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#1. I think that no matter whether you're Quentin Tarantino or any other kind of a rebel, or whatever, everyone who makes movies still wants to win an Academy Award, because it's like the Pulitzer Prize or the Congressional Medal of Honor. - Author: Robert Osborne
Medal quotes by Robert Osborne
#2. I feel like at the Olympics I gave the best performance of my life and I wasn't rewarded for that as an athlete. Yes, my fans and my mom were happy about it, but I didn't win that gold medal. - Author: Johnny Weir
Medal quotes by Johnny Weir
#3. Growing up, watching the Premier League as far back as I can remember, feeling the trophy and having the medal around my neck was an unbelievable feeling. - Author: Wayne Rooney
Medal quotes by Wayne Rooney
#4. Adding an Olympic medal to everything that I have already accomplished would be so huge for me. - Author: Ashley Wagner
Medal quotes by Ashley Wagner
#5. It was as if some people believed there was a divide between the books that you were permitted to enjoy and the books that were good for you, and I was expected to choose sides. We were all expected to choose sides. And I didn't believe it, and I still don't.
I was, and still am, on the side of books you love. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Medal quotes by Neil Gaiman
#6. Looking back, I'm almost happy I lost that fight. Just imagine if I would have come back to Germany with a victory. I had nothing to do with the Nazis, but they would have given me a medal. After the war I might have been considered a war criminal. - Author: Max Schmeling
Medal quotes by Max Schmeling
#7. In their infinite wisdom, the Admiralty approved Alek's medal for bravery in the air on the very same day the United States entered the war.
The timing seemed suspicious to Deryn, and of course the medal wasn't for anything useful, like shutting down Tesla's weapon to save the Leviathan. Instead Alek was to be decorated for blundering about on the ship's topside during a storm, and for his great skill in falling over and knocking himself silly. That was the Admiralty for you. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
Medal quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#8. If you want to know the value of one year, just ask a student who failed a course.
If you want to know the value of one month, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
If you want to know the value of one hour, ask the lovers waiting to meet.
If you want to know the value of one minute, ask the person who just missed the bus.
If you want to know the value of one second, ask the person who just escaped death in a car accident.
And if you want to know the value of one-hundredth of a second, ask the athlete who won a silver medal in the Olympics. - Author: Marc Levy
Medal quotes by Marc Levy
#9. Sometimes I feel envious when my friends go to parties and I have to go to bed. But my friends always tell me that the parties really aren't that much fun anyway. Whatever I've missed, I've made up for. Most kids don't get to go to the Olympics and win three gold medals. It's definitely been worth it and I wouldn't do it if I didn't want to. - Author: Janet Evans
Medal quotes by Janet Evans
#10. You want to know what I make? I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I can make a C+ feel like a Congressional Medal of Honor and an A-minus feel like a slap in the face. - Author: Taylor Mali
Medal quotes by Taylor Mali
#11. No matter what. Wherever your mind wanders, it seems to turn up at the same Field of Dreams. It's the vision you wake up with in the morning, and it's the last thing you picture before you fall asleep. Everytime you think of it, the idea in your head seems to get more vivid, filled in with more detail: You not only want to win a gold medal at the Olympics, you not only can see yourself standing there on the podium, but you can also feel the goose bumps as your national anthem is played; the tears are in your eyes. (That's how real a dream can be and should be) - Author: James C. Collins
Medal quotes by James C. Collins
#12. Yes, winning the gold medal was undoubtedly the biggest day of my career - mostly because I won the way I had prepared to run it. It was a totally satisfying experience. - Author: Frank Shorter
Medal quotes by Frank Shorter
#13. The crown of life, the trophy or the medal is meant for those that ended well not for those that have up along the way. - Author: Ikechukwu Izuakor
Medal quotes by Ikechukwu Izuakor
#14. No one pretends anymore that the Olympics are just about sports. It's routine to talk about what effect holding the Games in this or that capital will have on the host country's international reputation, how a nation's prestige can be raised by its medal count. - Author: George Packer
Medal quotes by George Packer
#15. Naturally the U.S. trails in gold medals because every time we win one, we hand it over to the Chinese to pay off our debt. - Author: Stephen Colbert
Medal quotes by Stephen Colbert
#16. It took me time to realize that the men who won Olympic gold medals in the decathlon are just men, just like me. - Author: Dan O'Brien
Medal quotes by Dan O'Brien
#17. My kids love it. I thought I was the coolest dad in the world when I got to be in a Bond film, but 'Harry Potter', too? Well, I think I qualify for a medal for exceptional parenting or something, don't you? - Author: Robbie Coltraine
Medal quotes by Robbie Coltraine
#18. Major General Leonard Wood

Leonard Wood was an army officer and physician, born October 9, 1860 in Winchester, New Hampshire. His first assignment was in 1886 at Fort Huachuca, Arizona where he fought in the last campaign against the fierce Apache warrior Geronimo. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for carrying dispatches 100 miles through hostile territory and was promoted to the rank of Captain, commanding a detachment of the 8th Infantry.

From 1887 to 1898, he served as a medical officer in a number of positions, the last of which was as the personal physician to President William McKinley. In 1898 at the beginning of the war with Spain, he was given command of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry. The regiment was soon to be known as the "Rough Riders." Wood lead his men on the famous charge up San Juan Hill and was given a field promotion to brigadier general.

In 1898 he was appointed the Military Governor of Santiago de Cuba. In 1920, as a retired Major General, Wood ran as the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States, losing to Warren Harding. In 1921 following his defeat, General Wood accepted the post of Governor General of the Philippines. He held this position from 1921 to 1927, when he died of a brain tumor in Boston, on 7 August 1927, at 66 years of age after which he was buried, with full honors, in Arlington National Cemetery. - Author: Hank Bracker
Medal quotes by Hank Bracker
#19. I love her attitude, but as much as I'd like to bring my medals to a speech or appearance, I never do. - Author: Mary Lou Retton
Medal quotes by Mary Lou Retton
#20. In the military, they give medals for people who are willing to sacrifice themselves so that others may survive. In business, we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others. - Author: Simon Sinek
Medal quotes by Simon Sinek
#21. My skating is a very emotional thing that comes from the heart, never doing it for the medal. - Author: Debi Thomas
Medal quotes by Debi Thomas
#22. it seem like he was training for the Olympics and I was the gold medal. No one had ever acted like I was the gold medal before, or not so I'd noticed. But - Author: Anna Quindlen
Medal quotes by Anna Quindlen
#23. I've always dreamed of an Olympic medal. - Author: Keeth Smart
Medal quotes by Keeth Smart
#24. People think the gold medal is yours and they say you're going to win - but they have no idea how hard it is. People aren't doing it negatively - they're mostly lovely and they really do want you to win - but they don't understand the difficulty and intensity of competition. - Author: Jessica Ennis
Medal quotes by Jessica Ennis
#25. The most unsettling part of the visit, however, came when the doctor casually asked if I'd ever considered having any work done, as they were having a special on Botox. Then I stabbed him in the knee with a pen. But just in my mind, because you can never find a pen when you really need one. In reality I just told him that I wasn't a fan of paying money to inject paralyzing poison into my face and that I was actually quite proud of my laugh lines, which I view as a badge that tells people I'm not an asshole. He countered that it was really the frown line between my eyebrows that he'd focus on. I pointed out that I'd gone through a lot of living to get that frowny wrinkle and I wasn't about to erase it now.
"MY HUSBAND MADE THAT LINE," I said, with a defensiveness that surprised even me. "This line represents every time I have ever argued with him about everything in the damn world. It's a line that says, 'Don't cross me or I will cut you.' It's practically a medal for time served and I EARNED IT. - Author: Jenny Lawson
Medal quotes by Jenny  Lawson
#26. [General-in-Chief of the army, Lieutenant General Winfield] Scott not only believed that the idea [for a battlefield decoration, to wit, a Medal of Honor, or valor] smacked of Old World vanity, elitism, and snobbery, he also thought that such an award was entirely unnecessary. - Author: Russell S. Bonds
Medal quotes by Russell S. Bonds
#27. I'm so proud of you, and so amused at your discomfort in being recognized for you dedication and skill."
