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Never, ever, work for bad people ~ George Lois
Bad People quotes by George Lois
I know the answer to the question now, by the way: why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. It came from my inner editor, the part of me that forces the wordy writer in me to dump ninety percent of all modifiers: Ask both questions again, minus the adjectives.
"Why do things happen to people?"
Just because. ~ Chris Crutcher
Bad People quotes by Chris Crutcher
There is something intoxicating about ending a life, about wiping bad people off the face of the earth. But it's also a dark and deadly pull. After all, who am I to decide who lives or dies? ~ Paula Stokes
Bad People quotes by Paula Stokes
Goodbye" is the best ever gift that you can receive from worse friends. Never hesitate to wave it back. Be bold to say "no" to what always keeps you static! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
Bad People quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
I don't believe in bad people. I believe that people, somewhere inside, have the potential to realize themselves. ~ Jim Carrey
Bad People quotes by Jim Carrey
Where I feel something that I had written was misinterpreted in a way that made people feel bad, that is absolutely horrifying to me. I feel so embarrassed and I feel ashamed that I should make people feel bad. ~ Jesse Eisenberg
Bad People quotes by Jesse Eisenberg
A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. After all, you find out the strength of the German army by fighting it, not by giving in. You find out the strength of a wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down. A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness. They have lived a sheltered life by always giving in. We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it: and Christ, because He was the only man who never yielded to temptation, is also the only man who knows to the full what temptation means - the only complete realist.15 ~ Tad R. Callister
Bad People quotes by Tad R. Callister
Your father always tries to see the good side of people; to find the excuse. But sometimes there isn't a good side. There isn't an excuse.
(Mom - to Lara Lington) ~ Sophie Kinsella
Bad People quotes by Sophie Kinsella
There are no human gods here, just hoods who think they are. ~ Fakeer Ishavardas
Bad People quotes by Fakeer Ishavardas
Camera-phones are like nuclear power plants: bad people will turn them into evil, good people will put them to good use. ~ Philippe Kahn
Bad People quotes by Philippe Kahn
If you live in the midst of bad people, bad books, and bad things, you lose your power of detecting bad thoughts when they come teeming about you like microbes. But if every day you spend an hour on God's mountains or upon the broad sea of the Bible, and get some of God's accurate senses into you, you will be able to detect things which are wrong that other people, even Christians, pass without seeing as wrong. ~ F.B. Meyer
Bad People quotes by F.B. Meyer
He said only, "Bad people. Some very bad people."
Uncle Chris's mouth flattened into a small, thin line. Then he nodded crisply. He knew all about bad people. John was speaking in a language he understood.
"Is it drugs?" Uncle Chris asked, in a hushed voice.
I looked at John, in his black jeans and T-shirt, with his long dark hair, and studded leather wristbands. I could see why Uncle Chris had asked. To someone of his generation, it would have to be either drugs, or…well, a rock band.
John gave me a barely perceptible shake of his head. No, his eyes begged me. Don't.
"Yes," I said, glancing back at Uncle Chris. "It's drugs."
John's gaze instantly rolled towards the sky.
"Piercey," Uncle Chris said, exhaling gustily and dragging a hand through his hair. "We talked about this. I thought you were the one I didn't have to worry about."
We had talked about something along those lines, I remembered, outside this very house, the night before Jade was killed. But it had been about Uncle Chris giving me driving lessons. I didn't recall drugs being mentioned.
"Well," I said. "Things are a little messed up right now. That's why we're here. I wanted to make sure Alex is okay."
"Alex?" Uncle Chris threw me a look of alarm. "Don't tell me Alex is doing drugs."
I could see now why John had been against lying about the drugs thing. I'd thought it would simplify things. But it was only making them worse.
