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#1. The personal inevitably trumps the political, and the erotic trumps all: We will remember that Cleopatra slept with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony long after we have forgotten what she accomplished in doing so, that she sustained a vast, rich, densely populated empire in its troubled twilight in the name of a proud and cultivated dynasty. She remains on the map for having seduced two of the greatest men of her time, while her crime was to have entered into those same "wily and suspicious" marital partnerships that every man in power enjoyed. She did so in reverse and in her own name; this made her a deviant, socially disruptive, an unnatural woman. To these she added a few other offenses. She made Rome feel uncouth, insecure, and poor, sufficient cause for anxiety without adding sexuality into the mix. - Author: Stacy Schiff
The Erotic quotes by Stacy Schiff
#2. Like the medieval heretics that Norm Cohn wrote about in The Pursuit of the Millennium, the Beats cultivated an extreme narcissism that bordered on self-deification and that 'liberated them from all restraints' and allowed them to experience every impulse as a 'divine command'. What Norman Podhoretz observed of Ginsberg was also true of the Beats generally: they 'conjured up a world of complete freedom from the limits imposed by [bourgeois] responsibilities'. Podhoretz added, 'It was a world that promised endless erotic possibility together with the excitements of an expanded consciousness constantly open to new dimensions of being: more adventure, more sex, more intensity, more life'. Alas, the promise was illusory. Instead of an 'expanded consciousness', the Beats purchased madness, ruination, and, for many, an early death. Their attack on bourgeois responsibility led not to greater freedom but to greater chaos. The erotic paradise they envisioned turned out to be rife with misery. - Author: Roger Kimball
The Erotic quotes by Roger Kimball
#3. They say sex is all in the mind. That's not strictly true. Desire begins in the mind but is satisfied in the body. The erotic understands this. The erotic is the completion of a mental need played out on a physical playground. Once you go erotic you never go back. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
The Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#4. Beauty lies between the erotic and the tragic. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
The Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#5. The exotic and the erotic ideals go hand in hand, and this fact also contributes another proof of a more or less obvious truth - that is, that a love of the exotic is usually an imaginative projection of a sexual desire. - Author: Mario Praz
The Erotic quotes by Mario Praz
#6. In the external world, she is the force of evolution, the erotic thrust at the heart of life. She is the intrinsic creative drive that fueled the big bang and continues to unfold as stars, galaxies, planets, life-forms, species, and also human societies, cultures and individual consciousness itself. - Author: Sally Kempton
The Erotic quotes by Sally Kempton
#7. While much has been written about the aggressive manifestations of male sexuality, it is not sufficiently appreciated that the erotic realm also offers men a restorative experience for their more tender side. The body is our original mother tongue, and for a lot of men it remains the only language of closeness that hasn't been spoiled. Through sex, men can recapture the pure pleasure of connection without having to compress their hard-to-articulate needs into the prison of words. - Author: Esther Perel
The Erotic quotes by Esther Perel
#8. Cloaked by the erotic darkness she exhausted the future quickly, with all the eventualities that might lead up to a kiss, but with the kiss itself as blurred as a kiss in pictures. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
The Erotic quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#9. I can smell arousal, Talin. You get hot every time you see me half-naked."
The erotic need that flared through her body was mortifying. Perhaps that explained the stupidity of her next words. "Maybe I get that way for every half-naked man. - Author: Nalini Singh
The Erotic quotes by Nalini Singh
#10. The erotic power was a natural aphrodisiac, and he suddenly understood what a rush edge play could be. - Author: Claire Thompson
The Erotic quotes by Claire Thompson
#11. The subject of walking is, in some sense, about how we invest universal acts with particular meanings. Like eating or breathing, it can be invested with wildly different cultural meanings, from the erotic to the spiritual, from the revolutionary to the artistic. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
The Erotic quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#12. Nothing is better for "spiritual advancement" & the detachment of the flesh than a close reading of the "Erotic Dictionary. - Author: Remy De Gourmont
The Erotic quotes by Remy De Gourmont
#13. Professors rarely speak of the place of eros or the erotic in our classrooms. Trained in the philosophical context of Western metaphysical dualism, many of us have accepted the notion that there is a split between the body and the mind. Believing this, individuals enter the classroom to teach as though only the mind is present, and not the body. - Author: Bell Hooks
The Erotic quotes by Bell Hooks
#14. I find the erotic such a kernel within myself. When released from its intense and constrained pellet, it flows through and colors my life with a kind of energy that heightens and sensitizes and strengthens all my experience. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#15. Because we never finished what we started, because it never was allowed to reach a natural close, our ending felt unwritten. I imagined other endings and how they would have defined me, and because I couldn't explore such endings with her, my desire ran loose where it could. I responded to the desire of others, and I fell easily for those who responded to the desire in me. At times I felt worn thin, but it was exciting, and as I found out, rare to be a person who enjoyed both giving and receiving pleasure, who was interested in the erotic as an exchange. Some people couldn't see past the sex, some people fell fast and hard, and though I was generous with my body, I was careful and particular about women I shared my heart with, and that left me lonely. - Author: Saskia Vogel
The Erotic quotes by Saskia Vogel
#16. The erotic drive is the great energy that moves through all evolution.

