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No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves. ~ Bram Stoker
Life Blood quotes by Bram Stoker
They destroy lives with work. What for? They rob men of their lives. What for, I ask? My master - I lost my life in the textile mill of Nefidov - my master presented one prima donna with a golden wash basin. Every one of her toilet articles was gold. That basin holds my life-blood, my very life. That's for what my life went! A man killed me with work in order to comfort his mistress with my blood. He bought her a gold wash basin with my blood. ~ Maxim Gorky
Life Blood quotes by Maxim Gorky
Political work is the life-blood of all economic work. ~ Mao Zedong
Life Blood quotes by Mao Zedong
He pointed to the burning building as sirens heralded the approach of emergency personnel. "This is your job - this is your life. Blood and death and pain and vengeance and justice. And sometimes it sucks, but it's worth it."

Caleb sighed, but not in resignation. "I know this is the job, and it is worth it. But I refuse to believe it's my life. Not only and not forever."

Samuel pinched the bridge of his nose and waved dismissively with his other hand. "F***ing romantic. ~ G.S. Jennsen
Life Blood quotes by G.S. Jennsen
There is a corner of every man's soul that would prefer him dead. That whispers poison in his ear in the still hours of the evening, puts spurs to his side when he stands atop a ledge. For the weak and the misbegotten, the suggestion alone proves sufficient, and the unfortunate runs himself a hot bath and adds his life-blood to it, or drinks a few pints of backyard whiskey and goes swimming in the canal. But most of us are too stubborn or cowardly to make a clean go of it, and this bit that hates us has to start thinking sly. ~ Daniel Polansky
Life Blood quotes by Daniel Polansky
Disinterested intellectual curiosity is the life blood of real civilization. ~ G. M. Trevelyan
Life Blood quotes by G. M. Trevelyan
Whether this blood was daemon, human, or something else, it was still only blood, and blood was only the ink of life. ~ Gabrielle Harbowy
Life Blood quotes by Gabrielle Harbowy
She felt the State of Rock was symbolised by the stadium-type concerts given earlier that summer by the likes of the Who the Stones and Elton John, causing her to opine, 'The time is right for an aggressive infusion of life blood.' She also claimed the new London punk scene had not been inspired by the New York new wave, but was instead developing parallel to it. ~ Marcus Gray
Life Blood quotes by Marcus Gray
I owe my life to blood donors. They went out, rolled up a sleeve and gave me another chance at life. ~ Niki Taylor
Life Blood quotes by Niki Taylor
It's always fun to get to do independent film because I believe that that's the life blood of film. It's about writers and directors who truly have their own vision, and that's hard. ~ Steve Buscemi
Life Blood quotes by Steve Buscemi
Don't be superior. Everyone drinks blood. Blood is a word that means alive. You can do without almost anything: arms, legs, teeth, hope. But you can't do without blood. Lose even a little and you grow slow and stupid and not yourself at all. We are all of us beautiful and complicated vessels for carrying blood the way a bottle carries wine. I suppose you think there's no blood in your roast beef? Life eats life. Blood makes you move, makes you blush, makes the pulse pound in your brow when you see your love walking across a street toward you, makes your very thoughts fly through your brain. Blood is everything and everything is blood. ~ Catherynne M Valente
Life Blood quotes by Catherynne M Valente
We've got to use every piece of data and piece of information, and hopefully that will help us be accurate with our player evaluation. For us, that's our life blood. ~ Billy Beane
Life Blood quotes by Billy Beane
Ritual may be vital to reaction, but it is also the life blood of revolution. ~ David I. Kertzer
Life Blood quotes by David I. Kertzer
I think most Coloradans would agree that our state is the most beautiful in the nation, and the water flowing through our borders is its life blood. ~ Wayne Allard
Life Blood quotes by Wayne Allard
Life is about rhythm. We vibrate, our hearts are pumping blood, we are a rhythm machine, that's what we are. ~ Mickey Hart
Life Blood quotes by Mickey Hart
Psmith is the only thing in my literary career which was handed to me on a plate with watercress round it, thus enabling me to avoid the blood, sweat and tears inseparable from an author's life. ~ P.G. Wodehouse
Life Blood quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
Your life-blood is humanism. If it flows pure and clear, everything would happen nicely in the world - every defect in the society shall be healed. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Life Blood quotes by Abhijit Naskar
In literature and art memory is a synonym for invention. It is the life-blood of imagination, which faints and dies when the veins are empty. ~ Robert Aris Willmott
Life Blood quotes by Robert Aris Willmott
What is blood but the wine of life? ~ Vera Nazarian
Life Blood quotes by Vera Nazarian
Comics are really my life blood in a lot of respects. ~ Bill Sienkiewicz
Life Blood quotes by Bill Sienkiewicz
Composing is my life blood. ~ Morton Gould
Life Blood quotes by Morton Gould
It is written in my life-blood, such that it is, thick or thin; and I can no other. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Life Blood quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien

She-wolf of France, but worse than wolves of France,
Whose tongue more poisons than the adder's tooth,
How ill-beseeming is it in thy sex
To triumph, like an Amazonian trull,
Upon their woes whom fortune captivates!
