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#1. Someday you going to make some man very happy
I hope its going to be Ray ...
Your soldier? I nodded, a half smile in my face
You love him?
Yes ... Yes I do ... - Author: Charles Sheehan-Miles
Soldier quotes by Charles Sheehan-Miles
#2. I guess I could drive myself crazy trying to figure out why he left me but I can't, all I can do is move on, Parisa replied, the words came out smoother and easier than she expected. - Author: A. Petrov
Soldier quotes by A. Petrov
#3. Why should the brave Spanish soldiers brag? The sunne never sets in the Spanish dominions, but ever shineth on one part or other we have conquered for our king. - Author: John Smith
Soldier quotes by John Smith
#4. One must not judge everyone in the world by his qualities as a soldier: otherwise we should have no civilization. - Author: Erwin Rommel
Soldier quotes by Erwin Rommel
#5. To secure the safety of the navigation of the Mississippi River I would slay millions. On that point I am not only insane, but mad ... I think I see one or two quick blows that will astonish the natives of the South and will convince them that, though to stand behind a big cottonwood and shoot at a passing boat is good sport and safe, it may still reach and kill their friends and families hundreds of miles off. For every bullet shot at a steamboat, I would shoot a thousand 30-pounder Parrots into even helpless towns on Red, Ouachita, Yazoo, or wherever a boat can float or soldier march. - Author: William Tecumseh Sherman
Soldier quotes by William Tecumseh Sherman
#6. Auctions are a venerable selling institution, in use since the time of Herodotus. The word comes from the Latin auctus, meaning to increase. An obscure term for auction, one guaranteed to impress friends and neighbors, is the Latin word subhastare. It is the conjunction of sub, meaning "under," and hasta, meaning "spear." After a military victory, a Roman soldier would plant his spear in the ground to mark the location of his spoils. Later, he would put these goods up for sale by auction.
¹The highest bidder was called the emptor, whence the term caveat emptor. - Author: Rakesh V. Vohra
Soldier quotes by Rakesh V. Vohra
#7. Every morning is a battle between the superego and the id, and I am a mere foot soldier with mud and a snooze button on her shield. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
Soldier quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#8. A lot of child soldiers lose their minds. - Author: Emmanuel Jal
Soldier quotes by Emmanuel Jal
#9. India Conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border. - Author: Hu Shih
Soldier quotes by Hu Shih
#10. No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Soldier quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#11. But the future is uncertain, and he can't get up enough enthusiasm even to masurbate. - Author: M.R. Carey
Soldier quotes by M.R. Carey
#12. A soldier would snake his way painfully through rocks and rubble to set up a light machine gun, raise his head cautiously to aim, and find a dozen natives clustered solemnly around him. Street - Author: Rick Atkinson
Soldier quotes by Rick Atkinson
#13. The moral difference between a soldier and a civilian is that the soldier accepts personal responsibility for the safety of the body politic of which he is a member. The civilian does not. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Soldier quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#14. Private Manning is the world's pre-eminent prisoner of conscience, having remained true to the Nuremberg principle that every soldier has the right to 'a moral choice.' His suffering mocks the notion of the land of the free. - Author: John Pilger
Soldier quotes by John Pilger
#15. I sort of became infatuated with soldiers. I got to know some of them and got a little perturbed with Hollywood making a spectacle out of them and making them look like they have screwed up somehow. - Author: Channing Tatum
Soldier quotes by Channing Tatum
#16. Mud and rain and wretchedness and blood. Why should jolly soldier-boys complain? God made these before the roofless Flood - Mud and rain. - Author: Siegfried Sassoon
Soldier quotes by Siegfried Sassoon
#17. The warrior may fight for gold or for an immediate gain, or for something to take home for the winter to feed the family. The soldier is part of a more complex society. He's fighting for a group ethic of some sort. - Author: C.J. Cherryh
Soldier quotes by C.J. Cherryh
#18. An American, a soldier of fortune by profession. Wherever there is trouble in the world the Dwights of all nations foregather. There are not very many of them, thirty or forty perhaps, and they are all supremely competent men because the others have been killed. - Author: Nevil Shute
Soldier quotes by Nevil Shute
#19. The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one's country - Author: George S. Patton Jr.
Soldier quotes by George S. Patton Jr.
#20. A soldier is the most-trusted profession in America. Americans have trust in you because you trust each other. No matter how difficult times are, those of us who love the Army must stick with it. - Author: Richard A. Kidd
Soldier quotes by Richard A. Kidd
#21. Finally, Wulf reacted to the constant staring and head-shaking. "What are you looking at?" he demanded of one young soldier - a youth barely out of his teens. The cavalry trooper pointed to Ulf, who was a few meters away. "That man," the trooper said. "You look just like him." Wulf scowled at his brother, then at the young Arridan. "No I don't," he retorted crisply. "He looks like me." Then he added darkly, if not logically, "And he'd better stop doing it if he knows what's good for him!" Thoroughly confused, the trooper continued - Author: John Flanagan
Soldier quotes by John Flanagan
#22. Blind hate against the enemy creates a forceful impulse that cracks the boundaries of natural human limitations, transforming the soldier in an effective, selective and cold killing machine. A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary. - Author: Che Guevara
Soldier quotes by Che Guevara
#23. You cannot prevent a major catastrophe, but you can build an organization that is battle-ready, where people trust one another. In military training, the first rule is to instill soldiers with trust in their officers - because without trust, they won't fight. - Author: Peter Drucker
Soldier quotes by Peter Drucker
#24. All the rest of us - you and me and even the thousands of soldiers behind the lines in Africa - we want terribly yet only academically for the war to get over. - Author: Ernie Pyle
Soldier quotes by Ernie Pyle
#25. Buck up, soldier. Lose the baggage and get poking. - Author: Sabrina Garie
Soldier quotes by Sabrina Garie
#26. If you ever reach that stage in life where you really couldn't give a toss about what others think of you, then you have achieved freedom. - Author: Daniel Kemp
Soldier quotes by Daniel Kemp
#27. Fear and desire for pleasure. Aggressiveness comes out of fear, predominantly, and sexuality predominantly out of the other. But they mix in the middle. Anyway, both of these impulses can destroy order, which comes out of both drives, and which is another human need I haven't yet fit into my scheme. So both have to be controlled. But in fact, despite religious commands to the contrary, aggressiveness has never really been condemned. It's been exalted, from the Bible through Homer and Virgil right down to Humbert Hemingway. Have you ever heard of a John Wayne movie being censored? did you ever see them take war books off the bookstands? They leave the genitals off Barbie and Ken, but they manufacture every kind of war toy. Because sex is more threatening to us than aggression. There have been strict rules about sex since the beginning of written rules, and even before, if we can believe myth. I think that's because it's in sex that men feel most vulnerable. In war they can hype themselves up, or they have a weapon. Sex means being literally naked and exposing your feelings. And that's more terrifying to most men than the risk of dying while fighting a bear or a soldier. Look at the rules! You can have sex if you're married, and you have to marry a person of the opposite gender, the same color and religion, an age close to your own, of the right social and economic background, even the right height, for God's sake, or else everybody gets up in arms, they disinherit you or threa - Author: Marilyn French
Soldier quotes by Marilyn French
#28. If one is a professional soldier, it is part of one's job to die sooner or later. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Soldier quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#29. Ask a soldier what he believes in. He'll tell you God. Country. The patient hands of death
the ones he's wearing. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
Soldier quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#30. During a trip to Iraq last fall, I visited our theater hospital at Balad Air Force Base and witnessed these skilled medical professionals in action and met the brave soldiers whose lives they saved. - Author: Melissa Bean
Soldier quotes by Melissa Bean
#31. I'm not a soldier for anything, either. I'm only a singer and I don't think it makes a difference what we sing. - Author: Robert Wyatt
Soldier quotes by Robert Wyatt
#32. How he managed to sound part pouting toddler and part alert soldier, she'd never know, but he managed it. - Author: Amy J. Hawthorn
Soldier quotes by Amy J. Hawthorn
#33. I built, of blocks, a town three hundred thousand strong, whose avenues were paved with a wine-colored rug and decorated by large leaves outlined inappropriately in orange, and on this leafage I'd often park my Tootsie Toy trucks, as if on pads of camouflage, waiting their deployment against catastrophes which included alien invasions, internal treachery, and world war. It was always my intention, and my conceit, to use up, in the town's construction, every toy I possessed: my electronic train, of course, the Lincoln Logs, old kindergarten blocks - their deeply incised letters always a problem - the Erector set, every lead soldier that would stand (broken ones were sent to the hospital), my impressive array of cars, motorcycles, tanks, and trucks - some with trailers, some transporting gas, some tows, some dumps - and my squadrons of planes, my fleet of ships, my big and little guns, an undersized group of parachute people (looking as if one should always imagine them high in the sky, hanging from threads), my silversided submarines, along with assorted RR signs, poles bearing flags, prefab houses with faces pasted in their windows, small boxes of a dozen variously useful kinds, strips of blue cloth for streams and rivers, and glass jars for town water towers, or, in a pinch, jails. In time, the armies, the citizens, even the streets would divide: loyalties, friendships, certainties, would be undermined, the city would be shaken by strife; and marbles would rain down from for - Author: William H. Gass
Soldier quotes by William H. Gass
#34. I am being followed, I realized, with a blend of certitude and astonishment, like a soldier discovering that gangrene has taken hold of his leg. - Author: Roberto Bolano
Soldier quotes by Roberto Bolano
#35. We're going to be on the ground in Iraq as soldiers and citizens for years. We're going to be running a colony almost, - Author: Paul Bremer
Soldier quotes by Paul Bremer
#36. One of the Pima warriors on seeing the fire-arms used by the white soldiers, thought that the next time he went over to the [Maricopa] Wells, he would take his war weapons along and show them to the white soldiers. So the next time he went, he took along his war-club and shield. The soldiers on seeing his weapons, laughed and made all sorts of remarks as to the effective use of such weapons. The joking went on until the Pima made a challenge to the white man. He said:
'You, white warrior
Take shooting iron.
Stand here ready.
I take war club and shield,
Step off ten paces,
Turn around, come back.
If you see any part of me,
