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#1. Choose only one master - Nature. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#2. Homer begged and Rembrandt went bankrupt. Aristotle, who had money for books, his school, and his museum, could not have bought this painting of himself.
Rembrandt could not afford a Rembrandt. - Author: Joseph Heller
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Joseph Heller
#3. A painting is complete when it has the shadows of a god. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#4. A painting is not made to be sniffed. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#5. Without atmosphere a painting is nothing. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#6. Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, excesses or kindnesses. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#7. Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#8. I envy the poet. He is encouraged toward drunkenness and wallows with nubile wenches while the painter must endure wretchedness and pain for his art. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#9. A painting is finished when the artist says it is finished. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#10. You can be as good as Rembrandt, but if no one discovers you, you will only be a genius in theory. - Author: Eric Weiner
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Eric Weiner
#11. The same God who created Rembrandt created you, and you are as precious in God's sight as Rembrandt or anyone else. - Author: Zig Ziglar
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Zig Ziglar
#12. One day the last portrait of Rembrandt and the last bar of Mozart will have ceased to be - though possibly a colored canvas and a sheet of notes will remain - because the last eye and the last ear accessible to their message will have gone. - Author: Oswald Spengler
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Oswald Spengler
#13. For every wacky postcard, there's a million people waiting to buy it, and for every $10 million of those things, there's one Rembrandt. Purposely, I think I want to aim at doing something that a lot of people won't like. I'm just worried that it looks like I've compared my work with Rembrandt. "Gervais says he's better than Rembrandt!". - Author: Ricky Gervais
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Ricky Gervais
#14. [An artist] will sooner and with more certainty, establish the character of skeletons, than the most learned anatomist, whose eye has not been accustomed to seize on every peculiarity. - Author: Rembrandt Peale
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt Peale
#15. Bowling has the problem of wildly differing methods so that placing Wasim Akram against Bishan Bedi is rather like hanging a Rembrandt next to a Picasso and trying to produce a valid comparison. - Author: Patrick Ferriday
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Patrick Ferriday
#16. I don't think there's an illustrator who's as good as a Titian or a Rembrandt ... but then, Rembrandt was a bit of an illustrator on the quiet, you know? - Author: Quentin Blake
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Quentin Blake
#17. On the other hand it is probably safe to assume that Rembrandt and Spinoza surely would have at least passed on the street, now and again.
Or even run into each other quite frequently, if only at some neighborhood shop or other.
And certainly they would have exchanged amenities as well, after a time.
Good morning, Rembrandt. Good morning to you, Spinoza.
I was extremely sorry to hear about your bankruptcy, Rembrandt. I was extremely sorry to hear about your excommunication, Spinoza.
Do have a good day, Rembrandt. Do have the same, Spinoza.
All of this would have been said in Dutch, incidentally.
I mention that simply because it is known that Rembrandt did not speak any other language except Dutch.
Even if Spinoza may have preferred Latin. Or Jewish. - Author: David Markson
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by David Markson
#18. I inherited a painting and a violin which turned out to be a Rembrandt and a Stradivarius. Unfortunately, Rembrandt made lousy violins and Stradivarius was a terrible painter. - Author: Tommy Cooper
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Tommy Cooper
#19. A friend of mine says his two favorite artists are Picasso and Rembrandt. Picasso because he paints the beautiful in such an ugly fashion. And Rembrandt because he paints the ugly so beautifully. - Author: Anna Torv
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Anna Torv
#20. You can simulate perfection, but it's not the same. Some one can do a copy of Rembrandt, but it's not a Rembrandt. It doesn't have the vibration or the power. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Frederick Lenz
#21. I once heard about some millionaire who had a stolen Rembrandt in his basement where no one but him could see it. I could understand that guy. I don't mean that Arnie was a Rembrandt, or even a world-class wit, but I could understand the attraction of knowing about something good ... something that was good but still a secret. - Author: Stephen King
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Stephen King
#22. Gas Lights - Without Oil, Tallow, Wicks or Smoke. It is not necessary to invite attention to the gas lights by which my salon of paintings is now illuminated; those who have seen the ring beset with gems of light are sufficiently disposed to spread their reputation; the purpose of this notice is merely to say that the Museum will be illuminated every evening until the public curiosity be gratified. - Author: Rembrandt Peale
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt Peale
#23. Of course you will say that I ought to be practical and ought to try and paint the way they want me to paint. Well, I will tell you a secret. I have tried and I have tried very hard, but I can't do it. I just can't do it! And that is why I am just a little crazy. - Author: Rembrandt
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rembrandt
