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#1. If you want to dance with him in the future, then live today. Pray for God to give you the strength to endure each day, for it will be called upon in this place. It will be called upon for all of us," she said louder, her voice obviously carrying to the ears of all the girls in the room. "Strength? That begins with sleep. - Author: Kristy Cambron
To Give quotes by Kristy Cambron
#2. I'm going to give him a pizza face. - Author: Wladimir Klitschko
To Give quotes by Wladimir Klitschko
#3. The most precious thing a human being has to give is time. There is so very little of it, after all, in a life. - Author: Edith Schaeffer
To Give quotes by Edith Schaeffer
#4. The Christian that is bound by his own horizon, the church that lives simply for itself, is bound to die a spiritual death and sink into stagnancy and corruption. We never can thank God enough for giving us not only a whole Gospel to believe, but a whole world to give it to. - Author: A.B. Simpson
To Give quotes by A.B. Simpson
#5. You no longer speak of your old friends, your Council, your home. I fear that you are forgetting them, and forgetting your reason for coming here."

Hunter sighed. "It's difficult to talk about them, they don't belong here. Anyway, I thought you wanted me to give up my old life. Congratulations, you've won."

The Abate smiled sadly. "Perhaps I did, I wanted you to abandon your violent past and adopt our ways. But I see that you are giving up everything and taking on nothing. What are you afraid of George? - Author: K.S. Marsden
To Give quotes by K.S. Marsden
#6. Most of the time common stocks are subject to irrational and excessive price fluctuations in both directions as the consequence of the ingrained tendency of most people to speculate or gamble ... to give way to hope, fear and greed. - Author: Benjamin Graham
To Give quotes by Benjamin Graham
#7. I can't write from the subconscious actually, because a lot of the time when I co-write with other people, I'm writing for them as opposed to for myself. When it comes to lyrics, I tend to want to give them their voice, since it's most likely going to be on their record, or somebody else's record. And I find for more commerial-style music, people want simplicity, less vagueness, and less space to fill between the lines, so to speak. So I can't be quite as ethereal and mystical. - Author: Gary Louris
To Give quotes by Gary Louris
#8. It's important to give a better country to your children, but it is more important to give better children to your country. - Author: Carlos Slim
To Give quotes by Carlos Slim
#9. They came as quietly as rain, and went away like mists drifting. There were jests about them and songs. And the songs outlasted the jests. At last they became a legend, which haunted those farms for ever: they were spoken of when men told of hopeless quests, and held up to laughter or glory, whichever men had to give. And - Author: Lord Dunsany
To Give quotes by Lord Dunsany
#10. As a player, that's not your responsibility to comment and to give your opinion on another player. As a quarterback, I don't want another quarterback tweeting about my performance or judging me in that way. - Author: Eli Manning
To Give quotes by Eli Manning
#11. I was afraid I had nothing to give. But I do. And I want to give it all to you. - Author: Jennifer Probst
To Give quotes by Jennifer Probst
#12. She smiles sweet enough to give me a fuckin' cavity. - Author: C.M. Stunich
To Give quotes by C.M. Stunich
#13. You don't do so well with marriage. I don't think you've begun to realize all there is for you to love. And I know you better than anyone & here's what I know about you: You have so much love to give! But I feel like you're all the time digging in the tomato bin, saying, Where are the apples? - Author: Elizabeth Berg
To Give quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#14. He who fails to know his real and true competitor shall never be able to give a good account of his stewardship in life! Your true and real competitor is your real and true solemn duty to your Maker! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
To Give quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#15. The office of government is not to confer happiness, but to give men the opportunity to work out happiness for themselves. - Author: William Ellery Channing
To Give quotes by William Ellery Channing
#16. You're not allowed to give yourself a nickname. This holds true in life as well as in poker. - Author: Richard Roeper
To Give quotes by Richard Roeper
#17. We've taken disturbances and fluctuations and averaged them together to give us comfortable statistics. Our training has been to look for big numbers, important trends, major variances. Yet it is the slight variations - soft-spoken, even whispered at first - that we need to encourage. - Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
To Give quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#18. In relationships with a directors, I want to be able to give and take, and I can't name what it is: respect, energy, investment in the task, focus, humor, intelligence, but I always feel responsible for taking the money. - Author: Harrison Ford
To Give quotes by Harrison Ford
#19. Just give me a second. Attempting to give a fuck ... Attempting harder to give a fuck ... Sorry, there was an error; fuck not given. - Author: Suzanne Wright
To Give quotes by Suzanne Wright
#20. Disappointment or disgust–Silas couldn't tell which–flickered in the girl's eyes. Remembering to give him a demure nod, she straightened her shawl and walked away. Silas watched her go. He couldn't swear on it, but he felt pretty sure the shawl-adjustment was more like the feminine version of a Mexican conquistador's cape-swish. - Author: Alicia A. Willis
To Give quotes by Alicia A. Willis
#21. I do not want to give my power, my self-esteem, or my autonomy, to any person, place, or thing outside myself. [ ... ] The only thing that matters is how I feel about myself, my personal integrity, and my relationship with my Creator. - Author: Ashley Judd
To Give quotes by Ashley Judd
#22. The first truth about mortals is that none of us wants to die, but all of us are going to. It's in the name – mortals – the dying ones. If you don't understand that bit, you won't understand the rest of it. Here you are, some 5-hundred years old and you haven't yet figured out something that a 3 year old human is starting to understand. You see, as soon as we can even think, our brains are wrapping themselves around that One Truth, that one offensive, undeniable, irrevocable Truth. The rest of our existence grows up in the shadow of a dead leaning tree, which will at one point in the not unimaginable future fall and crush all that has grown up beneath it…

…Rescue them for what? Why from dying! Does that mean they won't die? No, it just means they won't die today. At best, we're talking about delaying the inevitable death sentence laid on our friends. Now how does this particular truth strike you, Mister Immortal…?

…And why? Why not merely stand now and fall sooner rather than later? Because there is something precious and sacred about rearguard action. It's an active retreat that's been repeated valiantly and ceaselessly from the beginning of mortal time. It just seems wrong to give up. It seems invalid and invalorous. More importantly, it's indecent to simply lie down and be overrun…

…Instead we rage against it and sing our defiance through bloodied teeth. Somehow, in our pointless battle, we find moment - Author: J. Robert King
To Give quotes by J. Robert King
#23. The universe had an odd sense of fairness; it took away things one did not want to give up, and then gave things one did not ask for. - Author: Laila Lalami
To Give quotes by Laila Lalami
#24. all around an illusive reality promises dreams, just as it deviously robs us of moments to give us back only memories! - Author: Marianthi Devaki
To Give quotes by Marianthi Devaki
#25. People talk about nightfall, or night falling, or dusk falling, and it's never seemed right to me. Perhaps they once meant befalling. As in night befalls. As in night happens. Perhaps they, whoever they were, thought of a falling sun. That might be it, except that that ought to give us dayfall. Day fell on Rupert the Bear. And we know, if we've ever read a book, that day doesn't fall or rise. It breaks. In books, day breaks, and night falls.
In life, night rises from the ground. The day hangs on for as long as it can, bright and eager, absolutely and positively the last guest to leave the party, while the ground darkens, oozing night around your ankles, swallowing for ever that dropped contact lens, making you miss that low catch in the gully on the last ball of the last over. - Author: Hugh Laurie
To Give quotes by Hugh Laurie
#26. And Nothing is very strong: strong enough to steal away a man's best years not in sweet sins but in a dreary flickering of the mind over it knows not what and knows not why, in the gratification of curiosities so feeble that the man is only half aware of them, in drumming of fingers and kicking of heels, in whistling tunes that he does not like, or in the long, dim labyrinth of reveries that have not even lust or ambition to give them a relish, but which, once chance association has started them, the creature is too weak and fuddled to shake off. - Author: C.S. Lewis
To Give quotes by C.S. Lewis
#27. Everything is reduced to what's physical in the end, because it's the filth inside people's minds that creates all the evil. What is a body, anyway? I suppose you've got to abuse your body to understand it. If you're not prepared to humiliate yourself in order to give somebody else a moment's pleasure, I don't believe that you've actually lived. - Author: Ray Davies
To Give quotes by Ray Davies
#28. We'll never know. In the summer of 1971, against the advice of his mother, Howard Myers took a vacation to Florida. The combination of the heat and his medical condition combined to give him a massive heart attack which killed him. He was forty-one years old. There - Author: Howard L. Myers
To Give quotes by Howard L. Myers
#29. They were living to themselves: self, with its hopes, and promises, and dreams, still had hold of them; but the Lord began to fulfill their prayers. They had asked for contrition, and He sent them sorrow; they had asked for purity, and He sent them thrilling anguish; they had asked to be meek, and He had broken their hearts; they has asked to be dead to the world, and He slew all their living hopes; they had asked to be made like unto Him, and He placed them in the furnace, sitting by "as a refiner of silver," till they should reflect His image; they had asked to lay hold of His cross, and when He had reached it out to them, it lacerated their hands. They had asked they knew not what, nor how; but He had taken them at their word, and granted them all their petitions. They were hardly willing to follow so far, or to draw so nigh to Him. They had upon them an awe and fear, as Jacob at Bethel, or Eliphaz in the night visions, or as the apostles when they thought they had seen the spirit, and knew not that it was Jesus. They could almost pray Him to depart from them, or to hide His awefulness. They found it easier to obey than to suffer--to do than to give up--to bear the cross than to hang upon it: but they cannot go back, for they have come too near the unseen cross, and its virtues have pierced too deeply within them. He is fulfilling to them his promise, "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.
But now, at last, their turn is come. Before, they had only hear - Author: Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
To Give quotes by Elizabeth Payson Prentiss
#30. Life is too short to give a fuck. Jump in the pool butt ass naked and do it up. - Author: Richard P. Denney
To Give quotes by Richard P. Denney
#31. I've felt love from certain songs that I've wanted to experience from other people - where I know that love may never happen - and I want to give that to someone else. - Author: Wesley Eisold
To Give quotes by Wesley Eisold
#32. We need to reinvent itself
We make mistakes,
But to give others the blame of own fault
While we do not recognize own fault
and continue to blame others
Until then we can not succeed in life..!! - Author: Shubham Singh
To Give quotes by Shubham Singh
#33. The tower, which was not supposed to be there, plunges into the earth in a place just before the black pine forest begins to give way to swamp and then the reeds and wind-gnarled trees of the marsh flats. Beyond the marsh flats and the natural canals lies the ocean and, a little farther down the coast, a derelict lighthouse. All of this part of the country had been abandoned for decades, for reasons that are not easy to relate. Our expedition was the first to enter Area X for more than two years, and much of our predecessors' equipment had rusted, their tents and sheds little more than husks. Looking out over that untroubled landscape, I do not believe any of us could yet see the threat. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
To Give quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#34. Education is at present concerned with outward efficiency, and it utterly disregards, or deliberately perverts, the inward nature of man; it develops only one part of him and leaves the rest to drag along as best it can.

