminding him of the dark things he had done - all of the little things he had forgotten, all of the big things he had tried to forget. Mostly they reminded him of his biggest secret, a betrayal of trust and friendship long ago. He squeezed his eyes shut as if that could somehow keep the voices away. - Author: Don Bassingthwaite
Betrayal quotes by Don Bassingthwaite
#108. If love is the most sacred bond between two people, then betrayal must be the ultimate sacrilege. - Author: Marty Rubin
Betrayal quotes by Marty Rubin
#109. There is no honour in betraying your friends. - Author: Madeline Miller
Betrayal quotes by Madeline Miller
#110. The moral nihilism of celebrity culture is played out on reality television shows, most of which encourage a dark voyeurism into other people's humiliation, pain, weakness, and betrayal. - Author: Chris Hedges
Betrayal quotes by Chris Hedges
#111. Life is, you know, but an idea. You can fill it up with anything really and deceive yourself into believing that is what you need. You can be happy, sad, benevolent, crafty, unpleasant. That man filled it up with nastiness and it destroyed him in the end. I wonder what could have made him that way. Cruelty on the part of others or cruelty in his heart?" - Lady Cavendish - Author: Noorilhuda
Betrayal quotes by Noorilhuda
#112. I am overachieving at aimlessness, I am a type-A, alpha-girl lollygagger, the leader of a gang of heartbroken kids, running wild across this lonely strip of amusements, each of us smarting from the betrayals of a loved one. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Betrayal quotes by Gillian Flynn
#113. I have not betrayed Julia. - Author: George Orwell
Betrayal quotes by George Orwell
#114. Writers are the most pathetic souls when it comes to expressing their personal feelings. Their personalities are as complex as the characters they have weaved. And in a curious way, without them really knowing it, writers are the sum total of the characters they created in their heads or in their writings. Yes, My Dear Tania; writers are capable of reflecting their characters, even though most of them are determined to be just like your ordinary guy next door. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#115. 'California Bones' is the first volume in my trilogy about Daniel Blackland, a wizard trying to survive in a world that eats wizards. It's a book about friends and family, trust and betrayal, the love of power and the power of love. - Author: Greg Van Eekhout
Betrayal quotes by Greg Van Eekhout
#116. Slavery was the betrayal of the American Promise at the moment that promise was made. - Author: Steve Erickson
Betrayal quotes by Steve Erickson
#117. I succeeded when you tried to break me,
I spoke when you said noone would listen, I mourned you when you were alive,
I forgot you when you reminded me... and I found me when I lost you
~Bluenscottish - Author: Bluenscottish
Betrayal quotes by Bluenscottish
#118. Life will break every one of your contracts & still look at you with that innocent glimmer in her eye & ask you to marry her. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Betrayal quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#119. I think in the end, you would have stayed with me, out of obligation ... or maybe comfort. Maybe I was safe to you, and you needed to feel that. I know how scared you get of the unknown. To you ... I must be kind of a security blanket. Do you see now, how that doesn't work for me? I don't want to be there, simply because the idea of me being gone is too ... scary. I want to be someone's everything. I want fire and passion, and love that's returned, equally. I want to be someone's heart ... Even if it means breaking my own. - Author: S.C. Stephens
Betrayal quotes by S.C. Stephens
#120. Perhaps fate has a way of turning things around and making something good out of the action of someone who failed humanity without meaning to. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#121. No, the secret is that there's no reward and we have to endure our characters and our natures as best we can, because no amount of experience or insight is going to rectify our deficiencies, our self-regard, or our cupidity. We have to learn that our desires do not find any real echo in the world. We have to accept that the people we love do not love us, or not in the way we hope. We have to accept betrayal and disloyalty, and, hardest of all, that someone is finer than we are in character or intelligence. - Author: Sandor Marai
Betrayal quotes by Sandor Marai
#122. He gasped in despair while he wrote to her knowing everything is going to end.
He: Why did you ruin my image in front of your mother and family though I wasn't the bad guy?
She replied Coldly: I acted childish and took revenge, I wanted to end this relation.
He kept asking all that she accused him of.
She kept admitting false allegations, something kept breaking inside him.