#24. Barrow, who evidently had never seen an atlas, felt superior to Descartes, Rembrandt, and Beethoven. - Author: Ken Follett
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Ken Follett
#25. An ox carcass by Rembrandt seems so utterly butchered as to be agonisingly still alive. A - Author: Simon Schama
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Simon Schama
#26. I was thinking that Rembrandt would have like to paint you. - Author: Irving Stone
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Irving Stone
#27. I'm not sure Rembrandt would appreciate you calling him a douche. - Author: Torie N. James
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Torie N. James
#28. Rembrandt's first name was Beauregard, which is why he never used it. - Author: Dave Barry
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Dave Barry
#29. And although it was in a hospital that she lay and I sat next to her - it is always that eternal poetry of Christmas night with the infant in the stable, as the old Dutch painters conceived it and MIllet and Breton - a light in the darkness, the brightness in the middle of a dark night. And so I hung a large etching after Rembrandt over it, the two women by the cradle, one of them reading from the Bible by candlelight, while the great shadows cast a deep chiaroscuro over the whole room. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#30. Titian, Rembrandt and Goya were the great painters. I am only a public clown. - Author: Pablo Picasso
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Pablo Picasso
#31. I have had three masters, Nature, Velasquez, and Rembrandt. - Author: Francisco Goya
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Francisco Goya
#32. What the world thought made little difference. Rembrandt had to
paint. Whether he painted well or badly didn't matter; painting was the
stuff that held him together as a man. The chief value of art, Vincent, lies
in the expression it gives to the artist. Rembrandt fulfilled what he knew
to be his life purpose; that justified him. Even if his work had been
worthless, he would have been a thousand times more successful than if
he had put down his desire and become the richest merchant in
Amsterdam. (Mendes Da Costa - Author: Irving Stone
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Irving Stone
#33. Since music has never had a Rembrandt, we have remained nothing more than musicians. - Author: Morton Feldman
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Morton Feldman
#34. If you spend your life walking through somebody else's museum, you never find out whether you're Rembrandt or not. - Author: Adam Carolla
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Adam Carolla
#35. Rembrandt is so deeply mysterious that he says things for which there are no words in any language. - Author: Vincent Van Gogh
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#36. Besides, isn't it confoundedly easy to think you're a great man if you aren't burdened with the slightest idea that Rembrandt, Beethoven, Dante or Napoleon ever lived? - Author: Stefan Zweig
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Stefan Zweig
#37. Rembrandt painted portraits, The Karate Kid painted fences, and I paint my toenails. But I'm not a snob, I still consider those other two guys to be artists. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jarod Kintz
#38. A real Rembrandt hung in a millionaire's home elevator would undoubtedly make for kitsch. - Author: Matei Calinescu
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Matei Calinescu
#39. Because this week I've started in on a hundred reproductions of Rembrandt van Rijn, a hundred portraits of the old artist with the mushroom face, the face of a man pushed to the brink of eternity by art and drink, the door handle starting to turn, the final door pushed open from without by an unknown hand, and I'm beginning to have his puff-paste face, that peeling, piss-soaked wall of a face, I'm beginning to smile his half-moronic smile, to look at the world from the other side of human causes and events, and all my bales these days are framed with that portrait of Rembrandt van Rijn as an old man while I keep filling my drum with wastepaper and open books. - Author: Bohumil Hrabal
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Bohumil Hrabal
#40. I looked at Rembrandt and Superman, Matisse and Bugs Bunny, and began to make my own pictures. - Author: Mordicai Gerstein
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Mordicai Gerstein
#41. If all of the steps of surrender are present, then a great Rembrandt or Monet will evoke love because the artist is simply there in all his naked humanity. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Deepak Chopra
#42. I was called Rembrandt Hope in my boxing days, because I spent so much time on the canvas. - Author: Bob Hope
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Bob Hope
#43. Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Beethoven will make films... all legends, all mythologies and all myths, all founders of religion, and the very religions... await their exposed resurrection, and the heroes crowd each other at the gate. - Author: Abel Gance
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Abel Gance
#44. Rembrandt didn't idealize his subjects. He painted what he saw, which was a mixture of glory and fallenness. He was criticized by his contemporaries for using washerwomen as his models rather than women who looked like Greek goddesses. - Author: Steve Turner
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Steve Turner
#45. This resembles the slow discipline of art: it's the work that Rembrandt did, that Picasso and Yeats and Rilke and Bach did. Bucket work implies much more discipline than most men realize. - Author: Robert Bly
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Robert Bly
#46. Think of your day as a blank canvas, and everything you say, your art upon it. Then join your loved ones and friends, and create lasting beauty together, worthy of your inner Rembrandt. - Author: Tom Althouse
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Tom Althouse
