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Some of the world's best athletes didn't start out being that hot. If you have a passion for a sport, put in the effort and see. ~ Carol S. Dweck
Worlds Best quotes by Carol S. Dweck
When you have a celebrity who is willing to shine his personal spotlight on the non-profit and can also speak articulately about the mission, that's really the best of both worlds. ~ Adam Braun
Worlds Best quotes by Adam Braun Explore a curated collection of the world's best luxury hotels. Enjoy VIP perks, special exclusive offers and best rates, guaranteed. Book Now! ~ Travel To Saudi
Worlds Best quotes by Travel To Saudi
When I went to Moscow, I felt I was relearning Swan Lake - which was written for the Bolshoi - and being immersed in a tradition and history I had never experienced. It took a while to adjust to living there and learning the language, but now I have lots of friends. I get the best of two completely different worlds. ~ David Hallberg
Worlds Best quotes by David Hallberg
For me, growing up in Harlem and then migrating down to SoHo and the Lower East Side and chillin' down there and making that my stomping ground ... That was a big thing, because I'm from Harlem, and downtown is more artsy and also more open-minded. So I got the best of both worlds. ~ ASAP Rocky
Worlds Best quotes by ASAP Rocky
Are we a nation that educates the world's best and brightest in our universities, only to send them home to create businesses in countries that compete against us? Or are we a nation that encourages them to stay and create jobs, businesses, and industries right here in America? ~ Barack Obama
Worlds Best quotes by Barack Obama
Jack Abramoff is the world's best lobbyist - for the Federal Penitentiary System. ~ P. J. O'Rourke
Worlds Best quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
The King's 28 letters have been described by scholars as the world's best alphabet and the most scientific system of writing. ~ Jared Diamond
Worlds Best quotes by Jared Diamond
Target launch date for Falcon I maiden flight is Halloween(October 31) from our island launch complex in the Kwajalein Atoll. For potential customers out there, I should mention that Kwajalein has some of the worlds best scuba diving and snorkeling! It is literally a tropical paradise. ~ Elon Musk
Worlds Best quotes by Elon Musk
Um…" Simon started slowly "at the risk of stating the obvious I feel I have to point out that Interpol has the worldʼs best database of international criminals."
"Thatʼs the idea " Gabrielle said with a nod.
"And I feel compelled to remind you that weʼre international criminals " he finished but Kat was already smiling.
"Donʼt worry Simon. Itʼs not like anyone in there knows it was a bunch of teenagers who robbed the
Henley. ~ Ally Carter
Worlds Best quotes by Ally Carter
In general, we like to play as a band - guitar, piano, and voice. We also tour with a bass player, a drummer, and somebody who plays keyboard and guitar. We try to play all of our parts and flesh it out to get a lush sound, while also keeping the energy of a three-piece punk act. We want to be the best of all possible worlds. ~ Andrew Dost
Worlds Best quotes by Andrew Dost
This is God's way of saying you've achieved so much, here's your chance to play against the world's best players. There's got to be some reason behind it. It has to be God. It's been created because of Him and the belief the boys have in Him. ~ Jarryd Hayne
Worlds Best quotes by Jarryd Hayne
The Harmonica is the world's best-selling musical instrument. You're welcome. ~ Bob Dylan
Worlds Best quotes by Bob Dylan
iridium is one of the three heaviest (densest) elements on the Table - two cubic feet of it weighs as much as a Buick, which makes iridium one of the world's best paperweights, able to defy all known office fans. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Worlds Best quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
We feel very honored to have been offered the responsibility to host this great event, Berlin is a wonderful city that is developing at a tremendous rate, and this decision means that we can now prepare to welcome the world's best athletes to a fascinating place. ~ Otto Schily
Worlds Best quotes by Otto Schily
