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#1. One can expect the human race to continue attempting systems just within or just beyond our reach; and software systems are perhaps the most intricate and complex of man's handiworks. The management of this complex craft will demand our best use of new languages and systems, our best adaptation of proven engineering management methods, liberal doses of common sense, and a God-given humility to recognize our fallibility and limitations. - Author: Fred Brooks
Humility quotes by Fred Brooks
#2. It is possible to be confident and still practice humility. Be confident in the success of the teachable, sure in the power & grace of That which supports you. - Author: Russell Kyle
Humility quotes by Russell Kyle
#3. Whether we speak of the death to self or a sinking down in humility and meekness before God or faith in the Lamb of God, it all means one thing - a deliverance from self to find our liberty and our blessedness in the living sacrifice of ourselves for all around us. THE END - Author: Andrew Murray
Humility quotes by Andrew Murray
#4. But again the eternal question - what need is there of my humility? Can't I simply be devoured without being expected to praise what devours me? - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Humility quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#5. Let it be granted, that according to the letter of the Gita it is possible to say that warfare is consistent with renunciation of fruit. But after forty years' unremitting endeavour fully to enforce the teaching of the Gita in my own life, I have in all humility felt that perfect renunciation is impossible without perfect observance of ahimsa in every shape and form. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Humility quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#6. Confidence is good, but confidence with humility is far better. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Humility quotes by Debasish Mridha
#7. What you're doing is putting into professional play the way that you relate to other people, the way that you analyze and relate to a written text, the way that you would persuade anybody to do anything. It has to do with listening, with humility and a sense of yourself. - Author: Trevor Nunn
Humility quotes by Trevor Nunn
#8. You need humility to say 'I might be wrong.' - Author: Seth Klarman
Humility quotes by Seth Klarman
#9. Courage uncovers strength, grace reveals beauty, vulnerability expresses humility, inner peace reflects contentment - Author: Millen Livis
Humility quotes by Millen Livis
#10. A lack of empathy is the biggest crime of all. - Author: A.S.L.
Humility quotes by A.S.L.
#11. If you can't let go of the power you possess, if you can't surrender it gracefully when it is time to do so, you will most likely abuse it. - Author: Donald Cozzens
Humility quotes by Donald Cozzens
#12. There is one thing you must always remember about yourself; always be yourself, with courage and humility, no matter what! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Humility quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#13. Humility is always a good thing. It's always a good thing to be humbled by circumstances so you can then come from a sincere place to try to deal with them. - Author: Michael J. Fox
Humility quotes by Michael J. Fox
#14. Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful. - Author: Ann Landers
Humility quotes by Ann Landers
#15. I've striven my whole life for humility, but if I'd ever achieved it, I'd probably be pretty damn proud of that. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
Humility quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#16. His lifetime was less than a fraction of a second in infinity. Or maybe he did not even exist; maybe human beings, the planets, everything in Creation were a dream ... an illusion. He smiled with humility when he remembered ... - Author: Isabel Allende
Humility quotes by Isabel Allende
#17. Music can act upon our senses to produce or induce feelings of reverence, humility, fervor, assurance, or other feelings attuned to the spirit of worship. - Author: Spencer W. Kimball
Humility quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#18. Humility is a priceless virtue; however, it takes a lot of self-emptying to cultivate it. - Author: Michael Ugwu Eneja
Humility quotes by Michael Ugwu Eneja
#19. Care not who is richer or more learned than thou, if none be more generous and loving. - Author: John Lancaster Spalding
Humility quotes by John Lancaster Spalding
#20. To toughen up, is to calm down. - Author: Doug Melvin
Humility quotes by Doug Melvin
#21. We in the church have humility and contrition to offer the world, not a formula for success. Almost alone in our success-oriented society, we admit that we have failed, are failing, and always will fail. - Author: Philip Yancey
Humility quotes by Philip Yancey
#22. Humility is a virtue that is enjoined upon us. So far as the artist is concerned, with good reason; indeed, when he compares what he has done with what he wanted to do, when he compares his disappointing efforts with the great masterpieces of the world, he finds it the easiest of virtues to practice. Unless he is humble he cannot hope to improve. Self-satisfaction is fatal to him. The strange thing is that we are embarrassed by humility in others. We are ill at ease when they humble themselves before us. I don't know why this should be unless it is that there is something servile in it which offends our sense of human dignity. When I was engaging two coloured maids to look after me the overseer of the plantation who produced them, as a final recommendation, said: 'They're good niggers, they're humble.' Sometimes when one of them hides her face with her fingers to speak to me or with a little nervous giggle asks if she can have something I've thrown away, I'm inclined to cry: 'For heaven's sake don't be so humble.'
