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#1. The streets of New York and some wards of its venerable institutions were packed with people who, despite being entirely forsaken, had episodes of glory that made the career of Alexander the Great seem like a day in the life of a file clerk. - Author: Mark Helprin
New York quotes by Mark Helprin
#2. I suspect that LaGuardia is an elaborate prank, and New York has a real airport nearby that only locals know about. - Author: Dave Barry
New York quotes by Dave Barry
#3. My plan for 'The New York Times,' if I get the deal, will be putting the paper on every newsstand across the country and making 'The Times' accessible to every Chinese household. China is such a big market and is too big to miss. - Author: Chen Guangbiao
New York quotes by Chen Guangbiao
#4. I teach a non-fiction writing class at New York University, and one of my great pleasures is deciding on the syllabus. - Author: Susan Orlean
New York quotes by Susan Orlean
#5. There was a telemarketing job one summer in high school that I was rejected for. I still walk by the building that I actually had the interview in. It's still in New York, and I always think about that job and why I didn't get it. - Author: Noah Baumbach
New York quotes by Noah Baumbach
#6. Whenever people cried themselves to sleep, the tears would all go to the same place, and in the morning the weatherman could report if the water level of the Reservoir of Tears had gone up or down, and you could know if New York was in heavy boots. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
New York quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#7. We have a culture in Freeport, especially in our football department. We feel that we're the best team on Long Island, in New York, hands down. - Author: D'Brickashaw Ferguson
New York quotes by D'Brickashaw Ferguson
#8. Be courageous: be still. - Author: Gina Greenlee
New York quotes by Gina Greenlee
#9. I began auditioning for acting jobs at the ripe old age of 12. Thirty years later, including a 15-year run on television, I sometimes just get offers for work. Often, however, I am still required to run pell-mell around Los Angeles or New York, interviewing for film and TV jobs. - Author: Diane Farr
New York quotes by Diane Farr
#10. New York always brings out the serial killer in me. It's a great city to kill in. The best. You've got something like fifteen million people living cheek by jowl, and most of them couldn't give a damn about anyone else. No one wants to get involved. No one cares. - Author: Stephen Leather
New York quotes by Stephen Leather
#11. You meet a lot of people in New York who are different than you, and have different stories, so I see everyone as super individual. - Author: Frankie Cosmos
New York quotes by Frankie Cosmos
#12. Living in New York, you get a lot of confidence; when I go back to Michigan, I realise how obnoxious and demanding and straightforward I am. - Author: Angel Haze
New York quotes by Angel Haze
#13. 'Damages' was cool. It brought me back to New York for a little while, so that was a lot of fun, and I was obviously very excited about the opportunity to work with Rose Byrne and Glenn Close. I'd been a fan of that show before I started working on it. - Author: Bailey Chase
New York quotes by Bailey Chase
#14. I got a cable from New York saying that what I'd written about the growth of Soviet agricultural production didn't make sense because the same levels were reached under the czars. I wanted to confirm it, but by then the censors were on to me. - Author: Harrison Salisbury
New York quotes by Harrison Salisbury
#15. New York is a fabled city, a fabulous city. - Author: Italo Calvino
New York quotes by Italo Calvino
#16. The original meaning of dilapidate (from the Latin dilapidare, to squander) was to allow a building to fall into a state of disrepair. In New York dilapidators are simply known as landlords. also - Author: Ammon Shea
New York quotes by Ammon Shea
#17. I've lived my entire life in New York, and it informs everything. - Author: Stephen Adly Guirgis
New York quotes by Stephen Adly Guirgis
#18. Diving in IS testing the water. - Author: Gina Greenlee
New York quotes by Gina Greenlee
#19. I hear Raleigh's new accounting business isn't doing well. Maybe up in New York or somewhere it's a good thing, but in Jackson, Mississippi, people just don't care to do business with a rude, condescending asshole. - Author: Kathryn Stockett
New York quotes by Kathryn Stockett
#20. I got my start in the 'New York Times' because I used to read Stuart Elliot, the advertising columns. I still do. And I read him so religiously, I wanted to work for him before I died. - Author: Andrew Ross Sorkin
New York quotes by Andrew Ross Sorkin
#21. Dana daydreamed of one day being able to set her agenda at B.Altman with the same courage and tenacity as the woman who was now driving the VW while speaking animatedly about her travel plans for the near future. She would be journeying to India in search of exotic merchandise for the store's Indian extravaganza, a lavish event planned by Ira Neimark and Dawn Mello to compete with Bloomingdale's Retailing as Theater movement. The movement was the brainchild of Bloomingdale's Marvin Traub, who staged elaborate presentations such as China: Heralding the Dawn of a New Era. Typical extravaganzas featured fashion, clothing, food, and art from various regions of the world.
"I'll bring back enough items to make Bloomingdale's blush!" Nina said confidently. "And I'm not just talking sweaters, hats, and walking sticks. I'll stop first in the Himalayas and prowl the Landour Bazaar."
Lynn Steward ~ A Very Good Life - Author: Lynn Steward
New York quotes by Lynn Steward
#22. She passed her New York Reviews on to Troy without giving them a glance; she told him she thought there was something perverted about book reviews that were longer than the books they were reviewing. - Author: Anne Tyler
New York quotes by Anne Tyler
#23. I live in New York, but I still get the village gossip. My apartment is a crash pad for so many Singaporean cousins and friends. - Author: Kevin Kwan
New York quotes by Kevin Kwan
#24. But I try not to become preoccupied with that because with whatever direction I follow, with whatever advice I've followed or not followed, It's landed me in New York, in a very beautiful hotel, talking to people about something that I love. So I ain't that far off. - Author: Eriq La Salle
New York quotes by Eriq La Salle
#25. Oh no. I split my time between Paris and New York. They're the only places to really live. - Author: Naomi Wood
New York quotes by Naomi Wood
#26. I don't care how much money he (Frank Viola) makes. He can have my locker, I'll take him to all the best restaurants and show him New York. He can even have my wife, but he can't have my number, no way. - Author: Dwight Gooden
New York quotes by Dwight Gooden
#27. I live in New York, and I love New York as well, but I think Los Angeles is a place where if you have the right person with you, there are all these little worlds that you would never guess by just looking at the exterior of what the city is. - Author: Greta Gerwig
New York quotes by Greta Gerwig
#28. As the current U.S.-Israel assault raged, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman explained that Israel's tactics in the current attack, as in its invasion of Lebanon in 2006, are based on the sound principle of "trying to 'educate' Hamas, by inflicting a heavy death toll on Hamas militants and heavy pain on the Gaza population." That makes sense on pragmatic grounds, as it did in Lebanon, where "the only long-term source of deterrence was to exact enough pain on the civilians - the families and employers of the militants - to restrain Hezbollah in the future."10 And by similar logic, bin Laden's effort to "educate" Americans on 9/11 was highly praiseworthy, as were the Nazi attacks on Lidice and Oradour, Putin's destruction of Grozny, and other notable educational exercises. - Author: Noam Chomsky
New York quotes by Noam Chomsky
#29. I sometimes look at the careers of other ... I guess I could call them contemporaries or maybe close artists; you know, the 4 or 5 guys who go to New York City and get a loft and work together and use each other as models and that sort of thing and wait for years and years to get married. Maybe I just wasn't that definite. - Author: Mike Royer
New York quotes by Mike Royer
#30. I once drove a pair of horses from New York to Vicksburg, and to this day I can almost map out that country as I saw it then, with its hills and valleys, villages and rivers. Yes, I naturally attribute something of my success in railroad building to the interest I take in such things. - Author: Collis Potter Huntington
New York quotes by Collis Potter Huntington
#31. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz opened up a new line of attack on Donald Trump, targeting his involvement in Trump University, a for-profit, non-licensed now defunct institution which triggered lawsuits from individuals who claimed they were defrauded by him, as well as a suit alleging fraud from New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman. - Author: Chris Hayes
New York quotes by Chris Hayes
#32. I like New York in the spring and in the fall. It's one of the best cities to walk that I've ever been in. - Author: Terry O'Quinn
New York quotes by Terry O'Quinn
#33. I bike around New York City as a way of getting everywhere I need to go. - Author: Lela Rose
New York quotes by Lela Rose
#34. I did a film called Dracula and it was very nice because I had lots of trips to New York on Concorde. - Author: Julie Harris
New York quotes by Julie Harris
#35. But every Sunday morning, in the clear blue sky before the church of St Stephen, the good Lord hovers above the town, invisible and merciful, righteous and terrible, ever present and everywhere the same, be it in Sárszeg or in Budapest, in Paris or New York. - Author: Dezso Kosztolanyi
New York quotes by Dezso Kosztolanyi
#36. With the spirit of my administration, New York City is poised for dramatic change. The era of fear has had a long enough reign. - Author: Rudy Giuliani
New York quotes by Rudy Giuliani
#37. My dad has always been very proud of me but I think I have exceeded his expectations. When I told him I wanted to be an actor and moved to New York City, I think he assumed I would be playing the guitar on the subway and collecting spare change in my guitar case. The fact that I'm not doing that means that I'm a huge success. - Author: Jesse Tyler Ferguson
New York quotes by Jesse Tyler Ferguson
#38. Once 9/11 happened, people who looked like me and whose children looked like us and whose husbands looked of a community, really were made to feel quite the other, and I thought that was impossible in a city like New York but I myself was witness to that. - Author: Mira Nair
New York quotes by Mira Nair
#39. New York doesn't care who you are or where you came from. - Author: Roselyn Sanchez
New York quotes by Roselyn Sanchez
#40. I like it here in New York. I like the idea of having to keep eyes in the back of your head all the time. - Author: John Cale
New York quotes by John Cale
#41. In New York the sky is bluer, and the grass is greener, and the girls are prettier, and the steaks are thicker, and the buildings are higher, and the streets are wider, and the air is finer, than the sky, or the grass, or the girls, or the steaks, or the air of any place else in the world. - Author: Edna Ferber
New York quotes by Edna Ferber
#42. You don't have to be successful on a grand scale like winning a talent competition or writing a New York Times bestseller - if you have enough small things that you can be successful at then eventually they outshine all your failures. - Author: Lindsey Rietzsch
New York quotes by Lindsey Rietzsch
#43. Those who know New York City primarily through tourism or mass culture may think of us natives as possessing certain shared characteristics, not all of them flattering. But the true, volatile charisma of New York lies in how balkanised it is. - Author: Jonathan Dee
New York quotes by Jonathan Dee
#44. If you're not in New York, you're camping out. - Author: Thomas Dewey
New York quotes by Thomas Dewey
#45. Now That I Am in Madrid I Can Think "

