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#1. May the Lord grant you great grace, great strength and great wisdom. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#2. We know from Philo there was already a Jewish tradition of a preexistent being named Jesus who was the Form of God (Element 40). It cannot be claimed Philo came up with this notion on his own, since that would entail a wildly improbable coincidence. So we surely are looking at a derivation from an earlier Divine Logos doctrine. Then we're told this Jesus did not try to seize power from God in heaven (as by some accounts Satan had once done, resulting in his fall to the lower realms), but instead divested himself of all his power and higher being, enslaving himself (either to God's plan or the world of flesh) by 'being made' [genomenos] in the 'likeness' of men (not literally becoming a man, but assuming a human body, and thus wearing human 'flesh'). - Author: Richard C. Carrier
Divine quotes by Richard C. Carrier
#3. Deleuze's findings are confirmed by those of an experienced woman psychiatrist who for many years has made a study of automatic writing. In conversation this lady has informed me that, sooner or later, most automatists produce scripts in which certain metaphysical ideas are set forth. The theme of these scripts is always the same: namely, the the ground of the individual soul is identical with the divine Ground of all being. Returning to their normal state, the automatists read what they have written and often find it in complete disharmony with what they have always believed. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Divine quotes by Aldous Huxley
#4. I never did think that my own conundrum was a matter either of science or of social convention. I thought it was a matter of the spirit, a kind of divine allegory, and that explanations of it were not very important anyway. What was important was the liberty of us all to live as we wished to live, to love however we wanted to love, and to know ourselves, however peculiar, disconcerting or unclassifiable, at one with the gods and angels. - Author: Jan Morris
Divine quotes by Jan Morris
#5. Whosoever believeth in His blood shall not perish. Those who believed Jesus came down from heaven got results when He was here because they knew He had divine blood, believed He was born of a virgin. He had the flesh of a human being, but the blood of divinity. - Author: Ernest Angley
Divine quotes by Ernest Angley
#6. If I could offer only one key to understanding this divine dialogue, it would be to remember that it takes place in the depths of consciousness and that Krishna is not some external being, human or superhuman, but the spark of divinity that lies at the core of the human personality. This is not literary or philosophical conjecture; Krishna says as much to Arjuna over and over: "I am the Self in the heart of every creature, Arjuna, and the beginning, middle, and end of their existence" (10:20). - Author: Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa
Divine quotes by Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa
#7. My soul is my soul. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#8. The heart is a treasure trove.... it is filled to the brink with beautiful Divine gifts. Whoever dives into it, finds that an endless supply, as vast as the great expanse of the Cosmic Ocean.... and even greater than this! - Author: Angie Karan
Divine quotes by Angie Karan
#9. She's a mortal danger without knowing it,
Undreamed of in her own dreams exquisite,
A roseleaf ambush where love lurks to seize
The unwary heart. The unwary eye that sees
Her smile sees pearled perfection. She can knit
Grace from a twine of air. The heavens sit
In every gesture. Of divinities, She's most divine. - Author: Edmond Rostand
Divine quotes by Edmond Rostand
#10. Ah what avails the sceptred race, Ah what the form divine! What every virtue, every grace! Rose Aylmer, all were thine. Rose Aylmer, whom these wakeful eyes May weep, but never see, A night of memories and of sighs I consecrate to thee. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
Divine quotes by Walter Savage Landor
#11. Every man who is not for us in this prolonged struggle for liberty is responsible for the present degradation of the mothers of the race. It is pitiful to see how few men ever have made our cause their own, but while leaving us to fight our battle alone, they have been unsparing in their criticism of every failure. Of all the battles for liberty in the long past, woman only has been left to fight her own, without help and with all the powers of earth and heaven, human and divine, arrayed against her. - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Divine quotes by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
#12. If we have a heart to learn and a willingness to follow the example of children, their divine attributes can hold a key to unlocking our own spiritual growth. - Author: Jean A. Stevens
Divine quotes by Jean A. Stevens
#13. Live on the divine Eucharist, like the Hebrews did on the Manna. Your soul can be entirely dedicated to the divine Eucharist and very holy in the midst of your work and contacts with the world. - Author: Peter Julian Eymard
Divine quotes by Peter Julian Eymard
#14. This is a human form in which every Divine entity, every Divine principle, that is to say, all the names and forms ascribed by man to God, are manifest ... You are very fortunate that you have the chance to experiences the bliss of the vision of the form, which is the form of all gods, now, in this life itself. - Author: Sathya Sai Baba
Divine quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#15. Sickness is a belief, which must be annihilated by the divine Mind. - Author: Mary Baker Eddy
Divine quotes by Mary Baker Eddy
#16. Eternity, sacred time. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#17. As in mysterious and transcendent union the Divine takes into itself the human in the person of Jesus, and eternity is blended with time; we, trusting Him, and yielding our hearts to Him, receive into our poor lives an incorruptible seed, and for us the soul-satisfying realities that abide forever mingle with and are reached through the shadows that pass away. - Author: Alexander MacLaren
Divine quotes by Alexander MacLaren
#18. For if a man by magical arts and sacrifices will bring down the moon, and darken the sun, and induce storms, or fine weather, I should not believe that there was anything divine, but human, in these things, provided the power of the divine were overpowered by human knowledge and subjected to it. - Author: Hippocrates
Divine quotes by Hippocrates
#19. Some of us believe humanity should be in divine partnership with nature, some people believe that man has been given by God the right to have dominion over nature. But since even they say that we should be good stewards, that right there should be the common ground. - Author: Marianne Williamson
Divine quotes by Marianne Williamson
#20. The Muslim Brotherhood is not a party of preachers and missionaries but rather of divine enforcers," he wrote. "Its mission is to blot out, by force if necessary, oppression, moral anarchy, social disorder, and exploitation so as to finish the so-called divine role of self-styled gods and replace evil with good. 'Fight them,' the Koran says, 'until there is no more oppression, and all submission is made to God alone. - Author: Mark Bowden
Divine quotes by Mark Bowden
#21. Controversy for the sake of controversy is sin. Controversy for the sake of truth is a divine command. - Author: Walter Martin
Divine quotes by Walter Martin
#22. Wonders demonstrate the power of God. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#23. Perhaps the forces of winged retribution. The prophet Elijah being fed to the ravens. Like Baida, I have killed my three pigeons.'

'Two,' Adam said.

'Two died instead of Vishnevetsky. One died instead of my brother. Long ago. Attar, the Persian poet, saw the destiny of souls as a flight of birds across the seven valleys of Seeking, Love, Knowledge, Independence, Unity, Stupefaction and Annihilation, before at last being lost in the divine Ocean and thenceforth happy. A charming, if sterile, conceit. Next time, the bird may escape,' Lymond said. 'Happy pigeon. Next time, the archer may die. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Divine quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#24. Do you not see what damage has been done to science through this: i.e. pedants wishing to be philosophers; to treat of natural things, and mix themselves with and decide about things Divine? - Author: Giordano Bruno
Divine quotes by Giordano Bruno
#25. No, a true seeker, one who truly wished to find, could accept no doctrine. But the man who has found what he sought, such a man could approve of every doctrine, each and every one, every path, every goal; nothing separated him any longer from all those thousands of others who lived in the eternal, who breathed the Divine. - Author: Hermann Hesse
Divine quotes by Hermann Hesse
#26. The same God who loves us as we are also loves us to much to leave us as we are. Perhpas because we tend to hold to ideas about God that reflect our own suppositions and fears, more than God's self-revelation. We reduce God to our own dimensions, ascribing to him our own reactions and responses, especially our own petty and conditional kind of love, and so end up believing in a God cast in our own image and likeness.