What about love? Where does that fit in?

Love's simply the handmaiden of the great energy, and an excuse to write suspect poetry. - Author: Peter Milligan
The Erotic quotes by Peter Milligan
#17. In the most common fantasy of ideal love, [...], a woman can only unleash her desire in the hands of a man whom she imagines to be more powerful, who does not depend upon her for his strength. [...] The boundedness and limits within which one can surrender, and in which one can experience abandonment and creativity, are sought in the ideal lover. (p. 120) - Author: Jessica Benjamin
The Erotic quotes by Jessica Benjamin
#18. Another unary photograph is the pornographic photograph (I am not saying the erotic photograph: the erotic is a pornographic that has been disturbed, fissured). Nothing more homogeneous than a pornographic photograph. It is always a naive photograph, without intention and without calculation. Like a shop window which shows only one illuminated piece of jewelry, it is completely constituted by the presentation of only one thing: sex: no secondary, untimely object ever manages to half conceal, delay, or distract... A proof a contrario: Mapplethorpe shifts his close-ups of genitalia from the pornographic to the erotic by photographing the fabric of underwear at very close range: the photograph is no longer unary, since I am interested in the texture of the material.

The presence (the dynamics) of this blind field is, I believe, what distinguishes the erotic photograph from the pornographic photograph. Pornography ordinarily represents the sexual organs, making them into a motionless object (a fetish), flattered like an idol that does not leave its niche; for me, there is no punctum in the pornographic image; at most it amuses me (and even then, boredom follows quickly). The erotic photograph, on the contrary (and this is its very condition), does not make the sexual organs into a central object; it may very well not show them at all; it takes the spectator outside its frame, and it is there that I animate this photograph and that it animates me. - Author: Roland Barthes
The Erotic quotes by Roland Barthes
#19. Oh Florence, Florence, patroness
of the lovely tyrannicides!
Where the tower of the Old Palace
pierces the sky
like a hypodermic needle,
Perseus, David and Judith,
lords and ladies of the Blood,
Greek demi-gods of the Cross,
rise sword in hand
above the unshaven
formless decapitation
of the monsters, tubs of guts,
mortifying chunks for the pack.
Pity the monsters!
Pity the monsters!
Perhaps, one always took the wrong side -
Ah, to have known, to have loved
too many David and Judiths!
My heart bleeds for the monster.
I have seen the Gorgon.
The erotic terror
of her helpless, big-bosomed body
lay like slop.