Our inner confusion, antagonism and fear ever overcome the outer structure of society, however nobly conceived and cunningly built. When there is not the right kind of education we destroy one another, and physical security for every individual is denied.

To educate the student rightly is to help him to understand the total process of himself; for it is only when there is integration of the mind and heart in everyday action that there can be intelligence and inward transformation.

While offering information and technical training, education should above all encourage an integrated outlook on life; it should help the student to recognize and break down in himself all social distinctions and prejudices, and discourage the acquisitive pursuit of power and domination. It should encourage the right kind of self-observation and the experiencing of life as a whole, which is not to give significance to the part, to the "me" and the "mine", but to help the mind to go above and beyond itself to discover the real.

Freedom comes into being only through self-knowledge in one's daily occupations, that is, in one's relationship with people, with things, with ideas and with nature. If the educator is helping the student to be integ - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
To Give quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#35. I think the invitation offered the non-black reader is to join us in this expression of our familiarity and via that joining, come to understand that when black people come together to celebrate and rejoice in black critical thinking, we do so not to exclude or to separate, but to participate more fully in world community. However, we must first be able to dialogue with one another, to give one another subject-to-subject recognition that is an act of resistance that is part of the decolonizing, anti-racist process. - Author: Bell Hooks
To Give quotes by Bell Hooks
#36. There's a little war in progress here. There won't be anything left of the place if it goes on at this rate." (But it's hard to feign innocence if you've eaten the apple, he reflected.) "And it looks to me as if it is going to go on, because the French aren't going to give in, and certainly the Arabs aren't, because they can't. They're fighting with their backs the the wall."

"I thought maybe you meant you expected a new world war," he lied.

"That's the least of my worries. When that comes, we've had it. You can't sit around mooning about Judgement Day. That's just silly. Everybody who ever lived has always had his own private Judgment Day to face anyway, and he still has. As far as that goes, nothing's changed at all. - Author: Paul Bowles
To Give quotes by Paul Bowles
#37. How come it can't fly no better than a chicken?' Milkman asked.
Too much tail. All that jewelry weighs it down. Like vanity. Can't nobody fly with all that [stuff]. Wanna fly, you got to give up the [stuff] that weighs you down.'
The peacock jumped onto the hood of the Buick and once more spread its tail, sending the flashy Buick into oblivion. - Author: Toni Morrison
To Give quotes by Toni Morrison
#38. The essence of warriorship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything. - Author: Chogyam Trungpa
To Give quotes by Chogyam Trungpa
#39. Don't know how many minutes I stood there. It was precisely the comfort she seemed to need this night. If only she had known to ask, or I to give, we could've done away with the blindfold ... Thank God for the blindfold. She - Author: Abraham Verghese
To Give quotes by Abraham Verghese
#40. Every institution places its ultimate weight on preserving its own life. That is why the Church emphasizes loving God over loving one's neighbor ... The push for justice on the other hand might be at the center of the Gospel but it also attacks the balance of power in the society. Since the rich always exploit the poor, to give the poor power, dignity and humanity makes them less pliable, less cooperative. - Author: John Shelby Spong
To Give quotes by John Shelby Spong
#41. It can be much harder to be on the receiving end of a transaction than to be the one who gets to give. In fact, being given to can mean being taken from. There is a very strong connection between pride and giving, and those who do the giving get to feel that they are worthy, while those who are given to often feel that they are not. - Author: Merle Shain
To Give quotes by Merle Shain
#42. I discovered that there are difficult truths that...prefer to have a face that remains in the shadows because the things that are said are so personal that to add blood and flesh to them would mean two things: to give up authenticity of the story or to die of it. - Author: Roberto Saviano
To Give quotes by Roberto Saviano
#43. Sawyer's a good guy, no matter what the rumors say. I really think you need to give him a chance." "Did he pay you to say that?" Kennedy asked, acknowledging that her shock was showing, but she couldn't help it. - Author: Nicole Edwards
To Give quotes by Nicole Edwards
#44. She'd best get the hell outta here pretty damn quick.
Finally he stood and tossed some cash on the littered table then glanced at the pretty lady shifter. He frowned and gave Joe a look. "With the hunt going down tonight, it might be a good idea to give the little blonde a heads up. She needs to hit the road."
When Joe nodded, Mad shrugged, determined to put some distance between himself and the sexy stranger. "Best take off and see what's what, Joe. You take care now."
He felt the woman's eyes on him as he made his way to the door and stopped to return her stare.
A sound similar to white noise buzzed in his ears and fairly rattled his brain then stopped almost as soon as it started. Chills raced over his arms.
What the fuck? - Author: Regina Carlysle
To Give quotes by Regina Carlysle
#45. It seems Christianity's symbol is 'CHURCH,'
for its leaders portrayed Jesus as church:
"You're not Christian if you don't have a church;
you're bad Christian if you don't go to church."

Christianity's symbol ought to be 'LIFE,'
for Jesus came to bring fullness of life.
"Where there's no life, he is there to give life."
"Where there's life, he's there to celebrate life. - Author: Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
To Give quotes by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
#46. I regret that I have only a little bit of pocket lint to give to my country. - Author: Nathan Hale
To Give quotes by Nathan Hale
#47. We lived in a safe, family-friendly area, but parts of London were rough, as you'd expect from any large city. Mark had a knack for attracting muggers. One time, we were in a train station and a little kid--no more than about eight years old--came up to him: "Oi, mate, give me your phone." We always carried the cool Nokia phones with the Snake game on them, and they were the hot item. It was like inviting trouble carrying one around, but we didn't care.
Mark thought the mini-mugger was crazy: "Are you kidding me? No way." Then he looked over his shoulder and realized the kid wasn't alone; he had a whole gang with him. So Mark handed over his phone and the kid ran off. I never let him live down the fact that an eight-year-old had mugged him.
I had my own incident as well, but I handled it a little differently. I got off the train at Herne Hill station and noticed that two guys were following me. I could hear their footsteps getting closer and closer. "Give us your backpack," they threatened me.
"Why? All I have is my homework in here," I tried to reason with them. They had seen me on the train with my minidisc player and they knew I was holding out on them. "Give it," they threatened.
My bag was covered with key chains and buttons, and as I took it off my shoulder, pretending to give it to them, I swung it hard in their faces. All that hardware knocked one of them to the ground and stunned the other. With my bag in my hand, I ran the mile home without ever - Author: Derek Hough
To Give quotes by Derek Hough
#48. The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who'll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work. If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to make an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself. Things occur to you. If you're sitting around trying to dream up a great art idea, you can sit there a long time before anything happens. But if you just get to work, something will occur to you and something else will occur to you and something else that you reject will push you in another direction. Inspiration is absolutely unnecessary and somehow deceptive. You feel like you need this great idea before you can get down to work, and I find that's almost never the case. - Author: Chuck Close
To Give quotes by Chuck Close
#49. Life hasn't signed a contract with you promising to give you everything you want. It just unfolds in its own mysterious and uncontrollable way. The more you stop resisting the way things are, the happier and more peaceful you'll be. - Author: Jonathan Landaw
To Give quotes by Jonathan Landaw
#50. Ree is his. Is his, is devoted to him, is aggravatingly tender and possessively passionate and wrapped up in him in a thousand ways, loves him in a way that is very useful. It seems a law of nature, at this point. Even if the events of this startling evening have served to give him pause, a little. But Ree is still his. He's fairly sure. Such complex knots can't be untied so quickly, can they?

Still, it's not the only thing disturbing him, about the Dam's account of early events. She laughs when she sees his face, his sidewise look at her description, and there's definitely a mean note to it. "Oh, it was darling," she says, and he gets the feeling of a caged animal stuck behind bars, while a cruel child pokes at it. "You were enchanted by his wolf, would follow it anywhere, welcome or not, though mostly he tolerated it. But you couldn't manage his name – and a nickname hadn't stuck at that point – so instead you imitated the sound he made. Rather insultingly, too, if not intentionally – Ruff. Or Woof, or whatever it was that you intended to say, except that it actually came out as Wuff. Or Wuffy, depending, and at varying pitches and volume as you ran after him, falling down and rolling about half the time."