But the true God, the living God, is entirely "other":. Precisely from this radical otherness derives the inscrutable and transcendent nature of divine love-- for which our limited human love is but a distant metaphor. God's love is much more than our human love simply multiplied and expanded. God's love for us will ever be mystery; unfathomable, awesome, entirely beyond human expectation.

Precisely because God's love is something "no eyes has seen, nor ear heard nor the heart of man conceived" (1 Cor 2:9), Mother Teresa meditated on it continuously, and encouraged us to do the same, to continue plumbing this mystery more deeply. To this end she invites us: "Try to deepen your understanding of these two words, 'Thirst of God.; - Author: Joseph Langford
Divine quotes by Joseph Langford
#27. Life is a present; life is a miracle.
Life is a song divine.
When you touch my heart, hold my soul.
Oh my pure valentine. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Divine quotes by Debasish Mridha
#28. Grace is goodness and respect given freely and unconditionally. A sense of divine love and protection bestowed on us when we need strength and renewal. Grace helps us know we are not alone and believe we are cared for and cherished. Grace is a drink of clear, clean water in the desert. - Author: Sue Thoele
Divine quotes by Sue Thoele
#29. I believe in signs ... what we need to learn is always there before us, we just have to look around us with respect & attention to discover where God is leading us and which step we should take. When we are on the right path, we follow the signs, and if we occasionally stumble, the Divine comes to our aid, preventing us from making mistakes. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Divine quotes by Paulo Coelho
#30. What kind of world results if the power to dominate and control others, inflicting enormous suffering in the process, is sanctioned by a divine being who can at the same time redeem that suffering and release the perpetrators and their victims from that world's evils? - Author: John Lamb Lash
Divine quotes by John Lamb Lash
#31. Every new encounter is a chance for love to meet itself again. - Author: Drew Gerald
Divine quotes by Drew Gerald
#32. You will reciprocally promise love, loyalty and matrimonial honesty. We only want for you this day that these words constitute the principle of your entire life and that with the help of divine grace you will observe these solemn vows that today, before God, you formulate. - Author: Pope John Paul II
Divine quotes by Pope John Paul II
#33. The thirst that from the soul doth rise, Doth ask a drink divine. - Author: George Eliot
Divine quotes by George Eliot
#34. Sex is the divine in its most available epiphany. - Author: Huston Smith
Divine quotes by Huston Smith
#35. While some men see ordinary happenings, others see divine light and guidance. - Author: Thomas Merton
Divine quotes by Thomas Merton
#36. They always mean beautiful things like hummingbirds. I always reply by saying that I think of a little child in east Africa with a worm burrowing through his eyeball. The worm cannot live in any other way, except by burrowing through eyeballs. I find that hard to reconcile with the notion of a divine and benevolent creator. - Author: David Attenborough
Divine quotes by David Attenborough
#37. Don't leave me", "Don't go away", "Don't forget me"... it seems to me, a tragedy, that these words so divine are the words that everyone is trained to never say. We are trained to never say and to never listen, to these words. These are the sentiments we were born into this world with as infants, the purest form of soul, the same sentiments we are trained to murder in ourselves and in others. We wage a war against what it means to be alive and then we wonder why we're killing ourselves. If I say these things to someone, and they still leave me, I have not lost anything because I have truly lived. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Divine quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#38. Why should you practice Yoga? To kindle the divine fire within yourself. Everyone has a dormant spark of divinity in him which has to be fanned into flame. - Author: B.K.S. Iyengar
Divine quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar
#39. Every time we reach in to the cave of our loving heart and deliver an act of kindness, and touch another, we are truly sending a beautiful arrow of our love from our heart straight in to God's heart. When we purely serve another - whether it's someone hurting and confused, the cranky person at work, or the slightly strange elderly woman we help up the elevator - we are actually serving the beauty of God who lives within that person. In essence, we are magnificently surrendering to a higher and divine Love. My dear friends, lets be those beautiful instruments of that divine love. Lets open our wings and deliver small acts of everyday kindness, no matter how big or small. Remember, this divine love; is never wasted. It only flows out and becomes a great big ocean of oneness love for all - Author: Angie Karan
Divine quotes by Angie Karan
#40. Every few days the sea delivers us gifts, and I am convinced that there is something of the divine nature in this process. Often I have prayed for a jacket, a bucket, or a handsaw, but instead I find one single flip-flop. Many times it has left my heart bitter, but then I find some useful purpose for my found treasure. Maybe the sea doesn't give me what I want, but what I need. - Author: Jennifer Arnett
Divine quotes by Jennifer Arnett
#41. It is best to emphasize again and again that spiritual awakening has nothing to do with reaching a divine state. Rather, it is the acknowledgement that every moment is about accepting life's divinity. - Author: Steve Leasock
Divine quotes by Steve Leasock
#42. Think hard about the reasons for believing and not believing, what your religion teaches you and demands so inexorably that you believe. I am convinced that if you follow closely the natural light of your spirit, you will see ... that all the religions in the world are only human inventions and that everything your religion teaches you and forces you to believe as supernatural and divine is at heart only error, lie, illusion and trickery. - Author: Jean Meslier
Divine quotes by Jean Meslier
#43. Gender is but a doorway to a vast inner universe of ultimate relationships between oneness and duality, manifest and divine, being and nonbeing, temporal and eternal. - Author: William Keepin
Divine quotes by William Keepin
#44. Let us therefore reject all superstition in order to become more human; but in speaking against fanaticism, let us not imitate the fanatics: they are sick men in delirium who want to chastise their doctors. Let us assuage their ills, and never embitter them, and let us pour drop by drop into their souls the divine balm of toleration, which they would reject with horror if it were offered to them all at once. - Author: Voltaire
Divine quotes by Voltaire
#45. Man studies simultaneously in three schools. The body is tutored on earth. All the cells of the body perform a particular service, and at the same time they learn. The soul is instructed in the spiritual world, and the spirit is instructed in the Divine world. - Author: Beinsa Douno
Divine quotes by Beinsa Douno
#46. Just as a pool of water cannot reflect the sky overhead when it is restless and disturbed, so we can never get a perfect vision of the Divine, and show it to others when we are disturbed with human thoughts and personal problems. It is only when we are quite still and receptive that God can think His thoughts into us and use us for His purposes. - Author: Alice Hegan Rice
Divine quotes by Alice Hegan Rice
#47. One has to do sadhana for the total manifestation of the Divine in oneself. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
Divine quotes by Sri Aurobindo
#48. It must not be supposed that the heavens or the luminaries are endowed with life(3). For they are inanimate and insensible(4). So that when the divine Scripture saith, Let the heavens rejoice and the earth be glad(5), it is the angels in heaven and the men on earth that are invited to rejoice. - Author: John Damascene
Divine quotes by John Damascene
