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#1. The child is right," she announced firmly.
Arrietty's eyes grew big. "Oh, no-" she began. It shocked her to be right. Parents were right, not children. Children could say anything, Arrietty knew, and enjoy saying it-knowing always they were safe and wrong. - Author: Mary Norton
Family Relationships quotes by Mary Norton
#2. Sibling relationships are complicated. All family relationships are. Look at Hamlet. - Author: Maurice Saatchi
Family Relationships quotes by Maurice Saatchi
#3. She wouldn't climb out of the bed for her sister, but she had climbed into a crater. She wouldn't cross a room, but she had crossed a continent. - Author: Anthony Marra
Family Relationships quotes by Anthony Marra
#4. As well as we know our grown children and relatives, we don't know how much energy they have to put into simply keeping their lives together at all. - Author: Anne Lamott
Family Relationships quotes by Anne Lamott
#5. Know what being a man's pet means. And if you're ever lucky enough to find yourself with the choice, choose the pasture. - Author: Stacy Overman Morrison
Family Relationships quotes by Stacy Overman Morrison
#6. No one said parenting was easy,but NO good parent has any right to give up.It is one labyrinth you can never quit because it seems too hard. - Author: Gillian Duce
Family Relationships quotes by Gillian Duce
#7. In God's great plan, every detail is important, even yours, even my humble little witness, even the hidden witness of those who live their faith with simplicity in everyday family relationships, work relationships, friendships. There are the saints of every day, the "hidden" saints, a sort of "middle class of holiness" to which we can all belong. - Author: Pope Francis
Family Relationships quotes by Pope Francis
#8. Breathe, Emma. Now is not the time to swoon. - Author: Eva Walker
Family Relationships quotes by Eva Walker
#9. She would seize every opportunity to dive into the bathroom, in a swirl of white towels, and once in there she was as hard to dislodge as a limpet from a rock. - Author: Gerald Durrell
Family Relationships quotes by Gerald Durrell
#10. The boughs, without becoming detached from the trunk grow away from it. - Author: Victor Hugo
Family Relationships quotes by Victor Hugo
#11. It could not have been easy for Mother, an only child, to grow up without a father and with a mother who was remote. Photos of her as a child show her extremely dressed up
Cornie's beautiful little doll. But a daughter, unlike a doll, grows up, and might fall in love with and marry someone her mother does not like; she becomes an individual with her own ideas. - Author: Cornelia Maude Spelman
Family Relationships quotes by Cornelia Maude Spelman
#12. Doubt is a lot like faith; A mustard's seed worth changes everything. - Author: Donna Johnson
Family Relationships quotes by Donna Johnson
#13. Zane sighed. Jovan and Mother were just the same. "Maybe later" meant no. - Author: C.J. Milbrandt
Family Relationships quotes by C.J. Milbrandt
#14. Salsa is a way of life. Tener salsa en la vida is to fully enjoy life, by treasuring family, relationships, work, and community. - Author: Juana Bordas
Family Relationships quotes by Juana Bordas
#15. You can't forget how important coming together is, whether it be a mom and a son, a dad and a daughter, whether the family be ten people, or twenty people, or a million people. Dinnertime is the perfect time for that. Dinnertime is the perfect time when you can sit down, you can offer thanks to your kids for making you laugh, or to your parents for supporting you, or to a god for looking out for you, or to whomever you want. You can just close your eyes and open them again and realize that you have the opportunity everyday to change your life, or change someone else's. Dinnertime is a great time to think about that.

