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#1. What kind of world results if the power to dominate and control others, inflicting enormous suffering in the process, is sanctioned by a divine being who can at the same time redeem that suffering and release the perpetrators and their victims from that world's evils? - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#2. But finally, when they stopped to sleep, not bothering with a tent, just bedding down in a hollow they'd trampled in the tall grass with their boots, Arin spoke. He slid a hand under her tunic to touch her bare back, then stopped. "Is this all right?"
She wanted to explain that she hadn't thought she'd ever bear anyone's touch on her scarred back, that it should revolt him and revolt her. Yet his touch made her feel soft and new. "Yes."
He pushed the shirt up, seeking the lash marks, tracing their length. She let herself feel it, and shivered, and thought of nothing. But a tension grew. He was still, but for his hand.
Kestrel said, "What's wrong?"
"Your life would have been easier if you had married the Valorian prince."
She drew herself up so that she could face him. The scent of black powder clung to them both. His skin smelled like a blown-out candle. "But not better," she said. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
Lash quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#3. At 70, I would say the advantage is that you take life more calmly. You know that "this too, shall pass. - Author: Joseph P. Lash
Lash quotes by Joseph P. Lash
#4. One does not lash hat lies at a distance. The foibles that we ridicule must at least be a little bit our own. Only then will the work be a part of our own flesh. The garden must be weeded. - Author: Paul Klee
Lash quotes by Paul Klee
#5. You can die from kitsch. And we're close to it. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#6. So it happened at last: I was about to become a thief, a cheap milk-stealer. Here was your lash-in-the-pen genius, your one story-writer: a thief. - Author: John Fante
Lash quotes by John Fante
#7. You are the king no doubt, but in one respect,
at least, I am your equal: the right to reply.
I claim that privilege too.
I am not your slave. I serve Apollo.
I don't need Creon to speak for me in public.

you mock my blindness? Let me tell you this.
You with your precious eyes,
you're blind to the corruption in your life,
to the house you live in, those you live with-
who are your parents? Do you know? All unknowing
you are the scourge of your own flesh and blood,
the dead below the earth and the living here above,
and the double lash of your mother and your father's curse
will whip you from this land one day, their footfall
treading you down in terror, darkness shrouding
your eyes that now can see the light!

Soon, soon,
you'll scream aloud - what haven won't reverberate?
What rock of Cithaeron won't scream back in echo?
That day you learn the truth about your marriage,
the wedding-march that sang you into your halls,
the lusty voyage home to the fatal harbor!
And a crowd of other horrors you'd never dream
will level you with yourself and all your children.

There. Now smear us with insults - Creon, myself
and every word I've said. No man will ever
be rooted from the earth as brutally as you. - Author: Robert Fagles
Lash quotes by Robert Fagles
#8. I see it all. I feel it all. I am inspired. My eyes fill with tears. Yet even as I feel this. I lash my frenzy higher and higher. It foams. It becomes artificial, insincere. Words and words and words, how they gallop - how they lash their long manes and tails, but for some fault in me I cannot fly with them, scattering women and string bags. There is some flaw in me - some fatal hesitancy, which, if I pass it over, turns to foam and falsity - Author: Virginia Woolf
Lash quotes by Virginia Woolf
#9. We dance. Sweet, downcast, through-the-lashes-glances bely every beating she got at thirteen, every lash of the tongue from her dad at fourteen, every heroin high that let her out for awhile, every hour and day she had to be tough.

She is so natural and soft. Her shoulders are down, hips loose and swinging as we close together. I swear I'm growing chest hair just looking at her. I've been a boy in public before, but I've never seen her like this. That's it exactly; I haven't seen her at all, except in glimpses, in half-confessional role-play sex. And here she is - pressed tight against my chest, hips grinding against my crotch to the bass bump of the music. Her thigh along mine is electric heaven. Two drag queens cannot decide whether we are breeders or in drag. I stroke my mascara-made mustache at them - but none of it matters with hands in suede and the way she smiles. - Author: Various
Lash quotes by Various
#10. I feel myself. But it's only the eye with a lash in it, the swollen finger, the infected tooth that feels itself, is conscious of its own individual being. The healthy eye or finger or tooth doesn't seem to exist. So it's clear, isn't it? Self-consciousness is just a disease. - Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
Lash quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#11. It is the lash of hunger which compels the poor man to submit. In order to live he must sell - 'voluntarily' sell - himself every day and hour to the 'beast of property.' - Author: Johann Most
Lash quotes by Johann Most
#12. Love, we must part now: do not let it be
Calamitous and bitter. In the past
There has been too much moonlight and self-pity:
Let us have done with it: for now at last
Never has sun more boldly paced the sky,
Never were hearts more eager to be free,
To kick down worlds, lash forests; you and I
No longer hold them; we are husks, that see
The grain going forward to a different use.

There is regret. Always, there is regret.
But it is better that our lives unloose,
As two tall ships, wind-mastered, wet with light,
Break from an estuary with their courses set,
And waving part, and waving drop from sight.

