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#1. The bar is in full swing, and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the garden outside, until the air is alivewith chatter and laughter, and casual innuendo and introductions forgotten on the spot, and enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other's names. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Swings quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#2. The tree of nonsense is watered with error, and from its branches swing the pumpkins of disaster. - Author: Nick Harkaway
Swings quotes by Nick Harkaway
#3. I loved the idea of Travolta sitting on the kid's swing, pining away for his girlfriend. - Author: Randal Kleiser
Swings quotes by Randal Kleiser
#4. I was this little blond girl with a guitar case bigger than me - it was pink and sparkly at the time. But I always took myself seriously, and I think that people took that seriously. I would tell them about my goal list, and they listened. I was like, 'I want to be the one that swings the pendulum.' - Author: Kelsea Ballerini
Swings quotes by Kelsea Ballerini
#5. Life is in balance. The swings in the mind are there to give you the experience, and to let you discover the you within you ... That balance and swing lets your standard be tested. You cannot hold to something external. You must find your own depth and test it, confirm it ... - Author: Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Swings quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
#6. I think falling in love should come with a warning label: CAUTION - side effects may include breaking up, accompanied by heartache, severe mood swings, withdrawal from people and life itself, wasted hours obsessing over bitter reflections, a need to destroy something (preferably something expensive that shatters), uncontrollable tear ducts, stress, a loss of appetite (Cheetos and Dr. Pepper exempt), a bleak and narrow outlook on the future, and an overall hatred of everyone and everything (especially all the happy couples you see strolling hand-in-hand, placed on your path only to exacerbate your isolation and misery). All above reactions will be intensified with the consumption of one or more alcoholic beverages. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
Swings quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#7. PSYCHOSIS: A severe mental disorder, a derangement of personality. Some individuals experience mood swings and agitation, but emotional dampening and social withdrawal are the most common symptoms. Despite society's beliefs, psychotic individuals rarely become violent and are often at a much greater risk of causing harm to themselves than to others.8 There are many theories as to what causes psychosis. Many current theories agree that it is caused by a combination of inherited genetic factors and external environmental factors. - Author: Alessandra Torre
Swings quotes by Alessandra Torre
#8. Just trust your instincts. There's an old saying in golf, you've studied the swing many times, and you practice and practice, but when you stand over the ball, you just have to trust your swing. And you trust it. And if you don't trust it, you'll ruin it; your brain will take over. - Author: Clint Eastwood
Swings quotes by Clint Eastwood
#9. Golf is like acting in that both require concentration and relaxation at the same time. In acting, you can't push emotion. You have to let it rise from you naturally. Same thing in golf. You have to have a plan and a focus; but then you need to just let it happen and enjoy the smooth movement of the swing. - Author: Jane Seymour
Swings quotes by Jane Seymour
#10. Players who stand flat footed and swing with their arms are golfers, not hitters. - Author: Rogers Hornsby
Swings quotes by Rogers Hornsby
#11. Or one can visualize the process as follows: as the planet approaches the sun, its speed increases. It shoots past the sun, but as it does so, the clutching hand of gravity swings it round - as a running child grabbing at a maypole is swung around it - so that it now continues in the opposite direction. If its velocity on the approach-run had been exactly the amount required to prevent it from falling into the sun, it would continue in a circle. But as it was slightly greater, the receding run will carry it into an elongated path, which the planet pursues at slackening speed in the teeth of the sun's attraction, as it were, gradually curving inward; until, after passing the aphelion, the curve again approaches the sun and the whole cycle starts again. - Author: Arthur Koestler
Swings quotes by Arthur Koestler
#12. A swing is like a car. You've got the fan belt, carburetor, pistons, spark plugs, fuel pump. If any part isn't working, the car doesn't run. Same way with hitting. - Author: Wade Boggs
Swings quotes by Wade Boggs
#13. They say you can see all the beauty in the world in the way a hanged man swings. - Author: Joe Abercrombie
Swings quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#14. Disregarding the big swing and trying to jump in and out was fatal to me. Nobody can catch all the fluctuations. In a bull market your game is to buy and hold until you believe that the bull market is near its end. To do this you must study general conditions and not tips or special factors affecting individual stocks. - Author: Jesse Lauriston Livermore
Swings quotes by Jesse Lauriston Livermore
#15. We're waiting for the pendulum to swing back again, which I am absolutely confident it will. - Author: Don Bluth
Swings quotes by Don Bluth
#16. Swing is extreme coordination. It's a maintaining balance, equilibrium. It's about executing very difficult rhythms with a panache and a feeling in the context of very strict time. So, everything about the swing is about some guideline and some grid and the elegant way that you negotiate your way through that grid. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
Swings quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#17. I began to realize that the big money must necessarily be in the big swing. - Author: Jesse Lauriston Livermore
Swings quotes by Jesse Lauriston Livermore
#18. If we generally like the way things are now, we must also ask whether our current situation is really so different from the open ages of radio, film, or the telephone. Might it not also have seemed in those times that the orgy of limitless entrepreneurism would never end? The point is that we are near the high end of a pendulum arc that, so far, has aways begun to swing in the opposite direction -toward greater integration and centralization- with a force that can seem inexorable. - Author: Tim Wu
Swings quotes by Tim Wu
#19. I just think swing is a matter of some good things put together that you can really pat your foot by. I can't define it beyond that. - Author: Count Basie
Swings quotes by Count Basie
#20. When Inej was on the high wire, it became her world. She could feel its tilt and pull. It was a planet and she was its moon. There was a simplicity to it that she never felt on the swings, where she was carried away by momentum. She loved the stillness she could find on the wire, and it was something no one else understood. She had fallen only once, and she - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Swings quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#21. History has always been a series of pendulum swings, but the individual doesn't have to get caught in that. - Author: Robert Johnson
Swings quotes by Robert Johnson
#22. Surrounded and absorbed, we tread like Etruscans on the edge of useless law; we pray to the giver of prayer, we give the cane whistle in ceremony, we swing the heavy silver chain of incense burners. Migration makes new citizens of Rome. - Author: Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
Swings quotes by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
#23. First they gerrymander us into one-party fiefs. Then they tell us they only care about the swing districts. Then they complain about voter apathy. - Author: Gail Collins
Swings quotes by Gail Collins
#24. Cam let go of Evie and approached Sebastian as the room emptied. "You fight like a gentleman, my lord," he commented.
Sebastian gave him a sardonic glance. "Why doesn't that sound like a compliment?"
Sliding his hands into his pockets, Cam observed mildly, "You do well enough against a pair of drunken sots - "
"There were three to start with," Sebastian growled.
"Three drunken sots, then. But the next time you may not be so fortunate."
"The next time? If you think I'm going to make a habit of this - "
"Jenner did," Cam countered softly. "Egan did. Nearly every night there is some to-do in the alley, the stable yard, or the card rooms, after the guests have had hours of stimulation from gaming, spirits, and women. We all take turns dealing with it. And unless you care to get the stuffing knocked out of you on a weekly basis, you'll need to learn a few tricks to put down a fight quickly. It causes less damage to you and the patrons, and keeps the police away."
"If you're referring to the kind of tactics used in rookery brawls, and quarrels over back-alley bobtails - "
"You're not going for a half hour of light exercise at the pugilistic club," Cam said acidly.
Sebastian opened his mouth to argue, but as he saw Evie drawing closer something changed in his face. It was a response to the anxiety that she couldn't manage to hide. For some reason her concern gently undermined his hostility, and softened him. Looking from one to t - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Swings quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#25. Multiple personality [Dissociative Identity Disorder] should also not be confused with alternations of mood from happy to sad, characteristic of the cyclic temperament. These are merely emotional swings; personality splits are far more comprehensive. - Author: Ralph Slovenko
Swings quotes by Ralph Slovenko
#26. I think most generations tend to learn the lesson of war the hard way. There is a deep attraction to the empowerment. Freud is right: societies either become locked in a collective embrace of Eros, as individuals do, or a collective embrace of Thanatos, the death instinct. They swing between the two. The notion that societies are naturally prone toward self-preservation is wrong. Self-annihilation can be deeply addictive, intoxicating, enticing. So I take a darker view of human nature, that war is probably always going to be with us. I think history bears me out. - Author: Chris Hedges
Swings quotes by Chris Hedges
#27. Always the edge of the sea remains an elusive and indefinable boundary. The shore has a dual nature, changing with the swing of the tides, belonging now to the land, now to the sea. - Author: Rachel Carson
Swings quotes by Rachel Carson
#28. The golf swing is like a suitcase into which we are trying to pack one too many things. - Author: John Updike
Swings quotes by John Updike
#29. Factors Influencing Us as Empaths
There are a number of factors affecting how we pick up energy from other people:
Our sensitivity as receivers will factor into how much energy we pick up.
Some people transmit their energy more strongly than others, and the depth of the emotions that they are experiencing will also turn up the volume that they are sending out.
The unaware person may be just as sensitive as the aware person. The latter will understand why they have mood swings; the former will not.
Blood relatives will affect us regardless of where in the world we are and whether we are thinking about them or not. The link between sender and receiver is often stronger where there is a blood connection. Often, empath children may process the emotions of their parents or siblings long into adulthood.
●Emotional Connection
Friends and acquaintances will impact us primarily based on the strength of the emotional connection we have to them, largely without regard to physical proximity. The stronger the emotional connection is, the less important the physical proximity is. Having worked from home for many years with teams spread all over the country, I have picked up energy from managers and teammates regardless of location.
●Physical Proximity
Neighbors and strangers will influence us based on physical proximity. This is true for the people living in our neighborhood and the - Author: Trevor N. Lewis, Abbigayle McKinney
Swings quotes by Trevor N. Lewis, Abbigayle McKinney
#30. The puppet dances, He turns flips and he jigs. His painted red smile looks happy but he is screaming, for he performs on red-hot coals. His wooden feet begin to smoke. A man comes in with a shining axe. He swings it. I think he will cut off the puppet's burning feet, but instead the axe cuts all his strings. But the man with the axe falls just as swiftly as the puppet leaps away, free. - Author: Robin Hobb
Swings quotes by Robin Hobb
#31. Swing easy and hit hard. - Author: Julius Boros
Swings quotes by Julius Boros
#32. But I am not discouraged. I do not despair for our country. I believe tonight, as I always have, that the essential decency, compassion and common sense of the American people will prevail. - Author: Jimmy Carter
Swings quotes by Jimmy Carter
#33. As soon as she sees me she swings forward and hits a key on her keyboard. The music cuts off instantly. Strangely, the silence that follows seems just as loud. - Author: Lauren Oliver
Swings quotes by Lauren Oliver
#34. Your sister," I say evenly, "is incredibly sick. I'm sorry if that interferes with your dentist's appointment or your plan to go buy a pair of cleats. But those don't rate quite as high in the grand scheme of things right now. I'd think that since you're ten, you might be able to grow up enough to realize that the whole world doesn't always revolve around you."
Jesse looks out the window, where Kate straddles the arm of an oak tree, coaching Anna in how to climb up. "Yeah, right, she's sick," he says. "Why don't you grow up? Why don't you figure out that the world doesn't revolve around her?"
There is a scuffle on the other side of the door, and then it swings open. Blood covers Jesse's mouth, a vampire's lipstick; bits of wire stick out like a seamstress's pins. I notice the fork he is holding, and realize this is what he used to pull off his braces.
"Now you never have to take me anywhere," he says. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Swings quotes by Jodi Picoult
#35. The Epson M-Tracer provides real-time feedback and immediate solutions that help golfers develop a more efficient and powerful swing. This information empowers golfers to improve their swing in an easy and intuitive manner, ultimately resulting in lower scores and more fun. - Author: David Leadbetter
Swings quotes by David Leadbetter
#36. I fear that, as conditions worsen, many will react to the failures of too much government by calling for even more government. Then there will be more and more lifeboats launched because fewer and fewer citizens know how to swim. Unlike some pendulums, political pendulums to not swing back automatically; they must be pushed. History is full of instances when people have waited in vain for pendulums to swing back. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
Swings quotes by Neal A. Maxwell
#37. The low green tent Whose curtain never outward swings. - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
Swings quotes by John Greenleaf Whittier
#38. What other sport holds out hope of improvement to a man or a woman over fifty? True, the pros begin to falter at around forty, but it is their putting nerves that go, not their swings. For a duffer like [me], the room for improvement is so vast that three lifetimes could be spent roaming the fiarways carving away at it, convinced that perfection lies just over the next rise. And that hope, perhaps, is the kindest bliss of all that golf bestows upon its devotees. - Author: John Updike
Swings quotes by John Updike
