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If there is not laughter in intimacy, it becomes heavy, burdensome, and dull. At my best moments, the love dialogue I try to carry on with You each day is comic-what could be more comic than a human addressing the Ground of Being as an intimate? It's a kind of blasphemy that I dare because you have called for it, and that is pretty humorous, too. ~ Andrew Greeley
Blasphemy quotes by Andrew Greeley
Blasphemy is an artistic effect, because blasphemy depends upon a philosophical conviction. Blasphemy depends upon belief and is fading with it. If any one doubts this, let him sit down seriously and try to think blasphemous thoughts about Thor. I think his family will find him at the end of the day in a state of some exhaustion. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Blasphemy quotes by G.K. Chesterton
Then, what is sacrelige [sic]? If it is nothing more than a rebellion against dogma, it is eventually as meaningless as the dogma it defies, and they are both become hounds ranting in the high grass, never see the boar in the thicket. Only a religious person can perpetrate sacrelige: and if its blasphemy reaches the heart of the question; if it investigates deeply enough to unfold, not the pattern, but the materials of the pattern, and the necessity of a pattern; if it questions so deeply that the doubt it arouses is frightening and cannot be dismissed; then it has done its true sacreligious [sic] work, in the service of its adversary: the only service that nihilism can ever perform.
(unused 1949 prefatory note to The Recognitions) ~ William Gaddis
Blasphemy quotes by William Gaddis
All laws for the purpose of making man worship God, are born of the same spirit that kindled the fires of the auto da fe, and lovingly built the dungeons of the Inquisition. All laws defining and punishing blasphemy - making it a crime to give your honest ideas about the Bible, or to laugh at the ignorance of the ancient Jews, or to enjoy yourself on the Sabbath, or to give your opinion of Jehovah, were passed by impudent bigots, and should be at once repealed by honest men. An infinite God ought to be able to protect himself, without going in partnership with State Legislatures. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Blasphemy quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
The science of war leads one to dictatorship, pure and simple. The science of non-violence alone can lead one to pure democracy. Power based on love is thousand times more effective and permanent than power derived from fear of punishment. It is a blasphemy to say non-violence can be practiced only by individuals and never by nations which are composed of individuals. The nearest approach to purest anarchy would be a democracy based on non-violence. A society organized and run on the basis of complete non-violence would be the purest anarchy. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Blasphemy quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Social Note: I have sought escape in the Prytania on more than one occasion, pulled by the attractions of some technicolored horrors, filmed abortions that were offenses against any criteria of taste and decency, reels and reels of perversion and blasphemy that stunned my disbelieving eyes, the shocked my virginal mind, and sealed my valve. ~ John Kennedy Toole
Blasphemy quotes by John Kennedy Toole
I get diarrhea more often than the average Muslim. ~ Magnus Wilton
Blasphemy quotes by Magnus Wilton
As for certain lesser faults, we must believe that, before the Final Judgment, there is a purifying fire. He who is truth says that whoever utters blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will be pardoned neither in this age nor in the age to come. From this sentence, we understand that certain offenses can be forgiven in this age, but certain others in the age to come. ~ Francis Of Assisi
Blasphemy quotes by Francis Of Assisi
When He had called all the multitude to Himself, He said to them, "Hear Me, everyone, and understand: 15 There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man. 16 If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!"* 17 When He had entered a house away from the crowd, His disciples asked Him concerning the parable. 18 So He said to them, "Are you thus without understanding also? Do you not perceive that whatever enters a man from outside cannot defile him, 19 because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is eliminated, thus purifying all foods?"* 20 And He said, "What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. 21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, 22 thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. 23 All these evil things come from within and defile a man. ~ Anonymous