Penn is transfixed. It's outrageous, it's an outrage. It can't possibly be true. It was nothing like that. - Author: Alex Ankarr
To Give quotes by Alex Ankarr
#51. If you're being bombarded with information, the act of looking for patterns – not necessarily finding them – is what going to give you psychic refuge, a sense of sanctuary. - Author: Douglas Copeland
To Give quotes by Douglas Copeland
#52. For the most part, I feel really comfortable with what I've given to the people. I want to give it to them again. - Author: Stevie Wonder
To Give quotes by Stevie Wonder
#53. To Cecelia, the friend I needed as a child and found as an adult, thank you for finding me at just the right time - on my knees, ready to give up writing forever, and for holding my hand in the dark and showing me the way. - Author: K.A. Reynolds
To Give quotes by K.A. Reynolds
#54. If everybody is looking for it, then nobody is finding it. If we were cultured, we would not be conscious of lacking culture. We would regard it as something natural and would not make so much fuss about it. And if we knew the real value of this word we would be cultured enough not to give it so much importance. - Author: Pablo Picasso
To Give quotes by Pablo Picasso
#55. Newspapers are closed if they print the wrong things in Iran. Iranian journalists or Iranian-American journalists, for that matter, I think are pressured in a lot of different ways, expected to give information to intelligence services. Americans can be thrown out of the country. - Author: Steve Inskeep
To Give quotes by Steve Inskeep
#56. The Goddess is the macrocosmic and microcosmic anima, as put in place by Creator. Her existence became necessary in order to give form to Creator's thoughts and therefore ours as well. - Author: Lawren Leo
To Give quotes by Lawren Leo
#57. I hate lending, or borrowing - if you want me to read a book, tell me about it, or buy me a copy outright. Your loaned edition sits in my house like a real grievance. And in lieu of lending books, I buy extra copies of those I want to give away, which gives me the added pleasure of buying books I love again and again.
Jonathan Lethem - Author: Leah Price
To Give quotes by Leah Price
#58. People need devils and dark gods, if only to give them a foe to rally against, an obstacle to overcome. Your people understood that there can be no light without darkness, no good without evil, no triumph without setbacks. You can't kill me because I'm part of all that you are, all you've done and plan to do. You don't have to like me. You can even loathe me. But you must accept me. - Author: Darren Shan
To Give quotes by Darren Shan
#59. If I survive, I will spend my whole life at the oven door seeing that no one is denied bread and, so as to give a lesson of charity, especially those who did not bring flour. - Author: Jose Marti
To Give quotes by Jose Marti
#60. I imagined a psychic pain growing inside him (myself) that demanded some physical outlet. Suicide must have been his attempt to give Pain a body, a representation, to put it outside himself. A need to convert inner torment into some outward tangible wound that all could see. It was almost as though suicide were a last-ditch effort at exorcism, in which the person sacrificed his life in order that the devil inside might die. - Author: Phillip Lopate
To Give quotes by Phillip Lopate
#61. There's going to be a lot of eating. My listeners have tweeted me and said "You've just got to keep eating, keep your energy up and have someone on duty to give you a massage if you need it." It will be a case of getting it done and making sure I don't get too cold, because that's crucial for the muscles. So that's all going to be taken care of. But really there's not much you can do - if you start cramping up you've just got to get on with it. - Author: Greg James
To Give quotes by Greg James
#62. The single biggest reason I got my stories taken in various literary magazines - and I want to stress this - is because I refused to give up. Period. - Author: Steve Almond
To Give quotes by Steve Almond
#63. It is a part of our office to stand uncloaked, masked, sword bared, upon the scaffold for a long time before the client is brought out. Some say this is to symbolize the unsleeping omnipresence of justice, but I believe the real reason is to give the crowd a focus, and the feeling that something is about to take place. A crowd is not the sum of the individuals who compose it. Rather it is a species of animal, without language or real consciousness, born when they gather, dying when they depart. Before the Hall of Justice, a ring of dimarchi surrounded the scaffold with their lances, and the pistol their officer carried could, I suppose, have killed fifty or sixty before someone could snatch it from him and knock him to the cobblestones to die. Still it is better to have a focus, and some open symbol of power.
Wolfe, Gene (1994-10-15). Shadow & Claw: The First Half of 'The Book of the New Sun' (p. 184). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. - Author: Gene Wolfe
To Give quotes by Gene Wolfe
#64. His smile was quizzical and sincere as he said, "Sometimes you feel more like an adversary than a…."

"Than a what?"

"Than a girlfriend, a partner."

I thought about that for a moment, let it roll around in my head, realized - given what I knew about Alex's past - it made quite a lot of sense.

"With a girlfriend you'd need to give away some of your control. But with an adversary, it's all about control."

"Don't." His voice was a growl, and held more than a hint of warning.

"Don't what?"

"Don't start psychoanalyzing me."

"I'm not." I sighed, rubbed my forehead, and removed myself from his lap. I sat down heavily on the couch. "I'm just trying to figure out how to get in your pants without asking you any direct questions. - Author: Penny Reid
To Give quotes by Penny Reid
#65. Photojournalist? With a few exceptions, those of us working as photojournalists might now more appropriately call ourselves illustrators. For, unlike real reporters, whose job it is to document what's going down, most of us go out in the world expecting to give form to the magazine, or to newspaper editor's ideas, using what's become over the years a pretty standardized visual language. So we search for what is instantly recognizable, supportive of the text, easiest to digest, or most marketable - more mundane realities be damned. - Author: Eugene Richards
To Give quotes by Eugene Richards
#66. In that moment, I wish I could see it through his eyes. I wish he had glasses to give me. - Author: Jennifer Niven
To Give quotes by Jennifer Niven
#67. As I hope this list of "integration concerns" illustrates, not every identity threat comes from prejudiced people. Think about O'Connor on the Supreme Court before Ginsburg. Many of the contingencies she dealt with had little to do with prejudice among her fellow justices or her staff. Some of them may have been prejudiced, but her problems went beyond that: a Court that was dominated by male sensibilities and referents and that was less sensitive, in its functioning, to the perspectives of women; no critical mass of women with which to give her a sense of belonging on the Court; negative stereotypes about women in the larger society and in the legal world that were available for use in judging her work; the fact that her being the only woman on the Court made her the sole representative of her sex in each Court decision; and so on. O'Connor would have had to deal with these things even if there hadn't been an iota of sexism in any of the people she worked with. - Author: Claude M. Steele
To Give quotes by Claude M. Steele
#68. you have to be willing to give your customer-service staff the freedom to work without a script or specific instructions. If you don't dare do this, you have to ask yourself why they were hired in the first place if you don't trust their judgement. And if you don't show them that level of confidence, you shouldn't expect much commitment from them in return. - Author: Lars Kolind
To Give quotes by Lars Kolind
#69. Sometimes we have to wait for years to seek a really exceptional thing. I always wanted to give you the best thing in the world but ... - Author: Anuradha Bhattacharyya
To Give quotes by Anuradha Bhattacharyya
#70. I want to give up every single day of my life, but I can't. I'm obsessed. - Author: Ruba Nadda
To Give quotes by Ruba Nadda
#71. Neither refuse to give help when it is needed, ... nor refuse to accept it when it is offered. - Author: Lloyd Alexander
To Give quotes by Lloyd Alexander
#72. You've got to use the life you've been given to give others life - Author: Ann Voskamp
To Give quotes by Ann Voskamp
#73. When someone is suffering, there is a deep, visceral reaction in the core of our being, a flood of empathy and a frightfully desperate compulsion to give aid. - Author: Bryant McGill
To Give quotes by Bryant McGill
#74. When you have an audience that embraces you that much, you really want to give them your best. It becomes a really interactive experience instead of just playing a show to random people - there's a connection. - Author: Emily Kokal
To Give quotes by Emily Kokal
#75. What a joy to know where one is, and where one will stay, without being there. Nothing to do but stretch out comfortably on the rack, in the blissful knowledge you are nobody for all
eternity. A pity I should have to give tongue at the same time, it prevents it from bleeding in peace, licking the lips. - Author: Samuel Beckett
To Give quotes by Samuel Beckett
#76. As actors, we are so privileged to do what we do and to give to the world and to choose the subject we want to say to the world. - Author: Juliette Binoche
To Give quotes by Juliette Binoche
#77. Trust is just a choice. Someone can't earn your trust if you don't choose to let them, to give them the chance to show you. - Author: Sarah Robinson
To Give quotes by Sarah Robinson
#78. A broken women has nothing to offer a whole man. A broken man has nothing to offer a whole women. Why? The successful relationship is predicated on each person coming to the union to give, give, give ... this is the perfect formula for success! Broken people are needy and selfish!! - Author: Mz Liz
To Give quotes by Mz Liz
#79. I invite even the school of violence to give this peaceful non-co-operation a trial. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
To Give quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#80. There's no easier way to cure foolishness than to give a man leave to be foolish. And the only way to show a fellow that he's chosen the wrong business is to let him try it. - Author: George Horace Lorimer
To Give quotes by George Horace Lorimer
#81. My Dearest Allie. I couldn't sleep last night because I know that it's over between us. I'm not bitter anymore, because I know that what we had was real. And if in some distant place in the future we see each other in our new lives, I'll smile at you with joy and remember how we spent the summer beneath the trees, learning from each other and growing in love. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that's what you've given me. That's what I hope to give to you forever. I love you. I'll be seeing you. Noah - Author: Nicholas Sparks
To Give quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#82. ...Learn to concentrate, to give all your attention to the thing at hand, and then to be able to put it aside and go on to the next thing without confusion.
My husband said that being President of the United States meant that you saw more kinds of people, took up more subjects, and learn more about a variety of things than anyone else. But it required complete concentration on the person you were with and on what he was saying. When that person left the room, you pulled down a shade in your mind, and you were ready, with your attention free, for what the next person had to say. You might have to shift from banking to forestry, but each subject had the attention and concentration it required and each, in turn, was put in the back of the mind, ready to be called upon when needed. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
To Give quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#83. We don't have to destroy the library of the past. We just need to give it a face-lift. - Author: Scott Douglas
To Give quotes by Scott Douglas
#84. What are you doing here? Tell me why you are here. If you are not here to win a national championship, you're in the wrong place. You boys are special. I don't want my players to be like other students. I want special people. You can learn a lot on the football field that isn't taught in the home, the church, or the classroom. There are going to be days when you think you've got no more to give and then you're going to give plenty more. You are going to have pride and class. You are going to be very special. You are going to win the national championship for Alabama. - Author: Bear Bryant
To Give quotes by Bear Bryant
#85. It's funny, the roles we play, the way we have to give up the old ones before we have room for the new ones. The first-first love stuff never goes away in here" she said, pointing to her head. "It makes you who you are. But in here," putting her hand on her chest, "time lets that grow and change. You'll see - Author: Kristen-Paige Madonia
To Give quotes by Kristen-Paige Madonia
#86. Of course, three classes is full time, so they'd have to give me the benefits package which would kill them. Screw the adjuncts, right? We're the monks of higher education. How much do you make? - Author: Wally Lamb
To Give quotes by Wally Lamb
#87. Month by month, year by year, there took shape in Paul's mind a new and lucid image of his world, an image at once terrible and exquisite, tragic and farcical. It is difficult to give an idea of this new vision of Paul's, for its power depended largely on the immense intricacy and diversity of his recent experience; on his sense of the hosts of individuals swarming upon the planet, here sparsely scattered, there congested into great clusters and lumps of humanity. Speaking in ten thousand mutually incomprehensible dialects, living in manners reprehensible or ludicrous to one another, thinking by concepts unintelligible to one another, they worshipped in modes repugnant to one another. This new sense of the mere bulk and variety of men was deepened in Paul's mind by his enhanced apprehension of individuality in himself and others, his awed realization that each single unit in all these earth-devastating locust armies carried about with it a whole cognized universe. On the other hand, since he was never wholly forgetful of the stars, the shock between his sense of human littleness in the cosmos and his new sense of man's physical bulk and spiritual intensity increased his wonder. Thus in spite of his perception of the indefeasible reality of everyday things, he had also an overwhelming conviction that the whole fabric of common experience, nay the whole agreed universe of human and biological and astronomical fact, though real, concealed some vaster reality. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
To Give quotes by Olaf Stapledon
#88. What you are doing I cannot do, what I'm doing you cannot do, but together we are doing something beautiful for God, and this is the greatness of God's love for us-To give us the opportunity to become holy through the works of love that we do because holiness is not the luxury of the few. - Author: Mother Teresa
To Give quotes by Mother Teresa
#89. As a manager you know when someone is below his or her usual performance. What is harder to know is whether people are giving everything they have to give. Asking whether people are giving their best gives them the opportunity to push themselves beyond their previous limits. - Author: Liz Wiseman
To Give quotes by Liz Wiseman
#90. Life is in balance. The swings in the mind are there to give you the experience, and to let you discover the you within you ... That balance and swing lets your standard be tested. You cannot hold to something external. You must find your own depth and test it, confirm it ... - Author: Harbhajan Singh Yogi
To Give quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
#91. To sum up - i f you want to be more creat ive, star t loving yoursel f enough to give
yoursel f permission to fai l . In fact , bet ter yet , don' t even wor ry about winning or
losing. Just DO. - Author: Scott Bourne
To Give quotes by Scott Bourne
#92. I didn't blame Wes. I actually didn't blame anybody except myself. Really, what did I have in my life that was so bad it raced under my skin until I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to give it a place to come out? I didn't know. At moments like this, when my flesh cried out for relief, I didn't have to know. I just needed to make it stop. I lifted the pleated bed skirt and pulled out the wooden box. Inside, the instruments were lines up on a folded snowy white pillowcase, still sterile and gleaming from Eater night. - Author: Nancy Rue
To Give quotes by Nancy Rue
#93. Never give up. The same manuscript may appeal to one agent and not to another. It's a matter of taste, and it's all about the writing.

