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#1. But we survived, and we're a good family. I just don't want to dedicate one more tear, or watch my mother cry one more time. - Author: Angelina Jolie
Good Family quotes by Angelina Jolie
#2. Steve Carell is good. I like him. Who else? Here's another depressing thing: animation has kind of taken over, too. You know, 'Family Guy?' I watch that because the guy is good. - Author: Joe Flaherty
Good Family quotes by Joe Flaherty
#3. Just because one brother is good and one brother is bad in the same family, we cannot say that the rest of the family is bad or good. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
Good Family quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#4. My life goal right now is to die a good man, with a good heart, soul, and mind, with a good family, and a couple Grammys. - Author: Jonathan Anthony Burkett
Good Family quotes by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
#5. There is, indeed, nothing more annoying than to be, for instance, wealthy, of good family, nice-looking, fairly intelligent, and even good-natured, and yet to have no talents, no special faculty, no peculiarity even, not one idea of one's own, to be precisely like other people. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Good Family quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#6. Do you need anything?" she asks. A mom A dad. Someone. Anyone. Can you arrange for that? "Nah, I'm good. - Author: Daisy Whitney
Good Family quotes by Daisy Whitney
#7. I can always tell when a girl comes from a good family because she's what's known as not at all attracted to me. - Author: Dov Davidoff
Good Family quotes by Dov Davidoff
#8. There is, indeed, nothing more vexing than to be, for example, rich, of good family, of decent appearance, fairly well educated, not stupid, rather good-hearted even, and at the same time to possess no talent, no special quality, no eccentricity even, not a single idea of one's own, to be precisely "like everyone else."
One is rich, but not so rich as Rothschild; of a good family, but one which has never distinguished itself in any way; of decent appearance, but an appearance expressive of very little; well educated, but without knowing what to do with that education; one is intelligent, but without one's own ideas; one is good-hearted, but without greatness of soul, and so on and so forth. There are a great number of such people in the world, far more than it appears. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Good Family quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#9. Mama always said a good family has one heartbeat. No one knows you like the people you live with, and no one will take up your cause to the outside world quite like your blood relatives. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
Good Family quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#10. This is the story of V and me.
Look. Each person has the possibilities of being simultaneously several beings, having several lives. The good family man doesn't have a sense of responsibility. Simultaneously, he's my angel. Simultaneously, his family's a pack of incontinent dogs. In front of men such as him who believe they're respectable, I love to talk about who they really are, the people they don't want to know and socially and politically chastise. Look. I have loved and worshiped a pig.
This society hates and locks up its madness because they hate and lock up themselves. I know the system of schizophrenia. Nevertheless I loved a pig and couldn't stop. - Author: Kathy Acker
Good Family quotes by Kathy Acker
#11. POPPY (standing up to Paul): I see family life as invading everyone's privacy and saying whatever I feel and treating everyone as they're treasured because they're my family and thus special as compared to the rest of the world. I see a good family as loud and frantic and intrusive. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Good Family quotes by Bijou Hunter
#12. 'I Know You Care' is really personal and fragile for me. For me, it's about losing a family member and also about a breakup. It's about this idea of losing someone for good. - Author: Ellie Goulding
Good Family quotes by Ellie Goulding
#13. POPPY: 25 December 2016

POPPY (standing up to Paul): You see family life as respecting boundaries and saying what makes people happy and treating everyone like they're treasured but only in a sanitized way.

I see family life as invading everyone's privacy and saying whatever I feel and treating everyone as they're treasured because they're my family and thus special as compared to the rest of the world.

I see a good family as loud and frantic and intrusive...He fits me, and I don't want to change. Not for you or anyone. I'm deeply in love with myself, and Emmett respects that...