Blasphemy quotes by Anonymous
…the exclusive imagining of God as male has deeply wounded women. Our immersion in these images convinced us that we are excluded from the divine, that we are inferior to men, that we are in need of a male savior, and that to name and imagine God in any other way than he has always been known is blasphemy. ~ Patricia Lynn Reilly
Blasphemy quotes by Patricia Lynn Reilly
To worship ourselves rather than Christ is idolatry; but to dismiss anything of ourselves, including our bodies, as of trivial importance is a form of blasphemy. ~ Francis George
Blasphemy quotes by Francis George
even if Noam Chomsky were right about everything, the Islamic doctrines related to martyrdom, jihad, blasphemy, apostasy, the rights of women and homosexuals, etc. would still present huge problems for the emergence of a global civil society (and these are problems quite unlike those presented by similar tenets in other faiths, for reasons that I have explained at length elsewhere and touch on only briefly here). And any way in which I might be biased or blinded by "the religion of the state," or any other form of cultural indoctrination, has absolutely no relevance to the plight of Shiites who have their mosques, weddings, and funerals bombed by Sunni extremists, or to victims of rape who are beaten, imprisoned, or even killed as "adulteresses" throughout the Muslim world. I hope it goes without saying that the Afghan girls who even now are risking their lives by merely learning to read would not be best compensated for their struggles by being handed copies of Chomsky's books enumerating the sins of the West ~ Sam Harris
Blasphemy quotes by Sam Harris
God is not here, Hannah said to herself; and made a small cross upon her breastbone, against her blasphemy. ~ James Agee
Blasphemy quotes by James Agee
Beware of the community in which blasphemy does not exist: underneath, atheism runs rampant. ~ Antonio Machado
Blasphemy quotes by Antonio Machado
In Europe, where climate change absolutism is at its strongest, the quasi-religion of greenery in general and the climate change issue in particular have filled the vacuum of organised religion, with reasoned questioning of its mantras regarded as a form of blasphemy. ~ Nigel Lawson
Blasphemy quotes by Nigel Lawson
Pounce had it easier than any of us. No one noticed a black cat in the street. He stopped here and there to sniff aught of interest. Wherever our Rat stopped, Pounce was there, close enough to see up the Rat's nose. I was so proud. Now there was a proper god, making himself useful!
Since my thought might be deemed blasphemy, I said silent prayers to the Goddess and to Mithros. I begged forgiveness and asked them not to misunderstand. Since I wasn't blasted where I stood, I guess they forgave me, or they hadn't heard my blasphemy. ~ Tamora Pierce
Blasphemy quotes by Tamora Pierce
People. Falling for each others' pretensions, fakeness and whatever various faces they can put on to wear. And then they call it love. What a fantasy. What a blasphemy. Humanity bores me. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Blasphemy quotes by C. JoyBell C.
Either blasphemy is a victimless crime or its victim is powerful enough to take care of himself without any help from you. ~ Richard Dawkins
Blasphemy quotes by Richard Dawkins
Every little trifle for some reason does seem incalculably important today and when you say of a thing that "nothing hangs on it" it sounds like blasphemy. There's never any knowing - how am I to put it? - which of our actions, which of our idlenesses won't have things hanging on it forever. ~ E. M. Forster
Blasphemy quotes by E. M. Forster
The pettiness of a mind can be measured by the pettiness of its adoration or its blasphemy. ~ Andre Gide
Blasphemy quotes by Andre Gide
Those who make pictures of the Savior, who is God as well as man in one inseparable person, either limit the incomprehensible Godhead to the bounds of created flesh, or confound his two natures like Eutyches, or separate them, like Nestorius, or deny his Godhead, like Arius; and those who worship such a picture are guilty of the same heresy and blasphemy. ~ Philip Schaff
Blasphemy quotes by Philip Schaff
To leave a door shut that might be open is in my eyes some form of blasphemy. ~ Virginia Woolf
Blasphemy quotes by Virginia Woolf
Since religion bore false witness to the Divine, religion was blasphemy. And once it entered into its unholy alliance with politics, it became the most dangerous and repressive force that the world has ever known. ~ Tom Robbins
Blasphemy quotes by Tom Robbins