What if I had give up at 15? Or 40? Or even 60?

The point is, I can't tell you how to succeed. But I can tell you how not to: Give in to the shame of being rejected and put your manuscript - or painting, song, voice, dance moves - in the coffin that is your bedside drawer and close it for good. I guarantee you that it won't take you anywhere. - Author: Kathryn Stockett
To Give quotes by Kathryn Stockett
#94. Despite the madness of war, we lived for a world that would be different. For a better world to come when all this is over. And perhaps even our being here is a step towards that world. Do you really think that, without the hope that such a world is possible, that the rights of man will be restored again, we could stand the concentration camp even for one day? It is that very hope that makes people go without a murmur to the gas chambers, keeps them from risking a revolt, paralyses them into numb inactivity. It is hope that breaks down family ties, makes mothers renounce their children, or wives sell their bodies for bread, or husbands kill. It is hope that compels man to hold on to one more day of life, because that day may be the day of liberation. Ah, and not even the hope for a different, better world, but simply for life, a life of peace and rest. Never before in the history of mankind has hope been stronger than man, but never also has it done so much harm as it has in the war, in this concentration camp. We were never taught how to give up hope, and this is why today we perish in gas chambers. - Author: Tadeusz Borowski
To Give quotes by Tadeusz Borowski
#95. There is no best anything in art. Phillip [Hoffman] isn't better than Heath [Ledger]; Joaquin [Phoenix] isn't better than David [Strathairn] or Terence [Howard]. They aren't better than me. We all do different things. It's more of a celebration of a lot of great work than to give the gold to somebody. The underappreciated factor certainly has gone away. - Author: Jeff Daniels
To Give quotes by Jeff Daniels
#96. When all you can think of is your own personal problems, you have nothing to give to your society. If you're trying to figure out where your next meal is coming from, you can't go march on Washington. - Author: Ani DiFranco
To Give quotes by Ani DiFranco
#97. It is dishonest to give me a poem and pretend to want my opinion when what you really want are reasons to live. - Author: Deborah Levy
To Give quotes by Deborah Levy
#98. My homies hold me down, really. I talk to Baby, Jeezy, Rozay, Nicki, everybody, from jail. Just call once in a while and holla at people like, 'Yo what's up? What's life like out there?' for people to give me a report of what's going on. - Author: Meek Mill
To Give quotes by Meek Mill
#99. I wanted to give people the ability once again to realize that they can still dream, but it has to be a new American dream that's based in honesty, integrity, and security - a dream that allows you to sleep at night, a dream that is attainable and allows you to stand in your truth. - Author: Suze Orman
To Give quotes by Suze Orman
#100. To give means to think, every single day, about what you can do to make people happy. - Author: Ryuho Okawa
To Give quotes by Ryuho Okawa
#101. I'd like to give people leaden boots in galleries, so they'd be a bit slower in front of my paintings. And that's because I spend so much time looking at them. I can look at them a long, long time without getting bored. I disappear. - Author: Gary Hume
To Give quotes by Gary Hume
#102. Getting a divorce is always horrible because you feel you've failed. Everyone hates to give up on a marriage. You think your family's broken up. - Author: Jerry Hall
To Give quotes by Jerry Hall
#103. I know that you are young. I know that you have no power with which to resist the Controllers. But I may be able to give you some small powers that may help - Author: Anonymous
To Give quotes by Anonymous
#104. People nowadays talk about issues as if they're reading lines off a teleprompter. They recite what they read and echo it without thinking. It has become easier to divide people than to unify them, and to blind them than to give them vision. We are no longer unified like a bowl of Cheerios. Instead, we have become as segregated as a box of Lucky Charms. Every day we see the same leprechauns on TV acting like they're the experts of everything. - Author: Suzy Kassem
To Give quotes by Suzy Kassem
#105. Isn't it wonderful to give birth to your own kind? - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
To Give quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#106. O unfathomable depth! O Deity eternal! O deep ocean! What more could You give me than to give me Yourself? - Author: St. Catherine Of Siena
To Give quotes by St. Catherine Of Siena
#107. But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence. 1 Peter 3:15 - Author: Anonymous
To Give quotes by Anonymous
#108. I need to give you one last bit of advice in the off chance this rather extraordinary and enviable situation in which you find yourself is actually true- that somehow you've fallen deep down into a Cordova story. I stared back at him. Be the good guy, he said. How do I know I'm the good guy? He pointed at me, nodding. A very wise question. You don't. Most bad guys think they're good. But there are a few signifiers. You'll be miserable. You'll be hated. You'll fumble around in the dark, alone and confused. You'll have little insight as to the true nature of things, not until the very last minute, and only if you have the stamina and the madness to go to the very, very end. But most importantly- and critically- you will act without regard for yourself. You'll be motivated by something that has nothing to do with the ego. You'll do it for justice. For grace. For love. Those large rather heroic qualities only the good have the strength to carry on their shoulders. And you'll listen. - Author: Marisha Pessl
To Give quotes by Marisha Pessl
#109. Well, here we are.
Sometimes a statement of the bloody obvious was the only appropriate way forward. As if to give life ceremonious permission to proceed. - Author: Michel Faber
To Give quotes by Michel Faber
#110. My momma always said the best way to get what you want from people is to give them what they think they want. They expected me to be stupid, so I used that to our advantage. - Author: Justina Ireland
To Give quotes by Justina Ireland
#111. Kids out there now have learning issues. Having mental issues. And everybody is looking towards what drug to give them, but is anyone looking at the food that the children are eating? What you're eating has a big impact. - Author: Ziggy Marley
To Give quotes by Ziggy Marley
#112. I never wanted to take autographs, always wanted to give them. To do this, you have to achieve something. - Author: Kapil Dev
To Give quotes by Kapil Dev
#113. I'm sorry, Crimson. I lied when I said I left for five weeks to give you space. I left because I was angry you wanted to meet the count, and I thought leaving would make you want me more. - Author: Stephanie Garber
To Give quotes by Stephanie Garber
#114. Sitting in the wicker rocking chair with her interrupted work in her lap, Amaranta watched Aureliano José, his chin covered with foam, stropping his razor to give himself his first shave. His blackheads bled and he cut his upper lip as he tried to shape a mustache of blond fuzz, and when it was all over he looked the same as before, but the laborious process gave Amaranta the feeling that she had begun to grow old at that moment. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
To Give quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#115. in 3000 spain, france, the british isles and old europe, the lives of people centered on nature and motherhood. they honored mother nature, mother earth and mother creator. women were revered as the givers of life. as creators, they were thought to be connected to diety. statues of the goddesses of these early people were of full-breasted women with bodies clearly depicting the ballooning abdomen of women about to give birth. these primal people regarded birthing as the highest manifestation of nature. when a woman gave birth, everyone gathered around her in the temple for the "celebration of life." birthing was a religious rite, and not at all the painful ordeal it came to be years later. - Author: Marie F. Mongan
To Give quotes by Marie F. Mongan
#116. The most fundamental message of Gautama the Buddha is not God, is not soul ... it is freedom: freedom absolute, total, unconditional. He does not want to give you an ideology, because every ideology creates its own slavery. - Author: Rajneesh
To Give quotes by Rajneesh
#117. I'd have to say I'm most proud of my mentoring camp that I do in Dallas every year for one hundred boys from single-parent homes. I was raised by a mother who was a Sunday school teacher and a father who worked hard. Together they taught me to give back. - Author: Steve Harvey
To Give quotes by Steve Harvey
#118. There is nothing else for it, I shall have to solve my own problems. I always get the feeling that when I solve them for myself I shall have also solved them for a thousand other women. For that very reason, I must come to grips with myself.