#49. May we not have a picture of Christ, who has a true body? By no means; because, though he has a true body and a reasonable soul, John 1:14, yet his human nature subsists in his divine person, which no picture can represent, Psalm 45:2. Why ought all pictures of Christ to be abominated by Christians? Because they are downright lies, representing no more than the picture of a mere man: whereas, the true Christ is God-man - Author: James Fisher
Divine quotes by James Fisher
#50. Beloveds, you are fine, just the way you are! Perfect in your imperfection! You are divine! Growing brighter and more brilliant each day, you can accept the truth of who you are. - Author: Iyanla Vanzant
Divine quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#51. If you deny yourself access to the child within because you're too serious, you also block your connection to the divine Light and your feminine self. Every creator who's any good uses their feminine side to create with.. Whether a scientist working on a hunch, a painter working on the interplay of colors, or a musician dealing with the juxtaposition of notes and chords. - Author: Stuart Wilde
Divine quotes by Stuart Wilde
#52. If we make one criterion for defining the artist the impulse to make something new, or to do something in a new way - a kind of divine discontent with all that has gone before, however good - then we can find such artists at every level of human culture, even when performing acts of great simplicity. - Author: Margaret Mead
Divine quotes by Margaret Mead
#53. Birth is a dream, spontaneous and innate. Death, on the other hand, is a slow, false, divine calamity. It is like love. - Author: Kevin Moffett
Divine quotes by Kevin Moffett
#54. don't mistake my calm for forgiveness because there's none where you're concerned. - Author: L. Divine
Divine quotes by L. Divine
#55. In a balanced viewpoint that includes both masculine and feminine perspective, healing is seen not as a technique, but as a process. - Author: Jeanne Achterberg
Divine quotes by Jeanne Achterberg
#56. Play may not have so high a place in the divine economy, but is has as legitimate a place as prayer. - Author: J.G. Holland
Divine quotes by J.G. Holland
#57. I am ashamed
to call this love human
and afraid of God
to call it divine - Author: Jalaluddin Rumi
Divine quotes by Jalaluddin Rumi
#58. For the Divine to function through you, it is important to make every breath, every pulsation in the body, and your very existence an offering. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
Divine quotes by Jaggi Vasudev
#59. Music is well said to be the speech of angels; in fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the infinite. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
Divine quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#60. Sometimes the greatest kindness we could receive would be to have someone expect more from us than we do, because they see more clearly our divine heritage. - Author: Henry B. Eyring
Divine quotes by Henry B. Eyring
#61. To observe the seventh day does not mean merely to obey or to conform to the strictness of a divine command. To observe is to celebrate the creation of the world and to create the seventh day all over again, the majesty of holiness in time, "a day of rest, a day of freedom," a day which is like "a lord and king of all other days," 17 a lord and king in the commonwealth of time. - Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel
Divine quotes by Abraham Joshua Heschel
#62. Meditation means this opening out of the soul to the Divine and letting the Divine shine in without obstruction from the personal self. Therefore it means renunciation. It means throwing away everything that one has, and waiting empty for the light to come in. - Author: Annie Besant
Divine quotes by Annie Besant
#63. Poetry arises from the desire to get beyond the finite and the historical - the human world of violence and difference - and to reach the transcendent or divine. You're moved to write a poem, you feel called upon to sing, because of that transcendent impulse. But as soon as you move from that impulse to the actual poem, the song of the infinite is compromised by the finitude of its terms. - Author: Ben Lerner
Divine quotes by Ben Lerner
#64. I know of no system other than Hinduism under which a class has been set apart from generation to generation for the exclusive pursuit of divine knowledge and consigned to voluntary poverty. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Divine quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#65. O beautiful for spacious skies, ... O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife, Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life! America! America! May God thy gold refine, Til all success be nobleness And every gain divine! - Author: Katharine Lee Bates
Divine quotes by Katharine Lee Bates
#66. Krupa (divine grace) means 'every time sincere'. Without becoming suitable for naimitik krupa (apparent grace), one cannot attain the nischay (Realization that I am Pure Soul). Even in the Kramic (step by step) path, there is naimitk krupa. 'We' shower down special grace. 'Our' grace descends upon one due to ultimate humility. Only thing required is 'complete sincerity'. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Divine quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#67. A woman of faith is blessed by faithful men in her life who hold the priesthood of God and honor this privilege: her father, bishop, husband, brothers, sons. They value her and the divine gifts given by God to His daughter. They sustain and encourage, and they understand the great mission of her life as a woman. They love her; they bless her. - Author: Margaret D. Nadauld
Divine quotes by Margaret D. Nadauld
#68. To cognize the Divine Essence - this is the highest purpose of soul, sent by the Creator to the Earth! - Author: Pythagoras
Divine quotes by Pythagoras
#69. The difference was principally in the invisible places toward which their respective hearts were turned. They dreamed of Cairo with its autonomous government, its army, its newspapers and its cinema, while he, facing in the same direction, dreamed just a little beyond Cairo, across the Bhar El Hamar to Mecca. They thought in terms of grievances, censorship, petitions and reforms; he, like any good Moslem who knows only the tenets of his religion, in terms of destiny and divine justice. If the word 'independence' was uttered, they saw platoons of Moslem soldiers marching through streets were all the signs were written in Arabic script, they saw factories and power plants rising from the fields; he saw skies of flame, the wings of avenging angels, and total destruction. - Author: Paul Bowles
Divine quotes by Paul Bowles
#70. For those who think religious people live in a constant state of fear and quaking, compare Ps 111:10 to Ps 112:7. There, you will find that the person who fears God will not fear anyone, or anything else. This is not living in fear. By choosing one fear, they are liberated from the many fears. - Author: Michael Ben Zehabe
Divine quotes by Michael Ben Zehabe
#71. You will not dishonor the divine perfections by judgments unworthy of them, provided you never judge of Him by yourself, provided you do not ascribe to the Creator the imperfections and limitations of created beings. - Author: Nicolas Malebranche
Divine quotes by Nicolas Malebranche
#72. Through the Savior's Atonement and by following these basic patterns of faithfulness, we receive "power from on high" to face the challenges of life. We need this divine power today more than ever. - Author: Robert D. Hales
Divine quotes by Robert D. Hales
#73. We all know that the 'divine glory of the ego' is socially a great nuisance; we all do actually value our friends for modesty, freshness, and simplicity of heart. Whatever may be the reason, we all do warmly respect humility in other people. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Divine quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#74. A person like me who has grown up in a mixed culture ought to be spiritual. My mother is a Catholic, my father is a Muslim, and my wife is a Hindu. Personally, I feel spirituality is about being clear-hearted. It involves a sense of connection with the divine. - Author: Emraan Hashmi
Divine quotes by Emraan Hashmi
#75. in heavenly realms of hellas dwelt
two very different sons of zeus:
one, handsome strong and born to dare
--a fighter to his eyelashes--
the other,cunning ugly lame;
but as you'll shortly comprehend
a marvellous artificer