~ Dillon, age 22
From Dinnertimes: Stories of American Life, 1912 to 2012 - Author: Deborah L. Halliday
Family Relationships quotes by Deborah L. Halliday
#16. like many families, everyone wandered around like children in a funhouse - they could hardly see one another around the corners, and what they could see was completely distorted. - Author: James Hannaham
Family Relationships quotes by James Hannaham
#17. Perhaps I am a rose-picker and a breeze-sniffer. - Author: Sam Wazan
Family Relationships quotes by Sam Wazan
#18. Let your boys test their wings. They may not be eagles, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't soar free. - Author: C.J. Milbrandt
Family Relationships quotes by C.J. Milbrandt
#19. He's on the school bus and Uncle Wade is standing outside the window. The bus hasn't pulled out yet and Uncle Wade is punching the air and ducking his head and giving him a thumbs up sign and then a big smile. The big smile says do not worry. It says you can do this. ... His smile says a lot and so do his punching hands and his hooked thumbs, and before everything else it can possibly say, it says the thing Nick needs most. The big smile says I love you. - Author: Sheldon Lee Compton
Family Relationships quotes by Sheldon Lee Compton
#20. Family are people who never earn your respect or love but demand it nevertheless. - Author: Greg Keyes
Family Relationships quotes by Greg Keyes
#21. Speaking generally, however, when you interact with someone else, you are doing outer work (physical time, play time, connecting time) ... as many sociologists have pointed out, this area of life used to dominate everyday existence, at a time when families sat around the fire of an evening and ate every meal together.
That's no longer true. Families today are often loose constellations. Contact is intermittent and rushed. everyone has their own space. Activity is scattered all around town, not confined to the home. Cars have made everyone mobile, but central heating may be the most powerful force in shaping modern society. - Author: Deepak Chopra
Family Relationships quotes by Deepak Chopra
#22. Bad habits were all a matter of perspective, and as long as the present was viewed through the lens of the past, anyone would say he was doing a spectacular job. - Author: Ann Patchett
Family Relationships quotes by Ann Patchett
#23. Love is a creative act. When you love someone you create a new world for them. My mother did that for me, and with the progress I made and the things I learned, I came back and created a new world and a new understanding for her. - Author: Trevor Noah
Family Relationships quotes by Trevor Noah
#24. My Parents couldn't get me to stop drinking. The Police couldn't get me to stop drinking. The Courts couldn't get me to stop drinking. The threat of losing my job couldn't get me to stop drinking. My Wife couldn't get me to stop drinking. But when my eldest daughter was 5 years old and said, "Daddy, we don't like you when you drink!" That is when I stopped! - Author: James Hauenstein
Family Relationships quotes by James Hauenstein
#25. If I can send you a sign, I will. - Author: Virginia Aird
Family Relationships quotes by Virginia Aird
#26. In the white marble hall of the hotel, I'm waltzing with Rajat. The music is a river and we're dancing in it. It winds against our bodies, muscular as a serpent. - Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Family Relationships quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
#27. It was about having a box in the attic or basement or attic or garage, something we could return to over and over again, something that said, this is us, this is where we were last year, and this is where we'll stay, and this is where we'll pile on the memories, over and over again, until there are so many memories that it's blinding, the brightness of family, the way love and nurturing is like a color you can't name because it's so new. - Author: Carrie Brownstein
Family Relationships quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#28. Adoption is grief in reverse. - Author: Jody Cantrell Dyer
Family Relationships quotes by Jody Cantrell Dyer
#29. How did so many women get to this unhappy place of not understanding how truly "simple" men are in their requirements and how much benevolent power their wives have over them? Why did notions like assuaging "male ego" and using "feminine wiles" rocket into disrepute? How is it that so many women are angry with men in general yet expect to have a happy life married to one of them?
There are a number of reasons for this, and I believe they all revolve around the assault upon, and virtual collapse of, the values of religious morality, modesty, fidelity, chastity, respect for life, and a commitment to family and child-rearing. - Author: Laura C. Schlessinger
Family Relationships quotes by Laura C. Schlessinger
#30. Trust means there is no question.
If there is no question then no need for any answer,which means complete balance.
Always keep in your mind trust is the base for any kind of relationship. - Author: Deshwal Sachin
Family Relationships quotes by Deshwal Sachin
#31. Over 120 Aboriginal communities run their own health services - some have been doing so for 30 years. They struggle with difficult medical problems. They also try to deal with counselling, stolen generations issues, family relationships, violence, suicide prevention. - Author: Malcolm Fraser
Family Relationships quotes by Malcolm Fraser
#32. A personal journey is part of the generational relay. Live your legacy then pass it on. - Author: Jo Ann V. Glim
Family Relationships quotes by Jo Ann V. Glim
#33. There are all sorts of families," Tom's grandmother had remarked, and over the following few weeks Tom became part of the Casson family, as Micheal and Sarah and Derek-from-the-camp had done before him.
He immediately discovered that being a member of the family was very different from being a welcome friend. If you were a Casson family member, for example, and Eve drifted in from the shed asking, "Food? Any ideas? Or shall we not bother?" then you either joined in the search of the kitchen cupboards or counted the money in the housekeeping jam jar and calculated how many pizzas you could afford. Also, if you were a family member you took care of Rose, helped with homework (Saffron and Sarah were very strict about homework), unloaded the washing machine, learned to fold up Sarah's wheelchair, hunted for car keys, and kept up the hopeful theory that in the event of a crisis Bill Casson would disengage himself from his artistic life in London and rush home to help. - Author: Hilary McKay
Family Relationships quotes by Hilary McKay
#34. Families are Forever, and wondered if the slogan was meant as a promise or a threat. - Author: Brady Udall
Family Relationships quotes by Brady Udall
#35. I never wanted to be away from the family. Intuitively, I knew how easily distances could harden and become permanent. - Author: Junot Diaz
Family Relationships quotes by Junot Diaz
#36. When two human beings get together, they're co-present, there is built into it a certain responsibility we have for each other, and when people are co-present in family relationships and other relationships, that responsibility is there. You can't just turn off a person. On the Internet, you can. - Author: Neil Postman
Family Relationships quotes by Neil Postman
#37. I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. - Author: Maya Angelou
Family Relationships quotes by Maya Angelou
#38. The first person I knew who died was Beth March. I cried for three days. - Author: A. Louise Robertson
Family Relationships quotes by A. Louise Robertson
#39. Don't count on me to take you in because I'm angry. I'm angry at you for leading us on such a song and dance all these years, not just these few years but all the years, skipping all those holidays and staying away from beach trips and missing Mom and Dad's thirtieth anniversary and their thirty-fifth and Jeannie's baby and not attending my wedding that time or even sending a card or calling to wish me well. But most of all Denny, most of all: I will never forgive you for consuming every last little drop of our parents' attention and leaving nothing for the rest of us. - Author: Anne Tyler
Family Relationships quotes by Anne Tyler
#40. Only the family, society's smallest unit, can change and yet maintain enough continuity to rear children who will not be "strangers in a strange land," who will be rooted firmly enough to grow and adapt. - Author: Salvador Minuchin
Family Relationships quotes by Salvador Minuchin
#41. I had always liked staying the night with other families, having your own room with a freshly made bed, full of unfamiliar objects, with a towel and a washcloth nicely laid out, and from there straight into the heart of family life, despite there always being, no matter whom I visited, an uncomfortable side, because even though people always try to keep existing tensions in the background whenever guests are present, the tensions are still noticeable, and you can never know if it is your presence that has caused them or whether they are just there and indeed your presence is helping to suppress them. A third possibility is, of course, that all these tensions were just tensions that lived their own lives in my head. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Family Relationships quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#42. He was supposed to be the first man to tell her that she was beautiful and help her determine who she was before anyone had the opportunity to label her. She was supposed to be his "little girl". - Author: Anais Torres
Family Relationships quotes by Anais Torres
#43. Maybe we would grow apart, he would develop a personality that I would know nothing about, we would start our families, have children of our own, and there would come a point when in thinking about 'family' we would think of the ones we made, not the ones we were from. - Author: Jenny Zhang
Family Relationships quotes by Jenny Zhang
#44. I have actually known a case where a Woman has exterminated her whole household, and half an hour afterwards, when her rage was over and the fragments swept away, has asked what has become of her husband and her children. - Author: Edwin A. Abbott
Family Relationships quotes by Edwin A. Abbott
#45. We may view it as our responsibility to control something that is not in fact within our control and yet fail to exercise the power and authority that we do have over our own behavior. Mothers cannot make children think, feel, or be a certain way, but we can be firm, consistent, and clear about what behavior we will and will not tolerate, and what the consequences are for misbehavior. We can also change our part in patterns that keep family members stuck. At the same time we are doomed to failure with any self-help venture if we view the problem as existing within ourselves - or within the child or the child's father, for that matter. There is never one villain in family life, although it may appear that way on the surface. - Author: Harriet Lerner
Family Relationships quotes by Harriet Lerner
#46. It is a father's job to love his daughter in the way she needs to be loved. - Author: Karin Slaughter
Family Relationships quotes by Karin Slaughter
#47. The blessing begins at home. - Author: Taka Sande
Family Relationships quotes by Taka Sande
#48. Anyway, it was Oscar who called me to remind me that our nephew, Lydia's son Garnett, was turning eleven years old. Fuck my life. I hated that kid. He smelled like asparagus, and he sweated way too much for a healthy child; but then Garnett, given his propensity for biting teachers and catching chipmunks in the backyard only to bury them alive, was no normal kid. He was a case study for sociopathic behavior in the making. A walking, talking, farting, sweaty, odorous, chipmunk-burying cry for help. - Author: Richard J. O'Brien
Family Relationships quotes by Richard J. O'Brien
#49. Family isn't blood," she said bitterly, continuing to back away. "Family is who loves you, who takes care of you. - Author: Bruce Coville
Family Relationships quotes by Bruce Coville
#50. Some people are trapped by the belief that love comes in finite quantities, and that our kind of love exhausts the supply upon which they need to draw. I do not accept competitive models of love, only additive ones. - Author: Andrew Solomon
Family Relationships quotes by Andrew Solomon
#51. If our family was an airline, Mom was the hub and we were the spokes. You rarely went anywhere nonstop; you went via Mom, who directed the traffic flow and determined the priorities: which family member was cleared for takeoff or landing. Even my father was not immune to Mom's scheduling, though he was given more leeway than the rest of us. - Author: Will Schwalbe
Family Relationships quotes by Will Schwalbe
#52. There are millions of people out there who live this way, and their hearts are breaking just like mine. It's okay to say, "My kid is a drug addict or alcoholic, and I still love them and I'm still proud of them." Hold your head up and have a cappuccino. Take a trip. Hang your Christmas lights and hide colored eggs. Cry, laugh, then take a nap. And when we all get to the end of the road, I'm going to write a story that's so happy it's going to make your liver explode. It's going to be a great day. - Author: Dina Kucera
Family Relationships quotes by Dina Kucera
#53. Large families are communities unto their own. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Family Relationships quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#54. Look to the past to see what the future holds. - Author: Celia Conrad
Family Relationships quotes by Celia Conrad
#55. We can't leave the past in the past because, the past is who we are. It's like saying I wish I could forget English. So, there is no leaving the past in the past. It doesn't mean the past has to define and dominate everything in the future. The fact that I had a temper in my teens doesn't mean I have to be an angry person for the rest of my life. It just means that I had allot to be angry about but, didn't have the language and the understanding to know what it was and how big it was. I thought my anger was disproportionate to the environment which is what is called having a bad temper but, it just means that I underestimated the environment and my anger was telling me how wide and deep child abuse is in society but, I didn't understand that consciously so I thought my anger was disproportionate to the environment but, it wasn't. There is almost no amount of anger that's proportionate to the degree of child abuse in the world.