Or is it that humility in others forces upon us the consciousness of our own unworthiness? - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Humility quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#23. Rather than seeing ourselves as insignificant specks in the immensity of the cosmos, we can consider that immensity an indicator of our worth. It seems the Creator invested a great deal-a universe of 50 billion trillion stars, plus a hundred times more matter, all fine-tuned to mind-boggling precision-for us. If not for the strength and abundance of evidence in support of that notion, it would seem the height of arrogance. Humility demands that we take a deeper and wider look at that evidence. - Author: Hugh Ross
Humility quotes by Hugh Ross
#24. The Lord has put more hardships atop the shoulders of my neighbors - more than I can even fathom coping with. I will strive to find a way to turn pity into admiration, for what use is it to send pity back at the world. Admiration and awe are much more helpful, especially when I find myself feeling like a victim for being stuck in traffic or losing my favorite sweater. Perspective is a blessing. - Author: Erica Goros
Humility quotes by Erica Goros
#25. The Lord sometimes allows people who are devoted to Him to fall into such dreadful vices; and this is in order to prevent them from falling into a still greater sin-pride. Your temptation will pass and you will spend the remaining days of your life in humility. Only do not forget your sin. - Author: Seraphim Of Sarov
Humility quotes by Seraphim Of Sarov
#26. What a vicious circle we can put ourselves in: we have come to accept the notion of "fix me first," when part of the essential fixing we all need is to be compassionately involved with others. - Author: Bo Lozoff
Humility quotes by Bo Lozoff
#27. Notwithstanding much cant and hypocrisy - chaff which I find it difficult to separate from my wheat, but for which I am as sorry as any man - I will breathe freely and stretch myself in this respect, it is such a relief to both the moral and physical system; and I am resolved that I will not through humility become the devil's attorney. I will endeavor to speak a good word for the truth. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Humility quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#28. For my part I am persuaded the more light we have, the more we see our own sinfulness: the nearer we get to heaven, the more we are clothed with humility. In every age of the Church you will find it true, if you will study biographies, that the most eminent saints - men like Bradford, Rutherford, and McCheyne - have always been the humblest men. On - Author: J.C. Ryle
Humility quotes by J.C. Ryle
#29. What I see in Nature is a magnificent structure that we can comprehend only very imperfectly, and that must fill a thinking person with a feeling of humility. This is a genuinely religious feeling that has nothing to do with mysticism. - Author: Albert Einstein
Humility quotes by Albert Einstein
#30. If our life is not a course of humility, self-denial, renunciation of the world, poverty of spirit, and heavenly affection, we do not live the lives of Christians. - Author: William Law
Humility quotes by William Law
#31. In passing however I must say of one thing that has pressed upon me lately and encreased my Humility and capability of submission and that is this truth - Men of Genius are great as certain ethereal Chemicals operating on the Mass of neutral intellect - but they have not any individuality, any determined Character - I would call the top and head of those who have a proper self Men of Power. - Author: John Keats
Humility quotes by John Keats
#32. Pride makes us artificial; humility makes us real - Author: Thomas Merton
Humility quotes by Thomas Merton
#33. From compassion springs humility. The ego is verily a gateway to hell. The person who is egoistic is far from being religious. - Author: Dada Vaswani
Humility quotes by Dada Vaswani
#34. Humility is the virtue that requires the greatest amount of effort. - Author: Rose Philippine Duchesne
Humility quotes by Rose Philippine Duchesne
#35. In ethics, there is a humility; moralists are usually righteous. - Author: John Berger
Humility quotes by John Berger
#36. Krupa (divine grace) means 'every time sincere'. Without becoming suitable for naimitik krupa (apparent grace), one cannot attain the nischay (Realization that I am Pure Soul). Even in the Kramic (step by step) path, there is naimitk krupa. 'We' shower down special grace. 'Our' grace descends upon one due to ultimate humility. Only thing required is 'complete sincerity'. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Humility quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#37. Prayer is easier than we think. we want to think it is too hard or too high and holy for us, because that gives us an excuse for not doing it. This is false humility. We can all do it, even the most sinful, shallow, silly, and stupid of us. - Author: Peter Kreeft
Humility quotes by Peter Kreeft
#38. If you think someone is humble, never tell them so. You will unknowingly rob them of the very thing you admire. - Author: Christy Hall
Humility quotes by Christy Hall
#39. We all know that the 'divine glory of the ego' is socially a great nuisance; we all do actually value our friends for modesty, freshness, and simplicity of heart. Whatever may be the reason, we all do warmly respect humility in other people. - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Humility quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#40. Men seek a great deal, but fatally close, albeit very different, is one's pride in proving oneself right with one's zeal for finding the truth. - Author: Criss Jami
Humility quotes by Criss Jami
#41. "The person next to me meditates better than I do. They're purer." - This is the ego feeling sorry for itself. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Humility quotes by Frederick Lenz
#42. We love those people who give with humility, or who accept with ease. - Author: Freya Stark
Humility quotes by Freya Stark
#43. Most of us retain enough of the theological attitude to think that we are little gods. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Humility quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#44. We need to approach the Bible each day with a spirit of deep humility, recognizing that our understanding of spiritual truth is at best incomplete and to some extent inaccurate ... we should approach the Scriptures in humility and expect the Spirit to humble us even further as we continue being taught by Him from His Word. - Author: Jerry Bridges
Humility quotes by Jerry Bridges
#45. I had a brief experience in the food industry. I was a bus boy in a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, scraping re-fried beans off people's plates. It teaches you a bit of humility and the importance of a good deodorant. - Author: Wentworth Miller
Humility quotes by Wentworth Miller
#46. A touch less ego and dash more humility will improve the quality of anything you turn your hand to. - Author: Rasheed Ogunlaru
Humility quotes by Rasheed Ogunlaru
#47. Humbleness is always grace; always dignity - Author: James Russell Lowell
Humility quotes by James Russell Lowell
#48. The reason why rivers and seas are able to be lords over a hundred mountain streams, is that they know how to keep below them. That is why they are able to reign over all the mountain streams. - Author: Laozi
Humility quotes by Laozi
#49. The act of waitressing is a solace, it's got everything you could ask for - confusion, panic, humility, and food. - Author: Eve Babitz
Humility quotes by Eve Babitz
#50. Either appear as you are
Or be as you appear
Be like the sun in compassion and mercy
Be like the light in covering others' shame
Be like a stream in generosity and beneficence
Be like earth in modesty and humility
Be like the sea in tolerance
Be like death in irritability and anger
Either appear as you are
Or be as you appear
The Dervish Gate - Author: Ahmet Umit
Humility quotes by Ahmet Umit
#51. Find some humility, or it will find you. - Author: Jason Shinder
Humility quotes by Jason Shinder
#52. It is only the mind which does not belong that can be alone. And aloneness is not something to be cultivated. You see this? When you see all this, you are out, and no governor or president is going to invite you to dinner. Out of that aloneness there is humility. It is this aloneness that knows love - not power. The ambitious man, religious or ordinary, will never know what love is. So, if one sees all this, then one has this quality of total living and therefore total action. This comes through self-knowledge. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
Humility quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#53. Essence of humility is unity. - Author: Radhanath Swami
Humility quotes by Radhanath Swami
#54. There is much room for humility when it comes to evangelism. We need to acknowledge that God is sovereign and can do as he wills to bring people to himself. There is no formula that dictates how God must work in evangelism. And though we may disagree with the evangelistic practices of individuals, ministries, or churches, we must also recognize that when people develop good-hearted commitments to evangelism, God can produce true fruit. I, for one, will take people practicing evangelism as best they can over those who forgo evangelism until they have the perfect practice. - Author: J. Mack Stiles
Humility quotes by J. Mack Stiles
#55. We have a strange illusion that mere time cancels sin. I have heard others, and I have heard myself, recounting cruelties and falsehoods committed in boyhood as if they were no concern of the present speaker's, and even with laughter. But mere time does nothing either to the fact or to the guilt of a sin. The guilt is washed out not by time but by repentance and the blood of Christ: if we have repented these early sins we should remember the price of our forgiveness and be humble. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Humility quotes by C.S. Lewis
#56. After the original rapture of conversion had settled in, (Bob) Dylan backed away from his obviously Christian lyrics and returned to his more metaphorical use of language. - Author: Ron Jacobs
Humility quotes by Ron Jacobs
#57. A servant who serves excellently from his whole heart with due courage and humility is never a servant, but a master of his work! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Humility quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#58. Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it. - Author: David Richo
Humility quotes by David Richo
#59. The reason why you see no real mortification or self-denial, no eminent charity, no profound humility, no heavenly affection, no true contempt of the world, no Christian meekness, no sincere zeal, no eminent piety in the common lives of Christians, is this, because they do not so much as intend to be exact and exemplary in these virtues. - Author: William Law
Humility quotes by William Law
#60. It is doubt that makes faith precious,
deciet that makes honesty precious,
grief that makes happiness precious,
error that makes truth precious,
fear that makes love precious,
pride that makes humility precious,
shame that makes honor precious,
anger that makes peace precious,
greed that makes contentment precious,
despair that makes hope precious,
cruelty that makes kindness precious,
disloyalty that makes commitment precious,
lawlessness that makes justice precious,
vengance that makes forgiveness precious,
frustration that makes patience precious,
hatred that makes tolerance precious,
disbelief that makes trust precious,
uncertainty that makes confidence precious,
skepticism that makes conviction precious,
insolence that makes courtesy precious,
impoliteness that makes manners precious,
imprudence that makes civility precious,
contempt that esteem precious,
meanness that makes hospitality precious,
stinginess that makes generosity precious,
roughness that makes gentleness precious,
negligence that makes discipline precious,
and confusion that makes order precious. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Humility quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#61. Sorrow is humbling. I want my pain to be fabulous. I don't need my pain to be worse than anyone else's; I just want it to be strangely, uniquely mine. Art to someone else's breakdown.