Silence kept creeping into him, sorrow enveloped his soul and tears fell of his eyes for he knew all had ended. - Author: Anonymus Autor
Betrayal quotes by Anonymus Autor
#123. I remembered…

…how acrid heartbreak tastes. I remembered the walk to the edge of the reincarnation cycle--the chill of marble, my plumed breath, betrayal prizing apart my heart.
I remembered fury enthralling me body and bone. I remembered light lapping over my eyes and my soul unraveling, fracturing into prisms of amethyst, lapis, topaz. I remembered a needling twinge of regret and the secret, terrible knowledge that somewhere in Naraka my abandonment would leave behind a chasm of obsidian threads--a chronic rift. - Author: Roshani Chokshi
Betrayal quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#124. The cases described in this section (The Fear of Being) may seem extreme, but I have become convinced that they are not as uncommon as one would think. Beneath the seemingly rational exterior of our lives is a fear of insanity. We dare not question the values by which we live or rebel against the roles we play for fear of putting our sanity into doubt. We are like the inmates of a mental institution who must accept its inhumanity and insensitivity as caring and knowledgeableness if they hope to be regarded as sane enough to leave. The question who is sane and who is crazy was the theme of the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. The question, what is sanity? was clearly asked in the play Equus.
The idea that much of what we do is insane and that if we want to be sane, we must let ourselves go crazy has been strongly advanced by R.D. Laing. In the preface to the Pelican edition of his book The Divided Self, Laing writes: "In the context of our present pervasive madness that we call normality, sanity, freedom, all of our frames of reference are ambiguous and equivocal." And in the same preface: "Thus I would wish to emphasize that our 'normal' 'adjusted' state is too often the abdication of ecstasy, the betrayal of our true potentialities; that many of us are only too successful in acquiring a false self to adapt to false realities."
Wilhelm Reich had a somewhat similar view of present-day human behavior. Thus Reich says, "Homo normalis blocks off entirely the perce - Author: Alexander Lowen
Betrayal quotes by Alexander Lowen
#125. Never be silent with persons you love and distrust," Mr. Carpenter had said once. "Silence betrays. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Betrayal quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#126. My first language, the true language of the soul spoken only on our planet of origin, had no word for betrayal or traitor. Or even loyalty- because without the opposite, the concept had no meaning. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Betrayal quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#127. WILDE: Oh - Bosie! (He weeps.) I have to go back to him, you know. Robbie will be furious but it can't be helped. The betrayal of one's friends is a bagatelle in the stakes of love, but the betrayal of oneself is a lifelong regret. Bosie is what became of me. He is spoiled, vindictive, utterly selfish and not very talented, but these are merely the facts. The truth is he was Hyacinth when Apollo loved him, he is ivory and gold, from his red rose-leaf lips comes music that fills me with joy, he is the only one who understands me. 'Even as a teething child throbs with ferment, so does the soul of him who gazes upon the boy's beauty; he can neither sleep at night nor keep still by day,' and a lot more besides, but before Plato could describe love, the loved one had to be invented. We would never love anybody if we could see past our invention. Bosie is my creation, my poem. In the mirror of invention, love discovered itself. Then we saw what we had made - the piece of ice in the fist you cannot hold or let go. (He weeps.) - Author: Tom Stoppard
Betrayal quotes by Tom Stoppard
#128. Even loss and betrayal can bring us awakening. - Author: Gautama Buddha
Betrayal quotes by Gautama Buddha
#129. Jaime had decided that he would return Sansa, and the younger girl as well if she could be found. It was not like to win him back his honor, but the notion of keeping faith when they all expected betrayal amused him more than he could say. - Author: George R R Martin
Betrayal quotes by George R R Martin
#130. Every pain, every sorrow, every worry, and the betrayal. Hearing him say Fionna and sex in the same sentence and demeaning my insecurities pushed me over the edge. If someone had told me I was crying I wouldn't have believed them because in that moment all I felt was contempt. Before I knew what I was doing my hand reached out and skid across his cheek. I instantly felt the sting of the slap. I dismissed the pain. I planted both hand on his chest and pushed with all my strength. I was ready to attack him again when he grabbed my arms and held them tight. The harder I fought the harder he held me - Author: Angie Merriam
Betrayal quotes by Angie Merriam
#131. Betrayal. That's the first thing I feel, which is ludicrous. For there to be betrayal, there would have had to been trust first. - Author: Suzanne Collins
Betrayal quotes by Suzanne Collins