Truly, it is a blessing and not a blasphemy when I teach that "above all things there stands the heaven of chance, the heaven of innocence, the heaven of accident, the heaven of wantonness". ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Blasphemy quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Therefore, in regard to this very subject of which we here treat, since we have the clear word and command of God, by which magistrates are ordered to punish blasphemy. ... This is particularly the duty of the Magistrate, to take care that sins against the first Table are avenged ~ Theodore Beza
Blasphemy quotes by Theodore Beza
Sin, blasphemy, heresy – all these are primitive ideas created by primitive creatures, unworthy of the title "human". ~ Abhijit Naskar
Blasphemy quotes by Abhijit Naskar
In our time the blasphemies are threadbare. Pessimism is now patently, as it always was essentially, more commonplace than piety. Profanity is now more than an affectation - it is a convention. The curse against God is Exercise 1 in the primer of minor poetry. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Blasphemy quotes by G.K. Chesterton
Once blasphemy again God was the greatest blasphemy; but God died, and thereupon those blasphemers died too. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Blasphemy quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Was there ever a more horrible blasphemy than the statement that all the knowledge of God is confined to this or that book? How dare men call God infinite, and yet try to compress Him within the covers of a little book! ~ Swami Vivekananda
Blasphemy quotes by Swami Vivekananda
For it is a horrible blasphemy to imagine that there is any work by which you should presume to pacify God, since you see that there is nothing which is able to pacify Him but this inestimable price, even the death and the blood of the Son of God, one drop of which is more precious than the whole world. ~ Martin Luther
Blasphemy quotes by Martin Luther
I even made poor Louis take me on Crusade. How's that for blasphemy? I dressed my maids as Amazons and rode bare-breasted halfway to Damascus. Louis had a seizure and I damn near died of windburn ... but the troops were dazzled. ~ James Goldman
Blasphemy quotes by James Goldman
It's true. Every time you wake up, you let fly the most marvelous string of curses. It's never the same twice, do you know that? It's so intriguing. You're like a rooster that crows blasphemy."

"Oh, there's a cock crowing, all right," he muttered. ~ Tessa Dare
Blasphemy quotes by Tessa Dare
Political truth is libel; religious truth, blasphemy. ~ William Hazlitt
Blasphemy quotes by William Hazlitt
The question eventually must be raised: Is it a criminal offense to take the name of the Lord in vain? When people curse their parents, it unquestionably is a capital crime (Ex. 21:17). The son or daughter is under the lawful jurisdiction of the family. The integrity of the family must be maintained by the threat of death. Clearly, cursing God (blasphemy) is a comparable crime, and is therefore a capital crime (Lev. 24:16). ~ Gary North
Blasphemy quotes by Gary North
There is no God and we are his prophets. ~ Cormac McCarthy
Blasphemy quotes by Cormac McCarthy
A flat screen television lowered into view. It showed an animated Islamic documentary that focused mostly on the importance of wearing the proper attire. The final prophet was quoted often, yet absent from the feature.
"If this Mohammed guy is so great, why wouldn't they put him in the cartoon?" Kira wondered. ~ Magnus Wilton
Blasphemy quotes by Magnus Wilton
Pakistan tries mentally challenged girl of blasphemy against the Holy Book. India arrests kids for posts on Facebook. Morbid competition? ~ Kabir Bedi
Blasphemy quotes by Kabir Bedi
The great ships hung motionless in the sky, over every nation on Earth. Motionless they hung, huge, heavy, steady in the sky, a blasphemy against nature. Many people went straight into shock as their minds tried to encompass what they were looking at. The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't. And ~ Douglas Adams
Blasphemy quotes by Douglas Adams
All great Truth first starts as Blasphemy. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Blasphemy quotes by George Bernard Shaw
Treachery is worse than blasphemy – the former is often with intention however, the latter can be under influence. ~ Subhralin Thakuria
Blasphemy quotes by Subhralin Thakuria
There was one thing unforgivable, like things in the schoolroom so bad that only Mommy could deal with, to set up a rival good to God's. ~ Evelyn Waugh
Blasphemy quotes by Evelyn Waugh
Obscenity, which is ever blasphemy against the divine beauty in life, is a monster for which the corruption of society forever brings forth new food, which it devours in secret. ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Blasphemy quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
I beg people not to accept the seasonal ritual of well-timed charity on Christmas Eve. It's blasphemy. ~ Jonathan Kozol