"He's not," I said quickly. ~ Meg Cabot
Bad People quotes by Meg Cabot
Music has become my driving force behind my life, it to me, can fix bad moods, bad days, even bad people. It is the beat of my life. ~ Rian Dawson
Bad People quotes by Rian Dawson
The ultimate tragedy of Birmingham was not the brutality of the bad people, but the silence of the good people. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bad People quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Your brother beat him almost to death, Temujin. He held him and kicked him until he cried like a child. He is afraid of you, so he hates you. It would be wrong to hurt him again. It would be like beating a dog after it has loosed it's bladder. The spirit is already broken in him. ~ Conn Iggulden
Bad People quotes by Conn Iggulden
Before I went to college I read two books. I read a book "Moral Mazes" by Robert Jackall which is a study of how corporations work, and it's actually a fascinating book, this sociologist, he just picks a corporation at random and just goes and studies the middle managers, not the people who do any of the grunt work and not the big decision makers, just the people whose job is to make sure that things day to day get done, and he shows how even though they're all perfectly reasonable people, perfectly nice people you'd be happy to meet any of them, all the things that they were accomplishing were just incredibly evil. So you have these people in this average corporation, they were making decisions to blow out their worker's eardrums in the factory, to poison the lakes and the lagoons nearby, to make these products that are filled with toxic chemicals that poisoned their customers, not because any of them were bad people and wanted to kill their workers and their neighbourhood and their customers, but just because that was the logic of the situation they were in.

Another book I read was a book "Understanding Power" by Noam Chomsky which kind of took the same sort of analysis but applied it to wider society which you know we're in a situation where it may be filled with perfectly good people but they're in these structures that cause them to continually do evil, to invade countries, to bomb people, to take money from poor people and give it to rich people, to do all th ~ Aaron Swartz
Bad People quotes by Aaron Swartz
Too bad people don't rebuild themselves so easily. ~ Marjorie M. Liu
Bad People quotes by Marjorie M. Liu
Just because people do bad things in the name of religion doesn't make the religion bad. People do crappy things, people do awesome things. That's just people. ~ Wendy Mills
Bad People quotes by Wendy Mills
Because sometimes in life, sweetheart. The bad guys win

-Ford 'Blame It on the Pain ~ Ashley Jade
Bad People quotes by Ashley Jade
I suppose it's too bad people can't be a little more consistent. But if they were, maybe they would stop being people. ~ Budd Schulberg
Bad People quotes by Budd Schulberg
Bad things happen to good people and Good things happen to bad people..that's just how life is. Yet ... A Great person is the one that will overcome it all! ~ Timothy Pina
Bad People quotes by Timothy Pina
Because if we the storytellers don't do this, then the bad people will win. ~ Christiane Amanpour
Bad People quotes by Christiane Amanpour
For most people, the question why be good - as distinguished from merely law abiding - is a simple one. Because God commands it, because the Bible requires it, because good people go to Heaven and bad people go to Hell. ~ Alan Dershowitz
Bad People quotes by Alan Dershowitz
The bad things don't seem to happen to bad people.'
That's because they already did. There's no original evil left in the world. ~ Keith Ablow
Bad People quotes by Keith Ablow
God likes to play hide-and-seek, but because there is nothing outside of God, he has no one but himself to play with! But he gets over this difficulty by pretending that he is not himself. This is his way of hiding from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, plants, all the rocks, and all the stars. In this way he has strange and wonderful adventures, some of which are terrible and frightening. But these are just like bad dreams, for when he wakes up they will disappear.

Now when God plays "hide" and pretends that he is you and I, he does it so well that it takes him a long time to remember where and how he hid himself! But that's the whole fun of it-just what he wanted to do. He doesn't want to find himself too quickly, for that would spoil the game. That is why it is so difficult for you and me to find out that we are God in disguise, pretending not to be himself. But- when the game has gone on long enough, all of us will WAKE UP, stop pretending, and REMEMBER that we are all one single Self- the God who is all that there is and who lives forever and ever.