#132. Somewhere between the corner of your eyes and the corner of your lips, my love for you was gone. Was I ready to tell you or was I to leave my deception by the chair for your to discover after I was gone? - Author: Sreesha Divakaran
Betrayal quotes by Sreesha Divakaran
#133. The true leaders of our time, the legends of this world or the movers of the movers are the towering figures that are blessed with beautiful minds, receptive ears and directing voices. They are the ones we should emulate in life. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#134. You can be found better man then me.But where you will found Toy like me with whom you can play a lot in many ways and who just keep simple with out hurt you. - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Betrayal quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#135. The end is also the beginning. In order to arrive at your destiny, you must first accept the path that lies ahead. It is paved with loss, betrayal, and sorrow, but the circle is not at its end You must continue on until you find your true center and your peace. - Author: Brynn Myers
Betrayal quotes by Brynn Myers
#136. Surely in Judas' betrayal it will be no more right, because God both willed that his Son be delivered up, and delivered him up to death, to ascribe the guilt of the crime to God than to transfer the credit for redemption to Judas. - Author: John Calvin
Betrayal quotes by John Calvin
#137. Sons, any man who is considered a success in life owes a lot to society. We have been very blessed, my dear sons. We have to show our appreciation to our society for making that possible. A time will come when you will meet other Kamerunians who share the same vision for this land. I am advising you to make them partners in our common goals when that time comes. We shouldn't shy away from playing a formidable role in financing that political force that shall emerge. We must use our influence to ensure that it succeeds. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#138. Most people have this tendency to make judgments on others based on preconceptions, especially when they are dealing with them for the first time. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#139. There must be love, and understanding, to betray. Most men haven't the wit or the honor for betrayal: not to know it when they see it; not the stomach to apprehend it as they do it. Most men, blind and dumb in their self-centeredness, don't betray: they merely disappoint. - Author: Janet Morris
Betrayal quotes by Janet Morris
#140. At dinner parties other women's husbands and boyfriends hold my gaze a bit longer than all but the most lecherous American men would dare. I never find out whether these approaches might lead to something more, but they don't have to. Flirting with someone else's partner isn't a betrayal of your spouse or a gateway to extramarital sex. It's a harmless way to have fun. - Author: Pamela Druckerman
Betrayal quotes by Pamela Druckerman
#141. You and I were meant to be together, even if we weren't meant to be happy. - Author: Stacey T. Hunt
Betrayal quotes by Stacey T. Hunt
#142. Cat love is genuine, because it's 10 percent devotion and 90 percent frustration and betrayal. - 67 REASONS WHY CATS ARE BETTER THAN DOGS - Author: Jack Shepard
Betrayal quotes by Jack Shepard
#143. Is that . . . has it all been for that? The tea party, the letters, what you said at the festival . . . all of it, no more than an attempt to steal my heart so you could take it back to your queen?'
'The easiest way to steal something,' Jest murmured, 'is for it to be given willingly. - Author: Marissa Meyer
Betrayal quotes by Marissa Meyer
#144. Tales of power and ambition and intrigue and betrayal and desire - when you're telling those in a big way, you automatically want to go to Shakespeare. - Author: Beau Willimon
Betrayal quotes by Beau Willimon
#145. The Bible is not a book for the faint of heart
it is a book full of all the greed and glory and violence and tenderness and sex and betrayal that benefits mankind. It is not the collection of pretty little anecdotes mouthed by pious little church mice
it does not so much nibble at our shoe leather as it cuts to the heart and splits the marrow from the bone. It does not give us answers fitted to our small-minded questions, but truth that goes beyond what we even know to ask. - Author: Rich Mullins
Betrayal quotes by Rich Mullins
#146. Oh lovers! be careful in those dangerous first days! once you've brought breakfast in bed you'll have to bring it forever, unless you want to be accused of lovelessness and betrayal. - Author: Milan Kundera
Betrayal quotes by Milan Kundera
#147. When on life's journey it becomes our lot to travel with criticism of skeptics, the hate of some, the rejection of others, the impatience of many, or a friend's betrayal, we must be able to pray in such a manner that an abiding faith and a strong testimony that the Lord will be with us to the end, will compel us to say, "Nevertheless, Father, Thy will be done, and with Thy help, in patience I will follow firmly on the path that takes me back to Thee." - Author: Angel Abrea
Betrayal quotes by Angel Abrea
#148. The betrayal of people's good will, good trust that things are being done for the best and they actually ARE being done for the best. - Author: Ralph Steadman
Betrayal quotes by Ralph Steadman
#149. The time comes when silence is betrayal. That time has come for us today ...
