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It's been too hard living, but I'm afraid to die. 'Cause I don't know what's up there, beyond the sky. ~ Sam Cooke
Dies quotes by Sam Cooke
...if the United States never intended to help, it shouldn't have built up the expectation. The false promise of help was cruel and inexcusable and it would only get worse over time. If a man is drowning and a boat drives past in the distance, the man accepts his death and goes down quietly. If a man is drowning and a boat pulls up beside him, dangles a life jacket, tells the world he wants to help, but then doesn't throw the life jacket, the drowning man dies crying and his family might take a blood oath to take revenge on the boat's crew. This type of anger was already starting to build in Syria and al-Qaeda would capitalize on it. ~ Richard Engel
Dies quotes by Richard Engel
In love, treat your relationship as if you are growing the most beautiful flower. Keep watering it, tend to its roots, give it lots of sunlight, and always make sure the petals are full of color and are never curling. Once you neglect your plant, it will die, as will your relationship. ~ Suzy Kassem
Dies quotes by Suzy Kassem
If they killed him tonight, at least he would die alive. ~ Markus Zusak
Dies quotes by Markus Zusak
Mother Theresa said it is not how much we give that is important but how much love you put into doing it. So it is not just how many units of housing we create or how good our health care system is, it is that people have someone to eat dinner with and that people have someone to hold their hand when they die. That is what we are called to do and it is the love of Christ. It is relationships. ~ Shane Claiborne
Dies quotes by Shane Claiborne
A child playing with dolls may shed heartfelt tears when his bundle of rags and scraps becomes deathly ill and dies ... So we may come to an understanding of language as playing with dolls: in language, scraps of sound are used to make dolls and replace all the things in the world. ~ Velimir Khlebnikov
Dies quotes by Velimir Khlebnikov
I'd rather die believing than live doubting ~ Smith Wigglesworth
Dies quotes by Smith Wigglesworth
Lovers must not, like usurers, live for themselves alone. They must finally turn from their gaze at one another back toward the community. If they had only themselves to consider, lovers would not need to marry, but they must think of others and of other things. They say their vows to the community as much as to one another, and the community gathers around them to hear and to wish them well, on their behalf and its own. It gathers around them because it understands how necessary, how joyful, and how fearful this joining is. These lovers, pledging themselves to one another "until death," are giving themselves away, and they are joined by this as no law or contract could join them. Lovers, then, "die" into their union with one another as a soul "dies" into its union with God. And so here, at the very heart of community life, we find not something to sell as in the public market but this momentous giving. If the community cannot protect this giving, it can protect nothing ... ~ Wendell Berry
Dies quotes by Wendell Berry
As journalism dies, I kind of feel like I want some skills besides writing. I'd like to be able to write movies or host TV shows or whatever. Things that I might actually not inherently like quite as much, but are interesting and fun things to do. A good backup plan. ~ Joel Stein
Dies quotes by Joel Stein
He thought of the jungle, already regrowing around him to cover the scars they had created. He thought of the tiger, killing to eat. Was that evil? And ants? They killed. No, the jungle wasn't evil. It was indifferent. So, too, was the world. Evil, then, must be the negation of something man had added to the world. Ultimately, it was caring about something that made the world liable to evil. Caring. And then the caring gets torn asunder. Everybody dies, but not everybody cares. ~ Karl Marlantes
Dies quotes by Karl Marlantes
Facilis descensus Averno:
Noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis;
Sed revocare gradium superasque evadere ad auras,
Hoc opus, hic labor est.
(The gates of Hell are open night and day;
Smooth the descent, and easy is the way:
But to return, and view the cheerful skies,
In this task and mighty labor lies.) ~ Virgil
Dies quotes by Virgil
What you have in your mind, your talents, your native abilities, no one can take from you. When you die, you take them with you. Use them diligently while you are here. ~ Alfred Armand Montapert
Dies quotes by Alfred Armand Montapert
Most God-ordained dreams die because we are not willing to do something that seems illogical ~ Mark Batterson
Dies quotes by Mark Batterson
You have to live before you die, or you'll die before you live. ~ Peter Sellers
Dies quotes by Peter Sellers
The law says if you poison the water, you'll die. The law says that if you poison the air, you'll suffer. The law says if you degrade where you live, you'll suffer ... If you don't learn that, you can only suffer. There's no discussion with this law. ~ Oren Lyons
Dies quotes by Oren Lyons
Why dost thou heap up wealth, which thou must quit,
Or what is worse, be left by it?