All this devouring of books from early youth has been nothing but laziness on my part. I allow others to formulate what I ought to be formulating myself. I keep seeking outside confirmation of what is hidden deep inside me, when I know that I can only reach clarity by using my own words. I really must abandon all that laziness, and particularly my inhibitions and insecurity, if I am ever to find myself, and through myself, find others. I must have clarity, and I must learn to accept myself. Everything feels so heavy inside me, and I want so much to feel light. For years I have bottled everything up, it all goes into some great reservoir, but it will have to come out again, or I shall know that I have lived in vain, that I have taken from mankind and given nothing back. I sometimes feel I am a parasite and that depresses me and makes me wonder if I lead any kind of useful life.

Perhaps my purpose in life is to come to grips with myself, properly to grips with myself, with everything that bothers and tortures me and clamors for inner solution and formulation. For these problems are not just mine alone. And if at the end of a long life I am able to give some form to the chaos inside me, I may well have fulfilled my ow - Author: Etty Hillesum
To Give quotes by Etty Hillesum
#119. Sense never fails to give them that have it, Words enough to
make them understood. It too often happens in some conversations,
as in Apothecary Shops, that those Pots that are Empty, or have
Things of small Value in them, are as gaudily Dress'd as those that
are full of precious Drugs.
They that soar too high, often fall hard, making a low and level
Dwelling preferable. The tallest Trees are most in the Power of the
Winds, and Ambitious Men of the Blasts of Fortune. Buildings have
need of a good Foundation, that lie so much exposed to the
Weather. - Author: William Penn
To Give quotes by William Penn
#120. Don't write out of what I know; I write out of what I wonder. I think most artists create art in order to explore, not to give the answers. Poetry and art are not about answers to me; they are about questions. - Author: Lucille Clifton
To Give quotes by Lucille Clifton
#121. Our obligation is to give meaning to life and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life. - Author: Elie Wiesel
To Give quotes by Elie Wiesel
#122. The aim of the liar is simply to charm, to delight, to give pleasure. - Author: Oscar Wilde
To Give quotes by Oscar Wilde
#123. Why must we give ourselves fully to God? Because God has given Himself to us. If God who owes nothing to us is ready to impart to us no less than Himself, shall we answer with just a fraction of ourselves? To give ourselves fully to God is a means of receiving God Himself. I for God and God for me. I live for God and give up my own self, and in this way induce God to live for me. Therefore to possess God we must allow Him to possess our soul.5 - Author: Mother Teresa
To Give quotes by Mother Teresa
#124. The Lord is always there waiting to give us his love: it is an amazing thing, one which never ceases to surprise us! - Author: Pope Francis
To Give quotes by Pope Francis
#125. I don't really look at myself as a role model. And I just am the way I am and if people want to look up to me, they do. By no means do I like to give a negative image either. - Author: Jordan Knight
To Give quotes by Jordan Knight
#126. Street, and she was able to give Elmer the three hundred - Author: Sinclair Lewis
To Give quotes by Sinclair Lewis
#127. To be successful is to be helpful, caring, and constructive, to make everything and everyone you touch a little bit better. The best thing you have to give is yourself. If - Author: John C. Maxwell
To Give quotes by John C. Maxwell
#128. I don't know why Nightingale was so surprised - I barely knew four and a half spells and you couldn't have got me to give it up, and that's despite close brushes with death by vampire, hanging, malignant spirit, riot, tigerman, and the ever-present risk of overdoing the magic and getting a brain aneurysm. - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
To Give quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#129. The successful politician owes his power to the fact that he moves within the accepted framework of thought, that he thinks and talks conventionally. It would be almost a contradiction in terms for a politician to be a leader in the field of ideas. His task in a democracy is to find out what the opinions held by the largest number are, not to give currency to new opinions which may become the majority view in some distant future. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
To Give quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#130. The documents were in English - sort of - but the language was so convoluted that it was beginning to give her a headache. It made for even duller reading than her chemistry text. - Author: Francine Pascal
To Give quotes by Francine Pascal
#131. She herself vacillated when it came to belief. She did not particularly believe in God. Or, rather, she didn't believe in a particular God. Nevertheless, she kept an open mind. She was not a melancholy agnostic, but the optimistic kind. She liked to give God the benefit of the doubt. - Author: Allegra Goodman
To Give quotes by Allegra Goodman
#132. You get that one chance; and damn it, you've got to take it! If there's one lesson I know I will take with me for eternity, its that there are those things that might happen only once, those chances that come walking down the street, strolling out of a café; if you don't let go and take them, they really could get away! We can get so washed out with a mindset of entitlement– the universe will do everything for us to ensure our happiness– that we forget why we came here! We came here to grab, to take, to give, to have! Not to wait! Nobody came here to wait! So, what makes anyone think that destiny will keep on knocking over and over again? It could, but what if it doesn't? You go and you take the chance that you get; even if it makes you look stupid, insane, or whorish! Because it just might not come back again. You could wait a lifetime to see if it will...but I don't think you should. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
To Give quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#133. Most people say that as you get old, you have to give up things. I think you get old because you give up things. - Author: Theodore F. Green
To Give quotes by Theodore F. Green
#134. It was surreal to think the Queen of England not only knew who I was but thought enough of what I do to give me an award. - Author: Henry Winkler
To Give quotes by Henry Winkler
#135. For darn certain, that other sensation (which she was not going to think about) was her body telling her the time had come to give away that virginity of hers - just like those size seven jeans in the back of her closet. How unkind to keep something someone else could put to good use. Greedy, greedy girl. - Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
To Give quotes by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
#136. The qualifications that I have to speak on world affairs are exactly the same ones Henry Kissinger has, and Walt Rostow has, or anybody in the Political Science Department, professional historians - none, none that you don't have. The only difference is, I don't pretend to have qualifications, nor do I pretend that qualifications are needed. I mean, if somebody were to ask me to give a talk on quantum physics, I'd refuse - because I don't understand enough. But world affairs are trivial: there's nothing in the social sciences or history or whatever that is beyond the intellectual capacities of an ordinary fifteen-year-old. You have to do a little work, you have to do some reading, you have to be able to think but there's nothing deep - if there are any theories around that require some special kind of training to understand, then they've been kept a carefully guarded secret. - Author: Noam Chomsky
To Give quotes by Noam Chomsky
#137. Hannah sat down again and leant back against the tall head of the hall chair. He was right. Yes, he was right. She must have been mad to go on like she had. Good Lord! She hadn't given him the message from Mrs Beggs. Again she was on her feet, but her voice still sounded angry as she called down the hall, 'I forgot to give you a message, from Mrs Beggs. She wanted to know if you were going there tomorrow or Saturday.' There was a moment's silence before his door opened and he came back into the hall and went to the telephone. She remained standing where she was until she heard him say, 'Hello, Beggie. - Author: Catherine Cookson
To Give quotes by Catherine Cookson
#138. For I know the plans for you" declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future