- Thea Hillman, "Dear Kath After"
from the anthology Pills, Thrills, Chills, and Heartache - Author: Clint Catalyst
Humility quotes by Clint Catalyst
#62. When we see the faults of others, we are to forgive and forbear in humility. - Author: James MacDonald
Humility quotes by James MacDonald
#63. -jeez, these guys, with their on-again, off-again rela­tionships, lutgen said;
-Yeah, Dave said: now you see them, now you see them once more;
-They're virtual insects!, Jurgen said;
-Virtually innumerable, said Dave;
-I wonder, though, if we haven't got it wrong, Jurgen said: I mean, I wonder if maybe these guys' natural condition isn't to be lit up-if their ground state isn't actually when they're glowing;
-Hm, said Dave: so what they're actually doing is turning off their lights­
-Right: momentarily going under;
-Flashing darkness­
-Projecting their inner voids­
-Their repeating, periodic depressions ...
-So then, I suppose, we should really call them douse bugs---;.
-Or nature's faders---;.
-Flying extinguishers­
-Buzzing snuffers-!
-Or maybe­
-Or maybe, despite what it looks like, maybe they really are glowing constantly, Jurgen said: but, through some malign unknown mechanism, their everlasting light is peri­odically swallowed up by un-understood atmospheric forces;
-So then they're being occluded­
-Rudely occluded­
-Denied their God-given right to shine ...
-So that, I suppose, would make them-o horror-victims­
-Yeah: victims of predatory darkness­
-Of uncontrollable flares of night;
-So it isn't bioluminescence, but eco-eclipsis­
-Exactly: ambient effacement­
-Nature's station-identification­
-Ongoing lessons in humility ...
Author: Evan Dara
Humility quotes by Evan Dara
#64. The joy he brings to the millions of his countrymen, the grace with which he handles all the adulation and the expectations and his innate humility - all make for a one-in-a-billion individual. - Author: Glenn McGrath
Humility quotes by Glenn McGrath
#65. Truth without humility would be an arrogant caricature. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Humility quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#66. There is strength in humility and weakness in pride. - Author: N. Eldon Tanner
Humility quotes by N. Eldon Tanner
#67. Arrogance repels the Lord; humility attracts the Lord. - Author: Radhanath Swami
Humility quotes by Radhanath Swami
#68. We have no need to learn to think much of ourselves, to care for ourselves, to consider our own needs, wants, and desires. We already do that far too much. The problem is getting us to think of others, to have a lowliness of mind that springs from humility and love. - Author: Nancy Wilson
Humility quotes by Nancy Wilson
#69. It's an universal law
intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Humility quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#70. The proud man, then, is an extreme in respect of the greatness of his claims, but a mean in respect of the rightness of them; for he claims what is accordance with his merits, while the others go to excess or fall short. - Author: Aristotle.
Humility quotes by Aristotle.
#71. The world was here before you,
and will exist after you.
You are not the center of the universe,
nor are you its circumference. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Humility quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#72. Suffering is one of life's great teachers. - Author: Bryant McGill
Humility quotes by Bryant McGill
#73. May it please Christ our Lord to grant us true humility and abnegation of will and judgment, so that we may deserve to begin to be His disciples. - Author: Saint Ignatius
Humility quotes by Saint Ignatius
#74. Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false. - Author: Bertrand Russell
Humility quotes by Bertrand Russell
#75. The importance of humility. We need the humility to know that truth can be ephemeral, that this can be but one version of the truth. - Author: Ken Auletta
Humility quotes by Ken Auletta
#76. Humility is a natural symptom of those who love God. - Author: Radhanath Swami
Humility quotes by Radhanath Swami
#77. The Bible is the means through which we are introduced to Jesus and invited to follow Him in the life of humility and service. - Author: Richard Foster
Humility quotes by Richard Foster
#78. The problem with property is that it takes so much of your time. - Author: Willem De Kooning
Humility quotes by Willem De Kooning
#79. Perhaps it's human nature: We want to shield our children from pain, and what we get instead is life and heartache and lessons that bring us to our knees. Sooner or later we are handed the brute, necessary curriculum of surrender, we have no choice, then but to bow our heads and learn. We struggle to accept that our children's destinies are not ours to write, their battles not ours to fight, their bruises not ours to bear, nor their victories ours to take credit for. We learn humility and how to ask for help. We learn to let go even when every fiber of our being yearns to hold on even tighter. - Author: Katrina Kenison
Humility quotes by Katrina Kenison
#80. I understood, by dint of digging into my memories, that modesty helped me to shine, humility helped me to triumph and virtue to oppress. - Author: Albert Camus
Humility quotes by Albert Camus
#81. Why is it that self-confidence is so often cocky and self-assured so often selfish? Neither has to be true. Having confidence doesn't require being superior over another and being self-assured doesn't require taking advantage of another. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
Humility quotes by Charles F. Glassman
#82. Prayer makes a godly man, and puts within him "the mind of Christ," the mind of humility, of self-surrender, of service, of pity, and of prayer. If we really pray, we will become more like God, or else we will quit praying. - Author: Edward McKendree Bounds
Humility quotes by Edward McKendree Bounds
#83. One is not necessarily made self-centered because he is foolish, but one is very often made foolish because he is self-centered. - Author: Criss Jami
Humility quotes by Criss Jami
#84. If you want God's grace, all you need is need, all you need is nothing. But that kind of spiritual humility is hard to muster. We come to God saying, "Look at all I've done," or maybe "Look at all I've suffered." God, however, wants us to look to him - to just wash. - Author: Timothy Keller
Humility quotes by Timothy Keller
#85. It is only people who are lacking, or bad, or inferior, who have to be good at things. You have always been full and perfect, so you had nothing to make up for. - Author: T.H. White
Humility quotes by T.H. White
#86. Exposing their own humility and vulnerability is one of the most difficult challenges for white antiracist, even after achieving an autonomous white racial identity. - Author: Eileen O'Brien
Humility quotes by Eileen O'Brien
#87. We have less reason to be surprised or offended when we find others differ from us in opinions because we very often differ from ourselves. - Author: Samuel Johnson
Humility quotes by Samuel Johnson
#88. We saw men haying far off in the meadow, their heads waving like the grass which they cut. In the distance the wind seemed to bend all alike. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Humility quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#89. The deeper we grow in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the poorer we become - the more we realize that everything in life is a gift. The tenor of our lives becomes one of humble and joyful thanksgiving. Awareness of our poverty and ineptitude causes us to rejoice in the gift of being called out of darkness into wondrous light and translated into the kingdom of God's beloved Son. - Author: Brennan Manning