I think of you
and the continents brilliant and arid
and the slender heart you are sharing my share of with the American air
as the lungs I have felt sonorously subside slowly greet each morning
and your brown lashes flutter revealing two perfect dawns colored by New York

see a vast bridge stetching to the humbled outskirts with only you
Standing on the edge of the purple like an only tree
and in Toledo the olive groves' soft blue look at the hills with silver
like glasses like an old ladies hair
It's well known that God and I don't get along together
It's just a view of the brass works for me, I don't care about the Moors
seen through you the great works of death, you are greater

you are smiling, you are emptying the world so we can be alone together. - Author: Frank O'Hara
New York quotes by Frank O'Hara
#46. Fang and I searched in every way we could think of and found a million institutes of one kind or another, in Manhattan and throughout New York state, but none of them seemed promising. My favorite? The Institute for Realizing Your Pet's Inner Potential. Anyone who can explain that to me, drop a line. - Author: James Patterson
New York quotes by James Patterson
#47. You ever try to leave New York? I did once. I lasted about a year. - Author: Stacy Schiff
New York quotes by Stacy Schiff
#48. I was raised in California, so this whole New York winter thing is completely new for me. I've already justified buying seven coats! - Author: Blake Lively
New York quotes by Blake Lively
#49. I think of my father growing up in South Jersey, the son of second-generation German immigrant glassblowers. The opportunities for him of feeling that aspiration, that yearning, get out of the small town, connect to a larger world, get yourself to New York, wanting to play the piano at every opportunity, bonding with people who were on a similar path, ending up in Provincetown, which was kind of nexus for nonconformity, and artistic dropout reality. - Author: Anne Waldman
New York quotes by Anne Waldman
#50. A year earlier my parents had moved us out of the city to a split-level on Long Island, their idea of the American dream, which meant it as now an hour-and-a-half commute via the 7:06 Hicksville to Penn Station every morning. (Dark City Lights) - Author: Jonathan Santlofer
New York quotes by Jonathan Santlofer
#51. The best thing about New York is working late into the night. At 1 in the morning on a Saturday, to be still working, there's an immense satisfaction in being enclosed by it. - Author: Colm Toibin
New York quotes by Colm Toibin
#52. These endless legal challenges that define elections in New York are a joke in this country, and they are the reason why it is so expensive, or one of the reasons, it's so expensive to run here and why so many people decide not to run. - Author: Michael Bloomberg
New York quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#53. Any New York group can come to L.A. and sell out every show, but an L.A. group who goes to New York might not do the same because the audience hasn't been introduced to the group. - Author: Ice-T
New York quotes by Ice-T
#54. Well the thing is that the New York of 1846 to 1862 was very different from downtown New York now. Really nothing from that period still exists in New York. - Author: Martin Scorsese
New York quotes by Martin Scorsese
#55. These were the new girls of New York- complete with rapid heartbeats from too much nicotine and coffee. They were nervous and fluttery but completely alluring- the new face of urban femininity. - Author: Elizabeth Winder
New York quotes by Elizabeth Winder
#56. I spend a lot of time writing in New York. - Author: Keren Ann
New York quotes by Keren Ann
#57. Early in the 1990s, I flew alone in a dandelion-yellow, single-engine, 180-horsepower Piper Cherokee from Westchester County Airport in New York westward to the Rocky Mountains, landing and refuelling a good many times in middle-sized cities and towns along the way. - Author: Cynthia Ozick
New York quotes by Cynthia Ozick
#58. New York is flat - it's ideal for bicycling. - Author: Bjarke Ingels
New York quotes by Bjarke Ingels
#59. I found myself fascinated by neuroscience, attended a monthly lecture on brain science at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, and was invited to become a member of a discussion group devoted to a new field: neuropsychoanalysis. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
New York quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#60. In New York, he tried in vain to forget her. The first few days were tinged with melancholy and regret and JT thought he would never recover. Anyway: recover why? And yet, with the passage of time, in his heart he understood that he'd gained much more than he'd lost. At least, he said to himself, I've met the woman of my dreams. Other people, most people, glimpse something in films, the shadow of great actresses, the gaze of true love. But I saw her in the flesh, heard her voice, saw her silhouetted against the endless pampa. I talked to her and she talked back. What do I have to complain about? - Author: Roberto Bolano
New York quotes by Roberto Bolano
#61. 'I think you ought to go to New York or Chicago or San Francisco or any city with character and vitality. You should go to work. This place is no good for you, Randy. The air is like soup and the people are like noodles. You're vegetating. I don't want a vegetable. I want a man.' - Lib McGovern - Author: Pat Frank
New York quotes by Pat Frank
#62. New York was an inexhaustible space, a labyrinth of endless steps, and no matter how far he walked, no matter how well he came to know its neighborhoods and streets, it always left him with the feeling of being lost. - Author: Paul Auster
New York quotes by Paul Auster
#63. New York is a city short on patience, cleanliness, clement weather, and citizens who hold faint opinions. It is not a city short of people trying to make a career of being famous, no matter what the opportunity. - Author: Libba Bray
New York quotes by Libba Bray
#64. It took me forever, learning improvisation, because I had studied with Lee Strasberg - I dropped out of Chicago and went to his classes in New York for a couple of years, once or twice a week. What I didn't realize was I was learning directing because he wasn't all that good about acting, not for me. - Author: Mike Nichols
New York quotes by Mike Nichols
#65. So what do they do? They start writing articles in the New York Daily News. Boy, that's a paper that loves to write crap on people, isn't it? Wanna talk about a paper that supports fascism! Man, I've seen more doctors hatcheted in there. The butchery they did on Emmanuel Revici, the butchery they did on Lawrence Burton, calling him nothing more
what was the quote the guy said? ... "Burton is nothing more than a horse doctor." Denigrating him, tearing down his character. - Author: Gary Null
New York quotes by Gary Null
#66. I won't be active in the day-to-day operations of the ball club at all. - Author: George Steinbrenner
New York quotes by George Steinbrenner
#67. In a way, Jersey really supports rock, maybe more than New York City and Long Island. I know plenty of bands that tour and do much better at Starland or other clubs in New Jersey than others in the tri-state area. - Author: Eddie Trunk
New York quotes by Eddie Trunk
#68. As a chef, I had started working with groups like Share Our Strength and various local food banks in New York, raising money for hunger-related issues. And not only me, but the entire restaurant industry has been very focused on this issue. - Author: Tom Colicchio
New York quotes by Tom Colicchio
#69. In New York, especially, so much of your life is spent on the streets. You don't always want to be driving around in an SUV with a security guard. You want to be able to walk to a restaurant; you want to go and do things. - Author: Megan Fox
New York quotes by Megan Fox
#70. I did a show called 'Wonderland' a few years back, and I was fortunate enough to spend a full-on two weeks - I'm talking 13-15 hours a day - with the doctors and patients at Bellevue in New York. That served me well for 'Durham County.' - Author: Michelle Forbes