"I'm not her (Christine). I don't have a dream to fix animal boo-boos. Loving Emmett and living close to my family are the only dreams I see as worth having. - Author: Bijou Hunter
Good Family quotes by Bijou Hunter
#14. Good mothers and good fathers and good families don't always have great children. - Author: Cissy Houston
Good Family quotes by Cissy Houston
#15. A 'good' family, it seems, is one that used to be better. - Author: Cleveland Amory
Good Family quotes by Cleveland Amory
#16. Hoshino found Oshima an appealing young man. Intelligent, well groomed, obviously from a good family. And quite kind. He's got to be gay, right? Not that Hoshino cared. To each his own, was his thinking. Some men talk with stones, and some men sleep with other men. - Author: Haruki Murakami
Good Family quotes by Haruki Murakami
#17. I began to rationalize marrying Will[iam Houston Price]. 'He comes from a good family. A girl could do worse.' (As it turned out, I couldn't, but I didn't know that yet - Author: Maureen O'Hara
Good Family quotes by Maureen O'Hara
#18. What does it mean to grow rich?
Is it to have red-blooded adventures and to make a 'fortune,' which is what brought the whalers and other entrepreneurs north?

Or is it, rather, to have a good family life and to be imbued with a far-reaching and intimate knowledge of one's homeland, which is what the Tununirmiut told the whalers at Pond's Bay wealth was?

Is it to retain a capacity for awe and astonishment in our lives, to continue to hunger after what is genuine and worthy? Is it to live at moral peace with the universe? - Author: Barry Lopez
Good Family quotes by Barry Lopez
#19. When I was younger I was really shy, but I'd always be singing, driving my family crazy. Apparently I was even singing when I was in the cot. That probably didn't sound too good! - Author: Pixie Lott
Good Family quotes by Pixie Lott
#20. The things that make me happiest in the whole world are going on the occasional picnic, either with my children or with my partner; big family gatherings; and being able to go to the grocery store - if I can get those things in, I'm doing good. - Author: Kate Winslet
Good Family quotes by Kate Winslet
#21. Good families always ritualize the table. You can say, "This is a Christmas meal; this is a birthday meal." - Author: Henri Nouwen
Good Family quotes by Henri Nouwen
#22. How many pictures have you torn up because you hate them? What ends up in your scrapbook? The pictures where you look like a good guy and a good family man, and the children look adorable - and they're screaming the next minute. I've never seen a family album of screaming people. - Author: Richard Avedon
Good Family quotes by Richard Avedon
#23. A family is very special. So when a family splits up, it's not good, it's never good. - Author: Aung San Suu Kyi
Good Family quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#24. Here's what presidential candidate Mitt Romney said about Barack Obama: Barack Obama is not a very good President. He said Barack Obama doesn't do a very good job on the economy; he said that Obama's foreign policy has a lot of holes in it; he said Obama has done a pretty poor job across the board of working in bipartisan fashion. But, Romney added, Obama's a good guy. He's a good family man, a good husband, a man who believes in the basic principles espoused by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He is not someone you should be afraid of in any way. Essentially, Romney's campaign slogan was this: "Obama: Good Guy, Bad President. - Author: Ben Shapiro
Good Family quotes by Ben Shapiro
#25. This is from "Marabou Stork Nightmares".
Bernard's Poem:

Did you see her on the telly the other day
good family entertainment the tabloids say

But when you're backstage
at your new faeces audition
you hear the same old shite of your own selfish volition

She was never a singer
a comic or a dancer
I cant say I was sad
when I found out she had cancer

Great Britain's earthy northern
comedy queen
takes the rand, understand
from the racist Boer regime

So now her cells are fucked
and thats just tough titty
I remember her act
that I caught back in Sun City

She went on and on about
'them from the trees
with different skull shapes
from the likes of you and me'

Her Neo-Nazi spell
it left me fucking numb
the Boers lapped it up with zeal
so did the British ex-pat scum

But what goes round
comes round they say
so welcome to another dose
of chemotherapy