The White soldier stood there with gun in hand while the Pima walked away ten paces, turned around and came back hiding behind the shield so well that no part of his body could be seen. The white soldier did not shoot as the Pima came up to him. With the edge of his shield the Pima knocked the gun out of the soldier's hand. He lifted his war club as if he was about to use it. But the soldier took to his heels and ran into a nearby house, closing the door after him.
The people who saw this had a good laugh and no such challenge was ever made again.
Sometimes there would be shooting contests between Pimas and whites, Pimas with their bows and arrows and the whites with their firearms. They would place a target at different distances and see who could hit the bull's eye. The Pimas often won the ma - Author: George Webb
Soldier quotes by George Webb
#37. My favorite picture is a picture of American soldiers surrounding a guy in a foxhole, Iraqi soldier, and the American guy says, "We're not going to harm you. We're American soldiers." - Author: George H. W. Bush
Soldier quotes by George H. W. Bush
#38. They tell a story, probably not true, about a cap trooper who was sight-seeing in Paris. He visited Les Invalides, looked down at Napoleon's coffin, and said to a French guard there: "Who's he?"
The Frenchman was properly scandalized. "Monsieur does not know? This is the tomb of Napoleon! Napoleon Bonaparte! The greatest soldier who ever lived!"
The cap trooper thought about it. Then he asked, "So? Where were his drops? - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Soldier quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#39. A week after my drugs ran out, I left my bed to perform at the college, deciding at the last minute to skip both the doughnut toss and the march of the headless plush toys. Instead, I just heated up a skillet of plastic soldiers, poured a milkshake over my head and called it a night. - Author: David Sedaris
Soldier quotes by David Sedaris
#40. Hope is a soldier. It fights against tribulations, the Cross, despondency, despair, and waits for better things to come in the midst of evil. Without hope faith cannot endure. On the other hand, hope without faith is blind rashness and arrogance because it lacks knowledge. Before anything else a Christian must have the insight of faith, so that the intellect may know its directions in the day of trouble and the heart may hope for better things. By faith we begin, by hope we continue. - Author: Martin Luther
Soldier quotes by Martin Luther
#41. It seems a stray bullet actually pierced the testicle of a Union soldier and lodged itself in the ovaries of a woman standing approximately 100 ft. away. She's alright, the baby's doing fine ... ofcourse the soldier's a little pissed off ... - Author: Tom Waits
Soldier quotes by Tom Waits
#42. A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
Soldier quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#43. My mood, as I identify with each of my heroes, resembles what I used to feel when I played alone as a child. Like all children, I liked to play make-believe, to put myself in someone else's place and imagine dream worlds in which I was a soldier, a famous soccer player, or a great hero. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
Soldier quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#44. I grew up under Roman rule, although I didn't see many Romans until I was ten. The Romans mostly stayed in the fortress city of Sepphoris, an hour's walk north of Nazareth. That's when Joshua and I saw a Roman soldier murdered, but I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, assume that the soldier is safe and sound and happy wearing a broom on his head. - Author: Christopher Moore
Soldier quotes by Christopher Moore
#45. The greatest regret of my military career was as Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq in 2004-2005, he later wrote of the decision he made. I lost 169 soldiers during that year-long deployment. However, the monument we erected at Fort Hood, Texas, in memoriam lists 168 names. I approved the request of others not to include the name of the one soldier who committed suicide. I deeply regret my decision. - Author: David Finkel
Soldier quotes by David Finkel
#46. Finally a soldier marched in and, holding his right hand to his chest, said, "Salaam aleikum. Chetor hastid? Jan-e-shoma jur ast? Khub hastid? Sahat-e-shoma khub ast? Be khair hastid? Jur hastid? Khane kheirat ast? Zinde bashi."
Which in Dari, the Afghan dialect of Persian, means, "Peace be with you. How are you? Is your soul healthy? Are you well? Are you well? Are you healthy? Are you fine? Is your household flourishing? Long life to you." Or: "Hello. - Author: Rory Stewart
Soldier quotes by Rory Stewart
#47. When I heard your organization was recording testimonies, I knew I had to come. She died in my arms, saying 'I don't want to die.' That is what death is like. It doesn't matter what uniforms the soldiers are wearing. It doesn't matter how good the weapons are. I thought if everyone could see what I saw, we would never have war anymore. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Soldier quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#48. A man of God has many brothers. He is a wounded soldier - he is familiar with the pain one feels in his heart, as a close and loving brother, when a brother falls victim of evil men or turns to evil desires (the latter sometimes even betrayal). Because of this, too, he is and must be well-acquainted with and trained in the strengths of hope and the gentleness of forgiveness and mercy. - Author: Criss Jami
Soldier quotes by Criss Jami
#49. In the natural order men are all equal and their common calling is that of manhood, so that a well-educated man cannot fail to do well in that calling and those related to it. It matters little to me whether my pupil is intended for the army, the church, or the law. Before his parents chose a calling for him nature called him to be a man. Life is the trade I would teach him. When he leaves me, I grant you, he will be neither a magistrate, a soldier, nor a priest; he will be a man. All that becomes a man he will learn as quickly as another. In vain will fate change his station, he will always be in his right place. "Occupavi te, fortuna, atque cepi; omnes-que aditus tuos interclusi, ut ad me aspirare non posses. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Soldier quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#50. I'm not a trained soldier. I'm a spy. But I am a fighter. But lately I've felt more like a soldier than a spy. And if that's what the world is asking for... I'm happy to oblige. - Author: Nathan Edmondson
Soldier quotes by Nathan Edmondson
#51. Necessity is laid upon us. We must fight. There are no promises in the Lord Jesus Christ's epistles to the seven churches, except to those who 'overcome.' Where there is grace, there will be conflict. The believer is a soldier. There is no holiness without a warfare. Saved souls will always be found to have fought a fight. - Author: J.C. Ryle
Soldier quotes by J.C. Ryle
#52. Often we feel the need to say that a book isn't just about a particular time or place but is about the human spirit. People say this of Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, or Night by Elie Wiesel, or A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah. - Author: Will Schwalbe
Soldier quotes by Will Schwalbe
#53. At some point my friends and I began to ask, how can a country that produced hippies and such cool people also fight a war and kill people and act cruelly? You would see American GMC trucks go by and soldiers reaching down to whack a girl riding a bicycle. They would yank at her hat and she would get thrown and she would die. You would see Americans do this and feel like they can do anything in our country. But then you'd take an English class with an American soldier from Ohio who seemed just as nice as anyone, yet he was a soldier too. - Author: Nguyen Qui Duc
Soldier quotes by Nguyen Qui Duc
#54. Behind every American soldier, dozens of their countrymen tonight sleep soundly - and hundreds more in their shadow abroad will wake up alive and safe. - Author: Victor Davis Hanson
Soldier quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#55. The hour is fast approaching, on which the Honor and Success of this army, and the safety of our bleeding Country depend. Remember officers and Soldiers, that you are free men, fighting for the blessings of Liberty
that slavery will be your portion, and that of your posterity, if you do not acquit yourselves like men. - Author: George Washington
Soldier quotes by George Washington
#56. Brave soldier, never fear. Even though your death is near. - Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Soldier quotes by Hans Christian Andersen
#57. Disorder in a drawing-room is vulgar; in an antiquary's study, not; the black battle-stain on a soldier's face is not vulgar, but the dirty face of a housemaid is. - Author: John Ruskin
Soldier quotes by John Ruskin
#58. Soldiers don't complain ... I am not going to do it; I will pretend this is part of a war. - Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
Soldier quotes by Frances Hodgson Burnett
#59. Henry O. Sturges, born in England, March 2nd, 1563. Landed at Roanoke, July 27th, 1587. Friend to the American Revolution, present at the Battles of Trenton and Yorktown, staunch supporter of the North in its hour of need, adviser to presidents, a decorated soldier who distinguished himself in the trenches of the Great War, and member of the Union Brotherhood - a collective of vampires dedicated to preserving the freedom of man and his dominion over the earth. - Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
Soldier quotes by Seth Grahame-Smith
#60. As a people, we have been tolled farther and farther away from the facts of what we have done by the romanticizers, whose bait is nothing more than the wishful insinuation that we have done no harm. Speaking a public language of propaganda, uninfluenced by the real content of our history which we know only in a deep and guarded privacy, we are still in the throes of the paradox of the "gentleman and soldier."
However conscious it may have been, there is no doubt in my mind that all this moral and verbal obfuscation is intentional. Nor do I doubt that its purpose is to shelter us from the moral anguish implicit in our racism - an anguish that began, deep and mute, in the minds of Christian democratic freedom-loving owners of slaves. - Author: Wendell Berry
Soldier quotes by Wendell Berry
#61. The soldier looked around the dusty airfield to see troops and supplies being dropped off and flown away with an equal lack of ceremony. Unfortunately, his platoon was just arriving, and the plane that brought them was just departing. A hot wind - Author: J. Scott Matthews
Soldier quotes by J. Scott Matthews
#62. He didn't even bother rising to his feet after he'd rolled out of his chair. Instead he sat up, leaned forward and steepled his fingers. His fingers were long and slim, tapered and clean. He had the fingers of a scholar. Not a soldier.
"This is quite possibly the most exciting meeting I've ever had. Do continue. - Author: Roshani Chokshi
Soldier quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#63. I've got soul but I'm not a soldier - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Soldier quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#64. These inventions became, incidentally, increasingly revolting to me, for I was ineradicably marked by a touch of the old cavalryman's primitive evaluation. I admit that in the earliest times the horseman had a considerable advantage over the foot soldier. (On the other hand considerably higher expenses were involved.) But the advantage was balanced by the invention of gunpowder, so rightly lamented by Ariosto. It was the end of glorious armies like those led by Charles the Bold. Cavalry charges still took place of course – and I cannot consider it unfair for the infantryman to load and fire two or three times before he received his comeuppance – but after that, death came to the cavalry.