"Amused? Here's another funny for you. You're getting a medal, too."
He dropped her hand. "What? I'm a civilian, as you continually remind me."
"The Civilian Medal of Merit, and they don't given them out like candy, pal, especially to shady characters."
"I don't think it's appropriate."
She loved it, just loved when he turned all dignified.
"Oh, it is, and how I get to be amused. You're the one who started sticking his nose in, then his whole body. Now you're going to have to stand up there on Wednesday afternoon - fourteen hundred, so put that in your book - and take what you get. And I'm pretty damn proud of you, too, so suck it up. - Author: J.D. Robb
Medal quotes by J.D. Robb
#28. Here were these college kids beating the Soviets and going on to the Olympic Gold Medal. To me, that's the greatest upset of all time in any sport that I can think of. - Author: Jim McKay
Medal quotes by Jim McKay
#29. Oh, when shall Britain, conscious of her claim, Stand emulous of Greek and Roman fame? In living medals see her wars enroll'd, And vanquished realms supply recording gold? - Author: Alexander Pope
Medal quotes by Alexander Pope
#30. Winning is great, but being able to finish my last Olympic Games on American soil was very important. Even though I was injured, I didn't let my psyche get the best of me and cause me to doubt myself, so I was willing to pull every muscle in my body in '96 in order to get the job done and I came away with the bronze medal. - Author: Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Medal quotes by Jackie Joyner-Kersee
#31. I hoped to win a medal and hoped it would be gold. I knew I was good but didn't know I would be the one to score something that had never been done before. - Author: Nadia Comaneci
Medal quotes by Nadia Comaneci
#32. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) the President of the United States is authorized to present, on behalf of the Congress, a gold medal of appropriate design to the family of the late Honorable Leo J. Ryan in recognition of his distinguished service as a Member of Congress and the fact of his untimely death by assassination while performing his responsibilities as a Member of the United States House of Representatives. - Author: Leo Ryan
Medal quotes by Leo Ryan
#33. When I took the job as the manager of the Olympic team, I didn't take it because I was a Dodger. I did it because I was an American, and I wanted to bring that gold medal where it belongs in baseball, the United States. And that's exactly what our team did. - Author: Tommy Lasorda
Medal quotes by Tommy Lasorda
#34. When you're expected to win and you have the press saying that you are going to win the Olympic gold medal, and you're the only sure thing in the Olympics, it can undermine your confidence. - Author: Scott Hamilton
Medal quotes by Scott Hamilton
#35. I was visiting Marcus and his wife when a friend asked if she could talk to me alone. Teresa was the spouse of a Team member who'd served with Chris. We hadn't spent a lot of time together, but we'd always had a connection.
"I have something I want to give you," she said. "I don't know if it's going to seem corny to you or what, but I kind of want to do it for me."
She pressed a medal into my hand. I looked at it--it was the medal she'd received for completing the Boston Marathon.
"You and Chris kept me going," she explained. "It was almost eerie how, when my legs were tired and I wanted to quit, Randy Travis's song came on the iPod. It was the one he played at the memorial. My iPod was on random shuffle but it was always at just the right moment. I would hear that song and it would spur me on."
Maybe Chris was somehow behind that. People have told me of other inspirational incidents; each one, from simple to grand, has touched me with its beauty. - Author: Taya Kyle
Medal quotes by Taya Kyle
#36. The Olympics is a special event and winning is very important. For me as a world record holder and world champion, the only thing I am missing is the Olympic gold medal and that is what I want to achieve in my career. - Author: David Rudisha
Medal quotes by David Rudisha
#37. I don't have many hobbies. If I think of hobbies, maybe ping pong. But I don't have a desire to get a ping pong medal. - Author: James Franco
Medal quotes by James Franco
#38. I haven't let the gold medal out of my sight; it sleeps next to me in bed. - Author: Magdalena Neuner
Medal quotes by Magdalena Neuner
#39. The same people who recognize I came out with no medals should recognize I could have won three. - Author: Bode Miller
Medal quotes by Bode Miller
#40. My goal is one Olympic gold medal. Not many people in this world can say, 'I'm an Olympic gold medalist.' - Author: Michael Phelps
Medal quotes by Michael Phelps
#41. I won the Olympic gold medal in Rome, Italy. Olympic champion. The Russian standing right here, and the Pole right here. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Medal quotes by Muhammad Ali
#42. So I went in front of the judge, and I had my St. Jude prayer book in my pocket and my St. Jude medal. And I'm standing there and that judge said I was found guilty, so he sentenced me to what the law prescribed: one to 14 years. - Author: Aaron Neville
Medal quotes by Aaron Neville
#43. You know, there's something especially lonely about a gold medal hanging all by itself on a bedroom wall, something that says "fluke," or "beginner's luck," or "one in a million," but two gold medals, now that says something completely different. That says, "Oh, yeah, baby, this is the real deal! - Author: Christopher Paul Curtis
Medal quotes by Christopher Paul Curtis
#44. What's the matter, Freckles?" he said, pressing a light kiss to the tip of my nose.
"What changed?" I blurted out.
He drew back. "Changed?"
"You seemed like you were trying to keep distance between us before, but after last night…"
"I should get a medal for managing to keep my hands off you that long."
"It was only a few days," I reminded him dryly.
"Felt like a lifetime."
"So those first kisses… you liked them?"
His eyes widened. "You thought that I didn't?"
"Well, after that you didn't touch me."
"Shit," he swore beneath his breath and ran a hand over his head. "I liked it too much. The sparks between us are so hot, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to stop. I was afraid I would scare you off. Thank God I did because you're so innocent."
Innocent? Ugh.
I folded my arms across my chest. "So what changed your mind?"
His smile was sexy and filled with innuendo. "I realized you could handle the heat."
I still wasn't so sure, but I didn't tell him that. "Well, you are definitely hot."
He grinned. He had such a big ego. "How hot?"
I shook my head. "So hot your touch leaves torch marks on my skin."
He whistled between his teeth. "Damn. I'm good. - Author: Cambria Hebert
Medal quotes by Cambria Hebert
#45. And every time I did spectacularly well in my classes, and I'm here to tell you that I did spectacularly well, I could always see the look of surprise on my professors' faces. You don't think I noticed? What you saw on Dave's face, I saw every damned day of my academic career. So what, Andres? I wanted to do something, to be something - and I did it. I don't think I deserve a medal, and I don't think I'm particularly special. I wanted to do something, and I figured out a way to do it. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
Medal quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#46. I think we all have a lot of room to drop and our takeovers were really safe so tonight we're still going to be safe but a little bit more risky than we were this morning and see if we can get our hand on the wall for a medal. - Author: Brittany MacLean
Medal quotes by Brittany MacLean
#47. Yeah, that's what kind of, we get the idea a little bit yeah, because other people from different countries also try as hard as they can to get a medal or a gold medal in the Olympic Games. And you know, if they can work hard, we can work hard as well. - Author: Inge De Bruijn
Medal quotes by Inge De Bruijn
#48. Since I started playing at the Olympics in 2000, I have always wanted to do a dress based on Wonder Woman. It should be interesting to wear. And hopefully, it will get me a gold medal. - Author: Venus Williams
Medal quotes by Venus Williams
#49. Can you drive any faster?" Tohr demanded.
