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#1. Wisdom and folly are equal before the face of Infinity, for Infinity knows them not. - Author: Leonid Andreyev
Faces quotes by Leonid Andreyev
#2. The Bible holds up before us ideals that are within sight of the weakest and the lowliest, and yet so high that the best and the noblest are kept with their faces turned ever upward. It carries the call of the Saviour to the remotest corners of the earth; on its pages are written the assurances of the present and our hopes for the future - Author: William Jennings Bryan
Faces quotes by William Jennings Bryan
#3. I'm going to give him a pizza face. - Author: Wladimir Klitschko
Faces quotes by Wladimir Klitschko
#4. Like certain faces among the people I see on the street every day, certain words, for some reason, stand out, and leave an impression on me. Others remain in the background, negligible. After - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
Faces quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#5. Bright lamplight bounced off golden varnished wood. The suddenly vivid colors of scarves, hats, hair and faces after the gray-green gloom they'd been immersed in all morning dazzled them. The solid warmth of the coal-fired range, dry and hot, pressed against them from the front as the lingering damp embedded in their backs brought forth a final, convulsive shiver. The sights and smells of rich food and aromatic coffee hit them, no longer just a hope in their hollow stomachs. This made them all as if drunk with good fortune and delighted them with sheer, physical pleasure. - Author: Antonio Dias
Faces quotes by Antonio Dias
#6. It is natural that we face obstacles in pursuit of our goals. But if we remain passive, making no effort to solve the problems we meet, conflicts will arise and hindrances will grow. Transforming these obstacles into opportunities is a challenge to our human ingenuity. - Author: Dalai Lama
Faces quotes by Dalai Lama
#7. Be ready to face the worst. This will leave you with stability in your mind. - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Faces quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#8. Although I was able to maintain a pleasant expression, I was mentally throwing up in her face. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
Faces quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#9. He caught the look on her face, a mixture of distaste and confusion which eventually resolved into something more cryptic. Women usually needed to be acquainted with him a little longer before he saw that expression on their faces. - Author: Kate Atkinson
Faces quotes by Kate Atkinson
#10. What I can't completely understand is most other people's fascination with what the famous among us do with their lips and the rest of their bodies. Why do ordinary people become the target of this curiosity simply by virtue of the fact that other people recognise their names and faces but know almost nothing else about them? - Author: Alan Alda
Faces quotes by Alan Alda
#11. The question that faces the strategic decision maker is not what his organisation should do tomorrow. It is, what do we have to do today to be ready for an uncertain tomorrow? - Author: Peter Drucker
Faces quotes by Peter Drucker
#12. Looking at Loh's photographs, it is obvious that there is nothing simpler and richer than a face when stripped of all effects and affects, poses and postures, stances and pretences. The Singaporeans featured here are almost
expressionless, as if the photographer wanted to leave us clueless about them. What do their faces tell us? Why are they so familiar? Why do we feel we know this auntie that we don't know? And this guy with the nondescript look? And this girl with no distinguishing mark? Have we met before? - Author: Raphael Millet
Faces quotes by Raphael Millet
#13. The issues facing working women and their families are closest to my heart. I decided to focus intently on the challenges military wives face because they juggle the same pressures as their nonmilitary peers, all while coping as single parents while their loved ones are overseas. I wanted to help make their voices heard. - Author: Michelle Obama
Faces quotes by Michelle Obama
#14. The funeral was held on a rainy Tuesday at the church where the Brendan family were members. The high school was excused for the day so the teachers and students could attend if they wished, and many did. Avivah's parents mourned their only child from the front pew, tears falling as steadily as the droplets outside, smattering faces as well as painted window panes.

After the eulogy, a song about heaven began to play over head, and as the song played, the Brendans lit a candle by the photo of their daughter, then returned to their seats. More than a few people in attendance were found dabbing at their eyes as the song came to a close. The group of mourners made their way slowly to the cemetery and laid the girl to rest, black umbrellas dotting the vivid green of the grass, grey sky bright, despite the rainfall. - Author: Rebecca Harris
Faces quotes by Rebecca  Harris
#15. That was the first time I'd seen the Sacred Jewel. And after she was given custody of it, sister Kikyō's fate changed drastically. She would watch other girls her age indulge in make-up, paint their faces white, and enjoy their youth."
―Kaede - Author: Rumiko Takahashi
Faces quotes by Rumiko Takahashi
#16. We lived in a safe, family-friendly area, but parts of London were rough, as you'd expect from any large city. Mark had a knack for attracting muggers. One time, we were in a train station and a little kid--no more than about eight years old--came up to him: "Oi, mate, give me your phone." We always carried the cool Nokia phones with the Snake game on them, and they were the hot item. It was like inviting trouble carrying one around, but we didn't care.
Mark thought the mini-mugger was crazy: "Are you kidding me? No way." Then he looked over his shoulder and realized the kid wasn't alone; he had a whole gang with him. So Mark handed over his phone and the kid ran off. I never let him live down the fact that an eight-year-old had mugged him.
I had my own incident as well, but I handled it a little differently. I got off the train at Herne Hill station and noticed that two guys were following me. I could hear their footsteps getting closer and closer. "Give us your backpack," they threatened me.
"Why? All I have is my homework in here," I tried to reason with them. They had seen me on the train with my minidisc player and they knew I was holding out on them. "Give it," they threatened.
My bag was covered with key chains and buttons, and as I took it off my shoulder, pretending to give it to them, I swung it hard in their faces. All that hardware knocked one of them to the ground and stunned the other. With my bag in my hand, I ran the mile home without ever - Author: Derek Hough
Faces quotes by Derek Hough
#17. Kindness is willing to look in the face of the hurting. - Author: Beth Moore
Faces quotes by Beth Moore
#18. the simplicity of many of Bush's pronouncements is often misinterpreted as evidence that he has penetrated to the core of a complex issue, when in fact exactly the opposite is true: They often mark his refusal even to consider complexity. And that's particularly troubling in a world where the challenges America faces are often quite complex and require rigorous, sustained, disciplined analysis. - Author: Al Gore
Faces quotes by Al Gore
#19. Man's chief End is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." With this agree the four and twenty elders who fall on their faces to worship Him that liveth for ever and ever, saying, "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. - Author: A.W. Tozer
Faces quotes by A.W. Tozer
#20. Endless longing; a face you'd known since childhood, since birth almost; a body that moved as though it were your own. These were things you never spoke of, things you never hoped for; things you could never admit to. Things you'd die for, and die of. - Author: Elizabeth Hand
Faces quotes by Elizabeth Hand
#21. I'm fine watching stuff on tape, to me casting is the most painful part of the whole process, it's like going on a horribly awkward date every five minutes for eight hours, and people come in and they'll be someone good but they're not right, and you want to tell them they're good, but it sounds like BS, and they're looking at your face to see how they did, what adjustments they need, and it's just so emotionally draining, and it goes on and on. - Author: Mike Judge
Faces quotes by Mike Judge
#22. For all his learning or sophistication, man still instinctively reaches towards that force beyond. Only arrogance can deny its existence, and the denial falters in the face of evidence on every hand. In every tuft of grass, in every bird, in every opening bud, there it is. - Author: Hal Borland
Faces quotes by Hal Borland
#23. America faces a new race that has awakened. - Author: E. Franklin Frazier
Faces quotes by E. Franklin Frazier
#24. There is, then, a world immune from change. But I am not composed enough, standing on tiptoe on the verge of fire, still scorched by the hot breath, afraid of the door opening and the leap of the tiger, to make even one sentence. What I say is perpetually contradicted. Each time the door opens I am interrupted. I am not yet twenty-one. I am to be broken. I am to be derided all my life. I am to be cast up and down among these men and women, with their twitching faces, with their lying tongues, like a cork on a rough sea. Like a ribbon of weed I am flung far every time the door opens. I am the foam that sweeps and fills the uttermost rims of the rocks with whiteness; I am also a girl, here in this room. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Faces quotes by Virginia Woolf
#25. I wasn't good at being affable. You get beyond that and realise the attraction in any human being has more to do with what they give to someone rather than just being face candy. - Author: Alison Moyet
Faces quotes by Alison Moyet
#26. Time seemed to drag with dreamlike slowness, like a knife through cold honey, and the room took on a surreal golden sheen as if I was looking through that same jar of honey. Maybe at that moment, the sun shone just right though the grimy windows, but the woman, the shelves, the jars, everything in the room appeared in tones of gold and sepia, except for the painting behind the counter. From behind the shopkeeper's head, a fluorescent Mary and Jesus glared at me, their cartoon-like faces reproaching me for being there. - Author: Sara Stark
Faces quotes by Sara Stark
#27. He gave the body a final kick and then turned to face me.
"You and I need to talk, Kitten."
"Now?" I asked in disbelief, gesturing to the dead vampire near his feet.
"It's not like he's going anywhere, so yeah. Now. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Faces quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#28. Faces