Jeremiah 29:11 - Author: Anonymous
To Give quotes by Anonymous
#139. I've learned that sometimes I have to give up my right to know and simply believe that God's knowing is enough. - Author: Beverly Lewis
To Give quotes by Beverly Lewis
#140. The only way to win happiness is to give it. The more we give, the more we have. - Author: Myrtle Reed
To Give quotes by Myrtle Reed
#141. I looked down at the distorted appendage that was attached to my right arm. "Oh. That's my masturbating hand. We need to fix this fast. And I forgot to give you your blow job in the middle of the bush. Remind me when we get home, okay, babe?"
Shawn told me later that several people were walking through the car park and heard my comment, but I was beyond noticing them. - Author: Renae Kaye
To Give quotes by Renae Kaye
#142. Always wear a smile. The gift of life will then be yours to give. - Author: Nachman Of Breslov
To Give quotes by Nachman Of Breslov
#143. At a certain age, he thought, it is better for one's health not to do what I am about to do. At a certain age, a man's outlook is best tempered by moderation, if not resignation, if not outright capitulation. At a certain age, one should live without either harking too much back to grievances of the past or inviting resistance in the present by embodying a challenge to the pieties that be. Yet to give up playing any but the role socially assigned, in this instance assigned to the respectably retired - at seventy-one, that is surely what is appropriate, and so, for Coleman Silk, as he long ago demonstrated with requisite ruthlessness to his very own mother, that is what is unacceptable. - Author: Philip Roth
To Give quotes by Philip Roth
#144. Shouldn't we just admit the obvious--that the New Testament call to discipleship, compassion, and giving leaves no room for the way many of us are thinking and living? Is it time to get beyond the theoretical stance of 'I'd be willing to give up anything if God asked me to,' and start actually giving up things in order to do what He's commanded us? - Author: Randy Alcorn
To Give quotes by Randy Alcorn
#145. Someone has said that no theology is worth believing that cannot be preached standing in front of the gates of Auschwitz. I, for one, could not stand at those gates and preach a version of God's sovereignty that makes the extermination of six million Jews, including many children, a part of the will and plan of God such that God foreordained and rendered it certain.18 I want young Calvinists (and others) to know and at least come to terms with the inevitable and unavoidable consequences of what this radical form of Reformed theology teaches. And I want to give their friends and relatives and Spiritual mentors ammunition to use in undermining their sometimes overconfidence in the solidity of their belief system. - Author: Roger E. Olson
To Give quotes by Roger E. Olson
#146. Before we can experience the pure & serene state of love, we must learn how to give forgiveness - to ourselves & to others. Have you forgiven yourself? - Author: Debbie Ford
To Give quotes by Debbie Ford
#147. You don't get rich, you don't often have much fun. Sometimes you get beaten up or shot at or tossed into the jail house. Once in a long while you get dead. Every other month you decide to give it up and find some sensible occupation while you can still walk without shaking your head. Then the door buzzer rings and you open the inner door to the waiting room and there stands a new face with a new problem, a new load of grief, and a small piece of money. - Author: Raymond Chandler
To Give quotes by Raymond Chandler
#148. I am a very peaceful man. I love people and am known for my gregarious personality. However, if you try to confiscate my guns, I will feel compelled to give them to you, one bullet at a time. - Author: Michael Badnarik
To Give quotes by Michael Badnarik
#149. There is also the danger in our culture that because a person is called upon to give public statements and is acclaimed by the establishment, such a person gets to the point of believing that he is the movement. - Author: Ella Baker
To Give quotes by Ella Baker
#150. Mama: ... you can keep trying. You can get brave and try some more. You don't have to give up.
Jessie: I'm NOT giving up. This IS the other thing I'm trying. And I'm sure there are some other things that might work, but MIGHT work isn't good enough any more. I need something that WILL work. THIS will work. That's why I picked it. - Author: Marsha Norman
To Give quotes by Marsha Norman
#151. Is that it?" he demanded, in sudden rage. "Is that all that matters? Not that I am in love and tumbled like a fool into sin. Not that I can never be happy, married to a snake and in love with a heartbreaker, but only, only, that Mistress Anne Boleyn's reputation must be without blemish." At once she flew at him, her hands spread like claws, and he caught her wrists before she could rake his face. "Look at me!" she hissed. "Didn't I give up my only love, didn't I break my heart? Didn't you tell me then that it was worth the price?" He held her away but she was unstoppable. "Look at Mary! Didn't we take her from her husband and me from mine? And now you have to give up someone too. You have to lose the great love of your life, as I have lost mine, as Mary lost hers. Don't whimper to me about heartbreak, you murdered my love and we buried it together and now it is gone." George - Author: Philippa Gregory
To Give quotes by Philippa Gregory
#152. Hope is the little bird that continues to sing the songs of possibilities in your heart when everything else says to give up. - Author: Debasish Mridha
To Give quotes by Debasish Mridha
#153. Feeling emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so it will take form. - Author: Charles F. Haanel
To Give quotes by Charles F. Haanel
#154. Jesus came to save me from myself. He came to save me from self-effort. He didn't just die for my sin to give me forgiveness; he rose again to give me life. - Author: Emily P. Freeman
To Give quotes by Emily P. Freeman
#155. It's man's to fight, but heaven's to give success. - Author: Homer
To Give quotes by Homer
#156. We are all here to take care of one another. We all know this. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. It's better to give than to receive. These phrases are so timeworn they almost lose meaning. And yet they are well used for a reason: They are the cornerstones of life. - Author: Kirsten Gillibrand
To Give quotes by Kirsten Gillibrand
#157. Advice is very easy to give, and even easier not to follow, so I don't fool with it. - Author: Randy Pausch
To Give quotes by Randy Pausch
#158. It's also very painful, because I feel, and I know, probably all women my age and older feel like we're better and have more to give and are more fun now. - Author: Barbara Hershey
To Give quotes by Barbara Hershey
#159. Unlike fashion, art isn't applied. It doesn't have to serve anybody. It doesn't have to be there for any other reason than to give an impression of what the world is about. - Author: Raf Simons
To Give quotes by Raf Simons
#160. Love is promising to give someone everything and not expect anything in return. - Author: Emma Hart
To Give quotes by Emma Hart
#161. Life is a stream of happy and unhappy experiences, because that leads to Soul's purification. How do you get by in the dark times? Try to give love to someone, especially then. - Author: Harold Klemp
To Give quotes by Harold Klemp
#162. The wood-carver can fashion whatever he will. Yet his products are but toys of the moment, to be glanced at in jest, not fashioned according to any precept or law. When times change, the carver too will change his style and make new trifles to hit the fancy of the passing day. But there is another kind of artist, who sets more soberly about his work, striving to give real beauty to the things which men actually use and to give to them the shape which tradition has ordained. This maker of real things must not for a moment be confused with the maker of idle toys. - Author: Murasaki Shikibu
To Give quotes by Murasaki Shikibu
#163. In general, though, one should never forget the role money plays in shaping the writer's life, and the life inevitably informs the work. My own position is that I always want to convince a publisher to give me adequate money for what I want to do. At the same time, what I want to do is to arrive at full expression in a way that seduces, that pleases people in a way they didn't expect to be pleased, or even want to be pleased. - Author: Tim Parks
To Give quotes by Tim Parks
#164. we, as a species, now stand at a crossroads. We can face the possibility of our own extinction and work to avert it, or we can follow the more traditional path of earth's organisms and fall blindly over the edge. If there's one trait that characterizes human beings, it's the will to survive. This, I believe, will motivate us to work with the natural world rather than oppose it, which is all we need to do to give the children of earth - of all species - the opportunity to thrive. - Author: Alexandra Morton
To Give quotes by Alexandra Morton
#165. Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Simmer down, simmer down
They say we're too young now to amount to anything else
But look around
We work too damn hard for this just to give it up now
If you don't swim, you'll drown
But don't move, honey

You look so perfect standing there
In my American Apparel underwear
And I know now, that I'm so down
Your lipstick stain is a work of art
I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart
And I know now, that I'm so down (hey!)

Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Let's get out, let's get out
'Cause this deadbeat town's only here just to keep us down
While I was out, I found myself alone just thinking
If I showed up with a plane ticket
And a shiny diamond ring with your name on it
Would you wanna run away too?
'Cause all I really want is you

You look so perfect standing there
In my American Apparel underwear
And I know now, that I'm so down
I made a mixtape straight out of '94
I've got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor
And I know now, that I'm so down

Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

You look so perfect standing there
In my American Apparel underwear
And - Author: 5 Seconds Of Summer
To Give quotes by 5 Seconds Of Summer
#166. Music and philanthropy have a long, benevolent relationship with one another. Record bins are rife with charity singles, and concert history is filled with benefit shows for every imaginable cause. Musicians like to give back. - Author: Shawn Amos
To Give quotes by Shawn Amos
#167. Copyright law has got to give up its obsession with 'the copy.' The law should not regulate 'copies' or 'modern reproductions' on their own. It should instead regulate uses
like public distributions of copies of copyrighted work
that connect directly to the economic incentive copyright law was intended to foster. - Author: Lawrence Lessig
To Give quotes by Lawrence Lessig
#168. We love to learn because learning feels good. It both satisfies and stimulates curiosity. Reading a good book, having a meaningful conversation, listening to great music - just doing these things make us happy. They have no extrinsic purpose. To give them one takes away from their joy. - Author: Zander Sherman
To Give quotes by Zander Sherman
#169. And now of a sudden my illusion vanished. What was my body to me? A kind of flunkey in my service. Let my anger wax hot, my love grow exalted, my hatred collect in me, and the boasted solidarity between me and my body was gone.

