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Our true history is scarcely ever deciphered by others. The chief part of the drama is a monologue, or rather an intimate debate between God, our conscience, and ourselves. Tears, grieves, depressions, disappointments, irritations, good and evil thoughts, decisions, uncertainties, deliberations
all these belong to our secret, and are almost all incommunicable and intransmissible, even when we try to speak of them, and even when we write them down. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel
True History quotes by Henri Frederic Amiel
The contemporary historian never writes such a true history as the historian of a later generation. ~ Agatha Christie
True History quotes by Agatha Christie
Humans have the ability to rewrite history. Within a few decades it is not even questioned. Stories of the past become as real as the world you walk through today. Wars are waged over false history. Sins are denied. All for mankind to move forward and feel comfortable about its past. Your true history is written in the stars. Look up, breathe in, and be humbled by the ones who came before you. The ones who have suffered, who have endured, who have overcome. Their blood is alive in you. Their spirits roam freely in the heavens above. ~ Jason E. Hodges
True History quotes by Jason E. Hodges
The true history of the world must always be the history of the few; and as we measure the Himalaya by the height of Mount Everest, we must take the true measure of India from the poets of the Veda, the sages of the Upanishads, the founders of the Vedanta and Sankhya philosophies, and the authors of the oldest law-books, and not from the millions who are born and die in their villages, and who have never for one moment been roused out of their drowsy dream of life. ~ Friedrich Max Muller
True History quotes by Friedrich Max Muller
One of the things important about history is to remember the true history. ~ George W. Bush
True History quotes by George W. Bush
Augustine recast how people should view history, that history was not the story of the rise and fall of empires because those are human things. Those are the city of man. Rather, true history should be the history of salvation, of man moving toward God. It's a focus that takes the light off of this world and shines it much more brightly on the next world. ~ Thomas F. Madden
True History quotes by Thomas F. Madden
True history being a mixture of all things, the true historian mingles in everything. ~ Victor Hugo
True History quotes by Victor Hugo
Every true history must force us to remember that the past was once as real as the present and as uncertain as the future. ~ G. M. Trevelyan
True History quotes by G. M. Trevelyan
It is like writing history with lightning and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true. ~ Woodrow Wilson
True History quotes by Woodrow Wilson
Physics advances by accepting absurdities. Its history is one of unbelievable ideas proving to be true. ~ Rivka Galchen
True History quotes by Rivka Galchen
Those places where sadness and misery abound are favoured settings for stories of ghosts and apparitions. Calcutta has countless such stories hidden in its darkness, stories that nobody wants to admit they believe but which nevertheless survive in the memory of generations as the only chronicle of the past. It is as if the people who inhabit the streets, inspired by some mysterious wisdom, relalise that the true history of Calcutta has always been written in the invisible tales of its spirits and unspoken curses. ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafon
True History quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The true history of Vietnamese civilian suffering does not fit comfortably into America's preferred postwar narrative - the tale of a conflict nobly fought by responsible commanders and good American boys, who should not be tainted by the occasional mistakes of a few 'bad apples' in their midst. ~ Nick Turse
True History quotes by Nick Turse
The equivocations, the confusions, the contradictions. There's no way we can live through or comprehend something so big that happened so long ago. We've lost true history. But if we are willing to tolerate the contradictions, and if we suffer through events rather than ticking them off, we may at least get closer to understanding what happened than if we grip the handrail of a carefully polished and reassuringly heroic narrative. ~ Nicholson Baker
True History quotes by Nicholson Baker
My friend is composing an epic in Byronic stanzas entitled "True History of Autua, Last Moriori" & interrupts my journal writing to ask what rhymes with what: - "Streams of blood"? "Themes of mud"? "Robin Hood"? ~ David Mitchell
True History quotes by David Mitchell
Memory is imagined; it is not real. Don't be ashamed of its need to create; it is the loveliest part of your heart. Myth is the true history. Don't let them tell you that there are no monsters. Don't let them make you feel stupid, just because you are happy to play down in the dark with your flashlight. The mystical world depends on you and your tolerance for the absurd. Be strong, my darling ones, and believe! ~ Nick Cave
True History quotes by Nick Cave
(on A History of Western Philosophy) I was sometimes accused by reviewers of writing not a true history but a biased account of the events that I arbitrarily chose to write of. But to my mind, a man without a bias cannot write interesting history - if, indeed, such man exists. ~ Bertrand Russell
