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Well family is obviously the most important. There was a time when I thought football was the most important. ~ Brett Favre
Football quotes by Brett Favre
If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead. ~ Erma Bombeck
Football quotes by Erma Bombeck
Pros like myself played football not for money or glory, but for the simplest reason: the love of the game. ~ Chuck Bednarik
Football quotes by Chuck Bednarik
We have a culture in Freeport, especially in our football department. We feel that we're the best team on Long Island, in New York, hands down. ~ D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Football quotes by D'Brickashaw Ferguson
I hope people see us not just as a football player, but also as human beings, we are not machines! ~ Marco Reus
Football quotes by Marco Reus
Remember I've seen a video tape of a Scotland-England match and I've seen him miss a chance from five yards. It was against England and he couldn't score. So what does that say? ~ Berti Vogts
Football quotes by Berti Vogts
Arsenal play pretty-boy football. Good to watch on the telly, but there's no real grit in their play. ~ Karl Wiggins
Football quotes by Karl Wiggins
As a professional football player, I have known perfectly well from the day I started playing that every day I have to fight for my place. ~ Luis Figo
Football quotes by Luis Figo
If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it. That's all it takes to get people to win football games for you. ~ Paul Bryant
Football quotes by Paul Bryant
It's still about making a good decision. We all want to have the Reggie Bush's of the world on our football team, but it's not reality. ~ Scott Linehan
Football quotes by Scott Linehan
Quiet Romeo was a scary Romeo. It was like the calm before the storm. Or an empty football stadium. ~ Cambria Hebert
Football quotes by Cambria Hebert
Thomas Gravesen thinks he's broke his hand, but I told him that you play football with your feet and not your hand. ~ Gordon Strachan
Football quotes by Gordon Strachan
Before you go anywhere, Mr. Football Player," Nita said, "I want to know exactly what your intentions are toward my Blue. ~ Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Football quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
I had played sports all my life, and I thought that was going to be the way. But I saw where the potential in football was going to end. When it comes to decision-making, I just follow my gut at the end of the day. And if I don't, I get in trouble. I wanted to become a filmmaker. ~ Jason Wiles
Football quotes by Jason Wiles
The Redskins haven't won the division since 1999, and we came in and we did it in one year! ~ Robert Griffin III
Football quotes by Robert Griffin III
Each game we approach like a final. Today it was the opening game at home, we won and showed outstanding football qualities. We will be preparing for the next game the same way. ~ Andriy Shevchenko
Football quotes by Andriy Shevchenko
Shay Given almost single-handedly won the match for Newcastle against Everton, although obviously he didn't score the goals ~ George Hamilton
Football quotes by George Hamilton
What are you doing here? Tell me why you are here. If you are not here to win a national championship, you're in the wrong place. You boys are special. I don't want my players to be like other students. I want special people. You can learn a lot on the football field that isn't taught in the home, the church, or the classroom. There are going to be days when you think you've got no more to give and then you're going to give plenty more. You are going to have pride and class. You are going to be very special. You are going to win the national championship for Alabama. ~ Bear Bryant
Football quotes by Bear Bryant
I couldn't give a s***! He just can't take it. Good old Jose, moaning again. ~ Sam Allardyce
Football quotes by Sam Allardyce
The tackles are coming in thick and thin now. ~ Alan Brazil
Football quotes by Alan Brazil
I have been keeping myself fit. I am going on holiday next week in the Mediterranean so that I can really unwind after the football season and have a rest. ~ David Ginola
Football quotes by David Ginola
The simplest way to win in the National Football League is to knock out the starting quarterback. You know, throughout the years, history has proven if your number one quarterback goes down, your chances for success become very limited. ~ Ron Jaworski
Football quotes by Ron Jaworski
Don't ask. We're all but done for in any case, taking that Fiona couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo, and Paddy and Maureen both cheat like tinkers at a fair."

"What are you talking about? Why would anybody hit a cow with a banjo?

