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How do I soothe his ache when mine was a big gaping hole large enough for both of us to fit in? ~ Abbi Glines
Fallen Too Far quotes by Abbi Glines
Although Daisy was the mildest-tempered of all the Bowmans, she was by no means a coward. And she would not accept defeat without a fight.
"You're forcing me to take desperate measures," she said.
His reply was very soft. "There's nothing you can do."
He had left her no choice.
Daisy turned the key in the lock and carefully withdrew it.
The decisive click was abnormally loud in the silence of the room.
Calmly Daisy tugged the top edge of her bodice away from her chest. She held the key above the narrow gap.
Matthew's eyes widened as he understood what she intended. "You wouldn't."
As he started around the dresser, Daisy dropped the key into her bodice, making certain it slipped beneath her corset. She sucked in her stomach and midriff until she felt the cold metal slide to her navel.
"Damn it!" Matthew reached her with startling speed. He reached out to touch her, then jerked his hands back as if he had just encountered open flame. "Take it out," he commanded, his face dark with outrage.
"I can't."
"I mean it, Daisy!"
"It's fallen too far down. I'll have to take my dress off."
It was obvious he wanted to kill her. But she could also feel the force of his longing. His lungs were working like bellows, and scorching heat radiated from his body.
His whisper contained the ferocity of a roar. "Don't do this to me."
Daisy waited patiently.
The next move was his.
He turned his back t ~ Lisa Kleypas
Fallen Too Far quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I had fallen too far. I was in love with Rush Finlay. ~ Abbi Glines
Fallen Too Far quotes by Abbi Glines
When you first looked at me
I forgot to breathe
that moment marked my hardened heart
I vowed to never leave

And the touch of your skin
healed something deep within
that left me wanting more of you
the less I got the more it grew

Oh I couldn't help from falling, falling for you

So I'm standing here, oh girl you know
After all that we've been through we couldn't let it go
and as long as I'm alive, in your eyes I'll stare
holding you so close I'll solemnly swear
that I have fallen too far
that I have fallen too far, too far for you.
For you

When I finally found you
I finally found me
that day I won't soon forget
the reason for it all

I'll give you a new name
nothing in life will be the same
the story is now complete
our life and love is all we need

'Cause I couldn't help from falling
falling for you

So I'm standing here oh girl you know
After all we've been through we couldn't let it go
and as long as I'm alive, in your eyes I'll stare
holding you so close I'll solemnly swear
that I have fallen too far, that I have fallen too far
too far for you

My heart is beating
begging for you
this night will be
a dream come true
so fall, fall, fall into my arms