Humility quotes by Brennan Manning
#90. What you need is a fundamental humility - the belief that you can learn from anyone. - Author: Clayton Christensen
Humility quotes by Clayton Christensen
#91. To express your love for the universe, be like a cloud to dwell in the high altitudes, and never forget to transform yourself into the water of humility. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Humility quotes by Debasish Mridha
#92. True humility does not know that it is humble. If it did, it would be proud from the contemplation of so fine a virtue. - Author: Martin Luther
Humility quotes by Martin Luther
#93. Disasters teach us humility. - Author: Anselm Of Canterbury
Humility quotes by Anselm Of Canterbury
#94. I don't like the idea of something where you have to depend upon the integrity of the man and not the integrity of the institution. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Humility quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#95. Humility Makes The Heart Soft And That's When The Seed Of Love Grows Luxuriantly". - Author: Venugopal Acharya
Humility quotes by Venugopal Acharya
#96. He had the ruthlessness of uninterrupted success. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
Humility quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#97. Often, your mentors are already in your life; you just haven't yet found a way to learn from them. - Author: Eric Greitens
Humility quotes by Eric Greitens
#98. Kundalini is generated through cultivating humility, purity, through meditation, selfless giving, and by studying with an advanced teacher on a personal level. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Humility quotes by Frederick Lenz
#99. When one takes into account also His reiterated assertions about His Divinity - such as asking us to love Him above parents, to believe in Him even in the face of persecution, to be ready to sacrifice our bodies in order to save our souls in union with Him - to call Him just a good man ignores the facts. No man is good unless he is humble; and humility is a recognition of truth concerning oneself. A man who thinks he is greater than he actually is is not humble, but a vain and boastful fool. How can any man claim prerogatives over conscience, and over history, and over society and the world and still claim he is 'meek and humble of heart'? But if He is God as well as man, His language falls into place and everything that He says is intelligible. But if He is not what He claimed to be, then some of His most precious sayings are nothing but bombastic outburts of self-adulation that breathe rather the spirit of Lucifer than the spirit of a good man. What avails Him to proclam the law of self-renouncement, if He Himself renounces truth to call Himself God? Even His sacrifice on the Cross becomes a suspect and dated thing, when it goes hand in hand with delusions of grandeur and infernal conceit. He could not be called even a sincere teacher, for no sincere teacher would allow anyone to construe his claims to share the rank and the name of the Great God in heaven. - Author: Fulton J. Sheen
Humility quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#100. Who knows himself a braggart, let him fear this, for it will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an ass. - Author: William Shakespeare
Humility quotes by William Shakespeare
#101. Pride cannot be hidden just like humility cannot be faked. - Author: Bamigboye Olurotimi
Humility quotes by Bamigboye Olurotimi
#102. Evil comes often to a man with money; tyranny comes surely to him without it. I say this, who am Mathurin Kerbouchard, a homeless wanderer upon the earth's far roads. I speak as one who has known hunger and feast, poverty and riches, the glory of the sword and the humility of the defenseless. Hunger inspires no talent, and carried too far, it deadens the faculties and destroys initiative ... - Author: Louis L'Amour
Humility quotes by Louis L'Amour
#103. She was like me in lineaments
her eyes
Her hair, her features, all, to the very tone
Even of her voice, they said were like to mine;
But soften'd all, and temper'd into beauty;
She had the same lone thoughts and wanderings,
The quest of hidden knowledge, and a mind
To comprehend the universe: nor these
Alone, but with them gentler powers than mine,
Pity, and smiles, and tears
which I had not;
And tenderness
but that I had for her;
and that I never had.
Her faults were mine
her virtues were her own
I loved her, and destroy'd her! - Author: George Gordon Byron
Humility quotes by George Gordon Byron
#104. It is a most certain truth, that the richer we see ourselves to be, confessing at the same time our poverty, the greater will be our progress, and the more real our humility. - Author: Saint Teresa Of Avila
Humility quotes by Saint Teresa Of Avila
#105. It is not until Christians study the humility of Jesus as the very essence of His redemption, as the only true relationship to the Father, that the terrible lack of actual, heavenly humility will become a burden and a sorrow. - Author: Andrew Murray
Humility quotes by Andrew Murray
#106. The Bible is teh means through which we are introduced to Jesus and invited to follow Him in the life of humility and service. Secured by the knowledge that in Christ, our origin ... and destination is God, we will yield the fruit of service to God. This is the "so what" of our Bible reading. Does it shape our spirits in love and humility? Does it lead us more fully into life with God? (Life with God, p. 34-35) - Author: Richard Foster
Humility quotes by Richard Foster
#107. It pays to know humility, lest the delusion of control, of mastery, overwhelms. - Author: Steven Erikson
Humility quotes by Steven Erikson
#108. Culture is nested in context, not genes. - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Humility quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#109. I begin with humility, I act with humility, I end with humility. Humility leads to clarity. Humility leads to an open mind and a forgiving heart. With an open mind and a forgiving heart, I see every person as superior to me in some way; with every person as my teacher, I grow in wisdom. As I grow in wisdom, humility becomes ever more my guide. I begin with humility, I act with humility, I end with humility. - Author: Eric Greitens
Humility quotes by Eric Greitens
#110. I am proud to be what I am, and humble to accept what I am not. - Author: A.S. Joseph Charles
Humility quotes by A.S. Joseph Charles
#111. Shedding an independent, individualistic sense of self, is an apt place to start when remaking oneself. The task of divesting my egoistic coat-of-arms requires that I first understand how I came into being, ascertain how a person forges a baseline personality, and discover how I can modify my template for self-construal. I need to surrender an arrogant sense of self-importance, acknowledge towering ignorance, and learn how to live humbly. I hope to parlay personal humiliation and self-hatred into a transformative act by invoking a spiritual death of my egotistical being that results in a resurrection of a more astute and kinder human being. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Humility quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#112. I saw the snares that the enemy spreads out over the world and I said groaning, "What can get through from such snares?" Then I heard a voice saying to me, "Humility. - Author: Anthony The Great
Humility quotes by Anthony The Great
#113. To me, having the courage to tell your own story goes hand in hand with having the curiosity and humility to listen to others' stories. - Author: Sarah Kay
Humility quotes by Sarah Kay
#114. Let our heart glow when you pray.
