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Enjoying life was essential, but sometimes it was an effort.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Enjoying life was essential, but
It doesn't matter how many times you say it. It'll still be true.'
'And it doesn't matter what you won't let me say, that'll still be true too.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: It doesn't matter how many was a pride that transcended the emptiness of gestures
Cassandra Clare Quotes: was a pride that
Magnus looked away, so as not to see the wreckage. "I wish you luck," he said. "Luck and love."
Edmund made a small bow. "I bid you good day. I think we will not meet again."
He walked away, into the inner reaches of the Institute. A few feet away, he wavered and paused, light from one of the narrow church windows turning his hair rich gold, and Magnus thought he would turn. But Edmund Herondale never looked back.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Magnus looked away, so as
He's my neophyte Downworlder to mock and boss around, not yours.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: He's my neophyte Downworlder to
I don't know what to do," Will said. "Mortmain has taken Tessa, and I believe now I know where she might be. There is a part of me that wants nothing more than to go after her. But I cannot leave Jem. I swore an oath. And what if he wakes in the night and finds I am not here?" He looked as lost as a child. "He will think I left him willingly, not caring that he was dying. He will not know. And yet if he could speak, would he not tell me to go after Tessa? Is that not what he would want?" Will dropped his face into his hands. "I cannot say, and it is tearing me in half.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I don't know what to
But Jace", Clary said. "Valentine taught him more than just fighting. He taught him languages, and how to play the piano"
"That was Jocelyn's influence." Sebastian said her name unwillingly, as if he hated the sound of it. "She thought Valentine ought to be able to talk about books, art, music ... not just killing things. He passed that on to Jace."
A wrought iron blue gate rose to their left. Sebastian ducked under it and beckoned Clary to follow him. She didn't have to duck but went after him, her hands stuffed into her pockets. "What about you?" she asked.
He held up his hands. They were unmistakably her mother's hands - dexterous, long-fingered, meant for holding a brush or a pen. "I learned to play the instruments of war, " he said, "and paint in blood. I am not like Jace.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: But Jace
Lovely,wonderful Isabelle.Could you please go away?Now is a really bad time."
Isabelle looked from Magnus to her brother,and back again.
"Then,you dont want me to tell you that Camille's just escaped from the Sanctuary and my mother is demanding that you come back to the Institute right now to help them find her?"
"No,"Magnus said."I dont want you to tell me that"
"Well,to bad"Isabelle said"Because it's true .I mean,I guess you dont have to go,but-
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Lovely,wonderful Isabelle.Could you please go
If I have to, I'll spend the rest of my life trying to prove to you that you can be certain of me
Cassandra Clare Quotes: If I have to, I'll
Every meeting led to a parting, and so it would, as long as life was mortal. In every meeting there was some of the sorrow of parting, but in everything parting there was some of the joy of meeting as well.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Every meeting led to a
Thank you, Dean Ashdown," Ragnor said. "The removal of the mounted warlock's head from my bedroom will be sufficient.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Thank you, Dean Ashdown,
Now we're detectives? Maybe we should all have code names."
"Good idea," said Jace. "I shall be Baron Hotschaft Von Hugenstein."
Alec spit his water back into his glass.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Now we're detectives? Maybe we
Simon was looking at Jace as if he were both fascinating and also a little alarming. 'Did I
did we ever
did I bite you?'
Jace touched the scar on his throat. 'I can't believe you remember that.'
'Did we ... roll around on the bottom of a boat?'
'Yes you bit me, yes, I kind of liked it, yes, let's not talk about it again,' said Jace. 'You're not a vampire anymore. Focus.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Simon was looking at Jace
reading as a sacred
Cassandra Clare Quotes: reading as a sacred
Will looked at his sister. "And you don't care about being a Shadowhunter. How is this: I shall write a letter and give it to you if you promise to deliver it home yourself - and not to return."

Cecily recoiled; she had many memories of shouting matches with Will, of the china dolls she had owned that he had broken by dropping them out an attic window; but there was also kindness in her memories: the brother who had bandaged up a cut knee, or retied her hair ribbons when they came loose. That kindness was absent from the Will who stood before her now. Her mother had used to cry for the first year or two after Will went; she had said, in Welsh, holding Cecily to her, that they - the Shadowhunters - would "take all the love out of him." A cold, unloving people, she had told Cecily, who had forbidden her marriage to her husband. What could he want with them, her Will, her little one?