He only smiled. "The point is, Fiona couldn't so we'll be done soon enough. ~ J.D. Robb
Football quotes by J.D. Robb
I am happy with everything I achieved in my football career. I don't think I could have done any more. ~ Ruud Gullit
Football quotes by Ruud Gullit
Even though I support the blue side of Manchester's football heritage, I don't really mind that wherever I go in the world it's not Manchester City that starts the conversation. 'Ah, yes, Manchester United,' is the response when I say where I come from. It's commonplace everywhere - in Europe, Africa, Asia and even the U.S. ~ Lucy Powell
Football quotes by Lucy Powell
We should confine booing in sports arenas to sport. I love a good boo as much as the next football fan. ~ Alastair Campbell
Football quotes by Alastair Campbell
Paul Scholes is my favourite player. He epitomises the spirit of Manchester United and everything that is good about football. ~ Bobby Charlton
Football quotes by Bobby Charlton
What do we need spectators for? The game should be played behind closed doors. Football is an art! ~ Ivan Slavkov
Football quotes by Ivan Slavkov
To me, football is so much about mental toughness, it's digging deep, it's doing whatever you need to do to help a team win and that comes in a lot of shapes and forms. ~ Tom Brady
Football quotes by Tom Brady
I feel I have grown up. I am a man. It's important in my football too. When everything is good, I don't think you grow up fantastically, I think maybe you need a few problems to grow up. It is good if people in England have started to admire me. I think I have changed a little since the World Cup. I am stronger with my mentality and with my game as well. ~ Cristiano Ronaldo
Football quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
We are all born naked into this world, but each of us is fully clothed in potential. ~ Emmitt Smith
Football quotes by Emmitt Smith
Scholes was England's best football player. It was impossible to take the ball from him, and he never mishit a pass. ~ Sven-Goran Eriksson
Football quotes by Sven-Goran Eriksson
I lost count of the number of referees who came to me both at Derby and Forest and said, 'I'd just like to express my thanks. I love matches involving your team. We never have any trouble with them. ~ Brian Howard Clough
Football quotes by Brian Howard Clough
While executives don't age nearly as fast as athletes do, companies, markets, and technologies change a thousand times faster than the game of football. As ~ Ben Horowitz
Football quotes by Ben Horowitz
I think I've been waiting for the big gesture, the one where the guy stands in the rain and declares his love or makes some scene at a football game that ends with the crowd doing the slow clap. It's official. Romantic comedies have ruined me. ~ Lex Martin
Football quotes by Lex Martin
The English public doesn't really like Shakespeare; it prefers football. ~ Hesketh Pearson
Football quotes by Hesketh Pearson
Villa will probably play a lot worse than this and lose. ~ Alan Parry
Football quotes by Alan Parry
I bet you like sitting at red lights. ~ Jon Gruden
Football quotes by Jon Gruden
People sometimes ask me to name the greatest coach in NFL history. George Halas may have set the standard, but Don Shula has won more games than anyone, and he has done it in the most competitive era. He had an incomparable ability to evaluate players, to motivate them, and to teach them the game of football. ~ Marv Levy
Football quotes by Marv Levy
My parents weren't very sporty, and football wasn't part of my everyday life. I was never a massive football fan either, but, like everyone else, I used to watch matches on TV. ~ Stanislas Wawrinka
Football quotes by Stanislas Wawrinka
If football wasn't a part of my life, there were three things that could have happened, and they were all bad. I would have likely been selling drugs, in jail or dead. ~ Chad Ochocinco
Football quotes by Chad Ochocinco
Being a football player, faith plays a huge role," Mariota told FCA Magazine. "When things start to get rough, you find comfort in your faith. Knowing that no matter what, you can dust yourself off and be OK. And you know you do it for [God's] glory. You do it for your teammates, your family, but also for His glory and to represent His name. ~ Anonymous
Football quotes by Anonymous
And then there was Johan Cruyff, who at 35 has added a whole new meaning to the word Anno Domini. ~ Archie Macpherson
