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#1. What is your name, my pet?"
"Kitty," she replied.
DeVere threw back his head with a guffaw. "Kitty? How delightfully apropos!" His erstwhile companions forgotten, he patted a muscular thigh. "Come then, Kitty, my sweet, little puss. Sit on your master's lap, and I'll stroke you 'till you purr."
-A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE - Author: Victoria Vane
Erotic quotes by Victoria Vane
#2. I basically took something that was extremely erotic and very intentional, and I reduced it to a simple kiss. I got a lot of criticism for that. - Author: Steven Spielberg
Erotic quotes by Steven Spielberg
#3. He did not let me move. I was heated up in his warmth, could feel him on my lips.. and then he said, "I.. I want to kiss you" I opened my eyes, his eyes were looking at my lips and I said, "then, Kiss me"
He was a gentleman. Well behaved, decent, shy, and all desirous to make love with me.
..and I ended up saying, "Gentleman, do it gently - Author: Himmilicious
Erotic quotes by Himmilicious
#4. The personal inevitably trumps the political, and the erotic trumps all: We will remember that Cleopatra slept with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony long after we have forgotten what she accomplished in doing so, that she sustained a vast, rich, densely populated empire in its troubled twilight in the name of a proud and cultivated dynasty. She remains on the map for having seduced two of the greatest men of her time, while her crime was to have entered into those same "wily and suspicious" marital partnerships that every man in power enjoyed. She did so in reverse and in her own name; this made her a deviant, socially disruptive, an unnatural woman. To these she added a few other offenses. She made Rome feel uncouth, insecure, and poor, sufficient cause for anxiety without adding sexuality into the mix. - Author: Stacy Schiff
Erotic quotes by Stacy Schiff
#5. You are playing with fire, ma petite." The words were nearly unable to escape his strangled throat.
She glanced up at him, just once. A quick look from under the crescent of her long lashes. Teasing. Sexy. His innocent erotic. "I thought I was playing with you," she denied, her attention back on his fierce arousal. Her warm breath bathed him in heat, in temptation.
He threw back his head, his hands tightening in her thick mane of hair. His neck was arched, his eyes closed. "I think it is fair to say it is the same thing," he bit out between clenched teeth. - Author: Christine Feehan
Erotic quotes by Christine Feehan
#6. I may have one need that you could fulfill if you'd like ... he said. - Author: Emma Nichols
Erotic quotes by Emma Nichols
#7. He leaned in even closer until she could count the bristles on his poorly shaven chin. "But you're pretty. You can stay. Turn around and spread your legs so I can fuck you up against the wire. I'll get my cock in you so deep it'll need a directory to find its way out."
"That sounds ... dangerous."
"I am," he rumbled sexily, like a waterfall that's had a dam collapse upstream and is about to flood and destroy the village of peasants further downstream ... many of whom are poor and in desperate need of medical attention. - Author: Cari Silverwood
Erotic quotes by Cari Silverwood
#8. Although he assumed she'd naturally submit to him, he obviously believed she was still her own person. A strong person. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Erotic quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#9. ​ "This place is fun, Downtown is fun!" I said, looking at the blurred lights of the lamps on the street. "No wonder you left me for this… I wouldn't be surprised if a ghost came out." I closed my fist, trying to catch the lights. "Now I get it, Dan! You're a ghost!"
​ "Am I?" he talked to me in an accommodating way, like anyone would do with a friend too drunk to think clearly.
​ "Yes! There's even two of you now."
​ "Of course, that would be the only possible reason." We reached the parking lot.
​ "Say Dan, have you come back to help me with Shallie? But if you're a ghost, can you just call her for me?" I grabbed his arm. "Can you? Can you bring her to me?" Suddenly all the fake happiness I was feeling before left me in a deep, black desperation. Dan's expression changed too, and got darker.
​ "I'm not a ghost, Drew," he said, calmly, securing the helmet under my chin. "I'm sorry," he added. - Author: Elen Chase
Erotic quotes by Elen Chase
#10. He pushes me onto my back and mounts me, missionary style, while using his hand to rub against my wetness, wiping it up and down his cock. My God, he has done that before and it is the most erotic maneuver I have ever witnessed. - Author: Adler
Erotic quotes by Adler
#11. Pet, so far we've been playing at this. I'm going to take you a bit further. A play spanking can be erotic but I am going to take you flying, so high you'll never have felt anything like it." He paused and strolled around the kneeling boy. Damian pulled his hands together behind his back and linked the D rings on the cuffs. "Feel how helpless you are, on your knees to me, waiting for me to decide what to do to you? - Author: Catt Ford
Erotic quotes by Catt Ford
#12. Nudity is fun, especially out of doors, but it is far more erotic when the wrappings are only partly removed from the treasures they conceal. When you undress a woman you are opening the drapes in a darkened room to gaze upon a glimpse of paradise. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#13. There had always been the rumour that one of the old heptarchs had squirreled away a collection of heretical calendrical erotica. Just how you made abstract algebra erotic was going to have to remain a mystery. - Author: Yoon Ha Lee
Erotic quotes by Yoon Ha Lee
#14. Rubens discovered a peculiar thing: memory does not make films, it makes photographs. What he recalled from any of the women were at most a few mental photographs. He didn't recall their coherent motions; he visualized even their short gestures not in all their fluent fullness, but only in the rigidity of a single second. His erotic memory provided him with a small album of pornographic pictures but no pornographic film. And when I say an album of pictures, that is an exaggeration, for all he had was some seven or eight photographs. These photos were beautiful, they fascinated him, but their number was after all depressingly limited: seven, eight fragments of less than a second each, that's what remained in his memory of his entire erotic life, to which he had once decided to devote all his strength and talent. I see Rubens sitting at a table with his head supported on the palm of his hand, looking like Rodin's Thinker. What is he thinking about? If he has made peace with the idea that his life has narrowed down to sexual experiences and these again to only seven still pictures, seven photographs, he would at least like to hope that in some corner of his memory there may be concealed some eighth, ninth, or tenth photograph. That's why he is sitting with his head leaning on the palm of his hand. He is once again trying to evoke individual women and find some forgotten photograph for each one of them. - Author: Milan Kundera
Erotic quotes by Milan Kundera
#15. Our hearts have already been broken. Maybe I can help to heal hers, even if it means ripping mine to shreds when she leaves and I have to say good-bye. - Author: Debra Doxer
Erotic quotes by Debra Doxer
#16. The only foreplay I really need is for a guy to kiss my hip bone. The hip is the most erotic and neglected body part. Kiss the hip bone with your lips. - Author: Karen McDougal
Erotic quotes by Karen McDougal
#17. Sweetheart, I have no intention of denying you a thing. - Author: Rebecca Brooks
Erotic quotes by Rebecca Brooks
#18. I look at him and my body reacts in a way that it never has before, even in the throes of passion. I look at him and I start aching so deep inside it takes all I can to think, to breathe, to speak. He's like the brightest flame and it takes everything in me to resist its call.

I know that if I give in, I'll get burned so deeply, there might be nothing left once I come out the other side.

But, god, I want to step into that flame. - Author: D.L. Hess
Erotic quotes by D.L. Hess
#19. Wonder is our erotic affiliation with all of life. If we develop this, enjoy it, and follow its promptings, our wants will be fewer and our needs plainer. - Author: Stephanie Mills
Erotic quotes by Stephanie Mills
#20. I don't see [the jungle] so much erotic. I see it more full of obscenity. It's just - Nature here is vile and base. I wouldn't see anything erotical here. I would see fornication and asphyxiation and choking and fighting for survival and growing and just rotting away. Of course, there's a lot of misery. But it is the same misery that is all around us. The trees here are in misery, and the birds are in misery. I don't think they sing. They just screech in pain. - Author: Werner Herzog
Erotic quotes by Werner Herzog
#21. Like the medieval heretics that Norm Cohn wrote about in The Pursuit of the Millennium, the Beats cultivated an extreme narcissism that bordered on self-deification and that 'liberated them from all restraints' and allowed them to experience every impulse as a 'divine command'. What Norman Podhoretz observed of Ginsberg was also true of the Beats generally: they 'conjured up a world of complete freedom from the limits imposed by [bourgeois] responsibilities'. Podhoretz added, 'It was a world that promised endless erotic possibility together with the excitements of an expanded consciousness constantly open to new dimensions of being: more adventure, more sex, more intensity, more life'. Alas, the promise was illusory. Instead of an 'expanded consciousness', the Beats purchased madness, ruination, and, for many, an early death. Their attack on bourgeois responsibility led not to greater freedom but to greater chaos. The erotic paradise they envisioned turned out to be rife with misery. - Author: Roger Kimball
Erotic quotes by Roger Kimball
#22. They say sex is all in the mind. That's not strictly true. Desire begins in the mind but is satisfied in the body. The erotic understands this. The erotic is the completion of a mental need played out on a physical playground. Once you go erotic you never go back. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#23. Amazing sex stays with you. It soaks into your skin. It floats through your dreams and has you silently smoldering with delicious remembrances for hours after. It has you craving it days later. And it has you aching for it if you don't get it for awhile. - Author: Roberto Hogue
Erotic quotes by Roberto Hogue
#24. Darn! what a beautiful night!
