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#1. Advertising is in essence simply a means of communication through mass media which is available to anyone who can pay for it. It is, in this sense, rather like electricity, which can be used to work a refrigerator or a dentist's drill. - Author: John Treasure
Communication quotes by John Treasure
#2. That's the vast majority of this social media, all these reviews, all these comments. Your tools have elevated gossip, hearsay and conjecture to the level of valid, mainstream communication. - Author: Dave Eggers
Communication quotes by Dave Eggers
#3. In this day and age, the digital age, you can forget about a resume; you are what your social media says about you. - Author: Germany Kent
Communication quotes by Germany Kent
#4. Living in Supreme Influence, your language is neutral and/or moving toward your vision rather than moving away. In other words, you speak about what you do want, not about what you don't want. - Author: Niurka
Communication quotes by Niurka
#5. We do not look for compromise; rather, we seek to resolve the conflict to everyone's complete satisfaction. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#6. It is very important to keep the communication lines flowing so that you develop mutual admiration and respect. - Author: Kristen J. Duca
Communication quotes by Kristen J. Duca
#7. It takes personal sacrifice to communicate when conditions are right for the other person-during the meal preparation, after a date, a hurt, a victory, a disappointment, or when someone wants to share a confidence. One must be willing to forego personal convenience to invest time in establishing a firm foundation for family communication. When communication in the family seems to be bogging down, each individual should look to himself for the remedy. - Author: Marvin J. Ashton
Communication quotes by Marvin J. Ashton
#8. Telling someone something he does not understand is pointless, even if you add that he will not be able to understand it. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Communication quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#9. Protests can sometimes, necessarily, simplify things. - Author: Madam Secretary
Communication quotes by Madam Secretary
#10. You have to be precise. You have to be specific, but you want to be accurate. That is first and foremost. You want to be on top of the story, but words do matter. - Author: Wolf Blitzer
Communication quotes by Wolf Blitzer
#11. Miscommunication is the scandal that motivates the very concept of communication in the first place. - Author: John Durham Peters
Communication quotes by John Durham Peters
#12. Don't just focus on seeing things from your own perspective. It can give you blind spots. - Author: Sudakshina Bhattacharjee
Communication quotes by Sudakshina Bhattacharjee
#13. I don't have to look at your eyes to listen that's what
my ears are for. - Author: Tina J. Richardson
Communication quotes by Tina J. Richardson
#14. Communication is a major key to building any strong relationship, whether it is the relationship one has with oneself or with others. Sinful communication weakens yourself, weakens those you care about, and thus weakens your team. - Author: Shay Dawkins
Communication quotes by Shay Dawkins
#15. To make our communications more effective, we need to shift our thinking from "What information do I need to convey?" to "What questions do I want my audience to ask? - Author: Chip Heath
Communication quotes by Chip Heath
#16. Society exists through a process of transmission quite as much as biological life. This transmission occurs by means of communication of habits of doing, thinking, and feeling from the older to the younger. - Author: John Dewey
Communication quotes by John Dewey
#17. When the United States cannibalize dollars from the defensive business of the NSA, securing our communications, protecting our systems, patching zero-day vulnerabilities, and instead we're giving those dollars to be used for creating new vulnerabilities in our systems so that they can surveil us and other people abroad who use the same systems. - Author: Edward Snowden
Communication quotes by Edward Snowden
#18. COMMUNICATION: If I had to pick a first rule of communication-the one practice above all others that opens the door to connecting with others-it would be to look for common ground. Too often people see communication as the process of transmitting massive amounts of information to other people. But that's the wrong picture. Communication is a journey. The more that people have in common, the better the chance that they can take that journey together. - Author: John C. Maxwell
Communication quotes by John C. Maxwell
#19. Filmmaking, like any other art, is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, you do want your film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people. - Author: Kenneth Lonergan
Communication quotes by Kenneth Lonergan
#20. If you get asteroids about a kilometer in size, those are large enough and carry enough energy into our system to disrupt transportation, communication, the food chains, and that can be a really bad day on Earth. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Communication quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#21. Some philosophers are drawn to the subject [of philosophy] via their interest in the nature and structure of the world external to us. Others are drawn to it by an interest in the capacities that make humans distinctive in the world. I am a philosopher of the latter sort. My work thus far has been clustered around the nexus of knowledge, communication, and human action. - Author: Jason Stanley
Communication quotes by Jason Stanley
#22. There is in the nature of human communication no way of making another person a participant in information or perception available exclusively to oneself. - Author: Paul Watzlawick
Communication quotes by Paul Watzlawick
#23. It's better to bite your tongue than to eat your words. - Author: Frank Sonnenberg
Communication quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#24. My grandmother died in 1991 and I was born in '86. We only met once, but I didn't speak English and she didn't speak Spanish - so we had a communication problem. - Author: Oona Chaplin
Communication quotes by Oona Chaplin
#25. Great communication begins with connection. - Author: Oprah Winfrey
Communication quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#26. One of the most common ways to overcome resistance to change is to educate people about it beforehand. Communication of ideas helps people see the need for and the logic of a change. The education process can involve one-on-one discussions, presentations to groups, or memos and reports. - Author: John P. Kotter
Communication quotes by John P. Kotter
#27. The key to high-quality communication is trust, and it's hard to trust somebody that you don't know. - Author: Ben Horowitz
Communication quotes by Ben Horowitz
#28. Throughout the history of the Internet, most of the innovation has come as a by-product of efforts to facilitate communication within social groups of various kinds (academics, bloggers, peer-to-peer file sharing), rather than as the result of profit-oriented investment. Rather than taking the lead, the business and government sectors have adopted innovations developed in Internet communities, and realised significant productivity gains as a result. - Author: John Quiggin
Communication quotes by John Quiggin
#29. We want to take action out of the desire to contribute to life rather than out of fear, guilt, shame, or obligation. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#30. Your healthy self-esteem is one of the most significant and powerful drivers in your life. It drives your perceptions, attitudes, opinions, relationships, communications, and your decisions. - Author: Susan C. Young
Communication quotes by Susan C. Young