...the real
...me - Author: Ellen Hopkins
Faces quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#29. There are no words for how much I will miss her, but I try to kiss her so that she'll know. I try to kiss her to tell her the whole story of my love, the way I dreamed of her when she was dead, the way that every other girl seemed like a mirror that showed me her face. The way my skin ached for her. The way that kissing her made me feel like I was drowning and like I was being saved all at the same time. I hope she can taste all that, bittersweet, on my tongue. - Author: Holly Black
Faces quotes by Holly Black
#30. It is the reflection of my face. Often in these lost days I study it: I can understand nothing of this face. The faces of others have some sense, some direction. Not mine. I cannot even decide whether it is handsome or ugly. I think it is ugly because I have been told so. But it doesn't strike me. At heart, I am even shocked that anyone can attribute qualities of this kind to it, as if you called a clod of earth or a block of stone beautiful or ugly. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Faces quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#31. We do live in a world with lunatic and mentally corrupted people, and still you expect I shouldn't smash some faces. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
Faces quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#32. I watched my head rolling on the floor. It landed face up and a big tear came out of one eye. - Author: Shirley Maclaine
Faces quotes by Shirley Maclaine
#33. Let's face it: Bush is just dim. - Author: George Clooney
Faces quotes by George Clooney
#34. Sexcastle is a perfect mix of homage and comedy, action and irony, loving tribute and hilarious send-up of the great, good, and ungodly-bad action movies of the '80s. I don't remember the last time a debut book hit me this hard. Literally, this book punched me in the face. It's THAT mean. - Author: Matt Fraction
Faces quotes by Matt Fraction
#35. Beauty - real everlasting beauty - lives not on our faces, but in our attitude and our actions. It lives in what we do for ourselves and for others. - Author: Justina Chen
Faces quotes by Justina Chen
#36. The thing that hurts, that became anger, was when I realized that if you tell the truth, in a country that says you're entitled to tell the truth, you get your face slapped and you get put out of work. - Author: Eartha Kitt
Faces quotes by Eartha Kitt
#37. When Emerson's library was burning at Concord, I went to him as he stood with the firelight on his strong, sweet face, and endeavored to express my sympathy for the loss of his most valued possessions, but he answered cheerily, 'Never mind, Louisa, see what a beautiful blaze they make! We will enjoy that now.' The lesson was one never forgotten and in the varied lessons that have come to me I have learned to look for something beautiful and bright. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Faces quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#38. When we have all data online it will be great for humanity. It is a prerequisite to solving many problems that humankind faces. - Author: Robert Cailliau
Faces quotes by Robert Cailliau
#39. The coming and going of the seasons give us more than the springtimes, summers, autumns, and winters of our lives. It reflects the coming and going of the circumstances of our lives like the glassy surface of a pond that shows our faces radiant with joy or contorted with pain. - Author: Gary Zukav
Faces quotes by Gary Zukav
#40. You can't be angry to someone who is just sad. We all are humans. We can't control our tears which is streaming down our faces.. - Author: Jane Kusina
Faces quotes by Jane Kusina
#41. There is always a man eager to explain my mental illness to me. They all do it so confidently, motioning to their Hemingway and Bukowski bookshelf as they compare my depression to their late-night loneliness. There is always someone that rejected them that they equate their sadness to and a bottle of gin (or a song playing, or a movie) close by that they refer to as their cure. Somehow, every soft confession of my Crazy that I hand to them turns into them pulling out pieces of themselves to prove how it really is in my head.

So many dudes I've dated have faces like doctors ready to institutionalize
and love my crazy (but only on Friday nights.)

They tell their friends about my impulsive decision making and how I "get them" more than anyone they've ever met but leave out my staring off in silence for hours and the self-inflicted bruises on my cheeks.

None of them want to acknowledge a crazy they can't cure.

They want a crazy that fits well into a trope and gives them a chance to play Hero. And they always love a Crazy that provides them material to write about.

Truth is they love me best as a cigarette cloud of impossibility, with my lipstick applied perfectly and my Crazy only being pulled out when their life needs a little spice.

They don't want me dirty, having not left my bed for days. Not diseased. Not real.

So they invite me over when they're going through writer's block but don't answer m - Author: Lora Mathis
Faces quotes by Lora Mathis
#42. One can always lament, you know - but to laugh in the face of life, that's very hard. And for me the great tragedian should also be a great comedian. - Author: Martha Graham
Faces quotes by Martha Graham
#43. When we face the worst that can happen in any situation, we grow. When circumstances are at their worst, we can find our best. - Author: Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Faces quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#44. According to your sources
if you strike life with the radical
when it cracks
the inside's going to glow
with the translucence of red wine.