#39. Sometimes fear is wholesome and rational; it is well to swing fear as a mighty battle-axe over men's heads when no other motive will move them. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
Swings quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#40. I feel anger and frustration when I think that one in ten Americans beyond the age of high school is on some kind of antidepressant, such as Prozac. Indeed, when you go through mood swings, you now have to justify why you are not on some medication. There may be a few good reasons to be on medication, in severely pathological cases, but my mood, my sadness, my bouts of anxiety, are a second source of intelligence--perhaps even the first source. I get mellow and lose physical energy when it rains, become more meditative, and tend to write more and more slowly then, with the raindrops hitting the window, what Verlaine called autumnal "sobs" (sanglots). Some days I enter poetic melancholic states, what the Portuguese call saudade or the Turks huzun (from the Arabic word for sadness). Other days I am more aggressive, have more energy--and will write less, walk more, do other things, argue with researchers, answer emails, draw graphs on blackboards. Should I be turned into a vegetable or a happy imbecile? - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Swings quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#41. I rest my elbows on my knees, watching Paco make a complete fool of himself.
Paco takes a little white golf ball and places it on top of a rubber circle inserted into the fake grass. When he swings the golf club, I wince. The club misses the ball and connects with the fake grass instead. Paco swears. The guy next to Paco takes one look at him and moves to another section.
Paco tries again. This time the club connects, but his ball only rolls along the grass in front of him. He keeps trying, but each time Paco swings, he makes a complete ass out of himself. Does he think he's hitting a hockey puck?
"You done?" I ask once he's gone through half the basket.
"Alex," Paco says, leaning on the golf club like it's a cane. "Do ya think I was meant to play golf?"
Looking Paco straight in the eye, I answer, "No."
"I heard you talkin' to Hector. I don't think you were mean to deal, either."
"Is that why we're here? You're tryin' to make a point?"
"Hear me out," Paco insists. "I've got the keys to the car in my pocket and I'm not goin' nowhere until I finish hittin' all of these bulls, so you might as well listen. I'm not smart like you. I don't have choices in life, but you, you're smart enough to go to college and be a doctor or computer geek or somethin' like that. Just like I wasn't meant to hit golf balls, you weren't meant to deal drugs. Let me do the drop for you."
"No way, man. I appreciate you makin' an ass out of yourself to prove a - Author: Simone Elkeles
Swings quotes by Simone Elkeles
#42. Colorado is a swing state, like Nevada, like North Carolina, like Florida. It all depends. [Donald] Trump has offended Mexicans and Muslims and millennials and some women. Will those offended people be energized to show up in the way that Trump supporters are energized to show up? It will be an energy. - Author: Geraldo Rivera
Swings quotes by Geraldo Rivera
#43. In the absence of either a widely accepted theory of language learning or a solid empirical base for classroom practice, teachers and learners have always been, and will always be, vulnerable to drastic pendulum swings of fashion, the coming and going of various unconventional and unlamented "Wonder Methods" being an obvious recent example. The sad truth is that after at least 2,000 years, most language teaching takes place on a wing and a prayer - sometimes successfully, but often a relative failure. - Author: Michael H. Long
Swings quotes by Michael H. Long
#44. The focus of my playing is the groove, and every time I find a new rhythm, I find I can write a bunch of new songs. Learning how to dance, or drum, or to swing my body in a new way is the fundamental way I find a new riff. Because when you learn to swing your body in a new way, you begin to swing with your instrument differently. - Author: Stone Gossard
Swings quotes by Stone Gossard
#45. First love, with its frantic haughty imagination, swings its object clear of the everyday, over the rut of living, making him all looks, silences, gestures, attitudes, a burning phrase with no context. - Author: Elizabeth Bowen
Swings quotes by Elizabeth Bowen
#46. Like all of us, we have pretty serious mood swings. - Author: Josh Silver
Swings quotes by Josh Silver
#47. It doesn't count if your swing is going the highest if you're getting pushed. - Author: Cynthia Lewis
Swings quotes by Cynthia Lewis
#48. The doorway to success swings outward not inward. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
Swings quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#49. Since it is seldom clear whether intellectual activity denotes a superior mode of being or a vital deficiency, opinion swings between considering intellect a privilege and seeing it as a handicap - Author: Jacques Barzun
Swings quotes by Jacques Barzun
#50. He holds the elevator door open with one enormous hand and leans out to look at the weather. Then he swings those dark blue eyes to mine, his brow beginning to crease. The familiar bubble forms in my head. I wish he was my friend. I burst it with a pin. "I'll give you a ride," he forces out. "Ugh, no way," I say over my shoulder and run. - Author: Sally Thorne
Swings quotes by Sally Thorne
#51. The pub door swings open when a man enters. A window of moonlit sky and sea illuminates the darkened pub, and a surge of cold ocean air charges its way inside. It's as if Cuchulainn's raging soul had passed through the doorway. - Author: Laura Treacy Bentley
Swings quotes by Laura Treacy Bentley
#52. The world needs more Edwin Morgans, people who can take the language and swing it round their heads and don't care what you think. - Author: Billy Connolly
Swings quotes by Billy Connolly
#53. Style" comes on and we all go crazy, screaming in each other's faces and jumping up and down. Peter goes craziest of all. He keeps asking me if I'm having fun. He only asks out loud once, but with his eyes he asks me again and again. They are bright and hopeful, alight with expectation. With my eyes I tell him, Yes yes yes I am having fun.
We're starting to get the hang of slow dancing, too. Maybe we should take a ballroom-dancing class when I get to UVA so we can actually get good at it.
I tell him this, and fondly he says, "You always want to take things to the next level. Next-level chocolate chip cookies."
"I gave up on those."
"Next-level Halloween costumes."
"I like for things to feel special." At this, Peter smiles down at me and I say, "It's just too bad we'll never dance cheek to cheek."
"Maybe we could order you some dancing stilts."
"Oh, you mean high heels?"
He snickers. "I don't think there's such a thing as ten-inch heels."
I ignore him. "And it's too bad your noodle arms aren't strong enough to pick me up."
Peter lets out a roar like an injured lion and swoops me up and swings me around, just like I knew he would. It's a rare thing, to know someone so well, whether they'll pivot left or right. Outside of my family, I think he might be the person I know best of all. - Author: Jenny Han
Swings quotes by Jenny Han
#54. My back swing off the first tee had put him in mond of an eldery woman of dubious morals trying to struggle out of a dress too tight around the shoulders. - Author: Patrick Campbell, 3rd Baron Glenavy
Swings quotes by Patrick Campbell, 3rd Baron Glenavy
#55. The reason you take antidepressants is to feel calm. And romantic love is not calm - it's elation, it's mood swings, and you're killing all that when you take the drug. - Author: Helen Fisher
Swings quotes by Helen Fisher
#56. "My swing is too fast" may be the biggest misconception ever. Think about it. If you take a fast, lousy swing and slow it down, all you've got left is a slow, lousy swing. Most people swing too slow, not too fast. - Author: Hank Haney
Swings quotes by Hank Haney
#57. You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about. - Author: Bobby Jones
Swings quotes by Bobby Jones
#58. The head has no purpose in the golf swing. It simply goes where the body takes it - Author: George Knudson
Swings quotes by George Knudson
#59. Who can say I have a bad swing? The only thing that matters in golf is the score you put on the board. You don't have to look pretty out there, you have to win. Look at my record and tell me who has a better swing than mine. - Author: Lee Trevino
Swings quotes by Lee Trevino
#60. He sweeps her hair back from her ears; he swings her above his head. He says she is his émerveillement. He says he will never leave her, not in a million years. - Author: Anthony Doerr
Swings quotes by Anthony Doerr
#61. Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring. Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun. Now the jingle hop has begun. - Author: Bobby Helms
Swings quotes by Bobby Helms
#62. The larger picture is really to swing people's awareness of what really is moral. - Author: Lily Tomlin
Swings quotes by Lily Tomlin
#63. You don't swing where you sleep. - Author: Sammy Davis Jr.
Swings quotes by Sammy Davis Jr.
#64. This isn't the first time I've used this, and the test subject showed no signs of impaired cognitive ability."
"Who was the test subject?" asked Aurora.
"I test everything out on myself before taking it into the field."
She stared at him. "You zapped your own brain?"
"And it didn't do me any harm apart from the dizziness and the vomiting spells and the weirdly persistent ringing in my ears. Also the blackouts and the mood swings and the creeping paranoia. Apart from that, zero side effects, if you don't count the numb fingertips. Which I don't. - Author: Derek Landy
Swings quotes by Derek Landy
#65. During the first World War women in the United States had a chance to try their capacities in wider fields of executive leadershipin industry. Must we always wait for war to give us opportunity? And must the pendulum always swing back in the busy world of work and workers during times of peace? - Author: Mary Barnett Gilson
Swings quotes by Mary Barnett Gilson
#66. Our culture is just a series of checks and balances. The whole idea that we're in a battle between tyranny and freedom - it's a series of pendulum swings. - Author: Jon Stewart
Swings quotes by Jon Stewart
#67. Certain music, jazz in particular, has the ability to make you a better citizen of the world. It helps you expand your world view and gives you more confidence in your cultural achievements. Improvisational jazz teaches you about yourself while the swing in jazz teaches you how to work with others - Author: Wynton Marsalis
Swings quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#68. Imagine any problem you have to be a huge, locked door standing in front of you. Now see yourself taking a golden key out of your pocket. You brought the key here with you when you arrived on this planet, but you sometimes forget to use it. See yourself putting it into the keyhole, then watch the door swing open. On the key are inscribed these words, "Unconditional Love." - Author: Marianne Williamson
Swings quotes by Marianne Williamson
#69. My moral compass swings far to the left, but when it comes to gratuitous violence, I have trouble. - Author: Michael Biehn
Swings quotes by Michael Biehn
#70. Wherever you put it, Foucault's Pendulum swings from a motionless point while the earth rotates beneath it. Every point of the universe is a fixed point: all you have to do is hang the Pendulum from it. - Author: Umberto Eco
Swings quotes by Umberto Eco
#71. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. - Author: Duke Ellington
Swings quotes by Duke Ellington
#72. Neither moral relations nor the moral law can swing in vacuo. Their only habitat can be a mind which feels them; and no world composed of merely physical facts can possibly be a world to which ethical propositions apply. - Author: William James
Swings quotes by William James
#73. The way to begin healing the wounds of the world is to treasure the Infant Christ in us; to be not the castle but the cradle of Christ; and, in rocking that cradle to the rhythm of love, to swing the whole world back into the beat of the Music of Eternal Life. - Author: Caryll Houselander
Swings quotes by Caryll Houselander
#74. More like Cross blew your circuits during one of his sexathons. Still can't get over that man's stamina. Wish he'd swing my way and wear me out. - Author: Sylvia Day
Swings quotes by Sylvia Day
#75. Hey, are you a boy or a - never mind, can I have a push on the swing? And some day, y'all, when we grow up, it's all gonna be that simple. - Author: Andrea Gibson
Swings quotes by Andrea Gibson
#76. I just swing hard in case I hit it
that's it. - Author: David Ortiz
Swings quotes by David Ortiz
#77. The most important thing in an argument, next to being right, is to leave an escape hatch for your opponent, so that he can gracefully swing over to your side without too much apparent loss of face. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
Swings quotes by Sydney J. Harris
#78. The great thing about what we do at DTS, all the studios, but especially DTS, because we're talking about our film, is we swing for the fences. So that being said, we're out to tell the very best story we can with the highest quality that we're able to do. - Author: Klay Hall
Swings quotes by Klay Hall
#79. The universe swings again into orbit around us.
Am I looking for you or you for me?
The question is wrong.
As long as I keep using two pronouns,
I am this in-between, two-headed thing. - Author: Rumi
Swings quotes by Rumi
#80. For a moment I felt joyful, and then I felt completely exhausted. - Author: Ottessa Moshfegh
Swings quotes by Ottessa Moshfegh
#81. I'm being a lot more consistent, trying to make every swing look the same. I'm doing what the situation calls for and trying not to do too much. - Author: Nick Swisher
Swings quotes by Nick Swisher
#82. What has prepared Heather for her life in the Burrow?
Sleep, being hit over the head once in sixth grade and losing consciousness for a minute, waking up to find out someone had pushed her off the swings.
A life made of air - Author: Jim Krusoe
Swings quotes by Jim Krusoe
#83. I used to imagine that making it in music - really making it in music - is if you're an old man going by a schoolyard and you hear children singing your songs, playing jump-rope, or on the swings. That's the ultimate. You're in the culture. - Author: Tom Waits
Swings quotes by Tom Waits
#84. If I could straighten it out (his golf swing), I'd be pitching at Dodger Stadium tonight. - Author: Sandy Koufax
Swings quotes by Sandy Koufax
#85. I don't care if a dude is purple with green breath as long as he can swing. - Author: Miles Davis
Swings quotes by Miles Davis
#86. He swings the knocker against the door. The entire building booms like a drum. It continues booming after he lets go, banging like a clock striking the hour, rattling like a great tin drum. - Author: Christopher Bram
Swings quotes by Christopher Bram
#87. All rooms move. Each of them swings in a pendulum motion between evening and morning, moving its inhabitants closer to the unknown land where they will be no more. But - Author: Leena Krohn
Swings quotes by Leena Krohn
#88. For nearly a hundred years, psychiatry has been striving to apply medical model thinking to psychiatric disorders. In this model, the symptoms besieging patients are sorted into specific disease entities and the causes then identified and removed. For doctors of internal medicine, this works. In the case of diabetes mellitus, for example, the symptoms of urinary frequency, fatigue, and confusion often lead to suspicion of the underlying cause, which is confirmed by blood sugar monitoring and then treated by insulin replacement.