"I got the pedal to the medal" The angel looked back. "And I don't care what I have to mow over - Author: J.R. Ward
Medal quotes by J.R. Ward
#50. The 2002 (Olympic) team was a great team, we won the gold medal, they deserved all the accolades that they got. But this team seems to have a little more depth and maybe a little more talent to pick from. So it makes the job of picking the right 23 guys even more difficult. - Author: Wayne Gretzky
Medal quotes by Wayne Gretzky
#51. Through everything I've gone through- and I've been everywhere, at the top of the world, in jail, hung over drunk - I never gave up my dream of winning a gold medal in the Olympics. - Author: Dan O'Brien
Medal quotes by Dan O'Brien
#52. I won player of the year and players' player, two cups and two championship medals, had a great time. - Author: Paul Gascoigne
Medal quotes by Paul Gascoigne
#53. Coming in as a veteran, I'd like to finish with a gold medal. - Author: Howard Bach
Medal quotes by Howard Bach
#54. If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal. - Author: Fidel Castro
Medal quotes by Fidel Castro
#55. I'm tired of females who order a salad, then look as if they deserve a medal. A good meal is a gift. - Author: Jennifer Probst
Medal quotes by Jennifer Probst
#56. Former Olympians also get paid to make appearances. Many of them won their medals in an era when Olympic success didn't go hand-in-hand with financial success. - Author: Mary Lou Retton
Medal quotes by Mary Lou Retton
#57. Humility was a cult in my family. I only got it out of my father by accident when he was very old that he had won an Olympic gold medal. - Author: Hugh Laurie
Medal quotes by Hugh Laurie
#58. He folded back the hem of her housedress. Peeled the wet underpants from her skin and moved them down over her pale knees and her small feet and then dropped them on the floor. He could hear the voices of the children playing in the tree outside. He gently pushed her thighs apart and saw immediately that the baby had already begun to crown. Her skin was paler than his wife's was, even in midwinter. He gave her his hand to get her through the next contraction, keeping his arm steady as she squeezed. He spread the fingers of the other over her taut belly. Mr. Persichetti wore a silver Saint Christopher's medal around his neck and kept a Sacred Heart scapular in his pocket, but when Mary Keane asked him, catching her breath, "Who's the patron saint of women in labor?" he shrugged. He told her he only knew Saint Dymphna was the patron of the insane. He'd had the - Author: Alice McDermott
Medal quotes by Alice McDermott
#59. I wouldn't say that there's ever been an Olympic champion that didn't deserve to win an Olympic Gold Medal. - Author: Dorothy Hamill
Medal quotes by Dorothy Hamill
#60. I love 'Call of Duty;' I'm a huge fan, but I started off with 'Medal of Honor' and I stuck with what I knew. I never got into the online play with people, across the world, across the country. - Author: Mehcad Brooks
Medal quotes by Mehcad Brooks
#61. There was little sign of culture, and the luxury was senseless and haphazard, and was as ill fitting as that uniform. The floors irritated him with their brilliant polish, the lustres on the chandelier irritated him, and he was reminded for some reason of the story of the merchant who used to go to the baths with a medal on his neck ... - Author: Anton Chekhov
Medal quotes by Anton Chekhov
#62. It is like a dream. I didn't sleep for two nights because I was under so much pressure. That elusive medal is probably what has kept me going. I had none of the self-doubts which have bothered me in the past. I was totally positive. - Author: Michaela Dorfmeister
Medal quotes by Michaela Dorfmeister
#63. Over the course of his wartime service, Lawrence was awarded a number of medals and ribbons, but with his profound disdain for such things, he either threw them away or never bothered to collect them. He made an exception in the case of the Croix de Guerre; after the war, according to his brother, he found amusement in placing the medal around the neck of a friend's dog and parading it through the streets of Oxford. - Author: Scott Anderson
Medal quotes by Scott Anderson
#64. You want to come home from a tournament with a winner's medal. That's not the fans or the media putting us under pressure, that's the pressure we put ourselves under. - Author: Rio Ferdinand
Medal quotes by Rio Ferdinand
#65. family's most beloved recipes can become a delicious cornerstone as humanity builds a more pluralistic world where the best pieces of every culture can be enjoyed. - Author: Karen Anderson
Medal quotes by Karen Anderson
#66. They began to invent humourless, glum jokes of their own and disastrous rumours about the destruction awaiting them at Bologna.
Yossarian sidled up drunkenly to Colonel Korn at the officers' club one night to kid with him about the new Lepage gun that the Germans had moved in.
'What Lepage gun?' Colonle Korn inquired with curiousity.
'The new three-hundred-and-forty-four-millimeter Lepage glue gun,' Yossarian answered. 'It glues a whole formation of planes together in mid-air.'
Colonel Korn jerked his elbow free from Yossarian's clutching fingers in startled affront. 'Let go of me, you idiot!' he cried out furiously, glaring with vindictive approval as Nately leaped upon Yossarian's back and pulled him away.
'Who is that lunatic anyway?'
Colonel Cathcart chortled merrily. 'That's the man you made me give a medal to after Ferrara. You had me promote him to captain, too, remember? It serves you right.'
Nately was lighter than Yossarian and had great difficulty maneuvering Yossarian's luching bulk across the room to an unoccupied table. 'Are you crazy?' Nately kept hissing with trepidation. 'That was Colonel Korn. Are you crazy?'
Yossarian wanted another drink and promised to leave quietly if Nately bought him one. Then he made Nately bring him two more. When Nately finally coaxed him to the door, Captain Black came stomping in from outside, banging his sloshing shoes down hard on the wood floor and spilling water from his eaves like a hig - Author: Joseph Heller
Medal quotes by Joseph Heller
#67. Strange star-like object over Oslo right before Obama arrives. A gift of a golden medal given by a group of wise men ... Nah. - Author: Craig Ferguson
Medal quotes by Craig Ferguson
#68. Beer has that Olympic medal color," Rot replied, "but does it have a winning taste? I'd hardly call silver a champion flavor. No, I'll stick to my red wine. - Author: Jarod Kintz
Medal quotes by Jarod Kintz
#69. I used to dream of medals and championships, but now I dream solely of a blue-eyed fighter who one day changed my life, when he put his lips on mine. . . - Author: Katy Evans
Medal quotes by Katy Evans
#70. I'm proud of my medals. I always was proud of them. - Author: John F. Kerry
Medal quotes by John F. Kerry
#71. If [American Idol] was the Olympics, I'd still get a medal. It was a great race. - Author: Kimberley Locke
Medal quotes by Kimberley Locke
#72. Great Britain have won 40% of their medals in cycling. If only there was snooker, darts and a dog show. - Author: Jim Lampley
Medal quotes by Jim Lampley
#73. One particular game sticks in my mind: in March 2007 we went to Middlesbrough during a three-month period when we had the Swedish striker, Henrik Larsson, on loan from Helsingborgs. I could not have asked more from him when, under real pressure, he abandoned his attacking position and fell back into midfield just to help dig out the result. When Henrik appeared in the dressing room at the end of the game, all the players and staff stood up and spontaneously broke into applause for the immense effort he had made in his unaccustomed role. At the end of the season we requested an extra Premier League winners' medal for Henrik, even though he had not played the ten games that at the time were required to obtain the award. - Author: Alex Ferguson
Medal quotes by Alex Ferguson
#74. To have this gold medal around my neck is an indescribable feeling. I'm the happiest person right now. - Author: Jordyn Wieber
Medal quotes by Jordyn Wieber
#75. For our teams that do great work, we have a tradition of giving Rolex watches. If you see all the key guys with their Rolexes, that's sort of our Medal of Honor if you do something big. - Author: Ross Perot, Jr.
Medal quotes by Ross Perot, Jr.