Wall-eyed, staring the despot to stone,
her severed head swung
like a lantern in the victor's hand. - Author: Robert Lowell
The Erotic quotes by Robert Lowell
#20. I love the combination of smartness, pain, and what one might call conscious postmodern trashiness in this book: a version of the erotic full of nervous tension which animates the sensuality, and also Zimroth's feeling for words, compressed, ironic, withholding, but also 'asking for it ... the siege, the thrill, the battle fatigue.' A profoundly urban book, of harsh memory and fantasy, set in harsher reality. - Author: Alicia Ostriker
The Erotic quotes by Alicia Ostriker
#21. Modern relationships are cauldrons of contradictory longings: safety and excitement, grounding and transcendence, the comfort of love and the heat of passion We want it all, and we want it with one person. Reconciling the domestic and the erotic is a delicate balancing act that we achieve intermittently at best. It requires knowing your partner while remaining open to the unknown, cultivating intimacy that respects privacy. Separateness and togetherness alternate, or proceed in counterpoint. Desire resists confinement, and commitment mustn't swallow freedom whole. - Author: Esther Perel
The Erotic quotes by Esther Perel
#22. Christianity has enriched the erotic meal with the appetizer of curiosity and spoiled it with the dessert of remorse. - Author: Karl Kraus
The Erotic quotes by Karl Kraus
#23. The erotic element always present in fashion, the kiss of loving labor on the body, is now overtly expressed by language. Belts hug or clasp; necklines plunge; jerseys bind. The word exciting tingles everywhere. - Author: Mary McCarthy
The Erotic quotes by Mary McCarthy
#24. Decadence is an elusive concept, resistant to concise definition. In the broadest sense one might explain it as a delight in or preoccupation with decay, founded in a social or cultural disjunction, and a sensibility of eroticism and manifest in a morbid preoccupation with the erotic, the hedonist, and self-indulgent world of pleasure, and as a tension between artifice and nature, refinement and degeneration. - Author: David J. Bell
The Erotic quotes by David J. Bell
#25. [O]nce we begin to feel deeply all the aspects of our lives, we begin to demand from ourselves and from our life-pursuits that they feel in accordance with that joy which we know ourselves to be capable of. Our erotic knowledge empowers us, becomes a lens through which we scrutinize all aspects of our existence, forcing us to evaluate those aspects honestly in terms of their relative meaning within our lives."
"The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling."
"Of course, women so empowered are dangerous. So we are taught to separate the erotic from most vital areas of our lives other than sex. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#26. The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#27. She had no taste for the psychological, and nothing but scorn for the erotic. What she loved was a story which began with crime and ended with a detection - a story which kept you wondering who did it, how it was done, and when the doing was going to be laid bare to the light of day. ~ The Middle of Things - Author: J.S. Fletcher
The Erotic quotes by J.S. Fletcher
#28. First love is the erotic at its best and most focused – the adolescent introduction to the complex world of adulthood. - Author: J. Earp
The Erotic quotes by J. Earp
#29. I certainly had this fascination with monsters and vampires as did Tim and whatever this darkness, this mystery, this intrigue. And then, as you get older, you recognize the erotic nature of the vampire and the idea of the undead. - Author: Johnny Depp
The Erotic quotes by Johnny Depp
#30. We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#31. Erotic movies - they don't even make it anymore. Even the erotic magazines don't really look like the ones you could find in the '70s. You have much more extreme iconography of what is sexy. It's very cold. There's nothing that links to real life. - Author: Gaspar Noe
The Erotic quotes by Gaspar Noe
#32. It is impossible to capture the essence of love in writing, only its symptoms remain, the erotic absorption, the huge disparity between the times together and the times apart, the sense of being excluded. - Author: Edna O'Brien
The Erotic quotes by Edna O'Brien
#33. When we look away from the importance of the erotic in the development and sustenance of our power, or when we look away from ourselves as we satisfy our erotic needs in concert with others, we use each other as objects of satisfaction rather than share our joy in the satisfying, rather than make connection with our similarities and our differences. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#34. Lucy could see that love unconfined, love outside convention, might well make a woman an unfit mother; you were one kind of woman or another: you were good or you were bad, as the world saw it, and no stations in between. They allowed you to choose; you could be the maternal or the erotic, but not a bit of both. The latter made you forget the former. Men married the maternal and then longed for the erotic. Or they married the erotic by mistake, and set about making it into the maternal, and then were just as disappointed. - Author: Fay Weldon
The Erotic quotes by Fay Weldon
#35. I'm broken by my need for others. By the erotic dance of memory that pounces when loneliness falls. - Author: Sarah Winman
The Erotic quotes by Sarah Winman
#36. I am an artist. Any artist knows that their creations, their pieces must express an array of human emotion and experience. From the juvenile and innocent, to the erotic and the dangerous, and everything in between. Because Life is all of these things and more. It is the artist's divine purpose to reflect what Experience has shown them and others. What truly sets us apart from each other is whether or not we truly know ourselves enough to reflect objectively; but, through our own unique 'voice'. - Author: Solange Nicole
The Erotic quotes by Solange Nicole
#37. There is a schism in me, between the erotic and the intimate. One, by definition, negates the other. For me the pursuit of sensuality for its own sake without the confines of emotional expectation or history is a freeing of the libido, standing outside of marriage, conception, emotional obligation. The subject becomes object. Object is the ascetic, the visual moment, no past, no future, just the moment of orgasm. This is not exclusively male territory. The encounter is, by its very nature, transitory. - Author: Tobsha Learner
The Erotic quotes by Tobsha Learner
#38. Erotic literarature is literature in which eroticism is the novel. It focuses on that. It also implies a certain degree of description, a certain hard core. And to find novels in which you have plot, character, literary quality, plus detailed and real moving descriptions of fucking is a rarity.