Let our soul's innermost desire and need flow in silence, gratitude and humble petition.
Let our daily prayers be a life attitude not only when we are in trouble but never forgetting to include all others who are also in difficulties.
There are times prayers cannot change things for us but we grow and change with faith and strength, patience and serenity with a heart that extends for others. - Author: Angelica Hopes
Humility quotes by Angelica Hopes
#115. For true humility is, in a way, a very real despair: despair of myself, in order that I may hope entirely in You. - Author: Thomas Merton
Humility quotes by Thomas Merton
#116. The ideal state is meekness, or humility, or the semi-invalid state of the old. Year after year I am becoming nobler and nobler. If I can live to be decrepit enough, I shall be a saint. - Author: Charles Fort
Humility quotes by Charles Fort
#117. Practice radical humility. He (or she)who masters the art of humility cannot be humiliated ... - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Humility quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#118. The "keep quiet and look good" living is always easier than heart-baring, mistake-admitting, choosing-humility life offered in Jesus. - Author: Kara Tippetts
Humility quotes by Kara Tippetts
#119. What most of us need, almost more than anything, is the courage and humility really to ask for help, from the depths of our hearts: to ask for the compassion of the enlightened beings, to ask for purification and healing, to ask for the power to understand the meaning of our suffering and transform it; at a relative level to ask for the growth in our lives of clarity, peace, and discernment, and to ask for the realization of the absolute nature of mind that comes from merging with the deathless wisdom mind of the master. - Author: Sogyal Rinpoche
Humility quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
#120. Before you're given what you want, you'll first be tested with what you don't really want. - Author: Constance Friday
Humility quotes by Constance Friday
#121. Humility feels that there is someone, somewhere who can do anything I can do better - except one thing: no one can be better at being me. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Humility quotes by Frederick Lenz
#122. It wasn't until late in life that I discovered how easy it is to say I don't know. - Author: W. Somerset Maugham
Humility quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#123. A humble man is not afraid of failure. In fact, he is not afraid of anything, even himself, since perfect humility implies perfect confidence in the power of God. - Author: Thomas Merton
Humility quotes by Thomas Merton
#124. In harmony with the Tao, the sky is clear and spacious, the earth is solid and full, all creature flourish together, content with the way they are, endlessly repeating themselves, endlessly renewed. When man interferes with the Tao, the sky becomes filthy, the earth becomes depleted, the equilibrium crumbles, creatures become extinct. The Master views the parts with compassion, because he understands the whole. His constant practice is humility. He doesn't glitter like a jewel but lets himself be shaped by the Tao, as rugged and common as stone. - Author: Laozi
Humility quotes by Laozi
#125. Humility is the most difficult of all virtues to achieve; nothing dies harder than the desire to think well of self. - Author: T. S. Eliot
Humility quotes by T. S. Eliot
#126. The people who abandon Jihad fall a victim to humility and degradation. - Author: Abu Bakr
Humility quotes by Abu Bakr
#127. If we learn not humility, we learn nothing. - Author: John Jewel
Humility quotes by John Jewel
#128. Humility is really a subjective matter. Only God can truly tell a man who's humble! - Author: Kingsley C. Okei
Humility quotes by Kingsley C. Okei
#129. I hymn and bless Your uncountable compassion and philanthropy, as You desired to number me with Your chosen servants. Look down, now, upon me the lowly one, O God and Master, Lord of mercy, Ruler of all and All-powerful One, hearken to my prayer, and fulfill my entreaties in praise. - Author: Marina Of Aguas Santas
Humility quotes by Marina Of Aguas Santas
#130. No one is charismatic. Someone becomes charismatic in history, socially. The question for me is once again the problem of humility. If the leader discovers that he is becoming charismatic not because of his or her qualities but because mainly he or she is being able to express the expectations of a great mass of people, then he or she is much more of a translator of the aspirations and dreams of the people, instead of being the creator of the dreams. In expressing the dreams, he or she is recreating these dreams. If he or she is humble, I think that the danger of power would diminish. - Author: Myles Horton
Humility quotes by Myles Horton
#131. Because being a fan is not all about the good times when victory makes life better. Dealing with defeat helps mold you as a fan. If you didn't experience the bitter taste of losing, then you wouldn't have any humility. You wouldn't have a heart. You'd be a New York Yankees fan. - Author: Mark Tye Turner
Humility quotes by Mark Tye Turner
#132. If you are aware of your humility, then you are arrogant. - Author: Ibn Ata Allah
Humility quotes by Ibn Ata Allah
#133. There is nothing so clear-sighted and sensible as a noble mind in a low estate. - Author: Jane Porter
Humility quotes by Jane Porter
#134. Nationalist pride, like other variants of pride, can be a substitute for self-respect. - Author: Eric Hoffer
Humility quotes by Eric Hoffer
#135. For the believer, participating in ritual activity is a 're-enactment of profound truth,' that which makes one belong to a belief system drawing the believer and the community of believers near to God. Yet despite its central role, the essence of a religious belief cannot be grasped by simply observing ritual practice. Ritual can mark, identify and separate a community of believers, it can point to what is held most sacred in terms of rites and worship, but it can never quite capture faith, for faith transcends form and imagery. This is particularly true of Islam, where faith is presented a a gradual process from Islam (surrender) to iman (faith) to the final state of ihsan (doing good). Belief in God is a deeper state of awareness, of conviction and of humility, all of which ultimately lie beyond ritual. - Author: Mona Siddiqui
Humility quotes by Mona Siddiqui
#136. He had the arrogance of the believer, but none of the humility of the deeply religious. - Author: V.S. Ramachandran
Humility quotes by V.S. Ramachandran
#137. There is a strange duality in the human which makes for an ethical paradox. We have definitions of good qualities and of bad; not changing things, but generally considered good and bad throughout the ages and throughout the species. Of the good, we think always of wisdom, tolerance, kindliness, generosity, humility; and the qualities of cruelty, greed, self-interest, graspingness, and rapacity are universally considered undesirable. And yet in our structure of society, the so-called and considered good qualities are invariable concomitants of failure, while the bad ones are the cornerstones of success ... Perhaps no other animal is so torn between alternatives. Man might be described fairly adequately, if simply, as a two-legged paradox. - Author: John Steinbeck
Humility quotes by John Steinbeck
#138. But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15 When you're challenged or asked about your faith, you shouldn't respond arrogantly. You shouldn't be defiant or forceful, as if you were tearing trees out of the ground. Rather, you should respond with fear and humility, as if you were standing before God and answering him. If you were summoned before kings and princes and had prepared yourself well in advance with Scripture, you might think, "Just wait; I'll answer correctly." But the devil will grab the sword out of your hands and give you a shove. You will be disgraced and find out you put your armor on in vain. He can even take your best verses from your hands so that you can't use them, even though you have them memorized. God allows this to happen to subdue your arrogance and make you humble. - Author: Martin Luther