But psychiatric symptoms are much harder to sort into diagnoses. People with depression sometimes become paranoid. People with schizophrenia sometimes become depressed. Some people who hear voices have no other symptoms whatsoever, and others who hear voices also fall victim to terrible mood swings. Thus far, the hope that psychiatry would be able to identify homogeneous disease states, uncover the biological underpinnings, and remedy them has been largely a barren one.

Kappler's symptoms, however, evolved when the hope for psychiatry's becoming a true medical specialty was bright to the point of being blinding. Over the years he would collect over a dozen diagnoses and cavalierly take a myriad of medicines, but no one would be able to bring him close to confronting the past he had disowned, to stand a chance of making peace with it and, ultimately, overcoming it. (46) - Author: Keith Ablow
Swings quotes by Keith Ablow
#89. There is hardly an American male of my generation who has not at one time or another tried to master the victory cry of the great ape as it issued from the androgynous chest of Johnny Weissmuller, to the accompaniment of thousands of arms and legs snapping during attempts to swing from tree to tree in the backyards of the Republic. - Author: Gore Vidal
Swings quotes by Gore Vidal
#90. I think it looked like I was a little more aggressive than I was, ... I swing at bad pitches anyway, but I was swinging at even more bad pitches and missing. It looked worse. But I was thinking about [the milestone], no doubt about it. - Author: Vladimir Guerrero
Swings quotes by Vladimir Guerrero
#91. You've got to be rich to have a swing like that. - Author: Bob Hope
Swings quotes by Bob Hope
#92. The angel has confided in me that he is going to ask the Lord if he can become Spider-Man. [ ... ] The children need heroes, he says. I think he just wants to swing from buildings in tight red jammies. - Author: Christopher Moore
Swings quotes by Christopher Moore
#93. But there's so much to do: cigarettes to smoke, sex to have, swings to swing on. - Author: John Green
Swings quotes by John Green
#94. Before talking to my mom about how out of control I felt, I'd spent the night crying alone in the park I grew up going to, chain smoking, because the guy that I liked hadn't texted me back. And even amidst my tears and Camels and repeated utterings of "I'm going to die alone," I knew I looked fucking crazy. I knew if the guy could see me reacting this way, he'd block my number. But I still couldn't stop, and that's what scared me.

