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I just thought it could make a really cool movie. It's not that it's just a buddy comedy but it's all about two guys hating each other and towards the end they're good friends. I liked that these two guys were best friends from the very beginning, and they're crazy. ~ Sean William Scott
Buddy Comedy quotes by Sean William Scott
Shake It Up is a buddy comedy based around dance. It's about two best friends Rocky and CeCe who live out their dream as background dancers on a show called Shake It Up Chicago. They have to navigate life as young teens going to school and dancing on the show. ~ Zendaya
Buddy Comedy quotes by Zendaya
My whole life I though I was the star of an overly earnest romance movie, and it turns out I was in a goddamned buddy comedy all along. ~ John Green
Buddy Comedy quotes by John Green
I never defend my material. Comedy is subjective. ~ Sarah Silverman
Buddy Comedy quotes by Sarah Silverman
With his blond hair, broad shoulders, and perpetual tan,
Bryce looked like a California underwear model. Not that I'd thought about him in his underwear.
Much. ~ Chris Cannon
Buddy Comedy quotes by Chris Cannon
There are lots of actors, and you need a way to stand out. Writing comedy sketches was a way of doing that. ~ Sharon Horgan
Buddy Comedy quotes by Sharon Horgan
At least one way of measuring the freedom of any society is the amount of comedy that is permitted, and clearly a healthy society permits more satirical comment than a repressive, so that if comedy is to function in some way as a safety release then it must obviously deal with these taboo areas. This is part of the responsibility we accord our licensed jesters, that nothing be excused the searching light of comedy. If anything can survive the probe of humour it is clearly of value, and conversely all groups who claim immunity from laughter are claiming special privileges which should not be granted. ~ Eric Idle
Buddy Comedy quotes by Eric Idle
I wasn't in the drama department, but I auditioned anyway and he not only cast me but also included a few sketches that I wrote, which really sparked my pursuit of comedy. ~ Ted Alexandro
Buddy Comedy quotes by Ted Alexandro
What mental hospital have you escaped from?" She wanted to laugh, but he looked so serious. "Prove you're an alien. Rip off your disguise. Show me your antennae. Where's your union card? ~ Cheryl Sterling
Buddy Comedy quotes by Cheryl Sterling
We, who were reduced to eating on the sidewalk , were suddenly elevated in status by this man's misery. We were the aristocrats and he the beggar. It flattered us. We were superbly above him and the comedy gave us a delusion of high self-respect. In a while, the magnanimity of the rich would complete the picture. We would feed our scraps to the poor. ~ John Howard Griffin
Buddy Comedy quotes by John Howard Griffin
Your face makes my soul want to eat chocolate pudding! ~ Andy Milonakis
Buddy Comedy quotes by Andy Milonakis
Therein lies the potent, challenging gift afforded to us brave, lucky few, fortunate enough to be roasted onstage night after night by your mother: that of self-realization through comedic ego destruction. Your mother showed me with her comedy how to let go of who I thought I had to be and allowed me to embrace a life rooted in my love for you girls. ~ Ali Wong
Buddy Comedy quotes by Ali Wong
Comedy is like math - you can check your answer because you know you've gotten it right if you get a laugh. It just makes sense to me. I feel like because I've had to keep that tool in my box for so long, I'm ready to show it off a bit. ~ Jennifer Carpenter
Buddy Comedy quotes by Jennifer Carpenter
At any rate I'd better be getting out of the wood, for really its coming on very dark. Do you think it's going to rain?'
Tweedledum spread a large umbrella over himself and his brother, and looked up into it.
'No, I don't think it is,' he said: 'at least - not under here. Nohow.'
'But it may rain outside?'