Humility quotes by Martin Luther
#139. I believe that anyone can be successful in life, regardless of natural talent or the environment within which we live. This is not based on measuring success by human competitiveness for wealth, possessions, influence, and fame, but adhering to God's standards of truth, justice, humility, service, compassion, forgiveness, and love. - Author: Jimmy Carter
Humility quotes by Jimmy Carter
#140. Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real. - Author: Thomas Merton
Humility quotes by Thomas Merton
#141. Get rid of pride; it'll only ride you to the wrong side of life. May God's words guide your faith to abide in true humility. Kick off pride; embrace humility! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
Humility quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#142. There are three ways in which sins are forgiven: in baptism, in prayer, and in the greater humility of penance; yet God does not forgive sins except to the baptized - Author: Saint Augustine
Humility quotes by Saint Augustine
#143. The problem with thinking that you are the absolute best, is that it leaves no room for you to become any better and while you live life thinking that you're the best, truth is a lot of people around you are already better and becoming even more better. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Humility quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#144. It takes simplicity and humility to worship God acceptably. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
Humility quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#145. To have humility is to experience reality, not in relation to ourselves, but in its sacred independence. It is to see, judge, and act from the point of rest in ourselves. Then, how much disappears, and all that remains falls into place.
In the point of rest at the center of our being, we encounter a world where all things are at rest in the same way. Then a tree becomes a mystery, a cloud a revelation, each man a cosmos of whose riches we can only catch glimpses. The life of simplicity is simple, but it opens to us a book in which we never get beyond the first syllable. - Author: Dag Hammarskjold
Humility quotes by Dag Hammarskjold
#146. A final caution to students: in making judgments on literature, always be honest. Do not pretend to like what you really do not like. Do not be afraid to admit a liking for what you do like. A genuine enthusiasm for the second-rate is much better than false enthusiasm or no enthusiasm at all. Be neither hasty nor timorous in making your judgments. When you have attentively read a poem and thoroughly considered it, decide what you think. Do not hedge, equivocate, or try to find out others' opinions before forming your own. But having formed an opinion and expressed it, do not allow it to petrify. Compare your opinion then with the opinions of others; allow yourself to change it when convinced of its error: in this way you learn. Honestly, courage, and humility are the necessary moral foundations for all genuine literary judgment. - Author: Laurence Perrine
Humility quotes by Laurence Perrine
#147. The humble accept truth easier than the proud. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Humility quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#148. Any man's measure is determined by what he will do when he is faced with his own deep need. Not how high he may reach but how low he may kneel. - Author: Dr. J. Otis Yoder
Humility quotes by Dr. J. Otis Yoder
#149. In humility alone lies true greatness, and knowledge and wisdom are profitable only in so far as our lives are governed by them. - Author: Nicholas Of Cusa
Humility quotes by Nicholas Of Cusa
#150. If you have the blessings of Abraham in your life, then you should also have his obedience, humility and ability to submit to others - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Humility quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#151. And so, Navani painted a prayer onto the stones themselves, sending her attendants for more ink. She paced off the size of the glyph as she continued its border, making it enormous, spreading her ink onto the tan rocks.
Soldiers gathered around, Sadeas stepping from his canopy, watching her paint, her back to the sun as she crawled on the ground and furiously dipped her brushpen into the ink jars. What was a prayer, if not creation? Making something where nothing existed. Creating a wish out of despair, a plea out of anguish. Bowing one's back before the Almighty, and forming humility from the empty pride of a human life.
Something from nothing. True creation.
Her tears mixed with the the ink. She went through four jars. She crawled, holding her safehand to the ground, brushing the stones and smearing ink on her cheeks when she wiped the tears. When she finally finished, she knelt back before a glyph twenty paces long, emblazoned as if in blood. The wet ink reflected sunlight, and she fired it with a candle; the ink was made to burn whether wet or dry. The flames burned across the length of the prayer, killing it and sending its soul to the Almighty. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
Humility quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#152. The fledgling and ragtag American army turned its state into a semi-plausible advantage, encouraging enlistees to wear their own "hunting shirts" to build on the reputation of frontier marksmen. - Author: Joseph J. Ellis
Humility quotes by Joseph J. Ellis
#153. Self-reflection entails asking yourself questions about your values, assessing your strengths and failures, thinking about your perceptions and interactions with others, and imagining where you want to take your life in the future. - Author: Robert L. Rosen
Humility quotes by Robert L. Rosen
#154. There never can have been, and never can be, and there never shall be any sin without pride. - Author: Saint Augustine
Humility quotes by Saint Augustine
#155. Mary was proud of her husband, not merely because he was a musician, but because he was a blacksmith. For, with the true taste of a right woman, she honored the manhood that could do hard work. The day will come, and may I do something to help it hither, when the youth of our country will recognize that, taken in itself, it is a more manly, and therefore in the old true sense a more _gentle_ thing, to follow a good handicraft, if it make the hands black as a coal, than to spend the day in keeping books, and making up accounts, though therein the hands should remain white--or red, as the case may be. Not but that, from a higher point of view still, all work, set by God, and done divinely, is of equal honor; but, where there is a choice, I would gladly see boy of mine choose rather to be a blacksmith, or a watchmaker, or a bookbinder, than a clerk. Production, making, is a higher thing in the scale of reality, than any mere transmission, such as buying and selling. It is, besides, easier to do honest work than to buy and sell honestly. The more honor, of course, to those who are honest under the greater difficulty! But the man who knows how needful the prayer, "Lead us not into temptation," knows that he must not be tempted into temptation even by the glory of duty under difficulty. In humility we must choose the easiest, as we must hold our faces unflinchingly to the hardest, even to the seeming impossible, when it is given us to do. - Author: George MacDonald
Humility quotes by George MacDonald
#156. Can you picture Ghandi or Buddha storming into the polling place of a local election, shouting, overturning tables, sending the participants fleeing? Now throw a small carnival into the mix, which they also need rout. Impossible. Whoever did this would have to be really committed to clear the building. Fierce and intentional.