Blasphemy quotes by Jonathan Kozol
Racism is stupid. It's an insult to God, arrogantly implying that God goofed-up when he chose to make us all different. ~ Rick Warren
Blasphemy quotes by Rick Warren
There is nothing in my work that can be taken as blasphemy. ~ Oleg Kulik
Blasphemy quotes by Oleg Kulik
Blasphemy: a law to protect an all-powerful, supernatural deity from getting its feelings hurt. ~ Ricky Gervais
Blasphemy quotes by Ricky Gervais
Contact with secular and Christian ways of thinking increased Spinoza's dissatisfaction with the biblical interpretations he received from the rabbis, who in turn frowned on his interest in natural science, and on his study of the pernicious Latin language, in which so much heresy and blasphemy had been so engagingly expressed. ~ Roger Scruton
Blasphemy quotes by Roger Scruton
The worst kind of blasphemy is to think God is behind all your hurt and pain, that it is the heavenly Father disciplining you, ~ David Wilkerson
Blasphemy quotes by David Wilkerson
To say that you can kill in the name of God is blasphemy. ~ Pope Francis
Blasphemy quotes by Pope Francis
I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind? (as quoted from Asia Bibi sentenced to hang for anti-Muslim blasphemy) ~ Malala Yousafzai
Blasphemy quotes by Malala Yousafzai
Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke. ~ Katy Perry
Blasphemy quotes by Katy Perry
Political correctness is a major defect of the western ethos. Some Western countries have even passed blasphemy laws that would put you in legal hot waters if you say anything negative about Islam. This means that the truth about Islam cannot be said but Muslims are given total freedom to spread their religion with lies. Islam thrives were truth is suppressed. That is one reason that westerners convert to Islam. They are lied to. How do you expect a society to survive when truth is banned and lies are allowed? ~ Ali Sina
Blasphemy quotes by Ali Sina
Government and religion united, and breaking a law became sin. A smell of blasphemy arose like smoke around any questioning of governmental edicts. ~ Frank Herbert
Blasphemy quotes by Frank Herbert
Bishop John Wilkins commented in 1638 on these Athenians: Those zealous idolators [counted] it a great blasphemy to make their God a stone, whereas notwithstanding they were so senseless in their adoration of idols as to make a stone their God. ~ Carl Sagan
Blasphemy quotes by Carl Sagan
One man's blasphemy doesn't override other people's free-speech rights, their freedom to publish, freedom of thought. ~ Dan Savage
Blasphemy quotes by Dan Savage
I do not permit blasphemy, the F-word, or obscenities such as soy milk at my table. Consider yourself chastised. ~ Dean Koontz
Blasphemy quotes by Dean Koontz
We must drive them [Jews] out like mad dogs, so that we do not become partakers of their abominable blasphemy and all the their other vices and thus merit God's wrath and be damned with them. ~ Martin Luther
Blasphemy quotes by Martin Luther
I had learned from my own father that it was almost blasphemy to regard the function of art as merely to reproduce some kind of a sensible pleasure or, at best, to stir up the emotions to a transitory thrill. I had always understood that art was contemplation, and that it involved the action of the highest faculties of man. ~ Thomas Merton
Blasphemy quotes by Thomas Merton
How come there's no commandment that says "Thou shalt not rape"? Did God ask Mary for consent before he put a baby in her? Or was God Christianity's first rapist? ~ Oliver Markus Malloy
Blasphemy quotes by Oliver Markus Malloy
The word 'love,' used in connection with the reproduction of our species, is the most odious blasphemy taught in our times. ~ Honore De Balzac
Blasphemy quotes by Honore De Balzac
Christianity is itself so jolly a thing that it fills the possessor
of it with a certain silly exuberance, which sad and high-minded
Rationalists might reasonably mistake for mere buffoonery and
blasphemy; just as their prototypes, the sad and high-minded Stoics of
old Rome, did mistake the Christian joyousness for buffoonery and
blasphemy. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Blasphemy quotes by G.K. Chesterton
In trying to find out what Bruno thought of his priesthood, we now have a serious problem which we did not have before. In Venice, he told his fellow-prisoners that he was an enemy of the mass, and thought transubstantiation a ridiculous idea and the Catholic ritual bestial and blasphemous. He compared the elevation of the host to hanging somebody on a gallows, or perhaps to lifting him up on a pitchfork. He told somebody who had dreamt of going to mass that that was a terrible omen; and he performed a mock mass with Ovid's Art of Love instead of a missal. He joked about hungry priests going off from mass to a good breakfast. He spoke particularly ill of the mass as a sacrifice, and said that Abel, the archetype of the sacrificing priest, was a criminal butcher who was rightly killed by the vegetarian Cain. A phrase he used elsewhere, apparently about Christ's passion and not directly about the mass itself, seems nevertheless to express rather exactly his attitude to is: he called it 'some kind of a cabbalistic tragedy'. ~ John Bossy