You may ask why God sometimes hides in the form of horrible people, or pretends to be people who suffer great disease and pain. Remember, first, that he isn't really doing this to anyone but himself. Remember too, that in almost all the stories you enjoy there have to be bad people as well as good people, for the thrill of the tale is to find out how the ~ Alan W. Watts
Bad People quotes by Alan W. Watts
He seems to be making you that way too - enough to tolerate people like him. And once you start tolerating them, you're going to end up being like them yourself. ~ Patricia Highsmith
Bad People quotes by Patricia Highsmith
It is easy to be a good person when times are good. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Bad People quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
both of my grandparents had an almost religious faith in hard work and the American Dream. Neither was under any illusions that wealth or privilege didn't matter in America. On politics, for example, Mamaw had one opinion - "They're all a bunch of crooks" - but Papaw became a committed Democrat. He had no problem with Armco, but he and everyone like him hated the coal companies in Kentucky thanks to a long history of labor strife. So, to Papaw and Mamaw, not all rich people were bad, but all bad people were rich. Papaw was a Democrat because that party protected the working people. ~ J.D. Vance
Bad People quotes by J.D. Vance
Everything beyond getting together felt like a bonus and made everyone feel really relaxed. It's not like people don't scrutinize their own decisions or those of others, of course, but that's both good and bad. ~ Pontus Winnberg
Bad People quotes by Pontus Winnberg
We should not expect people to be good, but should make it impossible for them to be bad. ~ Lin Yutang
Bad People quotes by Lin Yutang
People, especially the liberals, just live in this world where if anything is said that offends anybody even a little bit, not only does that person have to apologize; sometimes they have to go away forever. Go away, bad person. My analysis of this is that most of us don't do anything decent in our life. I'm not saying we're evil. I'm just saying we don't make a contribution, so the way they [liberals] think they're making a contribution is to point at the bad people [which] is somehow even more pathetic. ~ Bill Maher
Bad People quotes by Bill Maher
Frederick Douglass told in his Narrative how his condition as a slave became worse when his master underwent a religious conversion that allowed him to justify slavery as the punishment of the children of Ham. Mark Twain described his mother as a genuinely good person, whose soft heart pitied even Satan, but who had no doubt about the legitimacy of slavery, because in years of living in antebellum Missouri she had never heard any sermon opposing slavery, but only countless sermons preaching that slavery was God's will. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion. ~ Steven Weinberg
Bad People quotes by Steven Weinberg
We all want to be forgiven. There's a lot of really, really bad people who want to be forgiven but will never be forgiven, and I might be in that camp. ~ Lance Armstrong
Bad People quotes by Lance Armstrong
Knowlegde no doubt made bad people worse, but it must make good people better! ~ George MacDonald
Bad People quotes by George MacDonald
People think they are all sort of things they aren't' he had sad. 'They think they are talented when they're not; they think they're powerful when they're actually just bullies; they think they're good when they're bad. People fools themselves all the time, and they don't know that they're fools ~ Salman Rushdie
Bad People quotes by Salman Rushdie
There is no such thing as bad people. We're all just people who sometimes do bad things. ~ Colleen Hoover
Bad People quotes by Colleen Hoover
For it is a most extraordinary, though common, phenomenon to find that perfectly virtuous and upright people often like to be thought just a little wicked, whereas bad people are totally indifferent for the most part as to whether or not anyone thinks them good or not. ~ E.F. Benson
Bad People quotes by E.F. Benson
Is the world really a better place now that nothing is considered bad? People just do what they want, with anyone. How is that different from what animals do in the wild? ~ Diana Palmer
Bad People quotes by Diana Palmer
There are no "good" or "bad" people. Some are a little better or a little worse, but all are activated more by misunderstanding than malice. ~ Tennessee Williams
Bad People quotes by Tennessee Williams
There are some bad people on the rise;
they're saving their own skins by ruining people's lives. ~ Morrissey
Bad People quotes by Morrissey
People are now looking at the world in terms of axis of evil and evil-doers and by logical extension good-doers, and that's a very polarised look at good and bad people. Reality is much more complex than that and people can be good and evil on the very same day. ~ Mario Van Peebles
Bad People quotes by Mario Van Peebles
People are complicated. People have secrets. It doesn't make them good people or bad people. ~ David Zayas
Bad People quotes by David Zayas
The most insulting aspect of insincere people is that while they're pretending to be something other than what they are, they're inherently positing a different reality to you. ~ Daniel V Chappell
Bad People quotes by Daniel V Chappell
As we look around, it's very clear that in this world people do outrageous things to one another all of the time. It's not that these qualities or actions make us bad people, but they bring tremendous suffering if we don't know how to work with them. ~ Sharon Salzberg
Bad People quotes by Sharon Salzberg
I believe that the Laws of Karma do not apply to show business, where good things happen to bad people on a fairly regular basis. ~ Chuck Lorre
Bad People quotes by Chuck Lorre
Wouldn't be very fair to the rest of them, would it?" Harper asked. "They're not bad people, most of them. All they want is to be safe."