Heading towards Pandara Road-Gulati Restaurant, with open windows of my baby sedan and this broad chest guy with big brown eyes.
He hums the oldies well and his Issey Miyake is making me lose the grip over my senses.
One more thing is distracting me, he ain't wearing anything inside but a transparent white, V necked, cotton short Kurta.
I can see the hair winking out and his collar bones!!
Not only men get excited by transparent dresses but women as well.
His broad shoulders and chest is my weakness and he knows it.
This man is not doing good to me!
It's a crime to seduce in this way, when you are not touched, when you are distracted by the aroma of his skin, when you know, he is well aware of the intentions..
when you can't do anything except getting seduced by the corner stretching smile of a man with animal instinct..
I certainly am missing myself to be tied up to the bedpost,choked and groaning his name! - Author: Himmilicious
Erotic quotes by Himmilicious
#25. I will always admit immediately to what's obvious, which is that Homo sapiens is inherently erotic or inherently sensual from birth. - Author: Jock Sturges
Erotic quotes by Jock Sturges
#26. Their chemistry was a thing of erotic beauty, his sexual experience a weapon against which she had no defense. - Author: Nalini Singh
Erotic quotes by Nalini Singh
#27. The poem is an act beyond paraphrase because what is being said is always inseparable from the way it is being said. Osip Mandelstam suggested that if a poem can be paraphrased, then the sheets haven't been rumpled, poetry hasn't spent the night. The words are an (erotic) visitation, a means to an end, but also an end in and of themselves. The poets is first of all a language worker. A maker. A shaper of language. - Author: Edward Hirsch
Erotic quotes by Edward Hirsch
#28. Kitten..." Whip quick, he grasped her waist and lifted her up so she fit snugly against his hard cock. "I know you love me best naked. - Author: Avery Flynn
Erotic quotes by Avery Flynn
#29. I was torn. The evil, horny side of me wanted to know more. The good side wanted to feel sympathy and pretend he'd never heard it. I think 'evil horny' is gonna win. - Tyler Campbell (main character) - Author: Shaina Richmond
Erotic quotes by Shaina Richmond
#30. Fun? "Katrina, I didn't request to be set up on a date. I can't go meet a complete stranger and ... ." he scanned the email again. " ... and spend the night with her? - Author: Lia Davis
Erotic quotes by Lia Davis
#31. The female form is much more erotic than the male, who doesn't think that? - Author: Christina Aguilera
Erotic quotes by Christina Aguilera
#32. Shy, all those things you listed don't make a person. They don't. I mean it. You're beautiful, both inside and outside, but please don't look at me to validate that. You have to know it for yourself. -Taylor Holden, Strapped. - Author: Nina G. Jones
Erotic quotes by Nina G. Jones
#33. You know, sloth is a sin," he says softly.
"I prefer to think of it as an adorable animal. - Author: Ella James
Erotic quotes by Ella James
#34. I don't like jokes in speeches. I do like wit and humor. A joke is to humor what pornography is to erotic language in a good novel. - Author: James C. Humes
Erotic quotes by James C. Humes
#35. The fire you rubbed left its brand on the most vulnerable, most vicious and tender point of my body. Now I have to pay for your rasping the red rash too strongly, too soon, as charred wood has to pay for burning. When I remain without your caresses, I lose all control of my nerves, nothing exists any more than the ecstasy of friction, the abiding effect of your sting, of your delicious poison. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Erotic quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#36. In about three seconds, I'm going to pick you up and carry you into your bedroom, strip your clothes from your body, and bury myself so deep inside of you." He leaned in toward her. "So deep, you're gonna scream. It's going to be fast and hard, and it will hurt, but when I start, there will be nothing - and I mean nothing - that will be able to stop me ... - Author: Kelly Gendron
Erotic quotes by Kelly Gendron
#37. It's so erotic when your make up runs - Author: Steven Wilson
Erotic quotes by Steven Wilson
#38. He was a romantic, a poet, a lover, a friend, and a freak. Someone to be turned on by and disgusted with in the same breath. He filled her with emotion. Whether it was the sensation of an orgasm or the comfort of someone who listen to her, this experience indulged all her pleasurable senses with little to no conflict. It was heaven, it was ecstasy, but it wasn't real. - Author: Norian F. Love
Erotic quotes by Norian F. Love
#39. Zachary looked down into the swirling morass that was his beer as the man walked onto the stage and started to play a solo piece, the band respectfully allowing him to start off his set by staking his claim. Zachary would give him staking his claim. He had his guitar nestling close by his side, as always, the leather of the case gently touching his calf, sending an almost erotic charge through his body every time he moved like the less than innocent brush of a future lover's hand on a bare arm. - Author: Pete Langman
Erotic quotes by Pete Langman
#40. I don't want your best. I want your everything. - Author: Ella Dominguez
Erotic quotes by Ella Dominguez
#41. I love to write about sex. You just have to make it idiosyncratic. You have to have a strong comprehension of your characters, and write it from their point of view. It's really fun. It's not erotic. - Author: Jane Smiley
Erotic quotes by Jane Smiley
#42. I desire you so much that I believe I might lose my reason. My body yearns for yours, and I crumble every single time you touch me. I've tried to be stronger but the memory of you inside me burns me. No man has ever made me feel the way you did. Whether you believe me or not, I will cherish that unforgettable moment for the rest of my life. - Author: Chris Lange
Erotic quotes by Chris Lange
#43. He was way stronger than me. All I could do, for seven years, was run away from the thought that my sister died. There were times I wished I could forget the both of them. I tried to lock them away somewhere in my mind and live normally, ignoring the fact that half of my heart was gone. I was trying to kill what he was trying to keep alive. - Author: Elen Chase
Erotic quotes by Elen Chase
#44. Yield, and I'll eat your little pussy... first. - Author: Setta Jay
Erotic quotes by Setta Jay
#45. Beauty lies between the erotic and the tragic. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#46. Erotic love is a threat to the state, the church and the family in that it leads to a more primary union, one that is highly pleasurable, with which they cannot compete on its terms. Sexual love transgresses boundaries, not respecting reason, obedience and duty. It is madness and uncontrollable by authority. - Author: Rod Dubey
Erotic quotes by Rod Dubey
#47. The exotic and the erotic ideals go hand in hand, and this fact also contributes another proof of a more or less obvious truth - that is, that a love of the exotic is usually an imaginative projection of a sexual desire. - Author: Mario Praz
Erotic quotes by Mario Praz
#48. In the environment in which we evolved, the careful choice of a mate was critical to a female's success in passing on her genes. If her man was not strong enough to be a successful hunter, or not of sufficiently high rank within the tribe to commandeer food from others, her children might be in trouble. The women who were reproductively successful were those with a sexual preference for effective providers. A kind of erotic "tunnel vision" was selected for, which causes women to focus their mating effort on the men at the top of the pack - the "alpha males" with good physical endowments, social rank, and economic resources (or an ability to acquire them). - Author: F. Roger Devlin
Erotic quotes by F. Roger Devlin
#49. You will never have to worry about safety. Being a Dardano will buy you all the security you'll ever need."
Bree shook her head and threw her hands up. "Being a Dardano will put the bulls eye on my back, you asshole,"
"Really, darling, once you become Mrs. Dardano, we're going to have to work on cleaning up that saucy mouth of yours. At least in public," Alessandro purred, tapping her nose.