The old Centaurs were overpowered by the new Titan. I had seen my own conqueror at close hand when I lay bleeding on the grass. He had unhorsed me – a sickly fellow, a pimply lad from the suburbs, some cutler from Sheffield or weaver from Manchester. He cowered behind his rubble heap, one eye shut, the other aiming at me across the machine gun, which did the damage. In a pattern of red and gray, he wove an evil cloth. This was the new Polyphemus or, rather, one of his lowest messenger boys with a wire mask before his one-eyed face. This was how the present masters looked. The beauty of the forests was past. - Author: Ernst Junger
Soldier quotes by Ernst Junger
#65. To no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier. When he presses himself down upon her long and powerfully, when he buries his face and his limbs deep in her from the fear of death by shell-fire, then she is his only friend, his brother, his mother; he stifles his terror and his cries in her silence and her security; she shelters him and releases him for ten seconds to live, to run, ten seconds of life; receives him again and again and often forever. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Soldier quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#66. The Pavilion did not burn by lightening," she said.
He hesitated again. "It holds the memory of fire," he said at last. "Lightening is young and strong and thoughtless, but it could also wish to visit the site of some particular victory of one of its kind
as a young soldier recently commissioned might visit the scene of some great battle
- Author: Robin McKinley
Soldier quotes by Robin McKinley
#67. But I understood Bear Otto's desire to become a noble man, a man like Billy Ansel, and I respected that, naturally. I just wished the boy had more ways of imagining the thing than by becoming a good soldier. But that's boys, I guess. - Author: Russell Banks
Soldier quotes by Russell Banks
#68. The sinews of war are not gold, but good soldiers; for gold alone will not procure good soldiers, but good soldiers will always procure gold. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
Soldier quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#69. Who are you?' one soldier asked in wonder after listening to him play for hours. 'Are you man or angel?' He laughed quietly. 'I'm both,' he said. 'I'm man because I live in a cold solitary cell. I'm an angel because I live above my circumstances.' The - Author: Odafe Atogun
Soldier quotes by Odafe Atogun
#70. A family from Mexico who arrived here this morning, legally, has as much right to the American dream as the direct descendants of the founding fathers ... when the blood of the sons of immigrants and the grandsons of slaves fell on foreign fields, it was American blood. In it you could not read the ethnic particulars of the soldier who died next to you. He was an American. And when I think of how we learned this lesson, I wonder [how] we could have unlearned it. - Author: Bob Dole
Soldier quotes by Bob Dole
#71. I wish you the best of luck," Grey said politely. "And I do hope that the gentleman Tom saw in the custody of the press gang was Mr. Gormley. However - if he was, does this not rather obviate your conclusion that he was in possession of incriminating information regarding the perpetrator?"