now Ugly was the husband of
(as happens every now and then
upon a merely human plane)
someone completely beautiful;
and Beautiful,who(truth to sing)
could never quite tell right from wrong,
took brother Fearless by the eyes
and did the deed of joy with him

then Cunning forged a web so subtle
air is comparatively crude;
an indestructible occult
supersnare of resistless metal:
and(stealing toward the blissful pair)
skilfully wafted over them-
selves this implacable unthing

next,our illustrious scientist
petitions the celestial host
to scrutinize his handiwork:
they(summoned by that savage yell
from shining realms of regions dark)
laugh long at Beautiful and Brave
--wildly who rage,vainly who strive;
and being finally released
flee one another like the pest

thus did immortal jealousy
quell divine generosity,
thus reason vanquished instinct and
matter became the slave of mind;
thus virtue triumphed over vice
and beauty bowed to ugliness
and logic thwarted life:and thus--
but look around you,friends and foes

my tragic tale concludes herewith: - Author: E.E. Cummings
Divine quotes by E.E. Cummings
#76. I saw a Divine Being. I'm afraid I'm going to have to revise all my various books and opinions. - Author: A.J. Ayer
Divine quotes by A.J. Ayer
#77. The human race will have no respite from evils until those who are really philosophers acquire political power or until, through some divine dispensation, those who rule and have political authority in the cities become real philosophers. - Author: Plato
Divine quotes by Plato
#78. It is man and not the Bible that needs correcting. Greater and more careful scholarship has shown that apparent contradictions were caused by incorrect translations, rather than divine inconsistencies. - Author: Billy Graham
Divine quotes by Billy Graham
#79. You can overthrow a king maybe, but not a god. I've been chosen by the fucking divine for this shit. Nobody can out rock me. Except maybe Naomi, but I'll never admit that. - Author: C.M. Stunich
Divine quotes by C.M. Stunich
#80. To be awake is to be completely alive. I have never yet met a man who was quite awake. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Divine quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#81. We have become so accustomed to the idea of divine love and of God's coming at Christmas that we no longer feel the shiver of fear that God's coming should arouse in us. We are indifferent to the message, taking only the pleasant and agreeable out of it and forgetting the serious aspect, that the God of the world draws near to the people of our little earth and lays claim to us. The coming of God is truly not only glad tidings, but first of all frightening news for everyone who has a conscience. - Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Divine quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#82. I really fancy Harrison Ford. I've got to say I think he's really divine. He's, like, an older man, I guess, although he's not really that old, obviously. I don't want to offend him. - Author: Minnie Driver
Divine quotes by Minnie Driver
#83. Blessings are better than miracles. If you live your life from one miracle to the next, you will live from crisis to crisis. It's better to be blessed with good health than to always need divine healing. God's will is for us to walk in blessing. - Author: Andrew Wommack
Divine quotes by Andrew Wommack
#84. "Our kingdom go" is the necessary and unavoidable corollary of 'Thy kingdom come.' For the more there is self, the less there is of God. The divine eternal fulness of life can be gained only by those who have deliberately lost the partial, separative life of craving and self-interest, of egocentric thinking, feeling, wishing, and acting. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Divine quotes by Aldous Huxley
#85. 19. Before the divine fire is introduced into the substance of the soul and united with it through perfect and complete purgation and purity, its flame, which is the Holy Spirit, wounds the soul by destroying and consuming the imperfections of its bad habits. And this is the work of the Holy Spirit, in which he disposes it for divine union and transformation in God through love. The very fire of love that afterward is united with the soul, glorifying it, is what previously assailed it by purging it, just as the fire that penetrates a log of wood is the same that first makes an assault on the wood, wounding it with the flame, drying it out, and stripping it of its unsightly qualities until it is so disposed that it can be penetrated and transformed into the fire. Spiritual writers call this activity the purgative way. - Author: San Juan De La Cruz
Divine quotes by San Juan De La Cruz
#86. Love is divine spirit. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#87. You would attain to the divine perfection. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Divine quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#88. In ordinary perception, the senses send an overwhelming flood of information to the brain, which the brain then filters down to a trickle it can manage for the purpose of survival in a highly competitive world. Man has become so rational, so utilitarian, that the trickle becomes most pale and thin. It is efficient, for mere survival, but it screens out the most wondrous parts of man's potential experience without his even knowing it. We're shut off from our own world. Primitive man once experienced the rich and sparkling flood of the senses fully. Children experience it for a few months-until "normal" training, conditioning, close the doors on this other world, usually for good. Somehow, the drugs opened these ancient doors. And through them modern man may at last go, and rediscover his divine birthright ... - Author: Tom Wolfe
Divine quotes by Tom Wolfe
#89. But perhaps the greatest attraction of Mormonism was the promise that each follower would be granted an extraordinarily intimate relationship with God. Joseph taught and encouraged his adherents to receive personal communiqués straight from the Lord. Divine revelation formed the bedrock of the religion. - Author: Jon Krakauer
Divine quotes by Jon Krakauer
#90. Your money, your singleness, marriage, talent
and time, they were loaned to you to show the world that Christ is
Divine - Author: LeCrae
Divine quotes by LeCrae
#91. A Song To Celia
Drink to me, only with thine eyes
And I will pledge with mine;
Or leave a kiss but in the cup,
And I'll not look for wine.
The thirst that from the soul doth rise
Doth ask a drink divine:
But might I of Jove's nectar sup
I would not change for thine.
I sent thee late a rosy wreath,
Not so much honouring thee
As giving it a hope that there
It could not withered be
But thou thereon didst only breath
And sent'st it back to me:
Since, when it grows and smells, I swear,
Not of itself but thee. - Author: Ben Jonson
Divine quotes by Ben Jonson
#92. To help someone who is down on their luck is admirable. To help an adversary who is down on their luck is divine. - Author: Christopher Jones
Divine quotes by Christopher Jones
#93. Meditation is listening to the song of the inner Soul, seeing the beauty of the inner Self, smelling the fragrance of the inner Spirit, experiencing the touch of the Divine inner energies and tasting the intense sweetness of the inner God. - Author: Amit Ray
Divine quotes by Amit Ray
#94. We all have a divine nature, and we have a thirst to become one with that divinity. That divinity lets us find meaning in life event at the pinnacle of happiness, lets us weep for the pain and sorrow of others, and lets us dream of a more beautiful world. (p. 154) - Author: Ilchi Lee
Divine quotes by Ilchi Lee
#95. The divine right of kings may have been a plea for feeble tyrants, but the divine right of government is the keystone of human progress, and without it governments sink into police, and a nation is degraded into a mob. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
Divine quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#96. Womi is a world of mortals and immortals where the truth is uncovered. It's main mission is to give out the divine message to the chosen ones. - Author: Womi
Divine quotes by Womi
#97. Lord. As Blake brought out so beautifully in his poem "Jerusalem": ". . . Babel mocks, saying there is no God or Son of God; That Thou, O Human Imagination, O Divine Body of the Lord Jesus Christ art all A delusion; but I know Thee, O Lord, when Thou arisest upon My weary eyes, even in this dungeon and this iron mill. . . For Thou also sufferest with me, although I behold Thee not. . ." . . .And the Divine Voice answers: ". . . Fear not! Lo, I am with you always. Only believe in me, that I have power to raise from death Thy Brother who sleepeth in Albion. - Author: Neville Goddard
Divine quotes by Neville Goddard
#98. The Pleroma is the totality. The superset. Magisteria are the subsets." Eat your heart out, Bertrand Russell. "We all have one. Even you. Your own little slice of the divine. - Author: Ian Tregillis
Divine quotes by Ian Tregillis
#99. God pity the man of science who believes in nothing but what he can prove by scientific methods; for if ever a human being needed divine pity, he does. - Author: J.G. Holland
Divine quotes by J.G. Holland
#100. What we see in these passages is God meeting people, tribes, and cultures right where they are and drawing and inviting and calling them forward, into greater and greater shalom and respect and rights and peace and dignity and equality. It's as if human history were progressing along a trajectory, an arc, a continuum; and sacred history is the capturing and recording of those moments when people became aware that they were being called and drawn and pulled forward by the divine force and power and energy that gives life to everything. - Author: Rob Bell
Divine quotes by Rob Bell
#101. It is certain, that, in every religion, however sublime the verbal definition which it gives of its divinity, many of the votaries, perhaps the greatest number, will still seek the divine favor, not by virtue and good morals, which alone can be acceptable to a perfect being, but either by frivolous observances, by intemperate zeal, by rapturous extasies, or by the belief of mysterious and absurd opinions. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Divine quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#102. When you feel the need to have the right person show up in your life, affirm: 'I know the right person is arriving in divine order at precisely the perfect time.' - Author: Wayne Dyer
Divine quotes by Wayne Dyer
#103. Ask those who love Him with a sincere love, and they will tell you that they find no greater or prompter relief amid the troubles of their life than in loving conversation with their Divine Friend. - Author: Alphonsus Liguori
Divine quotes by Alphonsus Liguori
#104. The most extravagant sinners of Jesus's day receive His most compassionate welcome. Grace is a divine vulgarity that stands caution on its head. It refuses to play it safe and lay it up. Grace is recklessly generous, uncomfortably promiscuous. - Author: Preston Sprinkle
Divine quotes by Preston Sprinkle
#105. I have to seek God beauty. Because isn't my internal circuitry wired to seek out something worthy of worship? . True Beauty worship, worship of Creator Beauty Himself. God is present in all moments, but I do not deify the wind in the pines, the snow falling on the hemlocks, the moon over harvested wheat. Pantheism, seeing the natural world as divine, is a very different thing than seeing divine God present in all things . Nature is not God but God revealing the weight of Himself, all His glory, through the looking glass of nature. - Author: Ann Voskamp
Divine quotes by Ann Voskamp
#106. To be motivated by divine love is to see your promise land as a platform to share the love of God with others - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Divine quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#107. You are divine," he whispered. That's exactly how I felt. Otherworldly and ethereal, above the clouds, beyond the possibility of pain or sadness. I felt cleansed and completely new. - Author: Catou Martine
Divine quotes by Catou Martine
#108. I think there's probably always been visions and voices, and these were variously ascribed to the divine or demonic or the muses. I think many poets still feel they depend on an inner voice, or a voice which tells them what to do. - Author: Oliver Sacks
Divine quotes by Oliver Sacks
#109. Unless Caesar Augustus is unwittingly complying with the will of God, if it is true that in His divine wisdom He has ordained that Joseph and Mary should go to Bethlehem at this time. - Author: Jose Saramago
Divine quotes by Jose Saramago
#110. The mark of the Christian is the willingness to look for the Divine in the flesh of a babe in a crib, the continuing Christ under the appearance of bread on an altar, and a meditation and a prayer on a string of beads - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Divine quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#111. The reason we recoil from this is that we have in our day started by getting the whole picture upside down. Starting with the doctrine that every individuality is 'of infinite value,' we then picture God as a kind of employment committee whose business it is to find suitable careers for souls, square holes for square pegs. In fact, however, the value of the individual does not lie in him. He is capable of receiving value. He receives it by union with Christ. There is no question of finding for him a place in the living temple which will do justice to his inherent value and give scope to his natural idiosyncrasy. The place was there first. The man was created for it. He will not be himself till he is there. We shall be true and everlasting and really divine persons only in Heaven, just as we are, even now, coloured bodies only in the light. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Divine quotes by C.S. Lewis
#112. Religions are branches from a common trunk - Divine Wisdom. - Author: Annie Besant
Divine quotes by Annie Besant
#113. Faith consists not in ignorance, but in knowledge - knowledge not of God merely ... but when we recognize God as a propitious Father through the reconciliation made by Christ, and Christ as given to us for righteousness, sanctification, and life. - Author: John Calvin
Divine quotes by John Calvin
#114. The blessed and indestructible being of the divine has no concerns of its own, nor does it make trouble for others. It is not affected by feelings of anger or benevolence, because these are found where there is lack of strength. - Author: Epicurus
Divine quotes by Epicurus
#115. Now, if the writers of these four books [Gospels] had gone into a court of justice to prove an alibi, (for it is of the nature of an alibi that is here attempted to be proved, namely, the absence of a dead body by supernatural means,) and had they given their evidence in the same contradictory manner as it is here given, they would have been in danger of having their ears cropt for perjury, and would have justly deserved it. Yet this is the evidence, and these are the books, that have been imposed upon the world as being given by divine inspiration, and as the unchangeable word of God. - Author: Thomas Paine
Divine quotes by Thomas Paine
#116. When you share your misery, it will not diminish. When you fail to share your joy, it diminishes. Share your problems only with the Divine, not with anyone else, as that will only increase the problems. Share your joy with everyone.
Listen to others; yet do not listen. If your mind gets stuck in their problems, not only are they miserable, but you also become miserable. - Author: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Divine quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#117. I asked who are you ? He said I am the one, a clay potter.