... some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony, but we must speak. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Betrayal quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#150. He needed to go back to Pink Lips, but first he needed to deal with his brother's betrayal. - Author: Leo Sullivan
Betrayal quotes by Leo Sullivan
#151. The three touchstones that woke Buddha up - sickness, old age, and death - are a pretty good place to start when crafting a tragic tale. And if we need to get more specific: heartbreak, destruction, miscomprehension, natural disasters, betrayal, and the waste of human potential. - Author: Paul Di Filippo
Betrayal quotes by Paul Di Filippo
#152. The sin was not love, but the lack of it. The thing to fear was not scandal, but the betrayal of one's own morality. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Betrayal quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#153. Zane ran his thumb over Ty's cheek, seeing him suddenly with new eyes. Ty had never tried to be something he wasn't. He'd never tried to hide what he was. Warrior. Weapon. Bad guy. Zane knew what he was. The pain and betrayal faded. The world faded. - Author: Abigail Roux
Betrayal quotes by Abigail Roux
#154. Friendship is one friend betraying another friend to a third friend. With a fond friendly smile. The greater the betrayal, the greater the intimacy - the greater the friendship. - Author: Craig Raine
Betrayal quotes by Craig Raine
#155. How can you and I really expect to glide naively through life, as if to say, 'Lord, give me experience, but not grief, not sorrow, not pain, not opposition, not betrayal, and certainly not to be forsaken. Keep from me, Lord, all those experiences which made Thee what Thou art! Then, let me come and dwell with Thee and fully share Thy joy!' - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
Betrayal quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#156. It was always better to have friends in low places, often far better, than having them in high places. At least when it came to Sorilla's line of work. Friends in high places tended to forget your name as soon as things got inconvenient, but she'd been consistently surprised by how loyal thugs and thieves could be in the right circumstances. They might literally stab you in the back, true, but they'd never just forget your name and ignore you in a crisis. Sorilla learned a long time past that she preferred an honest betrayal over a political one. - Author: Evan Currie
Betrayal quotes by Evan Currie
#157. Yet each man kills the thing he loves
By each let this be heard
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with a flattering word
The coward does it with a kiss
The brave man with a sword - Author: Oscar Wilde
Betrayal quotes by Oscar Wilde
#158. Betrayal. Lust. Secrecy. Devotion. I think we do these things to feel more alive. When the truth is that alive is alive
you can feel it in anything, if you give it a chance. - Author: David Levithan
Betrayal quotes by David Levithan
#159. It's enough for a small betrayal, a distancing, an affirmation of independence to provoke wrath, fear and also hatred from the adult. How many husbands and boyfriends kill the woman they say they love because she has decided to leave. It's in the news every day. - Author: Dacia Maraini
Betrayal quotes by Dacia Maraini
#160. If Americans should now turn back, submit again to slavery, it would be a betrayal so base the human race might better perish. - Author: Isabel Paterson
Betrayal quotes by Isabel Paterson
#161. The selfish and self-centered have a hard time being kind, even though you and I know that kindness is a source of relief to the soul. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#162. But so fluid a thing was love.It wasn't firm,he was learning, it wasn't a scripture;it was a wobbliness that lent itself to betrayal,taking the mold of whatever he poured he poured it into.And in fact,it was difficult to keep from pouring it into numerous vessels.It could be used for all kinds of purposes ... He wished it were a constraint.It was truly beginning to frighten him. - Author: Kiran Desai
Betrayal quotes by Kiran Desai
#163. An amorous night is to approach a state of perfection that only two lovers can reach; you see this requires--no it demands, implores the deepest reverence, trust, insatiable desire, and mad lust for her. To worship her by abolishing the weakness of fear, the fear of betrayal, infidelity, the lack of reciprocation and bequeathing the body and soul to her, to worship her, to yearn and gain her unfettered permission to her body and soul, to accept the primal desires the animal needs that dwell inside, yet to have passion, tender love-making and violent sex all in the same night, as one--approaching this perfection is approaching heaven on earth. - Author: Jack Serv
Betrayal quotes by Jack Serv
#164. To love love and not its meaning, hardens the heart in monstrous ways ... (The Rape Of The Swan)
Footnote : A form of self-edification, infatuation, lust and the epitome of hedonism. - Author: Archibald MacLeish
Betrayal quotes by Archibald MacLeish
#165. The flowers that I left in the ground,
that I did not gather for you,
today I bring them all back,
to let them grow forever,
not in poems or marble,
but where they fell and rotted.