But that thy face is, vizard-like, unchanging,
Made impudent with use of evil deeds,

I would assay, proud queen, to make thee blush.

To tell thee whence thou cam'st, of whom deriv'd,
Were shame enough to shame thee, wert thou not shameless.
Thy father bears the type of King of Naples,
Of both the Sicils and Jerusalem,
Yet not so wealthy as an English yeoman.
Hath that poor monarch taught thee to insult?
It needs not, nor it boots thee not, proud queen;
Unless the adage must be verified,
That beggars mounted run their horse to death.
'T is beauty that doth oft make women proud;
But, God he knows, thy share thereof is small.
'T is virtue that doth make them most admir'd;
The contrary doth make thee wond'red at.
'T is government that makes them seem divine;
The want thereof makes thee abominable.
Thou art as opposite to every good
As the Antipodes are unto us,
Or as the south to the Septentrion.
O tiger's heart wrapp'd in a woman's hide!
How couldst thou drain the life-blood of the child,
To bid the father wipe his eyes withal,
And yet be seen to bear a woman's face?< ~ William Shakespeare
Life Blood quotes by William Shakespeare
Teachers should be held in the highest honor. They are the allies of legislators; they have agency in the prevention of crime; they aid in regulating the atmosphere, whose incessant action and pressure cause the life-blood to circulate, and to return pure and healthful to the heart of the nation. ~ Lydia Sigourney
Life Blood quotes by Lydia Sigourney
To win the big stakes in this changed world, you must catch the spirit of the great pioneers of the past, whose dreams have given to civilization all that it has of value, the spirit that serves as the life-blood of our own country – your opportunity and mine, to develop and market our talents. ~ Napoleon Hill
Life Blood quotes by Napoleon Hill
Like lightning she snatched her axe, and struck him on the neck - deep - once - twice - his life-blood gushed out, staining her feet.
The stars touched midnight. ~ Clemence Housman
Life Blood quotes by Clemence Housman
The life blood streaming thro' my heart, Or my more dear immortal part, Is not more fondly dear. ~ John Bunyan
Life Blood quotes by John Bunyan
The ideal life is in our blood and never will be still. ~ Phillips Brooks
Life Blood quotes by Phillips Brooks
We learn words by rote, but not their meaning; that must be paid for with our life-blood, and printed in the subtle fibres of our nerves. ~ George Eliot
Life Blood quotes by George Eliot
The religion that only comes to us from external scriptures never becomes our own; our only tie with it is that of habit. To gain religion within is man's great lifelong adventure. In the extremity of suffering must it be born; on his life-blood it must live; and then, whether or not it brings him happiness, the man's journey shall end in the joy of fulfilment. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Life Blood quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
Local self-government ... is the life-blood of liberty. ~ John Lothrop Motley
Life Blood quotes by John Lothrop Motley
If thou art indeed my father, then hast thou stained thy sword in the life-blood of thy son. And thous didst it of thine obstinacy. For I sought to turn thee unto love, and I implored of thee thy name, for I thought to behold in thee the tokens recounted of my mother. But I appealed unto thy heart in vain, and now is the time gone for meeting. ~ Khaled Hosseini
Life Blood quotes by Khaled Hosseini
Lines have to smile. There have to be life, blood and heart in things you let go. They have to be human, warm and alive ~ Kay Bojesen
Life Blood quotes by Kay Bojesen
Ah, never shall the land forget
How gush'd the life-blood of the brave,
Gush'd warm with hope and courage yet,
Upon the soil they fought to save! ~ William C. Bryant
Life Blood quotes by William C. Bryant
To create the world cost God nothing; to save it from sin cost His Life Blood. ~ Fulton J. Sheen
Life Blood quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it's the life blood of business. ~ Richard Branson
Life Blood quotes by Richard Branson
The natural sciences are sometimes said to have no concern with values, nor to seek morality and goodness, and therefore belong to an inferior order of things. Counter-claims are made that they are the only living and dynamic studies ... Both contentions are wrong. Language, Literature and Philosophy express, reflect and contemplate the world. But it is a world in which men will never be content to stay at rest, and so these disciplines cannot be cut off from the great searching into the nature of things without being deprived of life-blood. ~ Cyril Norman Hinshelwood
