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And while you bring all countries with you, you come with a purpose of leaving all other countries behind you - bringing what is best of their spirit, but not looking over your shoulders and seeking to perpetuate what you intended to leave behind in them. ~ Woodrow Wilson
Detrinidad Country quotes by Woodrow Wilson
No, you aren't sorry. You are a representative of your country. And countries do not feel sorrow. ~ Robert Jackson Bennett
Detrinidad Country quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
But to be self-obsessed is simply not o.k. for the most important country in the world, the United States, which affects every other country in the world. ~ Christiane Amanpour
Detrinidad Country quotes by Christiane Amanpour
Japan's alliance with the U.S. will only grow in importance amid the increasingly difficult security situation surrounding our country, thus I think it is necessary to keep the marines in Okinawa, a geographically strategic location from the standpoint of maintaining deterrence. ~ Yoshihiko Noda
Detrinidad Country quotes by Yoshihiko Noda
It would be better if only the old men fought the wars. Every country is the country of youth. When its youth dies, it dies with them. ~ Jean Giraudoux
Detrinidad Country quotes by Jean Giraudoux
We cannot improve ourselves or our country without improving our educational system and educating ourselves. ~ Debasish Mridha
Detrinidad Country quotes by Debasish Mridha
Riding horseback along a country lane I saw wild roses in bloom, against an old stone wall. The expensive, improved varieties in my garden have lost something. Sophistication always does. ~ James Webb Young
Detrinidad Country quotes by James Webb Young
Swimming for his life, a man does not see much of the country through which the river winds, and I probably know little of these years through which I busily work and live, beyond this, how sin and frailty deface them, and how mercy crowns them. ~ William E. Gladstone
Detrinidad Country quotes by William E. Gladstone
I had a friend write me that our music was being played at Gay Pride in New York, which is a big compliment. In the biggest city in the country with the most culture and the most grit - I love it. ~ Jennifer Nettles
Detrinidad Country quotes by Jennifer Nettles
There is practically no sense that is not violated every time we return from the country or the sea to Paris or London or New York. ~ Evelyn Waugh
Detrinidad Country quotes by Evelyn Waugh
Public life drives out private life. The more political our society becomes (in the broadest sense of 'political' - the obsessions, the compulsions of collectivity) the more individuality seems lost. … [N]ational purpose is now involved with the manufacture of commodities in no way essential to human life, but vital to the political survival of the country. … The whole matter … has to do with invasion of the private sphere (including the sexual) by techniques of exploitation and domination. ~ Saul Bellow
Detrinidad Country quotes by Saul Bellow
The enemies of the country and of freedom of the people have always denounced as bandits those who sacrifice themselves for the noble causes of the people. ~ Emiliano Zapata
Detrinidad Country quotes by Emiliano Zapata
Two thousand eight was the last year on record in which Protestants as a whole - not just white Protestants - represented a majority of the country.10 ~ Robert P. Jones
Detrinidad Country quotes by Robert P. Jones
May God have mercy on my soul for the deaths on my name and for the treachery I committed. Betrayal of God and country, what a sad and horrible thing it is. ~ E. Howard Hunt
Detrinidad Country quotes by E. Howard Hunt
I have pinned my faith to the spinning wheel. On it, I believe, the salvation of this country depends. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Detrinidad Country quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
I was attracted to their guns, because the guns seemed honest. The guns seemed to address this country, which invented the streets that secured them with despotic police, in its primary language - violence. ~ Ta-Nehisi Coates
Detrinidad Country quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Seen as a process of imitation, it becomes understandable why the Westernization of a backward country so often breeds a violent antagonism toward the West. People who become like us do not necessarily love us. The sense of inferiority inherent in the act of imitation breeds resentment. The impulse of the imitators is to overcome the model they imitate - to surpass it, leave it behind, or, better still, eliminate it completely. Now and then in history the last was done first: the imitators began by destroying the model and then proceeded to imitate it. We are apparently most at ease when we imitate a defeated or dead model. ~ Eric Hoffer