Bree saw red. But she smiled at him. She took the plate from him and set it down on the vanity table. Then she took the vitamin shake, pulled out the waistband of his pants and poured it down inside. - Author: E. Jamie
Erotic quotes by E. Jamie
#50. Let me put it this way. You, my beautiful girl, have the power to really hurt me, with how I feel about you. Far more than anyone else ever has or ever could. I don't know if you realize that. - Author: Heather Hall
Erotic quotes by Heather Hall
#51. Just because you're my Princess doesn't mean I won't fuck you like a slut. - Author: Ella Dominguez
Erotic quotes by Ella Dominguez
#52. Then go get dressed for your Master,"Danny said with a slow,dark smile."The snake and Eve worked together,you and I will too. We'll make sure our Adam enjoys Eden before he leaves. We'll give himstrawberry so sweet it will sustain him through a whole, miserable lifetime of bland vanilla. - Author: Kele Moon
Erotic quotes by Kele Moon
#53. Each of us has a heart, a soul, and feelings. Each of us desires to be wanted, to be appreciated, and to be loved. The enchantment in life is to discover and spend time with another person who knows that and expresses it. In this context, the liberation of our naked bodies in the act of lovemaking is what gives us ultimate pleasure. - Author: J.F. Kelly
Erotic quotes by J.F. Kelly
#54. Floating"

Our canoe idles in the idling current
Of the tree and vine and rush enclosed
Backwater of a torpid midwestern stream;
Revolves slowly, and lodges in the glutted
Waterlilies. We are tired of paddling.
All afternoon we have climbed the weak current,
Up dim meanders, through woods and pastures,
Past muddy fords where the strong smell of cattle
Lay thick across the water; singing the songs
Of perfect, habitual motion; ski songs,

Nightherding songs, songs of the capstan walk,
The levee, and the roll of the voyageurs.
Tired of motion, of the rhythms of motion,
Tired of the sweet play of our interwoven strength,
We lie in each other's arms and let the palps
Of waterlily leaf and petal hold back
All motion in the heat thickened, drowsing air.
Sing to me softly, Westron Wynde, Ah the Syghes,
Mon coeur se recommend à vous, Phoebi Claro;
Sing the wandering erotic melodies
Of men and women gone seven hundred years,
Softly, your mouth close to my cheek.
Let our thighs lie entangled on the cushions,
Let your breasts in their thin cover
Hang pendant against my naked arms and throat;
Let your odorous hair fall across our eyes;
Kiss me with those subtle, melodic lips.
As I undress you, your pupils are black, wet,
Immense, and your skin ivory and humid.
Move softly, move hardly at all, part your thighs,
Take me slowly w - Author: Kenneth Rexroth
Erotic quotes by Kenneth Rexroth
#55. From the way he's looking at me there is no question what he wants. His eyes are sparkling with pleasure as they take in my scantily clad body. - Author: Rene Webb
Erotic quotes by Rene Webb
#56. He made her feel out of kilter, wholly off-balance. The other night in his arms, it had felt so good to lean on him, if only for a while. To forget the load she had borne for so long now.
And she could see it, God help her, she could, an erotic vision that ran through her mind, filled her world; her hands running over his shoulders- dark and burnished as his face. His form, long and muscular and naked, all fluid masculinity as he raised himself above her.
Heat seemed to gather at the place between her thighs. Her breasts were swelling, as if her nipples sought to stab through every layer of stiff, starched cloth. She knew that if she looked down- there would be no hiding the sight of her nipples standing pebbled and hard beneath her gown. She wanted to clamp her hands over them; better still, she wanted him to clamp those strong, masculine hands over them both and... - Author: Samantha James
Erotic quotes by Samantha James
#57. Holding on to the past means you can never be open to having a future - Author: Laurann Dohner
Erotic quotes by Laurann Dohner
#58. Gavin dreamed of nothing more than spending the rest of his life safe and comfortable, and within touching distance of the two people he loved most. All it would take to achieve that goal was a miracle. Maybe he could find one if he dug deep enough under the couch cushions. Everything else he needed ended up there. - Author: Amanda Young
Erotic quotes by Amanda Young
#59. As with the first Nightmare, we shot a couple of interesting scenes that didn't make it into the final cut, most notably one featuring a female Freddy. One of the kids in the hospital has a Freddy dream in which he's being seduced by a sexy nurse. The nightmare evolves into a kinky S&M fantasy, but becomes less M and more S when the ropes that bind the kid to the bed become Freddy tongues, and the nurse's face morphs into Freddy's, but her topless torso, which features a pair of perfect Playboy breasts, remains smooth and inviting… that is, for a moment. All of a sudden, the veins in her areolas come to life and turn into Freddy-like burn scars and snake up her cleavage, past her neck, and onto her face. (I'm pretty sure Kevin enjoyed the four hours it took to apply makeup to those tits.) This troubling, erotic transformation didn't make the final cut for some reason. Occasionally I find myself signing bootleg stills from the missing sequence. Especially in Europe. Ooh la la! - Author: Robert Englund
Erotic quotes by Robert Englund
#60. I'll wait for you as long as it takes, Evan," he says.
"I'll test your patience," I warn, my smile beginning to show itself again.
"You already do. - Author: Lilly Black
Erotic quotes by Lilly Black
#61. Nestled next to me, she nodded. "I'm fine. As long as I take the medicine. So don't worry." She leaned her head back against my shoulder. "But don't ask me anything, okay? Why that happened."
"Understood. No questions," I said.
"Thank you very much for today," she said.
"What part of today?"
"For taking me to the river. For giving me water from your mouth. For putting up with me."
I looked at her. Her lips were right in front of me. The lips I had kissed as I gave her water. And once more those lips seemed to be seeking me. Slightly parted, with her beautiful white teeth barely visible. I could still feel her soft tongue, which I'd touched slightly as I gave her water. I found it hard to breathe, and I couldn't think. My body burned. She wants me, I thought. And I want her. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Erotic quotes by Haruki Murakami
#62. Luca chuckled. "You will learn to trust me, princess."
Ryan scoffed as he also brushed past Luca and walked into the library. "Like hell she will. - Author: Franca Storm
Erotic quotes by Franca Storm
#63. I think that being on my knees between your legs is the right place for me, Sir.
And what might you do for me, Rosie, while you are down there? - Author: Rachel De Vine
Erotic quotes by Rachel De Vine
#64. She [Bernice] didn't like anything that had an adult theme, with only one exception, her collection of erotic female memorabilia. They were all antiques, fragments of other women's sexuality that was somehow easier to deal with than her own. - Author: K. Ford K.
Erotic quotes by K. Ford K.
#65. You're the mold. - Author: Lilly Black
Erotic quotes by Lilly Black
#66. Parks waits a long while, until he's absolutely certain that Justineau's monologue is finished. The truth is, for most of the time he's been trying to figure out what it is exactly that she's trying to tell him. Maybe he was right the first time about where they were heading, and Justineau airing her ancient laundry is just a sort of palate-cleanser before they have sex. Probably not, but you never know. In any case, the countermove to a confession is an absolution, unless you think the sin is unforgivable. Parks doesn't.

"It was an accident," he tells her, pointing out the obvious. "And probably you would have ended up doing the right thing. You don't strike me as the sort of person who just lets shit slide." He means that, as far as it goes. One of the things he likes about Justineau is her seriousness. He frigging flat-out hates frivolous, thoughtless people who dance across the surface of the world without looking down.

"Yeah, but you don't get it," Justineau says. "Why do you think I'm telling you all this?"

"I don't know," Parks admits. "Why are you telling me?"

Justineau steps away from the parapet wall and squares off against him – range, zero metres. It could be erotic, but somehow it's not.

"I killed that boy, Parks. If you turn my life into an equation, the number that comes out is minus one. That's my lifetime score, you understand me? And you … you and Caldwell, and Private Ginger f**king Rogers … my God, whe - Author: M.R. Carey
Erotic quotes by M.R. Carey
#67. No one outside could imagine what it felt like to squeeze the life out of a man, to feel the jerking and juddering as you throttled away their last breath. Sometimes Jared found himself staring at his own hands, marveling at what they'd done, disgusted at their violence but proud of their ability to protect. - Author: Holly Stone
Erotic quotes by Holly Stone
#68. I'm going to fuck you slow at first and then hard." - Bryce Van Der Linden (Exposed, Unbearable Passion, #3) - Author: Scarlett Avery
Erotic quotes by Scarlett Avery
#69. He looked her face over, loving the strong features and the short hair and the piercing forest green eyes. "I never would have asked you, you know…to blow everything you have here away for me."
