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#1. Ronda, you know why a guy in his twenties goes after sixteen-year-old girls? Because they're dumb enough to believe his bullshit. - Author: Ronda Rousey
Dating quotes by Ronda Rousey
#2. I want people to understand and recognize that when it comes to dating, you're not as crazy as you think you are. Everyone needs love. We need it like air or water. We just don't know how to get it. - Author: Leslye Headland
Dating quotes by Leslye Headland
#3. I don't like to joke about dating. - Author: Jen Kirkman
Dating quotes by Jen Kirkman
#4. There's time for a boyfriend in my life. But he would have to be understanding. He would have to understand that often I will be travelling and playing. - Author: Anna Kournikova
Dating quotes by Anna Kournikova
#5. Evolution is unobservable. It's based on blind faith in a few dry bones and on unreliable dating systems in which the gullible trust. Kids should be allowed to make up their own minds about this issue, and not be censored to 'one side is all we will let you hear.' - Author: Ray Comfort
Dating quotes by Ray Comfort
#6. There is no such thing as perfect. But even if there was, I would pick you over perfection any day. - Author: Jacqueline E. Smith
Dating quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#7. Back when I was dating, the dreaded C word was Commitment. As soon as most men found out I had a child, they ran. If I ever got close enough to say the words, 'I love you,' they ran faster. - Author: Regina Brett
Dating quotes by Regina Brett
#8. Dating is about grand romantic gestures that mean little over the long term. Marriage is about small acts of kindness that bond you over a lifetime. - Author: Lori Gottlieb
Dating quotes by Lori Gottlieb
#9. When I stopped viewing girls as potential girlfriends and started treating them as sisters in Christ, I discovered the richness of true friendship. When I stopped worrying about who I was going to marry and began to trust God's timing, I uncovered the incredible potential of serving God as a single. . . .

I believe the time has come for Christians, male and female, to own up to the mess we've left behind in our selfish pursuit of short-term romance. Dating may seem an innocent game, but as I see it, we are sinning against each other. What excuse will we have when God asks us to account for our actions and attitudes in relationships? If God sees a sparrow fall (Matthew 10:29), do you think He could possibly overlook the broken hearts and scarred emotions we cause in relationships based on selfishness?

Everyone around us may be playing the dating game. But at the end of our lives, we won't answer to everyone. We'll answer to God. . . .

Long before Seventeen magazine ever gave teenagers tips on dating, people did things very differently.

At the turn of the twentieth century, a guy and girl became romantically involved only if they planned to marry. If a young man spent time at a girl's home, family and friends assumed that he intended to propose to her. But shifting attitudes in culture and the arrival of the automobile brought radical changes. The new "rules" allowed people to indulge in all the thrills of romantic love without having - Author: Joshua Harris
Dating quotes by Joshua Harris
#10. Something about seeking love through social media that leaves us feeling empty. Seeking an embrace that can only be made by God leaves us fetching for attention in weak people and desolate places. - Author: Chris Marvel
Dating quotes by Chris Marvel
#11. What the fuck? Didn't you tell him you had a boyfriend?" "I did. He asked if I loved you." "Who is this guy? What's he do?" "He's an accountant in Boston." "An accountant? Jesus Christ, didn't you tell him you're dating a fucking war correspondent? - Author: Michael Hastings
Dating quotes by Michael Hastings
#12. There are some guys you definitely would not want dating your sister - especially hockey players. - Author: Patrick Kane
Dating quotes by Patrick Kane
#13. Desperation works in job search as well as it does in dating. - Author: Darrell Gurney
Dating quotes by Darrell Gurney
#14. A lot of the heartache and confusion we feel in dating stems from treating dating mainly as practice for marriage (clarity through intimacy), instead of as discernment toward marriage (clarity and then intimacy). - Author: Marshall Segal
Dating quotes by Marshall Segal
#15. It would distort markets. Besides, if I bought a load of gold when I thought the price was going up, then it would drive up the price at that point. When I came to sell in the future it would depress the price. Thus, I wouldn't make the killing I thought I would, would I?"
"Yeah, but futures contracts."
"Same thing, dear boy."
"Art, then."
"If I bought Constable's Hay Wain direct from the artist it wouldn't have the same cachet as it does today. The absence of that piece from the market might mean that all of his work was devalued."
"Yeah, but you could bring another piece back."
"Ah, then the paint and canvas wouldn't age correctly. For older objets d'art, the carbon dating would show it was younger than it should be. Sorry, Kevin. You're not going to get rich by temporal smuggling or speculation. - Author: Mark Speed
Dating quotes by Mark Speed
#16. Dating takes too much time. I wanted you. I took you. You're mine. She shivered. Women's lib could say what it wanted. Being claimed by a sexy male still held loads of seductive charm. - Author: Eve Langlais
Dating quotes by Eve Langlais
#17. It is not the size of the ring, but the size of the love. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Dating quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#18. Respect is more valuable then the amount of times guys flirt with you.
It's better to have one trustworthy real man then any amount of boys interested in you.
The "cool" guys may not notice or date you but the right one will marry you. - Author: Rachel Hamilton
Dating quotes by Rachel Hamilton
#19. President Bush listed his income as $822,000. You know what John Kerry calls someone who earns $822,000? Not even worth dating. - Author: Jay Leno
Dating quotes by Jay Leno
#20. The notion that women shouldn't care about personal success
or the work that gets them there
is disengenuous; it is impossible for women not to have jobs anymore, so it doesn't make sense to expect them to structure their lives around getting married. The real failure is our cultural incapacity to make room for women to live and thrive outside of traditional conceptions of femininity and relationships. After all, we can eat without marriage, but not without work. - Author: Samhita Mukhopadhyay
Dating quotes by Samhita Mukhopadhyay
#21. One girl raved about a nice voicemail a guy had recently left her. I kindly requested she play it and heard this gem: 'Hey, Lydia. It's Sam. Just calling to say what's up. Gimme a ring when you get a chance.'


I pleaded to know what was so great about this. She sweetly recalled that 'he remembered my name, he said hi, and he told me to call him back.'

