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That you DO, you ARE,
If you MUST, you WILL,
If you CAN, you MIGHT,
if you TRY, you WON'T,
If you CAN'T, you're RIGHT ~ Charlie Kennedy
Affirmation quotes by Charlie Kennedy
You are amazing! That is your secret. ~ Debasish Mridha
Affirmation quotes by Debasish Mridha
On this perfect day, when everything is ripening and not only the grape turns brown, the eye of the sun just fell upon my life: I looked back, I looked forward, and never saw so many and such good things at once. It was not for nothing that I buried my forty-fourth year today; I had the right to bury it; whatever was life in it has been saved, is immortal. The first book of the Revaluation of All Values, the Songs of Zarathustra, the Twilight of the Idols, my attempt to philosophize with a hammer - all presents of this year, indeed of its last quarter! How could I fail to be grateful to my whole life? - and so I tell my life to myself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Affirmation quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
My life belongs only to me.
I let go of all the expectations
that others have of me.
My life doesn't belong
to anybody, except to me
and to Life itself. ~ Human Angels
Affirmation quotes by Human Angels
Leaving home is living as though I do not yet have a home, and must look far and wide to find one. Home is the center of my being, where I can hear the voice that says, "You are my beloved. On you my favor rests," the same voice that gave life to the first Adam and spoke to Jesus, the second Adam. The same voice that speaks to all the children of God and sets them free to live in the midst of a dark world while remaining in the light. I have heard that voice. It has spoken to me in the past and continues to speak to me now. It is the never-interrupted voice of love speaking from eternity and giving life and love wherever it is heard. When I hear that voice, I know that I am home with God and have nothing to fear. As the beloved of my heavenly Father, "I can walk in the valley of darkness: no evil would I fear." As the beloved I can "cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils." Having "received without charge," I can "give without charge." As the Beloved, I can confront, console, admonish, and encourage without fear of rejection or need for affirmation. As the Beloved I can suffer persecution without desire for revenge and receive praise without using it as a proof of my goodness. As the Beloved I can be tortured and killed without ever having to doubt that the love that is given to me is stronger than death. As the Beloved I am free to live and give life, free also to die while giving life.
Jesus has made it clear to me that the same voice that h ~ Henri J.M. Nouwen
Affirmation quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Love is everywhere, and I am loving and lovable, and to hold on to that new affirmation and to repeat it often, then it will become true for me. Now, loving people will come into my life, the people already in my life will become more loving to me, and I will find myself easily expressing love to others. ~ Louise L. Hay
Affirmation quotes by Louise L. Hay
Affirmation: I am eternal life and yet I'm still like a little bitty baby. ~ Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Affirmation quotes by Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
What is more likely to lead to true marital satisfaction-getting a fallen spouse to change his or her ways, or changing your own focus so that you draw affirmation from a God who never disappoints, never turns you away? ~ Gary Thomas
Affirmation quotes by Gary Thomas
Americans are fascinated by their own love of shopping. This does not make them unique. It's just that they have more to buy than most other people on the planet. And it's also an affirmation of faith in their country. ~ Simon Hoggart
Affirmation quotes by Simon Hoggart
The distortion of relationship which says "I disagree with you, so I must destroy you" leaves us as Black people with basically uncreative victories, defeated in any common struggle. This jugular vein psychology is based on the fallacy that your assertion or affirmation of self is an attack upon my self - or that my defining myself will somehow prevent or retard your self-definition. ~ Audre Lorde
Affirmation quotes by Audre Lorde
We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then master of the situation. ~ Jane Fonda
Affirmation quotes by Jane Fonda
The drop in pending home sales is an affirmation that we are experiencing a modest slowing in the housing sector. ~ David Lereah
Affirmation quotes by David Lereah
Today I am planting a garden of happiness. The seeds are my closed mouth. ~ Bunmi Laditan
Affirmation quotes by Bunmi Laditan
Does everyone get this opportunity?" he asked while walking beside her along the shore.

