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Part of growing up is narrowing your life choices to a manageable size. ~ Amy E. Spiegel
Growing Up quotes by Amy E. Spiegel
Maman never told me what to do when the world falls apart like a dress ripped at its seams, the beads scattering into faraway corners, the fabric a storm of shredded pieces left destroyed and unrecognizable. She never told me how to battle the nightmares that creep in like icy shadows, lingering behind closed eyes. She never told me what to do when all the color leaks out of the world like blood oozing from a mortal wound. ~ Dhonielle Clayton
Growing Up quotes by Dhonielle Clayton
Growing up I used to love bands like Free and ELO and the Rolling Stones. When Robert Plant got in touch it made perfect sense to me. ~ Alison Krauss
Growing Up quotes by Alison Krauss
Nothing makes one old so quickly as the ever-present thought that one is growing older. ~ Georg C. Lichtenberg
Growing Up quotes by Georg C. Lichtenberg
Growing up is scary because it happens without you knowing it. ~ Taylor Swift
Growing Up quotes by Taylor Swift
I have found that sometimes, moments get stuck in your body. They are there, lodged under your skin like hard seed-stones of wonder or sadness or fear, everything else growing up around them. And if you turn a certain way, if you fall, one of them could get free. It might dissolve in your blood, or it might spring up a whole tree. Sometimes, once one of them gets out, they all start to go. ~ Ava Dellaira
Growing Up quotes by Ava Dellaira
When we are youths in the Dominican, we pick up bats and balls because baseball is part of what we grow up with. The fun feeling you get playing keeps your head up when you encounter difficult times. ~ Vladimir Guerrero
Growing Up quotes by Vladimir Guerrero
I didn't grow up with a mother telling me what was under my clothes was bad or evil. ~ Charlize Theron
Growing Up quotes by Charlize Theron
I jabbered too much in class about all the Russian writers whom I admired for being, among other things, uncouth and somewhat humorously melodramatic, such as Gogol and Dostoyevsky, just as it was in my own household when I was growing up. ~ Richard Elman
Growing Up quotes by Richard Elman
You sometimes act as if you think growing up means the rules don't apply anymore. On the contrary - a big part of growing up is learning self-control. You work on that, and then we can talk about expanding your privileges. ~ Brandon Mull
Growing Up quotes by Brandon Mull
Growing up in that house sucks so badly and when my brother leaves I break down and cry because I don't want him to leave, but I know that he has to have a life of his own ~ Cassie Brode
Growing Up quotes by Cassie Brode
Growing up, watching the Premier League as far back as I can remember, feeling the trophy and having the medal around my neck was an unbelievable feeling. ~ Wayne Rooney
Growing Up quotes by Wayne Rooney
She has given me a way out. ~ Alison Bechdel
Growing Up quotes by Alison Bechdel
I've always been drawn to writing for young readers. The books that I read growing up remain in my mind very strongly. ~ Meg Wolitzer
Growing Up quotes by Meg Wolitzer
I grew up in a conservative small town, and the gay characters I saw on TV and in movies when I was growing up were all flamboyant and obnoxious and sometimes kind of annoying. ~ Chris Colfer
Growing Up quotes by Chris Colfer
We [with Nimai Larson] listened to hardly any music except Hare Krishna music growing up and the occasional Garth Brooks that our babysitter would play for us. From a very early age, we looked at music as mantra based, very cyclical, and having no linear time. ~ Taraka Larson
Growing Up quotes by Taraka Larson
Bruce Lee was the first star I idolized. Growing up as a Chinese American, there weren't many people like me on the big screen. ~ Daniel Wu
Growing Up quotes by Daniel Wu
I know there are days when even one single positive thought feels like too much effort, but you must develop an unconditional love for life. You must never lose your childish curiosity for the possibilities in every single day. Who you can be, what you can see, what you can feel and where it can lead you. Be in love with your life, everything about it. The sadness and the joys, the struggles and the lessons, your flaws and strengths, what you lose and what you gain. ~ Charlotte Eriksson
Growing Up quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
We want to make it so that anyone, anywhere - a child growing up in rural India who never had a computer - can go to a store, get a phone, get online, and get access to all of the same things that you and I appreciate about the Internet. ~ Mark Zuckerberg
Growing Up quotes by Mark Zuckerberg
My dad was my swim coach growing up, and I tried to get kicked out of practice every day. I was a little devil kid. ~ Ryan Lochte
Growing Up quotes by Ryan Lochte
