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If this were some kind of entertainment, this would be roughly the point where Rupert said, "We don't have any more time, Professor, you must complete your research as soon as possible," but there was no great sense of urgency, no sense that it even mattered. It was just something that Rudi was interested in, for his own reasons. They could be working on this for years and still not understand it, and it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference.
He said, "Look, Professor, a lot of effort went into getting you that information. We'd be grateful if you could make some kind of sense of it reasonably soon.
"There is one thing I can tell you right now," Lev said..."Whoever is running this thing, they're really interested in railways. ~ Dave Hutchinson
Entertainment quotes by Dave Hutchinson
I long for a church that understands the dangers of entertainment and sees it for what is is: a lion crouching at the evangelical door, ready to devour us. We need a culture of evangelism that never sacrifices to the idolatry of entertainment, but serves up the rich fare found the gospel of Christ. ~ J. Mack Stiles
Entertainment quotes by J. Mack Stiles
[A]ny notion of the serious life of leisure, as well as men's taste and capacity to live it, had disappeared. Leisure became entertainment. ~ Allan Bloom
Entertainment quotes by Allan Bloom
Who you going to tell when the repercussions spin, showing off your ass because you think it's a trend. ~ Lauryn Hill
Entertainment quotes by Lauryn Hill
Perhaps more important, it also showed that you could get away with being a little dangerous, provocative, or just plain deep if you did it with a smile on your face and remembered that entertainment always came first. When done right, it's possible to be silly and subversive at the same time. F ~ Brian Jay Jones
Entertainment quotes by Brian Jay Jones
I've long wanted to find a charitable cause to really get involved with and be passionate about. I get invited to a lot of charity events to sing, and I am happy to help and bring a source of entertainment, but I'm sort of disconnected from them. ~ Katharine McPhee
Entertainment quotes by Katharine McPhee
We're going to see a lot of companies that have been portals of entertainment become producers. ~ Kevin Spacey
Entertainment quotes by Kevin Spacey
Ceony shut the book and glanced to her new teacher. "It's . . . amazing, but I admit it's also superficial. Aesthetic."
"But entertaining," he combated. "Never dismiss the value of entertainment, Ceony. Good-quality entertainment is never free, and it's something everyone wants. ~ Charlie N. Holmberg
Entertainment quotes by Charlie N. Holmberg
Union with God is not something we acquire by a technique but the grounding truth of our lives that engenders the very search for God. Because God is the ground of our being, the relationship between creature and Creator is such that, by sheer grace, separation is not possible. God does not know how to be absent. The fact that most of us experience throughout most of our lives a sense of absence or distance from God is the great illusion that we are caught up in; it is the human condition. The sense of separation from God is real, but the meeting of stillness reveals that this perceived separation does not have the last word.

This illusion of separation is generated by the mind and is sustained by the riveting of our attention to the interior soap opera, the constant chatter of the cocktail party going on in our heads. For most of us this is what normal is, and we are good at coming up with ways of coping with this perceived separation (our consumer-driven entertainment culture takes care of much of it). But some of us are not so good at coping, and so we drink ourselves into oblivion or cut or burn ourselves "so that the pain will be in a different place and on the outside."