"Isn't that always a permission slip for ugliness and cruelty? All they want is to be safe, and they don't care who they have to destroy to stay that way. And the people who want to kill us, the Cremation Crews, all they want is safety, too! ~ Joe Hill
Bad People quotes by Joe Hill
Life takes its path and sometimes there are people to blame. Of course there are bad people in this world. Good, bad, it happens unfortunately. But in a way I think if there was more focus on the good, more good would happen. ~ Andrea Corr
Bad People quotes by Andrea Corr
Kiefer Sutherland is a crazy jerk on '24,' but you love him because he gets the job done. And I think that that goes for a lot of action stars, I mean Steven Segal is a jerk, but you want to watch him because, eventually, he's a jerk who can beat up bad people. ~ Paul Scheer
Bad People quotes by Paul Scheer
But he was thankful for the offer and dimly he was beginning to formulate in his mind the feeling that the world is made up of good people and bad people, of selfish people and thoughtful people, of cruel people and kind people, and it was merely a case of luck as to which kind you met when you went on a great adventure. ~ Gene Stratton-Porter
Bad People quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
A man told me once that all the bad people
Were needed. Maybe not all, but your fingernails
You need; they are really claws, and we know
Claws. The sharks - what about them?
They make other fish swim faster. The hard-faced men
In black coats who chase you for hours
In dreams - that's the only way to get you
To the shore. Sometimes those hard women
Who abandon you get you to say, "You."
A lazy part of us is like a tumbleweed.
It doesn't move on its own. Sometimes it takes
A lot of Depression to get tumbleweeds moving.
Then they blow across three or four States.
This man told me that things work together.
Bad handwriting sometimes leads to new ideas;
And a careless god - who refuses to let people
Eat from the Tree of Knowledge - can lead
To books, and eventually to us. We write
Poems with lies in them, but they help a little. ~ Robert Bly
Bad People quotes by Robert Bly
O Karma, Dharma, pudding and pie
O Karma, Dharma, pudding and pie,
gimme a break before I die:
grant me wisdom, will, & wit,
purity, probity, pluck, & grit.
Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind,
gimme great abs & a steel-trap mind,
and forgive, Ye Gods, some humble advice
these little blessings would suffice
to beget an earthly paradise:
make the bad people good
and the good people nice;
and before our world goes over the brink,
teach the believers how to think. ~ Philip Appleman
Bad People quotes by Philip Appleman
No man knows how bad he is till he has tried very hard to be good. A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. After all, you find out the strength of the German army by fighting against it, not by giving in. You find out the strength of a wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down. A man who gives in to temptation after five minutes simply does not know what it would have been like an hour later. That is why bad people, in one sense, know very little about badness - they have lived a sheltered life by always giving in. We never find out the strength of the evil impulse inside us until we try to fight it: and Christ, because He was the only man who never yielded to temptation, is also the only man who knows to the full what temptation means - the only complete realist. ~ C.S. Lewis
Bad People quotes by C.S. Lewis
I'm not helping you kill anybody else. It's just not happening. I'm done.""What makes you think you have a choice?""You know why? I'll tell you. Because we were just kissing in the street, and deep down, I don't believe you could actually blow up my house or kill my sister. I just don't, and she's probably not even in the house anymore anyway, so if you want to go in there and shoot somebody, fine, but you're on your own."Gobi paused, seeming to consider all of this. "What is it that you want to hear from me, Perry? Do you want me to tell you that these are bad people that I am killing tonight? Because they are. They are very bad people. They deserve to die, each and every one of them.""Nobody deserves to die.""Oh, really?""Okay, I mean, maybe people like Hitler and Pol Pot . . . dictators, tyrants, African warlords who starve their people into submission . . . but that guy at the bar wasn't an evil man.""How do you know? Because he had drinks with Hemingway?""I just know. ~ Joe Schreiber
Bad People quotes by Joe Schreiber