Below us people in dark coats stream home,
faces unavailable for comment. - Author: Lori Lamothe
Faces quotes by Lori Lamothe
#45. Last night I heard a robin singing in the rain,
And the raindrop's patter made a sweet refrain,
Making all the sweeter the music of the strain.
So, I thought, when trouble comes, as trouble will,
Why should I stop singing? Just beyond the hill
It may be that sunshine floods the green world still.
He who faces the trouble with a heart of cheer
Makes the burden lighter. If there falls a tear,
Sweeter is the cadence in the song we hear.
I have learned your lesson, bird with dappled wing,
Listening to your music with its lilt of spring
When the storm-cloud darkens, then's the TIME to sing. - Author: Eben E. Rexford
Faces quotes by Eben E. Rexford
#46. FACE THE NATION is the second oldest program on television. It began in 1954, fifty-eight years ago. I've been here at the table for the last twenty-one. - Author: Rodney Erickson
Faces quotes by Rodney Erickson
#47. As you lecture, you keep watching the faces, and information keeps coming back to you all the time. - Author: George Wald
Faces quotes by George Wald
#48. Neil felt a half-second from losing his mind, but then Andrew said his name and Neil's thoughts ground to a startled halt. He was belatedly aware of his hand at his ear and his fingers clenched tight around his phone. He didn't remember pulling it from his pocket or making the decision to dial out. He lowered it and tapped a button, thinking maybe he'd imagined things, but Andrew's name was on his display and the timer put the call at almost a minute already. Neil put the phone back to his ear, but he couldn't find the words for the wretched feeling that was tearing away at him. In three months championships would be over. In four months he'd be dead. In five months the Foxes would be right back here for summer practices with six new faces. Neil could count his life on one hand now. On the other hand was the future he couldn't have: vice-captain, captain, Court. Neil had no right to mourn these missed chances. He'd gotten more than he deserved this year; it was selfish to ask for more. He should be grateful for what he had, and gladder still that his death would mean something. He was going to drag his father and the Moriyamas down with him when he went, and they'd never recover from the things he said. It was justice when he'd never thought he'd get any and revenge for his mother's death. He thought he'd come to terms with it but that hollow ache was back in his chest where it had no right to be. Neil felt like he was drowning. Neil found his voice at last, but the best he h - Author: Nora Sakavic
Faces quotes by Nora Sakavic
#49. Would you rather have had justice?"
-The Fox - Author: C.S. Lewis
Faces quotes by C.S. Lewis
#50. The glance embroiders in joy, knits in pain, and sews in boredom.
When indifferent, the eye takes stills, when interested, movies.
Laughter is regional: a smile extends over the whole face. - Author: Malcolm De Chazal
Faces quotes by Malcolm De Chazal
#51. What takes courage: no make - up. No make - up at all. Like The Matrix. I did the matrix and they had a rule all the characters in The Matrix, except the leads, of course, wore absolutely nothing on their face. - Author: Ian McLeod
Faces quotes by Ian McLeod
#52. Your strength is how calmly, quietly and peacefully you face life. - Author: Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Faces quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
#53. If history is a guide, a victory for Obama means he faces the prospect of a second term dogged by scandal or inertia. - Author: Ron Fournier
Faces quotes by Ron Fournier
#54. Certain empty houses that seemed to stare like the faces of people suffering from terrible mental illness. An empty barn on the outskirts of town, the hayloft door swinging open and closed on rusty hinges, first disclosing darkness, then hiding it, then disclosing it again. - Author: Stephen King
Faces quotes by Stephen King
#55. At the end of the day, I think I understand the dynamic that we face. And I'm best prepared to be commander in chief on day one, with all due respect to my other colleagues, including Hillary Clinton. - Author: Lindsey Graham
Faces quotes by Lindsey Graham
#56. It's easier for the former masters to put aside the masks that hid their humanity than for the former slaves to recognise the faces underneath. Or to trust that this is not a new mask these are wearing. - Author: Nadine Gordimer
Faces quotes by Nadine Gordimer
#57. Your ribcage never meant to hurt you.
Your windpipe doesn't know how to be pretty,
but she knows how to howl -
and here, I'd like to take a moment
to submit a formal apology to my soft parts
because they kept me warm
when I was trying to freeze to death,
and I hated them for it. An apology
for a starvation that went deeper than my skin.
One for the strongest skeleton I will ever own
and how I kept using the word girl against it.
Or how I turned words like beautiful into shapes
I could contort myself into. I didn't mean
to compare myself to faces I can't have.
Or spend years trying to carve myself,
like Michelangelo's angels, from the marble -
forgetting what it is to be skin instead of stone.
I let myself be afraid. I was taught to be.
When you learn you are only as good
as your beauty routine, you forget
how to define yourself by anything else. - Author: Ashe Vernon
Faces quotes by Ashe Vernon
#58. Novelists don't age as quickly as philosophers, who often face professional senility in their late twenties. - Author: Martin Amis
Faces quotes by Martin Amis
#59. Neighborhood grocery stores, coal yards, gas stations, cheap taverns, big old rundown houses, a few churches with blank embarrassed faces. - Author: Ross Macdonald
Faces quotes by Ross Macdonald
#60. A young bride can put on makeup at 6 in the morning and look fabulous at midnight. I have about a 15-minute window where I actually look good, and then I have to wash my face and start over. - Author: Cathy Guisewite
Faces quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#61. When a man makes a reverent face before a face that is no face - that is idol worship! - Author: Menachem Mendel Of Kotzk
Faces quotes by Menachem Mendel Of Kotzk
#62. He had never seen such eyes before, not even in the faces of soldiers unmanned in the midst of great carnage. Eyes like black mirrors, at once shallow and bottomless. He had the feeling that if he pressed his finger to one of those eyes, it would shatter and fall inward through a black cavern of grief and loss that could never be filled. - Author: Greg Iles
Faces quotes by Greg Iles
#63. When a man is driving in a car and looks out the window and notices a woman with a great body, as he strains to check her face out, how does she know to keep turning so the back of her head is always toward him? - Author: Woody Allen
Faces quotes by Woody Allen
#64. Don't look for faces to make traces, don't look for humanly love, don't expect and suspect, let it go and let it grow. - Author: Santosh Kalwar
Faces quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#65. I thought I heard
Gansey broke off. His eyes dropped to where Adam held Blue's hand. Again his face was somewhat puzzled by the fact of their hand-holding. Adam's grip tightened, although she didn't think he meant for it to. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Faces quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#66. Masks are what they seem to be; not so the faces beneath them. - Author: Mason Cooley
Faces quotes by Mason Cooley
#67. He whispered, "That miracle you were praying for - he's patiently waiting his turn to hold you."
Laura lifted her head from John's chest, focusing on the faces around her. At last, her eyes fell upon him. Tony smiled softly. - Author: Adriana Parrinello
Faces quotes by Adriana Parrinello
#68. If I ever saw myself saying I'm excited going to Cleveland, I'd punch myself in the face, because I'm lying. - Author: Ichiro Suzuki
Faces quotes by Ichiro Suzuki
#69. The evangelical with his "minority complex" often forgets that he is part of a massive historical movement much larger than his own kind of church. Catholic and Protestant thought of various sorts, and Eastern Orthodoxy, can all be of help, for they share with him the basics of Biblical theism. The evangelical tends to see himself today standing alone, he supposes that nobody ever faced such issues as he now faces, and he therefore thinks in a vacuum. - Author: Arthur F. Holmes
Faces quotes by Arthur F. Holmes
#70. When I draw a character, very often as I'm doing a face, my face mirrors the expression. - Author: Matthew Ashford
Faces quotes by Matthew Ashford
#71. As they went by Assail, the male was watching them. "Jesus, he really is blind"
Wrath pulled up short and unsheathed his dagger, pointed it directly into the guys face. "But my hearing is just fine - Author: J.R. Ward
Faces quotes by J.R. Ward
#72. I went to Brunel University and very much wanted to go on to do a PhD in management, but then my acting career started to take off. In those days when you switched on the box there were hardly any brown or black faces. - Author: Archie Panjabi
Faces quotes by Archie Panjabi
#73. O holy God! The sinless seraphs covered their faces in Your presence. How much more should we who are but sinful creatures bow in reverence before Your throne. You alone are holy. You alone are the transcendent, majestic God. You alone are morally pure. You are perfect light; in You there is no darkness at all. And yet, through Your Son You came to us as our Savior. You came not to pronounce woe but blessing to those who trust in Jesus. Fill our hearts with awe because of Your holiness, and with amazement because of Your love. Through Jesus Christ our Lord we praise You. Amen. - Author: Jerry Bridges
Faces quotes by Jerry Bridges
#74. Such a caring for death, an awakening that keeps vigil over death, a conscience that looks death in the face, is another name for freedom. - Author: Jacques Derrida
Faces quotes by Jacques Derrida
#75. The horror of Gandhi's murder lies not in the political motives behind it or in its consequences for Indian policy or for the future of non-violence; the horror lies simply in the fact that any man could look into the face of this extraordinary person and deliberately pull a trigger. - Author: Mary McCarthy
Faces quotes by Mary McCarthy