Your son is in a burning house. Nobody can hold you back. You may burn up, but what do you think of that? You are ready to bequeath the rags of your body to any man who will take them. You discover that what you set so much store by is trash. You would sell your hand, if need be, to give a hand to a friend. It is in your act that you exist, not in your body. Your act is yourself, and there is no other you. Your body belongs to you: it is not you. Are you about to strike an enemy? No threat of bodily harm can hold you back. You? It is the death of your enemy that is you. You? It is the rescue of your child that is you. In that moment you exchange yourself against something else; and you have no feeling tat you lost by the exchange. Your members? Tools. A tool snaps in your hand: how important is that tool? You exchange yourself against the death of your enemy, the rescue of your child, the recovery of your patient, the perfection of your theorem...Your true significance becomes dazzlingly evident. Your true name is duty, hatred, love, child, theorem. There is no other you than this. - Author: Antoine De Saint Exupery
To Give quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#170. my dreams won't matter if I don't persevere to give them substance. - Author: Christine Nolfi
To Give quotes by Christine Nolfi
#171. In the end, each of us is alone, but in the meantime, we must all huddle together to give one another comfort and warmth. - Author: Sidney Sheldon
To Give quotes by Sidney Sheldon
#172. I'm an artist ... The difference is that I don't tell anybody. I refuse to give them new reasons to laugh at me. - Author: Nikki Grimes
To Give quotes by Nikki Grimes
#173. Park hated football. He cried when his dad took him pheasant hunting. Nobody in the neighbourhood could ever tell who he was dressed as on Halloween. ('I'm Doctor Who.' 'I'm Harp Marx.' 'I'm Count Floyd.') And he kind of wanted his mom to give him blond highlights. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
To Give quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#174. It had become usual to give Napoleon the Credit for every Successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune. You would often hear one hen remark to another, "Under the guidance of our leader, Comrade Napoleon, I have laid five eggs in six days" or two cows, enjoying a drink at the pool, would exclaim,
"thanks to the leadership of Comrade Napoleon, how excellent this water tastes!" ... - Author: George Orwell
To Give quotes by George Orwell
#175. And I shall be misunderstord if understood to give an unconditional sinequam to the heroicised furibouts of the Nolanus theory, - Author: James Joyce
To Give quotes by James Joyce
#176. When you are tempted to give up, your breakthrough is probably just around the corner. - Author: Joyce Meyer
To Give quotes by Joyce Meyer
#177. I've written about the giving of trust as though it were a simple formula for building loyalty. But it isn't simple at all. The talent that is an essential ingredient of leadership tells the leader whom to trust and how much to trust and when to trust. The rule is (as with children) that trust be given slightly in advance of demonstrated trustworthiness. But not too much in advance. You have to have an unerring sense of how much the person is ready for. Setting people up for failure doesn't make them loyal to you; you have to set them up for success. Each time you give trust in advance of demonstrated performance, you flirt with danger. If you're risk-averse, you won't do it. And that's a shame, because the most effective way to gain the trust and loyalty of those beneath you is to give the same in equal measure. - Author: Tom DeMarco
To Give quotes by Tom DeMarco
#178. I feel lucky that I didn't have to give up music in exchange for getting clean. I wouldn't recommend that anyone else continue to DJ while they're getting clean. - Author: Larry Tee
To Give quotes by Larry Tee
#179. All forms of birth
physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional
bring one to the depths. The power to give birth originates in the creative life spirit birthing all, the seen and the unseen. - Author: Amy Wright
To Give quotes by Amy Wright
#180. No man is so perfect, so necessary to his friends, as to give them no cause to miss him less. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
To Give quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#181. My photographs at best hold only a small length, but through them I would suggest and criticize and illuminate and try to give compassionate understanding. - Author: W. Eugene Smith
To Give quotes by W. Eugene Smith
#182. In submission we are at last free to value other people. Their dreams and plans become important to us. We have entered into a new, wonderful, glorious freedom, the freedom to give up our own rights for the good of others. For the first time we can love people unconditionally. We have given up the right for them to return our love. No longer do we feel we have to be treated in a certain way. We can rejoice with their successes. We feel genuine sorrow at their failures. It is of little consequence that our plans are frustrated, if their plans succeed. We discover that it is far better to serve our neighbor than to have our own way. - Author: Richard J. Foster
To Give quotes by Richard J. Foster
#183. We have some goats, some chickens, and we used to have pigs. There used to be two ostriches as well, but they were a little bit violent, so we had to give them away. When we were little, we used to play with the goats all the time. We each had our own little goat, and we'd go and run around with them. - Author: Jessica Springsteen
To Give quotes by Jessica Springsteen
#184. You may be good, but what are you good for? You've got to be good for something. You've got to be about some project, some task that requires you to be humble and obedient to the universal principles of service. You've got to live a life of complete and total integrity in order to give this kind of service. This integrity enables you to love other people unconditionally, to be courageous and kind at the same time, because you have integratedness inside your own soul. - Author: Stephen Covey
To Give quotes by Stephen Covey
#185. Definitely there are times when I'm tired and don't want to give up my seat on the bus to an old person. But I get depressed, not angry - like about how I'll be an old woman someday, and even more tired than I am now. I never think I deserve the seat more because I am reading a book." Worried this might sound self-righteous, I added, "Maybe it's just because I dont' read on the bus, it makes me carsick. - Author: Elif Batuman
To Give quotes by Elif Batuman
#186. For a brief moment I thought that Stanley the Magical Squirrel had been alive up until only seconds before, when my father had chosen to give him some sort of bizarre colorectal exam gone horribly wrong. Then I realized that this was, more likely, a squirrel my father had found dead on the road, and that he had sliced it open and decided to use it as some sort of grotesque hand puppet culled from the very bowels of hell. Lisa - Author: Jenny Lawson
To Give quotes by Jenny Lawson
#187. Heather: In any case, it really is very kind of you to give up so much time for the children. I'm quite sure you have a thousand more important things to attend to. Sergeant Kynper: If not for them, then who the hell is it all for? - Author: Robert Radcliffe
To Give quotes by Robert Radcliffe
#188. On the whole it may be observed, that the specific use of a body of unproductive consumers, is to give encouragement to wealth by maintaining such a balance between produce and consumption as will give the greatest exchangeable value to the results of the national industry. - Author: Thomas Malthus
To Give quotes by Thomas Malthus
#189. I'm never hard on people just because they annoy me on the show. I'm not emotional when I'm professional. Do I think there are people on the show who need to go home sooner than they do? Yes. I do. but I'm there to be professional and to be a judge and to give them my advice and my help and I take my job really seriously. - Author: Kelly Cutrone
To Give quotes by Kelly Cutrone
#190. Today I will practice healthy giving, understanding that caretaking and compulsive giving don't work. I choose what I want to give, to whom, when, and how much. It takes time to learn how to give in healthy ways. It takes time to learn to receive. Balance will come. - Author: Melody Beattie
To Give quotes by Melody Beattie
#191. I used to love the saying, 'If you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door.' It sounds great, right?

The only problem is that, as it turns out, it's not even remotely true.
Worse yet, it encourages people to passively wait for someone else to give them a break. Most people who do that will grow old waiting for someone to come along and recognize their genius. - Author: John Hawkins
To Give quotes by John Hawkins
#192. Disappointments will come, rejection will come, and failures will come in the midst of the fulfilment of your dream. Don't give up, don't give in, try to push little harder; I know it won't be easy to give that push but keep pushing my friend be persistent and you'll see great results. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
To Give quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#193. Dream Song 55
Peter's not friendly. He gives me sideways looks.
The architecture is far from reassuring.
I feel uneasy.
A pity, - the interview began so well:
I mentioned fiendish things, he waved them away
and sloshed out a martini
strangely needed. We spoke of indifferent matters
God's health, the vague hell of the Congo,
John's energy,
anti-matter matter. I felt fine.
Then a change came backward. A chill fell.
Talk slackened,
died, and began to give me sideways looks.
'Chirst,' I thought 'what now?' and would have askt for another
but didn't dare.
I feel my application failing. It's growing dark,
some other sound is overcoming. His last words are:
'We betrayed me. - Author: John Berryman
To Give quotes by John Berryman
#194. I've tried to teach what I learned all those years in my mother and father's house, all those things I didn't realize I was learning and that I never knew I'd be so grateful for. When you have love and it's proffered every day in a kind of tender, yet stern insistence and even reckless laughter, when it is given to you and you accept it in life as a thing as natural as rain or snow, or the littler of leaves in fall, you can't help but take it for granted. For a bewildered while you incorrectly understand that the world has given you this becuase it's there in equal measure, everywhere. You never knowuntil it's too late to do anything about it, how seet the effort is: how lasting the human will to love can be in the breast of people who want to make it for you, who want to give it to you, without calculating what's in it fo them, without thinking at all of what it will mean when you grow to full adulthood, see the world as it is, and forget to mention what you have been given.