The fantasy that you can not be somebody that lived through what you lived through is damaging to yourself and to your capacity to relate to others. People who care about you, people who are going to grow to love you need to know who you are and that you were shaped by what you've experienced for better and for worse. There is a great deal of challenge in talking about these issues. Lots of people in this world have been hurt as children. Most people have been hurt in this world as children and when you talk honestly and openly it's very dif - Author: Stefan Molyneux
Family Relationships quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#56. Family is not to who you are born;
Family is to who you love. - Author: Gillian Duce
Family Relationships quotes by Gillian Duce
#57. Blood can help make family, but family often transcends blood. - Author: DaShanne Stokes
Family Relationships quotes by DaShanne Stokes
#58. It may be that psychologists are off-base in their preoccupation with children's need to feel that their father or some other parent loves them. It also seems valid to consider the child's desire to feel that a parent actually likes them, as love itself is so automatic and preprogrammed in a parent that it isn't a very good test of whatever it is that the typical child feels so anxious to pass the test of - Author: David Foster Wallace
Family Relationships quotes by David Foster Wallace
#59. Women's childhood relationships with their fathers are important to them all their lives. Regardless of age or status, women who seem clearest about their goals and most satisfied with their lives and personal and family relationships usually remember that their fathers enjoyed them and were actively interested in their development. - Author: Stella Chess
Family Relationships quotes by Stella Chess
#60. I'm as vulnerable as anybody to the toxicity of the American nuclear family. But I wouldn't call it disease or moral failure as much as I would point the finger at a system that grinds people down like a metal file. Who doesn't need a drink? Who isn't going to crack and lash out at the people they love? - Author: Susie Bright
Family Relationships quotes by Susie Bright
#61. How rarely these few years, as work keeps up aloof,
Or fares, or one thing or another,
How we had days to spend under our parents' roof;
Myself, my sister, and my brother.
All five of us will die; to reckon from the past
This flesh and blood is unforgiving.
What's hard is that just one of us will be the last
To bear it all and go on living. - Author: Vikram Seth
Family Relationships quotes by Vikram Seth
#62. Dad was the glue to the broken pieces of our family. - Author: Joanie Chevalier
Family Relationships quotes by Joanie Chevalier
#63. Scorned and torn, former love mates aim and shoot childish devastating daggers that penetrate beyond target to pierce the heart of their offspring. - Author: T.F. Hodge
Family Relationships quotes by T.F. Hodge
#64. History will be kind to me for I have written it. Winston Churchill - Author: Ron Mayes
Family Relationships quotes by Ron Mayes
#65. Judging Natalie as my mother had judged me was, I felt like telling her son, just my ass-backward way of showing love. I'd spent my life trying to translate that language, and now I realized I had come to speak it fluently. When was it that you realized the thread woven through your DNA carried the relationship deformities of your blood relatives as much as it did their diabetes and bone density? - Author: Alice Sebold
Family Relationships quotes by Alice Sebold
#66. Kat looked down at her lemonade. 'Do you think he betrayed the love of his life ... because of us?'
'She used the name Romani, Kat,' was Gabrielle's answer. 'And besides ... ' She let the words draw out. Her gaze went to the distance, and there was a sense of peace in the way she said, 'WE'RE the love of his life.' She raised her glass again. 'To family. - Author: Ally Carter
Family Relationships quotes by Ally Carter
#67. Unfortunately, some family members are so psychotic that no matter how hard you try to forge a healthy relationship, nothing will help. Now that you're an adult, take refuge in the fact that some things are beyond your control. You owe it to yourself to steer clear of people who are harmful to your health. - Author: Andrea Lavinthal
Family Relationships quotes by Andrea Lavinthal
#68. I am an alien in my own family; the society where I live considers me as a "nerd" and "strange. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Family Relationships quotes by Sahara Sanders
#69. Family is a permanent adhesive that creates a lifetime bond. - Author: Conrad Brooks
Family Relationships quotes by Conrad Brooks
#70. Life is filled with rhythms-day and night, hot and cold, summer and winter, spring and fall, cloudy and clear. Likewise in a relationship, men and women have their own rhythms and cycles. - Author: John Gray
Family Relationships quotes by John Gray
#71. You daughter is prudish?" There was a gleam of triumph in Helena Winter's face. Fee grimaced. Prudish? No, not that she could claim. Far too mild a word for what she felt. - Author: Mary Brock Jones
Family Relationships quotes by Mary Brock Jones
#72. Aw honey. Today's as important as forever." Grandpa Joe in "Shave and a Haircut" Flash Warden and Other Stories - Author: Eileen Granfors
Family Relationships quotes by Eileen Granfors
#73. Some secret of nurture withered a generation or two before I arrived, if it had ever existed before among the poor, marginalized people on the edges of Europe from whom I descend. Both my parents grew up with a deep sense of poverty that was mostly emotional but that they imagined as material long after they clambered into the middle class, and so they were more like a pair of rivalrous older siblings than parents who see their children as extensions of themselves and their hopes. They were stuck in separateness.