#31. Unlike then, the mail stream of today has diminished by such things as e-mails and faxes and cell phones and text messages, largely electronic means of communication that replace mail. - Author: John M. McHugh
Communication quotes by John M. McHugh
#32. When preparing a presentation, it's never a good idea to begin with a rule. If you do, you're focusing on the appearance of good delivery and not the effect of it. - Author: Dale Ludwig
Communication quotes by Dale Ludwig
#33. It's hardly possible to overstate the value, in the present state of human improvement, of placing human beings in contact with other persons dissimilar to themselves, and with modes of thought and action unlike those with which they are familiar. Such communication has always been ... one of the primary sources of progress. - Author: John Stuart Mill
Communication quotes by John Stuart Mill
#34. Your first impressions will often occur within a limited window of opportunity - and if you blow it - the opportunity may be lost forever. - Author: Susan C. Young
Communication quotes by Susan C. Young
#35. Your actors need to trust you as a director, but normally, I think you just need to have an open communication between the actors and the director. I think the director needs to really paint his or her vision to the cast and let them know the kind of mood that he or she is making. I think that's very important. - Author: James Wan
Communication quotes by James Wan
#36. The communication with God is very important, because the communication is one of our greatest needs, and God is the most important one we need. - Author: Marieta Maglas
Communication quotes by Marieta Maglas
#37. Stay open to opportunity
you never know where your next important connection will be made. - Author: Nicholas Boothman
Communication quotes by Nicholas Boothman
#38. That said, the question remains: how to strike the balance between free speech and mutual respect in this mixed-up world, both blessed and cursed with instant communication? We should not fight fire with fire, threats with threats. - Author: Timothy Garton Ash
Communication quotes by Timothy Garton Ash
#39. The beliefs which we have the most warrant for have no safeguard, but a standing invitation to the whole world to prove them unfounded. - Author: John Stuart Mill
Communication quotes by John Stuart Mill
#40. The way communication works is changing. - Author: Hubert Burda
Communication quotes by Hubert Burda
#41. An organization with excellent internal communication will run smoothly, allowing its members to progress toward a mutual goal, which will ultimately affect the quality of external communication. - Author: Scribendi
Communication quotes by Scribendi
#42. .....while language facilitates communication within the group, it also crystallises cultural differences, and actually heightens the barriers between groups. - Author: Arthur Koestler
Communication quotes by Arthur Koestler
#43. Check the cover letter. In a cover letter, you get actual communication instead of a list of skills, verbs, and years of irrelevance. - Author: Jason Fried
Communication quotes by Jason Fried
#44. Whatever clutter may be getting in your way during a conversation or communication, use the simple acronym HEAR to enter a more spacious and less defensive awareness. HEAR stands for: hold all assumptions; enter the emotional world; absorb and accept; and reflect, then respect. H - Author: Donald Altman
Communication quotes by Donald Altman
#45. Wise people say nothing in dangerous times. - Author: John Selden
Communication quotes by John Selden
#46. [Our] first and foremost duty [is] to seek the Lord until we open the path of communication from God to our own soul. - Author: Brigham Young
Communication quotes by Brigham Young
#47. Schizophrenia
its nature, etiology, and the kind of therapy to use for it
remains one of the most puzzling of the mental illnesses. The theory of schizophrenia presented here is based on communications analysis, and specifically on the Theory of Logical Types. From this theory and from observations of schizophrenic patients is derived a description, and the necessary conditions for, a situation called the "double bind"
a situation in which no matter what a person does, he "can't win." It is hypothesized that a person caught in the double bind may develop schizophrenic symptoms - Author: Gregory Bateson
Communication quotes by Gregory Bateson
#48. The number one way a man can succeed in fulfilling a woman's primary love needs is through communication. By learning to listen to a woman's feelings, a man can effectively shower a woman with caring, understanding, respect, devotion, validation, and reassurance ... - Author: John Gray
Communication quotes by John Gray
#49. Communication is very important between us at all times." He bent his head as he lifted the hair from the back of her neck. "For instance, I find your neck incredibly sexy. You look both vulnerable and sensual with your hair up. With it down, you look wild and beautiful. Just as sensual, but in a completely different way. - Author: Christine Feehan
Communication quotes by Christine Feehan
#50. One girl raved about a nice voicemail a guy had recently left her. I kindly requested she play it and heard this gem: 'Hey, Lydia. It's Sam. Just calling to say what's up. Gimme a ring when you get a chance.'


I pleaded to know what was so great about this. She sweetly recalled that 'he remembered my name, he said hi, and he told me to call him back.'

Never mind the fact that what she described was the content of LITERALLY EVERY VOICE MAIL IN HISTORY. Name, hello, please call back. Not really a boatload of charm on display. To fail this test, a guy would have to leave a message that said: 'No greeting. This is man. I don't remember you. End communication. - Author: Aziz Ansari
Communication quotes by Aziz Ansari
#51. One cannot speak about love for God and neighbor without having a standard of communication, respect, honor, and without understanding how precious every human being is. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Communication quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#52. Communication is the bridge of harmony in relationships, the gap that causes all the disturbances, the meaning of saying and listening. One speaks, that s/he wants to say, one hears, that s/he wants to listen. - Author: Anand Patwa
Communication quotes by Anand Patwa
#53. Anger is an assertion of rights and worth. It is communication, equality, and knowledge. It is intimacy, acceptance, fearlessness, embodiment, revolt, and reconciliation. Anger is memory and rage. It is rational thought and irrational pain. Anger is freedom, independence, expansiveness, and entitlement. It is justice, passion, clarity, and motivation. Anger is instrumental, thoughtful, complicated, and resolved. In anger, whether you like it or not, there is truth.

Anger is the demand of accountability. It is evaluation, judgment, and refutation. It is reflective, visionary, and participatory. It's a speech act, a social statement, an intention, and a purpose. It's a risk and a threat. A confirmation and a wish. It is both powerlessness and power, palliative and a provocation. In anger, you will find both ferocity and comfort, vulnerability and hurt. Anger is the expression of hope. - Author: Soraya Chemaly
Communication quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#54. Why leave your success up to dumb luck or accident when you can take a stand, make a plan, and be proactive in your pursuits and possibilities? - Author: Susan C. Young
Communication quotes by Susan C. Young
#55. Mass communication communicates massively: its language lacks precise articulation and avoids demanding terms; it argues for the kind of behavior in life which will make a "good program": ethic equals showbiz. - Author: Frederic Raphael
Communication quotes by Frederic Raphael
#56. We commonly speak as though a single 'thing' could 'have' some characteristic. A stone, we say, is 'hard,' 'small,' 'heavy,' 'yellow,' 'dense,' etc.