- Love We Must Part - Author: Philip Larkin
Lash quotes by Philip Larkin
#13. They know no urge of seasons; they feel no kiss of sun, no lash of wind and weather. They live forever by not living at all. - Author: Aldo Leopold
Lash quotes by Aldo Leopold
#14. If you carry around a lot of suppressed or repressed anger (anger you have unconsciously buried) you may lash out at people, blaming or punishing them for something someone else did a long time ago. Because you were unwilling or unable to express how you felt in the past, you may overreact in the present, damaging a relationship. - Author: Beverly Engel
Lash quotes by Beverly Engel
#15. Man preys on man; and you mourn for the idle tapestry that decorated a gothic pillar, and the dronish bell that summoned the fat priest to prayer. You mourn for the empty pageant of a name, when slavery flaps her wing, ... Why is our fancy to be appalled by terrific perspectives of a hell beyond the grave? - Hell stalks abroad; - the lash resounds on the slave's naked sides; and the sick wretch, who can no longer earn the sour bread of unremitting labour, steals to a ditch to bid the world a long good night. - Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Lash quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#16. Our parents resorted to the lash the way flagellants in the plague years resorted to the scourge. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Lash quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#17. The next morning I woke up with a furry lump pressed against my chest, its butt right under my chin. Before I could move, a toxic cloud of dog fart floated into my face. Barbeque sauce scented dog - Author: Susan Lash
Lash quotes by Susan Lash
#18. You know he will take the credit for your good ideas, and you the blame for his bad ones? When fortune turns against you, you will feel her lash: you always, he never.
One day, when you are still adjusting your harness, you will look up and see him thundering downhill.
pg. 495 - Author: Hilary Mantel
Lash quotes by Hilary Mantel
#19. Everyone knows I'm a lash girl by now. When I don't have my lashes, I feel naked. - Author: Nicki Minaj
Lash quotes by Nicki Minaj
#20. Christianity is a creed embraced by billions, but rarely chosen by anyone. The same is true of Islam, whose followers now make up about one-fifth of the world's population of sex billion people. Jews are racially born into their religion. Today we have utterly forgotten that heresy derives from the Greek heraisthai, "to choose." To be heretical means to have choices and not be forced or obligated to believe what one is told to believe. A heretic is free to choose what to believe, or not to believe. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#21. Solitary confinement is too terrible a punishment to inflict on any human being, no matter what his crime. Hardened criminals in the men's prisons, it is said, often beg for the lash instead. - Author: Emmeline Pankhurst
Lash quotes by Emmeline Pankhurst
#22. How easily you forgive, Eleanor. How freely you
absolve the sins of others. Tell me, little one, when the
time comes, how will you absolve yours?
With the first lash of the whip Nora felt a strip of fire
burn across her back. She cried out from a pain so
ferocious she nearly choked on it.
Like this, Søren, she dared answer only in her mind.
This is how. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
Lash quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#23. Here's an example. When I first met Nick Gautier it was fated that he was to get married at age thirty and have a dozen kids. As our friendship grew, I lost the ability to see how his future would play out. Then in one moment of anger, I changed his destiny by telling him he should kill himself. I didn't mean it, but as a god of fate, such proclamations when made by me are law. Fate realigned the circumstances around him that would lead him to make a decision to take his own life. The woman he was to marry ended up dead in her store. His mother's life was taken by a Daimon and Nick shot himself at her feet. My free will would have been to not lash out at him. Instead I did. His free will would have been to seek revenge as a human against a Daimon and not kill himself. But because of who I am, my proclamation that he kill himself outweighed his will and he didn't really have any choice. I took his free will and I cost him everyone who was close to him. (Acheron) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lash quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#24. You might make people uncomfortable,
even those you love them most and it will hurt.
The masses will likely misunderstand you and as a result they will judge you and even lash out at you and you may have to walk alone sometimes.
Your joy, your freedom and your magic will infuriate those who feel trapped in a life they secretly hate.
When your truth threatens someones belief system, they will come at you like a storm and you will have to stand and let them roar all around you.
If you're creating change, the people benefiting from the current system will likely try to stop you. Be brave. Stand. Hold space for change.
Keep writing. Keep dancing. Keep singing. Keep shining your light on the world.
We need your beauty and your truth.
We need you- the real you! - Author: Brooke Hampton
Lash quotes by Brooke Hampton
#25. Tommy moved on. Lash, your people have been oppressed for hundreds of years. It's time to strike back. Look, you don't have your MBA yet - they haven't completely juiced you of your usefulness yet. Would Martin Luther King back down from this challenge? Malcolm X? James Brown? Don't you have a dream? Don't you feel good, like you knew that you would, now? - Author: Christopher Moore
Lash quotes by Christopher Moore
#26. The new era differs from the old chiefly in that the lash begins to imagine itself possessed of genius. - Author: Karl Marx
Lash quotes by Karl Marx
#27. Freedom, to be desirable, involves kindness, wisdom, and all the virtues of the free; but the free man as we have seen him in action has been, as of yore, only the master of many helots; and the slaves are still ill-fed, ill-clad, ill-taught, ill-housed, insolently treated, and driven to their mines and workshops by the lash of famine. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Lash quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#28. In fact, you couldn't even be sure that everything you had assumed to be an expression of your black, unfettered self
the humor, the song, the behind-the-back pass
had been freely chosen by you. At best, these things were a refuge; at worst, a trap. Following this maddening logic, the only thing you could choose as your own was withdrawal into a smaller and smaller coil of rage, until being black meant only the knowledge of your own powerlessness, of your own defeat. And the final irony: Should you refuse this defeat and lash out at your captors, they would have a name for that, too, a name that could cage you just as good. Paranoid. Militant. Violent. Nigger. - Author: Barack Obama
Lash quotes by Barack Obama
#29. How kind of you to pay us a call, Uncle," came the biting lash of Sebastian's voice. "Come to offer us felicitations, have you?"
"I've come to collect my niece," Peregrine snarled. "She is promised to my son. Your illicit marriage will not stand!"
"She's mine," Sebastian snapped. "Surely you can't be so dim-witted as to think I would simply let her go without a protest."
"I will have the marriage annulled," Peregrine assured him.
"That would only be possible if the marriage hasn't been consummated. And I assure you, it has."
"We have a physician who has promised to testify that her maidenhead is still intact."
"Like hell," Sebastian said with chilling pleasantness. "Do you know what kind of reflection that would have on me? I've worked too hard to cultivate my reputation - I'll be damned if I'll allow any suggestion of impotence to mar it." He shrugged out of his coat and tossed it to Cam, who caught it in one fist. Sebastian's lethal gaze never left Peregrine's livid features. "Has it occurred to you that I may have made her pregnant by now?"
"If so, that will be remedied."
Not fully comprehending what her uncle meant, Evie shrank back into Cam's protective hold. His arms tightened, even as he regarded Peregrine with a rare flash of hatred in his golden eyes. "Don't worry, sweetheart," he whispered to Evie.
Sebastian's color rose at Peregrine's words, making his eyes appear like splintered glass. "Charming," he said. "I - Author: Lisa Kleypas
Lash quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#30. Still he plied the lash without stint upon my poor body, until it seemed that the lacerated flesh was stripped from my bones at every stroke. A man with a particle of mercy in his soul would not have beaten even a dog so cruelly. - Author: Solomon Northup
Lash quotes by Solomon Northup
#31. So you walk along Bunker Hill, and you shake your fist at the sky, and I know what you're thinking, Bandini. The thoughts of your father before you, lash across your back, hot ire in your skull, that you are not to blame: this is your thought, that you were born poor, fled from your Colorado town because you are poor, hoping to write a book to get rich, because those who hated you back there in Colorado will not hate you if you write a book. You are a coward, Bandini, a traitor to your soul, a feeble liar before your weeping Christ. This is why you write, this is why it would be better if you died.
Yes, it's true: but I have seen houses in Bel-Air with cool lawns and green swimming pools. I have wanted women whose very shoes are worth all I have ever possessed. I have seen golf clubs on Sixth Street in the Spalding window that make me hungry just to grip them. I have grieved for a necktie like a holy man for indulgences. I have admired hats in Robinson's the way critics gasp at Michelangelo. - Author: John Fante
Lash quotes by John Fante
#32. Many a lash in the dark doth con science give the wicked. - Author: Thomas Boston
Lash quotes by Thomas Boston
#33. You know, you can make a small mistake in language or etiquette in Britain, or you could when I was younger, and really be made to feel it, and it's the flick of a lash, but it would sting, and especially at school where there's not much privacy, and so on. You could, yes, undoubtedly be made to feel crushed. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Lash quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#34. I think that's why so many couples fight, because they want their partners to validate them and affirm them, and if they don't get that, they feel as though they're going to die. And so they lash out. But it's a terrible thing to wake up and realize the person you just finished crucifying wasn't Jesus. - Author: Donald Miller
Lash quotes by Donald Miller
#35. I had no right telling you how you should feel. No right claiming knowledge on things I could and will never feel. I've never known harm or exile because of my skin. Nor felt the lash of leather whips or angry tongues because of it. - Author: Kim Michele Richardson
Lash quotes by Kim Michele Richardson
#36. When our god fails to respond in the ways we expect, we humans tend to respond in one of two ways. We either blindly intensify our acts of worship or lash out in righteous anger. - Author: Robert Glover
Lash quotes by Robert Glover
#37. The poor North has much to do with slavery. It staggers under its load and smarts under its lash. - Author: Gerrit Smith
Lash quotes by Gerrit Smith
#38. One of the most painful stages in the twin flame relationship is that of the "runner and chaser" dynamic. After the initial stages of ecstatic union and fairy-tale partnership, things start to heat up. Egos begin to clash, core wounds, insecurities, and traumas are rubbed raw, and shadow selves lash out. As a result, it's inevitable that almost every twin flame relationship will battle through drama and dysfunction at first. - Author: Aletheia Luna
Lash quotes by Aletheia Luna
#39. My mother was a stout woman with a man's name - Billie. She was plain-faced with honest eyes - no black grease by the lash line, no blue powder on the lids, eyebrows not plucked up high and thin. - Author: Charles M. Blow
Lash quotes by Charles M. Blow
#40. There are a thousand ways for a boy of fifteen to go wrong. The most gently reared will lash out, battered by gusts of mindless fury. The brightest can be swamped by black despair. The sweetest may turn sullen and withdrawn. The most rational are quick to anger. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
Lash quotes by Mary Doria Russell
#41. Fall in love with you? How could I fall in love with you when I loved you with every breath, every heartbeat, every lash of the fucking whip? When you invaded my dreams, my hallucinations. I can't stop loving you, bella. I've tried. God help me, I've tried. - Author: Skye Warren
Lash quotes by Skye Warren
#42. The existence of Slavery in its most cruel form among them, has a tendency to brutalize the humane and finer feelings of their nature. Daily witnesses of human suffering - listening to the agonizing screeches of the slave - beholding him writhing beneath the merciless lash - bitten and torn by dogs - dying without attention, and buried without shroud or coffin - it cannot otherwise be expected, - Author: Solomon Northup
Lash quotes by Solomon Northup
#43. We've got time," Jared says again.
An abrupt panic, like a warning premonition, makes it impossible for me to speak for a moment. He watches the change on my face with worried eyes. "You don't know that." The despair that softened when he found me strikes like the lash of a whip. "You can't know how much time we'll have. You don't know if we should be counting in months or days or hours."
He laughs a warm laugh, touching his lips to the tense place where my eyebrows pull together. "Don't worry, Mel. Miracles don't work that way. I'll never lose you. I'll never let you get away from me."
She brought me back to the present - to the thin ribbon of the highway winding through the Arizona wasteland, baking under the fierce noon sun - without my choosing to return. I stared at the empty place ahead and felt the empty place inside.
Her thought sighed faintly in my head: you never know how much time you'll have.
The tears I was crying belonged to both of us. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
Lash quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#44. There's no point in getting into politics at all unless you plan to lash things around. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
Lash quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#45. Screaming at misguided people, Lincoln believed, was not the way to correct their wrongs. As he put it later, you won people to your side through "persuasion, kind, unassuming persuasion," making friends with them, appealing to their reason, gently telling them that they were only hurting themselves by their follies. For it was "an old true maxim," Lincoln contended, "that a drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall." But if you assailed, damned, and vilified the misled, they would shut you off and lash back. - Author: Stephen B. Oates
Lash quotes by Stephen B. Oates
#46. Mrs. Flint, like many southern women, was totally deficient in energy. She had not strength to superintend her household affairs; but her nerves were so strong, that she could sit in her easy chair and see a woman whipped, till the blood trickled from every stroke of the lash. She was a member of the church; but partaking of the Lord's supper did not seem to - Author: Harriet Jacobs
Lash quotes by Harriet Jacobs
#47. Theirs is the customary human reaction when confronted with innovation: to flounder about attempting to adapt old responses to new situations or to simply condemn or ignore the harbingers of change
a practice refined by the Chinese emperors, who used to execute messengers bringing bad news. The new technological environments generate the most pain among those least prepared to alter their old value structures. The literati find the new electronic environment far more threatening than do those less committed to literacy as a way of life. When an individual or social group feels that its whole identity is jeopardized by social or psychic change, its natural reaction is to lash out in defensive fury. But for all their lamentations, the revolution has already taken place. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
Lash quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#48. I never knew a critic who made it his business to lash the faults of other writers that was not guilty of greater himself
as the hangman is generally a worse malefactor than the criminal that suffers by his hand. - Author: Joseph Addison
Lash quotes by Joseph Addison
#49. I'm as vulnerable as anybody to the toxicity of the American nuclear family. But I wouldn't call it disease or moral failure as much as I would point the finger at a system that grinds people down like a metal file. Who doesn't need a drink? Who isn't going to crack and lash out at the people they love? - Author: Susie Bright
Lash quotes by Susie Bright
#50. From its inception patriarchy has relied on salvation narrative to underwrite its program of genocide, ecocide, sexual repression, child abuse, social domination, and spiritual control. This script works beautifully for the dominator agenda because it was deliberately written for it. How can a story about love, forgiveness and divine benevolence endorse the perpetration of evil? This seems impossible and against all reason, until we realize that the story is not what it appears to be. The salvation narrative of the Bible is a story of perpetration, conceived to support and legitimate the dominator agenda.
History shows that the religious ideals attached to salvation narrative have consistently been used to legitimate violence, rape, genocide, and destruction of the natural world…In the final balance the people who commit and promote violence and murder in the expression of religious beliefs may be a minute fraction of the faithful, but they are the ones who determine the course of events, shape history, affect society, and threaten the biosphere…To dissociate from the salvation narrative would be the most effective way for peace-loving people to end their complicity in the dominator agenda. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#51. Empathy for the plight of the Goddess may be essential in seeing how to face our own plight on Earth. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#52. Sometimes there is more to a person's need for white picket fences than safety, just as sometimes there is more to a person's rebellion than the need to lash out against rules. - Author: Linda Francis Lee
Lash quotes by Linda Francis Lee

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great Chieftan o' the Puddin-race!
Aboon them a' ye tak your place,
Painch, tripe, or thairm:
Weel are ye wordy of a grace
As lang's my arm

The groaning trencher there ye fill,
Your hurdies like a distant hill,
You pin wad help to mend a mill
In time o'need
While thro' your pores the dews distil
Like amber bead

His knife see Rustic-labour dight,
An' cut you up wi' ready slight,
Trenching your gushing entrails bright
Like onie ditch;
And then, O what a glorious sight,
Warm-reeking, rich!