So I'm standing here oh girl you know
After all that we've been through we couldn't let it ~ Abbi Glines
Fallen Too Far quotes by Abbi Glines
You're my world. I want everyone to know. I don't know how to date so I never even thought of taking you on a date. But I can promise you right now ... I will be taking you on so many damn dates that there won't be a person in this town who doesn't know I worship the ground you walk on. ~ Abbi Glines
Fallen Too Far quotes by Abbi Glines
When you sleep later than a vampire, Claire thought, that's probably taking it a little too far. ~ Rachel Caine
Fallen Too Far quotes by Rachel Caine
Slash sat me down at his house and said, You've got to clean up your act. You know you've gone too far when Slash is saying, Look, you've got to get into rehab. ~ Charlie Sheen
Fallen Too Far quotes by Charlie Sheen
And then, as slowly as the light fades on a calm winter evening, something went out of our relationship. I say that selfishly. Perhaps I started to look for something which had never been there in the first place: passion, romance. I aresay that as I entered my forties I had a sense that somehow life was going past me. I had hardly experienced those emotions which for me have mostly come from reading books or watching television. I suppose that if there was anything unsatisfactory in our marriage, it was in my perception of it - the reality was unchanged. Perhaps I grew up from childhood to manhood too quickly. One minute I was cutting up frogs in the science lab at school, the next I was working for the National Centre for Fisheries Excellence and counting freshwater mussel populations on riverbeds. Somewhere in between, something had passed me by: adolescence, perhaps? Something immature, foolish yet intensely emotive, like those favourite songs I had recalled dimly as if being played on a distant radio, almost too far away to make out the words. I had doubts, yearnings, but I did not know why or what for.
Whenever I tried to analyse our lives, and talk about it with Mary, she would say, 'Darling, you are on the way to becoming one of the leading authorities in the world on caddis fly larvae. Don't allow anything to deflect you from that. You may be rather inadequately paid, certainly compared with me you are, but excellence in any field is an achievement beyond value. ~ Paul Torday
Fallen Too Far quotes by Paul Torday
And for some reason, there seems to be no internal policeman for a bully that says maybe you're hurting somebody's feelings. Or worse, maybe you're going to push this perons too far and they'll do something terrible. Something's not processing correctly in a bully's head. It doesn't seem to occur to them that what they're doing is corssing a line that shouldn't be crossed. And it's really, in my mind, no different than taking on defenseless kids. You do it just because you can.
It's an exercise in power; but it's also meant to dinsintegrate someone's Self. It's meant to take away their sense of who they are. And why? Because they're not as strong, or as bit, or as witty.
Bullies are ball-less, soul-less creatures to me. And they're not just children, they're adults too.
It's a terrorist act.
It's meant to make you feel afraid. It's meant to make you feel powerless to take care of the situation you find yourself in. ~ Whoopi Goldberg
Fallen Too Far quotes by Whoopi Goldberg
I cling to the idea that Herman Melville had to work at the end of his career watching ships in a dock, as a shipping agent in New York. Any writer who thinks they should be given patronage because of their gift ... you don't have to look too far in history to see that's just not the case. ~ Jess Walter
Fallen Too Far quotes by Jess Walter
The two of them had discovered it was all right to open the closets ... as long as you didn't poke too far back in them. Because things might still be lurking there, ready to bite. ~ Stephen King
Fallen Too Far quotes by Stephen King