#76. Ultimately, work on self is inseperable from work in the world. Each mirrors the other; each is a vehicle for the other. When we change ourselves, our values and actions change as well. When we do work in the world, internal issues arise that we must face or be rendered ineffective. - Author: Charles Eisenstein
Faces quotes by Charles Eisenstein
#77. I have a face I cannot show, I make the rules up as I go. - Author: Sheryl Crow
Faces quotes by Sheryl Crow
#78. Every utopia - let's just stick with the literary ones - faces the same problem: What do you do with the people who don't fit in? - Author: Margaret Atwood
Faces quotes by Margaret Atwood
#79. My brain ... it cannot process failure. It will not process failure. Because if I sit there and have to face myself and tell myself, 'You're a failure' ... I think that's almost worse than death. - Author: Kobe Bryant
Faces quotes by Kobe Bryant
#80. Kingsley and Nora ignored your wall. I have to ask ... what is the reward for getting past that wall of yours? Or is it a punishment?" "Both reward and punishment." "How so?" Father Stearns turned his head to her and the handcuffs popped open. At that moment their faces were so close together if she leaned in an inch they'd be kissing. "I fucked them. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
Faces quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#81. For he, indeed, who looks into the face of a friend beholds, as it were, a copy of himself. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
Faces quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#82. A good read is like thanksgiving dinner. Some come to stuff their faces and leave fat and happy. Others come to critique everything from the turkey to the place settings. And those special few come to see how its done and hope for the chance to one day make their own. So that others can get fat and happy. - Author: Red Mattos
Faces quotes by Red Mattos
#83. Humans are like social Legos. We connect together with families. We build lives with friends. On our own, we're just one piece. When we come together in groups, we make amazing things. Our admission ticket into these groups is not our thoughts or our feelings. Our faces are our tickets. Our faces lets us look out and know others and let them know us. - Author: Robert Hoge
Faces quotes by Robert Hoge
#84. Debt, grinding debt, whose iron face the widow, the orphan, and the sons of genius fear and hate;
debt, which consumes so much time, which so cripples and disheartens a great spirit with cares that seem so base, is a preceptor whose lessons cannot be forgone, and is needed most by those who suffer from it most. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Faces quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#85. Famous revolutionary,' you say, and the laughter pumps out of your chest like blood, great almost painful spurts of it splashing up the building faces toward the marquee moon. - Author: Garth Risk Hallberg
Faces quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#86. Yes. Soften it as they would, their hearts were lighter. The children's faces, hushed and clustered round to hear what they so little understood, were brighter, and it was a happier house for this man's death! The only emotion that the Ghost could show him, caused by the event, was one of pleasure. - Author: Charles Dickens
Faces quotes by Charles Dickens
#87. Sometimes integrity is a punch in the face. - Author: Leslie Nielsen
Faces quotes by Leslie Nielsen
#88. Through the Savior's Atonement and by following these basic patterns of faithfulness, we receive "power from on high" to face the challenges of life. We need this divine power today more than ever. - Author: Robert D. Hales
Faces quotes by Robert D. Hales
#89. They recognize me. Of course they recognize me. My face is uncovered and I'm standing here outside of District 12 pointing an arrow at them. Who else would I be? - Author: Suzanne Collins
Faces quotes by Suzanne Collins
#90. But love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice, or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. If we reject it, we die of hunger, because we lack the courage to stretch out a hand and pluck the fruit from the branches of the tree of life. We have to take love where we find it, even if that means hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness.
The moment we begin to seek love, love begins to seek us. And to save us. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Faces quotes by Paulo Coelho
#91. The web is just going to be one more of those major change factors that businesses face every decade. - Author: Steve Jobs
Faces quotes by Steve Jobs
#92. When you can look into the face of human beings and you have enough light to recognize them as your brothers and sisters. Up until then it is night and darkness is still with us. Let us pray for the light. It is the peace the world cannot give. - Author: Henri Nouwen
Faces quotes by Henri Nouwen
#93. People hurried past, the others of the street, endless anonymous, twenty-one lives per second, race-walking in their faces and pigments, sprays of fleetest being. - Author: Don DeLillo
Faces quotes by Don DeLillo
#94. In Indonesia, I had spent two years at a Muslim school, two years at a Catholic school. In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell my mother that I made faces during Koranic studies. - Author: Barack Obama
Faces quotes by Barack Obama
#95. America is never wholly herself unless she is engaged in high moral principle," he said. "We as a people have such a purpose today. It is to make kinder the face of the nation and gentler the face of the world. - Author: George W. Bush
Faces quotes by George W. Bush
#96. Playing clubs is the ultimate - you see the faces; you hear the 'clicking' glasses - I love all that atmosphere and seeing people's mouths singing the words to the songs. - Author: Vonda Shepard
Faces quotes by Vonda Shepard
#97. And there is no harm in loving a stranger. In fact, it is more exciting to love a stranger. When you were not together, there was great attraction. The more you have been together, the more the attraction has become dull. The more you have become known to each other, superficially, the less is the excitement. Life becomes very soon a routine. People go on repeating the same thing, again and again. If you look at the faces of people in the world, you will be surprised: Why do all these people look so sad? Why do their eyes look as if they have lost all hope? The reason is simple; the reason is repetition. Man is intelligent; repetition creates boredom. Boredom brings a sadness because one knows what is going to happen tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow ... until one goes into the grave, it will be the same, the same story. Finkelstein - Author: Osho
Faces quotes by Osho
#98. The problem that we, as living organisms, face - and not we only, humans, but any living organism faces - is the management of life. - Author: Antonio Damasio
Faces quotes by Antonio Damasio
#99. Science lesson?" he asked. "Yeah!" both boys shouted at once. They looked up at him with eager faces. August wondered if his job would be different if kids looked up at him with eager faces. And if even these two kids would have been the slightest bit eager for a science lesson if they had been in school. Maybe the school was the problem, August thought. Maybe everybody wants a science lesson if they're sitting in the middle of one of the greatest geothermal wonders of the world. Maybe we've removed all the relevance from the information we teach kids so they have no idea why they should care. Maybe it's not the kids' fault. Maybe we made the first mistake. "I'll - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Faces quotes by Catherine Ryan Hyde
#100. Eyes that are blind have no way to tell the loveliness of faces and features; eyes with no pupils have no way to tell the beauty of colored and embroidered silks. - Author: Zhuangzi
Faces quotes by Zhuangzi
#101. Occasionally I like to have facials but I do think they rub too much stuff on your face. I don't really like having my hair and makeup done because it's a work thing. - Author: Lara Stone
Faces quotes by Lara Stone
#102. So for a moment the gunslinger merely stood inside the door, first amazed, then ironically amused. Here he was in a world which struck him dumb with fresh wonders seemingly at every step, a world where carriages flew trough the air and paper seemed as cheap as sand. And the newest wonder was simply that for these people, wonder had run out: here, in a place of miracles, he saw only dull faces and plodding bodies. - Author: Stephen King
Faces quotes by Stephen King
#103. We recently had a referendum in New York about extending the forest preserve. The city voted for it by a large majority; yet as I walk the streets I do not see afforestation written with conviction on the harried faces of my fellow citizens. - Author: Learned Hand
Faces quotes by Learned Hand
#104. From the first, I regarded myself as under obligation to my country to preserve the faces of its historic men and mothers - Author: Mathew Brady
Faces quotes by Mathew Brady
#105. I am who I am and I say what I think. I'm not putting a face on for the record. - Author: Eminem
Faces quotes by Eminem
#106. The denier that ID [intelligent design] is science faces the following dilemma. Either he admits that the intervention of such a designer is possible, or he does not. If he does not, he must explain why that belief is more scientific than the belief that a designer is possible. If on the other hand he believes that a designer is possible, then he can argue that the evidence is overwhelmingly against the actions of such a designer, but he cannot say that someone who offers evidence on the other side is doing something of a fundamentally different kind. All he can say about that person is that he is scientifically mistaken. - Author: Thomas Nagel
Faces quotes by Thomas Nagel
#107. How rare to stare into the face of death ...
Something I never intend to do again. - Author: Ichabod
Faces quotes by Ichabod
#108. I believe the challenge the city faces is attracting continued development into the inner and western part of Jersey City. Nobody should be left behind as Jersey City continues to prosper and grow. - Author: Vincent Frank
Faces quotes by Vincent Frank
#109. You should never protest outside a rich guy's home during the day because he's not there. He's at work grinding the faces of the poor. - Author: Craig Ferguson
Faces quotes by Craig Ferguson