#47. Neither Imperial Russia, nor the Russia of the Soviets needs me. They don't understand me. I am a stranger to them. I'm certain Rembrandt loves me. - Author: Marc Chagall
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Marc Chagall
#48. My goal ... not to go back to Rembrandt ... but to bring the great tradition and whatever is great about it, up to date. - Author: Jack Levine
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jack Levine
#49. You don't have to be Picasso or Rembrandt to create something. The fun of it, the joy of creating, is way high above anything else to do with the art form. - Author: Chick Corea
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Chick Corea
#50. From 17 to 21, I was obsessed by sport and art. In art, I loved the pre-Raphaelites and Rembrandt first. Then I discovered Salvador Dali, and it was like finding something I already knew. - Author: Anthony Browne
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Anthony Browne
#51. Your impression of me is different than my impression of me. But that's OK, because your impression is impressionistic, like a Monet painting, while mine is realistic, like a Rembrandt. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jarod Kintz
#52. I am a big fan of the Impressionists, and in my school days, I was inspired by Caravaggio, Velazquez and Rembrandt. - Author: Ronnie Wood
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Ronnie Wood
#53. I thought it would be very nice to become Picasso or Rembrandt, or a van Gogh. - Author: Dick Bruna
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Dick Bruna
#54. Tell you something, my friend - if I worked hard and really wanted it, there might be a real Rembrandt on my wall someday.
In a job like this, there is nowhere to go but up.
In a way, that's the scary part ... - Author: Stephen King
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Stephen King
#55. Imagine someone pointing to a place in the iris of a Rembrandt eye and saying, 'The walls of my room should be painted this color. - Author: Ludwig Wittgenstein
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#56. You can't prove Rembrandt is better than Norman Rockwell - although if you actually do prefer Rockwell, I'd say you were shunning complexity, were secretly conservative, and hadn't really looked at either painter's work. Taste is a blood sport. - Author: Jerry Saltz
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jerry Saltz
#57. I love the Dutch impressionists - Vermeer, Rembrandt. What they were able to do with light was astonishing. As for photographers, I think mostly of the Hungarians: Robert Capa, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Jozsef Pesci. In fact, I have one of his photographs hanging in my house. - Author: Vilmos Zsigmond
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Vilmos Zsigmond
#58. Rembrandt was way ahead of his time. It's as if he was painting an amateur theatrical, or a professional theatrical, in his studio. It's a kind of performance. - Author: Peter Schjeldahl
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Peter Schjeldahl
#59. Whenever I see a Frans Hals I feel like painting, but when I see a Rembrandt I feel like giving up! - Author: Max Liebermann
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Max Liebermann
#60. I cried for it. That's how I see life too. I was so interested in the opera that for a while I forgot the circumstances of my crazy life and got lost in the great mournful sounds of Beethoven and the rich Rembrandt tones of his story. - Author: Jack Kerouac
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jack Kerouac
#61. One association with the arts that I vividly remember was a magazine called Normal Instructor, a teachers' magazine, that Miss George would hold up with illustrations of great artworks like [Vincent] van Gogh and Rembrandt [van Rijn]. - Author: Paul Smith
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Paul Smith
#62. By neglecting our garden, we are storing up for ourselves, in the not very distant future, a world catastrophe as bad as any atomic war, and we are doing it with all the bland complacency of an idiot child chopping up a Rembrandt with a pair of scissors. - Author: Gerald Durrell
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Gerald Durrell
#63. Charles Murray, however, clearly believes that being able to cure fatal diseases is more important than some other things and that Rembrandt was a greater artist than your local sidewalk cartoon sketcher. Most people might regard this as obvious common sense but some of the intelligentsia may be seething with resentment at seeing their pet fetishes ignored. - Author: Thomas Sowell
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Thomas Sowell
#64. You may never see a Rembrandt or the Sistine Chapel, but aren't you glad as a human being they are still there? Probably the only thing that separates us from other creatures is that we aren't limited by our basic needs, like food and water; we have this sense of the whole. - Author: George N. Atiyeh
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by George N. Atiyeh
#65. It is an unfortunate fact that great and foolish excess can come into prices of common stocks in the aggregate. They are valued partly like bonds, based on roughly rational projections of use value in producing future cash. But they are also valued partly like Rembrandt paintings, purchased mostly because their prices have gone up, so far. - Author: Charlie Munger
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Charlie Munger
#66. If I owned a Rembrandt and it had some dull colors, I don't think I'd go put reds and yellows in there just to brighten it up. I feel the same way about old golf courses. When you have a masterpiece, I sure wouldn't tinker with it. - Author: Ray Floyd
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Ray Floyd
#67. My mother is a wonderful, eccentric lady who has no concept whatever of interior monologue. We'll be driving along in the car and she'll suddenly say, 'Ants don't like cucumbers, you know. And roaches don't like cinnamon. Do you want some cheese, Michael? Rembrandt was the Lord of the day.'