I didn't realize anything was odd until I was already on my own and found out that not everyone's parents cut them off financially as soon as the law allowed. I tried to leave home unsuccessfully at fourteen and fifteen and sixteen and did so successfully at seventeen, heading off to another country, as far away as I could go, and once I got there I realized I was more on my own than I had anticipated: I was henceforth entirely repsonsible for myself and thus began a few years of poverty. - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Family Relationships quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#74. Family, friends and relationships are the blessings of the God. They are the best way to access God. - Author: Amit Ray
Family Relationships quotes by Amit Ray
#75. When Uncle W. G. held out his hand to take my money, I dropped the dead mouse in his hand. - Author: Earl B. Russell
Family Relationships quotes by Earl B. Russell
#76. Our worth comes from the promises we keep. - Author: Sunanda J. Chatterjee
Family Relationships quotes by Sunanda J. Chatterjee
#77. Nan is the mortar that holds the tiles of their family together. - Author: Wm. Paul Young
Family Relationships quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#78. Because deep down you know that someone needs to keep you out of trouble. - Author: Mike L. Hopper
Family Relationships quotes by Mike L. Hopper
#79. Until she had had children of her own she had not been able to contemplate the death of either of her parents; when the subject had arisen, in conversation or in her own imagining, she had said only: I just don't know what I'd do. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
Family Relationships quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#80. If you remember yourself, you will remember me. I am always a part of you. I am your mother. - Author: Emma Michaels
Family Relationships quotes by Emma Michaels
#81. Live today. You never know when tomorrow will be a day too late. - Author: Rochelle Carlton
Family Relationships quotes by Rochelle Carlton
#82. I suppose men, even myself, are perpetually boys. The sons of parents who provide the staples of what makes up a life - a home, an example of what it means to be human, however fucked up that may be. We are molded by impressions and an example, single days that stick out, and wounds that split us open and never close. We take on other people's pain and sometimes make them ours. - Author: M. Spio
Family Relationships quotes by M. Spio
#83. After running from pursuers a good part of my life, I was used to hiding in the shadows. But now, I was trying to save myself from the ultimate bully, my murderous father. - Author: David Crow
Family Relationships quotes by David   Crow
#84. I sometimes wonder if I am crisscrossing my father's ghostly paths and we are entering same towns or roadside diners or the black ribbons of highways that gleam in the night rain. As if we were images in a time-lapse photograph. - Author: Gloria Steinem
Family Relationships quotes by Gloria Steinem
#85. I could barely even say Will's name. And listening to their tales of family relationships, of thirty-year marriages, shared houses, lives, children, I felt like a fraud. I had been a carer for someone for six months. I'd loved him, and watched him end his life. How could these strangers possibly understand what Will and I had been to each other during that time? How could I explain the way we had so swiftly understood each other, the shorthand jokes, the blunt truths and raw secrets? How could I convey the way those short months had changed the way I felt about everything? The way he had skewed my world so totally that it made no sense without him in it? - Author: Jojo Moyes
Family Relationships quotes by Jojo Moyes
#86. Families can also be divided into subgroups with different values, perspectives, and and communication styles, even if a subgroup consists of only one individual. - Author: David Bedrick
Family Relationships quotes by David Bedrick
#87. Husband and wife are like a pair of scissors, joined together for life but always moving in opposite directions. If anyone comes in between, they join together and cut them off. - Author: Hare Krishna Chandrasekaran
Family Relationships quotes by Hare Krishna Chandrasekaran
#88. We co-existed in peaceful detachment - Author: Tsitsi Dangarembga
Family Relationships quotes by Tsitsi Dangarembga
#89. For all their jokes and quirks and frustrating mannerisms, he loved them. It was what family was about - forgiving each other's transgressions, showing remorse for things done wrong, and above all, accepting one another even with their imperfections. - Author: Jennifer LeBlanc
Family Relationships quotes by Jennifer      LeBlanc
#90. ...we're not eighteen anymore. We've lived. We've created things that last – things of joy, and things of burden. - Author: Dianna Hardy
Family Relationships quotes by Dianna Hardy
#91. I'd wrestled against the inner voice of my mother, the voice of caution, of duty, of fear of the unknown, the voice that said the world was dangerous and safety was always the first measure and that often confused pleasure with danger, the mother who had, when I'd moved to the city, sent me clippings about young women who were raped and murdered there, who elaborated on obscure perils and injuries that had never happened to her all her life, and who feared mistakes even when the consequences were minor. Why go to Paradise when the dishes aren't done? What if the dirty dishes clamor more loudly than Paradise? - Author: Rebecca Solnit
Family Relationships quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#92. This temper had been passed down from his father, and his father in turn before that. Parents breed parrots. Only exceptional offspring grow their own bright plumage, capable of penetrating the dull grey down in which they are born covered. - Author: David Whitehouse
Family Relationships quotes by David  Whitehouse
#93. If it hadn't been for my parents, I'd have thought soul mates were a lie. - Author: Brittainy C. Cherry
Family Relationships quotes by Brittainy C. Cherry
#94. They say family's first, but family is the first to get you hurt - Author: Chrisper Malamsha
Family Relationships quotes by Chrisper Malamsha
#95. Reluctantly, we had already accepted every challenge at the moment we were born. And as long as we live, we have no right to give up. For we, or at least someone very similar to us, already died once, long ago in a faraway place. - Author: Jeno Marz
Family Relationships quotes by Jeno Marz
#96. A sweet kiss on her head made her little heart swell; she had pancakes, her dog. She had love. All was well. - Author: Renata Bowers
Family Relationships quotes by Renata Bowers
#97. You married into the family. You have to love me. It's a contractual obligation. - Author: Julia Quinn
Family Relationships quotes by Julia Quinn
#98. Mindfulness won't ensure you'll win an argument with your sister. Mindfulness won't enable you to bypass your feelings of anger or hurt either. But it may help you see the conflict in a new way, one that allows you to break through old patterns. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
Family Relationships quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#99. I do come from a very close family. And I'm fascinated, in particular, with family relationships and the relationships that we all form with friends who feel as close, if not closer, than family. - Author: John Corey Whaley
Family Relationships quotes by John Corey Whaley
#100. You've been foreign all your life. When you finally leave, all you're hoping for is a more bearable kind of foreignness. - Author: Elaine Castillo
Family Relationships quotes by Elaine Castillo
#101. Many parents have experienced the fact that kids don't seem to honor their parents the way that previous generations of children did. The question we need to ask is, how did we get to this position? How did this lack of respect infiltrate even the closest family relationships? Most importantly, how can we make sure that it doesn't ruin our bond with our own teens? - Author: Fiona Dimas-Herd
Family Relationships quotes by Fiona Dimas-Herd
#102. It's time to agree with what your Father God says in His Word and no longer put up with a lifestyle of just getting by. - Author: Drenda Keesee
Family Relationships quotes by Drenda Keesee
#103. All of us, single or married, are eternally part of some family-someway, somewhere, somehow-and much of our joy in life comes as we correctly recognize and properly develop those family relationships. We come to this earth charged with a mission: to learn to love and serve one another. To best help us accomplish this, God has placed us in families, for he knows that is where we can best learn to overcome selfishness and pride and to sacrifice for others and to make happiness and helpfulness and humility and love the very essence of our character. - Author: John H. Groberg
Family Relationships quotes by John H. Groberg
#104. I think it's much easier for a man to have children than for children to have a father. Children need their fathers more than we think. A father spurs a child on to succeed. A fathers love gives his children wings and confidence in life. - Author: Mandi Hart