#76. THE WOOKIEE SIGHED, a low rumble, and gazed at the medal in his palm. On the humans it looked substantial and solid, fit to be worn around the neck. In his hand the scale was altered, and if he brought his fingers together he could conceal it entirely. A pretty thing, hastily engraved in a stylized flower meant perhaps to recall the emblem of the Republic. At its heart a rising sun, halfway above the horizon, both symbolized the dawn of a new hope in the wake of this victory over the Galactic Empire and recalled the Death Star's destruction. - Author: Greg Rucka
Medal quotes by Greg Rucka
#77. London 2012 is all about winning a medal. Not just any medal, the gold medal. - Author: Hope Solo
Medal quotes by Hope Solo
#78. It's incredible. Nine? Wow. I just remember winning my first one, getting the medal and the plate, the pin with the diamond for first place. My ninth title, I have no answer for that because I never thought it would be possible. - Author: Michelle Kwan
Medal quotes by Michelle Kwan
#79. If you bake a cupcake, the world has one more cupcake. If you become a circus clown, the world has one more squirt of seltzer down someone's pants. But if you win an Olympic gold medal, the world will not have one more Olympic gold medalist. It will just have you instead of someone else. - Author: Steven E. Landsburg
Medal quotes by Steven E. Landsburg
#80. The creativity and pathology of the human mind are, after all, two sides of the same medal coined in the evolutionary mint. The first is responsible for the splendour of our cathedrals, the second for the gargoyles that decorate them to remind us that the world is full of monsters, devils, and succubi. - Author: Arthur Koestler
Medal quotes by Arthur Koestler
#81. It was never about winning medals or being famous. - Author: Nancy Kerrigan
Medal quotes by Nancy Kerrigan
#82. An Olympic gold medal is something that almost seems like a fantasy. Yes, of course I want it, since I was a little kid, before I even knew what the World Cup tour was. - Author: Hannah Kearney
Medal quotes by Hannah Kearney
#83. You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
Medal quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#84. There's something in all of us that wants a medal for what we have done. That wants to be appreciated. - Author: Alice Walker
Medal quotes by Alice Walker
#85. Young man," he went on, raising his head again, "in your face I seem to read some trouble of mind. When you came in I read it, and that was why I addressed you at once. For in unfolding to you the story of my life, I do not wish to make myself a laughing-stock before these idle listeners, who indeed know all about it already, but I am looking for a man of feeling and education. Know then that my wife was educated in a high-class school for the daughters of noblemen, and on leaving, she danced the shawl dance before the governor and other personages for which she was presented with a gold medal and a certificate of merit. The medal … well, the medal of course was sold - long ago, hm … but the certificate of merit is in her trunk still and not long ago she showed it to our landlady. And although she is most continually on bad terms with the landlady, yet she wanted to tell some one or other of her past honours and of the happy days that are gone. I don't condemn her for it. I don't blame her, for the one thing left her is recollection of the past, and all the rest is dust and ashes. Yes, yes, she is a lady of spirit, proud and determined. She scrubs the floors herself and has nothing but black bread to eat, but won't allow herself to be treated with disrespect. That's why she would not overlook Mr. Lebeziatnikov's rudeness to her, and so when he gave her a beating for it, she took to her bed more from the hurt to her feelings than from the blows. She was a widow when I married - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Medal quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#86. George: [On getting the M.B.E.]
'After all we did for Great Britain, selling all that corduroy and making it swing, they gave us that bloody old leather medal with wooden string through it. But my initial reaction was, 'Oh, how nice, how nice.' And John's was, 'How nice, how nice. - Author: George Harrison
Medal quotes by George Harrison
#87. Britain's last gold medal was a bronze in 1952 in Helsinki - Author: Nigel Starmer-Smith
Medal quotes by Nigel Starmer-Smith
#88. Well my thoughts on American swimming are that our prospects look favorable, but we may not have as strong a showing in the gold medal count as in previous Olympics. But I am not coaching. - Author: Mark Spitz
Medal quotes by Mark Spitz
#89. For any athlete growing up, the Olympics is the one thing you watch with your family, and it's the one thing you dream about. Seeing your country's flag go up as you get a gold medal is the best thing you can achieve. - Author: Abby Wambach
Medal quotes by Abby Wambach
#90. No salvation comes from exhumed gods; we must penetrate deeper into substance. If I take a fossil, say, a trilobite, in my hand (marvelously preserved specimens are found in the quarries at the foot of the Casbah), I am transfixed by the impact of mathematical harmony. Purpose and beauty, as fresh as on the first day, are still seamlessly united in a medal engraved by a master's hand. The bios must have discovered the secret of tripartition in this primordial crab. Tripartition then frequently recurs, even without any natural kinship; figures, in transversal symmetry, dwell in the triptych.
How many millions of years ago might this creature have animated an ocean that no longer exists? I hold its impression, a seal of imperishable beauty, in my hand. Some day, this seal, too, will decay or else burn out in cosmic conflagrations of the future. The matrix that formed it remains concealed in and operative from the law, untouched by death or fire. - Author: Ernst Junger
Medal quotes by Ernst Junger
#91. Olympic medals are the one medal that I don't have; I've won just about every other competition that I've been at. - Author: Eric Shanteau
Medal quotes by Eric Shanteau
#92. It's an interesting thing in this country. I haven't won a gold medal, yet Australians still take me into their houses and hearts, they know my name and they care. I think Aussies like the little Aussie battler and the person who will stand up for their rights and I've never been short of a word, especially with officialdom. - Author: Raelene Boyle
Medal quotes by Raelene Boyle
#93. A scan of the walls had the grin turning to a wince. Blue ribbons, medals, awards were all neatly framed and displayed.There were photographs of her in formal riding gear flying over jumps, smiling from the back of a horse or standing with her cheek pressed to her mount's neck.
And in a thick frame was an Olympic medal. A silver.
"Well hell.We'll make that two portions of crow," he murmured. - Author: Nora Roberts
Medal quotes by Nora Roberts
#94. I think every Negro over fifty should get a medal for putting up with all that crap. - Author: Miles Davis
Medal quotes by Miles Davis
#95. You may have a silver medal, but I was the top scorer on my second grade team. - Author: Leslea Wahl
Medal quotes by Leslea Wahl
#96. I'm a bad son of a bitch, I'm a hard son of a bitch, I deserve a frigging medal. - Author: Jackson Spencer Bell
Medal quotes by Jackson Spencer Bell
#97. Searching for funds to continue my skating career when I was 17, I called the Women's Sports Foundation in New York. The intern who answered the phone suggested that I might be a great candidate for the Travel and Training fund, and she sent me an application form. I applied for a grant. With the funds I was awarded, I bought a new pair of skates and a plane ticket to the 1988 National Championships, where I achieved my highest national finish. Four years later, I won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games. - Author: Kristi Yamaguchi
Medal quotes by Kristi Yamaguchi
#98. On no further occasion present a flag or medal to an Indian. - Author: Zebulon Pike
Medal quotes by Zebulon Pike
#99. I live to the rhythm of my country and I cannot remain on the sidelines. I want to be here. I want to be part of it. I want to be a witness. I want to walk arm in arm with it. I want to hear it more and more, to cradle it, to carry it like a medal on my chest. Activism is a constant element in my life, even though afterwards I anguish over not having written 'my own things.' Testimonial literature provides evidence of events that people would like to hide, denounces and therefore is political and part of a country in which everything remains to be done and documented. - Author: Elena Poniatowska
Medal quotes by Elena Poniatowska
#100. To anyone who has started out on a long campaign believing that the gold medal was destined for him, the feeling when, all of a sudden, the medal has gone somewhere else is quite indescribable. - Author: Sebastian Coe
Medal quotes by Sebastian Coe
#101. Yes, the issue was courage. It always had been, even as a kid. Things scared him. He couldn't help it. Noise scared him, dark scared him. Tunnels scared him: the time he almost won the Silver Star for valor. But the real issue was courage. It had nothing to do with the Silver Star...Oh, he would've liked winning it, true, but that wasn't the issue. He would've liked showing the medal to his father, the heavy feel of it, looking his father in the eye to show he had been brave, but even that wasn't the real issue. The real issue was the power of will to defeat fear. A matter of figuring a way to do it. Somehow working his way into that secret chamber of the human heart, where, in tangles, lay the circuitry for all that was possible, the full range of what a man might be. He believed, like Doc Peret, that somewhere inside each man is a biological center for the exercise of courage, a piece of tissue that might be touched and sparked and made to respond, a chemical maybe, or a lone chromosome that when made to fire would produce a blaze of valor that even the biles could not extinguish. A filament, a fuse, that if ignited would release the full energy of what might be. There was a Silver Star twinkling somewhere inside him. - Author: Tim O'Brien
Medal quotes by Tim O'Brien
#102. It is a wonderful honor to receive the Audubon Medal from the National Audubon Society, which for more than a century has fought tirelessly to protect and preserve our natural resources and environment for future generations. - Author: Louis Bacon
Medal quotes by Louis Bacon
#103. He is the greatest,' " he finally continued, " 'whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.' Without further ado, this year I am very proud to award the Henry Ward Beecher medal to the student whose quiet strength has carried up the most hearts. "So will August Pullman please come up here to receive this award? - Author: R.J. Palacio
Medal quotes by R.J. Palacio
#104. I was running track early in my years and I was breaking track records in sprint running. I was training and I wanted to be in the Olympics. I thought I was going to be able to win a gold medal, and my mind was pretty much set on 'this is what I want to do'. - Author: Sheila E.