The grace of salvation, the grace of Christian wholeness that flowers in silence, dispels this illusion of separation. For when the mind is brought to stillness, and all our strategies of acquisition have dropped, a deeper truth presents itself: we are and have always been one wit ~ Martin Laird
Entertainment quotes by Martin Laird
Current fashion magazines have become a form of entertainment, and in some cases bizarre art, showing women in outfits that the everyday woman would never wear. The fashion system has not and will never even attempt to teach us the skills and tools to honor our true nature and our unique physical traits so we can express our true beauty. ~ Carol Tuttle
Entertainment quotes by Carol Tuttle
inquiries. You will feel it in the music and cherish it as the most magical part of the jazz idiom. If you don't, you can always leave the jazz club and check out a rock or pop covers band. That's perfect entertainment for people who want to live in the realm of perfect replication. Jazz, in ~ Ted Gioia
Entertainment quotes by Ted Gioia
Much has been made about the death of the novel and the end of literature as it's seen to be assailed by technology, by the web, by the many and varied new forms of entertainment and culture. I don't share that pessimism because I think it is one of the great inventions of the human spirit. ~ Richard Flanagan
Entertainment quotes by Richard Flanagan
Faith I have, in myself, in humanity, in the worthwhileness of the pursuits in entertainment for the masses. But wide awake, not blind faith, moves me. My operations are based on experience, thoughtful observation and warm fellowship with my neighbors at home and around the world. ~ Walt Disney
Entertainment quotes by Walt Disney
It's no secret that we were sticking just about every nickel we had on the chance that people would really be interested in something totally new and unique in the field of entertainment. ~ Walt Disney
Entertainment quotes by Walt Disney
My goal in going into the entertainment world is not solely on the aspect of fame and fortune. But, solely on the aspect that I love creating new things as both hobby and professionally; because my profession is my hobby.
Yes; the fame, fortune and chicks will come. But, the aspect of creating things is eternal and awesome. The fortune to thrive on earth and fame to get more projects, more friends, fans and meet new people. ~ Temitope Owosela Tim North Golden Phoenix
Entertainment quotes by Temitope Owosela Tim North Golden Phoenix
Self restraint in speech, food, entertainment and vanity are the most essential fundamental of spiritual growth. ~ Nouman Ali Khan
Entertainment quotes by Nouman Ali Khan
Deep inside each human being is a spirit that hungers for movement and for growth. A live and burgeoning ball of energy, the spirit naturally moves, expands, gyrates - dances, even - purely by virtue of its desire for freedom. It craves beauty over entertainment, meaning over triviality, and knowledge over sensation. American society devotes few harbors to the trade of truth. Too often we sacrifice the pursuit of knowledge, distracted instead by sparkling material things. ~ Joe De Sena
Entertainment quotes by Joe De Sena
If you want to learn about America, watch 'The Wire.' It's a profound piece of entertainment. ~ Sam Neill
Entertainment quotes by Sam Neill
Those days she was just a beautiful girl, now she's framed and hung up. ~ Elvis Costello
Entertainment quotes by Elvis Costello
Well, since you've come into my life, you've been a constant source of entertainment while simultaneously driving me insane. ~ Jim Gaffigan
Entertainment quotes by Jim Gaffigan
And these few precepts in thy memory
Look thou character. Give thy thoughts no tongue,
Nor any unproportioned thought his act.
Be thou familiar but by no means vulgar.
Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,
Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel,
But do not dull thy palm with entertainment
Of each new-hatched, unfledged comrade. ~ William Shakespeare
Entertainment quotes by William Shakespeare
Rhythm and blues started even before phonograph records were being produced because black people entertained themselves. It wasn't done for money. It was done for entertainment. Most white people didn't know anything about this because prejudice kept them from ever seeing what was going on. ~ Jesse Stone
Entertainment quotes by Jesse Stone
The show is not a history lesson or intellectual exploration. It is entertainment based on tension, irony and storytelling that is closely related to today's life. ~ Matthew Weiner
Entertainment quotes by Matthew Weiner
Boswell: But, Sir is it not somewhat singular that you should happen to have Cocker's Arithmetic about you on your journey? Dr. Johnson: Why, Sir if you are to have but one book with you upon a journey, let it be a book of science. When you read through a book of entertainment, you know it, and it can do no more for you; but a book of science is inexhaustible. ~ James Boswell