True History quotes by Bertrand Russell
Marx wrote that 'History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.' This was witty but far from true. History is never repeated, but it borrows, steals, echoes and commandeers the past to create a hybrid, something unique out of the ingredients of past and present. ~ Simon Sebag Montefiore
True History quotes by Simon Sebag Montefiore
We crave nothing less that the perfect story; And while we chatter or listen all our lives to a din of craving – jokes, anecdotes, novels, dreams, films, plays, songs, half the words of our days – We are satisfied only by the one short tale we feel to be true; History is the will of a just God who knows us. ~ Reynolds Price
True History quotes by Reynolds Price
Wars make history seem deceptively simple. They provide clear turning points, easy distinctions.: before and after, winner and loser, right and wrong. True history, the past, is not like that. It isn't flat or linear. It has no outline. It is slippery, like liquid; infinite and unknowable, like space. And it is changeable: just when you think you see a pattern, perspective shifts, an alternate version is proffered, a long-forgotten memory resurfaces. ~ Kate Morton
True History quotes by Kate Morton
I can see him now, the victim of labyrinthine machinations that carved away his ears and tongue: a mute prince tossed into a slaver's galley and lost at sea, and at sea until the pink weed filled his head with death, and he fell in step behind the dealer that fed a habit in exchange for cheap muscle. And now, the lost king slept mute among beggar boys and rats spreading crowns in a knighthood of orphans and drugs. Who knows his true history? All we know is his fate among the smoke. ~ J.M. McDermott
True History quotes by J.M. McDermott
The best and only true history we have. Everyone interested in creative writing should know this book. ~ Tony Ardizzone
True History quotes by Tony Ardizzone
I'm convinced the true history of our time isn't what we read in newspapers or books ... True history is almost invisible. It flows like an underground spring. It takes place in the shadows, and in silence, George. And only a chosen few know what that history is. ~ Felix J. Palma
True History quotes by Felix J. Palma
Jodi Byrd writes: "The story of the new world is horror, the story of America a crime." It is necessary, she argues, to start with the origin of the United States as a settler-state and its explicit intention to occupy the continent. These origins contain the historical seeds of genocide. Any true history of the United States must focus on what has happened to (and with) Indigenous peoples - and what still happens. ~ Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
True History quotes by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
One objection I have heard voiced to works of this kind-dealing with Texas-is the amount of gore spilled across the pages. It can not be otherwise. In order to write a realistic and true history of any part of the Southwest, one must narrate such things, even at the risk of monotony. ~ Robert E. Howard
True History quotes by Robert E. Howard
I know that the history of man is not his technical triumphs, his kills, his victories. It is a composite, a mosaic of a trillion pieces, the account of each man's accommodation with his conscience. This is the true history of the race. ~ Jack Vance
True History quotes by Jack Vance
A true history of human events would show that a far larger proportion of our acts are the result of sudden impulse and accident than of that reason of which we so much boast. ~ Peter Cooper
True History quotes by Peter Cooper
I saw no African people in the printed and illustrated Sunday school lessons. I began to suspect at this early age that someone had distorted the image of my people. My long search for the true history of African people the world over began. ~ John Henrik Clarke
True History quotes by John Henrik Clarke
When women's true history shall have been written, her part in the upbuilding of this nation will astound the world. ~ Abigail Scott Duniway
True History quotes by Abigail Scott Duniway
I mean it, it's another gap in your education. Until you can learn to understand her, you'll get nowhere as a detective. She's everybody's conscience, Bob - the universal maiden aunt, cousin or sister. Humanity's backbone. Throughout history, she's gone to the stake for you again and again; not with any sense of heroism, but as a matter of principle and because it would never occur to her to do anything else. ~ Heron Carvic
True History quotes by Heron Carvic
Be loved. Be known. Love people and know people. Be so brave as to raise a hand for help when you need it. Make friends and make sure they know they matter. Be loyal to them and fight for them. Remind them what's true and invite them to do the same when you forget. If you do some losing or you walk with someone else in their defeat, live with dignity and grace. It is the middle finger to the darkness. ~ Jamie Tworkowski
True History quotes by Jamie Tworkowski
There isn't really a case for Buddhism. It's a path you can choose to follow. I follow it because of the meditation, but I wouldn't tell anyone else that they should follow it or that it's true in some sense. ~ Nabeel Qureshi
True History quotes by Nabeel Qureshi
WE do try to eat," Raoul called back to her [Kel]. I go all faint if I don't get fed regularly. Only think of the disgrace to the King's Own if I fell from the saddle."
