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#1. Observe," she said. "You put the diaper under here, and around there, and you - if you had one - pin the whole thing ogether. Now you try it."
"Not me," he objected. "How about a paper clip? Or a paper staple?"
"I don't see what's bothering you," Meg said. "She's only a little girl."
"I did notice."
"And, if you follow scripture, was created after Adam."
"And - what's your point?"
"Being the second model, women turned out considerably better than men. God, when She did this second work, you'll note, got all the plumbing inside. - Author: Emma Goldrick
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Emma Goldrick
#2. Just as Drake turned six weeks old, I decided I wanted to lose some baby weight. Chip and I were both still getting used to the idea that we had a baby of our own now, but I felt it was okay to leave him with Chip for a half hour or so in the mornings so I could take a short run up and down Third Street. I left Drake in the little swing he loved, kissed Chip good-bye, and off I went.
Chip was so sweet and supportive. When I got back he was standing in the doorway saying, "Way to go, baby!" He handed me a banana and asked if I'd had any cramps or anything. I hadn't. I actually felt great.
I walked in and discovered Chip had prepared an elaborate breakfast for me, as if I'd run a marathon or something. I hadn't done more than a half-mile walk-run, but he wanted to celebrate the idea that I was trying to get myself back together physically. He'd actually driven to the store and back and bought fresh fruit and real maple syrup and orange juice for me.
I sat down to eat, and I looked over at Drake. He was sound asleep in his swing, still wearing nothing but his diaper. "Chip, did you take Drake to the grocery store without any clothes on?"
Chip gave me a real funny look. He said, "What?"
I gave him a funny look back.
"Oh my gosh," he said. "I totally forgot Drake was here. He was so quiet."
"Chip!" I yelled, totally freaked out.
I was a first-time mom. Can you imagine?
Anyone who's met Chip knows he can get a little sidetracked, but th - Author: Joanna Gaines
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Joanna Gaines
#3. It's funny, I used to do a character that was just a baby - just an adult baby. I would get up onstage and complain about adult stuff, but as a baby. I was in a diaper, and I would require hugs from the audience and reassurance and stuff. - Author: John Gemberling
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by John Gemberling
#4. The first time I tried to put a new diaper on my baby, I yanked the little Velcro strap too jerkily and actually punched the little guy in the jaw. A real solid shot, too. I knew instinctively that this could not be correct. Unless you're specifically trying to raise a welterweight, continual deliverance of powerful uppercuts is not advised when handling newborns. - Author: Paul Reiser
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Paul Reiser
#5. I wonder now how we got by when you weren't here."
"I have no doubt the devastation was widespread, the suffering universal."
"Indeed, it was the Dark Ages in the annals of Mrs. Dawlish's house. Ignorance was thick on the ground, and unenlkghtenment befogged all the windows. - Author: Sherry Thomas
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Sherry Thomas
#6. Familiarity breeds contempt and children. - Author: Mark Twain
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Mark Twain
#7. Far be it from me to slow down two badass supermodels on a mission, but we have a problem," a male voice said wryly.
I could see Christian out of the corner of my eye as we turned, his stance and movements almost synchronized to my own. We shared a look, our expressions almost identically similar, wit arched brows and half-smiles.
"What's the problem?" I called out, scanning the faces to see who had spoken.
"You're a badass supermodel," Christian muttered under his breath at the same time, taking the mature approach, as usual. - Author: Rebecca K. Lilley
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Rebecca K. Lilley
#8. I think it should be done over, Buddy. …Please make peace with your wit. It's not going to go away, Buddy. To dump it on your own advice would be as bad and unnatural as dumping your adjectives and your adverbs because Prof. B. wants you to. What does he know about it? What do you really know about your own wit?

