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When we pray, we open the door for God to come into our problems and situations and work on them. ~ Joyce Meyer
Schweiss Doors quotes by Joyce Meyer
All is il­lu­sion; noth­ing is re­al.
There are no true win­dows or halls.
The doors are not there and they can't hold the light.
My life's not con­tained in these walls. ~ L.S. Hartfield
Schweiss Doors quotes by L.S. Hartfield
There were two sets of double doors leading out of the antechamber, one marked STACKS and the other TOMES. Not knowing the difference between the two, I headed to the ones labeled STACKS. That was what I wanted. Stacks of books. Great heaps of books. Shelf after endless shelf of books. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Schweiss Doors quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
After I shut the door behind me, I heard Darryl say of course eating him would work too. ~ Patricia Briggs
Schweiss Doors quotes by Patricia Briggs
Women are on the outside when the door to the smoke-filled room is closed. ~ Millicent Fenwick
Schweiss Doors quotes by Millicent Fenwick
I like to do things for my wife on Valentine's Day. I open the door for her when she puts laundry in the washing machine. ~ Milton Berle
Schweiss Doors quotes by Milton Berle
You suppose you are the trouble
But you are the cure
You suppose that you are the lock on the door
But you are the key that opens it
It's too bad that you want to be someone else
You don't see your own face, your own beauty
Yet, no face is more beautiful than yours. ~ Rumi
Schweiss Doors quotes by Rumi
When the bus driver gets off the bus, who shuts the door? ~ Bill Engvall
Schweiss Doors quotes by Bill Engvall
Aubade Ending with the Death of a Mosquito"

- at Apollo Hospital, Dhaka

Let me break
free of these lace-frail
lilac fingers disrobing
the black sky
from the windows of this
room, I sit helpless, waiting,
silent - sister,
because you drew from me
the coil of red twine: loneliness -
spooled inside -
once, I wanted to say one
true thing, as in, I want more
in this life,
or, the sky is hurt, a blue vessel -
we pass through each other,
like weary
sweepers haunting through glass
doors, arcing across gray floors
faint trails
of dust we leave behind - he
touches my hand, waits for me
to clutch back
while mosquitoes rise like smoke
from this cold marble floor,
from altars,
seeking the blood still humming
in our unsaved bodies - he sighs,
I make a fist,
I kill this one leaving raw
kisses raised on our bare necks -
because I woke
alone in the myth of one life, I will
myself into another - how strange,
to witness
nameless, the tangled shape
our blood makes across us,
my open palm. ~ Tarfia Faizullah
Schweiss Doors quotes by Tarfia Faizullah
Behind me, Marc made a soft whistling sound, clearly impressed. "That's not standard procedure," he said, his tone entirely too reasonable as he leaned over the stray's body to open the back passenger-side door.
"Yeah, well, I'm not your standard enforcer. ~ Rachel Vincent
Schweiss Doors quotes by Rachel Vincent
Our effort was a serious effort, genuine effort, to open the door for peace, unfortunately, the Security Council is not ready to listen to that message. ~ Riyad Mansour
Schweiss Doors quotes by Riyad Mansour
It was so awful! And he kept on looking at me and I knew I must get out of bed or he'd come and touch me. I did, too, but when I got out I wasn't me-I was a little white bunny. And he started out of the room and I had to go with him for fear he'd touch me. It felt so horrid, going out with him and looking back at mother there asleep.

"We went into the main part of the house, and one of the big front doors was open, and we went out through it. And then he gave a big jump, and so did I, and it took us clear up into the sky. We couldn't fly, but we kept jumping and jumping.

"Sometimes we stayed in the sky a little while, jumping from cloud to cloud, and the moon would get closer and closer and bigger and bigger, and its face would change and get horrible and grin at us until it seemed like its mouth was a mile wide and open, to swallow us up. And then we'd come down again and jump from one cliff to another, and the sea would be roaring down under us, and the waves all grey and cold and moving around and boiling like they were mad or afraid.

"We went all over the island and sometimes we jumped over the sea to the mainland and back again; and sometimes I tried to get away and run back to Mother - I thought she'd know me even if I was a bunny - but always, whichever way I turned, the hare was there in front of me, and his teeth were shining.