Blasphemy quotes by John Bossy
This year's blasphemy is next year's liberating truth ... ~ Margaret Halsey
Blasphemy quotes by Margaret Halsey
It is no blasphemy to say that every man creates the God creating him. We are facets of a work whose finished form we cannot imagine, though our imaginations, aided by grace, are the means - or at least one means - of its completion. ~ Christian Wiman
Blasphemy quotes by Christian Wiman
... everyone knew that sin was evil, and that no good could come from evil. But he did feel good; he felt positively marvellous. Consequently, it followed logically that telling lies and defecting from duty could not be sins. The chaplain had mastered, in a moment of divine intuition, the handy technique of protective rationalisation, and he was exhilarated by his discovery. It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honour, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. ~ Joseph Heller
Blasphemy quotes by Joseph Heller
Friend, I am not suggesting at all. You see, I know now. Let us be frank. Our opinions were not honestly come by. We simply found ourselves in contact with a certain current of ideas and plunged into it because it seemed modern and successful. At College, you know, we just started automatically writing the kind of essays that got good marks and saying the kind of things that won applause. When, in our whole lives, did we honestly face, in solitude, the one question on which all turned: whether after all the Supernatural might not in fact occur? When did we put up one moment's real resistance to the loss of our faith? ~ C.S. Lewis
Blasphemy quotes by C.S. Lewis
As for God, I frankly admit that I find it easier to live with the ageold questions about suffering than with many of the easy or pious explanations offered from time to time. Some of which seem to verge on blasphemy. ~ Rosamunde Pilcher
Blasphemy quotes by Rosamunde Pilcher
Jesus Christ knew he was God. So wake up and find out eventually who you really are. In our culture, of course, they'll say you're crazy and you're blasphemous, and they'll either put you in jail or in a nut house (which is pretty much the same thing). However if you wake up in India and tell your friends and relations, 'My goodness, I've just discovered that I'm God,' they'll laugh and say, 'Oh, congratulations, at last you found out. ~ Alan W. Watts
Blasphemy quotes by Alan W. Watts
Blasphemy? No, it is not blashphemy. If God is as vast as that, he is above blasphemy; if he is as little as that, He is beneath it. ~ Mark Twain
Blasphemy quotes by Mark Twain
To some people independent thought is heresy and critical thought blasphemy ~ Rassool Jibraeel Snyman
Blasphemy quotes by Rassool Jibraeel Snyman
Almost all religions provide opportunities for human beings to convince themselves of their own righteousness, to speak in the name of God, and even to go to war on God's behalf. This 'blasphemy of certainty' is also rife among secularists who in their case have not God but science or the proletariat on their side. ~ Stephen R. Prothero
Blasphemy quotes by Stephen R. Prothero
I hold it a blasphemy to say that the Creator resides in a temple from which a particular class of His devotees sharing faith in it are excluded. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Blasphemy quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
I had no idea, however, that in Pennsylvania, the cradle of toleration and freedom of religion, it [fanaticism] could have arisen to the height you describe. This must be owing to the growth of Presbyterianism. The blasphemy of the five points of Calvin, and the impossibility of defending them, render their advocates impatient of reasoning, irritable, and prone to denunciation. ~ Thomas Jefferson
Blasphemy quotes by Thomas Jefferson
and all the beauty and the blasphemy. Petals, petals, scattering from the stands where only vestals were allowed to sit, having tended the flame for all of us. Here, I knew, was the empire of my soul showing on my face as I turned to you. ~ Sarah Arvio
Blasphemy quotes by Sarah Arvio
Justin vomited in his mouth a little as he gazed upon a sea of black outfits and sidelocks. They looked like they were ready for a heavy metal concert, a funeral, or the hell that is a Brit Milah. Fuck, they looked ridiculous. ~ Magnus Wilton
Blasphemy quotes by Magnus Wilton