-Mike Myers - Author: Mitchell Symons
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Mitchell Symons
#68. When I look in the mirror, I am slightly reminded of self-portraits by Durer and by Rembrandt, because they both show a degree of introspection. I see some element of disappointment; I see a sense of humour, but also something that is faintly ridiculous; and I see somebody who is frightened of being found out and thought lightweight. - Author: Robert Winston
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Robert Winston
#69. You'd never look at a Rembrandt and say, 'That's just wood and canvas and paint - how much?!' It's all about how many people want it. It works on a pair of jeans as well - they're just material and stitching, and as soon as you walk out of the shop, they're worth nothing. - Author: Damien Hirst
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Damien Hirst
#70. But a generation that does not aspire to seriousness, to meaning, is unworthy to walk in the shadow of those who have gone before, I mean those who have struggled and surmounted, I mean those who have aspired, I mean Rembrandt, I mean Turner, I mean Michelangelo and Matisse ... I mean obviously Rothko. - Author: John Logan
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by John Logan
#71. I wanted to paint in a folk-artist-y way. My heroes were Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse, and Rembrandt. I think Picasso is about as a modern as I got. But I incorporated things that they rejected as well as movements that happened later. - Author: Joni Mitchell
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Joni Mitchell
#72. I recommend that you should work actively ... and study the artistic structures of Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, Watteau, Poussin, and other painters, even Chardin, where he is an artist. Study very closely their dabbing manner of execution and try to copy a small piece of canvas, just one square inch. - Author: Kazimir Malevich
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Kazimir Malevich
#73. You never know about the art world because it's a matter of opinion. If you look at old art like Rembrandt and Vermeer, it's not completely a matter of opinion. The pictures confront you, and you see exactly what it is. In modern art, a lot of it is suggestive, and it becomes a matter of opinion. - Author: Peter Saul
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Peter Saul
#74. Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world only, our own, we see that world multiply itself and we have at our disposal as many worlds as there are original artists, worlds more different one from the other than those which revolve in infinite space, worlds which, centuries after the extinction of the fire from which their light first emanated, whether it is called Rembrandt or Vermeer, send us still each one its special radiance. - Author: Marcel Proust
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Marcel Proust
#75. I never want to abandon my roots. I want to give my past and the history of painting the importance it deserves, including the masters like Rembrandt, who built up the surface of the canvas with transparent layers. - Author: Jose Parla
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jose Parla
#76. I want to paint something that no one has ever painted before," he was saying. I almost laughed at that -- doesn't every artist? We are all touched, however lightly, by the finger of god, and long to be gods ourselves, bringing forth new creations, and yet, so very few achieve it. Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Titian. We stumble in their footsteps, and wait at the closed door. - Author: Mary F. Burns
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Mary F. Burns
#77. Only under extreme pressure can we change into that which it is in our most profound nature to become ...