New York quotes by Michelle Forbes
#71. nearby New York or distant Beijing, but whenever I was in town, I'd call to say I was on my way. Each time I'd arrive, she'd already have covered half the dining room table with the kind of items I only seemed to consume with her. They were a reflection of her more traditional fare from the old world - hard-boiled eggs, pickled cucumbers, herring in brine, black bread and cream cheese. We'd supplement this with ethnic staples - Author: Leon Berger
New York quotes by Leon Berger
#72. We recently had a referendum in New York about extending the forest preserve. The city voted for it by a large majority; yet as I walk the streets I do not see afforestation written with conviction on the harried faces of my fellow citizens. - Author: Learned Hand
New York quotes by Learned Hand
#73. After each performance of an Austin Shakespeare production, audiences are invited to stay for a ten-minute discussion of the work. And this tradition continues in our New York run. - Author: Jeff Britting
New York quotes by Jeff Britting
#74. New York!" he said. "That's not a place, it's a dream. - Author: Ralph Ellison
New York quotes by Ralph Ellison
#75. NEW YORK Climate change is likely to exact enormous costs on U.S. regional economies in the form of lost property, reduced industrial output and more deaths, according to a report backed by three men with vast business experience. The report, released Tuesday, is designed to persuade businesses to factor in the cost of climate change in their long-term decisions and to push for reductions in emissions blamed for heating the planet. It was commissioned by the Risky Business Project, which describes itself as nonpartisan and is chaired by former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, former Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and Thomas F. Steyer, a former Bay Area hedge fund manager. - Author: Anonymous
New York quotes by Anonymous
#76. At New York City's Rose Center of Earth and Space, we display a timeline spiral of the Universe that begins at the Big Bang and unfolds 13.8 billion years. Uncurled, it's the length of a football field. Every step you take spans 50 million years. You get to the end of the ramp, and you ask, where are we? Where is the history of our human species? The entire period of time, from a trillion seconds ago to today, from graffiti-prone cave dwellers until now, occupies only the thickness of a single strand of human hair, which we have mounted at the end of that timeline. You think we live long lives, you think civilizations last a long time, but not from the view of the cosmos itself. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
New York quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#77. I come from nowhere Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These days Williamsburg is kind of a hip area, but when I grew up there, the taxi drivers wouldn't even go over the bridge, it was so dangerous. - Author: Barry Manilow
New York quotes by Barry Manilow
#78. You can learn more about human nature by reading the Bible than by living in New York. - Author: William Lyon Phelps
New York quotes by William Lyon Phelps
#79. The lusts of the flesh can be gratified anywhere; it is not this sort of license that distinguishes New York. It is rather, a lust of the total ego for recognition, even for eminence. More than elsewhere, everybody here wants to be somebody. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
New York quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#80. I have every confidence that you'll find a way to end my life before I stain the world with evil."
Rebellion in those eyes. "We die," she said, "we die together. That's the deal."
He thought about his final thoughts as he'd fallen with her in New York, her body broken in his arms, her voice less than a whisper in his mind. He hadn't considered holding onto his eternity for a second, had chosen to die with her, with his hunter. That she would choose to do the same ... His hands clenched. "We die," he repeated, "we die
A moment of utter silence, the sense of something being locked into place. - Author: Nalini Singh
New York quotes by Nalini Singh
#81. New York has got this sort of wonderful romantic idea of the South. - Author: Josh Lucas
New York quotes by Josh Lucas
#82. Delta's plan to upgrade JFK facilities will improve our customers' travel experience and make it more efficient and enjoyable to travel through one of the world's premier international gateways. Our customers should make no mistake that Delta is committed to New York and that this summer's expansion at JFK is an important step in offering enhanced service to customers in most every direction we serve from New York City. - Author: Jim Whitehurst
New York quotes by Jim Whitehurst
#83. If 'The New York Times' says it, it must be true. - Author: Bob Newhart
New York quotes by Bob Newhart
#84. I had a wonderful and very successful career in New York and had the privilege of working with some of the best editors and publishers in the business. - Author: Teresa Medeiros
New York quotes by Teresa Medeiros
#85. I also have a soft spot for spicy chicken wings. They are always best eaten at dives and sports bars, like Wogie's in the West Village, New York City, near my house. - Author: Gail Simmons
New York quotes by Gail Simmons
#86. We got lots of secrets, Will. You Apollo guys can't have all the fun. Our campers have been excavating the tunnel system under Cabin Nine for almost a century. We still haven't found the end. Anyway, Leo, if you don't mind sleeping in a dead man's bed, it's yours-Jake
Suddenly Leo didn't feel like kicking back. He sat up, careful not to touch any of the buttons. The counselor who died-this was his bed-Leo
Yeah. Charles Beckendorf-Jake
Leo imagined saw blades coming through the mattress, or maybe a grenade sewn inside the pillows. He didn't, like, die IN this bed, did he-Leo
No. In the Titan War, last summer-Jake
The Titan War, which has NOTHING to do with this very fine bed-Leo
"The Titans," Will said, like Leo was an idiot. The big powerful guys that ruled the world before the gods. They tried to make a comeback last summer. Their leader, Kronos, built a new palace on top of Mount Tam in California. Their armies came to New York and almost destoyed Mount Olympus. A lot of demigods died trying to stop them-Will
I'm guessing this wasn't on the news-Leo
It seemed like a fair question, but Will shook his head in disbelief. You didn't hear about Mount St. Helens erupting, or the freak storms across the country, or that building collapsing in St Louis-Will
Leo shrugged. Last summer, he'd been on the run from another foster home. Then a truancy officer caught him in New Mexico, and the court sentenced him to the nearest correction fac - Author: Rick Riordan
New York quotes by Rick Riordan
#87. Many years from now when your children ask what New York City was like just after 9/11, this will be the book you give them in response. It's an exquisite novel full of heart, soul, passion and intelligence, and it's the one this great New York author was born to write. - Author: Lee Child
New York quotes by Lee Child
#88. got that dark, second-day stubble that gives him just the right amount of ruggedness. He looks like a perfect combination of a New York intellectual and a sexy Bear Grylls. - Author: R.S. Grey
New York quotes by R.S. Grey
#89. I have been a journalist, off and on, since I was 17. I was a copy boy for the 'New York Times,' when it had an edition in Paris, in 1963. I sold the paper in the streets by day and tore wire copy off the tele-printer for the editors making up the edition by night. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
New York quotes by Michael Ignatieff
#90. Chapter 1.
He adored New York City. He idolized it all out of, make that: he - he romanticized it all out of proportion. Yeah. To him, no matter what the season was, this was still a town that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great tunes of George Gershwin.'