"Of course they do," she replied. "But..."

"But what?"

"But first they have to wake up. Do you understand the meaning of what I am telling you?"

In a strange new way, he was beginning to understand. "I do. And I also now know that 11:11 is somehow connected to this process of waking up."

She smiled. "For some people, yes. For others it represents a profound moment of growth. Still others receive it as an affirmation of what they already know. ~ Eric Rankin
Affirmation quotes by Eric Rankin
Everything you do and every word you say can become a ministering seed. You can be a blessing to everyone with whom you come in contact. ~ Kenneth Copeland
Affirmation quotes by Kenneth Copeland
However much some journalists may criticize me, I know that I look, feel, and behave several decades younger than my actual age, and much of that is because I believe you are what you think you are. This is called positive affirmation, and it's a really strong tool. ~ Joan Collins
Affirmation quotes by Joan Collins
When affirmation and negation came into being, Tao faded. After Tao faded, then came one-sided attachments. ~ Zhuangzi
Affirmation quotes by Zhuangzi
Maybe the American Dream is too rich for us now in the U.S. Maybe we're losing it because we are not like our Swedish grandmother who came across the plains, hacked down the trees, and took the Spanish words she encountered and made them hers. Now her great-great-grandchildren sit terrified, wondering what to do with all these Mexicans. The American Dream is an impossible affirmation of possibility. And maybe native-born Americans don't have it anymore. Maybe it has run through their fingers. ~ Richard Rodriguez
Affirmation quotes by Richard Rodriguez
To find the courage to keep writing after constant failure is awesomeness. Winning is eminent. ~ Sereda Aleta Dailey
Affirmation quotes by Sereda Aleta Dailey
A successful story always offers its audience more than a simple resolution of events. A story offers a dramatic affirmation of human needs that are acted out to resolution and fulfillment. Even when that resolution and fulfillment are dark, the journey can still be vivid, potent and illuminating. ~ Bill Johnson
Affirmation quotes by Bill Johnson
An atheist, like a Christian, holds that we can know whether or not there is a God. The Christian holds that we can know there is a God; the atheist, that we can know there is not. The Agnostic suspends judgment, saying that there are not sufficient grounds either for affirmation or for denial. At the same time, an Agnostic may hold that the existence of God, though not impossible, is very improbable; he may even hold it so improbable that it is not worth considering in practice. In that case, he is not far removed from atheism. ~ Bertrand Russell
Affirmation quotes by Bertrand Russell
Unlike a lot of people, I don't need the affirmation or anything. ~ Bob Seger
Affirmation quotes by Bob Seger
The most powerful affirmation you will ever find is this: "I am as God created me. ~ Dragos Bratasanu
Affirmation quotes by Dragos Bratasanu
She knew her husband would never stray, so highly did he value that which he'd waited nearly six thousand years to know, so precious was it to him: love. She knew he would be there with her until the very end, that he would cherish each wrinkle, every line in her face, because in the final analysis they were not a negation of life but an affirmation of a life well lived. Proof positive of laughter and tears, of joy and grief, of passion, of living. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Affirmation quotes by Karen Marie Moning
I am willing to release the need to be unworthy. I am worthy of the very best in life, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it ~ Louise L. Hay
Affirmation quotes by Louise L. Hay
That the sun will not rise tomorrow is no less intelligible a proposition, and implies no more contradiction, than the affirmation, that it will rise. ~ David Hume
Affirmation quotes by David Hume
You will be a failure, until you impress the subconscious with the conviction you are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which 'clicks.' ~ Florence Scovel Shinn
Affirmation quotes by Florence Scovel Shinn
Because I have confidence in the power of truth and in the spirit, I believe in the future of mankind. Affirmation of the world and of life contains within itself an optimistic willing and hoping which can never be lost. It is, therefore, never afraid to face the dismal reality and to see it as it really is. ~ Albert Schweitzer
Affirmation quotes by Albert Schweitzer