There is a vibration which takes place in the erotic realm, which translating it into something else, demeans it and destroys it. You need real poetry to talk about that sort of thing. - Author: Marco Vassi
The Erotic quotes by Marco Vassi
#39. The interplay of the aesthetic with the erotic is complex. The peacock's tail is beautiful to us, sexy to the peahen. Beauty and sexual attractiveness overlap, coincide. They may be deeply related. I think they should not be confused. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
The Erotic quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#40. The erotic state – again, a mixture of concentration and spontaneity – is a hypnoidal state, probably the most powerful kind that we are capable of experiencing, and it is in this condition that unexpected regions of the self are revealed, as the majority of people know from experience. - Author: Peter Redgrove
The Erotic quotes by Peter Redgrove
#41. To the Christian, love is the works of love. To say that love is a feeling or anything of the kind is an unchristian conception of love. That is the aesthetic definition and therefore fits the erotic and everything of that nature. But to the Christian love is the works of love. Christ's love was not an inner feeling, a full heart and what not, it was the work of love which was his life. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
The Erotic quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#42. The erotic has often been misnamed by men and used against women. It has been made into the confused, the trivial, the psychotic, the plasticized sensation. For this reason, we have often turned away from the exploration and consideration of the erotic as a source of power and information, confusing it with its opposite, the pornographic. But pornography is a direct denial of the power of the erotic, for it represents the suppression of true feeling. Pornography emphasizes sensation without feeling.
The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction to which, once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#43. In the books by Ruy-Sanchez we find again the erotic conviction that allows us to read with all the skin. The erotic, in his narratives is not a subject or a phrase, it is the clay of what they are made. In his novels every experience, trivial or extraordinary, breaths through the erotic. - Author: Alberto Manguel
The Erotic quotes by Alberto Manguel
#44. I-I just want to be safe from him. From all of them."
Sebastian drew his head back to look down into her flushed face. "You are safe," he said in a low voice. He lifted one of his hands to her face, caressing the plane of her cheekbone, letting his fingertip follow the trail of pale golden freckles across the bridge of her nose. As her lashes fluttered downward, he stroked the slender arcs of her brows, and cradled the side of her face in his palm. "Evie," he murmured. "I swear on my life, you will never feel pain from my hands. I may prove a devil of a husband in every other regard… but I wouldn't hurt you that way. You must believe that."