My emotions had become all-encompassing. Like the night I'd given my landlord notice, I couldn't see or feel anything other than the most extreme version of the worst-case scenario. Because here's the thing: in those polarizing moments of ups or downs, what you're feeling in that moment can't be reasoned with or told to slow down, let alone stop. I looked across the park at the swings my friends and I used to hang out on and wondered what the fuck was wrong with me. Why couldn't I feel the way I used to, once upon a time? I wanted to feel invincible the way I sometimes did -- or better yet, I wanted no feeling at all. - Author: Anne T. Donahue
Swings quotes by Anne T. Donahue
#95. At the end of the day, natural-gas peakers sit back there and get financed so that the Midwest corridor can have a huge [period] of four to five days of no wind. The peakers are running big time to make that up, because that is the swing piece that can always be turned on. - Author: Bill Gates
Swings quotes by Bill Gates
#96. The lock splits. The iron gate swings open. She emerges, raises her arms towards the suddenly chilled moon. The world changes. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Swings quotes by Margaret Atwood
#97. Your final goal is to convert your athletic swing to pure instinct rather than conscious thought. - Author: David Leadbetter
Swings quotes by David Leadbetter
#98. 'Hairspray' was a movie turned Broadway musical turned Hollywood remake, and that is the 'Lion King' circle of life as we know it in Times Square, the creative loop that swings for the stars and sometimes crashes into the upper deck. - Author: James Wolcott
Swings quotes by James Wolcott
#99. I know there's a balance/I see it when I swing past. - Author: John Mellencamp
Swings quotes by John Mellencamp
#100. Cane tended to have mood swings like a bitch. One minute he could be cool as hell and then the next he was mean as fire. - Author: Nika Michelle
Swings quotes by Nika Michelle
#101. When the mind swings by a grass-blade
an ant's forefoot shall save you - Author: Ezra Pound
Swings quotes by Ezra Pound
#102. Great touch is often written off simply as 'talent,' which is crucial, because a good swing can take a golfer only so far. I've seen thousands of fantastic swings in my day, but that doesn't guarantee anything. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Swings quotes by Arnold Palmer
#103. Swing will never sound as good as it did in the '40s. - Author: Trey Anastasio
Swings quotes by Trey Anastasio
#104. Use your eyes. Do not enter unfamiliar areas that you cannot observe first. Make it a practice to swing wide around corners, use window glass for rearward visibility, and get something solid behind you when you pause. - Author: Jeff Cooper
Swings quotes by Jeff Cooper
#105. The great thing about taking big chances when you're younger is you have less to lose, and you don't know as much. So you take big swings. - Author: Amy Poehler
Swings quotes by Amy Poehler
#106. In the plain ordinary hustle you hide your true speed; in the
psychological hustle you try to drive your opponent out of his fucking
skull... There is a small-time pool player in San Francisco called Snakeface
who pretends that if he gets beat he might go crazy or get a heart attack.
He's no youngster, but when he misses a shot or gets a bad break he jumps
back, swings his cue in a circle, cusses with all his strength, and turns
beet red. Years ago he used to put his head down and run himself into the
wall, but he gave that up. This act puts quite a bit of pressure on the guy
he is playing, who may not want to kill an old man for two dollars. - Author: Danny McGoorty
Swings quotes by Danny McGoorty
#107. Some stances are just conducive to swinging. If I stand up straight for too long it's harder to swing. Plus my feet hurt. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
Swings quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#108. Failure is just part of the process, and it's not just okay; it's better than okay. God doesn't want failure to shut us down. God didn't make it a three-strikes-and-you're-out sort of thing. It's more about how God helps us dust ourselves off so we can swing for the fences again. And all of this without keeping a meticulous record of our screw-ups. - Author: Bob Goff
Swings quotes by Bob Goff
#109. On, those ever-changing moods of Moscow! How swiftly they go from black to white, from one extreme to another, from friendship to accusations, from adoration to hatred, from the permissive 'da' to that annihilating 'nyet.' Those eternal swings from a thaw to a freeze, whims that disregard their own rules, norms, and regulations! - Author: Svetlana Alliluyeva
Swings quotes by Svetlana Alliluyeva
#110. Also," Bunty adds cheerfully, "how many cats did you have when you left?"
"One," Annabel says, putting her hand over her face.
"You have three now." Bunty swings hrt bag over her shoulder. "See you at Christmas, lovelies!"
And my grandmother disappears as abruptly as she arrived. - Author: Holly Smale
Swings quotes by Holly Smale
#111. Cat, you asked me before to find out if those dream -suppression pills had any side effects. I've checked with Pathology, and they said you might experience depression, mood swings, irritability, paranoia, and chronic fatigue. Have you noticed any of that? - Author: Jeaniene Frost
Swings quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#112. Sinatra had a lot of mood swings, but he was wonderful to my wife Barbara and to me. He made no bones about who he liked and who he loved, and he had this great charisma. When he walked into a room, it stopped. I've only seen that happen with Ronald Reagan. - Author: Don Rickles
Swings quotes by Don Rickles
#113. there, singing and tapping in the blacksnakes, in the swamp, she has an odd vision. She sees the beats of the songs, the Calinda beat, the Bamboula beat, all the rhythms of equatorial Africa spreading slowly across this midnight land until the whole country shivers and swings to the beats of the old gods whose realms she had left. And even that, she understands somehow, in the swamp, even that will not be enough. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Swings quotes by Neil Gaiman
#114. Like they say, it ain't over 'til the fat guy swings - Author: Darren Daulton
Swings quotes by Darren Daulton
#115. There's no question that Roberts will vote like William Rehnquist ... If he swings, it will be from right to far right. - Author: Jonathan Turley
Swings quotes by Jonathan Turley
#116. I swing big, with everything I've got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can. - Author: Babe Ruth
Swings quotes by Babe Ruth
#117. It ["Begin the Beguine"] became such a hit that it superseded anything that any band had ever had. It was the first time that a so-called swing band played something melodic and still gave it a beat. - Author: Artie Shaw
Swings quotes by Artie Shaw
#118. McCovey swings and misses, and it's fouled back. - Author: Jerry Coleman
Swings quotes by Jerry Coleman
#119. Everybody can see that my swing is homegrown. That means everybody has a chance to do it. - Author: Bubba Watson
Swings quotes by Bubba Watson
#120. Now the day is done,
Now the shepherd sun
Drives his white flocks from the sky;
Now the flowers rest
On their mother's breast,
Hushed by her low lullaby.