Uh, no let me start this over.

'Chapter 1.
He was too romantic about Manhattan, as he was about everything else. He thrived on the hustle bustle of the crowds and the traffic. To him, New York meant beautiful women and street-smart guys who seemed to know all the angles...'.

Ah, corny, too corny for my taste. Can we ... can we try and make it more profound?

'Chapter 1.
He adored New York City. For him, it was a metaphor for the decay of contemporary culture. The same lack of individual integrity that caused so many people to take the easy way out was rapidly turning the town of his dreams in...'

No, that's going to be too preachy. I mean, you know, let's face it, I want to sell some books here.

'Chapter 1.
He adored New York City, although to him it was a metaphor for the decay of contemporary culture. How hard it was to exist in a society desensitized by drugs, loud music, television, crime, garbage...'

Too angry, I don't want to be angry.

'Chapter 1.
He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behind his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat.'Author: Woody Allen
New York quotes by Woody Allen
#91. As always, I wonder if I'll get through the winter. Then when winter is over, I wonder about the summer. But that's because the system decided which author shall be commercially successful. As I said, the most vicious of them all is The New York Times, because it pretends to be literary and impartial, and it's really this opinionated, myopic, stupid giant of incompetence. - Author: James Purdy
New York quotes by James Purdy
#92. Misty Copeland is making history. During American Ballet Theatre's current season at the Metropolitan Opera House, Copeland will alight on that storied Lincoln Center stage, making her New York debut as the Swan Queen in the iconic masterpiece Swan Lake - a crowning achievement for any dancer, regardless of the color of her skin. - Author: Heather Watts
New York quotes by Heather Watts
#93. There is an energy in New York that is like nowhere else I've been, and I feel free there, and that is inspiring. - Author: Erin Willett
New York quotes by Erin Willett
#94. New York City is the most important location in the world ... it is the center for fashion, culture and finance. - Author: Jared Kushner
New York quotes by Jared Kushner
#95. I've lived in New York all my life, and we went to the Mormon Pageant each year in upstate New York. It still is a wonderful production. I remember going and seeing the performance and listening to the music. My father had Mormon Tabernacle Choir music, and we would listen to it and sing with it. - Author: Renee Fleming
New York quotes by Renee Fleming
#96. I had a deliberate plan to get into movies by becoming a model, so I went to New York and got a job pretending to be a mannequin in store windows. - Author: Geena Davis
New York quotes by Geena Davis
#97. I love New York. It just reminds me of so many movies ... I look up at buildings, and feel like Godzilla should be climbing up them or something. - Author: Liam Hemsworth
New York quotes by Liam Hemsworth
#98. Flexibility. Oh, that's pretty clearly saying that what Donald Trump said to The New York Times is very different than what he's saying to the American people. He is not the real deal. He is a phony. - Author: Mitt Romney
New York quotes by Mitt Romney
#99. I definitely had to do some soul searching, and there would be a lot of times where I would sit back and look at the Internet and say to myself, 'This is a way of being able to communicate with all my fans all over the world, other than just being in New York and only hearing the New York side of things.' - Author: Raekwon
New York quotes by Raekwon
#100. The New York Times must write from the position of highest authority, like the voice of an overlord and colonial master, which it cannot if the matter is discussed on foreign terms. - Author: Thorsten J. Pattberg
New York quotes by Thorsten J. Pattberg
#101. I read the New York Times, and if I'm in a different city, I'll skim that paper. - Author: David Cross
New York quotes by David Cross
#102. I lived in New York for 10 years, and every New Yorker sees a shrink. - Author: Meg Rosoff
New York quotes by Meg Rosoff
#103. In New York, I much prefer playing older because as characters get older, they get more interesting. - Author: Danny Pintauro
New York quotes by Danny Pintauro
#104. You're it for me, Banner. The one. I'd given up on finding the perfect woman for me, but you showed me I hadn't been looking in the right place. Who knew I had to go all the way to New York City? - Author: Meghan March
New York quotes by Meghan March
#105. Here in New York, we're media obsessed. Writers write about writers who write about writers and reporters and freelancers, and it's just a festival of information. We're all analyzing and examining and predicting, and I can't imagine that it's like that everywhere else. - Author: Lauren Weisberger
New York quotes by Lauren Weisberger
#106. After 'The Sisters Brothers,' I tried to write a contemporary story dealing with an investment adviser in New York City who moves to Paris. I did all this research, but after about a year and any number of pages written, I was bored stiff. - Author: Patrick DeWitt
New York quotes by Patrick DeWitt
#107. She was beautiful and lithe, with soft skin the color of bread and eyes like green almonds, and she had straight black hair that reached to her shoulders, and an aura of antiquity that could just as well have been Indonesian as Andean. She was dressed with subtle taste: a lynx jacket, a raw silk blouse with very delicate flowers, natural linen trousers, and shoes with a narrow stripe the color of bougainvillea. 'This is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen,' I thought, when I saw her pass by with the stealthy stride of a lioness, while I waited in the check-in line at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris for the plane to New York. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
New York quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#108. Politicians, you know Harry Reid hates you. We get it. But when somebody from "The New York Times" or "The Washington Post" is saying this stuff, that's different, that's offensive, that's wrong. - Author: Greg Gutfeld
New York quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#109. We had three cows and a goat. People from New York and L.A. are like, 'Oh my gosh, that's a farm!' But people in Tennessee are like, 'That's not a farm.' I've never milked a cow or anything like that. - Author: Kelsea Ballerini
New York quotes by Kelsea Ballerini
#110. The same group of New York pseudo-intellectuals who've put down prayer are the same ones who put down L.A. - Author: Marianne Williamson
New York quotes by Marianne Williamson
#111. I grew up in New York, I love New York. - Author: Caroline Kennedy
New York quotes by Caroline Kennedy
#112. I actually came to New York because it was very tolerant. You know, it seems preposterous, ludicrous thing to say in an interview, but I came for the anonymity particularly. - Author: Deborah Eisenberg
New York quotes by Deborah Eisenberg
#113. When life hands you lemons, why stop at lemonade? Create an entire product line. - Author: Gina Greenlee
New York quotes by Gina Greenlee
#114. I didn't make 'The New York Times' bestseller list until 'Charmed Thirds,' and then again for 'Fourth Comings.' It gave me a certain validation, and it certainly helps position me for future books, but it's not something I think about on a daily basis. - Author: Megan McCafferty
New York quotes by Megan McCafferty
#115. The people in New York have no idea what they're doing. - Author: Larry Bowa
New York quotes by Larry Bowa
#116. The ocean swells around us. Sometimes, we are in a bowl of water and sometimes on the top of the lip. The horizon curves.
We are sitting on top of the world.
In theory, anyone is on the top of their world at every moment, given that the Earth is truly round. But, it's hard to see that in a subway under New York City and completely obvious out here. - Author: Lexis De Rothschild
New York quotes by Lexis De Rothschild
#117. Mark Twain, the thinking man's Colonel Sanders, reputedly said, America is New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco. Everywhere else is Cleveland. - Author: Russell Brand
New York quotes by Russell Brand
#118. In a fashion similar to the leftist occupiers on Wall Street, their antics would be the target of rabid moral indignation on the front pages of the New York times and Washington Post and on the lead stories of every cable news show. - Author: Jamie Glazov
New York quotes by Jamie Glazov
#119. When you're a chef, you graze. You never get a chance to sit down and eat. They don't actually sit down and eat before you cook. So when I finish work, the first thing I'll do, and especially when I'm in New York, I'll go for a run. And I'll run 10 or 15k on my - and I run to gain my appetite. - Author: Gordon Ramsay
New York quotes by Gordon Ramsay
#120. (About her first job as a fashion model in New York...) It was mostly hats. I was too short and my breasts were too big, so any fantasies I had about modeling in New York literally went to my head. I wore hats. - Author: Donna J. Stone