That is how our language is made: 'The stone is hard.' And so on. And that way of talking is good enough for the marketplace: 'That is a new brand.' 'The potatoes are rotten.' 'The container is damaged.' ... And so on.

But this way of talking is not good enough in science or epistemology. To think straight, it is advisable to expect all qualities and attributes, adjectives, and so on to refer to at least -two- sets of interactions in time. ...

Language continually asserts by the syntax of subject and predicate that 'things' somehow 'have' qualities and attributes. A more precise way of talking would insist that the 'things' are produced, are seen as separate from other 'things,' and are made 'real' by their internal relations and by their behaviour in relationship with other things and with the speaker.

It is necessary to be quite clear about the universal truth that whatever 'things' may be in their pleromatic and thingish world, they can only enter the world of communication and meaning by their names, their qualities and their attributes (i.e., by reports of their internal and external relations and interactions). - Author: Gregory Bateson
Communication quotes by Gregory Bateson
#57. I learned never to empty the well of my writing, but always to stop when there was still something there in the deep part of the well, and let it refill at night from the springs that fed it. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Communication quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#58. Give me the gift of a listening heart. - Author: Solomon
Communication quotes by Solomon
#59. I believe that when senator Ron Wyden and senator Mark Udall asked about the scale of this, they the NSA said it did not have the tools to provide an answer. We do have the tools and I have maps showing where people have been scrutinized most. We collect more digital communications from America than we do from the Russians. - Author: Edward Snowden
Communication quotes by Edward Snowden
#60. There are, in fact, no more important communications between one human being and another than those expressed emotionally, and no information more vital for constructing and reconstructing working models of the self and other than information about how each feels towards the is the emotional communication between a patient and his therapist that play the crucial part. John Bowlby (1988, pp. 156) - Author: Edward Teyber
Communication quotes by Edward Teyber
#61. You can't put down anybody. You can just try and understand. The emphasis shouldn't be on revolution, it should be on communication. Because it's just going to get more uptight. The more the revolution goes on, and there will be a civil war sooner or later. - Author: David Bowie
Communication quotes by David Bowie
#62. Outside our consciousness there lies the cold and alien world of actual things. Between the two stretches the narrow borderland of the senses. No communication between the two worlds is possible excepting across the narrow strip. For a proper understanding of ourselves and of the world, it is of the highest importance that this borderland should be thoroughly explored. - Author: Heinrich Hertz
Communication quotes by Heinrich Hertz
#63. To talk about communication theory without communicating its real mathematical content would be like endlessly telling a man about a wonderful composer, yet never letting him hear an example of the composer's music. - Author: John R. Pierce
Communication quotes by John R. Pierce
#64. Be not a slave of words. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
Communication quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#65. Communication is pointless and we're all doomed. - Author: Frank Portman
Communication quotes by Frank Portman
#66. It must be part of the inescapable human condition--each person ultimately deaf, impervious to other people's emotions, incapable of deciphering gestures, looks, or silences, all condemned to give painful explanations with words that are never the right ones. - Author: Christine Féret-Fleury
Communication quotes by Christine Féret-Fleury
#67. The most common definition of [the word information] is: the action of informing; formation or molding of the mind or character, training, instruction, teaching; communication of instructive knowledge.
This definition remained fairly constant until the years immediately following World War II, when it came in vogue to use 'information' as a technological term to define anything that was sent over an electric or mechanical channel. 'Information' became part of the vocabulary of the science of messages. And, suddenly, the appellation could be applied to something that didn't necessarily have to inform. This definition was extrapolated to general usage as something told or communicated, whether or not it made sense to the receiver. Now, the freedom engendered by such an amorphous definition has, as you might expect, encouraged its liberal deployment. It has become the single most important word of our decade, the suspense of our lives and our work. - Author: Richard Saul Wurman
Communication quotes by Richard Saul Wurman
#68. Saying nothing sometimes says the most. - Author: Emily Dickinson
Communication quotes by Emily Dickinson
#69. One of the most common platitudes we heard was that "words failed." But words were not failing us at all. It was not true that there was no way to describe our experience. We had plenty of language to talk to each other about the horror of what was happening, and talk we did. If there was a communication problem it was that there were too many words; they were far too heavy and too specific to be inflicted upon others. If something was failing it was the functionality of routine, platitudinous language - the comforting clichés were now inapplicable and perfectly useless. We instinctively protected other people from the knowledge we possessed; we let them think that words failed, because we knew they didn't want to be familiar with the vocabulary we used daily. We were sure they didn't want to know what we did; we didn't want to know it either. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
Communication quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#70. Do you understand what I'm saying?
