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Ali McClelland. Too bad. I just can't let you become my sugar daddy." I put the notes back on the hall table. He shakes his head. "I'll never be your sugar anything! You stubborn git." He grabs me and kisses me with force, enough to make me see stars. When he lets me go, I give him a wide grin because I am giddy from his kisses. "Not everyone lives in a nice house in Islington. I only have my pride." "And I love your pride." Ali smiles. "But I'm not rich despite having this house. Emily's parents gave it to her as a wedding present. And when she died, it was passed on to me. I'm grateful for it but it doesn't define me." I sigh. "I never said it did." "And you'll make me a very happy man if you come and share it with me. The house has three bedrooms. You can even have your own space." He waves his hand as if to emphasise the point that there is plenty of room. I keep putting off the discussion of 'our future' as I know what it means. If I move in with him, I won't need to be an escort anymore to pay rent and I can maybe get a low-paid or part-time job. I can even go back to study music at college. It is a big step. I am scared, properly frightened. What if it doesn't work out? On the other hand, I've got nothing to lose except the newfound control of my life at the expense of selling my arse. I promise myself I'll give it more thought ~ A. Zukowski
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by A. Zukowski
I like the way I feel when I've got nothing to lose. ~ Kris Kidd
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Kris Kidd
I've got nothing, but at least I've got nothing to lose. ~ Jarod Kintz
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Jarod Kintz
Live life like you've got absolutely nothing to lose. ~ Gaurav Gupta
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Gaurav Gupta
Can I come look?"
He sat back on his heels and gestured to his artwork. "By all means. I'm done."
I got up, happily noting that my ankle was now pain free. I carefully tiptoed around the two square feet of floor over which his drawing sprawled, and settled in next to him. "It's beautiful," I told him. "I'm flattered. I've never had anyone draw a picture of me before."
Sage cocked his head and studied what he'd etched. "You think it looks like you?"
Again a hot crawl of embarrassment raced up my neck and flooded my face. I looked more closely at the etching. The image did look like me, but only if you really wanted to see the resemblance. The woman in it had the same hair, and slept in the same position I had, but on closer inspection her features were quite different. Her eyes were farther apart, her nose more pointed, her cheekbones less defined…differences that seemed insignificant when I'd assumed the picture was of me, but knowing it wasn't…
I was an egocentric idiot. My dreams about this man may have been vivid, but they were dreams. They had nothing to do with reality; not mine, and clearly not his. I stammered, groping for some kind of explanation. I had nothing.
"She does look like you, a little," Sage admitted. His eyes lingered on the contours of the drawing's face. I was eager to change the subject, but I felt like I had to ask.
"Who is she?"
"Someone I loved a long time ago," he murmured. ~ Hilary Duff
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Hilary Duff
I'm happy to just be able to come across things. I don't need to be happy. Happiness is a kind of cheap word. Let's face it, I'm not the kind of cat that's going to cut off an ear if I can't do something. I would commit suicide. I would shoot myself in the brain if things got bad. I would jump from a window…you know, I can think about death openly. It's nothing to fear. It's nothing sacred. I've seen so many people die. Life's not sacred either ~ Bob Dylan
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Bob Dylan
Alex, since I'm still here, I have to act
as though I meant to be here. Once
it snowed, and it wasn't that I felt
great, because I felt awful, but awful
is better than nothing. Depression wasn't
an endless grey sky, it was no sky
at all. I've got to go somewhere. I've got to go. ~ Neil Hilborn
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Neil Hilborn
Nothing more likely,"said Hannasyde. "I've got to try and rattle him."
"It's him that'll do the rattling,"said the Sergeant darkly. "he's the nearest thing to a snake I've seen outside of the Zoo. ~ Georgette Heyer
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Georgette Heyer
I couldn't return to you, mignonne. I didn't know how. But you will admit, I hope, that for a man who didn't wish to be found I've made quite a spectacle of myself. I wanted you to hear of me. It's why I came from France. I couldn't stop myself. I've waited in dread, wondering if you'd come. I've been terrified you would, and terrified you wouldn't. When I saw you tonight I wanted to weep. I was so grateful you came, but I hated you for it, too, because you made me hope again, as you always have, as you always do. It would have killed me if. . . Ah, Christ, love! You were so angry, so disappointed but you'd waited. I had to know. I had to come because without you I have nothing to believe in, nothing to hope for, and... Oh, God, Sarah, when I got here you were wearing my shirt! I've thought of you, and ached for you, and missed you with every breath. All I know of loving, wanting or need, begins and ends with you. I'm so sorry I hurt you and disappointed you. I pray you can forgive me, Sarah. I need you to hold onto. Without you I find this business of living so very lonely and so very hard."