INTPs seem more inclined toward cerebral narcissism than most other types. While Vaknin sees the narcissist's chance of recovery as relatively slim, I tend to disagree, especially for those with milder cases. In my experience, as INTPs mature and develop, their need for ego affirmation gradually diminishes and is supplanted by a healthier sense of self-worth. ~ A.J. Drenth
Affirmation quotes by A.J. Drenth
It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. ~ Muhammad Ali
Affirmation quotes by Muhammad Ali
Many people mess up every new day with what happened yesterday. They insist on bringing into today the failures of yesterday, and in so doing pollute a potentially wonderful day. When bitterness, resentment, and revenge are allowed to live in the human heart, words of affirmation will be impossible to speak. The best thing we can do with past failures is to let them be history. ~ Gary Chapman
Affirmation quotes by Gary Chapman
See, I'm a great believer in the power of negative thought. And in an age of affirmation, of self-help and self-love, of the rebirth of wide-eyed idealism and the power of positive thinking - I'm happy to be a champion of skepticism and doubt. That night, I rediscovered my role, my reason, and my rage. ~ Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
Affirmation quotes by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
Affirmation: I am in love with the free spirit that I am becoming. ~ Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Affirmation quotes by Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Feminism is a transformational force, an individual and social force. It is a way of looking at the world-a questioning of power/domination issues, an affirmation of women's energy. ~ Charlotte Bunch
Affirmation quotes by Charlotte Bunch
When you blame others, you are affirming that you have no power, and your existence is only a reaction to the power of others. ~ Bryant McGill
Affirmation quotes by Bryant McGill
Knowledge is two-fold, and consists not only in an affirmation of what is true, but in the negation of that which is false. ~ Charles Caleb Colton
Affirmation quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
Appearing nude on film was not easy when I was twenty-six in Body Heat; it was even harder when I was forty-six in The Graduate, on the stage, which is more up close and personal than film. After my middle-age nude scene, though, I unexpectedly got letters from women saying, "I have not undressed in front of my husband in ten years and I'm going to tonight." Or, "I have not looked in the mirror at my body and you gave me permission."
These affirmations from other women were especially touching to me because when I began The Graduate I'd just come through a period when I felt a great loss of confidence, when my rheumatoid arthritis hit me hard and I literally couldn't walk or do any of the things that I was so used to doing. It used to be that if I said to my body, "Leap across the room now," it would leap instantly. I don't know how I did it, but I did it. I hadn't realized how much my confidence was based on my physicality. On my ability to make my body do whatever I wanted it to do.
I was so consumed, not just by thinking about what I could and couldn't do, but also by handling the pain, the continual, chronic pain. I didn't realize how pain colored my whole world and how depressive it was. Before I was finally able to control my RA with proper medications, I truly had thought that my attractiveness and my ability to be attractive to men was gone, was lost. So for me to come back and do The Graduate was an affirmation to myself. I had my body back. I was back. ~ Kathleen Turner
Affirmation quotes by Kathleen Turner
Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart. ~ Roy Bennett
Affirmation quotes by Roy Bennett
Art is an affirmation of life, a rebuttal of death. And here we blunder into paradox again, for during the creation of any form of art, art which affirms the value and the holiness of life, the artist must die. To serve a work of art, great or small, is to die, to die to self. ~ Madeleine L'Engle
Affirmation quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
Production of identity is a resistance element, an aggressive element. Both a refusal and an affirmation and an assertion, and certainly, we in Jamaica were talking about black art. And the idea that there is a role for art in the civil rights revolution and in the successor to the civil rights revolution. ~ Mark McMorris
Affirmation quotes by Mark McMorris