The delicate nerves of her skin drank in sensations thirstily… his touch, the erotic waft of his breath against her lips. Evie was afraid to open her eyes, or to do anything that might interrupt the moment. "Yes," she managed to whisper. "Yes… I - "
There was the sweet shock of a probing kiss against her lips… another… She opened to him with a slight gasp. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
The Erotic quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#45. If theme parks, with their pasteboard main streets, reek of a bland, safe, homogenized, whitebread America, the Renaissance Faire is at the other end of the social spectrum, a whiff of the occult, a flash of danger and a hint of the erotic. Here, they let you throw axes. Here are more beer and bosoms than you'll find in all of Disney World. - Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times - Author: Rachel Lee Rubin
The Erotic quotes by Rachel Lee Rubin
#46. I've never understood why the majority of human curses and insults refer to the erotic sphere. Sex is wonderful and associated with beauty, joy and pleasure. How can the names of the sexual organs be used as a vulgar synonym for ̶ - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
The Erotic quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#47. No bill of sexual rights can hold its own against the lawless, untamable landscape of the erotic imagination. - Author: Daphne Merkin
The Erotic quotes by Daphne Merkin
#48. A photograph is both a pseudo-presence and a token of absence. Like a wood fire in a room, photographs - especially those of people, of distant landscapes and faraway cities, of the vanished past - are incitements to reverie. The sense of the unattainable that can be evoked by photographs feeds directly into the erotic
feelings of those for whom desirability is enhanced by distance. - Author: Susan Sontag
The Erotic quotes by Susan Sontag
#49. Any closer would unravel her mystery, the very thing which made her so truly beautiful ... It was her mystery that he adored. He was in love with everything that he did not know about her ... No real sexual encounter could ever match the secret one that he could nurture in his imagination ... No living flesh could ever be the erotic equal of flesh kept private, untouchable and unknowable - Author: Ben Elton
The Erotic quotes by Ben Elton
#50. Perversion is the erotic form of hatred. - Author: Diane Ackerman
The Erotic quotes by Diane Ackerman
#51. The erotic economy of homosexual relations continues to be traced for our culture in the enduring equation of homosexuality with male homosexuality, of male homosexuality with sodomy, and of sodomy with anal intercourse, and, in particular, with the so-called "passive" or receptive position in anal intercourse. - Author: Lee Edelman
The Erotic quotes by Lee Edelman
#52. I think it's common sense to shy away from the erotic. Perhaps this grand experiment, which started with Lady Chatterley's Lover, of seeing what you can write and how you can write about sex, has reached a certain weary terminus with Fifty Shades of Grey. - Author: Richard Flanagan
The Erotic quotes by Richard Flanagan
#53. But right now he wanted nothing more than a hot shower, a shave and a decent cup of tea.
Though he'd have traded all of that for one more taste of Keeley.
Knowing it irritated him had him scowling in the direction of her paddock. The minute he was cleaned up, he promised himself, the two of them would have a little conversation.Very little, he decided, before he got his hands on her again. And when he did, he was going to-
The erotic image he conjured in his head burst like a bubble when he rounded the house and saw Keeley's mother kneeling at the flower bed.
It was not the most comfortable thing to come across the mother when you'd been picturing the daughter naked. Then Adelia looked over at him, and he saw the tears on her cheeks. And his mind went blank.
"Ah...Mrs. Grant."
"Brian." Sniffling, she wiped her cheeks with the back of her hand. "I was doing some weeding. Just tidying up the beds here." She tugged at the cap on her head, then she lowered her hands, dropped back on her heels. "I'm sorry."
"Ah..." Said that already, he thought, panicked. Say something else. He was never so helpless as he was with female tears. - Author: Nora Roberts
The Erotic quotes by Nora Roberts
#54. If only - so he thought to himself later - Gerda's face had been a little less flawless in its beauty, the beauty of her body would have remained as maddening to his senses as it was at the beginning. But the more he had seen of her the more beautiful her face had grown; until it had now reached that magical level of loveliness which absorbs with a kind of absoluteness the whole aesthetic sense, paralysing the erotic sensibility. - Author: John Cowper Powys
The Erotic quotes by John Cowper Powys
#55. Greek pederasty honored the erotic magnetism of male adolescence in a way that today brings police to the door. Children are more conscious and perverse than parents like to think. - Author: Camille Paglia
The Erotic quotes by Camille Paglia