Jones gave him a glassy look, and Tom Byrd looked reproving.

"Now, me lord, you know you oughtn't talk like that at this hour of the morning. You got to pardon his lordship, sir," he said apologetically to Jones. "His father - the duke, you know - had him schooled in logic. He can't really help it, like."

(Haunted Soldier) - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Soldier quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#72. Get the right perspective. When Goliath came against the Israelites, the soldiers all thought, "He is so big. We can never kill him." David looked at the same giant and thought, "He is so big. I can't miss." - Author: Russell Johnston
Soldier quotes by Russell Johnston
#73. Prior art is as effective as US soldiers in Iraq: They control the ground they stand on, and nothing more. I used to say Vietnam, but, well, you know ... - Author: Richard Stallman
Soldier quotes by Richard Stallman
#74. Every American soldier wants as much public support as he can possibly have. That's the soldiers on duty in Iraq, and that's me, as well. We fight better knowing that our people back home support us, back us, and understand what we're doing. It's hugely important. - Author: John Abizaid
Soldier quotes by John Abizaid
#75. The best soldier does not attack. The superior fighter succeeds without violence. The greatest conqueror wins without struggle. The most successful manager leads without dictating. This is intelligent non aggressiveness. - Author: Laozi
Soldier quotes by Laozi
#76. The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Soldier quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#77. I have always been a soldier. I have known no other life. The calling of arms, I have followed from boyhood. I have never sought another.

I have known lovers, sired offspring, competed in games, and committed outrages when drunk. I have vanquished empires, yoked continents, been crowned as an immortal before gods and men. But always I have been a soldier. - Author: Steven Pressfield
Soldier quotes by Steven Pressfield
#78. How yet resolves the governor of the town?
This is the latest parle we will admit;
Therefore to our best mercy give yourselves;
Or like to men proud of destruction
Defy us to our worst: for, as I am a soldier,
A name that in my thoughts becomes me best,
If I begin the battery once again,
I will not leave the half-achieved Harfleur
Till in her ashes she lie buried.
The gates of mercy shall be all shut up,
And the flesh'd soldier, rough and hard of heart,
In liberty of bloody hand shall range
With conscience wide as hell, mowing like grass
Your fresh-fair virgins and your flowering infants.
What is it then to me, if impious war,
Array'd in flames like to the prince of fiends,
Do, with his smirch'd complexion, all fell feats
Enlink'd to waste and desolation?
What is't to me, when you yourselves are cause,
If your pure maidens fall into the hand
Of hot and forcing violation?
What rein can hold licentious wickedness
When down the hill he holds his fierce career?
We may as bootless spend our vain command
Upon the enraged soldiers in their spoil
As send precepts to the leviathan
To come ashore. Therefore, you men of Harfleur,
Take pity of your town and of your people,
Whiles yet my soldiers are in my command;
Whiles yet the cool and temperate wind of grace
O'erblows the filthy and contagious clouds
Of heady murder, spoil and villa - Author: William Shakespeare
Soldier quotes by William Shakespeare
#79. Sharpe is my favorite role of all that I've played. He's a very complex character. He knows that he's a good soldier, but he will always have to fight the prejudice of aristocratic officers because of his rough working-class upbringing. On the battlefield, he's full of confidence - but off it, he is unsure, a bit shy and ill at ease. - Author: Sean Bean
Soldier quotes by Sean Bean
#80. Then there was the war, and I married it because there was nothing else when I reached the age of falling in love. - Author: Guy Sajer
Soldier quotes by Guy Sajer
#81. Once, I was afraid of these walls, frightened by such beauty. But I see the cracks now. It's like the day of the bombing, when I realized Silvers were not invincible. Then it was an explosion - now a few bullets have shattered diamondglass, revealing fear and paranoia beneath. Silvers fleeing from Reds - lions running from mice. The king and queen oppose each other, the court has their own alliances, and Cal - the perfect prince, the good soldier - is a torturous, terrible enemy. Anyone can betray anyone. - Author: Victoria Aveyard
Soldier quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#82. A soldier is not always just a soldier. - Author: M.F. Moonzajer
Soldier quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#83. At the crash of economic collapse of which the rumblings can already be heard, the sleeping soldiers of the proletariat will awake as at the fanfare of the Last Judgment and the corpses of the victims of the struggle will arise and demand an accounting from those who are loaded down with curses. - Author: Karl Liebknecht
Soldier quotes by Karl Liebknecht
#84. A soldier must be like a bullet, constantly ready to be fired.' I learnt that by heart. You go to war in order to kill. Killing is my profession - that's what I was trained to do. - Author: Svetlana Alexievich
Soldier quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#85. He lingered at the door, and said, 'The Lion wants courage, the Tin Man a heart, and the Scarecrow brains. Dorothy wants to go home. What do you want?' ...
She couldn't say forgiveness, not to Liir. She started to say 'a soldier,' to make fun of his mooning affections over the guys in uniform. But realizing even as she said it that he would be hurt, she caught herself halfway, and in the end what came out of her mouth surprised them both.
She said, 'A soul-'
He blinked at her. - Author: Gregory Maguire
Soldier quotes by Gregory Maguire
#86. That's what's wrong with the country. There are too many 'good soldiers' accepting too many bad decisions. - Author: Shirley Chisholm
Soldier quotes by Shirley Chisholm
#87. It's a longing, an aching to complete ourselves, to unite with that which makes us whole. We are longing for God the way a soldier longs for his wife faraway. It a relentless homesickness that, however desperately we try, will accept no substitutes. - Author: Arianna Huffington
Soldier quotes by Arianna Huffington
#88. No soldier likes the thought of losing his best friend and favorite toy. - Author: Glen Cook
Soldier quotes by Glen Cook
#89. I am remembering the soldier who are coming to my village and I am holding my machete closer. I am liking how it is feeling in my hand, like it is almost part of my body. - Author: Uzodinma Iweala
Soldier quotes by Uzodinma Iweala
#90. Here's a news flash: No soldier gives his life. That's not the way it works. Most soldiers who make a conscious decision to place themselves in harm's way do it to protect their buddies. They do it because of the bonds of friendship - and it goes so much deeper than friendship. - Author: Eric Massa
Soldier quotes by Eric Massa
#91. Every soldier should learn survival on land, sea, and in the air. - Author: Louis Zamperini
Soldier quotes by Louis Zamperini
#92. Here's how I think of my money - as soldiers - I send them out to war everyday. I want them to take prisoners and come home, so there's more of them. - Author: Kevin O'Leary
Soldier quotes by Kevin O'Leary
#93. Michael Freeman was thirty-five years old – a former Special Forces soldier turned policeman. He was a tall and slim black man, with grey-flecked hair and dark almond-shaped eyes. His smile was tight-lipped – half knowing and half strategic. It hid a mouthful of craggy teeth. A childhood in Detroit's East Side with an aggressive, alcoholic father had taught him to play things close to his chest, to look and listen. His colleagues knew him as a patient thinker, sedulous, missing nothing given time. Intellectually savvy and emotionally guarded, he exuded certitude. In Afghanistan, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, he spent several weeks as a mounted outlier with the Northern Alliance in the Alma Tak Mountains, beyond the range of reinforcement or rescue – drinking filtered ditchwater and eating nuts scavenged from corpses – and calling down massive airstrikes on Taliban positions. He gained a certain reputation. Word spread the length of the Darya Suf River valley, through the Tiangi Gap to the stronghold at Mazar-i-Sharif that there was a monster loose in the mountains and the Taliban called him 'bor-buka', which seemed to mean black or devil or whirlwind, and, at times, all of these things. - Author: Simon Conway
Soldier quotes by Simon Conway
#94. The most effective method of propaganda directed at the enemy forces is to release captured soldiers and give the wounded medical treatment ... Whenever soldiers of enemy forces are captured, we immediately conduct propaganda among them ... This immediately knocks the bottom out of the enemy's slander that the Communist bandits kill everyone on sight. - Author: Mao Zedong
Soldier quotes by Mao Zedong
#95. The power of attaching an interest to the most trifling or painful pursuits, in which our whole attention and faculties are engaged, is one of the greatest happinesses of our nature. The common soldier mounts the breach with joy; the miser deliberately starves himself to death; the mathematician sets about extracting the cube-root with a feeling of enthusiasm; and the lawyer sheds tears of admiration over "Coke upon Littleton." It is the same through life. He who is not in some measure a pedant, though he maybe wise, cannot be a very happy man. - Author: William Hazlitt
Soldier quotes by William Hazlitt
#96. From the earth, from the air, sustaining forces pour into us
mostly from the earth. To no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier. When he presses himself down upon her long and powerfully, when he buries his face and his limbs deep in her from the fear of death by shell-fire, then she is his only friend, his brother, his mother; he stifles his terror and his cries in her silence and her security; she shelters him and releases him fro ten seconds to live, to run, ten seconds of life; receives him again and often for ever. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
Soldier quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#97. I say we must have a movement that brings those troops home and launch a crusade to transform our school buildings, we launch a crusade to see to it that every citizen has adequate and affordable housing, we launch a crusade to make universal health care. We need not soldiers anymore in the world. We've had enough of them in western history. - Author: James Lawson
Soldier quotes by James Lawson
#98. It was her turn to hold him up. - Author: J.M. Stewart
Soldier quotes by J.M. Stewart
#99. Slowly, Genya stood, and silence fell around her. "How old are you, Yuri ?"