Entertainment quotes by James Boswell
In today's world, we look at our presidents, our prime ministers, our princes and our potentates,and we describe them as our leaders. But they're not. They're merely our rulers.The leaders are the people who change the minds and stimulate the imaginations of the public,whether children or adults. That means the moviemakers, the people who make TV shows, the entertainment people in the business. ~ Douglas Gresham
Entertainment quotes by Douglas Gresham
The issue of attention permeates the Gospels, yet the messages of the modern church swing wildly between the twin poles of hollow social action and shallow, myopic entertainment. ~ Peter Denbo Haskins
Entertainment quotes by Peter Denbo Haskins
Pure entertainment is not an egotistical lady singing boring songs onstage for two hours and people in tuxes clapping whether they like it or not. It's the real performers on the street who can hold people's attention and keep them from walking away. ~ Andy Kaufman
Entertainment quotes by Andy Kaufman
Blow your brains out and do it right, make sure it's on prime time and on Saturday night. ~ Ray Davies
Entertainment quotes by Ray Davies
We need to know what the Bible teaches about right and wrong. Every day we are battered by messages - from the media, advertising, entertainment, celebrities, even our friends - with one underlying theme: Live for yourself. ~ Billy Graham
Entertainment quotes by Billy Graham
As the world confronts the challenges of globalisation, the
entertainment Industry and a web saturated with explicit sexual
content, is increasingly making it difficult for young people to make
informed decisions about sex ~ Oche Otorkpa
Entertainment quotes by Oche Otorkpa
We may go to the house of mirth, to a party, where we have fun, kick back, have a good time, and enjoy entertainment. Parties are not all that serious; we don't have to be contemplative in order to enjoy ourselves there. Certainly there is a time to laugh, a time to dance, a time to celebrate-a time to have a party. But how much do we learn in those circumstances? Times of mirth do very little for the good of our souls. ~ R.C. Sproul
Entertainment quotes by R.C. Sproul
The necessity for 'professionals' in the entertainment industry is being constantly challenged. ~ Jason Alexander
Entertainment quotes by Jason Alexander
Entertainment is about taking people away from the regular order of things when there is some chaos and pain and stress. ~ Michael Jackson
Entertainment quotes by Michael Jackson
The commercial media … help citizens feel as if they are successful and have met these aspirations, even if they have not. They tend to neglect reality (they don't run stories about how life is hard, fame and fortune elusive, hopes disappointed) and instead celebrate idealized identities – those that, in a commodity culture, revolve around the acquisition of status, money, fame and power, or at least the illusion of these things. The media, in other words, assist the commercial culture in "need creation", prompting consumers to want things they don't need or have never really considered wanting. And catering to these needs, largely implanted by advertisers and the corporate culture, is a very profitable business. A major part of the commercial media revolves around selling consumers images and techniques to "actualize" themselves, or offering seductive forms of escape through entertainment and spectacle. News is filtered into the mix, but actual news is not the predominant concern of the commercial media. ~ Chris Hedges
Entertainment quotes by Chris Hedges
You have but little more to do than throw up your cap for entertainment these American days ... Farmers' sons will stare by the hour to see a juggler draw ribbons from his throat, though he tells them it is all deception. Surely, men love darkness rather than light. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Entertainment quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Entertainment and escapism - those are the bigger money-making films today. ~ Robin Wright
Entertainment quotes by Robin Wright
Those who cannot think, have, in my opinion, a necessity (which goes very far towards creating a right) for amusement. ~ Sarah Josepha Hale
Entertainment quotes by Sarah Josepha Hale
I'm honored and excited to be chosen to lead MLSE, a world-class sports and entertainment organization with the major league teams, premier facilities and employee team that rank with the very best across North America and internationally. ~ Tim Leiweke
Entertainment quotes by Tim Leiweke
For me to be in the entertainment business for as long as I have, for 15 years and been relevant, been successful, continue to do shows, sell out shows, traveling and everything ... ~ Ginuwine
Entertainment quotes by Ginuwine