Never mind the fact that what she described was the content of LITERALLY EVERY VOICE MAIL IN HISTORY. Name, hello, please call back. Not really a boatload of charm on display. To fail this test, a guy would have to leave a message that said: 'No greeting. This is man. I don't remember you. End communication. - Author: Aziz Ansari
Dating quotes by Aziz Ansari
#22. I'm a bad dater - I'm just not good at it. It's so weird dating in this town. It's like high school. I get a lot of people who have their publicist call my agent to ask, 'Is she dating anyone?' - Author: Jules Asner
Dating quotes by Jules Asner
#23. I had to deal with being somewhat of an outcast because it's not socially acceptable to be a struggling musician. There have been times where I've felt sorry for the person I was dating. I felt she deserved better. - Author: Taylor Hicks
Dating quotes by Taylor Hicks
#24. Look at Ron and Hermione. Obstacles everywhere. But did Hermione give up on Ron when he was dating Lavender Brown? Did Ron give up on Hermione when he was knocking about with that Bulgarian Quidditch bloke? Did they let the pressure of tracking down the final few Horcruxes tear them apart? No. All the drama they went through made it all the more poignant when they finally got together. - Author: Tom Ellen
Dating quotes by Tom Ellen
#25. What is wrong with me, that even this fucking loser won't give me what I want? - Author: Kristen Roupenian
Dating quotes by Kristen Roupenian
#26. Am I still interested in a guy's body? Now that I have grown up, I am much more of a 'vibe' kind of person! If a man has a good body, that is an added plus. - Author: Carmen Electra
Dating quotes by Carmen Electra
#27. Being your authentic self exudes a quiet confidence. - Author: Sam Owen
Dating quotes by Sam Owen
#28. If a woman defined herself solely by the man she was with - and vice versa - the world would be a very shallow and insipid place, indeed. - Author: Nenia Campbell
Dating quotes by Nenia Campbell
#29. Not trusting him and him not being trustworthy are two different things. - Author: Jacqueline Simon Gunn
Dating quotes by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
#30. When I saw you I knew the universe had mastered my love language & I'd go through any amount of anguish to be a student of its genius. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Dating quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#31. My imagination plus Vibrizzio is not only equal to but also greater than a real man. Why should I settle for second best? - Author: Nicki Elson
Dating quotes by Nicki Elson
#32. Hmmm. Odd. Okay." He took Nick's hand.
Nick pulled back. "Dude, don't touch me."
"Why not?"
Why not? Really? He had to explain stranger-danger and personal space? Where did this guy live that he didn't understand grabbing another dude's body parts without an invitation was a first class ticket to a major butt-whipping event.
"Look, I don't know you, and we're not dating. So keep your hands off me."
Again with the annoyed noise. "Then how can I lead you if I can't touch you when you can't see?"
"How 'bout you don't lead me anywhere?" Nick was beginning to like the darkness. Unlike Asmodeus, it was quiet and rather peaceful. And it definitely didn't give him a headache.
"But you said you couldn't see."
Nick was aghast at the way this guy's mind worked. "That doesn't mean you can touch me."
"I'm so confused. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dating quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#33. i find you
in every echo,
i find you in every
dream, i find you
in every feeling
in the depths
of my inner
being. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Dating quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#34. You're talking to someone who has been married to various people for the last 40 years of her life. Dating is not really something familiar. I've never really been a dater. - Author: Stockard Channing
Dating quotes by Stockard Channing
#35. Although playing hard to get might be cute in the dating world, it won't fly with potential employers. They don't have time to court you, so you had better romance the hell out of them. - Author: Sophia Amoruso
Dating quotes by Sophia Amoruso
#36. You should try dating nice guys," her friend Ludy used to say in high school. "They're nice. I think you'd like them."
"Boring," Georgie'd said. "Pointless."
"Not pointless
nice. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Dating quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#37. Dating isn't a natural need; it is a social want. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Dating quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#38. What's your name?"
"Emma Gould," she said. "What's yours?"
"By all the girls or just the law? - Author: Dennis Lehane
Dating quotes by Dennis Lehane
#39. In dating, if you say no, your lover goes on to the next person. In marriage, if you say no, the person stays. - Author: Esther Perel
Dating quotes by Esther Perel
#40. This, however, is OKCupid, the vast, weird pink-and-blue toned jungle of the id masquerading as a dating site, where rare birds of modern romance flutter amongst the night-terrors of human loneliness and despair and the suspicious skin irritants of late-night hook-uppery. - Author: Laurie Penny
Dating quotes by Laurie Penny
#41. The longest I have ever gone without sex is sixteen years. But to my credit, elementary and middle school were rough dating years. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Dating quotes by Jarod Kintz
#42. if, one lover gone, I was opening up for an immediate replacement. Smack habit, love habit - what's the difference? They can both kill you. For the bus journey I fell in love with a woman who smiled at me. The motion of the bus made her thick mop of fair curls tremble. We talked about desperados.

'I am fatally attracted to them', I said. 'In fact, I probably am one'. - Author: Helen Garner
Dating quotes by Helen Garner
#43. ... and left decimated. Not for myself, but for all the single women out there trying to date. I wanted to run to the top of the Empire State Building and make an announcement to all of them to let them know they are worth so much more than this. That they don't need to wrangle some warm body to sit next to them just so they aren't alone on holidays. That they should never let a magazine or dating site or matchmaker monster tell them they're in a lower bracket of desirability because of their age or weight or face or sense of humor. - Author: Amy Schumer
Dating quotes by Amy Schumer
#44. I've always hated dating," I said instead. "In fact, if I could bypass all that might I bestow upon you a kiss business, I would. Why can't we all just skip to the comfortable part of relationships? Go straight to the bit where you can walk around in your undies, let farts go and blame them on the dog, and leave the door open when you're taking a piss?"
"First of all, there is no part of a relationship that should involve that last bit, and second of all, dating is the best part. All those butterflies and excitement, the sexual tension. Wanting to skip to the comfortable bit is laziness. It means you don't have to put in any effort to woo someone. Also, if memory serves, you've never had a relationship that lasted more than six months."
"Thanks for the reminder, oh Sarah of Ye Old Wet Blanket," I groused, but she was right. I hadn't dated anyone for longer than six months; and even then it hadn't really been a relationship with any meaningful or lasting impact.
"Ye Old Wet Blanket was my grandmother's name, I'll have you know...You're thirty years old, practically a baby. You've just burned yourself out. You need to find the excitement in life again, the thrill to be had from simple things."
"I do get a thrill from simple things," I countered. "Didn't I mention I fixed my tap this weekend? And I had Earl Grey tea with breakfast."
"Oh. Stop. Too much excitement. I can't handle it. - Author: L.H. Cosway
Dating quotes by L.H. Cosway
#45. Love is like a game of chess. You're white. He's black. You wait for him to make a move, while staring into his handsome, melting-you-on-the-inside eyes, then realize what a dummy he is to not tell you straight out to go first. The beginning is the crush stage. You begin to realize how much you want to defeat him, or make him fall in love with you. By the time you get to the heat of the game, you both moved and are hopefully dating. If you haven't forfeit then because you don't want to be cheated on, you make another move- head on shoulder, hand holding, etc. Black makes another move-he gives you his jacket on a freezing night. By the endgame, he either realizes how stupid he was to play with you and forfeits, or he realizes how smart you are and lets you defeat him (and love you). By the time you win, you're married to him. A happily ever after game of chess. - Author: Amrita Ramanathan
Dating quotes by Amrita Ramanathan
#46. Join the Revolution! Be your own Brand of Sexy! - Author: Susan L. Edelman
Dating quotes by Susan L. Edelman
#47. My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away. - Author: Jenny McCarthy
Dating quotes by Jenny McCarthy
#48. Humans have continued to evolve quite a lot over the past ten thousand years, and certainly over 100 thousand. Sure, our biology affects our behavior. But it's unlikely that humans' early evolution is deeply relevant to contemporary psychological questions about dating or the willpower to complete a dissertation. - Author: Annalee Newitz
Dating quotes by Annalee Newitz
#49. Suddenly William loomed over him, scowling, snarling and bloody, his suit dirt-stained and ripped. "Do you know. How many strands. Of hair I lost. On my way down?"
Whatever. "Math was never my thing, but I'm gonna say you lost…a lot."
Electric-blues glittered with menace. "You are a cruel, sadistic bastard. My hair needs TLC and you…you… Damn you! I've gutted men for less."
"I know. I've watched you." Paris lumbered to his feet and scanned the rocky bank they stood upon, the crimson ocean lapping and bubbling in every direction. The drawbridge was only a fifty-yard dash away. "Don't kill the messenger, but I'm thinking you should change your dating profile to balding."
Masculine cheeks went scarlet as the big bad warrior struggled for a comeback.