However, if one has been playing the buy-and-hold game with quality securities, one has been exposed to a substantial amount of market risk because the valuations placed on these securities have implied overly rosy scenarios prone to popular revision in times of more realistic expectation. This is one of those times, but it is my feeling that the revisions have not been severe enough, the expectations not yet realistic enough. Hence, the world's best companies largely remain overpriced in the marketplace. ~ Michael Burry
Worlds Best quotes by Michael Burry
Marathon running, like golf, is a game for players, not winners. That is why Callaway sells golf clubs and Nike sells running shoes. But running is unique in that the world's best racers are on the same course, at the same time, as amateurs, who have as much chance of winning as your average weekend warrior would scoring a touchdown in the NFL. ~ Hunter S. Thompson
Worlds Best quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
The splendid discontent of God With chaos made the world. And from the discontent of man The worlds best progress springs. ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Worlds Best quotes by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I write poetry anyway and have for years and years. For me, putting fiction and poetry together is like the best of both worlds. ~ Ellen Hopkins
Worlds Best quotes by Ellen Hopkins
I can't wait to be racing through the streets of Chicago. As a notoriously fast course, I am out there to run a PR and compete with some of the world's best until the very end. ~ Amy Hastings
Worlds Best quotes by Amy Hastings
the Christian Science Monitor and the AP. I wrote to the photo desk of the New York Times several times, offering myself up as a stringer, and each time my e-mail went unanswered. I wrote directly to the New York Times correspondents based in India and asked if I could shoot anything for them. They told me they took their own pictures while on assignment. I would keep trying. I felt that if I could only shoot for the New York Times - to me, the newspaper that most influenced American foreign policy and that employed the world's best journalists - I would reach the pinnacle of my career. ~ Lynsey Addario
Worlds Best quotes by Lynsey Addario
We couldn't put all the world's best beers into one bottle, so we just put the world into one beer. ~ Anthony T. Hincks
Worlds Best quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
I have been lucky enough to work with the world's best designers and top stylists - who have been my mentors. ~ Alessandra Ambrosio
Worlds Best quotes by Alessandra Ambrosio
I had a dream about you last night. It wasn't until after you sold me the talking car, I realized you were the world's best ventriloquist. ~ Michael Summers
Worlds Best quotes by Michael Summers
The world's best doesn't necessarily mean God's best. ~ Christel Lim
Worlds Best quotes by Christel Lim
In the 20th century, the French managed to get a death on the myth that they produce the world's best food. The hype has been carefully orchestrated, and despite the fact that the most popular food in the last quarter has undoubtedly been Italian, the French have managed to maintain that mental grip. ~ Clarissa Dickson Wright
Worlds Best quotes by Clarissa Dickson Wright
I'm going to check the world's best source for spawning new urban legends, the Internet. What, you thought I couldn't even type? The Web is just another threshold between one world and another. ~ Nalo Hopkinson
Worlds Best quotes by Nalo Hopkinson
I had a tattoo once," said Kaidan. "Last year, just before we left England."
"What do you mean, you had one 'once'?"
"Bloody thing was gone by the morning!" His voice was indignant. "Sheets were black with ink. I put myself through all of that for hours, and my body just pushed it back out!"
And once again we were both in a fit of hysterics, sharing the world's best inside joke. We were doubled over, unable to breathe, and I accidentally snorted. Kaidan pointed at me and laughed harder, clutching his stomach.
"What was your tattoo?" I managed to push the words out.
"You had to ask. It was a deadly-looking pair of black wings on my shoulder blades."
Kaidan and I started roaring again, muscles clenching from the exertion.