Medal quotes by Sheila E.
#105. Your medal is there already in your heart, in how you think, feel and act toward yourself. - Author: Catherine Louise Birmingham
Medal quotes by Catherine Louise Birmingham
#106. When I decided to go for four gold medals I planned it out over a few years. It was in four different events and there was a lot to it. - Author: Carl Lewis
Medal quotes by Carl Lewis
#107. You don't win an Olympic gold medal with a few weeks of intensive training. - Author: Seth Godin
Medal quotes by Seth Godin
#108. Mellas knew that Hawke was letting him squirm. Then, without looking up, Hawke said, 'Look, Mellas, in the Navy or Air Force they give you a medal for what the Marines call just doing their job. In the Marines you only get a medal for being braver than just doing your job. Then he looked at Mellas. 'You get in fixes where medals are handed out because you were unlucky and had to fix things, or because you were stupid and had to fix things. Be carful what you're wishing for. - Author: Karl Marlantes
Medal quotes by Karl Marlantes
#109. The biggest ambition in my career is still to win the European Cup. I want to have a picture of that to look at later; I want to have that medal. You can have a contract that is better than your friends, but no player looks back and says: 'I won more money.' - Author: Fernando Torres
Medal quotes by Fernando Torres
#110. There's not a day that goes by that I don't bless myself with holy water and then get in my car and rub the medal of the Virgin Mary that she gave me and say a Hail Mary for my mother. And then I kiss her Mass card that's right there on the dashboard. - Author: Peter Criss
Medal quotes by Peter Criss
#111. There was a moment, however, when the King and I were looking directly into each other's eyes, and in that instant I had a revelation that takes much longer to explain than to experience. Here am I, I reflected, being decorated as a hero, and in the eyes of everybody here I am indeed a hero; but I know that my heroic act was rather a dirty job I did when I was dreadfully frightened; I could just as easily have muddled it and been ingloriously killed. But it doesn't much matter, because people seem to need heroes; so long as I don't lose sight of the truth, it might as well be me as anyone else. And here before me stands a marvellously groomed little man who is pinning a hero's medal on me because some of his forebears were Alfred the Great, and Charles the First, and even King Arthur, for anything I know to the contrary. But I shouldn't be surprised if inside he feels as puzzled about the fate that brings him here as I. - Author: Robertson Davies
Medal quotes by Robertson Davies
#112. I looked up and saw my flag. But I didn't hear my anthem. The quotation above from 6 ft 4 inch, 286 pound Silver Medalist Ghaffari (who broke down in tears on the medal stand) summed up his disappointment after an overtime loss to Aleksandr Karelin of Russia. A win would have given Ghaffari not only the Olympic gold medal but also his first victory over Karelin, something of which he has literally dreamed about after 20 meets between the two. Karelin dominates international competition in the sport. - Author: Matt Ghaffari
Medal quotes by Matt Ghaffari
#113. The Olympics are every four years and I think every athlete who competes in the Olympics wants the gold medal, and I think that's what the World Cup is for a rugby player - it's the gold medal. - Author: George Gregan
Medal quotes by George Gregan
#114. In 1962, my injury wasn't because of violence; I just kicked the ball and it happened. And that was OK because Brazil won; I didn't have any difficulty in accepting that. I still got a medal because I'd played two games. - Author: Pele
Medal quotes by Pele
#115. If you're not enough before the gold medal, you won't be enough with it. - Author: Anne Lamott
Medal quotes by Anne Lamott
#116. Getting the Games for London has been the fulfilment of a dream. It is one which I truly believe can change the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people for the better. But in the end, nothing can quite compare with winning your first Olympic gold medal. - Author: Sebastian Coe
Medal quotes by Sebastian Coe
#117. I won my first medal when I was nine years old. It was at the Boston Open. - Author: Nancy Kerrigan
Medal quotes by Nancy Kerrigan
#118. Receiving the Newcombe Medal for a third year in a row is an amazing honour. The Newcombe Medal is a great occasion for the Australian tennis community to come together and celebrate our sport, recognise people's achievements and contributions to Australian tennis. - Author: Samantha Stosur
Medal quotes by Samantha Stosur
#119. After about 25 medals, you run out of shoulder to put them on. - Author: George S. Day
Medal quotes by George S. Day
#120. This kiss is a gold medal winner, a heart breaker, a soul stealer, a dream. This kiss is everything I never knew I needed. This is the kiss that will ruin me, I know it is, but because it's so brain-meltingly decadent, I don't care. I'll worry about my ruination later. - Author: J.T. Geissinger
Medal quotes by J.T. Geissinger
#121. Alexander. Here he is, before he was Tatiana's, at the age of twenty, getting his medal of valor for bringing back Yuri Stepanov during the 1940 Winter War. Alexander is in his dress Soviet uniform, snug against his body, his stance at-ease and his hand up to his temple in teasing salute. There is a gleaming smile on his face, his eyes are carefree, his whole man-self full of breath-taking, aching youth. And yet, the war was on, and his men had already died and frozen and starved … and his mother and father were gone… and he was far away from home, and getting farther and farther, and every day was his last – one way or another, every day was his last. And yet, he smiles, he shines, he is happy. - Author: Paullina Simons
Medal quotes by Paullina Simons
#122. And what is a gold medal? I'd never really thought about it before Nagano. Now I realize that it's a dream to strive for. I love my silver medal, because it stands for all my dreams and all I'm still capable of fulfilling - Author: Michelle Kwan
Medal quotes by Michelle Kwan
#123. You're familiar with the old written law, 'Love your friend,' and its unwritten companion, 'Hate your enemy.' I'm challenging that. I'm telling you to love your enemies. Let them bring out the best in you, not the worst. When someone gives you a hard time, respond with the energies of prayer, for then you are working out of your true selves, your God-created selves. This is what God does. He gives his best - the sun to warm and the rain to nourish - to everyone, regardless: the good and bad, the nice and nasty. If all you do is love the lovable, do you expect a bonus? Anybody can do that. If you simply say hello to those who greet you, do you expect a medal? Any run-of-the-mill sinner does that. 48 "In a word, what I'm saying is, Grow up. You're kingdom subjects. Now live like it. Live out your God-created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others, the way God lives toward you." THE WORLD IS NOT A STAGE - Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Medal quotes by Eugene H. Peterson
#124. She was not, herself, hugely in favor of motherhood in general. Obviously it was necessary, but it wasn't exactly difficult. Even cats managed it. But women acted as if they'd been given a medal that entitled them to boss people around. It was as if, just because they'd got the label which said "mother", everyone else got a tiny part of the label that said "child" ... - Author: Terry Pratchett
Medal quotes by Terry Pratchett
#125. A few words in defense of military scientists. I agree that squad leaders are in the best position to know what and how much their men and women need to bring on a given mission. But you want those squad leaders to be armed with knowledge, and not all knowledge comes from experience. Sometimes it comes from a pogue at USUHS who's been investigating the specific and potentially deadly consequences of a bodybuilding supplement. Or an army physiologist who puts men adrift in life rafts off the dock at a Florida air base and discovers that wetting your uniform cools you enough to conserve 74 percent more of your body fluids per hour. Or the Navy researcher who comes up with a way to speed the recovery time from travelers' diarrhea. These things matter when it's 115 degrees and you're trying to keep your troops from dehydrating to the point of collapse. There's no glory in the work. No one wins a medal. And maybe someone should. - Author: Mary Roach
Medal quotes by Mary Roach
#126. The medal recipients, sixty-two in al, were summoned to the dais. Like many of the other men, Christopher was dressed in private clothes, having left the ranks at the conclusion of the war. Unlike the other men, Christopher was holding a leash. Attached to a dog. For reasons that had not been explained, he had been told to bring Albert to the presentation. The other Rifles whispered encouragements as Albert walked obediently beside Christopher.