My father was usually too far in the drink to remember he had children. My mother was half mad and had fewer morals than the barn cat we brought back today. Since none of our relations wanted custody of a pair of impoverished brats, Devon and I were sent to boarding school. We stayed there most holidays. I became a bully. I hated everyone. Henry was especially irritating- skinny, odd, fussy about his food. Always reading. I stole that book from the box under his bed because it seemed to be his favorite."
Pausing uncomfortably, Mr. Ravenel raked a hand through his disordered hair, and it promptly fell back into the same gleaming, untidy layers. "I didn't plan to keep it. I was going to embarrass him by reading parts of it aloud in front of him. And when I saw what you'd written on the inside cover, I could hardly wait to torture him about it. But then I read the first page."
"In which Stephen Armstrong is sinking in a pit of quicksand," Phoebe said with a tremulous smile.
"Exactly. I had to find out what happened next."
"After escaping the quicksand, he has to save his true love, Catriona, from the crocodiles."
A husky sound of amusement. "You marked x's all over those pages."
"I secretly longed for a hero to rescue me from crocodiles someday."
"I secretly longed to be a hero. Despite having far more in common with the crocodiles. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Fallen Too Far quotes by Lisa Kleypas
You big ugly. You too empty. You desert with your nothing nothing nothing. You scorched suntanned. Old too quickly. Acres of suburbs watching the telly. You bore me. Freckle silly children. You nothing much. With your big sea. Beach beach beach. I've seen enough already. You dumb dirty city with bar stools. You're ugly. You silly shopping town. You copy. You too far everywhere. You laugh at me. When I came this woman gave me a box of biscuits. You try to be friendly but you're not very friendly. You never ask me to your house. You insult me. You don't know how to be with me. Road road tree tree. I came from crowded and many. I came from rich. You have nothing to offer. You're poor and spread thin. You big. So what. I'm small. It's what's in. You silent on Sunday. Nobody on your streets. You dead at night. You go to sleep too early. You don't excite me. You scare me with your hopeless. Asleep when you walk. Too hot to think. You big awful. You don't match me. You burnt out. You too big sky. You make me a dot in the nowhere. You laugh with your big healthy. You want everyone to be the same. You're dumb. You do like anybody else. You engaged Doreen. You big cow. You average average. Cold day at school playing around at lunchtime. Running around for nothing. You never accept me. For your own. You always ask me where I'm from. You always ask me. You tell me I look strange. Different. You don't adopt me. You laugh at the way I speak. You think you're better than me. You don't like ~ Ania Walwicz
Fallen Too Far quotes by Ania Walwicz
I've not ceased being fearful, I've gone ahead despite the pounding in my heart that says: turn back, turn back, you'll die if you go too far. ~ Erica Jong
Fallen Too Far quotes by Erica Jong
I pay attention to how I look but I don't let it go too far. ~ Colbie Caillat
Fallen Too Far quotes by Colbie Caillat
Afterwards, go to a pub for lunch. I've got $260 in my savings account and I really want you to use it for that. Really, I mean it
lunch is on me. Make sure you have pudding
sticky toffee, chocolate fudge cake, ice-cream sundae, something really bad for you. Get drunk too if you like (but don't scare Cal). Spend all the money.
And after that, when days have gone by, keep an eye out for me. I might write on the steam in the mirror when you're having a bath, or play with the leaves on the apple tree when you're out in the garden. I might slip into a dream.
Visit my grave when you can, but don't kick yourself if you can't, or if you move house and it's suddenly too far away. It looks pretty there in the summer (check out the website). You could bring a picnic and sit with me. I'd like that. ~ Jenny Downham
Fallen Too Far quotes by Jenny Downham