Pardon? I just wanna hear you talking. - Author: Toba Beta
Communication quotes by Toba Beta
#71. Discover an interest, a passion, a preference or need your client has, and take the time to give them some small item related to it. By making the extra effort to learn about the person and their business, you become very appealing and much more memorable. - Author: Susan C. Young
Communication quotes by Susan C. Young
#72. With the generalized separation of the worker and his products, every unitary view of accomplished activity and all direct personal communication among producers are lost. - Author: Guy Debord
Communication quotes by Guy Debord
#73. I think there's a fear of disconnect sometimes; communication is a huge issue for all of us, from adults to kids, as far as our face-to-face time and our ability to interact with each other without isolating itself to a phone. I think that has to be something that's very challenging. - Author: Jim Rash
Communication quotes by Jim Rash
#74. Of course, in principle, they're against it. We are the ones that keep asking them what they think about it. I think their basic concern is a land-based missile defense of Taiwan hooked into the American communications and other systems, which in effect would make Taiwan then an outpost of the United States. That is a concern they frequently express. A missile defense shield of the United States, while they may not like it, it is not a big obstacle to our relationship. - Author: Henry A. Kissinger
Communication quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#75. Dynamic equivalence is a central concept in the translation theory, developed by Eugene A. Nida, which has been widely adopted by the United Bible Societies...Purporting to be an academically linguistic concept, it is in fact a sociocultural concept of communication. Its definition is essentially behavourist: determined by external forces, such as society--with strong pragmatist overtones--focusing on the reader rather than the writer. [M]ost twentieth-century American philosophical endeavours are predominantly pragmatist, dwelling in the shadows cast by William James and John Dewey. - Author: J. Cammenga
Communication quotes by J. Cammenga
#76. What steps can you take to prepare before meeting others to ensure that when you do show up, you are bringing your very best to the table? - Author: Susan C. Young
Communication quotes by Susan C. Young
#77. He was a man with a chest, and he wanted to give thoughtful expression to the passion of his heart. - Author: Harvey Mansfield
Communication quotes by Harvey Mansfield
#78. If you want to surpass the stages of doubt and secure better communication between your inner and outer body it is wise to surpass the challenge of the words 'if only'. - Author: Stephen Richards
Communication quotes by Stephen Richards
#79. Yes, but bad language is bound to make in addition bad government, whereas good language is not bound to make bad government. That again is clear Confucius: if the orders aren't clear they can't be carried out. Lloyd George's laws were such a mess, the lawyers never knew what they meant. And Talleyrand proclaimed that they changed the meaning of words between one conference and another. The means of communication breaks down, and that of course is what we are suffering now. We are enduring the drive to work on the subconscious without appealing to the reason. They repeat a trade name with the music a few times, and then repeat the music without it so that the music will give you the name. I think of the assault. We suffer from the use of language to conceal thought and to withhold all vital and direct answers. There is the definite use of propaganda, forensic language, merely to conceal and mislead. - Author: Ezra Pound
Communication quotes by Ezra Pound
#80. We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. - Author: Epictetus
Communication quotes by Epictetus
#81. Mother had the social restraint of an ambassador. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Communication quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#82. Communication is the key for any global business. - Author: Anita Roddick
Communication quotes by Anita Roddick
#83. If you can't write your idea on the back of my calling card, you don't have a clear idea. - Author: David Belasco
Communication quotes by David Belasco
#84. The stranger did not go to church, and indeed made no difference between Sunday and the irreligious days, even in costume. He worked, as Mrs. Hall thought, very fitfully. Some days he would come down early and be continuously busy. On others he would rise late, pace his room, fretting audibly for hours together, smoke, sleep in the armchair by the fire. Communication with the world beyond the village he had none. His temper continued very uncertain; for the most part his manner was that of a man suffering under almost unendurable provocation, and once or twice things were snapped, torn, crushed, or broken in spasmodic gusts of violence. He seemed under a chronic irritation of the greatest intensity. His habit of talking to himself in a low voice grew steadily upon him, but though Mrs. Hall listened conscientiously she could make neither head nor tail of what she heard. - Author: H.G.Wells
Communication quotes by H.G.Wells
#85. Among provocatives, the next best thing to good preaching is bad preaching. I have even more thoughts during or enduring it than at other times. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Communication quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#86. All moralistic judgments, whether positive or negative, are tragic expressions of unmet needs. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#87. Sometimes nothing is the best thing to say and often the best thing to do. - Author: Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Communication quotes by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
#88. Balance your body for better results. A balanced body improves electrical communication to muscles and gets you stronger, faster. - Author: Josh Bezoni
Communication quotes by Josh Bezoni
#89. Here on the island I find I can sit with a friend without talking, sharing the day's last sliver of pale green light on the horizon, or the whorls in a small white shell, or the dark scar left in a dazzling night sky by a shooting star. Then communication becomes communion and one is nourished as one never is by words. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Communication quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#90. I formed several possible stories out of her speech, formed them at once, so it was less like I failed to understand than that I understood in chords, understood in a plurality of worlds. - Author: Ben Lerner
Communication quotes by Ben Lerner
#91. When a man plays with your heart it is for one of two reasons: He knows he can or he is undecided. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Communication quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#92. The symbol of the Lotus flower gives a precious teaching that can inspire us to deal with life in the best possible way. Its roots take nourishment from muddy waters and yet bloom in full delicacy and beauty on the surface. Similarly, to have a positive mindset is a beautiful quality; nonetheless to be transformational it needs to be rooted firmly in reality to then blossom with the value which can be created from the muddy problem(s) - Author: Dorotea Brandin
Communication quotes by Dorotea Brandin
#93. When we listen for their feelings and needs, we no longer see people as monsters. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#94. There is a deeper truth expressed in the unity of the United States. Implicate in the union of our country is the union of all people. All people are essentially one. The world is interconnected not only on the material level of economics, trade, communication, and transportation, but innerconnected through human consciousness, through the human heart, through the heart of the world, through the simply expressed impulse and yearning to be and to breathe free. - Author: Dennis Kucinich
Communication quotes by Dennis Kucinich
#95. The dead might as well try to speak to the living as the old to the young. - Author: Willa Cather
Communication quotes by Willa Cather
#96. We clutter the earth with our inventions, never dreaming that possibly they are unnecessary - or disadvantageous. We devise astounding means of communication, but do we communicate with one another? We move our bodies to and fro and incredible speeds, but do we really leave the spot we started from? Mentally, morally, spiritually, we are fettered. What have we achieved in mowing down mountain ranges, harnessing the energy of mighty rivers, or moving whole populations about like chess pieces, if we ourselves remain the same restless, miserable, frustrated creatures we were before? To call such activity progress is utter delusion. We may succeed in altering the face of the earth until it is unrecognizable even to the Creator, but if we are unaffected wherein lies the meaning? - Author: Henry Miller
Communication quotes by Henry Miller
#97. The reality is that most of us communicate the same way that we grew up. That communication style becomes our normal way of dealing with issues, our blueprint for communication. It's what we know and pass on to our own children. We either become our childhood or we make a conscious choice to change it. - Author: Kristen Crockett
Communication quotes by Kristen Crockett
#98. There is no communication that is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood. - Author: Luigina Sgarro
Communication quotes by Luigina Sgarro
#99. Misery is the end of those with unbridled mouths. - Author: Euripides
Communication quotes by Euripides
#100. I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, Kiss me harder, and You're a good person, and, You brighten my day. I live my life as straight-forward as possible. Because one day, I might get hit by a bus. Maybe it's weird. Maybe it's scary. Maybe it seems downright impossible to just be - to just let people know you want them, need them, feel like, in this very moment, you will die if you do not see them, hold them, touch them in some way whether its your feet on their thighs on the couch or your tongue in their mouth or your heart in their hands. But there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate. And there is nothing more risky than pretending not to care. We are young and we are human and we are beautiful and we are not as in control as we think we are. We never know who needs us back. We never know the magic that can arise between ourselves and other humans. We never know when the bus is coming. - Author: Rachel C. Lewis
Communication quotes by Rachel C. Lewis
#101. When I talk to you I am happy. Because you listen, and my words find a home. - Author: Edmond Jabes
Communication quotes by Edmond Jabes
#102. Emotions Revealed: Recognizing Faces And Feelings To Improve Communication And Emotional Life. - Author: Paul Ekman
Communication quotes by Paul Ekman
#103. [It would not be long] ere the whole surface of this country would be channelled for those nerves which are to diffuse, with the speed of thought, a knowledge of all that is occurring throughout the land, making, in fact, one neighborhood of the whole country. - Author: Samuel Morse
Communication quotes by Samuel Morse
#104. I believe in the healing restorative power of art and communication. And so that's probably my rule. But that doesn't apply to bedtimes. And stuff like that. - Author: Ethan Hawke
Communication quotes by Ethan Hawke
#105. Love is a loud communication between two and a mannequin of silence for others - Author: Akansh Malik
Communication quotes by Akansh Malik
#106. Marriages don't end simply because a lack of trust exists. Marriages more specifically end because foundational agreements were broken, disrespectful behavior occurred, healthy and honest communication is lacking, or not "being seen or accepted" has ensued for too long. - Author: Elaina Marie
Communication quotes by Elaina Marie
#107. I phoned the Admiral back.