Creation is the work of the Word; it is also, and by this very fact, His manifestation, his outward affirmation; and this is why the world is like a divine language, for those who know how to understand it: Caeli enarrant gloriam Dei (The heavens declare the glory of God, Ps. XIX:2) ~ Rene Guenon
Affirmation quotes by Rene Guenon
You cannot affirm the power plant and condemn the smokestack, or affirm the smoke and condemn the cough ~ Wendell Berry
Affirmation quotes by Wendell Berry
I think anything that you can use to connect is fine. For some people it's meditation. For some people it's yoga. For some people, it's running. For some people, it's affirmations. For me, it's photographs and drawings, and affirmations, and statues, and crystals. I fill my writing space and I fill my home with symbols of what I think of as higher energy. ~ Wayne Dyer
Affirmation quotes by Wayne Dyer
Using affirmations on a daily basis is one of the easiest things we can do to change our lives. ~ Robert Anthony
Affirmation quotes by Robert Anthony
Power is required for communication. To stand before an indifferent or hostile group and have one's say, or to speak honestly to a friend truths that go deep and hurt these require self-affirmation, self-assertion, and even at times aggression ... My experience in psychotherapy convinces me that the act which requires the most courage is the simple communication, unpropelled by rage or anger, of one's deepest thoughts to another. ~ Rollo May
Affirmation quotes by Rollo May
Close the Bible and open the Manu Smriti. It has an affirmation of life, a triumphing agreeable sensation in life and that to draw up a lawbook such as Manu means to permit oneself to get the upper hand, to become perfection, to be ambitious of the highest art of living. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Affirmation quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
Have you thought that your willingness to forgive is really your affirmation of the power of God to do you good? ~ Paula Rinehart
Affirmation quotes by Paula Rinehart
I am a child of the everlasting King.
I am forgiven.
I am a warrior.
I am cloaked in righteous armor.
I was made for adventure.
I was built for battle.
I am part of a larger story.
My true and lasting affirmation comes only from my King.
I am unique above all creation--planned and perfect in design.
I have been created for a glorious destiny.
All my ways are established by you, my King, and I walk in them.
My life and actions are real, authentic, and without compromise.
I am quickened and made alive through the power of your Spirit.
My whole life is before me.
I am a shining gift from God to this lost world.
I know my name, I understand my calling, and I am worthy to walk in it.
I am strong, brave, and courageous in the face of my enemies.
Whatever is good, whatever is pure, whatever is true, dwell on these things.
My sins are scattered as far as the east is from the west.
I am a good husband to my wife.
I am a good father to my daughters.
The past is over, and the future glimmers with radiant light.
I will look to the new day, the dawning of hope.
I will step forward with the truth before me and will no longer look on the day that is gone.
The past is over; the future has begun. ~ James L. Rubart
Affirmation quotes by James L. Rubart
Fear is an affirmation of your growth. ~ Rhonda Britten
Affirmation quotes by Rhonda Britten
Books about books are a rare species, special tomes for writers and book lovers. More than an affirmation of taste, a book about books is often a spirited celebration and sincere investigation. Quickly coveted, it remains on that particular shelf, guarded and revered, and eventually slips out of print. What good company we will keep then, among a library lost, only momentarily invisible, waiting patiently to be found. ~ Tom Cardamone
Affirmation quotes by Tom Cardamone
Jealousy is like wasabe - a little can add excitement to your salmon sashimi but too much can make you cry and trigger facial contortions. I find it very flattering if someone is jealous of me. It is an affirmation that I am hot and spectacular. It is a confirmation of my value and importance. Yes, I am vain. ~ Jessica Zafra
Affirmation quotes by Jessica Zafra
Practice rather than preach. Make of your life an affirmation, defined by your ideals, not the negation of others. Dare to the level of your capability then go beyond to a higher level. ~ Alexander Haig
Affirmation quotes by Alexander Haig
