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#1. Public access to government information is a fundamental prerequisite to a functioning democracy. A democratic system is based on the notion that government legitimacy requires the consent of the governed. To be meaningful that consent must be informed. - Author: John Podesta
Democracy quotes by John Podesta
#2. What are the maxims of Democracy? A strict observance of justice and public faith, and a steady adherence to virtue. - Author: John Marshall
Democracy quotes by John Marshall
#3. We should - we will - welcome people of faith into the political process ... It is essential that believers enter the arena. Your involvement in politics helps determine how well our democracy works. We have finally learned that government programs cannot solve our problems. Government can hand out money, but government cannot put hope in our hearts or a sense of purpose in our lives. - Author: George W. Bush
Democracy quotes by George W. Bush
#4. Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates. - Author: Gore Vidal
Democracy quotes by Gore Vidal
#5. Democracy is a continuous, open process of civility.
A democracy can never be "done"; updating democracy can never be over.

Democracy can be nothing else but a continuous process, because we use it to organize our life, and life is nothing but a continuous process.

Democracy can be compared to an operating system or an anti-virus software; if it does not get perpetually updated, it becomes obsolete very fast.

Trusting the updates or the "improvements" of democracy to the elected and the owned mass media is like trusting the updates of an anti-virus program to virus creators; it defeats the purpose of updates or improvements. - Author: Haroutioun Bochnakian
Democracy quotes by Haroutioun Bochnakian
#6. The principle of democracy is all about delegation of power by the vast majority of citizens through a few chosen representatives chosen on merit and competence. - Author: N. R. Narayana Murthy
Democracy quotes by N. R. Narayana Murthy
#7. I don't find any difference between Islam and Islamic fundamentalists. I believe religion is the root, and from the root fundamentalism grows as a poisonous stem. If we remove fundamentalism and keep religion, then one day or another fundamentalism will grow again. I need to say that because some liberals always defend Islam and blame fundamentalists for creating problems. But Islam itself oppresses women. Islam itself doesn't permit democracy and it violates human rights. - Author: Taslima Nasrin
Democracy quotes by Taslima Nasrin
#8. Constitutional democracy has created astonishing and apparently irreversible social progress. All we're interested in is talking about when government doesn't work. - Author: Tony Kushner
Democracy quotes by Tony Kushner
#9. That's what separates out American democracy from dictators and horrible governments across the world and the reason why that works is that we have a president that can consult with congress before making big decisions. That doesn't just make a unilateral decision to go in for military conflict. - Author: Charles R. Chamberlain
Democracy quotes by Charles R. Chamberlain
#10. Both groups [of pundits] were critics, and that is the heart of the problem. If you are a pundit, you seem so smart when you are telling the President what he did wrong ... This [is] mostly BS. - Author: Jeffrey A. Miller
Democracy quotes by Jeffrey A. Miller
#11. Politics /n/: from 'poly ticks', short for 'many small bloodsucking insects'. - Author: Henry Spencer
Democracy quotes by Henry Spencer
#12. The fact that an African American sits in the White House at the helm of government in the United States of America on this 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation represents both phenomenal political symbolism and a victory of faith in democracy that should not be lost on any American. - Author: Aberjhani
Democracy quotes by Aberjhani
#13. The greatest characters the world has known, have rose on the democratic floor. Aristocracy has not been able to keep a proportionate pace with democracy. - Author: Thomas Paine
Democracy quotes by Thomas Paine
#14. The orgy room at Dave's Baths was democracy made flesh; race and social standing were checked at the door along with clothes. - Author: Christopher Bram
Democracy quotes by Christopher Bram
#15. I'm all for experimenting with sortition - randomly selected representative bodies of citizens. But I don't favor direct democracy. We're busy. We have lives. There is reddit. Who has time to work out the right answer to the thousand policy choices a gov't must make all the time? - Author: Lawrence Lessig
Democracy quotes by Lawrence Lessig
#16. There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet. - Author: Muammar Al-Gaddafi
Democracy quotes by Muammar Al-Gaddafi
#17. My links with [Mahatma] Gandhi now are very political links because I do not believe there is any other politics available to us in the late twentieth century, a period of a totalitarianism linked with the market. There is really no other way you can do politics and create freedom for people without the kinds of instruments he revived. Civil disobedience is a way to create permanent democracy, perennial democracy, a direct democracy. - Author: Vandana Shiva
Democracy quotes by Vandana Shiva
#18. I think Churchill is right, the only thing to be said for democracy is that there is nothing else that's any better, and therefore he used to say, Tyranny tempered by assassination, but lots of assassination. People say, If the Congress were more representative of the people it would be better. I say the Congress is too damn representative. It's just as stupid as the people are; just as uneducated, just as dumb, just as selfish. - Author: Dean Acheson
Democracy quotes by Dean Acheson
#19. Thus, experience has ever shown, that education, as well as religion, aristocracy, as well as democracy and monarchy, are, singly, totally inadequate to the business of restraining the passions of men, of preserving a steady government, and protecting the lives, liberties, and properties of the people ... Religion, superstition, oaths, education, laws, all give way before passions, interest, and power, which can be resisted only by passions, interest, and power. - Author: John Adams
Democracy quotes by John Adams
#20. Democracy functions insofar as individuals can participate meaningfully in the public arena, meanwhile running their own affairs, individually and collectively, without illegitimate interference by concentrations of power. Functioning democracy presupposes relative equality in access to resources - material, informational, and other - a truism as old as Aristotle. In theory, governments are instituted to serve their "domestic constituencies" and are to be subject to their will. A measure of functioning democracy, then, is the extent to which the theory approximates reality, and the "domestic constituencies" genuinely approximate the population. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Democracy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#21. The only part of my mother's experience that still gets to me is the way she and people like her were looked down upon for asking America to be America, for asking for full and equal participation in our democracy. - Author: Julian Castro
Democracy quotes by Julian Castro
#22. But here's the ugly truth: nature doesn't care about democracy, or who's right, or what's fair. And because of the slow-change aspect of climate, we can't wait until the worst effects are upon us to make a decision
by then, it would be far, far too late. The scenario we may be faced with is one where doing something for the wrong reasons, run by the wrong people, may still save more lives than holding out for a more appealing option. - Author: Jamais Cascio
Democracy quotes by Jamais Cascio
#23. The real world of American society is one which it is very misleading to call simply a democracy. Of course, it is in a sense a democracy, but it is one in which there are enormous inequities in the distribution of power and force. For example, the entire commercial and industrial system is in principle excluded from the democratic process, including everything that goes on within it - Author: Noam Chomsky
Democracy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#24. I don't know. I love the idea of democracy, the hope, yes, I love that. I couldn't live without that. But the country? You mean the thing on the map, lines, everything inside the lines is good and nothing outside them matters? How can an adult love such a childish idea? - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Democracy quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#25. The case for trade is not just monetary, but moral. Economic freedom creates habits of liberty. And habits of liberty create expectations of democracy. - Author: George W. Bush