"There's a good boy!"
"Look smart, fellow!"
"No accidents in front of the queen!"
"And all that goes for you too, Albert," someone added, causing the lot of them to snicker.
Giving his friends a damning glance, which only amused them further, Christopher took Albert to meet the queen. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Medal quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#127. What if winning the gold medal at the Olympics wasn't the end?
What if ... it was only the beginning? - Author: Amanda Dubin
Medal quotes by Amanda Dubin
#128. Standing on the podium at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and receiving a gold medal was the crowning jewel in a successful gymnastics career and, most certainly, the confirmation that my parents' sacrifices were not in vain. - Author: Dominique Moceanu
Medal quotes by Dominique Moceanu
#129. The 2012 Olympics is going to cost £8 billion which is a lot of money. It'll probably bankrupt London. But you can't put a price on two bronze medals in cycling. - Author: Jimmy Carr
Medal quotes by Jimmy Carr
#130. The Olympic Gold medal in 1968 was definitely the highest moment of my career. It was a dream come true. I was a 19-year-old boy, and it was just amazing to be standing on top of the podium and hearing the National Anthem in the background. - Author: George Foreman
Medal quotes by George Foreman
#131. I think the biggest thing was that I was putting pressure on myself leading up to Beijing. Now I am learning how to take that pressure off and seeing this as an incredible opportunity, but not like, 'I absolutely have to medal.' - Author: Ryan Hall
Medal quotes by Ryan Hall
#132. I positively, positively, positively want to play. I've got everything else so why not a gold medal? I want to play. - Author: Patrick Ewing
Medal quotes by Patrick Ewing
#133. No need to go to the dolphins," interjected Max Brailovsky. "One of the brightest engineers in my class was fatally attracted to a blonde in Kiev. When I heard of him last, he was working in a garage. And he'd won a gold medal for designing space-stations. What a waste! - Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Medal quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#134. Nobody ever was fired for 9/11. Instead of firing the people who didn't do a good job, we gave them medals. The guy who did a good job, I don't know what happened to him. And what we did was we decided we'd just collect everybody's information. That we'd sort of scrap the Bill of Rights. - Author: Rand Paul
Medal quotes by Rand Paul
#135. Ever since the Evil Empire turned out to be a collection of third-world countries, Americans aligned on the far right have tried to cast gay men and lesbians as the new enemy, calculating deviants seducing the nation's young, anti-Avon ladies selling sodomy door-to-door. This simply won't wash. Just as seeing the Russians up close and personal on television humanized them, so seeing the lesbian grandmother of two little girls wearing her gold medal with pride makes the notion of otherness, much less deviance, silly and ignorant. - Author: Anna Quindlen
Medal quotes by Anna Quindlen
#136. The pernicious influence of the prize and medal giving in art is so great that it should be stopped. History proves that juries in art have been generally wrong. - Author: Robert Henri
Medal quotes by Robert Henri
#137. A true preacher is best measured not by how many bouquets have been pinned on him but by how many brickbats have been pitched at him. Prophets have been on the receiving end of mud more than medals. - Author: Vance Havner
Medal quotes by Vance Havner
#138. I said it before we arrived in Athens, that we wanted to prove to the world that our bronze medal in Sweden was not a fluke, and we have achieved this. - Author: Gianluca Basile
Medal quotes by Gianluca Basile
#139. "For 46 years, we were engaged in a worldwide battle against communism". "During that time, there were countless heroes, who served in our nation's Armed Forces and played a critical role in America's triumph. These men and women, who sacrificed so much for so many, deserve to be awarded the Cold War Service Medal in recognized of their faithful service to their country and tireless defense of freedom around the world." - Author: Mary Landrieu
Medal quotes by Mary Landrieu
#140. It's not about speed and gold medals. It's about refusing to be stopped. - Author: Amby Burfoot
Medal quotes by Amby Burfoot
#141. Hey Mark Henry, where are your gold medals? We all know that if Mark Henry won a gold medal he'd just take it and have it bronzed. - Author: Jerry Lawler
Medal quotes by Jerry Lawler
#142. I wasn't expecting two seconds of me on the medal stand to go viral after the Olympics. I came back to my room after the medal ceremony, and my dad said this picture of me doing a face I don't even remember making is blowing up. - Author: McKayla Maroney
Medal quotes by McKayla Maroney
#143. Medals are decided by hundredths of a second, so I need assurance that my vision is perfect every time I compete, no matter what the conditions. - Author: Lindsey Vonn
Medal quotes by Lindsey Vonn
#144. We're workers, they say. Work, they call it! That's the crummiest part of the whole business. We're down in the hold, heaving and panting, stinking and sweating our balls off, and meanwhile! Up on deck in the fresh air, what do you see?! Our masters having a fine time with beautiful pink and perfumed women on their laps. They send for us, we're brought up on deck. They put on their top hats and give us a big spiel like as follows: "You no-good swine! We're at war! Those stinkers in Country No. 2! We're going to board them and cut their livers out! Let's go! Let's go! We've got everything we need on board! All together now! Let's hear you shout so the deck trembles: 'Long live Country No. 1!' So you'll be heard for miles around. The man that shouts the loudest will get a medal and a lollipop! Let's - Author: Louis Ferdinand Celine
Medal quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#145. No themes are so human as those that reflect for us, out of the confusion of life, the close connection of bliss and bale, of the things that help with the things that hurt, so dangling before us forever that bright hard medal, of so strange an alloy, one face of which is somebody's right and ease and the other somebody's pain and wrong. - Author: Henry James
Medal quotes by Henry James
#146. Killing him at this point would be justifiable homicide. A slap on the wrist at most. Maybe even a medal for doing society a favor. - Author: Karen Akins
Medal quotes by Karen Akins
#147. The favorite to win the Olympic gold medal in archery is a legally blind athlete from South Korea, mainly because everyone else is too scared to compete next to him. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
Medal quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#148. Medal of Honor One Man's Journey from Poverty and Prejudice - Author: Roy P. Benavidez
Medal quotes by Roy P. Benavidez
#149. His [Gen. Douglas MacArthurs] twenty-two medals-thirteen of them for heroism-probably exceeded those of any other figure in American history. He seemed to seek death on battlefields. - Author: William Manchester
Medal quotes by William Manchester
#150. We know what you are thinking. It is not girls who need lessons in how to talk on the telephone.
We are experts at it.
Some of us could even medal in it.
The problem is the boys. And they need to shape up.
True, true, true.