Detrinidad Country quotes by Eric Hoffer
I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? He needs a waterboarding, that's what he needs. ~ Wanda Sykes
Detrinidad Country quotes by Wanda Sykes
We have to mainstream everybody. No matter what their circumstances when they were growing up. Part of that is knowing that after they're finished with school, everybody in this country gets up and goes to work. ~ Donna Shalala
Detrinidad Country quotes by Donna Shalala
When the Christian majority takes over this country, there will be no satanic churches, no more free distribution of pornography, no more talk of rights for homosexuals. After the Christian majority takes control, pluralism will be seen as immoral and evil and the state will not permit anybody the right to practice evil. ~ Gary Potter
Detrinidad Country quotes by Gary Potter
When old settlers say 'One has to understand the country,' what they mean is, 'You have to get used to our ideas about the native.' They are saying in effect, 'Learn our ideas, or otherwise get out; we don't want you.' ~ Doris Lessing
Detrinidad Country quotes by Doris Lessing
Leaving North Korea is not like leaving any other country. It is more like leaving another universe. I will never truly be free of its gravity, no matter how far I journey. ~ Hyeonseo Lee
Detrinidad Country quotes by Hyeonseo Lee
A country needs to be able to feed itself, fuel itself, and fight for itself. ~ Mike Huckabee
Detrinidad Country quotes by Mike Huckabee
The sentiments in Hawaii about Washington's failure of leadership are no different than the rest of the country. ~ Ed Case
Detrinidad Country quotes by Ed Case
No country in history ever sent mothers of toddlers off to fight enemy soldiers until the United States did this in the Iraq war. ~ Phyllis Schlafly
Detrinidad Country quotes by Phyllis Schlafly
A man should be able to stand up under any disaster for his country's good. ~ Aristophanes
Detrinidad Country quotes by Aristophanes
You know, it's not the people in Hollywood who go to see movies that will make a movie successful; it's the people all around the country; it's word-of-mouth. ~ Pia Zadora
Detrinidad Country quotes by Pia Zadora
Secession is a deeply American principle. This country was born through secession. ~ Ron Paul
Detrinidad Country quotes by Ron Paul
That DMC Act is a disgrace. And the problem with independent art in this country is that independent artists have been economically blacklisted. ~ Lloyd Kaufman
Detrinidad Country quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
Nietzsche said that everyone tells themselves the story of their life. That's true about countries, too. We're constantly telling ourselves the American story. ~ Ben Dreyfuss
Detrinidad Country quotes by Ben Dreyfuss
No country can solve climate change alone, we have to take global measures. ~ Jose Mujica
Detrinidad Country quotes by Jose Mujica
When I was a girl I had this strong feeling that I didn't belong anywhere, ... It was in my head, what I thought and dreamt, what I believed ... , that's where I belonged, that was my country. ~ Tim Winton
Detrinidad Country quotes by Tim Winton
I think it's pathetic that a court of law cannot be in a vacuum of the legal system, without the influence of the public threatening to do great bodily harm to people and property. It's really a pathetic statement for our country. ~ Mark Fuhrman
Detrinidad Country quotes by Mark Fuhrman
In the 1800s, the United States was divided over the issue of slavery. The North wanted the country to end all slavery. But the South wanted to keep slaves because more than four million African-American slaves worked in the huge plantation fields there. This disagreement between the North and South led to the Civil War. Jack ~ Mary Pope Osborne
Detrinidad Country quotes by Mary Pope Osborne
Speculative Encounters New Stories from the Slipstream by C.L. Nichols Speculative Encounters: New Stories from the Slipstream
I hope you enjoy reading these Speculative Stories from the Slipstream as much as I enjoyed creating them.
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In the aftermath of a comet's disintegration in Earth's atmosphere, survivors must adapt – and was that an actual comet that exploded?