She threw herself into his arms and he clasped her to him, sobbing with relief and need. "God, how I've missed you, Sarah," he moaned, sliding his cheek up and down against hers, mingling their tears. I'm sorry ... so sorry .. . please forgive me, I.. . "There's nothing to forgive. It wasn't your fault. It doesn't matter, not any of it. All that matters is that you're safe, an ~ Judith James
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Judith James
Pushing Elsie back, I said, "I'm not the most special guy in the world. I'm no one's perfect dream. I'm not sure I'll ever do anything extraordinary with my life. I'll always be that little bit awkward, and that little bit too shy. I'll always blush and dip my head, but if you'll let me, I'll be the one that's there for you. I'll be happy knowing I've got you and you've got me. That's enough for me, to be the one that you can lean on, to be the one to tell you you're beautiful every day. And talk to. I'll adore every sound that comes out of your mouth. I'll be the one to love you like nothing you've ever seen, bella mia." I blushed with embarrassment, but managed to rasp, "If you'll just let me… If you want me."

Elsie sobbed out a cry, tears tumbling down her rosy cheeks. "Levi. You are my dream realized, in every possible way. You are the most special person in my world. And I love that you blush - because I do too." She wiped at her cheeks. "I love that you're shy, and," her breathing hitched, "I love that you love my voice. I love that I never have hide who I am, disguise how I sound. Because I'm tired of trying to please others." She dipped her eyes and almost flattened me when she said, "You're my kind of extraordinary. Levi Carillo, you're the sweetest of souls. ~ Tillie Cole
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Tillie Cole
I've got a kid in Africa that I feed, that I clothe, that I school, that I inoculate for 75 cents a day. Which is practically nothing compared to what it cost to send him there. ~ Anthony Jeselnik
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
And me, I've got to start all over. Not only build a new life, but construct a new person. I call my old self "that other guy," for I share nothing but his memories, and everything he ever liked I've had to discover all over again, one by one, so that I've held on to, for example, reading, motorcycling, and birdwatching, but I'm not yet sure about art or music (I can look at it or listen to it, but not with the same "engagement" I used to), and I have no interest in work, charity, world events, or anybody I don't know. In my present gypsy life, I encounter a lot of people every day, and some of them I instinctively like and respond to in a brief encounter at a gas station or small-town diner, but for the most part I look around at ugly and mean-spirited people and think, "Why are you alive? ~ Neil Peart
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Neil Peart
Love is funny thing. I don´t know if you can call it a "thing" precisely. It´s a force. An energy. A feeling. A moment. A look, a kiss, a smile. All those things in one. It sneaks up on you; you never see it coming. And when it does finally hit you, It isn´t a small little poke. It´s like a rhinoceros rammed itself against your chest. Or you just got run over by a car. It knocks the wind out of you. Slams you against wall. Kick-starts yout heart. You lose your apetite. You can´t sleep. Some can call love a sickness. Seriously, you´re sick over another human being. You belong to them. They control your feelings with the look in their eye. They change the way you see yourself, feel about yourself. You feel like your world shifted, and everything´s the same, but you aren´t. I say it´s funny because it seems to bend and twist every concept of reality you have. You can survive off nothing. The only thing sustaining you is the feeling, energy, force. You can go days without decent sleep. You´re not hungry for anything exept that one person who seems to occupy your every thought. Time slows down when you´re without them. Seconds feel like hours, minutes like days, And whenn you´re together, time moves at the spped of light. It´s alla blur, and when it´s over, you don´t remember half the things you were doing but you just remember this feeling. This bliss. And it is all over in a flash. And you´re back to counting the long, eternal minutes until you see him again. ~ Katy Evans
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Katy Evans
You see, all that I ever held dear has been taken from me," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "And when you've lost everything-" Her facade began to crumble, and her voice broke, but she made herself carry on. "When you've lost everything, you've got nothing to lose. ~ Ken Follett
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Ken Follett
I've got nothing against plastic surgery at all. I know lots of people, young and old, who've had it. The point about good surgery is you can't see it. The important thing is not to go crazy - and not to go to a bad surgeon. ~ Suki Waterhouse
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Suki Waterhouse
Spider?" I'd said, with a question mark in my voice.