Why dost thou load thyself when thou 'rt to fly,
Oh, man! ordain'd to die?
Why dost thou build up stately rooms on high,
Thou who art under ground to lie?
Thou sow'st and plantest, but no fruit must see,
For death, alas! is reaping thee. ~ Abraham Cowley
Dies quotes by Abraham Cowley
Endless longing; a face you'd known since childhood, since birth almost; a body that moved as though it were your own. These were things you never spoke of, things you never hoped for; things you could never admit to. Things you'd die for, and die of. ~ Elizabeth Hand
Dies quotes by Elizabeth Hand
I'll see you at your funeral, if you'll see me at mine. I'll wait at the edges for your ghost to rise (until the end of time). We'll find someplace nice to haunt, an abandoned beach house filled with memories of summer sunburns. Children will giggle as we tickle their feet at night and they'll never know the bad dreams we fight. We'll make our own heaven. Walking in places we used to walk until death, dies. ~ Pleasefindthis
Dies quotes by Pleasefindthis
There are few things easier than to live badly and die well. ~ Oscar Wilde
Dies quotes by Oscar Wilde
I am so bad that He had to die. I am so loved that He was glad to die. ~ Timothy Keller
Dies quotes by Timothy Keller
The career of a great man remains an enduring monument of human energy. The man dies and disappears, but his thoughts and acts survive and leave an indelible stamp upon his race. ~ Samuel Smiles
Dies quotes by Samuel Smiles
And this you can know- fear the time when Manself will not suffer and die for a concept, for this one quality is man, distinctive in the universe. ~ John Steinbeck
Dies quotes by John Steinbeck
We die, and we do not die. ~ Shunryu Suzuki
Dies quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
When all desires of heart die, mortal man becomes Immortal. ~ Sivananda
Dies quotes by Sivananda
I imagined a psychic pain growing inside him (myself) that demanded some physical outlet. Suicide must have been his attempt to give Pain a body, a representation, to put it outside himself. A need to convert inner torment into some outward tangible wound that all could see. It was almost as though suicide were a last-ditch effort at exorcism, in which the person sacrificed his life in order that the devil inside might die. ~ Phillip Lopate
Dies quotes by Phillip Lopate
A Jewish man with parents alive is a fifteen-year-old boy, and will remain a fifteen-year-old boy until they die! ~ Philip Roth
Dies quotes by Philip Roth
I thought you were dead.
Stupid. As if I'd die without taking you with me. ~ Patricia Briggs
Dies quotes by Patricia Briggs
When there are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles,
When the time comes to embrace for one long last while,
We can laugh about how time really flies,
We won't say goodbye 'cause true love never dies,You'll always be beautiful in my eyes. ~ Joshua Kadison
Dies quotes by Joshua Kadison
If 600,000 people have to die in order for the nation to live, then 600,000 people will die. ~ Abraham Lincoln
Dies quotes by Abraham Lincoln
I don't wanna die, man. They're not playing. Have you seen how many of them are out there? One just took a shot at me, so unlike you morons, I'm hiding. Hiding is nice. (Vik) ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dies quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Breed never dies. Sapper, Buchan, Dornford Yates, practitioners in that school of Snobbery withViolence that runs like a thread of good-class tweed through twentieth-century literature. ~ Alan Bennett
Dies quotes by Alan Bennett
The integrity of the subtle body is totally important. As the subtle body wears, we get sick. That is why, eventually, the body dies - it's because something happens to the subtle body. ~ Frederick Lenz
Dies quotes by Frederick Lenz
I really look with commiseration over the great body of my fellow citizens who, reading newspapers, live and die in the belief that they have known something of what has been passing in their times. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Dies quotes by Thomas Jefferson
I am not going to become crazy in the ring, because I am already crazy. And I am not going to die in the ring. I am going to die in bed as an old man. ~ Roberto Duran
Dies quotes by Roberto Duran
My view is different from this, only to the extent that if a decision is taken, by the parents and doctors, that it is better that a baby should die, I believe it should be possible to carry out that decision, not only by withholding or withdrawing life-support - which can lead to the baby dying slowly from dehydration or from an infection - but also by taking active steps to end the baby's life swiftly and humanely ~ Peter Singer
Dies quotes by Peter Singer
Always stay strong to your dream because when you lose sight of it then that is when your dream dies! ~ Stephen Richards
Dies quotes by Stephen Richards
To a father, when a child dies, the future dies; to a child when a parent dies, the past dies. ~ Red Auerbach
Dies quotes by Red Auerbach
When someone you love that much leaves you behind there isn't as much of you left to die when your own time comes. ~ Jacquelyn Mitchard
Dies quotes by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Me: Now I understand why a guy can give up his freedom and shackle himself to one girl and spend the rest of his life working at a job he hates just to support the girl's offspring and then he dies, the end.