And for my part
it's time to be upfront
so fuck off and die
you carcinogenic cunt. - Author: Irvine Welsh
Good Family quotes by Irvine Welsh
#26. I was born in the year 1632, in the city of York, of a good family, though not of that country, my father being a foreigner of Bremen, who settled first at Hull. He got a good estate by merchandise, and leaving off his trade, lived afterwards at York, from whence he had married my mother, whose relations were named Robinson, a very good family in that country, and from whom I was called Robinson Kreutznaer; but, by the usual corruption of words in England, we are now called - nay we call ourselves and write our name - Crusoe; and so my companions always called me. - Author: Daniel Defoe
Good Family quotes by Daniel Defoe
#27. I can see how you could get dragged into the bad stuff, but I've got good friends around me, good family. I think I've got my head screwed on. - Author: Harry Styles
Good Family quotes by Harry Styles
#28. You should never value people according to the size of their bank balances. Being poor does not make them bad and being rich does not make them good - Author: Jackie Ballard
Good Family quotes by Jackie Ballard
#29. I don't feel much pressure to fit in. I never have. I've always just wanted to do my thing. I have really good friends and good family, and if I don't fit in somewhere else, I fit in at home. - Author: Ariana Grande
Good Family quotes by Ariana Grande
#30. What makes a good family? Well, I suppose obviously love. Love lubricated often I think by humor. I think a family that can laugh at each other and tease themselves and who are able to be jolly with each other I think is the key. - Author: Stephen Fry
Good Family quotes by Stephen Fry
#31. Nately had a bad start. He came from a good family. - Author: Joseph Heller
Good Family quotes by Joseph Heller
#32. He's supposed to look out for you."
"I do!" Kieran sounded offended. "You should be proud of her. Hart requested her presence personally at the Drake coronation."
I closed my eyes briefly. We were doomed.
"You went to a vampire ceremony?" Grandpa asked evenly.
"He didn't know?" Kieran asked.
"No, he didn't."
Grandpa vibrated with rage. "I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my family!"
"It's different now," Kieran tried to assuage him. "I'm dating Solange Drake. They're a good family."
Grandpa went red, then purple. Kieran took a step back. I whacked Grandpa between the shoulder blades.
"Grandpa, breathe! - Author: Alyxandra Harvey
Good Family quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#33. The happiest people I've found are in science. These people have three times the IQ - maybe I'm exaggerating. They have a higher IQ than I do. They love what they're doing, they have a good family life, they're satisfied. - Author: Eli Broad
Good Family quotes by Eli Broad
#34. A friend is way less likely than a boyfriend or girlfriend to make us pretend to be someone we are not; or that our family is a good family, or way better, or way less crazy or dysfunctional than it actually is. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Good Family quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#35. Everything makes you who you are, so I was lucky that I had a good family that was horrified by what I wanted to do but was also supportive of it, right to the very end. - Author: John Waters
Good Family quotes by John Waters
#36. I have a very good family. I'm very fortunate to have a very good family. I believe very strongly in the family. It's one of the things we have in our platform, is to talk about it. - Author: Dan Quayle