That is what people get wrong about transformation. We're not all shallow proteans, forever shifting shape. We're not science fiction. It's like when coal becomes diamond. It doesn't afterwards retain the possibility of change. Squeeze it as hard as you like, it won't turn into a rubber ball, or a Quattro Stagione pizza, or a self-portrait by Rembrandt. It's done. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Salman Rushdie
#78. I didn't understand art, until one day Tom Brady took me to the museum, and we looked at the Picasso, and he said, 'Rob, that's a touchdown.' We looked at the Rembrandt and Tom said, 'Rob, that's another touchdown.' We looked at the Vermeer and Tom said, 'Rob, that's another touchdown.' And I said, 'No, Tom, that's just a field goal.' - Author: Rob Gronkowski
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Rob Gronkowski
#79. The young man being embraced by the Father is no longer just one repentant sinner, but the whole of humanity returning to God. The broken body of the prodigal becomes the broken body of humanity, and the baby-like face of the returning child becomes the face of all suffering people longing to reenter the lost paradise. Thus Rembrandt's painting becomes more than the mere portrayal of a moving parable. It becomes the summary of the history of our salvation. The light surrounding both Father and Son now speaks of the glory that awaits the children of God. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#80. One night in the early sixties I passed something on the Long Island Expressway just before the Queens tunnel that I must have seen for years. The billboard advertising cigars, Dutch Masters. I realized it was sort of perfect. It's weird isn't it? You're looking at Rembrandt - in neon! It was too much, it was irresistible. - Author: Larry Rivers
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Larry Rivers
#81. Great works of art in all cultures succeed in capturing within the constraints of their form both the pathos of anguish and a vision of its resolution. Take, for example, the languorous sentences of Proust or the haiku of Basho, the late quartets and sonatas of Beethoven, the tragicomic brushwork of Sengai or the daunting canvases of Rothko, the luminous self-portraits of Rembrandt and Hakuin. Such works achieve their resolution not through consoling or romantic images whereby anguish is transcended. They accept anguish without being overwhelmed by it. They reveal anguish as that which gives beauty its dignity and depth. - Author: Stephen Batchelor
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#82. The parable that Rembrandt painted might well be called "The Parable of the Lost Sons." Not only did the younger son, who left home to look for freedom and happiness in a distant country, get lost, but the one who stayed home also became a lost man. Exteriorly he did all the things a good son is supposed to do, but, interiorly, he wandered away from his father. He did his duty, worked hard every day, and fulfilled all his obligations but became increasingly unhappy and unfree. - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#83. I taught myself how to draw, and I soon found out it was what I really wanted to do. I didn't think I was going to create any great masterpieces like Rembrandt or Gauguin. I thought comics was a common form of art, and strictly American in my estimation, because America was the home of the common man - and show me the common man that can't do a comic. So comics is an American form of art that anyone can do with a pencil and paper. - Author: Jack Kirby
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Jack Kirby
#84. The difference between this painting and the others the late Rembrandt painted is the difference between seeing and being seen. That is, in this picture he sees himself seeing while also being seen, and no doubt it was only in the Baroque period with its penchant for mirrors within mirrors, the play within the play, staged scenes and a belief in the interdependence of all things, when moreover craftsmanship attained heights witnessed neither before nor since, that such a painting was possible. But it exists in our age, it sees for us. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#85. If you were in a burning house and there was a cat and a Rembrandt, what would you save? The cat ... you would save the cat, because the cat is alive. The art is dead. It's just paint on a canvas, ink on a page. To live for art is to deny life. It's just to destroy life. - Author: Diane Frolov
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Diane Frolov
#86. The greatest, like Rembrandt, paint a gallant, a hag, and a carcass with equal passion and rapture; they love the truth as it is. They do not admit that anything can be ugly or evil; its existence justifies itself. This is because they know themselves to be part of an harmonious unity; to disdain any item of it would be to blaspheme the whole. The Thelemite is able to revel in any experience soever; in each he recognizes the tokens of ultimate Truth. It is surely obvious, even intellectually, that all phenomena are interdependent, and therefore involve each other. - Author: Aleister Crowley
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Aleister Crowley
#87. I know, in any case, that the most crucial time in my own development came when I was forced to recognize that I was a kind of a bastard of the West; when I followed the line of my past, I did not find myself in Europe but in Africa. And this meant that in some subtle way, in a really profound way, I brought to Shakespeare, Bach, Rembrandt, to the stones of Paris, to the cathedral at Chartres, and to the Empire State Building, a special attitude. These were not really my creations, they did not contain my history; I might search in them in vain forever for any reflection of myself. - Author: James Baldwin
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by James Baldwin
#88. This is the essence of Rembrandt's advice to Van Hoogstraten: the authentic craft develops naturally from one's own experience.
So, it seems reasonable to suggest that the search should not be for the lost secrets, but for one's own practice.