I've been sitting here tearing up notes to you. I keep starting to say things like 'This one is wonderfully constructed,' and 'The conversation between the two cops is terrific.' So I'm hedging. I'm not sure why. I started to get a little nervous right after you began to read. It sounded like the beginning of something your arch-enemy Bob B. calls a rattling good story. Don't you think he would call this a step in the right direction? Doesn't that worry you? Even what is funny about the woman on the back of the truck doesn't sound like something you think is funny. It sounds much more like something that you think is universally considered funny. I feel gypped. Does that make you mad? You can say our relatedness spoils my judgement. It worries me enough. But I'm also just a reader. Are you a writer or just a writer of rattling good stories. I mind getting a rattling good story from you. - Author: J.D. Salinger
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by J.D. Salinger
#9. Coffee: Induces wit. Good only if it comes through Havre. After a big dinner party it is taken standing up. Take it without sugar - very swank: gives the impression you have lived in the East. - Author: Gustave Flaubert
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#10. Why buy good luggage? You only use it when you travel. - Author: Yogi Berra
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Yogi Berra
#11. Well, enough of this introspection. It's depressing, quite frankly. - Author: Sol Luckman
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Sol Luckman
#12. Yes, yes. Aim for the sun. That way if you miss, at least your arrow will fall far away, and the person it kills will likely be someone you don't know. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#13. The small amount of foolery wise men have makes a great show. - Author: William Shakespeare
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by William Shakespeare
#14. Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from your grandmother - you're not sure what you've got but you're pretty sure you're not going to like it. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
#15. When I was a little girl, I was the girl laughing at things that are actually funny. I wasn't one of them girls sitting in a circle giggling silently at stupid stuff. I LAUGHED and I laughed loud and wonderfully! I laughed at things that are funny and offensive and stirring and hilarious! Girls are raised to not have wit, to have no sense of humour, to only be quiet and sweet, and to be offended by everything! Girls are raised to not be people. I was born into this world determined to be a person! And I did it. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#16. While it may not heighten our sympathy, wit widens our horizons by its flashes, revealing remote hidden affiliations and drawing laughter from far afield; humor, in contrast, strikes up fellow feeling, and though it does not leap so much across time and space, enriches our insight into the universal in familiar things, lending it a local habitation and a name. - Author: Marie Taylor Collins Swabey
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Marie Taylor Collins Swabey
#17. My role is almost a sight-gag. I have to be a woman to sing the lyrics "I am a man" to have it be a joke. I start the lyric in a male-register and a whole coloratura up into a soprano. And other points in the show ... like the guy who likes to be treated like a baby and wear a diaper! - Author: Max Von Essen
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Max Von Essen
#18. The older Irene got, the more she swore. I remember when her grandson pooped in his diaper at his christening, she said, 'Holy shit,' loud enough for everyone to hear. The look on that priest's face! - Author: Anita Diamant
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Anita Diamant
#19. I hurried to the fridge, got a bottle, and put it into a sink of hot water. While the formula was warming, Jack went to the bed and picked up Luke.
Holding him in a secure and competent grip, Jack murmured softly to the baby. It made no difference. Luke started squalling, his mouth wide open and his eyes screwed shut.
"There's no use in trying to quiet him." I rummaged in the diaper bag for a burp cloth. "He just screams louder and louder until he gets what he wants."
"Always works for me," Jack said.
-Luke, Ella, & Jack - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#20. Kyria Abrahams, former teen bride of a doomsday cult and seeker of salvation in slam poetry, tells the terribly funny story of her improbable life with candor, wit, and an unsparing eye for the perfect detail. Brilliant. - Author: Janice Erlbaum
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Janice Erlbaum
#21. I saw a baby make a boom-boom in his diaper, and I thought, I'd never have suspected him of being a terrorist. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Jarod Kintz
#22. What have you done to your hair?" Mom's broken voice said, pinning me back to this tiny hospital
"Holy shit!" Icka patted her head as if searching. "You think the nurse stole it? She looked shady. - Author: Phoebe Kitanidis
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Phoebe Kitanidis
#23. A funny person is funny only for so long, but a wit can sit down and go on being spellbinding forever. One is not meant to laugh. One stays quiet and marvels. Spontaneously witty talk is without question the most fascinating entertainment there is. - Author: Diana Vreeland
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Diana Vreeland
#24. You know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.'
'And yet it is still extremely funny. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#25. Yeah, well, wish in one hand, crap in the other, and see which fills up first - Author: S.A. Bodeen
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by S.A. Bodeen
#26. Spanish - how shall I say this? - is like
Portuguese spoken with a speech impediment. - Author: Sol Luckman
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Sol Luckman
#27. Oh what a morning it was, that first morning of Mrs. Sweet awaking before the baby Heracles with his angry cries, declaring his hunger, the discomfort of his wet diaper, the very aggravation of being new and in the world; the rays of sun were falling on the just and unjust, the beautiful and the ugly, causing the innocent dew to evaporate; the sun, the dew, the little waterfall right next to the village's firehouse, making a roar, though really it was an imitation of the roar of a real waterfall; the smell of some flower, faint, as it unfurled its petals for the first time: oh what a morning! - Author: Jamaica Kincaid
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Jamaica Kincaid
#28. When we are born into this world, the world revolves around us. We're spoon-fed on the front end and diaper-changed on the back end. It's as if the entire world exists to meet our every need. And that's fine if you are a two-month-old baby. If you're twenty-two, it's a problem! Newsflash: - Author: Mark Batterson
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Mark Batterson
#29. Let us hope manufacturers can come up with a diaper that is environmentally sound. To go back to cloth would send us back to the day when breathing and raising a baby at the same time were incompatible. - Author: Erma Bombeck
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Erma Bombeck
#30. Most of you Mistborn are probably too proud to crawl. I'm surprised you were willing to do so yourself."