'It may - if it chooses,' said Tweedledee: 'we've got no objection. Contrariwise. ~ Lewis Carroll
Buddy Comedy quotes by Lewis Carroll
I think a lot of the instincts you have doing comedy are really the same for doing drama, in that it's essentially about listening. The way I approach comedy, is you have to commit to everything as if it's a dramatic role, meaning you play it straight. ~ Will Ferrell
Buddy Comedy quotes by Will Ferrell
Two Strapping Alpha Billionaires. One Girl Looking For A Fresh Start. A Heck of A Wild Ride! ~ Scarlett Avery
Buddy Comedy quotes by Scarlett Avery
Elmo is telling kids about how great it is to share. Oh, Elmo, you poor, deluded little red fur ball. You don't have a clue, do ya, li'l buddy? Kids are way meaner than Muppets. ~ Sarah Darer Littman
Buddy Comedy quotes by Sarah Darer Littman
All we need is a meteorologist who has once been soaked to the skin without ill effect. No one can write knowingly of the weather who walks bent over on wet days. ~ E.B. White
Buddy Comedy quotes by E.B. White
The profilers' plan to coax me out of the woods resembled a comedy skit. During their search of my Cane Creek trailer, the feds had found dozens of books on the Civil War. And interviews with my friends confirmed that I was a bona fide Civil War buff. The profilers looked at all this Civil War "stimuli" and concluded that my hiding in the mountains was a form of role-playing. Starring in my own Civil War fantasy, I was a lone rebel fighting for the Lost Cause, and the task force was a Yankee army out to capture me. To talk On August 16, the task force pulled out of the woods while Bo and his rebels went in. They had to look the part, so the FBI profilers dressed them in white hats with the word "REBEL" stenciled in red letters across the front; and around their neck each rebel wore a Confederate flag bandanna.me into surrendering, they needed some of my rebel comrades to convince me that
the war was over and it was time to lay down my arms. Colonel Gritz and his crew were assigned the role of my rebel comrades. They were there to "rescue" me from the Yankee horde.

Bo's band of rebels pitched camp down in Tusquitee, north of the town of Hayesville. Beginning at Bob Allison Campground – the place where I'd abandoned Nordmann's truck – they worked their way west into the Tusquitee Mountains. They walked the trails, blowing whistles and yelling "Eric, we're here with Bo Gritz to save you." They searched for a week.

I lost it when I heard on the radio th ~ Eric Rudolph
Buddy Comedy quotes by Eric Rudolph
Comedy, I figured, was the thing that came to me the most easily. Playing the trumpet and piano took practice. I thought that was a waste of time. I'd go out on the street corner and be funny. In a minute. ~ George Carlin
Buddy Comedy quotes by George Carlin
I love smart comedy. ~ Jason Alexander
Buddy Comedy quotes by Jason Alexander
The mark of a poor comedian is not making the other person laugh. The mark of a worse comedian is asking if the person got it. ~ Weike Wang
Buddy Comedy quotes by Weike Wang
You have a nice personality, but not for a human being. ~ Henny Youngman
Buddy Comedy quotes by Henny Youngman
A tragi-comedy, telling of an impoverished minister's desperate attempts to gain money by any means, beginning with a mercenary marriage and ending with sorcery. I should think it might be received very well. I believe I shall call it, ' Tis Pity She's a Corpse. ~ Susanna Clarke
Buddy Comedy quotes by Susanna Clarke
Sexcastle is a perfect mix of homage and comedy, action and irony, loving tribute and hilarious send-up of the great, good, and ungodly-bad action movies of the '80s. I don't remember the last time a debut book hit me this hard. Literally, this book punched me in the face. It's THAT mean. ~ Matt Fraction
Buddy Comedy quotes by Matt Fraction
A Wasn't just isn't. He just isn't present. But you ... You ARE YOU! And, now isn't that pleasant! ~ Dr. Seuss
Buddy Comedy quotes by Dr. Seuss
Thank you ... San Francisco. All right, you're ruining the show. Thank you ... for clapping for what my parents are ashamed of. ~ Daniel Tosh
Buddy Comedy quotes by Daniel Tosh