Democracy quotes by George W. Bush
#26. Without a strong educational system democracy is crippled. Knowledge is not only key to power. It is the citadel of human freedom. - Author: Harry S. Truman
Democracy quotes by Harry S. Truman
#27. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries you have these great nation states hurling their young men at one another. The victory was really going to rest on who could do the best job of bringing up their kids to become efficient and effective soldiers. That's pretty grandiose, I guess, but I do think that, and thank God it's been the armies of democracy that have emerged from this as the triumphant armies. - Author: Stephen Ambrose
Democracy quotes by Stephen Ambrose
#28. It's very difficult to have any faith in the sincerity of the SLORC about stamping out drug production if they find it so easy to forgive a drug baron whom at one time they said they would never, never forgive and would never, never regard as anything but a drug runner. The SLORC is far more aggressive in its attitude toward the National League for Democracy than against drug traffickers. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
Democracy quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#29. We have really, that I know of, no philosophical basis for high and low. Moreover, the vegetable kingdom does not culminate, as the animal kingdom does. It is not a kingdom, but a common-wealth; a democracy, and therefore puzzling and unaccountable from the former point of view. - Author: Asa Gray
Democracy quotes by Asa Gray
#30. The majority of pacifists either belong to obscure religious sects or are simply humanitarians who object to taking life and prefer not to follow their thoughts beyond that point. But there is a minority of intellectual pacifists, whose real though unacknowledged motive appears to be hatred of western democracy and admiration for totalitarianism. Pacifist propaganda usually boils down to saying that one side is as bad as the other, but if one looks closely at the writing of the younger intellectual pacifists, one finds that they do not by any means express impartial disapproval but are directed almost entirely against Britain and the United States ... - Author: George Orwell
Democracy quotes by George Orwell
#31. The purpose of democracy - supplanting old belief in the necessary absoluteness of establish'd dynastic rulership, temporal, ecclesiastical, and scholastic, as furnishing the only security against chaos, crime, and ignorance - is, through many transmigrations, and amid endless ridicules, arguments, and ostensible failures - Author: Walt Whitman
Democracy quotes by Walt Whitman
#32. The rich will strive to establish their dominion and enslave the rest. They
always did ... they always will. They will have the same effect here as
elsewhere, if we do not, by the power of government, keep them in their proper
spheres. - Author: Gouverneur Morris
Democracy quotes by Gouverneur Morris
#33. A democracy is no more than an aristocracy of orators. The people are so readily moved by demagogues that control must be exercised by the government over speech and press. - Author: Thomas Hobbes
Democracy quotes by Thomas Hobbes
#34. The many refugees are not a Greek or German problem. They are a European problem. We should therefore develop a common strategy. That's why I am launching a cross-border movement for more democracy. - Author: Yanis Varoufakis
Democracy quotes by Yanis Varoufakis
#35. If you give up on democracy, you might as well give up on everything. - Author: Robert Reich
Democracy quotes by Robert Reich
#36. The concept that all men are created equal was a key to European Enlightenment philosophy. But the interpretation of "all men" has hovered over the Declaration of Independence since its creation. - Author: Oscar Auliq-Ice
Democracy quotes by Oscar Auliq-Ice
#37. What we want to see is the development of human rights and greater democracy, not just because it is our system but because we think that's the best way that economic and political development go hand in hand. - Author: Tony Blair
Democracy quotes by Tony Blair
#38. As an American I am of course fundamentally opposed to democracy and to anyone advocating or defending democracy, which in theory and practice is the basis of socialism. - Author: Rose Wilder Lane
Democracy quotes by Rose Wilder Lane
#39. Modern Western empires are different from empires of old as well as the Soviet empire of yesterday in one important respect: they combine a democratic political system at home with despotism abroad. Even in the German case, as Sheldon Wolin reminds us, Nazi terror was not applied to the population generally. So long as democracy is a living reality at home, democratic empires are potentially self-correcting. - Author: Mahmood Mamdani
Democracy quotes by Mahmood Mamdani
#40. Jazz is improvisation and syncopation, with resilience and flow, with earthy elegance, nuance and subtlety, with the integrity of individual expression within (usually) a group context, with true democracy in action. - Author: Greg Thomas
Democracy quotes by Greg Thomas
#41. Aristocracy naturally leads the human mind to the contemplation of the past, and fixes it there. Democracy, on the contrary, gives men a sort of instinctive distaste for what is ancient. In this respect aristocracy is far more favorable to poetry; for things commonly grow larger and more obscure as they are more remote; and, for this two-fold reason, they are better suited to the delineation of the ideal. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Democracy quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#42. Oscar Wilde was born in Dublin, on the 15th October, 1856, so that he is now about twenty-six years of age, but brief as has been his career, it has been full of promise for the future. The son of highly intellectual parents, he has had an exceptional education, has travelled much in wild and remote, through classic lands, and in the course of these journeys has learnt to appreciate the beauties of the old authors, in whose works whilst at college he attained exceptional proficiency. But his naturally enthusiastic temperament teaches him to hope for better in the future than has been achieved in the past, and to see how vast will be the influence of Art and Literature on the coming democracy of Intellect, when education and culture shall have taught men to pride themselves on what they have done, and not alone on the deeds of their ancestors. - Author: Walter Hamilton
Democracy quotes by Walter Hamilton
#43. Socialism, Puritanism, Philistinism, Christianity - he saw them all as allotropic forms of democracy, as variations upon the endless struggle of quantity against quality, of the weak and timorous against the strong and enterprising, of the botched against the fit. - Author: H.L. Mencken
Democracy quotes by H.L. Mencken
#44. When equality is treated not as a medicine or a safety-gadget but as an ideal we begin to breed that stunted and envious sort of mind which hates all superiority. That mind is the special disease of democracy, as cruelty and servility are the special diseases of privileged societies. It will kill us all if it grows unchecked. The - Author: C.S. Lewis
Democracy quotes by C.S. Lewis
#45. And you know, we were talking about American identity, and where we've come from and where we are and where we're headed. We knew that we wanted to have a hopeful ending and we wanted it to be pro-community, and a pro-democracy type of movie. - Author: Matt Damon
Democracy quotes by Matt Damon
#46. The principle of democracy is freedom, the principle of war is discipline; each requires the absence of the other. - Author: Will Durant
Democracy quotes by Will Durant
#47. The return of democracy in our land has indeed thrown the problems of development into bolder relief. - Author: Ibrahim Babangida
Democracy quotes by Ibrahim Babangida
#48. The fight for truth ... is not just our right as free citizens of free societies. It is our duty as citizens of the earth. - Author: Vandana Shiva
Democracy quotes by Vandana Shiva
#49. She understood that for her to excel at Oxford she had to improve her English. Her brain was in need of words to express itself fully, the way a sapling was in need of raindrops to grow to its potential. She purchased stacks of coloured Post-it notes. On them she wrote the words she chanced upon, fell in love with and intended to use at the earliest opportunity -- just as every foreigner did, one way or another:
- Autotomy: The casting off of a body part by an animal in danger
- Cleft Stick (from Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings): To be in a difficult situation
- Rantipole (from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow): Wild, reckless, sometimes quarrelsome person.