Then, horn for horn they stretch an' strive,
Deil tak the hindmost, on they drive,
Till a' their weel-swall'd kytes belyve
Are bent like drums;
Then auld Guidman, maist like to rive
Bethankit hums

Is there that owre his French ragout,
Or olio that wad staw a sow,
Or fricassee wad mak her spew
Wi' perfect sconner,
Looks down wi' sneering, scornfu' view
On sic a dinner?

Poor devil! see him owre his trash,
As feckless as a wither'd rash
His spindle-shank a guid whip-lash,
His nieve a nit;
Thro' bluidy flood or field to dash,
O how unfit!

But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed,
The trembling earth resounds his tread,
Clap in his walie nieve a blade,
He'll mak it whissle;
An' legs, an' arms an' heads will sned,Author: Robert Burns
Lash quotes by Robert Burns
#54. Hang the boy, can't I never learn anything? Ain't he played tricks on me enough like that for me to be looking out for him by this time? But old fools is the biggest fools there is. Can;t learn an old dog new tricks, as the saying is. But my goodness, he never plays them alike, two days, and how is a body to know what's coming? He 'pears to know just how long he can torment me before I get my dander up and he knows if he can make out to put me off for a minute or make me laugh, it's all down again and I can't hit him a lick. I ain't doing my duty by that boy, and that's the Lord's truth, goodness knows. Spare the rod and spile the child, as the Good Book says. I'm a-laying up sin and suffering for the both of us, I know. He's full of the Old Scratch, but laws-a-me! he's my own dead sister's boy, poor thing, and I ain't got the heart to lash him, somehow. Every time I let him off, my conscience does hurt me so, and every time I hit him my old heart almost breaks. Well-a-well, man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble, as the Scripture says, and I reckon it's so. He'll play hooky this evening, and I'll just be obleeged to make him work tomorrow, to punish him. It's mighty hard to make him work Saturdays, when all the boys is having holiday, but he hates work more than he hates anything else, and I've got to do some of my duty by him, or I'll be the ruination of the child. - Author: Mark Twain
Lash quotes by Mark Twain
#55. Two forms of government are favorable to the prevalence of falsehood and deceit. Under a Despotism, men are false, treacherous, and deceitful through fear, like slaves dreading the lash. Under a Democracy they are so as a means of attaining popularity and office, and because of the greed for wealth. - Author: Albert Pike
Lash quotes by Albert Pike
#56. The bottom line is not money but some sort of demonic compulsion that drives these people to lash out against Jesus Christ, against Christians, and against anyone who holds to a sincere belief in God, in spite of the fact that it is going to cost them tens of millions of dollars to do it. They are driven to 'make a statement' regardless of the consequences. - Author: Michael Medved
Lash quotes by Michael Medved
#57. Guilt, Ameline discovered, was a terrible, unruly think, like toothache - dull nagging, persistent, never far from attention. Just when you got used to its rumbling, ruminating presence, it would lash out, stike you down, stio you dead in your tracks. The worst thing was, it was entirely unpredicatable. - Author: Lesley Lokko
Lash quotes by Lesley Lokko
#58. You keep your nerves on edge and you're always ready to lash out. You distance yourself from everyone. It's because you are afraid of people. You are the weakest person in this village - Author: Takehiko Inoue
Lash quotes by Takehiko Inoue
#59. It was pitiful for a person born in a wholesome free atmosphere to listen to their humble and hearty outpourings of loyalty toward their king and Church and nobility; as if they had any more occasion to love and honor king and Church and noble than a slave has to love and honor the lash, or a dog has to love and honor the stranger that kicks him! Why, dear me, ANY kind of royalty, howsoever modified, ANY kind of aristocracy, howsoever pruned, is rightly an insult; but if you are born and brought up under that sort of arrangement you probably never find it out for yourself, and don't believe it when somebody else tells you. It is enough to make a body ashamed of his race to think of the sort of froth that has always occupied its thrones without shadow of right or reason, and the seventh-rate people that have always figured as its aristocracies -- a company of monarchs and nobles who, as a rule, would have achieved only poverty and obscurity if left, like their betters, to their own exertions...