Musick is certainly a very agreeable Entertainment, but if it would take the entire Possession of our Ears, if it would make us incapable of hearing Sense, if it would exclude Arts that have a much greater Tendency to the Refinement of human Nature; I must confess I would allow it no better Quarter than Plato has done, who banishes it out of his Common-wealth. ~ Joseph Addison
Entertainment quotes by Joseph Addison
The African American community is so under-served in the entertainment industry. ~ Lance Reddick
Entertainment quotes by Lance Reddick
Lack of personal morality plus "politically correct" prohibition against judging others' behavior and naming immorality sets up a social environment receptive and vulnerable to a tyrannical government. A tyrannical government transforms every aspect of the cultural day-to-day lives of everyone under its control across all areas from the educational and penal systems to fine art and entertainment dictates right on down to housing regulations and food availabilities. ~ Alexandra York
Entertainment quotes by Alexandra York
I do want my films to have the required entertainment quotient, but I'd prefer doing films where you don't have to leave your brains behind. ~ Arjun Rampal
Entertainment quotes by Arjun Rampal
I plan on having the credibility and integrity of being a part of an entertainment news program like 'E!,' in addition to being on the actor side as well. ~ Terrence J
Entertainment quotes by Terrence J
With the changing ownership of media giants, several have been taken over by corporations based in the defense or entertainment industry, reinforcing the tendency to treat news as marketable entertainment. Yet another reason for the continuing erosion of press freedom arises from the common sense that the press shares with those in power. ~ Mahmood Mamdani
Entertainment quotes by Mahmood Mamdani
I don't see any point in having a public service broadcaster which attempts to compete with the commercial sector. Obviously part of its remit is to entertain, but entertainment doesn't necessarily mean scraping the bottom of the barrel and appealing to the very lowest common denominator. ~ Jonathan Meades
Entertainment quotes by Jonathan Meades
Rock gives children, on a silver platter, with all the public authority of the entertainment industry, everything their parents always used to tell them they had to wait for until they grew up and would understand later. ~ Allan Bloom
Entertainment quotes by Allan Bloom
I wanted to be a musician, either a guitarist or a drummer. I guess my dreams were in the entertainment industry, and I landed somewhere along there. ~ Israel Broussard
Entertainment quotes by Israel Broussard
Either over neither, both over either/or, live-and-let-live over stand-or die, high spirits over low, energy over apathy, wit over dullness, jokes over homilies, good humor over jokes, good nature over bad, feeling over sentiment, truth over poetry, consciousness over explanations, tragedy over pathos, comedy over tragedy, entertainment over art, private over public, generosity over meanness, charity over murder, love over charity, irreplaceable over interchangeable, divergence over concurrence, principle over interest, people over principle. ~ Marvin Mudrick
Entertainment quotes by Marvin Mudrick
In endeavor itself there is a certain dynamic entertainment, affording an illusion of useful purpose. With achievement the illusion is dispelled. Man's greatest accomplishment is to produce change. The only good in life is study, because study is an endeavor that never reaches fulfillment. It busies a man to the end of his days, and it aims at the only true reality in all this world of shams and deceits. ~ Rafael Sabatini
Entertainment quotes by Rafael Sabatini
All transgressions begin with sinful thinking ... guard against the pictures of lewdness and sensuality that Satan flashes upon the screen of your imagination, select with care the books you read, choose discerningly the kind of entertainment you
attend, the kind of associates with whom you mingle, and the kind of environment in which you place yourself. ~ Billy Graham
Entertainment quotes by Billy Graham
Business is difficult. But it could be approached two ways: Seriously, or with the same way you're doing your job, with entertainment aspect, with pleasure, with fun. And we decided to try to make it as fun that we do our creativity. ~ Guy Laliberte
Entertainment quotes by Guy Laliberte
Fairy tales are best read as entertainment," Harry said. "Not as a guide to life. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Entertainment quotes by Lisa Kleypas
Wayfarer is built on the idea that we can actually make a huge difference by creating entertainment and television and digital and branded content with a message. It doesn't always have to be really, really inspiring or really earnest. We call it chocolate-covered broccoli. ~ Justin Baldoni
Entertainment quotes by Justin Baldoni