In her first Political Philosophy essay, she wrote 'In Turkey, where daily politics is rantipole, each time the system is in a cleft stick, democracy is the first thing to be severed and sacrificed in an act of autotomy. - Author: Elif Shafak
Democracy quotes by Elif Shafak
#50. Democracy means that when there's a knock in the door at 3 am, it's probably the milkman. - Author: Winston Churchill
Democracy quotes by Winston Churchill
#51. We must remember that democracy works when given time to develop, mature and deliver. People must have access to information for informed debate. Government institutions must treat citizens fairly, and with dignity, while responding to their needs. - Author: Atifete Jahjaga
Democracy quotes by Atifete Jahjaga
#52. The fossil fuel industry commands outsize sway over U.S. politics, markets, and democracy. I knew these companies were formidable, but when I served on the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, I got a close up view of how the industry disregards government safeguards. - Author: Frances Beinecke
Democracy quotes by Frances Beinecke
#53. Democracy is fatal for the arts; it leads only to chaos or the achievement of new and lower common denominators of quality. - Author: Walter Legge
Democracy quotes by Walter Legge
#54. The successful politician owes his power to the fact that he moves within the accepted framework of thought, that he thinks and talks conventionally. It would be almost a contradiction in terms for a politician to be a leader in the field of ideas. His task in a democracy is to find out what the opinions held by the largest number are, not to give currency to new opinions which may become the majority view in some distant future. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
Democracy quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#55. Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners. - Author: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Democracy quotes by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
#56. People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. - Author: Alan Moore
Democracy quotes by Alan Moore
#57. One less desirable aspect of democracy is that it seems to require serious demonization of the enemy if the nation and public opinion are to be galvanized sufficiently to pay a serious price in blood or treasure at war. - Author: Graham E. Fuller
Democracy quotes by Graham E. Fuller
#58. In a democracy private citizens see a man of their own rank in life who becomes possessed of riches and power in a few years; this spectacle excites their surprise and envy, and they are led to inquire how the person who was yesterday very equal is today their ruler. To attribute his rise to his talents or his virtues is unpleasant; for it is tacitly to acknowledge that they are themselves less virtuous and less talented than he was. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Democracy quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#59. Publicity has another social function. The fact that this function has not been planned as a purpose by those make and use publicity in no way lessens its significance. Publicity turns consumption into a substitute for democracy. - Author: John Berger
Democracy quotes by John Berger
#60. As Taiwan's friend and ally, I believe it is important for the United States to monitor the situation in the Taiwan Strait very carefully to help ensure Taiwan is not forced into a position which would endanger its freedom or its democracy. - Author: Jim Costa
Democracy quotes by Jim Costa
#61. I would go one step further and say that the willingness to challenge professional economists - and other experts - should be the foundation of democracy. When you think about it, if all we have to do is to listen to the experts, what is the point of having a democracy at all? Unless we want our societies to be run by a body of self-elected experts, we all have to learn economics and challenge professional economists - Author: Ha-Joon Chang
Democracy quotes by Ha-Joon Chang
#62. These women, genteel and beautiful, are the rebels who say no to the choices made by silly mothers, incompetent fathers (there are seldom any wise fathers in Austen's novels) and the rigidly orthodox society. They risk ostracism and poverty to gain love and companionship, and to embrace that elusive goal at the heart of democracy: the right to choose. - Author: Azar Nafisi
Democracy quotes by Azar Nafisi
#63. The most important element of democracy, I believe, is the protection of minorities. - Author: Shahin Najafi
Democracy quotes by Shahin Najafi
#64. When Communism fell in 1989, the temptation for Western commentators to gloat triumphantly proved irresistible. This, it was declared, marked the end of History. Henceforth, the world belonged to liberal capitalism – there was no alternative – and we would all march forward in unison towards a future shaped by peace, democracy and free markets. Twenty years on this assertion looks threadbare.

There can be no question that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the domino-like collapse of Communism states from the suburbs of Vienna to the shores of the Pacific marked a very significant transition: one in which millions of men and women were liberated from a dismal and defunct ideology and its authoritarian institutions. But no one could credibly assert that what replaced Communism was an era of idyllic tranquility. There was no peace in post-Communist Yugoslavia, and precious little democracy in any of the successor states of the Soviet Union.

As for free markets, they surely flourished, but it is not clear for whom. The West – Europe and the United States above all – missed a once-in-a-century opportunity to re-shape the world around agreed and improved international institutions and practices. Instead, we sat back and congratulated ourselves upon having won the Cold War: a sure way to lose the peace. The years from 1989 to 2009 were consumed by locusts. - Author: Tony Judt
Democracy quotes by Tony Judt
#65. By giving the government unlimited powers, the most arbitrary rule can be made legal; and in this way a democracy may set up the most complete despotism imaginable. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
Democracy quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#66. Patriotic societies seem to think that the way to educate school children in a democracy is to stage bigger and better flag-saluting. - Author: S.I. Hayakawa
Democracy quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#67. Anybody," said Johnny, carried away by his personal dream of Democracy, "can ride in one of the hansom cabs, provided," he qualified, "they get the money. So you can see what a free country we got here."
"What's free about it if you have to pay?" asked Francie.
"It's free in this way: If you have the money you're allowed to ride in them no matter who you are. In the old countries, certain people aren't free to ride in them, even if they have the money. - Author: Betty Smith
Democracy quotes by Betty Smith
#68. I can think of few more worthy achievements than keeping a library alive and well for a century. As far as I am concerned, one of the absolute backbones of a free society and a democracy is the library offering access to a treasure house of information to all. - Author: Gillian Roberts
Democracy quotes by Gillian Roberts
#69. In politics as in philosophy, my tenets are few and simple. The leading one of which, and indeed that which embraces most others, is to be honest and just ourselves and to exact it from others, meddling as little as possible in their affairs where our own are not involved. If this maxim was generally adopted, wars would cease and our swords would soon be converted into reap hooks and our harvests be more peaceful, abundant, and happy. - Author: George Washington
Democracy quotes by George Washington
#70. Right to peace is more urgent for the countries where the pillars of democracy are rusted by corrosion and purchased by the dark powers of few corporates. - Author: Amit Ray
Democracy quotes by Amit Ray
#71. I talk democracy to these men and women. I tell them that they have the vote, and that theirs is the kingdom and the power and the glory. I say to them You are supreme: exercise your power. They say, That's right: tell us what to do; and I tell them. I say Exercise our vote intelligently by voting for me. And they do. That's democracy; and a splendid thing it is too for putting the right men in the right place. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Democracy quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#72. When you can get others to admire your ideals and to want what you want, you do not have to spend as much on sticks and carrots to move them in your direction. Seduction is always more effective than coercion, and many values like democracy, human rights, and individual opportunities are deeply seductive. - Author: Joseph S. Nye Jr.
Democracy quotes by Joseph S. Nye Jr.