Genuine blasphemy, genuine in spirit and not purely verbal, is the product of partial belief, and is as impossible to the complete atheist as to the perfect Christian. ~ T. S. Eliot
Blasphemy quotes by T. S. Eliot
This Old Testament - containing error, folly, absurdity and immorality - is by English statute law declared to be of divine authority, a blasphemy - if there were anyone to be blasphemed - blacker and more insolent than any word ever written or penned by the most hotheaded Freethinker. ~ Annie Besant
Blasphemy quotes by Annie Besant
Blasphemy is not an offence against truth, but the offence of truth against Priestcraft. ~ Philanthropos
Blasphemy quotes by Philanthropos
To ask whether Christ is profound is blasphemy, and is an attempt (whether conscious or not) to destroy Him surreptitiously; for the question conceals a doubt concerning His authority, and this attempt to weigh Him up is impertinent in its directness, behaving as though He were being examined, instead of which it is to Him that all power is given in heaven and upon earth. ~ Soren Kierkegaard
Blasphemy quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
Laughter is an anarchic blasphemy. Tyrants are wise to fear it. ~ David Mitchell
Blasphemy quotes by David Mitchell
It is interesting to me that the secularizers bend over backward in our federally controlled schools to keep atheists from being offended by the mention of God, prayer, or morality, yet over the federally controlled airwaves Christians can be offended every day of the week by the broadcasting of blasphemy against God and the Lord Jesus Christ or attacks on our moral values. ~ Tim LaHaye
Blasphemy quotes by Tim LaHaye
You would be very ashamed if you knew what the experiences you call setbacks, upheavals, pointless disturbances, and tedious annoyances really are. You would realize that your complaints about them are nothing more nor less than blasphemies - though that never occurs to you. Nothing happens to you except by the will of God, and yet [God's] beloved children curse it because they do not know it for what it is. ~ Jean-Pierre De Caussade
Blasphemy quotes by Jean-Pierre De Caussade
I'd feel a lot better about this if that spell had worked," Kiernan hissed.
"Don't tell me that I'm going to have to drag you along," I whispered back. "This is a real adventure, Kiernan. Just think, if we manage to get out of all this without being killed or imprisoned, you'll have such stories to tell the ladies at court."
"Are you sure that this isn't blasphemy? We're going to desecrate the grave of the Nameless God's chosen ones."
"We aren't going to desecrate it," I insisted. "We're just going to look around it. And besides, since when have you worried about blasphemy?"
He snorted, but softly. "Let's go, then. ~ Eilis O'Neal
Blasphemy quotes by Eilis O'Neal
Don't use his name as an oath, Vin,' Kelsier said. 'Even blasphemy honors him - when you curse by that creature's name, you acknowledge him as your god. ~ Brandon Sanderson
Blasphemy quotes by Brandon Sanderson
First, why you deny to others what you allow (make halal) to yourselves. When you blast from the minarets (loudspeakers) of your mosques, in a neighborhood with a majority of Christian residents, the Koranic verse that says, "In blasphemy (Kafers) indeed are those that say that Allah (God) is Al-Masih (Jesus) the son of Maryam." Koran 5:17 ~ Wafa Sultan
Blasphemy quotes by Wafa Sultan
It is atheism and blasphemy to dispute what God can do: good Christians content themselves with His will revealed in His Word. ~ King James I
Blasphemy quotes by King James I
I have encountered a few 'creationists' and because they were usually nice, intelligent people, I have been unable to decide whether they were really mad or only pretending to be mad. If I was a religious person, I would consider creationism nothing less than blasphemy. Do its adherents imagine that God is a cosmic hoaxer who has created the whole vast fossil record for the sole purpose of misleading humankind ? ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Blasphemy quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
He seemed like a walking blasphemy, a blend of the angel and the ape. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Blasphemy quotes by G.K. Chesterton
our group was heading south, like a walking blasphemy. ~ Jean-Christophe Grange
Blasphemy quotes by Jean-Christophe Grange
When Stephen declares that he sees the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God, he is stoned for blasphemy because, in the view of these Jews, no one has the right to be at the side of God's heavenly presence. ~ Darrell L. Bock
Blasphemy quotes by Darrell L. Bock
This is a sublime work whether any higher power exists or not. It does not prove the existence of anything. No gods ever created art.'