"That's only one of the reasons I love you."
"Will you tell me the others later?"
"Maybe." She slipped her hand between his legs, shocking the shit out of him and making him gasp. "Might show you, too."
He covered her mouth with his and pushed his tongue into her as he backed her up against the wall. He didn't care if Rhage waited on the front lawn for an extra - His phone went off. And kept ringing. V lifted his head and looked through the window by the front door. Rhage was on the front lawn, phone to his ear, staring back. The brother made a show of checking his watch, then flashing his middle finger at V. Vishous pounded a fist into the Sheetrock and stepped off from Jane. "I'm coming back at the end of the night. Be naked."
"Wouldn't you rather undress me?"
"No, because I'd shred that shirt, and I want you sleeping in it every night until you're in my bed with me. Be. Naked."
"We'll see."
His whole body throbbed at the disobedience. And she knew it, her stare level and erotic. "God, I love you," he said.
"I know. Now run along and kill something. I'll be waiting for you."
He smiled at her. "Couldn't love you more if I tried."
He kissed her and dematerialized out front to Rhage's side, making sure some - Author: J.R. Ward
Erotic quotes by J.R. Ward
#70. Someday my prince will come," she lamented softly, "too fast. - Author: Melinda DuChamp
Erotic quotes by Melinda DuChamp
#71. Easy, you're safe," said a deeply rich and sexy voice. "Lie back down. - Author: Elena Kincaid
Erotic quotes by Elena Kincaid
#72. The game was sinful,
But she was more playful.
She needs to be taught,
With every drop of the wax dot. - Author: Delicious David
Erotic quotes by Delicious David
#73. Come see my mommy, Becky!" Will said and Bree stopped in her tracks. "Oh hell no!" she exclaimed staring at 'Becky'. Rebecca, the bane of Bree's existence. The blonde woman smiled mockingly at Bree. "How ya doing?" "What?" Bree asked but the question was directed at her brother and not the skank in front of her. "So how was Paris?" Rebecca asked moving right past Bree to practically press her body against Alessandro. "Seriously, what?" Bree demanded, glaring at Brian. "Hey, Alessandro. Great to see you again." "Stop talking. Stop talking now before I ram your botoxed head through this table!" Bree hissed lunging at her. Brian grabbed her quickly and held her back. "Sorry. Bree's a little bit touchy about that whole Vegas thing I guess. But hey, looks like it all worked for the best, huh?" Rebecca winked at Alessandro - Author: E. Jamie
Erotic quotes by E. Jamie
#74. You got the list?" Lewis asked.
"What the hell is the deal with the temperature?"
"Razel is not allowed to sweat," Maximo answered. "If she does,
fanatics will appear from nowhere like mischievous sprites and bottle
each drop and then sell it on eBay for millions. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
Erotic quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#75. You burn for me. I've thought of nothing but how hot you'd run if I took my time. - Author: Setta Jay
Erotic quotes by Setta Jay
#76. Damn it, Juliette. Stop."
Panting and dizzy, she stared at him. "What?"
He nipped at her lip with his teeth, hard enough to make her whimper and reach for him.
"Whatever the hell it is you're doing to me. - Author: Airicka Phoenix
Erotic quotes by Airicka Phoenix
#77. It did not take long after the rise of the commercial printing press before someone figured out that erotic novels were a good idea ... It took people another 150 years to even think of the scientific journal. - Author: Clay Shirky
Erotic quotes by Clay Shirky
#78. No panties for you. And no touching. I need to hear a yes, sir. - Author: Renee Rose
Erotic quotes by Renee Rose
#79. I've been waiting for you." His voice sizzled with hunger.
How could I respond? I've been thinking about you non-stop like a sex-crazed harlot since I left?
"I'm here. - Author: Lisa Carlisle
Erotic quotes by Lisa Carlisle
#80. People say I must be cold–natured - sexless - on account of it. But I won't have it! Some of the most passionately erotic poets have been the most self–contained in their daily lives. - Author: Thomas Hardy
Erotic quotes by Thomas Hardy
#81. Sam heard someone bellow in the distance, but the sound of freight trains running in his ears dampened the sound, making it impossible for him to locate the source of the cry. When he heard it sound again, closer, the voice sounded familiar somehow. He strained to listen past the thundering racket in his ears, only to be rewarded by another holler from the voice. This time, he recognized the voice as his own. - Author: J.M. Northup
Erotic quotes by J.M. Northup
#82. The city was alive, and so was he... - Author: Kassandra Cross
Erotic quotes by Kassandra Cross
#83. The little broken doll was no more. - Author: Jordan Silver
Erotic quotes by Jordan Silver
#84. Life is just one small piece of light between two eternal darknesses. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
Erotic quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#85. I like that," Bree admitted. "It's like…it's never too late to change." Her eyes met his, and she hoped he understood that she meant it for him as well as for herself. She wanted Alessandro to give in to the good she knew was in him and leave the Dardano family behind.
"I forgot about that. I feel rather ashamed of it now. Because of the things I've done. Then I was looking at this tiny creature here, and you're going to think I'm mad but…every time I look at him, he looks different to me. He's the same boy, but something in him is always changing. It's not a physical thing that I can explain to you, but it's…like…I don't know," Alessandro said shrugging and lowering his head. He sat on the bed next to her and stared at the incubator. The baby's eyes were open, staring back, blinking slowly, sleepily.
"You're seeing him become a person. Like all the parts of him are coming together and making this tiny person's soul. He was one person in here," Bree pointed to her stomach. "And now he's changing on the outside so he can be a part of the world."
"That's it," Alessandro nodded. "He's a part of the world now. My world, in a completely different way than when he was inside of you. It's like having two sons and watching them become one as a slow minute by minute process. He's never going to stop changing. What he thinks and feels now is not going to be what he thinks and feels tomorrow or fifty years from now."
"It's the same for you," Bree said, closing he - Author: E. Jamie
Erotic quotes by E. Jamie
#86. Don't you want this?" The pain in his voice ripped a hole inside her.
"I want you so damn much." Her words choked in her throat. She forced a laugh to keep from crying. "Hell, we can't seem to keep our hands off each other."
"Should we try?"

-Kathy Kulig, Red Tape - Author: Kathy Kulig
Erotic quotes by Kathy Kulig
#87. Oh, adorable, delicious Amelie. If I weren't so completely straight and enamored with cock, I would devour this sweet little tart. - Author: Ella Dominguez
Erotic quotes by Ella Dominguez
#88. Shared laughter is erotic too. - Author: Marge Piercy
Erotic quotes by Marge Piercy
#89. In the external world, she is the force of evolution, the erotic thrust at the heart of life. She is the intrinsic creative drive that fueled the big bang and continues to unfold as stars, galaxies, planets, life-forms, species, and also human societies, cultures and individual consciousness itself. - Author: Sally Kempton
Erotic quotes by Sally Kempton
#90. Mm ... hmm. I bet he's helping you. Right into his bed and you'd be a fool not to test him out. Shit. From what you've told me, any woman would love to be in that man's bed. I bet he's got a nice cock and is a sweet lover too - Author: Alyson Raynes
Erotic quotes by Alyson Raynes
#91. As for woman, she touches herself in and of herself without any need for mediation, and before there is any way to distinguish activity from passivity. Woman touches herself all the time, and moreover no one can forbid her to do so...
~from Red Queen Black Queen - Author: Savannah Rose
Erotic quotes by Savannah Rose
#92. A Short Southern Screw? So I was right. You're craving something south ot the Mason-Dixon Line."
He moved closer, crowding her even though there was still a good twelve inches between them.