The truth was, the nation as a body was in the world for one object, and one only: to grovel before king and Church and noble; to slave for them, sweat blood for them, starve that they might be fed, work that they might play, drink misery to the dregs that they might be happy, go naked that they might wear silks and jewels, pay taxes that they might be spared from paying them, be familiar all their lives with the degrading language and postures of adulation that they might w - Author: Mark Twain
Lash quotes by Mark Twain
#60. The Internet seems like a safe house for the opposite mentality, for cynics and for jerks and for people who want to lash out. And it's a valid thing. It's a valid forum and I'm not going say that they aren't valid feelings. But it's sad. Considering the potential that something like the Internet, that connects so many people, has for good. I think it's sad that it's used so often for nothing but unfounded, overzealous negativity ... - Author: Chris Gethard
Lash quotes by Chris Gethard
#61. I have one mascara that I use religiously, and I refuse to try anything else, and if they discontinued it I would probably cry. Cover Girl lash blast, in the orange tube. - Author: Nina Dobrev
Lash quotes by Nina Dobrev
#62. Because patriarchy uses redemptive theology to legitimate itself, all believers who embrace the redeemer complex are accessory to the master scheme of domination. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#63. Yes, he had heard it all his life, but it was only now that his ears were opened to this sound that came from darkness, that could only come from darkness, that yet bore such sure witness to the glory of the light. And now in his moaning, and so far from any help, he heard it in himself--it rose from his bleeding, his cracked-open heart. It was a sound of rage and weeping which filled the grave, rage and weeping from time set free, but bound now in eternity; rage that had no language, weeping with no voice--which yet spoke now, to John's startled soul, of boundless melancholy, of the bitterest patience, and the longest night; of the deepest water, the strongest chains, the most cruel lash; of humility most wretched, the dungeon most absolute, of love's bed defiled, and birth dishonored, and most bloody, unspeakable, sudden death. Yes, the darkness hummed with murder: the body in the water, the body in the fire, the body on the tree. John looked down the line of these armies of darkness, army upon army, and his soul whispered: Who are these? Who are they? And wondered: Where shall I go? - Author: James Baldwin
Lash quotes by James Baldwin
#64. She could feel the press of Kaz's fingers against her skin, feel the bird'swing brush of his mouth against her neck, see his dilated eyes. Two of the deadliest people the Barrel had to offer and they could barely touch each other without both of them keeling over. But they'd tried. He'd tried. Maybe they could try again. A foolish wish, the sentimental hope of a girl who hadn't had the firsts of her life stolen, who hadn't ever felt Tante Heleen's lash, who wasn't covered in wounds and wanted by the law. Kaz would have laughed at her optimism. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Lash quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#65. Why do I feel like I can't trust you anymore?'
I wanted him to lash out. I wanted him to fight, to protest, to argue- to do anything but look deeper into my eyes and say, 'because the Gallagher Academy doesn't admit fools - Author: Ally Carter
Lash quotes by Ally Carter
#66. There were no incisions on my daughter's body, no lacerations, no scars, not one single lash mark from a previous life. Still they named her Rotimi, a name that implied that she was an Abiku child who had come into the world intending to die as soon as she could. Rotimi - stay with me. - Author: Ayobami, Adebayo
Lash quotes by Ayobami, Adebayo
#67. And if I tried to talk to him or, God forbid, ask him to take it easy on the whisky, he'd lash out. "Oh, sod off, Beryl. It's all easy for you, isn't it? - Author: Paula McLain
Lash quotes by Paula McLain
#68. When you were the son of evil, there was little you couldn't do, own, or kill, and yet her mortal self was an elusive trophy he could touch, but not put on his shelf.
This made her rare. This made her precious.
This made him ... love her. - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#69. A woman who's lived in a cage all her life. And hates it. Bored in there, aren't you. Waiting for life to happen. And when it finally does, it steals from you what you loved most. So take back. Explode. Lash out. Blow up - Author: Karen Marie Moning
Lash quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#70. This scene expresses the basic situation of immaturity; lyricism is an attempt to face that situation: the individual expelled from the protected enclosure of childhood wishes to enter the world, but at the same time, because he is frightened of it, he fashions an artificial replacement world out of his own verse. He makes his poems revolve around him like the planets around the sun; he becomes the center of a small universe in which nothing is alien, in which he feels as much at home as a child inside its mother, for everything here is fashioned only from the substance of his soul. Here he can accomplish everything that is so difficult "outside;" here he can, like the student Wolker, march with a proletarian crowd to make a revolution and, like the virginal Rimbaud, lash his "little girlfriends" because that crowd and those girlfriends are not fashioned out of the hostile substance of an alien world but out of the substance of his own dreams, and they are thus he himself and do not shatter the unity of the universe he has constructed for himself. - Author: Milan Kundera
Lash quotes by Milan Kundera
#71. What do the hieroglyphs tell us of what it was like to live under the lash, building the pyramids? Do we talk of that? Do we? No, we talk of the magnificence and majesty of the Egyptians. Of the Romans. Of Saint Petersburg, and nothing of the bones of the hundred thousand slaves that it is built on. - Author: Richard Flanagan
Lash quotes by Richard Flanagan
#72. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you're grown up. Growing up means being patient, holding your temper, cutting out the self-pity, and quitting with the righteous indignation.'
'Why do so many people seem to love righteous indignation?'
'Because if you can prove you're a victim, all rules are off. You can lash out at people. You don't have to be accountable for anything. - Author: Brandon Stanton
Lash quotes by Brandon Stanton
#73. It had been so good to see his enemy again. Positively heartwarming.
Hallmark really needed to start up a line of revenge cards, the kind that let you reach out to those you were going to come after with a vengeance.
- Lash - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#74. If I can leave a single message with the younger generation, it is to lash yourself to the mast, like Ulysses if you must, to escape the siren calls of complacency and indifference. - Author: Edward Kennedy
Lash quotes by Edward Kennedy
#75. Lots of people do not feel and do not care, deeply. They're the sea creatures who were born to swim in the shallows. And I think that they look at those of us who come from the parts of the ocean that's pitch black and deeper than the core of the planet and they feel fascinated. They're fascinated in the way we are fascinated with eagles or with vampires. They think we're unabashedly deep and beautiful and they feel like they want to try being that way, too. It's like a fascination for a mystical creature. But I have watched these kinds of people burn out before they ever reach that depth (not even close). They burn out because they just get so exhausted! You only have the set of lungs designed for the depths of the ocean, if you are the type of creature who was born in those depths. It's not a regimen, it's not a list of rules, it's not a succession of steps to get there. It's about anatomy. There are creatures for the shallows and creatures for the deep. It is nature's designer plan. And when these people burn out, they will have these outbursts wherein they lash out at you, as if they are exasperated at why you're a mermaid in the black of the seas, and if they could, they'd drag you into a glass tank and chain you up because they don't want that kind of beauty around them, outshining them. Feeling and living in the depths of life (caring so much it hurts, feeling so much it becomes painful) is a mystical, beautiful thing but it cannot be copied and it shouldn't be copied. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
Lash quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#76. Scared people either shut down and avoid the thing they fear, or get angry at it and lash out. - Author: Leisa Rayven
Lash quotes by Leisa Rayven
#77. It has always been my view that terrorism is not spawned by the poverty of money; it is spawned by the poverty of dignity. Humiliation is the most underestimated force in international relations and in human relations. It is when people or nations are humiliated that they really lash out and engage in extreme violence. - Author: Thomas L. Friedman
Lash quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#78. Sorrow and strife comes to all persons. Mature people expect hardships and setbacks and patiently and determinedly work to accomplish their goals. Immature people lash out in anger and frustration when circumstances conspire to blunt their short-term objectives. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Lash quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#79. The Jew is upset because the nations of the world - the United Nations - lash him, brand him as racist and evil, hate him and openly demonstrate their desire to destroy him. - Author: Meir Kahane
Lash quotes by Meir Kahane
#80. Hey, asshole," Lash said to the sw'old-up one, "your boyfriend give you those p-tats? Or was he too busy fucking you in the ass?" The guy's eyes narrowed. "What'd you say to me?" The gangbanger shook his head. "Gotta be out ya damn mind, white boy." Skinhead laughed like a blender, high and fast. Who knew recruiting would be this easy, Lash thought. * - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#81. I am an accountant." Baru wished she could close her ears to the screams of the sectioned, smoking crowd. "I deal in costs, not faiths." "But you are part of this." Tain Hu was a little taller and she moved with purposeful force. Her words, no matter how soft, were not unintimidating. "This is a cost. This is the cost we pay for broad roads and hot water, for banks and new crops. This is the trade you demand." And there was no doubt who she meant, for she used Aphalone's singular you. "This resistance is meaningless," Baru said. "If they want change, they must make themselves useful to Falcrest. Find a way up from within." "A people can only bear the lash so long in silence. Some things are not worth being within. - Author: Seth Dickinson
Lash quotes by Seth Dickinson
#82. Many individuals are so constituted that their only thought is to obtain pleasure and shun responsibility. They would like, butterfly-like, to wing forever in a summer garden, flitting from flower to flower, and sipping honey for their sole delight. They have no feeling that any result which might flow from their action should concern them. They have no conception of the necessity of a well-organized society wherein all shall accept a certain quota of responsibility and all realize a reasonable amount of happiness. They think only of themselves because they have not yet been taught to think of society. For them pain and necessity are the great taskmasters. Laws are but the fences which circumscribe the sphere of their operations. When, after error, pain falls as a lash, they do not comprehend that their suffering is due to misbehavior. Many such an individual is so lashed by necessity and law that he falls fainting to the ground, dies hungry in the gutter or rotting in the jail and it never once flashes across his mind that he has been lashed only in so far as he has persisted in attempting to trespass the boundaries which necessity sets. A prisoner of fate, held enchained for his own delight, he does not know that the walls are tall, that the sentinels of life are forever pacing, musket in hand. He cannot perceive that all joy is within and not without. He must be for scaling the bounds of society, for overpowering the sentinel. When we hear the cries of the individual strun - Author: Theodore Dreiser
Lash quotes by Theodore Dreiser
#83. What have you been doing during my absence?'
'Nothing particular; teaching Adele as usual.'
'And getting a good deal paler than you were - as I saw at first sight. What is the matter?'
'Nothing at all, sir.'
'Did you take any cold that night you half drowned me?'
'Not the least.'
'Return to the drawing-room: you are deserting too early.'
'I am tired, sir.'
He looked at me for a minute.
'And a little depressed,' he said. 'What about? Tell me.'
'Nothing - nothing, sir. I am not depressed.'
'But I affirm that you are: so much depressed that a few more words would bring tears to your eyes - indeed, they are there now, shining and swimming; and a bead has slipped from the lash and fallen on the flag. If I had time, and was not in mortal dread of some prating prig of a servant passing, I would know what all this means. Well, to-night I excuse you; but understand that so long as my visitors stay, I expect you to appear in the drawing-room every evening; it is my wish; don't neglect it. Now go, and send Sophie for Adele. Good-night, my..' He stopped, bit his lip, and abruptly left me.
(Jane and Mr Rochester) - Author: Charlotte Bronte
Lash quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#84. ...There thou mightst behold the great image of authority: a dog's obey'd in office. - Thou rascal beadle, hold thy bloody hand! Why dost though lash that whore? Strip thine own back; Thou hotly lusts to use her in that kind For which thou whipst her. The usurer hangs the cozener. - Author: William Shakespeare
Lash quotes by William Shakespeare
#85. I closed my eyes and I thought of the lash of her skirt snapping around her as she danced one evening in a bar on the South Side to a jukebox that was playing "Barefootin'," of the downy slope of her neck and the declivity in her nightgown as she bent to wash her face in the bathroom sink, of a tuna salad sandwich she'd handed me one windy afternoon as we sat at a picnic table in Lucia, California, and looked out for the passage of whales, and I felt that I loved Emily insofar as I loved those things – beyond reason, and with a longing that made me want to hang my head – but it was a love that felt an awful lot like nostalgia. - Author: Michael Chabon
Lash quotes by Michael Chabon
#86. I wanted to hit him hard now.
I wanted to hit him in the dark of the night's ending, hit him in the thunder of Thor's providential storm, hit him under the lash of Thor's lightning, strike him in the wind and the rain of the gods. I would bring him chaos. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
Lash quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#87. The evangelical assertion of the new Word was not intended to make man fit into the world, but to verify his isolation - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#88. How often since that time has the recollection of his paternal counsels occured to me, while lying in a slave hut in the distant and sickly regions of Louisiana, smarting with the undeserved wounds which an inhuman master had inflicted, and longing only for the grave which had covered him, to shield me also from the lash of the oppressor. - Author: Solomon Northup
Lash quotes by Solomon Northup
#89. They may be years ahead of the human race but we've got one thing they haven't -- bloodymindedness! It built this planet." (UFO: Time Lash) - Author: Terence Feely
Lash quotes by Terence Feely
#90. Christian religion defines morality by a belief system based on a master-slave relationship, and rooted in resentment of the raw beauty and power of the life force. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#91. There's a lamentation in the flutter of your lash. - Author: Laura A. Lord
Lash quotes by Laura A. Lord
#92. And so gentlemen, I learned. Oh, if you have to learn, you learn; if you're desperate for a way out, you learn; you learn pitilessly. You stand over yourself with a whip in your hand; if there's the least resistance, you lash yourself. - Author: Franz Kafka
Lash quotes by Franz Kafka
#93. Somewhere in the distance I hear the bucket clatter to the floor. I plunge the knife into his head, again and again. His arms lash out blindly, getting in the way. Blood mixes with water cascading to the floor. Meathead staggers to his feet, pulling off his shirt, trying to peel away the agony, but his skin comes away with it, leaving a raw, red mess.

There's a shrill alarm and the sound of pounding feet. I hurl the knife through the bars at the window. A blur of dark faces converge in my vision, fists and feet, punching and kicking. Meathead's mates are yanking me off, trying to hurt me. Screws come rushing and soon they're everywhere as I'm half-carried, half-dragged along the corridor.