"I will not go," Cecily said, staring her brother down. "And if you insist that I must, I will - I will - "

The door of the attic slid open and Jem stood silhouetted in the doorway…
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Will looked at his sister.
Against his will, Magnus found a smile curving his lips as he rummaged around for his big blue coffee cup that said BETTER THAN GANDALF across the front in sparkly letters. He was besotted; he was officially revolted by himself.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Against his will, Magnus found
I have very few rules in life, but one of them is to never decline an adventure. The others are: to avoid becoming romantically entangled with sea creatures; to always ask for what you want, because the worst thing that can happen is embarrassment but the best thing that can happen is nudity; to demand ready money up front; and to never play cards with Catarina Loss.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I have very few rules
Babies: more like the Spanish Inquisition than you think.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Babies: more like the Spanish
Hodge says he's on his way and he hopes you can both manage to cling to your flickering sparks of life until he gets here," she told Simon and Jace. "Or something like that."
"I wish he'd hurry," Jace said crossly. He was sitting up in bed against a pair of fluffed white pillows, still wearing his filthy clothes.
"Why? Does it hurt?" Clary asked.
"No. I have a high pain threshold. In fact, it's less of a threshold and more of a large and tastefully decorated foyer. But I do get easily bored." He squinted at her. "Do you remember back at the hotel when you promised that if we lived, you'd get dressed up in a nurse's outfit and give me a sponge bath?"
"Actually, I think you misheard," Clary said. "It was Simon who promised you the sponge bath."
Jace looked involuntarily over at Simon, who smiled at him widely. "As soon as I'm back on my feet, handsome.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Hodge says he's on his
Most human subjugates are young," said Will. "Vampires like to acquire their subjugates when they're youthful - prettier to look at, and less chance of diseased blood. And they'll live a bit longer, though not much." He looked pleased with himself. "Most of the rest of the Enclave wouldn't be able to pass convincingly as a handsome young human subjugate - "
"Because the rest of us all are hideous, are we?" Jem inquired, looking amused.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Most human subjugates are young,
Oh, Lord Montgomery, what do you mean to do with me in this bedroom when you have me all alone? An innocent maiden, and unprotected? Is my virtue safe?
'I, ah- what?'
'I know you are a dangerous man. Some call you a rake. Everybody knows you are a devil with the ladies with your poetically puffed shirt and irresistible pants. I pray you will consider my innocence. And my poor, vulnerable heart.'
Simon decided this was a lot like role-playing in D&D, but potentially more fun.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Oh, Lord Montgomery, what do
Come in. And try not to murder any of my guests."
Jace edged into the doorway, sizing up Magnus with his eyes. "Even if one of them spills a drink on my new shoes?"
"Even then.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Come in. And try not
I swear that woman had a previous career as a death-hunter selling tragic ballads down around the Seven Dials," said Will. "And I do wish she wouldn't sing about poisoning just after we've eaten.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I swear that woman had
Sorry," she said breathlessly.
"I got lost in the crowd."
"I noticed," he said.
"One second I was dancing with you, and the next you were gone and a very persistent werewolf was trying to get the buttons on my jeans undone."
Sebastian chuckled. "Girl or boy werewolf?"
"Not sure. Either way, they could have used a shave.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Sorry,"I" title="Cassandra Clare Quotes: Sorry," she said breathlessly.
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The nappies, the sleepless nights, the endless crying, the love like you've never imagined was possible, like your heart is living on the outside of your body? The chaos and the fear and the pride and the chance to tuck someone in and read them to sleep? To do all of that with you? I couldn't be more sure.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: The nappies, the sleepless nights,
I am so ready to hunt down those tiny adorable creatures and give them what for," said Emma. "SO READY."
"Emma . . ."
"I may even tie bows on their heads."
"We have to interrogate them."
"Can I get a selfie with one of them first?"
"Eat your toast, Emma.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I am so ready to
The good suffer, the evil flourish, and all that is mortal passes away.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: The good suffer, the evil
I've changed my mind," Catarina announced. She put her arm around Alec's neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I like you." "Oh," said Alec, looking baffled. "Thanks." "Please take care of Magnus," Catarina added. "I try," said Alec. Catarina gave Magnus a delighted look over Alec's shoulder. "At last," she murmured. "A keeper.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I've changed my mind,
