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Far from hyperbole, that is the literal, explicitly stated aim of the surveillance state: to collect, store, monitor, and analyze all electronic communication by all people around the globe. ~ Glenn Greenwald
Electronic Communication quotes by Glenn Greenwald
Electronic communication is an instantaneous and illusory contact that creates a sense of intimacy without the emotional investment that leads to close friendships. ~ Clifford Stoll
Electronic Communication quotes by Clifford Stoll
Electronic communication makes possible what has previously been excluded: namely, active, simultaneous and reciprocal contact between individuals across all frontiers constituted by countries, religions and continents. ~ Ulrich Beck
Electronic Communication quotes by Ulrich Beck
The fantastic advances in the field of electronic communication constitute a greater danger to the privacy of the individual. ~ Earl Warren
Electronic Communication quotes by Earl Warren
Sometimes it seems that the fate of the world is decided entirely in the ether of electronic communications and corporate backroom deals. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Electronic Communication quotes by Rebecca Solnit
It's too difficult to convey tone in electronic communication. And we can solve this my friends. All we need is some new fonts. 'Great party Arj. Best party ever.' What a jerk! How do you know he wasn't being sincere, Arj? Because he wrote it in Sarcastica! If he had enjoyed himself, he would have used Good Times Roman. ~ Arj Barker
Electronic Communication quotes by Arj Barker
Electronic communication is one means by which the very idea of public life has been put to an end. ~ Richard Sennett
Electronic Communication quotes by Richard Sennett
The onus is on us to determine whether free societies in the twenty-first century will conduct electronic communication under the conditions of freedom established for the domain of print through centuries of struggle, or whether that great achievement will become lost in a confusion of new technologies. ~ Ithiel De Sola Pool
Electronic Communication quotes by Ithiel De Sola Pool
Taken in its entirety, the Snowden archive led to an ultimately simple conclusion: the US government had built a system that has as its goal the complete elimination of electronic privacy worldwide. Far from hyperbole, that is the literal, explicitly stated aim of the surveillance state: to collect, store, monitor, and analyze all electronic communication by all people around the globe. The agency is devoted to one overarching mission: to prevent the slightest piece of electronic communication from evading its systemic grasp. ~ Glenn Greenwald
Electronic Communication quotes by Glenn Greenwald
As the virtual world of electronic communication becomes the world many of us inhabit all the time, in turning to imaginative literature we may not be seeking mere reassurance nor be impelled by mere nostalgia. To enter with heart and mind into the world of the imagination may be to head deliberately and directly toward, or back toward, engagement with the real world. In one of T. S. Eliot's poems a bird sings, "Mankind cannot bear very much reality." I've always thought that bird was mistaken, or was talking only about some people. I find it amazing how much of the real world most of us can endure. Not only endure, but need, desire, crave. Reality is life. Where we suffocate is in the half-life of unreality, untruth, imitation, fakery, the almost-true that is not true. To be human is to live both within and beyond the narrow band of what-happens-now, in the vast regions of the past and the possible, the known and the imagined: our real world, our true Now. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
Electronic Communication quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
Art is a communication informing man of his own dignity, and of the value of his life, whether in joy or grief, whether in laughter or indignation, beauty or terror ... Man needs the comfort of his own dignity ... And that's what the artisf is for. To give him that comfort. ~ Robert Nathan
Electronic Communication quotes by Robert Nathan
If you work on a comedy show, your basic form of communication is teasing. That's generally how we speak to each other: you communicate the information between the lines of insulting sentences. ~ John Oliver
Electronic Communication quotes by John Oliver
Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Electronic Communication quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
I feel that the connection with children and mothers is so strong in places where there are not so many 'things' to get in the way, no electronic distraction devices, no high-tech baby equipment, just a mother carrying her little one everywhere, sharing a family bed and having the help of all the other women around to raise the baby. ~ Milla Jovovich
Electronic Communication quotes by Milla Jovovich
Once he'd even reprogrammed the electronic billboards in Time Square to read: ALL DA LADIES LUV LEO ... accidentally, of course. ~ Rick Riordan
Electronic Communication quotes by Rick Riordan
I have the students for six hours a day. The community has them for 18 hours, plus prenatal and early childhood. I don't believe the schools create (the achievement gap), but our responsibility is not to add to it. We won't eliminate the gap until the community makes education a priority, but the schools can't wait for the community to do its part. ~ Bill Vaughan
Electronic Communication quotes by Bill Vaughan
When you love someone, you can just live without it. You desire to connect and communicate. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita
Electronic Communication quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
Many people go through life complaining, whining, and obsessing so much about what they don't have that they are doing exactly what it takes to block it. ~ Susan C. Young
Electronic Communication quotes by Susan C. Young
If I'm doing a show on Sunday at 7 P.M., that wouldn't be the same show that I'd do at 11 P.M. on a Saturday - it's a different room at a different time of day with different sensibilities. That doesn't mean you have to compromise your art, but it is communication: you have to know how to talk to people. ~ Michael Che