"One of these days you're going to wake up," William finally said, "and I will have shaved you. Everywhere."
"Won't make a difference. Women will still want me. But you know what else? What I did to you wasn't cruel, Willy." He offered the warrior a white-flag grin. A trick. A lie. "This, however, is."
He grabbed William by the wrist, swung the man around and around before at last releasing him and hurling his body directly onto the bridge. - Author: Gena Showalter
Dating quotes by Gena Showalter
#50. Never talk to them when they're human, or they'll trick you. You'll get confused and sympathetic. That was what his mom always said. She was probably right. Last time he talked to a werewolf, he ended up dating her. - Author: S.M. Reine
Dating quotes by S.M. Reine
#51. If I give you an historical reference, am I dating myself? No, because the only way I could date myself is if I had a clone - and he was gay. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Dating quotes by Jarod Kintz
#52. Of valid economics pre-dating the Power Age (steam and electricity), there remains not a vestige. Of valid economics pre-dating the intensive and extensive use of electricity there will soon exist only rags and tatters. We still have to thank Adam Smith for insisting 'Consumption is the sole end and purpose of production;' but the old form of the law of demand and supply is outmoded, since supply has become practically inexhaustible. - Author: Harriet Boyd Hawes
Dating quotes by Harriet Boyd Hawes
#53. It was nice to see someone who appreciated her for her character, no matter how disgusted Christian was by the idea of ANYONE dating his aunt. And I actually kind of liked seeing Christian so obviously tormented. It was good for him. - Author: Richelle Mead
Dating quotes by Richelle Mead
#54. It's taboo for me to date wrestlers [on her father's opinion of her dating wrestlers]. - Author: Stephanie McMahon
Dating quotes by Stephanie McMahon
#55. She didn't see me because of the reflection on the store windows, and she wouldn't know me in this car anyway. In fact, she probably wouldn't know me with shaggy hair and the beginnings of a beard. So I sat for a minute, watching her dusting bookshelves, either talking to herself or singing. Her feather duster had become a prop in whatever scene she had going.
She looked heart-stoppingly, breathtakingly beautiful, my Meg. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
Dating quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#56. I have a strict moral code. I don't share penises with friends. - Author: Ann Everett
Dating quotes by Ann Everett
#57. [On New York City:] From a dating point of view, it's like a really large rummage sale - lots of strange items, but darned little that you'd want to take home. - Author: Mary Jo Putney
Dating quotes by Mary Jo Putney
#58. Since I got a divorce, I have been dating younger guys. But it's just because they're the ones that ask me out. - Author: Jerry Hall
Dating quotes by Jerry Hall
#59. Text is, in some ways, on the way out, unfortunately. There are dating sites now that are just pictures. - Author: Christian Rudder
Dating quotes by Christian Rudder
#60. When a dreamer loses his lover, his dream profits. (Unless, of course, the lover was the dreamer's dream.) - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Dating quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#61. Have love for your friend up to a limit for it is possible he may turn into your enemy some day; and hate your enemy up to a limit for it is possible he may turn into your friend some day. - Author: Bill Vaughan
Dating quotes by Bill Vaughan
#62. First and foremost when you're doing comedy, you gotta be relevant and applicable to the times that you're living in. When you try and just do comedy about who is dating who and lifestyle jokes, it gets tiring after a while. It's hard to be funny in that realm. - Author: Adam McKay
Dating quotes by Adam McKay
#63. We're not really dating per se,' Leigh said. Nate grinned. 'I wouldn't be so sure about that, pretty lady. I know my brother's tastes and you definitely have the main ingredients. His eyes ate more than his mouth at dinner. - Author: Destiny Booze
Dating quotes by Destiny Booze
#64. Don't kill the messenger, but I'm think you should change your dating profil to balding.
Paris to William - Author: Gena Showalter
Dating quotes by Gena Showalter
#65. Britney ends by saying, after scenes of throngs of paparazzi surrounding her car, after tearful interviews and tearless ones, after impersonations of her father and make-up artists, after she says she's not a victim of her success and tries to stay positive and hates being placed in categories, after she dances her fucking ass off to get back what she had, after she explains that she married K-Fed because she liked the idea of it (a revelation that socked me in the chest and made my dating life flash before my eyes), and after she says that "people shave their heads all the time"; after all that, she leaves me with this: "I go through life like a karate kid. - Author: Elissa Washuta
Dating quotes by Elissa Washuta
#66. The movies make the brooding guy the hero – the guy with problems the guy who carries a gun, the gun with unresolved anger, the guy with a chip on his shoulder, the guy who's a vampire – and they tell you that you can have the mythical happy ending with that same brooding guy.
But in reality, the brooding guy is cranky. He doesn't reply to emails. He doesn't call. He's only half there when you're talking to him, and he doesn't chase you when you run. You feel insecure all the time. You get needy and sad and you hate yourself got being needy.

If you don't know why he's brooding, you're shut out.

And if you do know why he's brooding, you're still shut out. (Because he's busy brooding.) - Author: E. Lockhart
Dating quotes by E. Lockhart
#67. Have you seen a copy of Tax Tips for Billionaires? - Author: David Letterman
Dating quotes by David Letterman
#68. In dating, the question is how many Tinder knockoffs are we going to have, and are any of them going to take off? - Author: Sam Yagan
Dating quotes by Sam Yagan
#69. When a man cheats, it is said it is because he is a dog. When a woman cheats, it is said it is because her man is a dog. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Dating quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#70. That's all women need men for? Sperm, a paycheck, and free flights? - Author: Nicki Elson
Dating quotes by Nicki Elson
#71. Relationships are not additive, but multiplicative because you connect with his/her childhood experiences, past relationships, thoughts on money and more. - Author: Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
Dating quotes by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
#72. He was the only boy I'd found worth dating in God knows how many schools. I mean, ever since he'd been bitten by a werwulf he'd been rock-steady. The best thing about this totally effed-up situation. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
Dating quotes by Lilith Saintcrow
#73. Parasols with miniature electric gas lamps atop them were all the rage. Hers had a pink light in it, which meant she belonged to a family that allowed its children to follow the quaint old practice of dating. White indicated that a girl's family would arrange a courtship for her, and blue identified a married woman. Green stood for a woman who wasn't keen on men at all, but whose head could be turned by the sight of a pretty skirt. - Author: Lia Habel
Dating quotes by Lia Habel
#74. The sort of the most efficient way for online dating marketplace to evolve and, in fact, any marketplace to evolve is to have one really big market where people can enter and exit as they please, where people have really advanced search, sort, and filtering technology. - Author: Sam Yagan
Dating quotes by Sam Yagan
#75. I've dated men my age, younger than me and older. The only difference is the young ones are quicker at taking out the garbage. - Author: Lara Flynn Boyle
Dating quotes by Lara Flynn Boyle
#76. Kissing someone is pretty intimate, actually very intimate, and your heart always kind of skips a beat before you do that. - Author: Keanu Reeves
Dating quotes by Keanu Reeves
#77. But Rose? While I'm fine with you two dating and being happy, please try not to brake his heart too much when the time comes. - Author: Richelle Mead
Dating quotes by Richelle Mead
#78. We're left alone with each other. We have to creep close to each other and give gentle little nudges with our paws and our muzzles before we can slip into sleep and rest for the next day's playtime. - Author: Tennessee Williams
Dating quotes by Tennessee Williams
#79. I think, at the end of the day, age is just a number. It's like, in real life, I've got friends who are dating someone their age or dating someone who's twice their age, and they're equally in love. - Author: Margot Robbie
Dating quotes by Margot Robbie
#80. My stomach flipped. I stopped. This guy was trending in my mind big time. - Author: Luella Christie
Dating quotes by Luella Christie
#81. Someone needs to break that rotation saying "grandma did that" or "momma slept around" "auntie did the same" or "cousins did it too" just rotation after rotation. - Author: Sarah Bodiford
Dating quotes by Sarah Bodiford
#82. Brain-like in function and speed, the internet connected over one-third of the global population. Three million searches every minute; one-hundred-trillion emails every year; more Facebook users than people in North America, all with with personal photos, videos, apps, and chats. There were dozens of dating sites, an immersive universe called 2nd Life that boasted a country-sized GDP, a slew of viruses, obnoxious advertising, more than a billion photos of naked women, and seventy-two hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. This was the environment where the friendship flourished. - Author: Jake Vander Ark
Dating quotes by Jake Vander Ark
#83. The dating process is not normal for me. - Author: Jim Carrey
Dating quotes by Jim Carrey
#84. By the end of the date, your intentions should be clear. - Author: Auliq Ice
Dating quotes by Auliq Ice
#85. I believe being a 'gentleman' goes well beyond holding the door for a girl and letting her go before you. It's about being vulnerable for her. I think that when it comes to the way we treat women, it's a good idea to look to the way Jesus treated women.