One has either got to be a Jew or stop reading the Bible. The Bible cannot make sense to anyone who is not "spiritually a Semite." The spiritual sense of the Old Testament is not and cannot be a simple emptying out of its Israelite content. Quite the contrary! The New Testament is the fulfillment of that spiritual content, the fulfillment of the promise made to Abraham, the promise that Abraham believed in. It is never therefore a denial of Judaism, but its affirmation. Those who consider it a denial have not understood it. ~ Thomas Merton
Affirmation quotes by Thomas Merton
...only the one who knows and practices the iconoclastic fury of destruction can possess the joy born of freedom, of that unique freedom fertilized by sorrow. I rise up against the reality of the outer world for the triumph of the reality of my inner world. I reject society for the triumph of the I. I reject the stability of every rule, every custom, every morality, for the affirmation of every willful instinct, all free emotionality, every passion and every fantasy. I mock at every duty and every right so I can sing free will. I scorn the future to suffer and enjoy my good and my bad in the present. I despise humanity because it is not my humanity. I hate tyrants and I detest slaves. I don't want and I don't grant solidarity, because I am convinced that it is a new chain, and because I believe with Ibsen that the one who is most alone is the strongest one. This is my Nihilism. ~ Renzo Novatore
Affirmation quotes by Renzo Novatore
Those who learn from success grow prideful. On the contrary... those who learn from failure run to extremes. You can't learn anything from total affirmation, or from total denial. And the more you think you have, the nastier you get. ~ Adachitoka
Affirmation quotes by Adachitoka
When you learn to embrace your self with a sense of appreciation and affection, you begin to glimpse the goodness and light that is in you and gradually you will realize that you are worthy of respect from yourself. When you recognize your limits, but still embrace your life with affection and graciousness, the sense of inner dignity begins to grow. You become freer and less dependent on the affirmation of outer voices and less troubled by the negativity of others. ~ John O'Donohue
Affirmation quotes by John O'Donohue
Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful. ~ Norman Vincent Peale
Affirmation quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
For what is falling to a flyer but a pleasant reminder, a firm affirmation of wings. ~ Z. Marick Pearson
Affirmation quotes by Z. Marick Pearson
Affirmation: I am infinite and forever creation. I am timeless, unbound and span beyond space, time and gravity. ~ Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Affirmation quotes by Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Affirmation quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
There's a widespread belief that if you have solid self-esteem you don't need outside affirmation and praise. This is patently untrue, by the way. ~ Harriet Lerner
Affirmation quotes by Harriet Lerner
Yes, my particular virtue of being very often objective, and thus sidetracked from thinking about myself, suffers lapses of affirmation, as do all virtues and even all vices. ~ Fernando Pessoa
Affirmation quotes by Fernando Pessoa
When we were first born, Spirit was our predominate guide, but as we 'matured,' our society quickly cured us of that.

I learned later in my studies that any negative moaning I have about my life is only an affirmation of weakness and makes all those around me not want to be there.

Life is nothing more than a dance with God; we just need to follow His lead and quit stepping on His toes.

We must be able to release the things we hold dearest in order to truly have.

I believe you must know the feeling of hunger before you can truly taste and enjoy food, you can only recognize authenticity by experiencing fraud, and you can only experience true love after enduring heartache. Your level of awareness will increase as you experience the rawness of life on your path to becoming more.

God never gives you more than you can handle. He is perfect in His teaching.

Know that what comes around goes around, and what you're unable to forgive and let go will stay around.

We need to control what we think, what we say, and how we feel. It's our thoughts that produce our words, and our words lead to our actions. Our actions over time become habits, which form our character. Our character is what unfolds into our reality.

Life is not about a future someone, it's about 'becoming' someone and enjoying every step along the way. There's no need to wait - significance is available right now.