'Blimey,' a thought comes from somewhere in all the chaos, 'I've only been out a day and already I'm heading straight back down the chokey!' The last thing I see, as a screaming Meathead is hurried to the hospital, is my cellmate in the middle of the crowd peering worriedly after me. Course he's worried! The stinky bastard is wondering where his next bit of scag is coming from! - Author: Harry Shaw
Lash quotes by Harry Shaw
#94. A little bit of hatred can spoil a score of years
And blur the eyes that ought to smile with many needless tears.
A little bit of thoughtlessness and anger for a day
Can rob a home of all its joy and drive delight away..
A little bit of shouting in a sharp and vicious tone
Can leave a sting that will be felt when many years have flown.
And just one hasty moment of ill temper can offend
And leave an inner injury the years may never mend.
It takes no mental fiber to say harsh and bitter things;
It doesn't call for courage to employ a lash that stings.
And cruel words and bitter any fool can think to say,
But the hurt they leave behind them takes years to wipe away.
Just a little bit of hatred robs a home of all delight,
And leaves a winding trail of wrong that time may never right.
For only those are happy and keep their peace of mind,
Who guard themselves from hatred and words that are unkind! - Author: Edgar A. Guest
Lash quotes by Edgar A. Guest
#95. The most effective way to defeat patriarchy is to defy and disown its self-legitimating narrative. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#96. Weak people always attack strong people - it's safer. It's weak people who are dangerous, who lash out uncontrollably and hurt you back. Stong people can walk away - no repercussions, you see, if you attack a stong person. - Author: Sophie Hannah
Lash quotes by Sophie Hannah
#97. The reason, the Bible says, is because Satan will lash out in one final burst of fury, seeking with all his might to block Christ's victory. Does this alarm you? Don't let it - because Christ, not Satan, will be victorious. In the meantime, "be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" (Romans 12:12 NIV). - Author: Billy Graham
Lash quotes by Billy Graham
#98. Have you ever seen The Goodbye Girl? Don't watch it if you still want to enjoy romantic comedies. It makes every movie ever made starring Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock lash itself in shame. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
Lash quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#99. Neither imagine that you are false, nor lash yourself, for both may be forms of self-indulgence. - Author: Idries Shah
Lash quotes by Idries Shah
#100. Its weak people who are dangerous, who lash out uncontrollably and hurt you back. Strong people can walk away- no repercussions, you see, if you attack a strong person. - Author: Sophie Hannah
Lash quotes by Sophie Hannah
#101. It's a dimissive term to say the Irish team are plucky because it rings back to the old days when we went out and gave it a lash, set our hair on fire and ran after the opposition for 20 minutes and, if they survived that, they beat us by 50 points. - Author: Eddie O'Sullivan
Lash quotes by Eddie O'Sullivan
#102. The land has a memory.
Every stream and river runs with a confession of sorts, history whispered over rocks, lifted in the beaks of birds at a stream, carried out to the sea. Buffalo thunder across plains whose soil was watered with the blood of battles long since relegated to musty books on forgotten shelves. Fields once strewn with blue and gray now flower with uneasy buds. The slave master snaps the lash, and generations later, the ancestral scars remain.
Under it all, the dead lie, remembering. - Author: Libba Bray
Lash quotes by Libba Bray
#103. There will surely always be people with straight hair and blue eyes, as there have been for all history. But some of these straight-haired people with blue eyes have been "black," and this points to the great difference between their world and ours. We did not choose our fences. They were imposed on us by Virginia planters obsessed with enslaving as many Americans as possible. They are the ones who came up with a one-drop rule that separated the "white" from the "black," even if it meant that their own blue-eyed sons would live under the lash. The result is a people, black people, who embody all physical varieties and whose life stories mirror this physical range. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Lash quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#104. They mouth love's language. Gnash
The thirteen teeth
Your lean jaws grin with. Lash
Your itch and quailing, nude greed of the flesh.
Love's breath in you is stale, worded or sung,
As sour as cat's breath,
Harsh of tongue. - Author: James Joyce
Lash quotes by James Joyce
#105. Sorry, you're on the ride now, and there's no getting off in the middle. - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#106. What's wrong?" he asked, and I motioned for him to take a seat.
He listened quietly as I explained what had happened. By the time
I told him the whole sordid story, my heart was hammering in my
chest and I couldn't meet his eyes. Was he angry? Would he lash
out at me like he used to? David reached across the table and gently
took my hand in his. I looked up and saw only tenderness and love
in his expression.
"What can I do to help?" he asked, and I burst into tears. David
had become my true partner in life. - Author: Mary Potter Kenyon
Lash quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
#107. She angled her head to look up at him. Her blue eyes were huge in the moonlight. One tear still clung to her lash, looking like a shining jewel. He touched it with his fingertip and it dissolved, warm and wet into his skin. His gaze shifter to her bowshaped mouth. Her lips trembled, then parted. A soft mew of a sound escaped them.
There was nothing to do but kiss her. - Author: B. J. Daniels
Lash quotes by B. J. Daniels
#108. She thought of what it would be like to grow up without the one certainty that every baby deseved - when I'm hurt or cold or scared, someone will come and care for me - and how that absence could warp you so that you'd lash out at the people you loved, driving them away when all you wanted to do was pull them closer. - Author: Jennifer Weiner
Lash quotes by Jennifer Weiner
#109. I'm always one who will lash out at anyone hurts my friends, viciously, kind of. I'm very protective of the people I love. - Author: Dylan O'Brien
Lash quotes by Dylan O'Brien
#110. Beware of turning into the enemy you most fear. All it takes is to lash out violently at someone who has done you some grievous harm, proclaiming that only your pain matters in this world. More than against that person's body, you will then, at that moment, be committing a crime against your own imagination. - Author: Ariel Dorfman
Lash quotes by Ariel Dorfman
#111. The martyr cannot be dishonored. Every lash inflicted is a tongue of fame; every prison a more illustrious abode. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lash quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#112. Blue liner at the lash line is a great way to brighten the eyes. I also love using a flesh-toned eye pencil on the water line to neutralize any redness. Tipping the lashes with navy mascara is another great way to make the whites appear whiter. - Author: Tim Quinn
Lash quotes by Tim Quinn
#113. I had as much influence over Loneliness as it had over me! I can see that now. No one can help how they feel so I was stuck with Loneliness. But I had a choice. I could let Loneliness consume me for the rest of my life, give in to it and let it control me like a puppet… or I could fight back. When it would whisper in my ear and tell me to lash out at those I loved, to push them away, I'd say no. When it tried to keep me lonely I would hold it at arm's length and… it would listen. - Author: Carrie Hope Fletcher
Lash quotes by Carrie Hope Fletcher
#114. In his comfortable coffin, face veiled in dark silk, eyes open or closed, Pan Loudermilk lies waiting, a player from a tribe never stilled so much as gathered, potential as potent as a knife in the scabbard, a poem in the mind, a wind that rises as a breeze in the tropics, later to lash the wintry coastline, and smash its boats and sailors on the shore. Or perhaps that is purest make-believe, as a puppet is only a tool, made of wood, and wool, and wire. As we are blood, and fancy, and bites of bone and dream. - Author: Kathe Koja
Lash quotes by Kathe Koja
#115. The cakes and pies and casseroles beckoned like gastronomic sirens, and there was no one to lash me to the mast. - Author: Chris Fabry
Lash quotes by Chris Fabry
#116. We inhabit a three-body cosmos. Sophia is essentially the matriarch of a single-parent family - a single-planet goddess, if you will. But she relies on the support of the surrogate parents, sun and moon, to manage her terrestrial brood. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#117. The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash. - Author: Winston Churchill
Lash quotes by Winston Churchill
#118. We are at an impasse...There will come a time, when we can no longer safely approach any Muslim (or radicalised liberal), since we simply cannot trust that they won't lash out with the intent to kill. - Author: Anita B. Sulser PhD
Lash quotes by Anita B. Sulser PhD
#119. It is the literal, unvarnished truth, that the crack of the lash, and the shrieking of the slaves, can be heard from dark till bed time, on Epps' plantation, any day almost during the entire period of the cotton-picking season. - Author: Solomon Northup
Lash quotes by Solomon Northup
#120. The constant struggle to feel accepted and worthy is unrelenting. We put so much of our time and energy into making sure that we meet everyone's expectations and into caring about what other people think of us, that we are often left feeling angry, resentful and fearful. Sometimes we turn these emotions inward and convince ourselves that we are bad and that maybe we deserve the rejection that we so desperately fear. Other times we lash out - we scream at our partners and children for no apparent reason, or we make a cutting comment to a friend or colleague. Either way, in the end, we are left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and alone. - Author: Anonymous
Lash quotes by Anonymous
#121. Cause scars or not, hacked-off hair or not, lash marks on your back, a fuckin' cross burned onto your stomach or not, you are perfect to me. You will always exist to me. And anything you did to yourself to fuck that up didn't work because you'll always be the most beautiful bitch I've ever seen. You'll always be the only bitch I'll ever see, period. - Author: Tillie Cole
Lash quotes by Tillie Cole
#122. When we refuse to be kind to someone when it would be right to do it; when we lie to each other; when we lash out in violence, we transgress, disregarding the standards and statutes of God. - Author: Henry Cloud
Lash quotes by Henry Cloud
#123. Work is living for me. The point is whether we live in our work. - Author: Joseph P. Lash
Lash quotes by Joseph P. Lash
#124. You need to calm down and remember that everyone grieves differently. Doesn't mean they don't care. You don't judge people in pain, and you damn sure don't lash out at them when they've lost what Syn has! - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lash quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#125. Hurrah for revolution and more cannon-shot! A beggar upon horseback lashes a beggar on foot. Hurrah for revolution and cannon come again! The beggars have changed places, but the lash goes on. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Lash quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#126. I do not believe in the government of the lash, if any one of you ever expects to whip your children again, I want you to have a photograph taken of yourself when you are in the act, with your face red with vulgar anger, and the face of the little child, with eyes swimming in tears and the little chin dimpled with fear, like a piece of water struck by a sudden cold wind. Have the picture taken. If that little child should die, I cannot think of a sweeter way to spend an autumn afternoon than to go out to the cemetery, when the maples are clad in tender gold, and little scarlet runners are coming, like poems of regret, from the sad heart of the earth - and sit down upon the grave and look at that photograph, and think of the flesh now dust that you beat. I tell you it is wrong; it is no way to raise children! Make your home happy. Be honest with them. Divide fairly with them in everything. - Author: Robert G. Ingersoll
Lash quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
#127. When people have lost their jobs or are afraid of losing their jobs in the future, they lash out. They want others to know about their fears, their pain. - Author: Madeleine M. Kunin
Lash quotes by Madeleine M. Kunin
#128. Silences can wound as surely as the twisting lash. - Author: Gregory David Roberts
Lash quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#129. Sometimes when we are drowning in our own loss we lash out
anger is momentarily easier to cope with. - Author: Anne Perry
Lash quotes by Anne Perry
#130. There are definitely Dark Forces out there that none of us fully understand. People fear what they don't understand, and lash out against it - Author: Marilyn Manson
Lash quotes by Marilyn Manson
#131. Be courteous, listen to others' ideas, and express gratitude for their help. If you feel irritated and tempted to lash out, wait at least 3 days before reacting to whatever or whomever upset you. - Author: Jennifer Ritchie Payette
Lash quotes by Jennifer Ritchie Payette
#132. O Lord Most-wise, strengthen us by Your power that we not fear the non-believing world neither when they lash us with whips nor when they insult us with words for Your sake. - Author: Nikolaj Velimirovic
Lash quotes by Nikolaj Velimirovic
#133. America is an empire in decay. But we don't have to lash out and do damage on the way down. We can reverse some of the damage we've done. It's possible. - Author: Viggo Mortensen
Lash quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#134. Sounds like you want a date, Lash, " Qhuinn barked. "Good deal, 'cause you keep that shit up, you're going to get fucked, buddy. - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#135. Anytime I feel squeezed into a box, I just lash out. My gut reaction is to strike. It's a different character onstage: there's a whole dark sexuality that's completely different from me. You know, I don't let anybody know who I really am. - Author: Scott Weiland
Lash quotes by Scott Weiland
#136. Anger makes us lash out at others, destroying relationships and revealing our true nature. The history of the human race is largely the history of its anger. - Author: Billy Graham
Lash quotes by Billy Graham
#137. A teacher should start from a young person's own present interest, she felt, and lead them into a wider and deeper understanding of the world into which they were going. - Author: Joseph P. Lash
Lash quotes by Joseph P. Lash
#138. One thing everyone understood, however, was that when they sprayed him with snow during a stoppage in play and he responded by throwing his blocker up into one of their guys' nose, he meant business. To be fair, he was not the first foreigner in China to lash out when frustrated by this culture. - Author: Tom Carter
Lash quotes by Tom Carter
#139. Feelings and stories of unworthiness and shame are perhaps the most binding element in the trance of fear. When we believe something is wrong with us, we are convinced we are in danger. Our shame fuels ongoing fear, and our fear fuels more shame. The very fact that we feel fear seems to prove that we are broken or incapable. When we are trapped in trance, being fearful and bad seem to define who we are. The anxiety in our body, the stories, the ways we make excuses, withdraw or lash out - these become to us the self that is most real. - Author: Tara Brach
Lash quotes by Tara Brach
#140. When there's change, and people fear things, they become more dogmatic in their views. They lash out: you can see it in the media, scapegoating and penal sentencing. - Author: Samantha Harvey
Lash quotes by Samantha Harvey
#141. I left the apartment without even bothering to close the door behind me. Once outside, I faced a world of buildings and faces that seemed strange and distant. I started to walk aimlessly, oblivious to the cold and the rain-filled wind that was starting to lash the town with the breath of a curse. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Lash quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#142. Huzzah! Free Trade and Sailors' Rights! But instead American ships are captured and sailors impressed by the thousands into the British Navy, becoming slaves to the lash, while the United States has virtually no navy to back them up. Baltimore native, Nathan Jeffries, son of an American hero, Captain William Jeffries, and his Quaker wife, Amy, is haunted by the memories of his fiancee, his best friend, his enemy's woman and his betrayal. Chesapeake Bay is no refuge aboard his father's brig Bucephalus;facing his worst fears, he is chased and captured by armed privateer schooner Scourge. In a violent world at war, Nathan must break his most solemn promise to his mother. For Nathan and the young United States, 1812 would severely challenge rights of passage. - Author: Bert J. Hubinger
Lash quotes by Bert J. Hubinger
#143. To confound the tyranny of man there should exist for a century a third sex, both male and female, and stronger than men. This new sex would prove with the lash that men as well as women are made for its pleasure; and then you would hear men protesting against the tyranny of the hermaphrodite sex and admitting that strength should not be the sole rule of right. Just why do they refuse to grant the women the independence which they would demand from the third sex? - Author: Charles Fourier
Lash quotes by Charles Fourier
#144. Eyes were keep seeking for sleep whole night, but in seeking they skipped it near by Eyes lash! - Author: Samar Sudha
Lash quotes by Samar Sudha
#145. With a sudden flash of anger, she blurted, "Lash wasn't impotent, all right? He wasn't ... impotent-"