He laid His life down for His bride,

He sacrificed for her,

He lowered Himself for her,

He was vulnerable for her.

We must love women vulnerably in the same way that Jesus loved His bride vulnerably. Being a gentleman is far more than being caring and thoughtful, it's about possessing sacrificial and vulnerable Christ-like characteristics. I don't know if it's possible to be a gentleman without knowing and representing the character of Jesus. - Author: Cole Ryan
Dating quotes by Cole Ryan
#86. I always wanted so much glamour in my life, so I have always been obsessed with class, and from dating a few people who were from old money and a few from new money in my 20s, I just sort of became obsessed with this idea of clueless rich people. - Author: Natasha Leggero
Dating quotes by Natasha Leggero
#87. I'm not interested in serial dating; I'd honestly rather be single. - Author: Tamsin Egerton
Dating quotes by Tamsin Egerton
#88. Don't ever marry a person you don't truly love. Don't believe what people often say, that the love will develop in future.
Those whose love develop in future are very few. If after a period of time you've been dating and the love doesn't seem to grow, I strongly advise you have to re-think. - Author: Prince Akwarandu
Dating quotes by Prince Akwarandu
#89. I know that you and your girls have been told for years on end that you just don't pass up any opportunities when a man walks your way - he could be The One. But I'm here to tell you that this philosophy is just plain dumb. Women are smart - you all can tell when your friends are lying, you know when your kids are up to no good, co-workers can't get anything past you at
the job. You're quick to let each one of them know that you're not stupid, that you see them coming a mile away, and you're not going to let them play that game with you. But when it comes to your relationships with the opposite sex, all of that goes out the window; you relinquish your power and lose all control over the situation - cede it to any old man who looks at you twice. Just because he happened to look at you twice. - Author: Steve Harvey
Dating quotes by Steve Harvey
#90. It's just that… I'm wanting to start dating myself." I saw Gina's eyes bug out. "I don't mean dating myself. I've been doing that for ten years now. It's gotten to the point where I buy my left hand chocolates on Valentine's Day. - Author: Stephen Osborne
Dating quotes by Stephen Osborne
#91. Dating is so insecure. My last relationship, I was always there for her and she dumped me. I told her about it. I said, "Remember when your grandma died? I was there. Remember when you flunked out of school? I was there. Remember when you lost your job? I was there!" She said, "I know - Author: Tom Arnold
Dating quotes by Tom Arnold
#92. For a moment she knew exactly what he was thinking, not just about Tom, but about her, and himself, and all of life, and she liked the way he saw things. She could spend her life tuning into the calming frequency of his thoughts.
He wasn't a stiff, and he wasn't a weakling either. What was the word for it? Sensitive was the only one that came to mind, amazing as that was to consider; he was a sensitive man. He soaked up whatever you gave him. - Author: Matthew Thomas
Dating quotes by Matthew Thomas
#93. What is wrong with you?" He glared at me.

"I'm somewhat sure I'm suddenly gay," I shrugged, "My father and mother are hypocritical abandoning homophobic assholes. The former defending my chief suspect in the biggest case of my life - something I'm sure you had a hand in. I'm obsessed with your freckles, your bunny slippers and your lips - which I should be getting points for not kissing while you're incapacitated, by the way. I'm dating a whore while working on the vice squad - points to me again for not arresting your ass for that - and I'm ridiculously horny. Oh, and my fiancée won't talk to me. - Author: Dani Alexander
Dating quotes by Dani Alexander
#94. Girls don't want men to be quiet and gentle, I'm told. If you're not panting with impatient lust they think you're not interested. - Author: Iris Murdoch
Dating quotes by Iris Murdoch
#95. Good values are like a magnet, they attract good people. - Author: John Wooden
Dating quotes by John Wooden
#96. My friends and the people I know understand that I'm going to ask them what they're doing, how they're dating, who they're dating, where they're going and what they're doing. I'm constantly asking those questions and making sure I'm in touch with the customer. - Author: Sam Yagan
Dating quotes by Sam Yagan
#97. At times even the best are not good enough. - Author: Gina Wings
Dating quotes by Gina Wings
#98. Some men will take you to the movies. Some will take you to the mountaintop. - Author: Darnell Lamont Walker
Dating quotes by Darnell Lamont Walker
#99. I think audiences can relate to the guys I'm playing, those large-and-in-charge idiots. Or maybe I just make them feel better about who they are, or who they're dating. - Author: Rob Riggle
Dating quotes by Rob Riggle
#100. Nice: meaning I'm going to be dating leather-wearing alcoholics and complaining about them - to you. - Author: Raymond Chandler
Dating quotes by Raymond Chandler
#101. I can barely even run a computer. God knows what I'd get on online dating. I'd get something that was subhuman or something. - Author: Stockard Channing
Dating quotes by Stockard Channing
#102. Katie, honey, you need a date for your sister's wedding."
"I had a date, Mom. He's marrying the bride. - Author: Susan Mallery
Dating quotes by Susan Mallery
#103. Even if you haven't had the exclusivity conversation, they're still going to be mad if they find out you're dating someone they know and you haven't mentioned it. It's a dating rule."
"Well, how am I supposed to know that rule?"
"Everyone knows that rule."
"I thought you were supposed to be on my side."
"I am on your side! - Author: Cassandra Clare
Dating quotes by Cassandra Clare
#104. When you make things too easy on someone, you're giving them a discount on your worth; and this causes them to regard you as inferior. - Author: K.M.Docherty
Dating quotes by K.M.Docherty
#105. A simple compliment goes a really long way - for a guy to just come over and say, 'You have great hair' or 'I really like your dress,' and then just smile and walk away. That's a great move, because he's sort of putting himself out there by doing that, but it won't lead to any embarrassment if the girl isn't interested. - Author: Stacy Keibler
Dating quotes by Stacy Keibler
#106. When I was in high school, I was dating this girl and wanted to make her birthday really special. I showed up early to school and went around to every single one of her classes and left a rose with her teachers. Each rose had a note with a little inside joke. - Author: Dave Franco
Dating quotes by Dave Franco
#107. If you continue to entertain "boys", don't be upset when you can't find a "man". - Author: Stephan Labossiere
Dating quotes by Stephan Labossiere
#108. Dating is an act of outrageous vulnerability. You're leaving the comfort of your home and your friends to subject yourself to the scrutiny of strangers. You're sliding into that restaurant booth, plopping your laptop and gym bag on the floor, and saying, 'Hi, I'm Sara. Let's see if we can start a life together, shall we?'