Life Blood quotes by Cyril Norman Hinshelwood
My veins do not end in me but in the unanimous blood of those who struggle for life, love, things, landscape and bread, the poetry of all. ~ Roque Dalton
Life Blood quotes by Roque Dalton
A star dawns in the night. Life through life, blood through blood to shine its light. Through love he was given the gift of birth, and from breath to death will walk the earth. The other gift comes through blood and bone, and is for him to take and own. Charm of the moon, power of the sun. Never forgetting an it harm done. ~ Nora Roberts
Life Blood quotes by Nora Roberts
In morals, theosophy builds its teachings on the unity, seeing in each form the expression of a common life, and therefore the fact that what injures one injures all. To do evil i.e., to throw poison into the life-blood of humanity, is a crime against the unity. ~ Annie Besant
Life Blood quotes by Annie Besant
It's been so long since I've really truly felt what it's like to live life without substances to help. Massive struggle that's natural to one's health, but with addiction in my blood I play the cards I was dealt. ~ Macklemore
Life Blood quotes by Macklemore
'Boldface' is a pilot term, a magic word to describe the procedures that could, in a crisis, save your life. We say that 'boldface is written in blood' because often it's created in response to an accident investigation. It highlights the series of steps that should have been taken to avoid a fatal crash, but weren't. ~ Chris Hadfield
Life Blood quotes by Chris Hadfield
I had no blood relatives till I made some. ~ Andy Dick
Life Blood quotes by Andy Dick
In every business your customers are the road. Your customers are the life blood of your business. Without your customers you have nowhere to go. In fact, without your life blood, you won't have a life. Without them you are dead. ~ Clay Clark
Life Blood quotes by Clay Clark
The water which rises in the mountain is the blood which keeps the mountain in life. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci
Life Blood quotes by Leonardo Da Vinci
Youths are the life blood of any nation. ~ Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Life Blood quotes by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Self-contempt is a serpent that ever gnaws at one's breath, sucking the life-blood from one's own heart and mixing it with the poison of misanthropy and despair. ~ Karl Marx
Life Blood quotes by Karl Marx
Music, even if I ended up doing something different or do end up doing something different in the long run, it's just something that is life blood. If I'm not participating in some way, I feel like I'm wasting my time. ~ Autre Ne Veut
Life Blood quotes by Autre Ne Veut
It is in struggle and service with our brothers and sisters, individually and collectively, that we find the meaning of life. ~ Jesse Jackson
Life Blood quotes by Jesse Jackson
Everything that happened to me as a child involved music. It was part of everyday life, as automatic as breathing. ~ Nina Simone
Life Blood quotes by Nina Simone
To the PROBLEMS of our life, we are the SOLUTIONS. To the QUESTIONS of our life we are the ANSWERS ~ Sesan Kareem
Life Blood quotes by Sesan Kareem
North Star: Hooray if you're ready, however overdue it may seem, to peel back the layers. If you're not, remind yourself that inside you, along with all the pieces you're afraid to look at, are big chunks of courage and resiliency you rely on without even realizing that you do so. They're so fundamental that they've steered you capably through most of life. ~ Helen S. Rosenau
Life Blood quotes by Helen S. Rosenau
Time is gold, treasure it. Time is precious, use it wisely. Time is priceless and once gone, it is gone forever. ~ Kcat Yarza
Life Blood quotes by Kcat Yarza
I am someone who actually jumps headlong into everything and anything. I am not one of those people who likes to be scared; instead I have a tendency to be very, very open to everything. I really live; I love life. ~ Sonam Kapoor
Life Blood quotes by Sonam Kapoor
Life wants to support you. But first you need to be open to life. ~ Eckhart Tolle
Life Blood quotes by Eckhart Tolle
I got to a crossroads in my life where basically I was asked to choose between staying at home and being with them, or being in a band and doing what I want to do. ~ Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
Life Blood quotes by Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