There was sadness in his eyes, a sadness so profound it was almost frightening.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: There was sadness in his
What's up?" Emma called. "We're almost ready."
"I just wanted to tell you to come down," Mark said. "We are all eager to hear your story, and I've made my famous doughnut sandwiches."
"I'm not sure 'Tavvy likes them' is exactly what most people mean when they say 'famous,' " Emma said.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: What's up?
He had never thought he would long to be called Goatface.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: He had never thought he
Mundanes can be heroes too," said James. "You should know that better than I. Your mother was a mundane! My father told me about all she did before she Ascended. Everyone here knows people who were mundanes. Why should we isolate people who are brave enough to try to become like us -who want to help people? Why should we treat them as if they're less than us, until they prove their worthiness or die? I won't do it.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Mundanes can be heroes too,
Simon, don't you think I'm scared of that too? You're not the only one on that ledge. If we jump, we jump together. We fall together.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Simon, don't you think I'm
Every heart has its own melody.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Every heart has its own
While the Clave disapproves of trespassers, oddly they take an even darker view of beheading and skinning people. They're peculiar that way.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: While the Clave disapproves of
Belatedly, Clary recalled something. "I thought you guys said only some of the vampire bikes could fly?" ... [Jace:]"Only some of them can!" "How did you know this was one of them?" "I didn't!" he shouted gleefully ...
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Belatedly, Clary recalled something.
You're raining on my parade."
"It's a pretty wet parade already, if you hadn't noticed.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: You're raining on my parade.
The Brother's hood fell back, and his silvery hair shone out in the dim chamber like starlight. All the air rushed out of Tessa's lungs in a single instant. The Silent Brother was Jem.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: The Brother's hood fell back,
I think everyone is strong and weak in different ways.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I think everyone is strong
I want everyone I care about
I want people I don't even know, I want all of us
to know we have each other's backs so we do not have to fight alone.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I want everyone I care
What makes you think that Valentine's change of plans had anything to do with your brother?"
"Because only Jace can piss someone off that much.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: What makes you think that
Mundies die awfully easily, don't they?"
"Isabelle, you know it's bad luck to talk about death in a sickroom.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Mundies die awfully easily, don't
At last he reached out and with a gentle hand, closed Valentine's eyes.
"Ave atque vale, Shadowhunter," he said.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: At last he reached out
He always shares the snacks that his mother sends him, and he's better-looking than Jace. There, I said it. I'm not taking it back." "I
Cassandra Clare Quotes: He always shares the snacks
Ma'am," Magnus said, advancing. "I must counsel you not to exit the carriage while a demon-slaying is in progress.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Ma'am,
It's Magnus Bane." He grinned at Alec mockingly. "Rhymes with 'overcareful pain in the ass'.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: It's Magnus Bane.
Isabelle was holding an umbrella. It was clear plastic, decorated with decals of colorful flowers. It was one of the girliest things Simon had ever seen, and he didn't blame Alec for ducking out from under it and taking his chances with the rain.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Isabelle was holding an umbrella.
People always said that things never turned out the way you imagined they would. People were wrong
Cassandra Clare Quotes: People always said that things
When he saw her, he wanted to be with her; when he was with her, he ached to touch her; when he touched even her hand, he wanted to embrace her.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: When he saw her, he
Jace was standing up now.
"When you first step off. Bend the knees right away. Otherwise you did pretty well."
"But what about Isabelle?" Simon asked. "What do I do?"
"I have no idea," Jace said.
"So you just came here to torture me and talk about yourself?" Simon demanded.
"Oh, Simon, Simon, Simon," said Jace. "You may not remember, but that's kind of our thing."
With that, he walked away, clearly aware of the admiring glances that followed his every step.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: What?Jace was standing up now.
"When" title="Cassandra Clare Quotes: What?"
Jace was standing up now.