Football quotes by Archie Macpherson
I had lots of posters on my bedroom wall of players like Zico, many Brazilian and Italian players, not many players in particular but I loved football so much and I especially loved skilful players. ~ Emmanuel Petit
Football quotes by Emmanuel Petit
If you want to walk the heavenly streets of gold, you gotta know the password, "Roll, Tide, Roll!" ~ Bear Bryant
Football quotes by Bear Bryant
The NFL has done a great job in giving players information on how to go to a second career after football and how to invest their money while they're playing to ensure when their career is over, that they have something else in place to fall back on. One of the big things the NFL does is promote education in different fields. ~ Kamerion Wimbley
Football quotes by Kamerion Wimbley
I write first drafts by hand. Never do I open an umbrella inside the house. I don't predict wins or losses. I used to stand on a certain piece of rug if my brothers and husband were watching football and their team got in trouble - but now the luck went out of that rug. If a circle is involved, I try to go clockwise. ~ Louise Erdrich
Football quotes by Louise Erdrich
If you look at the world-class performers at the top of the game, their numbers are just exceptional and that is the level he is at. ~ Brendan Rodgers
Football quotes by Brendan Rodgers
Today was about our lack of ability to not produce the ability we've got. ~ Sam Allardyce
Football quotes by Sam Allardyce
I played a lot of football when I was younger. I'm a good receiver, actually. ~ Shania Twain
Football quotes by Shania Twain
And all the world is football shaped, It's just for me to kick in space, And I can see, hear, smell, touch, taste, And I've got one, two, three, four, five Senses working overtime, Trying to take this all in, I've got one, two, three, four, five Senses working overtime, Trying to taste the difference, 'Tween the lemons and limes, The pain and the pleasure, And the church bells softly chime. ~ Andy Partridge
Football quotes by Andy Partridge
Park hated football. He cried when his dad took him pheasant hunting. Nobody in the neighbourhood could ever tell who he was dressed as on Halloween. ('I'm Doctor Who.' 'I'm Harp Marx.' 'I'm Count Floyd.') And he kind of wanted his mom to give him blond highlights. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Football quotes by Rainbow Rowell
My prescription for women entering the war zone of the professions: study football ... Women who want to remake the future should look for guidance not to substitute parent figures but to the brash assertions of pagan sport. ~ Camille Paglia
Football quotes by Camille Paglia
I want to own an NFL franchise. I understand the business of football. ~ Jon Bon Jovi
Football quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
At New York City's Rose Center of Earth and Space, we display a timeline spiral of the Universe that begins at the Big Bang and unfolds 13.8 billion years. Uncurled, it's the length of a football field. Every step you take spans 50 million years. You get to the end of the ramp, and you ask, where are we? Where is the history of our human species? The entire period of time, from a trillion seconds ago to today, from graffiti-prone cave dwellers until now, occupies only the thickness of a single strand of human hair, which we have mounted at the end of that timeline. You think we live long lives, you think civilizations last a long time, but not from the view of the cosmos itself. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Football quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Do you need us to get you anything, sweetie?" Kincaid asked, sitting on the opposite side of the bed from Finn. "Water? A pill? A former football player in his underwear? Because we've got the last one covered. And I can make the first two happen."

Liv looked up at that, registering the fact that Finn was shirtless and his thick hair was sticking up every which way. Her gaze drifted down to his black boxer briefs. "You're in your underwear."

"'Fraid so," he said. "Good thing I don't sleep naked. ~ Roni Loren
Football quotes by Roni Loren
My daddy died when I was two years old. My mother raised my two older brothers and me. And we couldn't have had a better situation. I mean, she was the - ran the concession stand at the Little League, and she was the first woman president of The Touchdown Club, the booster club for the high school football team. And so, I had a wonderful childhood. ~ Haley Barbour