'It's no use, Admiral, the French speak nothing but French.'
There was a short pause on the end of the line then his voice rattled into life like a sabre.
'They're lying, Tim!'
'The French Navy must by law speak English, as English is the international maritime language of the sea.'
'Has anyone told the French that?'
The line went dead for a moment before he thundered, 'Yes Nelson. At the battle of Trafalgar.'
I tried to stifle an irresistibly British giggle not knowing if the Admiral was making a joke or not. I got it right. He was serious. - Author: Tim FitzHigham
Communication quotes by Tim FitzHigham
#108. There's no love in you because there's no sex in you. Sex is light and fertility and life and communication! You only have this ... pornography and submission and blackness and death! You're like a faggot! - Author: Mary Gaitskill
Communication quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#109. Letters are above all useful as a means of expressing the ideal self; and no other method of communication is quite so good for this purpose. In letters we can reform without practice, beg without humiliation, snip and shape embarrassing experiences to the measure of our own desires ... - Author: Elizabeth Hardwick
Communication quotes by Elizabeth Hardwick
#110. I have the strong impression that scientific communication is being seriously hindered by poor quality abstracts written in jargon- ridden mumbo jumbo. - Author: Sheila M. McNab
Communication quotes by Sheila M. McNab
#111. People live too much of their lives on email or the Internet or text messages these days. We're losing all of our communication skills. - Author: Tracy Morgan
Communication quotes by Tracy Morgan
#112. With the gift of listening comes the gift of healing. - Author: Catherine Doherty
Communication quotes by Catherine Doherty
#113. I believe the principles and techniques in this book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, can literally change the world, but more importantly, they can change the quality of your life with your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your co-workers and everyone else you interact with. I cannot recommend it highly enough. - Author: Jack Canfield
Communication quotes by Jack Canfield
#114. Good communication using WORDS - Author: Eric Sutherland
Communication quotes by Eric Sutherland
#115. Not getting our needs fulfilled is painful - but it's a sweet pain, not suffering, which is what comes from life-alienated thinking and interpretation. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#116. Philosophers say man forms himself in dialogue. - Author: Anne Carson
Communication quotes by Anne Carson
#117. Another reason why I am always close to the people, because the communication is very important. When I stopped to play soccer I continued to ... I continued to work with UNICEF. I did a lot of work with UNESCO. We did a lot of charity programme and games. - Author: Pele
Communication quotes by Pele
#118. The state of emotional intoxication allows one to grasp existence in one's self and in the other, as both subjectivity and passivity. The two partners merge in this ambiguous unity; each one is freed of his own presence and achieves immediate communication with the other. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
Communication quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#119. [The Internet] ... is an amazing communications tool that's bringing the whole world together. I mean, you sit down to sign on to America Online in your hometown, and it's just staggering to think that at the same moment, halfway around the world, in China, someone you've never met is sitting at their computer, hearing the exact same busy signal that you're hearing. - Author: Dennis Miller
Communication quotes by Dennis Miller
#120. I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings. - Author: Antoine De Saint Exupery
Communication quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#121. People who are adept in healthy self-expression exercise front-end consideration before speaking. - Author: Laurie Buchanan
Communication quotes by Laurie Buchanan
#122. Not communicating saves energy; it keeps people from worrying about things they cannot do anything about; and it eliminates an enormous amount of useless talk. - Author: Edwin Newman
Communication quotes by Edwin Newman
#123. The science of control and communication in the animal and the machine - Author: Norbert Wiener
Communication quotes by Norbert Wiener
#124. Just because you're in the process of bettering yourself doesn't mean there won't be times when you make questionable choices, respond out of character, lack proper communication, or let negativity get the best of yourself. That's all a part of the process of becoming better. How else would you know what needs cleaning up if you don't stand in your mess every once in a while? - Author: Emily Maroutian
Communication quotes by Emily Maroutian
#125. Television should be the last mass communication medium to be naively designed and put into the world without a surgeon-general's warning. - Author: Alan Kay
Communication quotes by Alan Kay
#126. For a person born and raised into a world where information was always at hand, communication with anyone anywhere a given, and no distance more than a farcaster step away, this sudden regression to life as our ancestors had known it would be like suddenly awakening blind and crippled. - Author: Dan Simmons
Communication quotes by Dan Simmons
#127. I was analyzing the guys' nonverbal communication.. - Author: Glen Davis
Communication quotes by Glen Davis
#128. When we characterize talk as hot air, we mean that what comes out of the speaker's mouth is only that. It is mere vapor. His speech is empty, without substance or content. His use of language, accordingly, does not contribute to the purpose it purports to serve. No more information is communicated than if the speaker had merely exhaled. There are similarities between hot air and excrement, incidentally, which make hot air seem an especially suitable equivalent for bullshit. Just as hot air is speech that has been emptied of all informative content, so excrement is matter from which everything nutritive has been removed. Excrement may be regarded as the corpse of nourishment, what remains when the vital elements in food have been exhausted. […] In any event, it cannot serve the purposes of sustenance, any more than hot air can serve those of communication. - Author: Harry G. Frankfurt
Communication quotes by Harry G. Frankfurt
#129. Before you can be effective in communication with ANYONE else, you must know who YOU are. It begins with you.