We had no way of knowing it would be our last reason to laugh for a very long time. ~ Wendy Higgins
Worlds Best quotes by Wendy Higgins
I have the mentality of a winner. I first went to the Olympic Games when I was 17, three weeks after my O-levels, and I remember sitting in a dining-hall filled with the world's best athletes. ~ Daley Thompson
Worlds Best quotes by Daley Thompson
You could be the world's best garbage man, the world's best model; it don't matter what you do if you're the best. ~ Muhammad Ali
Worlds Best quotes by Muhammad Ali
Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, Saga University in Japan, and the University of California, Davis, proposed creating an artificial inorganic leaf modeled on the real thing. They took a leaf of Anemone vitifolia, a plant native to China, and injected its veins with titanium dioxide-a well-known industrial photocatalyst. By taking on the precise branching shape and structure of the leaf's veins, the titanium dioxide produced much higher light-harvesting ability than if ti was used in a traditional configuration. The researchers found an astounding 800 percent increase in hydrogen production as well. The total performance was 300 percent more active than the world's best commercial photocatalysts. When they added platinum nanoparticles to the mix, it increased activity by a further 1,000 percent. ~ Jay Harman
Worlds Best quotes by Jay Harman
I'm not the world's best philosopher. But I am one of the world's best strategists. I will put my strategic abilities against anybody on Earth. ~ Nick Hanauer
Worlds Best quotes by Nick Hanauer
And I think they loved me because I loved being part of their team, you know, and I quite often say to kids, that I was the worst player in the world's best football team - and that was good enough for me. ~ Craig Johnston
Worlds Best quotes by Craig Johnston
To be the world's best, you have to beat the world's best. ~ Dorothy Hamill
Worlds Best quotes by Dorothy Hamill
Would the honest patriot, in the full tide of successful experiment, abandon a government which has so far kept us free and firm on the theoretic and visionary fear that this Government, the world's best hope, may by possibility want energy to preserve itself? I trust not. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Worlds Best quotes by Thomas Jefferson
God is the celebrity author of the world's best seller. We have made god into the biggest celebrity of all, to contain our own emptiness. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin
Worlds Best quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
Having the world's best idea will do you no good unless you act on it. People who want milk shouldn't sit on a stool in the middle of a field in hopes that a cow will back up to them. ~ Curtis Grant
Worlds Best quotes by Curtis Grant
In the twentieth century our highest praise is to call the Bible 'The World's Best Seller.' And it has come to be more and more difficult to say whether we think it is a best seller because it is great, or vice versa. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin
Worlds Best quotes by Daniel J. Boorstin
Mesut Ozil made me the worlds best striker ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
Worlds Best quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
Berta Caceres was a Lenca Indian activist well-known in her country, shot in her home. She was not only known in Honduras, she was one of the world's best-known environmentalists and had recently opposed plans for a dam on a river considered sacred by the Lenca. Honduran police have said they are investigating the murder as a botched robbery, but many of her colleagues believe Caceres was targeted. ~ Renee Montagne
Worlds Best quotes by Renee Montagne
if it's the best of anything, i have to have one. (when passing a food stand claiming to serve the world's best subways) ~ Wavy Gravy
Worlds Best quotes by Wavy Gravy
7 Lessons on Failure You Can Learn From Top Athletes

What's the key to progress? You could state diligent work or commitment or even an inspirational mentality. Yet, the genuine mystery? Disappointment.
Your past disappointments are straightforwardly identified with your future achievement. Without them, you may not be sufficiently inspired to achieve your objectives. Competitors confront overcome regularly all through their vocations yet don't give it a chance to get them down. Rather, they let it drive them to progress. A recent report in which the analysts met Olympic gold medalists found that a large number of those competitors considered mishaps basic to their gold decoration wins.

Disappointment is similarly as basic to your profession, regardless of what your teach. For whatever length of time that you have the correct disposition and view your disappointments as learning encounters, you can utilize them to push forward and make progress.

Here are seven lessons that the world's best competitors can show you about disappointment.

1.There is no such thing as flawlessness.
This past August, Olympic champion Usain Bolt kept running in the men's 100-meter race at the IAAF World Championships in London. Despite the fact that he was relied upon to win, he completed third, denoting his first misfortune in an Olympic or big showdown last and consummation a 45-race winning streak.