Good Family quotes by Dan Quayle
#37. My father never put a book into my hands and never forbade a book. Instead, he let me roam and graze, making my own more or less appropriate selections. I read gory tales of historic heroism that nine-teenth century parents were suitable for children, and gothic ghost stories that were surely not; I read accounts of arduous travel through treacherous lands undertaken by spinsters in crinolines, and I read handbooks on decorum and etiquette intended for young ladies of good family; I read books with pictures and books without; books in English, books in French, books in languages I didn't understand where I could make up stories in my head on the basis of a handful of guessed-at words. Books. Books. And books. - Author: Diane Setterfield
Good Family quotes by Diane Setterfield
#38. I've got a good family to support me, so I'm grounded in that way. - Author: Freddie Highmore
Good Family quotes by Freddie Highmore
#39. I have a pretty good family. But ever since I was little, I just felt like I wanted to be on my own. It was the same thing about school. - Author: Harmony Korine
Good Family quotes by Harmony Korine
#40. People are basically the same the world over. Everybody wants the same things - to be happy, to be healthy, to be at least reasonably prosperous, and to be secure. They want friends, peace of mind, good family relationships, and hope that tomorrow is going to be even better than today. - Author: Zig Ziglar
Good Family quotes by Zig Ziglar
#41. And having a strong family, you know we've lost some members of our family and had some setbacks, but I think a good family and kids all those things I thought at one time ... you got to be kidding me ... Those things are so important they enable you to go on. - Author: Brett Favre
Good Family quotes by Brett Favre
#42. By no stretch of the imagination can you describe me as a Wall Street lawyer. If you're going to do that, you'd have to say that 7,500 people who work here in Southwestern Pennsylvania for the Bank of New York Mellon with good family jobs are Wall Streeters. - Author: Keith Rothfus
Good Family quotes by Keith Rothfus
#43. I've had a nontabloid life because I had a really good family. - Author: Peter Billingsley
Good Family quotes by Peter Billingsley
#44. If you make a good family movie, then everybody in the family can relate to somebody, or in this case something. That's always enjoyable. There's always an important place for family movies. - Author: Dwayne Johnson
Good Family quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#45. A family man never makes a good family doctor; he has too many worries of his own. - Author: Sarah Waters
Good Family quotes by Sarah Waters
#46. I have a really good family. I'm lucky to have people who support me and love me in my life. - Author: Kenny Wormald
Good Family quotes by Kenny Wormald
#47. Above all, he encourages her to paint, nodding with approval at even her most unusual experiments with color, light, rough brushwork [...]. She explains to him that she believes painting should reflect nature and life [...]. He nods, although he adds cautiously that he wouldn't want her to know too much about life - nature is a fine subject, but life is grimmer than she can understand. He thinks it is good for her to have something satisfying to do at home; he loves art himself; he sees her gift and wants her to be happy. He knows the charming Morisots. He has met the Manets, and always remarks that they are a good family, despite Édouard's reputation and his immoral experiments (he paints loose women), which make him perhaps too modern - a shame, given his obvious talent.