New York quotes by Donna J. Stone
#121. I want to retire in New York, let's be quite frank. I think a lot of people jumped the gun when I said I wanted to be a free agent. And yeah, I want people to come to play in New York. I want them to want to play in New York. I want New York to be that place where guys want to come play. - Author: Carmelo Anthony
New York quotes by Carmelo Anthony
#122. The stories we read in books, what's presented to us as being interesting - they have very little to do with real life as it's lived today. I'm not talking about straight-up escapism, your vampires, serial killers, codes hidden in paintings, and so on. I mean so-called serious literature. A boy goes hunting with his emotionally volatile father, a bereaved woman befriends an asylum seeker, a composer with a rare neurological disorder walks around New York, thinking about the nature of art. People looking back over their lives, people having revelations, people discovering meaning. Meaning, that's the big thing. The way these books have it, you trip over a rock you'll find some hidden meaning waiting there. Everyone's constantly on the verge of some soul-shaking transformation. And it's - if you'll forgive my language - it's bullshit. Modern people live in a state of distraction. They go from one distraction to the next, and that's how they like it. They don't transform, they don't stop to smell the roses, they don't sit around recollecting long passages of their childhood - Jesus, I can hardly remember what I was doing two days ago. My point is, people aren't waiting to be restored to some ineffable moment. They're not looking for meaning. That whole idea of the novel - that's finished. - Author: Paul Murray
New York quotes by Paul Murray
#123. I was as happy doing theater in New York for little or no money as I am now doing television for more money. The happiness, I guess, comes out of it being a good job. The success has to do with the fact that it's a good job that will continue. - Author: David Hyde Pierce
New York quotes by David Hyde Pierce
#124. Since it was too difficult to get into the Screen Actor's Guild in New York, I moved to Miami in 1982 and started a successful career as a television commercial actress, obtaining my SAG card there. - Author: Donna Rice
New York quotes by Donna Rice
#125. Freud, who spoke German, used the term zwangsneurose (obsessional neurosis). The word zwang was translated as 'obsession' in London, but 'compulsion' in New York. Faced with confusion, scientists introduced the hybrid term 'obsessive-compulsive', a label subsequently given to millions of people, as a compromise. - Author: David Adam
New York quotes by David Adam
#126. Fancy a novel about Chicago or Buffalo, let us say, or Nashville, Tennessee! There are just three big cities in the United States that are 'story cities'- New York, of course, New Orleans, and, best of the lot, San Francisco. - Author: Frank Norris
New York quotes by Frank Norris
#127. When I was five and Sarah seven, my mother went on a trip. She was gone from our home in Rochester, New York, for several days. But she was often gone - not always from the house but missing from our lives nonetheless. Then one day Sarah and I returned from school to find her standing at the door, a piñata in her hand, smiling her spellbinding, I-am-overjoyed-at-the-sight-of-you smile. Now when I imagine that scene, my mind's eye puts a sombrero on her head, but I doubt she was wearing one. She had just come home from a trip to Juarez, Mexico, where she had obtained a quickie divorce. She told us she was taking us to live in Florida. We had no idea where – or what – Florida was. "There will be oranges there," she said. "They're everywhere. You can reach up and pull them off the trees. - Author: Katie Hafner
New York quotes by Katie Hafner
#128. You can do what you like, sir, but I'll tell you this. New York is the true capital of America. Every New Yorker knows it, and by God, we always shall. - Author: Edward Rutherfurd
New York quotes by Edward Rutherfurd
#129. New York is very career-orientated and it's hard to take time off here, but that is great for building a business. - Author: Georgina Chapman
New York quotes by Georgina Chapman
#130. when you're the first in your family to go to college, you never truly feel like they've let you go. - Author: New York Times Staff
New York quotes by New York Times Staff
#131. The murderers of the three Bytyqi brothers, New York residents who were executed by Serbian Ministry of Interior personnel in 1999, have never been prosecuted. The U.S. government cannot accept that the murderers of three of its citizens go unpunished. - Author: Michael Kirby
New York quotes by Michael Kirby
#132. I fell in love with jazz when I was 12 years old from listening to Duke Ellington and hearing a lot of jazz in New York on the radio. - Author: Steve Lacy
New York quotes by Steve Lacy
#133. I had my boy in Boston on Easter Sunday. That kills me, from a sports perspective. He's a Boston baby and I'm a New York guy. - Author: Kevin James
New York quotes by Kevin James
#134. My ideal city is more like the city (New York and Paris come to mind, but it sort of applies to all) that existed up to and including the 1930s, when different classes lived all together in the same neighborhoods, and most businesses of any sort were mom-and-pop, and people and things had a local identity. - Author: Luc Sante
New York quotes by Luc Sante
#135. Kids aren't going to understand single life in New York City. - Author: Melissa Joan Hart
New York quotes by Melissa Joan Hart
#136. Why do you always rescue me?" - "Every Cinderella needs a fairy godmother. But sometimes your fairy godmother needs you right back. - Author: Holly Smale
New York quotes by Holly Smale
#137. I had my success too soon. Three books published with Scribner's in New York before I was 30. - Author: Morley Callaghan
New York quotes by Morley Callaghan
#138. My own career started in New York at the 'Associated Press', a fast-paced news agency where we rarely had time for deep reporting. - Author: Tom Rachman
New York quotes by Tom Rachman
#139. New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani fired his wife, Donna Hanover, as official hostess of the mayor's mansion last weekend. He's got his own idea of what a hostess should be. He wants a little cupcake. - Author: Argus Hamilton
New York quotes by Argus Hamilton
#140. Most cities are nouns. New York's a verb. - Author: John F. Kennedy
New York quotes by John F. Kennedy
#141. Life in New York can be so, I don't know, chaotic, overwhelming, busy, frantic, and often, seniors can easily get overlooked. - Author: Aaron Lazar
New York quotes by Aaron Lazar
#142. She had been half willing to sponge out what she had seen and heard, creep back to New York, and make him a memory. A memory of the three of them, Atticus, Jem, and her, when things were uncomplicated and people did not lie. - Author: Harper Lee
New York quotes by Harper Lee
#143. The first set I remember was 'Ghostbusters.' It was a scene in which the street erupted. I remember even at seven years old thinking, 'Wow, if you direct a movie, you can break the streets of New York.' - Author: Jason Reitman
New York quotes by Jason Reitman
#144. There are no available men in their thirties in New York. Giuliani had them removed along with the homeless. - Author: Cynthia Nixon
New York quotes by Cynthia Nixon
#145. Her parents and Seraphina were there to keep her company, as were Lord and Lady Westcliff, whom she and her siblings had always called "Uncle Marcus" and "Aunt Lillian."
Lord Westcliff's hunting estate, Stony Cross Park, was located in Hampshire, not far from Eversby Priory. The earl and his wife, who had originally been an American heiress from New York, had raised three sons and three daughters. Although Aunt Lillian had teasingly invited Phoebe to have her pick of any of her robust and handsome sons, Phoebe had answered- quite truthfully- that such a union would have felt positively incestuous. The Marsden and the Challons had spent too many family holidays together and had known each other for too long for any romantic sparks to fly between their offspring. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
New York quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#146. I begin to understand that failure is its own reward. It is in the effort to close the distance between the work imagined and the work achieved wherein it is to be found that the ceaseless labor is the freedom of play, that what's at stake isn't a reflection in the mirror of fame but the escape from the prison of the self. - Author: Lewis H. Lapham
New York quotes by Lewis H. Lapham
#147. I've seen the most remarkable thing. It's in the New York Public Library. They've got the original typescript of 'The Importance of Being Earnest' - all four acts of it. - Author: Peter Shaffer
New York quotes by Peter Shaffer