"I can assure you, though, I'm a man who isn't short in any sense of the word. - Author: Katee Robert
Erotic quotes by Katee Robert
#93. She was sweet, genuine, sexy as fuck, and broken. That was the one thing he kept coming back to. Even as she tried to put on a brave front, he could see that she was still suffering. He wasn't sure if his natural brand of fuck 'em and bounce was gonna be any help to her, but he knew he didn't like the raw deal she'd gotten. If he could bring her out of that shell just a little, give her some of her own back well then. - Author: Jordan Silver
Erotic quotes by Jordan Silver
#94. BDSM is not liberating nor does it promote equality between men and women. - Author: J.F. Kelly
Erotic quotes by J.F. Kelly
#95. Tighten your grip, make me bleed, it's a hunger I need to feed. Strip me bare, pull my hair, I don't care just take me there. - Author: Pepper Winters
Erotic quotes by Pepper Winters
#96. But Finn was like no one else. He could be funny, teasing, informative all at once. I was discovering that smart, engaged dialogue with a man is extremely erotic. Cleverness is an aphrodisiac. - Author: Jane Lotter
Erotic quotes by Jane Lotter
#97. I have a feeling you two are going to tag team against me all the time, aren't you? - Author: Alexa Riley
Erotic quotes by Alexa Riley
#98. I have always reacted negatively to those who with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others' lives. - Author: Vladimir Putin
Erotic quotes by Vladimir Putin
#99. She abandoned herself to his whim, thinking it was to be an orgy of eyes and hands only. - Author: Anais Nin
Erotic quotes by Anais Nin
#100. 1. The face tears up from laughter, and there is not flesh and soul, but a continuous smile of awareness.
2. A ghost is a hologram record of the projection of the universe, once generated by an accident of chaos, living in reality. This spirit is like the same memoirs and nostalgia of the past. This is a retro record of bygone times, traveling in empty eternity and nonsense, feeling only insensibility. A time-space film of time and space existing in time, in the depressing eternity of reality, in the void of consciousness of loneliness. A ghost who sees is not evolutionary progress, but the life cycle of a temporary transformation, rotting from the depravity of people.
3. Loneliness is a catcher of erotic dreams.
4. Careerism is a children's entertainment, attraction mini-golf of self-motivation and discipline.
5. Death from the dust of all the dead and dust of memories. Fear is all out of the darkness of the subconscious of billions of threads of manipulation.
6. Love relationships as a table hockey attraction, and the puck is the fault.
7. Laziness as an attraction a children's rocking chair is an illusion of movement.
8. The idea appeared in a mirror maze and it is reflected in all the mirrors, that is, the opinion that the source cannot be found because it is hidden from your eyes. You see that opinion is a sect. - Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Erotic quotes by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
#101. And then," Darren continues dizzily, "when we've come, I'll keep you open with my fingers, keep you loose, and when I'm ready, I'll take you again. - Author: Dominique Frost
Erotic quotes by Dominique Frost
#102. Erotic attraction often serves as the catalyst for an intimate connection between two people, but it is not a sign of love. Exciting, pleasurable sex can take place between two people who do not even know each other. Yet the vast majority of males in our society are convinced that their erotic longing indicates who they should, and can, love. Led by their penis, seduced by erotic desire, they often end up in relationships with partners with whom they share no common interests of values. - Author: Bell Hooks
Erotic quotes by Bell Hooks
#103. He glanced down at her, keeping his expression carefully impassive. "I hate to leave you." There was a gently mocking edge to his tone. "You need someone to follow you around and keep you safe from mishaps. On the other hand, you also need someone to find a beekeeper."
Realizing he was not going to talk about Leo, Amelia followed his lead. "Will you do that for us? I would consider it a great favor."
"Of course. Although…" His eyes held a wicked glitter. "As I mentioned before, I can't keep doing favors for you with no reward. A man needs incentive."
"If … if you want money, I'll be glad to - "
"God, no." Rohan was laughing now. "I don't want money." Reaching out, he smoothed back her hair, letting the heel of his hand graze the edge of her cheekbone. The brush of his skin was light and erotic, causing her to swallow hard. "Goodbye, Miss Hathaway. I'll see myself out." He flashed a smile at her and advised, "Stay away from the windows."
On the way down the stairs, Rohan passed Merripen, who was ascending at a measured pace.
Merripen's face darkened at the sight of the visitor. "What are you doing here?"
"It seems I'm helping with pest eradication."
"Then you can begin by leaving," Merripen growled.
Rohan only grinned nonchalantly, and continued on his way. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Erotic quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#104. As 1968 began to ebb into 1969, however, and as "anticlimax" began to become a real word in my lexicon, another term began to obtrude itself. People began to intone the words "The Personal is The Political." At the instant I first heard this deadly expression, I knew as one does from the utterance of any sinister bullshit that it was - cliché is arguably forgiven here - very bad news. From now on it would be enough to be a member of a sex or gender, or epidermal subdivision, or even erotic "preference," to qualify as a revolutionary. In order to begin a speech or ask a question from the floor, all that would be necessary by way of preface would be the words: "Speaking as a..." The could follow any self-loving description. I will have to say this much for the old "hard" Left: we earned our claim to speak and intervene by right of experience and sacrifice and work. It would never have done for any of us to stand up and say that our sex or sexuality pr pigmentation or disability were qualifications in themselves. There are many ways of dating the moment when The Left lost - or I would prefer to say, discarded its moral advantage, but this was the first time that I was to see the sellout conducted so cheaply. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Erotic quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#105. Look, that was some weird shit, you dying and then returning from the dead. I know it was no accident that you stopped by the Honky Tonk last time you were in town. You were in trouble, Lisa. I could see it all over your face." He paused for a gulp of his beer. "You know what you did to me? You got any idea just how fucked up my head has been since you walked out that door? - Author: A. Violet End
Erotic quotes by A. Violet End
#106. Ah, the ancient language of sarcasm. How it suits you."
"Why thank you, petal. It is one of my many talents, and I happen to be fluent in the language." I dazzled him with my smile.
"You need to give me a manly nickname."
"You haven't given me any reason to give you one yet."
"That's harsh. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
Erotic quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#107. Dominic reached behind his head and tugged on his T-shirt. The rising fabric revealed his abdomen. And yeah, he liked the way her gaze followed the hemline. But his arm stilled, his bicep taut and his T-shirt covering his hair. If he kept going, she'd see the damaged skin on his chest from where the bullet had entered.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked. "My scars aren't pretty."

"I promise to focus on your abs," she murmured without looking up. "And lower. - Author: Sara Jane Stone
Erotic quotes by Sara Jane Stone
#108. Bianca knew how to surround herself with some dangerous-looking, well-built studs - each of whom had an ass you could bounce a quarter off of and get back perfect change. - Author: Avery Flynn
Erotic quotes by Avery Flynn
#109. To relinquish your typical everyday character for a brief while, in pursuit of uninhibited sexual pleasure can be an incredibly cathartic experience.......Why not try it some time? - Author: Miya Yamanouchi
Erotic quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#110. I said, I love you, you arrogant arse." She smiled. "I always have. You're my mate, Owen Breese MacLaren. The distance won't change that. It never has. - Author: Elizabeth Morgan
Erotic quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#111. I wonder, What is it to be human? Especially now that we are so urban. How do we remember our connection with place? What is the umbilical cord that roots us to that primal, instinctive, erotic place? Every time I walk to the edge of this continent and feel the sand beneath my feet, feel the seafoam move up my body, I think, "Ah, yes, evolution." It's there, we just forget. - Author: Terry Tempest Williams
Erotic quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#112. While much has been written about the aggressive manifestations of male sexuality, it is not sufficiently appreciated that the erotic realm also offers men a restorative experience for their more tender side. The body is our original mother tongue, and for a lot of men it remains the only language of closeness that hasn't been spoiled. Through sex, men can recapture the pure pleasure of connection without having to compress their hard-to-articulate needs into the prison of words. - Author: Esther Perel
Erotic quotes by Esther Perel
#113. Most politicians' voices dripped with air kisses and firm handshakes, affable and approachable, telling you what you wanted to hear. But Jonathon Brond had an edge. The man didn't hide the power in his voice. - Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Erotic quotes by Elizabeth SaFleur
#114. Will, was not as taken with the photo of the new baby as the grown ups around him. "It look like Mr. Potato Head." "I'm sure your baby sister will appreciate that," Alessandro said with a wry grin. "A girl? It's a girl?" Will asked with a grimace. "That's right," Bree announced as Vanessa and Brian congratulated them. "I can play wif Gianni but what we gonna do wif a girl?" he asked, handing the picture back to them. "Nope, send it back
and get another boy dis time. - Author: E. Jamie
Erotic quotes by E. Jamie
#115. Breathless I look up at him and find him gazing at me with a wonder that my deep-seated insecurity finds hard to believe. Then he does this thing. His fingers start moving on my face, tracing outlines. They trail along my eyebrows, the ridge of my nose, the apple of my cheeks and the line of my jaw. His touch is like feather but his eyes ... they blaze and just like that, without saying a single word, he makes me believe. - Author: Rucy Ban
Erotic quotes by Rucy Ban
#116. He let go of my wrists and lifted me up against the wall. "Try fucking getting away from me now. Nice try, Tyler, but I told you that I always win. - Author: Jaimie Roberts
Erotic quotes by Jaimie Roberts
#117. With skin dressed only in moonlight, she beckons you to her secret garden. - Author: John Mark Green
Erotic quotes by John Mark Green
#118. You're very lovely, gatita."