When you do a film, when you do a television show, eventually someone comes along and will say to you, 'Don't say that because, one, you will offend someone, or, two, no one will get that. Someone's going to be confused by that, not get the reference and feel abandoned, and then they will get angry at the entertainment.' ~ Douglas Carter Beane
Entertainment quotes by Douglas Carter Beane
A rebel without a clue. ~ Tom Petty
Entertainment quotes by Tom Petty
Acting's entertainment. It's not brain surgery. ~ Anthony Hopkins
Entertainment quotes by Anthony Hopkins
What we are confronted with now is the problem posed by the economic and symbolic structure of television. Those who run television do not limit our access to information but in fact widen it. Our Ministry of Culture is Huxleyan, not Orwellian. It does everything possible to encourage us to watch continuously. But what we watch is a medium which presents information in a form that renders it simplistic, nonsubstantive, nonhistorical and noncontextual; that is to say, information packaged as entertainment. In America, we are never denied the opportunity to entertain ourselves. ~ Neil Postman
Entertainment quotes by Neil Postman
You could not receive a young man in your room; you might be permitted to have him to tea in one of the public reception rooms, but you could accept no invitation from young men to tea or other entertainment without a chaperone from the College. ~ Dora Russell
Entertainment quotes by Dora Russell
What if some games, and the more general concept of 'play,' not only provide outlets for entertainment but also function as means for creative expression, as instruments for conceptual thinking, or as tools to help examine or work through social issues. ~ Mary Flanagan
Entertainment quotes by Mary Flanagan
The amazing thing, when she came to do the long-postponed Egypta in 1910, after she had won international fame, was that she did indeed do a work which was not only a day in the life of Egypt but the life of the nation itself, starting with dawn, with prayer, with the river Nile (she was the river itself), with the labors of the working people of Egypt, with temple ceremonies, with entertainment of the pharaoh, and with the final judgment when, before the god Osiris, the heart of Egypt is weighed against the feather of truth. ~ Walter Terry
Entertainment quotes by Walter Terry
Brainless writers gossip nonsense to others heads as dense as they is. ~ George Harrison
Entertainment quotes by George Harrison
I'm proud of being a vaudevillian, the last of my line. A lot of people think my entertainment is candy-floss. Well, entertainment is too aggressive these days, all 'in your face'. ~ Eric Sykes
Entertainment quotes by Eric Sykes
Books are a guide in youth, and an entertainment for age. ~ Jeremy Collier
Entertainment quotes by Jeremy Collier
It seems that entertainment is what most excites us and what we value above everything else. ~ Carroll O'Connor
Entertainment quotes by Carroll O'Connor
I started to make a joke that I had an imaginary friend underneath the let-out couch named Binky. I would never talk to him; I would only use him as entertainment for other people. I knew they thought that children had imaginary friends, so I was like, "I don't really believe in imaginary friends, but I want to feel like I do." I used to make a joke, "My imaginary friend Binky says this," because I knew it would get a laugh out of them. ~ Keke Palmer
Entertainment quotes by Keke Palmer
Entertainment is the devil's substitute for joy. ~ Leonard Ravenhill
Entertainment quotes by Leonard Ravenhill
Born of the impossibly varied options we have to amuse ourselves, cutting-edge companies are finding innovative ways to tailor our entertainment choices to who we are, relieving us of the burden of finding the diamond in the rough of 500 TV channels or thousands of movies and music albums released every year. ~ Marcus Buckingham
Entertainment quotes by Marcus Buckingham
We could even provide entertainment. You could sing and I could, like, randomly burst into flames. Calypso laughed - ~ Rick Riordan
Entertainment quotes by Rick Riordan
'Downton Abbey' didn't have the impact it had just because it was a good story about people. It was something about that period and that world that was fascinating to people on a level that wasn't just as an entertainment. ~ Noah Hawley
Entertainment quotes by Noah Hawley
The late Curt Cobain captured the attitude of today's culture with the line, "Here we are; now entertain us." I believe that, unfortunately, many Christians have made Cobain's line the refrain of their friendships.
In my opinion, our cultural obsession with entertainment is really just an expression of selfishness. The focus in entertainment is not producing something useful for the benefit of others but consuming something for the pleasure of self. And a friendship based on this self-serving, pleasure-seeking mind-set can easily slip into a similarly self-serving romantic relationship that meets the needs of the moment.