"But there was that time in Fanwood," a voice behind them said.
"That wedding in Tameran," added the blonde Sergeant Osbern, riding a horse-length behind Kel.
"Don't forget when what's-his-name, with the army, retired," yelled a third.
"Silence, insubordinate curs!" cried Raoul. "Do not sully my new squire's ears with your profane tales!"
"Even if they're TRUE?" That was Dom. It seemed Neal wasn't the only family member versed in irony. ~ Tamora Pierce
True History quotes by Tamora Pierce
A myth, though, is not a lie. At its most profound - as Tolkien, that devout Catholic, always argued - a myth can be true. To be a Christian is to believe that God became man and suffered a death as terrible as any mortal has ever suffered. This is why the cross, that ancient implement of torture, remains what it has always been: the fitting symbol of the Christian revolution. It is the audacity of it - the audacity of finding in a twisted and defeated corpse the glory of the creator of the universe - that serves to explain, more surely than anything else, the sheer strangeness of Christianity, and of the civilization to which it gave birth. Today, the power of this strangeness remains as alive as it has ever been. It is manifest in the great surge of conversions that has swept Africa and Asia over the past century; in the conviction of millions upon millions that the breath of the Spirit, like a living fire, still blows upon the world; and, in Europe and North America, in the assumptions of many more millions who would never think to describe themselves as Christian. All are heirs to the same revolution: a revolution that has, at its molten heart, the image of a god dead on a cross. ~ Tom Holland
True History quotes by Tom Holland
Psychic awareness leads to a true perception not only of events, but just of life itself. It is its own raison d'etre. ~ Frederick Lenz
True History quotes by Frederick Lenz
The man that is meant to love you will have a million questions about you, but none will ever ask your value. ~ Shannon L. Alder
True History quotes by Shannon L. Alder
Skepticism is history's bedfellow. ~ Edgar Saltus
True History quotes by Edgar Saltus
It seems like all the time people are making themselves themselves, but they don't really know it. You can only have true visions when you look behind. A person can slide so fast into being something they never really intended. I wonder if you can truly resurrect your own self. ~ Elizabeth Berg
True History quotes by Elizabeth Berg
History will help to remedy intellectual faults such as excessive concentration on one line of thought, absence of understanding for other points of view, belief in simple solutions, lack of balance of mind, absence of an imaginative understanding. ~ Geoffrey Elton
True History quotes by Geoffrey Elton
True humility scarcely ever utters words of humility. ~ Saint Francis De Sales
True History quotes by Saint Francis De Sales
The Holocaust happened not because of one person, but because of many people believing in an ideology promoted by a charismatic man at the right time and place, and millions of people colluding. History is not singular. Events do not happen in a vacuum. ~ Katherine Locke
True History quotes by Katherine  Locke
Christian hope frees us to act hopefully in the world. It enables us to act humbly and patiently, tackling visible injustices in the world around us without needing to be assured that our skill and our effort will somehow rid the world of injustice altogether. Christian hope, after all, does not need to see what it hopes for (Heb. 11:1); and neither does it require us to comprehend the end of history. Rather, it simply requires us to trust that even the most outwardly insignificant of faithful actions - the cup of cold water given to the child, the widow's mite offered at the temple, the act of hospitality shown to the stranger, none of which has any overall strategic socio-political significance so far as we can now see - will nevertheless be made to contribute in some significant way to the construction of God's kingdom by the action of God's creative and sovereign grace. ~ Craig M. Gay
True History quotes by Craig M. Gay
Seven years is a short time in the history of a country's democracy. But in this short time, people of Bhutan have developed faith in the institutions of democracy. ~ Narendra Modi
True History quotes by Narendra Modi
I am inspired by music, travel, great architecture, and good, healthy food. I look for opportunities to learn about history, art, and cooking. When I learn, I grow. ~ Tim Matheson
True History quotes by Tim Matheson
And the thing about understanding yourself, knowing your true colors, is that you have to be true to them. For if you don't, they change, and so do you. ~ Cameron Dokey
True History quotes by Cameron Dokey
We do not discard something we know to be true because of something we do not yet understand. ~ Neil L. Andersen
True History quotes by Neil L. Andersen
What is the probability that Yahweh is the one true god, and Amon Ra, Aphrodite, Apollo, Baal, Brahma, Ganesha, Isis, Mithra, Osiris, Shiva, Thor, Vishnu, Wotan, Zeus, and the other 986 gods are false gods? As skeptics like to say, everyone is an atheist about these gods; some of us just go one god further. ~ Michael Shermer
True History quotes by Michael Shermer
True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share. ~ Suze Orman
True History quotes by Suze Orman
The way to fight a woman is with your hat. Grab it and run.