The temperature in the room plummeted so fast and so far, her breath came out in clouds.

And what she saw in the mirror made her swing around and take a step back from John: His blue eyes glowed with an unholy light and his upper lip curled up to reveal fangs that were sharp and so long they looked like daggers.

Objects all around the room began to vibrate: the lamps on the bed stands, the clothes on their hangers, the mirror on the wall. The collective rattling crescendoed to a dull roar and she had to steady herself on the bureau or run the risk of being knocked on her ass.

The air was alive. Supercharged. Electric.


And John was the center of the raging energy, his hands cranking into fists so tight his forearms trembled, his thighs grabbing onto his bones as he sank down into fighting stance.

John's mouth stretched wide as his head shot forward on his spine... and he let out a war cry-

Sound exploded all around her, so loud she had to cover her ears, so powerful she felt the blast against her face.

For a moment, she thought he'd found his voice- except it wasn't vocal cords making that bellowing noise.

The glass in the sliders blew out behind him, the sheets shattering into thousands of shards that blasted free of the house, the fragments bouncing on the - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#146. When you see someone you love in pain like that, it makes you want to lash out at the thing that hurt them - Author: Trish Cook
Lash quotes by Trish Cook
#147. I toyed with the idea of what it might be like to live with some species of heatstroke that maybe didn't go away all that quickly. He's a pirate, which is about rum, sodomy and the lash, isn't it? So, to be able to keep things like that in my head, when I'm going to do a film for Disney, I'd been through the ringer. That was like infiltrating the enemy camp. I wasn't able to stop smiling. - Author: Johnny Depp
Lash quotes by Johnny Depp
#148. He is the hunting song calling through the night.
The broken boy beneath the lash.
It ends where it begins.
It begins with him. - Author: Kester Grant
Lash quotes by Kester Grant
#149. The religion of the extraterrestrial father god ruptures humanity's empathetic bond with the earth, Sophia embodied, yet it is that same religion that have given humanity in the Western world its historical and spiritual identity. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#150. Don't win loyalty, just obedience, and only while the lash is in the room. - Author: Orson Scott Card
Lash quotes by Orson Scott Card
#151. Try not to take it personally if the mother criticizes you or tells you to stop doing something that you expected to be helpful. Just say, "Sorry," and stop doing it. Don't try to explain why you did it or express frustration with her. She is really saying that labor is so difficult right now that nothing helps. You are the safest person for her to lash out at. Later, she will probably apologize. - Author: Penny Simkin
Lash quotes by Penny Simkin
#152. While you live, whatever your state while on earth, act the generous and manly part; and never, never, either manually or with the lash of satire, war with the weak - Author: T.J. Llewelyn Prichard
Lash quotes by T.J. Llewelyn Prichard
#153. God famously doesn't afflict Job because of anything Job has done, but because he wants to prove a point to Satan. Twenty years later, I am sympathetic with my first assessment; to me, in spite of the soft radiant beauty of many of its passages, the Bible still has a mechanical quality, a refusal to brook complexity that feels brutal and violent. There has been a change, however. When I look at Revelation now, it still seems frightening and impenetrable, and it still suggests an inexorable, ridiculous order that is unknowable by us, in which our earthly concerns matter very little. However, it not longer reads to me like a chronicle of arbitrarily inflicted cruelty. It reads like a terrible abstract of how we violate ourselves and others and thus bring down endless suffering on earth. When I read And they blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pain and their sores, and did not repent of their deeds, I think of myself and others I've known or know who blaspheme life itself by failing to have the courage to be honest and kind - and how then we rage around and lash out because we hurt. When I read the word fornication, I don't read it as a description of sex outside legal marriage: I read it as sex done in a state of psychic disintegration, with no awareness of one's self or one's partner, let alone any sense of honor or even real playfulness. I still don't know what to make of much of it, but I'm inclined to read it as a writer's primitive attempt to give form to his mor - Author: Mary Gaitskill
Lash quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#154. My strongest memory is not a memory. It's something I imagined, then came to remember as if it had happened. The memory was formed when I was five, just before I turned six, from a story my father told in such detail that I and my brothers and sister had each conjured our own cinematic version, with gunfire and shouts. Mine had crickets. That's the sound I hear as my family huddles in the kitchen, lights off, hiding from the Feds who've surrounded the house. A woman reaches for a glass of water and her silhouette is lighted by the moon. A shot echoes like the lash of a whip and she falls. In my memory it's always Mother who falls, and she has a baby in her arms.