#110. Smile, it enhances your face value. - Author: Dolly Parton
Faces quotes by Dolly Parton
#111. I thought fleetingly of Anne, how the faces changed but the act was always the same, the need was always the same, no one drew a line between the sex you bought and the love you made, and your body could not tell the difference. - Author: Miles Watson
Faces quotes by Miles Watson
#112. Good fortune almost always makes some change in a man's behavior - in his manner of speaking and acting. It is a great weakness to want to bedeck oneself in qualities which are not his own. If he esteemed virtue above all other things, neither the favors of fortune nor the advantages of position would change a man's face or heart. - Author: Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
Faces quotes by Madeleine De Souvre, Marquise De ...
#113. In every life there is a moment. A crisis. One that says: what I believe is wrong. It happens to everyone, the only difference is how that knowledge changes them. In most cases, it is simply a case of burying that knowledge and pretending it isn't there. That is how humans grow old. That is ultimately what creases their faces and curves their backs and shrinks their mouths and ambitions. The weight of that denial. The stress of it. This is not unique to humans. The single biggest act of bravery or madness anyone can do is the act of change. - Author: Matt Haig
Faces quotes by Matt Haig
#114. You have not seen my face go across the screen for any off the field problems, period. - Author: Terrell Owens
Faces quotes by Terrell Owens
#115. Ideology is the sterner face of myth and we're a myth-making people. - Author: Diana Trilling
Faces quotes by Diana Trilling
#116. The faculties of our souls differ as widely as the features of our faces and the forms of our frames. - Author: J.G. Holland
Faces quotes by J.G. Holland
#117. The world rests in the night. Trees, mountains, fields, and faces are released from the prison of shape and the burden of exposure. Each thing creeps back into its own nature within the shelter of the dark. Darkness is the ancient womb. Nighttime is womb- time. Our souls come out to play. The darkness absolves everything; the struggle for identity and impression falls away. We rest in the night. - Author: John O'Donohue
Faces quotes by John O'Donohue
#118. Mom had just gotten back from Sydney, and she had brought me an immense, surpassingly blue butterfly, Papilio ulysses, mounted in a frame filled with cotton. I would hold it close to my face, so close I couldn't see anything but that blue. It would fill me with a feeling, a feeling I later tried to duplicate with alcohol and finally found again with Clare, a feeling of unity, oblivion, mindlessness in the best sense of the word. - Author: Audrey Niffenegger
Faces quotes by Audrey Niffenegger
#119. Peppercorn is black and so is the beauty mark of the moon-faces -both rend the heart, yet between them lie enormous spaces - Author: Muhammad Atta-ullah Faizani
Faces quotes by Muhammad Atta-ullah Faizani
#120. As black people, we want our story to be this constant ascendance from slavery. But it's not like that. You push and it goes up. Then there's a backlash, and if folks stop pushing, it goes down. Let's face it, it's a lot more complicated. - Author: Stanley Nelson Jr.
Faces quotes by Stanley Nelson Jr.
#121. I'm camera shy. I don't necessarily like being front and center. I'd rather not have my face all up in everything. I'm not trying to be some mysterious producer or anything like that. - Author: Galcher Lustwerk
Faces quotes by Galcher Lustwerk
#122. In Euclid's Elements we meet the concept which later plays a significant role in the development of science. The concept is called the "division of a line in extreme and mean ratio" (DEMR). ...the concept occurs in two forms. The first is formulated in Proposition 11 of Book II. ...why did Euclid introduce different forms... which we can find in Books II, VI and XIII? ...Only three types of regular polygons can be faces of the Platonic solids: the equilateral triangle... the square... and the regular pentagon. In order to construct the Platonic solids... we must build the two-dimensional faces... It is for this purpose that Euclid introduced the golden ratio... (Proposition II.11)... By using the "golden" isosceles triangle...we can construct the regular pentagon... Then only one step remains to construct the dodecahedron... which for Plato is one of the most important regular polyhedra symbolizing the universal harmony in his cosmology. - Author: Alexey Stakhov
Faces quotes by Alexey Stakhov
#123. I find it very strange doing voiceover stuff, because you find you have to enunciate and make stupid faces in order for the point to make sense, because it's playing against the deadpan Simpson face. If you're just speaking in the regular way you speak, it will sound really boring. - Author: Emily Blunt
Faces quotes by Emily Blunt
#124. Mia faces me now. The wind is whipping her hair this way and that so she looks like some kind of mystical sorceress, beautiful, powerful, and scary at the same time. She shakes her head and starts to turn away.
Oh, no! We've come this far over the bridge. She can blow the damn thing up if she wants to. But not without telling me everything. I grab her, turn her to face me. "Why not? Tell me. You owe me this!"
She looks at me, square in the eye. Taking aim. And then she pulls the trigger. "Because I hated you. - Author: Gayle Forman
Faces quotes by Gayle Forman
#125. The need for certainty is the greatest disease the Mind faces - Author: Robert Greene
Faces quotes by Robert Greene
#126. I remembered that Johnson had declared portrait painting to be an improper employment for a woman. "Public practice of any art and staring in men's faces is very indelicate in a female," he had said.
Well I'd seen Dr. Johnson's face in the book's frontispiece and I couldn't imagine anyone male or female wanting to stare into it for any length of time - the man was an absolute toad. - Author: Alan Bradley
Faces quotes by Alan Bradley
#127. I got in a fight one time with a really big guy, and he said, 'I'm going to mop the floor with your face.' I said, 'You'll be sorry.' He said, 'Oh, yeah? Why?' I said, 'Well, you won't be able to get into the corners very well.' - Author: Emo Philips
Faces quotes by Emo Philips
#128. Now the motif was clear. This trip was their first and last taste of freedom, an interlude between two regimentations: the campus and the barracks. The elemental simplicities of wilderness travel were thrills not only because of their novelty, but because they represented complete freedom to make mistakes. The wilderness gave them their first taste of those rewards and penalties for wise and foolish acts which every woodsman faces daily, but against which civilization has built a thousand buffers. These boys were 'on their own' in this particular sense. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Faces quotes by Aldo Leopold
#129. The character and the play of Hamlet are central to any discussion of Shakespeare's work. Hamlet has been described as melancholic and neurotic, as having an Oedipus complex, as being a failure and indecisive, as well as being a hero, and a perfect Renaissance prince. These judgements serve perhaps only to show how many interpretations of one character may be put forward. 'To be or not to be' is the centre of Hamlet's questioning. Reasons not to go on living outnumber reasons for living. But he goes on living, until he completes his revenge for his father's murder, and becomes 'most royal', the true 'Prince of Denmark' (which is the play's subtitle), in many ways the perfection of Renaissance man.
Hamlet's progress is a 'struggle of becoming' - of coming to terms with life, and learning to accept it, with all its drawbacks and challenges. He discusses the problems he faces directly with the audience, in a series of seven soliloquies - of which 'To be or not to be' is the fourth and central one. These seven steps, from the zero-point of a desire not to live, to complete awareness and acceptance (as he says, 'the readiness is all'), give a structure to the play, making the progress all the more tragic, as Hamlet reaches his aim, the perfection of his life, only to die. - Author: Ronald Carter
Faces quotes by Ronald Carter
#130. Don't cry."
"How can I not?" I asked him. "You just said you loved me."
"Well, why else did you think all of this was happening?" He set the book aside to wrap his arms around me. "The Furies wouldn't be trying to kill you if I didn't love you."
"I didn't know," I said. Tears were trickling down my cheeks, but I did nothing to try to stop them. His shirt was absorving most of them. "You never said anything about it. Every time I saw you, you just acted so ... wild."
"How was I supposed to act?" he asked. "You kept doing things like throwing tea in my face. - Author: Meg Cabot
Faces quotes by Meg Cabot
#131. The idea, of course, might be to let them know that writing needn't be hard work; the hard work is getting out of bed in the morning or at noon; the hard work is looking at people's faces in long supermarket lines; the hard work is working for somebody else who is making money using your life's hours and years. - Author: Charles Bukowski
Faces quotes by Charles Bukowski
#132. I built, of blocks, a town three hundred thousand strong, whose avenues were paved with a wine-colored rug and decorated by large leaves outlined inappropriately in orange, and on this leafage I'd often park my Tootsie Toy trucks, as if on pads of camouflage, waiting their deployment against catastrophes which included alien invasions, internal treachery, and world war. It was always my intention, and my conceit, to use up, in the town's construction, every toy I possessed: my electronic train, of course, the Lincoln Logs, old kindergarten blocks - their deeply incised letters always a problem - the Erector set, every lead soldier that would stand (broken ones were sent to the hospital), my impressive array of cars, motorcycles, tanks, and trucks - some with trailers, some transporting gas, some tows, some dumps - and my squadrons of planes, my fleet of ships, my big and little guns, an undersized group of parachute people (looking as if one should always imagine them high in the sky, hanging from threads), my silversided submarines, along with assorted RR signs, poles bearing flags, prefab houses with faces pasted in their windows, small boxes of a dozen variously useful kinds, strips of blue cloth for streams and rivers, and glass jars for town water towers, or, in a pinch, jails. In time, the armies, the citizens, even the streets would divide: loyalties, friendships, certainties, would be undermined, the city would be shaken by strife; and marbles would rain down from for - Author: William H. Gass