"You know at school . . . what did you do that for? Wade in like that?"
Spider frowned. "He was disrespectful, Jem. What you said - I could tell it was real. It was what you were really feeling. He had no right to make a joke of it."
"Yeah, I know, he's a tosser, but it's nothing to do with you. You made a right show of yourself. You made a show of me."
"I didn't want him to get away with it."
"Yeah, but I don't need a knight in shining armor. I can look after myself." He was smiling a bit now. I paused. "It's not funny, man. It's made everything worse," I said quietly. "I've got comments all the time now, 'bout you and me. Sly comments."
He looked away, studied his hands. The knuckles on the right one were nearly healed up now.
My mouth had gone dry, but I had to get this clear with him. "You do know there's no 'you and me,' don't you, Spider?"
He looked up. "What?"
"We're not like . . . together. Just mates."
There was something about his sullenness when he said, "Yeah, 'course. Just mates. Mates is good," that made me think he felt the exact opposite. I was churning inside, cursing that day under the bridge. People were so bloody difficult. Why had I ever got involved?
He stood up, came toward me, putting an arm out. I thought, Shit, he's going to hug me. Hasn't he listened to anything? But his hand formed a fist, and he lightly punched my arm. "Listen, ~ Rachel Ward
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Rachel Ward
You're the only person who means anything to me in the whole world, you're all I've got..."

"Well then you've got nothin. ~ Garth Ennis
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Garth Ennis
One night I couldn't sleep. It was like 2:00 in the morning. I was thinking, 'What can I do?' I'm watching TV. I'm like, 'Let me do something else.' I'm not going to fall asleep for a few hours. What are my hobbies? There was the masturbation option. I skipped that because just knowing my kids are down the hall I felt psychotic. So, I went with watching more TV. I couldn't come up with anything. I was going, 'God, read a book.' Then I was like this, 'Where do I keep the books?' I've got nothing to do but watch TV. ~ Adam Sandler
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Adam Sandler
Listen up, because I've got nothing to say and I'm only gonna to say it once. ~ Yogi Berra
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Yogi Berra
I need to go to the grocery store because I've got nothing in my fridge but an old t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a sweater (after all, it does get cold in the fridge). ~ Jarod Kintz
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Jarod Kintz
Since my fried left me,I've got nothing to do but walking.I walk to forget.I walk,I escape,I get further.My friend will not come back,now I am a marathon man. ~ Shel Silverstein
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Shel Silverstein
If he didn't call you by name, then you've got nothing to worry about. Maybe he has a glass eye and couldn't look at anyone but you."
"You could be right. But I've always thought glass eyes were kind of expressionless, not hate-filled and menacing. ~ Liliana Hart
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Liliana Hart
Never give up! Keep practicing - it's the only way to get better. But don't lose sight of the outside world. As an artist, you have to connect with the world around you, or you've got nothing to inspire you. Learn from everything and everyone, good or bad. It's just as important to learn what not to do, as well as what to do, in art, in life. ~ Steve Landes
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Steve Landes
When you got nothing, you got nothin' to lose You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal. ~ Bob Dylan
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Bob Dylan
But you're worried I'll get in trouble?" I try not to show how much this pleases me. I've managed to ignore him for days now and here I sit. Lapping up his attention like a neglected puppy. My voice takes on an edge. "Why do you care? I've ignored you for days."
His smile fades. He looks serious, mockingly so. "Yeah. You got to stop that."
I swallow back a laugh. "I can't."
"Why?" There's no humor in his eyes now, no mockery. "You like me. You want to be with me."
"I never said-"
"You didn't have to."
I inhale sharply. "Don't do this."
He looks at me so fiercely, so intently. Angry again. "I don't have friends. Do you see my hang with anyone besides my jerk cousins? That's for a reason. I keep people away on purpose," he growls. "But then you came along..."
I frown and shake my head.
His expression softens then, pulls at some part of me. His gaze travels my face, warming the core of me. "Whoever you are, Jacinda, you're someone I have to let in."
He doesn't say anything for a while, just studies me in that intense way. His nostrils flare, and again it's like he's taking in my scent or something. He continues, "Somehow, I think I know you. From the first moment I saw you, I felt that I knew you."