I've always been more of a nerdy, academic type. I loved 'Star Wars' growing up. I have three older brothers, so they were a big influence on me. We loved 'Danger Mouse,' and we love 'Monty Python'. We loved any kind of British comedy and 'Wallace and Gromit' and all of that stuff. ~ Mara Wilson
Growing Up quotes by Mara Wilson
Illusions must be put to death. That is the cruelty of growing up. ~ Marguerite Bennett
Growing Up quotes by Marguerite Bennett
When I was growing up, I didn't really know much about being popular or cliques or anything like that. In elementary school and middle school, you start to kind of realize what it's all about. There are cool kids, and then there's you, and you're just trying to figure out where you fit in.I learned a lot about acceptance and rejection,Those are the themes that you'll find spread throughout my music and weaved in throughout all of the lyrics. I really know what it's like to be accepted, and I also know what it's like to be rejected. And those are lessons I learned in Wyomissing. ~ Taylor Swift
Growing Up quotes by Taylor Swift
Part of growing up is when you stop assuming someone will treat you just as fair as you treat them. ~ William Staikos
Growing Up quotes by William Staikos
Look forward to the wonderment of growing up, raising a family and driving by the gas station where the popular kids now work. ~ Tim Dorsey
Growing Up quotes by Tim Dorsey
The sweetest thing we ever had was, like, animal crackers in the pantry. I think my parents sort of passively made sure that we didn't have a lot of junk food at our disposal, and I think that helped me and all my siblings growing up with how to approach nutrition and eating right. ~ Andrew Luck
Growing Up quotes by Andrew Luck
Growing up, I loved the tale of Peter Rabbit and also books on Pippi Longstocking. Pippi was a girl who had so much fun and was very daring. My sons loved all the Dr. Seuss books ~ Soraya Diase Coffelt
Growing Up quotes by Soraya Diase Coffelt
Growing up in Harlem, I had the chance to practice with a Negro League team. At fifteen, I was over six feet tall and a fair athlete, but my skills didn't come close to some of the players I saw. ~ Walter Dean Myers
Growing Up quotes by Walter Dean Myers
My absolute idols growing up were Michael Jackson and Prince, and so, to get the stamp of approval from someone like Timbaland whom I know that these artists respect, that is a huge feat. ~ Jussie Smollett
Growing Up quotes by Jussie Smollett
It's one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child... 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' As if growing up is finite. As if, at some point, you become something and that's the end. ~ Michelle Obama
Growing Up quotes by Michelle Obama
I'm only waiting for my wife to grow up. ~ Grover Cleveland
Growing Up quotes by Grover Cleveland
I have a lot of older brothers who messed up in different ways in my mother's eyes. So I learned from all of their mistakes. I can't go into detail, but while I was growing up, I always tried to make it a goal to relieve some of the stress my mother went through. ~ Kellan Lutz
Growing Up quotes by Kellan Lutz
I'd studied theater growing up and loved that, but didn't have many examples of artists around me. ~ Brit Marling
Growing Up quotes by Brit Marling
Growing up is never idyllic, is it? Or it'd be called something else. ~ Laura Dave
Growing Up quotes by Laura Dave
I think of my father growing up in South Jersey, the son of second-generation German immigrant glassblowers. The opportunities for him of feeling that aspiration, that yearning, get out of the small town, connect to a larger world, get yourself to New York, wanting to play the piano at every opportunity, bonding with people who were on a similar path, ending up in Provincetown, which was kind of nexus for nonconformity, and artistic dropout reality. ~ Anne Waldman
Growing Up quotes by Anne Waldman
I have lived my life growing up with emptiness in hope that I would someday find you. That emptiness is now a broken Heart ~ Duane Henderson
Growing Up quotes by Duane Henderson
When I was growing up, my parents asked me what I wanted to do, and I said that I wanted to live in Springfield. They were like, "Well, that's not how it works. There is an actor who play Homer, and someone who writes what Homer says." So, I was like, "Well, I want to write what Homer says." ~ Jonah Hill
Growing Up quotes by Jonah Hill
I was a huge theater geek growing up, and that was not the easiest thing in the world, especially growing up in Chicago, where sports are really the norm. I was always off to the theater at night, from 7 years old on. Friends there in the Midwest who could talk to you about the idiosyncrasies of 'Pippin' were few and far between. ~ Johnny Galecki
Growing Up quotes by Johnny Galecki
I remember you saying that growing up happens when you start having things you look back on and wish you could change.I guess that means I've grown up now ... ~ Cassandra Clare
Growing Up quotes by Cassandra Clare