In fact, Yves takes her to many galleries. They attend the Salon every year, with nearly a million other people, and listen to the gossip about favorite canvases and those critics disdain. Occasionally they stroll in the museums in the Louvre, where she sees art students copying paintings and sculpture, even an unchaperoned woman here and there (surely Americans). She can't quite bring herself to admire nudes in his presence, certainly not the heroic males; she knows she will never paint from a nude model herself. Her own formal training was in the private studios of an academican, copying from plaster casts with her mother present, before she married. - Author: Elizabeth Kostova
Good Family quotes by Elizabeth Kostova
#48. I think it a moral duty," she said. "If one inherits the privilege of wealth, or of education or good family, one must use that privilege wisely. Men speak of progress like a machine, an engine that rolls forward without human direction, pulling everyone with it. But that isn't true. If you read the newspapers" - the critical, adventurous, daring newspapers, not the conservative rags that her uncle favored - "it's easy to see that many get left behind. Many, in fact, get crushed. - Author: Meredith Duran
Good Family quotes by Meredith Duran
#49. I've been very lucky and I have a happy old age with good family and friends still around. - Author: Maeve Binchy
Good Family quotes by Maeve Binchy
#50. My family were very poor. I am one of nine siblings: two girls and seven boys. Only my brother and I play in Europe, and then three more work in Europe, and another plays in Tunisia. This family is a footballing family, but our lives have not always been good. - Author: Yaya Toure
Good Family quotes by Yaya Toure
#51. Money is human kind's greatest invention. Money doesn't discriminate. Money doesn't care whether a person is poor, whether a person comes from a good family, or what his skin color is. Anybody can make money. - Author: Takafumi Horie
Good Family quotes by Takafumi Horie
#52. The idea of racial inferiority or superiority is foreign to me. I can't feel inferior or superior to another man because of race, or in any way antagonistic to him. I judge by the individual, not by his race, and have always done so. I would rather have one of my children marry into a good family of any race than into a bad family of any other race. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
Good Family quotes by Charles Lindbergh
#53. Little girls ought to be taught and brought up with boys, so that they might be always together. A woman ought to be trained so that she may be able, like a man, to recognise when she's wrong, or she always thinks she's in the right. Instil into a little girl from her cradle that a man is not first of all a cavalier or a possible lover, but her neighbour, her equal in everything. Train her to think logically, to generalise, and do not assure her that her brain weighs less than a man's and that therefore she can be indifferent to the sciences, to the arts, to the tasks of culture in general. The apprentice to the shoemaker or the house painter has a brain of smaller size than the grown-up man too, yet he works, suffers, takes his part in the general struggle for existence. We must give up our attitude to the physiological aspect, too -- to pregnancy and childbirth, seeing that in the first place women don't have babies every month; secondly, not all women have babies; and, thirdly, a normal countrywoman works in the fields up to the day of her confinement and it does her no harm. Then there ought to be absolute equality in everyday life. If a man gives a lady his chair or picks up the handkerchief she has dropped, let her repay him in the same way. I have no objection if a girl of good family helps me to put on my coat or hands me a glass of water -- - Author: Anton Chekhov
Good Family quotes by Anton Chekhov
#54. I do not come from a rich family, but I come from a really good family. - Author: Jordan Belfort
Good Family quotes by Jordan Belfort
#55. How could we have allowed the instinct bred within us over the centuries to draw lines and never cross them, an infinity of lines, ever-smaller lines, ever-sharper distinctions? I grieved for Didi's generation of "girls of good family," who put caste, duty and family reputation before self-indulgence. - Author: Bharati Mukherjee
Good Family quotes by Bharati Mukherjee
#56. Everything is boring, boredom is the other epidemic which is making Europe ripe for decline. Boredom is the end product of each and every civilization. It is the arteriosclerosis of the great thinking peoples. The moment always arrives where even God, whether he's called Zeus, Zebaoth or Zoroaster, has finished creating the universe and asks: "What's the point of it, actually?" He yawns and chucks it aside. Mankind does the same with civilization. Boredom is the condition of a people which no longer believes but all the same is doing just fine. Boredom is when every clock in the country is predestined to be correct. When the same naive flowers blossom again in the month of March. When every day the deaths of good family fathers are announced in the papers. When a war breaks out in the Balkans. When poems go on about the stars. Boredom is a symptom of aging. Boredom is the diagnosis that talent and virtue are slowly being spent. Boredom is the life-long determination to a form of being which has worn itself out. - Author: Iwan Goll