Susie: Yeah, and now I understand why a girl can give up her freedom and shackle herself to one guy and ruin her body giving birth to the guy's offspring and put her career on hold and not realize her dreams of travel so she can cook and clean and raise the offspring of the guy and then she dies, the end. ~ Martine Leavitt
Dies quotes by Martine Leavitt
The old woman dies, the burden is lifted. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Dies quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
Don't we all die someday and someday comes all too soon? What will you do with your own wild, glorious chance at this thing we call life. ~ Mary Oliver
Dies quotes by Mary Oliver
The full-blown rose, mid dewy sweets Most perfect dies. ~ Maria Gowen Brooks
Dies quotes by Maria Gowen Brooks
Buffett, when he gave away his money, referenced Carnegie. He quoted from Carnegie. When he said, "The man who dies rich dies disgraced," in the 1880s, his fellow millionaires looked on him like he was a lunatic, you know, an idiot, a mad man. ~ David Nasaw
Dies quotes by David Nasaw
I hate myself, and I want to die ~ Kurt Cobain
Dies quotes by Kurt Cobain
Either push your limits or die. ~ Bruce Lee
Dies quotes by Bruce Lee
The foolish ofttimes teach the wise: I strain too much this string of life, belike, Meaning to make such music as shall save. Mine eyes are dim now that they see the truth, My strength is waned now that my need is most; Would that I had such help as man must have, For I shall die, whose life was all men's hope. ~ Edwin Arnold
Dies quotes by Edwin Arnold
I was too young to be an avid enthusiast for the franchise, but like billions of people I remember as a child sitting around with the family on a Friday night with pizza and popcorn and a 'Die Hard' movie on. ~ Jai Courtney
Dies quotes by Jai Courtney
As Jesus explained, the right things have to die so the right things can live
we die to selfishness, greed, power, accumulation, prestige, and self-preservation, giving life to community, generosity, compassion, mercy, brotherhood, kindness, and love. The gospel will die in the toxic soil of self. ~ Jen Hatmaker
Dies quotes by Jen Hatmaker
We all stand before the judge at some point, and the way a man dies is no different than how he decides to live life. You just remember that when your time comes. ~ Johnny Stone
Dies quotes by Johnny Stone
When you reach your peak its time to die. ~ GG Allin
Dies quotes by GG Allin
It is only through us that God lives. When we abandon him, he dies. ~ David Eagleman
Dies quotes by David Eagleman
I see a funny guy who's imperfect, but has a great heart and no vanity when it comes to what he'll do to get a laugh. I see a guy who loves his art and loves his family, and who is willing to live and die for both. ~ Marlon Wayans
Dies quotes by Marlon Wayans
Give us a religion that will help us to live - we can die without assistance. ~ Elbert Hubbard
Dies quotes by Elbert Hubbard
Is it Chance, mere circumstance
That man eats cow eats grass eats soil
and then man dies, and when he lies
to the soil he does return? ~ R. K. Mortenson
Dies quotes by R. K. Mortenson
That is no country for old men. The young
In one another's arms, birds in the trees
– Those dying generations – at their song,
The salmon‐falls, the mackerel‐crowded seas,
Fish, flesh, or fowl, commend all summer long
Whatever is begotten, born, and dies.