The guy who said that was a wise man. He knew what most men don't - Women are powerful creatures who should be handled with care, or they can become very, very dangerous. ~ Christina Dodd
True History quotes by Christina Dodd
Tell your daughters how you love your body.
Tell them how they must love theirs.

Tell them to be proud of every bit of themselves -
from their tiger stripes to the soft flesh of their thighs,
whether there is a little of them or a lot,
whether freckles cover their face or not,
whether their curves are plentiful or slim,
whether their hair is thick, curly, straight, long or short.

Tell them how they inherited
their ancestors, souls in their smiles,
that their eyes carry countries
that breathed life into history,
that the swing of their hips
does not determine their destiny.

Tell them never to listen when bodies are critiqued.
Tell them every woman's body is beautiful
because every woman's soul is unique. ~ Nikita Gill
True History quotes by Nikita Gill
Another misconception is that desires are insatiable. Admittedly, for the small segment of society that is clinically deranged, this statement may not hold true. But for those seeking riches, pleasure, or power, too much of a good thing dulls the appetite." – Jeremy Lyons [Survival of the Fittest] ~ Marvin H. McIntyre
True History quotes by Marvin H. McIntyre
Yes, it's all different," he said.
"You're going to be very surprised."
But I wasn't thinking of that. I only
wanted to hold him. "Listen," he said,
"I miss that too.
And now you'll be telling stories
of my coming back
and they won't be false, and they won't be true,
but they'll be real."
And then, as he used to, he said, "Let's go!"
And we walked down the beach together. ~ Mary Oliver
True History quotes by Mary Oliver
I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly. ~ Cassandra Clare
True History quotes by Cassandra Clare
Uncertainty within thyself may lead to a vigorous destruction of your life. ~ SoulWanderer_
True History quotes by SoulWanderer_
Perhaps we are all shells; but some of us have found the pearls inside, and this makes all the difference! ~ C. JoyBell C.
True History quotes by C. JoyBell C.