Growing up in a lower-income family, you don't have the resources to make ends meet and you have to find creative ways to get by. ~ Hilary Swank
Growing Up quotes by Hilary Swank
Turtles have always been my sigil, I suppose. When I was a kid, growing up in Bayonne, NJ, I lived in a federal housing project, and we were not allowed to have a dog or cats. The only pets I could have were turtles. So, I had an entire toy castle filled with dime-store turtles. I gave them all names, and since they were living in a toy castle, I decided they were all knights and kingsand I made up stories about how they killed each other and betrayed each other and fought for the kingdom. So, Game of Thrones, actually began with turtles. I decided later to recast it with actual human beings. ~ George R R Martin
Growing Up quotes by George R R Martin
I would hole up in my bedroom growing up and teach myself guitar. ~ Dustin Lynch
Growing Up quotes by Dustin Lynch
I feel I have grown up. I am a man. It's important in my football too. When everything is good, I don't think you grow up fantastically, I think maybe you need a few problems to grow up. It is good if people in England have started to admire me. I think I have changed a little since the World Cup. I am stronger with my mentality and with my game as well. ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
Growing Up quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
So many of the bands that influenced me growing up were English, even if I didn't realise it. English pop ruled the world in the '80s! ~ CeeLo Green
Growing Up quotes by CeeLo Green
I get a little myopic in the act of doing any writing. I think I'm not as interested or not as able to write about balance, because I think there's something I want to try to get at. I'm trying to get at something about the experience of growing up or about families. ~ Aimee Bender
Growing Up quotes by Aimee Bender
I remember what it was like to grow up in the South in the 1960s and 1970s. Discrimination isn't something that's easy to oppose. It doesn't always stare you in the face. It moves in the shadows. And sometimes it shrouds itself within the very laws meant to protect us. ~ Tim Cook
Growing Up quotes by Tim Cook
I think that the main thing that you can learn from watching 'The Spectacular Now' is just learning about growing up and moving on. ~ Kaitlyn Dever
Growing Up quotes by Kaitlyn Dever
I find no change of consequence in grown people, I do not miss the dead. It does not surprise me to hear that this friend or that friend died at such and such a time, because I fully expected that sort of news. But somehow I had made no calculation on the infants. It never occurred to me that infants grow up ... These unexpected changes, from infancy to youth, and from youth to maturity, are by far the most startling things I meet with. ~ Mark Twain
Growing Up quotes by Mark Twain
My parents were funny. My brothers were funny. We just laughed and had a good time. Growing up, it breeds that. It breeds your funny. It breeds your creativity. ~ Kym Whitley
Growing Up quotes by Kym Whitley
I have six kids - four girls and two boys. I'm amazed that growing up in the same house, same parents with the same exposure to the same things that all my six kids can be so different. I see that as their (being) designed by God. ~ Alex Kendrick
Growing Up quotes by Alex Kendrick
I'm 36 years old, and I'm growing up. Little by little. ~ Elena Anaya
Growing Up quotes by Elena Anaya
Growing up in Ohio and just being kind of an average guy from flyover country - my dad was a factory guy - I try to put things on a screen that reflect reality. I don't mind if people want to argue with that, or think that's crazy. ~ Roger Ailes
Growing Up quotes by Roger Ailes
It's interesting to get older and realize that part of your job growing up in this profession is to help the next generation. More and more, with Boyhood and with Ellar Coltrane and with Emma [Watson], I start to see that role. There's no better way. Nobody wants advice, so you can't really give it. You just have to try to wish them well on their journey. ~ Ethan Hawke
Growing Up quotes by Ethan Hawke
Growing up, my parents never gave me as much as I wanted for my birthday. For example, one year I wanted a yo-yo, and they ended up giving me some wound up string. Gee, thanks, mom. ~ Jarod Kintz
Growing Up quotes by Jarod Kintz
My favorite team while I was growing up was the New Orleans Saints. My favorite player was Joe Horn. ~ Jacoby Jones
Growing Up quotes by Jacoby Jones
Life is a progression of becoming who we are. ~ J.R. Rim
Growing Up quotes by J.R. Rim
My background is economics and maths. I think one of the reasons I studied humanities at all, or even went into journalism, is because, like, science and maths wasn't cool in England when I was growing up. No one ever talked to the engineering students at Oxford. ~ Nick Denton
Growing Up quotes by Nick Denton
I don't really enjoy it, Mom."