#73. The dictatorship is shut up, democracy is always concerned. - Author: Woody Allen
Democracy quotes by Woody Allen
#74. No America without democracy, no democracy without politics no politics without parties, no parties without compromise and moderation. - Author: Clinton Rossiter
Democracy quotes by Clinton Rossiter
#75. Globally, democracies have also acted in ways that suggest an outright renunciation of their principles at home. - Author: Nayef Al-Rodhan
Democracy quotes by Nayef Al-Rodhan
#76. Democracy has at least one merit, namely that a Member of Parliament cannot be stupider than his constituents, for the more stupid he is, the more stupid they were to elect him. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Democracy quotes by Bertrand Russell
#77. [John C.] Calhoun was a minority spokesman in a democracy, a particularist in an age of nationalism, a slaveholder in an age of advancing liberties, and an agrarian in a furiously capitalistic country. His weakness was to be inhumanly schematic and logical, which is only to say that he thought as he lived. His mind, in a sense, was too masterful - it imposed itself upon realities. The great human, emotional, moral complexities of the world escaped him because he had no private training for them, had not even the talent for friendship, in which he might have been schooled. It was easier for him to imagine, for example, that the South had produced upon its slave base a better culture than the North because he had no culture himself, only a quick and muscular mode of thought. It may stand as a token of Calhoun's place in the South's history that when he did find culture there, at Charleston, he wished a plague upon it. - Author: Richard Hofstadter
Democracy quotes by Richard Hofstadter
#78. Stories are the best democracy we have. We are allowed to become the other we never dreamed we could be. - Author: Colum McCann
Democracy quotes by Colum McCann
#79. Democracy, like the human organism, carries within it the seed of its own destruction. - Author: C.V. Wedgwood
Democracy quotes by C.V. Wedgwood
#80. Our children should learn the general framework of their government and then they should know where they come in contact with the government, where it touches their daily lives and where their influence is exerted on the government. It must not be a distant thing, someone else's business, but they must see how every cog in the wheel of a democracy is important and bears its share of responsibility for the smooth running of the entire machine. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
Democracy quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#81. Any fool can blow something up. Any fool can destroy. But to see these guys, these firefighters and these policemen and people from all over the country, literally with buckets, rebuilding ... that's extraordinary. And that's why we have already won ... they can't ... it's light. It's democracy. They can't shut that down. - Author: Jon Stewart
Democracy quotes by Jon Stewart
#82. Look at the orators in our republics; as long as they are poor, both state and people can only praise their uprightness; but once they are fattened on the public funds, they conceive a hatred for justice, plan intrigues against the people and attack the democracy. - Author: Aristophanes
Democracy quotes by Aristophanes
#83. I think that the future belongs to democracy, but not to capitalism, because they are opposite camps. - Author: Ricardo Alarcon
Democracy quotes by Ricardo Alarcon
#84. There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation. - Author: W.C. Fields
Democracy quotes by W.C. Fields
#85. I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
Democracy quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#86. Opening up a newspaper is the key to looking classy and smart. Never mind the bronze-plated stuff about the role of the press in a democracy - a newspaper, kiddo, is about Style. - Author: Garrison Keillor
Democracy quotes by Garrison Keillor
#87. America must be the teacher of democracy, not the advertiser of the consumer society. It is unrealistic for the rest of the world to reach the American living standard. - Author: Mikhail Gorbachev
Democracy quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
#88. What do I believe in? Belief means faith, and there's only one damned thing in the world I have any faith in. That's the idea of American democracy, because it seems to me so obvious that that's the only sensible way to run human affairs. - Author: Rex Stout
Democracy quotes by Rex Stout
#89. Without a sharp turnaround toward democracy and equality in the United States, Europe will be virtually alone in its commitment to social democracy. The pressures of low-wage immigrant labor, cheap imports from Eastern Europe and Asia, and free-market practices of governments are already threatening once secure areas of employment and causing right-wing populism to pop up in various Western European countries. Surprising numbers of middle-class and working-class voters have supported ultranationalist, neofascist parties throughout Europe because, like white male workers in the United States, they see their status slipping. - Author: Steve Brouwer
Democracy quotes by Steve Brouwer
#90. Between democracy and rule of law There has always been a close historical association between the rise of democracy and the rise of liberal rule of law.32 As we saw in chapter 27, the rise of accountable government in England was inseparable from the defense of the Common Law. Extension of the rule of law to apply to wider circles of citizens has always been seen as a key component of democracy itself. This association has continued through the third-wave democratic transitions after 1975, where the collapse of Communist dictatorships led to both the rise of electoral democracy and the creation of constitutional governments protecting individuals' rights. - Author: Francis Fukuyama
Democracy quotes by Francis Fukuyama
#91. The boundaries of democracy have to be widened so as to include economic equality also. This is the great revolution through which we are all passing. - Author: Jawaharlal Nehru
Democracy quotes by Jawaharlal Nehru
#92. I have an intellectual inclination for democratic institutions, but I am instinctively an aristocrat, which means that I despise and fear the masses. I passionately love liberty, legality, the respect for rights, but not democracy ... liberty is my foremost passion. That is the truth. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Democracy quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#93. The Republican Party is becoming less and less like a traditional political party in a representative democracy and becoming more like an apocalyptic cult, or one of the intensely ideological authoritarian parties of 20th century Europe, - Author: Mike Lofgren
Democracy quotes by Mike Lofgren
#94. How do you cause people to believe in an imagined order such as Christianity, democracy or capitalism? First, you never admit that the order is imagined. - Author: Yuval Noah Harari
Democracy quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#95. Canada does not just 'go along' in order to 'get along.' We will 'go along,' only if we 'go' in a direction that advances Canada's values: freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. - Author: John Baird
Democracy quotes by John Baird
#96. I have to give moral support to my supporters. If I'm not going to fight anymore, that might hurt the feelings of my supporters. They are fighting for democracy. They are fighting for the rule of law. - Author: Thaksin Shinawatra
Democracy quotes by Thaksin Shinawatra
#97. We don't need people who can spit back facts. We've got Google. - Author: Roberta Michnick Golinkoff
Democracy quotes by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff
#98. Institutions work this way. A son is murdered by the police, and nothing is done. The institutions send the victim's family on a merry-go-round, going from one agency to another, until they wear out and give up. this is a very effective way to beat down poor and oppressed people, who do not have the time to prosecute their cases. Time is money to poor people. To go to Sacramento means loss of a day's pay - often a loss of job. If this is a democracy, obviously it is a bourgeois democracy limited to the middle and upper classes. Only they can afford to participate in it. - Author: Huey Newton
Democracy quotes by Huey Newton
#99. I have great confidence in Taiwan's democracy. I have great confidence in the universal value and in basic human rights, and I have great confidence that referenda will eventually take root and become part of our daily lives in Taiwan. - Author: Chen Shui-bian
Democracy quotes by Chen Shui-bian
#100. All men know that by sheer weight of physical force, the mass of men must in the last resort become the arbiters of human action. But reason, skill, wealth, machines and power may for long periods enable the few to control the many. But to what end? The current theory of democracy is that dictatorship is a stopgap pending the work of universal education, equitable income, and strong character. But always the temptation is to use the stopgap for narrower ends, because intelligence, thrift and goodness seem so impossibly distant for most men. We rule by junta; we turn Fascist, because we do not believe in men; yet the basis of fact in this disbelief is incredibly narrow. We know perfectly well that most human beings have never had a decent human chance to be full men. Most of us may be convinced that even with opportunity the number of utter human failures would be vast; and yet remember that this assumption kept the ancestors of present white America long in slavery and degradation.