I asked what is in the clay ? He said my commanded soul.

And he then said whatever and whoever the clay are made of I am the one who command the soul in it.

And I asked curiously who is he who has born to a virgin who had breath the soul in the clay? and made it fly!

He said shush!!! he is my secret! - Author: Aiyaz Uddin
Divine quotes by Aiyaz Uddin
#118. No children are so divine that they do not need responsible parenting and be taught proper manners. - Author: Anni Sennov
Divine quotes by Anni Sennov
#119. I will hold my babies in my hand at sacred-time. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#120. Jesus is a divine guest inside of you all the time - one who loves, understands, sees and hears you. He wants to live in oneness with you ... to be the centerpiece of everything you do. - Author: Joyce Meyer
Divine quotes by Joyce Meyer
#121. There's the appeal of the young thief who robs you, and climbs back down off your cloud. It's possible to love that boy, in a wistful and hopeless way. It's possible to love his greed and narcissism, to grant him that which is beyond your own capacities: heedlessness, cockiness, a self-devotion so pure it borders on the divine. - Author: Michael Cunningham
Divine quotes by Michael Cunningham
#122. There is a time when the soul lives in God, and a time when God lives in the soul. What is appropriate to one state is inconsistent with the other.

When God lives in the soul it ought to abandon itself entirely to his providence. When the soul lives in God it is obliged to procure for itself carefully and very regularly, every means it can devise by which to arrive at the divine union. The whole procedure is marked out; the readings, the examinations, the resolutions. The guide is always at hand and everything is by rule, even the hours for conversation.

When God lives in the soul it has nothing left of self, but only that which the spirit which actuates it imparts to it at each moment. Nothing is provided for the future, no road is marked out . . . No more books with marked passages for such a soul; often enough it is even deprived of a regular directior, for God allows it no other support than that which he gives it himself. Its dwelling is in darkness, forgetfulness, abandonment, death and nothingness. . .

Everything that others discover with great difficulty this soul finds in abandonment, and what they guard with care in order to be able to find it again, this soul receives at the moment there is occasion for it, and afterwards relinquishes so as to admit nothing but exactly what God desires it to have in order to live by him alone.