Family Relationships quotes by Mandi Hart
#105. A dam doesn't try to reason with the water. Its main purpose is to hold it still for a while. When I lecture my kids I'm doing much the same thing. I'm not trying to necessarily reason with them, just hold them still for a short while. - Author: Spuds Crawford
Family Relationships quotes by Spuds Crawford
#106. Zane was pretty sure that worries and bossing were related, like a pair of old aunties. - Author: C.J. Milbrandt
Family Relationships quotes by C.J. Milbrandt
#107. She didn't want to keep talking about him as if everything was okay. Worst of all, she hated sorting through his mail. Reading the hatred people had for her family and worse, reading how others immortalized him into a god for what he'd done. - Author: Anais Torres
Family Relationships quotes by Anais Torres
#108. There are things you forget naturally-computer passwords, your father's continuing relationship with life-and then there are things you can't forget that you wish you could. - Author: David Sedaris
Family Relationships quotes by David Sedaris
#109. The most important parts of building a family are "God's Love" and "Meaningful Friendships. - Author: Phil Mitchell
Family Relationships quotes by Phil Mitchell
#110. In WASP families, if you don't get along with someone, you have as little to do with them as possible. In Jewish families, you move next door, to make them as miserable as possible. - Author: Doreen Orion
Family Relationships quotes by Doreen Orion
#111. It is an oyster, with small shells clinging to its humped back. Sprawling and uneven, it has the irregularity of something growing. It looks rather like the house of a big family, pushing out one addition after another to hold its teeming life - here a sleeping porch for the children, and there a veranda for the play-pen; here a garage for the extra car and there a shed for the bicycles. It amuses me because it seems so much like my life at the moment, like most women's lives in the middle years of marriage. It is untidy, spread out in all directions, heavily encrusted with accumulations ... - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Family Relationships quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#112. The pure menace radiating from my younger sister is undeniable. She can hate me, but I need her to know that she has something that Stella never did: a place to fall. "And if he hurts you or if anyone hurts have me."
It feels unnatural, but I hug my sister. Her arms are limp at her sides, but she doesn't push me away.
"Remember, you have me," I repeat. - Author: Katie McGarry
Family Relationships quotes by Katie McGarry
#113. Since I was a small child, I have always tried to maintain my dignity in every situation. At work now, I strive to maintain my professional dignity. At home, with Thomas, I strive to maintain a certain parental dignity, to protect him from overhearing anything that might upset him, or anything untoward. Therefore, because it feels undignified, I have never enjoyed the feeling of anyone else worrying about me or being concerned for my well-being, preferring instead to give the impression that I am always fine, and that I have everything under control. Largely, I believe this image to be an honest one. - Author: Liz Moore
Family Relationships quotes by Liz Moore
#114. The causes of familial discord and distance are countless, but the results are often the same: secrecy, blame, sadness, hurt, confusion, and feelings of loss and grief. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
Family Relationships quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#115. She pictured a dandelion gone by, the white, almost airless pieces of her family scattered so far. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
Family Relationships quotes by Elizabeth Strout
#116. Maybe she'd never really known her mother at all. And if you couldn't know the person whose body was your first home, then who could you ever know? - Author: Brit Bennett
Family Relationships quotes by Brit Bennett
#117. The fights are always the same - Author: Stephen Chbosky
Family Relationships quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#118. Under this aura of perfection he knows how flawed he really is but his intact denial system keeps this awareness suppressed in the far recesses of his mind. - Author: David W. Earle
Family Relationships quotes by David W. Earle
#119. Beauty will never fade away from the eyes of those who love one another. - Author: Auliq Ice
Family Relationships quotes by Auliq Ice
#120. And then we all just started laughing. We laughed our asses
off. But I knew that really, all three of us were crying. And I
knew there would be tears inside of us all our lives. Because they
just left. We were even worth a good-bye. Yeah, there
would always be tears inside of us. Because there was an empty
space inside the three of us that would always belong to the
parent who had refused to love us. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
Family Relationships quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#121. Both joy and sorrow serve as gauges for love: our love for others, and their love for us. - Author: Rob Kozak
Family Relationships quotes by Rob Kozak
#122. Family relationships have made me so ill! - Author: Sophia Tolstaya
Family Relationships quotes by Sophia Tolstaya
#123. Lately, Mami's eyes have been so dark, I don't like looking into them because I'm afraid I'll fall in. - Author: Raquel Cepeda
Family Relationships quotes by Raquel Cepeda
#124. But the people who mattered were the people you chose instead of the people who were yours by an accident of birth. Real family was heart as much as, if not more than, blood. - Author: Martina Boone
Family Relationships quotes by Martina Boone
#125. My brother trolled recovery and support groups, searching for women with dependency issues, the way I frequented bookstores with the hope of finding a well-adjusted, intelligent woman. Between us, his record was more stellar, his sin more reprehensible; though, knowing my brother, he slept soundly through the night without ever experiencing the slightest remorse. - Author: Richard J. O'Brien
Family Relationships quotes by Richard J. O'Brien
#126. With love like that, you can't get pick about how it finds you or the details. All that matters is that it's there. Better late than never. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Family Relationships quotes by Sarah Dessen
#127. Asif Ali maneuvers the gleaming Mercedes down the labyrinthine lanes of Old Kolkata with consummate skill, but his passengers do not notice how smoothly he avoids potholes, cows and beggars, how skilfully he sails through aging yellow lights to get the Bose family to their destination on time. This disappoints Asif only a little. In his six years of chauffeuring the rich and callous, he has realized that, to them, servants are invisible. - Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Family Relationships quotes by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
#128. Douglas, you have an incredible capacity for missing the point. Will you listen to me, just for once? The debate does not matter. It's not about the issues. Albie might have been naive or ridiculous or pompous or all of those things, but you apologized. You said you were embarassed by him. You took the side of a bunch of arms-dealers! Bloddy bastard arms-dealers against your son - our son - and that was wrong, it was the wrong thing to do, because in a fight you side with the people you love. That's just how it is. - Author: David Nicholls
Family Relationships quotes by David Nicholls
#129. In order to change, however, you have to be willing to acknowledge the need for change - in other words, you have to come to terms with the fact that everything in your life isn't perfect. There is this concept - among not just Scientologists, but everyone - that we are all supposed to have it together. Whether it's our work, love lives, family relationships, or even feelings about ourselves, we need to present this idealized image to others. We are so conditioned when asked "How are you?" to say "Good" or "Great." But why not "I don't know. I hate everyone today." Why are we so scared to be judged imperfect or to talk about how we really feel? To be authentic? If we can just tell each other how and what we are really doing, step outside of what we believe others think we should be, the result can be therapeutic. - Author: Leah Remini
Family Relationships quotes by Leah Remini
#130. The family is the basis of society. As the family is, so is the society, and it is human beings who make a family-not the quantity of them, but the quality of them. - Author: Ashley Montagu
Family Relationships quotes by Ashley Montagu
#131. Two weeks ago, Aaron and Isaac, I learned your mother Laura has breast cancer. My heart feels impaled. These words, so useless and feeble. Laura is only thirty-five years old. Her next birthday will be in only three days. I write this letter to you, my sons, with the hope that one day in the future you will read it and understand what happened to our family.