Ever day of my grown-up life, I have wanted to do what my parents did. I have wanted to widen the province of love and weaken hate and bitterness in the hearts of my children. And I've done these things because of what I got from my family, all those lovely years when I was growing up, being loved and cherished and, unbeknown to me, and in the best way, honored, for myself. - Author: Marian Wright Edelman
To Give quotes by Marian Wright Edelman
#195. The purpose of God's calling ... is not to give His people a little enjoyment of the animal life and the vegetable life in Egypt; it is to bring them into a spacious land flowing with milk and honey. - Author: Witness Lee
To Give quotes by Witness Lee
#196. You can't expect people to give you the things you love, unless you know how to ask. - Author: Genevieve Valentine
To Give quotes by Genevieve Valentine
#197. Don't make the mistake of believing it's enough to reproduce the realities of life ... The object of art is to give life a shape, and to do it by every conceivable artifice. - Author: Jean Anouilh
To Give quotes by Jean Anouilh
#198. To be free ... to walk the good American earth as equal citizens, to live without fear, to enjoy the fruits of our toil, to give our children every opportunity in life
that dream which we have held so long in our hearts is today the destiny that we hold in our hands. - Author: Paul Robeson
To Give quotes by Paul Robeson
#199. Today a Scot is leading a British army in France [Field Marshall Douglas Haig], another is commanding the British Grand Fleet at sea [Admiral David Beatty], while a third directs the Imperial General Staff at home [Sir William Roberton]. The Lord Chancellor is a Scot [Viscount Finlay]; so are the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary [Bonar Law and Arthur Balfour]. The Prime Minister is a Welshman [David Lloyd George], and the First Lord of the Admiralty is an Irishman [Lord Carson]. Yet no one has ever brought in a bill to give home rule to England! - Author: John Hay Beith
To Give quotes by John Hay Beith
#200. Love is the best treatment for depression. To get better, you have to give it away as much as you can, as fast as you can, and as often as you can. - Author: Debasish Mridha
To Give quotes by Debasish Mridha
#201. When the winds of life are pushing you back, THAT'S when you push forward the hardest. - Author: Yvonne Pierre
To Give quotes by Yvonne Pierre
#202. The fact is that people are good, Give people affection and security, and they will give affection and be secure in their feelings and their behavior. - Author: Abraham Maslow
To Give quotes by Abraham Maslow
#203. He says you're cruel."
"I'm pragmatic. If I were cruel, I'd give him a eulogy instead of a conversation. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
To Give quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#204. See, you think I give a shit. Wrong. In fact, while you talk, I'm thinking; How can I give less of shit? That's why I look interested. - Author: Justin Halpern
To Give quotes by Justin Halpern
#205. The government can make laws, but only the God can give self-esteem where there is none - Author: Sunday Adelaja
To Give quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#206. My stomach flips with regret and disappointment. What I wouldn't give for a time machine. - Author: Emma Chase
To Give quotes by Emma Chase
#207. If there are those you love, whoever or wherever you are, hold them. Find them and hold them as tightly as you can. Resist their squirming and impatience and uncomfortable laughter, and just feel their heart throbbing against yours. Give thanks that for this moment, for this one precious moment, they are here, they are with you, and they know they are utterly, completely, entirely loved. - Author: Vanessa Woods
To Give quotes by Vanessa Woods
#208. give me
a pillow of strong
ever-dependable shoulders
that i can bury my head in. - Author: Sanober Khan
To Give quotes by Sanober Khan
#209. However, there will be a Republican Party platform that will coalesce around their convention. Unless I miss my guess, it will be considerably more conservative on these issues, perhaps even than Governor Romney is, and I think that that will give Americans a clear set of choices about all issues, but about women's issues too. - Author: Anna Quindlen
To Give quotes by Anna Quindlen
#210. Why do I feel like you're not on my side anymore? Please don't give up on me. - Author: Jenny Downham
To Give quotes by Jenny Downham
#211. Tuesday's victory was big. But it did nothing more than level the playing field and give you a shot. Take it. - Author: Charles Krauthammer
To Give quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#212. You can love more than one person at a time, and I don't give a damn what the self-help books say. - Author: Rita Mae Brown
To Give quotes by Rita Mae Brown
#213. The worst and the best that the internet ever did was give everybody a voice. - Author: Simon Pegg
To Give quotes by Simon Pegg
#214. How can you forgive someone when they can't give a reason why? - Author: PureDragonWolf
To Give quotes by PureDragonWolf
#215. Even if the circumstances around you are like darkness, believe that God will give you light - Author: Sunday Adelaja
To Give quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#216. They say women are the softer sex. The more emotional. Which fool decided that? A man in love is weakness personified. A man in love will tell you anything. Share anything. Give you everything. - Author: Sarah Pinborough
To Give quotes by Sarah Pinborough
#217. If you give a writer a line, they'll take a paragraph ... - Author: Suzanne McKenna Link
To Give quotes by Suzanne McKenna Link
#218. I give myself the luxury of saying what I want. - Author: Jose Mujica
To Give quotes by Jose Mujica
#219. They say my public persona don't have enough appeal, I take a lesson from Kanye and give 'em something real. - Author: Donald Glover
To Give quotes by Donald Glover
#220. I don't want fleeting friendships or relationships or passion in life, give me fleeting moments in coffee shops and walks by the water but I will never be satisfied with empty kinships that are fleeting & undecided. Those connections are what make us all human and I dare not settle my wild little heart for something of so little depth. - Author: Nikki Rowe
To Give quotes by Nikki Rowe
#221. I feel like I should go out there and throw a shutout every time I pitch. If we score one [run] and I give up two, then I didn't do my job as far as I'm concerned. - Author: Andy Pettitte
To Give quotes by Andy Pettitte
#222. Amnesty is as good for those who give it as for those who receive it. It has the admirable quality of bestowing mercy on both sides. - Author: Victor Hugo
To Give quotes by Victor Hugo
#223. The world has only as much power over you as you give it. Rebel. Go beyond duality. - Author: Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
To Give quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
#224. Never give up or back down on the things that fill your soul, Calloway. There is no worse life than a hollow one. - Author: Krista Ritchie
To Give quotes by Krista Ritchie
#225. You have more happy memories than scary ones, don't you? Why give the scary ones so much space in your head? - Author: Sara Holland
To Give quotes by Sara  Holland
#226. Teenagers are the same all over. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. - Author: Nicola Yoon
To Give quotes by Nicola Yoon
#227. ChilYou can give without loving, but you can never love without giving. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
To Give quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#228. Ll K Hamilton
Some days the lion eats you, but some times you shove your arm down it's throat and pull it's visera out through it's mouth and kill it. Of course, sometimes it bites your arm off, and then eats you, but you tried, that's what counts. Some days it's not about winning, but about fighting. If you don't try, the lion will most definetely eat you. But sometimes when you put your all into something, and don't give up even when the odds are so against you, you surprise the lion and yourself, and you win. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
To Give quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#229. Let me have you in the most intimate of
ways, let me give you a part of myself that no other man may touch.
Make me yours forever. - Author: Rachel L. Demeter
To Give quotes by Rachel L. Demeter
#230. I won't die. I won't give those ghouls the pleasure. I'll live and grow strong. I'll escape, then hunt them down and make them suffer. - Author: Darren Shan
To Give quotes by Darren Shan
#231. You may give give a man office, but you cannot give him discretion - Author: Benjamin Franklin
To Give quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#232. Ok then do you have any further questions before you head back, like the meaning of life, why the sky is blue, and so on?"
"Sure. Why on Earth did you give my sis a set of wings? - Author: Jamie Lynn Dougherty
To Give quotes by Jamie Lynn Dougherty
#233. I actually had a long career as a flirt ahead of me. It's quite a natural behaviour, once the loss of love makes you give up your ideas of marriage. - Author: Alice Munro
To Give quotes by Alice Munro
#234. Lots of people think they're charitable if they give away their old clothes and things they don't want. - Author: Myrtle Reed
To Give quotes by Myrtle Reed
#235. I will gain your trust. I will earn it. I know you can't give it now but I will have it. I will have everything. You won't hold anything back from me. Ever. Do you understand?

Master of Passion
Club Threshold
Book One - Author: Nikki Faye
To Give quotes by Nikki Faye
#236. Give your employees a mission that matches their ambitions. When you challenge people, they surprise you. - Author: Richard Branson
To Give quotes by Richard Branson
#237. I love rainy and bad-weather days because this type of weather gives me a mental advantage, especially when I'm fishing in a tournament. When the weather is inclement, most fishermen start thinking of reasons why they can't catch bass. But, because I fish so often in bad weather, I'm thinking of all the reasons I can catch bass in bad weather conditions. - Author: Gary A. Klein
To Give quotes by Gary A. Klein
#238. Everything I did with my life I did so that I could give my parents everything they didn't have because of me. - Author: Richard Simmons
To Give quotes by Richard Simmons
#239. An innocent breath of life comes from the deep of all darkness! It just takes a moment, an instant and right after, everything becomes absolutely corrupted! The existence, the thought! I've lived in nothingness for eternities, I know, I have felt it, it was engraved in my soul. Although I cannot give faith and witness… I know; I've been in nothingness and from the nothingness I have returned..."
An excerpt from the book: The Master Of Realities: The Labyrinth Of The Dead Souls - Author: E.C. Lemus
To Give quotes by E.C. Lemus
#240. Dreams decompose, darling, < ... > like anything else. And they give off gases, some of which are poisonous and all of which are unpleasant, and so one goes away from the place in which the dreams were dreamed, and are now decomposing before your very eyes. Otherwise, you might die, dear, of monoxide poisoning. - Author: Andrew Holleran
To Give quotes by Andrew Holleran
#241. You finally saw, and with that vision, you did something of infinite worth. You apologized. And you forgave. These are two of the greatest gifts one man can give another. - Author: R William Bennett
To Give quotes by R William Bennett
#242. Fortune's a right whore:
If she give aught, she deals it in small parcels,
That she may take away all at one swoop. - Author: John Webster
To Give quotes by John Webster
#243. I'll give her the whole day off from work - with pay. - Author: Anita Diamant
To Give quotes by Anita Diamant
#244. We don't want bores in the theatre. We don't want standardised acting, standard actors with standard-shaped legs. Acting needs everybody, cripples, dwarfs and people with noses so long. Give us something that is different. - Author: Sybil Thorndike
To Give quotes by Sybil Thorndike

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