This is a breathtaking quality - especially when compared to our present age where doubt masquerades as humility, passivity cloaks as rest, and emasculated indecision poses as laid-back enlightenment. - Author: John Eldredge
Humility quotes by John Eldredge
#157. Humility is not a weak and timid quality; it must be carefully distinguished from a groveling spirit. - Author: Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Humility quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#158. Be humble and you will remain entire. The sages do not display themselves, therefore they shine. They do not approve themselves, therefore they are noted. They do not praise themselves, therefore they have merit. They do not glory in themselves, therefore they excel. - Author: Laozi
Humility quotes by Laozi
#159. By this method thousands of humans have been brought to think that humility means pretty women trying to believe they are ugly and clever men trying to believe they are fools. And since what they are trying to believe may, in some cases, be manifest nonsense, they cannot succeed in believing it and we have the chance of keeping their minds endlessly revolving on themselves in an effort to achieve the the impossible. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Humility quotes by C.S. Lewis
#160. Humility was an offensive characteristic for a God, in the eyes of early non-Christians. How could Christians worship a God who deliberately chose to share in human birth with all its mess and vulnerability and limitation, as well as a shameful death? How can we now worship a God to whom all the unimportant little details of our lives actually matter? How can we respect a God who takes us more seriously than we take ourselves, and yet is not impressed with all our accomplishments? Who loves us equally well, whetherwe succeed or fail? How could it really be that God simply disregards not only our education, our tastes, our industry, our niceness, our worthiness in order to love us? God's greatness we can begin to approach. The sheer humility of God's love is incomprehensible. - Author: Roberta C. Bondi
Humility quotes by Roberta C. Bondi
#161. Teach her about difference. Make difference ordinary. Make difference normal. Teach her not to attach value to difference. And the reason for this is not to be fair or to be nice but merely to be human and practical. Because difference is the reality of our world. And by teaching her about difference, you are equipping her to survive in a diverse world.
She must know and understand that people walk different paths in the world and that as long as those paths do no harm to others, they are valid paths that she must respect. Teach her that we do not know – we cannot know – everything about life. Both religion and science have spaces for the things we do not know, and it is enough to make peace with that.
Teach her never to universalise her own standards or experiences. Teach her that her standards are for her alone, and not for other people.
This is the only necessary form of humility: the realisation that difference is normal. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Humility quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#162. If virtue does not equal powers, powers will be misused. - Author: John Howard Griffin
Humility quotes by John Howard Griffin
#163. Humility leads to an open mind and a forgiving heart. - Author: Eric Greitens
Humility quotes by Eric Greitens
#164. And, at the same time, we began to build schools that are all inside and no outside, all stone and no garden, all power and no humility, all hulking system and no small child, all gears and no flowers, all compulsion and no promise. - Author: Anthony Esolen
Humility quotes by Anthony Esolen
#165. Humility is always one play away. - Author: Tim Foley
Humility quotes by Tim Foley
#166. Humility is the proper estimate of oneself. CHARLES SPURGEON - Author: Andrew Murray
Humility quotes by Andrew Murray
#167. The wings of the dove are as soft as they are swift. Gentleness is a sure result of the Sacred Dove's transforming power: hearts touched by His benign influence are meek and lowly henceforth and for ever. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Humility quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#168. Pride is a human nature and it's good for people to be proud of themselves, achievements, etc. but too much of anything is not healthy. Humble is pride exhibited through humility, so be humble and prideful about being humble. - Author: Uzoma Nnadi
Humility quotes by Uzoma Nnadi
#169. In my opinion, the teaching, rearing, and training of children requires more intelligence, intuitive understanding, humility, strength, wisdom, spirituality, perseverance, and hard work than any other challenge we might have in life. - Author: James E. Faust
Humility quotes by James E. Faust
#170. He found his voice in the silences, where he could sing as loud and as long as he wanted with no one to complain of it. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
Humility quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#171. The precondition of giving thanks with sincerity is always humility. - Author: Rousas John Rushdoony
Humility quotes by Rousas John Rushdoony
#172. May I deal with honour
May I act with courage
May I achieve humility - Author: Dick Francis
Humility quotes by Dick Francis
#173. We shall never learn to know ourselves except by endeavoring to know God; for, beholding His greatness, we realize our own littleness; His purity shows us our foulness; and by meditating upon His humility we find how very far we are from being humble. - Author: Teresa Of Avila
Humility quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#174. It is an illusion to worry about pride without having those things that may predispose someone to fall into the trap of pride... - Author: Assegid Habtewold
Humility quotes by Assegid Habtewold
#175. One has to be alone, under the sky, Before everything falls into place and one finds his or her own place in the midst of it all. We have to have the humility to realize ourselves as part of nature. - Author: Thomas Merton
Humility quotes by Thomas Merton
#176. The sons of Adam are formed from dust; if not humble as the dust, they fall short of being men. - Author: Saadi
Humility quotes by Saadi
#177. To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
Humility quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#178. A suburban pastor maintained services appropriate for his respected, professional parish. His father, an excitable traveling evangelist, visited and challenged the congregation to confront pride and sing out loudly with the windows open. The next day, the pastor's banker mentioned overhearing, and he was sheepish. The buttoned-up banker said, though, that the neighborhood had been WAITING TO HEAR the church live out the joy they claimed. - Author: David Wilkerson
Humility quotes by David Wilkerson