A thinker can truly think only when there is true freedom of thought. ~ Debasish Mridha
True History quotes by Debasish Mridha
Meekness is essentially a true view of oneself, expressing itself in attitude and conduct with respect to others. It is therefore two things. It is my attitude towards myself, and it is an expression of that in my relationship to others. ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
True History quotes by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Some say, 'Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.' I say, 'Those who ignore history are in for a big surprise.' ~ Stephen Colbert
True History quotes by Stephen Colbert
There is no more invariable rule in the history of society: the further electoral rights are extended, the greater is the need of extending them; for after each concession the strength of the democracy increases, and its demands increase with its strength. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
True History quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
Something of the child's pure delight in creation survives in every true work of art. ~ Roger Scruton
True History quotes by Roger Scruton
Reasons were invented, and stories were reasons that allowed us to connect ourselves to the world, to compose ourselves in ways that others could read. Fragments were true but we needed stories greater than fragments. We needed stories in order to imagine the mad world we lived in. ~ Bilal Tanweer
True History quotes by Bilal Tanweer
Despite the modern dogma to the effect that women were a subject sex until the nineteenth century 'emancipated' them from history, women in history had demonstrated strong wills and purposes, had made assertions, and had directed or influenced all human destiny, including their own, since human life began. ~ Mary Ritter Beard
True History quotes by Mary Ritter Beard
There maybe in philosophy, just as well as in anything else, a bigotted attachment to certain doctrines and systems, which renders men intolerant and fond of persecution. It rarely, indeed, happens that Plato's wish of seeing philosophy united with sovereign power, can be realized. Plato would be right, if by his philosophy true wisdom is understood, which never can be learned in a school; but the philosophy of a school, united with sovereign power, would assuredly be a most fruitful source of oppression. ~ August Neander
True History quotes by August Neander
History tells us more than we want to know about what is wrong with man, and we can hardly turn a page in the daily press without learning the specific time, place, and name of evil. But perhaps the most pervasive evil of all rarely appears in the news. This evil, the waste of human potential, is particularly painful to recognize for it strikes our parents and children, our friends and brothers, ourselves. ~ George Leonard
True History quotes by George Leonard
Loving yourself involves the discovery of the true wonder of you; not only the present you, but the many possibilities of you. It involves the continual realization that you are unique, like no other person in the world, that life is, or should be, the discovery, the development and the sharing of this uniqueness. ~ Leo Buscaglia
True History quotes by Leo Buscaglia
True friends say good things behind your back and bad things to your face. ~ Anonymous
True History quotes by Anonymous
There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt. ~ Audre Lorde
True History quotes by Audre Lorde
If a well-constituted individual refrains from blazoning aught amiss or calamitous in his family, a nation in the like circumstance may without reproach be equally discreet. ~ Herman Melville
True History quotes by Herman Melville
At bottom, I mean profoundly at bottom, the FBI has nothing to do with Communism, it has nothing to do with catching criminals, it has nothing to do with the Mafia, the syndicate, it has nothing to do with trust-busting, it has nothing to do with interstate commerce, it has nothing to do with anything but serving as a church for the mediocre. A high church for the true mediocre. ~ Norman Mailer
True History quotes by Norman Mailer
Thomas Wollaston, in the Annals and Magazine of Natural History, complained that Darwin did no seem to know what a species actually was. The British Quarterly, deliberately sitting up trouble, speculated that a time might come when a monkey could propose marriage to a genteel British lady. Perhaps cruelest of all was a cartoon in Punch magazine, depicting a gorilla with a sign on its neck. Deliberately evoking the anti-slavery tract of Darwin's Wedgwood forbears, the sign read:Am I a Man and a Brother? ~ Jonathan Clements
True History quotes by Jonathan Clements
I am but paper,
Brittle and thin.
I am held out to the sun,
And it shines right through me.
I get written on,
And I can never be used again.

These scratches are a history,
They're a story,
They tell things for others to read,
But they only see the words,
And not what the words are written upon.

I am but paper,
And though there are many like me,
None are exactly the same.
I am parched parchment,
I have lines,
I have holes,
Get me wet and I melt,
Light me on fire and I burn,
Take me in hardened hands and I crumble,
I tear.

I am but paper,
Brittle and thin. ~ T.J. Klune
True History quotes by T.J. Klune
We shall find in our troubled hearts, where discord reigns, two needs which seem at variance, but which merge, as I think, in a common source - the love of the true, and the love of the fabulous. ~ Alfred De Vigny
True History quotes by Alfred De Vigny
Most of my formal choices are a combination of everything I learned about form - semiotics, linguistics, and the history of style experimentations tethered to literary movements (formalism, deconstruction, modernism, and postmodernism), and the basic principal of breaking every rule I ever learned from a patriarchal writing tradition that never included my body or experience, and thus has nothing to offer me in terms of representation. ~ Lidia Yuknavitch
True History quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
We are still living in a wonderful new world where man thinks himself astonishingly new and "modern." This is unmistakable proof of the youthfulness of human consciousness, which has not yet grown aware of its historical antecedents. ~ C. G. Jung
True History quotes by C. G. Jung
The author of true, real and rare wisdom is God; ask Him! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
True History quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
It's true that I want to smother her with compliments and true that I want to keep my distance. True that I want her to like me and true that I don't. ~ John Green
True History quotes by John Green
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