And the ships in their great stalls,
huge and transitory as heroes,
ships I could not captain,
today I bring them back
to let them sail forever,
not in model or ballad,
but where they were wrecked and scuttled.

And the child on whose shoulders I stand,
whose longing I purged
with public, kingly discipline,
today I bring him back
to languish forever,
not in confession or biography,
but where he flourished,
growing sly and hairy.

It is not malice that draws me away,
draws me to renunciation, betrayal:
it is weariness, I go for weariness of thee,
Gold, ivory, flesh, love, God, blood, moon-
I have become the expert of the catalogue.

My body once so familiar with glory,
My body has become a museum:
this part remembered because of someone's mouth,
this because of a hand,
this of wetness, this of heat.

Who owns anything he has not made?
With your beauty I am as uninvolved
as with horses' manes and waterfalls.
This is my last catalogue.
I breathe the breathless
I love you, I love you -
and let you move forever. - Author: Leonard Cohen
Betrayal quotes by Leonard Cohen
#166. The wise do not consider the chains and shackles of jail to be the toughest restraints. The chains of attachment are the strongest of the ties that bind. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Betrayal quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#167. I didn't know what we were saying to each other. We were just battering rams of hurt and betrayal. - Author: C.D. Reiss
Betrayal quotes by C.D. Reiss
#168. There is no bigger gratification than the realization of the things you believe in after overcoming all the odds. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#169. True heroes and ideas never fall in the final sense of the word. They can only encounter temporary setbacks in their difficult journey to progress and success, - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#170. The truth of the matter is that - by an exorbitant paradox - I never stop believing that I am loved. I hallucinate what I desire. Each wound proceeds less from a doubt than from a betrayal: for only the one who loves can betray, only the one who believes himself loved can be jealous: that the other, episodically, should fail in his being, which is to love me - that is the origin of all my woes. A delirium, however, does not exist unless one wakens from it(there are only retrospective deliriums): one day, I realize what has happened to me: I thought I was suffering from not being loved, and yet it is because I thought I was loved that I was suffering; I lived in the complication of supposing myself simultaneously loved and abandoned. Anyone hearing my intimate language would have had to exclaim, as of a difficult child: But after all, what does he want? - Author: Roland Barthes
Betrayal quotes by Roland Barthes
#171. Every time I think of Tim Leary I get angry. He was a liar and a quack and a worse human being than Richard Nixon. For the last twenty-six years of his life he worked as an informant for the FBI and turned his friends into the police and betrayed the peace symbol he hid behind. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Betrayal quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#172. A human being who trades away individuality for conformity is nothing but a slave. - Author: Auliq Ice
Betrayal quotes by Auliq Ice
#173. it's not your brilliancy that your betrayal someone
but its innocence of that person who believed and trusted on Fake Person - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Betrayal quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#174. Do you ever feel as if everything surrounding you is in slow motion, moving through tar? There you are - and there's the world. You're outside staring in the window, observing reality happen, but you don't exist in it. You just watch, and watch. That's how I feel, like the dead butterfly staring back at you through the glass. - Author: Kyle Labe
Betrayal quotes by Kyle Labe
#175. Still, we're less betrayed by others, it seems, than by our own hopes and dreams. - Author: Martha Moody
Betrayal quotes by Martha Moody
#176. The rest of the family tree had a root system soggy with alcohol ... One aunt had fallen asleep with her face in the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner; another's fondness for Coors was so unwavering that I can still remember the musky smell of the beer and the coldness of the cans. Most of the men drank the way all Texas men drank, or so I believed, which meant that they were tough guys who could hold their liquor until they couldn't anymore
a capacity that often led to some cloudy version of doom, be it financial ruin or suicide or the lesser betrayal of simple estrangement. Both social drinkers, my parents had eluded these tragic endings; in the postwar Texas of suburbs and cocktails, their drinking was routine but undramatic. - Author: Gail Caldwell
Betrayal quotes by Gail Caldwell
#177. Soon the situation unraveled, and different groups who had taken part in the First Storm accused one another of betrayal. They were so entrenched in their own conflicts that they forgot about the ruler, who started to rally his inner circle and regained influence on the ground. While the people were distracted with their squabbles, the old guard regrouped and began to rebuild. Not long after this, the Gate appeared. - Author: Basma Abdel Aziz
Betrayal quotes by Basma Abdel Aziz
#178. Hopefulness is risky, since it is after all a form of trust, trust in the unknown and the possible, even in discontinuity. To be hopeful is to take on a different persona, one that risks disappointment, betrayal... - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Betrayal quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#179. I cannot live to hear the news from England.