#56. For the erotic is not a question only of what we do; it is a question of how acutely and fully we can feel in the doing. Once we know the extent to which we are capable of feeling that sense of satisfaction and completion, we can then observe which of our various life endeavors bring us closest to that fullness. - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#57. I love beautiful women. I love to show their personality, their sexuality. There's a fashion side to my erotic pictures: I love beautiful shoes and jewellery. But the erotic work I do is too daring and provocative for a fashion magazine. It's more fun, and if you have the right girl who likes it, more exciting, too. It's fashion photography, but with fewer clothes. - Author: Ellen Von Unwerth
The Erotic quotes by Ellen Von Unwerth
#58. People don't usually think about the meaning of the words they say. It seems to them that words convey truth. That when someone hears the word "red" he will think of a ripe raspberry and not a pool of blood. That the word "love" will evoke Shakespeare's sonnets and not the erotic films of Playboy. And they find themselves baffled when the word they've spoken doesn't evoke the right response. - Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
The Erotic quotes by Sergei Lukyanenko
#59. Refined, intense, wise, stiring, immediate, subtile, all the charmed qualities gather in Dropping the Bow. These translations are precious jewels. Like the erotic moods they investigate, these versions shimmer and startle with a palpable desire to be heard, and a mystical sense of impermanence. This is a transmission of a vital, extraordinary tradition. - Author: Anne Waldman
The Erotic quotes by Anne Waldman
#60. I needed this cold shower for more than one reason; the sexy male from my dream this morning returned during my little siesta. His sultry baritone was still fresh in my mind as I waited for the water to heat up. My Gaelic may have been a bit rusty, but from what I could understand, he had planned quite the erotic encounter under a sacred willow tree. I wasn't sure I understood the reason for the tree, but he was quite adamant about it. Hey – tree or no tree, when he spoke and kissed my neck, I would have found a way to steal the Eiffel Tower if he had asked. - Author: Brynn Myers
The Erotic quotes by Brynn Myers
#61. It would not be the first time that Jove and Stella had covered the traces of where I began and where they ended. I liked the playfulness of the lovers' argument: who are you and who am I? Which of us is which? Liked it less when the erotic twinhood developed into forged letters and faked signatures. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
The Erotic quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#62. S/M is about emotion, the erotic tension between my impulse toward something and my resistance against it. - Author: Virginia Baker
The Erotic quotes by Virginia Baker
#63. One of my dinner companions invited me on a strip-club excursion. I demurred, spoiled by the erotic revues of Anhedonia, where the performers remain fully clothed but get emotionally naked, delivering monologues about their top-shelf disappointments, and times when they were almost happy. Hard to enjoy American-style strip clubs after that. Once you go bleak, you never go back. - Author: Colson Whitehead
The Erotic quotes by Colson Whitehead
#64. Helen took an uneasy breath. "I didn't think you would remember. You were so very ill."
"I'll remember it to my last hour of life." His palm coasted gently over the curve of her breast, lingering until the tip tightened. The hat dropped from Helen's nerveless fingers. Shocked, she stayed emotionless while he whispered, "I've never fought sleep as fiercely as I did at that moment, trying to stay awake in your arms. No dream could have given me more pleasure." His head bent, and he kissed the side of her neck. "Why did no one stop you?"
She quivered at the feel of his mouth on her skin, the erotic gaze of warmth. "From taking care of you?" she asked dazedly.
"Aye, a rough-mannered stranger, common-born, and half-clothed in the bargain. I could have harmed you before anyone realized what was happening."
"You weren't a stranger, you were a family friend. And you were in no condition to harm anyone."
"You should have kept your distance from me," he insisted.
"Someone had to help you," Helen said pragmatically. "And you had already frightened the rest of the household."
"So you dared to walk into the lion's den. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
The Erotic quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#65. Contemporary literature can be classified under three headings: the neurotic, the erotic and the tommy-rotic. - Author: W. Giese
The Erotic quotes by W. Giese
#66. The erotic is a resource within each of us that lies in a deeply female and spiritual plane, firmly rooted in the power of our unexpressed or unrecognized feeling ... - Author: Audre Lorde
The Erotic quotes by Audre Lorde
#67. We know God by cultivating a relationship, not by understanding a concept.