Faces quotes by William H. Gass
#133. The couples were dancing with hands on each other's hips, yelling in each other's faces, streaming with sweat. An orchestra in Bavarian costume whooped and drank and perspired beer. The place stank like beer - Author: Christopher Isherwood
Faces quotes by Christopher Isherwood
#134. I saw his face change. His eyes widen. He lunged at me. I wouldn't let go. We stared into eachother's eyes and clawed at eachother's throats. As we rolled over the edge of the water tower and fell the whole way down, I was only thinking one thing ... Lena - Author: Kami Garcia
Faces quotes by Kami Garcia
#135. Beauty is an intangible thing; can not be fixed on the surface, and the wear and tear of old age on the body cannot defeat it. Nor will a "pretty" face make it, for "pretty" faces are often dull and empty, and beauty is never dull and it fills all spaces. - Author: Robert Henri
Faces quotes by Robert Henri
#136. I've found that doing interviews forces you to face yourself; I'm constantly having to search within myself, to see why I do certain things. - Author: Christina Aguilera
Faces quotes by Christina Aguilera
#137. Even to this day it is easier than it ought to be for me to get a rise out of an American by telling him something about himself which is equally true about every human being on the face of the globe. He at once resents this as a disparagement and an assertion on my part that people in other parts of the globe are not like that, and are loftily superior to such weaknesses. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Faces quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#138. I am ready to meet God face to face tonight and look into those eyes of infinite holiness, for all my sins are covered by the atoning blood. - Author: R.A. Torrey
Faces quotes by R.A. Torrey
#139. He stole glances at the heathen faces of Bodien and Gaylord, the suffering, yet oddly consoled, eyes and mouth of Basellecci, noting the brave enthusiasm of men who had never dreamed of anything very definite, and it occurred to him through the reek of his person that there was only one hope for him, and for all people who had lost, through intelligence, the hope of immortality. "We must love and delight in each other and in ourselves!" he cried. - Author: Edward Lewis Wallant
Faces quotes by Edward Lewis Wallant
#140. Witches, warlocks, gremlins, orgres - they're just words,labels. Haven't you noticed that when people are labelled, their faces disappear? - Author: Anna Fienberg
Faces quotes by Anna Fienberg
#141. I am not a birch. - Author: Santino Hassell
Faces quotes by Santino Hassell
#142. Yes, you know enough of my frankness to believe me capable of that. After abusing you so abominably to your face, I could have no scruple in abusing you to all your relations.
-Elizabeth Bennet - Author: Jane Austen
Faces quotes by Jane Austen
#143. Seriously, I like to wear hats so I don't get super tan. You have to protect the face. - Author: Alessandra Ambrosio
Faces quotes by Alessandra Ambrosio
#144. I watched our friends' wary, intelligent faces droop at our tale. Their shock was a mere shadow of our own, resembling more the goodwilled imitation of that emotion, and for this reason it was a temptation to exaggerate, to throw a rope of superlatives across the abyss that divided experience from its representation by anecdote. - Author: Ian McEwan
Faces quotes by Ian McEwan
#145. No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself - Author: Seneca.
Faces quotes by Seneca.
#146. She looked at Rose sitting between Jasper and Prue. How odd that one's child should do that! How odd to see them sitting there, in a row, her children, Jasper, Rose, Prue, Andrew, almost silent, but with some joke of their own going on, she guessed, from the twitching at their lips. It was something quite apart from everything else, something they were hoarding up to laugh over in their own room ... There was all that hoarded behind those rather set, still, mask like faces, for they did not join in easily; they were like watchers, surveyors, a little raised or set apart from the grown-up people. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Faces quotes by Virginia Woolf
#147. Amazingly, neuroscientists have even found that people who use Botox, which prevents them from making angry faces, seem to be less anger-prone than those who don't, because the very act of frowning triggers the amygdala to process negative emotions. - Author: Susan Cain
Faces quotes by Susan Cain
#148. Some of the wise boys who say my music is loud, blatant and that's all should see the faces of the kids who have driven a hundred miles through the snow to see the band ... to stand in front of the bandstand in an ecstasy all their own. - Author: Stan Kenton
Faces quotes by Stan Kenton
#149. If I'm going to be a leader then I have to go places that other people are afraid to go to. That's what makes a leader. To be not afraid to step out and go over the frontline. To stare darkness right in the face. - Author: R. Kelly
Faces quotes by R. Kelly
#150. The portraits, of more historical than artistic interest, had gone; and tapestry, full of the blue and bronze of peacocks, fell over the doors, and shut out all history and activity untouched with beauty and peace; and now when I looked at my Crevelli and pondered on the rose in the hand of the Virgin, wherein the form was so delicate and precise that it seemed more like a thought than a flower, or at the grey dawn and rapturous faces of my Francesca, I knew all a Christian's ecstasy without his slavery to rule and custom; when I pondered over the antique bronze gods and goddesses, which I had mortgaged my house to buy, I had all a pagan's delight in various beauty and without his terror at sleepless destiny and his labour with many sacrifices; and I had only to go to my bookshelf, where every book was bound in leather, stamped with intricate ornament, and of a carefully chosen colour: Shakespeare in the orange of the glory of the world, Dante in the dull red of his anger, Milton in the blue grey of his formal calm; and I could experience what I would of human passions without their bitterness and without satiety. I had gathered about me all gods because I believed in none, and experienced every pleasure because I gave myself to none, but held myself apart, individual, indissoluble, a mirror of polished steel: I looked in the triumph of this imagination at the birds of Hera, glowing in the firelight as though they were wrought of jewels; and to my mind, for which symbolism wa - Author: W.B. Yeats
Faces quotes by W.B. Yeats
#151. The lives we lead, every decision, it shows on our faces. - Author: Jenny Schwartz
Faces quotes by Jenny Schwartz
#152. How could God design millions of new faces each day, keeping in mind the resemblance to the progenitor, who in turn was His genesis? - Author: Shikha Kaul
Faces quotes by Shikha Kaul
#153. Nashville is a lot like my hometown. You learn so quickly once someone hears something about you or sees something, everybody talks about it at dinner. They know your business, so people tend to be more private and not to throw themselves into everyone's faces. - Author: Garrett Hedlund
Faces quotes by Garrett Hedlund
#154. It is terribly bad form to admit to being terrified for one's life, but nobody in their right mind would go to a Court banquet without making preparations. One must have the right costume, the right Faces, and at least eighty-two ways of avoiding assassination. - Author: Frances Hardinge
Faces quotes by Frances Hardinge
#155. A military leader often faces a situation he has to deal with, but because it is his duty, no court can try him. - Author: Albert Kesselring
Faces quotes by Albert Kesselring
#156. You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what's that? Come up with a smiling face, It's nothing against you to fall down flat But to lie there - that's a disgrace. - Author: Edmund Vance Cooke
Faces quotes by Edmund Vance Cooke
#157. And how we are all preparing for that abrupt waking, and that calling, and that moment we have to say yes, except it will not come so grandly, so Biblically, but more subtly and intimately in the face of the one you know you have to love - Author: David Whyte
Faces quotes by David Whyte
#158. Clouds pass and disperse.
Are those the faces of love, those pale irretrievables?
Is it for such I agitate my heart? - Author: Sylvia Plath
Faces quotes by Sylvia Plath
#159. Sunlight is essential to the body's ability to absorb calcium from the food you are eating. Make sure you receive adequate vitamin D every day through sunlight. About fifteen to twenty minutes of sun on the face and hands is usually enough for most of us. - Author: Sharon Gannon
Faces quotes by Sharon Gannon
#160. I think about how a guy mentally prepared himself to do battle, to go out and face the pitcher. I think so many hitters do not know how to get themselves prepared to play or hit against a pitcher. You have to mentally be prepared to hit against all pitchers. - Author: Hank Aaron
Faces quotes by Hank Aaron
#161. The difference between great actors and the rest of us isn't simply that they know how to make more out of less, but that, like lions at the watering hole, they will always take more than their share from the pool of available resources - extra air from the room, added knowledge from our faces. - Author: John Burnham Schwartz
Faces quotes by John Burnham Schwartz
#162. In reality, there is only one true prayer, only one substantial prayer: Christ himself. There is only one voice which rises above the face of the earth, the voice of Christ. Prayer is oneness with Christ. - Author: Mother Teresa
Faces quotes by Mother Teresa
#163. Yes. Do you remember?"
Once more a shrug of the shoulders. "How should I remember? We have questioned thousands - "
"Questioned! Beaten into unconsciousness, kidneys crushed, bones broken, thrown into cellars like sacks, dragged up again, faces torn, testicles crushed - that was what you called questioning! The hot frightful moaning of those who were no longer able to cry - questioned! The whimpering between unconsciousness and consciousness, kicks in the belly, rubber clubs, whips - yes, all that you innocently called 'questioning'!"