During the years 1945-1965 (I am referring to Europe), there was a certain way of thinking correctly, a certain style of politicaldiscourse, a certain ethics of the intellectual. One had to be on familiar terms with Marx, not let one's dreams stray too far from Freud ... These were therequirements that made the strange occupation of writing and speaking a measure of truth about oneself and one's time acceptable. ~ Michel Foucault
Fallen Too Far quotes by Michel Foucault
The body does not want you to do this. As you run, it tells you to stop but the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must handle the pain with strategy ... It is not age; it is not diet. It is the will to succeed. ~ Jacqueline Gareau
Fallen Too Far quotes by Jacqueline Gareau
You might get the impression from the specifics of my less than stellar career that all line cooks are wacked-out moral degenerates, dope fiends, refugees, a thuggish assortment of drunks, sneak thieves, sluts and psychopaths. You wouldn't be too far off base. ~ Anthony Bourdain
Fallen Too Far quotes by Anthony Bourdain
That's a poweful ability you've got there. Seriously, I was Contemplating killing Cody so we could be a couple.'
She snorted, but she never stopped smiling. 'We'd never make it romantically. You're too demanding in bed. "Harder, Rome. Now, Rome. Tie me up, Rome."'
'Bitch,' I muttered good-naturedley. It was nice to have my friend back. 'You know you wouldn't be able to get enough of me.'
'I like where this conversation is headed,' a male voice said from the doorway.
I looked past Sherridan and spotted Rome in the doorway.
'Hey, baby,' he said.
'Cat Man.' A more welcome sight I'd never beheld. My heart even picked up speed, my monitor announcing it for all the world to hear..
He stalked to me and unceremoniously shoved me aside on the bed where he plopped down and cuddled me close. 'Mad?'
As if. 'I'm grateful. I was walking toward Sherridan with every intention of making out with her, so you did me a favor. She would have fallen in love with me, and then where would we have been?'
'Now I'm mad at /myself/ for stopping you,' he grumbled, and we all laughed. Men! ~ Gena Showalter
Fallen Too Far quotes by Gena Showalter
I have learned, that in this life, you must always be your own advocate. We yearn for someone to always be on our side, to always trust us, to always believe us and believe in us, regardless of the world and everything in it! But the reality of life proves that the majority of people are only capable of a shallow love. They will only advocate you as much as you advocate yourself. They are admirers who have fallen into adoration of your own publication of yourself and once that image begins to shake and quiver? Their "love" shakes and quivers, too. Very seldom will you find someone who will love the way that you tremble. And yet, this is the only type of love that is ever even true! If you are not loved for the way that you tremble and the way that you come unhinged, then you are not even loved at all. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Fallen Too Far quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Do not laugh! But once upon a time (my crest has long since fallen) I had a mind to make a body of more or less connected legend, ranging from the large and cosmogonic, to the level of romantic fairy-story – the larger founded on the lesser in contact with the earth, the lesser drawing splendour from the vast backcloths – which I could dedicate simply to: to England; to my country. It should possess the tone and quality that I desired, somewhat cool and clear, be redolent of our 'air' (the clime and soil of the North West, meaning Britain and the hither parts of Europe: not Italy or the Aegean, still less the East), and, while possessing (if I could achieve it) the fair elusive beauty that some call Celtic (though it is rarely found in genuine ancient Celtic things), it should be 'high', purged of the gross, and fit for the more adult mind of a land long now steeped in poetry. I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama. Absurd.