Electronic Communication quotes by Michael Che
On revient toujours a son premier amour." It sounds like a cynicism to-day. As if we really meant: "On ne revient jamais a son premier amour." But as a matter of fact, a man never leaves his first love, once the love is established. He may leave his first attempt at love. Once a man establishes a full dynamic communication at the deeper and higher centers, with a woman, this can never be broken. But sex in the head breaks down, and half circuits break down. Once the full circuit is established, however, this can never break. ~ D.H. Lawrence
Electronic Communication quotes by D.H. Lawrence
When we get at least six hours of daily social time, it increases our wellbeing and minimizes stress and worry. The six hours includes time at work, at home, on the telephone, talking to friends, sending e-mail, and other communication. ~ Tom Rath
Electronic Communication quotes by Tom Rath
One day Marlboro Man invited my sister, Betsy, and me to the ranch to work cattle. She was home from college and bored, and Marlboro Man wanted Tim to meet another member of my family.
"Working cattle" is the term used to describe the process of pushing cattle, one by one, through a working chute, during which time they are branded, dehorned, ear tagged, and "doctored" (temperature taken, injections given). The idea is to get all the trauma and mess over with in one fell swoop so the animals can spend their days grazing peacefully in the pasture.
When Betsy and I pulled up and parked, Tim greeted us at the chute and immediately assigned us our duties. He handed my sister a hot shot, which is used to gently zap the animal's behind to get it to move through the chute.
It's considered the easy job.
"You'll be pushing 'em through," Tim told Betsy. She dutifully took the hot shot, studying the oddly shaped object in her hands.
Next, Tim handed me an eight-inch-long, thick-gauge probe with some kind of electronic device attached. "You'll be taking their temperature," Tim informed me.
Easy enough, I thought. But how does this thing fit into its ear? Or does it slide under its arm somehow? Perhaps I insert it under the tongue? Will the cows be okay with this?
Tim showed me to my location--at the hind end of the chute. "You just wait till the steer gets locked in the chute," Tim directed. "Then you push the stick all the way in and wait till I tell ~ Ree Drummond
Electronic Communication quotes by Ree Drummond
In a relentlessly commercial culture, the communication of our private meanings has been vaguely corrupted around the edges by the toxic idioms of merchandising. ~ Charles Baxter
Electronic Communication quotes by Charles Baxter
Even when I wasn't looking for Jimmy, there was a huge empty mouth waiting inside the doors of all those clubs. It was in almost every face, and every heartless electronic song. Just because it beats like one doesn't make it a heart. ~ Trebor Healey
Electronic Communication quotes by Trebor Healey
Ours is the age of substitutes: instead of language, we have jargon: instead of principles, slogans: and, instead of genuine ideas, bright ideas. ~ Eric Bentley
Electronic Communication quotes by Eric Bentley
Liberia got Petroleum (Oil): The problem of development lies in good leadership and great communication. Some of our leaders want to turn the country's oil company into the Gaddafi regime of Libya that they could rule Liberia and their sons and grand kids can also rule as well. It's a form of oppression. The Liberian people want a leader, not an oppressor or an installed puppet. Someone who will put the country and its peoples' interest first. Not a corrupt politician who's out to rip the country apart, in the name of enriching their families. ~ Henry Johnson Jr
Electronic Communication quotes by Henry Johnson Jr
In the developed countries of the capitalist world, the mass media are beginning to become businesses, and huge businesses at that. The freedom of journalists is now becoming, in most cases, a very relative thing: it ends where the interests of the business begin ... In socialist areas, it is enough to recall that the means of social communication are the monopoly of the party. ~ Helder Camara
Electronic Communication quotes by Helder Camara
All religions bear traces of the fact that they arose during the intellectual immaturity of the human race - before it had learned the obligations to speak the truth. Not one of them makes it the duty of its god to be truthful and understandable in his communications. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Electronic Communication quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
The responsibility of the executive is (1) to create and maintain a sense of purpose and moral code for the organization; (2) to establish systems of formal and informal communication; and (3) to ensure the willingness of people to cooperate. ~ Chester Barnard
Electronic Communication quotes by Chester Barnard
I'm going to show you a technology today which takes insults and criticisms out of the airwaves. (Marshall puts on giraffe ears) With this technology, it will be impossible for you to hear criticisms, harsh remarks, or insults. All you can hear is what all people are ever saying, "please" and "thank you". What used to sound like criticism, judgment, or blame, you will see, are really tragic, suicidal expressions of "please". ~ Marshall B. Rosenberg
Electronic Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
Of all the horrid ramifications of child abuse, the self-beliefs formed by the child reap the greatest destruction. Abuse is the most penetrating and permanent communication possible, and it always conveys to the child one or more of several messages: 'I caused it to happen. It's my fault because I am bad. I don't deserve any better. ~ Heyward Bruce Ewart III
Electronic Communication quotes by Heyward Bruce Ewart III
I hesitate to add, but I will, that this is fun. God means Christianity to be fun. There is to be a reality of love and communication in the Christian-to-Christian relationship, individually and corporately, which is completely and truly personal. ~ Francis Schaeffer
Electronic Communication quotes by Francis Schaeffer
Dance is about movement and can be an art, but it's also about communication - with yourself, as much as with other people. ~ Jan Murray