It doesn't get more optimistic than that. - Author: Sara Eckel
Dating quotes by Sara Eckel
#109. Come be the stampede of emotion standing on this dancing ocean, as I empty out this flood within, down to the last drop of this naked pen. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
Dating quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#110. Dating should really be more like furniture store commercials ... I would love to' pay no interest for 6 months - Author: Josh Stern
Dating quotes by Josh Stern
#111. It's SO much worse in high school! People talk about who's dating with such GRAVITY, like they're talking about wikileaks. - Author: Anna Breslaw
Dating quotes by Anna Breslaw
#112. They had a silent staring contest, but Percy didn't back down. When he and Annabeth started dating, his mother had drummed it into his head: It's good manners to walk your date to the door. If that was true, it had to be good manners to walk her to the start of her epic solo death quest. - Author: Rick Riordan
Dating quotes by Rick Riordan
#113. Wow, Caitlin's dating. Caitlin's going to the movies with a boy, where it's dark." Max shook his head and patted me on the shoulder. "You know what they say, man. With boys, parents only worry about one penis, but with girls, they worry about them all."

My lungs backed up and for a minute, my vision got hazy. Giving in, I bent at the waist and breathed air in nice and slow. Jesus Christ. "Thanks, Max, that's really helpful. - Author: Kristen Kehoe
Dating quotes by Kristen Kehoe
#114. The last time I was single the men I was looking at were in their thirties and I still had that youthful image fixed in my head. It was depressing at first, choosing from a pool that's not regarded as desirable or vital in your society. [...] I managed to re-educate myself eventually. Now I'm only attracted to people my age. A young face looks like a blank page to me. - Author: Viv Albertine
Dating quotes by Viv Albertine
#115. Simon rolled his eyes. "It's a good thing we know the person who's dating Magnus Bane," he said. "Otherwise, I get the feeling we'd all just lie around all the time wondering what the hell to do next. Or trying to raise the money to hire him by selling lemonade or something."
Alec looked merely irritated by this comment. "The only way you could raise enough money to hire Magnus by selling lemonade is if you put meth in it. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Dating quotes by Cassandra Clare
#116. Did something happen with you and that guy Vlad at that party Friday night?"
Dread creeps over my skin. "Why?"
"Hmm, okay. I don't really know how to put this, but ... well, he was telling everybody today that you guys are dating and that you're his soul mate and that you're going to get married."
"What?" - Author: A.M. Robinson
Dating quotes by A.M. Robinson
#117. He was a noisy robust little man with a gleam of real talent concealed in the messy obscurity of his verse. But because he did his best to shock people with his monstrous mass of otiose words (he was the inventor of the "submental grunt" as he called it), his main output seems now so nugatory, so false, so old-fashioned (super-modern things have a queer knack of dating much faster than others) that his true value is only remembered by a few scholars who admire the magnificent translations of English poems made by him at the very outset of his literary career, - - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Dating quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#118. Good and safe" are all I have been during my romantic career, keeping myself virtuous outside of relationships never putting out before I had a commitment and a half dozen dates under my belt. - Author: Valentine Glass
Dating quotes by Valentine Glass
#119. What, are you like Buffy or something? A vampire slayer?"
I wish. "No, but my sister is. And my boyfriend's a vampire so I know a lot about their kind."
Jayden shrinks back from me, wide-eyed.
"No, no. He's one of the good ones. Not all vampires are evil," I assure him.
"So ... you're dating ... Edward Cullen."
"Sure, if you have to relate it all to a Stephenie Meyer book," I grudgingly agree. "But don't say that to Magnus's face. He's a card-carrying member of Team Jacob. Even has the T-shirt. - Author: Mari Mancusi
Dating quotes by Mari Mancusi
#120. I spent my childhood and youth on the outskirts of the Alps, in a region that was largely spared the immediate effects of the so-called hostilities. At the end of the war I was just one year old, so I can hardly have any impressions of that period of destruction based on personal experience. Yet to this day, when I see photographs or documentary films dating from the war I feel as if I were its child, so to speak, as if those horrors I did not experience cast a shadow over me ... I see pictures merging before my mind's eye - paths through the fields, river meadows, and mountain pastures mingling with images of destruction - and oddly enough, it is the latter, not the now entirely unreal idylls of my early childhood, that make me feel rather as if I were coming home ... - Author: W.G. Sebald
Dating quotes by W.G. Sebald
#121. Love is often confused with attraction. Love is an action, it's a choice. We can choose to love someone. Attraction, however, is a feeling, it's an emotion, it's temporary. - Author: Cole Ryan
Dating quotes by Cole Ryan
#122. Falling in love with you was out of my control, but I do have a say in what happens next. And, I will choose to stay in love with you through everything this life throws at us. - Author: Liz Newman
Dating quotes by Liz  Newman
#123. If you are dating someone famous, you tend to be seen as part of a couple, rather than as an individual. But you can't help who you fall in love with. It's unfair when your career suffers - which mine did - simply because of who you're going out with. - Author: Max Beesley
Dating quotes by Max Beesley
#124. The best companies in the world have all had predecessors. 'YouTube' was a dating site. You always have to evolve into something else. - Author: Kevin Systrom
Dating quotes by Kevin Systrom
#125. If I talk to a woman for more than five minutes I can tell you exactly whether she's an Aidan girl or a Mr. Big girl. Aidan girls are more interested in nurturing relationships and building a nest while Mr. Big girls are more about show and having fun. - Author: Michael Patrick King
Dating quotes by Michael Patrick King
#126. Jase and I made a deliberate decision while we were dating to remain sexually pure until we were married. Keeping that commitment was not easy, but we did it. We decided to trust God, and we were determined to honor His Word no matter how much of a struggle it was. The important thing is we made it! Two years, ten months, and two days, but who was counting? The first sexual experience either one of us ever had took place with each other on our wedding night. Jase often says it was more like an exploratory biological experiment! We have remained faithful to one another and our marriage vows since that day. - Author: Missy Robertson
Dating quotes by Missy Robertson
#127. I was starting to learn one of the most important lessons of online dating: the wisdom of saying no. - Author: Sarah Hepola
Dating quotes by Sarah Hepola
#128. I just think you shouldn't be dating anyone you don't want to be friends with. If you're looking for a real partner, there's got to more more than just sexual attraction there. You should be looking for someone you actually enjoy spending time with. Ideally, you're looking for a best friend. - Author: Susannah Nix
Dating quotes by Susannah Nix
#129. Someone once said that nostalgia is longing for a place you'd never go back to and thinking about it… that's pretty much how I'm feeling about my ex-husband: longing for someone I'd never go back to. - Author: Dermot Davis
Dating quotes by Dermot Davis
#130. When a man mentally undresses a woman it's merely sex; but when a woman mentally dresses a man he's in dire danger of matrimony. - Author: Helen Nielsen
Dating quotes by Helen Nielsen
#131. He caught my hip, steadying me. "This'll change everything," he broke away from my mouth to say. "Once I'm inside you, you're mine, I'm yours, and we are together. There will be no friendship and mild dating. It's going to be all or nothing."
I gazed up into his eyes. "Then make me your all."
His eyes heated. "You always were. - Author: Linda Kage
Dating quotes by Linda Kage
#132. I'm friends with a lot of my exes, but it took time. We didn't just get into it. I don't think you can be friends until you're cool with them dating someone else. That's when you know. - Author: Rashida Jones
Dating quotes by Rashida Jones
#133. Yesterday, the White House confirmed that President Obama will meet with Pope Francis during his visit in September. Some experts are wondering if they'll discuss their disagreement over contraception. Then Joe Biden said, 'I didn't even know they were dating.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
Dating quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#134. So you're dating Mr. Freaky Vanderperv, at least you're not dating a guy with no skills and no interest in you sexually! Treat his kinks with respect and he will be an honest man with you always. - Author: Roberto Hogue
Dating quotes by Roberto Hogue
#135. Marriage is the commodification of affection, copulation, and, reproduction. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Dating quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#136. I've been dating since I was fifteen. I'm exhausted. Where is he? - Author: Kristin Davis
Dating quotes by Kristin Davis
#137. Frankly, I've worked my whole life to not be adorable with only limited success, and two adorable people dating is waaaay too cute for me. - Author: Hank Green
Dating quotes by Hank Green
#138. One of my greatest concerns for the young women of the Church is that they will sell themselves short in dating and marriage by forgetting who they really are--daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. . . . Unfortunately, a young woman who lowers her standards far enough can always find temporary acceptance from immature and unworthy young men. . . .