But when we shift our relationship orientation from entertainment to service, our friendships move from a focus on ourselves to a focus on the people we can serve. And here's the punch line: In service we find true friendship. In service we can know our friends in a deeper way than ever before. ~ Joshua Harris
Entertainment quotes by Joshua Harris
Well, I've been happily supporting myself for ten years now on the hustle and trade of live entertainment. I guess my breakthrough moment was when I decided to go for it once and for all. ~ Jason Mraz
Entertainment quotes by Jason Mraz
Marriage, in what is evidently its most popular version, is now on the one hand an intimate 'relationship' involving (ideally) two successful careerists in the same bed, and on the other hand a sort of private political system in which rights and interests must be constantly asserted and defended. Marriage, in other words, has now taken the form of divorce: a prolonged and impassioned negotiation as to how things shall be divided. During their understandably temporary association, the 'married' couple will typically consume a large quantity of merchandise and a large portion of each other.

The modern household is the place where the consumptive couple do their consuming. Nothing productive is done there. Such work as is done there is done at the expense of the resident couple or family, and to the profit of suppliers of energy and household technology. For entertainment, the inmates consume television or purchase other consumable diversion elsewhere.

There are, however, still some married couples who understand themselves as belonging to their marriage, to each other, and to their children. What they have they have in common, and so, to them, helping each other does not seem merely to damage their ability to compete against each other. To them, 'mine' is not so powerful or necessary a pronoun as 'ours.'

This sort of marriage usually has at its heart a household that is to some extent productive. The couple, that is, makes around itself a house ~ Wendell Berry
Entertainment quotes by Wendell Berry
The standard entertainment industry reaction to Hollywood's box office slump reveals the same shallow, materialistic mindset that helped create the problem in the first place. ~ Michael Medved
Entertainment quotes by Michael Medved
I think the story is the most ancient form of human entertainment. ~ David Mitchell
Entertainment quotes by David Mitchell
Miserable is the woman who arises from the inattentiveness and restlessness of youth and finds herself in the home of a man showering her with his glittering gold and precious gifts and according her all the honours and grace of lavish entertainment but unable to satisfy her soul with the heavenly wine which God pours from the eyes of a man into the heart of a woman. ~ Kahlil Gibran
Entertainment quotes by Kahlil Gibran
Entertainment Law is not as Entertaining as Entertainment ~ Kalyan C. Kankanala
Entertainment quotes by Kalyan C. Kankanala
Her budget is blessedly free of those two core expenses, entertainment and status. ~ Richard Powers
Entertainment quotes by Richard Powers
I believe many of us are overnourished on entertainment junk food and undernourished on the bread of life. ~ Dallin H. Oaks
Entertainment quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
A Child will make two Dishes at an Entertainment for Friends; and when the Family dines alone, the fore or hind Quarter will makea reasonable Dish; and seasoned with a little Pepper or Salt, will be very good Boiled on the fourth Day, especially in Winter. ~ Jonathan Swift
Entertainment quotes by Jonathan Swift
I'm glad I am crazy, it keeps me trying. I despise trendies, I know they're lying. ~ Iggy Pop
Entertainment quotes by Iggy Pop
In entertainment value, the Democratic clambake usually lays it over the Republican conclave like ice cream over parsnips. ~ Red Smith
Entertainment quotes by Red Smith
The real junk food is what Frank Lloyd Wright called light entertainment - bubblegum for the eye ... ~ John Geddes
Entertainment quotes by John Geddes
It sometimes seemed to him that for love to work, it had to be fair, that he should tell only half the joke, and she the other half. Otherwise, it would not be love, but something completely else–pity or entertainment, or stand-up comedy. ~ Tao Lin
Entertainment quotes by Tao Lin
I've only ever been mistaken for myself. People draw a lot of comparisons to all of the round-faced, mustached men of entertainment that make me cringe and sick to my stomach about how the world really sees me and they're right. ~ John Hodgman
Entertainment quotes by John Hodgman
why to get stress or get bore ..