Good people died. Bad people lived. And the rest of us had to continue surviving. ~ Pepper Winters
Bad People quotes by Pepper Winters
And if I may pursue this subject farther I would suggest that the whole matter of imaginative literature depends upon this faculty of seeing the universe, from the aeonian pebble of the wayside to the raw suburban street as something new, unheard of, marvellous, finally, miraculous. The good people
amongst whom I naturally class myself
feel that everything is miraculous; they are continually amazed at the strangeness of the proportion of all things. The bad people, or scientists as they are sometimes called, maintain that nothing is properly an object of awe or wonder since everything can be explained. They are duly punished. ~ Arthur Machen
Bad People quotes by Arthur Machen
Think about how hard, not to mention ineffective, it would be to stand up in public and say, 'I did something unforgiveable that only a scoundrel would do, yet I'm not a scoundrel and you must forgive me.' It sounds like a paradox, doesn't it? Well, it's one we must embrace if we are to make any progress as a species, because we all do the bad things that only bad people would do, as well as the good things that only good people would do, which is why we mustn't hold anything against one another. If we want better apologies, we need to be more forgiving - it's as simple as that. ~ Sophie Hannah
Bad People quotes by Sophie Hannah
The judgment day will determine who did what and what did who! ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Bad People quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
We do not come to God as bad people trying to become good people; we come as rebels to lay down our arms. ~ C.S. Lewis
Bad People quotes by C.S. Lewis
There are no good or bad people in this world; only choices. ~ David Seller
Bad People quotes by David Seller
Well, people fall in love with the wrong guy all the time, it doesn't make them bad people. ~ Laurie Holden
Bad People quotes by Laurie Holden
Never borrow the devil's pitchfork for he will surely use it against you. - On Uncomfortable Associations ~ Lamine Pearlheart
Bad People quotes by Lamine Pearlheart
The moment you feel you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk away. ~ Alysia Harris
Bad People quotes by Alysia Harris
The truth of the world is that in every group you will find some good and some bad people - which is why i am keenly aware that no group is ALL bad, just as no group is ALL good. ~ Christina Engela
Bad People quotes by Christina Engela
The bad part about being recognized is that when I walk into a restaurant and sit down, I've got to eat everything on the plate, whether it's good or bad. People would take it as an insult if I did otherwise. ~ Paul Prudhomme
Bad People quotes by Paul Prudhomme
Could it be that Christians, eager to point out how good we are, neglect the basic fact that the gospel sounds like good news only to bad people? ~ Philip Yancey
Bad People quotes by Philip Yancey
If I believe that only bad people are racist, I will feel hurt, offended, and shamed when an unaware racist assumption of mine is pointed out. If I instead believe that having racist assumptions is inevitable (but possible to change), I will feel gratitude when an unaware racist assumption is pointed out; now I am aware of and can change that assumption. ~ Robin DiAngelo
Bad People quotes by Robin DiAngelo
Conservatives consider liberals well-intentioned, but misguided. Liberals consider conservatives not only wrong, but really, really bad people. ~ Larry Elder
Bad People quotes by Larry Elder
The goodness of a person is normally judged based upon how they act towards those whom they consider to be less fortunate than themselves. This has become the standard for measuring the goodness of a person. But this is erroneous. It is in fact very easy to be good to those whom you consider to be less fortunate than yourself. You know what's difficult? Being good to those you envy! That is what's difficult to do! People believe themselves to practice equality because they are good to those who are lesser than they are, but this is not equality if they do not show the same amount of goodness to the people who happen to be more than they are. I always look at how a person treats those who are more than they are, and that is how I determine the goodness in a person. Because the other option is just too easy. The other option comes with all benefit and no loss. ~ C. JoyBell C.
Bad People quotes by C. JoyBell C.