The relation constitutes the very subjectivity of of our existence. We participate in existence consciously and rationally, with subjective self-knowledge and identity, because the erotic drive of our nature is transformed into a personal relation when there arises in the space of the Other the first signifier of desire: the maternal presence. The subject is born with love's first leap of joy. - Author: Christos Yannaras
The Erotic quotes by Christos Yannaras
#68. Her inexperience demanding to be overturned intrigued him. She'd called him a gentleman. He was. When shown a door, he'd been taught to open it. - Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
The Erotic quotes by Elizabeth SaFleur
#69. Tasting what could have been - what should have been - didn't make it easier. - Author: Kele Moon
The Erotic quotes by Kele Moon
#70. You're giving me fucking consent to stalk you? Oh, slave ... - Author: Alaska Angelini
The Erotic quotes by Alaska Angelini
#71. Broken or whole... you're all mine. You... are all mine! ~Sade~ - Author: Lucian Bane
The Erotic quotes by Lucian Bane
#72. Your amethyst-colored eyes." His voice guttural and sexy. "They change when you're angry, or aroused. - Author: Lorien Lyn
The Erotic quotes by Lorien Lyn
#73. Marriage - as well as erotic friendships and sexual liaisons -between members of contrasting races and religions will take place with greater frequency, and will be more accepted than it is today. - Author: Herbert Otto Gille
The Erotic quotes by Herbert Otto Gille
#74. I think you should be punished for tormenting me for so long. - Author: Lisa Carlisle
The Erotic quotes by Lisa Carlisle
#75. You should've told me Tess," I murmured against her hair. "You helped me find my humanness but you took it away with your lies. - Author: Pepper Winters
The Erotic quotes by Pepper Winters
#76. I have read numerous books by Scarlett Avery and I have not been disappointed. - kristina pelka - Author: Scarlett Avery
The Erotic quotes by Scarlett Avery
#77. Please don't let this be a dream. I don't want to wake up, if it is. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
The Erotic quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#78. For what felt like hours, we sucked on each other's tongues while his hands seemed determined to search out and skillfully caress every spot on my body within reach that made me shudder and moan, his rock-hard erection equally determined to stimulate me into a frenzy as he sensually rubbed himself almost teasingly against my pelvis. Then before I knew it, his considerable girth was inside me, - Author: Cristina Rayne
The Erotic quotes by Cristina Rayne
#79. David Bergen is a master of taut, spare prose that's both erotic and hypnotic ... - Author: Miriam Toews
The Erotic quotes by Miriam Toews
#80. I felt like an animal, and animals don't know sin, do they? - Author: Jess C. Scott
The Erotic quotes by Jess C. Scott
#81. She... tried to ignore what Aeron's presence did to her. What both of them did to her. Especially when they were watching her with barely concealed hunger. ... - Author: Savannah Stuart
The Erotic quotes by Savannah Stuart
#82. You are weak with love for her, brother. - Author: Franca Storm
The Erotic quotes by Franca Storm
#83. I bet you don't hear no a lot."
"It's a dirty word. I'm not a fan of it. - Author: Katee Robert
The Erotic quotes by Katee Robert
#84. Oh dios mio, she makes me burn, she makes me need. She is etching herself into mi alma - Author: P.T. Macias
The Erotic quotes by P.T. Macias
#85. You so need a Daddy, little girl. - Author: Breanna Hayse
The Erotic quotes by Breanna Hayse
#86. A Dom intent on developing a relationship will approach you on a personal level first. - Author: Red Phoenix
The Erotic quotes by Red Phoenix
#87. I couldn't put it down." - ERIN D - Author: Scarlett Avery
The Erotic quotes by Scarlett Avery
#88. I'm going to destroy you, princess. I'll toy with you, tempt you, and give you everything you never knew to ask for. - Author: Setta Jay
The Erotic quotes by Setta Jay
#89. You have no idea what you have just unleashed, boy. - Author: S.J.D. Peterson
The Erotic quotes by S.J.D. Peterson
#90. There's just something so erotic about a bit of kitchen sex." I - Author: Jaimie Roberts
The Erotic quotes by Jaimie Roberts
#91. Take all of me," he said against her mouth. - Author: Lorien Lyn
The Erotic quotes by Lorien Lyn
#92. ---
Desire - hot, wet and undeniable - unfolded in her belly even as her temper flared. "You don't own me."
"I know that," he said, reaching out and tugging her close so that their bodies melded together, his hand splayed across her lower back, searing her skin. "But what you need to realize is that you own me - body and soul. - Author: Avery Flynn
The Erotic quotes by Avery Flynn
#93. Thomas moves even closer until their faces were less than an inch apart, their breath mixed and harsh. He sees Taylor's eyes move to his lips. Thomas's breath hitches. He couldn't resist darting his eyes lower as well to look at Taylor's pink full lips. Taylor licks them, then parts them slightly. Almost like he was begging to be kissed.
"Fuck it" Thomas says before leaning to crush their mouths together. - Author: Alexandra B. Donna
The Erotic quotes by Alexandra B. Donna
#94. That said, wow. This book is just so full of nasty and kinky encounters and voyeuristic thrills that it blew me away.