This is in fact easy, you start making things. At first they might not be perfect, but the information here should provide you with a running start. And, if you are cut out for this the learning curve will not be daunting, because you will realize that you are finally headed in the right direction: towards the living craft. - Author: Tad Spurgeon
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Tad Spurgeon
#89. I've had so many influences and sources of inspiration as an illustrator that it is impossible to name just one. I loved Aubrey Beardsley when I was a student, and then Edmund Dulac and other Golden Age illustrators made a big impact, as well as Victorian painters like Richard Dadd and Edward Burne-Jones. My long-term heroes though are Albretch Durer, Brueghel, Hieronymous Bosch, Jan Van Eyck, Leonardo, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Turner and Degas. What most of them have in common is brilliant draughtsmanship and a strong linear or graphic quality. Most are also printmakers. The one I keep going back to and who fascinates me the most is JMW Turner, the greatest watercolourist. - Author: Alan Lee
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Alan Lee
#90. Her voice was polished with a hint of a New England-boarding-school accent that shouted refinement over geographic locale. I was trying not to stare. She saw that and smiled a little. I don't want to sound like some kind of pervert because it wasn't like that. Femal beauty gets to me. I don't think I'm alone in that. It gets to me like a work of art gets to me. It gets to me like a Rembrandt or Michelangelo. It gets to me like night views of Paris or when the sun rises on the Grand Canyon or sets in the turquoise Arizona sky. My thoughts were not illicit. Ther were, I self-rationalized, rather artistic. - Author: Harlan Coben
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Harlan Coben
#91. I do not fear that "future generations will not read novels," etc. It is probably a complete misunderstanding to conceive of serious art in categories of production, market, readers, supply and demand( ... )art is not the fabrication of stories for readers but a spiritual cohabitation, something so tense and so separate from science, even contradictory to it, that there can be no competition between them. If someone fine, dignified, prolific, brilliant (this is how one ought to speak of artists this is the language art demands) is born in the future, if someone unique and unrepeatable is born, a Bach, a Rembrandt, then he will win people over, charm and seduce them ... - Author: Witold Gombrowicz
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Witold Gombrowicz
#92. But when I am alone, I do not have the effrontery to consider myself an artist at all, not in the grand old meaning of the word: Giotto, Titian, Rembrandt, Goya were great painters. I am only a public clown-a mountebank. I have understood my time and have exploited the imbecility, the vanity, the greed of my contemporaries. It is a bitter confession, this confession of mine, more painful than it may seem. But at least and at last it does have the merit of being honest. - Author: Pablo Picasso
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Pablo Picasso
#93. Matthew's story of the resurrection emphasizes typically Matthean themes, and so on. But this is like what you get when different artists paint portraits of the same person. This painting is certainly a Rembrandt; that is indubitably a Holbein. The touch of the individual artist is unmistakable. And yet the sitter is fully recognizable. The artists have not changed the color of her hair, the shape of his nose, the particular half smile. And when we ask why such stories, so different in many ways and yet so interestingly consistent in these and other features, could have come into existence so early, all the early Christians give the obvious answer: something like this is what happened, even though it was hard to describe at the time and remains mind-boggling thereafter. - Author: N. T. Wright
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by N. T. Wright
#94. One need not believe in Pallas Athena, the virgin goddess, to be overwhelmed by the Parthenon. Similarly, a man who rejects all dogmas, all theologies and all religious formulations of beliefs may still find Genesis the sublime book par excellence. Experiences and aspirations of which intimations may be found in Plato, Nietzsche, and Spinoza have found their most evocative expression in some sacred books. Since the Renaissance, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Mozart, and a host of others have shown that this religious dimension can be experienced and communicated apart from any religious context. But that is no reason for closing my heart to Job's cry, or to Jeremiah's, or to the Second Isaiah. I do not read them as mere literature; rather, I read Sophocles and Shakespeare with all my being, too. - Author: Walter Kaufmann
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Walter Kaufmann
#95. The ancient triumph of Christianity proved to be the single greatest cultural transformation our world has ever seen.

Without it the entire history of Late Antiquity would not have happened as it did.

We would never have had the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Renaissance, or modernity as we know it.

There could never have been a Matthew Arnold. Or any of the Victorian poets. Or any of the other authors of our canon: no Milton, no Shakespeare, no Chaucer.

We would have had none of our revered artists: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, or Rembrandt. And none of our brilliant composers: Mozart, Handel, or Bach.

To be sure, we would have had other Miltons, Michelangelos, and Mozarts in their places, and it is impossible to know whether these would have been better or worse.