The boys are not going to shape up. They are not going to read magazines or informational textbooks such as this one that tell them how to talk to girls on the telephone. And they are not going to magically figure out how to converse either. It is a demonstrated fact that even bona fide boyfriends such as Finn and Jackson and Kaleb are hit with paralyzing stupidity and boringness on the telephone, and you, my girlfriends, you are the only ones who can do anything about it.
Some tried-and-true tips
1. No feelings. Not if you can possibly avoid it. Feelings in person only.
2. No long silences. The male of the species hates long silences. If he is silent, say, "I gotta go, I'll see you later." And hang up. This is mysterious and alluring. And if it is not, at least you don't have any more awkwardness.
3. Some people will tell you that you shouldn't call guys, you should wait for them to call you. Hello? This is the twenty-first century. We can call them.
4. But have a reason. Don't call "just to talk," because they have nothing to talk about. Have a story to tell them, or ask if they watched some TV show just now, or ask about homework, or make a plan for the weekend. - Author: E. Lockhart
Medal quotes by E. Lockhart
#151. We can understand that the Fathers of the Church in the East wanted Apocalypse left out of the New Testament. But like Judas among the disciples, it was inevitable that it should be included. The Apocalypse is the feet of clay to the grand Christian image. And down crashes the image, on the weakness of these very feet. There is Jesus
but there is also John the Divine. There is Christian love
and there is Christian envy. The former would "save" the world
the latter will never be satisfied till it has destroyed the world. They are two sides of the same medal. - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Medal quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#152. We all of us must come to terms with what and who we are, and recognize that this wisdom is not going to earn us any praise, that life is not going to pin a medal on us for recognizing and enduring our own vanity or egoism or baldness or our potbelly. - Author: Sandor Marai
Medal quotes by Sandor Marai
#153. And here before me stands a marvelously groomed little man who is pinning a hero's medal on me because some of his forebears were Alfred the Great and Charles the First, and even King Arthur, for anything I knew to the contrary. But I shouldn't be surprised if inside he feels as puzzled about the fate that brings him here as I. we are public icons, we two: he an icon of kingship, and I an icon of heroism, unreal yet very necessary; we have obligations above what is merely personal, and to let personal feelings obscure the obligations would be failing in one's duty.

This was clearer still afterward, at lunch at the Savoy....; they all seemed to accept me as a genuine hero, and I did my best to behave decently, neither believing in it too obviously, nor yet protesting that I was just a simple chap who had done his duty when he saw it--a pose that has always disgusted me. Ever since, I have tried to think charitably of people in prominent positions of one kind or another. We cast them in roles, and it is only right to consider them as players, without trying to discredit them with knowledge of their off-stage life--unless they drag it into the middle of the stage themselves. - Author: Robertson Davies
Medal quotes by Robertson Davies
#154. I came back to Louisville after the Olympics with my shiny gold medal. Went into a luncheonette where black folks couldn't eat. Thought I'd put them on the spot. I sat down and asked for a meal. The Olympic champion wearing his gold medal. They said, "We don't serve niggers here." I said, "That's okay, I don't eat 'em." But they put me out in the street. So I went down to the river, the Ohio River, and threw my gold medal in it. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Medal quotes by Muhammad Ali
#155. However, after 1930 Liddell never competed again in public in a major athletic meeting. Did he ever regret missing the 1928 Olympics and the chance of winning at least another gold medal? Did he lament trading fame and glory for a life of obscurity and hardship? He gave clear and unequivocal answers to these questions when interviewed in Canada at the end of his first furlough in 1932. 'Are you glad you gave your life to missionary work? Don't you miss the limelight, the rush, the frenzy, the cheers, the rich red wine of victory?' probed the interviewer in rather florid prose. 'Oh well, of course it's natural for a chap to think over all that sometimes,' replied Liddell. 'But I'm glad I'm at the work I'm engaged in now. A fellow's life counts for far more for this than the other. Not a corruptible crown, but an incorruptible one, you know. - Author: Julian Wilson
Medal quotes by Julian Wilson
#156. I'm just so excited. We all are. We've been waiting for this [the gold medal] for years now and it's finally here. This meant so much. It just felt so good. - Author: Kobe Bryant
Medal quotes by Kobe Bryant
#157. We read our mail and counted up our missions In bombers named for girls, we burned The cities we had learned about in school Till our lives wore out; our bodies lay among The people we had killed and never seen. When we lasted long enough they gave us medals; When we died they said, "Our casualties were low." They said, "Here are the maps"; we burned the cities. - Author: Randall Jarrell
Medal quotes by Randall Jarrell
#158. My salvation was a free gift. I didn't have to work for it and it's better than any gold medal that I've ever won. - Author: Betty Cuthbert
Medal quotes by Betty Cuthbert
#159. I had trouble finding my next goal after winning a gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics, but the interest of the public and my fans in me got even bigger. I wanted to get away from the pressure, even for a single day. - Author: Kim Yuna
Medal quotes by Kim Yuna
#160. If worrying were an Olympic sport, she thought ruefully, she'd have at least one gold medal, for sure. - Author: Rosalind James
Medal quotes by Rosalind  James
#161. Here lies a man who was given a medal for killing two men, and a dishonorable discharge for loving one. - Author: Leonard Matlovich
Medal quotes by Leonard Matlovich
#162. I wonder if any of you have ever noticed that it is sometimes those who find most pleasure and amusement in their fellow man, and have most hope in his goodness, who get the reputation of being his most carping critics. Maybe it is that the satirist is so full of the possibilities of humankind in general, that he tends to draw a dark and garish picture when he tries to depict people as they are at any particular moment. The satirist is usually a pretty unpopular fellow. The only time he attains even fleeting popularity is when his works can be used by some political faction as a stick to beat out the brains of their opponents. Satirical writing is by definition unpopular writing. Its aim is to prod people into thinking. Thinking hurts.
(John Dos Passos, 1957, from the speech he delivered upon accepting the Gold Medal for Eminence in Fiction from the National Institute of Arts and Letters) - Author: John Dos Passos
Medal quotes by John Dos Passos
#163. Don't tell me you don't trust me, Lucinda. For the way I exercised such commendable restraint last night, I deserve a medal, not suspicion. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Medal quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#164. Sri Chinmoy brings Heaven to me. He inspires everyone to be happy. He deserves the biggest gold medal. - Author: Emil Zatopek
Medal quotes by Emil Zatopek
#165. I never got into MMA to be famous, I got into it to compete and pursue athletic aspirations. They were my pure intentions. I came from a true sport, an Olympic background, winning multiple national, international and Olympic medals. So I entered MMA as a sport. - Author: Matt Lindland
Medal quotes by Matt Lindland
#166. I didn't want people to think of me as someone who wasn't impressed with a silver medal, because obviously that's a huge accomplishment, and I was so happy. It was more about me just being not impressed with falling at the Olympics in my last event. - Author: McKayla Maroney
Medal quotes by McKayla Maroney
#167. Linda Heavner Gerald received a silver medal for Fiction from FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) - Author: Linda Heavner Gerald
Medal quotes by Linda Heavner Gerald
#168. If you are a guy full of shit without the gold medal, if you get the gold medal you are still a guy full of shit. - Author: Didier Berthod
Medal quotes by Didier Berthod
#169. The medal from an old grappling tournament will not serve me today, but the courage I developed in its acquisition will. By investing in yourself, by using all endeavors as a vehicle to shape who we are, we exist in the present moment with a lifetime of growth behind us. I have loved many vehicles throughout the years, Jiu Jitsu more than any other, but the vehicle has, and always will, be a distant second to the driver. - Author: Chris Matakas
Medal quotes by Chris Matakas
#170. You don't need to win every medal to be successful. - Author: Jason Fried
Medal quotes by Jason Fried
#171. President Obama awarded a National Medal of Arts to author Stephen King. You know, because if there's anyone who can relate to the story of a guy trapped in a mansion that's driving him insane, it's Obama. - Author: Jimmy Fallon
Medal quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#172. Oh God, my stomach must have won a medal- it's doing a lap of honour now. - Author: Ali McNamara
Medal quotes by Ali McNamara
#173. Ove was, well, Ove was Ove. Something the people around her also kept telling Sonja.