"Eighteen, moi soverenyi"

"When i was a year older than you, the Darkling set his mosnters on me, creatures born of the power you venerate so much. They had a taste for human flesh. He had to force them to stop."

"Then he was not so cruel-"

Genya held up a hand, and Nikolai was glad to see Yuri shut is mouth. "The Darkling didn't want me to die. He wante me to live - like this."

"More fool of him,"sais Nikolai quietly, "to let such soldier survive. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Soldier quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#100. Every good soldier is trained for the battle field. God is prepping you my darlings. - Author: Tonto Dikeh
Soldier quotes by Tonto Dikeh
#101. When in doubt - make'em laugh. - Author: Raymond L. Jones
Soldier quotes by Raymond L. Jones
#102. The lowest standards of ethics of which a right-thinking man can possibly conceive is taught to the common soldier whose trade is to shoot his fellow men. In youth he may have learned the command, 'Thou shalt not kill,' but the ruler takes the boy just as he enters manhood and teaches him that his highest duty is to shoot a bullet through his neighbor's heart - and this, unmoved by passion or feeling or hatred, and without the least regard to right or wrong, but simply because his ruler gives the word. - Author: Clarence Darrow
Soldier quotes by Clarence Darrow
#103. Blaming the woman for the loss of a child is like blaming the soldier for the loss of his life in battle. - Author: Katherine Longshore
Soldier quotes by Katherine Longshore
#104. God has arranged strange ways for some of us to find him. Sometimes He brings us on long physical journeys; sometimes He leaves us at home and makes the journey internal. Yours has been both. You have gone a long way and struggled a great deal, but I can see from your eyes that it was not for nothing. - Author: Abigail J. Hartman
Soldier quotes by Abigail J. Hartman
#105. She looked into Kirsten's eyes and wondered how it is that a soldier fights and a savior suffers, but a woman, in lying down, rules everything. - Author: Rebecca Coleman
Soldier quotes by Rebecca Coleman
#106. Sometimes when dogs greeted a returning soldier, they'd go over the edge. They would have to take a few moments to run crazily in circles around the human, or around a room or a yard. I'd have to take a break from watching, so my brain had a chance to absorb what I was seeing: that there is such a thing as joy being bigger than the container that holds it. - Author: Ellen Cooney
Soldier quotes by Ellen Cooney
#107. Turkish soldiers are very brave. They love their homeland and they do not hesitate to give their lives for it if necessary. - Author: Albert Einstein
Soldier quotes by Albert Einstein
#108. As I remember his laugh, there was nothing mad about it, it was more like the laugh of someone who has been the victim of a practical joke, a farce in which he had believed until suddenly he realized his folly. - Author: Guy Sajer
Soldier quotes by Guy Sajer
#109. He took another steps backward, right into the horse of the Cokyrian soldier we had avoided earlier, bouncing off to land gracelessly upon the ground on his rear end. He stared up at the woman, making no attempt to stand.
"Your horse is very solid," he slurred. "Congratultions on having such a fine mount. - Author: Cayla Kluver
Soldier quotes by Cayla Kluver
#110. Get some sleep, soldier boy. - Author: Julie Kagawa
Soldier quotes by Julie Kagawa
#111. Sometimes a soldier returns home and all he can do is share his story in the hopes that somehow, in some way, it helps another soldier make sense of things. And although the stories may not be perfect, sometimes just sharing is enough to make a difference. - Author: Michael Anthony
Soldier quotes by Michael Anthony
#112. Then Walter died as he lived, he told his mate. A hero, a soldier, and a survivor who chose to protect what was precious to him. I don't think, if you could ask him, that he would have any regrets. - Author: Patricia Briggs
Soldier quotes by Patricia Briggs
#113. Silence!" Korbolo snapped. He eyed Duiker. "You are the historian who rode with Coltaine."

The historian faced him. "I am."

"You are a soldier."

"As you say."

"I do, and so you shall die with these soldiers, in a manner no different-"

"You mean to slaughter ten thousand unarmed men and women, Korbolo Dom?"

"I mean to cripple Tavore before she even sets foot on this continent. I mean to make her too furious to think. I mean to crack that façade so she dreams of vengeance day and night, poisoning her every decision."