#148. People recognize me wherever I go, where it used to be just New York. I guess people who aren't even baseball fans watch the World Series. I was driving down the freeway in Los Angeles over the winter and a guy pulled up next to me and gave me the finger. - Author: Graig Nettles
New York quotes by Graig Nettles
#149. ... 'But Gold was not all. The other kings bring Frank Innocence and Mirth.' | Darcourt was startled, then delighted. 'That is very fine, Yerko; is it your own?' | 'No, it is in the story. I saw it in New York. The kings say, We bring you Gold, Frank Innocence, and Mirth.' | 'Sancta simplicitas,' said Darcourt, raising his eyes to mine. 'If only there were more Mirth in the message He has left to us. We miss it sadly, in the world we have made. And Frank Innocence. Oh, Yerko, you dear man.' ... - Author: Robertson Davies
New York quotes by Robertson Davies
#150. Besides, what gives me the entitlement," he says in a low authoritative voice," is when you said yes to going to New York with me, you, in effect said yes to me. I am a part of you now. As such, I am entitled to you. - Author: Adler
New York quotes by Adler
#151. [On New York City:] From a dating point of view, it's like a really large rummage sale - lots of strange items, but darned little that you'd want to take home. - Author: Mary Jo Putney
New York quotes by Mary Jo Putney
#152. Devo and The Cramps didn't get big until they went to New York City. Chrissie Hynde didn't get big until she moved to London. When I was growing up, there wasn't even a place to play - just one little bar. If we wanted to have a gig, then we had to drive 45 minutes up to Cleveland. - Author: Dan Auerbach
New York quotes by Dan Auerbach
#153. I have walked the streets of New York and the slums of Nowhere ... and I have loved them both. It wasn't the place but the people that made them perfect. - Author: Shelley K. Wall
New York quotes by Shelley K. Wall
#154. I grew up in Oregon, and then I lived in San Francisco and New York. - Author: Rachel Kushner
New York quotes by Rachel Kushner
#155. We just want to win. That's the bottom line. I think a lot of times people may become content with one championship or a little bit of success, but we don't really reflect on what we've done in the past. We focus on the present. - Author: Derek Jeter
New York quotes by Derek Jeter
#156. I swear to you, Zane. I thought what I was doing was right. I searched for you after I left New York. You were out of my reach. When Burns read me in, the only thing I could think of was that it was the only way of getting back to you. Being partnered with you full-time, being able ... being able to see you every day, to have you in my life. When he said you might need protecting, it was the only thing I heard. I swear to you. All I wanted from the day I left you in that hospital was you. To be back there with you. - Author: Abigail Roux
New York quotes by Abigail Roux
#157. Totem poles and wooden masks no longer suggest tribal villages but fashionable drawing rooms in New York and Paris. - Author: Mason Cooley
New York quotes by Mason Cooley
#158. After living and working in Milan and Paris, I arrived in New York City 20 years ago, and I saw both the joys and the hardships of daily life. On July 28, 2006, I was very proud to become a citizen of the United States - the greatest privilege on planet Earth. - Author: Melania Trump
New York quotes by Melania Trump
#159. I love New York. I can walk half a block and I'm at the grocery store. I don't have to drive anywhere. - Author: Camren Bicondova
New York quotes by Camren Bicondova
#160. I contemplated suicide. My main concern was that I would not make the New York Times obituary page. - Author: Art Buchwald
New York quotes by Art Buchwald
#161. I made some fresh pasta with a neat machine Frank brought from New York; it flattens the dough in sheets and cuts the pasta into any shape you want. It's important to have toys like that, if you live in Maine. - Author: John Irving
New York quotes by John Irving
#162. New York is in my soul. - Author: Julian Casablancas
New York quotes by Julian Casablancas
#163. The first black borough presidents of Manhattan were West Indians. As late as 1970, the highest ranking blacks in New York's police department were West Indians, as were all the black federal judges in the city. The 1970 census showed that black West Indian families in the New York metropolitan area had 28 percent higher incomes than the families of American blacks. The incomes of second-generation West Indian families living in the same area exceeded that of black families by 58 percent. Neither race nor racism can explain such differences. Nor can slavery, since native-born blacks and West Indian blacks both had a history of slavery. - Author: Thomas Sowell
New York quotes by Thomas Sowell
#164. I fell in love with New York. It was like every human being, like any relationship. When I was a young New Yorker, it was one city. When I was a grown man, it was another city. I worked with many dance organizations and many wonderful people. - Author: Mikhail Baryshnikov
New York quotes by Mikhail Baryshnikov
#165. It was Miles Davis who took me to New York, and Coltrane was in the band, as well as Paul Chambers, Philly Jo Jones. 'Trane took me aside, and, of course, we did Blue Trane, which was my first album-and that started everything. He had confidence that I didn't have; he saw something that I didn't see. - Author: Curtis Fuller
New York quotes by Curtis Fuller
#166. The Empire State Building was tall. So what? Just proved New York builders didn't know when to stop at a good story. - Author: Craig L. Rice
New York quotes by Craig L. Rice
#167. I quit my day job the day my daughter was born. I remember flying to Cleveland and hitting a thunderstorm, which caused the plane to lose pressure, and the oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. We felt the plane dropping; the pilot was taking it down to regain cabin pressure. My heart was in my stomach. I found out after landing that her mom was in labor. I did the show and came back to New York. By the time I walked into the hospital, my daughter was being born. She was waiting for me. She's a sweet daddy's girl. She's premed. She has her own pie company. She works for Habitat for Humanity. - Author: J. B. Smoove
New York quotes by J. B. Smoove
#168. I've had a lot of success over the years racing in New York, but the main point is that I feel the marathon is a different event, a lot more my event. - Author: Paula Radcliffe
New York quotes by Paula Radcliffe
#169. For people in London, Asian flavors are always part of the culture, more than in New York. - Author: Jean-Georges Vongerichten
New York quotes by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
#170. I don't actually keep the dresses I've worn during other friends' weddings. Closets are small in New York City - I can't be squandering space on bridesmaid dresses. - Author: Jill Davis
New York quotes by Jill Davis
#171. When I meet somebody in the street who knows about 'Humans of New York,' a lot of times they might have a scripted answer, and that scripted answer is the first thing to come out of their mouth. - Author: Brandon Stanton
New York quotes by Brandon Stanton
#172. I've actually had a copilot come out of the cockpit on a trip from L.A. to New York and ask me about Charles Manson. - Author: Vincent Bugliosi
New York quotes by Vincent Bugliosi
#173. My favorite characters are people who think they're normal but they're not. I live in Baltimore, and it's full of people like that. I've also lived in New York, which is full of people who think they're crazy, but they're completely normal. - Author: John Waters
New York quotes by John Waters
#174. It was my mom and I against the world. We lived in New York in this bohemian lifestyle where an extended group of artists and photographers were like my aunts and uncles. - Author: Brooke Shields
New York quotes by Brooke Shields
#175. I know New York but New York doesn't know me. - Author: Eve Halimi
New York quotes by Eve Halimi
#176. I loved experiencing city life in New York. - Author: Quvenzhane Wallis
New York quotes by Quvenzhane Wallis
#177. You said . . . nobody would ever hurt me again. You said that. When you came to New York." My voice emerged from somewhere in my chest. "I never thought for a moment you would be the one to do it. - Author: Jojo Moyes
New York quotes by Jojo Moyes
#178. I think, especially among the New York intelligentsia at that time, that there was a reason Bob Dylan went to New York to happen, because there was a culture developed there around the ideas of civil rights, around the idea of democracy growing out of Emerson and Thoreau, these ideas of the fanfare for the common man. - Author: T Bone Burnett
New York quotes by T Bone Burnett
#179. When we were in New York, you cried for two days and passed out. You said a word in your sleep, over and over. Akinli." Elizabeth stared down at the drawing.
"At first I thought it was gibberish. And then I thought it was the name of a town or a building. . . . I didn't figure out it belonged to a person until you made that." Elizabeth pointed down to the paper, worn from being folded and unfolded who knew how many times.