Sylvia Storm E Read Erotica Reviews - Author: Sasha Holden
The Erotic quotes by Sasha Holden
#95. Stella couldn't believe this was happening. Gavin and Holden were both in her bed and just as desperate for her as she was for them. Her life had morphed into a cross between a romance novel and a porno. If she was dreaming, she didn't ever want to wake up. - Author: Amanda Young
The Erotic quotes by Amanda Young
#96. I'll wait for you as long as it takes, Evan," he says.
"I'll test your patience," I warn, my smile beginning to show itself again.
"You already do. - Author: Lilly Black
The Erotic quotes by Lilly Black
#97. Confidence is highly erotic. - Author: K.D. Harp
The Erotic quotes by K.D. Harp
#98. What if I tell you all my secrets?" she whispered to herself. "And said that I was so close to being in love with you, so close to being entirely vulnerable and all I needed was your trust? What if I told you that it hurts to breathe when I think about boarding that plane to San Francisco? If I gave you those secrets, would you give me yours? - Author: Eden Summers
The Erotic quotes by Eden Summers
#99. Woman you're as mean as a copperhead. Come here let's find out if you're as cold-blooded. - Author: Katee Robert
The Erotic quotes by Katee Robert
#100. I always wondered. If…" Her mouth was on autopilot.
"If what, Ella?"
"If I crossed your mind wherever you were."
"You don't cross my mind, Ella. You live in it." He tugged her closer to him. - Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
The Erotic quotes by Elizabeth SaFleur
#101. Cowgirl...or Belle. Just not Cow Belle. - Author: Belinda McBride
The Erotic quotes by Belinda McBride
#102. I don't categorize myself as an 85-year-old woman who has written an erotic novel. I categorize myself as a writer who's written an erotic novel. - Author: Gloria Vanderbilt
The Erotic quotes by Gloria Vanderbilt
#103. You will have me climax before my cock can taste what my tongue has already savored. - Author: Cristina Rayne
The Erotic quotes by Cristina Rayne
#104. I want to glide in a world of beauty,' I said. 'To be carried away into a world of luxurious things. - Author: James Lusarde
The Erotic quotes by James Lusarde
#105. I don't write as much erotic romance as I used to, but I think that's just because my writing style has changed. - Author: Shiloh Walker
The Erotic quotes by Shiloh Walker
#106. And then," Darren continues dizzily, "when we've come, I'll keep you open with my fingers, keep you loose, and when I'm ready, I'll take you again. - Author: Dominique Frost
The Erotic quotes by Dominique Frost
#107. You want fucked? - Author: Lilly Black
The Erotic quotes by Lilly Black
#108. Lucas, I never wanted children. I just want to be CEO. I want money, power, and on occasion, sex - Author: Norian F. Love
The Erotic quotes by Norian F. Love
#109. It was damn hard leaving you," he said. "I was afraid that if I didn't, you'd be killed or tortured, or we both would."
-Kathy Kulig, Red Tape - Author: Kathy Kulig
The Erotic quotes by Kathy Kulig
#110. That was some powerful shit. Like mind and pussy-numbing, fuckilepsy inducing, reproductive organ-exploding powerful. You really are some kind of flogger wielding sex God. - Author: Ella Dominguez
The Erotic quotes by Ella Dominguez
#111. I have a background in erotic dancing, but that's mostly just - it's not professional, it's just amateur. - Author: Matt McGorry
The Erotic quotes by Matt McGorry
#112. Although he assumed she'd naturally submit to him, he obviously believed she was still her own person. A strong person. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
The Erotic quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#113. CANDY: I'll be in a world of pain that no amount of worrying ahead of time will prepare me for. Why suffer in preparation for suffering? - Author: Bijou Hunter
The Erotic quotes by Bijou Hunter
#114. Lovemaking takes time!

It is a myth for lovemaking to be quick and smooth. To find pleasure in each other, both men and women need to take time to explore each other with their hands; their lips and they need to be open to each other in a mutual, consensual, and non-judgmental style.
sure - Author: J.F. Kelly
The Erotic quotes by J.F. Kelly
#115. When you succumb to obedience, in an erotic sense, you are not giving away a part of yourself, but seeking something new, something other, within yourself. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
The Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow

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