It is then one's moral duty to see that every human being, to the extent of his capacity, escapes ignorance, poverty and crime. With this high ideal held unswervingly in view, monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorships may rule; but the end will be the rule of All, if mayhap All or Most qualify. The only unforgivable sin is dictatorship for the benefit of Fools, Voluptuaries, gilded Satraps, Prostitutes and Idiots. The rule of the famished, unlettered, stinking mob is better than this and the on - Author: W.E.B. Du Bois
Democracy quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#101. Every four years we go through the same cycle of hope and disillusionment. - Author: Sheri Holman
Democracy quotes by Sheri Holman
#102. Democratization is not democracy; it is a slogan for the temporary liberalization handed down from an autocrat. Glasnost is not free speech; only free speech, constitutionally guaranteed, is free speech. - Author: Gail Sheehy
Democracy quotes by Gail Sheehy
#103. Equality is the heart and essence of democracy, freedom, and justice, equality of opportunity in industry, in labor unions, schools and colleges, government, politics, and before the law. There must be no dual standards of justice, no dual rights, privileges, duties, or responsibilities of citizenship. No dual forms of freedom. - Author: A. Philip Randolph
Democracy quotes by A. Philip Randolph
#104. The idea of allowing corporations to have unlimited influence on our democracy is very dangerous, obviously. - Author: Russ Feingold
Democracy quotes by Russ Feingold
#105. The picture of the world that's presented to the public has only the remotest relation to reality. The truth of the matter is buried under edifice after edifice of lies upon lies. It's all been a marvellous success from the point of view in deterring the threat of democracy, achieved under conditions of freedom, which is extremely interesting. - Author: Noam Chomsky
Democracy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#106. They shouldnt teach their immigrants' kids all about democracy unless they mean to let them have a little bit of it, it ony makes for trouble. Me and the United States is dissociating our alliance as of right now, until the United States can find time to read its own textbooks a little. - Author: James Jones
Democracy quotes by James Jones
#107. Democracy means the power of the people and the possibility of influencing the governing parties. Russia had had enough experience with a one-party-system - we will not go back there. - Author: Vladimir Putin
Democracy quotes by Vladimir Putin
#108. A democracy is a compromise by its nature. It's not a dictatorship. - Author: Jamie Dimon
Democracy quotes by Jamie Dimon
#109. One of the main reasons I came back to Mexico is because I've found freedom and democracy here, something I never found in the United States. - Author: Willie Wells
Democracy quotes by Willie Wells
#110. Your little child is the only true democrat. - Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Democracy quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe
#111. In India, the sapling was planted by the nation's founders, who lived long enough (and worked hard enough) to nurture it to adulthood. Those who came afterwards could disturb and degrade the tree of democracy but, try as they might, could not uproot or destroy it. - Author: Ramachandra Guha
Democracy quotes by Ramachandra Guha
#112. The important thing is that we are participating-whether it's by running, voting, or supporting (financially or otherwise) candidates who make a difference to women. Don't leave shit up to others, 'cause that's how we get fucked over. - Author: Jessica Valenti
Democracy quotes by Jessica Valenti
#113. What you have when everyone wears the same playclothes for all occasions, is addressed by nickname, expected to participate in Show And Tell, and bullied out of any desire form privacy, is not democracy; it is kindergarten. - Author: Judith Martin
Democracy quotes by Judith Martin
#114. Even if their outward fortunes could be absolutely equalized, there would be, from individual constitution alone, an aristocracy and a democracy in every land. The fearful by nature would compose an aristocracy, the hopeful by nature a democracy, were all other causes of divergence done away. - Author: Harriet Martineau
Democracy quotes by Harriet Martineau
#115. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. - Author: Vladimir Putin
Democracy quotes by Vladimir Putin
#116. The constitution is a sacred document in a democracy. - Author: Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
Democracy quotes by Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
#117. It is an incredibly hopeful experience watching communities come together and actually reassemble democracy. The democracy's been taken away from us. But they're reinventing democracy out there in rural Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, in Pittsburgh. - Author: Josh Fox
Democracy quotes by Josh Fox
#118. Our democracy is but a name. We vote? What does that mean? It means that we choose between two bodies of real, though not avowed, autocrats. We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee ... - Author: Howard Zinn
Democracy quotes by Howard Zinn
#119. Being surrounded by educated people makes democracy stronger, and it benefits our entire economy. - Author: Seth Godin
Democracy quotes by Seth Godin
#120. I began to study again, and now for the first time really achieved an understanding of the content of the Jew Karl Marx's life effort. Only now did his Capital become really intelligible to me, and also the struggle of the Social Democracy against the national economy, which aims only to prepare the ground for the domination of truly international finance and stock exchange capital. - Author: Adolf Hitler
Democracy quotes by Adolf Hitler
#121. But American statesmen have studied the constitutions of other states more than that of their own, and have succeeded in obscuring the American system in the minds of the people, and giving them in its place pure and simple democracy, which is its false development or corruption. Under the influence of this false development, the people were fast losing sight of the political truth that, though the people are sovereign, it is the organic, not the inorganic people, the territorial people, not the people as simple population, and were beginning to assert the absolute God-given right of the majority to govern. All the changes made in the bosom of the States themselves have consisted in removing all obstacles to the irresponsible will of the majority, leaving minorities and individuals at their mercy. This tendency to a centralized democracy had more to do with provoking secession and rebellion than the anti-slavery sentiments of the Northern, Central, and Western States. - Author: Orestes Augustus Brownson
Democracy quotes by Orestes Augustus Brownson
#122. fundamentally, people do not prefer independent thought and the accompanying responsibility, but rather orders, subordination, and the accompanying exemption from responsibility. In a popular democracy, the masses who elect unfit rulers are to blame for bad government, but that is not the case in a monarchy. Rather than reflecting upon their own mistakes, the people are free to enjoy speaking ill of leaders who are even more irresponsible than they. - Author: Yoshiki Tanaka
Democracy quotes by Yoshiki Tanaka
#123. The expansionary dynamic of Western culture has been the root, the denominating constant, of modern history. The grandeur of Western liberalism, its material abundance, the flourishing of its arts and sciences, its painful construction of constitutional democracy -- these interconnected achievements have been financed by the sustained theft called imperialism. - Author: Carl Oglesby
Democracy quotes by Carl Oglesby
#124. Persistent inequality costs the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars a year, undermining our global competitiveness, our democracy, and our ideals as a nation. - Author: Wendy Kopp
Democracy quotes by Wendy Kopp
#125. The Soviet Union attempted to export communism to the entire world. We know what came of that. Now the West is trying to export democracy, including to regions where there is no traditional foundation for it. That cannot end well. - Author: Vladimir Yakunin
Democracy quotes by Vladimir Yakunin
#126. If we care about universal principles such as freedom, democracy and the rule of law, we cannot leave them to the care of market forces; we must establish some other institutions to safeguard them. - Author: George Soros
Democracy quotes by George Soros
#127. Political struggle is the most important thing any of us can do as a citizen in a democracy; and that means the old joining the young to fight for elemental kinds of justice. - Author: Jonathan Kozol
Democracy quotes by Jonathan Kozol
#128. Having two non-functional parties is not a democracy, it's a losing coin flip. - Author: Russ Lippitt
Democracy quotes by Russ Lippitt
#129. I think, especially among the New York intelligentsia at that time, that there was a reason Bob Dylan went to New York to happen, because there was a culture developed there around the ideas of civil rights, around the idea of democracy growing out of Emerson and Thoreau, these ideas of the fanfare for the common man. - Author: T Bone Burnett
Democracy quotes by T Bone Burnett
#130. Let me say again that the relationship is asymmetrical: there's no democracy without a market economy, but you can have a market economy without democracy. - Author: Peter L. Berger
Democracy quotes by Peter L. Berger
#131. A man who should undertake to inquire into everything for himself, could devote to each thing but little time and attention. His task would keep his mind in perpetual unrest, which would prevent him from penetrating to the depth of any truth, or of grappling his mind indissolubly to any conviction. His intellect would be at once independent and powerless. He must therefore make his choice from amongst the various objects of human belief, and he must adopt many opinions without discussion, in order to search the better into that smaller number which he sets apart for investigation. It is true that whoever receives an opinion on the word of another, does so far enslave his mind; but it is a salutary servitude which allows him to make a good use of freedom.