"Too proud to crawl?" Kelsier said. "Nosense! Why, I'd say that we Mistborn are too proud not to be humble enough to go crawling about--in a dignified manner, of course."
Dockson frowned, approaching the desk. "Kell, that didn't make any sense."
"We Mistborn need not make sense. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#31. How to fold a diaper depends on the size of the baby and the diaper. - Author: Benjamin Spock
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Benjamin Spock
#32. My name is Mr Bread." He began writing his name neatly on the board. "But you can call me Peter."
Suddenly there was quiet, as thirty little brains whirred.
"Pita Bread!" proclaimed a ginger-haired boy from the back. - Author: David Walliams
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by David Walliams
#33. Roosevelt's humor was broad, his manner friendly. Of wit there was little; of philosophy, none. What did he possess? Intuition, inspiration, love of adventure. - Author: Emanuel Celler
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Emanuel Celler
#34. Jason smiled and took a sip of his coke before responding. I'm not sure how to reply to that. I thought about just giving you a nasty look. But I see you already have one. - Author: Mark A. Cooper
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Mark A. Cooper
#35. Why should anyone raise an eyebrow because a latter-day Einstein's wife expects her husband to put aside that lifeless theory of relativity and help her with the work that is supposed to be the essence of life itself: diaper the baby and don't forge to rinse the soiled diaper in the toilet paper before putting it in the diaper pail, and then wax the kitchen floor. - Author: Betty Friedan
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Betty Friedan
#36. If water was beer I'd be a teetotaler - Author: Benny Bellamacina
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Benny Bellamacina
#37. The creative process is a love story that never ends. The ideas are like suitors competing for your attention. You may have relationships, with multiple ideas, at once. You may devote yourself completely to one idea, for a awhile, but the affairs will never end. There will always be more ideas to romance and more concepts to develop. And all for that wonderful moment when you get to gaze at the complete creation and hold perfection in your arms, for one blissful moment ... before your inner-critic starts tearing it to shreds. - Author: Jaeda DeWalt
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Jaeda DeWalt
#38. He wasn't aware of it but when he smiled he looked like an amiable bear. When he didn't smile he didn't look amiable - Author: Emma Goldrick
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Emma Goldrick
#39. Wit is the thought process that generates truly funny observations, as well as the most incisive comments, lasting quips, and brilliant asides. To say wit is mean is like saying the sun is mean for burning you: The giant ball of hot plasma at the center of our solar system is bigger than that, and why weren't you wearing sunscreen in the first place? - Author: Benjamin Errett
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Benjamin Errett
#40. Have you ever noticed how good things go to those who hate? - Author: Sol Luckman
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Sol Luckman
#41. I felt so proud to be having a baby and so excited. And I felt closer to other women - to my sisters, to my mom. I felt empowered, like, 'I've given birth. I did it! There's nothing I can't handle.' I've really enjoyed this time that I have taken to be with Suri, as well as the challenges of the first couple of months: feeding and pumping, learning to decipher what each cry means - is she hungry? Is she tired? Does she need a fresh diaper? - and figuring out how to really help her. - Author: Katie Holmes
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Katie Holmes
#42. You have a ready wit. Tell me when it's ready. - Author: Henny Youngman
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Henny Youngman
#43. Some things are so silly they have a certain brilliance to them. Other things, set as standards for brilliance and therefore exalted by many who don't know why, become tarnished because of it. - Author: Criss Jami
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Criss Jami
#44. Your wit never ceases to underwhelm me. - Author: A&E Kirk
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by A&E Kirk
#45. Gankis lifted an arm to point at the distant shale cliffs. "And in the face of it there were thousands of little holes, little what-you-call-'ems ... "
"Alcoves," Kennit supplied in an almost dreamy voice. "I call them alcoves, Gankis. As would you, if you could speak your own mother tongue. - Author: Robin Hobb
Wit Funny Diaper Baby quotes by Robin Hobb

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