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He found himself looking into many faces for potentional love, and seeing many people as shining vessels of possibility. Perhaps this time there would be that indefinable something that sent hungry hearts roving, longing and searching for something, they knew not what, and yet could not give up the quest.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: He found himself looking into
Maryse: I am fighting for a better world for myself and my son.
Magnus: I have no interest in the world you want or in your doubteless repellent brat, I might add.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Maryse: I am fighting for
If the date is a complete disaster, I'll text you. I'll say 'Blue Squirrel, this is Hot Fox. Mission to be aborted with extreme prejudice.' Then you call me and you tell me that there is a terrible emergency that requires my expert warlock assistance.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: If the date is a
It wasn't sexy," he said.
"It was a little sexy," Simon said ...
"It wasn't," said Alec.
"I had some feelings," said Simon.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: It wasn't sexy,"It" title="Cassandra Clare Quotes: It wasn't sexy," he said.
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[...] Jace said "I like Mangoes.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: [...] Jace said
I'm not going to kiss you," Simon said. "Ever."
"I've never heard anyone say that before," Jace mused. "It was a unique experience.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I'm not going to kiss
Dear God, woman,"said Will. "Are there any questions you don't want to know the answer to?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Dear God, woman,
This place is for the living," said Jace. His hands were cool on hers, and she was aware of them in a way she had not been of Simon's. She
Cassandra Clare Quotes: This place is for the
Anna's attention was focused on a single patient. Ariadne Bridgestock lay quietly against the white pillows. Her eyes were shut, and her rich brown skin was ashen, stretching tightly over the branching black veins beneath her skin.
Anna slipped in between the screens surrounding Ariadne's cot, and Cordelia followed, feeling slightly awkward. Was she intruding? But Anna looked up, as if to assure herself that Cordelia was there, before she knelt down at the side of Ariadne's bed, laying her walking stick on the floor.
Anna's bowed shoulders looked strangely vulnerable. One of her hands dangled at her side: she reached out the other, fingers moving slowly across the white linen sheets, until she was almost touching Ariadne's hand.
She did not take it. At the last moment, Anna's fingers curled and dropped to rest, beside Ariadne but not quite touching. In a low and steady voice, Anna said, "Ariadne. When you wake up - and you will wake up - I want you to remember this. It was never a sign of your worth that Charles Fairchild wanted to marry you. It is a measure of his lack of worth that he chose to break it off in such a manner."
"He broke it off?" Cordelia whispered. She was stunned. The breaking off of a promised engagement was a serious matter, undertaken usually only when one of the parties in question had committed some kind of serious crime or been caught in an affair. For Charles to break his promise to Ariadne while she lay unconscious was appalling.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Anna's attention was focused on
Everything is ... so white."
"Of course it's white," said Simon. "It's a wedding."
"White for Shadowhunters is the color of funerals," Luke explained. "But for mundanes, Jace, it's the color of weddings. Brides wear white to symbolize their purity."
"I thought Jocelyn said her dress wasn't white," Simon said.
"Well," said Jace, "I suppose that ship has sailed."
Luke choked on his coffe.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Everything is ... so white."Of" title="Cassandra Clare Quotes: Everything is ... so white."
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Brother Zachariah had no reason to support the Lightwoods, but everyone deserved a second chance if they wanted that chance enough.
And one of Robert Lightwood's ancestors had been a woman called Cecily Herondale.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Brother Zachariah had no reason
Are you Magnificent Bane?"
"Sure," said Magnus. "Let's go with that.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Are you Magnificent Bane?"Sure," said" title="Cassandra Clare Quotes: Are you Magnificent Bane?"
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When I first met you, I thought you were unlike anyone else I had ever known. You made me laugh. No one but Jem has made me laugh in, good God, five years. And you did it like it was nothing, like breathing.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: When I first met you,
Someday, the lady would not be imaginary. The clothes would not be borrowed and ill-fitting. Someday she would stride down the street and women would fall at her feet (not failing to notice the perfectly polished brogues) and men would tip their hats to a lady-killer more accomplished than they.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Someday, the lady would not
He had wanted to go to the Academy and become a Shadowhunter, to learn more about his own life and remember everything he had lost, to become someone stronger and better.