The former soul undertakes an infinity of good works for the glory of God, the latter is often c - Author: Jean-Pierre De Caussade
Divine quotes by Jean-Pierre De Caussade
#123. Now I was tired. All I wanted was to rest. The six days of Creation each have their own morning and evening, thereby showing their beginning and end. Only the seventh day has neither morning nor evening. It stands outside of Creation , belonging to the divine order alone. I wanted a day without morning or evening. I wanted a day of rest. - Author: Sheila Heti
Divine quotes by Sheila Heti
#124. In that way Vinteuil's phrase, like some theme, say, in Tristan, which represents to us also a certain acquisition of sentiment, has espoused our mortal state, had endued a vesture of humanity that was affecting enough. Its destiny was linked, for the future, with that of the human soul, of which it was one of the special, the most distinctive ornaments. Perhaps it is not-being that is the true state, and all our dream of life is without existence; but, if so, we feel that it must be that these phrases of music, these conceptions which exist in relation to our dream, are nothing either. We shall perish, but we have for our hostages these divine captives who shall follow and share our fate. And death in their company is something less bitter, less inglorious, perhaps even less certain. - Author: Marcel Proust
Divine quotes by Marcel Proust
#125. The yearning for the common good comes from the refusal to accept that perhaps Americans have very little in common apart from the elements of a sometimes successful civil religion based around a sentimental, indeed sometimes teary-eyed, attachment to the constitution and a belief in the quasi-divine wisdom of the founding fathers. - Author: Simon Critchley
Divine quotes by Simon Critchley
#126. This is that mystery which is rich in divine grace unto sinners: wherein by a wonderful exchange, our sins are no longer ours but Christ's; and the righteousness of Christ is not Christ's but ours. He has emptied himself of his righteousness that he might clothe us in it, and fill us with it: and he has taken our evils upon himself that he might deliver us from them. - Author: Martin Luther
Divine quotes by Martin Luther
#127. We shouldn't use God for our purpose alone but also be instruments of the extension of His Kingdom - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Divine quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#128. Was there a magical love-of-the-dance moment, when the muse Terpsichore called to us and we lifted our arms and spun at one with the divine music of the Universe? I think not. Although pride and obsession can feel like love, I guess. - Author: Meg Howrey
Divine quotes by Meg Howrey
#129. Meditation is not an escape. Meditation is the acceptance of life in its totality, with a view to transforming it for the highest manifestation of the divine Truth here on earth - Author: Sri Chinmoy
Divine quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#130. Dream your dreams.
Ask God to help you.
God will pour overflowing grace and divine power upon your life to accomplish your dreams. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#131. If there was ever a species that deserved purging from the surface of the planet, it is humanity. We are, or should be, a temporary infestation or infection, a smart virus awaiting its divine antidote. - Author: Mal Peet
Divine quotes by Mal Peet
#132. It is therefore clear that the five perceptions (i.e., the five senses) just like the other kinds of perceptual powers manifest the Divine Identity, which is the First Beloved and the Perfect Goal of man. Asf r, I, 1, p. 118 - Author: Ibrahim Kalin
Divine quotes by Ibrahim Kalin
#133. The possible or impossible for Allah Most High involves the divine attribute of qudra or omnipotence, "what He can do". This attribute in turn relates exclusively to the intrinsically possible, not to what is intrinsically impossible, as Allah says, "Verily Allah has power over every thing" (Qur'an 20:29), "thing" being something that in principle can exist. For example, if one asks "Can Allah create square circle?" the answer is that His omnipotence does not relate to it, for a square circle does not refer to anything that in principle could exist: the speaker does not have a distinct idea of what he means, but is merely using a jumble of words.
"On the validity of all religions in the thought of ibn Al-'Arabi and Emir 'Abd al-Qadir: a letter to `Abd al-Matin - Author: Nuh Ha Mim Keller
Divine quotes by Nuh Ha Mim Keller
#134. Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone. - Author: Michael Jackson
Divine quotes by Michael Jackson
#135. Prayer is the breath of life. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#136. Like the medieval heretics that Norm Cohn wrote about in The Pursuit of the Millennium, the Beats cultivated an extreme narcissism that bordered on self-deification and that 'liberated them from all restraints' and allowed them to experience every impulse as a 'divine command'. What Norman Podhoretz observed of Ginsberg was also true of the Beats generally: they 'conjured up a world of complete freedom from the limits imposed by [bourgeois] responsibilities'. Podhoretz added, 'It was a world that promised endless erotic possibility together with the excitements of an expanded consciousness constantly open to new dimensions of being: more adventure, more sex, more intensity, more life'. Alas, the promise was illusory. Instead of an 'expanded consciousness', the Beats purchased madness, ruination, and, for many, an early death. Their attack on bourgeois responsibility led not to greater freedom but to greater chaos. The erotic paradise they envisioned turned out to be rife with misery. - Author: Roger Kimball
Divine quotes by Roger Kimball
#137. When you cease from labour, fill up your time in reading, meditation, and prayer: and while your hands are labouring, let your heart be employed, as much as possible, in divine thoughts. - Author: David Brainerd
Divine quotes by David Brainerd
#138. The question is, How can you see the divine intersection of all that shapes and marks your existence, whether it be the heart-wrenching tragedies that wound you or the ecstasy of a great delight that brings laughter to your soul? How can you meet God in all your appointments and your disappointments? How can you recognize that he has a purpose, even when all around seems senseless, if not hopeless? Will there be a last gasp that whispers in one word a conclusion that redefines everything? If so, is it possible to borrow from that word to enrich the now? Can we really see, even a little, the patterned convergence of everything into some grand design? - Author: Ravi Zacharias
Divine quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#139. The Christian's instincts of trust and worship are stimulated very powerfully by knowledge of the greatness of God. But this is knowledge which Christians today largely lack: and that is one reason why our faith is so feeble and our worship so flabby ... When a person in the church, let alone the person in the street, uses the word God, the thought is rarely of divine majesty. - Author: J.I. Packer
Divine quotes by J.I. Packer
#140. O Lord, only you can satisfy my soul. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#141. God is in all things, but so far as God is Divine and so far as He is rational, God is nowhere so properly as in the soul - in the innermost of the soul - Author: Meister Eckhart
Divine quotes by Meister Eckhart
#142. By some strange alchemy of the divine, darkness was light: the Lord of the Hells was clothed in it, as if it were raiment or armor, and he shone with it. - Author: Michelle West
Divine quotes by Michelle West
#143. Brown paper represents the primal twilight of the first toil of creation, and with a bright-coloured chalk or two you can pick out points of fire in it, sparks of gold, and blood-red, and sea-green, like the first fierce stars that sprang out of divine darkness. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Divine quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#144. The Bible remained for me a book of books, still divine - but divine in the sense that all great books are divine which teach men how to live righteously. - Author: Joseph Joubert
Divine quotes by Joseph Joubert
#145. Every living thing and every situation, is in divine order! Believe, and have faith that everything is where it is at, and should be! Everything happens for our highest good! - Author: Angie Karan
Divine quotes by Angie Karan
#146. Christ is the Divine answer to the Devil's overthrow of our first parents. - Author: Arthur W. Pink
Divine quotes by Arthur W. Pink
#147. Humans were made to work in sweet to earn a living. Those that try to get rich or live at the expense of others all get divine retribution somewhere along the line. That's the lesson. unfortunately we forget the lessons quickly and then we have to learn them all over again. - Author: Jet Black
Divine quotes by Jet Black
#148. Don't ever think that there are many ways to the Divine. Jesus is the one qualified mediator, the only qualified sacrifice, and the only qualified savior. - Author: Erwin W. Lutzer
Divine quotes by Erwin W. Lutzer
#149. There are two ways of getting out of a trial. One is simply to try to get rid of the trial, and be thankful when it is over. The other is to recognize the trial as a challenge from God to claim a larger blessing than we have ever had, and to hail it with delight as an opportunity of obtaining a larger measure of divine grace. - Author: A.B. Simpson
Divine quotes by A.B. Simpson
#150. So, no, when I mention "tolerance", I'm not talking about learning how to stomach pure awfulness. What I am talking about is learning how to accommodate your life as generously as possible about a basically decent human being who can sometimes be an unmitigated pain in the ass. In this regard, the marital kitchen can become something like a small linoleum temple where we are called up daily to practice forgivenessm as we ourselves would like to be forgiven. Mundane this may be, yes. Devoid of any rock star moments of divine ecstacy, certainly. But maybe such tiny acts of household tolerance are a miracle in some other way - in some quietly measureless way - all the same? - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Divine quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#151. How can we who are so weak in ourselves, so inferior in power to the enemies confronting us, bear up under our trials which are so numerous, so protracted, so crushing? We could not, and therefore Divine grace has provided for us an all-sufficient Helper. Without His aid we had long since succumbed, mastered by our trials. Hope looks forward to the Glory to come; in the weary interval of waiting, the Spirit supports our poor hearts and keeps grace alive within us. - Author: Arthur W. Pink
Divine quotes by Arthur W. Pink
#152. The Lord help us!' he soliloquised in an undertone of peevish displeasure, while relieving me of my horse: looking, meantime, in my face so sourly that I charitably conjectured he must have need of divine aid to digest his dinner, and his pious ejaculation had no reference to my unexpected advent. - Author: Emily Bronte