A principle of authority must then always occur, under all circumstances, in some part or other of the moral and intellectual world. Its place is variable, but a place it necessarily has. The independence of individual minds may be greater, or it may be less: unbounded it cannot be. Thus the question is, not to know whether any intellectual authority exists in the ages of democracy, but simply where it resides and by what standard it is to be measured. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Democracy quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#132. We've become, now, an oligarchy instead of a democracy. I think that's been the worst damage to the basic moral and ethical standards to the American political system that I've ever seen in my life. - Author: Jimmy Carter
Democracy quotes by Jimmy Carter
#133. What made America great was her ability to transform her own dream into hope for all mankind. America did not tell the millions of men and women who came from every country in the world and who -- with their hands, their intelligence and their heart -- built the greatest nation in the world: 'Come, and everything will be given to you.' She said: 'Come, and the only limits to what you'll be able to achieve will be your own courage and your own talent. - Author: Nicolas Sarkozy
Democracy quotes by Nicolas Sarkozy
#134. They know that as long as they keep us undereducated, or with an inferior education, it's impossible for us to compete with them for job openings. And as long as we can't compete with them and get a decent job, we're trapped. We are low-wage earners. We have to live in a run-down neighborhood, which means our children go to inferior schools. They get inferior education. And when they grow up, they fall right into the same cycle again. This is the American way. This is the American democracy that she tries to sell to the whole world as being that which will solve the problems of other people too. - Author: Malcolm X
Democracy quotes by Malcolm X
#135. The science of war leads one to dictatorship, pure and simple. The science of non-violence alone can lead one to pure democracy. Power based on love is thousand times more effective and permanent than power derived from fear of punishment. It is a blasphemy to say non-violence can be practiced only by individuals and never by nations which are composed of individuals. The nearest approach to purest anarchy would be a democracy based on non-violence. A society organized and run on the basis of complete non-violence would be the purest anarchy. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Democracy quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#136. There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man. That is a perfectly simple fact which the modern world will find out more and more to be a fact. Every other basis is a sort of sentimental confusion, full of merely verbal echoes of the older creeds. Those verbal associations are always vain for the vital purpose of constraining the tyrant. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Democracy quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#137. You cannot have democratic accountability in anything bigger than a nation state. - Author: Vaclav Klaus
Democracy quotes by Vaclav Klaus
#138. It is time to provide a smashing answer for those cynical men who say that a democracy cannot be honest, cannot be efficient ... We have in the darkest moments of our national trials retained our faith in our own ability to master our own destiny. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
Democracy quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#139. A democracy depends upon people getting brighter all the time. Democracies are delicate. They're not just ipso facto and just go on and on. - Author: Norman Mailer
Democracy quotes by Norman Mailer
#140. Isn't the basis of a democracy to send somebody to Washington to bring something back for you? ... It isn't? - Author: Kobe Bryant
Democracy quotes by Kobe Bryant
#141. The price of liberty is labor as well as vigilance. - Author: Carl Scovel
Democracy quotes by Carl Scovel
#142. We believe in equality for all, and privileges for none. This is a belief that each American regardless of background has equal standing in the public forum, all of us. Because we believe this idea so firmly, we are an inclusive, rather than an exclusive party. Let everybody come. - Author: Barbara Jordan
Democracy quotes by Barbara Jordan
#143. I always say the strength of democracy lies in criticism. If there is no criticism, that means there is no democracy. And if you want to grow, you must invite criticism. And I want to grow; I want to invite criticism. - Author: Narendra Modi
Democracy quotes by Narendra Modi
#144. I realized that this was the big secret of democracy
that change can occur by starting off with just a few people doing something. - Author: Michael Moore
Democracy quotes by Michael Moore
#145. We're not a democracy. It's a terrible misunderstandin g and a slander to the idea of democracy to call us that. In reality, we're a plutocracy: a government by the wealthy. - Author: Ramsey Clark
Democracy quotes by Ramsey Clark
#146. Sooner or later a democracy which is to survive has to be able to rely upon that enlargement of vision and purpose of those individuals who compose it, which means that their craving for devotion and self-sacrifice is satisfied in a democratic society on a nobler level, and with a finer recognition of the value of individual personality than is true of a national purpose of a totalitarian state under a dictator. - Author: Ordway Tead
Democracy quotes by Ordway Tead
#147. A democracy cannot function effectively when its constituent members believe laws are being bought and sold. - Author: John Paul Stevens
Democracy quotes by John Paul Stevens
#148. Unlike national markets, which tend to be supported by domestic regulatory and political institutions, global markets are only 'weakly embedded'. There is no global lender of last resort, no global safety net, and of course, no global democracy. In other words, global markets suffer from weak governance, and are therefore prone to instability, inefficiency, and weak popular legitimacy. - Author: Dani Rodrik
Democracy quotes by Dani Rodrik
#149. I don't believe that there's such a thing as objectivity in much of journalism, but I think there is a serious effort to and a regard for facts and into taking that stuff seriously is very important to the public discourse and it's very important to democracy. - Author: Jann Wenner
Democracy quotes by Jann Wenner
#150. The rules of workplace democracy are founded in solidarity and mutual trust. They are at the core of a historic process which promises to introduce a new economy, and thereby a new society, after capitalism. - Author: Seymour Melman
Democracy quotes by Seymour Melman
#151. Democracy is threatened by the inertia of good people, by the selfishness of most people, and by the evil designs of a few people. - Author: Stanley King
Democracy quotes by Stanley King
#152. The right to vote should be considered sacred in our democracy. - Author: Charles B. Rangel
Democracy quotes by Charles B. Rangel
#153. The idea that each corporation can be a feudal monarchy and yet behave in its corporate action like a democratic citizen concerned for the world we live in is one of the great absurdities of our time - - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Democracy quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#154. As James Heartfield, author of The European Union and the End of Politics, noted, to follow such events is to 'Step through the looking glass into the EU-world where the rule of the people is dictatorial, but the rule of unelected experts is democracy.'5 The - Author: Mick Hume
Democracy quotes by Mick Hume
#155. English character and English freedom depend comparatively little on the form which the Constitution assumes at Westminster. A centralised democracy may be as tyrannical as an absolute monarch; and if the vigour of the nation is to continue unimpaired, each individual, each family, each district, must preserve as far as possible its independence, its self-completeness, its powers and its privilege to manage its own affairs and think its own thoughts. - Author: James Anthony Froude
Democracy quotes by James Anthony Froude
#156. If you say simply that pressures toward democracy are created by the market, I would say yes. - Author: Peter L. Berger
Democracy quotes by Peter L. Berger
#157. The founders understood that democracy would inevitably evolve into a system of legalized plunder unless the plundered were given numerous escape routes and constitutional protections such as the separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, election of senators by state legislators, the electoral college, no income taxation, most governmental functions performed at the state and local levels, and myriad other constitutional limitations on the powers of the central government. - Author: Thomas DiLorenzo