"Don't move your hands! Or I'll shoot you down! Do you remember little Max Rosenberg who lay beside me in the cellar with his torn body and who tried to smash his head on the cement wall to keep from being questioned again - questioned, why? Because he was a democrat! And Willmann who passed blood and had no teeth and only one eye left after he had been questioned by you for two hours - questioned, why? Because he was a Catholic and did not believe your Fuehrer was the new Messiah. And Riesenfeld whose head and back looked like raw lumps of flesh and who implored us to bite open his arteries because he was toothless and no longer able to do it himself after he had been questioned by you - questioned, why? Because he was against war and did not believe that culture is most perfectly expressed by bombs and flame throwers. Questioned! Thousands have been questioned, yes - don't move your hands, you swine! And now finally I've got you - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Faces quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#164. The way you get to know yourself is by the expressions on other people's faces, because that's the only thing that you can see, unless you carry a mirror about. - Author: Gil Scott-Heron
Faces quotes by Gil Scott-Heron
#165. I would warn Orlando that you're right in the way of some serious hurricanes, and I don't think I'd be waving those flags [gay pride flags] in God's face if I were you, This is not a message of hate , this is a message of redemption. But a condition like this will bring about the destruction of your nation. It'll bring about terrorist bombs; it'll bring earthquakes, tornadoes, and possibly a meteor. - Author: Pat Robertson
Faces quotes by Pat Robertson
#166. Westly, Westly, Westly, Westly, Westly,
darling Westly, adored Westly, sweet perfect Westly, whisper that I have a chance to win your love. And with that, she dared the bravest thing she'd ever done: she looked right into his eyes.
He closed the door in her face. - Author: William Goldman
Faces quotes by William Goldman
#167. Laughing Faces Do Not Mean That There Is Absence Of Sorrow! But It Means That They Have The Ability To Deal With It - Author: William Shakespeare
Faces quotes by William Shakespeare
#168. One of the sicknesses of the twentieth century? I'll tell you the worst one. People can't stand to be alone. Can't tolerate it! So they go to the movies, get drive-in hamburgers, put their home telephone numbers in the crapsheets and say 'Please call me up!' It's sick. People hate their own company --- they cry when they see themselves in mirrors. It scares them, the way their faces look. Maybe that's a clue to the whole thing... - Author: Paul Theroux
Faces quotes by Paul Theroux
#169. the One whom we most need to behold has made himself known. He has traced with a fine hand the lines and contours of his face. He has done so in his Word. We must search for that face, though babies continue to cry, bills continue to grow, bad news continues to arrive unannounced, though friendships wax and wane, though both ease and difficulty weaken our grip on godliness, though a thousand other faces crowd close for our affection, and a thousand other voices clamor for our attention. By fixing our gaze on that face, we trade mere human glory for holiness: - Author: Jen Wilkin
Faces quotes by Jen Wilkin
#170. I use the Clarisonic electronic skin cleansing system. It's great for removing excess oil and make-up and leaves my face feeling really smooth and clean. Then I apply Avon Anew Rejuvenate Day Revitalising Cream and Creme de la Mer Eye Concentrate. I think eye cream is so important - it keeps me looking young and prevents wrinkles. - Author: Fergie
Faces quotes by Fergie
#171. When the time of danger comes, all Americans, whatever their social standing, whatever their creed, whatever the training they have received, no matter from what section of the country they have come, stand together as men, as Americans, and are content to face the same fate and do the same duties because fundamentally they all alike have the common purpose to serve the glorious flag of their common country. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Faces quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#172. Conspiracy theories are an irresistible labor-saving device in the face of complexity. - Author: Henry Louis Gates
Faces quotes by Henry Louis Gates
#173. Today is built on tragedies, which no one wants to face, nightmares to humanities and morally disgraced. Tonight is filled with rage, violence in the air, children bred with ruthlessness because no one at home cares. - Author: Tupac Shakur
Faces quotes by Tupac Shakur
#174. In every cloud, in every tree – filling the air at night, and caught by glimpses in every object, by day I am surrounded with her image! The most ordinary faces of men, and women – my own features mock me with a resemblance. The entire world is a dreadful collection of memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her! - Author: Emily Bronte
Faces quotes by Emily Bronte
#175. He took a duck in the face at 250 knots. - Author: William Gibson
Faces quotes by William Gibson
#176. I pulled a book by Robinson Jeffers off the shelf one day. It was powerfully moving. Tears ran down my face. That's when I became a poet. - Author: William Everson
Faces quotes by William Everson
#177. If the process don't transfer, they cannot even be called thinking. They can be called learning, memory, or habit, but not thinking. The purpose of a course on thinking is to enhance student's abilities to face new challenges and to attack novel problems confidently, rationally and productively. - Author: Marilyn Jager Adams
Faces quotes by Marilyn Jager Adams
#178. Don't worry about me," I finally said. "Really. I'm more worried about you." And even more worried about where Graves is.
"Are you?" A fey smile lit his face, and I caught my breath. It was a shock to see him look so happy. "Well, then. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
Faces quotes by Lilith Saintcrow
#179. Loneliness is a very special place, Silently silently you touch my face - Author: Dennis Wilson
Faces quotes by Dennis Wilson
#180. Soul smiles through the lips of a happy face - Author: Munia Khan
Faces quotes by Munia Khan
#181. I missed Breaking Bad and people just go on and on about it until you're blue in the face with envy and you've got to watch it. - Author: Rhys Darby
Faces quotes by Rhys Darby
#182. The depth of talent in Israel is just spectacular. I was very excited by it because when you cast in LA, you tend to see a lot of the same faces on lists for various parts. - Author: Tim Kring
Faces quotes by Tim Kring
#183. As the days grow short, some faces grow long. But not mine. Every autumn, when the wind turns cold and darkness comes early, I am suddenly happy. It's time to start making soup again. - Author: Leslie Newman
Faces quotes by Leslie Newman
#184. Tiny as a sparrow, fierce as an eagle, Lisbeth Salander is one of the great Scandinavian avengers of our time, an angry bird catapulting into the fortresses of power and wiping smiles off the faces of smug, predatory pigs. - Author: A.O. Scott
Faces quotes by A.O. Scott
#185. That smile on Stive Jobs face ... My impersonation came from being a fan. - Author: Fred Armisen
Faces quotes by Fred Armisen
#186. I can't feel my face. I mean I can touch it. But I can't feel it inside. - Author: Bobcat Goldthwait
Faces quotes by Bobcat Goldthwait
#187. The Lord help us!' he soliloquised in an undertone of peevish displeasure, while relieving me of my horse: looking, meantime, in my face so sourly that I charitably conjectured he must have need of divine aid to digest his dinner, and his pious ejaculation had no reference to my unexpected advent. - Author: Emily Bronte
Faces quotes by Emily Bronte
#188. Laurel lifted his chin until their faces were even. Tamani closed his eyes and she could feel his jaw trembling under her hands. She brushed her lips over his, reveling in the velvety softness of his mouth against hers. When he didn't pull away, she pressed more firmly, knowing, somehow, that she had to move slowly, convince his tattered soul so carefully that she meant every word.
'I love you. And I'm asking you...' She opened her mouth slightly and gently scraped her teeth along his bottom lip, feeling his whole body shudder. 'No,' she amended, 'I'm begging you, to come be with me.' And she pressed her mouth against his and murmured, 'Forever.'
For a few seconds he didn't respond.
Then a groan escaped his throat and he thrust his fingers into her hair, pulling her mouth to his with a fierce hunger.
'Kiss me,' she whispered. 'And don't stop.'
His mouth enveloped hers again and their shared sweetness tasted like ambrosia as he caressed her eyelids, her ears her neck, and Laurel marveled at the strangeness of the world. She had loved him, had always loved him. She had even known it, somehow.
'Are you sure?' Tamani murmured, his lips softly grazing her ears.
'I am so sure,' Laurel said, her hands clutching the front of his shirt.
'What changed?' He pushed her hair away from her face, his fingers lingering on her temples, just brushing her eyelashes.
Laurel sobered. 'When I brought you the potion, I thought I was too late. And I had - Author: Aprilynne Pike
Faces quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#189. She had short curls and her face had so many wrinkles it looked as if someone had been trying to draw her for a very long time and every line put in had made the face more like her. - Author: L.M. Boston
Faces quotes by L.M. Boston
#190. Look... look... see the idiots... see them... look their faces... look their expressions. - Author: Deyth Banger
Faces quotes by Deyth Banger
#191. excuses are like faces everyone has one - Author: Joe Walsh
Faces quotes by Joe Walsh
#192. When you see the audiences and the smiling faces at the shows it really makes up for the work that you put in. I have a job I really love so whatever hecticness comes up - I'll just deal with it. - Author: Katarina Witt
Faces quotes by Katarina Witt
#193. People love beautiful faces. They say God loves everyone, but people don't. There might be some who do, but, as far as I know, the people I've encountered in my lifetime certainly do not love everyone. - Author: Min-gyu Park
Faces quotes by Min-gyu Park
#194. The worst thing is not that the world is unfree, but that people have unlearned their liberty.