Divine quotes by Emily Bronte
#153. Always remember, wherever you are, whether near or far, you had a mother who really, really loved you. The original mother. Once you've found your true inner guru you can never again be divided. Perfect union with the divine, through the grace of your real teacher, transcends time, space, death and all worldly limitations. Your real teacher is the original mother - regardless in which manifest or non-manifest form, or gender, she appears. The one who nurtures you and the one who also, out of wisdom and compassion, corrects you if you are misguided. - Author: Zeena Schreck
Divine quotes by Zeena Schreck
#154. The evangelical task primarily is the preaching of the Gospel, in the interest of individual regeneration by the supernatural grace of God, in such a way that divine redemption can be recognized as the best solution of our problems, individual and social - Author: Carl F. H. Henry
Divine quotes by Carl F. H. Henry
#155. Perfect Love Is Prepared In Five Dishes:
Mercy - Love Extended,
Grace - Love Revealed,
Favor - Love Inclined
Goodness - Love Defined and
Compassion - Love In Motion.
Come Hungry. - Author: Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu
Divine quotes by Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu
#156. Juliet by Ann Fortier. The Maestro (Chapter5) ... the slight nausea he was feeling must be somewhat near what God was feeling every minute of every day. If indeed He felt anything. He was, after all, a divine being, and it was entirely conceivable that divinity was incompatible with emotion. If not, then the Maestro sincerely pitied God, for the history of mankind was nothing more than a long tale of tears. - Author: Anne Fortier
Divine quotes by Anne Fortier
#157. May living your truth set you free! - Author: Erin Fall Haskell
Divine quotes by Erin Fall Haskell
#158. I ask: which of the two, civil or natural life, is more likely to become insufferable to those who live it? We see about us practically no people who do not complain about their existence; many even deprive themselves of it to the extent they are able, and the combination of divine and human laws is hardly enough to stop this disorder. - Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Divine quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#159. Before the war is ended, the war party assumes the divine right to denounce and silence all opposition to war as unpatriotic and cowardly. - Author: Robert M. La Follette
Divine quotes by Robert M. La Follette
#160. The Divine Truth is greater than any religion or creed or scripture or idea or philosophy. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
Divine quotes by Sri Aurobindo
#161. The paradox is that by being 'in love' we are in fact falling in love with ourselves, and we have an opportunity to see ourselves in the eyes of another. It is an ecstatic place to be, the dance of romantic love, and one that cannot be denied, for it is the place where we are most likely to experience a divine tango with our soul. Love and myth go hand in hand, for myth is the most exquisite mirror of all for the reflection of self. - Author: Sarah Bartlett
Divine quotes by Sarah Bartlett
#162. Break my mirror-heart into a thousand pieces my beloved, so that to the world i may proudly flaunt your thousand reflections - Author: Sushrut A. Badhe
Divine quotes by Sushrut A. Badhe
#163. Of Law there can be no less acknowledged, than that her seat is the bosom of God, her voice the harmony of the world: all things in heaven and earth do her homage, the very least as feeling her care, and the greatest as not exempted from her power. - Author: Richard Hooker
Divine quotes by Richard Hooker
#164. Only through forgiving can we understand that there is nothing and no one to forgive. And that we too, if we have hurt someone, have been for them, nothing more than an instrument of Love in the same way they have been for us. In the Oneness there is no separation, no judgment, and everything happens in Divine Perfection. - Author: Human Angels
Divine quotes by Human Angels
#165. It is because the critics are not detached that they do not see this detachment; it is because they are not looking at things in a dry light that they cannot see the difference between black and white. It is because they are in a particular mood of reaction and revolt that they have a motive for making out that all the white is dirty grey and the black not so black as it is painted. I do not say there are not human excuses for their revolt; I do not say it is not in some ways sympathetic; what I say is that it is not in any way scientific. An iconoclast may be indignant; an iconoclast may be justly indignant; but an iconoclast is not impartial. And it is stark hypocrisy to pretend that nine-tenths of the higher critics and scientific evolutionists and professors of comparative religion are in the least impartial. Why should they be impartial, what is being impartial, when the whole world is at war about whether one thing is a devouring superstition or a divine hope? - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Divine quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#166. Imagine the people you fear and dislike as pivotal characters in a fascinating and ultimately redemptive plot that will take years or even lifetimes for the Divine to elaborate. - Author: Rob Brezsny
Divine quotes by Rob Brezsny
#167. I pray. Prayer is a time to connect with the divine, but also time, I'm sure, to concentrate one's thoughts, to meditate, and to imagine what might be. - Author: Mitt Romney
Divine quotes by Mitt Romney
#168. One should remain as a witness to whatever happens, adopting the attitude, 'Let whatever strange things that happens happen, let us see!' This should be one's practice. Nothing happens by accident in the divine scheme of things. - Author: Ramana Maharshi
Divine quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#169. Divine ashes are better then earthly meale. - Author: George Herbert
Divine quotes by George Herbert
#170. You are consciousness dressed in form, my love. Consciousness is divine. Matter is divine. Creation is divine. Everything is divine. Are you somehow the only exception? - Author: Martha N. Beck
Divine quotes by Martha N. Beck
#171. Moses spent so much time face to face with Yahweh, that his own face began to transfigure and shine like the sun. He had to pull a cloak over himself because the Israelites could not stand before the brightness of holiness. The direct presence of Yahweh changes one's very being from human to divine." "Moses was made into a god?" "Like a Son of God. Bene ha Elohim. But it was only a foretaste, because it would fade with time." Mary was putting it together. "So, Sons of God are the holy ones who surround Yahweh Elohim's throne chariot, and they are myriad." "Ten thousands upon ten thousands. They are the divine ones who administered the Law of Yahweh at Sinai. They are direct creations of Yahweh, and because they are in his presence, they shine with holiness. - Author: Brian Godawa
Divine quotes by Brian Godawa
#172. I think there's something to the idea that the divine dwells more easily in text than in images. Text allows for more abstract thought, more of a separation between you and the physical world, more room for you and God to meet in the middle. I find it hard enough to conceive of an infinite being. Imagine if those original scrolls came in the form of a graphic novel with pictures of the Lord? I'd never come close to communing with the divine. - Author: A. J. Jacobs
Divine quotes by A. J. Jacobs
#173. The seeds of life - fiery is their force, divine their birth, but they are weighed down by the bodies' ills or dulled by limbs and flesh that's born for death. That is the source of all men's fears and longings, joys and sorrows, nor can they see the heaven's light, shut up in the body's tomb, a prison dark and deep. - Author: Virgil
Divine quotes by Virgil
#174. In place of the clear and rigid ancient law, You [oh Lord] made man decide about good and evil for himself, with no other guidance than Your example. But did it never occur to You that man would disregard Your example, even question it, as well as Your truth, when he was subjected to so fearful a burden as freedom of choice? - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Divine quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#175. Hill and valley, seas and constellations, are but stereotypes of divine ideas appealing to and answered by the living soul of man. - Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Divine quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#176. The Divine "goodness" differs from ours, but it is not sheerly different; it differs from ours not as white from black, but as a perfect circle from a child's first attempt to draw a wheel. But when the child has learned to draw, it will know that the circle it then makes is what it was trying to make from the very beginning. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Divine quotes by C.S. Lewis
#177. To err is human, to forgive is divine. - Author: Jo Nesbo
Divine quotes by Jo Nesbo
#178. You may be sure that of all the moments of your life, the time you spend before the divine Sacrament will be that which will give you more strength during life and more consolation at the hour of your death and during eternity - Author: Alphonsus Liguori
Divine quotes by Alphonsus Liguori
#179. We may convince ourselves that something is true, but that doesn't make it true. - Author: Petros Scientia
Divine quotes by Petros Scientia
#180. ​Until your inner teacher wakes up, all worldly teachings are worthless. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
Divine quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#181. No situation is beyond the strength within. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Divine quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#182. The Catholic Church is an institution I am bound to hold divine but for unbelievers a proof of its divinity might be found in the fact that no merely human institution conducted with such knavish imbecility would have lasted a fortnight. - Author: Hilaire Belloc
Divine quotes by Hilaire Belloc
#183. The Alexandrian School In opposition to the previously named Church Fathers, the Alexandrians openly embraced Greek philosophy, thought of it as being of divine origin, and brought its allegorizing technique into their exegesis. - Author: Anonymous
Divine quotes by Anonymous
#184. The strange and wonderful Book of Job treats of the same subject as we are discussing; its contents are a fiction, conceived for the purpose of explaining the different opinions which people hold on Divine Providence ... This fiction, however, is in so far different from other fictions that it includes profound ideas and great mysteries, removes great doubts, and reveals the most important truths. I will discuss it as fully as possible; and I will also tell you the words of our Sages that suggested to me the explanation of this great poem. - Author: Maimonides
Divine quotes by Maimonides
#185. To have faith in Divine protection is good, but even beter if backed by the pratical assistance heaven has a right to expect from sensible mortals. - Author: Ellis Peters
Divine quotes by Ellis Peters