It's important to achieve balance in sandwiches, because who really knows how to achieve it in life? Life is messy, difficult, occasionally great but mostly upsetting and out of your control. But you can always make a good sandwich, and a good sandwich will make you happy! ~ Tyler Kord
Life Blood quotes by Tyler Kord
No matter how much you screw up your own life by the wrong decisions that you make, it's never too late to do the right thing and change your ways and you can teach old dogs new tricks. ~ Will Ferrell
Life Blood quotes by Will Ferrell
I suppose the story of my life is a search for love, but more than that, I have been looking for a way to repair myself from the damages I suffered early on and to define my obligation, if I had any, to myself and my species. ~ Marlon Brando
Life Blood quotes by Marlon Brando
I find few things more personally enriching than exploring the parameters of my own ignorance. ~ Steve Maraboli
Life Blood quotes by Steve Maraboli
Remember that everyone's life is measured by the power that individual has to make the world better-this is all life is. ~ Booker T. Washington
Life Blood quotes by Booker T. Washington
Who we are dies with us, what we do lives on. ~ Sabine Shah
Life Blood quotes by Sabine Shah
I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves. ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein
Life Blood quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Both Heaven and Hell are retroactive, all of one's life will eventually be known to have been one or the other. ~ Sheldon Vanauken
Life Blood quotes by Sheldon Vanauken
Don't wait for the coffee or the eggs or the shmuck in the front row to tell you how it is. You'll wait your whole life and then end up in an embankment with a heart full of sorrow and I could have done it betters.

The way I see it, time is a con artist. The con artist telling you that this isn't a good time, you should wait. The right time will never exist. Like so many of the things we think are perfect and in the end turn out to be just ordinary. ~ Jennifer Pastiloff
Life Blood quotes by Jennifer Pastiloff
How can I find a way to overcome this?' is a much better question than 'Why is my life so bad?'

It's the questions we ask ourselves that will determine how we live our life. ~ Steven Aitchison
Life Blood quotes by Steven Aitchison
Only in silence I find myself. Life in the city is so hectic that you lose the right perspective. It's important to know that our biggest resources are in our heart. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
Life Blood quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
Nobody has ever been beyond his own Illusion of Life. ~ Sorin Cerin
Life Blood quotes by Sorin Cerin
What is the meaning of life?Whatever you want it to be. ~ James Frey
Life Blood quotes by James Frey
You don't know the connection? You don't know that every privilege in your life and every thought in your mind depends on the ability of the two great powers to hang a threat over the planet? ~ Don DeLillo
Life Blood quotes by Don DeLillo
I AM (your true self) is not interested in man's opinion. All its interest lies in your conviction of yourself. What do you say of the I AM within you? Can you answer and say, "I AM Christ"? Your answer or degree of understanding will determine the place you will occupy in life. Do you say or believe yourself to be a man of a certain family, race, nation, etc.? Do you honestly believe this of yourself? Then life, your true self, will cause these conceptions to appear in your world and you will live with them as though they are real. ~ Neville Goddard
Life Blood quotes by Neville Goddard
So many masks. Was she the only one who had no secret life, no other self in marrow or mind? ~ Clive Barker
Life Blood quotes by Clive Barker
The best thing I ever learned in life was that things have to be worked for. A lot of people seem to think there is some sort of magic in making a winning football team. There isn't, but there's plenty of work. ~ Knute Rockne
Life Blood quotes by Knute Rockne
It is a wonderful truth that things we want most in life-a sense of purpose, happiness and hope-are most easily attained by giving them to others. ~ Isabel Allende
Life Blood quotes by Isabel Allende
There are so many reasons I could list as to why I want you in my life and the three most important are I respect you, I admire you, and I love you. Marry me. ~ L.A. Fiore
Life Blood quotes by L.A. Fiore
My life is too often driven by the fear of the next moment verses focusing on the privilege that I have the next moment. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Life Blood quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
My whole life has conspired to bring me to this place, and I can't despise my whole life. ~ Tony Kushner