Caught in that sensual music all neglect
Monuments of unageing intellect. ~ W.B. Yeats
Dies quotes by W.B. Yeats
I've got all the money I'll ever need. If I die by 4:00. ~ Henny Youngman
Dies quotes by Henny Youngman
When a relationship dies do we ever really give up the ghost or are we forever haunted by the spirits of relationships past? ~ Sarah Jessica Parker
Dies quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
From that house there has come so much life that it ought never to die or fall into ruin ... For me that house was a gateway to America. ~ Pearl S. Buck
Dies quotes by Pearl S. Buck
I nearly die of fear before I go on stage. Something wicked. I can't eat a thing the day before a gig. ~ John Lydon
Dies quotes by John Lydon
I don't feel so sad when somebody dies, Julio, because they fly away to explore the stars and planets. When it's our turn we join them in exploring the universe. ~ Gilbert Hernandez
Dies quotes by Gilbert Hernandez
I have hair in places monkeys dont.While giving birth my mother almost dies from rug burn. ~ Jim Rose
Dies quotes by Jim Rose
Shakespeare will not allow Falstaff to die upon stage. We see and hear the deaths of Hamlet, Cleopatra, Antony, Othello, and Lear. Iago is led away to die silently under torture. Macbeth dies offstage but he goes down fighting. Falstaff dies singing the Twenty-third Psalm, smiling upon his fingertips, playing with flowers, and crying aloud to God three or four times. That sounds more like pain than prayer.
We do not want Sir John Falstaff to die. And of course he does not. He is life itself. ~ Harold Bloom
Dies quotes by Harold Bloom
The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I to die, and you to live. Which of these two is better only God knows. ~ Socrates
Dies quotes by Socrates
How clear, how lovely bright,
How beautiful to sight
Those beams of morning play;
How heaven laughs out with glee
Where, like a bird set free,
Up from the eastern sea
Soars the delightful day.

To-day I shall be strong,
No more shall yield to wrong,
Shall squander life no more;
Days lost, I know not how,
I shall retrieve them now;
Now I shall keep the vow
I never kept before.

Ensanguining the skies
How heavily it dies
Into the west away;
Past touch and sight and sound
Not further to be found,
How hopeless under ground
Falls the remorseful day. ~ A.E. Housman
Dies quotes by A.E. Housman
Don't you have a religion?" Dorolow asked Horza.
"Yes," he replied, not taking his eyes away from the screen on the wall above the end of the main mess-room table. "My survival."
"So ... your religion dies with you. How sad," Dorolow said, looking back from Horza to the screen. The Changer let the remark pass. ~ Iain Banks
Dies quotes by Iain Banks
What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs - I was a man before I was a king. ~ Robert E. Howard
Dies quotes by Robert E. Howard
I know LSD; I don't need to take it anymore. Maybe when I die, like Aldous Huxley. ~ Albert Hofmann
Dies quotes by Albert Hofmann
There's only one thing that we have to do in life, and that is to die. ~ T. Colin Campbell
Dies quotes by T. Colin Campbell
Even if you are the Sun itself, don't be haughty, because you will nevertheless die down! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Dies quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Refusal to hope is nothing more than a decision to die. ~ Bernie Siegel
Dies quotes by Bernie Siegel
'Face death'? Am I going to die?
NDA: I'll take this one. Yes, you will die - some day. When you do, you'll go to live, er, to exist in the Underworld.
PJ: Leo didn't.
NDA: Leo cheated death with a potion that he shouldn't have had. Without it, he'd have stayed dead. Like he was supposed to.
PJ: Hazel came back too.
NDA: That's totally different! I brought her back on purpose.
PJ: Just saying that not everyone who dies stays dead.
NDA: Next question. ~ Rick Riordan
Dies quotes by Rick Riordan
When a child dies, a parent loses a part of themselves," he said. "Your whole world ceases to exist and you're nothing but a shell of the person you once were. Your mom has dealt with it in her way, me in mine, and you in yours." He lifted his hand off John's gravestone and rose. "Your mom hates the world, I avoid it, and you try to save it. ~ Nicole Williams
Dies quotes by Nicole Williams
There is no getting around the fact that the moment you are at your very best is the moment you begin to become worse and worse. Others will come along who can run faster, jump higher, hit harder, and you will be forgotten. Your winning moment is dated to die. ~ Charlie Higson
Dies quotes by Charlie Higson
There is something intoxicating about ending a life, about wiping bad people off the face of the earth. But it's also a dark and deadly pull. After all, who am I to decide who lives or dies? ~ Paula Stokes
Dies quotes by Paula Stokes
GETTING KILLED BY TARTARUS didn't seem like much of an honor.