But I do prophesy th' election lights
On Fortinbras; he has my dying voice.
So tell him, with th' occurents, more and less,
Which have solicited - the rest is silence. - Author: William Shakespeare
Betrayal quotes by William Shakespeare
#180. Taught by centuries of
living, the republic of immortal men had
achieved a perfection of tolerance, almost of
disdain. They knew that over an infinitely long span of time, all things happen to all men. As
reward for his past and future virtues, every
man merited every kindness - yet also every
betrayal, as reward for his past and future
iniquities. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Betrayal quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#181. You can't build a plot out of jokes. You need tragic relief. And you need to let people know that when a lot of frightened people are running around with edged weaponry, there are deaths. Stupid deaths, usually. I'm not writing 'The A-Team' - if there's a fight going on, people will get hurt. Not letting this happen would be a betrayal. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Betrayal quotes by Terry Pratchett
#182. All humans at some time experience injustice, assault, disqualification, invasion and betrayal. No person is completely shielded. We need not trace our family trees very far back or study for long what life was like for our forbears to uncover humanity's abusiveness. The inherited scars of our multigenerational families exist in our family systems as we know them today. The abuse of the past often exists as the shame of today, and the shame is perpetuated through our patterns of interaction. - Author: Merle A. Fossum
Betrayal quotes by Merle A. Fossum
#183. And she would continue to say to those who would still listen that it was a classic case of betrayal (You can never tell about appearance, she'd say) and would, somewhat to her credit, know that it was no such thing. - Author: Martha Ronk
Betrayal quotes by Martha Ronk
#184. For a woman betrayal has no sense - one cannot betray one's passions. - Author: Coco Chanel
Betrayal quotes by Coco Chanel
#185. why do you love him?
Her face softened. Because in a world that cares nothing for orphans like me, he cares- Cha'Rolette
Ilrica fidgeted uncomfortably, but then opened up. "Because in a world full of betrayal, he is loyal
Zurra wiped a tear from her eye. "Because in a world that punishes mistakes, he forgives
Trahzi placed her hand over her heart. "Because in a world that is cruel to weak things, he protects them."
Kalia looked at her hands and smiled. "Because in a world that pronounces judgment, he offers mercy."
Lyssandra blushed and gave a timid little smile. "Because in a world full of apathy, he dares to act. - Author: Aaron Lee Yeager
Betrayal quotes by Aaron Lee Yeager
#186. Shy and unready men are great betrayers of secrets, for there are few wants more urgent for the moment than the want of something to say. - Author: Henry Taylor
Betrayal quotes by Henry Taylor
#187. He had swept her off her feet then, and was all charm and charisma but then the magic slowly diminished and finally died due to his secret betrayals over time. Thousands of little resentments had replaced the early warmth. But their hearts, although heavy with bitterness and anger at the failed expectations, had gotten used to the solace of each other's company that often comes with years of living together, and they never stopped performing this morning ritual of their married life. - Author: Neena H. Brar
Betrayal quotes by Neena H. Brar
#188. Lovers have a right to betray you ... friends don't. - Author: Judy Holliday
Betrayal quotes by Judy Holliday
#189. The best part about turning to the dark side of you, it sets you free. - Author: Neetesh Dixit
Betrayal quotes by Neetesh Dixit
#190. I walk in her valleys,
Exploring her intimately,
But it's not until I crest her horizons,
When her world is revealed to me, the one she keeps concealed,
And It leaves me in awe,
Content to wander,
I could lose myself forever in her - Author: Morris R. Gates
Betrayal quotes by Morris R. Gates
#191. There are only really a few stories to tell in the end, and betrayal and the failure of love is one of those good stories to tell. - Author: Sean Lennon
Betrayal quotes by Sean Lennon
#192. And then there was Lydia.