Now the glowworms glance,
Now the fireflies dance,
Under fern-boughs green and high;
And the western breeze
To the forest trees
Chants a tuneful lullaby.

Now 'mid shadows deep
Falls blessed sleep,
Like dew from the summer sky;
And the whole earth dreams,
In the moon's soft beams,
While night breathes a lullaby.

Now, birdlings, rest,
In your wind-rocked nest,
Unscared by the owl's shrill cry;
For with folded wings
Little Brier swings,
And singeth your lullaby. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
Swings quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#121. People thought it was asinine for me to change my swing after I won the Masters by 12 shots ... Why would you want to change that? Well, I thought I could become better. If I play my best, I'm pretty tough to beat. I'd like to play my best more frequently, and that's the whole idea. That's why you make changes. I thought I could become more consistent. - Author: Tiger Woods
Swings quotes by Tiger Woods
#122. I can hit it farther on the moon. But actually, my swing is better here on Earth. - Author: Alan Shepard
Swings quotes by Alan Shepard
#123. I feel something very small growing inside me as I look at her, and I realize in one absolutely clear moment that I don't like her at all.
'You know what?' I say. 'Forget it. I'll do the list by myself.'
She stands up, swings her stupid hair about and tries to look offended. It's a trick that works with guys, but it makes no difference to the way I feel about her. - Author: Jenny Downham
Swings quotes by Jenny Downham
#124. Things that have never happened before are bound to occur with some regularity. You must always be prepared for the unexpected, including sudden, sharp downward swings in markets and the economy. Whatever adverse scenario you can contemplate, reality can be far worse. - Author: Seth Klarman
Swings quotes by Seth Klarman
#125. Shooting a movie can be so tedious. You're trying to get 20 different angles on the same swing. You never get into a rhythm. But I took it very seriously. - Author: Charlie Sheen
Swings quotes by Charlie Sheen
#126. Miya? What are you doing?"
I drop to my knees and hold my hands out to stop her.
"Murderer..." she whispers.
I shake my head, suddenly scared. "No..."
"Monster," she says, louder this time.
She swings the sword in a large arc, aiming for my head. I flinch away just as its sharp edge reaches my skin... - Author: Dannielle Wicks
Swings quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#127. We see her go through dangerous mood-swings, but I tried never to come right out and say "Annie was depressed and possibly suicidal that day" or "Annie seemed particularly happy that day."If I have to tell you, I lose. If, on the other hand, I can show you a silent, dirty-haired woman who compulsively gobbles cake and candy, then have you draw the conclusion that Annie is in the depressive part of a manic-depressive cycle, I win. - Author: Stephen King
Swings quotes by Stephen King
#128. By developing your discipline and courage, you can refuse to let other people's mood swings govern your financial destiny. In the end, how your investments behave is much less important than how you behave. - Author: Benjamin Graham
Swings quotes by Benjamin Graham
#129. We were always together. And we were happy. Looking at clouds. Rocking on the swings. Lying in the sun. We loved being busy doing nothing. - Author: Terry Spencer Hesser
Swings quotes by Terry Spencer Hesser
#130. As trait after trait swings into focus and fulfillment, can we write any other name under Isaiah's amazing portrait of the sublime Sufferer in Chapter 53 than Jesus of Nazareth? - Author: J. Sidlow Baxter
Swings quotes by J. Sidlow Baxter
#131. He orders a batch of handmade tiedyed shirts from Guizhou province and takes them to a graduate student at the Central Authority Fine Arts School to find out what to charge. The graduate student swings his long hair back and forth and tells Hao An these shirts are not authentic enough, not tribal enough. No way are young Beijingers going to be interested in them: there's no art, no attitude. "What should I do now then?" asks Hao An. The graduate student tells him to head to the bars in Sanlitun and sell them to drunken foreigners and pretentious businessmen with art collections. - Author: Xiaolu Guo
Swings quotes by Xiaolu Guo
#132. I like to be aggressive. I like to swing the bat. - Author: Carlos Beltran
Swings quotes by Carlos Beltran
#133. Why has no one written a November rhapsody with plenty of lilt and swing? The poets who are moved at all by this month seem only stirred to lamentation, giving us year end and 'melancholy days' remarks, thereby showing that theory is stronger than observation among the rhyming brotherhood, or else that they have chronic indigestion and no gardens to stimulate them. - Author: Mabel Osgood Wright
Swings quotes by Mabel Osgood Wright
#134. Her mood was suddenly in free fall, a state she knew all too well. A heaviness inside. A hollow loneliness. A need to either quarrel or cry. A downward plunge that could only be escaped by huge loss of temper, howling for her mother, or what people like teachers called going too far.
Trouble on the way. - Author: Hilary McKay
Swings quotes by Hilary McKay
#135. You're innocent, Casaubon. You ran away instead of throwing stones, you got your degree, you didn't shoot anybody. Yet a few years ago I felt you, too, were blackmailing me. Nothing personal, just generational cycles. And then last year, when I saw the Pendulum, I understood everything."