SPECULATIVE ENCOUNTERS: New Stories from the Slipstream

Speculative fiction is comprised of three related genres: science fiction, fantasy and horror. The slipstream intermingles these genres then plants imagination's resulting seeds i ~ C.L. Nichols
Detrinidad Country quotes by C.L.  Nichols
If we stuck to the Constitution as written, we would have: no federal meddling in our schools; no Federal Reserve; no U.S. membership in the UN; no gun control; and no foreign aid. We would have no welfare for big corporations, or the "poor"; no American troops in 100 foreign countries; no NAFTA, GAT, or "fast-track"; no arrogant federal judges usurping states rights; no attacks on private property; no income tax. We could get rid of most of the agencies, and most of the budget. The government would be small, frugal, and limited. ~ Ron Paul
Detrinidad Country quotes by Ron Paul
When you have a country that can boast that more than 95 percent of its eligible workforce is employed and pumping money back into economy, that's exceptionally good news, especially as we prepare to observe Labor Day. ~ J. D. Hayworth
Detrinidad Country quotes by J. D. Hayworth
I get a lot of return business. I think it's all those years I put in traveling around the country; people saw me before and had a good time so they want to see me again. ~ Rita Rudner
Detrinidad Country quotes by Rita Rudner
My life won't be a series of either/ors - musician or actor, rock or country, straitlaced or rebellious, this or that, yes or no. The real choices in life aren't that simple. ~ Miley Cyrus
Detrinidad Country quotes by Miley Cyrus
Now that Britain has voted to leave, I think the country deserves to have a leader who believes in Britain outside the European Union and who also has experience at the highest level of government. ~ Michael Gove
Detrinidad Country quotes by Michael Gove
A real dish has grown from all the chefs who have combined their talents over the centuries to develop a meal with unique physical characteristics, for there's not a chef on earth who can claim sole title to a particular dish. It will have typical Iberian or French features, but with traces of Indian, Celtic, Roman, Jewish and even Moorish culture in its savour, although food can't possibly pass from one country to another without change ~ Karl Wiggins
Detrinidad Country quotes by Karl Wiggins
Nothing is more annoying in the ordinary intercourse of life than this irritable patriotism of the Americans. A foreigner will gladly agree to praise much in their country, but he would like to be allowed to criticize something, and that he is absolutely refused. ~ Alexis De Tocqueville
Detrinidad Country quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
We are three countries that emerged from the former Yugoslavia - countries that are now in transition and must cooperate with each other, because our economies depend on each other. ~ Stjepan Mesic
Detrinidad Country quotes by Stjepan Mesic
I think we're not looking sufficiently at what is happening at the grassroots in the country. We have not emphasized sufficiently the cultural revolution that we have to make among ourselves in order to force the government to do differently. Things do not start with governments. ~ Grace Lee Boggs
Detrinidad Country quotes by Grace Lee Boggs
A nation to be strong, must be united; to be united, must be equal in condition; to be equal in condition, must be similar inhabits and feeling; to be similar in habits and feeling, must be raised in national institutions as the children of a common family, and citizens of a common country. ~ Frances Wright
Detrinidad Country quotes by Frances Wright
In the richest country in the history of the world, this Obama economy has crushed the middle class. Family income has fallen by $4,000, but health insurance premiums are higher, food prices are higher, utility bills are higher, and gasoline prices have doubled. Today more Americans wake up in poverty than ever before. ~ Mitt Romney
Detrinidad Country quotes by Mitt Romney
My first few films were institutional comedies, and you're on pretty safe ground when you're dealing with an institution that vast numbers of people have experienced: college, summer camp, the military, the country club. ~ Harold Ramis
Detrinidad Country quotes by Harold Ramis
In my platoon, we came from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds, different religious beliefs, different political beliefs-and yet we all put those differences aside. Fundamentally, I believe that's what the American people expect of Congress as well. We all ought to be able to come together in Washington and do what's best for our America. ~ Seth Moulton
Detrinidad Country quotes by Seth Moulton
My pathetic heart couldn't be clearer on the issue of Jefferson. This song is a confession and a condemnation in one; regretting something that was over before it even began. But I know, I know, it would have been big. It would have been real and true and sappy as hell. ~ Erin Hahn
Detrinidad Country quotes by Erin Hahn
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