If you had to ~ Doug Burnett
Affirmation quotes by Doug Burnett
I say no to doubt and yes to life! ~ Wayne Dyer
Affirmation quotes by Wayne Dyer
Your mind constantly seeks proof that will confirm your beliefs. If you have negative beliefs, your mind will seek to prove those negative thoughts. If you have positive beliefs, your minds will seek to prove those positive thoughts. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of our beliefs. ~ Akiroq Brost
Affirmation quotes by Akiroq Brost
I think what happens in a religious life is that we have those experiences of affirmation and that one starts to live a Christian life or a Jewish life or a Muslim life or a Buddhist life, by affirming that affirmation each day. Each day you say 'Yes' to that Yes. So the life of being a Christian for example, is always a life of double affirmation, that you each day say 'Yes' to those counter-experiences of saying 'Yes', even when you're not experiencing them at that time, you're remaining loyal to that experience. ~ Kevin Hart
Affirmation quotes by Kevin Hart
But, unfortunately, sometimes that affirmation creates a sense that you deserve special treatment and recognition in areas where you're not so talented. ~ Taylor Hackford
Affirmation quotes by Taylor Hackford
In order to confer their lost Nationality upon exiled Jews , the British with the help of the League of Nations began to rehabilitate the old Hebrew country, Palestine, with its long lost children. The Jews had maintained their race, religion, culture and language; and all they wanted was their natural territory to complete their Nationality. The reconstruction of the Hebrew Nation on Palestine is just an affirmation of the fact that Country, Race, Religion, Culture and Language must exist unequivocally together to form the Nation idea. ~ M. S. Golwalkar
Affirmation quotes by M. S. Golwalkar
Beyond the family or particular Christian tradition, how much effort do we make to consider what the Mennonites or the Episcopalians, the Baptists or the Pentecostals, the Methodists or the Presbyterians have to say to the rest of us out of their DIFFERENCES, as well as out of the affirmation in common with other Christians? As I suggested earlier, our patterns of ecumenicity tend to bracket out our differences rather than to celebrate and capitalize upon them. Finding common ground has been the necessary first step in ecumenical relations and activity. But the next step is to acknowledge and enjoy what God has done elsewhere in the Body of Christ. And if at the congregational level we are willing to say, 'I can't do everything myself, for I am an ear: I must consult with a hand or an eye on this matter,' I suggest that we do the same among whole traditions. If we do not regularly and programmatically consult with each other, we are tacitly claiming that we have no need of each other, and that all the truth, beauty, and goodness we need has been vouchsafed to us by God already. Not only is such an attitude problematic in terms of our flourishing, as I have asserted, but in this context now we must recognize how useless a picture this presents to the rest of society. Baptists, Presbyterians, and Roman Catholics failing to celebrate diversity provide no positive examples to societies trying to understand how to celebrate diversity on larger scales. ~ John G. Stackhouse Jr.
Affirmation quotes by John G. Stackhouse Jr.
It's enough for a small betrayal, a distancing, an affirmation of independence to provoke wrath, fear and also hatred from the adult. How many husbands and boyfriends kill the woman they say they love because she has decided to leave. It's in the news every day. ~ Dacia Maraini
Affirmation quotes by Dacia Maraini
It had never occurred to me that what we call "God" could be experienced. For me, the word had referred to a being who might or might not exist, and in whom one could believe or disbelieve or about whom one could remain uncertain. But I realized there is a cloud of witnesses, Christian and non-Christian, for whom God, the sacred, is real, an element of experience, not a hypothetical being who may or may not exist and whom we can only believe in. For the first time in my life, I understood the affirmation that the earth is full of "the glory of God." Perhaps ~ Marcus J. Borg
Affirmation quotes by Marcus J. Borg
The force of what was called Panther rhetoric or word mongering resided not in elegant discourse but in strength of affirmation (or denial), in anger of tone and timbre. When the anger led to action there was no turgidity or over-emphasis. Anyone who has witnessed political rows among the Whites will have to admit that the Whites aren't overburdened with poetic imagination. ~ Jean Genet
Affirmation quotes by Jean Genet
The affirmation of one's own life, happiness, growth and freedom, is rooted in one's capacity to love. ~ Erich Fromm
Affirmation quotes by Erich Fromm