"Almost everything. You see, Casaubon, even the Pendulum is a false prophet. You look at it, you think it's the only fixed point in the cosmos. but if you detach it from the ceiling of the Conservatoire and hang it in a brothel, it works just the same. And there are other pendulums: there's one in New York, in the UN building, there's one in the science museum in San Francisco, and God knows how many others. Wherever you put it, Foucault's Pendulum swings from a motionless point while the earth rotates beneath it. Every point of the universe is a fixed point: all you have to do is hang the Pendulum from it."

"God is everywhere."

"In a sense, yes. That's why the Pendulum disturbs me. It promises the infinite, but where to put the infinite is left to me. So it isn't enough to worship the Pendulum; you still have to make a decision, you have to find the best point for it. And yet..."

"And yet?"

"And yet... You're not taking me seriously by any chance, are you, Casaubon? No, I can rest easy; we're not the type to take things seriously.... Well, as I was saying, the feeling you have is that you've spent a lifetime hang - Author: Umberto Eco
Swings quotes by Umberto Eco
#136. I've gotten to the point where I'm not even a little apologetic about this business of not eating stuff that's bad for me. No one else has to live with my fat, work through my energy and mood swings, pay my doctor bills, fight my cravings, for face my family history of diabetes and cancer. If people insist, I can get a little testy. - Author: Dana Carpender
Swings quotes by Dana Carpender
#137. Swing a bigger brush - you don't know what you're missing. - Author: Charles Webster Hawthorne
Swings quotes by Charles Webster Hawthorne
#138. My arm reaches up. I don't know if I'm reaching for the pipe or for him. I want to touch his skin. I want to breathe in what he breathes. The yellow swirl. I want to be the yellow swirl. I want him to breathe me in, be sent riding on oxygen molecules deep into lungs. I want to travel through his body, seeing what makes him happy, attaching myself to whatever place in him sparks to life on my arrival. His blood. His tissues. His muscles. I want to burrow inside the folds like a wind-blown dusting of snow so that each time I melt away, he seeks me out again. There's no delineation between the pipe and the smoke and his body. It's all whole, I want in. I want him.
'Please,' I say softly, 'let me try.'
Without letting go of the pipe, he swings his hand holding the lighter with incredible force, backhanding my face. My jaw pops. The lighter swings back under the pipe undulating back and forth, inhaling the curl as it rises from the tar, exactly the same as before he hit me, only now he's staring at me, hating me. - Author: Josh Kilmer-Purcell
Swings quotes by Josh Kilmer-Purcell
#139. Fasting puts undue stress on your heart by cannibalizing your cardiac muscle for fuel. That's right; it eats away at your heart muscles causing damage and a risk of heart failure. Water fasting also creates a risk of heart failure due to the lack of minerals in your diet. Potassium and Magnesium are especially necessary for cardiac function and you cannot get these through water alone. During the 1950s and 60s, fasting was used experimentally as a way to treat obesity. It had fatal consequences with several patients dying from heart failure. Your heart isn't the only thing at risk from fasting. Your immune system becomes compromised, putting you more at risk of infectious diseases that your weakened body may not have the energy to fight. Other less serious side effects include: mood swings, general irritability, low energy, and dizziness caused by low blood pressure. - Author: Adam Trainor
Swings quotes by Adam Trainor
#140. A nation's exchange rate is the single most important price in its economy; it will influence the entire range of individual prices, imports and exports, and even the level of economic activity. So it is hard for any government to ignore large swings in its exchange rate ... - Author: Paul Volcker
Swings quotes by Paul Volcker
#141. Life though, is full of compensations and I have been well blessed throughout my 'Life Journey' with good friends met and made along the way. Life is a kind of swings and roundabouts situation; if you can't kick a football you turn to other pursuits. - Author: John McLeod
Swings quotes by John McLeod
#142. I played a lot of baseball growing up, and I always hit better if I kept moving before the pitch instead of standing still in the batter's box. I think a waggle does the same thing in the golf swing. It keeps you relaxed and gets your body ready to hit the ball. - Author: Jason Dufner
Swings quotes by Jason Dufner
#143. I was just born to swing, that's all. - Author: Lil Hardin Armstrong
Swings quotes by Lil Hardin Armstrong
#144. I kind of thought, wouldn't it be funny to take a swing at being on the weird side of mainstream? - Author: John Mulaney
Swings quotes by John Mulaney
#145. Adolescents swing from euphoric self-confidence and a kind of narcissistic strength in which they feel invulnerable and even immortal, to despair, self-emptiness, self-deprecation. At the same time they seem to see an emerging self that is unique and wonderful, they suffer an intense envy which tears narcissism into shreds, and makes other people's qualities hit them like an attack of lasers. - Author: Terri E Apter
Swings quotes by Terri E Apter
#146. As a general rule, durable-goods production tends to be the most volatile sector of the economy. Since people usually have a stock of durables in use, when times get tight, they put off new purchases. What seem like small cutbacks to the end buyer translate into big swings for the producer. - Author: Virginia Postrel
Swings quotes by Virginia Postrel
#147. There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others. - Author: Harry J. Anslinger
Swings quotes by Harry J. Anslinger
#148. I always like to play very contemporary concepts of swing right next to New Orleans music because it highlights continuum. - Author: Wynton Marsalis
Swings quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#149. My Father Comes Home From Work"

My father comes home from work

sweating through layers of bleached cotton t-shirts

sweating through his wool plaid shirt.

He kisses my mother

starching our school dresses

at the ironing board,

swings his metal lunchbox

onto the formica kitchen table

rattling the remnants

of the lunch she packed

that morning before daylight:

crumbs of baloney sandwiches,

empty metal thermos of coffee,

cores of hard red apples

that fueled his body through

the packing and unpacking of sides

of beef into the walk-in refrigerators

at James Allen and Sons Meat Packers.

He is twenty-six.

Duty propels him each day

through the dark to Butcher Town

where steers walk streets

from pen to slaughterhouse.

He whispers Jesus Christ

to no one in particular.

We hear him-- me,

my sister Linda, my baby brother Willy,

and Mercedes la cubana's daughter

who my mother babysits.

When he comes home

we have to be quiet.

He comes into the dark living room.