The modern day idols and animal gods
Embrace higher platforms in the sky
Than the statues of the gods of the ancients.
They beam through our screens
And we scream for them to be seen
And we cry if they aren't covering the pages.
We care more about a celebrity
Than the man who saved
An island of a million drowning men!
Eliminate these plastic idols and bloated gods
That represent nothing but shame.
And shame on us for allowing them to be seen
In a divine manner.
No man is to ever be put on a pedestal,
If he/she is not a prime example of the right way,
Has nothing to say,
Or simply has the money to buy
A rotating banner. - Author: Suzy Kassem
Divine quotes by Suzy Kassem
#187. When human pain has struck me fiercely, when anger has corroded me, I rise, I always rise after the crucifixion, and I am in terror of my ascensions. THE FISSURE IN REALITY. The divine departure. I fall. I fall into darkness after the collusion with pain, and after pain the divine departure. - Author: Anais Nin
Divine quotes by Anais Nin
#188. Definitions from Mulla Do-Piaza
A man or woman who thinks he has experienced the divine. - Author: Idries Shah
Divine quotes by Idries Shah
#189. Envelope me oh Lord envelope me
From the storms of life envelope me
That I may see your light as you envelope me
Through the thick and thin of life I beseech

Envelope me oh Lord, envelope me!

With thy cloud of glory, envelope me
In thy showers of fountain, envelope me!
Far from all evil I beseech that you shall envelope me
In thy abundant grace oh Lord, envelope me

Envelope me oh Lord, envelope me!

Envelope me oh Lord, envelope me
In the envelope of thy strong might
That my life shall be right in thy sight
Alluring deceptions I meet every time

Envelope me oh Lord, envelope me!

Up and down life goes; riches that take my time
In sorrow do l grow cold; joy that overtake my mind
Uncertainties of life that meet mankind
Before thy throne I beseech insight of all kind
That I may understand life composed of things of different kind

Envelope me oh lord, envelope me! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Divine quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#190. I look upon prayer-meetings as the most profitable exercises (excepting the public preaching) in which Christians can engage. They have a direct tendency to kill a worldly, trifling spirit, and to draw down a Divine blessing upon all our concerns, compose differences, and enkindle (at least maintain) the flames of Divine love amongst brethren. - Author: John Newton
Divine quotes by John Newton
#191. It will be the positive people who feel the divine order in their lives. - Author: Ron Baratono
Divine quotes by Ron Baratono
#192. As Einstein said, 'If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. ' Michael Shermer, In The Science of Good and Evil, calls it a debate stopper. If you agree that, in the absence of God, you would 'commit robbery, rape, and murder', you reveal yourself as an immoral person, 'and we would be well advised to steer a wide course around you'. If, on the other hand, you admit that you would continue to be a good person even when not under divine surveillance, you have fatally undermined your claim that God is necessary for us to be good. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Divine quotes by Richard Dawkins
#193. We hear in these days a great deal respecting rights
the rights of private judgment, the rights of labor, the rights of property, and the rights of man. Rights are grand things, divine things in this world of God's; but the way in which we expound these rights, alas! seems to me to be the very incarnation of selfishness. I can see nothing very noble in a man who is forever going about calling for his own rights. Alas! alas! for the man who feels nothing more grand in this wondrous, divine world than his own rights. - Author: Frederick William Robertson
Divine quotes by Frederick William Robertson
#194. The synoptic Gospels of the New Testament manuscripts make us aware of Christ's character and gives us a view of the 'son-ship' He modeled which flowed out of that Divine character."

~R. Alan Woods [2013] - Author: R. Alan Woods
Divine quotes by R. Alan Woods
#195. That spirit or spark that we each have is a vibratory echo or pure essence, recorded on the akashic records, that always accompanies us and thus serves as the intuitive reminder that we are learning and evolving, as well as this urge to merge with the Divine. The spirit recognizes the similar vibration of God or The One and becomes more animated and exuberant in its presence, oftentimes awakening the feeling that we are Home. - Author: Stephen Poplin
Divine quotes by Stephen Poplin
#196. Disease is an experience of mortal mind. It is fear made manifest on the body. Divine Science takes away this physical sense of discord, just as it removes a sense of moral or mental in-harmony. - Author: Mary Baker Eddy
Divine quotes by Mary Baker Eddy
#197. True love is a discipline in which each divines the secret self of the other and refuses to believe in the mere daily self. - Author: William Butler Yeats
Divine quotes by William Butler Yeats
#198. Relics are treasured as something close to the divine. - Author: Sarah Vowell
Divine quotes by Sarah Vowell
#199. Sending out the Disciples

Luke 10


God is here and now.

God is not something outside you, God is within you.

God is the innermost core of existence.

That is what Jesus means with: "Repent, for the kingdom of God is near".

God is not separate from the creation. He is one with the creation.

When you understand this, your life becomes a prayer.

When you understand this, you will understand that existence is a family. You will understand that life is togetherness.

When we discover our authentic inner being, the kingdom of God, we understand that everybody is a messenger. We discover that the divine source expands, and we spread love to all with whom we interact.

Jesus sent out his disciples two and two, so that they did not have to go alone. They went two and two in friendship, in love, in trust, so that they could help each other.


The harvest is great, but there are not many laborers.

People are deaf and blind.

Somebody like Jesus comes, and you do not want to listen.

It has always been like this.

Rather than listening to Jesus, - Author: Swami Dhyan Giten
Divine quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
#200. There is no basis for democracy except in a dogma about the divine origin of man. That is a perfectly simple fact which the modern world will find out more and more to be a fact. Every other basis is a sort of sentimental confusion, full of merely verbal echoes of the older creeds. Those verbal associations are always vain for the vital purpose of constraining the tyrant. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
Divine quotes by G.K. Chesterton

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