While Bolt is generally ~ Businessplans
Worlds Best quotes by Businessplans
Worlds Best quotes by Lauren Kate
America was becoming the world's best-defended Third World country, and the best and the brightest were collaborating in the process. ~ Norman Spinrad
Worlds Best quotes by Norman Spinrad
Our first-party devices will light up digital work and life. Surface Pro 3 is a great example
it is the world's best productivity tablet. In addition, we will build first-party hardware to stimulate more demand for the entire Windows ecosystem. That means at times we'll develop new categories like we did with Surface. It also means we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone, which is our goal with the Nokia devices and services acquisition. ~ Satya Nadella
Worlds Best quotes by Satya Nadella
I have a mug that actually verifies that I'm the world's best dad. That's a mug. That's not me talking. You can't just buy those. ~ Stephen Colbert
Worlds Best quotes by Stephen Colbert
I may not be the world's best glad-handing politician, but I've been elected mayor twice. I understand politics. And I definitely understand where the state line is. ~ Anthony A. Williams
Worlds Best quotes by Anthony A. Williams
I do have a chef, but I still go out. Sometimes I can still blend in, and sometimes I get a little bombarded. It's the best of both worlds. ~ Kyrie Irving
Worlds Best quotes by Kyrie Irving
Food can be a poison or a cure. Why would you choose to ingest toxins when you could be taking the world's best detox medicine. For the purposes of detoxification, let me be clear; always try to eat organic. ~ Woodson Merrell
Worlds Best quotes by Woodson Merrell
What is clearest, most memorable and important about art is its coming into being, and the world's best works of art, while telling of very diverse matters, are really telling about their birth. ~ W.B.Yeats
Worlds Best quotes by W.B.Yeats
Even if you can be the world's best at one thing, you'll be the world's worst at something else. Supermodels make pathetic sumo wrestlers. ~ Martha Beck
Worlds Best quotes by Martha Beck
Jackie considered his resurrection, the world's best return performance. ~ Audrey Meadows
Worlds Best quotes by Audrey Meadows
Baseball is probably the world's best documented sport. ~ Ford Frick
Worlds Best quotes by Ford Frick
I rooted through my pocketbook and did a fast paraphernalia inventory. I was carrying defense spray, which was a big no-no in a crowded mall. And I carried a stun gun, which on close examination turned out to need a new battery. My two pairs of cuffs were in working order, and I had an almost full can of hair spray. Okay, probably I wasn't the world's best-equipped bounty hunter. But then what did I really need to bring in an old guy with a nose that looked like a penis and a loser hot dog vendor? ~ Janet Evanovich
Worlds Best quotes by Janet Evanovich
My tutors all said that the greatest of the wizards died many years ago and that their like would never be again seen in our lands."
"Historians can be a pessimistic lot. I have never met one that did not believe that the world's best years had already passed. ~ Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
Worlds Best quotes by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the world's best player. It is all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it but it is within my capabilities. ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
Worlds Best quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
Some of the world's best educators are grandparents. ~ Charlie W Shedd
Worlds Best quotes by Charlie W Shedd
If competition for Kaggle's top talent becomes fierce enough among banks, insurance companies, hedge funds - we hope the world's best data scientists will earn more than $50 million per year, just like the world's best hedge fund managers. ~ Anthony Goldbloom
Worlds Best quotes by Anthony Goldbloom
I speak English without an accent, and I speak Spanish without an accent. I really do have the best of both worlds. ~ Eva Mendes
Worlds Best quotes by Eva Mendes
We're very simple people at Apple. We focus on making the world's best products and enriching people's lives. ~ Tim Cook
Worlds Best quotes by Tim Cook
Messi is the world's best and gets physically attacked every game but all he ever does is get up and get on with it. ~ David Moyes
Worlds Best quotes by David Moyes
I just got to hear every note. After I left Birdland, I started working at the Jazz Gallery. In the end, I still couldn't play, but I knew how to listen. I was probably the world's best listener. ~ Carla Bley
Worlds Best quotes by Carla Bley
Right under the sign that said WELCOME TO GATLIN, HOME OF THE SOUTH'S MOST UNIQUE HISTORIC PLANTATION HOMES AND THE WORLD'S BEST BUTTERMILK PIE. I wasn't sure about the pie, but the rest was true. ~ Kami Garcia
Worlds Best quotes by Kami Garcia
The world's best swordsman doesn't fear the second best; he fears the worst swordsman, because he can't predict what the idiot will do. ~ David Weber
Worlds Best quotes by David Weber
Suppose aliens invade the earth and threaten to obliterate it in a year's time unless human beings can find the Ramsey number for red five and blue five. We could marshal the world's best minds and fastest computers, and within a year we could probably calculate the value. If the aliens demanded the Ramsey number for red six and blue six, however, we would have no choice but to launch a preemptive attack. ~ Paul Erdos
Worlds Best quotes by Paul Erdos
I have the world's best job. I get paid to hang out in my imagination all day. ~ Stephen King
Worlds Best quotes by Stephen King
Being a fiction writer is really like being an actor, because if you're going to write convincingly it has to sound right and play right. The only way that works is to emotionally and technically act out and see the scene you're in.