He'd been a grumpy old man since he started elementary school, they insisted. And she could have someone so much better.
Maybe he
didn't write her poems or serenade her with songs or come home with expensive gifts. But he believed so strongly in things: justice and fair play and hard
work and a world where right just had to be right. Not so one could get a medal or a diploma or a slap on the back for it, but just because that was
how it was supposed to be. Not many men of his kind were made anymore, Sonja had understood. So she was holding on to this one. - Author: Fredrik Backman
Medal quotes by Fredrik Backman
#174. Many medal winners dream of competing in a sport other than the one they're famous for. - Author: Mary Lou Retton
Medal quotes by Mary Lou Retton
#175. Now I had won the gold medal. But it didn't mean anything, because I didn't have the right color skin. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Medal quotes by Muhammad Ali
#176. Because winning a gold medal had been a dream of mine since a young age, I needed to empty my mind during the preparation for the Olympics by telling myself that it would be OK not to win a gold medal. - Author: Kim Yuna
Medal quotes by Kim Yuna
#177. I never have prayed to win a gold medal at Olympics and never will. The Lord is my Shepard and I shall not want. May His will be done. - Author: Lolo Jones
Medal quotes by Lolo Jones
#178. [Khrushchev] should get a one-ton medal. - Author: Mao Zedong
Medal quotes by Mao Zedong
#179. 'Esquire Magazine' just gave me 'Father of the Year'. I'll put it right up there with my gold medal. I survived; that's why they gave it to me. - Author: Caitlyn Jenner
Medal quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
#180. Suddenly, he wanted some credit for it. He wanted someone to thank him for not crapping on the institution of love. He wanted someone to thank him for not being yet another dilettante. He wanted someone to thank him for quitting poetry. He wanted some great poet to thank him for quitting poetry instead of desecrating it with his amateurishness. He wanted some unborn child to thank him for not conceiving her and not leaving her a hope chest full of mawkish villanelles. He wanted some sort of organization of martyrs to give him an award. He wanted to be decorated for not putting up a fuss. He wanted to be the president of forgettable people. He wanted there to be a competition for the least competitive person, and he wanted to win that competition. He wanted some sort of badge or outfit or medal or key or hat. He wanted to be asked to stand. He wanted to be considered. He wanted to be considered in earnest before being ignored. He wanted all the insane and beautiful and passionate people in the world to take one moment of silence in gratitude for the ones who had ceded them the stage-- he, the unread poet, the sacrifice, the schoolteacher-- he wanted one goddamned moment of appreciation. - Author: Amity Gaige
Medal quotes by Amity Gaige
#181. I'm six-foot-five. I'm not going to win the gold medal in figure skating. But I can try, and that's what matters. Trying. - Author: Aleks Paunovic
Medal quotes by Aleks Paunovic
#182. I'll spend time playing 'Call of Duty' and 'Medal of Honor.' - Author: Kevin Dillon
Medal quotes by Kevin Dillon
#183. The best gift I could give my father would be to represent India in the Olympics. If I can do that in 2016, and even win a medal, it will be fantastic. - Author: Jeev Milkha Singh
Medal quotes by Jeev Milkha Singh
#184. I had my Olympic gold medal cut up into eleven pieces. Gave all eleven of my kids a piece. It'll come together again when they put me down. - Author: Joe Frazier
Medal quotes by Joe Frazier
#185. Obviously, until you write Fuck It, We're All Going To Die, the Newbery Medal is still going to go to people like me. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Medal quotes by Neil Gaiman
#186. As badly as I want a medal, I know there is a lot of luck involved in that. I want to put myself in position to be in the top three, give it my all and hope luck comes my way. - Author: Kara Goucher
Medal quotes by Kara Goucher
#187. If you want to understand what a year of life means, ask a student who just flunked his end-of-the-year exams. Or a month of life: speak to a mother who has just given birth to a premature baby and is waiting for him to be taken out of the incubator before she can hold him safe and sound in her arms. Or a week: interview a man who works in a factory or a mine to feed his family. Or a day: ask two people madly in love who are waiting for their next rendezvous. Or an hour: talk to a claustrophobia sufferer stuck in a broken-down elevator. Or a second: look at the expression on the face of a man who has just escaped from a car wreck. Or one-thousandth of a second: ask the athlete who just won the silver medal at the Olympic Games, and not the gold he trained for all his life. Life is magic, Arthur, and I know what I'm saying because since my accident I appreciate the value of every instant. So I beg you, let's make the most of all the seconds that we have left. - Author: Marc Levy
Medal quotes by Marc Levy
#188. We are fools when we love. I was terrified of losing her. I thought I saw her changing
I don't know if she really was, but I couldn't bear the uncertainty any longer. I ran toward the finish just like a coward runs toward the enemy and wins a medal. I wanted to get death over. - Author: Graham Greene
Medal quotes by Graham Greene
#189. I just won the gold medal and I couldn't eat downtown. I said, 'Something's wrong.' And from then on, I've been a Muslim. - Author: Muhammad Ali
Medal quotes by Muhammad Ali
#190. Breaking my neck was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have an Olympic medal. I've been to so many countries I would never have been, met so many people I would never have met. I've done more in the chair, ... than a whole hell of a lot of people who aren't in chairs. - Author: Mark Zupan
Medal quotes by Mark Zupan
#191. When you see athletes like me win gold medals, you only see the finished product, you dont see the real effort that the likes of Ron have put into making that product. Without the Ron Roddans of this world, you would have no sport. - Author: Linford Christie
Medal quotes by Linford Christie
#192. People tell me an Olympic medal is a life-changing event. Except I don't even think about the medal unless someone asks about it. - Author: Mikaela Shiffrin
Medal quotes by Mikaela Shiffrin
#193. This was the kiss I had waited for so long - a kiss born by the river of our childhood, when we didn't yet know what love meant. A kiss that had been suspended in the air as we grew, that had traveled in the world in the souvenir of a medal, and that had remained hidden behind piles of books. A kiss that had been lost and now was found. In the moment of that kiss were years of searching, disillusionment and impossible dreams. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Medal quotes by Paulo Coelho
#194. When you've won a gold medal and you're at the top of your sport, everyone's trying to beat you. I find that incredibly motivating. - Author: Hannah Kearney
Medal quotes by Hannah Kearney
#195. I always feel I had a very lucky life. For example, I sure didn't want to go in the army: when I was drafted in the Korean War, I wanted to go as a photographer. But luckily, they put me in the infantry - luckily because the official photographer was photographing the medal awarding and all the official situations. - Author: Harold Feinstein
Medal quotes by Harold Feinstein
#196. Obscenity is a moral concept in the verbal arsenal of the establishment, which abuses the term by applying it, not to expressions of its own morality but to those of another. - Author: Herbert Marcuse
Medal quotes by Herbert Marcuse
#197. I think the mental victory is worth it as much as a gold medal. - Author: Cameron Van Der Burgh
Medal quotes by Cameron Van Der Burgh
#198. You don't need a medal to do what's right. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Medal quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#199. There's a lot more pressure when you're a medal favorite. Now, nobody has any expectations for me. Nobody knows what I can do, so I'm riding with nothing to lose. - Author: Chris Witty
Medal quotes by Chris Witty
#200. Why should men be allowed to strut under the privilege of their life adventures, wearing them like a breast full of medals, while women went all gray and silent beneath the weight of theirs? - Author: Carol Shields
Medal quotes by Carol Shields

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