#179. This is, indeed, an insightful observation. The Archbishop [Joseph L. Berardin] insists that the natural resemblance between Christ and his priests must not stop merely with the fact that they share a common masculinity. Our question is, 'Why must it BEGIN there?' If the faithful cannot see Christ in a male who exemplifies no godlike virtues - humility, gentleness, and self-effacing service - can they not see him in a female who does? Indeed, if the priest acts 'in persona Christi,' not 'in masculinitate Christi,' then 'NATURAL resemblance' between Christ and the priest, it would seem, does not entail PHYSICAL, that is SEXUAL resemblance, but a resemblance which is natural to the SPIRITUAL order with which the worshiping congregation has to do. And in this order there is neither male nor female, even as there is neither Jew nor Greek. We would, therefore, conclude that since the Word was made flesh, as the apostle John has declared him (John 1:14), we rightly heed those who, in the flesh, symbolize his presence as they speak and act in his name. But we see no reason to add to what the apostle said by insisting that the Word was made MALE flesh, for both male and female are equally bearers of the divine image. And since God created humankind in his image, male AND female, we can only conclude that women as well as men should be ordained to the priesthood, because femaleness, like maleness, is a fitting symbol (sacramental sign) of Deity. - Author: Paul King Jewett
Humility quotes by Paul King Jewett
#180. The thing most feared in secret always happens ... All it needs is a little courage. The more the pain grows clear and definite, the more the instinct for life asserts itself and the thought of suicide recedes. It seemed easy when I thought of it. Weak women have done it. It needs humility not pride. I am sickened by all this. Not words. Action. I shall write no more. - Author: Cesare Pavese
Humility quotes by Cesare Pavese
#181. Don't talk about yourself; it will be done when you leave. - Author: Wilson Mizner
Humility quotes by Wilson Mizner
#182. Therefore the first and most essential attribute required to see and use the opportunities is humility and turning away from our "ego. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Humility quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#183. We should not be distracted by anything; neither by dreams, whether evil or seemingly good, nor by the thought of anything, whether good or bad, nor by distress or deceitful joy, nor by self-conceit or despair, nor by depression or elation, nor by a sense of abandonment or by illusory help and strength, nor by negligence or progress, nor by laziness or seeming zeal, nor by apparent dispassion or passionate attachment. Rather with humility we should strive to maintain a state of stillness, free from all distraction, knowing that no one can do us harm unless we ourselves wish for it. - Author: Peter Of Damascus
Humility quotes by Peter Of Damascus
#184. Vision and persistence will take you to the top of the leadership mountain, but only humility will keep you there. - Author: Orrin Woodward
Humility quotes by Orrin Woodward
#185. If you choose to see everything as a miracle, then where you are right now is perfect. There is nowhere to run to; there is nothing else to do except be in this moment and allow what is to be. From that place of radical acceptance, major change can happen. The first step in any transformational experience is acceptance and surrender to the present moment, the way that it is. From that place we have the awareness, humility and power to change what is. - Author: Mastin Kipp
Humility quotes by Mastin Kipp
#186. Exceptional men do not hold their experiences to be out of the ordinary or of interest to anyone else. Unlike the trodden fungus-men, they are not so ignorantly and presumptuously self-absorbed. They are nobody and they know it. They shun notice. They are exceedingly rare. - Author: Nick Tosches
Humility quotes by Nick Tosches
#187. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself. PHILIPPIANS 2 : 3 - Author: Francine Rivers
Humility quotes by Francine Rivers
#188. What I think is true is that at a certain stage in his life, he deliberately ceased to take any interest in himself except for a kind of spiritual alumnus taking his moral finals...Self-knowledge for him had come to mean recognition of his own weakness and shortcomings and nothing more. Anything beyond that he sharply suspected, both in himself and in others, as a symptom of spiritual megalomania. At best, there was so much else, in letters and in life, that he found much more interesting than himself. - Author: Jocelyn Gibb
Humility quotes by Jocelyn Gibb
#189. Lord, keep us from following the gods of pride, stubbornness, vanity, sloth, greed, and comfort that beckon for our allegiance every day. You brought us through the night watches, you who neither slumber nor sleep. We pray to follow you along the path of generosity, humility, and love throughout this day. Amen. - Author: Shane Claiborne
Humility quotes by Shane Claiborne
#190. The fruit of love's great tree is poverty; Whoever knows this knows humility. - Author: Farid Al-Din Attar
Humility quotes by Farid Al-Din Attar
#191. Nietzsche tended to equate the memorable with the painful. - Author: Harold Bloom
Humility quotes by Harold Bloom
#192. We have to watch the world, and watch ourselves, with the humility of those who know, in the very depths of their being, that learning to become human is a process that never ends. - Author: Tariq Ramadan
Humility quotes by Tariq Ramadan
#193. I believe a man's finest hour often comes when he is at his weakest. When he is broken, affronted and at a place of great emotional transparency. It's there he has the rare insight of an inescapable truth…he's merely a man. As his bravado washes away into a puddle of reflective tears, it reveals that he is merely flesh, blood and bones and amounts to very little without the love and guidance of our creator. It's only then, that I believe, a man begins to truly find his way. - Author: Jason Versey
Humility quotes by Jason Versey
#194. The author relates the progress of inoculation against smallpox in America with the interaction between an African slave named Onisimus whose homeland knew how to treat the malady and and leading clergyman Cotton Mather who was curious and open-minded enough to listen to him. - Author: Robert J. Allison
Humility quotes by Robert J. Allison
#195. You shouldn't take pride in your natural talents any more than you should take pride in your sex, your race or color of your hair - Author: Marcus Buckingham
Humility quotes by Marcus Buckingham
#196. I think with great affection and deep gratitude of my venerable predecessor, Benedict XVI, who during these years of his pontificate has enriched and strengthened the Church with his teaching, his goodness, his guidance, his faith, his humility, and his gentleness, which will remain a spiritual heritage for all. - Author: Pope Francis
Humility quotes by Pope Francis
#197. As patience leads to peace, and study to science, so are humiliations the path that leads to humility. - Author: Bernard Of Clairvaux
Humility quotes by Bernard Of Clairvaux
#198. If you are 'humble', it may help you in ordinary life. If you are not, you will get nowhere in higher things. - Author: Idries Shah
Humility quotes by Idries Shah
#199. Gently eliminating all obstacles to his own understanding, he constantly maintains his unconditional sincerity. His humility, perseverance, and adaptability evoke the response of the universe and fill him with divine light. - Author: Lao-Tzu
Humility quotes by Lao-Tzu
#200. Plutarch has a fine expression, with regard to some woman of learning, humility, and virtue;
that her ornaments were such as might be purchased without money, and would render any woman's life both glorious and happy. - Author: Laurence Sterne
Humility quotes by Laurence Sterne

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