"When Elizabeth came to me, I had to tell her the truth, and we decided to find him. You gave us the name of the town. We went there looking for someone answering to that name, fitting this image." Miaka smiled ruefully. "Very small town. It wasn't hard."
Tears pooled in my eyes. "You've really seen him?"
They both nodded. I thought about all those trips they had taken, making up ridiculous stories so they could get to him without me knowing.
"How is he?" I asked, unable to contain my curiosity. "Is he okay? Has he gone back to school? Is he still with Ben and Julie? Is he happy? Could you tell? Is he happy?"
The questions tumbled out without me being able to hold them in. I was desperate to know. I felt a single word would put my soul at ease.
Elizabeth swallowed hard. "That's the thing, Kahlen. We're afraid he's dying. - Author: Kiera Cass
New York quotes by Kiera Cass
#180. Jack: Well, I've never been to New York, but I hear it's for assholes.
Odile: It's not.
Jack: Well, that's what I heard. Cool people don't live there anymore, They all live here. In Chicago. - Author: Joe Meno
New York quotes by Joe Meno
#181. The place smelled of fairgrounds, of lazy crowds, of nights when you stayed out because you couldn't go to bed, and it smelled like New York, of its calm and brutal indifference. - Author: Georges Simenon
New York quotes by Georges Simenon
#182. New York is something awful, something monstrous. I like to walk the streets, lost, but I recognize that New York is the world's greatest lie. New York is Senegal with machines. - Author: Federico Garcia Lorca
New York quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#183. That sinister Stonehenge of economic man, Rockefeller Center. - Author: Cyril Connolly
New York quotes by Cyril Connolly
#184. I've worked with the Warrens. For about 20 years. I was really good friends with Ed. Ed and Lorraine. We went our separate ways, there were a few differences. In their organization, being that they were from Connecticut, I started the New York City chapter of the organization and handled things in New York. But eventually I was out on my own. But I've been friends with them for a long time. - Author: Ralph Sarchie
New York quotes by Ralph Sarchie
#185. Basically, every band that makes it has some dude with some sense of business. I don't know if our band would've been so successful were it not for Daniel's [Kessler] insight into how things really work. Daniel was the one who was diligently saying, "We should make a demo, send it out, play shows but not too many shows, get on shows with touring bands that are coming to New York." - Author: Paul Banks
New York quotes by Paul Banks
#186. I have a number of symptoms that are neurotic and are constricting in the sense that if I had a brilliant idea for a film that had to be shot in Tulsa, OK I would tear it up and throw it away. Anything outside of New York, 'cause I can't exist in a hotel outside of my own home, I have to be in my own home and my own environment. This is a neurotic symptom that is constricting to my work even. - Author: Woody Allen
New York quotes by Woody Allen
#187. It's not hard to find a date if you are Jewish in New York and Miami, but its hard in Texas. - Author: Patti Stanger
New York quotes by Patti Stanger
#188. The Twin Towers stood out like an enormous number 11 looming over New York City, a familiar icon coupled with the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. Those towers were like the soul of lower Manhattan, alive in their own right. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
New York quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#189. I feel super lucky to be living in New York. I love the city, I love the energy. I always loved it. I had pictures of New York in my bedroom when I was young. - Author: Olivier Theyskens
New York quotes by Olivier Theyskens
#190. I love New York City; I've got a gun. - Author: Charles Barkley
New York quotes by Charles Barkley
#191. The mania started with insomnia and not eating and being driven, driven to find an apartment, driven to see everybody, driven to do New York, driven to never shut up. - Author: Patty Duke
New York quotes by Patty Duke
#192. I used to never miss the 'New Yorker' or 'New York.' Now I never bother. - Author: Dan Jenkins
New York quotes by Dan Jenkins
#193. By any reasonable standard, Riverside Drive would be considered the best street in New York. Where else, after all, are there such views-not of a narrow river, as there is across town, but of one of the noblest rivers in the United States. - Author: Paul Goldberger
New York quotes by Paul Goldberger
#194. For me, New York still ranks as the most beautiful and the most interesting city in the world. It is also the most varied in terms of the things it has to offer. - Author: Moby
New York quotes by Moby
#195. I started painting graffiti in the classic New York style of big letters and characters but I was never very good at it. - Author: Banksy
New York quotes by Banksy
#196. September 10, 2001. A storm is brewing in New York City. A clash is about to begin. Tempers will soon rise as historical conquests and slights are remembered and renewed on the eve of this fight between ancient and embittered foes. Yes, the Boston Red Sox are playing the New York Yankees. - Author: Hugh Howey
New York quotes by Hugh Howey
#197. It seems always to have been difficult to have been a New York Philharmonic conductor because of the nature of New York. We are in direct competition with the great orchestras in the world who come to play in our hall or in Carnegie, and we are constantly compared. I think that 's a good thing. - Author: Zubin Mehta
New York quotes by Zubin Mehta
#198. Anyone who relishes art should love the extraordinary diversity and psychic magic of our art galleries. There's likely more combined square footage for the showing of art on one New York block - West 24th Street between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues - than in all of Amsterdam's or Hamburg's galleries. - Author: Jerry Saltz
New York quotes by Jerry Saltz
#199. I don't really think in terms of the future of literature. I think literature will be around "forever" - but in a relatively niche way, like jazz and poetry, although probably more widely consumed than jazz and poetry since it's fundamentally a narrative form. And I think that's important and places like Word Riot and The New York Tyrant and n+1 will be responsible for keeping it alive. - Author: Nick Antosca
New York quotes by Nick Antosca
#200. [In late 1989,] a New York Times/CBS News Poll reported that 64 percent of those polled - the highest percentage ever recorded - now thought that drugs were the most significant problem in the United States. This surge of public concern did not correspond to a dramatic shift in illegal drug activity, but instead was the product of a carefully orchestrated political campaign. - Author: Michelle Alexander
New York quotes by Michelle Alexander
#201. In Franklin Roosevelt there died the greatest American friend we have ever known - and the greatest champion of freedom who has ever brought help and comfort from the New World to the Old. - Author: Winston Churchill
New York quotes by Winston Churchill
#202. Writing chases after the senses, and conveys them in an altered form. When it is done well, the senses come alive in a new and captured form. - Author: Susan Minot
New York quotes by Susan Minot
#203. Photographing these flowers has made me see the world differently. It was as if I had lifted a secret veil from a subject I had loved and appreciated my whole life. I offer these photographs with the hope that they will open a new visual or meditative universe for you as well. - Author: Joyce Tenneson
New York quotes by Joyce Tenneson
#204. And in reaching out and doing these new things you get into this strange kind of shape where you are better off than if you were just resting, because you're using things that wouldn't otherwise be mute. - Author: George Hamilton
New York quotes by George Hamilton
#205. Anytime you bring a really powerful new technology to market there are multiple implications. You start changing the relative position of countries. - Author: Juan Enriquez
New York quotes by Juan Enriquez
#206. The majority of the filmmaking process is in pre-production. The more you've planned out the more freedom there is on set to find new stuff, to play around, find new jokes and let the actors kind of breathe - but it needs to come from a place where it's completely structured. - Author: Vin Diesel
New York quotes by Vin Diesel
#207. If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life then it means they had never tried a new thing in their life - Author: Kevwe Eyagbe
New York quotes by Kevwe Eyagbe
#208. All my life I've always come back to one thing,
my need to feel free and the need to feel the breeze,
the ride provides a freedom this gypsy needs,
where every road is another blessed memory,
a new experience to carry inside my journey,
a sense of belonging to a familiar tribe,
a brotherhood that goes beyond a bloodline. - Author: Jess "Chief" Brynjulson
New York quotes by Jess
#209. Eyuran," I addressed his Node. "What was in this one?"