Good Family quotes by Iwan Goll
#57. Even a good family can become a trap for one's destiny when the family becomes your aim - Author: Sunday Adelaja
Good Family quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#58. Unlike her, he came from a good family. A prechopped pepper kind of family. - Author: Tessa Bailey
Good Family quotes by Tessa Bailey
#59. She should have remembered that people have given everything they own, everything they are, to be taken care of, and to have their pain gone. It's the lure of cults: the promise of a good family; it's what people think love is, but love isn't absence of pain, it's a hand to hold while you're going through it. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Good Family quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#60. My family was a good family, I had a great Canadian education and I came up in a great, little town like Ottawa. - Author: Paul Anka
Good Family quotes by Paul Anka
#61. No ... I mean, I'm sorry he ... You know, said those things to you."
"It's part of being a 'good' family. Everyone's got skeletons in their closet. - Author: Richelle Mead
Good Family quotes by Richelle Mead
#62. You know I love a good family feud and I carry a big stick. - Author: Kami Garcia
Good Family quotes by Kami Garcia
#63. We all have our coming-out story, or why-we-haven't-come-out story. More precisely, we have two. There's the official version, paragraph-sized for conversation, for when it comes, usually on level-two get-to-know-you with friends and dates and curious coworkers. That one covers the basics; when, where, how, the end. You will tell it again and again over the course of your life, polishing it to a fine sheen, until it's as close to frictionless as you can get it. Then there's the real story, the full version, which you tell only a handful of people ever - even if you're one of the lucky ones with a good family, with loving parents who eventually accept you. Because, as Lawrence once said, when the only time you've seen your dad cry is at a funeral, what does that mean about you? - Author: Chelsey Johnson
Good Family quotes by Chelsey Johnson
#64. I think my faith is important. Being young as well, sometimes it's difficult, but I've got a good family behind me as well. - Author: Jermain Defoe
Good Family quotes by Jermain Defoe
#65. Of course, the most important factor of all for long life is a good family. When a person goes home with the wife or the kids giving him endless headaches, then it's hard for that person to enjoy a long life. I am very fortunate, because my wife Elizabeth and my obedient children are very good; they have given me happiness. - Author: John Gokongwei
Good Family quotes by John Gokongwei
#66. I would suggest maintaining a life and a career outside the Industry. This is a fickle business and a lousy one to make a steady living in, so it's important to have a good family, friends, job and education to fall back on. - Author: Fred Savage
Good Family quotes by Fred Savage
#67. Misfortune is the root of good fortune; good fortune gives birth to misfortune. - Author: Laozi
Good Family quotes by Laozi
#68. You have a little bit of talent, a certain amount of good fortune and a lot of hard work in pursuit of whatever truth you can find in it, and if you are really lucky, a terrific partner and I have that and those four things worked out for me. - Author: Donald Sutherland
Good Family quotes by Donald Sutherland
#69. He wanted his brother to be happy, but he also didn't want Lauren to have to lose her family in the process, because he couldn't imagine losing his so he understood how she felt. - Author: K.C. Mills
Good Family quotes by K.C. Mills
#70. But I've always been hard to cast, I've never been an ingenue, I've never been the romantic lead. I'm an actor; give me the script and I do what I do and hope it's good. - Author: Edie Falco
Good Family quotes by Edie Falco
#71. Good Evening , Sir John. I hope that you will accept a little gift from me.'
I should be honored, Your Majesty.'
I want to give you a little carved stool from my privy chambers. A pretty little piece from France. I hope you will like it.'
I should be grateful.'
It is for your daughter. For Jane. To sit on. She seems not to have a seat of her own but she must borrow mine. - Author: Philippa Gregory
Good Family quotes by Philippa Gregory
#72. (Lake) Lanier is a good fishing lake. Everybody tells me I put my dock on the best fishing hole in the lake. In fact, I've sat on the dock and caught a 12 pound bass. I saw another guy catch about a 40 pound and 26 pound striper one morning In front of my dock, and I used to catch a lot of 8 to 9 pound largemouth around it. - Author: Luke Appling
Good Family quotes by Luke Appling
#73. I think my family needs me more than anybody else, and tennis doesn't need me anymore. I respect my wife a lot for taking all that in. She said, 'I didn't marry a tennis player; you'd retired.' Now it's time to do something else. - Author: Thomas Muster
Good Family quotes by Thomas Muster
#74. A tiny home with love was better than a world without it. - Author: T.K. Kiser
Good Family quotes by T.K. Kiser
#75. I love art. My sister is an artist and my mother is a painter, so it is very much in the family. I haven't ever wanted to be a fine artist myself - my sister robbed me of my artistic talent, I think. - Author: Douglas Booth