Her brows pulled together, and she gave him a skeptical stare.
"Do not look at your master as if he's an idiot. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Erotic quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#119. I woke to find the sun streaming through the bedroom window. Looking up with one eye opened and the other still closed, I saw that Luca was awake, lying on one side and looking down on me.
"Good morning. Do you want to talk Adriana?"
"No, I just want to fuck. Oh, good morning by the way."
"For a prospective sub you are becoming a little demanding."
"Sorry, am I not supposed to want sex?"
"There's absolutely nothing wrong with you wanting sex, in fact it is a condition of you being here in bed with me. It's just that a good little sub waits to be asked."
"Sorry. Then of course I will withdraw that demand and lie here to await your pleasure."
"Good, a fast learner, that's what I like. - Author: Rachel De Vine
Erotic quotes by Rachel De Vine
#120. If you were truly 'here for me,' you would have a Kahlua in one hand and Henry Cavill's number in the other. Since I'm not having drunken phone sex with Superman, there must be another reason you're darkening my living room. - Author: Naima Simone
Erotic quotes by Naima Simone
#121. Why women choose to dress like this on a regular basis baffles me. It weighs so much. And then they add those high shoes? I will never understand Ladies," Rose commented - Author: Brandi Gillilan
Erotic quotes by Brandi Gillilan
#122. You stay right where daddy puts you, baby girl - Author: Bell Pepper
Erotic quotes by Bell Pepper
#123. The scene taking place illustrates an immemorial error of men: having appropriated the role of seducers, they never even consider any women but the ones they might desire; the idea doesn't occur to them that a woman who is ugly or odd, or who simply stands outside their own erotic imaginings, might want to possess them. - Author: Milan Kundera
Erotic quotes by Milan Kundera
#124. The first morning I really sat and watched him it was a Tuesday. I know that because Tuesday is trash day for our neighborhood. Unlike me, he leaves gathering up his trash for the morning of pickup instead of doing it the night before. My alarm went off at 6 AM and I went in to start the coffee maker, and as I went about selecting a bit of fruit from the bowl on my kitchen table I looked out the window. It was just a casual glance, and the human eye is attracted to movement. - Author: Benjamin R. Smith
Erotic quotes by Benjamin R. Smith
#125. Spectacles, on that strong-featured face ... and his hair mussed as if he had been tugging absently on the front locks. All that combined with a plenitude of muscles and masculine virility was astonishingly ... erotic. "When did you start wearing those?" Daisy managed to ask.
"About a year ago." He smiled ruefully and removed the spectacles with one hand. "I need them to read. Too many late nights poring over contracts and reports."
"They ... they are very becoming."
"Are they?" Continuing to smile, Swift shook his head, as if it had not occurred to him to wonder about his appearance. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Erotic quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#126. David Bergen is a master of taut, spare prose that's both erotic and hypnotic ... - Author: Miriam Toews
Erotic quotes by Miriam Toews
#127. Cloaked by the erotic darkness she exhausted the future quickly, with all the eventualities that might lead up to a kiss, but with the kiss itself as blurred as a kiss in pictures. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Erotic quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#128. He was part of a tattoo - Author: Luna Saint Claire
Erotic quotes by Luna Saint Claire
#129. Sex and magic are intertwined experiences - sex is one kind of magic (and can be made more magical without being concerned with sex-magic at any point), and magic can be, while erotic and arousing, not necessarily sexual in the way that is often understood. There is a commonly-held belief that those who practice sex-magic are indulging themselves in wild orgiastic rites at every opportunity. This is rarely the case. After all, if you need to go through lots of occult rigmarole just to get laid, then you're a bit sad, aren't you? Then again, the occult subculture is full of SAD people, desperate to finally get laid and attempting to turn to sex-magic as a last resort. - Author: Phil Hine
Erotic quotes by Phil Hine
#130. Now I really feel sorry for her. Your hand is as bad as Rob's paddle," Cassie shuddered.
"Thank you."
"I didn't mean it as a compliment! - Author: Breanna Hayse
Erotic quotes by Breanna Hayse
#131. I suppose if you take one part asshole and mix one part drugs, then stir in too much money for a man's own good, this is the kind of crazy gravy you end up with. - Author: A. Violet End
Erotic quotes by A. Violet End
#132. When you look at me, tease my desire with a mere gaze, it shreds the edges of my soul… - Author: Yvonne Nicolas
Erotic quotes by Yvonne Nicolas
#133. When you plan ahead, shit never goes wrong, just in different directions. - Welliver. - Author: James Cox
Erotic quotes by James Cox
#134. There was no going back and that was exactly what she craved.
Deep breath.
"Consent. - Author: Jennifer Kacey
Erotic quotes by Jennifer Kacey
#135. She moved to get up, but the man held her down as her car exploded next.
Bree lifted her head and looked back at the wall of fire behind them. "Well. We're well and truly screwed now. - Author: E. Jamie
Erotic quotes by E. Jamie
#136. screen filled with symbols, only this time it was Arabic letters that meant nothing to him. He assumed they meant nothing to Raj as well, and was therefore surprised when Raj pointed out a short sequence. "This is the word for 'person' or 'human being'." Daniel stared at Raj. "You know Arabic?" "No, not really. I have read Nizar Qabbani in translation, and this word is a particularly beautiful shape, is it not?" "Still waters run deep, Raj. So you read Arabic love poetry. I wouldn't have ever guessed." Raj blushed. "Sushma is more woman than I can handle without help," he admitted. "Qabbani writes more than just love poetry. It is quite erotic. - Author: J.C. Ryan
Erotic quotes by J.C. Ryan
#137. You'll notice all around the Hindu temples couples, statues and drawings, in various erotic forms of love-making. This used to give the British a lot of trouble because they were kind of white and uptight. It didn't quite fit. How could a temple of God be covered with pictures of people, in their term, fornicating? - Author: Frederick Lenz
Erotic quotes by Frederick Lenz
#138. Now I want you to look up at me," he ordered, and she complied, turning to face him as he made eye contact. She felt her heart beating faster in her chest, the situation almost too erotic for her to handle. - Author: Crow Gray
Erotic quotes by Crow Gray
#139. She couldn't think of anyone else who remotely resembled him. He was complicated, almost contradictory in so many ways, yet simple, a strangely erotic combination. On the surface he was a country boy, home from war, and he probably saw himself in those terms. Yet there was so much more to him. Perhaps it was the poetry that made him different, or perhaps it was the values his father had instilled in him, growing up. Either way, he seemed to savor life more fully than others appeared to, and that was what had first attracted her to him. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
Erotic quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#140. That hard soldier's body made her want to do all sorts of deliciously erotic things _ she wondered if he had enough flesh on him to bite or if her teeth would slide off. - Author: Nalini Singh
Erotic quotes by Nalini Singh
#141. You should've told me Tess," I murmured against her hair. "You helped me find my humanness but you took it away with your lies. - Author: Pepper Winters
Erotic quotes by Pepper Winters
#142. A vinal shine turns over shades of cerulean and jasper from her expressive lips, revealing a jewel-like surface beneath a light that remains colorfast in a kiss composed of infinite grace. Being in a state of rest, Nadia still makes me the center of attention, dovetailing in an erotic entwinement that impels me to knead her coiling flex. Her resplendent fullness macerated into my bosom now grants me a restful anodyne, enabling the allay of my inner soul. - Author: Luccini Shurod
Erotic quotes by Luccini Shurod
#143. I look at you," he murmured, "and I remember every position, every way I made you come, how you felt against my mouth. Honey, I know it all by heart. I don't want to try some new kinky position. I want to revisit where we've been. - Author: Sara Jane Stone
Erotic quotes by Sara Jane Stone
#144. I can smell arousal, Talin. You get hot every time you see me half-naked."