There's no better job in the world, because when I sit down at that computer I'm the world's best forensics expert, if that's what I'm writing about that day. Or I'm some crazed psycho running down a dark alley.
Or I'm a gorgeous woman looking to find a man that night. Whatever! But I'm all of those things, every day. How can you beat that? ~ Ridley Pearson
Worlds Best quotes by Ridley Pearson
The world's best detective is a suspicious woman. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Worlds Best quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
I've got a pretty close bond with everyone in my family. I've got a brother and a sister whom I'm very close to, and my parents have always been the world's best parents. ~ Freddie Stroma
Worlds Best quotes by Freddie Stroma
Vitamin C is the world's best natural antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin and antihistamine. This book's recurring emphasis on vitamin C might suggest that I am offering a song with only one verse. Not so. As English literature concentrates on Shakespeare, so orthomolecular (megavitamin) therapy concentrates on vitamin C. Let the greats be given their due. The importance of vitamin C cannot be overemphasised. ~ Andrew W. Saul
Worlds Best quotes by Andrew W. Saul
I'm on the world's best birth control." "Okay," he sighed. More than okay. Her body burned like fire around him and he groaned as her heat enveloped him. She moved and he moved with her, into her. "If you're sure, ma'am." "Very sure," she said, moving against him. "Learned that the hard way. ~ Tiffany Reisz
Worlds Best quotes by Tiffany Reisz
Watching the world's best compete fires you up to achieve your own feats of greatness. When it comes to running, participation and spectating go hand in hand. ~ Kara Goucher
Worlds Best quotes by Kara Goucher
My daughter got me a 'World's Best Dad' mug. So we know she's sarcastic. ~ Bob Odenkirk
Worlds Best quotes by Bob Odenkirk
My mother is black and my father is Filipino. I got the best of both worlds. ~ Cassie Ventura
Worlds Best quotes by Cassie Ventura
I think a lot of people will be liberated from a lot of oppressive manufacturing jobs, or a lot of service jobs, because they'll be done by computers. There'll be the world's best education available online and free. ~ Tyler Cowen
Worlds Best quotes by Tyler Cowen
This isn't just Flint's fight. We built all our cities out of lead. We were sure we could make this metal work for us. History revealed a pattern of poisoning, but we were certain that we could contain it, control it. Progress came when we acknowledged how terribly harmful lead is and instituted anti-lead laws that reduced our exposure to one of the world's best-known neurotoxins. But the next great challenge - a tremendously difficult one - is reckoning with the lead that is still in our environment. Individual solutions, from purchasing bottled water and investing in private purification devices, isn't enough. As the nineteenth-century water wars revealed, a community is not safe and certainly will not thrive if only some have access to clean water and others do not. Infrastructure, the ties that literally bind us, one to another, requires our consistent care and attention. At a certain point, 'doing more with less' no longer functions as a mandate. Sometimes less is just less. Public health historians Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner put it this way: 'If the history of lead poisoning has taught us anything, it is that the worlds we as a society construct, or at least allow to be built in our name, to a large extent determine how we live and how we die. ~ Anna Clark
Worlds Best quotes by Anna  Clark
It may sound like a bold statement for one to claim that he is the world's best at something but it's not an impossibility. I've done it many times, and so did Olympic athletes. It requires more boldness to distrust what I just said, as those who do won't read my books and access the reasons to why they're bestsellers. ~ Robin Sacredfire
Worlds Best quotes by Robin Sacredfire
In that small [time] most greatly lived this star of England:
Fortune made his sword, By which the world's best garden he achiev'd
And left it to his son imperial lord.