The baby doesn't make sense - I'm the youngest of my mother's seven children - but like I said, none of this happened. - Author: Tara Westover
Lash quotes by Tara Westover
#155. ..Window panes that rattled under the lash of the wind for two months on end, rain that leaked beneath the doors, her husband out and drinking, electricity cut off and the radio shut down, the boredom, the quiet and incredible loneliness - Margaret Looney would remember when she first discovered love and wonder at how immense it must have been to be lasting so long. - Author: Niall Williams
Lash quotes by Niall Williams
#156. Bearing Two Nine Five distance six miles from ----- -----. Attack! Attack!" On the bridge of the Grayson we shook off an overpowering weariness and listened to the PT's as they tore in for the enemy to lash out with torpedoes ("pickles," in PT language). "----- ----- they're headed for you. Cut'em off - cut'em off." "They're headed for the ----- -----. Get in there! What the hell's the matter? " "O.K. - O.K. I've fired my pickles - we got him - I'm getting out of here." "All ----- Close in - Close in." Toward Savo there was a red glow - a sudden blinding flash of flame. ----- had caught a pickle. That was swell. The PT's were in there with everything they had. But their pickles were limited in number. Now the destroyers could go after the enemy with our own tin fish and comparatively heavy guns. Scotty Etheridge - Author: Frederick J. Bell
Lash quotes by Frederick J. Bell
#157. no was a bad word in my hone
no was met with the lash
erased from our vocabulary
beaten out of our backs
till we became well-behaved kids
who obediently nodded to yes to everything
when he climbed on top of me
every part of my body wanted to reject it
but i couldn't say no to save my life
when i tried to scream
all that escaped me was silence
i heard no pounding her fist
on the roof of my mouth
begging to let her out
but i had not put up the exit sign
never built the emergency staircase
there was no trapdoor for no to escape from
i want to ask all the
parents and guardians a question
what use was obedience then
when there were hands
that were not mine inside me

- how can i verbalize consent as an adult if i was never taught to as a child - Author: Rupi Kaur
Lash quotes by Rupi Kaur
#158. I am angry at myself, at the world, but because it is easier, I lash out at him. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Lash quotes by Jodi Picoult
#159. So long as a person who has made mistakes ... honestly and sincerely wishes to be cured and to mend his ways, we should welcome him and cure his sickness so that he can become a good comrade. We can never succeed if we just let ourselves go and lash at him. - Author: Mao Zedong
Lash quotes by Mao Zedong
#160. You want to lash out at the parts of your self that seem to hold you back. At moments like that, it's important to be able to sit down and speak gently within yourself, as if saying a prayer or reading a poem. Whichever part of you is unhappy, reassure it: accept your many selves, and allow them to speak both to you and to each other. - Author: William Sieghart
Lash quotes by William Sieghart
#161. So the next time I see you will be at the tour."


I feel quite sad that I'm not going to see him for two weeks.

"Some best-friend you are," I pout, jokingly. "You do remember that in the contract for being my best friend it has a beck-and-call clause in it don't you. I mean what if I need … I don't know – chocolates from Belgium, who's gonna get them while you're off in LA. I don't know Jake, I might have to seriously consider trading you in," I grin.

He chuckles, amused. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you don't miss me."

"I never said I'd miss you."

"You never said you wouldn't."

God, he's so bloody quick. I'm getting whip-lash just sitting here with him.

"I just want you for your cupcakes - Author: Samantha Towle
Lash quotes by Samantha Towle
#162. I used to think you were weak and just didn't fight back ... but now, honestly, I think you're actually pretty tough. It takes a hell of a lot of strength to not complain and lash out. - Author: Richelle Mead
Lash quotes by Richelle Mead
#163. Global warming is held accountable: people must stop burning things up, it is said. Gasoline, oil, whole forests. But they won't stop. Greed and hunger lash them on, as usual. - Author: Margaret Atwood
Lash quotes by Margaret Atwood
#164. The God who hates trees is the founding father of patriarchy. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#165. To ruminate upon evils, to make critical notes upon injuries, and be too acute in their apprehensions, is to add unto our own tortures, to feather the arrows of our enemies, to lash ourselves with the scorpions of our foes, and to resolve to sleep no more. - Author: Thomas Browne
Lash quotes by Thomas Browne
#166. As long as we share our stories, as long as our stories reveal our strengths and vulnerabilities to each other, we reinvigorte our understanding and tolerance for the little quirks of personality that in other circumstances would drive us apart. When we live in a family, a community, a country where we know each other's true stories, we remember our capacity to lean in and love each other into wholeness.

I have read the story of a tribe in southern Africa called the Babemba in which a person doing something wrong, something that destroys this delicate social net, brings all work in the village to a halt. The people gather around the "offender," and one by one they begin to recite everything he has done right in his life: every good deed, thoughtful behavior, act of social responsibility. These things have to be true about the person, and spoken honestly, but the time-honored consequence of misbehavior is to appreciate that person back into the better part of himself. The person is given the chance to remember who he is and why he is important to the life of the village.

I want to live under such a practice of compassion. When I forget my place, when I lash out with some private wounding in a public way, I want to be remembered back into alignment with my self and my purpose. I want to live with the opportunity for reconciliation. When someone around me is thoughtless or cruel, I want to be given the chance to respond with a ritual that creates the pos - Author: Christina Baldwin
Lash quotes by Christina Baldwin
#167. When the riots happened in L.A., they didn't go to Beverly Hills to trash Rodeo Drive. They trashed their own neighborhoods. It's one of those tragedies that we always see in riot situations, where the only thing that they can lash out against is the stuff that's right there in their own communities. They destroy the very things that help them survive in their own community. There is a level of futility in that. - Author: Samuel L. Jackson
Lash quotes by Samuel L. Jackson
#168. Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away. Yet, if God wills that this continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said, 'The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
Lash quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#169. I love creme liner because I have lash extensions and sometimes the liquid liner can get into the lashes. It's also easier to guide. I can create straighter lines with it. - Author: Meagan Good
Lash quotes by Meagan Good
#170. You can have one of mine," he says. "i'll yank one out right now."
no, that won't count. It has to be the lash that naturally falls out. "
He gets on his knees and starts looking for my lash. - Author: Caprice Crane
Lash quotes by Caprice Crane
#171. Everything we design and make is an improvisation, a lash-up, something inept and provisional. - Author: David Pye
Lash quotes by David Pye
#172. Humiliation scars deeper than the lash. - Author: Tobsha Learner
Lash quotes by Tobsha Learner
#173. But think about it. We've tried for over twenty years to do everything right, to save our money, to pay our bills, to raise our kid, and to live within the law. We've done everything the right way, at least to the best of our ability." Rick grabbed her hand. "But that's not enough. That guy is right about at least that much. He's giving us a chance to do something that will lash out, and he's willing to pay for it. I can see the sincerity all over his face. He's not trying to con us. He just wants an ally, a foot soldier."
"Why you?" Renee asked bluntly. "Is it that hard to find someone crazy enough to do something that extreme?" She caught herself and started laughing. "Maybe it is. - Author: Rich Hoffman
Lash quotes by Rich Hoffman
#174. Peter to Austin: Here are the facts, Austin. You've been engaged four times.
You've cheated on every single one of them. You're cruel
sometimes and superficial and spoiled and really fucked up
emotionally. You talk about my being inscrutable, but you treat
nothing as if it matters to you. Something terrible happens? You
make a joke and shrug it off. You feel too much? You get angry
and lash out at me. So no, I'm not in love with you. I'm fighting
it every fucking step! I just wish I could stop it. - Author: Dani Alexander
Lash quotes by Dani Alexander
#175. For those who have walked through the fires of hell and rather than fall to its flames, have emerged battered, but victorious. In the immortal words of Ovid: Quin ninc quoque frigidus artus, dum loquor, horror habet, parsque est meminisse doloris- Even now while I tell it, cold horror envelops me and my pains return the minute I think of it. We can never escape the pain of our pasts, or the flashbacks that assault us when we dare to let our thoughts drift unattended, but we can choose to not let it ruin the future we, alone, can build for ourselves.
And for those who are currently trapped in a bad situation. May you find the resolute strength it takes to free yourself, and to finally see the beauty that lives inside you. You are resplendent, and you deserve respect and love. Don't let the minions of hatred or cruelty define you, or steal away your own humanity. When our compassion and ability to love and appreciate others go, then our bullies and oppressors have truly won, for it is not they who are harmed, but rather we who lose our souls and hearts to the same miserable bitterness that causes them to lash out against us. The cycle can be broken- it must be broken, even though the path is never easy or without cost. Yet victory is made sweeter when you know it came from within you, without violent retribution. The best revenge is to leave them mired in their hateful misery while you learn to bask in the warmth of self-esteem and happiness. Never forget that broken wing - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Lash quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#176. Okay, my man, in a minute you are gonna hear a bunch of shit that's gonna knock your socks off. So, two seconds to prepare, Ivey is my best friend, outside you my only real one, as you know. What you don't know, she is not my lover. She's my friend. And I'm gay. You tell anyone, I'll shoot you and you know I'm not fucking with you about that. Deal with it. We gotta move on, like, now. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Lash quotes by Kristen Ashley
#177. The setting, concerns, and mood of The Woodlanders are consonant with the Wessex of the earlier novels. There is an element of nostalgia in Hardy's treatment of the woodlands of Little Hintock. Although such rural economies were very much alive in Hardy's day, he strikes an elegiac note in his evocation of a world that will inevitably pass away. However, the woodlands do not form the backdrop to an idyllic pastoral of humanity living in tranquil harmony with nature. The trees, which are such a dominant presence in the novel, compete with each other for nourishment and light, are vulnerable to disease and damage, and are frightening in their moaning under the lash of the storm. The woodlands represent the Darwinian struggle for existence that Hardy sees as extending not only to the inhabitants of this little world but also beyond ... - Author: Geoffrey Harvey
Lash quotes by Geoffrey Harvey
#178. Sometimes opinions should kept to ones self, but not in appropriate situations. Be the judge of the appropriate situation, and be prepared for backfire. Moral of the story; if everyone doesn't agree, then prepare for them to lash out in disagreement. - Author: Liam McGrath
Lash quotes by Liam McGrath
#179. You're the one with almost an MBA," Barry, the short balding one, said to Lash. "You should know what to do." "They don't cover what to do with a dead hooker," Lash countered. "That's a whole different program. Political science, I think." Despite - Author: Christopher Moore
Lash quotes by Christopher Moore
#180. For my eyes, my day-to-day just involves curling my lashes to open up my eyes and applying our mascara, The Quickie. If I'm getting my makeup done, I like to get individual lash extensions or a strip of false lashes, depending on how glam I want to get. - Author: Kourtney Kardashian
Lash quotes by Kourtney Kardashian
#181. I divined and chose a distant place to dwell
T'ien-t'ai; what more is there to say?