Dick Clark's American Bandstand

lights my father's face

white and unlined

like a movie star's.
Author: Barbara Brinson Curiel
Swings quotes by Barbara Brinson Curiel
#150. Whenever people asked "How are you?" by way of social nicety I lied through my teeth. "Not too bad," I'd say. Or "Swings and roundabouts." At least I didn't say "Fine, thanks." or "A livid scar cuts across my very being. - Author: Julia Leigh
Swings quotes by Julia Leigh
#151. I have a type of bipolar that swings up and down all day long. There are significant mood swings within a day, within a week, within a month. I go through at least four major episodes a year. That's really the definition of bipolar rapid cycle. But I have ultra-rapid, so I have tiny little episodes all day long. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
Swings quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#152. I was a founding member of the 'Dungeons and Dragons' club at my high school. I was in chorus, I was in swing choir. I was an outcast but I was an outcast among a group of outcasts. - Author: John C. Reilly
Swings quotes by John C. Reilly
#153. What is actually observed in so-called 'biplar children'? If you read the research reports carefully, they describe broad and persistent emotional dysregulation. Although these children have mood swings, they do not develop manic or hypomanic episodes. They are moody, irritable, oppositional and likely to misbehave - like all children with disruptive behavior disorders. Their grandiose thinking usually consists of little beyond boastfulness. No evidence from genetics, neurobiology, follow-up studies or treatment response shows that this syndrome has anything in common with classical bipolarity. - Author: Joel Paris
Swings quotes by Joel Paris
#154. It didn't escape Blue that his slightly accented voice was as nice as his looks. It was all Henrietta sunset: hot front-porch swings and cold iced-tea glasses, cicadas louder than your thoughts. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Swings quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#155. Like mighty eagle soaring light. O'er antelopes on Alpine height. The anchor heaves, the ship swings free, The sails swell full. To sea, to sea! - Author: Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Swings quotes by Thomas Lovell Beddoes
#156. The Fed should make a clear commitment to stable money to reduce the swings in interest rates and inflation. Instead, it champions and flaunts unstable money. This encourages momentum trading and the growth of derivatives. Meanwhile, layers of financial regulation make Washington bigger and more powerful but don't fix the underlying problems. - Author: David Malpass
Swings quotes by David Malpass
#157. The only way to truly know a person is to argue with them. For when they argue in full swing, then they reveal their true character. - Author: Anne Frank
Swings quotes by Anne Frank
#158. A scale is only in balance for a brief second. Inevitably the pendulum swings. It's impossible to maintain. - Author: Ivanka Trump
Swings quotes by Ivanka Trump
#159. But sometimes it swings just right and there's a moment of suspension when I can't feel it. The rope goes slack and the laws of physics give me one second of relief. I can laugh and smile and feel something else. But those same laws undo me, and when it swings back there's a sharp tug on my heart to remind me that I forgot. - Author: Mindy McGinnis
Swings quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#160. My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Swings quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#161. When you are on a down swing, do not feel bad. Know the swing will change and things will get better.There are good times coming. - Author: Bob Proctor
Swings quotes by Bob Proctor
#162. Immortality is a by-product of good work. - Author: Mel Brooks
Swings quotes by Mel Brooks
#163. What's nice about investing is you don't have to swing at every pitch. - Author: Warren Buffett
Swings quotes by Warren Buffett
#164. We head to that corner of the basement. Rev straddles the weight bench and sits down while Declan sits on a yoga ball and leans against the corner. They fall into these positions so easily that I wonder if this is their space, the way Rowan and I claim her room or the plush couch in my basement.

I'm not a violent person, but hitting something sounds really good.

I draw back a hand and swing, throwing my whole body into it.

Ow. Ow. The bag swings slightly, but shock reverberates down my arm. I think I've dislocated every joint of every finger, but I can feel it, and it's the first thing I've truly felt in weeks. It feels fantastic. I need one of these in my basement.

I grit my teeth and pull back my arm to do it again.

"Whoa." A hand catches my arm in midswing.

I'm standing there, gasping, and Declan has a hold of my elbow. His eyebrows are way up.

"So . . . yeah," he says. "I don't want to be sexist here, but after the way you talk about cars, I didn't expect you to throw a punch like that."

I draw back and straighten, feeling foolish. "Sorry."

"What are you apologizing for?" He looks at me like I'm crazy. "I just don't want to watch you break a wrist."

"Here." Rev half stands, holding out a pair of black padded gloves. He's pushed back the hood of his sweatshirt, and I wonder if he's grown more comfortable around me - or if he's just warm. "If you really want to beat - Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Swings quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#165. Under our thatch, friend, place shall abide for you, touch but the latch, friend, the door will swing wide for you! - Author: Nancy Byrd Turner
Swings quotes by Nancy Byrd Turner
#166. The importance of this will be appreciated by any thinking person who realizes what creatures of moods, feelings and emotion the majority of people are, and how little mastery of themselves they manifest. If you will stop and consider a moment, you will realize how much these swings of Rhythm have affected you in your life - how a period of Enthusiasm has been invariably followed by an opposite feeling and mood of Depression. Likewise, your moods and periods of Courage have been succeeded by equal moods of Fear. And so it has ever been with the majority of persons - tides of feeling have ever risen and fallen with them, but they have never suspected the cause or reason of the mental phenomena. An understanding of the workings of this Principle will give one the key to the Mastery of these rhythmic swings of feeling, and will enable him to know himself better and to avoid being carried away by these inflows and outflows. The Will is superior to the conscious manifestation of this Principle, although the Principle itself can never be destroyed. We may escape its effects, but the Principle operates, nevertheless. The pendulum ever swings, although we may escape being carried along with it. - Author: Three Initiates
Swings quotes by Three Initiates
#167. Looking down from the heavens, she saw how small, and yet how important each human life is. Drops in the bucket of eternity. She saw her minute place in the organic machine of the Cosmos, witnessed the give and take and the slow, steady swinging of life's pendulum. The world relies on order, pattern, and repetition. The earth spins and swings around the sun with rational, mathematical predictability.