Electronic Communication quotes by Jan Murray
The key is to take a larger project or goal and break it down into smaller problems to be solved, constraining the scope of work to solving a key problem, and then another key problem.
This strategy, of breaking a project down into discrete, relatively small problems to be resolved, is what Bing Gordon, a cofounder and the former chief creative officer of the video game company Electronic Arts, calls smallifying. Now a partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, Gordon has deep experience leading and working with software development teams. He's also currently on the board of directors of Amazon and Zynga. At Electronic Arts, Gordon found that when software teams worked on longer-term projects, they were inefficient and took unnecessary paths. However, when job tasks were broken down into particular problems to be solved, which were manageable and could be tackled within one or two weeks, developers were more creative and effective. ~ Peter Sims
Electronic Communication quotes by Peter Sims
You soon know the difference between a real newspaper and an electronic one as soon as a fly won't leave you alone. ~ Jeremy Lee
Electronic Communication quotes by Jeremy Lee
In the non-material scenario, both temple or total quality gets raised, deploying communication as mortar, culture as reinforcement, and commitment as concrete. ~ Priyavrat Thareja
Electronic Communication quotes by Priyavrat Thareja
Advances in communication technology foster a false fantasy of togetherness by transmitting the impression of contact- phone calls, faxes, e-mail- without its substance. And when a relationship is ailing from frank time deprivation, both parties often aver that nothing can be done. Every activity they spend time on (besides each other) has been classified as indispensable: cleaning the house, catching the news, balancing the checkbook. (205) ~ Thomas Lewis
Electronic Communication quotes by Thomas Lewis
I had no real communication with anyone at the time, so I was totally dependent on God. And he never failed me. ~ Diet Eman
Electronic Communication quotes by Diet Eman
We know of our own knowledge that we are human beings, and, as such, imperfect. But we are bathed by the communications industry in a ceaseless tide of inhuman, impossible perfection. ~ Margaret Halsey
Electronic Communication quotes by Margaret Halsey
Women often make communication mistakes that undermine their irresistibility and send men running faster than you can say, "Marriage and kids!"
First of all, most of us don't really listen. What we do is judge whether we like or dislike what a man is saying to us, decide whether we agree or disagree with what he's saying, or determine whether we know it already. We also listen to see if what he is saying fits our agenda (like our agenda to have a boyfriend, get married, or have kids). This is not true listening.
True listening happens when you drop those internal conversations in your mind and simply hear what a man is saying to you from his perspective, as though what he is saying is the most important thing on earth and you need to hear every single word. You don't interpret, analyze, or read into it. You don't say, "In other words . . .," and go on to put into words what you think he means. You just take it in.
When you truly listen, you become instantly attractive. By really hearing a man, you make him feel special and cared for in a very powerful way. If there's genuine chemistry between you, he'll continue to share more and more of himself because of how open and receptive you are to who he actually is (not who you are trying to get him to be). I cannot emphasize this point enough. If you really want to make every man want you, become a masterful listener. ~ Marie Forleo
Electronic Communication quotes by Marie Forleo
Baby, sometimes what I'm thinking doesn't translate into words. You're going to have to badger them out of me until I get better at this, okay? ~ Tessa Bailey
Electronic Communication quotes by Tessa Bailey
You teach people how you want them to treat you.
If you tolerate disrespect, and if you give disrespect, you'll get disrespect. You must set clear expectations of the behavior and communication you want to receive from them, and patiently correct them when they deliver something different.
Complaining, insults, intentionally hurtful words create a spiraling effect. One of you offers them up, the other retaliates. ~ Josh Hatcher
Electronic Communication quotes by Josh Hatcher
Ideology and communication more often than not run into each other rather than complement each other. Principle and communication work together. Ideology and communication often work apart. ~ Frank Luntz
Electronic Communication quotes by Frank Luntz
Roarke didn't quite make it to Eve's office. He found her down the corridor, in front of one of the vending machines. She and the machine appeared to be in the middle of a vicious argument.

"I put the proper credits in, you blood-sucking, money-grubbing son of a bitch." Eve punctuated this by slamming her fist where the machine's heart would be, if it had one.


The machine spoke in a prissy, singsong voice Roarke was certain was sending his wife's blood pressure through the roof.


"Okay, I'll stop attempting to vandalize, deface, or damage you, you electronic street thief. I'll just do it."

She swung back her right foot, which Roarke had cause to know could deliver a paralyzing kick from a standing position. But before she could follow through he stepped up and nudged her off balance.

"Please, allow me, Lieutenant."

"Don't put any more credits in that thieving bastard," she began, then hissed when Roarke did just that.

"Candy bar, I assume. Did you have any lunch?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know it's just going to keep stealing if people like you pander to it."< ~ J.D. Robb
Electronic Communication quotes by J.D. Robb
Having a pleasant time can extend a long period of time to have a fun time. ~ Travis Polso
Electronic Communication quotes by Travis Polso
Punishment also includes judgmental labeling and the withholding of privileges. ~ Marshall B. Rosenberg
Electronic Communication quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
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