The more indifferent people are to politics, to the interests of others, the more obsessed they become with their own faces. The individualism of our time.

Not being able to fall asleep and not allowing oneself to move: the marital bed.

If high culture is coming to an end, it is also the end of you and your paradoxical ideas, because paradox as such belongs to high culture and not to childish prattle. You remind me of the young men who supported the Nazis or communists not out of cowardice or out of opportunism but out of an excess of intelligence. For nothing requires a greater effort of thought than arguments to justify the rule of nonthought… You are the brilliant ally of your own gravediggers.

In the world of highways, a beautiful landscape means: an island of beauty connected by a long line with other islands of beauty.

How to live in a world with which you disagree? How to live with people when you neither share their suffering nor their joys? When you know that you don't belong among them?... our century refuses to acknowledge anyone's right to disagree with the world…All that remains of such a place is the memory, the ideal of a cloister, the dream of a cloister…

Humor can only exist when people are still capable of recognizing some border between the important and the unimportant. And nowadays this border ha - Author: Milan Kundera
Faces quotes by Milan Kundera
#195. Any work of love brings a person face to face with God. - Author: Mother Teresa
Faces quotes by Mother Teresa
#196. Tigers fascinated me for so many reasons. They're strong and fierce, but also beautiful and elegant. I remember loving the way they moved, how they were able to control their power. I would spend hours staring at their faces and drawing them: the eyes could display such a range of emotion. I loved that they have no fear. When they walk through a jungle, they own it. - Author: Derek Hough
Faces quotes by Derek Hough
#197. For a moment, I'll just stand there, looking. Taking in the sight of so many familiar faces, the face of the mam I love. The person who taught me what it was to be honestly generous, to give without expectation or resentment. Whose steady demeanor and realism helped me to learn that attempting to achieve perfection with every decision is a sure path to unhappiness; that when it comes to choosing a house or a car or a television or a loaf of bread, good enough really is good enough. Whose cereal-slurping helped me learn that being irritated at someone isn't the same as ceasing to love him, a distinction that I know should be obvious but which has always troubled me. Who taught me that together is better than alone, even if it's sometimes harder, even if I sometimes forget. - Author: Alexandra Oliva
Faces quotes by Alexandra Oliva
#198. There comes a time when even the reformer is compelled to face the fairly widespread suspicion of the average man that politics is an exhibition in which there is much ado about nothing. - Author: Walter Lippmann
Faces quotes by Walter Lippmann
#199. All of this seemed equally trifling to him now. And when he thought again about the world of free people, the difference between it and the miseries and joys of this place seemed minimal. If three tiny fragments of tea leaf chanced to fall into a prisoner's battered cup, he relished them. In Leningrad during the interval at the opera a woman sipped champagne with the same pleasure. Their sufferings were also comparable. Both the prisoner and the woman had painful shoes. Hers were narrow evening shoes which she took off during the performance. The prisoner suffered from what they wore in the camp, section of tyres into which you thrust your foot wrapped in rags and fastened with string. The woman at the opera knew that somewhere in the world there were millions of beings transformed into gaunt animals, their faces blackened by the polar winds. But this did not stop her drinking her glass of wine amid the glittering of the great mirrors. The prisoner knew that a warm and brilliant life was lived elsewhere in tranquility but this did not spoil his pleasure as he chewed those fragments of tea leaf.... - Author: Andrei Makine
Faces quotes by Andrei Makine
#200. We enter into solitude first of all to meet our Lord and to be with Him and Him alone. Only in the context of grace can we face our sin; only in the place of healing do we dare to show our wounds; only with a single-minded attention to Christ can we give up our clinging fears and face our own true nature. Solitude is a place where Christ remodels us in his own image and frees us from the victimizing compulsions of the world. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
Faces quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen

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