Democracy quotes by Thomas DiLorenzo
#158. Change from below, the formulation of demands from the populace to end unacceptable injustice, supported by direct action, has played a far larger part in shaping British democracy than most constitutional lawyers, political commentators, historians or statesmen have ever cared to admit. Direct action in a democratic society is fundamentally an educational exercise. - Author: Tony Benn
Democracy quotes by Tony Benn
#159. Some of the reasons why Muslims would look down on America or even countries that have democracy, is because that's what they've been taught all their life. And it's not really their fault if you think about it, it's their government's fault for teaching people that America, them over there across the ocean, they're the devil. - Author: Cristian Machado
Democracy quotes by Cristian Machado
#160. Did I say "republic?" By God, yes, I said "republic!" Long live the glorious republic of the United States of America. Damn democracy. It is a fraudulent term used, often by ignorant persons but no less often by intellectual fakers, to describe an infamous mixture of socialism, graft, confiscation of property and denial of personal rights to individuals whose virtuous principles make them offensive. - Author: Westbrook Pegler
Democracy quotes by Westbrook Pegler
#161. Our democracy is not a product but a continual process. It is preserved not by monuments but deeds. Sometimes it needs refining; sometimes it needs amending; sometimes it needs defending. Always, it needs improving. - Author: Lee H. Hamilton
Democracy quotes by Lee H. Hamilton
#162. The Tory party is the enemy of democracy. - Author: Tony Benn
Democracy quotes by Tony Benn
#163. In Iran the whole reform and democracy movement has been based on the emerging free press. - Author: Christiane Amanpour
Democracy quotes by Christiane Amanpour
#164. The Declaration of Independence dogmatically bases all rights on the fact that God created all men equal; and it is right; for if they were not created equal, they were certainly evolved unequal. There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Democracy quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#165. Civil disobedience is not something outside the realm of democracy. Democracy requires civil disobedience. Without civil disobedience democracy does not exist. - Author: Howard Zinn
Democracy quotes by Howard Zinn
#166. We say that if America has entered the war to make the world safe for democracy, she must first make democracy safe in America. - Author: Emma Goldman
Democracy quotes by Emma Goldman
#167. Cruelty to animals is cruelty and a vile thing; but cruelty to a man is not cruelty, it is treason. Tyranny over a man is not tyranny, it is rebellion, for man is royal. Now, the practical weakness of the vast mass of modern pity for the poor and the oppressed is precisely that it is merely pity; the pity is pitiful, but not respectful. Men feel that the cruelty to the poor is a kind of cruelty to animals. They never feel that it is injustice to equals; nay, it is treachery to comrades. This dark scientific pity, this brutal pity, has an elemental sincerity of its own; but it is entirely useless for all ends of social reform. Democracy swept Europe with the sabre when it was founded upon the Rights of Man. It has done literally nothing at all since it has been founded only upon the wrongs of man. Or, more strictly speaking, its recent failure has been due to its not admitting the existence of any rights, or wrongs, or indeed of any humanity. Evolution (the sinister enemy of revolution) does not especially deny the existence of God; what it does deny is the existence of man. And all the despair about the poor, and the cold and repugnant pity for them, has been largely due to the vague sense that they have literally relapsed into the state of the lower animals. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Democracy quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#168. I guess 35 years ago, I thought we had more of a democracy than we actually do. Majority support doesn't help unless the majority is active and votes - but the opposition minority votes a much greater proportion, so we often lose by a narrow margin. - Author: Gloria Steinem
Democracy quotes by Gloria Steinem
#169. We recall our terrible past so that we can deal with it, to forgive where forgiveness is necessary, without forgetting; to ensure that never again will such inhumanity tear us apart; and to move ourselves to eradicate a legacy that lurks dangerously as a threat to our democracy. - Author: Nelson Mandela
Democracy quotes by Nelson Mandela
#170. We must occupy the food system to create food democracy. - Author: Vandana Shiva
Democracy quotes by Vandana Shiva
#171. Relativism emerges as the contemporary supplement of a wish to appear democratic, tolerant and humble about one's ability to grasp the truth. Democracy is perceived as defending the "the right of each person to his or her own viewpoint, so much so, indeed, it seems to imply a tolerance that asks one to relativize one's own positions and to shrink from putting them forward as true - Author: Gediminas T. Jankunas
Democracy quotes by Gediminas T. Jankunas
#172. Representative democracy, however, harmonizes marvelously with the capitalist economic system. This new statist system, basing itself on the alleged sovereignty of the so-called will of the people, as supposedly expressed by their alleged representatives in mock popular assemblies, incorporates the two principal and necessary conditions for the progress of capitalism: state centralization, and the actual submission of the sovereign people to the intellectual governing minority, who, while claiming to represent the people, unfailingly exploits them. - Author: Mikhail Bakunin
Democracy quotes by Mikhail Bakunin
#173. I think it could be argued that I am not heard, in the broadest sense. That is not my concern. My concern, a question really, is, do I have the courage to speak? If I speak I believe someone will respond. It then becomes my responsibility to listen to that person. And in listening, together we create a space where people can be heard. It's the conversation that I care most deeply about; this is the space I want to honor, respect, and protect. This is my faith in the open space of democracy. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
Democracy quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#174. I like the idea of democracy. You have to have someone everyone distrusts, - Author: Terry Pratchett
Democracy quotes by Terry Pratchett
#175. Democracy encourages a taste for physical gratification; this taste, if it becomes excessive, soon disposes men to believe that all is matter only; and materialism, in its turn, hurries them on with mad impatience to these same delights; such is the fatal circle within which democratic nations are driven round. It were well that they should see the danger and hold back. - Author: Alexis De Tocqueville
Democracy quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#176. [Doubt] is not a new idea; this is the idea of the age of reason. This is the philosophy that guided the men who made the democracy that we live under. The idea that no one really knew how to run a government led to the idea that we should arrange a system by which new ideas could be developed, tried out, and tossed out if necessary, with more new ideas bought in - a trial-and-error system. This method was a result of the fact that science was already showing itself to be a successful venture at the end of the eighteenth century. Even then it was clear to socially minded people that the openness of possibilities was an opportunity, and that doubt and discussion were essential to progress into the unknown. If we want to solve a problem that we have never solved before, we must leave the door to the unknown ajar ... doubt is not to be feared, but welcomed and discussed. - Author: Richard Feynman
Democracy quotes by Richard Feynman
#177. I've always tried to explain democracy is not perfect. But it gives you a chance to shape your own destiny. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
Democracy quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#178. That democracy works and will always work, because the people are allowed to think, to talk, and keep their minds free, open, and supple. - Author: Douglas MacArthur
Democracy quotes by Douglas MacArthur