"And you've always felt this way?"
"I don't know. I guess I want a break. ~ Julie Murphy
Growing Up quotes by Julie Murphy
They have, and bring with them, that upper-body strength. They have apparently developed that in their childhood and growing up, and they've further advanced in that regard. ~ Daryl Gates
Growing Up quotes by Daryl Gates
Gospel music was the thing that inspired me as a child growing up on a cotton farm, where work was drudgery and it was so hard that when I was in the field I sang all the time. Usually gospel songs because they lifted me up above that black dirt. ~ Johnny Cash
Growing Up quotes by Johnny Cash
I worry about kids today - because of the sexual revolution, they're going to grow up and never know what "dirty" means. ~ Lily Tomlin
Growing Up quotes by Lily Tomlin
Growing up unafraid of the world is a good way to get destroyed by it ~ Cassandra Clare
Growing Up quotes by Cassandra Clare
The kids I knew growing up who worked on bikes all loved the smell of gas. It is the liquid agent for speed. ~ Rachel Kushner
Growing Up quotes by Rachel Kushner
Children need to grow up and make their own decisions - how they want to pierce their bodies or do whatever they need to. ~ Kim Basinger
Growing Up quotes by Kim Basinger
Lots of times growing up, I'd just try to do something myself because I believed that being a boy, and being Indian, I should just know how to do things. -Will Bird, Through Black Spruce ~ Joseph Boyden
Growing Up quotes by Joseph Boyden
I learned English at school, or at least that's how it started. Also, in Holland - as opposed to some other European countries - we don't dub anything, so as a kid growing up, always watching English and American movies in their original language really helped. ~ Michiel Huisman
Growing Up quotes by Michiel Huisman
By the following morning, Anthony was drunk. By afternoon, he was hungover.
His head was pounding, his ears were ringing, and his brothers, who had been surprised to discover him
in such a state at
their club, were talking far too loudly.
Anthony put his hands over his ears and groaned.Everyone was talking far too loudly.
"Kate boot you out of the house?" Colin asked, grabbing a walnut from a large pewter dish in the middle
their table and
splitting it open with a viciously loud crack.
Anthony lifted his head just far enough to glare at him.
Benedict watched his brother with raised brows and the vaguest hint of a smirk. "She definitely booted
him out," he said to Colin. "Hand me one of those walnuts, will you?"
Colin tossed one across the table. "Do you want the crackers as well?"
Benedict shook his head and grinned as he held up a fat, leather-bound book. "Much more satisfying to
smash them."
"Don't," Anthony bit out, his hand shooting out to grab the book, "even think about it."
"Ears a bit sensitive this afternoon, are they?"
If Anthony had had a pistol, he would have shot them both, hang the noise.
"If I might offer you a piece of advice?" Colin said, munching on his walnut.