The erotic need that flared through her body was mortifying. Perhaps that explained the stupidity of her next words. "Maybe I get that way for every half-naked man. - Author: Nalini Singh
Erotic quotes by Nalini Singh
#145. When I work I feel more alive than under any other circumstances. There's not an 'I love you' in the world that can match it. I feel safe, excited, at peace, erotic, centered. Nothing can touch me. - Author: Vivian Gornick
Erotic quotes by Vivian Gornick
#146. You have a gorgeous ass, and it holds handprints beautifully.
Oh, well, how nice for me. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Erotic quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#147. THREE MONTHS HAVE GONE BY without the taste of Gabriel Storm in my mouth, the scent of his skin in my nostrils, the rush of his powerful body pounding into mine. - Author: Magda Alexander
Erotic quotes by Magda Alexander
#148. My nipples tightened as I breathed in his musky scent mixed with cologne. I didn't recognize the brand, but it spoke to something inside me. It whispered come closer, and my heart pounded harder. - Author: Lori Toland
Erotic quotes by Lori Toland
#149. Three erotic paintings by Isa - $ 20K; chasing said artist in Benz SLS Coupe - $ 195K; the look on her face right at this moment - PRICELESS. - Author: Ella Dominguez
Erotic quotes by Ella Dominguez
#150. Anyway, I'm in bed with her, with her bracelets. Her face is a blank, so I darken the lights. Off go her silky undergarments. The bracelets are all she has on. They glint slightly, a pleasant muffled clinking on the sheets. I have a hard-on.
Which, halfway down the ladder, is what I noticed. Just great. Why now? Why didn't I get an erection when I needed one? And why was I getting so excited over two lousy bracelets? Especially under this slicker, with the world about to end. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Erotic quotes by Haruki Murakami
#151. I want my world to start and end with you. - Author: E.L. James
Erotic quotes by E.L. James
#152. His voice goads me and then I register the perfect rhythm he is creating in my tightly wound body. One, two, and then three fingers fill me, his hand rocking flawlessly against my quivering clitoris as he fucks me. Slowly at first and then the tempo increases as Shaw builds the pace. Before I know it I am panting as the sensations consume me. Eyes shut tight, I feel myself grinding against what feels like the palm of his hand or maybe his wrist, loving the friction it creates as Shaw penetrates me over and over again. - Author: Felicity Brandon
Erotic quotes by Felicity Brandon
#153. The erotic power was a natural aphrodisiac, and he suddenly understood what a rush edge play could be. - Author: Claire Thompson
Erotic quotes by Claire Thompson
#154. The pervasion of image has so deeply altered our very relationships to ourselves that even men have become objects
if never erotic objects. - Author: Shulamith Firestone
Erotic quotes by Shulamith Firestone
#155. Oh fuck, he was right there. I was wet as hell and he could probably smell me now. I should have eaten strawberries or melon or a dozen roses or an entire mint plant. Did that work for women? I read an article that it worked for men. Their spunk tasted like what they ate. Did my vagina taste like spaghetti right now? God dammit! I shouldn't have eaten dinner! - Author: Tara Sivec
Erotic quotes by Tara Sivec
#156. My eyes refuse to let him leave, but he stands still holding my hand, lingering for as long as possible. - Author: Thomas Sweeney
Erotic quotes by Thomas Sweeney
#157. Her OBGYN, Dr Caroline Murdoch, popped in and asked if she could speak to Bree alone. Bree nodded and Tina left them. "I wanted to talk to you about why you fainted." Something in her voice made Bree's body go rigid with expectation. "I…thought maybe it was the shock of… everything," Bree whispered. Oh God. Oh God. She didn't know what she was bracing herself for. "I know you and Alessandro were trying to conceive again. I want to tell you that you were successful. You're going to have a baby, Bree," she said. Bree squeezed Gianni tighter and buried her face in his neck as the tears filled her eyes and streamed from her face. Oh God…Now? She was torn between joy and utter terror. They had done it, but how would Alessandro react when he found out, considering the condition he was in now. They had created another life. Another target for Arturo. - Author: E. Jamie
Erotic quotes by E. Jamie
#158. Keep a big glass of cool water close while reading this one. - Margaret Smith - Author: Scarlett Avery
Erotic quotes by Scarlett Avery
#159. I love you with all the shadows in the world for eternity. - Author: Pepper Winters
Erotic quotes by Pepper Winters
#160. Erotic names, robes, insignia of office, titles- the trappings of religion- confuse as much as they help. - Author: Stephen Batchelor
Erotic quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#161. The subject of walking is, in some sense, about how we invest universal acts with particular meanings. Like eating or breathing, it can be invested with wildly different cultural meanings, from the erotic to the spiritual, from the revolutionary to the artistic. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Erotic quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#162. His lips follow a trail from my mouth to my jaw, down to my throat. As he nuzzles, he suckles, nips my skin before circling back to my mouth to taste me, ravage me, own me. - Author: Magda Alexander
Erotic quotes by Magda Alexander
#163. 1. The cheerful horrors of inner reality amaze to the depths of the soul with the shock humor of evil. It's as if they are beating a shocker from whom you are laughing.
2. Laughter is an orgasm of awareness.
3. Science and art is a toy store. Created in order to occupy a person with something.
6. Loneliness is a catcher of erotic dreams.
7. Aphorism as a tattoo sticker in the mind.
8. You take off the mask of hypocrisy, and there are hundreds of billions of laughing monsters of monsters. They laugh in a smile of hatred; an ordinary person simply cannot stand so much awareness.
9. The idea appeared in a mirror maze and it is reflected in all the mirrors, that is, the opinion that the source cannot be found because it is hidden from your eyes. You see that opinion is a sect.
10. Laziness as an attraction a child's rocking machine is an illusion of movement. - Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Erotic quotes by Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
#164. If you think in terms of teaching as a shared journey of discovery, instead of just a job, look what's involved: sharing of knowledge, hunger for understanding, desire for approval, opening of another spirit, penetration of one mind into another, the mystery of the unknown, the pleasure of success, mental intimacy in shared moments of revelation, maybe even climactic moments... Internal changes, growth, expansion, opening, tapping into unconscious longings-well, most of those words describe an erotic relationship. If you hung them all on a clothesline and picked only three, you'd have enough to produce a spark, a thin column of smoke, maybe even a small flame. - Author: Jacquie Gordon
Erotic quotes by Jacquie Gordon
#165. Woman you're as mean as a copperhead. Come here let's find out if you're as cold-blooded. - Author: Katee Robert
Erotic quotes by Katee Robert
#166. I moaned and arched my body closer to his mouth, pressing his head down with both my hands in the same instant. - Author: Cristina Rayne
Erotic quotes by Cristina Rayne
#167. A man shouldn't assume his wife was happy just because she didn't complain all the time. She had complained this morning. He'd spanked her for it. That didn't sit right somehow. - Author: Starla Kaye
Erotic quotes by Starla Kaye
#168. Are you finished?" He snarls. "I have perfect vision, sub. Now, I gave you a choice, something I rarely do. Either the skirt comes off so I can see your luscious ass; your corset comes off and I flog those delicious looking tits…or you use your safe word. Which is it going to be?" He growls at my neck, soaking my panties. I'll never see him or these people again, and I soooo want this now. What the hell… "The skirt, Sir."