As Annabeth stared up at his dark whirlpool face, she decided she'd rather die in some less memorable way - maybe falling down the stairs, or going peacefully in her sleep at age eighty, after a nice quiet life with Percy. Yes, that sounded good. ~ Rick Riordan
Dies quotes by Rick Riordan
Modern society has never been about finding contentment in the basics; modern society is founded on the principle that happiness lies in having more. We are bred to keep up with the Jones' because he who dies with the most toys wins. If I only work a little bit harder, a little bit longer, I'll be able to afford that boat and then I'll finally be happy. The illusive concept of finding happiness in things is the gerbil wheel that perpetually powers capitalism. I had hiked 2,283 miles and now my eyes were too wide opened to want to get on the wheel. But what was the alternative? Being homeless? ~ Erin Miller
Dies quotes by Erin Miller
Sanny,' he said quietly, emphatically, 'besides all the obvious aspects of love - the infatuation, the attraction, the feelings of closeness and belonging - besides all that, Sanny, love is a decision. That's what keeps it going in the long run, through bad time and difficult situation,' Mark said softly. 'Love isn't just something you feel, some state of mind you have no control over. Love needs nurturing to stay alive, and that is a conscious decision every day, Sanny. It expresses itself in all the little daily things that happen between people.' His hands slid down her back and he drew her closer. 'Love doesn't just stop or fly out the window. It dies from neglect.'
He paused.
'Sanny,' he continued softly, 'I love you. My promise to you is that I will not neglect that love. ~ Karen Van Der Zee
Dies quotes by Karen Van Der Zee
A person dies, and we don't feel a thing anymore. We're all worried about the next problem coming, rather than taking the time to appreciate what we've lost now. That's the worst thing. ~ Mark R. Healy
Dies quotes by Mark R. Healy
Old gardeners never die. They just spade away and then throw in the trowel. ~ Herbert V. Prochnow
Dies quotes by Herbert V. Prochnow
In the time that we're here today, more women and children will die violently in the Darfur region than in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel or Lebanon. So, after September 30, you won't need the UN - you will simply need men with shovels and bleached white linen and headstones. ~ George Clooney
Dies quotes by George Clooney
The truth is, every son raised by a single mom is pretty much born married. I don't know, but until your mom dies it seems like all the other women in your life can never be more than just your mistress. ~ Chuck Palahniuk
Dies quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
[The Christian story] amounts to a refusal to affirm life. In the biblical tradition we have inherited, life is corrupt, and every natural impulse is sinful unless it has been circumcised or baptized. The serpent was the one who brought sin into the wold. And the woman was the one who handed the apple to man. This identification of the woman with sin, of the serpent with sin, and thus of life with sin, is the twist the has been given to the whole story in the biblical myth and doctrine of the Fall.... I don't know of it [the idea of woman as sinner...in other mythologies] elsewhere. The closest thing to it would be perhaps Pandora with Pandora's box, but that's not sin, that's just trouble. The idea in the biblical tradition of the all is that nature as we know it is corrupt, sex in itself is corrupt, and the female as the epitome of sex is a corrupter. Why was the knowledge of good and evil forbidden to Adam and Eve? Without that knowledge, we'd all be a bunch of babies still Eden, without any participation in life. Woman brings life into the world. Eve is the mother o this temporal wold. Formerly you had a dreamtime paradise there in the Garden of Eden – no time, no birth, no death – no life. The serpent, who dies and is resurrected, shedding its skin and renewing its life, is the lord of the central tree, where time and eternity come together. He is the primary god, actually, in the Garden of Eden. Yahweh, the one who walks there in the cool of the evening, is just a visit ~ Joseph Campbell
Dies quotes by Joseph Campbell
By connecting to nowhere you must in turn connect to everywhere, in the course of which becoming wise. Nothing is permanent, but anything is possible. Everything dies, yet beauty and joy endure. We are incredibly powerful and infinitely weak. Again and again these paradoxes repeat, like colors of yarn in an elaborate woven rug. There ~ Alan Moore
Dies quotes by Alan Moore