Good Family quotes by Douglas Booth
#76. Like letting spiders live because they eat mosquitoes,
Clary thought. So they're good enough to let live, good enough to make your food for you, good enough to flirt with-but not really good enough? I mean, not as good as people. - Author: Cassandra Clare
Good Family quotes by Cassandra Clare
#77. In Hyderabad/South of India there is a very good saying:
"Nakkal ko bhi Akal Hoona!" - Even Cheating needs brain - Author: Anonymous
Good Family quotes by Anonymous
#78. It was late afternoon. This time tomorrow he would be somewhere on a good graveled road, driving his car past things that happened to people, quicker than their happening.
("Death of a Traveling Salesman") - Author: Eudora Welty
Good Family quotes by Eudora Welty
#79. The good news is that God's "I love you" is proclaimed specifically to those who don't deserve it. In other words, we don't need a makeover to be loved by God. God's love is not fake or forced; it is an "I love you" that says, "I forgive you." God's "I love you" is based on the deserving of another. "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom. 5:8). On the cross, Christ's righteousness was given to us and our sin was laid upon Him. God's "I love you," aimed at His perfect Son, is ours forever. - Author: Tullian Tchividjian
Good Family quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#80. Apart from this ultimate hope, the created world would be a dungeon of despair for God's children. But faith animates our lives with an eschatological anticipation of the presence and glory of Christ. We will not find our full and permanent happiness here. Nor will we find Christian joy automatically, like a daily newspaper at the door. God intends for us to find joy kinetically, in action, as we work out our faith with fear and trembling, as we fight the good fight of faith, as we worship, fellowship, and engage in all the various dynamics of the Christian life together.62 But even in this, our hope of eternal joy sobers our expectations for the joy we can expect to experience in this life. - Author: Tony Reinke
Good Family quotes by Tony Reinke
#81. God has been very good to me, for I never dwell upon anything wrong which a person has done, so as to remember it afterwards. If I do remember it, I always see some other virtue in that person. - Author: Saint Teresa Of Avila
Good Family quotes by Saint Teresa Of Avila
#82. Duchess was barking her head off as she raced after a snarling, hissing, yowling white ball of Maleficent. Aphrodite was chasing after the dog, screaming for her to 'Come! Stay. Be good, damnit!' Damien was close behind her, flailing his arms and yelling 'Duchess! Come!' All of a sudden the Twins' cat, the huge and very stuck-up Beelzebub joined in the chase, only he was tearing around after Duchess.
'Ohmygod! Beelzebub! Honey!' Shaunee ran into my view, yelling at the top of her very healthy lungs.
'Beelzebub! Duchess! Stop!' Erin wailed, right behind her twin.
Darius suddenly burst out into the hallway, and I stepped back behind the curtains, not sure is my shrouding could be detected by him. Apparently he didn't notice me, or anything else, because he ran into the Council Room. I peeked through the drapes and could hear him telling Neferet that she was needed on the school grounds-that there was an 'altercation.' Then Neferet was hurrying out of the room and down the hall, following Darius into the dog-barking, cat-yowling, kid-screaming craziness.
I noticed that through all of it I hadn't seen hide nor hair of Jack.
Talk about an excellent diversion! - Author: Kristin Cast
Good Family quotes by Kristin Cast
#83. And what does a person with such a romantic temperament seek in the study of the classics? He asked this as if, having had the good fortune to catch such a rare bird as myself, he was anxious to extract my opinion while I was still captive in his office.
'If by romantic you mean solitary and introspective,' I said, 'I think romantics are frequently the best classicists.'
He laughed. 'The great romantics are often failed classicists. But that's beside the point, isn't it? - Author: Donna Tartt
Good Family quotes by Donna Tartt
#84. The proud think that their opinion alone is right. They cannot see the good points of others, as the humble do, and appreciate their opinions. That is why there is such disagreement, strife and quarrelling and even irrreconciliation in families and in other groups. - Author: Basilea Schlink
Good Family quotes by Basilea Schlink
#85. Michel Platini is a good player, not a great player - Author: Eamon
Good Family quotes by Eamon
#86. The Chinese philosopher Mencius believed that man is innately good. He argued that anyone who saw a child falling into a well would immediately feel shock and alarm, and that this impulse, this universal capacity for commiseration, was proof positive that man is inherently good. - Author: T. Greenwood
Good Family quotes by T. Greenwood
#87. The seventh and eighth grade were for me, and for every single good and interesting person I have ever known, what the writers of the bible meant when they used the words hell and pit...It was all over for any small feeling that one was essentially all right. One wasn't...It was springtime, for Hitler, in Germany.