But they would have been incalculably different. - Author: Bart D. Ehrman
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Bart D. Ehrman
#96. They had Rembrandt on the calendar that year, a rather smeary self-portrait due to imperfectly registered color plate. It showed him holding a smeared palette with a dirty thumb and wearing a tam-o'-shanter which wasn't any too clean either. His other hand held a brush poised in the air, as if he might be going to do a little work after a while, if somebody made a down payment. His face was aging, saggy, full of the disgust of life and the thickening effects of liquor. But it had a hard cheerfulness that I liked, and the eyes were as bright as drops of dew.
I was looking at him across my office desk at about four-thirty when the phone rang and I heard a cool, supercilious voice that sounded as if it thought it was pretty good. It said drawlingly, after I had answered:
You are Philip Marlowe, a private detective? - Author: Raymond Chandler
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Raymond Chandler
#97. I was also, slowly, to learn that there were painters whom you grew out of (like the Pre-Raphaelites); painters you grew into (Chardin); painters towards whom you had a lifelong, sighing indifference (Greuze); painters you suddenly became aware of after years of unnoticing (Liotard, Hammershoi, Cassatt, Vallotton); painters assuredly great but to whom your response was always a bit negligent (Rubens); and painters who would, whatever age you were, remain persistently, indomitably great (Piero, Rembrandt, Degas). And then – perhaps the slowest advance of all – I permitted myself to believe, or rather see, that not all Modernism was entirely wonderful. That some parts of it were better than others; that maybe Picasso could be vainglorious, Miró and Klee could be twee, Léger could be repetitive, and so on. I eventually came to realise that Modernism had strengths and weaknesses and a built-in obsolescence, just like all other art movements. Which, as it happens, made it more rather than less interesting. - Author: Julian Barnes
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Julian Barnes
#98. There are certain things - How to say this? OK. Let me give you an example. Can I give you an example? There's a self-portrait by Rembrandt. It's at Kenwood House, very close to where we live. It's one of my favorite paintings. I go to see it quite a lot. I start off on a walk on the Heath, and then I find myself there. It's one of the last self-portraits he did. He painted it sometime between 1665 and when he died four years later, bankrupt and alone. Whole stretches of the canvas are bare. There's a hurried intensity in the strokes - you can see where he scratched into the wet paint with the end of the brush. It's as if he knew there wasn't much time left. And yet, there's a serenity in his face, a sense of something that's survived its own ruin.
Fran couldn't give two shits about that painting. - Author: Nicole Krauss
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Nicole Krauss
#99. A Book of Glass
On the table, a book of glass. In the book only a few pages with no words But scratched in a diamond-point pencil to pieces in diagonal Spirals, light triangles; and a French curve fractures lines to

The last pages are simplest. They can be read backwards and
thoroughly. Each page bends a bit like ludicrous plastic. He who wrote it was very ambitious, fed up, and finished. He had been teaching the insides and outsides of things

To children, teaching the art of Rembrandt to them. His two wives were beautiful and Death begins As a beggar beside them. What is an abstract persona? A painter visits but he prefers to look at perfume in vials.

And I see a book in glass - the words go off In wild loops without words. I should Wake and render them! In bed, Mother says each child Will receive the book of etchings, but the book will be
incomplete, after all.
But I will make the book of glass. - Author: David Shapiro
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by David Shapiro
#100. But my attention's elsewhere, drawn to that warm wonderful pull, the familiar loving essence that only belongs to one person - only belongs to him
Watching as Damen cuts through the water, board tucked under his arm, body so sculpted, so bronzed, Rembrandt would weep. Water sluicing behind him like a hot knife through butter, cleanly, fluidly, as though parting the sea.
My lips part, desperate to speak, to call out his name and bring him back to me. But just as I'm about to, my eyes meet his and I see what he sees: me - hair tangled and wet - clothes twisted and clinging - frolicking in the ocean on a hot sunny day with Jude's tanned strong arms still wrapped around me.
I release myself from Jude's grip, but it's too late. Damen's already seen me.
Already moved on.
Leaving me hollow, breathless, as I watch him retreat.
No tulips, no telepathic message, just a sad, empty void left behind in his place. - Author: Alyson Noel
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Alyson Noel
#101. I asked Geertrui the other day what she thought love is-real love, true love. She said that for her real love is observing another person and being observed by another person with complete attention. If she's right, you only have to look at the pictures Rembrandt painted of Titus, and there are quite a lot, to see that they loved each other. Because that is what you're seeing. Complete attention, one of the other ... "but in that case," he said, speaking the words as the thought came to him, "all art is love, because all art is about looking closely, isn't it? Looking closely at what's being painted."