"Good Girl…" He grins. - Author: Lainie Suzanne
Erotic quotes by Lainie Suzanne
#169. Imagine how wild a night like this could be if you enjoyed the time spent and enjoyed the mind of the person beneath your sheets? - Author: Rose Fell
Erotic quotes by Rose Fell
#170. Emily is grateful to this man and gradually she begins to immerse herself into the world of Tiger's obsession. - Author: Pet Torres
Erotic quotes by Pet Torres
#171. I'm a writer."It took a second to click. Then Blake chucked. "Not just any writer. She writes paranormal porn."She turned, and snarled at Blake, "It's not porn. It is erotic romance. - Author: Hazel Gower
Erotic quotes by Hazel Gower
#172. I'm burning in despair
Love which you distanced from me
Return once again
I'll forgive you again
Return, Page 19 - Author: Delicious David
Erotic quotes by Delicious David
#173. There is an erotic charge prising the top from a new lipstick, leaning into the mirror and painting your masterpiece. Lipstick has its own unique taste and lingers on your tongue like semen. - Author: Chloe Thurlow
Erotic quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#174. She gasped again and opened blue eyes lit with erotic mischief. "Are you trying to steal the reins from me?"
Even with his penis buried deep within her, even moments from climax, he arched an eyebrow. "You have them only by my permission. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Erotic quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#175. Don't think, Ember...just burn. - Author: Ditter Kellen
Erotic quotes by Ditter Kellen
#176. Love alone can't fix me. I'm broken in ways you can't imagine. Daily, I'm coping with scenarios I build in my head… scenarios involving you in danger. I see danger everywhere. It's who I am, what I do. I can't help the way I feel. I need to closet you, coddle you, protect you against my bosom and smother you. - Author: Sarah Michelle Lynch
Erotic quotes by Sarah Michelle Lynch
#177. Today we are going to discover all about your vagina. - Author: E.J. Wood
Erotic quotes by E.J. Wood
#178. Live fast, Die pretty!" ~Mercedes Delaware - Author: Lori Meckley
Erotic quotes by Lori Meckley
#179. Planning to stay on your leash, wolf? Or would you rather let loose? - Author: Franca Storm
Erotic quotes by Franca Storm
#180. Yes, my dolls were the beginning. Obviously there was a convulsive flavor to them because they reflected my anxiety and unhappiness. To an extent they represented an attempt to reject the horrors of adult life as it was in favor of a return to the wonder of childhood, but the eroticism was all-important, they became an erotic liberation for me. - Author: Hans Bellmer
Erotic quotes by Hans Bellmer
#181. Julia ... do you feel how much you own me?" I moaned against the soft skin of her neck, her pulse beating wildly against my lips. So sweet and alive. "But you're mine. You own me, but you've always been mine. - Author: Kahlen Aymes
Erotic quotes by Kahlen Aymes
#182. This principle - that your spouse should be capable of becoming your best friend - is a game changer when you address the question of compatibility in a prospective spouse. If you think of marriage largely in terms of erotic love, then compatibility means sexual chemistry and appeal. If you think of marriage largely as a way to move into the kind of social status in life you desire, then compatibility means being part of the desired social class, and perhaps common tastes and aspirations for lifestyle. The problem with these factors is that they are not durable. Physical attractivess will wane, no matter how hard you work to delay its departure. And socio-economic status unfortunately can change almost overnight. When people think they have found compatibility based on these things, they often make the painful discovery that they have built their relationship on unstable ground. A woman "lets herself go" or a man loses his job, and the compatibility foundation falls apart. - Author: Timothy Keller
Erotic quotes by Timothy Keller
#183. Nolan," she said. "I'm…"
Say it. Tell him the truth.
But her mouth remained still against his. She couldn't tell him how badly she wanted to pull him close, because then she may not let go. She couldn't tell him how terrified she was that she'd get lost again to another man.
He cupped her face, silently coaxing her to finish her sentence. "You're what, love?"
Her eyes met his. "I'm broken. - Author: Joya Ryan
Erotic quotes by Joya Ryan
#184. A master like Raoul looks for a woman whose need to serve and submit matches his need to protect and take command. - Author: Cherise Sinclair
Erotic quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#185. Nothing is better for "spiritual advancement" & the detachment of the flesh than a close reading of the "Erotic Dictionary. - Author: Remy De Gourmont
Erotic quotes by Remy De Gourmont
#186. Pandora's Box could not be unopened, no one could return to Eden. - Author: Selena Kitt
Erotic quotes by Selena Kitt
#187. The combination of his teeth gently grating on her skin and his tongue flicking back and forth was the most erotic experience of her life. A sad statement on her sexual experiences, but still true. - Author: Susan Mallery
Erotic quotes by Susan   Mallery
#188. A couple of nights ago I had an erotic dream about Edward Norton. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Erotic quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#189. But you haven't had my brand of dangerous. - Author: Ella Dominguez
Erotic quotes by Ella Dominguez
#190. Pornography also eroticizes male supremacy. It makes dominance and subordination feel like sex; it makes hierarchy feel like sex; it makes force and violence feel like sex; it makes hate and terrorism feel like sex; it makes inequality feel like sex. Pornography keeps sexism sexy. It keeps sexism necessary for some people to have sexual feelings. It makes reciprocity make you go limp. It makes mutuality leave you cold. It makes tenderness and intimacy and caring make you feel like you're going to disappear into a void. It makes justice the opposite of erotic; it makes injustice a sexual thrill. - Author: John Stoltenberg
Erotic quotes by John Stoltenberg
#191. Cowgirl...or Belle. Just not Cow Belle. - Author: Belinda McBride
Erotic quotes by Belinda McBride
#192. Remember, your body is the bridge that connects you to your true sensuality. - Author: Lebo Grand
Erotic quotes by Lebo Grand
#193. The next time I bring her to climax, I want her to be begging me. - Author: Rene Webb
Erotic quotes by Rene Webb
#194. She wanted to know what it was like to be completely possessed by this man. Instead of scaring her, the thought sent the most erotic thrill racing through her. If she was stupid enough to sleep with him, she knew that things between them would end badly, but she wanted Levi in a way that defied logic, and probably her sanity, and she wanted everything he had to offer. Even if she got burned in the end. - Author: Katie Reus
Erotic quotes by Katie Reus
#195. If you want to make her day then gift her diamonds. But if you want to make your night then gift her erotica. - Author: Erotic Writer
Erotic quotes by Erotic Writer
#196. That's what underwear is for, girls, so if an emergency happens you only show your cookies to the people you love. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Erotic quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#197. The top surface of the computer is smooth except for a fisheye lens, a polished
glass dome with a purplish optical coating. Whenever Hiro is using the machine,
this lens emerges and clicks into place, its base flush with the surface of the
computer. The neighborhood loglo is curved and foreshortened on its surface.
Hiro finds it erotic. This is partly because he hasn't been properly laid in
several weeks. But there's more to it. Hiro's father, who was stationed in
Japan for many years, was obsessed with cameras. He kept bringing them back
from his stints in the Far East, encased in many protective layers, so that when
he took them out to show Hiro, it was like watching an exquisite striptease as
they emerged from all that black leather and nylon, zippers and straps. And
once the lens was finally exposed, pure geometric equation made real, so
powerful and vulnerable at once, Hiro could only think it was like nuzzling
through skirts and lingerie and outer labia and inner labia. . . . It made
him feel naked and weak and brave.
The lens can see half of the universe -- the half that is above the computer,
which includes most of Hiro. In this way, it can generally keep track of where
Hiro is and what direction he's looking in.
Down inside the computer are three lasers -- a red one, a green one, and a blue
one. They are powerful enough to make a bright light but not powerful enough to
burn - Author: Neal Stephenson
Erotic quotes by Neal Stephenson
#198. Of course it hurts, it's a spanking. How else would it work? - Author: Breanna Hayse
Erotic quotes by Breanna Hayse
#199. Jeb dragged a protesting Anita toward a rapidly approaching sheriff's
four-wheel drive. Blood dribbled through her fingers covering a gunshot
wound on her arm. "Lady, I've never raised a hand to a woman in my life,
but you are sorely testing my limits."
Chloe sympathized. If there was one thing she hated it was a
condescending psycho bitch with bad taste in sweaters. - Author: Fiona Archer
Erotic quotes by Fiona Archer
#200. Rodney held my cock in his right hand and ran it gently over his face. It was incredibly erotic, standing there under the showerhead as this massive man held me so softly. I swear, I almost lost it right there. My dick hurt, it was so hard. - Author: Ellie Saxx
Erotic quotes by Ellie Saxx

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