Of course, such an overweening purpose did not develop all at once. The mere stories were the thing. They arose in my mind as 'given' things, and as they came, separately, so too the links grew. An absorbing, though continually interrupted labour (especially since, even apart from the necessities of life, the mind would wing to the other pole and spen ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Fallen Too Far quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
It is good to be hurt once in a while..
Means emotions are still alive.. Means you can still love ,give, receive..
Just don't take the hurt too far..!! ~ Abha Maryada Banerjee
Fallen Too Far quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
I don't know you? Hell, I know you! You're a damn coward, is what you are! You're afraid of living because you think it means giving up this cross you've been carrying around your whole life. But this time, you've gone too far. You think you're the only one in the world with feelings? You think you'll just walk away from Denise and everything's going to go back to normal now? You think you'll be happier? You won't Taylor, You won't let yourself do that. ~ Nicholas Sparks
Fallen Too Far quotes by Nicholas Sparks
The 1980s: feminism, postmodernism, sexual/textual politics

While it might be tempting to generalise that Woolf 's writing was being discussed almost in two separate camps during the 1980s, formalists on the one hand, and feminists on the other, this would be to simplify things too far.
Many critics were attempting to make sense of and connect her feminist politics with her modernist practices. Such investigations coincided with the explosion of theory in literary studies, and once again the work of Virginia
Woolf was central to the framing of many of the major theoretical developments in literary critical engagements with feminism, postmodernism, deconstruction and psychoanalysis. In the context of the rise of 'high theory'
and the questioning of old-school Marxist, materialist, humanist and historicist literary theories, Woolf studies wrestled with the locating of her radical feminist politics in the avant-garde qualities of the text itself, and its endlessly transgressive play of signifiers, with the Woolfian inscription of radically deconstructed models of the self and of sexuality and jouissance. ~ Jane Goldman
Fallen Too Far quotes by Jane Goldman
Take a look at my face. Do you see my expression? Does it scare you? It should, because this is the expression of a woman who's fallen off a horse too many times to put up with more shenanigans of the verbal variety. ~ Katie MacAlister
Fallen Too Far quotes by Katie MacAlister
There are a lot of things i wanted to do.
I wanted to become a teacher,
and an astronaught,
and a baker…
I wanted to go to a bunch of different donut shops
and ask for one of everything!
And I wanted to tell the ice-cream man
to give me one of everything, too!
I wish i could have five lives!
Then i could have been born in five different towns,
and eaten five lifetime's worth of food,
and had five different careers,
fallen in love with the same person, five times ~ Inoue Orihime Bleach
Fallen Too Far quotes by Inoue Orihime Bleach
Beauty is hardly a virtue, for the disease of insecurity lurks not too far behind its veneer. ~ Gasmaskman
Fallen Too Far quotes by Gasmaskman
I've done much too far to be looking back. ~ Jordan Hoechlin
Fallen Too Far quotes by Jordan Hoechlin
But struggling with these better feelings was pride,
the vice of the lowest and most debased creatures no less than of the high and self-assured. The miserable companion of thieves and ruffians, the fallen outcast of low haunts, the associate of the scourings of the jails and hulks, living within the shadow of the gallows itself,
even this degraded being felt too proud to betray a feeble gleam of the womanly feeling which she thought a weakness, but which alone conneced her with that humanity, of which her wasting life had obliterated so many, many traces when a very child. ~ Charles Dickens
Fallen Too Far quotes by Charles Dickens
You feel you're learning everything about love as you watch him, from the other side. He imagines you leaving your cozy London world for a man in his thirties who has no real job, who still travels on buses, who's never found a firm footing with his life. The poet, the dreamer, and you would have fallen for it once. But you're too old, now. You just want to fuck. ~ Nikki Gemmell
Fallen Too Far quotes by Nikki Gemmell
[A writer] should try not to be too far, personally, below the level of his work. ~ Elizabeth Bowen
Fallen Too Far quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
He grappled with anxiety until the early hours, trying to work out the best way to tell her who he really was. But every time he played it out in his head, she always ran off screaming. How could he ask anyone to deal with this? It was his burden and his curse, and he was so afraid it would hurt her. But he was too far in, now, he loved her too much just to walk away. What was he going to do? ~ Lindsay Woodward
Fallen Too Far quotes by Lindsay Woodward
I have fallen in love with you, and there is no future for us. That you burst into my life suddenly only a short time ago. That it's too fast, too soon, and you will leave the same way you came into my life. I'll turn around one day and you'll be gone. ~ Rachel Gibson
Fallen Too Far quotes by Rachel Gibson
I began to notice from the cars a tree with handsome rose-colored flowers. At first I thought it some variety of thorn; but it was not long before the truth flashed on me, that this was my long-sought Crab-Apple. It was the prevailing flowering shrub or tree to be seen from the cars at that season of the year, - about the middle of May. But the cars never stopped before one, and so I was launched on the bosom of the Mississippi without having touched one, experiencing the fate of Tantalus. On arriving at St. Anthony's Falls, I was sorry to be told that I was too far north for the Crab-Apple. Nevertheless I succeeded in finding it about eight miles west of the Falls; touched it and smelled it, and secured a lingering corymb of flowers for my herbarium. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Fallen Too Far quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Always set small, realistic goals that you know you can achieve first. But don't give up on the bigger ones that may seem too far from your reach. ~ W.D. Lady
Fallen Too Far quotes by W.D. Lady
Simplified spelling is all right, but, like chastity, you can carry it too far. ~ Mark Twain
Fallen Too Far quotes by Mark Twain
It would not be going too far to assert that ... conflict confronts every woman who ventures upon a career of her own and who is ... unwilling to pay for her daring with the renunciation of her femininity. ~ Karen Horney
Fallen Too Far quotes by Karen Horney
My opinion is it's a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous cars. ~ Elon Musk
Fallen Too Far quotes by Elon Musk