Lydia who had hurtled into his life – into their lives – with hair like fire, eyes like amethysts and a fuck-me scent so palpable that he'd betrayed the only woman he'd ever loved. - Author: Dianna Hardy
Betrayal quotes by Dianna Hardy
#193. I think preconceived ideas or prejudgments are meant to give us an edge whenever we are dealing with others we don't know or haven't made the effort to understand. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Betrayal quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#194. Every Betrayal begins with trust-Phish
Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today-James Dean
Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live-Anonymous - Author: Brian Jacques
Betrayal quotes by Brian Jacques
#195. Sometimes a savage beauty lured me into the sun and I would start to love the danger a little. On these occasions I felt the reluctant love drained painfully from me as blood drains from a deep wound. The tigers lapped my love's blood and remained enemies. The inhabitants of the day laughed at the gift I wanted to bring them, and I shut myself in my inner room to escape the betrayal of their arrogant mouths. - Author: Anna Kavan
Betrayal quotes by Anna Kavan
#196. A stone, a figure, a sign, a word reaching us isolated from its context is only that stone, figure, sign, or word: we can try to define them, to describe them as they are, and no more than that; whether, beside the face they show us, they also have a hidden face, is not for us to know. The refusal to comprehend more than what the stones show us is perhaps the only way to evince respect for their secret; trying to guess is a presumption, a betrayal of that true, lost meaning. - Author: Italo Calvino
Betrayal quotes by Italo Calvino
#197. Unanswered vox hails requested medical aid and supply, but the line of Astartes at the top of the north ridge was grimly silent as the exhausted warriors of the Raven Guard and Salamanders came to within a hundred metres of their allies. A lone flare shot skyward from inside the black fortress where Horus had made his lair, exploding in a hellish red glow that lit the battlefield below like a madman's vision of the end of the world. And the fire of betrayal roared from the barrels of a thousand guns. - Author: Graham McNeill
Betrayal quotes by Graham McNeill
#198. Type II trauma also often occurs within a closed context - such as a family, a religious group, a workplace, a chain of command, or a battle group - usually perpetrated by someone related or known to the victim. As such, it often involves fundamental betrayal of the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator and within the community (Freyd, 1994). It may also involve the betrayal of a particular role and the responsibility associated with the relationship (i.e., parent-child, family member-child, therapist-client, teacher-student, clergy-child/adult congregant, supervisor-employee, military officer-enlisted man or woman). Relational dynamics of this sort have the effect of further complicating the victim's survival adaptations, especially when a superficially caring, loving or seductive relationship is cultivated with the victim (e.g., by an adult mentor such as a priest, coach, or teacher; by an adult who offers a child special favors for compliance; by a superior who acts as a protector or who can offer special favors and career advancement). In a process labelled "selection and grooming", potential abusers seek out as potential victims those who appear insecure, are needy and without resources, and are isolated from others or are obviously neglected by caregivers or those who are in crisis or distress for which they are seeking assistance. This status is then used against the victim to seduce, coerce, and exploit. Such a scenario can lead to trauma bonding between - Author: Christine A. Courtois
Betrayal quotes by Christine A. Courtois
#199. Gwen found herself in possession, coolly palmed in her thoughts like a dollar coin, of the idea that she was about to bring another abandoned son into the world, the son of an abandoned son. The heir to a history of disappointment and betrayal, violence, and loss. Centuries of loss, empires of disappointment. All the anger that Gwen had been feeling, not just today or over the past nine months but all her life
feeding on to it like a sun, using it to power her engines, to fund her stake in the American dream
struck her for the first time as a liability. As purely tragic. There was no way to partake of it without handing it on down the generations. - Author: Michael Chabon
Betrayal quotes by Michael Chabon
#200. There is a reason Dante made betrayal the deepest level of Hell - Author: Laura C. Schlessinger
Betrayal quotes by Laura C. Schlessinger

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