"We kept it up all night, and I was so tired and cold and miserable, and so scared. I didn't know ~ Evangeline Walton
Schweiss Doors quotes by Evangeline Walton
It was anyway all a long time ago; the world, we know now, is as it is and not different; if there was ever a time when there were passages, doors, the borders open and many crossing, that time is not now. The world is older than it was. Even the weather isn't as we remember it clearly once being; never lately does there come a summer day such as we remember, never clouds as white as that, never grass as odorous or shade as deep and full of promise as we remember they can be, as once upon a time they were. ~ John Crowley
Schweiss Doors quotes by John Crowley
To-night, as ages hence, people would say this, or shut their doors on them, turn in bereaved agony from them, or toward them with love saying: "That is our star up there, yours and mine"; steer by them above the clouds or lost at sea, or standing in the spray on the forecastle head, watch them, suddenly, careen; put their faith or lack of it in them; train, in a thousand observatories, feeble telescopes upon them, across whose lenses swam mysterious swarms of stars and clouds of dead dark stars, catastrophes of exploding suns, or giant Antares raging to its end - a smouldering ember yet five hundred times greater than the earth's sun. ~ Malcolm Lowry
Schweiss Doors quotes by Malcolm Lowry
I suddenly remembered that Murray Gell-Mann and I were supposed to give talks at that conference on the present situation of high-energy physics. My talk was set for the plenary session, so I asked the guide, "Sir, where would the talks for the plenary session of the conference be?"

"Back in that room that we just came through."

"Oh!" I said in delight. "Then I'm gonna give a speech in that room!"

The guide looked down at my dirty pants and my sloppy shirt. I realized how dumb that remark must have sounded to him, but it was genuine surprise and delight on my part.

We went along a little bit farther, and the guide said, "This is a lounge for the various delegates, where they often hold informal discussions." They were some small, square windows in the doors to the lounge that you could look through, so people looked in. There were a few men sitting there talking.

I looked through the windows and saw Igor Tamm, a physicist from Russia that I know. "Oh!" I said. "I know that guy!" and I started through the door.