"The artist looking closely while he paints, the viewer looking closely at what has been painted. I agree. All true art, yes. Painting, Writing-literature-also. I think it is. And bad art is a failure to observe with complete attention. So, you see why I like the history of art. It's the study of how to observe life with complete attention. It's the history of love. - Author: Aidan Chambers
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Aidan Chambers
#102. My mother died at eighty-three, of cancer, in pain, her spleen enlarged so that her body was misshapen. Is that the person I see when I think of her? Sometimes. I wish it were not. It is a true image, yet it blurs, it clouds, a truer image. It is one memory among fifty years of memories of my mother. It is the last in time. Beneath it, behind it is a deeper, complex, ever-changing image, made from imagination, hearsay, photographs, memories. I see a little red-haired child in the mountains of Colorado, a sad-faced, delicate college girl, a kind, smiling young mother, a brilliantly intellectual woman, a peerless flirt, a serious artist, a splendid cook - I see her rocking, weeding, writing, laughing - I see the turquoise bracelets on her delicate, freckled arm - I see, for a moment, all that at once, I glimpse what no mirror can reflect, the spirit flashing out across the years, beautiful.

That must be what the great artists see and paint. That must be why the tired, aged faces in Rembrandt's portraits give us such delight: they show us beauty not skin-deep but life-deep. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#103. I've been strongly influenced, in technique as well as subject matter, by some of the early 20th-century book illustrators - Arthur Rackham and Edmund Dulac in particular, Burne-Jones and other Pre-Raphaelites, and the Arts-&-Crafts movement they engendered. I'm continually inspired by Rembrandt, Breughel (I've wondered whether his brilliant "Tower of Babel" had inspired Tolkien's description of Minas Tyrith), Hieronymous Bosch, Albrecht Durer, and Turner; it's not necessarily that they influence my work in any particular direction, more that their example raises my spirits, re-affirms my belief in the power of images to move and delight us, and shows me how much further I have to go, how much is possible. Having visited Venice and Florence for the first time, I am besotted with the Italian Renaissance artists - Botticelli, Bellini, da Vinci and others. Their work is calm, controlled, and yet each face and landscape contains such passion. In Botticelli's paintings, every pebble and every leaf is rendered with a religious devotion; there is reverence inherent in paying such close attention to every stone, turning painting itself into a form of worship, an act of prayer. - Author: Alan Lee (artist)
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Alan  Lee (artist)
#104. At every new torment which is too hard to bear we feel yet another vein protrude, to unroll its sinuous and deadly length along our temples or beneath our eyes. And thus gradually are formed those terrible ravaged faces, of the old Rembrandt, the old Beethoven, at whom the whole world mocked. And the pockets under the eyes and the wrinkled forehead would not matter much were there not also the suffering of the heart. But since strength of one kind can change into a strength of another kind, since heat which is stored up can become light and the electricity in a flash of lightning can cause a photograph to be taken, since the dull pain in our heart can hoist above itself like a banner the visible permanence of an image for every new grief, let us accept the physical injury which is done to us for the sake of the spiritual knowledge which grief brings; let us submit to the disintegration of our body, since each new fragment which breaks away from it returns in a luminous and significant form to add itself to our work, to complete it at the price of sufferings of which others more richly endowed have no need, to make our work at least more solid as our life crumbles away beneath the corrosive action of our emotions. - Author: Marcel Proust
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Marcel Proust
#105. Since my visit to the Hermitage, I had become more aware of the four figures, two women and two men, who stood around the luminous space where the father welcomed his returning son. Their way of looking leaves you wondering how they think or feel about what they are watching. These bystanders, or observers, allow for all sorts of interpretations. As I reflect on my own journey, I become more and more aware of how long I have played the role of observer. For years I had instructed students on the different aspects of the spiritual life, trying to help them see the importance of living it. But had I, myself, really ever dared to step into the center, kneel down, and let myself be held by a forgiving God?

The simple fact of being able to express an opinion, to set up an argument, to defend a position, and to clarify a vision has given me, and gives me still, a sense of control. And, generally, I feel much safer in experiencing a sense of control over an undefinable situation than in taking the risk of letting that situation control me.

Certainly there were many hours of prayer, many days and months of retreat, and countless conversations with spiritual directors, but I had never fully given up the role of bystander. Even though there has been in me a lifelong desire to be an insider looking out, I nevertheless kept choosing over and over again the position of the outsider looking in. Sometimes this looking-in was a curious looking-in, sometimes a jealous - Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
Elsje Christiaenss Rembrandt quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen

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