Believe me when I say, I don't need anyone's approval in this classroom ... I'm great company for myself. Me, myself, and I ... we laugh a lot. (Said on the first week of class each phase, somewhat rewording each time, but the gist is always there). - Author: Dacia Wilkinson
Communication quotes by Dacia Wilkinson
#130. Going through life has its struggles, but not sharing the trials in a way that engages great communication, is a loss of the physical realities through our everyday senses. - Author: Daniel B. Royer
Communication quotes by Daniel B. Royer
#131. I believe that this notion of self-publishing, which is what Blogger and blogging are really about, is the next big wave of human communication. The last big wave was Web activity. Before that one it was e-mail. Instant messaging was an extension of e-mail, real-time e-mail. - Author: Eric Schmidt
Communication quotes by Eric Schmidt
#132. God does not reveal information by communication: He reveals Himself by communion. Revelation is a personal meeting of God with man. It is a meeting of mind with mind or person with person. - Author: Sam Storms
Communication quotes by Sam Storms
#133. True communication depends upon our being straightforward with one another ... But the best way to communicate may be just to sit without saying anything. - Author: Shunryu Suzuki
Communication quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
#134. Revenge is really a perverse form of communication, a twisted attempt at repair. - Author: Terrence Real
Communication quotes by Terrence Real
#135. For me, the perfect film has no dialogue at all. It's purely a visual, emotional, visceral kind of experience. And I think one can create wonderful depth and meaning and communication without using words. I started out as an illustrator and a cartoonist and caricature artist, so for me the visual is primary. - Author: Bill Plympton
Communication quotes by Bill Plympton
#136. Now it is evident that a little insight into the customs of every people is necessary to insure a kindly communication; this, joined with patience and kindness, will seldom fail with the natives of the interior. - Author: Charles Sturt
Communication quotes by Charles Sturt
#137. Poetry of World War I, at least in its lyrical mode, was itself the last flowering of the Age of Innocence that preceded the war, that the horrors of the trenches sparked the final blossoming, as friction gives rise to fire; that the daily nightmare unfolding before the soldiers sharpened their sense of beauty, prophecy, and mission. - Author: Philip Zaleski
Communication quotes by Philip Zaleski
#138. Poetry is a search for ways of communication; it must be conducted with openness, flexibility, and a constant readiness to listen. - Author: Fleur Adcock
Communication quotes by Fleur Adcock
#139. [Jules] slides into a seat beside me with her hot lunch tray, sighing. "Four hours, thirty-six minutes, and twelve seconds till we're out of purgatory for the weekend."
"Maybe later," I murmur, still distracted by the day's previous events.
"So, let me show you how a conversation works. I say something, and then you say something back that actually relates to what I was talking about, as if you were even the least bit interested."
"Huh?" I say. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Communication quotes by Jodi Picoult
#140. Some artists are normal people who just happen to make things because we can't figure out how in the hell to communicate with people. - Author: Scott Nicholson
Communication quotes by Scott Nicholson
#141. Nothing exists; even if something exists, nothing can be known about it; and even if something can be known about it, knowledge about it can't be communicated to others. - Author: Gorgias
Communication quotes by Gorgias
#142. Politics is a matter of human transaction. I consider absolutely everything political, because all fiction involves relationships between people, and relationships between people always include matters of power, of equity, of communication. - Author: Deborah Eisenberg
Communication quotes by Deborah Eisenberg
#143. Writing has nothing to do with communication between person and person, only with communication between different parts of a person's mind. - Author: Rebecca West
Communication quotes by Rebecca West
#144. Nature is not mute; it is man who is deaf. - Author: Terence McKenna
Communication quotes by Terence McKenna
#145. I still can't wrap my mind around crossing that line of human behavior – civilized people punching and fighting, making violence their communication of choice.

Is it because I'm a woman, I've never considered hitting someone who acted inappropriately? Even one of my best male friends, a gentle man, a believer in spirit and mankind, has thrown a few punches in his time.

As a writer, my weapons are words. The thought of hurting someone physically to prove my point has never and will never be an option for me. Well, let me amend that: if someone hurt my child in front of me, tiger-mother's claws would come out. - Author: Rachel Thompson
Communication quotes by Rachel  Thompson
#146. Psychopathy was positively associated with in-house ratings of charisma and presentation style: creativity, good strategic thinking, and excellent communication skills. - Author: Kevin Dutton
Communication quotes by Kevin Dutton
#147. It's not about having things figured out, or about communicating with other people, trying to make them understand what you understand. It's about a chicken dinner at a drive-in. A soft pillow. Things that don't need explaining. - Author: Ann Beattie
Communication quotes by Ann Beattie
#148. The media are not the holders of power, but they constitute by and large the space where power is decided. - Author: Manuel Castells
Communication quotes by Manuel Castells
#149. I suspect that the most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention And especially if it's given from the heart. When people are talking, there's no need to do anything but receive them. Just take them in. Listen to what they're saying. Care about it. Most times caring about it is even more important than understanding it. Most of us don't value ourselves or our love enough to know this. - Author: Rachel Naomi Remen
Communication quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
#150. To succeed you need to be cause. To be cause you must communicate, as the only thing you cause is the communication with beings, people and things. - Author: Meir Ezra
Communication quotes by Meir Ezra
#151. People communicate to be understood. - Author: Meir Ezra
Communication quotes by Meir Ezra
#152. Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder DSM-5 describes a new disorder that has elements of ASD but is actually conceptualized as outside the autism spectrum. The intention is to provide diagnostic coverage for children with symptoms in the social-communication domain but who have never displayed repetitive, restricted behaviours or interests. However, it is unclear how Social Communication Disorder (SCD) will be different from ASD, which support or therapy services will be available, and what the child will qualify for. - Author: Tony Attwood
Communication quotes by Tony Attwood
#153. I once heard the word 'conversation'
described as a progression of exchanges
but there is no progress here
so maybe I will instead compare this
to the bullet drop - the idea that if you shoot
a gun & drop a bullet from the same location
they will hit the floor at the same time,
hundreds of feet apart.