My mother had tried to fool me into thinking I was a natural beauty, and I'd believed her for a little while, that is, until I moved to the land of beautiful people. ~ J.C. Patrick
Buddy Comedy quotes by J.C. Patrick
You'd better get busy, though, buddy. The goddamn sands run out on you every time you turn around. I know what I'm talking about. You're lucky if you get time to sneeze in this goddamn phenomenal world. {...} I used to worry about that. I don't worry about it very much any more. At least I'm still in love with Yorick's skull. At least I always have time enough to stay in love with Yorick's skull. I want an honorable goddamn skull when I'm dead, buddy. I hanker after an honorable goddamn skull like Yorick's. ~ J.D. Salinger
Buddy Comedy quotes by J.D. Salinger
They're so broke that they've actually cut essential services. In many places, they've cut policemen, because, who the fuck needs them? Or firemen, son of a bitch, it's much more fun watching something burn down. ~ Lewis Black
Buddy Comedy quotes by Lewis Black
I really love 'Real Housewives.' It's like the, you know, comedy stuff that's, like, intentionally funny. Like, I love 'Nathan for You,' that Comedy Central show. It's just brilliant. My friend Bill Eichner has a show called 'Billy on the Street' that I write for, and even if I didn't write for it, I'd still love it. ~ Julie Klausner
Buddy Comedy quotes by Julie Klausner
I've known Harvey for over 40 years and I worked with him on the Burnett show for 11 years. I guess you could say we're about as close as you can get to being a comedy team. ~ Tim Conway
Buddy Comedy quotes by Tim Conway
I think, from a really early age, I just wanted to be an actress. And I ended up doing comedy because it was the thing that kind of, like, came out of my nature the most easily. But, I've always wanted to do as many different kinds of performances - whatever I could. ~ Jenny Slate
Buddy Comedy quotes by Jenny Slate
I have other tastes besides comedy. I love comedy. I adore it, but I love dramatic movies just as much. ~ Jonah Hill
Buddy Comedy quotes by Jonah Hill
I would love to do a really cool romantic comedy, perhaps with Hugh Grant. I think he is brilliant. That's the kind of film I love to go to see. I love 'girls' films'. ~ Sophia Myles
Buddy Comedy quotes by Sophia Myles
I couldn't write a happy movie or romantic comedy to save my life. Yes, Noel Coward's an idol, but his plays are serious to me. 'Private Lives' and 'Design for Living' both have an edge. Without psychoanalyzing myself, I think I exorcise my demons in my work. ~ John Logan
Buddy Comedy quotes by John Logan
Be twice as funny as you are outrageous, because no one can resist the truth wrapped in a good joke. ~ Milo Yiannopoulos
Buddy Comedy quotes by Milo Yiannopoulos
Charlie Parker and Art Tatum to me were genius, and I'm right below that. I did, in my own way, do something different on the instrument, and that's the way I'd like to be remembered. ~ Buddy DeFranco
Buddy Comedy quotes by Buddy DeFranco
Every time you tell a lie an angel punches a unicorn in the face with a kitten. ~ Dave Turner
Buddy Comedy quotes by Dave Turner
The king of comedy is dead. Richard Pryor was the king of comedy. The rest of them are the king of copycats. ~ Paul Mooney
Buddy Comedy quotes by Paul Mooney
I always found that drama, really good drama, has a lot of comedy in it. ~ Ed O'Neill
Buddy Comedy quotes by Ed O'Neill
If I were running a campaign, I'd urge taking the mountain of money reportedly squandered on pizza, coffee and bagels and spending it more wisely - on a talented young comedy writer. ~ Dick Cavett
Buddy Comedy quotes by Dick Cavett
At least I'm still in love with Yorick's skull. At least I always have time enough to stay in love with Yorick's skull. I want an honorable goddam skull when I'm dead, buddy. I hanker after an honorable goddam skull like Yorick's. ~ J.D. Salinger
Buddy Comedy quotes by J.D. Salinger
Did you ever wake up with an erection ... and find yourself in a massage chair at Brookstone? And you yell to the sales clerk "I'll take it!" ~ Zach Galifianakis
Buddy Comedy quotes by Zach Galifianakis
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