Anne Lamott - Author: David Sheff
Good Family quotes by David Sheff
#88. You can't deny that religion has done some good. It organizes lots of anti-poverty programs and soup kitchens and missionary work. But I would say that, first of all, all those things can be accomplished without religion. You can be ethical, somebody who does the right thing without feeling that he has to in order to get his ass saved in the next life. - Author: Bill Maher
Good Family quotes by Bill Maher
#89. Angels and demons are not mythical, they're real and are here, inside all of us, trying to dominate but only with our support. It's us who decides who we are. Fighting for good cause makes us hero and letting wrong things happen, makes us villain - Author: Nikhil Kushwaha
Good Family quotes by Nikhil Kushwaha
#90. Having a home means having somewhere to go back to. Having a family means having someone to defend. Having a life means knowing you'll do anything to keep it. - Author: Mira Grant
Good Family quotes by Mira Grant
#91. And cried for mamma, at every turn'-I added, 'and trembled if a country lad heaved his fist against you, and sat at home all day for a shower of rain.-Oh, Heathcliff, you are showing a poor spirit! Come to the glass, and I'll let you see what you should wish. Do you mark those two lines between your eyes, and those thick brows, that instead of rising arched, sink in the middle, and that couple of black fiends, so deeply buried, who never open their windows boldly, but lurk glinting under them, like devil's spies? Wish and learn to smooth away the surly wrinkles, to raise your lids frankly, and change the fiends to confident, innocent angels, suspecting and doubting nothing, and always seeing friends where they are not sure of foes-Don't get the expression of a vicious cur that appears to know the kicks it gets are its desert, and yet, hates all the world, as well as the kicker, for what it suffers.'
'In other words, I must wish for Edgar Linton's great blue eyes, and even forehead,' he replied. 'I do - and that won't help me to them.'
'A good heart will help you to a bonny face, my lad,' I continued, 'if you were a regular black; and a bad one will turn the bonniest into something worse than ugly. And now that we've done washing, and combing, and sulking - tell me whether you don't think yourself rather handsome? I'll tell you, I do. You're fit for a prince in disguise. Who knows, but your father was Emperor of China, and your mother an Indian queen, each of them - Author: Emily Bronte
Good Family quotes by Emily Bronte
#92. To acquire and preserve the virtue of chastity, we have need of a good and experienced confessor. - Author: Philip Neri
Good Family quotes by Philip Neri
#93. My colleagues, while it is good that the Nation is finally focused on the critical issue of securing our ports, our rhetoric and our passion about Dubai must be matched by the funding necessary to keep our ports and our citizens safe. - Author: Allyson Schwartz
Good Family quotes by Allyson Schwartz
#94. I'm supposed to be a christian, but most days I don't feel like I can even presume to say that about myself any longer. I have a lot of mad left over. When I can't sleep, I think about the other people who didn't care how much pain and trouble they caused me. And I think about how good I'd feel if they died. - Author: Charlaine Harris
Good Family quotes by Charlaine Harris
#95. If you focus all of your emotional passion on your children and you neglect the relationship that brought that family into existence ... eventually, things can go really, really wrong, - Author: Ayelet Waldman
Good Family quotes by Ayelet Waldman
#96. Here's the thing. Here's the thing I hate: His concern is like a really warm drink when your body is cold, and you feel it go all the way down your throat and then into your stomach, where it pools and spreads out.
But the problem is, that cold is good. Cold is numb. And when you're numb, you can't feel pain. You can't feel pain until some stupid warm drink makes you not numb anymore and then you can feel again. - Author: Barry Lyga
Good Family quotes by Barry Lyga
#97. Every moment I spent with you… shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it. No matter what happens, it is not your fault! - Author: Goblin: The Lonely And Great God
Good Family quotes by Goblin: The Lonely And Great God
#98. The coziness between church and state is good for the state and bad for the church - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
Good Family quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#99. This evening I wish to suggest that we Christians should accompany people on their pilgrimages. Specifically we should travel with people as they search for the good, the true and the beautiful. - Author: Timothy Radcliffe
Good Family quotes by Timothy Radcliffe
#100. Good morning, Mr. Herbert!" I would say.
The point is debatable," he might respond.
Or, on another day: "Good morning, Mr. Herbert!"
"I will half allow it."
Or: "Good morning, Mr. Herbert!"
"I fail to see your argument."
Or: "Good morning, Mr. Herbert!"
"I find myself unequal to the occasion."
Or, my favorite ever: "Good morning, Mr. Herbert!"
"Oh, you're a satirist now, are you? - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
Good Family quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#101. The story is good how about you - Author: Jeremy Lamb
Good Family quotes by Jeremy Lamb
#102. As for me and my family, we'll worship God. - Author: Joshua
Good Family quotes by Joshua
#103. Now people live into their 90s and beyond. As long as I have quality of life, I'm good. - Author: Bill Engvall
Good Family quotes by Bill Engvall
#104. She did not cease to look like a basilisk, but she began to look like a basilisk who has had a good lunch. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Good Family quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#105. The English can be a very critical, unforgiving people, but criticism can be good. And this is a country that loves comedy. - Author: Bjork
Good Family quotes by Bjork
#106. I was bullied. I was a bit of a geek. Good-looking guys were off-limits. I didn't start dating until I was 18. - Author: Michelle Ryan
Good Family quotes by Michelle Ryan

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