Except that you did not become someone stronger and better by only thinking about yourself.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: He had wanted to go
Look at him. The face of a bad angel and eyes like the night sky in Hell. He's very pretty, and vampires like that. I can't say I mind either.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Look at him. The face
Are you in fashion? You look like you're in fashion."
"No," [Magnus] said. "I am fashion.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Are you in fashion? You
She jerked hastily back to avoid stepping on it, and her shoulder bumped his
he put a hand out to steady her, just as she turned to apologize and then she was somehow in the circle of his arm and he was kissing her.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: She jerked hastily back to
Unfortunatley, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains my self.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Unfortunatley, Lady of the Haven,
Oh, God, the lovebirds," Magnus said, pulling the pillow off his face. "I hate happy couples.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Oh, God, the lovebirds,
You are aware that the sale of liquore is currently against the law." Edgar went on, "but I suppose that is why you enjoy it."
"Everyone should have a hobby or two," Magnus said. "Mine just happen to include illegal trade, drinking and carousing. I've heard of worse."
"We tend not to have time for hobbies."
Shadowhunters. Always better than you.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: You are aware that the
Simon," said a voice at his shoulder, and he turned to see Izzy, her face a pale smudge between dark hair and dark cloak, looking at him, her expression half-angry, half-sad. "I guess this is the part where we say goodbye?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Simon,
It's my special magical power. I can read your mind when you're thinking dirty thoughts."
"So, ninety-five percent of the time."
She craned her head back to look up at him. "Ninety-five percent? What's the other five percent?"
"Oh, you know, the usual
demons I might kill, runes I need to learn, people who've annoyed me recently, people who've annoyed me not so recently, ducks."
Cassandra Clare Quotes: It's my special magical power.
He understands why people hold hands: he'd always thought it was about possessiveness, saying This is mine. But it's about maintaining contact. It is about speaking without words. It is about I want you with me and don't go.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: He understands why people hold
We live and breathe words.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: We live and breathe words.
. . . pasta is rarely fatal. Unless Isabelle makes it." - Jace Wayland
Cassandra Clare Quotes: . . . pasta is
Lily shook her head. "The 1930s were such a disappointment. Every year, they insisted on not being the 1920s.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Lily shook her head.
Like what you see?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Like what you see?
We are all betrayed sooner or later- all betrayed, or traitors.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: We are all betrayed sooner
With a shrug and a blink, the policeman moved past Will, shaking his head and muttering something under his breath about swearing off the gin before he truly started seeing things. Will stepped aside to let the man pass, then raised his voice to a shout: James Carstairs! Jem! Where are you, you disloyal bastard?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: With a shrug and a
I'll do everything I can to help, you know that, right, Alexander? Not because it's the Clave, but because it's you - Magnus
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I'll do everything I can
If you made the baby for yourself and Alec, you can tell me," said Robert. "I'm a very broad-minded man. Or - I'm trying to be. I'd like to be. I would understand."
"If I made ... the ... baby ... ?" Magnus repeated.
He was not certain where to start. He had imagined Robert Lightwood knew how babies were made.
"Magically," Robert whispered.
"I am going to pretend you never said that to me," said Magnus. "I am going to pretend we never had this conversation.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: If you made the baby
I tell myself he's better than he makes himself out to be, but, Tessa, what if he isn't?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I tell myself he's better
So I lied to you last night. I said I just wanted one night with you. But I want every night with you. And that's why I have to slip out of your window now, like a coward. Because if I had to tell you this yo your face, I couldn't make myself go.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: So I lied to you
Jem leaned closer against the chair, staring into the fire. "Better it were my hands," he said.
Will shook his head. Exhaustion was muting the edges of everything in the room, blurring the flocked wallpaper into a single mass of dark color. "No. Not your hands. You need your hands for the violin. What do I need mine for?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Jem leaned closer against the
Isabelle snorted. 'All the boys are gay. In this truck, anyway. Well, not you, Simon.'
'You noticed' said Simon.