'In an earlier age, some might have considered such a sentiment blasphemy.'
'Blasphemy,' said Revelation with a wry smile, 'is a victimless crime. ~ Graham McNeill
Blasphemy quotes by Graham McNeill
It may be said that because woman recognizes the awful toll she is made to pay to the Church, State, and the home, she wants suffrage to set herself free. That may be true of the few; the majority of suffragists repudiate utterly such blasphemy. On the contrary, they insist always that it is woman suffrage which will make her a better Christian and homekeeper, a staunch citizen of the State. Thus suffrage is only a means of strengthening the omnipotence of the very Gods that woman has served from time immemorial. ~ Emma Goldman
Blasphemy quotes by Emma Goldman
The Devil endeavours by every means to keep men in error, in the enticement of the passions, in darkness of mind and heart; in pride, avarice, covetousness, envy, hatred, wicked impatience and irritation; in evil despondence, in the abominations of fornication, adultery, theft, false-witness, blasphemy, negligence, slothfulness, and sluggishness. ~ John Of Kronstadt
Blasphemy quotes by John Of Kronstadt
This poem declares the absence of a Hindu canon.
This poem declares itself the Hindu canon.
This poem follows the monkey.
This poem worships the horse.
This poem supersedes the Vedas and the supreme scriptures.
This poem does not culture the jungle.
This poem jungles the culture.
This poem storms into temples with tanks.
This poem stands corrected: the RSS is BJP's mother.
This poem is not vulnerable.
This poem is Section 153-A proof.
This poem is also idiot-proof.
This poem quotes Dr.Ambedkar.
This poem considers Ramayana a hetero-normative novel.
This poem breaches Section 295A of the Indian Penile Code.
This poem is pure and total blasphemy. ~ Meena Kandasamy
Blasphemy quotes by Meena Kandasamy
The writers of the French enlightenment had deliberately used blasphemy as a weapon, refusing to accept the power of the Church to set limiting points on thought. ~ Salman Rushdie
Blasphemy quotes by Salman Rushdie
When I told you I didn't want you it was the blackest kind of blasphemy ~ Stephenie Meyer
Blasphemy quotes by Stephenie Meyer
He can be made to take a positive pleasure in the perception that the two sides of his life are inconsistent... by exploiting his vanity. He can... enjoy kneeling beside the grocer on Sunday just because he remembers that the grocer could not possibly understand the urbane and mocking world which he inhabited on Saturday evening; and contrariwise, to enjoy the bawdy and blasphemy over the coffee with these admirable friends all the more because he is aware of a "deeper," "spiritual" world within him which they can not understand. You see the idea - the worldly friends touch him on one side and the grocer on the other, and he is the complete, balanced, complex man who sees round them all. Thus, while being permanently treacherous to at least two sets of people, he will feel, instead of same, a continual under-current of self-satisfaction... and that to cease to do so would be "priggish," "intolerant," and... "Puritanical. ~ C.S. Lewis
Blasphemy quotes by C.S. Lewis
There is no society that protects freedom of religion more than secular democracies, because in societies where one religion rules, different viewpoints will be labelled as heresy and blasphemy. Why? Because the society is built on religion - not freedom for all points of view. ~ Flemming Rose
Blasphemy quotes by Flemming Rose
You don't think the dead guy is Miguel Flores."
"I think the dead guy's name was Lino."
"But ... that means maybe he wasn't even a priest, and he was up there doing the Mass thing, and marrying people, burying people."
"Maybe God struck him down for it. Case closed. We'll arrest God before end of shift. I want those dental records, and the dental records from New York."
"I'm pretty sure that arrest God stuff is blasphemy. ~ J.D. Robb
Blasphemy quotes by J.D. Robb
The first thing was to get down to Addie Richardson's henhouse, and that was a goodish way, four or five miles. She found herself wondering if the Lord was going to send her an eagle to fly her those four miles, or send Elijah in his fiery chariot to give her a lift.
Blasphemy," she told herself complacently. "The Lord provides strength, not taxicabs. ~ Stephen King
Blasphemy quotes by Stephen King
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