When you have flipdark.com to get ultimate entertainment :) ~ Donald
Entertainment quotes by Donald
I sang in church, but growing up in the neighborhood, music was more of an expression of relief or entertainment. ~ Q-Tip
Entertainment quotes by Q-Tip
We started to confuse entertainment with art, because art has a component of entertainment. It has to have that or it becomes too boring. It becomes too lost in its own devices. But I just think that we started to lose, and even before that, it's not necessary. ~ Wynton Marsalis
Entertainment quotes by Wynton Marsalis
The highest goal of music is to connect one's soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment ~ Pythagoras
Entertainment quotes by Pythagoras
I think that the entertainment industry itself has a history of chasing success. Any time a hit product comes out, all the other companies start chasing after that success and trying to recreate it by putting out similar products. ~ Shigeru Miyamoto
Entertainment quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
ENTERTAINMENT, n. Any kind of amusement whose inroads stop short of death by injection. ~ Ambrose Bierce
Entertainment quotes by Ambrose Bierce
I like to be a little more difficult to nail down that that just inside myself, but when someone's motivations, even if they wind up falling in one side or the other of the debate, when they're personal and also when they're masked by something that only the audience knows is really their motivation, that to me is just what I call entertainment. ~ Robert Downey, Jr.
Entertainment quotes by Robert Downey, Jr.
The editors are committed to nothing save this: to keep common sense as fast as they can, to belabor sham as agreeably as possible, to give civilized entertainment. ~ H.L. Mencken
Entertainment quotes by H.L. Mencken
I believe in that goodly mansion, his heart, he kept one little place under the skylights where Lucy might have entertainment, if she chose to call. It was not so handsome as the chambers where he lodged his male friends; it was not like the hall where he accommodated his philanthropy, or the library where he treasured his science, still less did it resemble the pavilion where his marriage feast was splendidly spread; yet, gradually, by long and equal kindness, he proved to me that he kept one little closet, over the door of which was written " Lucy's Room." I kept a place for him, too - a place of which I never took the measure, either by rule or compass: I think it was like the tent of Peri-Banou. All my life long I carried it folded in the hollow of my hand - yet, released from that hold and constriction, I know not but its innate capacity for expanse might have magnified it into a tabernacle for a host. ~ Charlotte Bronte
Entertainment quotes by Charlotte Bronte
I think professional sports, football, to use it as an example, it's fundamentally a form of entertainment. ~ Gregg Easterbrook
Entertainment quotes by Gregg Easterbrook
Lady Esmeralda's background was no less interesting than herself; it was a colourful picture of luxury and squalor. Armies of servants thronged the great houses; coaches rumbled up to the doors. Huge meals were eaten at tables laden with silver and lit by candles; there was drinking and gambling and duelling. Highwaymen frequented lonely roads and footpads lurked in the streets. Thieves were hanged and crowds gathered to see the grisly entertainment. The picture of life in those far-off days became so real and clear that I felt as if I had lived in them myself. It was almost as if I remembered them. Sometimes I returned to them in my dreams (which was not always enjoyable) and occasionally I found myself ~ D.E. Stevenson
Entertainment quotes by D.E. Stevenson
I felt condemned to obscurity and to celibacy. But when one is driven by passion, one can live on almost nothing, and I was driven by passion for writing. One does not starve in modern, Western societies, and one can do without such amenities as the telephone, a car, entertainment. ~ Alain Robbe-Grillet
Entertainment quotes by Alain Robbe-Grillet
Some shows just go away - and that's fine. They serve their purpose and their entertainment value, but there are shows that touch people in different ways and that they remember. ~ Michael Cudlitz
Entertainment quotes by Michael Cudlitz
...a thriller's toughest trick: carefully assembling everything we think we know, until it reveals the one thing we didn't see coming. ~ Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment quotes by Entertainment Weekly
Hold your head up to the gun of a million cathode ray tubes aired at your tiny skull. ~ Jethro Tull
Entertainment quotes by Jethro Tull
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