Mankind will someday realize that we are actually in contact with the dead and with the other world, whatever it is; right now we could predict, if we only exerted enough mental will, what is going to happen within the next hundred years and be able to take steps to avoid all kinds of catastrophes. When a man dies he undergoes a mutation in his brain that we know nothing about now but which will be very clear someday if scientists get on the ball. The bastards right now are only interested in seeing if they can blow up the world. ~ Jack Kerouac
Dies quotes by Jack Kerouac
It's like watching some rare exotic butterfly. Pleasant to watch, but you can't touch it, for as soon as you do, it dies, it's brilliance gone. ~ Haruki Murakami
Dies quotes by Haruki Murakami
You know the head's where everything is at, the brain, eyes, mouth. That's the person. I remember being told as a kid, you cut off the head and the body dies. the body is nothing after the head is cut off ... well that's not quite true. With a girl there's a lot left in the girl's body without a head. ~ Edmund Kemper
Dies quotes by Edmund Kemper
We might die from medication but we sure killed all the pain ~ Conor Oberst
Dies quotes by Conor Oberst
Your problem, it is not here' - he pointed the pen at Max-Ernest's throat - 'it is here' - he pointed the pen at Max-Ernest's chest. 'My heart is heavy, too. But you must be strong. This situation, it is very serious. It is not only Cass's life that is at stake. If she dies, the Secret, it will die too. ~ Pseudonymous Bosch
Dies quotes by Pseudonymous Bosch
How many married couples who stay married until one of them dies can honestly say that they weren't terribly bored at times? ~ Holly Chamberlin
Dies quotes by Holly Chamberlin
Love: the sickest of Irony's sick jokes. The place where logic and order go to die. ~ Christopher Moore
Dies quotes by Christopher Moore
Sooner or later we must absorb Islam if our own culture is not to die of anemia. ~ Basil Bunting
Dies quotes by Basil Bunting
You leave the analyst's office aware of your singularity and your solitude alike. It's you who lives in the prison of your skin. No one gets the afterglow they want. Everyone dies alone. Analysis is a process. The process is a slow procession. It is a cortège. ~ Jill Alexander Essbaum
Dies quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
Films today show only a dream world and have lost touch with the way people really are ... In this country, people die at 21. They die emotionally at 21, maybe younger ... My responsibility as an artist is to help people get past 21 ... The films are a roadmap through emotional and intellectual terrain that provides a solution on how to save pain. ~ John Cassavetes
Dies quotes by John Cassavetes
The key to your happiness is to own your slippers, own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don't. If you keep saying your slippers aren't yours, then you'll die searching, you'll die bitter, always feeling you were promised more. Not only our actions, but also our omissions, become our destiny. ~ Abraham Verghese
Dies quotes by Abraham Verghese
What stirs God most is not physical suffering but sin. All too often we are more afraid of physical pain than of moral wrong. The cross is the standing evidence of the fact that holiness is a principle for which God would die. ~ Billy Graham
Dies quotes by Billy Graham
Our confidence needs to come from within, not without. From the quality of our hearts, not the quantity of things we own. After all, he who dies with the most toys ... still dies. ~ Sean Covey
Dies quotes by Sean Covey
Some of these stories have been previously published, but that doesn't mean they were done then, or even that they're done now. Until a writer either retires or dies, the work is not finished; it can always use another polish and a few more revisions. There's also a bunch of new ones. Something else I want you to know: how glad I am, Constant Reader, that we're both still here. Cool, isn't it? - ~ Stephen King
Dies quotes by Stephen King
Patients rarely die of the disease from which they suffer. Secondary or terminal infections are the real cause of death. ~ William Osler
Dies quotes by William Osler
A man who won't die for something is not fit to live. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dies quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Neo-Spenglerians who are attuned to the racial view of history (call them "racists" for convenience) hold that the "final" phase of a Culture - the imperialistic stage - is final only because the cultural organism destroys its body and kills its soul by this process. Obviously, if we are to draw analogies between cultures and organisms we must agree that the soul of the organism dies only because of the death of the body. The soul can sicken - the soul of the West is now diseased and perhaps mortally ill - but it cannot die unless the organism itself dies. And this, point out the racists, is precisely what has happened to all previous cultures; death of the organism being the natural result of the suicidal process of imperialism. ~ Willis Carto
Dies quotes by Willis Carto
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