At their best, daughters of God are loving, caring, understanding, and sympathetic. This does not mean they are also gullible, unrealistic, or easily manipulated. If a young man does not measure up to the standards a young woman has set, he may promise her that he will change if she will marry him first. Wise daughters of God will insist that young men who seek their hand in marriage change before the wedding, not after. (I am referring here to the kind of change that will be part of the lifelong growth of every disciple.) He may argue that she doesn't really believe in repentance and forgiveness. But one of the hallmarks of repentance is forsaking sin. Especially when the sin involves addictive behaviors or a pattern of transgression, wise daughters of God insist on seeing a sustained effort to forsake sin over a long period of time as true evidence of repentance. They do not marry someone because they believe they can change him. Young women, please do not settle for someone unworthy of your gospel standards.

On the other hand, young women should not refuse to settle down. There is no right age for young men - Author: Robert D. Hales
Dating quotes by Robert D. Hales
#139. He was scowling. "What the hell? If I had a daughter and she was dating a guy like me, I'd take him out back and threaten him with a shotgun to make sure he treated her right."

Kit's mouth fell open. "You?"

"Yeah." He folded his arms, his scowl growing heavier. "Jeez, Kit, he didn't even tell me to be good to you. That's bullshit."

Realizing he was dead serious, she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling. "Where did you pick up this chivalrous instinct?"

"My father," he said, the sneer that usually accompanied any mention of Robert St. John missing from his voice. "He's a son of a bitch, but he brought me up to look after any women under my care."

"Under your care?" Kit raised an eyebrow. "Chauvinistic much?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, well, maybe it is, but I'm not changing. My imaginary daughters are never dating musicians. Ever."

Stomach somersaulting at the idea of little girls with Noah's features and talent, she shook her head. "Noah St. John, bad boy of rock and concerned father of imaginary daughters. Hell hath frozen over and become an ice rink. - Author: Nalini Singh
Dating quotes by Nalini Singh
#140. Guys are so transparent most of the time. Unless, of course, they're dating you, in which case they are utter mysteries. - Author: Nicole Richie
Dating quotes by Nicole Richie
#141. I have this theory that the more important and intimate the emotion, the fewer words are required to express it. For instance in dating: 'Will you go out with me?' Six words. 'I really care for you.' Five words. 'You matter to me' Four words. 'I love you.' Three words. 'Marry me.' Two words. Well, what's left? What's the one most important and intimate word you can ever say to somebody?
'Goodbye ... ' - Author: J. Michael Straczynski
Dating quotes by J. Michael Straczynski
#142. His arm slid around my shoulders and drew me to him. It was odd, sitting there under the veil of darkness, watching the neighborhood settle down. Lamps burned in windows. TVs flickered. A few houses down, the rhythmic thud of a basketball on concrete and muffled laughter alerted us to the only other people outside on this glorious fall night.

"This is a perfect date," I said.

He tensed. "You'd call it a date?"

"Sure. You wouldn't?"

He looked down at me, his eyes glittering in the faint light. "I thought American girls liked more formality in a date."

"More money is what you mean." I smiled. "It's a date. Don't argue with me."

"I never do. - Author: Elizabeth Langston
Dating quotes by Elizabeth Langston
#143. It was like I was being punished for being gay, and back then I didn't even know what it meant to be gay. I never dreamed of dating another guy, or about having sex with one. I was seven. I didn't even know about sex yet. - Author: John Green
Dating quotes by John Green
#144. Knowledgeable observers report that dating has nearly disappeared from college campuses and among young adults generally. It has been replaced by something called "hanging out." You young people apparently know what this is, but I will describe it for the benefit of those of us who are middle-aged or older and otherwise uninformed. Hanging out consists of numbers of young men and young women joining together in some group activity. It is very different from dating.
For the benefit of some of you who are not middle-aged or older, I also may need to describe what dating is. Unlike hanging out, dating is not a team sport. Dating is pairing off to experience the kind of one-on-one association and temporary commitment that can lead to marriage in some rare and treasured cases. . . .

All of this made dating more difficult. And the more elaborate and expensive the date, the fewer the dates. As dates become fewer and more elaborate, this seems to create an expectation that a date implies seriousness or continuing commitment. That expectation discourages dating even more. . . .