Together, your mother and I have created and nurtured an unbreakable bond that has transformed us into an unlikely team. A Chicano from El Paso, Texas. A Jew from Concord, Massachusetts. I want you to know your mother. She has given me hope when I have felt none; she has offered me kindness when I have been consumed by bitterness. I believe I have taught her how to be tough and savvy and how to achieve what you want around obstacles and naysayers.

Our hope is that the therapies we are discussing with her doctors will defeat her cancer. But a great and ominous void has suddenly engulfed us at the beginning of our life as a family. This void suffocates me. - Author: Sergio Troncoso
Family Relationships quotes by Sergio Troncoso
#132. Very few people get a chance to quantify how much their father loves them. But I did. The job should have taken forty-five minutes, but Dad spent three and a half hours on it. My father loves me 366 percent more than he loves anything else. Good to know. - Author: Andy Weir
Family Relationships quotes by Andy Weir
#133. For most people, their family is the source of inner power and protection; mine is a killing collapsar. Communication with my parents is always such a stress; it's like a heavy burden I have to carry over my life… I never felt I really had a family: instead, there was a kind of a coalition of enemies unfriendly to me. The worst thing is that everlasting negativity in the environment constantly sucks the live energy out. - Author: Sahara Sanders
Family Relationships quotes by Sahara Sanders
#134. Our sense of self, formulated in large part by the untold number of cross-related connections that we make with our physical, social, and family environments, is reliant upon fitting into our social fabric. The educational environment, family relationships, peer groups, books, television, films, music, along with an assortment of other cultural events shape our emergent persona. Our successes and failures interacting in the world leave their collective imprint upon the wet clay of our forming brains. We are sentimental creatures who cling to past memories. We are inquisitive critters who venture forth from our protective dens to explore new territory. We are perceptive organisms equipped with five basic senses. We are sentient beings who can consciously organize our sense impressions into guiding ideas and useful principles. Our survival responses form a central cord of our emotions. We are receptive, compassionate beings that respond with both body and mind to global stimuli. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Family Relationships quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#135. Families share relationships based not only blood, but also the unique affiliation of a terribly long cord when measured in comparison with any other undertaking in a person's life, from cradle to the grave if you will. These intimate associations create a bond of love, affection, goodwill, and joy that we seek to duplicate when we marry and begin creating our extended families. - Author: Kilroy J. Oldster
Family Relationships quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#136. YEARS AGO I WORKED ON A GOVERNMENT TASK force studying fatherhood and healthy families. As we met in DC, I learned one of the main causes of the breakdown of the American family was the Industrial Revolution. When men left their homes and farms to work on assembly lines, they disconnected their sense of worth from the well-being of their wives and children and began to associate it with efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. While the Industrial Revolution served the world in terrific ways, it was also a mild tragedy in our social evolution. Raising healthy children became a woman's job. Food was no longer grown in the backyard, it was bought at a store with money earned from the necessary separation of the father. Within a few generations, then, intimacy in family relationships began to be monopolized by females. - Author: Donald Miller
Family Relationships quotes by Donald Miller
#137. I recall those beautiful summer mornings with my parents by the sandy beach of Belek. My father used to teach me how to ride waves. I remember him constantly emphasizing the fact that no wave, no matter how big it is should stir enough fear inside me to keep me glued to the shore. He used to repeat those words while glancing at my mother with a smile that could set the whole sea on fire. My mother, sitting on the beach, too afraid of the deep blue sea, contented herself with building sand castles, ones my father would step on trying to drag her hopelessly into water.
Step on your sand castle and dive deep. Dive deep into the unknown. Life is damn too short for building sand castles. - Author: Malak El Halabi
Family Relationships quotes by Malak El Halabi
#138. It was the sibling thing, I suppose. I was fascinated by the intricate tangle of love and duty and resentment that tied them together. The glances they exchanged; the complicated balance of power established over decades; the games I would never play with rules I would never fully understand. And perhaps that was key: they were such a natural group that they made me feel remarkably singular by comparison. To watch them together was to know strongly, painfully, all that I'd been missing. - Author: Kate Morton
Family Relationships quotes by Kate Morton
#139. Be a Boss, Run a company, Own a movement but never let your heartbeat be anywhere else but home! - Author: Kingsley Opuwari Manuel
Family Relationships quotes by Kingsley Opuwari Manuel
#140. Though I may accumulate a great deal of riches in this world, it is only my wealth of knowledge, talents, and emotional bonds that I keep when I leave. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Family Relationships quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#141. But in the real world, you couldnt really just split a family down the middle, mom on one side, dad the other, with the child equally divided between. It was like when you ripped a piece of paper into two: no matter how you tried, the seams never fit exactly right again. It was what you couldn't see, those tiniest of pieces, that were lost in the severing, and their absence kept everything from being complete. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Family Relationships quotes by Sarah Dessen
#142. It's one thing to tell your children about God, but when they experience God in their life and witness faith in action, it's the most life-changing experience available. - Author: Drenda Keesee
Family Relationships quotes by Drenda Keesee
#143. You know the saying? Don't go in if you don't have a skin. - Author: Jackie Williams
Family Relationships quotes by Jackie Williams
Family Relationships quotes by Abdul'Rauf Hashmi
#145. Ian, man, I didna tell ye because I didna wish to lose you too. My brother was gone, and my father. I didna mean to lose my own heart's blood as well. For you are dearer to me even than home and family, love.'She cast a lopsided smile at Jamie. 'And that's saying quite a bit. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
Family Relationships quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#146. I didn't give you this life, honey. They took to you because of who you are. You gave yourself this life. - Author: David Isay
Family Relationships quotes by David Isay
#147. But here is the real point when it comes to the challenge of apologies in family relationships. If our intention is to have a better relationship, we need to be our best and most mature self, rather than reacting to the other person's reactivity. Also, some of the other person's complaints will be true, since we can't possibly get it right all the time. - Author: Harriet Lerner
Family Relationships quotes by Harriet Lerner
#148. Family isn't just parents and kids. It's not only DNA. Real family, the family that matters... it's about the connection we make to people. A connection that's so strong, it might just rewrite your programming. - Author: Lee Bacon
Family Relationships quotes by Lee Bacon
#149. Every family is a family of alligators. - Author: Lorrie Moore
Family Relationships quotes by Lorrie Moore
#150. One is not to win the world, he has to win the home (family). - Author: Dada Bhagwan
Family Relationships quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#151. Central to knowing the Father is understanding the revealed pattern of family. The family is the most important unit in time and in eternity and is ordained of God. Living in loving family relationships not only brings us great happiness, but it also helps us learn correct principles and prepares us for eternal life. In addition, family relationships help us know, love, and understand the Father. This is one reason Latter-day Saints have always emphasized the importance of marriage and family both in the Church and in society. God's plan provides a way for family relationships to extend beyond the grave. We can return to the presence of God, eternally united with our families. - Author: Quentin L. Cook
Family Relationships quotes by Quentin L. Cook
#152. Families, by and large, like most groups, resist change. If one member of a family wants to move away, this is regarded as a betrayal, for example. If one member of a family is fat and tries to lose weight, often other members of the family will sabotage the effort. If one member of the family wants to get out of a role he or she has been playing for years, this is usually difficult ot do because the rest of the family tries not to let it happen. If your role is clown, you remain the clown. If your role is responsible oldest child, you probably keep that role within your family for your entire life. If you are the black sheep, you'll find it very diffcult to change colors in the eyes of your family no matter how many good deeds you do. - Author: Edward M. Hallowell
Family Relationships quotes by Edward M. Hallowell
#153. But in that moment when my brother took the field, all that washed away, and everyone was proud ... I looked up at my dad, and he was smiling. I looked at my mom, and she was smiling even though she was nervous about my brother getting hurt, which was strange because it was a VCR tape of an old game, and she knew he didn't get hurt. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
Family Relationships quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#154. None of us lives in isolation. We're in it together. And some conflict along the way is inevitable. But our highest priority, when all is said and done, has to be commitment to each other –- sticking together. - Author: Steve Goodier
Family Relationships quotes by Steve Goodier
#155. Oh, no said her mother sadly. You know nothing of the pettiness of women. When brothers agree to split a joint family they sometimes divide lakhs of rupees worth of property in a few minutes. But the tussle of their wives over the pots and pans in the common kitchen
that nearly causes bloodshed. - Author: Vikram Seth
Family Relationships quotes by Vikram Seth
#156. What matters right now is this: we're each of us standing here, together, alive, together. - Author: Beth Revis
Family Relationships quotes by Beth Revis
#157. When people related by blood were so careful with each other, when they were so very polite, there was soon nothing left to say. Only niceties that meant so little they might as well have been spoken to a complete stranger. Pass the butter, open the door, see you after school, there's rain again, it's sunny, it's cold. Has the dog eaten? Has the window been shut? Where are you going? Why is it I don't know you at all?
Such statements did not add up to anything like a family ... - Author: Alice Hoffman
Family Relationships quotes by Alice Hoffman
#158. A child that's being abused by its parents doesn't stop loving its parents, it stops loving itself. - Author: Shahida Arabi
Family Relationships quotes by Shahida Arabi
#159. Everyone has a colorful life. You just have to get out your crayons. - Author: Benay Nordby
Family Relationships quotes by Benay Nordby
#160. Well, when we get hot there are a couple of other things we do," he said.
Had he moved closer?
Juliet swallowed. "Like what?"
"We take clothes off," he said. - Author: Erin Nicholas
Family Relationships quotes by Erin Nicholas
#161. But marrying within one's own family can get monotonous. One has heard all the same family stories, knows all the jokes and all the same recipes. No novelty. - Author: Margaret George
Family Relationships quotes by Margaret George
#162. When I was about nine, my siblings and I fell out of our moving van at an intersection. My dad didn't notice for about five blocks. It was back before seat belts. It was also back before parents used any sort of common sense whatsoever. It was a time when you didn't raise your children. You just fed them and they got bigger. - Author: Dina Kucera
Family Relationships quotes by Dina Kucera
#163. My desolation was that no one knew me and I did not know myself. My family's life was my life. I knew nothing else. I was clothed, fed, given a bed to sleep in, encouraged to marry early and rich, and loved in a generic way -- I was "the big one," which meant the older and my sister was the 'little one" --but no one spoke to me, no one explained anything. - Author: Natalie Goldberg
Family Relationships quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#164. Every moment of our lives we make choices. Most we don't even know we're making, they're so dull or routine or automatic. Some are beyond explanation - like my mom choosing Wyatt's memory over Dad and me. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
Family Relationships quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#165. Keep one thing in your mind; your school & friends can never teach you properly ,how to be a good husband & father. - Author: Srinivas Shenoy
Family Relationships quotes by Srinivas Shenoy
#166. No true...father would be unconcerned about discord in his family that may cause it to disintegrate in his absence... - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
Family Relationships quotes by Janvier Chouteu-Chando
#167. I am bleeding, I have been bleeding.
I am drenched in it, my stench is it.
So why can't you see me?,
How don't you see me?. - Author: Teninteni
Family Relationships quotes by Teninteni
#168. The commandment to honor our parents echoes the sacred spirit of family relationships in which-at their best-we have sublime expressions of heavenly love and care for one another. We sense the importance of these relationships when we realize that our greatest expressions of joy or pain in mortality come from the members of our families - Author: Dallin H. Oaks
Family Relationships quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#169. I know you're no worse than most men but I thought you were better. I never saw you as a man. I saw you as my father. - Author: Arthur Miller
Family Relationships quotes by Arthur Miller
#170. My Mom and Dad and brother have grown through the years into my closest friends, the people who tell me the most searing truth, who give me soft places to rest and present to me a bright future when the only one I can see from my vantage point is dim and breaking before my eyes. - Author: Shauna Niequist
Family Relationships quotes by Shauna Niequist
#171. The ice cold fear I'd felt, not knowing if Wyatt was alive, pressed into the wall with other girls and surrounded by guys who were unspeakably brave, hit my body again in a wave. This was trauma - the gift that keeps on giving. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
Family Relationships quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#172. So also in a marriage or in helping a teenager through a difficult identity crisis - there is no quick fix, where you can just move in and make everything right with a positive mental attitude and a bunch of success formulas. - Author: Stephen Covey
Family Relationships quotes by Stephen Covey
#173. Your Barney?" Cole's eyebrows shot up.