("The Lover as a Dream") - Author: Olivia Gatwood
Communication quotes by Olivia Gatwood
#154. Don't let a Narcissist, or any other kind of vampire, get away with nonverbal disapproval. Unspoken communication has much more power than mere words because it is ambiguous. If a Narcissist says you did something wrong, you can at least disagree. If he only hints at it, you are left wondering if what you're seeing really means what you think it does, or if the whole thing is somehow your fault, or whatever else you might be imagining. ... Translate rather than pointing the finger. This is the tricky part because it is subtle, but it will make all the difference. An unsubstantiated accusation of an internal state, like, "You're bored," invites defensiveness. A translation, like, "You keep looking at the clock; I'm assuming you're bored," is much harder to deny. A Histrionic might try, but other kinds of vampires will have to concede that they are indeed looking at the clock. - Author: Albert J. Bernstein
Communication quotes by Albert J. Bernstein
#155. In conjunction with his colleagues, Frantisek Baluska from the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Botany at the University of Bonn is of the opinion that brain-like structures can be found at root tips. In addition to signaling pathways, there are also numerous systems and molecules similar to those found in animals. When a root feels its way forward in the ground, it is aware of stimuli. The researchers measured electrical signals that led to changes in behavior after they were processed in a "transition zone." If the root encounters toxic substances, impenetrable stones, or saturated soil, it analyzes the situation and transmits the necessary adjustments to the growing tip. The root tip changes direction as a result of this communication and steers the growing root around the critical areas.

Right now, the majority of plant researchers are skeptical about whether such behavior points to a repository for intelligence, the faculty of memory, and emotions. Among other things, they get worked up about carrying over findings in similar situations with animals and, at the end of the day, about how this threatens to blur the boundary between plants and animals. And so what? What would be so awful about that? The distinction between plant and animal is, after all, arbitrary and depends on the way an organism feeds itself: the former photosynthesizes and the latter eats other living beings. Finally, the only other big difference is in the amount of time it takes to proce - Author: Peter Wohlleben
Communication quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#156. The communication between the brain and the heart is a two-way dialogue. - Author: Mindie Kniss
Communication quotes by Mindie Kniss
#157. What most of us want is to be heard, to communicate. - Author: Dory Previn
Communication quotes by Dory Previn
#158. Our words are often only vague, inadequate descriptions of our thoughts. Something gets lost in translation every time we try to express our thoughts in words. And when the other person hears our words, something gets lost in translation again, because words mean different things to different people. "A long time" may mean 10 hours to one person, but 10 days to another. So when a thought is formed in my brain, and my mouth expresses it in words, and your ears hear it, and your brain processes it, your brain and my brain never truly see exactly the same thing. Communication is always just an approximation. - Author: Oliver Gaspirtz
Communication quotes by Oliver Gaspirtz
#159. If you cry 'Forward' you must be sure to make clear the direction in which to go. Don't you see that if you fail to do that and simply call out the word to a monk and a revolutionary, they will go in precisely opposite directions? - Author: Anton Chekhov
Communication quotes by Anton Chekhov
#160. Don't bother to argue anything on the Internet. And I mean, ANYTHING ... The most innocuous, innocent, harmless, basic topics will be misconstrued by people trying to deconstruct things down to the sub-atomic level and entirely miss the point ... Seriously. Keep peeling the onion and you get no onion. - Author: Vera Nazarian
Communication quotes by Vera Nazarian
#161. Language consists in equal parts of speaking and silence. - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Communication quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#162. Before we tackle the gangs and the basic story, we have to make sure that we have liberated ourselves from how we have been educated and make sure we are coming from a spirituality of our own choosing. - Author: Marshall B. Rosenberg
Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#163. Walking is nonverbal communication. Like I can tell if [she's] mad by her footsteps. Walking isn't as overt as other signals, like the way someone smells, their voice, their laugh, their facial expressions. Steps can be frivolous, but they're often distinct from person to person. Familiarity grows over time, slowly, inadvertently. I never tried to get to know her walk deliberately. This stuff happens unwittingly... Living with someone can't be simulated or rehearsed. It has to be experienced, in real time. There is no substitute for shared involvement, for creating actual memories. Like, I know how [she] blows her nose. I've never thought about it until now, but I do. I know the cadence, the rhythm. She does it in the same tempo every time. These observations - her footsteps, how she blows her nose - they're like little secrets. - Author: Iain Reid
Communication quotes by Iain Reid
#164. Evolution teaches us the original purpose of language was to ritualize men's threats and curses, his spells to compel the gods; communication came later. - Author: Gene Wolfe
Communication quotes by Gene Wolfe
#165. I am convinced more than ever that good communication and leadership are all about connecting. If you can connect with others at every level -one-on-one, in groups, and with an audience-your relationships are stronger, your sense of community improves, your ability to create teamwork increases, your influence increases, and your productivity skyrockets. - Author: John C. Maxwell
Communication quotes by John C. Maxwell
#166. If ... deceit is fundamental to animal communication, then there must be strong selection to spot deception and this ought, in turn, to select for a degree of self-deception, rendering some facts and motives unconscious so as not to betray - by the subtle signs of self-knowledge - the deception being practiced.' Thus, 'the conventional view that natural selection favors nervous systems which produce ever more accurate images of the world must be a very naive view of mental evolution. - Author: Robert Trivers
Communication quotes by Robert Trivers
#167. If man were relieved of all superstition, and all prejudice, and had replaced these with a keen sensitivity to his real environment, and moreover had achieved a level of communication so simplified that one syllable could express his every thought, then he would have achieved the level of intelligence already achieved by his dog. - Author: Robert Breault
Communication quotes by Robert Breault
#168. Communications requires study, preparation, and a special attention to truth, goodness and beauty. - Author: Pope Francis
Communication quotes by Pope Francis
#169. But I absolutely believe that architecture is a social activity that has to do with some sort of communication or places of interaction, and that to change the environment is to change behaviour. - Author: Thom Mayne
Communication quotes by Thom Mayne
#170. If you judge everything by how photographically real it looks, then you're missing out on a lot of what art is about and what communication is. There are ambiguities in life, and that should be reflected in art, cinema, and storytelling, I think. - Author: Ben Wheatley
Communication quotes by Ben Wheatley
#171. Whether it be the singing of a lamp or the voice of a storm, whether it be the breath of an evening or the groan of the ocean - whatever surrounds you, a broad melody always wakes behind you, woven out of a thousand voices, where there is room for your own solo only here and there. To know when you need to join in: that is the secret of your solitude: just as the art of true interactions with others is to let yourself fall away from high words into a single common melody. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
Communication quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#172. Wherever the title of streets and parks may rest, they have immemorially been held in trust for the use of the public and, time out of mind, have been used for purposes of assembly ... and discussing public question. Such use of the streets and public places has, from ancient times, been a part of the privileges, immunities, rights, liberties of citizens. The privilege of a citizen of the United States to use the streets and parks for communication of views on national questions may be regulated in the interest of all ... but it must not, in the guise of regulation, be abridged or denied. - Author: Jason Epstein
Communication quotes by Jason Epstein
#173. Has Westhaven taken to gossiping?"