The guide screamed, "No, no! Don't go in there!" By this time he was sure he had a maniac on his hands, but he couldn't chase me because he wasn't allowed to go through the door himself! ~ Richard P. Feynman
Schweiss Doors quotes by Richard P. Feynman
I think The Doors are one of the classic groups, and I think we're all tempted to feel like the time in which we grew up was somehow special, but I really do believe that there were two golden eras in music: The Forties and Fifties of big band, jazz and swing, and the Sixties and Seventies of rock. To me, they're really unparalleled. ~ Edgar Winter
Schweiss Doors quotes by Edgar Winter
Jim Morrison had star quality and he's dead. Star quality's no good to you when you're dead. ~ Neil Walker
Schweiss Doors quotes by Neil Walker
Shut the door not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the coziness. ~ Mark Twain
Schweiss Doors quotes by Mark Twain
What are these?"
Meg looked at the rings of keys in Nate's hand, deliberately furrowed her brow. "Those would be keys."
"Why do you need so many keys?"
"Because there are so many locks? Is this a quiz?"
He jingled them in his palm while she continued to give him a sunny, innocent smile. "Meg, you don't even lock your doors half the time. What are all these keys about?"
"Well… There are times a person needs to get into a place, and hey, that place is locked. Then she would need a key."
"And this place that, hey, is locked, wouldn't be the property of that person. Would that be correct?"
"Techincally. But no man is an island, and it takes a village, and so on. We're all one in the Zen universe."
"So these would be Zen keys?"
"Exactly. Give them back."
"I don't think so." He closed his fist around them. "You see, even in the Zen universe I'd hate to arrest my wife for unlawful entry."
"I'm not your wife yet, buddy. Did you have a search warrant for those?"
"They were in plain sight. No warrant necessary."
"Delinquent. ~ Nora Roberts
Schweiss Doors quotes by Nora Roberts
Why must the woman apologize for not having a baby just because she happened to get pregnant? It's as if we think motherhood is the default setting for a woman's life from first period to menopause, and she needs a note from God not to say yes to every zygote that knocks on her door. ~ Katha Pollitt
Schweiss Doors quotes by Katha Pollitt
Suddenly she came upon a little three-legged table, all made of solid glass; there was nothing on it except a tiny golden key, and Alice's first thought was that it might belong to one of the doors of the hall; but, alas! either the locks were too large, or the key was too small, but at any rate it would not open any of them. However, on the second time round, she came upon a low curtain she had not noticed before, and behind it was a little door about fifteen inches high: she tried the little golden key in the lock, and to her great delight it fitted! Alice opened the door and found that it led into a small passage, not much larger than a rat-hole: she knelt down and looked along the passage into ~ Lewis Carroll
Schweiss Doors quotes by Lewis Carroll
To my complete and utter surprise, the writing on his door is gone.
"What happened?" I ask.
It takes him a second before he realizes what I'm asking. "I washed it off," he explains.
"You what?"
"I wasn't going to, but I didn't want the super to give me a hard time. Plus, I thought it might freak out some of my neighbors. You have to admit, death threats on doors can be pretty offensive, generally speaking. Not to mention the sheer fact that it made me look like a total asshole - like some old girlfriend was trying to get even."
"Did you take pictures at least?"
"Actually, no." He cringes. "That probably would've been a good idea."
"But Tray saw the writing, right?"
"Um . . ." He nibbles his lip, clearly reading my angst.
"You told me he was with you last night. You said you called him."
"I tried, but he didn't pick up, and I didn't want you to worry."
"So, you lied?" I snap.
"I didn't want you to worry," he repeats. "Please, don't be upset."
"How can I not be? We're talking about your life here. You can't go erasing evidence off your door. And you can't be lying to me, either. How am I supposed to help you if you don't tell me the truth?"
"Why are you helping me?" he asks, taking a step closer. "I mean, I'm grateful and all, and you know I love spending time with you, be it death-threat missions or pizza and a movie. It's just . . . what do you get out of it? What's this sudden interest in my ~ Laurie Faria Stolarz
Schweiss Doors quotes by Laurie Faria Stolarz
On my face extended flat
I was walloped with a cat
For listening at the key-hole of the door. ~ W.S. Gilbert
Schweiss Doors quotes by W.S. Gilbert
You have to understand, I don't play golf for fun. It's my business. When the mailman starts delivering mail on his off day, that's when I'll start playing golf for the hell of it. I like to play in tournaments. There are many great courses around the world that I have never played that are next door to tournaments. I have not played them because I don't play for fun. ~ Lee Trevino
Schweiss Doors quotes by Lee Trevino
What if we changed the story that has been peddled to us over thousands of years by those religions that want to control us, that this life is merely a stepping stone to something better or something worse, and that we can only achieve the better by passing through the doors of their institutions and following their rules? What if we trash this arcane story which has caused so much suffering and hostility, and accept that we have already arrived in heaven and that there is nothing more gorgeous than here and now? ~ Danny Scheinmann
Schweiss Doors quotes by Danny Scheinmann
The doors open and we jump inside from the rooftop just as sirens go off and spotlights cling to us from below. Kylee doesn't even wait for us to sit down before I feel myself melting into the first flashas we head for the planet with the yellow sun - Earth. ~ Jaclyn Lewis
Schweiss Doors quotes by Jaclyn Lewis
Her imagination was by habit ridiculously active; when the door was not open it jumped out the window. ~ Henry James
Schweiss Doors quotes by Henry James
There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception. ~ Aldous Huxley
Schweiss Doors quotes by Aldous Huxley
There are a lot of Christians who are halfway fellows. They stand in the door, holding on to the Church with one hand while they play with the toys of the world with the other. They are in the doorway and we can't bring sinners in. ~ Mordecai Ham
Schweiss Doors quotes by Mordecai Ham
A library is the door to many lives. ~ Sharon Creech
Schweiss Doors quotes by Sharon Creech
He locked the doors and windows and sat in the middle of a room afraid of going out there in the storm and rain, in the darkest night he had ever seen. All of a sudden there were knocks everywhere and the walls turned into the glass so that he could helplessly witness his fears approach him like the ghosts. He saw them crawling on the wall and climbing the roof staring into his eyes, in no time the walls disappeared and they stood around him laughing and consuming him one by one at a time. all he saw, in the end, was the ugly and scary faces of himself. ~ Akshay Vasu
Schweiss Doors quotes by Akshay Vasu
Summer on the farm was glorious. Peter spent as much time out of doors as possible, and he had many playmates, since all the children were free from their spring and autumn duties of tending crops or going to school. Peter had become the leader of a merry band of youngsters, aged six to fourteen, who followed the Wild Boy wherever he went and seemed to understand his unintelligible noises. If they did not understand, then they pretended to.
The life of a princess has many advantages, but I envied those children for their time with Peter and for what seemed to me to be a simple, carefree existence. ~ Christopher Daniel Mechling
Schweiss Doors quotes by Christopher Daniel Mechling
I'm always open to suggestions. I'm open to opportunities. Whether I take them or not, I don't know. And I would only take them if I weren't training, if I didn't have a fight scheduled. I really want to keep my focus on fighting. That's where all these doors are opening up from anyways. I don't want to lose sight of that. I love fighting. ~ Holly Holm
Schweiss Doors quotes by Holly Holm
They poured out the lower doors and windows of the castle, howling to the skies. They evolved into a kind of cohesive moving liquid, flowing down the hillside as one silvered blob, like mercury on a scientist's palm. ~ Gail Carriger
Schweiss Doors quotes by Gail Carriger
Life was like that, doors of possibility constantly opening and closing as one blindly made one's way through. ~ Kate Morton
Schweiss Doors quotes by Kate Morton
Education opens the door to everything in terms of having a career and an impact on society and not being a slave to your job, really. ~ Naomie Harris
Schweiss Doors quotes by Naomie Harris
Only an open mind still has room for new knowledge. What is outgrown and used up must be discarded to make room for what is yet to be learned. And much of the best thinking is done alone-in deserts, on beaches, in bed, behind closed doors. It is why we say we need to get away-to escape from clutter and busyness-to hear ourselves think. ~ Robert Fulghum
Schweiss Doors quotes by Robert Fulghum
It is literature which for me opened the mysterious and decisive doors of imagination and understanding. To see the way others see. To think the way others think. And above all, to feel. ~ Salman Rushdie
Schweiss Doors quotes by Salman Rushdie
Under the rules of colonialism, everything goes to and comes from the mother country. In 1870, the colony of Turks and Caicos was asked to send a crest to England so that a flag for the colony could be designed. A Turks and Caicos designer drew a crest that included Salt Cay saltworks with salt rakers in the foreground and piles of salt. Back in England, it was the era of Arctic exploration, and, not knowing where the Turks and Caicos was, the English designer assumed the little white domes were igloos. And so he drew doors on each one. And this scene of salt piles with doors remained the official crest of the colony for almost 100 years, until replaced in 1968 by a crest featuring a flamingo. ~ Mark Kurlansky
Schweiss Doors quotes by Mark Kurlansky
Have you noticed, now, the way people talk so loudly in snackbars and cinemas, how the shelved back gardens shudder with prodigies of talentlessness, drummers, penny-whistlers, vying transistors, the way you see and hear the curses and sign-language of high sexual drama at the bus-stops under ghosts of clouds, how life has come out of doors? And in the soaked pubs the old-timers wince and weather the canned rock. We talk louder to make ourselves heard. We will all be screamers soon. ~ Martin Amis
Schweiss Doors quotes by Martin Amis
It behooved wise people to play the part of their own police, and to guard themselves well, and care must be taken to duly close, bar and barricade their houses, and to fasten the doors well. ~ Victor Hugo
Schweiss Doors quotes by Victor Hugo
Those who live their lives quietly, unmoved by either great sorrows or great joy, are often, in their final years, granted the dispensation of Discovery. Now, for the first time, they find out the secondary roads of the imagination, the side-streets, the alley-ways, the low doors each with a key in the lock.