"He's mine all right!" Claire replied.

"Everyone in this family belongs to everyone else – belongs with everyone else, rather. I've looked after him for a year now – ironed his shirts, made his school lunches, told him stories. I made that dressing gown he's wearing, whereas no one knew you were alive this time last week. But what matters most is that he wants to be ours and he doesn't want to be yours. That's what counts. - Author: Margaret Mahy
Family Relationships quotes by Margaret Mahy
#174. My grandfather was crying. The kind of quiet that is quiet and a secret. The kind of crying that only I noticed. I thought about him going into my mom's room when she was little and hitting my mom and holding up her report card and saying that her bad grades would never happen again. And I think now that maybe he meant my older brother. Or my sister. Or me. That he would make sure that he was the one to work in a mill. I don't know if that's good or bad. I don't know if it's better to have your kids be happy and not go to college. I don't know if it's better to be close with your daughter or make sure she has a better life than you do. I just don't know. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
Family Relationships quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#175. Day blame ornery youngins. - Author: L.Douglas Muncy
Family Relationships quotes by L.Douglas Muncy
#176. Birth of a baby not only creates a bond between
a baby and its parents but it also gives birth to
a small world called "Family. - Author: Garima Pradhan
Family Relationships quotes by Garima Pradhan
#177. It isn't things and proximity, or even blood that holds us all together. What makes a family is love and loyalty. - Author: Genevieve Dewey
Family Relationships quotes by Genevieve Dewey
#178. You don't choose these people and in the not choosing you learn tolerance. You learn to forgive. - Author: Heather Babcock
Family Relationships quotes by Heather Babcock
#179. Van Uoc felt the stab of a sad truth: she and her mother would never be as close as her mother and grandmother had been.
Her mother got up, stretched her tidy, graceful frame and headed for the kitchen. Van Uoc wanted to be able to offer her some comfort, but what could she say? Her mother was right. The two of them represented an irreconcilable cultural split. Distance between them was inevitable. - Author: Fiona Wood
Family Relationships quotes by Fiona Wood
#180. In my experience, the biggest reason people struggle to get where they want to be is guilt. Guilt that they have let someone down, and also guilt that they are about to leave someone they love ...behind. - Author: Bethany Brookbank
Family Relationships quotes by Bethany Brookbank
#181. It's sort of a revelation, Augie thought, still clutching his fiancée's hand in his own. He didn't know what sort of future awaited them all, but he was certain about the most important part - they'd be facing it together. - Author: Jennifer LeBlanc
Family Relationships quotes by Jennifer      LeBlanc
#182. If a man's character is to be abused, say what you will, there's nobody like a relative to do the business. - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
Family Relationships quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#183. Dad has shamelessly played the Mom card. Against which there is no defense. - Author: Denis Markell
Family Relationships quotes by Denis Markell
#184. We all have a book in us. The first step is recognising this. Writing it is a whole new journey. - Author: Kathryn Joyce
Family Relationships quotes by Kathryn Joyce
#185. Children betrayed their parents by becoming their own people. - Author: Leslye Walton
Family Relationships quotes by Leslye Walton
#186. People are basically the same the world over. Everybody wants the same things - to be happy, to be healthy, to be at least reasonably prosperous, and to be secure. They want friends, peace of mind, good family relationships, and hope that tomorrow is going to be even better than today. - Author: Zig Ziglar
Family Relationships quotes by Zig Ziglar
#187. Family's the luck of the draw, Lena. What you make of yourself, because of or despite it, that's where the spine and heart come in. - Author: Nora Roberts
Family Relationships quotes by Nora Roberts
#188. When you trace your genealogy, you find connections to many of the people and events that shaped history. History is not the story of some old irrelevant strangers. No. History is your story. Your family was there - your grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. If not for them, you wouldn't even be here. - Author: Laurence Overmire
Family Relationships quotes by Laurence Overmire
#189. Your father lies beneath a stone,' old Aedwen mumbles, dozing at her wheel, and Godric thinks how it's a stone as well they're all beneath. The stone is need and hurt and gall and tongue-tied longing, for that's the stone that kinship always bears, yet the loss of it would press more grievous still. - Author: Frederick Buechner
Family Relationships quotes by Frederick Buechner
#190. You don't turn your back on family, even when they do. - Author: Aboubakar Msangi
Family Relationships quotes by Aboubakar Msangi
#191. Myriam and I are both hard workers, and together we make a strong team. We found ways to make a living, educate our children, and to take care of my parents until their last days, and we managed to have fun doing it. ...The friendships we made along the way were the biggest treasure of all. - Author: Marc Ashton
Family Relationships quotes by Marc Ashton
#192. Now and adult, allowed a glimpse of these first cracks in my family's perfect surface, I couldn't help but wonder what else I didn't understand about us all.
p 60 - Author: Melanie Benjamin
Family Relationships quotes by Melanie Benjamin
#193. It is sometimes hard to be a family. - Author: Maurice Sendak
Family Relationships quotes by Maurice Sendak
#194. Oh, how terribly backwards, and yet sadly common, it is to sit scowling at family all the day long and then quickly put on a smile for strangers who drop by. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
Family Relationships quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#195. All men are my brothers and as soon as one behaves as such he may see my wife. - Author: E.M. Forster
Family Relationships quotes by E.M. Forster
#196. This is the beginning of what we will come to call the Upstairs-Downstairs, Linga-Singha wars. - Author: Nayomi Munaweera
Family Relationships quotes by Nayomi Munaweera
#197. Of course she'll move away from me, and likely from here, because she is my daughter, because she is a daughter in the twenty-first century. But we can be her fall-back plan, and her stash of memories. Her deep and wide past. - Author: Liz Stephens
Family Relationships quotes by Liz Stephens
#198. Your mother wasn't upset. "Scars stay with you so you don't forget," she said. She seemed almost satisfied. - Author: Jinat Rehana Begum
Family Relationships quotes by Jinat Rehana Begum
#199. I tried to teach them [his sons] that about the importance of self-discipline, and that the culture of yes is built on a foundation of no. - Author: Bill Walton
Family Relationships quotes by Bill Walton
#200. Children are God's way to rekindle the dwindling magic in relationships. - Author: Nilesh Rathod
Family Relationships quotes by Nilesh Rathod
#201. We've got exactly what we need to fulfill our destiny! The universe has designed us on purpose to who we are! We are God's MASTERPIECE! We are the most BEAUTIFUL thing in this universe! - Author: Abhishek Kumar
Family Relationships quotes by Abhishek Kumar
#202. She always pretended to herself that she didn't let Lauren help because she was trying to be the perfect mother-in-law, but really, when you didn't let a woman help, it was a way of keeping her at a distance, of letting her know that she wasn't family, of saying I don't like you enough to let you into my kitchen. Lauren reappeared - Author: Liane Moriarty
Family Relationships quotes by Liane Moriarty
#203. Women who were reputed believers began to resort to drugs for producing sterility. They also girded themselves around, so as to expel what was being conceived. For they did not wish to have a child by either slave or by any common fellow - out of concern for their family and their excessive wealth. See what a great impiety the lawless one has advanced! He teaches adultery and murder at the same time! - Author: Hippolytus Of Rome
Family Relationships quotes by Hippolytus Of Rome
#204. C. albus ... I think the very loveliest of all the lily family,- a spotless soul, plant saint, that every one must love and so be made better. It puts the wildest mountaineer on his good behavior. With this plant the whole world would seem rich though non other existed. - Author: John Muir
Family Relationships quotes by John Muir
#205. Someone whose safety and happiness you put above all others. Even if that meant impressing her particularly stuffy family. - Author: Chloe Neill
Family Relationships quotes by Chloe Neill
#206. The stars, like the hollow eyes of a god forgotten, marry the sadness of the exhausted hour and inspire a little chaos, a little gentleness, to those below.

I look up at the sky and see everything I've ever lost,
waiting for me. - Author: Marlen Komar
Family Relationships quotes by Marlen Komar
#207. James Dobson, founder of today's infamous 'Focus on the Family' movement,* is equally acquainted with the principle: 'Those who control what young people are taught, and what they experience - what they see, hear, think, and believe - will determine the future course for the nation.'79 ========== - Author: Anonymous
Family Relationships quotes by Anonymous
#208. one of the healthy vegetable with different color, it come in by a lot of fun and beautiful fall season. Gardening, seasons, life, and what people doing with pumpkin. Family can have a lot of fun and enjoy their time (and at the same time learn a lot of new things) - Author: Jill Esbaum
Family Relationships quotes by Jill Esbaum
#209. For this - the ideal, as it is set - should be not as to what others should do to make the ideal situation for self, but as to how self may apply itself in its ideal to bring the ideal relationships with others. - Author: Edgar Cayce
Family Relationships quotes by Edgar Cayce
#210. We can't be so desperate for love that we forget where we can always find it; within. - Author: Alexandra Elle
Family Relationships quotes by Alexandra Elle
#211. Here in Silicon Valley, I have taken part in hundreds of conversations trying to convince people to dive in and become entrepreneurs. All too often, innovators with good, safe, jobs are unwilling to put their family's access to health care at risk by walking away from company-backed medical insurance. - Author: Eric Ries
Family Relationships quotes by Eric Ries
#212. I don't want your love. I want the same love you want. I don't want your love. I want what you want & we can find It together & share our deepening experience of It….I thought it was your love I wanted and it hurt so much when you couldn't give it. I even made a bargain that if I gave it to you, I could expect it back. I thought you agreed to this bargain. I thought you were part of the deal.

I lived in fear that your love would disappear. I moved so deeply into the veil. Now I hear within me the whispering of something else. I feel the possibility of a Love that has nothing to do with you – an infinite resource that it always there. This Love is not affected by any condition, nor does it change in the stream of time. It is the same Love whether my body is strong or weak, whether I am rich and bountiful in material things or whether I am poor. It is not affected by things of this world. This is the Love that brings release. This is the Love that dissolves chains. This is the love that brings peace. This is the only Love I want. It releases you, my friend, from all our contracts."

Stephen Schwartz, Compassionate Presence - Author: Stephen R. Schwartz
Family Relationships quotes by Stephen R. Schwartz
#213. When we are born into God's family through our faith in Jesus, God gives us the capacity or capability to live as his children. - Author: Pedro Okoro
Family Relationships quotes by Pedro Okoro
#214. Mainly, life experiences with my family or travelling as a young kid, I feel like I had a different lifestyle than a lot of people leaving on tour when I was fourteen and stuff, so I pull from that. - Author: Zac Farro
Family Relationships quotes by Zac Farro
#215. I think everyone might have secret lanterns inside them. Lanterns that, when we're especially sad or scared, might go dark and need help lighting again. Sometimes it's the care of our family and friends that brings back our spark; other times it's the care we give ourselves. Either way, once we're relit, I think we can help reignite someone else. . . . If we work together, I know we can make it. - Author: K.A. Reynolds
Family Relationships quotes by K.A. Reynolds
#216. I guess getting down on your knees runs in the family - Author: Val Venis
Family Relationships quotes by Val Venis
#217. One thing is very clear: the safest place and the best protection against the moral and spiritual diseases is a stable home and family. This has always been true; it will be true forever. We must keep that foremost in our minds. The scriptures speak of 'the shield of faith wherewith,' the Lord said, 'ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked' (D&C 27:17). This shield of faith is best fabricated in a cottage industry. While the shield can be polished in classes in the Church and in activities, it is meant to be handcrafted in the home and fitted to each individual. - Author: Boyd K. Packer
Family Relationships quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#218. Henry Fielding, a highly successful satiric dramatist until the introduction of censorship in 1737, began his novel-writing career with Shamela, a pastiche of Pamela, which humorously attacked the hypocritical morality which that novel displayed. Joseph Andrews (1742) was also intended as a kind of parody of Richardson; but Fielding found that his novels were taking on a moral life of their own, and he developed his own highly personal narrative style - humorous and ironic, with an omniscient narrative presence controlling the lives and destinies of his characters.