"You always fashioned yourself as the Empire's harshest Fist, didn't you, Korbolo Dom? As if cruelty's a virtue… - Author: Steven Erikson
Soldier quotes by Steven Erikson
#114. My whole career has been fulfilling my childhood fantasies, playing characters that are larger than life, getting to play a knight, an elf, a prince and a soldier. - Author: Orlando Bloom
Soldier quotes by Orlando Bloom
#115. Some men are born warriors. Their spirit and their character are forged for the fight...Others pick up arms because they see no other solution. They wield their swords to protect those they love, spurred by their sense of purpose and idealism but taking no pleasure in it. When the threat is defeated, they return to their homes, shed their uniforms, and return to their lives...Together, they formed the yin and yang of my platoon: the born soldier and the born citizen soldier. - Author: Sean Parnell
Soldier quotes by Sean  Parnell
#116. Thus I live in the world rather as a Spectator of mankind, than as one of the species, by which means I have made myself a speculative statesman, soldier, merchant, and artisan, without ever meddling with any practical part of life. - Author: Joseph Addison
Soldier quotes by Joseph Addison
#117. The soldier doesn't usually act on his own initiative, he doesn't harbour feelings of hatred or resentment or jealousy, he isn't motivated by long-held desires or personal ambition; the only motivating force is a vague, rhetorical, empty patriotism, for those soldiers, that is, who are moved by such feelings or allow themselves to be convinced. - Author: Javier Marias
Soldier quotes by Javier Marias
#118. Every good soldier wants to live in an organized environment, secure in the knowledge that he or she will not be threatened or harassed by others, confident that his or her efforts will be recognized, and aware that the nonproductive soldier will be invited to leave. In such an environment, soldiers will be proud of their units and will demonstrate that pride with their performance and behavior. - Author: William A. Connelly
Soldier quotes by William A. Connelly
#119. At the bar on the Favoritenstrasse, Julius the policeman talked to us about dignity, evolution, the great Darwin and the great Nietzsche. I translated so that my good friend Ulises could understand what he was saying, although I didn't understand any of it. The prayer of the bones, said Julius. The yearning for health. The virtue of danger. The tenacity of the forgotten. Bravo, said my good friend Ulises. Bravo, said everyone else. The limits of memory. The wisdom of plants. The eye of parasites. The agility of the earth. The merit of the soldier. The cunning of the giant. The hole of the will. Magnificent, said my good friend Ulises in German. Extraordinary. - Author: Roberto Bolano
Soldier quotes by Roberto Bolano
#120. The life that you are about to embrace is not that of a soldier or a commando. It is the way of the assassin. - Author: Shatrujeet Nath
Soldier quotes by Shatrujeet Nath
#121. Soldiers! Here is the battle you have so long desired! Henceforth victory depends on you; we have need of it. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
Soldier quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#122. Far more humbling to me was a letter I received years later from Sergeant Talbert. Referring to the attack at the intersection, he wrote, "Seeing you in the middle of that road, wanting to move, was too much. You were my total inspiration. All my boys felt the same way." "Tab" was far too generous with his compliments. His own action at Carentan personified his excellence as both a soldier and a leader. He helped clear that intersection and carried a wounded Lipton to safety. Later when the Germans finally counterattacked, Talbert was everywhere, directing his men to the right place, supervising their fire, before he himself was wounded and evacuated. - Author: Dick Winters
Soldier quotes by Dick Winters
#123. When the third soldier, the leader and one she'd struck with the limb, joined the others, Lia gasped. The three men stood talking in low voices for several minutes, and then they drew closer, heads down, slowly following her muddy footprint trail. Lia breathed - Author: Lindsay McKenna
Soldier quotes by Lindsay McKenna
#124. Courage is the highest quality for a soldier, but technology is a fine substitute. - Author: David Mitchell
Soldier quotes by David Mitchell
#125. We were born between blood and gunpowder; and between blood and gunpowder we were raised. Every so often the powerful from other lands came to rob us of tomorrow. For this reason it was written in a war song that unites us: "If a foreigner with his step ever dares to profane your land, think, Oh beloved motherland, that heaven gave you a soldier in each son." For this reason we fought. With flags and different languages the foreigner came to conquer us. He came and he went. - Author: Subcomandante Marcos
Soldier quotes by Subcomandante Marcos
#126. My boy of steel. My man of honor. My perfect friend. My timeless soldier. - Author: Coco J. Ginger
Soldier quotes by Coco J. Ginger
#127. It is a tragic mix-up when the United States spends 500,000 for every enemy soldier killed, and only 53 annually on the victims of poverty. - Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Soldier quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#128. Let us remember, when we are inclined to be disheartened, that the private soldier is a poor judge of the fortunes of a great battle. - Author: William Ralph Inge
Soldier quotes by William Ralph Inge
#129. The rule apparently is – once a social revolution takes place there's
no need to stoke the boiler. But I ask you: why, when this whole business started, should everybody suddenly start clumping up and down the marble staircase in dirty galoshes and felt boots? Why must we now keep our galoshes under lock and key? And put a soldier on guard over them to prevent them from being stolen? Why has the carpet been removed from the front staircase? Did Marx forbid people to keep their staircases carpeted? Did Karl Marx say anywhere
that the front door of No. 2 Kalabukhov House in Prechistenka Street must be boarded up so that people have to go round and come in by the back door? What good does it do anybody? Why can't the proletarians leave their galoshes downstairs instead of dirtying the staircase?'
'But the proletarians don't have any galoshes, Philip Philipovich,' stammered the doctor. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
Soldier quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#130. Soldier, you are gay until the United States military tells you otherwise. - Author: Ryan Gielen
Soldier quotes by Ryan Gielen
#131. But as much as this is a soldier's reason d'etre, it is not often that you hear a soldier explicitly talk about 'killing'. The k-word as a verb is instead often disguised and supplanted by any number of other euphemisms. In precise and technical military parlance, reflecting the ever more precise and technically removed means of killing, the 'enemy' becomes the 'target'. But for the soldiers who personally 'engage' these 'targets', these objects are colloquially 'slotted', 'dropped', 'hit', 'fragged', 'sawn in half', 'smashed' or just plain 'shot'.
Then the soldier will have achieved the noun of a 'kill'.
The author's supposition is that such words are used by the soldier in combat as an attempt to mentally dissociate himself from the reality of his actions, so he can continue to operate as a soldier - and perhaps, when all is finally said and done, as a human being back home. - Author: Jake Wood
Soldier quotes by Jake Wood
#132. By profession I am a soldier and take pride in that fact. But I am prouder - infinitely prouder - to be a father. A soldier destroys in order to build; the father only builds, never destroys. The one has the potentiality of death; the other embodies creation and life. And while the hordes of death are mighty, the battalions of life are mightier still. It is my hope that my son, when I am gone, will remember me not from the battle field but in the home repeating with him our simple daily prayer, Our Father Who Art in Heaven. - Author: Douglas MacArthur
Soldier quotes by Douglas MacArthur
#133. The sincere hearts and the pious supplications are soldiers which can never be defeated - Author: Ibn Taymiyyah
Soldier quotes by Ibn Taymiyyah
#134. But wishing our Kansas soldiers 'God speed' is not enough. We need to comfort, care for, and protect their families. And we should ease the financial burdens that these families often face. - Author: Kathleen Sebelius
Soldier quotes by Kathleen Sebelius
#135. What a battle a man must fight everywhere to maintain his standing army of thoughts, and march with them in orderly array throughthe always hostile country! How many enemies there are to sane thinking! Every soldier has succumbed to them before he enlists for those other battles. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Soldier quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#136. Since I'm doing so much science, I think the reason these ideas have occurred to me and not to other people in music is simply the influence that science plays in my life: working in laboratories, thinking of models, hypothesis, putting things together, trying to make sense of it all and so forth. - Author: Dave Soldier
Soldier quotes by Dave Soldier
#137. I was acquainted once with a gallant soldier who assured me that his only measure of courage was this: upon the first fire, in an engagement, he immediately looked upon himself as a dead man. He then bravely fought out the remainder of the day, perfectly regardless of all manner of danger, as becomes a dead man to be. So that all the life or limbs he carried back again to his tent he reckoned as clear gains, or, as he himself expressed it, so much out of the fire. - Author: Laurence Sterne
Soldier quotes by Laurence Sterne
#138. A soldier of fortune with twisted tongue will come to pillage the sanctuary of the gods; To the heretics he will open the gate, thus stirring up the Church militant. - Author: Nostradamus
Soldier quotes by Nostradamus
#139. He was a real-life soldier playing soldier from his memories of made up soldiers. - Author: Alex London
Soldier quotes by Alex London
#140. If we say the Geneva Convention is obsolete, then what do others who have our soldiers say? - Author: Chuck Schumer