Football quotes by Haley Barbour
Faith is the most important thing in the world to me. It's the greatest strength I've had. It's helped me get through the hard times. You're not going to win every one of your football games. I've always said I'm not going to make football my god. A lot of coaches put so much into coaching football games that they have nothing left. ~ Bobby Bowden
Football quotes by Bobby Bowden
I found that while life drags on when you're losing, it marches on when you're winning. ~ Tony Dungy
Football quotes by Tony Dungy
In war, villainy and good change hands all the time, like a football. ~ Dina Nayeri
Football quotes by Dina Nayeri
An independent Brooklyn probably would have built a new stadium for the Dodgers, so today there might be not just baseball but also the only football team on this side of the Hudson. ~ Pete Hamill
Football quotes by Pete Hamill
I made no secret of the fact I'd love to stay in football and to do that, you need badges. I'm starting them and that's the next step for me - to continue this next season. ~ Alan Shearer
Football quotes by Alan Shearer
No, no, I'm a lowbrow. I read [Dostoevsky] more out of obligation than enjoyment. For enjoyment, for me, it's a beer and the football game. ~ Woody Allen
Football quotes by Woody Allen
The only rules not meant to be broken are those of love and virtue. ~ Deacon Jones
Football quotes by Deacon Jones
That's often the best place to beat a goalkeeper, isn't it, between the legs? ~ Clive Tyldesley
Football quotes by Clive Tyldesley
Football quotes by Lionel Messi
In my school, people liked the gym teachers because they were the football or soccer coaches. But look, if they're cool, they get respect. ~ Danny McBride
Football quotes by Danny McBride
My son has taken liking for sports and is most of the time playing cricket and football. It is so much fun being with them, as I'm enjoying every phase of motherhood. ~ Karisma Kapoor
Football quotes by Karisma Kapoor
England can end the millenium as it started - as the greatest football nation in the world. ~ Kevin Keegan
Football quotes by Kevin Keegan
I play in a position that demands hard work and generosity and little glamour, but I like it. It's my job and I like it. I would rather intercept and steal 10 balls than shoot. That's what I'm here for, to make everyone else's jobs easier. ~ Sergio Busquets
Football quotes by Sergio Busquets
I'm happy with the Arena Football League right now. I'm happy in Denver. ~ John Elway
Football quotes by John Elway
If you keep asking me questions, I will continue to find excuses. ~ Gordon Strachan
Football quotes by Gordon Strachan
At many a moment on many a day, I am convinced that pro football must be a game for madmen, and I must be one of them. ~ Vince Lombardi
Football quotes by Vince Lombardi
It wasn't like I ever said, 'I want to be an actor.' I was in the right place at the right time. I went to a local drama group because I found football on the weekends too cold - which is highly ironic because I've had some of the coldest experiences of my life filming 'Game of Thrones.' ~ Isaac Hempstead-Wright
Football quotes by Isaac Hempstead-Wright
The rock has strange powers. When you rub it, and run down the hill, the adrenaline flows. It's the most emotional experience I've ever had. ~ Michael Dean Perry
Football quotes by Michael Dean Perry
What United have got that Chelsea haven't is Paul Scholes. I think he is different to anything else in English football. ~ Kevin Keegan
Football quotes by Kevin Keegan
He predicts things. I have often heard him say things which are proved right minutes later. Its really impressive - almost mystical. ~ Didier Drogba
Football quotes by Didier Drogba
A champion is simply someone who did not give up when he wanted to. ~ Tom Landry
Football quotes by Tom Landry
I'm glad that I just played baseball, because I'm sure I had a much longer baseball career than I would've had a football career. I did miss football, but I didn't miss some of the injuries from football. ~ Barry Larkin
Football quotes by Barry Larkin
What cooler way to grow up for an American boy than to be around cars and football? ~ William Clay Ford, Jr.
Football quotes by William Clay Ford, Jr.