Fielding focuses more on male characters and manners than Richardson. In doing so, he creates a new kind of hero in his novels. Joseph Andrews is chaste, while Tom Jones in Tom Jones (1749) is quite the opposite. Tom is the model of the young foundling enjoying his freedom (to travel, to have relationships with women, to enjoy sensual experience) until his true origins are discovered. When he matures, he assumes his social responsibilities and marries the woman he has 'always' loved, who has, of course, like a mediaeval crusader's beloved, been waiting faithfully for him. Both of these heroes are types, representatives of their sex.

There is a picaresque journey from innocence to experience, from freedom to responsibility. It is a rewriting of male roles to suit the society of the time. The hero no longer makes a crusade to the Holy Land, but the crusade is a personal one, with chivalry learne - Author: Ronald Carter
Family Relationships quotes by Ronald Carter
#219. The accusation against the Church for being either right or left wing tells you more about the contemporary political assumptions than about the political inclination of Catholicism. The Church will seem both "right wing" (in promoting the traditional family, opposing abortion, euthanasia, embryonic research, etc.) and "left wing" (in advocating the rights of minorities, social justice, active state support for the poorest, etc.), depending on the political bias of the one accusing .The same bias afflicts Catholics. There are pro-life Catholics who think Catholic social teaching is "socialist," and pro-social-justice Catholics who think pro-life causes are right wing.

The Church will always be accused of "interfering" or trying to "impose" its view when the critic disagrees with its stance; but the same critic will say nothing when the Church has intervened politically on a matter with which he or she agrees. And if the Church has stayed silent, the critic will accuse it of "failing to speak out." Put another way, people are against the Church "interfering" in what they would much rather have left alone; and in favor of "interfering" in what they believe should be changed.

Why and when does the Church speak out on political questions? The answer is rarely and cautiously, and almost always because it is a matter which touches on the Gospel, on core freedoms and rights (such as the right to life, or to religious freedom), or on core principles of Catholic - Author: Austen Ivereigh
Family Relationships quotes by Austen Ivereigh
#220. Studies that bring clarity and direction to the black male situation as an integral part of the black family/community are unpopular, not easy to get published and very dangerous. - Author: Haki R. Madhubuti
Family Relationships quotes by Haki R. Madhubuti
#221. For to start life with just as much as will make one independent, that is, allow one to live comfortably without having to work - even if one has only just enough for oneself, not to speak of a family - is an advantage which cannot be over-estimated; for it means exemption and immunity from that chronic disease of penury, which fastens on the life of man like a plague; it is emancipation from that forced labor which is the natural lot of every mortal. Only under a favorable fate like this can a man be said to be born free, to be, in the proper sense of the word, sui juris, master of his own time and powers, and able to say every morning, This day is my own. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
Family Relationships quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#222. So often, we had the tendency of saying, they're the problem. No, they're not the problem. Our heart is the problem. they are just there to show me what is in my heart. They don't put those things in my heart. They don't put the wrath, the bitterness in my heart. Those things are already there. They are the vessels God uses to to release what is in my heart so that I am aware of how black my heart really is. - Author: Lowell Nelson
Family Relationships quotes by Lowell Nelson
#223. Relationships never worked well for me. Guys liked me well enough until they realised just how quirky I really was. The cheeriness, the humming, the giggling, the optimism, and the 'being a morning person' thing – or 'dusk person', in my case – would begin to wear on them.
Eventually, they would get frustrated with me all the time, would try to change me, and then I'd have to punch them in the dick until they vomited. - Author: Suzanne Wright
Family Relationships quotes by Suzanne Wright
#224. New characters always cause a reshuffle. - Author: The Grinder
Family Relationships quotes by The Grinder
#225. Sonnet III: Black Coffin opened wide for all to See

Black Coffin opened wide for all to See,
The lifeless form of one I loved so dear.
O, listen! mournful knells that soon shall be
All night long tolling for the folk to hear.
The lanterns overlight the old churchyard
To watch the coffin lowered into the ground;
Soon Frost shall grasp the turf already hard,
Decay ye have to face without a sound.
But years have pass'd herein do I relate
My dear sweet mother's form within my mind.
Still happiness fills all my heart and state,
As I see my small family so kind.
Love cannot be withheld by death or grave,
It stays alive within the heart so brave. - Author: Timothy Salter
Family Relationships quotes by Timothy Salter
#226. There are two things in this life people cannot touch", Edward finally said,staring deep into my frightened eyes."Me and my family."

Confused by his statement I glanced up at him,"I'm neither."

"Your right", he confirmed reaching out to clasp my hand again,giving them an admant squeeze.
"You're both.Your a part of me and one day I hope you'll be apart of my family as well. - Author: Hoodfabulous
Family Relationships quotes by Hoodfabulous
#227. In my kids' school, the married family is an anomaly ... which I do think is sad. I do believe in marriage. - Author: Marcia Gay Harden
Family Relationships quotes by Marcia Gay Harden
#228. You're not selling products. You're creating relationships. - Author: Robert G. Allen
Family Relationships quotes by Robert G. Allen
#229. The corporate government is a blatantly corrupt group of people who make their living by willfully damaging the health and well being of your family. - Author: Steven Magee
Family Relationships quotes by Steven Magee
#230. Men are naturally unequal. They are unequal members of one family, in which one can be brilliant, another mediocre, and another an imbecile. Hereditary substance is a mystery. - Author: Tutea Petre
Family Relationships quotes by Tutea Petre
#231. What shall we drink to?"
"How about family?" Stacy said, showing up just in time to pour a fourth shot. "To those who are here, those who are gone, and those who are lost." and she clicked glasses with mom - Author: Kristin Hannah
Family Relationships quotes by Kristin Hannah
#232. That was one of the shitty aspects of being single. No one to touch, no warm body to cling to on a cold night in bed, no one to complain to when things didn't go your way. - Author: Lucy Lennox
Family Relationships quotes by Lucy Lennox
#233. Private property is a natural fruit of labor, a product of intense activity of man, acquired through his energetic determination to ensure and develop with his own strength his own existence and that of his family, and to create for himself and his own an existence of just freedom, not only economic, but also political, cultural and religious. - Author: Pope Pius XII
Family Relationships quotes by Pope Pius XII
#234. What Sex and the City did for sex and relationships, Lipstick Jungle does for success and power. - Author: Candace Bushnell
Family Relationships quotes by Candace Bushnell
#235. I've always known what you were thinking. You're squeezing that
marble in your pocket and you're thinking your cattle wouldn't be at risk if it
weren't for Louise. And maybe you're right. But take a hard look, son. When
you see that woman working up a sweat pitching hay like a hired hand …
you're looking at character.
"And if we ever have another family dinner that goes like the last one did,
you pay attention. I have an idea that your Louise doesn't sit still for too
many insults, and I imagine she could cut someone down to size in about
three sentences if she wanted to. But she sat silent while Philadelphia
ridiculed and belittled her. Louise did this out of respect for you and this
family. That is also character.
"Maybe you really believe Wally is living your life. If so, then you haven't
been honest with yourself. And you haven't taken a good hard look at the
life you have. Mark my words, Max. Someday you're going to hold that
marble, and it won't be a symbol of all you lost. That marble will be the gold
you went to Piney Creek to find. It will be the most precious thing you own.
I say this because I didn't raise any stupid sons. - Author: Maggie Osborne
Family Relationships quotes by Maggie Osborne
#236. We're not an acting family, but my parents have always encouraged me. - Author: Keeley Hawes
Family Relationships quotes by Keeley Hawes

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