"He has not, but like most men, you assume the only communications of significance pass between the males of the species. - Author: Grace Burrowes
Communication quotes by Grace Burrowes
#174. The high-quality communication is to bridge differences and encourage problem-solving. - Author: Pearl Zhu
Communication quotes by Pearl Zhu
#175. Canada's a huge country, so to be able to unite the country through communication satellite technology or to be able to observe it through remote sensing technology from space is a natural fit for a country like Canada. - Author: Marc Garneau
Communication quotes by Marc Garneau
#176. Women from earliest times have been used as conveniences of communication with unseen, inaccessible powers, but always in the sense that such exposing of self to dangerous mysteries, such destruction of the understanding as was required to become the slave of unseen powers, did not matter because the communicant was only a woman, in herself an undetermined cipher - a nothing. - Author: Laura Riding
Communication quotes by Laura Riding
#177. Fair value and change are therefore two sides of the same coin; the more ways in which a security can lose value from a future market move, the less it should rationally be worth today, and hence the mantra: more risk, more return. This difference between the quant's view of value as an average versus the trader's need to worry about any change makes this kind of professional cross-communication difficult. Tour - Author: Emanuel Derman
Communication quotes by Emanuel Derman
#178. Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. - Author: Yehuda Berg
Communication quotes by Yehuda Berg
#179. The planet has a kind of intelligence, it can actually open a channel of communication with an individual human being. The message that nature sends is, transform your language through a synergy between electronic culture and the psychedelic imagination, a synergy between dance and idea, a synergy between understanding and intuition, and dissolve the boundaries that your culture has sanctioned between you, to become part of this Gaian supermind - Author: Terence McKenna
Communication quotes by Terence McKenna
#180. Are all of us the same, I wonder, navigating our lives by interpreting the silences between words spoken, analysing the returning echoes of our memory in order to chart the terrain, in order to make sense of the world around us? - Author: Tan Twan Eng
Communication quotes by Tan Twan Eng
#181. Money is a symbol of that life force, of its appreciation. Money can be a solidified form of love. Through the transfer of money, we facilitate love and communication with other humans. It offers us a simple system of providing for and loving and nurturing ourselves, and it is one way of expressing generosity and kindness for the less fortunate. - Author: Stuart Wilde
Communication quotes by Stuart Wilde
#182. Our species has discovered a way to communicate through the dark, to transcend immense distances. No means of communication is faster or cheaper or reaches out farther. It's called radio. - Author: Carl Sagan
Communication quotes by Carl Sagan
#183. You cannot raise a man up by calling him down. - Author: William J.H. Boetcker
Communication quotes by William J.H. Boetcker
#184. The flute is traditionally the property of the male side of matrilineal hunter-gatherer societies and was used as a means of communication and personal expression. - Author: R. Carlos Nakai
Communication quotes by R. Carlos Nakai
#185. I am a citizen of the Soviet Union and I think sharp measures need to be taken against anti-Soviet forces that are trying to make their way into the leadership. In addition, it is vitally important to maintain the lines of communication with Germany through Poland. - Author: Konstantin Rokossovsky
Communication quotes by Konstantin Rokossovsky
#186. Simple and to the point is always the best way to get your point across. - Author: Guy Kawasaki
Communication quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#187. Five minutes of communication can save a year's worth of turmoil and misunderstanding. - Author: Joyce Meyer
Communication quotes by Joyce Meyer
#188. We couldn't trust them. They couldn't trust us. Mutual attempts at destruction are the only logical result. He thought of human dreams - both Old Empire and new - of contacting some extra-terrestrial intelligence such as nobody had ever truly encountered. Why? Why would we ever want to? We'd never be able to communicate, and even if we could, we'd still be those same two prisoners forced to trust - and risk - or to damn the other in trying to save slightly more of our own hides. - Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky
Communication quotes by Adrian Tchaikovsky
#189. A man's power to connect his thought with its proper symbol, and so to utter it, depends on the simplicity of his character, that is, upon his love of truth, and his desire to communicate it without loss. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Communication quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#190. We're moving into an era when things are dematerialised and much more holographic. Floating above the physical world and the geographic map, there's another landscape that's constantly changing - something like a cloud - of communication, information, exchange and commerce. - Author: Doug Aitken
Communication quotes by Doug Aitken
#191. Genuine collaboration is an environment that promotes communication, learning, maximum contribution, and innovation. - Author: Jane Ripley
Communication quotes by Jane Ripley
#192. Sometimes, God doesn't send you into a battle to win it; he sends you to end it. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Communication quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#193. Our most tragic error may have been our inability to establish a rapport and a confidence with the press and television with the communication media. I don't think the press has understood me. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
Communication quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#194. Overcommunicate. It's better to tell someone something they already know than to not tell them something they needed to hear. - Author: Alex Irvine
Communication quotes by Alex Irvine
#195. When people are overwhelmed with information and develop immunity to traditional forms of communication, they turn instead for advice and information to the people in their lives whom they respect, admire, and trust. The cure for immunity is finding Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Communication quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#196. I know well the coequal role of the Congress in our constitutional process. I love the House of Representatives. I revere the traditions of the Senate despite my too-short internship in that great body. As President, within the limits of basic principles, my motto toward the Congress is communication, conciliation, compromise, and cooperation. - Author: Gerald R. Ford
Communication quotes by Gerald R. Ford
#197. So what do you want? Does what happens inside show on the outside? There is such a great fire in one's soul, and yet nobody ever comes to warm themselves there, and passersby see nothing but a little smoke coming from the top of the chimney, and go on their way. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Communication quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#198. Everything which bars freedom and fullness of communication sets up barriers that divide human beings into sets and cliques, into antagonistic sects and factions, and thereby undermines the democratic way of life. - Author: John Dewey
Communication quotes by John Dewey
#199. Human communication and literature are all made of words; thus, it's hard to overestimate their unbelievable power. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Communication quotes by Sahara Sanders
#200. If you have nothing to say, say nothing. - Author: Mark Twain
Communication quotes by Mark Twain

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