"You might not," Anthony replied. He looked up. Colin was chewing with his mouth open. As this had
been strictly forbidden while growing up in their household, Anthony could only deduce that Colin was
d ~ Julia Quinn
Growing Up quotes by Julia Quinn
No adult can bear a child's burden or grow up in his stead. ~ Maria Montessori
Growing Up quotes by Maria Montessori
My favorite movies growing up were things like 'The Wizard of Oz,' but as I got older, I really began to admire people like Steven Soderbergh. ~ Rainey Qualley
Growing Up quotes by Rainey Qualley
You're growing up. All you need to remember is that nothing changes. New technology, new markets, global interconnectivity, doesn't matter. It's still the rulers and the ruled. The fleecers and the fleeced." "Which are you?" "I'm a piece of expensive equipment. You, too. Maybe not so expensive. [ ... ] ~ Sam Lipsyte
Growing Up quotes by Sam Lipsyte
I grew up partially in Switzerland but mostly in Australia. I lived in Kakadu for a short time - it's an Aboriginal community. My best friend growing up was Aboriginal. She taught me so much. ~ Isabel Lucas
Growing Up quotes by Isabel Lucas
Loo, life is black and white. You don't know what's good for you, because you don't see the black and white! You don't see where the black lines end and where the white lines begin! You're going to grow up to be no good if you keep on that way. It's impractical. I only have one child, and I won't have her growing up to be impractical. I can't think of a worse thing to be than impractical! ~ C. JoyBell C.
Growing Up quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Growing up in a place that has winter, you learn to avoid self-pity. Winter is not a personal experience, everybody else is just as cold as you, so you shouldn't complain about it too much. You learn this as a kid, coming home crying from the cold, and Mother looks down and says, 'It's only a little frostbite. You're okay.' And thus you learn to be okay. What's done is done. Get over it. Drink your coffee. It's not the best you'll ever get but it's good enough. ~ Garrison Keillor
Growing Up quotes by Garrison Keillor
A lot of times, I faced bullies - or the 'big dogs' at school. What I wanted 'Red Rising' to be is not necessarily an indictment on bullies, but it reflects my experiences and attitudes that I had with bullies growing up. ~ Pierce Brown
Growing Up quotes by Pierce Brown
'Batman Returns' was a huge movie and one of my favorites growing up. It's incredible. ~ Robin Lord Taylor
Growing Up quotes by Robin Lord Taylor
When I was growing up, if there was a Young Adult section of my town's library, I missed it. I wandered right from 'The Babysitter's Club' over to Stephen King. His books were big and fat and they seemed important. I eventually worked my way through most of the shelf, but 'It' is the one that stuck with me. ~ Erin Morgenstern
Growing Up quotes by Erin Morgenstern
I think it's almost better to start [acting] at a later age because you have more stuff to drawm from - more life experience. When you start too young, you grow up on a set. ~ Josh Duhamel
Growing Up quotes by Josh Duhamel
I grew up in Long Island City. When I was growing up, my parents owned a women's clothing store in Queens. It was for older women. I got my bras there, until I realized I didn't want those huge, taupe bras. Everything was beige, with massive amounts of hooks. ~ Jessica Valenti
Growing Up quotes by Jessica Valenti
Acting for kids is like playing house, you know? But growing up in Hollywood, it just made it seem possible. ~ Jennifer Jason Leigh
Growing Up quotes by Jennifer Jason Leigh
When I was growing up, my white friends would call me: 'Hey, Chief!' Even when I go to work now, people call me 'Chief.' ~ Adam Beach
Growing Up quotes by Adam Beach
My love, growing up on the Prairies, was country music. ~ Randy Bachman
Growing Up quotes by Randy Bachman
I've tried to teach what I learned all those years in my mother and father's house, all those things I didn't realize I was learning and that I never knew I'd be so grateful for. When you have love and it's proffered every day in a kind of tender, yet stern insistence and even reckless laughter, when it is given to you and you accept it in life as a thing as natural as rain or snow, or the littler of leaves in fall, you can't help but take it for granted. For a bewildered while you incorrectly understand that the world has given you this becuase it's there in equal measure, everywhere. You never knowuntil it's too late to do anything about it, how seet the effort is: how lasting the human will to love can be in the breast of people who want to make it for you, who want to give it to you, without calculating what's in it fo them, without thinking at all of what it will mean when you grow to full adulthood, see the world as it is, and forget to mention what you have been given.