But she also saw the chaotic nature of things. No matter what, you can never know with certainty what will happen. Lightening can strike, the ground can open up and swallow you, and the very air you breathe can tear your life away. - Author: Gwen Mitchell
Swings quotes by Gwen Mitchell
#168. Performance enhancing drugs are banned in the Olympics. OK, we can swing with that. But performance 'debilitating' drugs should not be banned. Smoke a joint and win the 100 metres, fair play for you. That's pretty good. Unless someone's dangling a Mars bar off in the distance. - Author: Eddie Izzard
Swings quotes by Eddie Izzard
#169. Swing your swing. I know, I did. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Swings quotes by Arnold Palmer
#170. When you're going into a game, you're not expected to hit a home run every game. You're just doing everything proper with proper swings. - Author: Frank Thomas
Swings quotes by Frank Thomas
#171. I'm not so sure that the conventional wisdom makes any sense. Yes, it might be technically easy to track people and all that. But in the long-term I'm optimistic that we'll see the pendulum swing back in the other direction towards more privacy. - Author: Rod Humble
Swings quotes by Rod Humble
#172. You have to just forget about the ball and swing the club. It's hard to see if you don't hit the green. - Author: Stewart Cink
Swings quotes by Stewart Cink
#173. As far as swing and techniques are concerned, I don't know diddly squat. When I'm playing well, I don't even take aim. - Author: Fred Couples
Swings quotes by Fred Couples
#174. Maybe children just want whatever it is they don't get. And then they grow up and give their children what they wanted, be it silence or information, affection or independence
so that child, in turn, craves something else. With every generation the pendulum swings from opposite to opposite, stillness and peace so elusive. - Author: Laura Moriarty
Swings quotes by Laura Moriarty
#175. Forget the last shot. It takes so long to accept that you can't always replicate your swing. The only thing you can control is your attitude toward the next shot. - Author: Mark McCumber
Swings quotes by Mark McCumber
#176. A working woman could save a few shillings a week, and then every five weeks she'd come in and we'd cut her hair. She could shampoo it under the shower, swing it and dry it off or just let it dry by itself. It changed the lives of many young girls who'd never had the opportunity to be styled like that before. - Author: Vidal Sassoon
Swings quotes by Vidal Sassoon
#177. New Mexico has been, in the past, a swing state. - Author: Heather Wilson
Swings quotes by Heather Wilson
#178. When I wrote a long story about the retreat of sea ice, I made clear it could go the other way for a while, and that doesn't mean we don't know that a warmer world will have less sea ice. It just means there's a lot of variability and people can pay too much attention to the big swings in one direction or the other. - Author: Andrew Revkin
Swings quotes by Andrew Revkin
#179. Intimacy requires an ability to both merge and be separate, to come together and be apart, like oscillating on a giant swing from oneness to separateness, creating a constant rhythm. - Author: Charlotte Sophia Kasl
Swings quotes by Charlotte Sophia Kasl
#180. Global warming is actually a misnomer. It should be global extremes and global swings, because you add - as you add more energy into the atmosphere, it sloshes around. Energy doesn't simply uniformly warm up the planet. And that means droughts in one area, enormous snowstorms in another area, 100-year floods here, 100-year forest fires there. - Author: Michio Kaku
Swings quotes by Michio Kaku
#181. Sean Taylor is a wonderfully talented modern troubadour whose sincere, thoughtful songs pull you in. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him. He swings. Check him out! - Author: Eric Bibb
Swings quotes by Eric Bibb
#182. One of the pleasant duties of America's most famous announcers during the relatively short swing era of the big bands was to host late-night remotes from some of the most famous ballrooms throughout the country. - Author: Nick Clooney
Swings quotes by Nick Clooney
#183. When rowan leaves are dank and rusting And rowan berries red as blood, When in my palm the hangman's thrusting The final nail with bony thud, When, over the foul flooding river, Upon the wet grey height, I toss Before my land's grim looks, and shiver As I swing here upon the cross, Then, through the blood and weeping, stretches My dying sight to space remote; I see upon the river's reaches Christ sailing to me in a boat. - Author: Alexander Blok
Swings quotes by Alexander Blok
#184. There was clearly great charm and worth in a sport so quaintly perverse in its basic instructions. Hit down to make the ball rise. Swing easy to make it go far. Finish high to make it go straight. - Author: John Updike
Swings quotes by John Updike
#185. Father was about to leave the house with his camera on his way to call for Mrs Walsh. They were going to a nearby park where, he said, he was planning to take her on the swings if the light was appropriate, and possibly on the roundabout as well ... Father explained that in outdoor work he has found a fillip which delights him. - Author: Norma Hall
Swings quotes by Norma Hall
#186. Marveling at the 180 degree swings of life in general. - Author: Jojo Moyes
Swings quotes by Jojo Moyes
#187. The idiot greens the meadow with his eyes,
The meadow creeps implacable and still;
A dog barks, the hammock swings, he lies.
One two three the cows bulge on the hill. - Author: Allen Tate
Swings quotes by Allen Tate
#188. Driving home I see the playground but it's all wrong, the swings are on the opposite side. "Oh, Jack, that's a different one," says Grandma. There's playgrounds in every town." Lots of the world seems to be a repeat. - Author: Emma Donoghue
Swings quotes by Emma Donoghue
#189. Beneath the table, Ryder releases my hand and lays it open in my lap, palm up. And then I feel him tracing letters on my palm with his fingertip.
I. L. O. V. E. Y.O.U.
I can't help myself--I shiver. I shiver a lot when Ryder's around, it turns out. He seems to have that effect on me.
"Are you cold, Jemma?" Laura Grace asks me. "Ryder, go get her a sweatshirt or something. You two are done eating, anyway. Go on. Take her into the living room and light the fire."
"Nah, I'm fine," I say, just because I know the old Jemma would have argued.
"Well, go work on your project, then. It's warmer in the den."
"My room's like an oven," Ryder deadpans, and I have to stifle a laugh, pretending to cough instead.
"Take her up there, then, before she catches cold. Go. Scoot." Laura Grace waves her hands in our direction.
We rise from the table in unison, both of us trying to look as unhappy about it as possible. Silently, I follow him out. As soon as the door swings shut behind us, he reaches for my hand and pulls me close.
"Shh, listen," I say, cocking my head toward the door.
"I still can't believe it," comes Laura Grace's muffled voice. "The both of them, going off to school together, just like we always hoped they would. They'll find their way into each other's hearts eventually, just you wait and see."
I hear my mom's tinkling laughter. "I guess their plan to escape each other didn't work out so well after all, did it, now? I'm sur - Author: Kristi Cook
Swings quotes by Kristi Cook
#190. The commander must decide how he will fight the battle before it begins. He must then decide who he will use the military effort at his disposal to force the battle to swing the way he wishes it to go; he must make the enemy dance to his tune from the beginning and not vice versa. - Author: Bernard Law Montgomery
Swings quotes by Bernard Law Montgomery
#191. Some young Hollywood starlets remind me of my grandmother's old farmhouse
all painted up nice on the front side, a big swing on the backside, and nothing whatsoever in the attic. - Author: Bette Davis
Swings quotes by Bette Davis
#192. Your flavor in my mind swings back and forth between sweeter than any wine and as bitter as mustard greens. - Author: Aaron Weiss
Swings quotes by Aaron Weiss
#193. Shoulder-to-shoulder, swing to the work, we must - just two as we are - if we hope to make some headway. The worst cowards, banded together, have their power, but you and I have got the skill to fight their best. - Author: Homer
Swings quotes by Homer
#194. It is only when our fate hangs in the balance, when our very life depends on something, that we see whether or not we trust that the rope to which we are clinging will support us. If we do not, then we let of of the ledge and swing on it with our full weight. - Author: Margaret George
Swings quotes by Margaret George
#195. We sat side by side on the swings. The creaking sound they made seemed sexier to me than a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo. - Author: Ryu Murakami
Swings quotes by Ryu Murakami
#196. And at night the river flows, it bears pale stars on the holy water, some sink like veils, some show like fish, the great moon that once was rose now high like a blazing milk flails its white reflection vertical and deep in the dark surgey mass wall river's grinding bed push. As in a sad dream, under the streetlamp, by pocky unpaved holes in dirt, the father James Cassidy comes home with lunchpail and lantern, limping, redfaced, and turns in for supper and sleep.

Now a door slams. The kids have rushed out for the last play, the mothers are planning and slamming in kitchens, you can hear it out in swish leaf orchards, on popcorn swings, in the million-foliaged sweet wafted night of sighs, songs, shushes. A thousand things up and down the street, deep, lovely, dangerous, aureating, breathing, throbbing like stars; a whistle, a faint yell; the flow of Lowell over rooftops beyond; the bark on the river, the wild goose of the night yakking, ducking in the sand and sparkle; the ululating lap and purl and lovely mystery on the shore, dark, always dark the river's cunning unseen lips, murmuring kisses, eating night, stealing sand, sneaky.

'Mag-gie!' the kids are calling under the railroad bridge where they've been swimming. The freight train still rumbles over a hundred cars long, the engine threw the flare on little white bathers, little Picasso horses of the night as dense and tragic in the gloom comes my soul looking for what was there that disappeared and le - Author: Jack Kerouac
Swings quotes by Jack Kerouac
#197. At Kansas City, Kansas, before the saloons were closed, they were getting ready to build an addition to the jail. Now the doors swing idly on the hinges and there is nobody to lock in the jails. - Author: Billy Sunday
Swings quotes by Billy Sunday
#198. Success ... is no longer a simple ascension of steps. You need to climb sideways and sometimes down, and sometimes you need to swing from the jungle gym and establish your own turf somewhere else on the playground. - Author: Reid Hoffman
Swings quotes by Reid Hoffman
#199. People think it's just forgetting your keys, she says. Or the words for things. But there are the personality changes. The mood swings. The
hostility and even violence. Even from the gentlest person in the world. You lose the person you love. And you are left with the shell... And you are expected to go on loving them even when they are no longer there. You are supposed to be loyal. It's not
that other people expect it. It's that you expect it of yourself. And you long for it to be over soon. - Author: Alice LaPlante
Swings quotes by Alice LaPlante
#200. It's like this. Father Time keeps pitching the years at us. We swing and miss at a few. We hit a few out of the park. We try not to take any called strikes. - Author: Robert Breault
Swings quotes by Robert Breault

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