...But those who have lived richly, exhaustively, staring into every face, attentive to every voice, are only too often pursued by the spinster Furies, and are driven at the end down avenues of stone where the walls reach to the sky, and the doors are sealed, and the pavements are rubbered against all sound but the beat of the hurrying heart. ~ Pamela Hansford Johnson
Schweiss Doors quotes by Pamela Hansford Johnson
Like with acting, if you're charming or just good-looking, you might be able to get your foot in the door. But a lot of time with music, you actually have to kinda be able to sing. ~ Robin Thicke
Schweiss Doors quotes by Robin Thicke
(Discouragement) Can be temporary-or it can destroy our life. The choice is ours. If we refuse to deal with discouragement head-on, we are opening the door for it to completely dominate our life. ~ Charles Stanley
Schweiss Doors quotes by Charles Stanley
Dreams have one-way doors - the door you enter cannot be exited from, and the door you exit from cannot be used for reentry. And I just want to sell tickets to an event people will pay to sleep through. ~ Jarod Kintz
Schweiss Doors quotes by Jarod Kintz
Now, granted, Howard doesn't fit the conventional psychological profile of a rebounder - that of the no-nonsense, utilitarian "dirty work" specialist. Rather, this is a guy who sings Beyoncé at the free throw line, who quotes not Scarface but Finding Nemo, whose idea of humor is ordering 10 pizzas to be delivered to another player's hotel room, or knocking on teammates' doors and sprinting off down the hall, giggling. He goofs around during practice, during press conferences and during team shootarounds, for which Magic coach Stan Van Gundy has had to institute a no-flatulence rule because, as teammate Rashard Lewis says, "Dwight really likes to cut the cheese. ~ Chris Ballard
Schweiss Doors quotes by Chris Ballard
O Winter! bar thine adamantine doors: The north is thine; there hast thou build thy dark, Deep-founded habitation. Shake not thy roofs, Nor bend thy pillars with thine iron car. ~ William Blake
Schweiss Doors quotes by William Blake
Somebody said you have to love what you do, but that's not necessarily true. What is true is that you have to love the opportunity. The opportunity to build life, future, health, success and fortune. Knocking on someone's door or making that extra call may not be something you love to do, but you love the opportunity of what might be behind that door or call. ~ Jim Rohn
Schweiss Doors quotes by Jim Rohn
With the IoT, we're headed to a world where things aren't liable to break catastrophically - or at least, we'll have a hell of a heads' up. We're headed to a world where our doors unlock when they sense us nearby. ~ Scott Weiss
Schweiss Doors quotes by Scott Weiss
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