And that was the real truth of it, wasn't it? Whether you were visible or invisible, it was all about how other people reacted to you. Good and bad things happened either way. If you were invisible, bad people couldn't hurt you, that was true. But the good people couldn't help you, either. If you stayed invisible here, did everything you were supposed to and never made waves, you would disappear from the eyes and minds of all the good people out there who could help you get your life back. It was better to be visible. To stand up. To stand out. ~ Alan Gratz
Bad People quotes by Alan Gratz
History isn't just the story of bad people doing bad things. It's quite as much a story of people trying to do good things. But somehow, something goes wrong. ~ C.S. Lewis
Bad People quotes by C.S. Lewis
It is easy to love friends and sweethearts. This is selfish love. Higher love embraces enemies and all ugly, bad people. The highest love doesn't see goodness or badness at all. One should even love warmongers, bad food producers and priests. ~ Michio Kushi
Bad People quotes by Michio Kushi
If it ever seems to us that the world is a place where bad things only happen to good people, it is because we still believe that bad things happening to bad people is a good thing. ~ Philip K. Jason
Bad People quotes by Philip K. Jason
Good people suddenly don't turn bad. ~ Greg Gutfeld
Bad People quotes by Greg Gutfeld
Public opinion is a powerful tool, if not the ultimate tool, for changing policies of the seemingly omnipotent political leaders. The greatest danger is an apathy that allows for evil to thrive when bad people rule over us and provoke nationalistic and patriotic fervor that intimidates many into compliance. ~ Ron Paul
Bad People quotes by Ron Paul
We live in a world where there are dangerous people, there are bad people. ~ Chuck Hagel
Bad People quotes by Chuck Hagel
Republicans are 'bad people who deserve a two-by-four upside their heads.' ~ Rahm Emanuel
Bad People quotes by Rahm Emanuel
For 'Breaking Bad,' people were with Walter White for 99% of that show, even though that guy is a monster. ~ Adam McKay
Bad People quotes by Adam McKay
If more than 10% of the people like a painting, you can be sure it's bad. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Bad People quotes by George Bernard Shaw
Not to oversimplify it, somebody once said a good rule of thumb in interpreting a character is to find the good in the bad people that you portray and the bad in the good. ~ Gabriel Byrne
Bad People quotes by Gabriel Byrne
God is the Self of the world, but you can't see God for the same reason that, without a mirror, you can't see your own eyes, and you certainly can't bite your own teeth or look inside your head. Your self is that cleverly hidden because it is God hiding. You may ask why God sometimes hides in the form of horrible people, or pretends to be people who suffer great disease and pain. Remember, first, that he isn't really doing this to anyone but himself. Remember, too, that in almost all the stories you enjoy there have to be bad people as well as good people, for the thrill of the tale is to find out how the good people will get the better of the bad. ~ Alan W. Watts
Bad People quotes by Alan W. Watts
When good people consider you the bad guy, you develop a heart to help the bad ones. You actually understand them. ~ Criss Jami
Bad People quotes by Criss Jami
The biggest difference between Jesus Christ and ethical and moral teachers who have been deified by man. Is that these moralists came to make bad people good. Jesus came to make dead people live! ~ Ravi Zacharias
Bad People quotes by Ravi Zacharias
Up until that point everyone who gets hurt winds up fine. There's not actual loss. And then Voldemort kills Cedric Diggory and suddenly everything becomes real. We have to face the possibility that we won't all live long enough to lose our hair or become those crotchety old folks who yell at dumb kids like us. Good people die and bad people don't always get what they deserve. Death stops being this abstract concept that happens to other people, and becomes something that could happen to the people we love. Or even to us. ~ Shaun David Hutchinson
Bad People quotes by Shaun David Hutchinson
Things were easier for the old novelists who saw people all of a piece. Speaking generally, their heroes were good through and through, their villains wholly bad. ~ W. Somerset Maugham
Bad People quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
No one is more sentimentalized in America than mothers on Mother's Day, but no one is more often blamed for the culture's bad people and behavior. ~ Anne Lamott
Bad People quotes by Anne Lamott
They're not bad people, most of them. All they want is to be safe." "Isn't that always a permission slip for ugliness and cruelty? All they want is to be safe, and they don't care who they have to destroy to stay that way. And ~ Joe Hill