The words run through me, reminding me of when he let me escape in the mountains. He's good. Protective. I have nothing to fear from him, but everything to fear from his family.
I scoot closer, the draw of him too great. My w ~ Sophie Jordan
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Sophie Jordan
Haven't you heard of that madman who in the bright
morning lit a lantern and ran around the marketplace crying incessantly,
'I'm looking for God! l'm looking for God!' Since many of those who
did not believe in God were standing around together just then, he
caused great laughter. Has he been lost, then? asked one. Did he lose his
way like a child? asked another. Or is he hiding? Is he afraid of us? Has
he gone to sea? Emigrated? - Thus they shouted and laughed, one
interrupting the other. The madman jumped into their midst and
pierced them with his eyes. 'Where is God?' he cried; 'I'll tel1 you! We
have kil/ed him - you and I! Wc are all his murderers. But how did wc do
this? How were we able to drink up the sea? Who gave us the spange to
wipe away the entire horizon? What were we doing when we unchained
this earth from its sun? Where is it moving to now? Where are we
moving to? Away from all suns? Are wc not continually falling? And
backwards, sidewards, forwards, in all directions? Is there still an up and
a down? Aren't we straying as though through an infinite nothing? Isn't
empty space breathing at us? Hasn't it got colder? Isn't night and more
night coming again and again? Don't lanterns have to be lit in the
morning? Do we still hear nothing of the noise of the grave-diggers who
are burying God? Do we still smell nothing of the divine decomposition?
- Gods, too, decompo ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Most days, I've got this impermanence thing down just great. It doesn't bother me; what's to bother? Most days, I sit comfortably with the knowledge that I'll die alone, and I feel nothing so strongly as my embrace of my nothingness. Most days don't really matter, because there is only this day, and right now I feel like fear is all I am. I don't want you to leave. Just let me pretend you won't.'

He wrapped his arms around me and we slept. For that night, we would last forever. ~ Agnostic Zetetic
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Agnostic Zetetic
I've got nothing very original to say myself. ~ A. N. Wilson
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by A. N. Wilson
Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has released all of his emails. I'd like to release all of my emails. I've got nothing but emails about low-cost funerals and Viagra. ~ David Letterman
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by David Letterman
We've got a lot to gain and nothing to lose. ~ Joe Teti
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Joe Teti
You know, if I had lost my arms and my legs and wound up in a wheelchair where you're moving everything with a little rod in your mouth--would that make me less of a person? It just seems that they implied that you're nothing if your penis is gone. The second you lose that, you're nothing, and they've got to do surgery and hormones to turn you into something. Like you're a zero. It's like your whole personality, everything about you is all directed--all pinpointed--toward what's between the legs. And to me, that's ignorant. I don't have the kind of education that these scientists and doctors and psychologists have, but to me it's very ignorant. If a woman lost her breasts, do you turn her into a guy? To make her feel 'whole and complete'?" - David Reimer ~ John Colapinto
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by John Colapinto
I've got my full rucksack pack and it's spring, I'm going to go Southwest to the dry land, to the long lone land of Texas and Chihuahua and the gay streets of Mexico night, music coming out of doors, girls, wine, weed, wild hats, viva! What does it matter? Like the ants that have nothing to do but dig all day, I have nothing to do but what I want and be kind and remain nevertheless uninfluenced by imaginary judgments and pray for the light. ~ Jack Kerouac
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Jack Kerouac
Nothing can fill you up," she stated.
"Nope," he agreed again.
"You won't let it."
"Barrel's got a hole in the bottom, buddy, everything leaks out no matter how much you pour in."
She was silent a moment then she whispered, "Right."
She turned to the door and his hand gripped his bourbon so hard he had to focus everything on loosening his grip or the glass would shatter.
Before she opened it, she turned back. "You don't know, Cal, you have no idea.
You've shut yourself up for so long in this fucking house with your tragic memories, you have no idea what's about to walk out your door. Kate, Keira and me, we could have plugged that hole. We could have filled you so full, you'd be bursting. We would have loved that chance. We'd have given it everything we had, no matter the time that slid by, graduations, weddings, grandbabies, you'd have been a part of us and we'd have given everything we had to keep you
so full, you'd be bursting."
Cal didn't reply.
"Joe," she whispered, "you let me walk out this door, you'll lose your chance."