Henry the Sixth, in infant bands crown'd King
of France and England did this King succeed;
Whose state so many of had the managing,
That they lost France and made his England bleed. ~ William Shakespeare
Worlds Best quotes by William Shakespeare
The Civil War was the climax of a tragedy that was preordained from the time of the Revolution. Only with the elimination of slavery could this nation that Jefferson had called "the world's best hope" for democracy even begin to fulfill its great promise. ~ Gordon S. Wood
Worlds Best quotes by Gordon S. Wood
The Marines fought almost solely on esprit de corps, I was certain. It was inconceivable to most Marines that they should let another Marine down, or that they could be responsible for dimming the bright reputation of their Corps. The Marines simply assumed that they were the world's best fighting men. ~ Robert Sherrod
Worlds Best quotes by Robert Sherrod
It's 2013 ... The Time's obituary for Yvonne Brill, renowned rocket scientist, winner of the National Medal of Technology and Innovations, leads with, 'She made a mean beef stroganoff, followed her husband from job to job and took eight years off from work to raise three children. "The world's best mom," her son Matthew said. ~ Deborah Copaken
Worlds Best quotes by Deborah Copaken
It is a huge honour to be recognised as the world's best commentator, particularly against so many sporting greats. ~ Murray Walker
Worlds Best quotes by Murray Walker
Northern Ireland is the world's best kept secret, both in the character of its people and its scenery. ~ Liam Neeson
Worlds Best quotes by Liam Neeson
Certainly, we all have within us the potential to live in a hugely different way. And how happy you can make yourself, I think, a lot depends on how much you beat yourself up about that; and how much you can, in some sort of providential way, console yourself and say, 'Well, it's all worked out for the best, in the best of all possible worlds.' ~ Sebastian Faulks
Worlds Best quotes by Sebastian Faulks
A happy marriage is the world's best bargain. ~ Orlando Aloysius Battista
Worlds Best quotes by Orlando Aloysius Battista
All this world's noise appears to me a dull, ill-acted comedy! ~ Abraham Cowley
Worlds Best quotes by Abraham Cowley
There's danger in feeling," Tess murmured. Although she could not begin to imagine what kind of pain Dante carried within him, she felt a kinship growing between them. Both alone, both adrift in their worlds. "I don't want to feel anything for you, Dante."
"God, Tess. I don't want to feel anything for you either. ~ Lara Adrian
Worlds Best quotes by Lara Adrian
All the world's an empty place when one voice weeps uncomforted. ~ Walter Wangerin Jr.
Worlds Best quotes by Walter Wangerin Jr.
It's the same as when I broke the melding bond. Our love doesn't trump the millions of people in the seven worlds. We must think of the greater good."
He pulled back from me and before I could blink he held my chin in his gentle grip. "And I will tell you again, Abigail, that nothing trumps our love. Nothing. ~ Jaymin Eve
Worlds Best quotes by Jaymin Eve
There's something profoundly intense and intoxicating about friendship found en route. It's the bond that arises from being thrust into uncomfortable circumstances, and the vulnerability of trusting others to navigate those situations. It's the exhilaration of meeting someone when we are our most alive selves, breathing new air, high on life-altering moments. It's the discovery of the commonality of the world's people and the attendant rejection of prejudices. It's the humbling experience of being suspicious of a stranger who then extends a great kindness. It's the astonishment of learning from those we set out to teach. It's the intimacy of sharing small spaces, the recognition of a kindred spirit across the globe.