Bad People quotes by Joe Hill
He looked at Hector's list and told him that, thanks to a lot of studies and calculations, they'd shown that if you compared yourself to others and didn't find yourself wanting, if you had no money or health problems, if you had friends, a close-knit family, a job you liked, if you were religious and practised your religion, if you felt useful, if you went for a little stroll from time to time, and all of this in a country that was run by not very bad people, where you were taken care of when things went wrong, your chances of bring happy were greatly increased. ~ Francois Lelord
Bad People quotes by Francois Lelord
Good people care more about people than food. They try to help people and don't give up even when they get hungry. Only bad people give up. But good people fix things. Good people stay good even when it's hard to. Even if they're sick or sad or they have to lose their favorite stuff. Even if they have to die. Good people see past their own fucking lives. They aren't just hunger and math. They aren't just animals. Good people are part of the Higher, good people are fuel for the sun. ~ Isaac Marion
Bad People quotes by Isaac Marion
If you are good, people will criticize you. If you are bad, people will criticize you. If you are both good and bad, people will still criticize you. Therefore, don't waste your life trying to please anyone. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Bad People quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
Reporters tend to find in others what they are suited to find, so there is a whole school of reporting where they are cynical about the world, and everything reinforces that. Whereas I tend to be optimistic and be amused by people and like them, even rather bad people. ~ Ira Glass
Bad People quotes by Ira Glass
It is true, there are many bad people; there are more of them than in the past, but that is because there are more people, meaning the population has tripled; there must be three times more bad people. ~ Bhumibol Adulyadej
Bad People quotes by Bhumibol Adulyadej
Any time you make an analogy to horrific people in history, Mussolini or Hitler, people say, 'Oh, you're exaggerating, you're talking about, it's hyperbole.' Maybe it is ... But I would say is that if you are not concerned that democracy could produce bad people, I don't think you're really thinking this through too much. ~ Rand Paul
Bad People quotes by Rand Paul
Let's face it. There are good people and bad people everywhere. Illiteracy, poor education, wars, greed , corruption and similar factors were responsible for the problems in both India and Pakistan. Religious fanatics benefited from these factors and developed formidable socio-political strongholds in both countries. ~ Vivek Pereira
Bad People quotes by Vivek Pereira
Every day we all make little MISTAKES in life, but that doesn't mean we have to pay for them for the rest of our lives.Sometimes GOOD people make BAD choices, but that doesn't mean we are BAD people...It just means we are HUMAN! ~ Karen Gibbs
Bad People quotes by Karen Gibbs
I think there are plenty of good people in America, but there are also plenty of bad people in America and the bad ones are the ones who seem to have all the power and be in these positions to block things that you and I need. ~ Malcolm X
Bad People quotes by Malcolm X
I don't believe that if you do good, good things will happen. Everything is completely accidental and random. Sometimes bad things happen to very good people and sometimes good things happen to bad people. But at least if you try to do good things, then you're spending your time doing something worthwhile. ~ Helen Mirren
Bad People quotes by Helen Mirren
There is a dark side in all of us. And for us 'bad' people, the bad side dominates. I think there is a great sadness in villains, and I have tried to put that across. We cannot stop ourselves doing what we are doing. ~ Christopher Lee
Bad People quotes by Christopher Lee
If the people of God were to transform the world through fascination, these amazing teachings had to work at the center of these peculiar people. Then we can look into the eyes of a centurion and see not a beast but a child of God, and then walk with that child a couple of miles. Look into the eys of tax collectors as they sue you in court; see their poverty and give them your coat. Look in to the eys of the ones who are hardest for you to like, and see the One you love. For God loves good and bad people. ~ Shane Claiborne
Bad People quotes by Shane Claiborne
Lots of people will protest that it's quite unreal and that I'm out of my mind, but that's just too bad ~ Claude Monet
Bad People quotes by Claude Monet
There are no good or bad people, humans are shaped by culture. ~ Jacque Fresco
Bad People quotes by Jacque Fresco
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