Soldier quotes by Chuck Schumer
#141. A soldier picked up the still-living girl and carried her to the barren fireplace. - Author: James Rollins
Soldier quotes by James Rollins
#142. A soldier told Pelopidas, "We are fallen among the enemies." Said he, "How are we fallen among them more than they among us? - Author: Plutarch
Soldier quotes by Plutarch
#143. It is not the willingness to kill on the part of our soldiers which most concerns me. That is an inherent part of war. It is our lack of respect for even the admirable characteristics of our enemy; for courage, for suffering, for death, for his willingness to die for his beliefs, for his companies and squadrons which go forth, one after another, to annihilation against our superior training and equipment. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
Soldier quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#144. Sullivan had her Crucifix Soldier and now I have mine. No. I am the soldier. Teacup is the cross. - Author: Rick Yancey
Soldier quotes by Rick Yancey
#145. But Maven is not Cal, no matter how much his father might want him to be. He isn't a soldier, he won't be a king, but he's braver. And he's willing to do what's right. - Author: Victoria Aveyard
Soldier quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#146. Glory to the heroic soldiers of the Korean People's Army! - Author: Kim Jong Il
Soldier quotes by Kim Jong Il
#147. When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your gawd like a soldier. - Author: Rudyard Kipling
Soldier quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#148. For a good wife contains so many persons in herself. What was H. not to me? She was my daughter and my mother, my pupil and my teacher, my subject and my sovereign; and always, holding all these in solution, my trusty comrade, friend, shipmate, fellow-soldier. My mistress; but at the same time all that any man friend (and I have good ones) has ever been to me. Perhaps more. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Soldier quotes by C.S. Lewis
#149. The porter, meanwhile, unfastened the hatch in the wicket gate and peered out.
"Who dost knock without?" he growled.
The soldier, drenched and terrified though he was, hesitated.
"Without? Without what?" he said. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Soldier quotes by Terry Pratchett
#150. Terror attacks are now 'man-caused disasters.' And the 'global war on terror' is no more. It is an 'overseas contingency operation.'
Nidal Hassan proudly tells a military court that he, a soldier of Allah, killed 13 American soldiers in the name of jihad. but the massacre remains officially classified as an act not of terrorism but of 'workplace violence. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
Soldier quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#151. The British soldier who thought himself superior, actually became so. - Author: John Graves Simcoe
Soldier quotes by John Graves Simcoe
#152. I'm hurting you to make you a better soldier in every way. To sharpen your wit. To intensify your effort. To keep you off balance, never sure what's going to happen next, so you always have to be ready for anything, ready to improvise, determined to win no matter what. I'm also making you miserable. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Soldier quotes by Orson Scott Card
#153. Water, fire, and souldiers, quickly make roome.
[Water, fire, and soldiers quickly make room.] - Author: George Herbert
Soldier quotes by George Herbert
#154. The General knew he would probably die, for infantry took pleasure in killing cavalry and he would be the leading horseman in the attack on the bridge, but the General was a soldier and he had long learned that a soldier's real enemy is the fear of death. Beat that fear and victory was certain, and victory brought glory and fame and medals and money and, best of all, sweetest of all, most glorious and wondrous of all, the modest teasing grin of a short black-haired Emperor who would pat the Dragoon General as though he was a faithful dog, and the thought of that Imperial favour made the General quicken his horse and raise his battered sword. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
Soldier quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#155. The tags' chain stirs with the wind; and I sleep
Paid, dead, and a soldier. Who fights for his own life
Loses, loses: I have killed for my world, and am free. - Author: Randall Jarrell
Soldier quotes by Randall Jarrell
#156. Soldier, rest! Thy warfare o'er, Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking, Dream of battled fields no more. Days of danger, nights of waking. - Author: Walter Scott
Soldier quotes by Walter Scott
#157. Oh, I wish we had the old days back again," exclaimed Jem. "I'd love to be a soldier - a great, triumphant general. I'd give EVERYTHING to see a big battle." Well, - Author: L.M. Montgomery
Soldier quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#158. ABRUPT, adj. Sudden, without ceremony, like the arrival of a cannon- shot and the departure of the soldier whose interests are most affected by it. Dr. Samuel Johnson beautifully said of another author's ideas that they were concatenated without abruption. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
Soldier quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#159. But the real cause was, that the people, in electing their representatives to the grand council, were particular in choosing them for their talents at talking, without inquiring whether they possessed the more rare, difficult, and oft-times important talent of holding their tongues. The consequence was, that this deliberative body was composed of the most loquacious men in the community. As they considered themselves placed there to talk, every man concluded that his duty to his constituents, and, what is more, his popularity with them, required that he should harangue on every subject, whether he understood it or not. There was an ancient mode of burying a chieftain, by every soldier throwing his shield full of earth on the corpse, until a mighty mound was formed; so, whenever a question was brought forward in this assembly, every member pressing forward to throw on his quantum of wisdom, the subject was quickly buried under a mountain of words. - Author: Washington Irving
Soldier quotes by Washington Irving
#160. You can take the soldier out of the army, but you will NEVER take the army out of the soldier - Author: J.P. Gray
Soldier quotes by J.P. Gray
#161. Soldiers in arms! Defenders of our soil!
Who from destruction save us; who from spoil
Protect the sons of peace, who traffic or who toil;
Would I could duly praise you, that each deed
Your foe's might honor, and your friends might read. - Author: George Crabbe
Soldier quotes by George Crabbe
#162. Most likely, they were writing the same type of macho bullshit that I wrote, trying to sound tough with their words in case words were all that made it home. - Author: Clint Van Winkle
Soldier quotes by Clint Van Winkle
#163. She knew that he would stop her. Perhaps he would be cunning about it. Maybe he would go to the steward behind her back, tell him of the theft and challenge, and ask to be brought before the judge and Irex. If that plan didn't suit Arin, he would find another.
He was going to be a problem.
"You're right," she told him.
Arin blinked, then narrowed his eyes.
"In fact," she continued, "if you had let me explain, I would have told you that I had already decided to call off the duel."
"You have."
She showed him the two letters. The one addressed to her father was on top. She let the mere edge of the other letter show. "One is for my father, telling him what has happened. The other is for Irex, making my apologies and inviting him to collect his five hundred gold pieces whenever he likes."
Arin still looked skeptical.
"He'll also collect you, of course. Knowing him, he'll have you whipped until you're unconscious and even after that. I'm sure that when you wake up, you'll be very glad that I decided to do exactly as you wanted."
Arin snorted.
"If you doubt me, you're welcome to walk with me to the barracks to watch as I give my father's letter to a soldier, with orders for its swift delivery."
"I think I will." He opened the library door.
They left the house and crossed the hard ground. Kestrel shivered. She hadn't stopped to fetch a cloak. She couldn't risk that Arin would change his mind.
When they entered the barra - Author: Marie Rutkoski
Soldier quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#164. When we send our young men and women into harm's way, we have a solemn obligation not to fudge the numbers or shade the truth about why they're going, to care for their families while they're gone, to tend to the soldiers upon their return, and to never ever go to war without enough troops to win the war, secure the peace, and earn the respect of the world. - Author: Barack Obama
Soldier quotes by Barack Obama
#165. For some individuals - some soldiers, some contractors - combat provides a kind of purpose and meaning beyond which all else potentially pales in comparison. - Author: Kathryn Bigelow
Soldier quotes by Kathryn Bigelow
#166. Will without power is like children playing at soldiers. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Soldier quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#167. I'm a foot soldier in the war on Christmas. And the war on puppies and sunshine. - Author: Tucker Carlson
Soldier quotes by Tucker Carlson
#168. Every morning is good news, every child that is born is good news, every just man is good news, every singer is good news, because every singer is one less soldier. - Author: Facundo Cabral
Soldier quotes by Facundo Cabral
#169. Like a soldier back from battle you fill my vision. You're a flood, a baptism I'd forgotten, and the force of you leaves me breathless. - Author: Julie Berry
Soldier quotes by Julie Berry
#170. She's been conned, ruined, left for dead, and she's not going to forgive any of it. She will soldier on, if only out of spite. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
Soldier quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#171. Gideon has OCPD tendencies," Daryn said. She pulled my Giants sweatshirt on. It felt like her sweatshirt now.