Easter is a marvelous affirmation of the genius of our design, but it is likewise the blunt acknowledgement that left to its own devices, the genius of our design will result in the destruction of our lives. ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough
Affirmation quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
but sometimes you just need that visceral affirmation that the people you love are all right, that they're just there in front of you. Close enough to touch. ~ Dot Hutchison
Affirmation quotes by Dot Hutchison
If the tradition which claims that war may be justified does not also admit that it could be unjustified, the affirmation is not morally serious. A Christian who prepares the case for a justified war without being equally prepared for hte negative case has not soberly weighted the prima facie presumption that any violence is wrong until the case for an exception has been made. ~ John Howard Yoder
Affirmation quotes by John Howard Yoder
Affirmation: I am the creator of all that I want to experience in my reality. ~ Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Affirmation quotes by Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
After the steaming bodies swept
through the hungry streets of swollen cities;
after the vast pink spawning of family
poisoned the rivers and ravaged the prairies;
after the gamble of latex and
diaphragms and pills;
I invoked the white robes, gleaming blades
ready for blood, and, feeling the scourge
of Increase and Multiply, made
affirmation: Yes, deliver us from
And after the precision of scalpels,
I woke to a landscape of sunshine where
the catbird mates for life and
maps trace out no alibis - stepped
into a morning of naked truth,
where acts mean what they really are:
the purity of loving
for the sake of love. ~ Philip Appleman
Affirmation quotes by Philip Appleman
People crave encouragement, and sometimes the greatest encouragement is the writing of words that endure. Perhaps you can pen a note of affirmation and approval to someone today. ~ David Jeremiah
Affirmation quotes by David Jeremiah
Prayer is not an attempt to get God to agree with you or provide for your selfish desires, but that it is both an affirmation of His sovereignty, righteousness, and majesty and an exercise to conform your desires and purposes to His will and Glory ~ John F. MacArthur Jr.
Affirmation quotes by John F. MacArthur Jr.
Genesis supplements "created in God's image" with the affirmation that God thus made humanity "male and female." Women and men together comprise this image. The statement is an extraordinary one in this opening chapter of Genesis, written in a patriarchal culture. One might wonder whether the author of Genesis saw the implications of this declaration. Certainly generation after generation of Christians have not seen it. We have often talked and behaved as if the male was the normal and full form of a human being, with the female a deviant and slightly inferior form. But both male and female belong to the image. You have the image of God represented in humanity only when you have both men and women there. When women are not present and involved in God's work in the world (and in the church), the image of God is not present. ~ John E. Goldingay
Affirmation quotes by John E. Goldingay
The advice that you must change your environment - for example, by eliminating negative people and news - is an admission that there may in fact be a "real world" out there that is utterly unaffected by our wishes. In the face of this terrifying possibility, the only "positive" response is to withdraw into one's own carefully constructed world of constant approval and affirmation, nice news, and smiling people. ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
Affirmation quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
Islam united all heresies persecuted in Byzantine Empire and synthesised them well into a conseffion that later became a symbol of Arab self-affirmation. ~ Lev Gumilev
Affirmation quotes by Lev Gumilev
If you think about the world of a preschooler, they are surrounded by stuff they don't understand-things that are novel. So the driving force for a preschooler is not a search for novelty, like it is with older kids, it's a search for understanding and predictability," says Anderson. "For younger kids, repetition is really valuable. They demand it. When they see a show over and over again, the not only are understanding it better, which is a form of power, but just by predicting what is going to happen, I think they feel a real sense of affirmation and self-worth. And Blue's Clues doubles that feeling, because they also feel like they are participating in something. They feel like they are helping Steve. ~ Malcolm Gladwell
Affirmation quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
Denial and affirmation are games which people play.