I grew up in Doncaster and have felt the love for football run through the town; it's for that reason that I have a real personal passion to make Doncaster Rovers a success story. ~ Louis Tomlinson
Football quotes by Louis Tomlinson
As concerning football, I protest unto you that it may rather be called a friendly kind of fight than a play or recreation - a bloody and murdering practise than a fellowly sport or pastime. ~ Philip Stubbs
Football quotes by Philip Stubbs
I don't want to be throwing the football on the front yard when I'm 75. I mean, I'm not opposed to men doing that. But I don't think it's gonna work for me. ~ Alec Baldwin
Football quotes by Alec Baldwin
A great states are poorere and have more teen mothers, more divorce, worse health, more obesity, more trauma-related deaths, more low-birth-weight babies, and lower school enrollment....The gap in life expectancey between Louisiana (75.7) and Connecticut (80.8) is the same as that between the U.S. and Nicaragua....And the problem transcends race; an average black in Maryland lives four years longer, earns twice as much, and is twice as likely to have a college degree as a black in Louisiana. And whites in Louisiana are wrose off than whites in Maryland or anywhere else outside Mississippi. Louisiana has suffered many environmental problems too: there are nearly 400 miles of low, flat, subsiding coastline, adn the state loses a football field-size patch of wetland every hour. It is threatened by rising sea levels and severe hurricanes, which the world's top scientists connect to climate change. ~ Arlie Russell Hochschild
Football quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
I hope to get out before they start football next year. ~ Bear Bryant
Football quotes by Bear Bryant
In England, they say that Manchester is the city of rain. It's main attraction is considered to the timetable at the railway station, where trains leave for other, less rainy cities. ~ Nemanja Vidic
Football quotes by Nemanja Vidic
I think I'm lucky in life and not just in football. I was very fortunate to play for a great organization and a great team that was really good near the end of my career. ~ John Elway
Football quotes by John Elway
If a player is not interfering with play or seeking to gain an advantage, then he should be. ~ Bill Shankly
Football quotes by Bill Shankly
We all understand what we signed up for, but then again, you don't want this to be a game that puts people in wheelchairs at age 40. ~ Drew Brees
Football quotes by Drew Brees
I love that red wine is good for you. Isn't that cool? I want to hear more of this. I want to hear more things in life like, Red wine, in conjunction with a lap dance, while watching NFL football, is the best cardiovascular workout you can have. ~ Dom Irrera
Football quotes by Dom Irrera
If a star football player can have a mythical girlfriend, why can't I have a mythical Congress? ~ Tina Brown
Football quotes by Tina Brown
It has been so long since Liverpool won the title, I was a 12-year-old Everton fan the last time it happened. ~ Jamie Carragher
Football quotes by Jamie Carragher
Some people
Samad for example
will tell you not to trust people who overuse the phrase "at the end of the day"
football managers, estate agents, salesmen of all kinds
but Archie's never felt that way about it. Prudent use of said phrase never failed to convince him that his interlocutor was getting to the bottom of things, to the fundamentals. ~ Zadie Smith
Football quotes by Zadie Smith
Football is played best full of adrenaline and anger. Moderation seldom finds a place. Almost every act of baseball is a blending of effort and control; too much of either is fatal. ~ Thomas Boswell
Football quotes by Thomas Boswell
On game day, until five o'clock or so, the white desert light held off the essential Sunday gloom - autumn sinking into winter, loneliness of October dusk with school the next day - but there was always a long still moment toward the end of those football afternoons where the mood of the crowd turned and everything grew desolate and uncertain, onscreen and off, the sheet-metal glare off the patio glass fading to gold and then gray, long shadows and night falling into desert stillness, a sadness I couldn't shake off, a sense of silent people filing toward the stadium exits and cold rain falling in college towns back east. ~ Donna Tartt
Football quotes by Donna Tartt
Taking them out of the picture, so to speak, what football really is, the savagery, the core root of football, it doesn't change. It really puts the real in football. ~ Lawrence Taylor
Football quotes by Lawrence Taylor
Sometimes in football you deserve to win but lose. Other times you deserve to lose or draw but you win. That is the game, and it's why I've always said you should never try to predict anything in football, especially in Europe. ~ Mario Balotelli
Football quotes by Mario Balotelli
Its true. We did go in that room together and yes we were going to…you know… but Logan was so drunk. Like really drunk. He could barely see or walk or talk properly. But when he did all he kept talking about was you." Rose said somberly.
"Like what?" Sienna asked skeptically.

"At first about how much he hated you, how he hated your dad, and your mom, then he started saying how he hated the fact that you could throw a football better than half the guys, how you pretend you don't get dirty jokes when he knows you do, how you taste like strawberries and how he hates it when you smile 'cos when you do, it lights up the sky." She said sincerely. ~ Ali Harper
Football quotes by Ali Harper
Football is like a religion to me. I worship the ball, and I treat it like a god. Too many players think of a football as something to kick. They should be taught to caress it and to treat it like a precious gem. ~ Pele
Football quotes by Pele
I was hoping in the last fifteen minutes that Barcelona would beat them. I've made my mind up on Benitez tonight. He's a nice man but he's got a huge negative streak running through him. Liverpool was terrible in the second half. They didn't play football. If that was a concert, you'd boo. Gerrard: found out. A nothing player. They were terrible. Terrible. ~ Eamon
Football quotes by Eamon
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