Monkeys cry where valley mists are cold,
My grass gate blends with the color of the crags,
I pick leaves to thatch a hut among the pines,
Scoop out a pond and lead a runnel from the spring.

By now I am used to doing without the world,
Picking ferns, I pass the years that are left.
The trail to Cold Mountain is faint
the banks of Cold Stream are a jungle

birds constantly chatter away
I hear no sound of people
gusts of wind lash my face

flurries of snow bury my body
day after day, no sun
year after year no spring. - Author: Hanshan
Lash quotes by Hanshan
#182. The United Nations had to be the cornerstone of our foreign policy. - Author: Joseph P. Lash
Lash quotes by Joseph P. Lash
#183. ...So speaks Man-Creating. Then, instantly, it all changes, and from Man-Creating I become simply Man-Alive--a member of society, a friend and neighbor, a son and brother of the human race. And when I look at what I have done from this point of view, suddenly I feel lower than a dog. I see all the pain and anguish I have caused to people I know, and I wonder how I could have done it, and how there could possibly be any justification for it--yes, even if what I wrote had been as great as "Lear," as eloquent as "Hamlet"...For what integrity is there that is not tainted with human frailty? If only I could tell myself that every word and phrase and incident in the book had been created at the top of my bent and with the impartial judgment of unrancorous detachment! But I know it is not true. So many words came back to me, so many whip-lash phrases, that must have been written in a spirit that had nothing to do with art or my integrity. We are such stuff that dust is made of, and where we fail--we fail! Is there, then, no such thing as a pure spirit in creation? - Author: Thomas Wolfe
Lash quotes by Thomas Wolfe
#184. Helene Huntington Smith, "Profile," New Yorker, April 5, 1930. - Author: Joseph P. Lash
Lash quotes by Joseph P. Lash
#185. Monotheism begins with a god who hates trees. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash
#186. And this time as the lashes come, try to think about the pain, instead of against it, because there is not one single aspect of life, past, present, or future, that does not tear your reason from you, to think on it. So think about the pain. This pain after all has its limits. You can chart its passage through your body. It has a beginning, middle, end. Imagine if it had a color. The first cut of the lash is what, red? Red, spreading into a brilliant yellow. And this one again, red, red, no yellow, and then white, white, white, white ... Why have you incarcerated yourself in this palazzo of torture chambers, why do you not leave this place? Because you are a monster and this is a school for monsters, and if you leave here, then you will be completely, completely alone! Alone with this!
Don't weep in front of these strangers. Swallow it down. Don't weep in front of these strangers! Cry to heaven, cry to heaven, cry to heaven. - Author: Anne Rice
Lash quotes by Anne Rice
#187. I didn't feel guilty about cheating on you back then," he said quietly. "Or all the times I promised not to do it again and talked you into taking me back." He paused, glancing at me.
I clenched my jaw, resisting the urge to lash out at him, but I said I'd hear him out, so I kept my mouth shut. Tightly shut.
He cleared his throat. "It was the last time that did my conscience in. Maybe it was some long overdue maturity, maybe it was because it was the longest we'd gone without getting back together after breaking up, but it started eating at me. The longer it went on, the more I missed you, and the more I realized I'd done you horribly wrong from the start." He closed his eyes for a second. His Adam's apple bobbed once and then he went on. "When I realized what I'd lost, I was scared to come back and even try to apologize because I was afraid the one time I really, really meant it - " His voice cracked, and he paused, clearing his throat again before continuing. "I was afraid that would be the one time you'd finally had enough and told me to fuck off for the last time. Which I certainly deserved at that point, I just…" He looked at me. "I didn't think I could face you again because I finally knew just how much I'd hurt you and just how much you had every right to hate me. - Author: L.A. Witt
Lash quotes by L.A. Witt
#188. Yeah, that's right, Lash. Because I'm Chinese I have a deep-seated need to nosh house pets. Now why don't you let him in before my inner Chinaman forces me to kung-fu your bitch ass. - Author: Christopher Moore
Lash quotes by Christopher Moore
#189. No achievement can be higher than that of working in harmony with other nations so that the lash of war may be lifted from our backs and a peace of lasting friendship descend upon us. - Author: Cordell Hull
Lash quotes by Cordell Hull
#190. Now, religion professes a special role in the protection and instruction of children. "Woe to him," says the Grand Inquisitor in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, "who harms a child." The New Testament has Jesus informing us that one so guilty would be better off at the bottom of the sea, and with a millstone around his neck at that. But both in theory and in practice, religion uses the innocent and the defenseless for the purposes of experiment. By all means let an observant Jewish adult male have his raw-cut penis placed in the mouth of a rabbi. (That would be legal, at least in New York.) By all means let grown women who distrust their clitoris or their labia have them sawn away by some other wretched adult female. By all means let Abraham offer to commit filicide to prove his devotion to the Lord or his belief in the voices he was hearing in his head. By all means let devout parents deny themselves the succor of medicine when in acute pain and distress. By all means - for all I care - let a priest sworn to celibacy be a promiscuous homosexual. By all means let a congregation that believes in whipping out the devil choose a new grown-up sinner each week and lash him until he or she bleeds. By all means let anyone who believes in creationism instruct his fellows during lunch breaks. But the conscription of the unprotected child for these purposes is something that even the most dedicated secularist can safely describe as sin. - Author: Christopher Hitchens
Lash quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#191. But as well may you, when urging a man up-hill with a heavy load upon his back, and with your lash also upon his back, tell him, that be has nothing to do either with the load or the lash. - Author: Gerrit Smith
Lash quotes by Gerrit Smith
#192. Lay not the blame on me, O sailor, but on the winds. By nature I am as calm and safe as the land itself, but the winds fall upon me with their gusts and gales, and lash me into a fury that is not natural to me. - Author: Aesop
Lash quotes by Aesop
#193. My heart should be breaking, too, but there comes a point when you're so inured to loss that you no longer feel the lash. - Author: Ann Aguirre
Lash quotes by Ann Aguirre
#194. I use Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara. Thanks to my mother, I have really long lashes, so I've never had to use too much product. I've used this mascara since I was 15, and it's the only one I use. A lot of people think I wear extensions, but nope, I just apply lots of mascara because it's the one thing that makes me feel pretty! - Author: Brittany Snow
Lash quotes by Brittany Snow
#195. The deadweight of his body,coupled with the aches, made him remember back to a time when he'd gotten colds or flus. Same feeling. Was it possible he was getting sick?
Made him wonder if anyone had come up with a product like Dead-quil or some shit.
Probably not. - Author: J.R. Ward
Lash quotes by J.R. Ward
#196. The Church's foundation is unshakable and firm against the assaults of the raging sea. Waves lash at the Church but do not shatter it. Although the elements of this world constantly batter and crash against her, she offers the safest harbor of salvation for all in distress. - Author: Ambrose
Lash quotes by Ambrose
#197. But even in the full flower of her fury, Carceret was perfectly in control. She didn't lash out wildly or snarl at me. She kept her words inside her, burning them like fuel. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Lash quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#198. Water- the ace of elements. Water dives from the clouds without parachute, wings or safety net. Water runs over the steepest precipice and blinks not a lash. Water is buried and rises again; water walks on fire and fire gets the blisters. - Author: Tom Robbins
Lash quotes by Tom Robbins
#199. You see I thought love got easier over, the years so it didn't hurt so bad when it hurt, or feel so good when it felt good. I thought it smoothed out and old people hardly noticed it. I thought it curled up and died, I guess. Now I saw it rear up like a whip and lash. She loved him. She was jealous. She mourned him like the dead. And he just smiled into the air, trapped in the seams of his mind. - Author: Louise Erdrich
Lash quotes by Louise Erdrich
#200. The suppression of ecstasy and condemnation of pleasure by patriarchal religion have left us in a deep, festering morass. The pleasures people seek in modern times are superficial, venal, and corrupt. This is deeply unfortunate, for it justifies the patriarchal condemnation of pleasure that rotted out our hedonistic capacities in the first place! Narcissism is rampant, having reached a truly global scale. It now appears to have entered the terminal phase known as "cocooning," the ultimate state of isolation. Dissociation from the natural world verges on complete disembodiment, represented in Archontic ploys such as "transhumanism," cloning, virtual reality, and the uploading of human consciousness into cyberspace. The computer looks due to replace the cross as the primary image of salvation. It is already the altar where millions worship daily. If the technocrats prevail, artificial intelligence and artificial life will soon overrule the natural order of the planet. - Author: John Lamb Lash
Lash quotes by John Lamb Lash