"Say again?"

She smiled. "Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. It's an extreme preoccupation with perfectionism, orderliness, and neatness."

Was that how she saw me? Like a human graphing calculator? Great. "You missed a few, Martin. I also like specifics. Thoroughness. And winning. At everything. But I gotta say as a soldier I fully support your use of acronyms."

"Ten-four, buddy," she said.

"In the Army we say 'Roger that.'"

Her smile grew wider. "Ten-four, buddy. - Author: Veronica Rossi
Soldier quotes by Veronica Rossi
#172. For Bulgakov, however, the greatest underlying source of unease, amounting at times to despair, was something less tangible though very real to him, since it occurs as an ever-present refrain throughout these stories. This was the sense of being a lone soldier of reason and enlightenment pitted against the vast, dark, ocean-like mass of peasant ignorance and superstition... [in] the fearsome, pre-literate, mediaeval world of the peasantry - Author: Michael Glenny
Soldier quotes by Michael Glenny
#173. We feasted on love; every mode of it, solemn and merry, romantic and realistic, sometimes as dramatic as a thunderstorm, sometimes comfortable and unemphatic as putting on your soft slippers. She was my pupil and my teacher, my subject and my sovereign, my trusty comrade, friends, shipmate, fellow-soldier. My mistress, but at the same time all that any man friend has ever been to me. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Soldier quotes by C.S. Lewis
#174. The soldiers that didn't come back were the heroes. It's a roll of the dice. If a bullet has your name on it, you're a hero. If you hear a bullet go by, you're a survivor. - Author: Bob Feller
Soldier quotes by Bob Feller
#175. For most of the universe's life is not all gummy wads and tarty tarts; is a struggle against hardship, unfairness, corruption, abuse, and adversity in all its guises, where even to survive - let alone survive with dignity - is heroic. To soldier through the days in the wake of failure is the courageous act of many. - Author: Frank Beddor
Soldier quotes by Frank Beddor
#176. A politician who really serves his country well, and deserves his country's gratitude, must usually possess some of the hardy virtues which we admire in the soldier who serves his country well in the field. Far - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Soldier quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#177. I've never been a soldier. In Denmark, at 18, as a male, you go in a draw, and if they pick you, you go and serve for a year. I didn't. - Author: Tobias Lindholm
Soldier quotes by Tobias Lindholm
#178. I forgot to say - a merely curious detail - that in one of the first chapters of Sartor Resartus, when speaking about garments, Carlyle says that the simplest garment he knows of was used by the cavalry of Bolivar in the South American war. And here we have a description of the poncho as "a blanket with a hole in the middle," under which he imagines Bolivar's cavalry soldier, he imagines him - simplifying it a bit - "mother naked," as naked as when he came out of his mother's belly, covered by the poncho, with only his sword and his spear."25 - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Soldier quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#179. Hitler derived several things from his experience and achievements in World War I, without which his rise to power in 1933 would have been at the least problematical, and at the most inconceivable. Hitler survived the war as a combat soldier - a rifle carrier - in a frontline infantry regiment. The achievement was an extraordinary one based on some combination of near-miraculous luck and combat skill. The interpretive fussing over whether or not Hitler was a combat soldier because he spent most of the war in the part of the regiment described as regimental headquarters can be laid to rest as follows: Any soldier in an infantry regiment on an active front in the west in World War I must be considered to have been a combat soldier. Hitler's authorized regimental weapon was the Mauser boltaction, magazine-fed rifle. This gives a basic idea of what Hitler could be called upon to do in his assignment at the front. As a regimental runner, he carried messages to the battalions and line companies of the regiment, and the more important ones had to be delivered under outrageously dangerous circumstances involving movement through artillery fire and, particularly later in the war, poison gas and the omnipresent rifle fire of the skilled British sniper detachments.
--Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny, p. 96 - Author: Russel H.S. Stolfi
Soldier quotes by Russel H.S. Stolfi
#180. Maybe. It's now or never." "Cameras and guards? It's a big risk." "But they have our friends." Alec nodded slowly. "Said like a true soldier. - Author: James Dashner
Soldier quotes by James Dashner
#181. Our battle is spiritual, and what we accomplish in the spirit realm is as important as what the highly trained, prepared, and equipped soldier does in the physical. We must know our weapons and be highly skilled in using them. But first we must put on the armor God has given us in order to stand strong against - Author: Stormie O'martian
Soldier quotes by Stormie O'martian
#182. My theme song is 'One Tin Soldier' by Coven. - Author: Adam McKay
Soldier quotes by Adam McKay
#183. Liberals are hopping mad because Rush Limbaugh referred to phony soldiers as "phony soldiers." They claim he was accusing all Democrats in the military of being "phony." True, all Democrats in the military are not phony soldiers, but all phony soldiers seem to be Democrats. - Author: Ann Coulter
Soldier quotes by Ann Coulter
#184. Don't let people supervise your life, If you know who you are, you shouldn't be living in that prison of dominance, live by your orders, you are your own soldier. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
Soldier quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#185. It has been remarked thousands of times that Christ died under torture. Many of us have read so often that he was a "humble carpenter" that we feel a little surge of nausea on seeing the words yet again. But no one ever seems to notice that the instruments of torture were wood, nails, and a hammer; that the man who built the cross was undoubtedly a carpenter too; that the man who hammered in the nails was as much a carpenter as a soldier, as much a carpenter as a torturer. Very few seem even to have noticed that although Christ was a "humble carpenter," the only object we are specifically told he made was not a table or a chair, but a whip. - Author: Gene Wolfe
Soldier quotes by Gene Wolfe
#186. It's important to have a buddy like that. Somebody who'll stop you from doing that really stupid thing you were gonna do just because you couldn't think of anything better.
unidentified soldier, eulogizing his dead buddy - Author: Henry V. O'Neil
Soldier quotes by Henry V. O'Neil
#187. History is reticent about women who were common soldiers, who bore arms, belonged to regiments, and took part in battles on the same terms as men, though hardly a war has been waged without women soldiers in the ranks. - Author: Stieg Larsson
Soldier quotes by Stieg Larsson
#188. Our national fondness for celebrating the physical heroism of soldiers - the apparent readiness with which they sacrifice their lives to larger causes - eclipses the far less romantic displays of moral and intellectual fortitude that also distinguish so many of them. In turning them all into heroes, we have lost a sense of the individuality they also fight to preserve. - Author: Elizabeth Samet
Soldier quotes by Elizabeth Samet
#189. A good soldier has his heart and soul in it. When he receives an order, he gets a hard on, and when he drives his lance through his enemy's guts, he comes. - Author: Bertolt Brecht
Soldier quotes by Bertolt Brecht
#190. There's no soldier don't have a queer little spot in his wretched heart for his enemy, that's just a fact. - Author: Sebastian Barry
Soldier quotes by Sebastian Barry
#191. Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any Canadian or Indian in his person or property, I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment, as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it shall not be disproportioned to its guilt, at such a time and in such a cause. - Author: George Washington
Soldier quotes by George Washington
#192. But the idea of using the Apache resistance, one, it works effective to actually get German soldiers to think of Jews that way. You know, and they're not just any Jews. They're the American Jews. They're Jews with entitlement. - Author: Quentin Tarantino
Soldier quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#193. I usually play toffs and soldiers, with a sideline in mass murderers. - Author: Samuel West
Soldier quotes by Samuel West
#194. The greatness of our Army has always been the ability of our soldiers who serve in the ranks to rise to the challenge against the odds, in the face of danger, and win. - Author: Julius W. Gates
Soldier quotes by Julius W. Gates
#195. The equipment and weaponry will continually change and improve, and the size of the military will expand as needed, decreasing during times of peace. But the unyielding will of the soldier and the dedication of professional military leaders will not change. Our soldiers can do a great deal more under pressure than people think. You'd have to see them perform in combat to believe it. - Author: George W. Dunaway
Soldier quotes by George W. Dunaway
#196. An American soldier, Saddam in his sights, has a picture of a naked, buxom woman on his dashboard, an obvious affront to Muslim sensibilities. - Author: Margo Kingston
Soldier quotes by Margo Kingston
#197. The sword was called Kaledvoulc'h, which means hard lightning, though Igraine prefers to call it Excaliber, and I shall call it so as well because Arthur never cared what name his longsword carried. Nor, did he care about his childhood, for certainly I never heard him speak of it. I once questioned him about his early days and he would not answer. "What is the egg to the eagle?" he asked me, then said that he had been born, he had lived, and he had become a soldier, and that was all I needed to know. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
Soldier quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#198. I suppose, in a way, this has become part of my soul. It is a symbol of my life. Whatever I have done that really matters, I've done wearing it. When the time comes, it will be in this that I journey forth. What greater honor could come to an American, and a soldier? - Author: Douglas MacArthur
Soldier quotes by Douglas MacArthur
#199. I know who I am without anyone there to tell me. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Soldier quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#200. I've been a soldier, I've been a bunch of little girls, all sorts of roles that I would not have been able to be with on camera context because I just don't look the part. - Author: Ashly Burch
Soldier quotes by Ashly Burch

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