There are people who deny that they are capable of denying, and who would insist that people do not insist. ~ Idries Shah
Affirmation quotes by Idries Shah
Patience and perseverance are necessary in autosuggestion, as well as in everything else. ~ Emile Coue
Affirmation quotes by Emile Coue
Success is a process, a quality of mind and way of being, an outgoing affirmation of life. ~ Alex Noble
Affirmation quotes by Alex Noble
In a man like Friedrich von Schlegel the courage to be as an individual self produced complete neglect of participation, but it also produced, in reaction to the emptiness of this self-affirmation, the desire to return to a collective. Schlegel, and with him many extreme individualists in the last hundred years, became Roman Catholics. The courage to be as oneself broke down, and one turned to an institutional embodiment of the courage to be as a part. ~ Paul Tillich
Affirmation quotes by Paul Tillich
The spirit of polytheism, its affirmation of the sublimely disturbing polyvalence of life and its courageousness in the face of that polyvalence, has the power to shock us out of our satanic torpor and provide us with truly viable alternatives to the things to which so many of us so desperately seek alternatives. I ~ Dan McCoy
Affirmation quotes by Dan McCoy
Few things build a person up like affirmation. According to Webster's New World Dictionary, Third College Edition (Simon and Schuster, 1991),
the word affirm comes from ad firmare, which means "to make firm." So when you affirm people, you make firm within them the things you see about them. Do that often enough, and the belief that solidifies within them will become stronger than the doubts they have about themselves. ~ John C. Maxwell
Affirmation quotes by John C. Maxwell
Cursing is an affirmation, worrying is an affirmation, and hatred is an affirmation. ~ Louise L. Hay
Affirmation quotes by Louise L. Hay
Don't just create a change for yourself, be a centre of change to others. ~ Richmond Akhigbe
Affirmation quotes by Richmond Akhigbe
What has actually to be said about the Cause of everything is this. Since it is the Cause of all beings, we should posit and ascribe to it all the affirmations we make in regard to beings, and, more appropriately, we should negate all these affirmations, since It surpasses all being. Now we should not conclude that the negations are simply the opposites of the affirmations, but rather that the cause of all is considerably prior to this, beyond privations, beyond every denial, beyond every assertion. ~ Pope Dionysius
Affirmation quotes by Pope Dionysius
Freewill does not impune the sovereignty of God, it in fact affirms it. ~ R. Alan Woods
Affirmation quotes by R. Alan Woods
I said. I'm a maid. I'm a dancer, she said. She stuck her elbows out and snapped her fingers. Well, I said. I get paid. Well, she said. I get applause. Well, I said. I get paid and with that money I rent an apartment and buy food. And a television. Well, she said. I get applause and with that affirmation of my amazing talent I feel happy and confident and cool. Well, I said. Enjoy your life as a dancer. Well, she said. Enjoy your life as a maid. Thanks, I will, I said. Good, she said. We walked in grim silence towards something else. ~ Miriam Toews
Affirmation quotes by Miriam Toews
For the scientist, at exactly the moment of discovery - that most unstable existential moment - the external world, nature itself, deeply confirms his innermost fantastic convictions. Anchored abruptly in the world, Leviathan gasping on his hook, he is saved from extreme mental disorder by the most profound affirmation of the real. ~ Richard Rhodes
Affirmation quotes by Richard Rhodes
When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life. ~ Louise Hay
Affirmation quotes by Louise Hay
Faith is a state of mind which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion . ~ Napoleon Hill
Affirmation quotes by Napoleon Hill
I seek to use the tools of the mind to overcome a narcissistic self and attain self-mastery. I aspire to engage in self-cultivation by making practical usage of the process of enduring privations, overcoming challenges, and rejecting illicit temptations in order to gain fortitude, courage, and wisdom. I shall reflect upon grievous personal mistakes and embrace the concept of repentance as a lifelong growth process through which humankind conscientiously learns to make better choices by forsaking vice, immorality, and wickedness. I must also unreservedly embrace fate by perceiving everything that happens in life including suffering and loss as good, and affirm a life filled with indignity, sorrow, and tragedy. I can only discover happiness – a meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth, and essential value of existence – by living with dignity in the face of absurdity. When we affirm all aspects of being, we enjoy a tranquil existence. ~ Kilroy J. Oldster
Affirmation quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him. ~ Romain Gary
Affirmation quotes by Romain Gary
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