'I think of myself as a freewheeling bisexual,' added Magnus.

'Please never say those words in front of my parents,' said Alec. 'Especially my father.'

'I thought your parents were okay with you, you know, coming out,' Simon said, leaning around Isabelle to look at Alec, who was - as he often was - scowling, and pushing his floppy dark hair out of his eyes. Aside from the occasional exchange, Simon had never talked to Alec much. He wasn't an easy person to get to know. But, Simon admitted to himself, his own recent estrangement from his mother made him more curious about Alec's answer than he would have been otherwise.

'My mother seems to have accepted it,' Alec said. 'But my father - no, not really. Once he asked me what I thought had turned me gay.'

Simon felt Isabelle tense next to him. 'Turned you gay?' She sounded incredulous. 'Alec, you didn't tell me that.'

'I hope you told him you were bitten by a gay spider,' said Simon.

Magnus snorted; Isabelle looked confused. 'I've read Magnus's stash of comics,' said Alec, 'so I actually know what you're talking about' A small smile played around his mouth. 'So would that give me the proportional gayness of a spider?'

'Only if it was a really gay spider,' said Magnus, and he yelled as Alec punched him in the arm. 'Ow, oka
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Isabelle snorted. 'All the boys
I've been around for a long time. I've also been gorgeous for a long time.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I've been around for a
Weapons, when they break and are mended, can be stronger at the mended places," said Jace. "Perhaps hearts are the same.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Weapons, when they break and
I am fighting for a better world for myself and my son,' said the woman called Maryse.
'I have no interest in the world you want,' Magnus told her. 'Or in your doubtless repellant brat, I might add.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I am fighting for a
The best lies are based on the
truth, at least in part
Cassandra Clare Quotes: The best lies are based
So, Jessamine," said Lucie. "Can ghosts lie?"
"Certainly not!" Jessamine looked shifty. "Ghosts are completely honest. I keep telling you, it was mice who knocked your silver mirror behind the desk and broke it."
"It appears clear that if ghosts are liars, they are terrible liars," said James.
Matthew sighed. "It is very strange to see you conversing with the invisible."
"Humph," said Jessamine. She wobbled a bit and firmed up, her outlines clearing as she drifted down toward the floor. Shadowhunters, having the Sight, could generally see ghosts who wanted to be seen, but Lucie knew it was an effort for Jessamine to make herself visible to all eyes.
"Oh!" said Cordelia. "It's very nice to meet you, Jessamine. Lucie speaks of you often."
Jessamine beamed.
"You are a very attractive ghost," said Matthew, tapping his ringed fingers against his chest. "I do hope Lucie and James have mentioned as much."
"They have not," Jessamine noted.
"Very remiss," said Matthew, his eyes sparkling.
"You are not at all like Henry," said Jessamine, eyeing Matthew speculatively. "He was forever setting things on fire, and not a compliment to be heard."
"Jessamine," Lucie said. "This is important! Do tell us, can ghosts lie? Not you, of course, my dear."
"Ghosts can lie," Jessamine conceded.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: So, Jessamine,
Might I make free with your lettuce, my lady?
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Might I make free with
Jem told me what Ragnor Fell said about my father," Will said. "That for my father, there was only ever one woman he loved, and it was her for him, or nothing. You are that for me. I love you, and I will only ever love you until I die -
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Jem told me what Ragnor
I love your name. I love the sound of it
Cassandra Clare Quotes: I love your name. I
Oh, if we could end love just by willing it, life would be very different!' Tessa laughed. 'It's easier to end someone else's love for you than kill your love for them, or that you are someone they cannot respect-ideally both.' Her eyes were wide and gray and youthful; it was hard to believe she was older than nineteen. 'To change your own hear, that's nearly impossible.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Oh, if we could end
Well, you're lucky, that's all. Even if he is a vamp now. You must be pretty used to all sorts of weird stuff, being a Shadowhunter, so I bet it doesn't faze you.
"It fazes me," Clary said, more sharply then she'd intended. "I'm not Jace."
The smirk widened. " No one is. And I get the feeling he knows it.
"Whats that supposed to mean?"
"Oh, you know. Jace reminds me of an old boyfriend. Some guys look at you like they want sex. Jace looks at you like you've already had sex, it was great, and now you're just friends- even though you want more. Drives girls crazy. You know what i mean?
Yes, Clary thought. "No." she said.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Well, you're lucky, that's all.
Magnus did not like to go near the Hotel Dumont if he could help it. It was decrepit and unsettling, it held bad memories, and it also occasionally held his evil former lady love.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Magnus did not like to
Smarmy little prig," Will snarled, leaning father forward, as if he longed to reach through the magical portal and strangle Gabriel. "When I get him alone ... "
"I ought to go in with her instead," Gabriel went on. "I can look out for her a bit more. Instead of simply looking out for myself."
"Hanging's too good for him," agreed Jem, who looked as if he were trying not to laugh.
"Tessa knows Will," protested Charlotte. "She trusts Will."
"I wouldn't go that far," muttered Tessa.
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Smarmy little prig,
Ty: All the lights and the shouting and the people. It's like broken glass in my head.
Kit: What about fighting? Battles, killing demons, that must be pretty noisy and loud?
Ty: Battle is different. Battle is what Shadowhunters do. Fighting is in my body, not my mind. As long as I can wear headphones...
Cassandra Clare Quotes: Ty: All the lights and
I'm fine little sister. The flames won't burn me unless I try to get my hands free.

Cassandra Clare Quotes: I'm fine little sister. The
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