Cal didn't move.
Vi waited.
Cal stayed seated. ~ Kristen Ashley
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Kristen Ashley
The way I relax is I think, 'I haven't got anything coming up.' I like to know there are months ahead when I've got nothing. ~ Julie Walters
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Julie Walters
Never fight an ugly man. He's got nothing left to lose. ~ Rod Kackley
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Rod Kackley
I think it's quite tricky for actors to release albums. It's difficult, because I'm an actor, you know, I'm not a musician. I love singing, but I don't have a big repertoire of songs that I've written; I mean, I've got a few, but nothing that I could fill an album with, and I don't want to do it just for the sake of it. ~ Ewan McGregor
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Ewan McGregor
Will you call me before Christmas?' she asks.
Maybe.' I pull on my vest, wondering why I even came here in the first place.
You've still got my number, don't you?' She reaches for a pad and begins to write it down.
Yeah, Blair. I've got your number. I'll get in touch.'
I button up my jeans and turn to leave.
Yeah, Blair.'
If I don't see you before Christmas,' she stops. 'Have a good one.'
I look at her a moment. 'Hey, you too.'
She picks up the stuffed black cat and strokes its head.
I step out the door and start to close it.
Clay?' she whispers loudly.
I stop but don't turn around.'Yeah?'
Nothing. ~ Bret Easton Ellis
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
You were right, Hale. It was a bad job. It was a bad call. You were right to leave." "Kat ... " Hale tried to reach for her, but even in the sand, Kat was quick and sure on her feet, and she moved nimbly away, leaving Hale with nothing but a fistful of salty air. "Thanks for coming back and helping me find her and all, but ... " She looked at Gabrielle, who stood leaning against Simon, still bruised and almost broken. " I think I've got to take it from here." ... She was sure right up until the point when Hale said, "No. ~ Ally Carter
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Ally Carter
What do you know of love or marriage?" I asked. "You were all set to marry a woman ten years older than you before the King stole her away."
"I wouldn't have married her anyway," Loki shrugged. "Not if I didn't love her."
"Now you've got integrity?" I scoffed. "You kidnapped me, and your father was a traitor."
"I've never said a nice word about my father," Loki said quickly. "And I've never done anything bad to you."
"You still kidnapped me!" I said dubiously.
"Did I?" Loki cocked his head. "Because I remember Kyra kidnapping you,and me preventing her from pummeling you to death. Then,when you were coughing up blood, I sent for the Queen to help you. When you escaped,I didn't stop you. And since I came here,I've done nothing to you. I've even been good because you told me to be. So what terrible crimes have I committed against you, Princess?"
"I-I-" I stammered. "I never said you did anything terrible."
"Then why don't you trust me, Wendy?"
He'd never called me by my name before, and the underlying affection underneath it startled me. Even his eyes, which still held their usual veil of playfulness, had something deeper brewing underneath. When he wasn't trying so hard to be devilishly handsome, he actually was.
The growing connection I felt with him unnerved me, but I didn't want him to see that. More than that,it didn't matter what feelings I might be having for him.He was leaving today, and I would probably never see him again.Amanda Hocking
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Amanda Hocking
I've got to admire the Aokis of this world. Their ability to lay low until the right moment, their knack for latching on to opportunities, their skill in fucking with people's minds - that's no ordinary talent.
I hate their kind so much it makes me want to puke, but it is a talent.

"No, what really scares me is how easily, how uncritically, people will believe the crap that slime like Aoki deal out. How these Aoki types produce nothing themselves, don't have an idea in the world, and talk so nice, how this slime can sway gullible types to any opinion and get them to perform on cue, as a group. And this group never entertains even a sliver of doubt that they could be wrong. They think nothing of hurting someone, senselessly, permanently. They don't take any responsibility for their actions. Them. They're the real monsters.
They're the ones I have nightmares about. In those dreams, there's only the silence. And these faceless people. Their silence seeps into everything like ice water. And then it all goes murky. And I'm dissolving and I'm screaming, but no one hears. ~ Haruki Murakami
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Haruki Murakami
I'm terrified of getting what I'm not deserving of, feeling that I've got something for nothing ... at the expense of brilliant starving writers all over the world. But I have to hope these people who are helping me have integrity. ~ Nick McDonell
Ive Got Nothing To Lose quotes by Nick McDonell
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