Simple and more frequent dates allow both men and women to "shop around" in a way that allows extensive evaluation of the prospects. The old-fashioned date was a wonderful way to get acquainted with a member of the opposite sex. It encouraged conversation. It allowed you to see how you treat others and how you are treated in a one-on-one situation. It gave opportunities to learn how t - Author: Dallin H. Oaks
Dating quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#145. I will not date a woman from China, because that is a big red flag. - Author: Daniel Tosh
Dating quotes by Daniel Tosh
#146. But?"
"There's no 'but' as far as that's concerned. I just want to be honest about my intentions."
She almost laughed. "Your intentions? Connor, no one is standing over you with a shotgun. When did I strike you as the kind of woman who was worried about anyone's intentions? I know we're not heading into a relationship. I wouldn't even call this dating. - Author: Eve Berlin
Dating quotes by Eve Berlin
#147. I learned never to take him into a baby store. Ever. He snickered every time he heard the word 'nipple.'" "Well, that's what you get for dating a giant twelve-year-old," I told her, sitting on Jolene's left. - Author: Molly Harper
Dating quotes by Molly Harper
#148. You can do it now. You can't say you've never dated, because you have. A lot of people, actually." Xander's gave her a mischievous grin. "You've leveled up, dearest. You're an expert on dating compared to Liv of six months ago. - Author: Danika Stone
Dating quotes by Danika Stone
#149. I could be a party girl, dating whoever I want and being reckless, but I like being in a relationship. When you have somebody who grounds you and keeps you sane, it helps. - Author: Eva Longoria
Dating quotes by Eva Longoria
#150. We want to stay on the straight and narrow path and serve God, yet we continue a practice that often pulls us in the wrong direction. - Author: Joshua Harris
Dating quotes by Joshua Harris
#151. I know it's a guy who will talk to me, he wears his cockiness like an ironic T-shirt, but it fits him better. He is the kind of guy who carries himself like he gets laid a lot, a guy who likes women, a guy who would actually fuck me properly. I would like to be fucked properly! My dating life seems to rotate around three types of me: preppy Ivy Leaguers who believe they're characters in a Fitzgerald novel; slick Wall Streeters with money signs in their yes, their ears, their mouths; and sensitive smart-boys who are so self-aware that everything feels like a joke. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Dating quotes by Gillian Flynn
#152. On girls night in we talk about dating; the ups and downs of the previous week. Our collective laughter is uncontrollable and tearful, even the most disappointing dates become meritorious on girls night in. - Author: Cilla Black
Dating quotes by Cilla Black
#153. I pretended to be a Cheyenne guide. I pretended to be a prairie woman. I pretended Henry was my old-timey husband taking me to our new homestead. I leaned down and patted Trouble's neck. "Good boy," I said. "Trusty steed. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
Dating quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#154. The doo-wop stalker love song on a Cincinnati oldies station
you broke up with me because I was an obnoxious jerk and now you're dating him, so I drive by your house and stare in your window every night, thereby proving that I'm an even bigger creep than you thought - Author: Sarah Vowell
Dating quotes by Sarah Vowell
#155. Relationships take skill, not perfection or luck! - Author: Staci Bartley
Dating quotes by Staci Bartley
#156. Dating a new man is like holding a strawberry milkshake; first the taste, then the pleasure. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
Dating quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#157. It was a newsflash to me that dating as a pre-thirty divorcette was as bad as having herpes. - Author: Stephanie Klein
Dating quotes by Stephanie Klein
#158. I'm currently single, so I want to have fun! As for what guys need to do to date out of their league, it's all about the swagger. If you have confidence, you can get pretty much any girl. - Author: Krysten Ritter
Dating quotes by Krysten Ritter
#159. There's no point dating a guy who can't support a family. - Author: Laura Schlessinger
Dating quotes by Laura Schlessinger
#160. You know you found the right one when you stop looking for more. - Author: Laurel House
Dating quotes by Laurel House
#161. I tell ya! The road to success is an endless battle for you and me. - Author: Steven Jackson
Dating quotes by Steven Jackson
#162. Amazing how being bathed in arterial blood can wash out any lingering romantic disappointments. - Author: Diana Peterfreund
Dating quotes by Diana Peterfreund
#163. Rach-Uh, my mom says they'll help me blend in better. She says the color would just draw attention to me."
Emma snorts. "Oh, she's definitely right. Blue eyes make you look so much more average. In fact, I almost didn't notice you standing there."
"That hurts my feelings, Emma." He grins.
She giggles.
He says, "I'd consider forgiving you-if you come with me to the beach."
She sighs. "I can't go with you, Galen."
He runs a hand through his hair. "Honestly, Emma, I don't know how much more rejection I can take," he blurts out. In fact, he doesn't remember ever being rejected, except by Emma. Of course, that could be due to the fact that he's a Royal. Or maybe it's because he doesn't spend a lot of time with his kind anyway, let alone the females. Actually, he doesn't spend a lot of time with anyone except Rachel. And Rachel would give him her beating heart if he asked for it.
"I'm sorry. It's not about you this time. Well, actually, it kind of is. My mom...well, she thinks we're dating." Her cheeks-and those lips-deepen to red.
"Dating?" What is dating again? He tries to remember what Rachel told him...She said it's easy to remember because it's almost the same as...what is the rhyme for it? And then he remembers. "It's easy to remember, because dating rhymes with mating, and they're almost the same," she'd said. He blinks at Emma. "You're mom thinks we're ma-Uh, dating?"
She nods biting her lip.
For reasons he can't explain, t - Author: Anna Banks
Dating quotes by Anna Banks
#164. Agatha Chubb, expert in ancient wizarding artefacts, has identified no fewer than twelve lead Bludgers dating from this period, discovered both in Irish peat bogs and English marshes. "They are undoubtedly Bludgers rather than cannonballs," she writes. The faint indentations of magically reinforced Beaters' bats are visible and one can see the distinctive hallmarks of manufacture by a wizard (as opposed to a Muggle) - the smoothness of line, the perfect symmetry. A final clue was the fact that each and every one of them whizzed around my study and attempted to knock me to the floor when released from its case, - Author: J.K. Rowling
Dating quotes by J.K. Rowling
#165. An alpha man is confident, fully centered in his masculine core, sure of his self worth and what he brings to the table in dating and relationships. He doesn't seek the approval of others and is repulsed by women who don't recognize his value, no matter how attractive the woman might be. An alpha man knows that he fully deserves a partner who mutually chooses him and makes a mutual effort to be together. If a man doesn't recognize himself to be valuable, then women will not see him as valuable either. What you feel, you attract." (Coach Ricioppo Parra) - Author: Alessio David Ricioppo Parra
Dating quotes by Alessio David Ricioppo Parra
#166. The United States is now relearning an ancient lesson, dating back to the Roman Empire. Brutalizing an enemy only serves to brutalize the army ordered to do it. Torture corrodes the mind of the torturer. - Author: James Risen
Dating quotes by James Risen
#167. Took me by the hand, she's gonna love me in my Chevy Van. - Author: Sammy Johns
Dating quotes by Sammy Johns
#168. Just ask for what you want. I requested a six-month break from Facebook to visit my parents; I asked to switch projects. I told my husband it was time to get married after six years of dating! - Author: Ruchi Sanghvi
Dating quotes by Ruchi Sanghvi
#169. When someone asks, 'Why do you think he's not calling me?' there's always one answer - 'He's not interested.' There's not ever any other answer. - Author: Fran Lebowitz
Dating quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#170. A wedding is a ceremony men fund with money they know they don't have ... to prove the love they think they have. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Dating quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#171. All my freakouts have been pretty private and directed at family pets and/or people I have been dating for too short a time to freak out at in that way. - Author: Lena Dunham
Dating quotes by Lena Dunham
#172. The fact is, you can't marry the best when you're dating the runner-up. While you're searching for Mr. Right, don't settle for Mr. Right Now. - Author: Craig Groeschel
Dating quotes by Craig Groeschel
#173. Anybody I'm dating, I don't want them to talk about my music. I don't talk about my music to them. - Author: Nas
Dating quotes by Nas
#174. Truth: Rape does indeed happen between girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife. Men who force their girlfriends or wives into having sex are committing rape, period. The laws are blurry, and in some countries marital rape is legal. But it still is rape. - Author: Patti Feuereisen
Dating quotes by Patti Feuereisen
#175. That's why teenage dating is so dumb, because it's doomed to fail. You'd think people would have learned that by now, but I guess they haven't. They go right on falling in love and thinking it's going to survive high school. - Author: Michael Thomas Ford
Dating quotes by Michael Thomas Ford
#176. What if you wake up hung-over the following morning, not dead, but realizing that you had killed somebody? Even worse, what if you wake up in the morning realizing you destroyed the things you loved most in your life? When she regained consciousness in the hospital scared and alone, Kate realized the nightmare was a reality… her parents were dead… her soul-mate was in prison… her life would never be the same.

Through the eyes of many, Troy Trindle had it all… he was good-looking, popular, captain of the football team and dating the head cheerleader. What he lacked were the basic necessities; food, shelter and a family.