Ever day of my grown-up life, I have wanted to do what my parents did. I have wanted to widen the province of love and weaken hate and bitterness in the hearts of my children. And I've done these things because of what I got from my family, all those lovely years when I was growing up, being loved and cherished and, unbeknown to me, and in the best way, honored, for myself. ~ Marian Wright Edelman
Growing Up quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
Growing up she'd heard rumors about the enforcer and how badass he was... ~ Savannah Stuart
Growing Up quotes by Savannah Stuart
Growing up I often wondered how the world would be today if, since the beginning of human life, every person acted as I did. ~ Criss Jami
Growing Up quotes by Criss Jami
When you have a child, you start to dream of how this kid will grow up and make you proud. The only thing you can predict with 100% certainty is that the reality will diverge somehow from that dream. Some of our children will disappoint us by not being the scholars we hoped they would be. Some children will disappoint us by not being the athletes we hoped they would be. Some will disappoint us by coming out and telling us they are gay and they won't give us grandchildren ... the real question is not, what book can I read, what technique can I use to raise a perfect child? The real question is how will you handle that gap between the child you dreamt of having and the real child growing up in your home ... What I have learned is that any religion, if you do it wrong, will leave people feeling condemned and dismissed and unworthy and any religion, if you do it right, will leave people feeling cleansed and firmed. (118) Rabbi Harold Kushner ~ Carol Lynn Pearson
Growing Up quotes by Carol Lynn Pearson
Since I was growing up in New Zealand where there's a hole in the ozone layer above us, we get so much sun damage to our skin, and the thing we can do to look after ourselves is use sunscreen during the day, but making sure your skin is well hydrated while you sleep. ~ Rose McIver
Growing Up quotes by Rose McIver
I started classical and operatic lessons when I was 8 and become an operatic singer and went to competition. I write my own music. A lot of the songs, growing up, I was into writing dark stories and poems, and one day I started putting melodies to them. ~ Cassie Steele
Growing Up quotes by Cassie Steele
I've never had a roommate, even when I was growing up. ~ Jennette McCurdy
Growing Up quotes by Jennette McCurdy
It is a different world than when I was growing up, and you started to just kind of maintain at thirty-five and just hope you can hope it together. People are a lot more vital than I am and doing all kinds of things and leading really important movements. ~ Susan Sarandon
Growing Up quotes by Susan Sarandon
I had to grow up and learn to listen for the unspoken as well as the spoken-and to know a truth. ~ Eudora Welty
Growing Up quotes by Eudora Welty
I will say that growing up as a kid in an urban environment and having lived in cities all my life, the one achievement that everyone can look forward to is getting the perfect parking spot. ~ Saul Perlmutter
Growing Up quotes by Saul Perlmutter
Goth culture, as mired in the past as it is, even it goes through changes, so Goth when I was growing up is not what it is now. When I think of Goth culture as it is at the moment I think of mall culture. ~ Jhonen Vasquez
Growing Up quotes by Jhonen Vasquez
Some wounds cut us so deep that they stop us. Stop us from letting go, from growing up, from seeing the truth. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Growing Up quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Mother! Katie remembered. She had called her own mother "mama" until the day she had told her that she was going to marry Johnny. She had said, "Mother, I'm going to marry ... " She had never said "mama" after that. She had finished growing up when she stopped calling her mother "mama." Now Francie ... ~ Betty Smith
Growing Up quotes by Betty Smith
When I was growing up, I wanted to be my half-sister Lucy. She was 14 years older than me and was impossibly glamorous. I grew up in awe of her. ~ Emilia Fox
Growing Up quotes by Emilia Fox
The question that we need to address is this: What relevance do these ancient traditions have to the experience of a modern adolescent growing up in the Western world? Rather than indulge in idle speculation, I have invited a number of young people to express their views on psychedelics and the effects these substances have had upon their lives and minds. ~ Rick Doblin
Growing Up quotes by Rick Doblin
My personal style has developed from growing up in Oklahoma, middle America, where I was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and where people were not running around in miniskirts. ~ Suzy Amis
Growing Up quotes by Suzy Amis
It's interesting to talk to Bernie [Sanders] about his life and growing up, you know, growing up in an immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn. His mother died at a very early age. He was young then. And, you know, I think that experience really shaped him. ~ Tad Devine
Growing Up quotes by Tad Devine
Part of growing up is doing things you don't want to do. When it's in the best interest of someone you love. ~ Katherine Howe
Growing Up quotes by Katherine Howe
Most people want peace without the aloneness of [spiritual] power. And they want the self-confidence of adulthood without having to grow up. ~ M. Scott Peck
Growing Up quotes by M. Scott Peck
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