Life Blood quotes by Tony Kushner
Love, as always, is what it comes down to. You have to love. It's the only way. Love for life. Love for others. And, most importantly, love for yourself. ~ Holly Bourne
Life Blood quotes by Holly Bourne
Life is all about looking for an opportunity to do something good. ~ Abdulazeez Henry Musa
Life Blood quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
By our pontifical assertions, our superior impatience, and our casual brushing aside of their curiosity, we do not encourage their inquiry, for we are rather apprehensive of what may be asked of us; we do not foster their discontent, for we ourselves have ceased to question. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Life Blood quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
America is the only country in the world where you can burn the flag but can't tear the tag off the mattress. ~ Jackie Mason
Life Blood quotes by Jackie Mason
In most people's minds, fossils and Evolution go hand in hand. In reality, fossils are a great embarrassment to Evolutionary theory and offer strong support for the concept of Creation. If Evolution were true, we should find literally millions of fossils that show how one kind of life slowly and gradually changed to another kind of life. But missing links are the trade secret, in a sense, of paleontology. The point is, the links are still missing. What we really find are gaps that sharpen up the boundaries between kinds. It's those gaps which provide us with the evidence of Creation of separate kinds. As a matter of fact, there are gaps between each of the major kinds of plants and animals. Transition forms are missing by the millions. What we do find are separate and complex kinds, pointing to Creation. ~ Gary Parker
Life Blood quotes by Gary Parker
Since sovereign franchise is the ultimate in human authority, we insure that all who wield it accept the ultimate in social responsibility - we require each person who wishes to exert control over the state to wager his own life - and lose it, if need be - to save the life of the state. The maximum responsibility a human can accept is thus equated to the ultimate authority a human can exert. ~ Robert A. Heinlein
Life Blood quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
If men would steadily observe realities only, and not allow themselves to be deluded, life, to compare it with such things as we know, would be like a fairty tale from the Arabian Nights' Entertainments. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Life Blood quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Decorating is not about making stage sets, it's not about making pretty pictures for the magazines, it's really about creating a quality of life, a beauty that nourishes the soul. ~ Albert Hadley
Life Blood quotes by Albert Hadley
Growing older is an opportunity for you to increase your value and competence as the neural connections in your hippocampus and throughout your brain increase, weaving into your brain and body the wisdom of a life well lived, which allows you to stop living out of fear of disappointing others and being imperfect. Ageless living is courageous living. It means being undistracted by the petty dramas of life because you have enough experience to know what's not worth worrying about and what ought to be your priorities. ~ Christiane Northrup
Life Blood quotes by Christiane Northrup
All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific.
~ Jane Wagner
Life Blood quotes by Jane Wagner
I never pay attention, to no numbers, no views, comments ... I just try to keep on going, keep on living my life so I can continue to put out music that's real. ~ Kirko Bangz
Life Blood quotes by Kirko Bangz
Life is for my own to live my own way. ~ James Hetfield
Life Blood quotes by James Hetfield
I intend that my last work shall be a cookbook composed of memories and desires.
Alexander Dumas, 1869, as quoted in Life Is Meals: A Food Lover's Book of Days by James and Kay Salter ~ Alexandre Dumas
Life Blood quotes by Alexandre Dumas
I'm going to spend my life writing poems, turning them into music that will affect people and touch their hearts. I'm going to write the songs that people can't write for themselves. ~ Stevie Nicks
Life Blood quotes by Stevie Nicks
Someone said that our goals keep us going, but it's our dreams that make us tick. So if you disconnect your goals from your dreams, don't be surprised if one morning you realize that your life is on autopilot. ~ Ray N. Kuili
Life Blood quotes by Ray N. Kuili
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