Favorite Sayings of Ryan Moran: The World's Most Powerful Man

"Sometimes the withholding of a small part of the truth is not only wise, but prudent."

"There is one principle that bars all other principles, and that is contempt prior to investigation." (Ryan was fond of paraphrasing Herbert Spencer)

"What do you mean?", "How do you know?", "So what?"

"I don't need much, just one meal a day, a pack of cigarettes and a roof over my head."

"Well…, we must have different data bases, mustn't we?"

"This guy is more squirrely than a shithouse rat"

The CIA - you know, the 'Catholic Irish Alcoholics'

"That dumb fuck."

"Oye! A Jew and an Irishman - what a team!"

"Okay, everybody, up and to the right ten thousand feet," ( If things in general were not going
well. Refers to his jet flying days)

"Is that what you want to do?.....Are you sure?"

"Curiosity is self serving,"

"If you don't know where you're going, you will end up somewhere else."

"So…, what are you thinking?"

"I can do anything that I want, as long as I have the desire and I am willing to pay the price."
(His working definition of honesty)

"Well, what did you learn tonight?"

"Don't let your emotions get the best of you, and don't get too far out into your ~ Ira Teller
Fallen Too Far quotes by Ira Teller
Ask yourself a simple question. Do you want to keep playing, offence and defense included, for the rest of your life? Is this what you are marrying for? If answer is no, then stay away from Sporting Demons. If somehow the answer is yes or you, yourself, are a sporting demon then go ahead ... But don't come complaining if the game goes too far or too crappier to handle. ~ Gracia Hunter
Fallen Too Far quotes by Gracia Hunter
Half fish," he said. "Fish that you were. I am sorry that I went too far out. I ruined us both. But we have killed many sharks, you and I, and ruined many others. How many did you ever kill, old fish? You do not have that spear on your head for nothing. ~ Ernest Hemingway,
Fallen Too Far quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
What basically happens is that when a company becomes great, and I'm being a bit rude here, people think they're some kind of genius. So now we can move into all sorts of other businesses because the net bottom line is, it's because we're just geniuses. They become overconfident and expand too far. ~ Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
Fallen Too Far quotes by Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world. ~ Joanne Harris
Fallen Too Far quotes by Joanne Harris
Analytical philosophy was very interesting. It always struck me as being very interesting and full of tremendous intellectual curiosities. It is wonderful to see the mind at work in such an
intense manner, but, for me, it was still too far removed from my own issues. ~ Joseph Conrad
Fallen Too Far quotes by Joseph Conrad
How do you kill something that's already dead?
Nobody knows enough about them. Ask Jason. He'll have an opinion.
Wait a moment. Rachel could see Corinne talking to Jason, but they were too far ahead to hear. He says you chop them up into little pieces.
But what if that infects you with the disease?
Jason leaned closer to answer Corinne quietly. She laughed. You let Nollin do it. ~ Brandon Mull
Fallen Too Far quotes by Brandon Mull
There are quite a few things I've done that even I thought might have been one step too far. But if you are willing to make a fool of yourself and make people smile, as long as you do it with a sense of fun, you can get away with it. ~ Richard Branson
Fallen Too Far quotes by Richard Branson
I don't see how you can go too far, in the right direction ~ Margaret Drabble
Fallen Too Far quotes by Margaret Drabble
I once had to say this on a show many years ago, and I truly believe it: Loneliness is a choice. I like to be alone; I'm more comfortable alone. But I do recognize that I take it too far sometimes and so I try to force myself to keep up with being sociable. I just am a bit of a lone ranger; I always have been. But I don't believe that necessarily has to translate to being lonely. You can be lonely in a crowd of a thousand people. I can be in a hotel room on my own and not feel lonely. It all comes down to how comfortable you are with who you are in the silence. ~ Gillian Anderson
Fallen Too Far quotes by Gillian Anderson
Every fight is do or die for me. I've come too far to start over. I'm on a destiny trip right now. I'm racing towards that heavyweight world championship. ~ Antonio Tarver
Fallen Too Far quotes by Antonio Tarver
Being caught by the lord of speech may start with just a reasonable conviction about what we feel to be true. However, if we find ourselves becoming righteously indignant, that's a sure sign we've gone too far and that our ability to effect change will be hindered. Beliefs and ideals have become just another way to put up walls. ~ Pema Chodron
Fallen Too Far quotes by Pema Chodron
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