He came closer and studied the huge case, which was easily twice the height of an adult Danna and had body slots for some kind of gear.

"I don't know for sure. I haven't seen this before. It resembles a gearbot sarx, but those are usually larger. Must be a new, compact model." Observing the empty sarx, a wave of bad feelings came over me.

"I also saw some of the weapon crates with broken locks."

"If someone is operating a gearbot, a bunch of guns will be the least of our worries. A hull repairer can't even begin to compete with the power of an assault exomachine." He looked around and frowned. "By the way, the whole hull repairer rack is empty. Counting the one you took out, we should have seven more roaming somewhere on the ship. - Author: Jeno Marz
New York quotes by Jeno Marz
#210. Take life one day at a time because every day is a different day with new challenges. - Author: Penny Streeter
New York quotes by Penny Streeter
#211. After supper they saw Kaluka to the boardwalk, and then strolled back along the beach to Asbury. The evening sea was a new sensation, for all its color and mellow age was gone, and it seemed the bleak waste that made the Norse sagas sad. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
New York quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#212. The apothecary's name was Owlglass. He hummed to himself as he worked in his back room. He'd found a new type of blue fluff, which he was grinding down. It was probably good for curing something. He'd have to try it out on people until he found out what. - Author: Terry Pratchett
New York quotes by Terry Pratchett
#213. When we create, we become stronger. When we create, we feel better. When we create, we can use our own two hands to create a new world. And this new world will be as we want it to be. - Author: Valentina Knurova
New York quotes by Valentina Knurova
#214. From her gospel-singing mother Cissy Houston, her legendary pop-diva cousin Dionne Warwick, and her Queen of Soul godmother Aretha Franklin, she [Whitney Houston] inherited gifts for skillfully interpreting lyrics and endowing them with new depth and jeweled nuance. - Author: Aberjhani
New York quotes by Aberjhani
#215. All that each person is, and experiences, and shall never experience, in body and mind, all these things are differing expressions of himself and of one root, and are identical: and not one of these things nor one of these persons is ever quite to be duplicated, nor replaced, nor has it ever quite had precedent: but each is a new and incommunicably tender life, wounded in every breath, and almost as hardly killed as easily wounded: sustaining, for a while, without defense, the enormous assaults of the universe:

So that how it can be that a stone, a plant, a star, can take on the burden of being; and how it is that a child can take on the burden of breathing; and how through so long a continuation of cumulation of the burden of each moment one on another, does any creature beat to exist, and not break utterly to fragments of nothing: these are matters too dreadful and fortitudes too gigantic to meditate long and not forever to worship: - Author: James Agee
New York quotes by James Agee
#216. To discover new continents, you must be willing to lose sight of the shore. - Author: Brian Tracy
New York quotes by Brian Tracy
#217. You know you've spent a lot of time writing fiction when you meet a new person and instead of asking them about what they do, or where they're from, you ask "what's your backstory? - Author: David Filmore
New York quotes by David Filmore
#218. These are burning times. And they call for Burning Women. Women embodied in their passion. Woman feeling in their bodies. Creative women. Courageous women. Women who have learned to run on a different power source to the world which is falling into flames around her. She has already disentangled herself from the wreckage of the patriarchal culture, so she will not be dazed, confused and disorientated by the systemic changes happening around her. Centred within herself, receptive to the Earth beyond her, she knows how to cultivate from the ashes, she knows how to find the embers to fuel the new fire.

Burning Women arise.
Our time is now.
Our time has come. - Author: Lucy H. Pearce
New York quotes by Lucy H. Pearce
#219. We begin life with the world presenting itself to us as it is. Someone - our parents, teachers, analysts - hypnotizes us to "see" the world and construe it in the "right" way. These others label the world, attach names and give voices to the beings and events in it, so that thereafter, we cannot read the world in any other language or hear it saying other things to us. The task is to break the hypnotic spell, so that we can become undeaf, unblind, and multilingual, thereby letting the world speak to us in new voices and write all its possible meaning in the new book of our existence. - Author: Sidney M. Jourard
New York quotes by Sidney M. Jourard
#220. The attempt to apply rational arithmetic to a problem in geometry resulted in the first crisis in the history of mathematics. The two relatively simple problems
the determination of the diagonal of a square and that of the circumference of a circle
revealed the existence of new mathematical beings for which no place could be found within the rational domain. - Author: David Van Dantzig
New York quotes by David Van Dantzig
#221. To understand a new idea, break an old habit. - Author: Jean Toomer
New York quotes by Jean Toomer
#222. There is no word more "dangerous" than liberalism, because to oppose it is the new "unforgivable sin." - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
New York quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#223. But of all the water's secrets, he saw today only a single one-one that struck his soul. He saw that this water flowed and flowed, it was constantly flowing, and yet it was always there; it was always eternally the same and yet new at every moment! Oh, to be able to grasp this, to understand this! - Author: Hermann Hesse
New York quotes by Hermann Hesse
#224. On the wisdom with which we bring science to bear in the war against disease, in the creation of new industries, and in the strengthening of our Armed Forces depends in large measure our future as a nation. - Author: Vannevar Bush
New York quotes by Vannevar Bush
#225. At the ponds that evening I said to Antonio: "It's always been like that, since we were little: everyone thinks she's bad and I'm good."
He kissed me, murmuring ironically, "Why, isn't that true?"
That response touched me and kept me from telling him that we had to part. It was a decision that seemed to me urgent, the affection wasn't love, I loved Nino, I knew I would love him forever. I had a gentle speech prepared for Antonio, I wanted to say to him: It's been wonderful, you helped me a lot at a time when I was sad, but now school is starting and this year is going to be difficult, I have new subjects, I'll have to study a lot; I'm sorry but we have to stop. I felt it was necessary and every afternoon I went to our meeting at the ponds with my little speech ready. But he was so affectionate, so passionate, that my courage failed and I put it off. - Author: Elena Ferrante
New York quotes by Elena Ferrante
#226. On the surface, reality may appear the same each day, but in essence, we are new every moment of our lives. The potential for change and growth is unlimited if we allow ourselves to surrender to the flow. - Author: Dorit Brauer
New York quotes by Dorit Brauer
#227. I used to think that if you changed from ... valuing one thing to valuing another, it was because you'd learnt something new, understood something better. And it's not like that at all. I just value what I'm stuck with. That's it, that's the whole story. People make a virtue out of necessity. They sanctify what they can't escape. - Author: Greg Egan
New York quotes by Greg Egan
#228. You must know the story of how the race of ancient days reached the stars, and how they bargained away all the wild half of themselves to do so, so that they no longer cared for the taste of the pale wind, no for love or lust, nor to make new songs nor to sing old ones, nor for any of the other animal things they believed they had brought with them out of the rain forests al the bottom of time
though in fact, so my uncle told me, those things brought them - Author: Gene Wolfe
New York quotes by Gene Wolfe
#229. You begin with the possibilities of the material. - Author: Robert Rauschenberg
New York quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
#230. But time, as well as healing all wounds, taught me something strange too: that it's possible to love more than one person in a lifetime. I remarried. I'm very happy with my new wife, and I can't imagine living without her. This, however, doesn't mean that I have to renounce all my past experiences, as long as I'm careful not to compare my two lives. You can't measure love the way you can the length of a road or the height of a building. - Author: Paulo Coelho
New York quotes by Paulo Coelho
#231. But to the slave mother New Year's day comes laden with peculiar sorrows. She sits on her cold cabin floor, watching the children who may all be torn from her the next morning; and often does she wish that she and they might die before the day dawns. - Author: Harriet Ann Jacobs
New York quotes by Harriet Ann Jacobs
#232. No one can become a new man except by entering the Church, and becoming a member of the body of Christ. It is impossible to become a new man as a solitary individual. The new man means more than the individual believer after he has been justified and sanctified. It means the Church, the Body of Christ, in fact it means Christ himself. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
New York quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#233. Even when you think your life is over, a new story line appears. - Author: Rebekah Crane
New York quotes by Rebekah Crane
#234. The thing about films is you learn new stuff all the time. You think you can get to a point where you've got it all down. But then another, different situation arises. - Author: Russell Crowe
New York quotes by Russell Crowe
#235. In new situations, I look carefully at appearances. In familiar ones, I glance. - Author: Mason Cooley
New York quotes by Mason Cooley
#236. A church split builds self-righteousness into the fabric of every new splinter group, whose only reason for existence is that they decide they are more moral and pure than their brethren. This explains my childhood, and perhaps a lot about America, too. The United States is a country with the national character of a newly formed church splinter group. This is not surprising. Our country started as a church splinter group. The Puritans left England because they believed they were more enlightened than members of the Church of England, and they were eager to form a perfect earthly community following a pure theology. - Author: Frank Schaeffer
New York quotes by Frank Schaeffer