#179. When your actions towards acquiring leadership in any country portrays blatant mischief orchestrated towards disregarding the concepts of the constitution, you do not only become guilty of hijacking power which rightfully belong to the people, but also, you are guilty of violation of the rights of freedom of the same people that you purport to want to lead. Like any match, elections is competition towards democracy, and all competitions have rules that set guidelines in that particular competition. Any violation of such rules renders that competition invalid. True democracy does not condone compromises. True democracy upholds and adheres to the rule of law, for it is the rule of law that can explicitly define democracy. - Author: Akuku Mach Pep
Democracy quotes by Akuku Mach Pep
#180. On its world, the people are people. The leaders are lizards. The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people." "Odd," said Arthur, "I thought you said it was a democracy." "I did," said Ford. "It is." "So," said Arthur, hoping he wasn't sounding ridiculously obtuse, "why don't the people get rid of the lizards?" "It honestly doesn't occur to them," said Ford. "They've all got the vote, so they all pretty much assume that the government they've voted in more or less approximates to the government they want." "You mean they actually vote for the lizards?" "Oh yes," said Ford with a shrug, "of course." "But," said Arthur, going for the big one again, "why?" "Because if they didn't vote for a lizard," said Ford, "the wrong lizard might get in. Got any gin? - Author: Douglas Adams
Democracy quotes by Douglas Adams
#181. The New Deal repudiation of democracy has left the Republican Party alone the guardian of the Ark of the Covenant with its charter of freedom. - Author: Herbert Hoover
Democracy quotes by Herbert Hoover
#182. How do you have a democratic empire, how do you have an imperial foreign policy built on a democracy polity. It's like some sort of strange mythical beast that's part lion, part dragon. You know at the bottom is a democracy, and then it's an imperial power around the world. - Author: Mark Danner
Democracy quotes by Mark Danner
#183. I feel obligated to point out, though, that I have always been a sucker for ideas I find aesthetically pleasing. The cosmic sweep of the thing - an interstellar kula chain - affirming the differences and at the same time emphasizing the similarities of all the intelligent races in the galaxy - tying them together, building common traditions ... The notion strikes me as kind of fine. - Author: Roger Zelazny
Democracy quotes by Roger Zelazny
#184. The matter of sedition is of two kinds: much poverty and much discontentment....The causes and motives of sedition are, innovation in religion; taxes; alteration of laws and customs; breaking of privileges; general oppression; advancement of unworthy persons, strangers; dearths; disbanded soldiers; factions grown desperate; and whatsoever in offending people joineth them in a common cause.' The cue of every leader, of course, is to divide his enemies and to unite his friends. 'Generally, the dividing and breaking of all factions...that are adverse to the state, and setting them at a distance, or at least distrust, among themselves, is not one of the worst remedies; for it is a desperate case, if those that hold with the proceeding of the state be full of discord and faction, and those that are against it be entire and united.' A better recipe for the avoidance of revolutions is an equitable distribution of wealth: 'Money is like muck, not good unless it be spread.' But this does not mean socialism, or even democracy; Bacon distrusts the people, who were in his day quite without access to education; 'the lowest of all flatteries is the flattery of the common people;' and 'Phocion took it right, who, being applauded by the multitude, asked, What had he done amiss?' What Bacon wants is first a yeomanry of owning farmers; then an aristocracy for administration; and above all a philosopher-king. 'It is almost without instance that any government was unprosperous under learned gove - Author: Will Durant
Democracy quotes by Will Durant
#185. A democracy is not truly democratic unless it's secular. - Author: Shawn Lawrence Otto
Democracy quotes by Shawn Lawrence Otto
#186. This deeply free and public space plays a vital role in our world, equally important in our digital age as in Greco-Roman times, when they were marketplaces for goods and ideas. As common ground, squares are equitable and democratic; they have played a fundamental role in the development of free speech. - Author: Catie Marron
Democracy quotes by Catie Marron
#187. Voting in particular is an embarrassment, being a public display of weak character and low intelligence. Let us face the truth: Democracy, like spitting in public or the Roman games, is the proper activity of the lower intellectual and moral classes. It amounts to collusion in one's own suckering. - Author: Fred Reed
Democracy quotes by Fred Reed
#188. Having a vote once every four years is not the same thing as democracy. - Author: Hugh Laurie
Democracy quotes by Hugh Laurie
#189. Democracy is a form of government only because it is a form of moral and spiritual association. - Author: John Dewey
Democracy quotes by John Dewey
#190. We must face the ultimate contradiction that our free and democratic society was made possible by massive slave labor. - Author: David Brion Davis
Democracy quotes by David Brion Davis
#191. In proportion that property is small, the danger of misusing the franchisee is great. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
Democracy quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#192. The war on drugs is not being won, and it continues to threaten stability and democracy not only in the Andes but throughout the Caribbean as well, where tiny police and military forces are outclassed by the sophisticated equipment in the hands of traffickers passing through the region on the way to their market in this country. - Author: Elliott Abrams
Democracy quotes by Elliott Abrams
#193. Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary. - Author: Reinhold Niebuhr
Democracy quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#194. The danger is one which democracy by itself does not suffice to avert. A democracy in which the majority exercises its power without restraint may be almost as tyrannical as a dictatorship. Toleration of minorities is an essential part of wise democracy, but a part which is not always sufficiently remembered. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Democracy quotes by Bertrand Russell
#195. In the Soviet Union, capitalism triumphed over communism. In this country, capitalism triumphed over democracy. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
Democracy quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#196. Corporations are a good thing. But corporations should not be running our government ... They have driven the American economy since its founding, and the prosperity of our country is largely dependent on the free operation of corporations. But some corporations don't want free markets, and they don't want democracy. They want profits. - Author: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Democracy quotes by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
#197. When I was older, I found Iqbal's work hugely inspirational. He argued against an unquestioning acceptance of Western democracy as the self-governing model, and instead suggested that by following the rules of Islam a society would tend naturally towards social justice, tolerance, peace and equality. Iqbal's interpretation of Islam differs very widely from the narrow meaning that is sometimes given to it. For Iqbal, Islam is not just the name for certain beliefs and forms of worship. The difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim is not merely a theological one - it is a difference of a fundamental attitude towards life. - Author: Imran Khan
Democracy quotes by Imran Khan
#198. Even when you cherish democratic ideals, it is never easy to turn them into effective democratic institutions. This process will take decades. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
Democracy quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#199. We say yes to the society of solidarity and democracy where free people together, in mutual respect and under mutual responsibility, shape a life where everyone has equal opportunities and equal value. - Author: Olof Palme
Democracy quotes by Olof Palme
#200. Every democracy is constructed day-to-day. And the electoral process reduces and minimalizes every single aspect of human complexity. We're putting it into pamphlets. We're doing a publicity show. We're becoming symbols. - Author: Gael Garcia Bernal
Democracy quotes by Gael Garcia Bernal

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