It's the travel relationship, and it can only call itself family. ~ Lavinia Spalding
Worlds Best quotes by Lavinia Spalding
I'm pretty happy with who I am. I like myself and what I'm doing. I don't need to be the world's greatest director or the most famous
or the richest. I don't need to make a whole lot of great films. I can do my job and I can do it pretty well. This is the realization I've come to, later in life. It's called growing up. ~ John Carpenter
Worlds Best quotes by John Carpenter
I'm removed in my real life, and unable to express certain things face to face. So I have always found myself in this fantasy world. That's why I started writing songs and stories from a very young age. I'd much rather walk around anonymously cooking up tales than face the people that I have known forever. ~ Jenny Lewis
Worlds Best quotes by Jenny Lewis
The Western conception of the person as a bounded, unique, more or less integrated motivational and cognitive universe, a dynamic center of awareness, emotion, judgment, and action organized into a distinctive whole and set contrastively both against other such wholes and against its social and natural background, is, however incorrigible it may seem to us, a rather peculiar idea within the context of the world's cultures. ~ Jonathan Haidt
Worlds Best quotes by Jonathan Haidt
When you're a Republican Latino, you're traveling uphill on a lonely road. Still, it's the road I prefer. It has led me to opportunity far beyond my dreams. I've worked on eight Republican presidential races, as well as for some of the world's largest corporations, all because the doors of opportunity, not the doors of welfare, were open to me. ~ Lionel Sosa
Worlds Best quotes by Lionel Sosa
Passion sits on the skull
Of Humanity,
And this infidel enthroned
Laughs shamelessly,

And gaily blows round bubbles
That will fly,
As if to join with worlds
Deep in the sky.

Rising on high, the frail
Luminous globe,
Shatters and bursts its slim soul
Like a dream of gold.

I hear at each bubble, the skull
Moan and contend:
'This vicious, ridiculous game,
When will it end?

What you are blowing away
Again and again,
You murderous fiend, is my body
My blood and my brain! ~ Charles Baudelaire
Worlds Best quotes by Charles Baudelaire
Fortunately, right now 'entrepreneurship' is one of the business world's biggest buzz words and so many young people in our country are looking up to this new generation of CEO's as their modern day rock stars. Whenever you have that effect, it makes the job of promoting entrepreneurship much easier. ~ Daymond John
Worlds Best quotes by Daymond John
Nor, perhaps, will it fail to be eventually perceived, that behind those forms and usages, as it were, he sometimes masked himself; incidentally making use of them for other and more private ends than they were legitimately intended to subserve. That certain sultanism of his brain, which had otherwise in a good degree remained unmanifested; through those forms that same sultanism became incarnate in an irresistible dictatorship. For be a man's intellectual superiority what it will, it can never assume the practical, available supremacy over other men, without the aid of some sort of external arts and entrenchments, always, in themselves, more or less paltry and base. This it is, that for ever keeps God's true princes of the Empire from the world's hustings; and leaves the highest honors that this air can give, to those men who become famous more through their infinite inferiority to the choice hidden handful of the Divine Inert, than through their undoubted superiority over the dead level of the mass. Such large virtue lurks in these small things when extreme political superstitions invest them, that in some royal instances even to idiot imbecility they have imparted potency. But when, as in the case of Nicholas the Czar, the ringed crown of geographical empire encircles an imperial brain; then, the plebeian herds crouch abased before the tremendous centralization. Nor, will the tragic dramatist who would depict mortal indomitableness in its fullest sweep and direct swing, ev ~ Herman Melville
Worlds Best quotes by Herman Melville
Seriously Gabrielle? Look who you're talking to - I'm a gay fairy. I'm the world's biggest cliché. ~ Laura Thalassa
Worlds Best quotes by Laura Thalassa
What we are entering is a power age, and the importance of the power age lies in its ability, rightly used with the wage motive behind it, to increase and cheapen production so that all of us may have more of this world's goods. The way to liberty, the way to equality of opportunity, the way from empty phrases to actualities, lies through power ~ Henry Ford
Worlds Best quotes by Henry Ford
Out of the 1.2 billion people in India, one-third of them are between the age of 1-14 and by 2030, India will have a dynamic and youthful workforce of about 700 million with an average age of 35. This is expected to constitute a substantial proportion of world's workforce. ~ Vayalar Ravi
Worlds Best quotes by Vayalar Ravi
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