Kate and Troy's worlds collide when she moves to Alabama to resume training for a spot on the Olympic Gymnastics Team. - Author: Wendi Farquharson Finn
Dating quotes by Wendi Farquharson Finn
#177. Yes,I'm seeing someone," Nick said. Standing beside them but hardly acknowledging them.He was watching for my answer on his phone.
"For how long?" a woman asked.
"Four years," I heard him say.
"Aww!" I squealed. Then I turned to Chloe. "Do I want to be in People?"
"No," she said firmly. "Nick is ot."
Gavin frowned and poked her in the side. "Hey."
She ducked away from his finger. "Facts are facts. Nick is hot,and when girls read People and see he's dating you,they will call you a skank ho. You and I have mooned over Prince William. We know the deal. - Author: Jennifer Echols
Dating quotes by Jennifer Echols
#178. They say women have intuition, but men can smell a competitor across state lines. - Author: Lily King
Dating quotes by Lily King
#179. It is better to be alone then to be in a relationship, while you are trying to figure out what love means to you. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
Dating quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#180. Dating in Los Angeles can be hard, which makes it all the better when you meet a really nice guy. - Author: Lauren Conrad
Dating quotes by Lauren Conrad
#181. You live, you learn, you stop dating recklessly handsome men with silver tongues and dusty halo's. - Author: Jess Bryant
Dating quotes by Jess Bryant
#182. Marriage is the Rubik's Cube of the 21st Century - something young people are fascinated with but have no idea how to do. - Author: Stewart Stafford
Dating quotes by Stewart Stafford
#183. The greatest importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls...lies in the discovery of biblical manuscripts dating back to only about 300 years after the close of the Old Testament canon. - Author: Philip W. Comfort
Dating quotes by Philip W. Comfort
#184. I prefer ordinary girls - you know, college students, waitresses, that sort of thing. Most of the girls I go out with are just good friends. Just because I go out to the cinema with a girl, it doesn't mean we are dating. - Author: Leonardo DiCaprio
Dating quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#185. As 1968 began to ebb into 1969, however, and as "anticlimax" began to become a real word in my lexicon, another term began to obtrude itself. People began to intone the words "The Personal is The Political." At the instant I first heard this deadly expression, I knew as one does from the utterance of any sinister bullshit that it was - cliché is arguably forgiven here - very bad news. From now on it would be enough to be a member of a sex or gender, or epidermal subdivision, or even erotic "preference," to qualify as a revolutionary. In order to begin a speech or ask a question from the floor, all that would be necessary by way of preface would be the words: "Speaking as a..." The could follow any self-loving description. I will have to say this much for the old "hard" Left: we earned our claim to speak and intervene by right of experience and sacrifice and work. It would never have done for any of us to stand up and say that our sex or sexuality pr pigmentation or disability were qualifications in themselves. There are many ways of dating the moment when The Left lost - or I would prefer to say, discarded its moral advantage, but this was the first time that I was to see the sellout conducted so cheaply. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Dating quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#186. My ice-cream is melting just as quickly as Danny's and is dripping down my chin, across my wrist, and onto my thigh. I laugh, throwing my head back and covering my eyes so as not to be blinded by happiness, and it is in this moment of weightlessness that I am suddenly aware of the lightest touch on my skin, like the wings of a butterfly. It flutters against my thigh then lingers on my wrist, but before its delicate wings reach my face, I force my eyes open and see only fragments: pink lips, a tanned cheek, the features and lines of a face silhouetted against the bright sunlight. My nostrils draw in his scent for the very first time and it is so strong that he is not just next to me but intimately close. His smell instantly takes me prisoner, overpowering me to such an extent that I have forgotten who and where I am.
I know that, moments before, Alex was using his lips and tongue to clean the melted ice-cream off my thigh and wrist and inadvertently treating me to the most ecstatic experience of my life. My body and mind are adrift in a sea of bliss, the sounds of the park suddenly fade away, and the world and everyone in it cease to exist. All I can see is a blindingly bright light and all I can feel are a man's moist lips touching mine. Alex's hot, passionate mouth is kissing me greedily as if there is finally enough air; as if he had been suffocating, but now he can breathe.
I know that a kiss like this is neither flirting nor dating and can sense with every fibr - Author: Victoria Sobolev
Dating quotes by Victoria Sobolev
#187. Her youthful habit of consuming a picture just inches from its aromatic surface died a long time ago. Sebastian, when they were first dating, had once called it an affectation and she could never bring herself to do it again. His offhanded comment should have been a sign of future cruelties and standards of perfection, but instead she'd quickly agreed with his assessment and was grateful for his candor. She - Author: Dominic Smith
Dating quotes by Dominic Smith
#188. Operating from the idea that a relationship (or anything else) will somehow complete you, save you, or make your life magically take off is a surefire way to keep yourself unhappy and unhitched.
Ironically, quite the opposite is true. What you really need to understand is that nothing outside of you can ever produce a lasting sense of completeness, security, or success. There's no man, relationship, job, amount of money, house, car, or anything else that can produce an ongoing sense of happiness, satisfaction, security, and fulfillment in you.
Some women get confused by the word save. In this context, what it refers to is the mistaken idea that a relationship will rid you of feelings of emptiness, loneliness, insecurity, or fear that are inherent to every human being. That finding someone to be with will somehow "save" you from yourself. We all need to wake up and recognize that those feelings are a natural part of the human experience. They're not meaningful. They only confirm the fact that we are alive and have a pulse. The real question is, what will you invest in: your insecurity or your irresistibility? The choice is yours.
Once you get that you are complete and whole right now, it's like flipping a switch that will make you more attractive, authentic, and relaxed in any dating situation - instantly. All of the desperate, needy, and clingy vibes that drive men insane will vanish because you've stopped trying to use a relationship to fix yourself. The fact - Author: Marie Forleo
Dating quotes by Marie Forleo
#189. Always carry a book on a date so that when you get bored you can slip into the Ladies for a read. - Author: Sharon Stone
Dating quotes by Sharon Stone
#190. It's like playing the lottery. It doesn't matter how extremely low the chances are of winning. You gotta be in it to win it. Hitting on every girl in sight is like buying a whole lot of lottery tickets. You never know, one day one of them might actually pay off. - Author: Oliver Markus
Dating quotes by Oliver Markus
#191. And I honestly like her about twenty times more now than I did when we were dating. But love needs to have a future. - Author: Rachel Cohn
Dating quotes by Rachel Cohn
#192. People use masks in public and then wonder why their personal life, their relationships, don't work. If you're not being honest with others, there's nothing real about yourself to learn and, the wider the gap, the deeper the suffering. The heart wasn't meant to be closed in a box made of fake feelings and thoughts. - Author: Robin Sacredfire
Dating quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#193. I've been dating younger men since my 20s, When I was 29, I dated someone 21 ... younger men are just more fun. I like their energy. I've always been kind of young for my age. - Author: Dana Delany
Dating quotes by Dana Delany
#194. If you suck at dating, you'll be aces at writing about it. - Author: Mandy Stadtmiller
Dating quotes by Mandy Stadtmiller
#195. Tracy and I were among the few girls left in our class who hadn't made it to the table as Todd's girl of the moment. I'd never had the desire to be part of their demented version of Noah's Ark, where you could only survive if you were paired up with a member of the opposite sex. If I had to choose between dating Todd and missing the boat, I was fully prepared to drown. - Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Dating quotes by Elizabeth Eulberg
#196. Some burns," Clary said. "Nothing that matters"
"Everything that happens to you matters to me."
"Well that certainly explains why you haven't called me back once. And the last time I saw you, you ran away without telling me why. It's like dating a ghost."
Jace's mouth quirked up slightly at the side. "Not exactly. Isabelle actually dated a ghost. She could tell you
"No," Clary said. "It was a metaphor. And you know exactly what I mean. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Dating quotes by Cassandra Clare
#197. I do like dating cynics - they tend to be incredibly funny. - Author: Chris Pine
Dating quotes by Chris Pine
#198. I don't want to be one of those 40-something guys in L.A. still dating, still going out to clubs and chasing 21-year-olds. It's not a good look. - Author: Jesse Metcalfe
Dating quotes by Jesse Metcalfe
#199. Luke-freakin'-Holtz. Damn. To bad I didn't meet him two months ago. Right now, I can't imagine dating anyone ever again. I'm going to become a nun. - Author: Veronica Blade
Dating quotes by Veronica Blade
#200. Guys get a bad rap for not wanting to talk about their feelings but maybe women are in part to blame for that. One thing that I learned from working with people where English was not their first language was this: just because they don't speak your language doesn't mean that they're dumb. Maybe we just need to talk more slowly, use simpler words and have lots more patience. - Author: Dermot Davis
Dating quotes by Dermot Davis

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